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Hello everyone! I have an idea for a canon I'd like to start. Here's the premise: The three pony tribes unite in order to settle in a new land. However, it turns out there are several other tribes fighting over nearby lands. Not only that, but monsters of old run free, unchecked, not yet banished to Tartarus. It is up to you courageous pioneers to explore this new land and brave its perils in order to secure a future for Equestria!

This will take place a year or so (or maybe more) after the events depicted in Hearth's Warming Eve.

This canon will not preserve the innocence of the show. There will be battling. There will be death. However, some motifs of the show will carry through.

I'm thinking things are going to go like this. You guys will be pioneers (adventurers) tasked with various jobs (quests) from the different leaders that make up the oligarchy that currently rules Equestria. Well, it's more of a tribe ring. Yes, that means you'll be interacting with the characters in the Hearth's Warming Eve play (though they may not all be there, and they wont be exactly like how the mane 6 personified them). Note that not all characters have to be a warrior, as long as they have other skills (Scouting, Utility spells, Negotiator, etc.)

If anyone's played King of Dragon Pass (it's an oldie but a goodie) then you'll see similarities in how the tribe is set up, if that helps.

I'll be working on a doc to outline exactly how I'm going to run this thing.

Oh, and here's the character sheet I'm (probably) going to use:

Name: (Yep.)

Race: (Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn, possibly Griffon, Zebra, Minotaur, and any other crazy race you come up with... as long as I approve it.)

Appearance: (Short description of what you look like. Remember, low-tech for clothing.)

Bio: (Specifically: How you got your cutie mark, what it is, what your role was in the tribe, if any. Optionally: personality quirks, motivations, goals. And anything else I forgot.)

Skills: (What do you bring to the table as a potential pioneer? Combat techniques, survival skills, magic, glib, anything that is of use.)

Equipment: (More on this will be on the doc. For now just make up some kind of armour and weapon (if you have any) and consumables. There is no currency... well, there might be for other tribes. You wont have any of that, though.)

The doc: (Might not be open yet):
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File 135562707528.jpg - (528.24KB , 1024x768 , a2b66f35edc6db2afd94d85b4f4690c71e05d773.jpg )
I'm guessing it is a bit like Harmony? As in no alicorns, no humans, nothing that wouldn't go with the show.
Also, how would combat be played out.
Dice rolling
>evens 1d100 = 41
Posts where either side decides if they get hit or not.
Or something else more complicated.
>> No. 398799

Sorry, I'm a bit new here. Is there already a canon that follows the same premise? Probably should've checked first.

No alicorns (yet) and definitely no humans.

I'm going to make the combat as simple as possible. I might bring in some elements from AD&D (not THAC0). Perhaps a d20 plus whatever modifier I give you. As in:

Storming Hoof is strong (+2)
He wields a bronze spear (+1)

d20+3 = 4

If it's over, say, 15 he hits.
>> No. 398801

Haha, crit fail. Good start.
>> No. 398802
File 135562810646.jpg - (713.08KB , 850x976 , All tied up and ready to go.jpg )
I'm more use to things just being evens for hitting and no rpg style elements... But those are always good if you can handle em well.
I'm sure someone will turn up for this.
But if you want to rp, for practice, I recommend going to
AOS, here is the OOC
If you want to chat with people, you can head over ot the General OOC thread
Other open RP threads include Donut Bar and NLR, if you want to check those out.
>> No. 398804

Alright, thanks!
>> No. 398805
File 135562836680.jpg - (503.60KB , 850x1962 , I'll take a thong wearing catboy any day.jpg )
Glad I could be of service, hope you enjoy it here.
I'm the sites resident Otaku/yaoi fanboy
>> No. 398806

I'll keep it in mind.
>> No. 398849
Canon doc is up, but not complete.
>> No. 399270
Hey well I'm new to Role playing and haven't done it once yet. Heck, I'm new to Ponychan too. I was wondering if I could join up. I have no clue what to do and I would appreciate it if you were to let me in and maybe teach me how this works. Thanks
>> No. 399355

Hello there! This canon is open to all, and I'd be happy to help you out.

