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'The Ascended', a cult of unknown size and influence, founded by the megalomaniac and recently deceased Unicorn Richard Tapster, found themselves without a leader after the events taking place during and after the demon Umbrunox' attempted rise to power over Equestria. With their 'Father' killed, the cult found itself without leadership and in danger of falling apart, until Tonic's second in command, the mentally somewhat more stable but no less ruthless and dangerous First Disciple Loveless, was successful in his search for a spell to drag his master's soul back from what lies beyond and bind it to a phylactery, thus resurrecting Tonic as something far worse than what he had been before ?�?��?�? a undead abomination of frightening strength and malice.

Little to nothing is known about what happened after The Ascended managed to bring Tonic back into the world of the living. Located in the farthest south of Equestria, it took several weeks for the dire news to at least partially make it to Canterlot. What exactly was going on in the warmer regions of the continent, no one was able to say. Reports were hazy, but all of them carried the same unsettling message ?�?��?�? the Dead were rising. Whole districts had been devastated and small towns had been wiped empty over night with either no survivors or no trace of their denizens at all, and it is up to a group of willing and able heroes, led by a champion graced with the light of Celestia herself, to investigate the threat from the south and rid the land of the evil spirit who haunts it.


I am well aware that many players prefer chill slice-of-life scenarios for their players, which is why I have decided to, with the exception of the prologue, have the arc take place far away from Ponyville. The villain is not coming to anyone's doorstep, but the heroes will have to travel south to seek him out themselves. That way players who don't want to be part of this series can have their characters stay home without even knowing that anything is going on. This means that after the group has left town, the arc will be handled as closed. It simply doesn't fit if additional characters randomly tag along somewhere halfway because they just happen to stumble upon the group out of nowhere. I can be lenient with that as long as the heroes haven't traveled too far, in case someone missed the start because real life kept them away and made them miss the first threads, but once the actual journey has started, the arc will be shut tight.

Power Limit

I am also aware that Ponyville is stuffed and loaded with god tier characters who can level a mountain range by walking past it at a brisk pace. There have been complaints about past arcs and open RPs that players whose characters are still mere mortals and not ridiculously overpowered can do little more than just sit at the side and feel utterly useless while the god tier characters hog all the action and glory. However, I want every participant to have fun and feel like they actually made a difference, so the arc will be labeled with a custom Power Limit tag ?�?��?�? no god tier characters, please.

Variety and battle/rolling system

This will not be a pure 'whomps' arc. While characters who are able to stand their ground in battle against large and/or many enemies will be needed, I also want to include players with characters who have other talents. A good roleplay group does not consist entirely of fighters. You will have to put together a group talented in fighting, supporting, planning, healing, etc. or you will probably fail ?�?��?�? for a very specific reason: The outcomes of battles and other events that won't be scripted will be be decided by the board's dice roller. You can describe your actions just like you are used to doing from sparring threads and whatnot, but a roll will ultimately decide how successful your action will be. No matter how skilled your character is at doing something, there is always the element of chance and possible failure involved. On top of that, there will be events where the group will have to plan their actions in advance, and depending on how well or poor the players have attempted to even the odds in their favor, I will reward or punish them by giving either a bonus or a penalty for the duration of the event they have prepared for.

I think that's it for now. More questions will surely arise, but that's exactly what this thread is for, right? Okay...let's get kickin'!
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File 134724210919.jpg - (75.29KB , 960x568 , 131380618494.jpg )
Herp. How do I make RP.
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File 134724230765.jpg - (25.26KB , 300x277 , know that feel.jpg )
>Dat pic
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File 134724267727.jpg - (88.63KB , 648x439 , ___by annasko (25).jpg )
You post in dis thread I maed.

Another one is gonna be for Shade and...well, we'll see where that one leads us. As for chapter 10 - that one is being continued right here (just to save that link over from the old thread that's saging already...):
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File 134724440031.gif - (163.59KB , 393x494 , makoto-introtaunt.gif )
I'm ready to kick zombie ass whenever you guys are.
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File 134724453416.jpg - (60.92KB , 720x540 , 1345566410556.jpg )
>dat gif
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File 134725436042.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , ragna-bbcs-true-ending.png )
Also do you have a list of all the bonuses/penalties and info on the special undead? Could you post that again?
>> No. 316865
File 134734896988.png - (240.50KB , 515x1000 , 04.png )

-'Piercing Glare' (victim goes into seizures, then limp and remains paralyzed for fifteen minutes, immediate help from companions strongly recommended)
-After choosing its prey, the Basilisk concentrates on that, leaving it open for attacks (-2 on defense rolls)

-Fast and brutal attacker (+2 on attack rolls)

-'Strength in Numbers' (+2 on attack rolls if a victim is surrounded)
-will usually do little to nothing in order to defend itself (-2 on defense rolls)

+'Song of Death' (The Howler lets out a piercing moan that causes nausea and disorientation; normal defense roll when at medium distance from a Howler, -2 if the Howler is up close. Rolling a critical failure results in passing out.)


-Nimble and stealthy (+2 on sneak attacks)
-The Hunter's focus on stalking tactics make it less effective in open combat. (-2 on defense rolls)

-'Embrace' (The Mercy does not engage in combat; it will follow an injured or sick individual calmly until the victim has no strength left and collapses on their own ?�?��?�? the Mercy will approach and wrap its wings around the dying prey, kill it with a single bite to the throat and wait until the victim has turned before either leaving or remaining with them for a while.)

-'Acid' (The Spitter...well, spits a mass of highly corrosive and fast acting digestive at its prey from a distance. There is no bonus to the attack roll, but if the Spitter's saliva hits the target, the defender automatically suffers a -3 on their defense roll. In close combat, the Spitter will attempt to vomit its acid all over the victim's body. Spitters travel with packs of crawlers and can be identified by their distinct gagging noises and the partially dissolved flesh originating from poor aim and drooling.)

There is no bonus to the attack roll and no initial penalty to the defense roll. However, if the attack hits (attack roll higher than defense roll) the damage is severe - so the 3 applies only to damage, not initial defense. That way, characters good at dodging (Rillian) can still use their bonus to try and evade the attack, but if it hits, the -3 is applied for damage.


>Spitter rolls for attack: 8
>Defender rolls for...well, defense: 7

Here the defense roll didn't go well, and the attack hit. Now you subtract 3 from your initial defense roll to determine the damage. 7 becomes 4, and the damage is a lot greater.

An evasive character like Rillian uses his +2 bonus while dodging, but it hits him pretty hard...if it does.

A heavily armored character like Nash rolls for defense, and if the attack hits anyway, it eats his +2 armor bonus and takes 1 off his defense roll as well - If he rolled an 8 (10 including bonus), the acid pulls his roll down to a 7.

-will not engage in combat if she is left alone and sufficient distance is kept at all times
-When startled, the Witch mercilessly attacks whoever provoked her (+2 on attack rolls), but pays little attention to anything else until the initial target is dead (-2 on defense rolls)

-incredible durability (+2 on defense rolls)
-Weak barricades (boards nailed over a window and such) are next to useless, as the Tank will simply tear them down.
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File 134738319827.jpg - (63.13KB , 400x600 , Abies_cilicica.jpg )
I done did posted dere. My watched threads aren't working, though.
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File 134746515626.png - (38.41KB , 618x691 , ShadeKiddingMe.png )
I'm ready at fact I've BEEN ready. But a myraid of issues has prevented it. I.E I can't get in toucvh with you and the site decides to squat in a ditch
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File 134746887171.jpg - (85.82KB , 437x699 , 133298938364.jpg )

Thank you.

Also, can anyone give me a quick recap of what important has happened over the arc?
>> No. 318475
File 134750260820.png - (103.48KB , 791x902 , ShadeShatter3.png )
Over the arc? Most of them are at an airfield, some went off to follow a distress signal, Shade's on a rampage
>> No. 318634
File 134750899366.jpg - (793.84KB , 1920x1080 , 1300990842422.jpg )

Okay then. Could someone fill me in on the whole business with an ice fairy, the pony Rillian found, Loveless, and the side stories so far? Also was there anything special that happened before we left?
>> No. 318641
File 134750926173.png - (9.60KB , 208x156 , Rillian3.png )
The pony Rillian found seems to be...a tad loony from what looks like a combination of physical and mental abuse, add a dash of horrible zombies and you get one terrified blue unicorn filly.
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File 134776946331.png - (201.18KB , 800x600 , Curly face.png )
Hey, uh

you guys do know you can post in thread 11 now, right?
>> No. 321934
File 134777282756.png - (28.82KB , 248x241 , pokerface.png )
>Icky / Wheaty
>too lazy to name-change at the mo
Most of the active participants are currently pre-occupied with clearing out a hangar back near the airship. They might be able to do something afterwards, and I am not too willing to time-derp before I know how that fight might turn out.
>> No. 321997

I see. Then I'll just have to wait.
>> No. 329269
File 134834877787.png - (344.84KB , 787x715 , 5ef8a1bea7609ad16caaf2df7f805bc9.png )
Does anyone here have a healer role system I could look at? I'm trying to figure one out, should I need it.
>> No. 329293
File 134834986613.jpg - (96.64KB , 480x864 , 442b1cf4c3a58f9ef56ebfb9457e4b75.jpg )
I think Astral does
>> No. 329294
File 134835041921.png - (27.49KB , 403x360 , hmmmm.png )
I actually am unsure of how effective rolls are at curing wounds by the number I roll, that's mostly determined by Moonshine. I figure 10 = heal critical wounds, 9-7 = heal major wounds, 6-4 = heal wounds, 3-2 = heal minor wounds, and 1 = almost no healing at all / innefective. I get a + 2 to healing, so I can't really go below a 3. As Blank put it when I got an 11 on Trixie "You not only healed the nasty cuts all over her, but you probably took care of that crick in her neck that she's had for the past 4 years." =P

Basically, Moonshine tells you how effective it is based on the number it spits out.
>> No. 329308
File 134835261445.png - (229.06KB , 900x922 , princess_cadance_vector_with_tail_by_pinkiemina-d58nzz9.png )
Well then, hmmm... don't want it to be exactly the same. Maybe she has a charge ability, but can charge other character's attacks. Healing/charging Shining should be a straight bonus of some kind... I'll think about it more over dinner.
>> No. 329318
File 134835335405.png - (115.80KB , 500x516 , alright.png )
Moonshine let us choose two things we could get a bonus of +2 to, and one thing to get a penalty of -2 to. I think you knew that, though, since I think you figured it for Mjolna, but what will Cadence be? =P

For Wheaty, I did +2 diplomacy (if that ever becomes a thing), +2 healing, and -2 defense rolls.
>> No. 329360
File 134835535749.jpg - (60.52KB , 500x562 , Hologram.jpg )
You don't roll for talking. You talk to the person and try and convince them to your point of view.
>> No. 329420
File 134835932774.png - (27.49KB , 403x360 , hmmmm.png )
I always roll for talking, what are you talking about? I think you rolled a 1 because what you said made no sense to me.
>> No. 329428
File 134835976705.png - (10.22KB , 525x525 , Zate_sheepish_c.png )
>Roll for mundane action
My last pathfinder game did that, at first. Fun times.

