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File 137989489527.png - (103.45KB , 299x168 , jg1.png )
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Hey friends! So, I've been thinking, and playing MK 9 for Xbox. I thought to myself, we should make a Mortal Kombat roleplay. So, here's the deal...
>Every 50 years, there is a tournament. The Elder gods made this thing. No some douche who's name is Shao Kahn rules another plane called Outworld. This guy wants to take over our world (Earth Realm). But hey, you wanna help him, go right ahead. The only way he can do that is by winning Mortal Kombat 10 times in a row. Well, here's the deal. His goons have won it nine times! So the good guy, Raiden, is tryin' to get people to defend Earthrealm. While Shao Kahn is tryin' to find fightrs to conquer it! Only you (and you and you and) can help either side, and control the fate of Earthrealm!

If you would like to join! Read le rules
1: Don't be op, if you submit a character sheet.
2: Sheets must have general oc info. you don't need to make it the best sheet in the world!
3: You can also play as any character in Mortal Kombat. [Besides Shao Kahn]
4: Kombat will be rolled for with 1d20's. Fighter health will probably vary.
5:This is Mortal Kombat, so its gonna get gruesome, but lets not make it so we get banned kay?

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 17:08

>> No. 445007
File 137997859824.jpg - (28.68KB , 667x500 , 1297016173411.jpg )
Poggy Hull is the greatest warrior of her homeland in Texas. She has mastered the arts of boggle and speaking spanish. She is a bit self centered and has the ability to call on bobby and hank to aid her.
>> No. 445257
File 138013387423.png - (106.57KB , 469x315 , waifu.png )
Hi, I'm Steve Blum. You might know me from my roles as Steve Blum, and Steve Blum.

I'm here to just list off my character, Steve Blum. He is a master in the combat art of Steve Blumming and is an experienced warrior in using the same voice for every role he's cast in due to people hiring him to waste his talent making that one voice which is just basically his normal voice but with varying amounts of gravel.
>> No. 445269
File 138014575153.jpg - (105.52KB , 1600x1200 , oldboy_1600x1200.jpg )
The gameboy color is a master of the disappearing-rows-of-squares fighting style. He also enjoys having cartridges forcefully shoved through the top of his head.

File 137799332017.jpg - (148.18KB , 1024x697 , 130477.jpg )
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#Open #Ask/invite #Poster-limit #Canon: LdG #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Serious #Sign-up

It is the Year of Our Lady 1756 and trouble brews at the borders of Prance and the Principalities of the Eastern Marches. With vast hosts trotting down pastures and fields, forests ablaze, creeks and lakes poisoned by scores of corpses, the last great winter drove the wolf population to madness. Accustomed to the blood and flesh of the ponykind they grew bolder and bolder, creeping into villages and towns after nightfall and stealing away all that dared to be outside.

The spring came, and with it – relief. The beasts switched to forest game. But spring soon turned to summer, summer to autumn... and winter will be here soon. Rumours say that the beasts gather in the forests near the small town of Gevaudan, and that they are led by a giant wolf with iron skin and fiery eyes, and that due to all the battles fought in the recent years they grew accustomed to gunfire and cannot be scared away.
And this is where you come in, for reasons of your own, lured in by the promise of gold and titles or by the orders of your superiors...


Background knowledge:
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>> No. 443933
File 137929712167.png - (23.05KB , 314x374 , SquareFull.png )
I'd like to post today since we're supposed to be able to put a post up every day, but the most I could add is: 'Metal Dust was relieved that the pony who slugged him in the face was gone'.
>> No. 444120
It's OK, I'm going to wait for the remaining 3 players to reach the "end of day 0" stage now. If Carwyn doesn't show up soon I'll have her character wrapped up as "had a beer, went home & slept" though.

So basically once Onjage & Tropfen finish their thing Day 1 starts and hopefully we'll have something interesting then.
>> No. 444732
File 137980736854.jpg - (19.52KB , 326x219 , 52352362362.jpg )
Terribly sorry guys, I'm on the job market at the moment and its a bit harder than I thought, so it turns out I can't manage this rp as well as I'd hope to, so we're on a little official break.

This should start up again around Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Again, really sorry. Sorta just got overwhelmed by things IRL.

Thread will restart with DAY ONE & everyone waking up in all the weird places they went to sleep.

File 137939892508.png - (779.12KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_performing_Sonic_Rainboom_S01E16.png )
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My fanon/headcanon on these pony types and their magical powers. I feel that this thread could be relevant for anyone deciding to make future OCs:

1. Earth
Earthponies are the peasants, as we know. They usually have the strongest build, normally due to how they usually work. A pony who farms will be much stronger than one who parties. Earth ponies, being one with the earth, can channel the powers of the earth and manipulate them. All three bending types are required to be near pure earth (plantbending needs plants).