First off, you need a character to play as. See the character sheet in the OP for details. You may also look at the doc provided for extra details on the world, and restrictions on character creation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your consideration!
>> No. 399511
I added mechanics to the doc. Hope it's not too confusing.
>> No. 402745
I also plan to join this game, should we just post our character sheet here?
>> No. 402754
File 135637240558.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Well I do kind of want to play something that is like DND. This seems pretty similar, I am curious though is this still open, no posts in a week is why I am asking.
>> No. 403000
Yes indeed, I'm still alive! My internet didn't agree with me for a time, but I am ready to accept characters.

Please do. Just ask if you have any questions.

Yep, similar to DnD, with the d20s and modifiers and such. And yes, still alive.
>> No. 404444
The end of the year festivities have concluded! Now I will be working on the doc, adding more information where needed. If any of you are still interested in playing, I ask that you ask for any information you feel is necessary, for the doc is incomplete and very bare bones at the moment. With that I'm off! Looking forward to those character sheets.
>> No. 404694
File 135715875721.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Going to start working on it now then!

Knowing me it will be long.

few questions if you are here:

I am assuming Abilities fall under skills...

how many abilities/skills are we allowed/should we take for the beginning ((Assuming everyone starts essentially at level one or something.))

edit: Annnnd then I get distracted. Suppose I'll work on it later, but yes I am interested
>> No. 404696

There's no hard cap, but I'd like it to be a reasonable amount. Honestly, it's quite nonspecific.

An example would be:

Skills: Mixed Results can cast fire spells and cantrips (including light, minor teleportation, and minor transmutaion), she was trained in basic combat under the militia in the use of quarterstaves and slings, and she can be fairly manipulative when she feels like it.

Note that this wont be a hard restriction on what your character can do. It basically tells me what kind of bonuses I should award to you and gives me a general idea of what 'class' of pioneer you are. Just be reasonable. For example, a character who practices high level alchemy, is a master swordsman, and has manipulated his way to the top using persuasion alone is a might bit OP.

Oh, and I've altered the character sheet from the one in the OP, just so you know. The updated sheet is in the doc.

And thanks for the consideration!
>> No. 404741
Name: Flame Flipper

Race: Unicorn

Appearance: Orange body with a red mane( but the mane have different shades of red)

Bio: My family loves outdoors despite being a unicorn family. We were going to camping every weekend. One day the wind was very strong and our fire died down. When dangerous animals were nearby, I managed to create a fire that managed to stand despite the wind, that's when I get my flame cutie mark.
I'm working mostly in the military department. My ability to create flames at will was very helpful for combat and survival.
I am used to some luxury and like to eat sweets. I plan to own a sweet shop at some point in the future. I also enjoy reading adventure novels. I am a stallion by the way.

Skills: Ability to create a flame that can't be died down unless I wanted to( but if I'm fainted, the flame will die down.), can't manipulate other flames though. My ability will help especially in winter.

Equipment: All of my clothes are fireproof with a help of magic. I don't carry any weapons.

Please warn me if I accidentally made my character too strong or too weak( or too Sue).
>> No. 404743

I wrote that before seeing the last post, I will update it soon.
>> No. 404795
File 135718340316.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Name: Borak of the Lance

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance: Dark yellow, light brown mane. ((See picture, just different cutie mark... and no box on his head.

