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File 141949167755.png - (1.85MB , 1507x1531 , AOS OOC pic.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: An Odd Story/ AOS #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious #Normal #Crazy #Sign-up #Thestrals #Bats

Yep... bats are still better than all you casuals.

Welcome everyone; the new, the old, and everything in between! Welcome to an odd mansion! A place where nothing is predictable and everyone has a story to tell.

Now before I really get into anything, let me introduce you to the officers who help run this place.

Lt. Dashy
Berndem Bones
Rainbow Crash
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>> No. 458272
File 142635654497.jpg - (37.03KB , 500x318 , image.jpg )
Ayy lmao
>> No. 458278
File 142653876153.jpg - (85.84KB , 500x632 , if_team_rocket_was_black-223490.jpg )
>> No. 458388
File 142760127926.png - (64.84KB , 720x240 , meme.png )

No. 458308 [View]

I'm new to the roleplay scene and need some help getting started. Can someone help me?
>> No. 458311
File 142686518472.png - (464.59KB , 800x1000 , cold_by_ribbonshower-d8diiez.png )
Sure thing! Was there anything specific you were wanting to know?

File 142140841662.jpg - (254.48KB , 1920x1200 , Dark Moon.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Dark Moon #Series: The Outpost #Dark #Violence #General #Power Limit #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Greetings Ponychan! This is a side-thread of the Dark Moon canon from MLPchan, open to a new audience! More specifically, this is the Dark Moon OOC, the Corporate Cafeteria! Dark Moon is a cyberpunk canon set after the Corporate War and the collapse of the Equestrian Government. The Princesses are gone, and the Elements of Harmony have been missing for almost twenty years. A surge of mysterious technology from another world jumpstarted Equestria's development of science and technology, but it came at a cost. The world has changed, and magic is slipping away. In the chaos, a number of powerful, multinational corporations sprang up to take control of the chaotic world, only to throw it into chaos again with the Corporate War. Almost ten years later, the stage of the world is set for conflict once again...

If you want to do a more established signup, this thread is here for you! Discuss characters with the managers, ask questions about the lore (Trust me, we know way more about it than the Lore Doc can tell you and can probably explain it more succintly) and just generally chat about things. Any questions can be posed here, to either myself (Nevermore), or to the sub-managers (Cyan Hide, Ace_Noir, and Conch Shell).
>RP thread: Coming Soon!
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>> No. 458279
>> No. 458284
I'm still here if this is still a thing, just been busy doing other things.
>> No. 458307
>It certainly is! The canon isn't exactly an active one all the time. Most of the players are either shy or extremely ADHD, so they might not come out for a bit. But it is certainly still a thing.

File 138947016201.gif - (69.87KB , 150x150 , 133023__UNOPT__.gif )
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#Ask/invite #Canon #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

Welcome to Brand New Day
Where all characters are welcome and where the officers cry themselves to sleep every night with a box of gummi bears under their pillows.

Current Officers:
Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY
Inferno(Wielder of the Box)!W/KiGzyLwk
Wheatleigh !WheaTqW9dU
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>> No. 453901
I'm going to be taking my leave. See y'all.
>> No. 454119
>> No. 458281
Hello. And Bye.

File 141924370552.png - (161.45KB , 350x262 , friendship_is_magic_newpageimage_1684.png )
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#Open #Non-canon #RP Discussion know you wanna

Remember everyone, you're here forever~

Keep things civil. Arguing is allowed, but if it devolves to name calling it might be time to stop.
Be constructive and don't be an ass.
Have fun! No really, that's a rule. Not having fun will result in an injection of Pinkie juice.
Keep things PG-13 please. I'm sure we'll deviate from time to time, but let's try to not make people uncomfortable. Of course don't break site rules ever, duh.
No casual rping
No off topic chatting
This thread holds no ties to any one canon, discussion of all is allowed and encouraged. Want to signal boost your new canon? Go for it!
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>> No. 458270
I dunno, it sounds preddy gey
>> No. 458271
File 142613803788.gif - (578.90KB , 250x250 , 142416712789.gif )
>> No. 458276
File 142648359367.png - (10.29KB , 480x323 , 130003508537.png )

File 142345828713.jpg - (34.16KB , 500x500 , nom.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon #Adventure #Crazy #Sign-up #Character

The world is fucked!

