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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 138285868661.jpg - (97.50KB , 684x474 , 1151600445892.jpg )
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Hi, so, I want to start RP'ing here. I read the OOC sticky and it answered basically all of my questions, but I just need to know one thing before creating a definitive OC, are there any real limitations? I would probably be creating my own canon, and I realize that as long as I am in someone else's canon my OC needs to abide by the rules of said canon, but if I'm creating my own canon, can I basically just do whatever I want for my OC? Ex. If I created my canon and I wanted my OC to be a programmer/coder, or to be born/live in a certain time-period despite it not actually being canon in the show, is it still allowed? I'm not totally sure if anything I just made sense to anyone but if it did, help would be appreciated :D
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File 138300017269.gif - (1.12MB , 500x276 , Dang whippersnappers.gif )
I dunno. I've very briefly had a character named Death Darkfall McShortposter. But perhaps we were all so foolish in our early days of RP...
>> No. 447420
The only limitations is the pg 13 setting of the site. You can get away with dancing the line, but sex scenes need to do a fade to black, and too much gore/blood/nasty pics and or descriptions will get you a warning to tone it down.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 28th, 2013 15:50

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As someone who has been on this cursed chan for two years, I cannot stress this enough. Your character should fit the setting, both from IC and OOC perspectives. Don't make an angsty, anti-social character in a canon meant for socialising and having fun. Same for the vice-versa.

File 137531892933.png - (167.88KB , 851x919 , Shade Valley.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Violence #Semi-serious #Crazy

Current Officer list as it stands:

Welcome to Brand New Day
All characters are welcome to join, we simply request you read the rules.

Current Officers:
Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY
Pill Popper!ytAquaRius
Inferno(Wielder of the Box
Twilight Sparkle!7I.puMagic
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>No he doesn't
>> No. 447935
File 138412585727.png - (2.94KB , 320x240 , vidyagaems.png )
So, as this place is dead and it has my mark on it, I might aswell take over the thread
>> No. 447938

New ooc

File 137417883987.png - (288.71KB , 1600x1200 , iceberg-wallpaper.png )
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#Limited #Canon: Lands of the North #Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Welcome mares and stallion, to the Lands of the North! A brand spankin new canon full of Mystery, Drama, ADVENTURE!, and of course the occasional wise crack!

So pull up a seat! Grab a stack of hay to munch on, and as always, don't forget your helmet! It's going to be a WILD RIDE!

It has been a hundred years since Celestia overthrew Discord and took the throne. Peace and love have spread throughout the lands of Equestria once more, but tolerance is still elusive. The three tribes: Earth, Pegasi, and Unicorn, have only just ended their long held onto disputes, and only in recent years have begun to explore their new lands.

Being so new to the throne, and having such a vast kingdom to govern, Celestia has decided to send individual groups of ponies out across the lands of Equestria to explore and gather knowledge of the lands and it's people.
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File 137948892149.png - (474.00KB , 738x1082 , the_boat_that_rocked_by_staticwave12-d4dfz5q.png )
>> No. 447301
File 138274626079.png - (34.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 01.png )
You've got me Interested. I have two characters that could be in this rp. One a Protagonist, the other Antagonist.
>> No. 447402
Sorry I'm so slow, I'll check this out in a bit, though I might have to say no. Technically i wanted a limited number of players, but one kind of quit/is very slow, so I might have a spot open.

If you didn't already, go ahead and skim through this ooc and check out some of my important posts, will explain a lot, and we like posters to long post as often as they can, but it is not a definite requirement for EVERY post

if you are still interested after that, go ahead and post a character sheet for both your characters, and if you can, try and add some detail to it so I can see how your writing is :)

don't worry, we're not crazy strict, we just don't short, undetailed posts like you see in doughnut bar and AOS. Not that they are bad, we just like to write in more detail

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File 138212631835.png - (381.11KB , 1000x1040 , 1343015942111.png )
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#Open #DiscussionOnly #Character #Can't stop the pain train #Only slow it down

So, considering how many settings Vausten and I have come up with just to fuck around in. We more like me because all Vausten does is eat cheetos and look at airplane porn thought it would be a good idea to list out all of the canons we made over the last 2 years or so, so we have a good list that people can pick from if they want to have a game in them/ so we don't forget what we're doing.