Bio: In the Stonehoof tribe, getting a cutie mark that did not involve combat forced you into a secondary citizenship within the tribe. Because of this Foals were pushed into combat at early ages, many not daring doing anything else lest their cutie marks appear in a dishonorable trade. Parents, having gone through this process themselves use an entirely different naming convention, naming their kids after great warriors, or skills they believed to be good in combat. So it came to be that Borak ?�?��?�The lightning?�?��?� was named. He was a bit of a runt you see, weaker than most other ponies and was thus given a name to represent his speed rather than his strength. The name didn't save him, being a weakling many other ponies made fun of his weakness. He began training extra hard to bulk himself up, training his body in heavily weighted armor. Whatever he did however it was not enough. He was still not as big as the others in the tribe and he was starting to worry that perhaps he was not meant for combat. Then one day, the Stonehoof tribe was attacked by the Stormchaser tribe. Normally a few Pegasus were not too much trouble for the combat proven earth tribe. This, however was much more than just a few Pegasus Wreaking havoc on the nomadic tribe it seemed like the Stormchaser's would acquire a new tribe to pay it tribute. Seeing the battle going bad for the Stonehooves, Borak felt a new kind of power building up inside of him. Grabbing his spear he charged at a couple of grounded Pegasi, following them with his eyes as they took off. Pushing this power down into his hooves he jumped. To the Pegasus's surprise Borak was floating next to him. It was the last thing he saw before Borak's spear jammed into the Pegasus, causing them both to plummet down to the earth. Borak landed spear towards the ground, a spear with wings forever embedded on his flank.

After they had successfully driven the Stormchaser's away, Borak was charged with teaching other ponies the secrets that had come naturally to him so they would never again be threatened by pegasi. He did so unquestioningly. As he grew older, and after many battles he started to question the nomadic life. Growing up a runt he knew that life was tough for those who were not fighters and he was constantly trying to improve the lives of the second class's. One day during an attack on the LittleLeaf tribe for food the Stonehooves were thwarted by the equestrians. Never had the Stonehooves had to deal with all three species of ponies, their defense was superior. Everyone seemed to be treated equally. During the chaos Borak decided to turn himself over to the equestrians. Immediately the Equestrians recognized his will to join them and soon it was Borak himself who was put in charge of defending the LittleLeaves. That is, until he decided to become a pioneer. Being born into combat, he is quick to fight, its not that he is easily angered its just he believes everything can be solved much quicker with a fight. Whoever wins is the correct one. His wish is that the Stonehoof clan will one day join Equestria.

Skills: In fantasy terms, hes a Dragoon!
Active abilities
Jump- Jump high into the air
Passive abilities
Anti Air- Winged creatures, especially pegasi, are much easier for him to hit.
Spear expertise- Spears are a Dragoon's weapon of choice!
Commanding officer- During battle his charismatic abilities are boosted ((E.G. making people follow orders, intimidation, etc))
Trained fall- Jumping up high into the air means you have to come down. He can take long falls a lot better than other ponies.

Equipment: Iron armor ((Full coverage)), Iron spear, three potions of the berserker.

Potion of Berserker allow the user to fight at full capacity regardless of wounds inflicted. However once the potion wears off the user's energy is sapped.

Hows that?
>> No. 404825

Hm, looks good so far! I'll give you my full appraisal once you've included the last bit about being a pioneer (it's a tad important).


Yes, I like it! Very good use of the lore. Also, I like this unique relationship with the Littleleaves, it will surely come in handy. Although, usually, I would restrict such positions of power to Equestrian born citizens. However, having a Stonehoof native be in charge sends a message to the rest of the tribes, so I accept this.

As far as skills go, it looks good. I'll make sure they're put to use.

As for items, I give my approval. These potions are acceptable, for there's a downside to their use. A little nitpick: the Stonehooves don't have the capacity to make iron armour, though they often salvage what they can form fallen adversaries. So it's feasible that either a) you received armor this way or b) the Equestrians (who have up to steel armour (which is rare a valuable)) gave you a set of full plate. Either way is acceptable.

Also, I assume you go with the 'connections' route as how you've acquired your stance as a pioneer, for a pony in Borak's position would certainly be eligible for such a title.

All in all, you have the greenlight. Now we must play the waiting game...

