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Hello and welcome to /ooc/!

This sticky serves as an introduction as well as a place for The Canon Compendium

Out of character (OOC) roleplay discussion is meant to belong here. That means roleplay organising, recruitment, and general ooc threads for specific roleplays on /rp/. It can also be used for character building/critique and brainstorming for locations, and various other roleplay related necessities, such as general writing for rp technique.

Please keep general chatter threads in /chat/, and actual roleplaying threads in /rp/.If anyone asks you (even anonymously) to move the roleplay to the roleplay thread, please do. Spontaneous roleplay, such as that often found in current OOC threads, will be allowed here, but please do try to keep as much as you can in the correct board.

If you are interested in learning about roleplaying, we have prepared some advice guides which can be found below, and are happy to help you get into the groove of things and help you understand what makes a "good" roleplayer. Various help documents will be linked here for you to read. Looking over them is not required for you to get help in here, but would make our jobs much easier and make your learning experience much smoother.

Click here for our FAQ section.

A guide to creating Original Characters can be found Right here. It won?�?��?��t make you instantly perfect, but it will give you a better idea of what you might want to aim for, and what common mistakes you can easily avoid.

The Canon Compendium.

The purpose of this compendium is to document all the canons on this board and put them in one easy to access and easy to view place to let people quickly and easily find canons they may be interested in playing in. Not only does this help newcomers find things that interest them without having to slog through all of /OOC/, it also is an opportunity to advertise a canon you have made or are in to draw in new blood. This thread does not mean to be some sort of super-serious deal, but rather a way to help out all players by making things easier to find.

If you would like your canon to be added, please refer to the gdocs of the canon Here If you have any questions, or need help with anything, feel free to post in this thread with any questions, someone will be able to help you.

If you have any questions, or need help with anything, feel free to post in this thread with any questions, someone will be able to help you.

Always remember that having fun should be the number one priority!
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File 134465813410.png - (353.18KB , 866x1180 )
>sticky request
>> No. 267346
File 134465888689.jpg - (7.66KB , 228x221 , David.jpg )
Thank you Pinkie Pie.

Alright, here's the link to the very first thread, I hope it's helpful to everyone.
>> No. 268971
File 134479945921.jpg - (116.83KB , 493x700 , Cookies____.jpg )
Hello Everyone, my name is Strangelove, you may also call me Astra, Mr./Mrs. Bolt, Doctor, or that one guy who does things.

I've been roleplaying since I was about 12-13 and am currently 19 going on 20.

I've got quiet a bit of experiences in roleplaying, I started into it on Ponychan back in December, I hope that this proves to be helpful to some people, don't be afraid to jump on in.
>> No. 268994
File 134480104412.png - (103.26KB , 593x600 , bubble flirt.png )
Hey, I'm Bubble Berry aka Pezzy aka Sweeney Pie aka random ass characters I showed up as. I was involved in /rp back in May 2011, since then I've been doing a decent bit of lurking at times. I've gone though plenty of OCs for various canons so I should be able to help out a bit with character creation issues and help with jumping in.
>> No. 269231
File 134481388701.png - (175.42KB , 271x283 , Grell_VitalInformationForYourEverydayLife.png )
Hello, Grell Sutcliff, at your service! I have been writing and roleplaying since 2006, and have been heavily involved with the mechanics of running and maintaining a group in /rp/ since December 2011.

If there are any questions regarding maintaining a happy balance in your RP group, writing issues, or perhaps you just need a simple question answered, I'll be happy to assist you!
>> No. 269243
File 134481459808.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Hey there, everypony! I'm Nimble Wing (I've got a few other characters/names, but you'll mostly see me going as Nimble), and I'm arguably the newest to RP out of those listed, only having participated in my first one back in about late September or early October of 2011, but I had a bit of a talent for it. I've improved quite a bit, especially because, well, RP was my life for a time. I'm good with pretty much everything, so I'll be happy to help with whatever you may need. Happy RPing~
>> No. 269352
File 134482024121.png - (145.15KB , 307x314 , Karl_Musing.png )
Annnnd I don't have my trip on me, my apologies.

