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39808236 No. 39808236
whats good /oat/? ive been gone for two whole weeks and this fucking site looks the same. what the fuck i though we were going to have a merger. no i am not leaving. no i dont think anypony noticed i was gone. ya im acknowledging the few who did notice i was not here.
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>> No. 39808239
File 142985766965.gif - (1.89MB , 281x243 , warflashbacks.gif )
I haven't been here in a while either, so fuck if I know what's been going on here, probably Season 5 shit

I don't even know why I'm posting in this thread if I have nothing to tell you, but fuck it, I'm bored
>> No. 39808240
File 142985777086.png - (0.97MB , 2543x3691 , rarity vector 128.png )
its ok any update is appreciated. i guess. thanks friend.
>> No. 39808241
niggaz, i was gone for at least six months and i never bitched.
>> No. 39808242
File 142985781087.jpg - (404.84KB , 800x1000 , pirate juice is expensive.jpg )
Welcome back! We're still mergering, but the schedule is a little bit.
>> No. 39808243
did you choose to leave or were you prevented from posting? oh wait i think i remember, no i still have a pc i just cant do anything because shit.
>> No. 39808247
also i couldn't connect to the internet.
>> No. 39808248
File 142985794547.png - (1.49MB , 4325x5000 , rarity vector 34.png )
thanks. i didnt really care about that because i really do go to this site every day. just felt like sayin hi.
>> No. 39808249
File 142985799263.png - (434.96KB , 900x900 , 18457__safe_discord_rule+63_artist-colon-speccysy_metal+gear_eris.png )
It's been two whole weeks? Wow.

Judging by the new blotter it might happen soon.

Welcome back, you were missed.
>> No. 39808251
File 142985805543.png - (72.95KB , 237x218 , 140313295522.png )
damn man. that blows. you know i did miss you and im glad that youre here and shit yo.
>> No. 39808252
File 142985805779.gif - (560.16KB , 500x220 , what i'm about.gif )
I ain't bitching, mang, I'm just trying to find a way to ease myself back into the Ponychan life and hopefully the way to starting that is to actually watch the S5 premiere
>> No. 39808254
File 142985814330.png - (399.52KB , 759x672 , tiara2.png )
yeah, i figured it might be soon. but who the fuck has time to read any of that i would rather start a thread to annoy people.
>> No. 39808259
File 142985841320.png - (464.61KB , 900x900 , 18517__safe_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_oc_discord_rule+63_inkie+pie_marble+pie_artist-colon-speccysy_.png )
There's nothing to read. The blotter is all the info we have.

But basically, for the last 4-5 days all that has been missing is Macil and Orange being online at the same time.

Maybe that has happened. Who knows?
>> No. 39808260
File 142985840342.gif - (2.02MB , 228x216 , haha yeah that's not happening.gif )
>to annoy people
I don't think it's working
>> No. 39808264
File 142985860742.jpg - (208.86KB , 846x1040 , 140652351893.jpg )
i refuse to read the blotter. i dont even know what youre talking about be more specific.

you dont want me to try harder. im only warning you its for your safety.
>> No. 39808267
File 142985875675.png - (319.22KB , 900x900 , 18532__safe_cute_discord_rule+63_artist-colon-speccysy_juice+box_eris.png )
The little area on top of the boards with news. It's called the blotter for some reason.
Blotter is a word right?

It says all posts made atm. might be lost to anal time.
>> No. 39808268
File 142985889415.jpg - (126.16KB , 984x846 , 140210752007.jpg )
>anal time
if they are made atm they might have been devoured by the anal time lubricateor i dont know why you would make posts at him to be honest.
>> No. 39808269
File 142985890385.jpg - (21.37KB , 487x483 , are you afraid of the capaldi.jpg )
>anal time
>> No. 39808311
File 142986090084.png - (376.39KB , 900x623 , 18519__safe_princess+luna_discord_filly_rule+63_foal_woona_artist-colon-speccysy_eris_paper+hat.png )
Into the bit bucket it goes.


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