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File 142984577916.jpg - (11.58KB , 224x224 , whywouldudothat.jpg )
39807900 No. 39807900
>be pony
>no job and no money to do anything - not even enough money to have a decent computer
>get job
>have money but no time to do anything - not even enough time to read mlp comics much less make friends
>mon visage quand

wat's the solution to the equation, /oat/?
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>> No. 39807903
Work until you feel you don't need to work anymore then take a small vacation.
>> No. 39807906
File 142984604253.jpg - (138.82KB , 1131x707 , cloudchaser_and_flitter__edit_apologize__by_unnop64-d6jj5m7.jpg )
You have enough time to post on ponychan though.
>> No. 39807908
File 142984615728.png - (171.24KB , 1024x1130 , sitting_scootaloo_by_baumkuchenpony-d5bvp5s.png )
Let me know when you figure it out! In the five years that I've spent in this city, I haven't built any lasting friendships.
>> No. 39807909
File 142984611550.png - (346.98KB , 1218x772 , dodger_computing.png )
Have you tried soap and water?
>> No. 39807914
File 142984624401.jpg - (31.30KB , 685x800 , 10658__.jpg )
Cut down on other things? Find a new job?
>> No. 39807919
File 142984634038.jpg - (422.53KB , 1224x1632 , 1424374153637.jpg )
The solution is Baneposting, of courshe!
>> No. 39807920
File 142984634301.jpg - (20.91KB , 498x370 , why can't I hold any of these oranges.jpg )
Work until you have enough satisfactory experience to get a higher paying job that allows you to work less and keep a decent income
>> No. 39807925
File 142984651946.jpg - (74.05KB , 1024x512 , dalai_lama_08.jpg )
Cut down on your hours if possible.
>> No. 39807949
>> No. 39807953
File 142984706933.png - (140.74KB , 992x1856 , 1385978656425.png )
>> No. 39807964
File 142984713886.png - (194.34KB , 640x360 , 130024046658.png )
Wish I knew. Been cycling between school loans and NEETdom for awhile now. Fuck jobs.

>tfw will never move out of parents' house
>> No. 39807966
File 142984726518.gif - (2.41MB , 520x576 , 453482__safe_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_animated_cute_happy_looking+at+you_eyes_games+ponies+play_l.gif )

Oh my God that comic is so awful in so many ways it's glorious.
>> No. 39807974
If nopony had a job, the economy would be f**ked. But besides that, you don't have to have everything. I'm fine with a high paying job, but I live on a bare minimum because I like it. The rest goes to the government and into savings.
>> No. 39807976
File 142984778424.jpg - (44.66KB , 409x409 , 1429809355303.jpg )
>Wake up at 12 noon
>Get up at 12:30
>Vigorously lubricate to shemales
>Take my first shower in three days, then put the same clothes back on
>Chilling here under a blanket with an ice-cold can of Pepsi

>> No. 39807979
Bretty much my life except for the lubing part.
>> No. 39807980
File 142984791252.jpg - (30.66KB , 172x178 , fucking ponies, how do they work.jpg )
>"...keep giving money to the Jews. A free man is free from these Jewish desires and has a righteous character..."
He was making sense up to the point where he decided to reveal himself a massive anti-Semite.

Anyway, there's this concept called "unjobbing" which is not complete bunk. It basically suggests that there's ways to make living which don't involve corporate wage slavery.

This is true, but what you're essentially doing is entrepreneurship, it doesn't mean you're able to avoid hard work, it just means you'll be working on your terms.
>> No. 39807982
File 142984806803.png - (252.03KB , 684x581 , dodger_03.png )
Actually it's called living off social security and loving family members.
>> No. 39807987
File 142984817568.jpg - (66.88KB , 700x700 , cereal.jpg )
I guess that's true if you're an unsuccessful entrepreneur. But hey, nobody said unjobbing was a cake walk.

Although actually I'm a little off, it's not necessarily about being an entrepreneur. It's more to do with being happy with what you got. Some blog. [theorganicsister.com]

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 21:04

>> No. 39807990
Some people just have to fail, no matter how hard they work. Not everypony can be a winner. Even when it comes to trying to hold a regular job!
>> No. 39808037

i want to but then i will have to be re-hired somewhere after a few months...




i will if i see u and recognize u and remember or u say something etc.


but i have a decent job - i guess i could become a professional poker player or try to do things online...


wat's that


are there part time jobs like that?


he is a smart man; i would cut down but i don't think i can due to obamacare restrictions because i would have to go part-time and would therefore be eligible for free healthcare, so can't with the same company (i think)




school loans. i guess i could try part time online school - they give you money for that, right?
>> No. 39808041
File 142985037836.png - (488.02KB , 685x1024 , large (2).png )
What the hay job do you have that it takes up your entire day?
>> No. 39808045
File 142985056630.png - (96.30KB , 909x925 , 142972634475.png )
And this is why I'm glad I'm unemployed.
>> No. 39808058