"I eat breakfast. Should I roll for that?"
'..Sure, why not.'
"Uh.. 8."
'You fail to eat your breakfast properly, and somehow pour your oatmeal into your ears.'
>> No. 329438
File 134836034760.png - (93.98KB , 957x1365 , oh me.png )
Shining: "Can't talk right now, Cadence. Raiding."
Cadence: "Can I watch?"
Shining: "Oka- OH COME ON?! NASH! Why are you using that weapon? Everyone knows that undead have bullet resistance! Your DPS dropped by about 5k, dude! WHY IS THERE NO HEALER IN RANGE OF SALSA'S TESTICLES?! Come on guys, pull it together!"
Cadence: "Is this really what raiding is like?"
Shining: "Shush, they can hear you over Ventrilo. Why was no one holding the door open only a crack? Uggghhhh... alright, Rillian, get over there and throw up some distractions until a tank gets there to pick up all those ad- WHY WAS NO ONE PROTECTING WHEATY! We're down a healer! God! No wonder Salsa's still clutching his balls..."

Had to be done =P Those recent comments in 10-2 made me do it.
>> No. 329473
File 134836197400.jpg - (67.88KB , 426x502 , Notaspy_awesome.jpg )
"Yeah, but the RPM on this baby makes up for it. Besides. Do YOU have chicken.? I do."
>> No. 329478
File 134836234474.png - (34.85KB , 500x471 , Kokopelli5.png )

"Oh, uh, sorry for showing up for tank. I had to do something with a friend. Maybe next raid?"
>> No. 329996
File 134838302521.png - (9.73KB , 206x156 , Rillian2.png )
"Wheaty, relax, I'm the dodging tank. It'll be fine as long as DPS cuts down their numbers so they don't surround me or form a conga line."
>> No. 330026
File 134838362398.png - (154.32KB , 467x709 , Smile.png )

"Dude, don't worry about my balls. I got a cup!"
>> No. 346350
File 134997619033.png - (94.51KB , 578x350 , 106904__UNOPT__safe_princess-cadance_artist-pupukala.png )
Ok, so here is the system with Cadance I've devised, that is up for approval

- - -

She is a healer, but functions differently than Wheaty. Consecutive turns healing will act as a charge for each later turn, provided she is not interrupted. Example being

>heal post one
d10 = 2

>heal post two
d10+2 = 4

>heal post three
d10+2+2 = 10

And so on and so fourth. Alternatively, d12 or d14 could be rolled if the system seems too strong.

- - -

Secondly, she can use her charge on others; +2 standard to any individual, but can cast +4 if the target of her charge is on Shining Armor.
>again, feedback if it's OP'd, let me know

- - -

Thirdly, her 'special ability' is a 'party charge,' (meaning all allied characters playing) which again requires her not to be interrupted. It has a max charge of five, and a guaranteed charge of one. Here's how it works.

The first turn it's cast, you /would/ roll a d1, but that is automatically a +1 to begin with. The second post she has the possibility of raising it to a two, rolling a d2. If she rolls a two, the party supplement would be +2; if she rolls a one it stays at one. Should she get a two, the next post she would roll a d3. If she gets a 3, the charge becomes +3. If it is 2, it stays at +2. If it's a number less than the current charge, the charge drops by one (in this case, down to +1 again).

So if her previous charge is +4, she rolls a d5. if it is a 5, it becomes +5. if it is 4, it stays at +4. If her roll is a 3, 2, or 1, her charge drops by one to +3.

- - -

As for penalties, outright attacks of a physical nature get -2 (not magic attacks), and any healer healing her besides herself gets a -2 in a heal of her. Counterattacks and the like suffer a -1 penalty.

- - -

Any thoughts?
>> No. 346364
File 134997761754.png - (89.33KB , 471x384 , question.png )
Well, by virtue of that healing system, Cadence could end up outdoing Wheaty by virtue of those continually building charges while still healing. It would be be like a factoral growth of sorts Although, she also does several other things besides healing, while healing is all Wheaty can really do, and he gets a flat bonus all the time. By that virtue, I don't really get how healing would be less effective on her if it came from someone else.
>> No. 346375
File 134997817516.png - (344.84KB , 787x715 , 5ef8a1bea7609ad16caaf2df7f805bc9.png )
Well, she's a bit more... tall, and maybe had a bit more function in her. I threw it in that if she's to get healed by someone else, to do it to full effect she needs to be charging them (aka using her as a tank will be punished). I already talked with Blank a bit, and decided to go with the d12 d14 d16 etc system, so after five turns there's not going to be any sort of guaranteed ubercharge like a TF2 Medic
>as was later said; Shining Armor: "Oh, Tonic, you ripped out my heart and lungs, but that's okay because my wife rolled a 28"

Keep in mind if she gets interrupted and has to defend herself, that all goes away. Wheaty seems to be willing and able to get into the midst of combat. Cadance is supposed to be more 'punished' if she gets directly involved.
>> No. 346522

So you would need someone protecting you at all times, like a pocket, correct? Seems reasonable enough. Watch out for spitters and their projectiles, though.
>> No. 346554
File 134998717731.png - (43.52KB , 178x234 , smile.png )
>oh the math you have time to do waiting for water to boil in lab
So... basically because she's an alicorn? =P I suppose I can go with that. I also did the math, and 5 rounds of constancy versus 5 rounds of increasing dice would put her even with Wheaty at 37.5. (7.5 x 5 = (5.5+6.5+7.5+8.5+9.5)) If she gets interrupted, on average for however many rounds less than 5, Wheaty would still come out on top. The numbers seemed bigger in my head, but came out fine on paper.

Clarify for me, though, cuz I am a bit confused, but I think Koko got it: It's when she's being assaulted that the -2 applies to the person healing her? As in, if she's in the midst of combat, healing her is less effective for some reason?
>> No. 346626
File 134999405585.png - (542.67KB , 1500x856 , 111658__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_princess-celestia_princess-cadance_artist-zev.png )
>mfw you did the math

In character, somewhat, yes. I'm trying to find some sort of appropriate balancer for her, given her ability to basically give a +_ charge of at least one to everyone involved.

the -2 for healing her comes more into play that, yea, because alicorn (or whatever), if she isn't providing her bonus to whomever is healing her, it's not going to be entirely effective (unless it's Wheaty.) It makes it hard to have anyone healing her if she's currently engaging someone in a fight and can't offer assistance. It also provides a somewhat balance for the whole "everybody's got POWA!" charge a bit too.
>> No. 346643
File 134999565291.png - (627.63KB , 800x537 , little_miss_love_by_amenoo-d4xeudx.png )
And for anyone interested in the math of the whole Powa thing, well, here's some base stats:

>achieve means getting to the number; success rate means staying at the number at least (parenthesis is exact / 'staying' number); failure means going down from that number
1: 100% success rate achieve; 100% success rate maintain; 0% failure rate
2: 50% achieve, (33) 67% maintain, 33% failure rate
3: 33% achieve, (25) 50% maintain, 50% failure rate
4: 25% achieve, (20) 40% maintain, 60% failure rate
5: 20% achieve, (33) 33% maintain, 67% failure rate

>Note: the max of 5 rolls a d6, but cannot actually /go/ to six as a modifier value.
>> No. 347234
File 135005313431.png - (168.22KB , 600x600 , 35.png )
>mfw dat math

Obviously, you don't want me to ever look at what you typed up there. :V
>> No. 347241
File 135005362207.jpg - (53.42KB , 960x640 , image.jpg )

Math is the worst
>> No. 347259
File 135005857609.png - (99.79KB , 272x306 , Cicadus grin cropped.png )
I like it!

Basically, she'll roll increasing dice, starting at d1, and if it goes up along with the die, the bonus goes up
round 1: d1 = +1
round 2: d2 : it might go up to a 2 if she rolls a 2, or stay at 1
round 3 d3: it might go up to 3 with a 3 roll, stay at 2 with a two roll, or drop back down to 1

basically, each time she rolls a higher number than what the current charge bonus is, it goes up by 1, with a max of 5 with 5 successes in a row. If it is equal, it stays the same. If it is lower, it drops by 1.
>> No. 347312
File 135006478572.png - (463.27KB , 1200x900 , 118164__UNOPT__princess-celestia_smile_cloud.png )
>yfw I have more charts that calculate the exact average for every turn considering every outcome, not including interruption

After five posts it goes above +2; the average levels out at about +2.3 after more than ten posts.

It's simple, compared to what else I could have done XP
>you don't need to keep track of it, I do XD
>> No. 347320
File 135006528541.png - (34.72KB , 1073x1076 , 45.png )
I'm allergic to math. In fact, when you finally come to face me, just force me to solve a complicated equation and I'll just explode spontaneously.
>> No. 347352
File 135006755945.jpg - (179.18KB , 800x817 , 10091__celestia_artist-gsphere.jpg )
x - 7 = 19 + x

What is x?
>> No. 347390
File 135007040749.png - (2.02KB , 469x60 , 6dd6880a4f4fa05123c71ba10fa9fadb.png )
Good to know.
>> No. 347398
File 135007076759.png - (23.85KB , 600x600 , Zate_biting_lip_s.png )
(x - 7 = 19 + x)+7

x = 26 + x

It's a broken equation.
>> No. 347404

I think it's supposed to be 7-x, not x-7, because that would work.
>> No. 347504
File 135007887279.png - (19.68KB , 600x600 , Zate_chewing_s.png )
Perhaps, but it wasn't, and doesn't.

