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File 136953165127.jpg - (395.46KB , 1600x1200 , 130525-023600.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon #Adventure #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Crazy #Sign-up

Poor Cheerilee.

Welcome to Orion, where getting hit on by a time-traveler is the norm, and closing interdimensional rifts is your job. Who will you be, I wonder? Will you be another warrior added to the growing ranks of the defenders of the planet? Could you be a scientist coming to study on some of the most advanced facilities that are known to exist? Are you, yourself, someone sucked up by a rift - knowing or unknowingly - and left to be handled by the Orion Team? Maybe you're more than one! Maybe you're all three! Or maybe, even, you're none of these, choosing something completely different?

Also, we've got ponies and stuff.

New extra updated google doc with 20% more tl;dr! []

Musics! []

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File 139113089417.png - (228.05KB , 1000x1138 , 132621557498.png )
In your character sheet, you must answer three questions.

What is your character, appearance wise?
Simply put, what does your character look like?

What makes your character unique?
This one's the tricky one, and usually boils down to their personality and their abilities. History does not have to be elaborated on here, but it can be useful to help explain.

Why is your character on Orion?
Simple enough.
>> No. 451881
Ah, okay. Thank you for explaining that, I'll go back to lurking.
>> No. 451884
File 139113502939.jpg - (329.09KB , 1380x1080 , 1382459121513.jpg )
New OOC thread.

File 138949900887.png - (88.41KB , 320x320 , Badass Spike.png )
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All was well. Everything was going just fine, before the contagion started spreading.
A virus, carried by all, killing off all of ponykind. Zebras, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Alicorns alike were affected, leading to the fall of The Princesses, the extinction of all races of ponies, and the rise of the other species of this world, previously having played second fiddle to the Equestrian rulers of the continent. Primarily, two forces rose: The Griffon Imperium, and the Draconic Federation, the titans of their time.
Feuds between the two had gone on for generations, mostly over what were called 'Magic Stones', crystals that could be used as a substitute for unicorn magic. Almost all devices now run off magic stones, making them in extremely high demand. The ever shifting frontier is where most magic stones are mined, and found, however the Draconic Federation has The Deepcore, a mining operation underneath the capital of the Federation, Daconia, which seems to have a nigh limitless supply of the crystals. The frontier is a brutal place, one where a man being shot in the back of the head for his money or stones is a common occurance, and many towns end up paying a tithe to the bandits of the area.
A war between the Federation and the Imperium was inevitable, and many were impressed the two had lasted this long without one. Now, with tensions riding high, and threats being made, is the time when all race's metal is tested, where the frontiers are nearing a warzone even before war has been declared. The world is changing. And it's going to do it with a bang.

Hello, and welcome to an idea I came up with a year ago. If that wall of text interested anybody, well, fear not, it's quite easy to join. Just tell me about your character, most importantly their backstory and personality. If you have any questions, please ask me.
There is no combat system at the moment, nor really any game system. I prefer to keep the story and the game not tethered down by mechanics, though if anyone can give me a good system to work by that isn't [j]entirely[/i] random, please speak up and I will consider it.
Ponies are banned, as they are extinct.
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>> No. 451488
Thread is up.
>> No. 451610
File 139070454084.gif - (837.67KB , 300x168 , The Dark Knight Parties.gif )
Sorry, forgot to tell you that I was doing things this weekend. My bad :/

I'll get right into the thread
>> No. 451626
It's fine. Take your time.

File 139067559652.png - (2.55MB , 800x4950 , dan_vs_original_characters_by_mixermike622-d4j2jzy.png )
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File 135164843048.png - (182.31KB , 800x600 , 124563__UNOPT__safe_parody_gilda_daring-do_artist-tim-kangaroo.png )
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Baron von Buckingworth sought treasure at any cost. He paid many, many Bits into the pursuit of this one goal, but eventually paid the ultimate cost at the hands of the Griffon Empire.

Hello and welcome to Treasure Hunting Unlimited! This a spin-off of Treasure Hunting, a relatively small roleplay with a lot of promise, but it needed a bit more love. That being said, the premise was originally originally built and planned by a pretty cool guy named Panzermole.

