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File 140450497053.jpg - (9.66KB , 250x250 , 1379019635401.jpg )
455591 No. 455591 [View]

This is the first part. If you guys like it, tell me and I'll post more.
(Pic Related)

On November 25th 1997, Titanium Charge, an earth pony, was born in Las Pegasus, Equestria. He was born with a copper colored mane and tail, and a silver colored coat of fur with gold-topaz colored eyes. His mother, Shock Charge, started breathing differently. She then fell a victim of cardiac arrest after his birth, and died shortly after. His father, Static Charge, didn’t attend his birth, for he was out taking care of business doing whatever it is he did.

Titanium was taken in by his Uncle and Mother’s Brother, Metal Thunder, and raised. Not knowing his parents, he took on the name Titanium Thunder. By the time he was 8 years old, a group of marauders, trying to find Titanium’s father, broke into his Uncle’s home and began murdering. Apparently, Titanium’s father had screwed someone over, and now they were out to kill him. If not him, they’d kill his family. They killed Titanium’s Uncle, Aunt, and his two cousins, as they looked for him. Once they did find him, they dragged him outside, threw him into their vehicle, and drove out into the middle of nowhere. Once they were a safe distance from local authorities, they began yelling and demanding from him “TELL US WHERE HE IS!” They shouted at him. His eyes filled with tears of fear. “I-I don’t know w-what you’re t-talking about!” he spoke timidly, being too afraid to speak out. “He’s lying.” said one of the bandits. After a few attempts of asking “nicely,” and not getting what they wanted, they began beating him. They kicked him again and again and again, and shook him violently when he tried to fall unconscious. “Tell us where he is or we’ll kill you, you pathetic piece of trash!” One of the stallions pulled out a small knife and slashed downward on Titanium’s left eye, causing him to go blind in it. He screamed and whaled. “I DON’T KNOW! P-Please stop hurting me!” He cried continuously. The marauders never got an answer, so they hopped back in their vehicle, and left the bruised, broken, and bleeding colt to die alone.

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>> No. 455615
File 140480704453.png - (62.51KB , 214x230 , Rave On.png )
I like the character. You put a lot of thought into it and gave it a good story.

I'm kinda interested in what you plan on doing from here. Like are you gonna join a canon, make your own thread, or use this character for outside purposes?
>> No. 455657
I really plan on doing RP, but...not sure who would make any connections with this character.
>> No. 455670
Well, to see what you would like, I'd try and look in around in /rp/. The Donut Bar is open, so they'll take any characters and will be more than glad to rp with you. AOS is the canon that I help run. We're ask/invite, but that's just to keep the obviously ridiculous characters out. You'd be fine signing up there. Orion has higher standards than your usual rp for the most part. You really only need a good reason for going to space if you wanna rp there.

There are also other threads. You just have to look around and see what you'd like.

File 134724175715.png - (859.24KB , 1000x667 , 42.png )
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'The Ascended', a cult of unknown size and influence, founded by the megalomaniac and recently deceased Unicorn Richard Tapster, found themselves without a leader after the events taking place during and after the demon Umbrunox' attempted rise to power over Equestria. With their 'Father' killed, the cult found itself without leadership and in danger of falling apart, until Tonic's second in command, the mentally somewhat more stable but no less ruthless and dangerous First Disciple Loveless, was successful in his search for a spell to drag his master's soul back from what lies beyond and bind it to a phylactery, thus resurrecting Tonic as something far worse than what he had been before ?�?��?�? a undead abomination of frightening strength and malice.

Little to nothing is known about what happened after The Ascended managed to bring Tonic back into the world of the living. Located in the farthest south of Equestria, it took several weeks for the dire news to at least partially make it to Canterlot. What exactly was going on in the warmer regions of the continent, no one was able to say. Reports were hazy, but all of them carried the same unsettling message ?�?��?�? the Dead were rising. Whole districts had been devastated and small towns had been wiped empty over night with either no survivors or no trace of their denizens at all, and it is up to a group of willing and able heroes, led by a champion graced with the light of Celestia herself, to investigate the threat from the south and rid the land of the evil spirit who haunts it.


I am well aware that many players prefer chill slice-of-life scenarios for their players, which is why I have decided to, with the exception of the prologue, have the arc take place far away from Ponyville. The villain is not coming to anyone's doorstep, but the heroes will have to travel south to seek him out themselves. That way players who don't want to be part of this series can have their characters stay home without even knowing that anything is going on. This means that after the group has left town, the arc will be handled as closed. It simply does
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>> No. 446054
File 138086793660.jpg - (70.41KB , 1049x750 , 156730__UNOPT__.jpg )
d10 = 6
>> No. 451489
File 139061645750.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
Is, uh... is it dead? We going to see some more action in 17 sometime soon?

