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File 133036755825.png - (287.67KB , 800x1000 , 7031 - advertisement applejack article newspaper original_character tabloid.png )
11949 No. 11949
Hello and welcome to the roleplay announcement thread. This thread is intended as a place to post roleplay-related announcements and notices - that includes recruiting for and advertising upcoming threads, requesting specific types of threads or contact with specific kinds of players and other activities directly associated with roleplay. It is not intended for discussions, roleplaying or chatting. Think of this thread as a billboard - a place to post and read notices, but not hold a conversation in. Also keep in mind that any off-topic posts will be reported for removal, so please don't derail the thread with such - it just means needless work for everyone involved.

How to post an announcement?
Think of it as posting an ad to the newspaper - be as clear and concise as you can be. An example would be;
A lighthearted "Sharing is Caring" canon thread is planned to kick off about two hours from now. We're looking for one more player who might find themselves in Sugarcube corner. You can contact me on Steam as GenericName, via email or leave me a message in >>2951413.

This example covered the essential things - it gives out the outline of the thread, which is useful not only for prospective participants, but also anyone who might want to lurk it, it says what it needs and lists several ways of contacting the poster, to apply or to ask additional questions, outside of the announcement thread.

Another, simpler announcement might be this;
Looking for a FiM-friendly thread or another poster to join for an adventure series. I like sunsets and long posts on the beach and am usually active around tweleventeen o'clock CBT. Looking forward to hearing from you!

This example is almost, but not quite good - while it points out what the poster is looking for and when they're available, it neglects to mention any way of getting a hold of the player. Don't be afraid of injecting some humor or personality into your announcement, but don't overdo it either.

The notices don't necessarily have exclusively to do with matchmaking either - for example;
Does anyone happen to have a saved copy of the "Outhouse Trouble" thread from about three weeks ago? If you do, can you let me know at GenericName on Steam, SomeRandomFilly on AIM or in the Building Blunders canon OOC thread? Thanks in advance!

In short, you can use this thread to draw attention of other posters but, and I cannot emphasize this enough, do not use it for conversations or things unrelated to roleplay - if derailing posts crop up, please report them for cleanup. If you want to keep track of new notices posted here, you can add it to your watched threads list. Also keep in mind that you can always delete a notice of your own if you no longer need it, whether because it's obsolete, the need has been filled or any other reason that may appear.

And as a final note, bump if you need to, but do not spam - feel free to repost an announcement you have made some time ago if you want to bring it back to the forefront, but do so sparingly - a good rule of thumb might be not to do so if it's still visible among the thread's last fifty posts.

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>> No. 11967
File 133036858028.jpg - (636.15KB , 1171x1753 , friendship_park_tree.jpg )
A new park thread is now #Open for those interested:
>> No. 12346
File 133038032670.png - (1.03MB , 2556x1500 , hell\'s army poster.png )
Hell's Army is back and taking recruits, heaven has also taken up the fight and will be accepting recruits
>> No. 12753
File 133039089836.jpg - (161.57KB , 783x800 , party_pooped_by_bingodingo-d48xka1 (1).jpg )
We're currently in the need of an Applejack player, and a few other Transformers. If you want to Try an MLP Transformers Crossover why not? Even if you don't know much about Transformers, the story takes place in it's own contained universe to welcome New Comers.
Universe Background summary:
Sign Up/Discussion Thread:

Come on over! We don't bite! No promises about Grimlock though.
>> No. 13039
File 133040105248.jpg - (127.60KB , 389x521 , soul_of_a_unicorn.jpg )
If anyone likes fantasy/adventure with a mix of light grimdark and violence, then this thread may be right for you!

It is an open thread with a laid back posting style (as long as we can understand you), where you can play almost any character you can think of!

The only request I have is that you please read the whole chapter description at the top before posting, (this includes everything in the black text as well.)

Unfortunately the ooc link currently posted has 404'd, so if you have any questions, just leave a comment in black text in the thread.

Thank you! And here's the link to the thread:
>> No. 13128
File 133040469998.png - (182.95KB , 678x576 , snow.png )
>> No. 13237
File 133040902955.png - (183.45KB , 1000x1258 , skl267jh.png )
If you need to find and download an old thread, including one that might have been lost to sage in the meantime, you might want to check out the Thread Library over at ; it features an extensive collection of /rp/ threads, as well as /ooc/, /dis/, /fic/ and /meta/. The delivery system, while a little primitive, is fully automated.
>> No. 15208
File 133049733237.png - (71.03KB , 830x650 , Forests.png )
Chill thread in the Marketplace, with the two Giant forest spirit Mares, in D:E Canon, open to any! Freshly unpaused but you don't need to read a word of what's been going on.
>> No. 16004
Me and Nexusia are recruiting players for the SC, thread is here, with the signup form.
>> No. 17106
File 133058547559.jpg - (67.90KB , 700x882 , White_Mage_by_Kesterfox.jpg )
My intro thread is up.

>> No. 17353
File 133059572550.gif - (35.33KB , 256x256 , 132074135028.gif )
Want to throw out a chill thread, but not really sure where to put it? Come by >>17352 for an idea or two, or maybe share one yourself. After all, variety is the spice of life.
>> No. 17574
File 133061787795.jpg - (100.82KB , 800x450 , Left 4 Pony.jpg )
A deadly virus has overtaken Equestria, turning the dead into creatures who hunger for the living... Can you survive long enough to reach your nearest safehouse? And are your troubles really over once you're there?
This roleplay will play out similar to DnD, as far as the GM (me and a couple others) narrating the story while the Characters can choose their actions and interact with other characters, but with less dependence on "rolls" and more on actual role-playing

Both combat and survival are important aspects of this rp

Looking for between 12 and 21 players, as there will be 3 separate groups and I don't want the groups to be too small or too large. Please post in that thread if you're interested and/or have questions!

Also looking for another GM to help organize this-- I already have a friend to help me but it would make it easier on everyone if a third GM could come in and help plan things out, and also, one GM could handle each of the three groups. If you're interested, post in that thread. My co-GM (derpydoom) has been busy, but soon enough we will both be available for contact
>> No. 18931
File 133066303282.png - (46.14KB , 211x216 , really.png )
If the D:E Pinkie Pie Player is on right now, I'd appreciate it if she joined this thread: >>/rp/38181990
>> No. 19590
File 133071113954.png - (88.09KB , 1072x1063 , hehe.png )
if you can find Mort. you'll find Pinkie
>> No. 21789
File 133080201680.png - (82.06KB , 850x191 , ponybanner3.png )

We're attempting to make a new RP that focuses on shorter twitter style RP and keeps in with the show's canon and somewhat cartoony style while still being a little bit more mature.

If you're interested on checking it out, it's fairly easy to fill everything out for a character, but you will have to wait for it to be approved by an admin. If you want to check it out. Awesome and thanks!
>> No. 22527
File 133083151145.jpg - (93.84KB , 680x880 , 493.jpg )
Introducing an experimental role-play system I've been working on!

It's not perfect, but it'll develop overtime, so why not participate, join and be part of the growth of My Little Fallout?