As you can see, name's Sawrik! I joined Ponychan around August last year, my first Ponychan roleplay I've been in I joined in November, but I've been roleplaying since 2007, not as much writing, more D&D wise.

I'm off for the summer, so I'll be here all day, lurking the main thread.

All I can say, hope I can help you have fun roleplaying, because it sure is a blast once you get the hang of it!
>> No. 270261
File 134485708550.png - (23.47KB , 125x150 , Bubble Berry.png )
And apparently I have seniority, sweet.
>> No. 279178
File 134531083092.jpg - (11.66KB , 300x207 , thumbnailCASFSMIA.jpg )
Hello, I am "Syn", or as I am called elsewhere, Technopony/gryphon. Anyways, for some history... I have been Roleplaying since... Online, early 2010 on the site FanFiction.Net, but before that, when I was much younger, I tabletop gamed for a few years, around 2006-2008, but haven't done that in a bit. (Dungeons and Dragons, mostly.) Anyways, since my roots on FFN, I like to think I've come a long way in RPing, building up from the beginning over-powered god-modding Mary/Gary Sue/Stue to having, or at least trying to have, well-rounded characters. I've only ever RPed for MLP once or twice, and that was just casual with only one or two friends. So, more or less, this will be my first time RPing for MLP on a large-scale basis. Anyways, glad to be here.
>> No. 292587
File 134588679643.png - (182.14KB , 900x675 , 132626481814_png.png )
So what threads are open that i can join?
>> No. 292635
File 134589063598.jpg - (44.42KB , 351x422 , 8e64426169f0cf267973f3fbl0.jpg )
Actually there are plenty of open threads within /rp/ itself and plenty of /ooc/ threads where you should feel free to just hop in and as if they are looking for any roleplayers.

If you are looking for help with your roleplaying we have a thread for that here.
>> No. 292637
I tried joining that one thread

>> No. 292803
File 134592005384.png - (677.49KB , 640x360 , haruhi-9.png )
I'm afraid that I don't know what thread you are talking about.
>> No. 304024
>> No. 309032
File 134685439851.jpg - (104.49KB , 1024x768 , Capture_010.jpg )
Rebuilding the Sticky thread.
>> No. 309035
File 134685497962.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
We can rebuild it! We have the technology!
>> No. 310717
File 134698018731.png - (59.16KB , 155x333 , 155px-FireRed_LeafGreen_Red.png )
Hey there, I am looking for a place to RP on Skype, so... you know.... Add me! lol

My Skype Username is Jerome.joker
>> No. 317881
"So all i need to do is make a character like me and join threads?"
>> No. 317887
"So even though there are open threads how can i join when some have already started?"
>> No. 318017
File 134745935009.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
Short answer, yes. Look for a thread with an "#Open" tag and hop in. Some canons, like Harmony, are more structured and have restrictions on what kind of character you can have, while others are generally free-for-all deals.
>> No. 318307
File 134749178774.png - (297.23KB , 474x392 , Oooh.png )
It's very hard when you don't know anybody to just jump right in, especially if you've never roleplayed before. I recommend hopping onto the /ooc/ thread (>>318146) and start getting to know everybody. I personally started out with D:E, picked my favorite character after a few days, asked a few of my friends from the /ooc/ if they want to join in, and introduced it to Destination: Equestria! Once you make a thread and start getting to know the system and the people, it'll be easy.
>> No. 329358
>> No. 329642
testy test
>> No. 329798
File 134837699735.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
You sound a bit testy. Is everything all right at home?
>> No. 330431
File 134841930446.gif - (730.41KB , 250x138 , Like thunder.gif )
When a mod edits the OP of the sticky I have to make a test post for it to actually update.
>> No. 330433
File 134841953846.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
Gotcha. Anyway, what's the status on the /gala/ and /rp/ subthreads?
>> No. 330434
File 134841974593.gif - (856.18KB , 486x365 , Wait a minute.gif )
Currently undergoing updates as per what's been discussed in this thread
>> No. 330444
File 134842027960.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
All right. Where will the announcement be once they're ready for use? This thread or elsewhere?
>> No. 330716
File 134843796994.png - (241.65KB , 765x566 , 85684 - Spitfire_Mk__VII Supermarine_Spitfire airplane inception spitfire spitfire_in_a_spitfire.png )
t'll most likely be here if a thread goes up for it, not sure what's going on with that.
>> No. 331531
File 134850691213.gif - (492.22KB , 245x180 , Oh yes.gif )
Need to post to make the OP update.