Last edited at Fri, Jan 24th, 2014 19:21

>> No. 455636
File 140487572427.png - (13.48KB , 98x113 , icon13.png )

File 140349265425.jpg - (23.84KB , 600x320 , Zero Escape.jpg )
455374 No. 455374 [View]
#Ask/invite #Planned #Canon: Zero Escape #Series: Zero Escape #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Power Limit #Serious #Puzzle/Adventure #CYOA

I need [9] people for a game.
You will participate in the [Nonary Game]
This is a game of life or death, of puzzles, and of choice.
If you are suited for the [Nonary Game] You will be chosen.

The [Nonary Game] Will test your limits, it will test your character, your intelligence and everything about you. You may die, you may live, but it is not your choice. All things have been predetermined, all choices have been made for you. But this does not mean you cannot change this; It us up to you to make the right choices, to live, to die, and to seek out your own goals. Ultimately you will either win or lose.

The call will end in [9] days, or when [9] people are chosen.

Good luck.
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>> No. 455516

A jocky unicorn? Is that even a thing? Fuck yeah it is. While most unicorns have strong minds rather than strong bodies... well, Wallop does have a strong mind, stronger levitation abilities than standard magic by a standard unicorn. Special talent in telekinesis like his brother, Finely Tuned. A light blue unicorn, not as educated as his brother.
>> No. 455531
>> No. 455620
Is it time to start?

File 140446628626.jpg - (16.02KB , 236x211 , 67d108840e568e03191db51039676e5e.jpg )
455580 No. 455580 [View]

So, I looked at 4chan and decided that it was too much.
This seems a lot simpler.

For those asking what I will do, I will rp as my OC, Boreal Symphony. I'll be going by the name Boreal in /rp/ whenever I decide to pick up on it.

But for now, I'm saying hi to all of you!
And I hope you'll enjoy having me around.
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>> No. 455587
File 140450185933.png - (351.44KB , 1280x941 , didney worl.png )
Posting it in this thread would be fine sir! Tho be warned! IT is the internet...and people might critique/judge. Don't let it get to you though unless you are looking for constructive criticism.

But on the plus side, we don't bite as hard as 4chan. We nibble ;)

Last edited at Fri, Jul 4th, 2014 12:24

>> No. 455590
I know they're be some opinions. Some I won't agree with, some I will. I just want other's opinions of what I've created. Also, all the art I post is NOT made by me.

I'll post the first part after I post this.
If you guys like it, tell me and I'll post more.
>> No. 455619
File 140483701006.png - (830.94KB , 900x624 , trixie_by_atryl-d5renj9.png )
Welcome to the void stranger. How unfortunate you must be to have found yourself here, stuck in the place where time only ever stands still and nothing ever happens.

File 140340422360.jpg - (838.97KB , 900x1200 , 127035.jpg )
455340 No. 455340 [View]
#Open #Non-canon #Adventure #Ponies #Semi-serious

So, I'm thinking of running a game of Ponyfinder - an adaptation of Pathfinder for Equestrian adventures.

The basic idea is as follows: In an alternate universe, Celestia defeated Nightmare Moon, but vanished in the aftermath. Without her, things slowly fell apart - while Equestria is still dotted with happy, hard-working villages, they tend to be isolated points of light in the wild, rather than a united pony nation.

The players are citizens or visitors to one of these small towns, on what were once the borders of the nation. The mayors and sheriffs of their town have grown worried, as have those of the towns they occasionally trade with - ponies are going missing, and no one knows where. At their wits end, they turn to the heroes, and ask them to make the long journey to Canterlot Castle - to re-establish contact with whoever rules now, and seek help to protect their ponies.

Players would be low-level (I'm thinking of starting at level 3) ponies from this rural town. You'd be welcome to either create your own pony or play an adapted version of someone from the show - the only requirements are that the Mayor and the other players have a reason to trust you, and you'd actually qualify as competent and willing to go off on an adventure.

Anyone feel up for something like this?
>> No. 455583
File 140448693967.jpg - (47.39KB , 600x784 , 65fb2b8537352b3655f788e1b7641092-d4q1qon.jpg )
Could be cool.
>> No. 455613
I wouldn't mind something like this at all. How would we go around the recruitment process (for lack of a better term)?