Basically, this roleplay follows a command prompt system that utilizes multiple choice selections, specific directional interfaces and a combat system that incorporates the use of post numbers (critical hits and such).

And yes, it will be only me providing the control interfaces, NPCs and descriptions of locations.

Important Note: I've never read Fallout Equestria, so this whole role-play would most likely follow the story of the fanfic. If it does, it could be sheer coincidence

Another Important Note: I need a maximum of six players for my role-play, it would benefit my sanity.

Yet another important Note: If you can, most of the character details, inventories and statuses, must be written through a Google Document. If you don't mind writing a bit of stuff for this roleplay, then feel free to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Grab an OC and join up!
>> No. 25617
File 133097592884.jpg - (636.15KB , 1171x1753 , friendship_park_tree.jpg )
In the park...again.
>> No. 27051
File 133101853357.png - (194.68KB , 1300x1000 , fruit_derp_by_equestria_prevails-d4m32l2.png )
Have an idea for a character, but not sure what race or species to make them? Ponies seem to bland? Humans seem to out of place? Then why not come by >>27044 and find the right pet species for you? Or, if you're so inclined, share your own idea with everyone.
>> No. 28376
File 133109710558.jpg - (61.50KB , 500x500 , drowgo human 1.jpg )

Open thread for the late night horror/grimdark lover's. Come on in if you like creepy insane murder's!
>> No. 28394
File 133109753510.jpg - (190.43KB , 638x394 , RickJamesBitch.jpg )
>> No. 29994
File 133118339761.jpg - (65.69KB , 520x786 , doctor horrible.jpg )
If you think you got an villain that's better than all the rest, then perhaps you should check out the villain's club. We discuss and provide criticism on villains, while also putting our own oc's up for the slaughter. So come on in if you want to know just how good of a villain you are, or perhaps, can be.
>> No. 30330
File 133119244427.png - (327.19KB , 1634x1058 , still_life.png )
The Still Life Boutique, Drakontipa's statue store is now open. Generally {but not necessarily} chill with a slight dash of crazy, but keep your powers at the door.
>> No. 31642
File 133126980718.png - (1.34MB , 2496x1080 , Park.png )
>> No. 31862
File 133127592290.png - (10.11KB , 199x46 , RPU logo.png )
If you're at all interested in using yourself as a character, check this thread out.
It has the potential to be very fun, but we need players.
>> No. 34203
The Jazz Club is finally back so swing on by if you're interested.
>> No. 34990
File 133148514144.png - (277.70KB , 653x800 , 133087331785.png )
Floral Emporium in D:E is open for business.
#Open #Chill
>> No. 36025
File 133152256013.jpg - (520.66KB , 1366x768 , dark spider and kid.jpg )

>> No. 36274
File 133153074484.jpg - (12.77KB , 300x300 , spoiler.jpg )
*facepalm, forgot the link* Misunderstood you earlier Quench, sorry bout that.
>> No. 36880
File 133158327540.png - (224.62KB , 900x900 , 132815634673.png )
Expect a thread later tonight! (DE canon)
>> No. 37568
File 133160786660.jpg - (105.50KB , 640x494 , roses.jpg )
The Garden.
A land of mystery and beauty lie silently inside the darkness of an abandoned house in Ponyville.
>> No. 38116
File 133162869587.png - (524.11KB , 3221x291 , callahan\'s.png )
The maiden, experimental voyage of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon-inspired chill thread series is now open. All characters, all canons and all species welcome.
>> No. 38557
File 133167239768.png - (522.64KB , 850x709 , 2457635.png )
>> No. 40567
File 133178135903.png - (517.78KB , 800x800 , king_koopa_by_liberatedliberator-d2yp3fj.png )
>because you know you wanna join.
>> No. 40979
File 133179337105.jpg - (141.87KB , 1089x734 , 7a68d359eae70533708b778da2e9e797-d4b2i49.jpg )
>> No. 41976
File 133186452800.jpg - (281.44KB , 1350x1050 , 33050 - artist Egophiliac canida Diamond_Dog dragonite eagleland griffin luna sea_pony UN unf un.jpg )
>> No. 44975
File 133204187237.gif - (1.20MB , 445x330 , 120300 - animated Flam Flim flim_flam_brothers.gif )
>> No. 49567
File 133226663014.png - (735.07KB , 1279x712 , ~Storm of Flowers.png )
>> No. 54387
File 133246566433.jpg - (367.71KB , 800x1134 , fire006.jpg )
>> No. 56853
File 133260582679.jpg - (72.92KB , 640x422 , pajama gladiater.jpg )
Monsters in the closet? Phf! We got this!
>> No. 62087
File 133285791070.png - (9.96KB , 199x198 , awkward.png )
Here's a simple D:E thread for those interested
>> No. 62090
File 133285831958.png - (145.49KB , 680x680 , 897.png )
I have a bit of an announcement, though its not yet finalized.

I'm currently working on a fantasy-futuristic themed canon, which will of course have ponies but also /maybe/ have room for a bit of crossovering due to its nature. The main difference this canon is intended to make is that every character is an OC. A big focus will be made on character development and adventuring about.

So far, the idea is rather undeveloped, as I'm still worldbuilding. The rough idea is thus: A catastrophe is wreaking havok on a future equestria(advanced to the point of having near-lightspeed space travel), and an unlikely band of friends/aquaintences have stumbled upon an ancient key, which has led them to a gate across worlds. (Yes, there is stargate inspiration here. :P) The idea is that there is actually a chain of these gates, only useable with proximity to the key. Each world has two gates - the entry gate and the exit gate. They go one only way, so after venturing to the next world, there's no going back. Each world is unique and different with a number of dangers and obstacles, and the answer to /why/ the catastrophe is occurring in Equestria lays with whatever is at the very end of the gate chain.

If you'd like to help me out with this or ask any questions, I'm most easily contacted by steam or skype, plus there's my email in my posts. I'll be busy these next three days, however, so don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't answer immediately.
>> No. 62831
File 133289492858.jpg - (76.49KB , 600x300 , Ghost_HelloThere.jpg )
Sounds badass. Room for humans?
>> No. 63371
File 133291268127.png - (717.62KB , 1277x715 , cooking and fishing.png )
For travelers and those interested in a warm spring swim, and whatever reasons you can think of!
>> No. 64810
File 133299128376.jpg - (487.93KB , 1200x900 , 81990 - artist-cenit-v book letter quill studying twilight_sparkle.jpg )
I made a non-canon thread, open to everyone, in which characters write letters to Princess Celestia in the style of the letters Twilight and co write at the end of each episode. Check it:
>> No. 64913
File 133299467448.png - (216.03KB , 747x512 , GP.png )
Stop in for all your gaming and music needs.
>> No. 65561
File 133304069791.png - (9.72KB , 241x203 , looking down.png )

Travelers of all races and stripes are allowed
>> No. 67770
My new adventure game roleplay. Just throw out commands, it can be anything!
>> No. 73717
File 133347554813.jpg - (103.86KB , 1024x768 , deserted-city.jpg )
I've recently created a canon called the Lost Lands. It's a non-pony OC-only rp in a contemporary fantasy/science fiction setting. Threads will probably be more adventure-oriented.

