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File 142985870217.jpg - (149.18KB , 900x600 , 179960__safe_rainbow+dash_text_pregnant_nurse+redheart_earthbound_giygas_ultrasonic+rainboom.jpg )
39808265 No. 39808265
Do you think Rainbow Dash could be a decent mother?
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>> No. 39808270
File 142985905880.gif - (1.98MB , 450x250 , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.gif )
She would teach her kid to be strong!
>> No. 39808271
no scootaloo lives on the fucking streets thats got to say something about her parenting ability.
>> No. 39808272
File 142985919399.jpg - (57.66KB , 1280x720 , 708_000447.jpg )
>she gets all happy that she's going to have somepony to pass down her awesome legacy to
>she's going to teach her how to fly, let her join the Wonderbolts, etc
>yfw it's a unicorn

Welp, back to Scootaloo
>> No. 39808273
File 142985930964.png - (205.92KB , 894x894 , 6ujX0I8.png )
But scootaloo is just a fan, and Rainbow Dash is her sempai. Rainbow Dash has no obligation to take care of her, or even spare enough time with her to notice.
>> No. 39808274
File 142985944689.jpg - (117.43KB , 632x1264 , rarity__s_____family_member__by_gavalanche-d3k1hof_png.jpg )
She'd be better than rarity.
>> No. 39808275
she should do it out of a sense of compassion not out of having a fucking obligation. now her kid is going to grow up hating homeless ponies just as she does.
>> No. 39808280
File 142985987656.jpg - (94.56KB , 800x449 , 1401411465400.jpg )
How do you know that Rainbow Dash even is aware? Plus, Scootloo probably wouldn't want to trouble her with that in the first place even if she could.

I think she would take Scootaloo if she could. But even then it's not her fucking problem, plus she may not even be entirely capable of her supporting her if she flew her all the way up to her fucking sky house.

You just have something again Dashie, admit it.
>> No. 39808293
I tihnk she'll be a decent mother, but stern coach.
>> No. 39808301
no i dont i think the logic in having a homeless pony in ponyville to begin with is weird.
>> No. 39808321
File 142986132111.png - (39.26KB , 251x215 , dash189.png )
But we've already seen Scoots' home!

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