As a side note: We must now wait for at least one (but preferably two) more character submissions before we have a full party of adventurers... er, rather a band of pioneers (there's a difference, however slight). That would make a band of four (or five) including the character I'll play, which will be purely support in nature.
>> No. 405201

And thank you!
>> No. 405265
File 135742395977.png - (6.71KB , 300x300 , Stonehoof.png )
So, instead of filling the doc with needless information, I decided to make a wiki for all the various bullshit the PC's might know. It doesn't have very much on it right now, but more info will be added as the band travels. Note that is not required reading by any means, it's mostly supplementary.
>> No. 405278
File 135742924995.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Alright so go kill spiters if you need to kill an Ursa or Wisp!

and Borak is totally going to challenge the StoneHoof's Khan at some point.

also Borak "The lightning" lance is totally the stormchasers new god.

>> No. 405347

Fight an Ursa, become the Khan, usurp a God... looks like you got quite the journey ahead of you, haha.
>> No. 405353
File 135750162758.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
You know it! lol

I surprisingly had a dream about this. Dreamt I was trying to teach the stone hooves about agriculture. I must of rolled a natural 20 or something because the tree Borak/I/IDEK kicked went flying. Suddenly all the Stonehooves went around kicking trees out of the ground and I was just like THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS

> . >

Last edited at Sun, Jan 6th, 2013 17:10

>> No. 405413

Ha! Maybe you'll get a chance to re enact this scenario one day. However, it would probably take quite a few 20s to get the Stonehooves to consider agriculture as a source of food. After all, why spend all that time growing crops when you can simply storm a settlement and take what you want?
>> No. 405766
File 135777858220.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Well I suppose I should practice then!

How will my luck be in this thread?

1= rocks fall everyone dies
20= god of the new world
1d20 = 10
>> No. 405767
So... not leaning either way. Guess I'll just have to rely on skill and not luck to win me my battles!
>> No. 405784

I thought I had a good quote about luck to share, but it escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, small update, I've wrangled three others into this silly little canon we have going. I should think they'll submit their characters sometime in the next couple days. Then we'll get started!
>> No. 405789
File 135778682507.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Just in time for classes to start!

>> No. 405792

Yeah, I know, right? Great timing on my part, haha.
>> No. 405795
Hopefully you guys don't start till like Monday or something. Gonna be busy for the next few days..

Last edited at Wed, Jan 9th, 2013 20:09

>> No. 405797

I'll make sure that we start when everyone's here and ready, and not a minute before.
>> No. 405808
Maybe it was Raffy


Earth pony


A bit beaten up like someone who has been wandering through a forest, and I'd wear a hooded cloak cause that sounds fitting and simple, kind of like the one twilight wore but maybe a darker brown, but the cloak can be leather.

A dark salmon coat, baby blue mane and blue eyes.

I will have a cutie mark but it will be covered by the cloak for absolutely no reason.

Came from long and far away in a great quest to visit his sick uncle, he turned out to be dead when I arived.

was probably once a unicorn but when he had his horn taken from him he began to study alchemy to fix his bald spot and so he could continue studying magic


alchemy, survival, bluff, stealth, oddly convincing


satchel containing: alchemy lab/equipment, horse rations(oats?)

leather cloak
>> No. 405830
Does it have to be all around combat? Could you specialize in other things? Maybe weapons or fighting isn't your expertise?
>> No. 405831
I was going to do that but I decided to add alchemy and stealth just because those would be helpful in combat, the main problem with not being combat oriented is there will be combat
>> No. 405838

Yeah, you can have any kind of skillset. It's just that there is going to be combat with enemies who can't be reasoned with (though there are plenty who can be bribed, intimidated, placated, etc.), so I don't want anyone to feel useless when the fighting starts. As such, I recommend having at least a little combat training (like Borak) or combat utility (like Raffy). However, combat doesn't have to be your main focus.
>> No. 405867
Okay, finally got a character together.