File 137754000093.jpg - (20.93KB , 334x122 , pondering.jpg )
440910 No. 440910 [View]
#Open #Series: Science Fantasy The Clusterfuck #General #Power Limit #Semi-serious

Yeah, this is an OOC thread for the war thread I have going. Report in with characters and questions. I'll start by listing a few characters of the opposition, the Imperium of Man.
Naval Forces:
Admiral Jonathan Malleolus

Current leader of Battle Fleet Brutius. The flagship of the Fleet, a Dictator Class Cruiser is where he directs his forces from. The Litany of Absolution is a powerful vessel, its main focus being the wide flight decks for various assault and attack craft. He is typically known for being steady under fire, calmly issuing orders in even the most heated of battles. He is also known for being quite rigid and posh, his noble upbringing being somewhat grating amongst other commanders and members of his crew.

Ground Forces - Death Korps of Krieg
Field Marschall Erwin von Mannsturm
Formerly a Major-Colonel and a member of the 3rd Armored Line Korps General staff, he was thrust into his new rank with the deaths of the former generals and officers at the Shipwreck HQ, who fell at the hands of the ARC Troopers. After a short firefight with the fleeing Delta and ARC troopers at the strip mine, both of whom managed to infiltrate the deepest recesses of the facility, he has decided to relocate his headquarters to the center of the occupied capital city; ordering a massive surface and subterranean fortress constructed. Steady and dour, like most men born of the world Krieg. Proved himself as an adept infantry commander as well as rifleman, his direction of fire as well as his marksmanship bloodying the retreating ARC's as they aided in the extraction of Delta Squad. His performance however on the strategic and division level remain untested, this being his chance to prove himself worthy of his newly acquired rank.

Auxilia- Adeptus Mechanicus, Elysian Drop Troopers
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>> No. 455518
File 140407288422.png - (8.61KB , 273x307 , 140372285194.png )
Cool. I'll try to see if Everything Man is up for doing stuff. He's been absent from most of the rp's I have up too.
>> No. 455521
File 140409309886.jpg - (21.57KB , 222x227 , image.jpg )
Cool. You've got me on Steam, so hit me up if I'm not on Ponychan.
>> No. 455589
File 140450349279.gif - (2.00MB , 400x332 , dat ass wiggle tho.gif )

File 140259367422.jpg - (2.94MB , 1200x2559 , dig my way to hell.jpg )
454948 No. 454948 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Adventure #Shipping #Ponies #Semi-serious #The Favored Pastime Of /mlp/ #Dungeons and Dragons- With Technicolor Horses!

So, someone pointed out to me that our /rp/ group didn't have an /ooc/ thread. Made me think, "Hey, maybe we oughta ask /ooc/ if this sounds interesting." So that's what I'm doing, now. One sentence summary: it's DnD with ponies, over the Internet.
It's like a tabletop RPG, with classes and races and all that jazz. The rules are to the left of this text, and they're even more expounded upon in the actual rules document. I'll provide links to all of those documents (the racials, the rules, the crossclass) and you guys can read through em, if you even care. Games start at 8:00 EST most times, and go until whenever, but "day games" are not uncommon. Looks like a lot, but it really isn't.

tl;dr, casual RPG for whoever wants to join and has the patience to write a sheet.

OOC chat:
Rules: and in the image to the left.
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>> No. 455155
We can, yeah. Actually, that would be perfect. Space said that she wanted you and me to talk, so we could like, be closer or whatever.

I dunno, I think it was just an excuse to go watch her silly animu shows. =/ But hey, I'd like to talk to you, yeah.
>> No. 455156
Ok. Lets go on now
>> No. 455217
Oh Spacey, thy love :3
Where art thou?

File 140138116637.png - (409.32KB , 821x371 , WorldMap.png )
454849 No. 454849 [View]
#Open #Canon: Raiders of Atlea #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Non-pony #Semi-serious #Air Pirates #Without Steam

The Era Of Steam has ended. Internal combustion has taken over as the main means of transportation. The world has taken to the skies as modern air shipping becomes the norm, airships flying from port to port. Those areas dangerous to fly across see a boom in motorized caravans.

The world is rife with adventure and peril. Merchants, Caravaneers and Aerial Marines alike face the dangers of the skies and home ports from raiders, natives, wild animals, and Air Pirates. Governments compete with military industry as each are wary of the other.

Humanity shares its seat with the Dwarves of Caissic, a hearty people who's engineering prowess and metallurgy skill have put Arcand on the map as an Empire, and maintained its superpower status. The Pantheran from Icelandia and Elves from Anilasia have become the bread and butter of Norune's Slave Trade, and the mercenaries it hires have kept its trade routes open and prosperous.

Where will you make your name?