This RP going to be taking the plot he's already laid out in a slightly different direction, focusing more on Character & World Building over Story. The story itself will be changed and tailored to the players Which is how the first one should have been, in my opinion. No questions yet, please. WE'RE MOVING ON! This w't ill focus heavily on character, plot, and world building. If ya don't have a taste for that, then that's fine - just don't participate. Angst is excellent, and PvP is allowed, within reason. Don't kill another character unless they've agreed to it. Which brings me to my next point: Godmodding. Don't know what that is? Check out the TVTropes page through this elegant and finely-crafted link! ... Don't do this. Just don't.

Frequently Asked Questions
There was no copyright on it. By extension, I claim no copyright on this. That's both the magic and the curse of the Fandom. Nothing we do (That is, in relation to MLP) is really ours, as the My Little Pony Franchise is owned by and copyrighted by Hasbro. Your argument is oatmeal. Eeeyup.

Does this take place in the same canon as Treasure Hunting?
Kind of. What happens here does not affect anything that happens there and vi
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>> No. 450419
File 138801634330.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
This actually looks neat, but I don't think any of my characters could work as treasure hunters... I'd have to make another or...
Are there spots open to work with the DM as NPCs? Henchmen, obstacles, or something like that?
>> No. 450446
I have a subtle feeling that the other people in this rp are not currently present
>> No. 450968
This cannon was declared dead like, a year and a half ago, guys. It is dead.

File 136279681664.png - (31.79KB , 830x650 , Razor3.png )
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#DiscussionOnly #Character #Help You Brother Out

I'm making here a thread for you all to comment on each other's OC. Comment on mine, or just post your OC here so others can comment on yours.

In other words, this thread is for all of us to help each other out on our OCs. I'll start.

Name: Razor
Age: 18
Race: Pegasus Pony

Born to parents who were weather factory workers, they wanted Razor to do what he desired most in life, but he didn't exactly set many future goals because he was too lazy to do so. After going to weather school, he decided to take up the job of creating tornadoes (not by himself, obviously) to bring water from respective lakes and such to cloud-generating factories, and that's how he got his cutie mark. He enjoys his job because he can fly, and because of flying so much, he conditioned himself to become an above-average flier, although he falls short of Wonderbolt material (something he doesn't really dream of doing anyways).
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>> No. 450779
File 138932171654.png - (49.28KB , 830x650 , unamedocncrmp.png )
need a name and a cutiemark
>implying fallout equestria!
>> No. 450966
File 138949247782.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad_png.png )
Name: Ella B. Banella
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

[I copy pasted this from another ooc cause I'm too lazy to re-write it]

Ella was born to a travelling gypsy mare and a strong willed sailor. Because both her parents had such a love of travelling, and neither were willing nore able to settle down together just yet, Ella spent much of her days either travelling with her mother out on the open road, or sailing the mighty sea's with her father when the weather was calm and promising.

At the young age of four, Ella contracted an illness, or rather a parasite, that caused her to become very ill and feverish. She was travelling with her mother at the time, who had stopped at a little pond to take Ella for a swim and cool them both off. Unfortunately while swimming, Ella managed to accidentally swallow some of the water, and with it the parasite. They were days away from any village or town, and though her mother rushed her as fast as she could, by the time she was able to get little Ella to a doctor it was too late. The parasite had caused permanent damage to Ella's eyes, leaving her blind for life.
>> No. 450967
You need an artist to work on him, or maybe something more detailed in gimp, but I personally like his color scheme.

File 138483965345.png - (119.82KB , 502x700 , Derpalis.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

Welcome to Brand New Day
Where all characters are welcome and where the officers cry themselves to sleep every night with a box of gummi bears under their pillows.

Current Officers:
Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY
Inferno(Wielder of the Box)!W/KiGzyLwk
Wheatleigh !WheaTqW9dU
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>> No. 450958
File 138946583586.png - (455.46KB , 588x900 , 29766__.png )
Anyone game for Celestia Quest later tonight?

Spooky catacombs! Scary Monsters! Nasty Ghoulies!
>> No. 450960
File 138947049093.png - (291.80KB , 868x920 , Paladin in armor.png )
>> No. 450961

File 136010141701.jpg - (245.15KB , 588x761 , Ponies in Space! Issue 19 Shadows fall.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Ponies in Space! #Contained #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Science Fiction #Pseudo Long-post

Are you sick of your drab, ordinary, pathetic shell of a life? Do you yearn for glory and merchandised goods with your name on them?
Do you tire of a life of relative safety, and are generally apathetic to how your death might affect friends or loved ones?
Do you wish to do battle with soul-rending demons, robot pirates, and eye-eating parasitic organisms?