If anyone is interested, here is the OOC Discussion/Signup thread:
>> No. 75689
File 133357327776.png - (385.08KB , 468x381 , Advent_Main_Screen.png )
For quite a while, my friend Darknut and I have been hinting at something major occuring in the D:E canon, at least non-canon though for now, but this mainly is due to the impact it most definitely have on characters.

For more information, and what the plot is mainly about, see the main thread here:

>> No. 75930
File 133358466728.jpg - (303.02KB , 700x700 , Shadow____by_StormTH.jpg )
For those brave souls who believe that the stand a chance... even at the end. >>75923
>> No. 76474
File 133360184720.png - (42.13KB , 500x375 , drowgo abandoned building.png )
In the darker part of town, at the more dead hours of the night, a small building was lit up with warm yellow light. It's round walls and pointy roof were made of old brick and stone, into the style of a small castle Home. Voices, hardy laughter, and music leaked from the cracks and open windows, drifting out to the creatures that could hear.

This was were the freaks and creeps met; killers and the sinners, saviors and the saints. It was a place where you came to stop your brain from doing it's crazy spin of thoughts. A place to lay down your guns, kick up your feet, and have a pleasant conversation with a bitter enemy while sharing a drink like two old buddies. A place where the strange, unusual, and down right wrong were as common of a sight as flowers on a dining room table.

It was the place to relax. To let go.

It was Dro's Tavern.

>> No. 76558
File 133360714923.jpg - (176.86KB , 900x1119 , bloody_spies____by_shoulder_devil-d3f60cz.jpg )
RED Sniper in D:E

>> No. 79750
File 133376967222.jpg - (93.84KB , 680x880 , 493.jpg )
Let's see how advertising works in this board...

Greetings eager roleplayers! Name's Juiced and I've been working on a Fallout Canon which has an interactive aspect towards it, and in turn its development thanks to this board!

Now where do you come into the participation of my humble thread? Well to add to the fodder of ready roleplayers to eventually start up the roleplays I've been wanting for! I'll fill whoever enters the thread with the necessities and what-to-dos.

> Honestly, the thread's a bit in disarray. But nothing too bad right?

Join up!
>> No. 82173
File 133390344577.jpg - (407.85KB , 1024x768 , forest.jpg )
>> No. 84293
for a game of Call of cthulu here
Come on and join up while you still can first come first serve with characters
>> No. 84441
File 133400616710.png - (88.05KB , 337x600 , CI_57551_1328534183.png )
Well, the first chapter to the story of Amnesia is over, but do not miss your chance to appear in the other chapters of the story. Sign ups close at the end of the third chapter, so reserve your spot in the story now. The sign up thread is here if you are interested: . Remember, now is the chance of a lifetime.
>> No. 85189
File 133402993552.jpg - (89.60KB , 500x279 , tumblr_lzxzrsTNmG1roq2poo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 86049
File 133407788031.jpg - (77.21KB , 541x400 , Cafe.jpg )
>> No. 86637
File 133410102363.jpg - (63.91KB , 600x375 , cthulhu_rising_by_nebezial-d2cmu5p.jpg )
First My little cthulu thread is up were looking for a few ponies willing to play as humanized versions of themselves in the 1920's era
>> No. 86948
File 133411110042.jpg - (226.86KB , 894x894 , where the pavement ends.jpg )
Open kinda chill thread. Paranormal, dark, maybe some violence.
>> No. 88216
File 133418131188.jpg - (167.41KB , 1024x768 , Asylum.jpg )
A very dark and gritty RP centered around the attempt of a few ponies attempting to escape an abusive Mental Asylum is looking for players.

Also, if you have ever gone by the names...
Patient(AKA "Max")

...Then you may wanna check this out.

I look forward to seeing you there, thanks!
>> No. 91058
File 133428935787.jpg - (199.10KB , 1600x1200 , Lake-Louise-canada-9727993-1600-1200.jpg )
A relaxing, just-for-fun chill thread over at

{yes, I derped the formatting tags}
>> No. 92663
File 133437456585.jpg - (8.01KB , 225x225 , MaskedMan_Nightmaremoony.jpg )
I will start this RP at 12:00 AM EST. I need some RPers to try to act out the following characters...
-Ponies that go into the portal.

Here's a synopsis of what the story is... :
"A strange portal appears in Equestria. Only the toughest of the tough are allowed to go in and see just what's in there, however some minor exceptions may be made.

On the other side of the portal, the Nowhere Islands. Home to the universe of Mother 3. The Masked Man has gone on a tangent of the normal time-line, and everypony ends up in Saturn Valley.

There will be battles, use [/d100/] (Minus the /'s) and try to wear down the health value of an opponent.

The Pigmask Army will be strong, but the prize will be immense. (Note that this takes place during Chapter 7 of the game).
>> No. 92688
File 133437536500.png - (161.91KB , 974x761 , Masked_Man_oldpic.png )
Well, if you say we need him, sure.

Boney has been added to the roster of needed characters.
>> No. 104111
File 133513488355.png - (539.04KB , 900x916 , MetalPandora-celestia.png )
A Harmony discussion thread concerning alicorn OCs has been posted. We'll be following this thread over the next few days. It would be greatly appreciated if those interested in or involved with the canon could take a look and add their thoughts.
>> No. 106018
File 133522587475.jpg - (183.38KB , 900x675 , bookstore cafe.jpg )
Well, if anyone would like a chill, lighthearted Harmony thread, I made a cafe/bookstore thingmajig. So...there ya go:

>> No. 107881
File 133529771493.jpg - (114.68KB , 510x340 , gazebo-park.jpg )

A D:E park thread... except that, for random reasons, the whole day has been a little weird.
>> No. 109999
I would like help from other players on building on Prace, including history, and the princess herself. Please join me in doing so

Ever wanted to take your pony and take him back to a simpler time, when they were so much younger? Join my discussion thread about a new series to do just that
>> No. 111136
File 133547799791.png - (539.04KB , 900x916 , MetalPandora-celestia.png )
A discussion about Changelings in Harmony Canon has been set up. You will find the thread here: >>110911

I apologize for not advertising this sooner - at the time either my internet or ponychan (or both) were preventing me from posting.
>> No. 116366
File 133578627479.jpg - (47.23KB , 320x240 , My Little Pony - Rescue at Midnight Castle - G1 pilot1156.jpg )
116366 discussion of a possible generation 1 MLP roleplay, for those interested.
>> No. 121118
File 133601611509.jpg - (407.85KB , 1024x768 , forest.jpg )
Destination Equestria canon:
>> No. 123349
File 133616067222.jpg - (38.82KB , 320x320 , food-facts_320x320.jpg )
Made a Food Fair thread in D:E that's chill and lighthearted and stuff:>>/rp/38554025
>> No. 125075
File 133624703814.jpg - (225.12KB , 1558x696 , ponyville.jpg )

I really don't know what else to say
>> No. 127302
File 133635388292.jpg - (22.22KB , 250x251 , water-balloon.jpg )
Open D:E thread and stuff. Waterballoon fight: >>/rp/38565691
>> No. 130737
File 133651686484.jpg - (2.62MB , 3904x2574 , Mott_Gym.jpg )
Here's an open Harmony thread for folks. Dumbbell's Pool & Gym
Weather is partly cloudy, and mid-50s in temperature.
Make friends, make strong!
(or some, equally bad slogan by someone who attributes to himself more marketing prowess than he actually has)