Next couple of posts will give information and how the games work.
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>> No. 447109
File 138247527057.jpg - (24.22KB , 560x400 , 1381730830008.jpg )
Do you display an interest for fightans?
>> No. 447124
File 138248449851.gif - (469.62KB , 544x525 , 162833__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_one-bad-apple_reading_gif.gif )
>> No. 447138
File 138251080311.png - (45.04KB , 160x160 , tumblr_lxji39OBhT1qd0gyko7_r1_250.png )
I'm currently in BLN, other than that, I'm in no other canons. I stop by AoS or Donut Bar to say hi though

File 137912189165.jpg - (117.20KB , 600x449 , winter-train-durango-silverton-colorado-carol-milisen.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Tales of the Unikon #Semi-serious #Sign-up #By the Way #We are out of Coffee

Oh hey! I almost forgot to make this thing!

Welcome to tales of the Unikon, gents and ladies. Here, we will be welcoming any newcomers to the canon, as well as discuss several ideas to throw into the story.

If you might be wondering, this canon takes place in the harsh lands of the Northwestern regions of Equestria's frontier. Glaciers, Forests, Rivers, Streams, Mountains, and Tundra. You're looking at Alaska, in all senses.

So, sit back, relax, and feel free to drop me a line, stop by for a chat if you wish, or hell, even join us if you want to.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 13th, 2013 18:28

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>> No. 445965
File 138076142601.png - (10.26KB , 219x212 , Neutral.png )
Sorry about the long pause, had a few things to do.
>> No. 445972
File 138076396153.jpg - (77.07KB , 579x513 , even the zombies look pretty.jpg )
Nothing to worry about
>> No. 446824
So, anyone still around for this?

File 138172974724.jpg - (1.76MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
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#Series #FiM-only #Long-post

Thank you for coming here to (hopefully) read through the rules! Everyone who's worked on creating this canon has agreed that we wanted to keep the rules as simple as possible. Thanks, again, for reading this and having an interest in the canon.

TECC Rules
The Emerald City Chronicles is a multiple thread style canon. Anyone can create a thread at any time and invite whomever they please. Please add the following to the top of any thread made...
Welcome to The Emerald City Chronicles canon! Everyone is welcome to create a thread, but please read the rules found at Thank you for your cooperation!

Please tag all new threads with, at least, the tags [#Canon: TECC] and [#FiM Only]

Please do not make or participate in a thread without an approved character sheet. Character sheets can be submitted to the canon's thread on /ooc/ or directly to [email protected] as well as right here to the website.

File 138034690386.jpg - (85.67KB , 631x344 , Why.jpg )
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#Open #Adventure #Ponies

I'd just like to set up a simple RP to get in touch with the community and get going on this RPing stuff.finally. I thought perhaps we may get this started with a simple 'adventure' So the only plot I'd like to have set up here is a journey to Ponyville, starting along the paths to Canterlot. This is perhaps a 3 day foot walked journey, and then we'd be parting ways. Simply get out there and meet others.

Feel free to post any characters here. I'll be making an RP thread in a moment to link you to~ Submit a character below, we can simply get rolling immediately, no questions really asked. I'd just like to know about the character for reference.

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>> No. 446130
File 138094696370.png - (117.67KB , 360x360 , Bump.png )

Sorry for the lack of response. Been a busy couple of days. For how I'm feeling right now, see pic.
>> No. 446179
File 138101246467.png - (354.24KB , 640x369 , 004.png )
No issue to be had, I had to leave for a while too. Let's continue now.
>> No. 446697
File 138182313194.png - (97.32KB , 347x658 , BUMP.png )
Still looking for more, if you'd like to join. Come on in whenever you like! ^_^

File 138147462700.jpg - (10.55KB , 275x183 , download (2).jpg )
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#Open #Closed #Fresh start #Series-cross #Adventure #Crossover

>This is the ooc for signing up to work at the Taco Bell rp.
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>> No. 446437
File 138147625220.png - (354.58KB , 894x894 , Anna, I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL.png )
>> No. 446456
Hey guys
>> No. 446497
Come work at Arby's.