Get ready for work: 1.5 hours
Drive to work and get seated: 1 hour
Work and breaks: 9 hours
Drive home from work and get seated: 1 hour
Sleep: 7-10 hours (i don't even know how much i sleep)
Free time: 1.5-4.5 hours

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 21:51

>> No. 39808059
File 142985117243.png - (273.89KB , 1024x1014 , large (8).png )

2-5 hours seems like enough time to read multiple comics.
>> No. 39808062

and not post on ponychan for 2-5 hours straight? how could u even suggest such a thing?

forgot to mention the 30 minutes or so daily of just doing random required things... so more like 1-4 hours, depending on sleep

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 21:56

>> No. 39808063
File 142985140156.jpg - (359.00KB , 700x888 , 869474__safe_solo_pixiv_spoiler-colon-s05e02_double+diamond_snowboard_artist-colon-wolfyato.jpg )

You gotta learn to multi-task.
>> No. 39808065
File 142985159021.jpg - (8.73KB , 300x168 , alreadyam.jpg )

i already am multi-tasking, but unproductively with my mind - no more processor space
>> No. 39808066
File 142985167675.png - (2.36MB , 1080x1920 , 141887900272.png )
>Drive to work and get seated: 1 hour
That's a long commute. Maybe you should try to move closer to work.

You could also be doing stuff during your breaks. And if you can afford it, you could always try a part-time job,

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 22:01

>> No. 39808070

alot of people have commutes that long if they work in the city though, since alot of real estate inside the middle of cities is pretty shitty. And traffic is pretty terrible because of everypony else that's commuting.
>> No. 39808071

like what
>> No. 39808075
File 142985209419.jpg - (715.12KB , 1920x1920 , 141819624774.jpg )
I don't know where he lives, but I would think you'd be able to find an apartment or something that isn't shitty within an hour of your job. I was able to commute to Dallas from a suburb in about 25 minutes.

Read pony comics of course.
>> No. 39808081

in public? r u crazy?!

not to mention, they are expensive, and i don't think i should bring a computer or laptop to work...
>> No. 39808084

i can get an apartment like 5 minutes away (or less) but i would take a 50-80% discretionary income paycut since i live with parents

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 22:12

>> No. 39808085
>in public? r u crazy?!
Just buy a Sports Illustrated magazine and wrap the pony comic in its cover.
>> No. 39808086
Don't you wear pony shirts in public?
>> No. 39808089

then it would be 10 times worse if somepony noticed - not to mention sports illustrated is probably just as bad... i could probably get away with some political magazine though easily, but like i said, 10x worse...
>> No. 39808090
File 142985248529.jpg - (270.52KB , 768x1024 , large.jpg )

And then wrap THAT magazine in a porno!

Its bulletproof.
>> No. 39808092
File 142985257309.png - (116.28KB , 900x531 , actually.png )

no. that was under another shirt
>> No. 39808095

u know... that's crazy enough it just might work! except it wouldn't and would be relatively bad

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 22:18

>> No. 39808097
You seem like the kind of person that wouldn't be afraid to hide his pony stuff.
>> No. 39808100
Get it digitally, read it on phone.
>> No. 39808103

that might work - i bought like the first 20 issues when they were on sale in the digital version for $15...


philosophically-speaking im not, life can be very unreasonable...
>> No. 39808112
school loans. i guess i could try part time online school - they give you money for that, right?
Yes. As long as you qualify and are half time or more. Google and fill out a FAFSA.

I don't recommend online classes, though. I prefer to take them in person. Way to easy to lose motivation for online classes.
>> No. 39808122

the question i wondered though - is how much you get & do you get any at all if you're claimed as a dependent on a tax return? i would need at least enough to cover car payment + insurance, & i would do online since there is a free online college i could do...

i think online could work though if i set it up right

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 22:36

>> No. 39808151
The big factor is expected family contribution. If you are over 25 years old and your family is broke, you can set that to 0 and get full loan amounts. I was getting something like tuition + 6k for a half time semester this way between loans and the automatic grants.
>> No. 39808157

you were getting 6k a semester for additional expenses?
>> No. 39808162
Yeah. It's more compact and has no cover.
also easy to hide if people look.
>> No. 39808190
I get about 3k a semester and my tuition is only 1500.
>> No. 39808207

yeah, could be a good deal then... will probably just keep working here until i get fired for bad performance or something, though... unfortunately, i am still quite a bit above the minimum...
>> No. 39808233
work part time. dont be a chump and sell your soul for minimum wage, gotta balance shit out.

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