Have this from !!Shining Armor
>> No. 337628
File 134902974632.jpg - (261.94KB , 772x900 , Riddle me this!.jpg )
Hello? Anybody on? I have a few questions about a new canon me and some friends are starting, specifically what i would need to do to get it on the doc.
>> No. 337643

All you need to do to get it on the doc is to post in info in the format listed at the top of the Canon Compendium. After which I'll add it. Just so you know, the format is this:

Name: The name of the canon
Link: A link to the most current OOC thread or wherever else contains information on the canon
Canon-Type: List here if your canon is either FiM-oriented, General, or Non-Pony. FiM-oriented means only FiM species would be allowed (only species that appear in the show, similar to the #FiM-Only tag). General means that setting has FiM elements but is not restricted to only FiM elements (i.e. could be set in Equestria and have crossover characters, similar to the #General tag). Non-Pony means the canon has nothing to do with FiM--no ponies or anything of that sort. ONLY USE THESE TAGS.
Sign Up?: List here if people have to sign up to join the canon or not. This is typically a yes or no question, so simply put yes or no.
[b]Description:[b] Include a brief description of the setting of your canon and the style of roleplay. Where is it set? Is it freeflowing or structured? Is it oriented toward action, grimdark, slice of life, or anything of the sort? The description is the biggest part and will give people the best idea of what the canon is, so don?�?��?��t hold back! Also include any other information you think will be necessary, such as specific contact information for canon admins if there are any.
>> No. 337689
File 134903429893.jpg - (10.35KB , 214x235 , images (22).jpg )
If you look on the sticky, there is actually a link to the canon compendium that tells you how to get it added to the Gdocs.

Is the address.
>> No. 337691
File 134903430321.jpg - (3.98KB , 240x210 , Smile.jpg )
You can actually make submissions in this thread.
>> No. 337764
Thank you so much! Sorry for the delayed response.

Name: Change(l)ing perspective.
Canon Type: FiM Oriented
Sign up: Yes
Description: Focuses on the interaction between Changelings and Ponies, and the struggle for continued peace after the attempted invasion of Canterlot.

After the failed invasion, Chrysalis and her forces were weakened, and discouraged. Retreating back to the Hive to regroup, Equestria and the Hive were on the brink of War. Tensions were strained, and conflict threatened to engulf the two nations. However, Celestia feared a full on war. As proficient as the royal guard were, the entirety of the changeling population was ready for combat, and trained for it. And they far outnumbered the ponies. Instead of war, and the eradication of one or both nations, the two governments met, and together, formed a treaty. Unstable? Yes. Volatile? Yes. Possible? Yes. With the signing of the Black-Gold Proclamation, Three things happened;

First, Canterlot began to build the Black District in the caves beneath Canterlot mountain. This was a safe haven for Changelings in Equestria, and housed the Changeling Embassy, where ambassadors and civilians from the Hive could live in relative peace.

Secondly, The Hive began to construct the Gold Cell in the most well lit of its subterranean Expanse. Here, Ponies could live without fear of being fed upon, as they conducted business, and participated in the Changeling politics.

Third and last, the Proclamation made it just as illegal for a pony to commit a violent action against a changeling as it was to do the same to another pony, and vice versa. Changelings and Ponies were equalized before the law.

This, is where you come in...

Being a Player
These threads will alternate between the Hive, and Canterlot, and your character will be one of the residents. You could be a guard, a civilian, an ambassador... anything you want really, as long as you ask. The canon also has a few simple rules.

1: No Humans. This is a pseudo-canon canon, and so far, there are no humans in equestria.