I guess giving someone an unsolvable equation is one way to make their head explode, though.
>> No. 347626
File 135008474616.jpg - (65.03KB , 1152x649 , Nbv1H.jpg )


So the airfield secure now? Can we start moving ponies?
>> No. 347661
File 135008866093.jpg - (31.20KB , 112x114 , confident.jpg )
Moonshine when you have a moment I'd like to speak to you in private. Please contact me soon.
>> No. 347679
File 135009145500.png - (180.98KB , 1027x617 , Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 3_15_54 PM.png )

Brain is hurting.
>> No. 348447
File 135017433950.jpg - (15.31KB , 220x220 , nu13cs.jpg )
Any updates?
>> No. 348574
File 135018379132.png - (188.44KB , 791x592 , sarcastic comment.png )

That's the whole point of it.
>> No. 348712
File 135018991717.png - (732.70KB , 600x769 , 07.png )
The hangar is cleared and the airfield secured. Shining Armor and Salsa have gone to find Lynne (an endeavor Link will probably join), and a new player will probably fill the role of the healer we lost.
>> No. 348758
File 135019146276.jpg - (9.37KB , 320x180 , Noel and Tsubaki.jpg )

I see. Sounds like a lot's planned.
>> No. 353763
File 135058229472.png - (22.97KB , 311x383 , Kefka1.png )
Just wondering, at what point would I bring this crazy bastard in?
>> No. 356601
File 135082378813.png - (34.72KB , 1073x1076 , 45.png )
I finally figured out how to tie everything and everyone back together and move on with the story, so...fairly soon. In the very next thread, actually.
>> No. 356703
File 135084543026.png - (33.45KB , 312x384 , Kefka4.png )
>> No. 357893
File 135091206632.jpg - (160.61KB , 600x600 , 17.jpg )
Even more now that you folks are about to capture a certain little filly. Someone has to bring the girl home...and burn everyone else to ashes.
>> No. 357912
File 135091798661.png - (47.79KB , 509x513 , wat 2.png )
... dat no sound good.
>> No. 357914
File 135092200582.jpg - (23.73KB , 211x202 , image.jpg )

Shit is about to get real
>> No. 357932
Is there a list of all the special undead floating about?

'cause I'll never have enough creepy stuff to draw.
>> No. 357934
File 135092687196.png - (394.12KB , 750x750 , 17.png )
Oh yes. Somewhere at the beginning of this very thread, actually.
>> No. 358164
File 135094104312.png - (462.76KB , 545x578 , tank.png )
I didn't know if that was a complete list or not. .-.
>> No. 358321
File 135094728254.png - (220.45KB , 366x475 , 22.png )
>> No. 358340
File 135094795904.jpg - (162.56KB , 1280x833 , fallout_equestria_dragons_lair_by_hereticofdune-d4waxi6.jpg )
>>358321 which I mean, if you felt like drawing an undead dragon and/or hydra...
>> No. 358348
File 135094835431.png - (346.24KB , 516x497 , ponyoccolored1 copy.png )
I never pass up a challenge~!
except sometimes

though onto slightly more important matters, how the heck would I throw Cinders into all this? o~o
>> No. 358364
File 135094906929.png - (8.02KB , 274x281 , 06.png )
If you followed the story so far, you should remember this guy... Stormcloud, Captain of the airship that brought the heroes into the Badlands...currently mourning the loss of First Mate Stardust who died in chapter 7, 'Liberate Me'.

I'd say it's not too much of a stretch to say he hired her back in Ponyville, is it?
>> No. 358380
File 135094985966.png - (150.04KB , 392x222 , IHASAHAMMA.png )
I try to remember things like that, but keep in mind I started paying attention late in the story. .-. I don't think it'd be too big of a stretch. She can be a heavy hitter as well as an asset when it comes to maintaining arms and armor.
>> No. 358576
File 135095462670.png - (9.93KB , 216x156 , Rillian10.png )
Hmm, not sure how I'd feel playing both Rillian and Kefka in the same fight...I try to avoid RPing with myself, in this case due to metagame knowledge.
>> No. 359621
Tell me when and where to post and I'll do it.
>> No. 359707
File 135101015311.jpg - (686.52KB , 2911x1809 , 74556__UNOPT__safe_crying_fallout-equestria_project-horizons_blackjack_artist-newlifer.jpg )
Well, then we'll have to find a reason for Rillian not to be wherever Kefka will be...

Let's a member of the crew, Cinders is probably on the ship that is still standing on the airfield. If she wants to join the actual heroes, knocking on the Captain's door would be a good start~
>> No. 359720
File 135101106372.jpg - (514.06KB , 925x814 , Vespa.jpg )
Kefka being...well, Kefka and firing off magic with wild abandon, one such blast just HAPPENS to hit Rillian, disabling him for most of the fight?
>> No. 359851
Haha nice shot Sarge! XD didn't even need the party boost. From Cadance on that one!
>> No. 359867
File 135101685064.png - (26.37KB , 299x330 , Rillian12.png )
Well, a sleep spell would be able to put Rillian out of commission if he ends up being in the same place as Kefka. Either that or there is a horde that Rillian has to keep distracted so that his allies can fight without getting swarmed and focus on Kefka.
>> No. 361015
File 135110792957.png - (11.60KB , 296x414 , 12.png )
Both would work, yes.

>unrelated roll

d2 = 2
>> No. 361017
File 135110817475.png - (47.79KB , 509x513 , wat 2.png )
>dat roll
>dat character
>dat die
>> No. 361023
File 135110844703.png - (767.16KB , 1254x1280 , I still have a soul.png )
>> No. 361360
>> No. 363602
File 135131998277.jpg - (461.61KB , 1060x1500 , 24.jpg )
Might as well make it public here too: Due to what happened in Chapter 13, all of the heroes' rolls in combat will receive a permanent bonus of +1 which is put on top of whatever other buff you're getting from charging, your chosen abilities or Cadence's party buffs.

This will last for the entire rest of Requiem. Thank you for your attention~
>> No. 364030
File 135139239978.png - (9.73KB , 206x156 , Rillian2.png )
>Rillian has leveled up!

>Muscle increased by 2
>Mysticality increased by 1
>Moxie increaded by 3
>> No. 364735
File 135146553543.jpg - (82.94KB , 500x622 , Adjustingglasses.jpg )
Looking at the recent thread decisions, this works now, right? You can send Kefka after the artifact people and thus, you don't have to deal with the awkwardness of self-RP.
>> No. 364742
File 135146581545.png - (78.07KB , 512x512 , JC5Ih.png )
Kefka will be sent after Lynne, who is with Shining Armor...who is going for the artifact. So if Rillian stays on the ship there shouldn't be a problem.
>> No. 364747
File 135146606019.png - (29.99KB , 364x245 , Kefka7.png )
Yep, that pretty much works out perfectly.

Wait...darn it Kefka will have to be trading combat quips with Renfield, he'll lose in a heartbeat. EVERYTHING RUINED!
>> No. 364749
File 135146621007.gif - (1.49MB , 488x448 , DerpyHappy.gif )
>Goes around and gives everyone all the love.
Oh no, nothing so bad, he's going to have to cope with Renfield singing Dancing Mad at him, fanboying and comparing him to Sephiroth...So, I guess he'll have to cope with worse.
>> No. 364760
File 135146658675.png - (34.98KB , 361x307 , Kefka8.png )
>singing Dancing Mad to him

"Oh you'll be singing alright..."
>> No. 364762
File 135146672243.jpg - (66.30KB , 341x368 , Smug.jpg )
Why don't we make it a duet? But you'll probably be singing to a different beat. Make sure to take note of that.
>> No. 364764
File 135146663529.png - (177.45KB , 1000x780 , Now kiss!.png )
>> No. 364767
File 135146696462.jpg - (80.53KB , 375x236 , Ermmm.jpg )
Dude, no. He's a clown, they're fricking horrifying. 'Sides, he's a psychopath who's killed millions. That's not one of my turn ons.
>> No. 364786
File 135146773965.png - (2.45KB , 165x159 , MS (8).png )
Shade is still roaming around and on his way back into action as well...we need to work out the specifics of the happy reunion...

You're more for psychopaths who have only killed hundreds and mock you openly, I know :p
>> No. 364790
File 135146770129.jpg - (237.13KB , 798x515 , I'LLKILLYOU.jpg )
>> No. 364839
File 135147262160.png - (58.33KB , 171x204 , 1cindersthink.png )

So is Kefka pretty much the ponyfication of the FF villain...?
>> No. 364840
File 135147286584.jpg - (37.67KB , 362x451 , Blanklaugh.jpg )
He IS the FF villain. Just a pony. If that's what you meant, then yes.
>> No. 364851
File 135147338767.png - (59.15KB , 196x171 , 1cindershappy.png )
Awesoooome! *u*
Guess who has something to draw now~?
>> No. 364853
File 135147332095.jpg - (325.13KB , 1280x1600 , Bustshot.jpg )
The Spanish Inquisition?
>> No. 364858
File 135147386815.png - (65.48KB , 200x197 , 1cindersangry.png )
>> No. 364859
File 135147383269.jpg - (82.94KB , 500x622 , Adjustingglasses.jpg )
I shall take you to the comfy chair.
>> No. 365517
File 135152691964.jpg - (76.27KB , 531x419 , 1349997174366.jpg )
If I could pitch a ridiculous idea...

Nash either experiences this as a hallucination/dream or for real:

He finally sees his glorious Nugget, but it's snatched away at the last second, and he finds himself up against the entire posting populace of the closest thing to /k/ Equestria has.