>> No. 130937
Want some fun and adventure? Possible get scared crazy? Join me in building the SCP Foundation Series/Stories
>> No. 130969
File 133652704415.png - (14.41KB , 169x98 , drunk dialing.png )
>> No. 131302
File 133653680008.gif - (42.02KB , 256x256 , 132253490331.gif )
New Prancing Pony up!
I won't be in attendance tonight, but I wanted to have it up for others.
>> No. 132374
File 133660692299.jpg - (127.60KB , 389x521 , soul_of_a_unicorn.jpg )
WTW is back and gettin a reboot! if anyone is interested in joining we are discussing how the new threads will work, so come in a drop off your two cents if you think you might want to join. If not, feel free to lurk.
>> No. 137545
File 133687671090.jpg - (424.87KB , 550x1320 , 140208 - adventures_of_sonic_the_hedgehog aosth apple_bloom comic crossover Cutie_Mark_Crusaders.jpg )
>> No. 137882
Posted a discussion for Lost Land's canon over various things, mostly to do with managing it to make it more inviting. Share your thoughts, whether you're involved or not:
>> No. 138972
File 133694674519.png - (274.65KB , 2663x2512 , Doctor Com.png )
Looking for a thread that allows multiversal travelers, and is good for someone new to Roleplaying. I'm usually active around 4-7 PM Eastern US time. I'd like to get into Roleplay, but am extremely new to it, being in only one RP before on a different forum.

Also, how would one make a reaction image for an RP?
>> No. 139060
File 133695029384.png - (488.73KB , 1740x1938 , Twilight - Always dress in style!.png )
Sorry it took so long to respond to this. If you're still around, you should go here to ask any questions you may have, as this thread is mainly just for announcements: >>137521
>> No. 139120
Alright then. Sorry for my ignorance.
>> No. 139688
File 133697676681.jpg - (24.11KB , 260x190 , s-LA-HOLE-IN-THE-WALL-RESTAURANTS-large.jpg )
Commander Crispy's Outdoor Cafe

Canon: Harmony
Now with more desserts!

>> No. 143730
File 133721548704.jpg - (487.93KB , 1200x900 , 81990 - artist-cenit-v book letter quill studying twilight_sparkle.jpg )
In an effort to help newcomers better find roleplays they might be interested in and for people to advertise their canons better, I've begun work on making a compendium of canons on the board. However, I need input from people running canons, describing the canons and giving links, for the compendium to work.

If you have the time, please give it a look and, if you want, post a description of a canon so I can add to it: >>143722
>> No. 144991
File 133728814268.png - (41.38KB , 511x303 , 4thWallTheater.png )
ATTENTION: Fourth Wall Breaking characters! Check this out! >>/rp/38616111
>> No. 152478
File 133772642791.gif - (279.03KB , 993x800 , OMNOMNOM.gif )
>> No. 152996
File 133774768377.jpg - (164.51KB , 540x540 , Graham_Chapman_Colonel.jpg )
I'm starting a new canon, where we will be attempting to create a anime type school comedy. It has limited spots for characters, so apply fast if you want to be involved.
>> No. 159622
File 133807094771.jpg - (246.43KB , 1600x1200 , bridge.jpg )
Recently, I proposed an adventure arc for the Lost Lands canon. If you are in the canon, or are interested in checking it out, the discussion can be found here: >>155962

The first thread of the arc can be found here: >>/rp/38664405
>> No. 161071
File 133815593783.jpg - (165.55KB , 1536x2048 , bruce and paradox.jpg )
Come and join the fight against possibly the most powerful mortal of all time. Save the land of ponies and the entire multiverse!
>> No. 161560
File 133817917824.png - (47.93KB , 830x650 , Bar_set_test_quarter2.png )
>> No. 163524
File 133827662880.jpg - (55.37KB , 594x321 , Tales of Legendia; The Legacy (39).jpg )
>... and it's... moving...?

>That's right... The Legacy is an enormous ship with it's own natural habitat on the surface, forming what is ultimately a moving island. It is large enough to be it's own (small) nation, and is never in the same place twice due to the fact that it is constantly adrift at sea. As of yet, many of it's details remain unknown to Equestrians and the like, as only those from the world it originated in have fully explored it. A select few of those people, as well as a few others from an entirely different world, are the only ones on board at present. However, as The Legacy itself is a foreign entity, it is a place where offworlders from all corners of Equestria and anywhere else are welcome. Natives are as well, of course, as the inhabitants of The Legacy (all 5 of them-- so far, at least) are not prejudice.

>As it stands, however, it is only reachable by air and sea... and is more something you have to stumble upon. Over time, The Legacy may well manage to establish itself as a more significant presence, though. Ways to locate it may well be devised, for whomsoever decides to call it home. There are some pre-existing colonies, but only one is currently inhabited. Werites Beacon, functionally the 'capital city' of The Legacy, is the largest and most civilized colony on board (not that that's saying much). Near by is a small port, called Port-on-Rage. The other ones are actually difficult to discover, and pretty much the rest of the land is natural habitat and the occasional ruin/dungeon/etc. These locations are generally deemed as 'unsafe' however, given that monsters roam the island outside of pre-existing colonies.

>Those who do choose to call it home should know... The Legacy may not always be a safe place to live. It may, or it may not. Given it's nature (and certain recent events), it's possible it will be a point of controversy in the world it's suddenly found itself in. It does have various, immensely powerful protections... but if trouble should come knocking... 'living peacefully' will not be an option until that changes. That said... The Legacy is filled with tons of potential... for good, for bad... but most importantly... for fun. So stop by! Make some new friends, or maybe some new enemies, and let The Legacy be home to new adventures!

>The first thread - taking place in the main/capital city of Werites Beacon - can be found here: >>/rp/38679793
>> No. 167759
File 133849757667.jpg - (785.47KB , 892x736 , cadence 2.jpg )
Just a chill shipping thread that slightly crosses with Club Loveshine and is slightly canon.
>> No. 172678
Lovecraft with a lighter tone. Looking for a handful of players interested in putting their characters through a virtual reality game. Relaxed pace and attitude, let's have fun with this.


Skype contact:
>> No. 175347
File 133886385656.jpg - (18.31KB , 180x180 , Maria.jpg )
Want to adopt a loving and wonderful foal who needs a home to call their own? Maria's orphanage, just outside of Ponyville, has the answer.

Maria has many beautiful colts and fillies who are looking for wonderful families and loving homes. There are earth foals, pegasus foals, and even unicorn foals!

So stop on by, even if it's just for a free meal by Maria, for an event that'll warm your heart and bring a smile to you.

>This thread will be continuous all week, times pending, and is a Pseudo-D:E/Chill Cannon. Stop on by and enjoy the fun!
>> No. 180086
File 133913521102.jpg - (6.80KB , 194x259 , Now This is JUST an Idea_Bear With Me.jpg )
Mad Scientist Secret Society hidden in Equestria. Engineers and Magicians welcome! Canon is compatible with any Crossover Equestria Canon; and welcome to newcomers as well!