2: Power limit is < Celestia or Luna. The more powerful your character, the easier it is for the officers to pick on you.

3: Rolling vs. Honor. We dont care which you use, just be consistant and decide beforehand.

4: Keep OOC chat in the OOC thread. This should be self evident. If you want to talk to another player, please come here and do it. We dont want to clutter the roleplaying with idle chit chat.

5: Godmodding will result in quick termination. Dont do it.
>> No. 337798
File 134904135650.png - (25.43KB , 277x184 , Chillin on a Cloud by Stephy.png )
Alright, it's just been added to the Compendium.
>> No. 337807
I'mma draw you now.
>> No. 337956
File 134906301448.png - (189.80KB , 981x799 , Lazy Flight by TacoMaster.png )
Oh. Well. Ok then.
Have fun with that?
>> No. 350241
anypony 'round here play Pathfinder? i've been trying to set up a pony themed game for my friends and myself to play but i lack GM skills and we have no idea what we're doing. can you help us?
>> No. 351015
File 135038136145.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
>WAAY late response
I've delved a bit into Pathfinder before, but not very much. However, I've been known to pick up on things relatively quickly, and I've done some DMing before in DnD, Pathfinder, and Ponychan RP. So... depending on what you specifically need help with, I may be able to lend a hoof. Lemme know what you need, and I'll try to be quicker in responding next time~
>> No. 351479
nah you're not late, i would need to set up a weekend to gather everyone to play but what i guess i(we) need a GM since im terrible at it.

again to bring life to it even more, Pathfinder needs to be ponies. hopefully keeping it more mythical and to the show as close as we can with the acception of rpg 'tools' like knifes, magic, necromancy, etc. no humans unless mentioned in a book or something.

does any of that sound ok?
>> No. 351726
File 135042897826.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Well, theoretically, as long as you knew what you were doing, then you could change pretty much anything in the rules of Pathfinder. And that includes changing the races, classes, settings, etc all to the FiM canon. Actually, a friend of mine made an entire campaign based on the DnD 3.5 ruleset that was a crossover between FiM and Fallout, so I've seen it first hand.
I suppose that, if nobody else steps forward to help GM with you guys, then I could go get the Pathfinder rules for myself and customize things a bit for you, and then quick-write a campaign. Or at least collaborate with you (and/or some other members of your group) to get all that done.
Just lemme know if that sounds good, and we'll go from there.
>> No. 354887
um we have the books n stuff but uh yeah do whatever i guess im pretty confused atm its been a while since ive been here on Ponychan.
>> No. 358940
File 135096706382.jpg - (50.28KB , 420x486 , 42e.jpg )

Looking for potentially interested players~!
>> No. 366824
File 135167208208.jpg - (9.89KB , 215x234 , images.jpg )
GHOST REPORTING FOR DUTY, ELITE MEMBER OF TASK FORCE 141 AND Shepherd betrays and kills me and Roach after we get the DSM

boy i hope i did that right
>> No. 367597
File 135176383419.jpg - (14.03KB , 210x260 , soap_edit_v2--article_image.jpg )
Ghost, what're ya doin'? You're not supposed ta give away classified Activision information. We want people ta buy our game so our overlords can make more money. Now come on, back in yer grave where ya belong...
>> No. 377449
>> No. 378389
File 135291428196.png - (73.28KB , 640x640 , Ghost face smile.png )
Hello, I'm ghost! Nice to meet you all! Can't wait to have some fun :D
>> No. 378423
File 135292024069.png - (48.44KB , 235x251 , 1343192725073.png )

Howdy there sport.
>> No. 378897
Hello. Do you come here often?
>> No. 380930
File 135322256592.jpg - (84.82KB , 650x788 , 401713_md-For the Greater Good.jpg )