Picture an army of pic related, but ponies.
>> No. 369262
File 135192196992.png - (90.45KB , 289x282 , thinking.png )
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what happens now?
>> No. 369265
File 135192205491.gif - (476.14KB , 215x194 , skeletondance.gif )
Now we die.
>> No. 369359
File 135194366908.jpg - (65.88KB , 426x502 , Notaspy_happeh.jpg )
Blood for the blood god? :3
>> No. 369360
File 135194417028.png - (125.91KB , 281x277 , Snapshot_20120426 colored.png )
Skulls for the skull throne!
>> No. 369540
File 135195994821.jpg - (123.80KB , 750x493 , lord-marrowgar.jpg )

>> No. 370456
File 135205465702.png - (17.90KB , 997x868 , 39.png )
Of course you are all going to die.

Now then! The premises of the next three threads are planned and as follows:

Chapter 14 - ???
>A closed 1on1 thread starting shortly~

Chapter 15 (16?) - Reunion
>This one is for the group left behind at the airport, tasked with guarding the refugees and bringing them to safety. For this one I'll need to get in contact with Shade...who you'd be fighting encountering.

Chapter 16 (15?) - Burn Them All
>This one is for the group marching through the Badlands. You will be fighting Kefka, who has been sent to bring Lynne back alive at all costs. "All", in this case, being the lives of everyone who is not Lynne or Kefka.
>> No. 370479
File 135205765507.png - (126.01KB , 264x268 , cinderssipping.png )
Well, guess I better start drawing Cinders getting eaten by zombies.
>> No. 370502
File 135206007993.jpg - (64.13KB , 426x502 , Notaspy_awesome.jpg )
"Oh FUCK yes! I get to add the skull of God damn KEFKA to my throne!? This shit just gets better and better!"
>> No. 370505
File 135206016497.jpg - (80.53KB , 375x236 , Ermmm.jpg )
Didn't peg you for an RPG kinda guy. Besides, I thought the apocalypse would be less heavy on the classic games.
>> No. 370507
File 135206038419.png - (33.45KB , 312x384 , Kefka4.png )
Oh goodie, I'm going to get to slaughter a pun-obsessed screw-up, a blacksmith who got it in their head that they can fight, a wannabe hero who should know better than shouting the names of his attacks, a lady of time who has little time left, and a lovey dovey couple who just make me SICK!
>> No. 370509
File 135206053897.jpg - (37.67KB , 362x451 , Blanklaugh.jpg )
If it's any consolation, I'm really looking forward to facing off with you. I mean, you're an iconic FF bad guy, only way this day could get any better is if I got to duel Gilgamesh too.
>> No. 370510
File 135206099443.png - (34.98KB , 361x307 , Kefka8.png )
Add one metal-loving buffoon and it's even more fun!

Oh, and as for Kefka's bonuses:

>Mad mage
+2 to spellcasting, extra dangerous and unpredictable when he loses his cool.

Also Mr. Puritan, I can use some of your crawlers as shields, can't I?
>> No. 370514
File 135206115255.png - (22.97KB , 311x383 , Kefka1.png )
I know just the track for when you do:
>> No. 370515
File 135206129983.jpg - (114.59KB , 361x484 , Evilsmile.jpg )
Damn straight, in the mean time, I'll look forward to dealing with you, we'll see who'll be dancing mad!
>> No. 370516
File 135206141338.jpg - (160.61KB , 600x600 , 17.jpg )
Feel free to shower them in zombies :V
>> No. 370527
File 135206418698.png - (89.08KB , 488x504 , cindersdigitalcopy.png )
Wait a sec, I'm a derp and read somewhere that characters can get bonuses and penalties to certain rolls. Is there a gdoc or something that explains all that, or can I just make up something for Cindy?
>> No. 370528
File 135206445461.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
Just make them up. Generally a character gets just a +2 bonus to one thing. You can give yourself another +2 to something but to be fair you might want to take a -2 to something else.
>> No. 370565
File 135206851213.png - (417.12KB , 549x510 , hammerinmouth.png )
Alrighty, putting Cinders' bonuses/penalties here.

+2 bonus to attacks dealt with Cinders' hammer. It's debatable whether the bonus would pass on to someone else if they wielded it.

+2 bonus to crafting. Making anything comes easily to her.

-4 penalty to any flight-related rolls.
She's really, really bad at flying.
>> No. 370752
File 135208422643.png - (103.48KB , 791x902 , ShadeShatter3.png )

I've not been paying much attention to all this, so I'm sorry. As for negatives and Positives, I could never think of any that didn't dip into Gamebreaking.
>> No. 370842
File 135209374159.png - (77.65KB , 437x426 , shadeshatter.png )
>> No. 371026
File 135213086757.png - (38.00KB , 378x442 , Shadelaughter.png )
Was told to come here and look.

that's awesome
>> No. 371031
I am... Intrigued, having seen these threads around the front page for some time now. never really paid much attention to them though, as they were all closed. However, there's no way the Dimension wouldn't have detected this stuff, so I wish to get Crutches involved, or at least observing and on standby, if it's still open for new arrivals... I can beam down anywhere. But before I bother to brain up and write out bonuses and stuff (which I'm not too familiar with as a role playing element fyi) can I get a yay or neigh on bringing him in? Also, if so, would use of fighters, marines, and/or orbital strikes be allowed, and to what extent?
>> No. 371039
File 135213480456.png - (47.63KB , 266x313 , cicadusthinking.png )
When you make the new threads, could you post links to them here? I usually miss finding them on the front page from being off at lab and other stuff all the time.
>> No. 371116
File 135214287279.jpg - (9.92KB , 152x154 , Nash_finkin.jpg )
Eeeh, I think carrying an army/Exterminatus button in your pocket might go against the "No characters that are powerful enough to overshadow everyone else" rule.
>> No. 375845
File 135265329270.png - (242.39KB , 1201x1255 , 83728 - artist-Mech_Station cards crazy Dealer equestria Fallout FOE hallucination project_horiz.png )
Just to show what you'll be dealing with in the future if you happen to come a cross a certain blue Unicorn is Trixie's list of spells including the upgrades her promotion has given her.

Yes, she'll probably need her own boss battle thread to be brought to her knees.

>Sneering Challenge (Taunt)
The Great and Powerful Trixie mockingly taunts her enemy into a challenge, directing their wrath towards her instead of her allies. How could you not want smack this impudent little unicorn's cocky smirk off her face? "Come on then, show Trixie what you've got!"
>Upgrade: Boiling Blood
The taunted enemy is unable to resist the challenge and will do anything to attack Trixie and her alone. He will break rank, ignore orders, abandon allies...even attempt to tear down barricades that are supposed to shield him and his companions to go after her.

>Razzle Dazzle (Stun)
Trixie stuns or distracts the enemy with her bedazzling and colorful display of pyrotechnics! Making their hits inaccurate or stopping them in their tracks completely with her awe-striking display.
"Give em' the ol' Razzle Dazzle, Razzle Dazzle em'! Give them an act with lots of flash in it, and their reaction will be passionate!"
>Upgrade: Burning Agony
The reason for the target to halt dead in their tracks or losing accuracy is quite simple: pain. The pyrokinetics conjured up with this spell are bright enough to temporarily...and quite painfully...blind the victim, leaving him open for attacks.

>Anything you can do, I can do better! (Counter)
The Great and Powerful Trixie uses her amazing magical talent to counter her opponents magical spell or ability. Turning it against them and doing the damage that it would have done to her to her opponent instead!
>Upgrade: Break You in Two!
When a spell is thrown back at the caster, 'Break You in Two!' amplifies the initial spell's power and throws it not only at the caster, but also at whoever is closest to them. Both targets are hit for full damage.

>Ego Stroke (Buff)
What's that Trixie's doing...? OH NO! SHE'S USING...A mirror...? The Great and Powerful Trixie takes a moment to pat herself on the back for her amazing work, increasing her confidence in her ability!
>Upgrade: Crushed Hope
Seeing this mare, who not only has the confidence but also the power to back it up, rage across the battlefield fills the closest enemy with doubt and causes them to lose all bonuses for thei next roll.

>Magical Smoke Screen (Defensive Spell)
Suddenly Trixie disappears in a huge puff of sparkly dark smoke! She becomes much harder to hit.
>Upgrade: Toxic Fumes
The spell is not only pretty, but quite dangerous ?�?��?�? what has been merely smoke before is now a cloud of poisonous gas that burns in your eyes and literally takes your breath away. 'Much harder to hit' becomes 'Impossible to hit', because your first concern should be getting out of the cloud's reach.

>Showmare's Enchantment (Charm)
That brilliant azure coat...Her flowing pale cornflower blue mane.... Her voice, so seductive and soothing to the ears...Her violet eyes so vibrant. You can't harm this mare, can you? No...No you can't, you just cant do it! You'll just let somepony else take care of it...Maybe get to it later when you have the depravity to hit something so majestic and beautiful. Her enemies can't bring themselves to attack Trixie, she's just far too lovely!
>Upgrade: You'll be mine!
Lovely indeed...the target is so enchanted by the witch's radiant beauty that they can't allow harm to come to her under any circumstances. If this spell successfully hits you, your weapon and the arm that wields it do not fight for Equestria any longer. For a limited amount of time, you will fight alongside Trixie and protect her, come what may.

>Lighting Strike (Offensive Spell)
AHA! Not so tough now are you!? Trixie sends a bolt of lighting straight into her opponents bottom!
>Upgrade: Chain Lightning
Once the spell has hit a target, it splits and hits the two closest to the initial target as well.
>> No. 375854
File 135265540735.png - (1.14MB , 1026x724 , Nash_okayyougotmyattention.png )
We roll defense checks against this, yes?

Also, looking at all the traits I've picked for Nash, I've noticed he gets two buffs, one neutral trait, and two nerfs. Do I get to pick one more buff?
>> No. 376420
File 135268965846.png - (77.65KB , 437x426 , 135209374159.png )
>> No. 376463
File 135269224554.png - (239.70KB , 485x360 , hunter2 copy.png )
... woah.

I believe this is an appropriate song for the VS Lich!Trixie battle.
>> No. 376519
File 135269408929.png - (340.77KB , 618x556 , requiembasilisk.png )
>> No. 377747
File 135284798885.png - (395.80KB , 1000x1000 , undeadtrixie.png )

You may worship your new queen at will.
>> No. 377806
File 135285099211.png - (104.46KB , 340x387 , come on put up ya dukes.png )
"I think I see you an' I 'avin' a problem in our future. Seen i' once, ain' gonna see i' again. Be'er 'ope I don' find ou' abou' ya."