- Earthbending: manipulating the fundamentals of the earth: rock, stone, metal.
- Plantbending: manipulating plants, trees, wood, roots, etc.
- Pulsebending: manipulating the reverberations of the earth's magnetic waves, causing force, shockwaves, etc.

2. Pegasus
Obviously they can fly. They have been shown to manipulate whether, but can also use it for combat. In order to bend these following, they need to be in open spaces (for waterbending, be near water) Three types:

File 137328823583.jpg - (200.16KB , 1131x707 , fantmou.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: AoaL #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #General #Power Limit #Long-post #Sign-up #First Thread is aimed to be up in the week

An evil is spreading across the land outside the borders of Equestria. With Equestria oblivious to an oncoming threat, it's up to a choice band of heroes.
Although they do not know they are to be the saviors of Equestria just yet...
Join the party, and become a hero today!

Welcome to the official signup and OOC thread for AoaL.
Come in and feel free to ask questions if you're curious. If you want to sign up, character sheets must contain the following: Name, Age, Species, Combat Level/Specialty and if you feel the need to add something else, please do!
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>> No. 443215
OK, it has been many weekends now.
>> No. 443231
File 137896401280.png - (97.27KB , 745x677 , 1346881020613.png )
Yeah, I was thinking this weekend. Most probably Saturday. I'll see if I can contact everyone and arrange it.
>> No. 443332
OK. That in two days for you?

File 137592143368.png - (2.26MB , 1400x923 , CANON_Equestria_map.png )
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#Limited #Fresh start #Adventure #FiM-only #Power Limit #Semi-serious #Sign-up

With the rapid advancement of technology following the discovery and developement of so-called techmagic, Equestria profited into a golden age.

The rampant advancement of mechanics and electronics made the world smaller and more close-knit. Gryphons and ponies became closer and ever, and even Diamond Dogs - reclutantly - added themselves to the global society.

Great accomplishments were made. Radio. Television. Internet. Quick transport. And soon, ponies and nonponies learned how into space.

Plans for the first permanent, interracial space station, the Orbital, were set into motion. For it to prosper, a mechanism of long-term suspension of life had to be created. The Hibernatus Program, developing cutting edge high-techmagic cryo-sleep chambers, was put into motion.

Tests subjects were needed.

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>> No. 443190
It's kay beans
>> No. 443206
File 137887090858.jpg - (43.24KB , 720x301 , samwise.jpg )
One more thread, and it'll be the farthest away from home, I've ever bean.
>> No. 443218
File 137893360193.png - (173.70KB , 640x640 , i found more hoofbeat! guise.png )
Annnnnnnnnnd here we go!

File 137859659321.jpg - (1.45MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
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#Ask/invite #Non-canon #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Shipping #FiM-only #Ponies #Power Limit #Serious #Crazy #Character

Do what ever you want. Set in during the rule of discord. Basically you are in a resistance against Discord which includes Celestia and Luna. (We will need a Luna)
>> No. 443098
File 137875062045.jpg - (54.43KB , 565x553 , whut.jpg )



File 137800799047.jpg - (240.91KB , 891x1016 , nevercouldstand.jpg )
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#Limited #Planned #Canon: Heart Attack and Vine #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Shipping #Ponies #General #Serious #Sign-up #Character

OOC Thread for the 9th and Hennepin Roleplay Canon

Roleplay thread:

Manehatten was a bustling conglomerate of bedlam,squalor, depravity, success, and envy.
Hidden within the lesser portion of it, ugly and sinnful like a cancerous limb, the downtown area lay. The true face of Manehatten lived here, away from the tourist attractions and the glamour of the financial district. Here we’d find the true residents of the city.

Zoatrope Apartments, The Nighthawk Diner, and Ruby’s Arms

The Nighthawk Diner is a sorry excuse for an eating establishment. The food was cold, the Coffee was so weak it couldn’t stand to defend itself, and the waitress was more blunt than the utensils.
>> No. 441906
Hi. I'm one of the OPs.
>> No. 441920
As of right now, until we have a small set of consistent regular players, we will remain an open canon until further notice!

Note that while you are free to join at any time, actual plot events and interaction cannot happen unless an OP is around.
>> No. 442043
Then you must be one of these homosexuals I've heard so much about.

