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>mfw nihilism
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>> No. 39807429
>but "proud" nihilists are whiny eggheads

No they aren't. And labels kind have to exist, you're taking that way too far.
>> No. 39807434
File 142982981515.png - (78.76KB , 340x322 , pinkie tophat erh.png )
You live, you don't understand anything and then you die.

Had to read l'Etranger once.
I was kind of disappointed that I got way more existential about it then any one in the group and I got the lowest score on it.
>> No. 39807437
Bitch...let me tell you something, "God is dead" is not a literal phrase.

In the meantime, by that logic you said there...OP is a faggot-in-denial.

Also...true nihilism is about the search or even creation of the meaning of life. Anypony who believe nihilism is about "life is nothing" or shit like that are nothing more than strawman think guns and money are the only things that rule the the world.

Besides if there's anybody to shit on around here, it should be Ayn Rand. That selfish cunt's "philosophy" held us back on progress for far too long.
>> No. 39807442
File 142983005799.png - (949.85KB , 869x921 , fluttersmartcasual.png )
His egoist ethics and values provide a framework which isn't nihilist though as it allows for valuations, truth, etc. which is based on the self.
God being dead refers to the death of source of truth and values which are external to the individual. With no god laying down divine laws and determining good from evil, the investigation then is into how value exists. With the difference between evil and bad, he goes into more the ways in which these values are constructed.

His value system accepts the nihlist concept of inherent meaning being illusory which leads him to a life affirming and morally selfish value system. Nihilism includes the belief that no thing is worse or better than another as there is no inherent meaning in life. He accepts these premises and then moves beyond them into egoist philosophy as a way to fight the struggle of nihilism.

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>> No. 39807446
You guys really know how to overthink something so simple.
>> No. 39807450

...I think the whole point of "He wrote and thought up some really good shit" turning to "So he pretty much can't be wrong" is rather more curious than what you're debating.
>> No. 39807459
I'm saying he was a nihilist. Which he was despite any ideas he produced.
>> No. 39807460
that's just that story tho. there's more to the philosophy than just that.

how many of them have you met irl mayne? lots of them are whiny and too absorbed in boo hooing that it's sickening.

also i was joking with that last bit dude, don't take shit so serious, damn.
>> No. 39807461

More referring to something earlier, namely: >>39807387

I don't particularly care if he was one or not, though i must say the way you put it here does make the claim sound remarkably weak.

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>> No. 39807463
...I wasn't talking about Nietzsche there.
>> No. 39807467

For my words it doesn't matter who exactly you're talking about, it's pretty silly to go from doing some things well to being perfect.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 16:14

>> No. 39807470
It's called willful exaggeration. It's irrelevant to everything else I just said.
>> No. 39807471
Alright then.
Find me any proof Nietzsche ever called himself a nihilist or "wore the label proudly". Because I'm not certain you've read any of his works.
>> No. 39807476
He didn't. >>39807463 But he was still a nihilist. Hence why I said he was a nihilist in denial.
>> No. 39807479

It makes a poor basis for a (feigned or not) argument to support a claim as ya did there, which is what i commented on.

And i didn't claim it had a connection as i thought i clarified two posts ago.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 16:17

>> No. 39807487
As I said it is completely unrelated to this argument. You make it sound as if unless people are no longer allowed to be human and do things humans like to do, they are incapable of arguing. It's downright retarded.
>> No. 39807491

I know, i acknowledged that thrice now.

And i'm not saying that at all, i'm saying that if they do one thing well it doesn't need to mean shit for how well they do another.
Basically i'm saying "This is literally what one of the greatest people to ever exist does."
just doesn't result in this: "Your opinion is invalidated." .

And so you say, but what's that to me? :o
>> No. 39807526
File 142983217046.jpg - (247.16KB , 900x1384 , 029.jpg )
I know you guys are arguing that he wasn't a nihilist, but from what I've read from these replies, what you say actually confirms that he was a nihilist...
Not that I know much about the guy. I'm simply going off of what you guys are saying, and the fact that he believed there is no inherent moral code in the world and he sought to find one within himself, thus creating one for himself, actually fits the profile of a nihilist, yes?
>> No. 39807534
The thing is that he had a different definition of nihilist from the modern one which I think op is using. Having values or meaning for yourself wouldn't be nihilist in his view as nihilism is the mindless destruction of meaning.
>> No. 39807539
File 142983239488.jpg - (155.12KB , 494x688 , 112.jpg )
Why would we use the olden times' definition? We would use whatever definition is used today. We're talking about him -right now-.
>> No. 39807572
Because philosophy reasons...I don't know.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 16:46

>> No. 39807582
Because when discussing Nietzsche it's best to use his own definitions for things. Especially with how his philosophy was so concerned with nihilism. It would be like using the judeo christian definition of god when discussing him, it ends up making the argument miss its mark.
>> No. 39807587
File 142983308234.jpg - (73.26KB , 800x1104 , 169.jpg )
Then maybe you guys should clarify that during discussion, because more and more it's seeming like the only reason people disagree sometimes is because they don't realize they actually agree, but get lost in the fact that they use the same word with slightly altered meanings.