If you answered yes to any or none of these questions, then this job is for you! Enroll in the Equestrian Space Program today! Fight evil! Work with real heroes! Make the Princesses Proud!
Apply today; spaces are limited, but space is not!

Greetings all. I present to you a science-fiction canon of over-the-top, epic proportions - no hyperbole exercised. You will not find a canon on the board with as much scope as this, I assure you! Ponies in Space! is a space-opera with heavy focus on character development and their subsequent interactions with their fellow friends, teammates comrades - and occasionally their foes. Coupled with this, is a plan for steady and consistent progress along a grander storyline of my design, with no outcome set in stone. If space exploration, science-fiction, diverse and varied settings and locations are themes that interest you, I insist that you continue reading. It doesn't hurt that you'll also be playing with some of the coolest cats on the board - what's not to like?

While the overall setting for the canon is quite grand, the premise is simple. Equestria has just recently been introduced to a much larger galactic community - and regretfully, has b
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>> No. 450454
File 138820412153.png - (258.85KB , 562x341 , have you ever been swept off your feet by a sandwich.png )

At the moment, I'm afraid not. Ponies in Space is in hiatus for now, but I appreciate your inquiry.
>> No. 450552

link storage
>> No. 450678
File 138899156736.jpg - (79.63KB , 393x393 , 615-dayum-shame.jpg )

File 138741137606.jpg - (427.41KB , 1920x1080 , Twilight-Art-1920x1080.jpg )
450155 No. 450155 [View]
#Poster-limit #Canon: Angelic Days #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Crazy

In a land that was once peaceful and somber. A kingdom was born on the region known as Terminus. They had a strong monarchy ruled by a strong queen,but one day due to a necromancer seeking power the world was casted into perpetual twilight. The sun and moon now hang in the sky day,and night now intertwined like twisted fates. The world now covered in a dense fog,and the water which was once a brilliant blue. Now runs a scarlet purple. Monster the undead,and ghoulish fiends,and ghats have taken the land. The Gods,and Queen are no where to be found,and the capital Ashlock has been under heavy attack,and now the only way for anyone to get safe water is by using a magic distillery to cleans the contaminated water.

How will you survive,and what will be your tale in this forsaken lands.


Welcome to Ashlock the capital of Terminus. A steampunk like town with modern marvels,and magic.

Combat,and Systems

Core Stat System
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>> No. 450223
Might write a sheet later, am,not home atm.
>> No. 450224
I'm in. Need to think up a character. Also, what's so contaminated about the water?
>> No. 450235
If you drink it. It corrupts you,and starts making you go mad ,and it gives you alienist characteristics that might not make you acceptable in most towns.

File 136959124888.jpg - (641.18KB , 1273x763 , floating-island.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Sky of Chains #Adventure #Violence #Non-pony #D&D #Hybrid Roleplay

Take to the skies! A world of floating islands connected to some unknown entity within the Great Mist below. Winged humanoids used to dominate the islands, but are disconnected from the Abhorrent Magics that the humankinds wield. Dominate the Guild of Man by taking up impossible missions, explore the Far Isles, and fight against the myriad of demi-human barbarians, possibly even the infamous Ral-Du Khan...

If you're interested in a unique D&D experience, in a world of adventure and high magic, feel free to apply!

Hello, and welcome to the Sky of Chains sign-up and OOC! This is a hybrid 3.5 game, meaning it will be played post-by-post and traditionally, when possible. How will this be handled? I'm not sure! Depends on what the players want, but I'll likely have certain key events play out traditionally, and the more free form quests play by post. Here are the alterations regarding play by post:

1. No initiative. Restricting players to rigid turn based play under these conditions is the biggest time killer. In its place, a simple system of give and take between the opposing forces. All players attack, then all enemies attack. To make sure initiative isn't completely left out, players and enemies first attacks get a bonus to attack and damage based on initiative.

2. A buff to monster damage and nerf to their health. This will make battles quicker and more decisive. It will be on a per level basis, so level one monsters will be mostly unchanged, while the base stats of level ten monsters are changed quite a bit. It will also change depending on how many people are in the party.

3. A buff to healing, to compensate for the increased damage of creatures. Again, this will be changed on a per level basis.
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>> No. 449399
i certainly hope not
>> No. 449475
File 138620966319.png - (915.96KB , 1366x768 , Confused and worried.png )
Sev, please respond D:
>> No. 449495
I'm still around.