>> No. 185821
File 133944321406.gif - (9.62KB , 600x450 , story979b.gif )
The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim: Rise Of The Dovah is looking for a few more key players to begin!


Multiple smaller roles are available, as well as a main character slot~
>> No. 186009
File 133945059469.jpg - (190.43KB , 638x394 , Lounge.jpg )
Sam and SanJin's Blues Lounge! Now Hiring!
>> No. 193592
>> No. 196479
File 134015830009.gif - (2.33KB , 369x126 , vega_logo.gif )
>There were several strange pieces of tech laying around Equestria. They looked like pens, but when picked up, it appears to open into a L shape. When this happens, a holographic video feed appears. A soldier in heavy, high-tech armor is on the screen. The helmet is removed, revealing the human woman inside. She's armed with an assault riffle and fires at something off-screen before turning to the camera

"This is Captain Jessica Stone of the Vital Extermination of Geological Abnormalities, or V.E.G.A. program. I'm sending this message to the world who's galactic data we found in The Mecha's computer. To th-"

>there's an explosion and she turns, firing her assault riffle. After a second, she turns back to the camera

"To the beings in this universe we're sending this message to: Paradox; a universe jumper, has teamed up with The Mecha, a genius cyborg, and collected... s-something from another universe. We don't know what they are, but they-"

>She turns and shouts orders

"Ortiz! Keep those ones off of the damn ceiling!"

>She returns to the camera

"They are fast, quiet and deadly. We can't hold them off here, so we're getting in the escape pod and going to look for Fracture, another universe jumper, to get to your world and help fight. I-ZZZ -th- ZZZ- soldiers toget-ZZZ-"

>There is massive static before the feed is switched to a man in a business suit and a metal helmet that covers his entire face

Paradox:"Hello, world of ponies. I don't know if you remember me from the first two attempts to destroy your world, but this time is different. I've found a disposable army. Thanks to The Mecha, we have found a way to control...MOST of this army. Anyway, we care coming to destroy your world by erasing your race. Enjoy your last days on earth"

>He chuckles as the feed is shut down

What has Paradox found and how will he use it to destroy Equestria? Who is Cpt. Stone and V.E.G.A.? Join this D:E Cannon, Pseudo-Cannon thread and fight to protect your world from this dangerous new foe! The thread will begin Saturday night and will continue until finished before Monday night and is 'free to enter, free to leave', meaning; you can enter the thread whenever you want, but don't have to stay. Warning: This is a 'Pseudo-Cannon' thread, and death/major injury will be involved, however, it's up to you to determine if you keep this in YOUR story. I will have no say in it

Equestria needs heroes. Will you fight?
>> No. 205261
File 134074342186.png - (868.41KB , 1000x850 , 82396 - apple applejack artist br0ny.png )

>Sweet Apple Shenaningans! Join with the applebucking!
>> No. 205887
File 134076574406.png - (956.61KB , 1024x778 , Master Pic 1.png )
Name: Dominus' Apothecary


Canon: Destination Equestria and Dr. Whoof.

Invite: Not needed.

A Brief Description: In the local Ponyville paper you see an advertisement-

Dominus' Apothecary, now open! Providing both over-the-counter and perscription potions for medical needs. Special: Apple Spice Cologne, half price!

Directions-On the main road connecting Everfree Forest to Ponyville, look for the Hut on the edge of town.
>> No. 215484
File 134152334472.jpg - (77.05KB , 700x382 , 3095overcast.jpg )
>> No. 217032
File 134162560741.jpg - (111.49KB , 800x535 , willow lake.jpg )
Wuhahaha! Lake thread! Open, come have some fun and swim in the lake.
>> No. 217305
File 134163371492.png - (214.15KB , 500x312 , ajstation.png )
>> No. 218931
File 134170818679.jpg - (40.27KB , 640x470 , falling-star.jpg )
Introducing a new character if anyone is interested on helping me test.

>> No. 220234
File 134177140098.jpg - (18.69KB , 197x240 , Pilot Skull.jpg )

Have you what it takes to survive the skies of the world? Do you dare brave the shipping lanes plagued with air pirates at every turn?

Join with the Arcand Royal Aerial Navy, become head of a Security Company or Mercenary Escort Service, or perhaps if you're bold enough, become an Air Pirate.

Join today in this non-pony RP!
>> No. 222417
File 134187203075.png - (724.62KB , 3000x2356 , I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL.png )

With a plush doll as one of the mares that work there!
Ever wanted a stare-contest with a plush-pony but never had a pony? NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! Only 5 bits per try!
>> No. 223824
>> No. 223983
File 134198113387.txt - (1.03MB , catalogue.txt )
Well, for a few boards, anyway.

But in case you want to pull up a copy of an older thread {or not quite so older, as the archive is refreshed about once a day}, even if it's one that has since been deleted, you can do that relatively easily - the automated checkout system in IRC is something of a kludge, since I can't be arsed with hosting several gigabytes of data online, but it should be simple enough, I think. /rp/ threads range back to January {save for the OOC thread series, which has been donated by Starfall}, whereas /dis/, /fic/, /meta/ and /ooc/ archives begin a month or two later. If you have any questions, you can prod me in or in the general OOC thread - if I'm around, I'll respond.
>> No. 229325
File 134229151571.jpg - (184.01KB , 800x625 , flowershop-final_1_original.jpg )
A floral emporium thread, like the old ones, but new.
>> No. 229968
File 134232138410.jpg - (303.34KB , 985x738 , Heaven or Hell.jpg )
The last OOC thread 404'd, so I created a new one:

If you're interested in doing fighting threads, check it out.
>> No. 243864
File 134303308859.jpg - (644.40KB , 1024x768 , Broken-Mirror_1024x768.jpg )
I'm doing a mystery/horror campaign themed on an insidious subversion of FiM-canon. There will be (very) light dice rolling mechanics that should hopefully mesh nicely into the flow of RP.

Break from the herd. Free your mind. You'll wish you hadn't.
>> No. 247697
File 134327927722.jpg - (23.88KB , 356x356 , 133281901842.jpg )
StarmanTheta has been kind enough to pass on the torch of Destination: Equestria's Mayor Mare into my hands - I'm not positive I can play her well, but I will be doing so on a probationary basis. In the meantime, I have opened a town hall thread in case anypony cares to swing by.
>> No. 262524
File 134437016264.png - (1.95MB , 1700x1296 , TofE poster small.png )
Seeking oddballs, outcasts, and the creatively-minded for ongoing epic fantasy/grimdark RP community:
>> No. 267508
Looking for the kind of thread that reminds you of the good old days of DnD and Call of Cthulu, mixed in with a good bit of balls out insanity. Come check out Don't rest in the mad city.