I still think you should define him by modern definitions, though. Dictionaries are updated for a reason.
>> No. 39807589
You did it better than me, mate.
>> No. 39807618
File 142983379161.png - (682.59KB , 700x5858 , 142516571041.png )
>> No. 39807874
File 142984477281.png - (86.59KB , 321x308 , 1383845770981.png )
>I-it's ok really, it doesn't matters if life is meaningless and painful and horrible and that literally nothing matters becuz donuts taste good, r-right?
>Just dont take it srsly bro, b yourself
>> No. 39807878
>Just be yourself
The problem with that advice. is that it's good advice if you're an awesome person. Most people aren't though. Not at all.
>> No. 39807883
File 142984524617.jpg - (92.12KB , 1600x1218 , Vee cut off your Johnson Mister Lebowski.jpg )
>> No. 39807888
File 142984536513.jpg - (191.44KB , 600x720 , 1414332810343.jpg )
idk whats going on but i also have a donut comic

>be urself
>> No. 39807889
File 142984539512.png - (116.35KB , 286x379 , 13298364463259.png )

Metaphor, bro.


I've always disliked that idea. That and "be true to yourself".

Man, if I was true to myself then I'd be dead right now. I used to be a nutjob. Personal growth doesn't happen by being yourself, it happens by critically assessing yourself, soliciting feedback from others, and working on personal blind spots.
>> No. 39807892
File 142984559004.jpg - (22.28KB , 324x299 , 1383766484419.jpg )
>I-it's ok really, it doesn't matters if life is meaningless and painful and horrible and that literally nothing matters becuz lyfe is awsummm, r-right?
>> No. 39807896
File 142984568839.png - (631.95KB , 1920x1050 , Amazed_Rainbow_Dash_S2E8.png )

Staring into Skinner's eyes is slowly tearing apart the walls of my psyche.
>> No. 39807898
File 142984575448.jpg - (358.56KB , 700x815 , 1383667433467.jpg )
>> No. 39807902
>pic and name change
>> No. 39807904
File 142984599312.png - (228.50KB , 2000x1776 , happy_scootaloo_by_emonroe7-d4aw7am.png )

> Monday is the shittiest day so go to Arbys. no one is here. drink scotch out of a soda cup and ponder ending it all. no one will see you die

This is the best Twitter account I've ever seen.
>> No. 39807907
Except, y'know, the employees. But f**k that.
>> No. 39807943
File 142984677131.png - (923.46KB , 812x975 , 1381507724108.png )
Too bad, you can be Vert.
It really is, that and Florida Man are my 2 favorites.
>> No. 39807952
Too much bewbs. I'll be Blanc.
>> No. 39807955
File 142984708741.png - (61.35KB , 276x225 , 1427915739159.png )
There's already a Blanc.
>> No. 39807958
File 142984705557.jpg - (107.63KB , 592x669 , 1383633071120.jpg )
Looks like you're stuck with Vert. Have fun.
>> No. 39807959
File 142984710469.png - (88.35KB , 240x240 , DoDeGEk.png )
Too bad, I'm already Blanc
>> No. 39807961
I'm guessing Noire is taken too?
*sigh* Fine, I'll be Vert.
>> No. 39807967
File 142984742538.png - (974.33KB , 967x704 , content.png )
All best girls are taken.
>> No. 39807975
Done got that right.

Jesus, it's midnight. Gotta sleep, bai.
>> No. 39807985
File 142984812522.jpg - (28.56KB , 574x404 , 11138152_887324147957331_1540143497710826180_n.jpg )
Camus did not consider himself an existentialist and Nietszsche was a man of understated intellect whose writings have been readily consumed by idiots who lack the ability to readily process information without the steady hand of Nationalist Big Brother caressing your neck and vomiting watered-down philosophy down your throat
>> No. 39807991
File 142984846977.png - (361.52KB , 2853x2719 , r15.png )
I'm an existential and moral nihilist. I don't know anything about the "philosophy" of it, and I've never read Nietzsche or anything. I just looked up the definitions and thought, "ya. that's pretty much what I believe."
>> No. 39808038
File 142985035025.png - (106.31KB , 300x300 , profile_picture_by_twilightxsparkle-d4dfea0.png )
I'm not a Nihilist but I have to agree that some of the big questions are pointless for me.
>> No. 39808046
File 142985050182.png - (653.27KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_about_to_say_'Amazing!'_S4E05.png )

Seriously I'm still reading these tweets.

These are absolutely glorious.
>> No. 39808108
I don't think nihilism matters much tbh
>> No. 39808261
Lebowski taught me nihilists are nazis anyway.
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