If that wasn't bold enough for yall knuckleheads out there the world has been fucked.

Some fucking nerd herders gathered up some scientist to develop some new advanced cat nip or some shit instead they infected our beloved pussies with a unique strain fungus. Turned them into some rabid beasts and shit and well it only took a matter of days before it spread to the equine race of this fair dirt ball we call home.

While we're at this why is it when some viral outbreak happens it spreads faster than a prom date with herpes anyways?

Anyways it wasn't long till this city just gave up and resorted to rioting and looting and all the other post apocalyptic cliches we see in all sorts of the media. Even the great law enforcement and military horses couldn't fix this broken egg of a supposed utopia.

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>> No. 458094
File 142494665955.png - (321.40KB , 547x664 , Angiport4.png )
Umm sorry for the late response so far its only been me and one other poster who doesn't have net atm,but your in we will post when we can in thread but be warned this canon is slow you're like the literal third person to apply :) Welcome!
>> No. 458104
Well I was always in love with zombie apocalyptic worlds and seen that this RP had little attention. I do have two questions though.
First off, do you think I could swap my Dex with my Wis? For two reasons, one being that having completely random stats can really off put people. With most stat rolling, you role for the numbers then apply them to each stat to build the character in the direction you want them to go. It also creates the problem, as mine has, of inconstancy in character. Really, a fisher with a Dex of 1 seems silly.

And secondly, should I hop right in or wait till you and Seras get done in the arcade?
>> No. 458171
File 142507098788.png - (34.82KB , 317x396 , trickpor1.png )

Sure you can swap the stats no problem or even re roll,and I don't think Seras would mind go ahead and post. Like i said we are bit slow here so if you don't mind that welcome.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 27th, 2015 14:03

File 142332497046.jpg - (237.02KB , 988x1500 , Power Ponies.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Maretropolis (name pending) #Fresh start #Lighthearted #Ponies

I'm in the alpha stages of conceptualizing a canon based around the comic book world featured in Power Ponies. Lots of details need to be worked out, but at the moment I'm just testing the waters to see who would be interested in being a part of the canon, and what they would want out of a canon like this.

Myself, I would prefer the canon to be very personal. Yes there will of course be fighting and heroism, but I'd also like the players and characters to have lots of time to wind down, get to know each other, and have lives in the strange city of Maretropolis. Of course if you just want to fight (or commit) crime, that shouldn't be a problem either. As for combat, personally I dislike using dice rolls, but if you and another person want to duke it out with dice, then it's not against the rules.

I imagine that as for characters, the Power Ponies would be the "big" heroes of the setting, which means players should have powers and talents that don't quite cut it compared to them. The same goes for any player villains, of course. Teaming up is encouraged! I will be playing a team of six major villains, but I won't be throwing them at players often or anything.

So I really have no idea how this will play out or wind up, but I think it's worth a shot! So who wants to get in on this and be a hero, or a villain?
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>> No. 457928
I'm working on it already! I have one idea, thanks to Gears, so I'll discuss it in bar before my final suggestion.
>> No. 458083
File 142482768334.png - (494.34KB , 637x475 , Rat hat.png )
Who's this, reappearing after vanishing for months on end?

This mysterious poster who's seen rarely posting on these boards, to make a sudden return?!

With a plethora of baddies and goodguys to bring to the mean streets of Maretropolis to boot!
>> No. 458096
In case anyone's watching this thread, new thread up here!

File 142467497070.jpg - (589.69KB , 1199x510 , ENBE_SteampunkCity.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Paradise Lost #Adventure #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #Sign-up ##Not Going To Be Gentle

A film canister begins rolling somewhere behind your head and a picture begins to develop on the tatty projection screen in front of you.

“Greetings my esteemed friend and welcome to the ground floor of Equestria’s greatest triumph. I am the architect of this genius, N. Ausizzist, here to tell you about the city that spits in the face of hubris.”

The picture shifts into a sleek pony dressed in frills and silk beckoning you to a sparkling metallic city.