P.S there's not as many dice rolls as you might think. So Yay! There's plenty of room for creative writing.
>> No. 271243
File 134492050511.png - (782.03KB , 900x581 , stained_glass_by_elosande-d52gewh.png )
A thread for discussing possible event planning and directed character development for the Harmony canon.
>> No. 272595
File 134499891589.jpg - (116.13KB , 800x600 , akuda_bar.jpg )
The Akuda Bar, come in and get a drink, you could also play some air hockey if you're not too drunk.
>> No. 281471
New Horizons Sign Up
>> No. 281556
D:E Spinoff
>> No. 292965
Fallout Equestria RP, looking for players.
>> No. 302817
File 134643497790.jpg - (102.50KB , 900x742 , Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.jpg )
>> No. 304333
File 134652931465.png - (185.12KB , 597x346 , NaturesBlessing_sign.png )

Do you have a wound, burn, or some sort of illness? Want an all-natural alternative to standard medication? Well, come on down to Nature's Blessing and let us take care of your natural remedy needs!
>> No. 310750
File 134698103363.jpg - (127.96KB , 1023x748 , 131187404748.jpg )
What is your Skype Contact info?
>> No. 323680
File 134793496330.jpg - (89.89KB , 1024x768 , bowling.jpg )
Made a Destination Equestria chill thread at a bowling alley, if anyone wants. It's open to everyone:
>> No. 324243
File 134799109168.jpg - (18.69KB , 197x240 , Pilot Skull.jpg )
Are you man enough to brave the sands of the Dessari Wastes? Perhaps you're foolish enough to think you can survive as a tribesman from the desert lands and fend off the Agrians, or other tribes and nomadic raiders.

Join up in the Sky Haven Chronicles: Stained in the Sand.

The OOC will be found here:
>> No. 324893
Do you like intense canons? The kind that kerp you on edge? Do you enjoy taking on forces in which no mere mortal has dared to take? Does fear and horror interest you?

Come sign up for Slender: Equestrian Terrors. OC must be a pony! Alicorns allowed. Need 5 more members to get started! >>321317
>> No. 339951
File 134930344521.png - (258.54KB , 429x540 , 1344750571195.png )

I pitched a little idea for a lighthearted, non-pony canon, if anyone is interested...
>> No. 340628
Want to save equestria from the alien menace?
well come join x-com section 65 and bring the fight!
>> No. 341114
>> No. 345865
File 134991905682.jpg - (59.73KB , 1024x576 , dj_pon3_wallpaper_by_braukoly-d437ncz.jpg )
The arena Returns

I, Vinyl, shall be the game master... and you shall be the pawns in my little game. Your only goal in this game is to live... oh, and did I mention? Only the last survivor of my game will win my prize... that is assuming any of you survive. You will be showered with untold riches and popularity... bragging rights to the whole world. All you have to do... is sign in here
>> No. 345867
File 134991912300.png - (166.81KB , 800x992 , 132407771830.png )
forgot link
>> No. 346180
File 134994783270.png - (1.64MB , 1522x1023 , Untitled-1.png )
A different kind of "war" thread... just basically seeing what each side does with the current situation. Anyways, if you are interested and want to see a little action, here is a link for you, so go check it out. Tons of fun!
>> No. 357478
File 135087685714.jpg - (239.91KB , 1272x618 , ss (2012-10-03 at 05_14_48).jpg )
Underworld, a non-pony, OC-Only canon which takes place in a more lighthearted take on the Afterlife, is looking for new players!

The canon basically takes place in The Underworld, where souls of the dead and Demons, along with some other odd beings, live together mostly in an enormous, metropolitan city called 'Deathland'. People come from all flavors of life in Deathland, from a hardened criminal to a simple shopkeeper, or the soul of the once-living or a demon. So any kinds of characters are welcomed!

More info at: >>/ooc/339934
>> No. 363808
File 135136412174.png - (24.15KB , 310x537 , zzzopony.png )
Starting first roleplay thread on Ponychan. Idea is to create a deliberately overpowered Mary Sue/Marty Stu/Gary Sue and attempt to battle/1-up opponents. Contact me at [email protected] or on Steam as "TANK BUSTER". Planned to start when at least three players are on board.

Picture was found on Derpibooru and is not mine.
>> No. 365219
File 135148841867.jpg - (16.32KB , 615x410 , 1536-1249272668QQ7l.jpg )

Focused on creating new character interaction.
>> No. 366607
File 135164925020.png - (128.57KB , 627x600 , 3692__octavia_meme_ew-gay.png )
Spinoff of Treasure Hunting looking for new players that's waaaay more focused on Character Building, Expansive Worlds, and Fun.

Features: Different GM, expansive Worldbuilding, and less railroading compared to Vanilla Treasure Hunting.

Check it out!

(Original Treasure Hunting /ooc/: >>209976)
>> No. 367385
File 135173931004.png - (771.36KB , 1024x576 , nightmare_night___wallpaper_by_tzolkine-d5jin2q.png )

Also the introduction of the Curse of the Cutiecabra arc - if you're interested in participating in the latter, prod me.
>> No. 368052
File 135181586932.png - (26.91KB , 299x105 , MLP Aquila.png )
A serious roleplay involving the age-old conflict of machine and nature brought to life is beginning. A great war involving beasts as well as machines is stirring, and you're invited. FiM only, please! If you're interested, check out

Hope to see you there!
>> No. 373166
You may want to note that, despite the image, this is *not* a 40k ponies role play.
>> No. 375406
anyone got a war related rp i could join?
I could send you my oc for approval.
>> No. 376917
File 135276596885.png - (1.94MB , 1000x1000 , RandomTitleThing2.png )
A D:E arc that will contain adventures, mysteries, and much more within new territories. If interested, then check out the information thread!

>> No. 377399
File 135279166671.png - (159.88KB , 217x399 , cutiecabra.png )
Planning and recruitment thread for the Curse of the Cutiecabra arc. Fairly lighthearted and open to anyone. Go to >>377389 for more information
>> No. 388389
File 135407512174.png - (9.73KB , 206x156 , Rillian2.png )
>> No. 395249
File 135512669022.jpg - (56.67KB , 960x720 , Creation.jpg )
I've been casting about for ways to promote less... board insulation and have come up with a little game of sorts. Namely, the creation of a universe. If it piques your interest, would you be interested in taking part? While it's in the /rp/ board, it's not strictly speaking a roleplaying thread. While roleplaying is an option, it's intended to be a kind of a mishmash of a social thread, discussion, roleplay and a dash of writing, something to at least partly appeal to all.

>> No. 398793
File 135562754311.png - (23.22KB , 150x116 , 150px-Applejack_as_Smart_Cookie_S2E11.png )
I'm recruiting for an adventure roleplay set in the early years of Equestria. You'll battle fearsome monsters, explore dangerous ruins, and work together to overcome the many enemies that face Equestria!

Here's the thread!
>> No. 400107
File 135581076647.jpg - (50.26KB , 600x450 , Kamina Welcome aboard.jpg )
Have you ever wanted to do the impossible?

You may have considered it.

but have you ever wanted to SEE THE INVISIBLE?!

Of course you do!
Who wouldn't want to?

Well unfortunately for you that's probably not going to happen, but if you come check out My Little Gurren Lagann You might enjoy yourself enough to forget about the fact that you can't do the impossible or see the invisible.

So come on down!