Every damn day.
>> No. 380970
File 135324028389.png - (12.64KB , 325x255 , Ghost Face unsure 2.png )
Know of any RP I could join? I've never really RP'd before, so it'd have to be newbie friendly :s
>> No. 380971
File 135324056337.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
With the number and variety of canons around, I'm pretty sure there's something out there you'd enjoy. Tell us a bit more about yourself, though - what kind of setting do you enjoy? Crossovers, FiM-oriented, structured, loose, lighthearted or intense...?
>> No. 382175
File 135333465795.png - (12.64KB , 325x255 , Ghost Face d'aaw-unsure.png )
I think I'd like something more lighthearted and relaxed at first. I don't mind either way if its FiM-oriented.
Oh, I really enjoy like fantasy settings :3

Thanks for helping me out ^_^
>> No. 388017
So how/what RP should i join? I have been in two, but my friend helped me get in there. I don't know how to join Canon RP's, is there one that is kind to newcomers?
>> No. 388095
File 135406243505.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
>holy crap, late response
Well, in terms of searching for a canon to join, then I'd recommend giving the Canon Compendium a quick look. It's got quite a few of Ponychan's RP canons listed on it, and gives quick descriptions of each. Browse on through there, and if one catches your eye, then go talk to the users in it, and figure out if that's where you wanna go.

As for you, may I ask what two canons you were a part of, as well as how long you were a part of them? You may be less of a newcomer than you think!
Also, similar advice that I gave to Ghost applies to you, too. Everybody has different preferences for where and what they RP. If you find one that you like, joining the canon is pretty easy. The instructions are generally listed right in the OOC or IC threads! If not, or if you're confused, just ask in the thread. I'm sure that they'll be happy to help you with their individual processes.

However, if either of you have more questions, or need more help, don't be afraid to ask!
>> No. 389375
Hello, everyone. I'm Thar, or Speedy if you prefer. Only looked at the boards for a year, but decided to try and get into them. Chose /rp/ since it seems fun and I like ponies. Will probably be either really serious, or think of random ideas. All depends on my mood.

Either way, hope to have fun with you all!
>> No. 389883
File 135425308228.png - (71.17KB , 830x650 , myPony (2).png )
Hello everybody, I'm pretty new to RPs and I'm not sure how I am them but I am hoping to meet some people and get better at RPs! I'm pretty open when doing RPs and I hope to do a good amount of RPs. I am able to do an RP almost anytime so I hope that I will be able to do them often! If anyone wants to RP just tell me and I will most likely say yes!
>> No. 390563
I have one, just tell me you info.
>> No. 393262
File 135484695362.jpg - (19.11KB , 503x508 , Red Rush.jpg )
Howdy, Name's Red Rush ere..hehe I sure like to to run and all like a kinda new to this uh...uhm..Howdy..hehe..

Ah'm ah puttin' this Intro to the right place?..jus' checkin' and all..
>> No. 393373
File 135485654808.png - (589.81KB , 2700x2763 , Nimble Wing by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Well, hey there, Red Rush! Welcome to /ooc/, and by extension, /rp/! I certainly hope you enjoy your time here, especially since you're new.
And if you have any questions, then don't hesitate to make a post in here. That's what we've got the thread for!
>> No. 393769
To get started, I would suggest sending a charecter sheet to AOS. Its a pretty big rp. But, whatever, its your choice.
>> No. 395364
File 135515163563.png - (38.52KB , 550x400 , 70891_fancyfire_spitfire_display.png )
Stop posting and deleting, I am minding you.
>> No. 396152
File 135521617976.png - (3.42KB , 181x154 , AK looks.png )
Hello everyone!
I have not been here in MONTHS
I would love to get back into RPing. I have no idea where i can get in. I have an unusual schedule. Nights only. I just would like to know where would be a good place to start over.
>> No. 396153
File 135521631737.jpg - (24.68KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Quinch.jpg )
Harmony is nice?