“The royals said it could not be done, that it should not be done, that to do so was a violation of nature itself, but progress, my dear ponies, progress most overcome petty resistance. So it was when I built my beautiful Lusitania.”
>> No. 458082
When you're writing your rules, try not to make it seem like you're holding the reader at gunpoint.

File 142327082945.jpg - (95.42KB , 599x459 , 1423270805394.jpg )
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#Open #Non-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Crossover #Shipping #General #Sign-up #Character #ImIsabelle #

Animal Crossing

×2 Villagers
×Infinite Animals
×All helpers (Im Isabelle )

Your on a train and a strange cat asks you Whats your name

Last edited at Fri, Feb 6th, 2015 18:58

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>> No. 457918
>> No. 457919
File 142331564643.png - (206.78KB , 555x720 , 134215279919.png )
I haven't even ever played animal crossing though.
>> No. 457940
File 142335858313.jpg - (45.94KB , 550x786 , 1423287830929.jpg )
Ill tell story
Ur a person named (Insert name)And u ride to (Insert name)And when u get dere u become mayor,Tis where we start off , btw ur in a world of people-like animals, like me!

File 142074842388.jpg - (5.11MB , 3648x2736 , cruise-ship.jpg )
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#Limited #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Ponies #General #Power Limit #Semi-serious #DiscussionOnly #Sign-up

[6 slots open]

[Light DnD]

Roll 6 1d20's to determine stats



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>> No. 457658
File 142212696995.png - (86.42KB , 400x250 , Capture.png )
>> No. 457659
File 142212705858.png - (436.66KB , 623x801 , MoonTanburgs.png )
Hey you got a skype?
>> No. 457660
File 142212784176.png - (46.70KB , 400x396 , yay Trix.png )

Last edited at Thu, Jan 29th, 2015 16:15

File 134465778893.jpg - (207.41KB , 562x600 , Hmm, yes, I see your point.jpg )
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Hello and welcome to /ooc/!

This sticky serves as an introduction as well as a place for The Canon Compendium

Out of character (OOC) roleplay discussion is meant to belong here. That means roleplay organising, recruitment, and general ooc threads for specific roleplays on /rp/. It can also be used for character building/critique and brainstorming for locations, and various other roleplay related necessities, such as general writing for rp technique.

Please keep general chatter threads in /chat/, and actual roleplaying threads in /rp/.If anyone asks you (even anonymously) to move the roleplay to the roleplay thread, please do. Spontaneous roleplay, such as that often found in current OOC threads, will be allowed here, but please do try to keep as much as you can in the correct board.

If you are interested in learning about roleplaying, we have prepared some advice guides which can be found below, and are happy to help you get into the groove of things and help you understand what makes a "good" roleplayer. Various help documents will be linked here for you to read. Looking over them is not required for you to get help in here, but would make our jobs much easier and make your learning experience much smoother.

Click here for our FAQ section.
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>> No. 457557
Well... Sup? (nah, this shouldn't work)

Okay, okay. (khm)
Hi guys, name's Geary, and I'm new to /rp/. Can you help me to start?

Last edited at Sun, Jan 18th, 2015 08:37

>> No. 457559
File 142160010451.png - (123.88KB , 1134x1134 , q2ARJ.png )
Hello! Welcome. I'll be willing to point you to some canons that'll peak your interests.

Pretty much around here you just need to look for an rp that you would enjoy to be in, but there are some you need to sign up for in an OOC, so it would be good if you checked /ooc/ as well.
>> No. 457604
File 142180133749.jpg - (713.07KB , 2046x1740 , 261344__safe_fluttershy_cyborg_artist-paladin_jpeg.jpg )
I have come here to dominate this thread.

File 141943516946.jpg - (65.59KB , 506x392 , 1739374626.jpg )
457130 No. 457130 [View]
#Canon: Five Nights at Freddys

Im looking to do an fnaf rp
Heres the story:Mike,jermy,marronete,balloon boy,and the other animatronics are in freddy fazbears and up to their normal shinanigans.
Im obiously foxy,
I need 17 people to be the characters,or a christmad party story
Characters:Chica,Freddy,Bonnie,Witherd Chica, Witherd Foxy,Withrd Freddy,Withrd Bonnie,Toy Chica,Toy Freddy,Mangle,Toy Bonnie,Balloon Boy,Marrionete,Golden Freddy, Shadow Bonnie,Shadow Freddy, Phone Guy,Jermy,and Mike
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>> No. 457340
My character is the son of Chica and Freddy, her name is Tera, She likes Dark Souls, and Z.O.E.
>> No. 457381
Space bar is still used after punctuation, and it is spelled withered.
>> No. 457507
File 142139383712.jpg - (73.71KB , 637x636 , 1421132165948.jpg )