Name: Cooper
Race:Diamond Dog (I didn't see anything about them, is it okay if I play as one?)
Bio: Hailing from the newly discovered Diamond Dog territories on the outskirts of Equestria, Cooper was hired as a guide of sorts, but is mostly used for mining gems, and most recently, muscle.
Skills: Like most Diamond Dog breeds, Cooper excels in hand to hand combat. Preferring to use his massive brass gauntlets for bashing, and his helmet for head butting. Though unlike many of his kind, he shows an odd interest in flowers and other plant life, knowing which are edible, good for medicine, and which just look nice in a bouquet.

-Brass Helmet [Horned][Full facial Coverage]
-Brass Gauntlets [Big and Clunky. Good for smashing bad ponies to paste]
-Rusty Chainmail [Covers chest only]
-Satchel full of herbs [For medicinal and dietary purposes.]

>I'll post a picture tomorrow maybe, if I can get to a scanner
>> No. 405889
File 135787096888.jpg - (22.26KB , 830x650 , Laywing2.jpg )
Name: Laywing (most call her Leia)

Sex: Female

Race: Pegasus

Appearance: Red coat with red and yellow striped hair. Prefers not to wear armor. Sometimes found wearing standard Hurricane armor. (As seen from the show)

Bio: A mare born with a strict family, in her former tribe, Stormchasers. She was forced to train to be the best a soldier could be. Though her skills were... needed. (Never killed before, only trained) She was not always fond of a fighting life. Only when necessary. Sadly, she received her cutie mark, a sword. Family was happy, she was not. She wanted a more peaceful, pleasant way of living. Always wanted to help others and spend much of her spare time tending to wounded stormchasers and the little ponies. Few days after her cutie mark was obtained, she flew away. Wearing the armor of a stormchaser for only protection on her own,it caused a lot of... negative attention from certain strangers.She spent a week later on her feared own. She later found a group of pioneers who gave her a lot of mixed attention. Hesitant to ask, she wanted to join the pioneers... Journey begins

Skills: Good with a sword, diplomatic (A way with words), basic medical skills, the therapist of the era! naturally light on her hooves.

Equipment: standard hurricane armor (light armor), Iron used sword, small pouch, bandages.
>> No. 405896
Looks like were almost all outsiders! This is going to be interesting.


Ah, a diamond dog, I knew I was forgetting a race. You could be from the Cave Spite tribe, if you want, or from a smaller diamond dog tribe in the area (there's bound to be a few). A diamond dog is a unique asset for sure. Your skills and equipment both check out.

I'm assuming you're going with 'martial prowess' as your key to becoming a pioneer. All in all, you're good to go!


Ah, a Stormchaser. You're character is a sheep among wolves, if I might say so. That could be a good thing, though! I think a Stormchaser would be a valuable asset to the team. You're skills are good and your equipment is acceptable.

Overall, you have the green light! You might want to check out the Stormchaser page on the wiki, if you haven't already.

As a side note, we have four accepted characters, and two on the way to completion. Once we have all the characters, and everyone is ready, we'll be good to go!
>> No. 405911
I added the story of how I became a pioneer. I also used this opportunity to add my clan, some new skills( don't want to be a one-trick pony) and I wear armor instead of clothes. I hope this is fine.

Name: Flame Flipper

Race: Unicorn

Appearance: Orange body with a red mane( but the mane have different shades of red). Relatively small.

Bio: As a member of the Glistens tribe, I had a good and easy childhood. My family loves outdoors despite being a unicorn family. We were going to camping every weekend. One day the wind was very strong and our fire died down. When dangerous animals were nearby, I managed to create a fire that managed to stand despite the wind, that's when I get my flame cutie mark.

After I grew up, I couldn't find a job due my limited ability due the fact that a fire cannot be died down isn't needed in a city. To find my place and be useful, I began to travel and meet a group of pioneer who needs my powers. My eager behavior made the whole process even faster.

I am used to some luxury and like to eat sweets. I plan to own a sweet shop at some point in the future. I also enjoy reading adventure novels. I am a stallion by the way.

Skills: Ability to create a flame that can't be died down unless I wanted to( but if I'm fainted, the flame will die down.), can't manipulate other flames though. My ability will help especially in winter. Other than that, I have good survival skills thanks to my family's camping hobby and have good reflexes.