But seriously, if this is going where I think it's going, I am going to be so happy XD
>> No. 377880
File 135285352835.png - (23.79KB , 600x600 , Zate_seriously_s.png )
"Dang, Trixie, you let yourself go! What'd you do, go stab yourself to death with an ugly stick?"
>> No. 377886
File 135285379647.jpg - (15.30KB , 241x209 , huge grin.jpg )
"Actually, she fell into the ugly truck as it was carrying the ugly debris left behind by Hurricane Hideous."
>> No. 377887
File 135285404100.png - (162.45KB , 631x461 , Fuck yo shit.png )

>> No. 377929
File 135285959107.png - (9.39KB , 206x158 , Rillian8.png )
No worshiping will happen until you get a new hat.
>> No. 378332
File 135289053621.png - (163.24KB , 555x555 , 131216402312.png )
The Great and Powerful Trixie can't understand a single word coming out of your mouth.

There are too many ways for Trixie to counter this statement, so she will not even bother.



I'll draw one later.
>> No. 378354
File 135290271075.png - (97.76KB , 352x346 , facepalm.png )
"Oh bloody 'ell..."
>> No. 378386
File 135291434935.png - (21.17KB , 600x600 , Zate_aha_s.png )
"Then you failed to counter the statement, so it stands. You're uglier than a diamond dog that got run over by a cart, rolled around in Poison Joke, and put make-up on. The diamond dog probably wears the make-up better, though."
>> No. 387969
File 135404114349.png - (218.08KB , 732x667 , 8.png )
>> No. 388022
File 135405794960.png - (9.73KB , 206x156 , Rillian2.png )
Joined and posted.

Also, we do have a chatroom on Steam during active RPing in case anyone forgot...
>> No. 388135
File 135406454107.png - (15.62KB , 665x830 , 9.png )
Yes, we do...though that was back when I thought things would be more active on a regular basis...which they aren't because I'm a lazy git.

But yes.
>> No. 389105
File 135416286815.jpg - (29.76KB , 500x645 , Willard.jpg )
>Zate: 1-2
>Salsa: 3-4
>Sarge: 5-6
>Wheaty: 7-8
>Rillian: 9-10

d10 = 5
>> No. 389178
File 135416734871.gif - (177.68KB , 804x687 , 135365344608.gif )
This is still very much subject to change
but here's some stuff for Midnight.
>Gokai Blue
Swordsman ship
Due to his prefrence to using swords his attack with swords will have a +2 added to the roll
when using two swords the bouns will be +3
When using the 5 sword style the bonus will be +5 charges for 5 turns.
any use of his gun will have a - 2 to rolls.
>Shiken blue
The first two levels of Swordsmanship applies here.
Hydro bow
Basic attacks will have the same -2 as the gun.
can fire a charged arrow into the sky creating a short rainfall to disorent enimies and to cover escapes. Charges for two posts
Basic attacks get an additional +2
the bow and second sword cannot be used.
allows him to sneak around and gather information.
On Wolf Nin Water Tornado Technique.
allows him to sommon water and trap enimies in a whirlpool charges 3 turns
Shinobi Knuckle
used to break weak barriers and to defend againsts weak physical attacks
First part of swordsmanship
Blue shot fires presurised water
due to being used for steath and not for open fighting a -2 to attack and defence rolls
and +2 to stelth attacks
>Shauta Combo
Any combat in and around water in the form adds +2
Water defense
can liquefy his body to defend against physical attacks can only be used twice in a fight.
water spout
can fire water at and around enimies charges for 4 posts and can only be used once in a fight
Unagi whips
increases his attack reach and when charged for 2 turns they become electrified adding +2 to his rolls
>Gatakiriba Combo
Branch Shade
allows him to make copies of him self with the roll +2
attacks made while the branch shade are active add + 1 for each one
Kuwagata Horns
shoots lightling after being charged for 3 turns -3 to roll due to himself also getting partally shocked.
Kamakiri Swords
the first two parts of swords man ship apply here.
Batta legs
increases his jump hight and adds +1 to kicks
>Latorartar Combo
Lion head
Can emit an infared light called the Liodias that is intense enough to scorch enimies can only be used once in a fight charges for 6 posts.
Tiger claws
adds +2 to melee -2 on defence against ranged
Cheetah legs.
Increases his running speed by a high amount.
>Putotyra Combo
only comes out when certain comditons are made for the first 4 uses
Berzerker +2 to rolls
may attack allies also due to being uncontolled for the first 4 uses
Ptera head
Allows flight
can also send out a wave of ice to frezze those in front of him
Tricera horns
can etend to impail enimies
can only be used once in a fight
Tyranno legs
can use an attack call Tail Divider which will form a tail and allow him to either attack or defletct projectiles
can only be used twice in a fight
an axe that can be turned into an bazooka for an attack
the bazooka form can only be used once in an fight.
>Stats that all forms share.
Eye potection against light or blinding sound and smoke attacks due to the helmets
-2 to defense against ranged attacks
combos cause him to tire out and can't be used in a row.
Transformation sheild
if he changes forms when attacked he will be protected from that attack on a 6 post cool down.
>> No. 391568
File 135456450917.png - (425.27KB , 848x1102 , 19.png )
d10 = 2

d10 = 10
>> No. 391571
File 135456660174.png - (19.16KB , 600x600 , Zate_shocked.png )
Mystery rolls!?

>They mean he's about to screw with the survivors.
Shaddup, I knew that.
>> No. 391576
File 135457018140.png - (82.83KB , 253x364 , sitting chair.png )
Calm ya money pits, luv. We'll see what 'appens soon enough, yeah?
>> No. 391581
File 135457049365.png - (67.51KB , 286x366 , Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 1_07_17 AM.png )
>> No. 391622
File 135457725546.jpg - (250.25KB , 1280x605 , Notaspy_come at me bro!.jpg )
>> No. 396602
File 135528138842.jpg - (889.69KB , 1200x1600 , 31.jpg )
The Forsaken

>"Join us!"
>The Forsaken may have vaguely pony-like shape, but that is about all they have in common with what they have been before their transformation. They are more like a malevolent virus that takes over its victim as soon as it finds an opening. Literally.
>Once they have successfully attached to a host, the semi-liquid creatures will immediately attempt to enter the body through any given orifice for a hostile...and quite disgusting takeover. The host's body will then be used as a means to attack others.

>"The Healing Power of Laughter"

>"And I Must Scream"

>The Forsaken are cursed creatures - once normal ponies, they are now a walking blasphemy and mockery of life, and the land they tread on groans in pain at their touch.
>Any organic tissue coming in contact with one of the Forsaken has a 33% chance (1-3 on a d9) of taking damage equal to a successful attack roll of 6 just from touching them.
>> No. 396606
File 135528125390.jpg - (8.91KB , 148x152 , Nash_yatta!.jpg )
Awwww sheet yo! A new baddie to facewreck?

Is this a sign of the new thread getting posted?
>> No. 396617
File 135528245078.png - (129.73KB , 512x512 , forsaken mage.png )
>the Forsaken
>> No. 396632

d10+2 = 9
d10+2 = 10
d10+2 = 12
d10+2 = 12
d10+2 = 8
d10+2 = 9
d10+2 = 4
d10+2 = 5
d10+2 = 5
d10+2 = 4
>> No. 396634

d10 = 2
d10 = 10
d10 = 7
d10 = 5
d10 = 7
d10 = 8
d10 = 5
d10 = 6
d10 = 5
d10 = 7
>> No. 396706
File 135528642131.png - (47.79KB , 509x513 , wat 2.png )
>> No. 396707
File 135528617179.png - (63.70KB , 299x349 , I don't even.png )
>> No. 396733
File 135528715808.png - (17.90KB , 997x868 , 39.png )
>> No. 396738
File 135528755607.png - (66.66KB , 384x362 , NO.png )
>> No. 396743
File 135528739298.png - (60.69KB , 348x264 , barrels pewdiepie cicadus.png )
>> No. 396943
Please tell me this is the sign of a new thread please please
>> No. 397190
File 135536394964.png - (191.27KB , 500x387 , tumblr_md23b2tFWf1rzzb2q.png )
Sweet Jesus, dem rolls...okay, let's see...

Wheaty rolled a 5...since he's attempting to 'defend' for one of the crew members, let's see if he snatched away one of the two ponies attacked by those who rolled lower than him...which, according to the attack roll list, are attacker 7 and 10. So why don't we see if we can hit either of those numbers?

d10 = 8

Zate rolled a 9 attempting the same, so if the roll doesn't result in a 2, 3 or 4 (since those three attackers rolled a 10) he succeeded.

d10 = 3

If either of the rolls up there are not successful (2, 3, and 4 for Zate and anything but 7 or 10 for Wheaty), you have attempted to grab one of the crew members successfully attacked by one of the Forsaken...which means you came into physical contact with one of them, triggering their passive ability "Decay".

Which brings us to Rillian who, upon the Forsaken's landing, smacked everyone of them on purpose.

>The Forsaken are cursed creatures - once normal ponies, they are now a walking blasphemy and mockery of life, and the land they tread on groans in pain at their touch.
>Any organic tissue coming in contact with one of the Forsaken has a 33% chance (1-3 on a d9) of taking damage equal to a successful attack roll of 6 just from touching them.

Rillian: d9 = 9

And here are the rolls, in case either of Zate's or Wheaty's 'defending' attempts is unsuccessful. If they are successful, the following rolls can be ignored entirely.

Zate: d9 = 5
Wheaty: d9 = 5

As for Sarge, Trixie and Salsa...since the Forsaken were focused on the crew, your attacks hit in any case. Let's see who you hit...