File 138583871272.jpg - (49.79KB , 600x375 , image.jpg )
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#Open #Non-canon #Adventure #Violence #Shipping #Ponies #Semi-serious #DiscussionOnly

Hello people who wants to rp?
If you want to lets plan here!
>> No. 449299
File 138596233491.jpg - (758.37KB , 2880x2160 , The act like they don't know.jpg )
This is already the greatest rp ever!

File 138565571777.png - (0.96MB , 749x1225 , FrekaEdt-1.png )
448836 No. 448836 [View]
#Non-canon #Chill #General #Character

Despite this, I am aware I am at least where I want to be. Much like knowing precisely where an impregnable cache containing gold bars and a baby signed by Willem Defoe is, but not having the knowledge of how to open the three dimensional, miniature, hockeyball tennisrugby lock that must be attempted by tongue alone.

In that way, correct thread or otherwise, here is an uncolored picture of my OC, Freka. It is also the only picture of my OC. I suppose I'm putting his current state up to the critique of the Brony community for the first time, so have at it.

A couple notes. He's a vagrant, the likes of which took the social habits from cites, towns and villages that he finds the most fun. Stigmata are to him as the plausibility of a hurricane is to the Sahara desert. Yeah, tbey probably exist, but I'm not going to worry about it just yet.

Deux. The cutie mark is wrong. It's supposed to be a microphone imposed over a scene of the Equestrian equivalent of pangaea. He is an impressionist and impersonator, if it isn't clear.

A vagabond voice actor, really. Who really really forgets that boundaries are a thing, especially if interest rubs it's tender nuptules over his innocent, wondering brain.

Here's hoping I can even find this post again.
>> No. 448942
File 138569909574.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Heh, welcome to /rp/, or rather, the OOC for /rp/! Here, you'll find a sort of mock of of classic 'career day', from back in high school (With less gymnasium and people asking you to sell insurance as a summer job).

Here you'll find most of the canon's on the chan, and what they offer to you, the RPer. Most are sign up based, with a simple application needed to apply. Most will gladly help you with those, and many canons are very accepting of new players.

I'll happily answer any questions you have, and help you out in any way I can. Hope to see you around!

File 137720824118.jpg - (55.25KB , 768x1024 , 250487__safe_apple%252Bbloom_broom_soul%252Beater_possessed_medusa_artist-colon-naur.jpg )
440044 No. 440044 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]

Howdy y'all an' welcome t' the Oblivious Mansion, ma'h name is Apple Bloom, an' fer all of yew t'hat don't me'h ah'm the resident Grim Reaper of this fine establishment.

Sorry ah ain't too great on introductions... Well n'hot like ah use t' anyway...

Alrigh' well, l'het me'h introduce yew t' the officers of this joint!


Lt. Dashy likes t' wear Styrofoam armor an' pretend he's in Battlefield.
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>> No. 448455
no u did lol
>> No. 448525
File 138534630230.jpg - (27.60KB , 418x211 , giving the academy back their oscar .jpg )
3 guesses as to who's been creeping your OOC for the past 10 minutes.
>> No. 448641
Some fag

File 138472378988.jpg - (28.67KB , 480x373 , baby-binturong.jpg )
448245 No. 448245 [View]
In light of recent events, I have decided to begin a new canon for RP in a quasi modern setting. The rules will follow the D20 modern sourcebooks, recently made open source.
For the ease of play, the rule books are listed here:
and for faster start up, a convenient automated character generator is located here:

The action takes place largely in the village of Harrowvale, a valley across the mountains from Ponyville. The village is mostly peaceful, but that may change as more and more is known about the residents and others move in from other places.

Allowed Races:
Pegasus (Flight, Enhanced Movevement Speed)
Unicorn (Magic*)
Earth Pony (Toughness, Iron Will)
Crystal Pony (Resistance to cold, Charm 1/day as a spell-like ability)
Bat Pony (Flight, Low-light Vision)
>> No. 448254
File 138472612426.png - (1.10MB , 4768x4915 , nightwatch1.png )
Here is what a sample Character Sheet submission should look like.

Brisk Breeze
Human Female Fast Hero 1

Representing Mercury

>> No. 448261
If I zoom ALL the way out on my browser, I still can't read the whole sheet.
>> No. 448262
Don't worry, it will all be transferred to a wiki, so that it's more legable.

