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366591 No. 366591
Baron von Buckingworth sought treasure at any cost. He paid many, many Bits into the pursuit of this one goal, but eventually paid the ultimate cost at the hands of the Griffon Empire.

Hello and welcome to Treasure Hunting Unlimited! This a spin-off of Treasure Hunting, a relatively small roleplay with a lot of promise, but it needed a bit more love. That being said, the premise was originally originally built and planned by a pretty cool guy named Panzermole.

This RP going to be taking the plot he's already laid out in a slightly different direction, focusing more on Character & World Building over Story. The story itself will be changed and tailored to the players Which is how the first one should have been, in my opinion. No questions yet, please. WE'RE MOVING ON! This w't ill focus heavily on character, plot, and world building. If ya don't have a taste for that, then that's fine - just don't participate. Angst is excellent, and PvP is allowed, within reason. Don't kill another character unless they've agreed to it. Which brings me to my next point: Godmodding. Don't know what that is? Check out the TVTropes page through this elegant and finely-crafted link! ... Don't do this. Just don't.

Frequently Asked Questions
There was no copyright on it. By extension, I claim no copyright on this. That's both the magic and the curse of the Fandom. Nothing we do (That is, in relation to MLP) is really ours, as the My Little Pony Franchise is owned by and copyrighted by Hasbro. Your argument is oatmeal. Eeeyup.

Does this take place in the same canon as Treasure Hunting?
Kind of. What happens here does not affect anything that happens there and vice versa. That being said, everything in that thread that happened up to >>/rp/39350318 is taken as having already happened... but anything that happens after that point does not happen.

Sooo.... The fights... All the drama...?
Yes, that all happened in the context of this RP.

Who is the GM?
Me, for now. But if somepony else feels I don't do a good job and want to take the reigns for themselves, they have the right to challenge my authority in rigged perfectly fair open combat.

Are you insane?
... No comment.

Is this a sequel to Treasure Hunting?
Haha, no. That honor is not ours to have. If Panzermole was to make a sequel, that would be the sequel. This is, as it relates to Treasure Hunting, what Vice City was to the Grand Theft Auto series. Or, if you prefer a dessert metaphor: Cream Pastries to Fruity Pastries. Which is which is, of course, open for interpretation.

Well, how do I join?
Well, that part's easy, nameless Question-Asker! Just fill out this form and post in this thread!
Bear in mind that if you're a new guy, it is likely that you will have to wait before appearing in the (Not created yet!) Roleplay thread itself, as it is planned that the Baron's Yacht be taken over and the Baron killed. This should be played through. However, if we get more than like 2 or 3 additional characters committed to this, the bridging posts will just be skipped over. The OP will touch on what happened, and the story will start directly on the Griffons.

Either way, you'll be brothers-in-bonds with the veteran characters eventually.

> Name: You know this.
> Sex: You know this.
> Race: You know this. (Anything that appears in the G4 version of the show. Within reason and open to my discretion.)
> Age: You know this. (Approximate age in human years if you don't care to bother with the supposed lifespan differences. Or if they're around the Mane 6's age, just write "Mane 6 Age".)
> Appearance:You know this. Also, please post a picture of your character. Use a pony creator if you don't know how to art things like me.
> Personality: You know this.
> Background: You know this.
> Valuable skills: Ah, this is a little ambiguous. Allow me to elaborate:
Here, you need merely specify exactly what your character brings to the table in a Daring Do-esque Action-Archaeologist setting. Like Linguist, for example. Don't pick this, as we already have one. It's just an example. They don't even have to do it as a profession. As long as they possess the skills, it's good. You can have more than one, but must have at least one skill.

Fuck you, Rockty. Just fuck you.
This isn't a question. It's an insult. Questions only, please.

Why did you make this RP and not just continue with Panzermole's version?
"Creative Differences".

"Creative Differences"?
That's all I'm going to say.