Sarge: d10 = 1
Salsa: d10 = 1
Trixie: d10 = 2

Now to convert this mess of numbers into a post. Stay tuned!
>> No. 397201
File 135536444190.png - (534.86KB , 580x820 , tumblr_memthmoglA1r6l249o1_r1_1280.png )
And yes, the thread for the other group will be up fairly soon...if I don't hit a complete writer's block, maybe tonight.
>> No. 397248
File 135536656343.jpg - (68.62KB , 400x669 , cd3fa855ce5101883ea97141bcb9de44.jpg )
>> No. 397249
File 135536628415.png - (5.21KB , 351x438 , victory.png )
Praise the lord, it's finally happening!

>He proceeds to cut the noose down and stow the gallon of bleach away.
>> No. 397253
File 135536671447.png - (124.55KB , 651x478 , Murder is fun.png )

Woo hoo.
>> No. 397259
File 135536658476.png - (76.39KB , 487x528 , silly.png )
And then you will all die.

>> No. 397694
File 135542648646.jpg - (92.05KB , 500x629 , tumblr_lvx58h97wG1r3inrk.jpg )
This way, please!
>> No. 397888
File 135544611014.png - (583.90KB , 1183x1183 , Blanks.png )
Quick question, how many crawlers accompanying Kefka would make a fair and challenging battle? One for each opponent?
>> No. 397930
File 135544967538.png - (164.82KB , 1196x659 , 53565__safe_pinkie-pie_artist-gardelius.png )
You can take as much with you as you like~

I think one crawler per opponent might be not much of a challenge...
>> No. 397934
File 135544986772.png - (294.40KB , 700x1000 , tumblr_lrun1igtEj1r3vk2o2.png )
Noted, dated, and filed in the fun cabinet.
>> No. 397951
File 135545100836.gif - (98.48KB , 318x406 , 56843 - crying cuteness_overload emotional_warfare filly nyx oc original_character past_sins sad.gif )
One creep per player is NEVER enough. One DM-made character per player is not enough, either! XD Take it from a DM who has made characters of level to match the party, one per member, and then had the floor wiped with them.

So much work.... gone!
>> No. 398940
File 135564867691.jpg - (602.62KB , 700x1050 , 0063097e7e49547a8d79b8311c772260-d4nk2y9.jpg )
Alright. Let's see if I can make a decent list here.

Item Dependency: While being a skilled fighter, Link is reliant on his tools of the trade to get things done. -1 to accuracy, and damage is halved with a minimum of 1 if he attacks without a tool or weapon.

Master Sword: Also called the Blade of Evil's Bane. This sword is Link's main weapon, and what keeps him from turning into his wolf form unwillingly. Blessed by the goddesses, this sword is able to reflect magic, hurt evil, and break curses. As such only those pure of heart are able to touch the sword. Any with even the slightest of tainted hearts will be unable to do to do so.
+2 damage to evil creatures and beings, +2 to strength check to break curses, able to reflect magic if batted back. Must use a full action to aim and send back to target. Upon a defensive roll of twice the attacker's value, the reflection is a free action. If magic is successfully reflected, the target suffers a -1 defensive roll penalty for the increased speed, and the spell itself gains +2 to damage. This affect applies to both the target(s) and back at Link. Successful reflections stack bonuses and penalties up to 4 times (Cap at -4 and +8).

Bow: A simple bow and arrows set. Able to attack at a distance.

Clawshot: This rapid movement grappling hook fires from its base to grab onto the first thing it hits (if a grappable surface, otherwise it returns to its base on the same turn.). If the object is immovable, or larger/heavier than Link, he is pulled to the object and reaches it by the end of the turn. If the object is smaller or weighs less, it will be pulled to him in the same manner. He will be unable to attack the same turn he is pulled to something. However, he will be able to attack with his free hand the same turn when pulling the object to him at the cost of a -2 to accuracy and damage. With the quickness and strength of the Clawshot, anything pulled to Link will be unable to break free and are forced to move to him, but unless he prepares a defense (prepping his shield for example), or fails an attack while pulling (an attempt to punch or shield bash while in mid flight), the one being pulled is allowed an attack of opportunity, failing only on a one.

Techniques and Training:

Swordsman: Being a natural swordsman, Link knows how and where to place his sword. +2 to accuracy on sword attacks.

Z-Targeting: Having such keen reflexes, Link is able to target objects and enemies not only faster, but switch between targets in the blink of an eye, and focus on targets too fast for the normal person. However, he only targets where a target currently is. If a target strafes, he must use a melee attack or be within close range or suffer a penalty to accuracy. +2 to defensive rolls, -2 to strafing ranged targets, unable to fail a ranged attack with an unmoving target.

Quick Fire: Link is able to fire multiple arrows in the same turn, suffering a penalty for every arrow after the first. -1 to accuracy for each arrow subsequently. -1 for the first, -2 for the second, up to 4 shots.

Spinning Blade: Link focuses for a brief period of time, before unleashing a potent spin of his sword. Attacking all of those up to two sword lengths from him in a circle around him.
Using a full turn allows him to attack all enemies around him at two sword lengths. +1 damage.

Ending Blow: This blow kills without fail. On a proned target, if target fails a defensive roll, Link's blade will pierce their heart and finish them.

Shield Bash: Suffering a -1 penalty to accuracy due to the sheild's weight, and half damage, Link smacks his target with his shield. Causing a -1 to both accuracy and defensive rolls on the target for two turns and gives his target the "Dazed" debuff. If Link attacks the target, while having the "Dazed" debuff, they lose the debuff their next turn, still applying to defensive rolls that would need to be resolved as their turn came up.

Leap Strike: Putting his all into it, Link leaps from a distance to his target (whether area or object), striking the ground and any in the blades path, damaging any within very close to the impact for half damage and knocking them away from the epicenter. For a full turn, Link strikes at an area or target by leaping and cleaving his sword. Any hit by the swing of the sword take full damage, plus the aoe damage and knockback. AOE damage is half of the normal damage with a minimum of one. Knockback is 10 feet.

Others to come when I remember them.

Stalwart Hero: Link gets a +4 to willpower checks against persuasion or mind control that go against helping others, or the standard self sacrificing heroic ways.

Stalwart Guardian: While a hero, he is a protector. Link suffers a -3 to willpower on rolls regarding helping others in need.
>> No. 399101
File 135567344712.jpg - (443.32KB , 1600x900 , Notaspy_burnin'ringafire.jpg )
May as well post an update to Nash's special rules:

>Ded ?�?��??Ard:
Nash is made from sterner stuff than your average man. 4 years in an unforgiving irradiated hellhole actively seeking fights will do that for ya. When attacked, Nash gains +2 for his armor save roll.

>Fuck Yeah! Close Combat!:
Nash has a strong preference for getting right in those faggot whatevers?�?��?�� faces as he fights. In close combat, Nash gains a +2 to beating shit up with any melee weapon. This, however, does not apply to using his fists.

>Fuck Waiting!:
When Nash knows that an opportunity to punch bitches in the face is near, he?�?��?��s pretty much foaming at the mouth to punch those bitches in the face. Man, FUCK those whatever they ares! When about to enter combat, he must roll a will check not to bumrush in and start fuckbusting his enemies. If he rolls below a 5, he begins a charge. If below a 3, he screams in fury as he does so. Other characters may attempt to prevent this.

>"Harry, You must rock the fuck out."
Music is the weapon with Nash. If given ample time, he can whip out his guitar in battle and fire lasers from it's headstock. However, his movement is restricted as he does this and it kinda kills his groove to take a head off with the body of the guitar in close combat while he's trying to go Pick of Destiny on your dumb ass.

>No Fate. Only the Power of Will
Nash, when firmly set in a cause, is indomitable in his resolve. No matter what you throw at him, he will keep coming at you until either your ass or his ass is mincemeat. As such, he gains a +3 on morale and persuasion/mind control checks. However, once locked into combat, he must roll a will check to break off to do something else. If below a 7, he remains in battle. Once again, this is bypassed if another character in the party pulls him out of the engagement.
>> No. 399274
File 135569678519.gif - (575.96KB , 648x691 , doyouevensmith.gif )
All these skills and feats and stuff and Cindy just knows how to swing a hammer.

>> No. 399276
File 135569672378.png - (115.80KB , 500x516 , alright.png )
Join the club. XD

Wheaty just goes *boop*! heal. Well... given long enough, he also can apparently cure infection from those who still cling to life, like he was able to do for Snowflake
>> No. 399288
File 135570042725.png - (147.35KB , 600x529 , Zate_reading_by_mtp.png )
Zate can punch things really hard.
>> No. 402952
File 135646206777.png - (183.37KB , 720x622 , 08.png )
d10+2 = 11

d10+2 = 9

d10+2 = 5

d10+2 = 10
d10+2 = 6

d10+2 = 4

d10+2 = 7

d10+2 = 7
d10+2 = 8
>> No. 402953
File 135646246905.png - (408.98KB , 800x850 , 172652__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_dark-magic_artist-theyoungreaper.png )
>>402952 appears the Forsaken will be evading Shade's attack completely, meaning that there is no actual damage for Fate to combine his own with...and if we take the 9 away from his attack again, the defense roll of 4 is enough to withstand Fate's attack as well.

Everything else is...we'll see.

>fires up Word for math and posting
>> No. 402974
File 135647342488.png - (159.66KB , 594x594 , 154427__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_pixiv_glowing-eyes_dark-magic_artist-t-period-runner.png )
And let's not forget the thing Zate threw around...let's see if it explodes or not, shall we?

d2 = 1

1: It won't.
2: Kaboom!
>> No. 402976
File 135647353878.jpg - (186.23KB , 618x954 , 1356229122233.jpg )
>> No. 402977
File 135647360654.jpg - (104.21KB , 1250x1771 , 150029__UNOPT__safe_artist-iopichio_twilight.jpg )
Aaand you've all been spared a shower in steaming hot shrapnel. Yay!
>> No. 402979
File 135647376156.png - (65.87KB , 398x374 , Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 8_56_48 PM.png )
>> No. 402980
File 135647478105.png - (340.77KB , 618x556 , 135269408929.png )
And while I was editing a typo, the rolling tags in my post got busted...