We're way better than Taco Bell

File 138121026041.png - (1.22MB , 1280x720 , War of the Worlds.png )
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#Open #Canon: War of the Worlds #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #ULLAH #ULLAH

No one would have believed... that we were being watched by beings with intelligence far greater than our own...

Welcome, one and all, to the official sign up of this incarnation of H G Wells' classic Science Fiction horror, The War of the Worlds. I am your host, the British Army, and I will be playing the dreaded Martians come to conquer and destroy all equine kind...

I see it only fitting to make a roleplay of this, as this year marks the 75th Anniversary of Orson Welles' broadcast that scared the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. However, the ponies in this story will not have the luxury of it being a radio broadcast... The invaders are all too real... and all too devastating... How long can Pony Kind hold out against these invaders?

So, without much further ado, pull up a chair, sign up, and be prepared to be scared silly.
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>> No. 446411
File 138146637909.jpg - (88.41KB , 475x700 , PhotoFunia-3a1d6dd.jpg )
So, sill up for unikon or is that looking like it's gonna go no where?

Also I was about to come in here to tell you how this idea was shit, but i saw who made the thread, and decided to come here to call it shit.


>not being asspully enough to actually defeat the tripods
>> No. 446419
In all senses of it, we went to the broadcast idea and they'll be fighting water towers and windmills
>> No. 446455
sure, go for it.

File 135562692338.png - (14.94KB , 180x101 , 180px-Equestriaflag_S2E11.png )
398787 No. 398787 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello everyone! I have an idea for a canon I'd like to start. Here's the premise: The three pony tribes unite in order to settle in a new land. However, it turns out there are several other tribes fighting over nearby lands. Not only that, but monsters of old run free, unchecked, not yet banished to Tartarus. It is up to you courageous pioneers to explore this new land and brave its perils in order to secure a future for Equestria!

This will take place a year or so (or maybe more) after the events depicted in Hearth's Warming Eve.

This canon will not preserve the innocence of the show. There will be battling. There will be death. However, some motifs of the show will carry through.

I'm thinking things are going to go like this. You guys will be pioneers (adventurers) tasked with various jobs (quests) from the different leaders that make up the oligarchy that currently rules Equestria. Well, it's more of a tribe ring. Yes, that means you'll be interacting with the characters in the Hearth's Warming Eve play (though they may not all be there, and they wont be exactly like how the mane 6 personified them). Note that not all characters have to be a warrior, as long as they have other skills (Scouting, Utility spells, Negotiator, etc.)

If anyone's played King of Dragon Pass (it's an oldie but a goodie) then you'll see similarities in how the tribe is set up, if that helps.

I'll be working on a doc to outline exactly how I'm going to run this thing.
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>> No. 446264
It looks okay to me.
>> No. 446272
File 138117957689.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Looks ok to me as well

>These were my posts, moved to google chrome and had to go find my trip again
>> No. 446332

Here's the thread. Let's see if we get any takers.

File 138120394774.jpg - (240.91KB , 960x797 , image.jpg )
446304 No. 446304 [View]
#Non-canon #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #DiscussionOnly #Sign-up #Character

People who would like to make a roleplaying thing post here and we will think of something...for now though cake for everybody
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>> No. 446314
What's he do with the golems?
>> No. 446315
1. Kill everybody
2. Inslave everybody
>> No. 446316
That doesn't sound very screwy, though.

File 138071741277.png - (348.78KB , 600x595 , A long night.png )
445926 No. 445926 [View]
#Ask/invite #Canon: A long night #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Pre-registration #thoughts questions and concerns

There are a great many things that go bump in the night, just not many ponies open their eyes to see what is actually right in front of their face. However not all of these creatures want to be the monster they are supposed to be.
A lone vampire that was born a vampire, and cursed to never die seeks mortality at any cost. However there is one problem, under certain circumstances, he transforms into something more like his ancestors... a savage beast with a thirst for death.
Is this a quest best taken together? Or with the threat of letting the monster over his head, would it be a trip better taken alone?