What rules are there for posting?
I'm a pretty laidback, overly creative, and extremely thorough GM. If you manage to go 'off the rails', as it were, it is likely I will have planned that area out in advance just in case you decide to go off the rails. Keep in mind that if you break any laws in the in-game world, there will be consequences for your characters ranging upon the severity of the crime. That being said, there are a few minor rules:

1. No clop. Wait, let me rephrase that. No detailed clop. It's fine if two characters feel like banging, just 'fade to black' and skip over the naughty bits.
2. No alicorns. I feel that I shouldn't need to specify this, but there you go. Ticket is the one and only exception to this rule. NOT EVEN IF IT'S TICKET.
3. Have fun. Talk to me if you aren't and we'll resolve it.
4. Godmodding is out of the question. Don't do it.
5. Fighting is Okay, within reason. I differ from Panzermole a bit on this one. Just let me know beforehand so it doesn't *ANVIL* me. In addition, before you fight, ask yourself why your character is going to fight. If the answer is anything except "It's in-Character for them and is exactly what they would do", DUN DO IT.
6. Octavia is best pony. This point is not to be argued unless somepony else defeats me and takes over. Then they can argue it all they want.

Will Daring Do make an appearance?
We talked about it in the last /ooc/ thread, but nopony ever volunteered. If somepony wants to play our favorite Indiana-Jones-Style Pegasus, by all means do it. Even if nopony plays as her, she may make an appearance anyway as an NPC... Or somepony thinks about her while reading a book. If you decide to play as Daring Do, use the TVTropes page located here for some ideas of family, ideology, characterization, etc. It's not required but worth a look:

What's that? You have other questions not listed on this OP?
Well, feel free to punch your question in right up there! [<3]
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>> No. 366816
File 135166882056.png - (99.97KB , 196x198 , hurf.png )
>> No. 366822
File 135167177765.png - (108.74KB , 280x302 , 135156316487.png )
Well, you're up rather late!
... Well, it's late where I am. Or early.
Gosh, I'm tired. Can't think straight.

Anyway, you're confirmed for this, I take it?
>> No. 366823
yeah sure I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 366825
>> No. 366826
Lupus, aka Asma will also be joining us.
>> No. 366935
>> No. 366940
File 135170845266.png - (95.14KB , 682x600 , 99748__UNOPT__safe_octavia_artist-haloreplicas.png )
>> No. 367907
File 135180865582.png - (228.67KB , 433x527 , 1812__artist-johnjoseco_blushing_vinyl-scratch_octavia_dj-pon-3_drunk.png )
/rp/ thread is now up!

Get in there and open with an introductory post, but keep it brief. After all, the ship is under attack!
>> No. 370529
You guys... this isn't the Ticker and Asma show. Get in the thread. Nao.
>> No. 377057
This roleplay is still open for business... more or less.

I don't want it to die. Come on!
>> No. 377560
I'm waiting for somepony else to post.
>> No. 378137
File 135287026225.png - (177.86KB , 597x608 , 132873305917.png )
Ah... I see.
>> No. 378428
File 135292237921.jpg - (200.04KB , 796x1094 , D'aww Luna Bat pet.jpg )
Don't be sad. Simply posty posty.
>> No. 381077
File 135326581313.png - (55.16KB , 322x290 , Scratch25.png )
hrm.... to join, or not to join......
that is the question....
GAH!!! i cant decide!!!!
>> No. 381127
File 135326901168.png - (213.22KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )
Hey this looks cool!
>reads rule 2
SCREW THIS!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 381165
Name: Boom Mike
Sex: Male
Race: Earth pony
Age; 18
Appearane: In picture
Personlity: Suave, but very hot-headed. Will stick to his opinion and is always up for a fight.
Backround: Born in Canterlot, his family was very rich, they pushed him to become a docter. He didn't like school, and hated his siblings. He ran away at the age of 14 and beame a rapper.
Vauable skills: Persuasive, and works hard to accomplish a goal. Good with weapons. (if need be)
>> No. 381170
File 135327097830.png - (191.21KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )
Sorry, forgot picture, here it is.
>> No. 381214
File 135327263194.gif - (334.97KB , 500x398 , 1352367359739.gif )

But can he rap?
>> No. 381227
Dude, its my job, of COURSE I can rap.
>> No. 381229
File 135327379817.png - (292.17KB , 1280x1374 , 131481397352.png )

Let's hear some then.
>> No. 381233
i second this.....
>> No. 381262
File 135327525469.jpg - (310.50KB , 1280x1652 , 114867__UNOPT__.jpg )
Join anyway! xD
> Octascratch picture to bribe you.


A Rapper. Kay, works for me.

The GM Demands it as well. DO IT FILLY!
>> No. 381308
File 135328051961.png - (185.88KB , 879x910 , 113.png )

> Name: Vinyl Scratch, A.K.A. DJ-P0N3,

> Sex: yes please Female

> Race: Unicorn

> Age: Legal Mane 6 Age

> Appearance: Do i need to even say it?