Okay, Harmony is one of the two canons I'm really familiar with. I'm sure participants in other canons would love to have you too.
>> No. 396371
Well, look around a bit. Perhaps do some lurking at your most convenient RP times and see which threads are updating the most, or maybe kinda ask around. I know for a fact that you're not the only one who operates on that sort of schedule. I've pretty much become the same, RPing late evening and nights when I go IC.
Ponychan's a global thing, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a group that fits into your times, or even one that operates around the clock. Take a look to see what you'd enjoy the most, and dive in to see when they're active. You may just like what you find.
>> No. 398651
File 135559031172.png - (34.52KB , 428x404 , 8fecb20817b3847419bb3de39a609afe_1024.png )
Hi there! The name's Hackalot Spark. I run the Sparkade franchise that has locations in Canterlot, Ponyville, and Cloudsdale. I've had a horrible past and I try not to let it haunt me however it does happen from time to time. Nonetheless I hope we can be friends!
>> No. 398679
File 135560065321.jpg - (60.88KB , 500x667 , tumblr_m7f7p1grz51rxw07uo1_500.jpg )
>Horrible past
>tries not to let it haunt them.
How original!
>> No. 398742
File 135561942163.png - (69.04KB , 548x946 , Determined Glance by Mobius Pony.png )
Well, hello, Hackalot! Always glad to welcome newcomers around here. I hope you enjoy your stay here on /ooc/ and /rp/! And as always, if you've got any questions, feel free to post 'em in here!

Oh, hush you! Perhaps it's worded a bit bluntly, but that's not so bad. The majority of my characters fit under the "tragic past, but tries not to let it haunt them" category. I just word it differently. Maybe Hackalot is actually a really interesting character, but you just don't know it yet!
>> No. 398743
File 135561947101.png - (18.79KB , 436x508 , Wide Eyed.png )
Aaaaand that's a name derp. Haven't done that in a while. Oops!
>> No. 400104
File 135580996908.png - (15.76KB , 510x488 , Fancy AK.png )
Greetings everyone. I am just here announcing my desire to participate in RP sessions during night hours. I can't seem to join any. they all seem to be either closed or inactive.
I am attempting to get back into RPing. I have created a new character and everything. I have not RPd in over a year i'm a bit rusty but i am sure it will be fun.
>> No. 400309

I've been asking around for a good Pony rp sight, and people directed me here.

You can call me Nate, and expect typical newbie behavior from me.
>> No. 400835
Hello, Newbie-Nate! Head over here and introduce yourself!
>> No. 400956
File 135597490628.png - (24.13KB , 150x150 , 150px-Medictaunt3.png )
May I tip my hat to you all. I am K-prime, A newcomer to these parts and I personally look forward to the knowing all of you.
>> No. 401304
File 135603946358.png - (1.53KB , 41x65 , j s r.png )
Lovely to meet you! I'm TwlightFIre, or TwiFire or whatever you want to call me. Hope you like it here!
>> No. 402589
File 135632824200.png - (438.61KB , 830x650 , Pony1.png )
Say hello to Data Stream, he's a bit of a rumor mill. He takes and keeps track of interesting (and usually embarrassing) tidbits of info and lets others in on all these secrets, for a price. One hell of a smooth talker, you'll find yourself telling him things you wouldn't tell anyone else before you know it. Nothing quite like profiting on freely acquired merchandise.

He used to be kind while in school, listening in to various ponies' problems and offering advice to help them out. However, with so many secrets in tow, it was only a matter of time before he fell into the wrong crowd. He doesn't keep many friends because of this, and while he is a smooth talker, any social skills beyond that are a little foreign to him. He'd actually like to have more friends, but his chronic backstabbing disorder at the first shiny bit waved in his face means he lives a lonely life, only having a small ever changing circle of fair weather loners he waves a shiny bit to in return.
>> No. 411862
File 136127356543.gif - (940.61KB , 245x176 , tumblr_mek24pArhR1qbephpo1_250.gif )
Greetings. I am Haytham Kenway... mostly. I play as other people if required. Former /b/ fag and a regular sex roleplayer, I was once a veteran of the Fallout roleplays during the dawn of the dial up ages, and I am also an avid fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

tl;dr, hi
>> No. 411884
File 136132281750.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Well, hello there, Haytham! And welcome to /rp/ and /ooc/! I certainly hope you enjoy your time here, but just remember that, although it's something you said that you do regularly, sex RP isn't something allowed on here. You'll have to keep that elsewhere. But I'm sure that it won't be an issue, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to post them here!
Oh, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of others around here who love the Warhammer 40,000 series. I know of a few who are very open about that, so it won't be hard to find them. In fact, they'll probably find you~