Equipment: All of my armor are fireproof with a help of magic. I don't carry any weapons.
>> No. 405913

Alright! Let's see. A Glistener, I think that makes everyone an outsider, including my character. That is definitely an interesting setup. Your story checks out.

As for skill though, I'm a little concerned. The reflexes and survival skills are good, but the flame part is a bit underpowered I think, though I do appreciate the attempt to balance. It's acceptable as is, but if you want a bit more power and versatility I will allow you to manipulate any flames (as long as it isn't too large a flame or too far a distance; and to a limited extent). Also, are you planning to use your flame manipulation in combat? I will allow you to use fire spells too, if you want (like fireball, flamewall, flamethrower, or things like that).

And as for equipment, it checks out, but what kind of armour is it? Leather? Chainmail? Iron?

Besides those two things I think you're good to go! Just verify your armour type and if you want those flame skills and you'll be green.

So UOD was the last person I was waiting for (the other candidate expressed that he wouldn't be able to play). Therefore, I think we're almost ready to start! I'm just waiting on a few confirmations as far as characters go. In the meantime, I'll need to do a roll call. Post if you're here and ready to play!
>> No. 405916

For the most part, ready. Although I can't say I'll be extremely active. Free time is sorta slim, but I'll try when I can.
>> No. 405918
File 135793710923.gif - (552.82KB , 520x319 , Box trap.gif )
It really depends.

I am here right now yes, but this weekend I'll be on the road quite a bit. Perhaps sunday I will be a little more settled?
>> No. 405919

I'd feel more comfortable next week, but we could try Sunday?
>> No. 405920

Alright, Sunday sounds good. Well, I have a bit of a thing on Sunday, so whenever I get back we could start. Of course,this is all pending the others confirmations.
>> No. 405922
I'm fine with Sunday.
>> No. 405969
Umm.. Bev Bosik? what is your character? I'm just curious. unless, it is something for us to find out Sunday.
>> No. 405984
File 135795536631.png - (23.13KB , 212x169 , 132702540281.png )

>Bev Bosik
>Beverly Bosik
>My female opposite
>My face when

Anyways, my character is a foreigner too! Though from exactly where will remain a mystery for now. She's a unicorn with some utility as an apothecary and skill with a bow. I think she might synergize with your character quite well, seeing as we'll be the two medics on the team (with some support from Cooper I imagine). The rest you will find out Sunday.
>> No. 405985
File 135795646932.jpg - (22.57KB , 320x240 , image.jpg )
I forgot about a meeting I have to go to Sunday, so I might be a little late.
Is it okay if I introduce Cooper a little bit into the story?
>> No. 406049

My armour is leather, I also have fire related skills:

-Fire Ring. It will prevent a person or a group( although with my current capacity only a person will be trapped) from moving, can be used to defend a person as well( since it will prevent others from attacking)

-Fireball, obvious how it works.

-Fire splash, more powerful than fireball but it's very hard to control and it will likely divide and hit multiple people.

-Fire sniper. Ability to shoot concentrated fire into one place, I am not powerful enough to do this yet.

-Fire weapon. Ability to create solid weapon out of fire, I am not powerful enough to do this yet.

(If you think I'm still underpowered, you can make the last two spell available from the start.)

Sunday is fine for me, when do we start( and according to which timeline)?
>> No. 406065

I'd like for everyone to start at relatively the same time. I mean, for the introduction I had planned. I'll prolly be a bit late too, so hopefully we'll match up.