File 141979778275.jpg - (91.32KB , 861x927 , image.jpg )
457282 No. 457282 [View]
#Ask/invite #Canon: Crusaders #Fresh start #Adventure #Shipping #Ponies #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #PLEASE COME I'M SO LONELY

It's just a camping trip, right? Wrong. This is the once-a-year Cutie Mark Crusader camping trip meetup, hosted by the original Cutie Mark Crusaders themselves, along with the current Head Crusader, the most adventurous pony ever to live, Brave Heart! For many young Crusaders, this is the highlight of the year, a chance to meet new friends and spent a few nights in a massive tent-village in the Everfree Forest!

<This is mostly to establish a canon, get the characters introduced, and HAVE A GOOD TIME. OCs and Canon Characters are needed. Good luck, crusaders!
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>> No. 457374
>> No. 457379
File 142068579289.png - (352.15KB , 2000x1500 , pony(2).png )

This seemed so easy!

Okay, okay, okay. Something simple. Straightforward. Come up with a concept, work from there.

Name: Spin Dizzy
Gender: Female
Hometown: Appleoosa

Last edited at Wed, Jan 7th, 2015 19:56

>> No. 457461
Good start!

File 141362074614.jpg - (8.27KB , 300x165 , th7WTMLC4F.jpg )
456779 No. 456779 [View]
#Ask/invite #Sign-up

Equestria has never been, and will never be, a normal society. Magic runs rampant throughout the streets whilst cities float in the clouds. But, in some parts of the world, magic and the unnatural flourish more than usual. An example of one of these places is Hooferville, which has been a rift from this world to the next ever since Starswirl the Bearded opened it and gifted Equestria with even more magical power than the land already possessed. This has also made it a popular place for the supernatural to be appearing. Angels, demons, and ethereal beings come through this rift sometimes and dwell among the residents. As of late, there has been a string of disappearances of young fillies and stallions who do not have their cutie marks. This is where your story begins.
In this roleplay, conflict will be stat-based. You will roll a D20 four times (If it lands on anything less than eight, disregard that number and roll again.). Then, you may put those four numbers in the desired stats. This is a major part of character creation. The stats you must put your four results in are:

(This stat determines how much other characters like you. This will be used in non-violent situations to persuade a character one way or to avoid any sort of conflict with the character.)

(Wisdom affects your character's knowledge about the world around them, this is also a key part of avoiding conflict. This will also determine the effectiveness of your spells in general.)

37 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 457339
I want to sumbit a characer, is that okay?
>> No. 457342
so, my question stil stands....FiM only?
>> No. 457346
d20 = 8
d20 = 6
d20 = 4
d20 = 6
d20 = 1
d20 = 18
d20 = 16
d20 = 5
i will get this later. just rolling.
d20 = 4 d20 = 9 d20 = 8 d20 = 6 d20 = 2 d20 = 20

d20 = 13 d20 = 17 d20 = 12

File 137583429038.png - (146.72KB , 900x900 , fillynauts_by_my_little_throwaway-d4spd8u.png )
435545 No. 435545 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Sign-up #Surreal #Mind Fuck

Whispering Pine Summer Camp for Cutie Marks.

Posting this here to see if it'll garner more folk

Welcome to Whispering Pines, a Psychonauts/Twin Peaks influenced adventure Roleplaying story. Shit will get crazy, so be prepared.

Rules be simple
1. Have fun!
2. No god-modding or overpowered shennigans.
3. No crazy shipping. These are fillies. Seriously. Nothing past summer crushes.
152 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 457335
I just saw your camp thread. Now I'm wondering if my camping trip into hell inspired yours at all
>> No. 457336
File 141992033203.png - (143.28KB , 243x313 , camp.png )
>camp thread
>pic related
>> No. 457338
Some. But it's just two nights at Survival Badge...

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