The results are legit, though...Midday and Freight made a screenshot of the unfucked rolls :V
>> No. 402985
File 135648381736.png - (67.58KB , 186x216 , Zate - By Cinders.png )
Don't worry, I'll keep throwing things until -something- blows up. Or I run out of things to throw.
>> No. 403133
File 135656577973.png - (23.05KB , 308x383 , Kefka2.png )
Is Reflect too cruel of a spell to throw up during a magic barrage?
>> No. 403141
File 135656706246.jpg - (144.32KB , 446x640 , Joker-Harley-Quinn-the-joker-and-harley-quinn-6762592-446-640.jpg )
Well...the happy end-loving poor fool in me would say yes. Yes, it is.

But the Puritan in me hopes you won't listen~
>> No. 403146
File 135656762747.png - (172.16KB , 620x342 , 1355590350613.png )
Alright then, I'll just wait for the rest of the posters to make their attacks and stuff before responding.
>> No. 403454
File 135664257540.png - (178.96KB , 1000x946 , happy_Mjolna with thorir.png )
Quick question: Mjolna's technically (last I checked) was supposed to be along with Cadance and Armor and that group, but I hadn't actually made a post with her as of Kefka's posting. Would it be too late to bring her in, or is it ok if I still do?

Kind of odd, I know, but it means Epic Hammer Sisters Time if yes.
>> No. 403540
File 135666516400.png - (148.73KB , 467x375 , 20.png )
If she's there, by all means, make a post~
>> No. 403717
1 down

d10-2 = 8
1 down
d10-2 = 5

d10-2 = 3
2 down
d10-2 = 7

1 down

1 down

2 down
d10-2 = 1
1 down
>> No. 403747
File 135674738132.png - (307.19KB , 480x552 , tumblr_lwspwcSEp11qmzrdho1_500.png )
before I post why wasn't I given a number? or did you mean to put me down as 9
>> No. 403753
I meant to put you down as a 9, and derped.
>> No. 403764
File 135675016337.png - (33.01KB , 288x382 , Kefka9.png )
Just want to let you all know a way I'd like things to roll since it seems to work well in Chapter 15 and reduce the number of posts to less than a Moonshineload buttload:

When getting attacked, respond first with:
>a defensive roll for every time you were attacked
>any description you'd like to offer for how they are defending
Then based on what you get, edit the post after determining whether your rolls have passed or railed describing:
>in what manner you failed/succeeded based on how much your roll failed/succeeded
>you're next plan of attack with the appropriate roll along with it

Also, please keep track of your bonuses people. It's already hard enough to integrate 9 other players into a single fight, don't make me have to double check to make sure you're all adding the appropriate numbers after a d10. We're all supposed to keep track of our own stuff, it'll make this all easier.

Thanks, and carry on.
>> No. 403781
File 135675425612.png - (3.25MB , 3707x2833 , 186474 - Alicorn artist patched-socks ponified thor.png )
>> No. 404304
d10-2 = 2 vs 2
d10-2 = 3 vs 7

2 down
d10-2 = 3 vs 6
d10-2 = 8 vs 6
1 down
d10-2 = 2 vs 7
d10-2 = 4 vs 4
d10-2 = 4 vs 5
2 down
d10 = 2 vs 4

8 down

d10-2 = 1 vs 6
d10-2 = 7 vs 2
d10-2 = 7 vs 5

d10-2 = 0 vs 4
>> No. 404486
File 135708583182.png - (21.29KB , 168x199 , I+m+a+tad+concerned+as+to+what+she+is+laying+_1e8929f631d18839aed0d3762128d78b.png )
So... What's holding up #15?
>> No. 404500
File 135708800802.gif - (48.21KB , 420x335 , soul_eater_419908_large.gif )
Right now? I think Sarge has not yet posted.
>> No. 406380
File 135821073430.png - (104.12KB , 600x556 , Requiem rolls.png )
1 down
d10-2 = 5
d10-2 = 1
d10-2 = 8

1 down
d10-2 = 2 vs 2
d10-2 = 6 vs 7

2 down

d10-2 = -1 vs 5
d10-2 = 2 vs 7

d10 = 9 vs 8
>> No. 406909
File 135846381517.png - (77.01KB , 680x410 , 52.png )
d10+2 = 12
>> No. 406916
File 135846565257.png - (17.90KB , 997x868 , 39.png )
>> No. 406925
File 135846668878.png - (102.27KB , 258x437 , 258px-ValtielArt.png )
Might as well say that I'm open to the possibility of Rillian dying depending on how things play out, or at least having lasting effects from such a severe injury.
>> No. 406928
File 135846727691.jpg - (92.61KB , 766x768 , 2248710,U__u2SIvex+AJFdcJxdEu+l9uyExzCgsEWJaeovMekvleZbNMo2Twcx4w705Be_M5SVRZfbygdPtjjX03_rQcg==.jpg )
Well, as I repeatedly said, I'm not actively trying to murder anyone, and it's the player's choice alone,'s absolutely your call.

Right now, though, he got falling...and losing consciousness. And the only healer around is under attack himself. So yeah...we'll see how things play out.
>> No. 406935
File 135846768010.png - (142.35KB , 825x968 , awesome.png )
Well fuck.

>> No. 406936
File 135846783459.png - (127.94KB , 1010x1160 , 54.png )
>> No. 406946
File 135847201888.png - (166.13KB , 592x464 , 1356228962577.png )

>> No. 406962
File 135847310699.png - (34.69KB , 157x199 , 4338062+_dc412cb8d3d44c918d4af1e52e3af0f2.png )
WELL! It's a good thing we have a medic on the team, huh?
>> No. 407024
Pre-Crisis Supermanism HO!
>> No. 407029
File 135847893438.png - (34.07KB , 302x323 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png )
Wait, what? I doan get it.
>> No. 407047
File 135848681335.png - (28.33KB , 644x661 , 22.png )
Let's see how far I get...

d10+2 = 11
>> No. 407048
File 135848685076.png - (95.79KB , 896x1024 , 5.png )
>> No. 407049
supes pre Crisis on Infinite Earths was massively OP with powers coming and going like no tomorrow. Shade can extend himself with his shadows, reaching distances not possible for mere mortals.
>> No. 407050
File 135848759263.png - (65.83KB , 500x628 , insanity.png )
>highest can get for combat is 9

Ah okay

Last edited at Thu, Jan 17th, 2013 22:40

>> No. 407051
File 135848775985.jpg - (13.31KB , 208x199 , I dont even.jpg )
>mfw we lose our medic and our quick fighter
>> No. 407052
File 135848784108.png - (142.65KB , 511x620 , 53.png )
Rillian just crashed to the ground with a massive stab wound, and Wheaty is getting mauled high up in the air while his blood rains down on the Forsaken and powers them up for what comes once they all found together.

Today is not a good day for good ponies.
>> No. 407053
File 135848868475.png - (231.89KB , 1094x800 , We are fucked.png )
>> No. 407054
File 135848883525.png - (127.94KB , 1010x1160 , 54.png )
I will wear your skins and say Hi to your families.
>> No. 407099
File 135852004958.png - (67.67KB , 500x417 , 55.png )
Let's see if he manages to kill Wheaty on the spot.

d10+2 = 9
d10+2 = 4
d10+2 = 8
d10+2 = 10
d10+2 = 4
>> No. 407100
File 135852039860.png - (451.92KB , 1000x786 , 49.png )
Well...this is awkward.

Looks like the Puritan is taking two of the five bullets.

Wheaty is taking the other three.
>> No. 407103
File 135853460621.jpg - (67.12KB , 690x478 , 1356228750483.jpg )
It seems like I have angered the dice gods.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 18th, 2013 11:44

>> No. 407106
File 135853688047.png - (17.90KB , 997x868 , 39.png )
>> No. 407109
File 135853745648.png - (73.46KB , 329x394 , GRRRRRRR.png )
>> No. 407114
File 135854412444.png - (76.39KB , 487x528 , silly.png )
Luck had to run out eventually =P
>> No. 407115
File 135854503674.png - (55.07KB , 126x219 , Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 4_59_18 PM.png )
So, that's a swing and a...?
>> No. 407342
File 135860317655.png - (182.97KB , 1152x1113 , whatthe.png )
So, it seems to me like two things are happening.

1 - It seems we're getting slaughtered.

2 - I can't seem to roll well, as is a lot of others.

It feels so one sided and hopeless. :/
>> No. 407378
File 135863920582.png - (4.66KB , 187x200 , 01.png )
I'd like to point out that both Wheaty's and Rillian's predicament easily could have been avoided, even before any rolling came into play.
>> No. 407405
File 135865061804.png - (55.40KB , 357x616 , Neutral.png )
Guess it's just me being a Negative Nancy.
>> No. 407918
File 135879089333.png - (115.80KB , 500x516 , alright.png )
Since we made several posts with only a few being able to get a response in, I will wait until everyone else there gets a post in, like Sarge and Trixie. Went quite a few turns without them and such.

Say goodbye to your wing, Wheaty, asuming you don't get schlorped up by the ooze or bleed out. You ain't gettin' out of this unscathed.

Editing will come later, depending on results =P
>> No. 407929
File 135879800518.jpg - (9.05KB , 152x154 , Nash_holydickbutts!.jpg )
"Ooh! I'm pretty good with mechanical stuff an shit! Maybe I can build a prosthetic?"
>> No. 408358
File 135898290790.png - (2.01KB , 132x156 , derp.png )
Ummm... Sarge shot a rocket at the big pooling muck.

Wheaty is falling towards said muck.