>> No. 402275
File 135623178996.jpg - (12.79KB , 300x169 , Cirque du Lune banner.jpg )
It's a Circus and carnival dedicated to evoking the spirit of nightmare night every night! Fun! Games! Fear! Hop on in!

By the way, if the games there tonight sound flat... well... you haven't tried them yet, have you? =P
>> No. 403462
File 135664386322.jpg - (328.84KB , 1184x2000 , Zombie Ponies.jpg )
Roleplays almost go exactly as the posters want it. If they want to start an event, they'll get it. If they want to get something to eat, they get it. If they are willing to get severely hurt, or even killed, they'll get it.

This new (Or at least new when development began) concept of roleplaying creates a sense that there are forces of which cannot be controlled, in the form of a survival drama: Giving everyone a sense of urgency, they have no choice but to preform tasks to not only to keep themselves alive, but each other as well.

This is completely experimental, and before it truly becomes a thread, I want you all to read it over and put up some comments and suggestions. Much appreciation in advanced!

Do note that this was put on hiatus about a year ago, so it's extremely out-of-date in some areas.
>> No. 403762
This seems like a fun idea, but is there a thread where we can discuss in more detail? Don't want to clutter the announcement thread.
>> No. 404496
I don't know, I haven't been here for 6 months...Sorry, for clutter.
>> No. 405757
File 135777728658.gif - (12.25KB , 300x300 , awesome.gif )
>> No. 405770
File 135778057396.png - (32.93KB , 258x209 , JESUS+CHRIST+HOW+HORRIFYING+_46181fb527bbe6ac1b7a9322227f7274.png )
>> No. 405848
File 135785033184.jpg - (245.15KB , 588x761 , Ponies in Space! Issue 19 Shadows fall.jpg )
>> No. 407447
1d2 = 1
>> No. 408865
You wake up dizzy. You hear the Heavy of your team, or maybe another team, shout, "EVERYONE! FREINDSHIP IS STUPID MAGIC!". You look up to see a pastel-colored world.
Well, this is gonna end good...
Be a class! Be a pony! Be a whatever! In this exiting adventure!
>> No. 409750
If you like Homestuck, join this

>> No. 411093
Well, lets try Pawns of Chaos again.
>> No. 411326
So... Apparently one of my friends wants me to explain this some more. Can't blame her, I kinda didn't even explain it that well to begin with.

So here we go

A criminal free from his prison, a fighter searching for something, a mutant looking for a new life, an elf dedicated to the light. An unlikely team, but it had to be done. They had protected this world for so long, so when they were finally laid to rest, people began to lose some hope. Team after team of young adventurers attempted to replicate them, but never succeeded, until now. You are part of a group that attempts to recreate the Pawns of Chaos team. By the decree of Celestia, many souls of her students have been lost. Many other teams have searched but none have returned. Will you be a Pawn of Chaos?
>> No. 411766
File 136115695283.png - (3.86KB , 337x248 , ChampionsOfDrogalLogo.png )
It's been quite some time since I've had my Advent of Destruction information thread posted on here- But now the first OOC thread for it has been up for quite some time...

So, for any of you folks who are interested in a big D:E Adventure with mysteries and new territories, check out:

Last edited at Sun, Feb 17th, 2013 20:12

>> No. 411984
File 136139051615.jpg - (122.00KB , 640x420 , buuuuh bum bum bum.jpg )
If you guys feel like you wanna Stab something with a Lightsaber, come check this out.
>> No. 417886
File 136587158778.png - (48.17KB , 1000x1000 , 85133 - artist-madmax colored cute peter_pan Sweetie_Belle.png )
Bizarre. Fixed!
>> No. 417896
File 136587332494.png - (31.53KB , 500x449 , 62523626.png )
Thank you Sweetie!
>> No. 418702
Pony Quest: Return of the Hralgin is now open! It is a quest-style game! For those not familiar with that type of game, the rules are explained in the OP!

Anyone is welcome to come play, but be warned: this game may contain horrific elements. Those who are sensitive to such things might wish to be careful. If that hasn't driven you off, feel free to come play Pony Quest at:

Last edited at Sun, Apr 21st, 2013 18:03

>> No. 419130
File 136680122709.jpg - (3.40MB , 2910x1940 , 1366582812406.jpg )
Brand new day is completely open and free to any roleplayer that wants to join

The in-character thread:

Our OOC:
>> No. 419430
Got a new rp for all ya'll
>> No. 419497
>> No. 421249
File 136803616412.png - (138.20KB , 985x811 , every_eeveelution_by_purplekecleon-d5z1i4p.png )
Here is a new rp if anyone is interested. It's my first one (i'm new here so please be gentle). It is based off of pokemon. I hope everyone who is interested has a lot of fun with it.
>> No. 422094
Anypony want to RP fighting? Just go directly to this thread, no signups required.
>> No. 422463
Wanna hang out by some random body of water? Th rp is up!
>> No. 423039
File 136950870527.png - (6.84KB , 344x410 , HPLG.png )
Attempting to start up a new D:E storyline to revive things a bit.

>> No. 423391
Got a Skyrim rp up! Play as anyone. Maybe. A Midnight Meeting
>> No. 423978
An adventure
near anything goes
>> No. 424041
File 137017666053.jpg - (56.30KB , 640x480 , big2zy8.jpg )
Well we've got a D&D 3.5 game being put together over here and could use another two more players or so:

Give her a glance:Adventures in a high-magic world of endless sky, airships, and floating islands. Quite fun no?

We presently have two warriors and one undecided (Myself I'm just going to go with what the party needs) and are trying to -avoid- the Tier 1 classes if at all possible. So keep that in mind.
>> No. 424057
File 137020006521.png - (100.68KB , 284x178 , pear in space.png )
A Giant pear in space
anyone can join
>> No. 431745
File 137435629244.png - (288.71KB , 1600x1200 , LotN.png )
The Lands of the North is starting! Taking place around 100 years after Discord was overthrown (and before Luna was banished), we're sailing the cold and unforgiving seas of the north in search for new lands, new places, and new opportunities. The Adamantine, only accepting the hardiest of the hardy for their crew, will be setting sail very soon!

We're going to focus more on plot and character development, and wish for longer, more descriptive posts. We're going to accept a maximum of 6 characters. Extra details are outlined in the link below.

For any extra questions, comments, or ideas, please post in the thread! Feel free to post your character sheets or let us know you're cooking one up!

Can't wait to see you on board! ...And see how long you can last...
>> No. 434199
File 137523854167.png - (13.24KB , 550x400 , 133941853514.png )
I have an idea for a new RP thread thing, and I want to know If anyone else would be interested in it. I think it would be cool to have a stoner comedy themed RP that takes place in a dispensary/cannabis club. If I started this, would anyone else join, or is this a dumb idea?
>> No. 434226
I'm not sure if this goes against the chan's rules, but you can try it. I think the worst you might get is a warning. But, you should make a separate thread for this instead of in the Announcement thread.
>> No. 434234
I did make a thread for it, and I guess RPing in it would imply that canonically, the characters all have prescriptions, so it should be ok.
>> No. 434464
File 137532367253.png - (37.54KB , 309x293 , huh.png )
New Brand New Day thread. Free to anyone. Just drop a sheet in the OOC and we'll get to it ask quick as can be.