File 137791716960.png - (106.38KB , 1450x942 , princess_luna___the_fun_has_been_doubled__vector_by_cubonator-d4y66om.png )
441761 No. 441761 [View]
#Open #Adventure #Lighthearted #No-ship #Normal

I just started a new RP thread called "Stranded."
Come check it out if you want to.
>> No. 441880

File 137263187897.jpg - (7.20KB , 300x168 , images (12).jpg )
427498 No. 427498 [View]
#Ask/invite #Canon: The Peacebringers of Equestria #Adventure #Violence #Power Limit

Equestria is in grave danger. Dark forces seek to claim this land as their own. Larger in number than ever before, they have already shrouded some places of Equestria in darkness, Canterlot being one of them. Princess Celestia has still yet to be located among the ruins of Canterlot, and Princess Luna becomes increasingly more like Nightmare Moon with each second that passes. Darkness corrupts ponies in the street, endangering harmless civilians. Normally at times like this, we could count on six ponies that represent the Elements of Harmony. But that is not the case this time. Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic, was last seen researching in the Ponyville library. Applejack, Element of Honesty, was last seen bucking apples with her sister Apple Bloom. Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter, was last seen planning a birthday party for Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. Rarity, Element of Generosity, was last seen planning a fashion show to showcase the newest items at her fashion boutique. Fluttershy, Element of Kindness, was last seen helping treat an injured squirrel. Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty, was last seen perfecting her Sonic Rainboom in the sky. The Elements were never seen again. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the fate of Equestria has been handed to a small group that consists of two alicorns, two pegasi, two unicorns, and a dragon. Will you join the Peacebringers of Equestria?
If you would like to join this canon, you must create a character. You must include name, race, apperance, cutie mark, advantages, flaws, bio, weapons, and personality. Alicorns and humans are allowed. Also, here is the wiki and rp thread:[rp] http://peacebr
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>> No. 432390
Name, race, apperance, cutie mark if you're a pony, advantages, flaws, bio, weapons, and personality. Advantages and flaws are optional.
>> No. 436755
so would anyone mind posting, its been a few weeks now
>> No. 441369
I think someone shuld post...

File 137547721865.jpg - (14.67KB , 267x189 , Pony Avengers.jpg )
434785 No. 434785 [View]
#Open #Ask/invite #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #DiscussionOnly

Hello, My name is Zoticus/Spider-Pony, and I like super heroes. I also like to roleplay on Ponychan. I figured that if I liked these things, then why shouldn't other people like these things? To add to that, why shouldn't other people like these things together? Which brings us to this thread. I am hoping to start a series of roleplaying threads on /rp/ that revolve around Super-Powered ponies and what they do with their powers. I am not one-hundred percent sure what direction I would like this to go in, or how to start a sucessfull canon without it breaking apart, so friendly advice is much obliged.
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>> No. 438704
>Fighting robot pony
>Blitzle pic
I like it.

But I'm not 100% sure how that'd go in the threads. We'll discuss more once I get up A sign-up thread going.
>> No. 439032
File 137676285748.jpg - (852.71KB , 2880x2160 , Yeah, up yours too, bub.jpg )
Alright, I finally made it!

I'll be happy to see about getting you something started, but as I've mentioned before, it's not clear how much time I'll be able to put into this.

First off, I'd like to help you with a sign-up thread. You should ask for things like the character's name, their super hero name, some back story that might explain their powers and why they are who they are now, etc. etc.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that superheroes obviously fight... in like every story. This doesn't mean there's only going to be fighting. There are some times when your character could be establishing a bond with someone else, whether it be another superhero or just a regular citizen.

Going back to my topic of fighting; you should ask for some stats. This includes perception, endurance, etc. This way you get a good idea on how strong or even how weak the character may be. How you implement this in your rp threads is completely up to you. You can have a roll system that strongly relies on characters' strengths and weaknesses being clearly shown, or you can hope that characters will be good enough to give an honest response on how they give or take damage based off of the stats they have given.

My final note is, don't always think that everyone's going to be as excited for this as you want them to. Consider making your threads open with the exception of the OP characters, and with the small requirements of filling out a sheet. Don't be too strict, since you are new to making an rp thread as you have appeared to have made clear in the OP.
>> No. 441262
File 137764415183.png - (156.76KB , 1158x609 , Consuck boots.png )
This is still relevant, by the way. Now that I think I have a lid on school, imma try and post a sign-up thread.