> Personality: a jokester, she likes to make puns, and sexual references, just to make it awkward on others, she is rather extroverted, and arrogant, but when she needs to be, she is intelligent, and serious Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence she is on the look out for the next best thing

> Background: She lost her parents when she was young, an event she doesn't like to talk about, she quickly got into the underground, in the illegal parties, making high friends in low places, she got into street racing, buying drugs, and other illegal activities, she recently got sick after one of her partner DJ's was overdosed on "accident" during a gang war, and now she is trying to get away from that area and that life

> Valuable skills: She is a mediocre engineer, she also has magically augmented hearing, and is an expert lockpick, not to mention her bass cannon
whats a bass cannon you ask? well its a device tha-

P.S. Octavia is best pony!, all who disagree will be WUB'd!!
>> No. 381333
Does this mean i can join?
>> No. 381334
yeah, im gonna perform for free. PSCH,
>> No. 381551
>> No. 381591
File 135329475543.png - (167.33KB , 900x544 , 132873369485.png )
Yes it means you can join.

Looks good!
Uhm... Wait, how are you planning on carrying the bass cannon around? I mean, a Wubzooka, I could see... But the whole cannon?

... Goddammit, Now I'm going to need to add Octavia. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
>> No. 381709
File 135329936944.jpg - (175.34KB , 1000x902 , e7cb91ba32f7902fc5500f6cdd68a656.jpg )
'Tavi' please....
i can create this thing out of thin air... i got the wub magics!!!
oh, and here, let me wake her up for you... in 3...2....1....
>> No. 382184
*Is woken up*
Oh for the love of- VIIIINYYYYYYYYLL!!!!!
I guess it works fine as an explanation.
>> No. 382185
*Is woken up*
Oh for the love of- VIIIINYYYYYYYYLL!!!!!
I guess it works fine as an explanation.
>> No. 382376
>> No. 382490
File 135337225068.png - (300.16KB , 1600x1243 , 146118.png )
heh, sorry man, but 'Tavi', and me are the ORIGINAL music ponies!
>> No. 382521
True, but can either of you rap?
>> No. 383316
File 135345887364.png - (110.54KB , 385x600 , 67273__safe_vector_octavia_artist-kna.png )
Boom Mike... You. Were not. Supposed. To post. Until. We. Meet. The. Attackers.

> Sighs exhaustedly.

I'll have to ask you to remove your last few posts. As eager as I know you are to begin, you being on the yacht right now is simply not feasible within the established universe and plan that we've already set forth.

> Beat

Shit, I knew I was forgetting something in the OP.

> Facehoofs

Okay, I'll state it concisely and clearly so there's no more confusion. It will spoil the early plot, but... fuck it.

> The Veterans (Dirk, Tinker, Asma, Glacia, Featherlight) meet up with the Griffons - essentially the Nazis of the setting.
> They hold off killing The Veterans despite having vastly superior firepower and numbers.
> The Veterans are instead taken into custody and remanded to the authority of the captain of one of the attacking vessels.
> Here's the important part: The Veterans meet The Recruits (That's you and Vinyl so far)
> What happens afterwards is largely up to you.

This initial timeline is important to the story. Yes, I know this is bordering on railroading, but after this initial set-up phase, I'll leave it drastically more open. The problem is I really am not a fan of overwhelming amounts of retcons if I can avoid it.

So, I'm just asking you to remove those two posts and wait just a little bit. (Few days IRL time, tops.) I will accelerate the timetable, seeing as you two are clearly anxious to get started.
>> No. 383320
Oops sry. also, how do you remove a post
>shrinks back
dont be mad at me!!!!!
>> No. 383716
File 135348598375.png - (205.87KB , 455x600 , 148145__UNOPT__safe_octavia_edit_angry_artist-zedrin_ask-mafia-octavia_artist-mindlessgonzojam.png )
You merely check the box next to your username on the post you need to delete and click the delete button at the bottom of the page.

Sorry for my delay in answering...