Welcome to the world of Atlea! I am your host, as ever, the British Army! Please feel free to sign up for an adventure, or just sit here, chillax, and join with the audience to watch this all unfold! I shall present the current RP links later as they come, but for now, chill, just look on, and flash a grin!
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>> No. 455119
File 140291324112.jpg - (714.47KB , 1920x1080 , the_godheavy_by_mrriar-d5oicri.jpg )

It's not exactly central to the character, but it definitely a factor to his style of attack. Should I submit an app with the assumption that it would be okay, given that it would be metallic of somekind, or otherwise?
>> No. 455120
Steel riot shield? What is he, a Prospect Police Officer?

Little sidenote: The Norune home nation doesn't actually HAVE a standing army outside of its police force. Armed and armored with the best money can buy, the "Greensleeves" are considered the best trained law enforcement officers in the world.

As for their caravans and aerial shipping lanes, they depend on mostly Mercenaries and their Merchant Marines.
>> No. 455121
File 140294636518.jpg - (259.83KB , 742x676 , ur the wheel.jpg )

He's gonna be a mercenary, if that's alright with you.

File 136641959313.jpg - (339.41KB , 900x850 , trix_west_by_glancojusticar-d622wam.jpg )
418289 No. 418289 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Canon: TD #Adventure #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Serious #Sign-up #Character #Zombies #Survival


Hello and welcome to the Trotting dead OOC thread! If the themes of grimdark, horror, and surviving impossible odds in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse is to your liking, then look no further then what our humble canon has to offer you!

Further information regarding the canon itself may be obtained via our wiki page here:

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>> No. 454837
File 140116767911.png - (111.65KB , 640x480 , pinkie pie I am so jelly.png )
Hey ugh..if you get bored, I kinda need someone to temporarily or permaninently, that's your choice play shining armour over in this thread:

And the actual thread is here:

Where the thread is sitting at right now, is theres a group of survivors in the canterlot library with a small group of royal guards searching the building because they think there may have been a breach and some monsters got in. Is what they think.

But one of the guards went off to let Shining Armour know that they are searching the building and checking to see if there's a breach, while some other guards help the survivors into the basement for safety. Pretty much you don't have to read too far back, maybe the last twenty post or so.
>> No. 454847
File 140126899841.gif - (3.31MB , 432x227 , jgGB18m.gif )
It's... Undead.
>> No. 454864
plz no

File 139963821151.jpg - (269.58KB , 1680x1050 , CELESTIA IS MOONPONE SISTER BECAUSE BUTT OF FIRE.jpg )
454589 No. 454589 [View]
#Adventure #Ponies #Serious #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Equestria has always been a relatively peaceful place. Aside from the changeling attacks, return of madgods, hostile takeovers of towns, and parasprite swarms. Perhaps it wasn't relatively peaceful in Equestria, but peaceful enough, we'll say.

You have been summoned to Canterlot by Princess Celestia herself. It's a great honor, and you've already boarded the train on your way. You've been hearing that recently the royal library had several valuable items came up missing, and you've started to worry that perhaps your summons is in accusation of comitting such a theft yourself! One simply can not just turn down a royal summons though! Little did you know that you should be given such a quest soon. You could not possible imagine you would be made to join an investigative team to track down the missing treasures.

You couldn't possibly imagine how big this would be.

We're going to be using a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat layout for our characters here. Each of those 7 statistics will determine your abilities at particular tasks, and will manipulate dice rolls in that sort of a task accordingly. Of note is that pegasi, earth ponies, and unicorns each have a +1 to particular stats. (Agility/Charisma, Strength/Endurance, Perception/Inteligience respectively) You receive 5 points to each stat by default, with 2 additional points to distribute however you choose.

Rolls on actions are altered by your stats in the following way.:
Attempting to pursuade someone would be determined by C (charisma) under most circumstances, while attempting to beat open a door with your face would probably be an S (strength).
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>> No. 454748
I shall, my friend. Have a fine evening.
>> No. 454755
Just got home give me a few minutes and ill be on skype
>> No. 454798
I really want to post :}

File 140039995349.png - (228.14KB , 994x558 , Question_mark_on_a_pony_on_a_newspaper_S2E23.png )
454751 No. 454751 [View]

Hey guys, I have no clue what I'm doing on this site. I'm a huge fan of MLP like most of on this site. I'm new here and just need some tips on what I have to do to be more involved.