File 137752597075.jpg - (113.28KB , 1191x670 , don__t_talk_shit____by_twidash_hiishirikuu-d5a7vc4_png.jpg )
440901 No. 440901 [View]

Completely new to this. I would really like if someone could help me out with some stuff. The terminology is a bit confusing, a set up is a bit weird, and I'm reluctant to message people in their canon. I know the rules say that is a common problem, and I can see why. I am comfortable around my brony community, and I'm probably totally doing this wrong, but I just feel like I'm intruding. I am very in to roleplaying and I am very flexible. I can play anything, so long as the concept isn't too morally messed up, but from reading the rules, it seems that I won't have to worry about that. I would love to rp with someone (a canon would be nice), but there is one problem. I am not on the computer very often. Which I think defuses everything ,_, All in all, from what I understood from the rules and what-not, is that the /ooc/ thread can be used for recruitment...and I might have interpreted that incorrectly...
1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 440912
Ok, so why don't you start asking some questions and I'll give you as much help as I can :)
>> No. 440914
File 137754137000.png - (251.28KB , 633x349 , Operator3.png )
I have a couple questions for you. Do you want to be dragon punchingly radical or tea sippingly lame?
>> No. 440915
Ooh, ooh! Do both! Do both!

File 137628323661.jpg - (5.87KB , 259x194 , download.jpg )
437607 No. 437607 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Closed #Canon: AoS X BND #Crossover #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Crazy #Long-post #Sign-up

This is only open to AoS members an BND members. For discussion and planning and sign up.
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>> No. 439847
File 137712822984.png - (307.72KB , 500x739 , tumblr_m7px8rWD4C1rtttoxo1_500.png )
>> No. 439856
>The ark is now open to everyone in either canon. Most of you have been assigned to team 3.

The reason for this is two failed worlds = the god eaters seal braking. Thus now we have been pushed into the 2nd phase.

>Any questions or concerns please ask here.
>> No. 439860
File 137712937500.png - (40.48KB , 431x312 , 1ze8doi.png )
Pinchy's only concern is that we're probably all going to die.

File 136278066652.jpg - (81.34KB , 400x565 , image.jpg )
414087 No. 414087 [View]

What is your opinion on it? A few people see it as wrong.
While to me, probably because i know from experience, that it isn't all yhat bad if it is in rp and not part of a character.
By that i mean i can't just make a character and day "They're shipped with Luna, deal with it," the ship has to be between two people.
7 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 414439
File 136296538123.png - (375.64KB , 486x720 , gunna rek it.png )
Generally I disagree if it's done right, What onjage says with the whole aspect of tacking it on there with no sort of development is generally something I dislike to see. However if someone playing a canon character is shipping(ship shipped) with someone but it actually happens over a period of time I'm perfectly fine with it.
>> No. 439205
It's only wrong when it's just "there". I have nothing against any ship that happens over time.
>> No. 439788
File 137706481923.jpg - (178.28KB , 441x750 , zHOW TO WIN A FIGHT.jpg )

I'd agree there. However I still am bothered by canon character shipping, unless the ship itself is canon, which is obviously never when it comes to OC x Canon characters. I find that to be my guideline for shipping as it goes for most any show/story/etc. That is not to say that I look down upon any who ship as it's their prerogative. I simply would not do it myself.

File 137606390548.png - (317.95KB , 2122x2957 , rainbowdash___crying_by_waranto-d4n5gb4.png )
436919 No. 436919 [View]

I think it's a mix of losing interest, can't think of anything to do, and perhaps some problems with some of the community in the past. Well, if you ned me, I'll usually be on /pony/ and /oat/. Cya.
>> No. 439603
Have a nice time in the rest of Ponychan then, I guess.

File 137681605198.png - (376.80KB , 1547x3196 , just wondering.png )
439204 No. 439204 [View]
#Sign-up #Character

Hello. I recently tried my hand at one of the bigger canons and decided that due to the rate of movement in the thread (particularly, with it causing me to be ignored due to that) I want to try making a smaller RP to introduce a character in, and get in touch with people some more.

I've got no limit for how many people i'd like, I'd just simply like some~ Preferably within the bounds of what one may anticipate would truly exist around Equestria, but it's an RP, so feel free to go kinda wild. I'd also love if there was enough people that all interactions didn't have to revolve around 1 person, not only would that help my character not go insane, but it serves as better entertainment when all eyes aren't always on the same person.

Shipping would be fine with me. I'm neither looking for it, nor avoiding it. Any kind of RP would be fine probably; except for one highly revolving around fighting. I can handle a small fight here or there, but it's not the most enjoyable thing to me.

Here would be my character for this RP, I can meet up with the other RPers wherever is suitable to them. Please post your own characters and lets set something up, wherever you wish is fine, really ^.^

Character Name: Soul
Growth: Young Mare (a bit younger than the mane 6)
Race: Earth Pony(?)

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