IC Thread:

OOC Thread:
>> No. 435546
Brand spanking new RP, Whispering Pines is open to all!

Think Psychonauts meets Twin Peaks. It's going to get crazy, so get on now while the gettin's good

>> No. 435912
File 137592198959.png - (2.26MB , 1400x923 , CANON_Equestria_map.png )

A Fresh Start new canon set in a near future Equestria. The characters are to attend a government Hibernatus Project, developing a crio-sleep chambers for the interracial space station Orbital.

What can go wrong~?
>> No. 441131
File 137757661424.jpg - (210.52KB , 966x824 , Crystal_Cave_2_by_firedudewraith.jpg )
Well I've posted up the recruitment thread for Snow Ponies which can be found here: >>441128

Welcome to Koniksburg, a mining community in the far northeastern reaches of Equestria. Expect LOTS of snowball fights, evergreens, maple syrup, stylish scarves, and fetlocks unshorn, just as nature intended. The town is surrounded by the Crystal Mountains, a place where many a wondrous adventure and mystery can be found. This is a game about ponies doing what ponies do: having fun with each other, a mix of slice of life and adventure, all with the backdrop of a magical world. The game focuses on interpony interaction, light comedy, and problem solving, going back to the basic theme of the show and avoiding all the more grimdark or hyper-silly themes that have taken over many pony role plays.
>> No. 442737
File 137857421531.jpg - (87.24KB , 482x249 , Marvel-logo.jpg )

Superhero RP Sign-up thread.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's...YOU!

Sign up today for the World of Heroes canon! Save the world, Get the girl, all the good stuff. 'Nuff said.
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File 137923207882.png - (111.37KB , 500x433 , boxiedrewmy butt.png )

Hey figured I'd drop off a link for some free add space. If you're interested in joining we have an ooc to sign up in Just drop off a character sheet here.

We run off a simple dnd system..Which is fun and easy for newcomers,and vets alike.
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File 137929365976.jpg - (213.59KB , 500x337 , Sierra Nevada.jpg )
Like Westerns? Hate Deserts? Join up with the new action packed Tales of the Unikon!

Featuring new races like the Bears, the Thunderbirds, the Wolves, and the Tommyknockers, this canon promises a gritty Western experience anypony can enjoy! Trains, mines, a wilderness to rival that of Alaska!

Come join us in telling this thrilling tale:
IC thread - >>>/rp/40084648
OOC thread - >>>/ooc/443488
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Okay, first post here in /rp/. Hope I don't mess this up.

First, I'm looking for a simple RP set in a canon with easy accessibility that accepts OC characters outside of the FiM universe. Any genre is fine but action/adventure or slice of life would be nice.

Second, as I am new here, I am going to try and find the OC archive/directory/thingumabob thread where people post their characters

Hope this works.
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File 137962387651.jpg - (192.77KB , 664x575 , tumblr_mivgwk7mYA1r0cqu1o1_1280.jpg )

>First, I'm looking for a simple RP set in a canon with easy accessibility that accepts OC characters outside of the FiM universe. Any genre is fine but action/adventure or slice of life would be nice.

You might try the Donut Bar thread series for that over in /rp/ for that. Or any thread marked with #Open, and #Crossover.

>Second, as I am new here, I am going to try and find the OC archive/directory/thingumabob thread where people post their characters

We actually don't have a compendium of characters or anything like that. The closest you're gonna get to something like that are /ooc/ threads connected to #Ask/Invite marked canons/threads over in /rp/. Basically, submitting a character sheet for approval before they can play.

Sorry to say, signing up has over-taken just plain ole open threads, though, generally speaking, its pretty hard to get denied these days.
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File 138075686800.png - (48.87KB , 900x967 , malebatpone3.png )
Hey guys, Shade here with a new thread idea, you guys should come check it out, ask questions, share your comments and concerns, or just hang out and talk.
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File 138189389363.png - (1.53MB , 600x500 , City_lights_by_Ash_Dragon_wolf.png )
A new Grimdark, horror rp with a very flexible story line that the players themselves drive and create! Feel free to check it out!

phew! Good thing there is an edit button, I forgot the link! XD

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>> No. 448395
File 138508475325.jpg - (6.73KB , 259x194 , Thor_1.jpg )
We have one spot left to fill before we can let this canon get some traction, so step right up!
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A post virus Equestria, where ponies died out long ago. With some heavy western themes, some steampunk tech, a huge war, and some magitech just for good measure, all that's needed is some players.
If you're interested, check it out here.
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File 139129629683.jpg - (203.87KB , 1035x1300 , barbian.jpg )
Development for a streamlined and comprehensive roleplaying engine is going underway and we are looking for participants. Roleplay will have adventure/action elements. Gameplay is turn based and is hosted by a Storyteller/Dungeon Master.
Find us here.
>Pic could look like your future in the RP
>> No. 452110
File 139165183480.png - (292.92KB , 2533x1157 , AiP_Ponyvillehouses.png )
A new RP that revolves in normal Ponyville dedicated to follow the show canon for the most part. Mostly a slice-of-life canon whose stories are driven by the players. No sign-up necessary, just read the rules in the OP and enjoy.
>> No. 452122
Why don't you go to MLPchan and RP in Open Equestria instead of making a thread here?
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File 139725860992.jpg - (13.32KB , 281x236 , No, Really, None Of Us.jpg )
Don't bring them into this.
>> No. 454551

Just a chill open thread set in a carnival type atmosphere. Come on it and have some fun!
>> No. 454685
Smoking beaker has moved into ponyville, what will develop from a living chemical factory moving in? look here to find out!
Smoking beakers new life

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I made a thread where humans go to equestria as the champions of creepypasta monsters
>> No. 454712
Looking for people to do a MLP DnD style RP.
Meet in >>454711 to see the Intro.
>> No. 456376
Looking for some payers for a rp.
>> No. 456405
BLOOBITYDOOP... Great, now that I have your attention, please come and play with us. To the cold beforetimes.

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The entire page is covered in donut bar.

There is something wrong with this.
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Random chill thread?
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File 141763214970.png - (291.63KB , 900x884 , samurai_pony_by_thecutetoxicbunny-d4ogsxz.png )
Hello I'm interested in a pertnership. I have my chat you and your workers cna come and chat to us about.

Link Here:!menu-1/cljn
Come join us and have fun. The future is up to you.
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Man, this thread hasn't seen traffic in months! Do people still use this, or is it all Skype and Google Groups and phone calls these days?
Anyway, I need some nerds to be lab rats for my canon! I'm trying to make something that's serious without being overbearing, and it's just gonna be a little slice-of-life type thing. Pack your tents, nerds, you're going camping!
Featuring Bear Grylls as your outdoorsy friend
Steve Irwin's ghost as the High Scoutmaster
Johnny Knoxville as Scootaloo
Lorde as Sweetie Belle
and Johnny Depp as Apple Bloom
>> No. 457253
File 141974486151.png - (429.06KB , 624x836 , ella bucket o fish.png )
>That casting crew

Amazing. Make an ooc for it and let's see where it goes
>> No. 457287
I totally made it! It's in /ooc

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