>> No. 454758
File 140045972512.jpg - (75.49KB , 750x750 , BANG.jpg )
You can ask any questions you may have over in this thread:

It's the general newbie hang out spot until they get to know /rp/, /ooc/, and the site in general :)

File 139997662602.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x198 , slenderfamily.jpg )
454662 No. 454662 [View]

I am new here, and I already posted an RP I've been itching to do, so... somebody please reply?
>> No. 454716
File 140021844114.png - (149.89KB , 578x463 , 626793__safe_solo_trixie_cute_filly_plushie_artist-colon-aymint_diatrixes.png )
Salutations friend! Welcome to /ooc/!

File 140002609684.jpg - (12.94KB , 197x256 , clipart.jpg )
454688 No. 454688 [View]

Any threads welcoming human OC's or chemist pony OC's?
>> No. 454689
About Smoking Beaker, what's his shtick?
>> No. 454697
(Finally someone shows interest in my OC's!)
Smokey is an earth pony with an intellect equivalent to Twilight sparkles' when it comes to chemistry and alchemy, he used to be shyer than kuther polli (Indian dude from big bang theory) but made a potion to fix that problem. While it worked, it had two unforeseen side effects, he first became capable of reproducing any chemical known to pony/zebra/griffon/etc. kind in his body, and he began to produce chemicals that made ponies feel extremely amplified versions of what he is feeling. So he put himself in an airtight suit and gasmask to prevent himself from causing trouble in equestria

Last edited at Tue, May 13th, 2014 22:00

File 137844811395.jpg - (24.96KB , 235x272 , ancient_apparition_vert.jpg )
442591 No. 442591 [View]

During my time on /rp/, I used to think that being a good roleplayer means knowing how to write a story, a good character, making no mary-sues or alicorns, etc. But that's only a small, somewhat insignificant part. I've come to realize that the strength of an RP largely depends on the relationships between the players.

- People who are closer OOC are more likely to make better plot lines, agree more, get things done faster, and are more willing to make compromises.
- People who hate each other OOC will usually do things to detriment the other, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes not.

I've learned that RPing should be something fun to do that everypony can agree on. Not necessarily the best characters/plot line is required (but seriously, no Superman), but it needs to be fun for everypony. I've come to realize that a good RP:

- Is fun for everypony.
- Welcomes new players and forgives wrongdoings of others.
- Makes a plot line that doesn't have to be the best, but appeals to the general population.
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>> No. 452119
>A bit.

I had to join a canon because I COULDN'T FIND ANY RP'S OTHERWISE!
>> No. 452121
File 139169676870.jpg - (1.07MB , 1869x1673 , 1382235189537.jpg )
I always make open roleplays for people.
>> No. 454352
File 139865191393.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , ella.png )
Dude, you guys, let's make some threads! I get bored a lot, and I can't commit the time to a canon that want people to join and continuously rp, but I haven't gotten to just chillax in an open thread in so long! Let's make some!

File 139138082508.png - (1.68MB , 1125x847 , cc51bf250a88664000b86681a235834d[1].png )
452008 No. 452008 [View]

Is this a canon or something?
Strictly speaking, no. Canons, as a rule, exist to provide a consistent storyline. As a result, everything someone's character does in the same canon - in fact, everything your characters do - becomes a part of that canon's history as time cheerfully marches on.

This is more of a setting. Think of it as a multiverse kind of thing - some stuff happened there, characters met or didn't meet, and so on... there is a history, not every thread exists in a vacuum, but previous events {again, yours or other people's} only happened if you want them to have an effect on what's going on right now. It could be explained by alternate timelines, dimensions, unreliable narrators, but basically, consistency simply doesn't matter that much.

So, what's the whole idea?
It's simple enough - creatures {i.e. characters} from other dimensions have suddenly started dropping in from other worlds, or just surfaced from hiding. It could be EqG universe, someplace that has a Conversion bureau, time travel, dimension travel, science, magic - if you can think it, it's good enough, realism be damned. That doesn't mean that actual Equestrian characters are off-limits, though, anyone can play as anything they want, be it canon or not. And if another canon character shows up from an identical universe, well, that just makes things more interesting, doesn't it?

Any rules or whatnot?
A few, since this should ideally be as loose as possible.
5 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 452371
File 139244260657.jpg - (150.61KB , 1024x910 , amy_rose_from_sonic_boom_by_supersonic210-d762pc3.jpg )
I'll bite, I'm curious as to how this might work. So lets see what transpires, mayhaps?
>> No. 454247
File 139828828592.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , ella cute wink.png )
This thing still alive? I'm bored XD

Also, if we join do we have to stay? Can we hop in and out, kind of like the doughnut bar or AOS?
>> No. 454268
Technically, it never really started. I keep thinking to make an intro thread, but it's never good enough.

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I'd also really like to start off on a good note, yanno?

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