Okay so basicly this thread is an application thread, and if you get approved, which I am pretty leanient about, then you may join. Now, it is both ponies, and monster ponies, so don't be afraid to whip something in. I would be more then happy even if it meant a second quest going on in the thread. Anyways, any thoughts? Questions? concerns? If you REALLY want to, you can throw in an application now :l It would be fine with me.
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>> No. 446081
File 138091402080.png - (48.87KB , 900x967 , malebatpone3.png )
Very nice, approved. Do you plan on going it alone, or joining the group?
>> No. 446083
File 138091429123.png - (22.58KB , 417x181 , Reaction Negative.png )
In all honesty, I don't quite know. I suppose that matters as to whether or not that Litos trusts who he meets or not.

Feel like directly stating I want my own adventure would not only be a bit selfish and reclusive, but also kinda split your attention too much.
>> No. 446176
File 138100867045.png - (294.17KB , 2203x2116 , batpone10.png )
Tomorrow will be your last chance to join in on chapter 1, so if you want to join in it is now or wait till chapter 2!

File 138093644624.png - (45.53KB , 221x228 , ShimmeringIsHappy=D.png )
446121 No. 446121 [View]
#Open #Non-canon #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Character

New RP idea; zombie apocalypse :D
>> No. 446122
btw, thats my oc, Shimmering Rivers, I'll be her :3. info:
Name: Shimmering Rivers
Age: 14
Bio: She is a silly, fun loving mare who hates fashion, listens to punk rock, and has a crush on RD. She's strong, and can protect your oc from the apocalypse.
>> No. 446166
File 138099402513.png - (25.46KB , 300x301 , Great costume!.png )
Sorry bro, been done. I'm not quite sure if you're new here, but here's the sign-up thread for "The Trotting Dead", and I hope you enjoy your time here on /rp/!

File 137894553305.png - (791.26KB , 742x800 , VinylCracked.png )
443223 No. 443223 [View]
#Closed #Canon #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #General #Normal #Sign-up #Vinyl #Going down the Rabbit hole

SO. You think you've got what it takes to go inside Vinyl Scratch's Head.
Well. We shall see.
There are a total of 4 Slots open for this Arc.
If you'd like to join, Then please leave an application here.
(Friends of Vinyl will be given priority over Randoms!!!)
Vinyl Scratch, an Eccentric DJ, former Vampire, Lover, and Batshit Crazy(possibly, okay, more than likely) has Descended into a coma, and A small group has been formed to make an attempt to dive into her psyche, and retrieve her.
8 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 444297
what kind of accent? #nottheop
>> No. 444465
File 137965117879.jpg - (15.95KB , 155x250 , 991__safe_sweetie-belle_pixiv_bipedal_nightmare-night_vampire_belly-button_artist-conoghi_jpg.jpg )
Name:Sweetie Belle
History: Once a cursed filly after fooling around with dark magic for her cutie mark, and now a un-living creature of the night thanks to the help of Vinyl Scratch.
Combat rank: D

Last edited at Thu, Sep 19th, 2013 21:29

>> No. 445915
File 138067878460.jpg - (348.25KB , 2448x1818 , Best Motivational Speech lol.jpg )
Name: Seras Wisp
History: A lunar guard who's been on several missions with the residents of the mansion. She moved into the mansion a few months ago after visiting on and off for nearly a full year.
Relationship: She takes care of Sweetie Belle and helps her as best she can. Currently trying to help her since becoming a vampire by Vinyl.
Combat Rank: A Rank seeing as she's fought a fire elemental, a demon who collects souls, enough ghouls to drive you on edge, a zombified Discord from a different dimension, a demigod who specializes in tactics, and a god who sought to reset time to a certain point. All of this was done while she stayed in the Oblivious Mansion. Along with that, she had a little bit of experience with fighting changelings and defending Equestria against other creatures that seek to harm the civilians there before ever arriving at said mansion.

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