Anyway, as I said, welcome to /rp/ and /ooc/! Have a great time here, and don't be afraid to ask questions~
>> No. 411938
File 136133659433.gif - (657.68KB , 490x665 , tumblr_mihoylrKBm1rv8riho1_500.gif )
If you want to have just regular chit-chat, go to the /gala/ rp green room if you'd like.
>> No. 412286
File 136152530207.jpg - (34.85KB , 240x200 , Patrick-+I+love+you_thumb[1].jpg )
>> No. 425582
File 137174155624.png - (51.82KB , 256x256 , tumblr_lmaimxXQKL1qe08gso1_400.png )
Hi, I'm Bilbo Baggunz, First Marshal and Dear Leader of Ponychan, or something like that. I've pretty much never been on /rp/ or /ooc/ so I hope I'm welcome! :)
>> No. 425586
File 137175160674.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , Ella cute face.png )
Every newcomer is welcome!

Unless your a troll. Your not a troll are you? No? Good. Welcome to our humble little boards of adventure and drama! If you have any questions I highly suggest you go check this spot out:

Our current ooc threads on this board are not as active as they use to be.
>> No. 431319
I have no idea if this thread is alive or not, but if it is I would like to request some information and guidance. Obviously I'm new here, and I am in need of help.
>> No. 432525
File 137464109162.png - (8.20KB , 103x116 , letmeexplainyouathing.png )
Well, here's some basic pointers I can give you right off.

>Keep a folder full of images of your characters.
This will make your posts less likely to be subconsciously glossed over. They don't have to be fancy; most of us use the pony generator.

>Keep looking around /ooc/ until you find a canon that suits your playstyle. And if that fails, make one yourself.
The different canons are tailor-made to how different users feel comfortable. The good thing about this place is that there's something for everyone.

>Remember that this isn't fanfiction.
The stories told here involve multiple people telling them, so there's going to be some conflict. There's going to be characters who don't like yours, and your actions are going to have consequences. Embrace that conflict and act reasonably for your character, depending on the character alone.

Those are just a few things that came to mind. Hope they help.
>> No. 437206
File 137617808644.png - (38.14KB , 830x650 , Phoenix leg_up.png )
Hi, I'm Phoenix! it's nice to meet you all. I hope to have lots of fun here!
>> No. 440904
File 137753131184.jpg - (86.98KB , 843x948 , Twilight vs Rainbow Dash.jpg )
Well, people, I am new to this really. Sort of. I started roleplaying like...a couple months ago and I found that I really liked it. I had no idea that people even did role play. Ever since, I have been roleplaying every single day. I have characters for ponies and humans and I am very flexible when it comes to what kind of rp I like to play. I can play anything, but there is really one problem. I'm not on the computer much. My mother typically takes control of it so I won't be on very often, which, I'm afraid, renders this entire thing pointless, but I will continue anyhow. I love to role play, absolutely love it, but I'm completely new to this site. I've never really been on here before. I've gone around the art and ooc threads (which I failed at posting correctly) and finally found the place I was looking for. Here is a description of my pony character (I don't have a picture for him...mainly because I'm not that good of an artist and can't draw him myself.):

Liquid Lightning, who prefers just Lightning, is a grey pegasus with yellow tipped wings. His mane and tail both are spiky, white, and they both fade into black towards the tips. His eyes are a brilliant gold and his cutie mark is of a lightning bolt striking water and bouncing off. He can absorb electricity out of anything that has power, such as a storm cloud or anything that produces electricity really, and redirect amounts of it at will. Unfortunately, he can not absorb too much or the immense amount of energy will kill him.