And no, I'm not mad. Do you see me mad? I AM NOT FUCKING MAD!
>> No. 383773
Tavi, you got it wrong!
The griffons attack, and while they are attacking in full force, we get onto one of their ships, and take it. That's when we meet the recruits.
>> No. 383891
File 135352586833.png - (224.79KB , 852x469 , 133872__UNOPT__safe_screencap_shining-armor_spoiler-s03.png )
Uhm... I don't remember that one.
But my memory is shit, so can you hit me up on Skype and remind me of it?
>> No. 383896
Also, Boom Mike forgot to delete a post.
>> No. 383950
I tried, it wouldnt delete. seriously, i tried it 4 times.
>> No. 384042
File 135353811325.png - (71.52KB , 98x125 , Stand back, Twilight's trying science_.png )
Derpface. I just told you everything you needed to know.
Vinyl, hold her down please. We need science. Also, bring a wubzooka.
>> No. 384249
File 135355024278.jpg - (68.87KB , 960x435 , I found whiskey.jpg )
... Odd. Everypony, just ignore that post, then.

Despite some behavior to the contrary, I'm, in fact, quite male. You know this already.
>> No. 387307
Stagnation, stagnation, does whatever stagnation does....
>> No. 388351
File 135407242238.png - (687.76KB , 1000x1026 , 130956__UNOPT__safe_octavia_derp_-3.png )
>> No. 388778
File 135413954394.png - (98.99KB , 192x174 , Angry Vynil.png )
Don't talk to me that way, young man.
>> No. 389009
Ummmmmm you said were not supposed to post yet, but can you get the ball rolling already so we can join.
>> No. 389017
File 135415715424.png - (70.33KB , 825x969 , vinyl_scratch_vector___sadface__updated__by_namelesshero2222-d4zde64.png )
yeah, sorry i haven't been on recently, i'm WAY behind in my Chemestry class at school, and i need to do some srs catching up, so i'll probably just.. be in the corner, tripping the buck out and listening to Wubwubwubstep :/
>> No. 391814
File 135458975422.jpg - (220.04KB , 1000x1000 , 132622701975.jpg )
Aaaand we're back. More or less. Sound off if you're still in on this.
>> No. 392209
>> No. 392254
Boom here!
>> No. 392352
i'm still here, barely, but i'm here
>> No. 404771
All right, you maggot eating scum! Rise and shine, boys and girls. You are now treasure hunters! Rocktavia is god, and me and Vausten are pope! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
>> No. 407396
.... I don't want to be alone......
>> No. 409695

Technically homeless but still posting. Posts will likely be even more erratic, especially if I reach my destination.
>> No. 409805
Well, that sucks. Tell us if you need a place to crash.
>> No. 411144
Scratch, we need you, where is you face?
>> No. 411147
Scratch, we need you, where is you face?
>> No. 414812
Thread 404ed, Tavi, we need a new one.
Scratch, if you're here, we're declaring you sick. You're character will not be doing anything untill you return. If you do not return in a few months, we will declare you dead.
Thank you for your time.
>> No. 414851
Sorry, I havn't been keeping up with the thread. When will the rapper enter?

Last edited at Fri, Mar 15th, 2013 17:24

>> No. 414888
File 136346172811.png - (328.53KB , 1000x1599 , 55875__safe_rainbow-dash_vector_octavia_reaction-image_fourth-wall_big-mac_4th-wall_big-macinsto.png )
New thread!
>> No. 414989
Tavi, I am now on a non skype using computer (as it's linux) and was hoping instead you could email me. (Note: Random people, please don't email me.) [email protected]
>> No. 415801
Gais. Why no post?
>> No. 417818
Hey Tavi, remember this?
>> No. 422594
We are still open for business. Contrary to appearances.
We're currently trying to deal with loss of players, and how to work it out, but we are near a solution.
If you want to join, feel free to sign up.
>> No. 422803
Boom is still here, jus so ya know
>> No. 450275
File 138772849505.png - (9.55KB , 143x200 , marshall_lee_by_vanilleb-d4779mi.png )
>> No. 450276
File 138772849549.png - (9.55KB , 143x200 , marshall_lee_by_vanilleb-d4779mi.png )
>> No. 450277
File 138772849697.png - (9.55KB , 143x200 , marshall_lee_by_vanilleb-d4779mi.png )
>> No. 450419
File 138801634330.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
This actually looks neat, but I don't think any of my characters could work as treasure hunters... I'd have to make another or...
Are there spots open to work with the DM as NPCs? Henchmen, obstacles, or something like that?
>> No. 450446
I have a subtle feeling that the other people in this rp are not currently present
>> No. 450968
This cannon was declared dead like, a year and a half ago, guys. It is dead.

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