File 136488141371.png - (415.98KB , 819x335 , helllooo.png )
417136 No. 417136 [View]
Hey you!!Yes you!!! Have you ever wanted to wear tight spandex,or super robo armor. Ever wanted to protect Equestria like the great heros of our time like Daring Doo, Mare Dowell. Come on down and give us your bio,and we will see if you are good enough to join us on this amazing hero squad and our never ending quest for truth justice and Doritos.
1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 417138
File 136488176568.jpg - (249.78KB , 500x400 , tumblr_mj5gda0Jya1rs5sldo1_500.jpg )
Perhaps you should set the rules first... Maybe the canon type (Harmony, D:E)
You should list the dos and don't, maybe give a example or structure for the character sheet. No offense, but this OP doesn't have much.. Well.. Content.
>> No. 417189
This threads not going anywhere for a while, Pill Popper got perma banned in the day by day ooc
>> No. 448238
Pants on Fire Posted on It's a total lie. Names hurt so much more than sticks and snteos. I suppose I understand the idea of the line, but the line supposes I would have the self-esteem to deal with the names. I didn't then. Kids can be so cruel, usually because they do not know any better. But just because you don't mean to hurt someone doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.If I have kids one day, this is one saying they will not say (do they still teach this in school?).

File 137755723524.gif - (161.30KB , 256x192 , Thread opener.gif )
441043 No. 441043 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Canon: Pawns of Chaos #DiscussionOnly #Sign-up #All hail the glow cloud. #Residents of Night vale and their dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park.

Welcome newcomers, new listeners, new....meat. Welcome to Pawns of Chaos. We have some rules here and you should read them. But don't worry, you are being monitered, and your actions have been noted. Please be sure to speak and act with exaggeration for the surveillance techs have reported that they have gotten bored listening to your boring conversations.

1.Do not use Spoilers, They are just little black blocks that break the flow of a thread very violently.
2.We have a strange rolling system that works something like this. Say you are attacking an enemy, and roll a 4. This sadly means you missed and opened yourself up to attack. But if you had rolled say, a 16, then you would have hit and the DM of the Thread would determine the damage done. Now to discuss then critical success and critical failure. Critical success, or otherwise known as a 20. This would mean you did so great that something magical happens. You decapitate the enemy in one swing and your actions go down in history as folk lore and songs. You manage to fool the guard into thinking you are returning from a large party and forgot when your shift started. You managed to avoid detection by the palaces best guards and made it into the vault. These are all critical successes. Now the Critical Failures. You swung so hard, your sword flies out of your hands and stabs your friend in the shoulder. You some how failed to see the large beast charging at you and are surprised when it slashes at you. You are caught in the act of stealing and have everything taken from you. These are Critical failures or when you roll a 1.
3. We have a strange group of characters, so no matter how odd your character may seem, it will most likely fit in fine.
4. Our group uses races and groups from a multitude of different IP's. These can range from Warcraft to Warham
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>> No. 455754
File 140568364138.jpg - (397.56KB , 1057x493 , 1338604975027.jpg )

There used to be a place here, where all would mix in a chaotic world of magical candy horses and horrific abominations...Now that world is only a dusty memory. But when they rise from the dead and dance around the fires once more, I'll save you all a seat at the bar, and a shot of whatever gutrot they're serving.
>> No. 455767
File 140581744336.jpg - (108.99KB , 900x506 , image.jpg )

Looking back on it all, I can honestly say there wasn't any other way I would have rather spent my time than with you guys, though if there's anything I regret it's that we didn't get to end with a bang. But I suppose there's something poetic about going with the whimper.

I wish all of you the best, wherever you go, in whatever you do. Whether we meet again someday or not.

And just as a precaution, for anyone who might see this and wouldn't mind a chat. You can always reach me at one of the following
Email: [email protected]
Skype: darth_tater12
>> No. 456445
File 141094010398.gif - (2.44MB , 639x533 , 1402504665842.gif )
Ah hell I miss you guys. Zuri, Grin, Darth, Twi and Van. I miss the good times we had and the bad. I dunno if it's the booze talking, but I came back here looking for something and all I found is a hole that I wish wasn't there. Is like coming back to your childhood playground after 30 years and seeing it left there to rot, all ramshackle and shit and seeing the ghosts of all the friends you made and the games you played. Fuck. Went and brought myself to misty eyed.

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