Looks and powers aside, he is a gentle and justice loving individual. He will not put up with criminal acts, now that he has reformed himself, and will push to his limits to prevent it. He is captain of the Dangerous Weather Patrol (which is really just a back up if the Weather Pegasi mess something up and a tornado occurs, a possible destructive storm is let loose, or a hurricane appears) and he does his job well. He and his team travel across Equestria; making sure it's safe from natural disasters. Of course, they aren't perfect, and sometimes things get through, but the Failsafe Organization is there too. Their job is in their name as they make sure there is a failsafe incase the DWP fails its job.

Lightning doesn't get much free time, but when he does, he makes sure to take it all in and enjoy every second of it. He isn't used to being all tied up. As a young colt, he always played around with Mia, his pet manticore. She was typically misunderstood, and grew very protective over him since his parents died, so when he brings a pony over to his house, which is a previously abandoned manor in the Everfree Forest that he and his parents fixed up, he has to be holding their hoof and must reassure Mia they are not trying to hurt him.

Lightning is a generally friendly pony, but when it comes to work or if you make him mad, he is very serious (obviously if you make him mad). He has a strict loyalty to his higher authorities, comrades, and friends. He lets nothing come in between him and those three things, and if something tries, you better believe he'll prevent it from happening, or die trying.

(too much?)
>> No. 440905
File 137753149055.jpg - (86.98KB , 843x948 , Twilight vs Rainbow Dash.jpg )
I forgot to mention he bears a deep secret that nopony besides him, Mia, and his parents shared.
>> No. 441194
File 137761511118.jpg - (143.88KB , 600x800 , 14a3044a2a6fafac743bc2571c4e8cd1.jpg )
Hey man, I think this place might be a little more active lately and some people can help you out a bit more if you haven't found something yet :)

Rp's green room, which is located at the top sticky over on /gala/ if you lose the link. Scroll to the bottom, and the last post will be 'new thread', which I linked ya to. Have fun!
>> No. 447768
hello /rp/, i don't know much about this board, but if there is any new canon I can b a part of please let me know XD. I want to hopefully start my own canon, if anyone is interested in creating a canon please let me know XD. Other than that, I odnt have much to say, I hope we all have some good time fun shenanigans XD
>> No. 447769
>> No. 450540
Hi, New guy here. No clue how to do this, but really want to join the fun. Where should I start?
>> No. 450716
File 138924073851.gif - (888.05KB , 220x220 , tumblr_mq27ztzjxI1rjcfxro1_250.gif )
>Where should you start?
Well, that all depends on what genre, post length, level of serious, and other quirks and topics you're looking for, in an RP canon. RP has canons from short post, and random, to long posts filled with science, and magic, and other things that I often get lost while reading! You have old mainstays, and new, innovative choices that are (Mostly) always looking for new members to join up, and have fun with. However, a lot do have sign up processes, and applications, but nine times out of ten, they're easy as pie to fill out, and an officer of the canon will usually happily help out with it.
>> No. 451374
File 139027474511.jpg - (1.61MB , 3920x2204 , 139025133225.jpg )
Hello, im RavenHeart. Im New here, and I wanted to know how things worked around here
>> No. 453983
File 139741390161.jpg - (372.16KB , 560x640 , Soft Smile.jpg )
>> No. 456271
Hi! I'm Crystal Clear. I haven't been role-playing long, but I think I have something vaguely resembling skill... I'm nineteen years old, and practically nocturnal due to my job. Cheers!
>> No. 457557
Well... Sup? (nah, this shouldn't work)

Okay, okay. (khm)
Hi guys, name's Geary, and I'm new to /rp/. Can you help me to start?

Last edited at Sun, Jan 18th, 2015 08:37

>> No. 457559
File 142160010451.png - (123.88KB , 1134x1134 , q2ARJ.png )
Hello! Welcome. I'll be willing to point you to some canons that'll peak your interests.

Pretty much around here you just need to look for an rp that you would enjoy to be in, but there are some you need to sign up for in an OOC, so it would be good if you checked /ooc/ as well.
>> No. 457604
File 142180133749.jpg - (713.07KB , 2046x1740 , 261344__safe_fluttershy_cyborg_artist-paladin_jpeg.jpg )
I have come here to dominate this thread.

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