So unless somebody catches him somehow, he's giblets. I'd rather he not get gib'd, but if that's what happens, that's what happens.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 23rd, 2013 17:28

>> No. 408360
File 135898950365.png - (41.25KB , 178x273 , Well fuck.png )
Lets see if the dice gods are on our side.
>> No. 408370
File 135899436012.jpg - (29.22KB , 565x720 , 31hrt.jpg )
They are on no one's side; they hate all equally.
>> No. 408389
File 135899671550.png - (467.39KB , 1000x1000 , Angel_by_I_D.png )
Speaking of which
>9 or 10, he has enough wits about him to try to steer himself out with 1 remaining wing
>d10 = 2
>> No. 408395
File 135899722009.png - (108.21KB , 297x481 , Are you bullshiting me.png )
The dice gods are still against us.
>> No. 408397
File 135899768412.png - (18.54KB , 179x207 , dem eyes - girly.png )
Mhm. And as I see it, there are only 2, possibly 3, who could save probably save him at this point. Trixie with some telekinesis, Zate with some flight, and possibly Shade.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 24th, 2013 21:31

>> No. 408404
File 135899870774.png - (88.79KB , 352x562 , Coffee 3.png )
Let's see if they do.
>> No. 408408
File 135899891620.jpg - (100.43KB , 1280x905 , Everypony has to play___.jpg )
d10+2 = 11
d10+2 = 12
>> No. 408410
File 135899924955.jpg - (218.79KB , 665x1000 , 81fd8921d0f70862b69b8a62dabacac4.jpg )
>> No. 408416
File 135899995381.jpg - (90.16KB , 640x351 , Ghost_Desert.jpg )
Stand by for shot two. And three, if need be.
>> No. 408417
File 135900076107.png - (870.83KB , 1400x1050 , 131627117004.png )
We'll see if there'll be a second or even third one~
>> No. 408435
File 135900894234.jpg - (14.86KB , 274x297 , 1358716620942.jpg )
>> No. 408464
File 135905120014.jpg - (21.56KB , 312x304 , 305.jpg )
>> No. 409080
File 135933983125.png - (142.65KB , 511x620 , 53.png )
d10+2 = 7
>> No. 409083
File 135934246851.png - (170.61KB , 400x422 , Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 12_19_06 AM.png )
>> No. 409084
File 135934355353.jpg - (87.04KB , 600x757 , guardian_demons_by_culpeo_fox-d5qfbc1.jpg )
d10+2 = 7
>> No. 409095
File 135934521936.png - (196.24KB , 904x661 , Scared 2.png )
>> No. 409212
File 135939158048.jpg - (16.39KB , 300x246 , spoiler.jpg )
Why does that pic remind me of one of the smile.jpg variants?

>> No. 409927
Aaaaand another one...

d10+2 = 9
d10+2 = 8
>> No. 409945
d9 = 1
>> No. 410525
File 136002487374.png - (55.56KB , 459x528 , foal.png )
So, Wheaty has two bullets in him. I have never really determined whether or not such healing spells would expell any stray bits stuck in somebody. Kinda like this one scene in X-Men where Logan gets a bullet in the head, but as it heals it just gets pushed out and he wakes up again.

Hmmm... think I should roll for it, or judge it based on the strength of the heal?
>> No. 410526
File 136002500437.png - (83.57KB , 600x276 , friendship is.png )
It's magic, you don't gotta explain shit!

But in all seriousness, it's your character, you decide how their healing magic works. If it can bring someone back from being undead, it may be in the ballpark that it can also flush out things that aren't part of the natural body.
>> No. 410527
File 136002578205.png - (22.44KB , 562x414 , snicker.png )
I mostly just don't want to give his holy/healing abilities too much flexibility; Don't want it become an ever-expanding swiss army knife. I wasn't even expecting the thing with Snowflake to work XD Then again, I don't think 3 different attributes really are that much, two if you count curing Snowflakes undeadness as an expulsion. Heals wounds and expells impurities. Seems about right, actually.

Okay, mental thought process complete. Besides, even then it's not like he can do it all the time. He's a pegasus, not a unicorn, and isn't built to channel magic, and it tires him. He's having various "others" channel it through him. He's just the eyes, if you will.

Now enough of my blab, time to make poast.
>> No. 410627
File 136011913823.png - (91.90KB , 600x600 , bedlam033.png )
d10 = 4 vs 5

d10 = 4 vs 10

d10 = 1 vs 10
d10 = 9 vs 8

d10 = 5 vs 14
d10 = 8 vs 14

d10 = 8 vs 2
>> No. 411176
File 136063267794.png - (101.04KB , 275x322 , 04.png )
d10 = 3
d10 = 1
d10 = 7
>> No. 411235
File 136071793239.png - (339.86KB , 580x581 , nghaaaaaah.png )
Quick question for Moonshine.

Have all of the things that happened so far taken place in the same day in regards to finding that airport, clearing it out, collecting the survivors, and attempting to take off again?
>> No. 411322
File 136079537822.png - (539.01KB , 693x703 , Kefka10.png )
Sure is frozen around here.
>> No. 411323
File 136079693945.jpg - (20.66KB , 320x240 , can I pencil the remove from my raised hand.jpg )
I think you made it too cold with your Coldagamaznaglgaga spells. People done slowed down by bein frozen.
>> No. 411324
File 136079722158.png - (33.39KB , 313x380 , Kefka3.png )
Blizzaga, that's the word you're looking for.
>> No. 411866
File 136129720276.png - (267.47KB , 830x600 , sleeeeepy.png )
I am going to ask for Rillian's sake.

What is holding up chapter 16?
>> No. 411901
File 136132618380.png - (422.09KB , 1200x975 , 131406968965.png )
It's frozen because just about every player except Nash has yet to act in this round of combat. Cinders' player has told me out of character that she no longer has any interest in the arc and that I can go ahead and take her turn for her.
>> No. 414849
File 136338663508.png - (72.92KB , 485x480 , talking.png )
So, apart from people's general slowness to post, is there anything that has really been holding up this arc? Seriously, this is getting a bit silly.
>> No. 414962
File 136354707293.jpg - (60.04KB , 688x849 , what's that over there.jpg )
Is anyone besides me and Rillian even watching this thread now?

That is to say: It would be nice to get an answer.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 17th, 2013 12:08

>> No. 414967
File 136355034109.jpg - (30.29KB , 780x439 , 8069cf_4352954.jpg )
>> No. 414988
File 136355845716.png - (34.53KB , 313x280 , Lurking 3.png )
>> No. 415055
File 136366730738.gif - (405.12KB , 800x800 , tumblr_mjoafo6ie41rjhs39o1_1280.gif )
>> No. 417294
File 136498403267.gif - (45.68KB , 650x450 , 176_armflailwtf.gif )
Wait hold on now...! Was that really Twilight or an illusion of Twilight?
>> No. 417319
File 136505293010.png - (149.11KB , 488x600 , Give me donuts.png )
I'm gonna guess illusion.
>> No. 419523
File 136702722585.png - (217.29KB , 516x505 , spike109.png )
It's not movin. Is it stuck?
>> No. 420668
File 136776835625.png - (112.17KB , 302x317 , grin closeup.png )
So is chapter 15 done or something? Did a new thread get made and I missed it? XD
>> No. 420683
File 136778268025.png - (55.10KB , 146x221 , Screen shot 2012-09-11 at 2_49_03 PM.png )
Not as far as I know. It's just frozen up.

RIP #15, 2012-2013.
>> No. 426647
File 137230904935.png - (31.06KB , 222x221 , thinking.png )
So is 15 more or less at it's ending point? That is to say, is there more to it's arc? Would people goofing around and maybe a bit of character interaction be disallowed until the next chapter?

I'd love an answer from someone not Zate. XD (Read: Moonshine)

Last edited at Wed, Jun 26th, 2013 22:09

>> No. 443681
File 137921360339.png - (272.47KB , 950x596 , spike gets all the attention.png )
Soooo... is Requiem on hold for now, Moonshine, while you come up with what to do next and such?
>> No. 443870
File 137926004335.jpg - (125.96KB , 500x707 , 426974.jpg )
Oh, I already know what to do next. In fact, I'm cooking up the finale at the moment.

Everything is taking forever because of work, lack of motivation, yaddayaddayadda...but yeah, we're very close to finally wrapping shit up and moving on with our lives.
>> No. 444034
File 137939014233.jpg - (139.22KB , 900x675 , 293967__UNOPT__applejack_humanized_suggestive_51659c107f123bb23100011d.jpg )
And here we go:

Yes, this is the last thread. We can do dis.
>> No. 444462
File 137964761658.png - (47.75KB , 235x264 , BARRELLS.png )
All the people have locked themselves in their houses and drawn their shutters, one lone person scrambles off the street into his house (or in this case runs himself into a wall).

And now's the part where we all fall in line beside each other and walk down the street in step while a tumbleweed carried by a whistling wind crosses our path. Now we just gotta wait until the bell tolls at high noon (or perhaps midnight). Lemme get my spurred boots and my six-shooter and we can turn this into an old western movie with zombies.
>> No. 444832
File 137988528186.gif - (1.79MB , 275x275 , 1379838132364.gif )
Dem rolls
>> No. 444882
File 137990471315.png - (32.04KB , 270x269 , thinking.png )
Is a roll of some sort allowed to resist the Mercy's embrace? Will type to resist some sort of magical enchantment or fortitude/physical to wrestle free?

I looked back up at the mercy's description, and it didn't say so. Then again, it got a crit wit dat 10.
>> No. 445925
File 138071396019.png - (112.17KB , 302x317 , grin closeup.png )
What's Sarge's real name again? I can't remember off the top of my head, and da healz preffers to call peeps by their real names if he can.

Same question for Salsa. I know he learned both their real names. I'm just a derp.
>> No. 445934
File 138074295867.png - (88.00KB , 765x1518 , 178125__UNOPT__safe_ponified_rise-of-the-guardians_pitch-black.png )
His real name is "Sarge". Last name is "Major". His parents were very particular about the career he'd pursue one day.
>> No. 445958
File 138075952082.jpg - (40.94KB , 484x411 , 1380577391662.jpg )
Salsa's name is just Salsa. I never came up with a first name because I fucking suck at names.
>> No. 445977
File 138077485915.png - (17.18KB , 800x220 , 2049533678_1367638316_6419.png )
>A Normal Pony !Keter
>> No. 445978
File 138078356624.gif - (73.23KB , 650x600 , 276149__UNOPT__safe_animated_gif_nopony.gif )
That's most likely what they'd label me, yes.
>> No. 446054
File 138086793660.jpg - (70.41KB , 1049x750 , 156730__UNOPT__.jpg )
d10 = 6
>> No. 451489
File 139061645750.png - (159.99KB , 420x415 , oh.png )
Is, uh... is it dead? We going to see some more action in 17 sometime soon?

Last edited at Fri, Jan 24th, 2014 19:21

>> No. 455636
File 140487572427.png - (13.48KB , 98x113 , icon13.png )

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