Oh, those sound good. Progression too, I like it. And we'll be starting five months after the initial settlement, if that's what you meant.
>> No. 406069

No I meant timezones( of real world), sorry. Mine is +2 and it would be problematic if anyone starts late due this problem( it's my first internet frp game so I don't know how things exactly work.).
>> No. 406073

Oh, that's probably information I should have gathered earlier, haha. My time zone is -5 EST, so I'll be posting the thread sometime Sunday night, I think, and give everyone a chance to post their introductions and proceed from there. We don't all have to be here at exactly the same time, though, I just like to have a day set so nobody misses out on the very beginning.
>> No. 406090
I don't exactly understand what you guys mean of +2 or -5EST. But I'll go ahead and throw out there that I am Eastern time. look forward to Sunday!
>> No. 406178
The first thread is up!
>> No. 406180
File 135811801747.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>I am here and I am also not here. We are taking a break but were gonna be packing things again. But I do have a computer. Once were done then I'll have more free time

edit: I think I have time to read/first post though so I'll go do that

Last edited at Sun, Jan 13th, 2013 16:01

>> No. 406208
Ah, beautiful, beautiful conflict. Having all foreigners certainly does make for an interesting group.

... So long as no one kills anyone!
>> No. 406209
File 135812917937.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
inb4 Borak gets his throat slit in the middle of the night

>> No. 406236
File 135814023135.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Borak's current inventory

Glowing iron spear
Iron armor
Fine Whetstone (-1)
Equestrian Flag ((With ward of deflection attached))
3x berserker potions
((I believe that is it. I must go now, good night))
>> No. 406238
I hope you all have read up on the mechanics in the doc, we'll be using them soon...

A quick rundown: If you want to do anything that would require a decent amount of effort, roll a d20. Just do it. Otherwise I'll have to default you with my rolls, and you don't want that.

Whenever I end a post with DC:x, reply with a roll to compete.

Oh, and tell me whenever you plan to use any of your special items.
>> No. 406239
Good night everyone.

Flame Flipper's current inventory:

-leather, fireproof armor
-a stiletto
-a speed potion
-various small dyes
-a small book
-a small hammer

Also relevant to the topic:
>> No. 406240
File 135814193590.gif - (552.82KB , 520x319 , Box trap.gif )
>> No. 406241
[character name here]'s current inventory:

-leather cloak
-satchel containing:
--alchemy kit
--horse rations
--red boomerang
--book about the strongest mare alive
--cheery package (empty)

Last edited at Sun, Jan 13th, 2013 22:42

>> No. 406336
File 135817551375.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Did Laywing just throw her perfectly good armor away in front of Borak? Roll to take off armor quickly and roll to save it!

Hes not stupid enough to jump into the river wearing full armor! Or is he?

1d20 = 7
>> No. 406337
+10 for common sense :D lol
edit: also about to head to class so can't post atm.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 08:14

>> No. 406366
Well, it was more a internal conflict. She wore the stormchaser armor because she needed some sort of protection when she was on her own. Truthfully, she despises being a Stormchaser.
>> No. 406367
File 135820328843.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
He still considers it perfectly good armor, but the question is did she do it in front of everyone? Borak was suppose to hang back and make sure everyone made it to the militia so I am assuming you did it in front of him. Unless someone stops him hes going to probably go in for it.
>> No. 406370
Oh, I see what you're saying. Yes, yes she did. Consider it, a message.
>> No. 406371
File 135820477270.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Okie dokie
>> No. 406382
Hey, be careful where you place rivers Laywing! Luckily, there actually is one nearby. It's kinda small, but it will do.
>> No. 406383
File 135821253961.png - (349.69KB , 1890x1417 , angry.png )
>Come on Borak a 6? really!? How are you going to spot enemies if you can't see a shiny piece of armor sticking out of a small river!? Welp

edit: also I want to edit my post, but I have to wait till I know Sev has seen the 6 because if you edit a post with rolls it makes it look unofficial. I apologize I am very tired and I forgot an entire sentence about him falling and everything.

edit #2: Apparently I hit submit somewhere. =/

Last edited at Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 18:21

>> No. 406384


hes about as intimidating as a parasprite.
>> No. 406385

I don't know about pvp rolls, I think I should leave it up to the players to decide how they respond to each other without rolls involved.

But yeah, your rolls are pretty bad, haha. Just get the bad ones out of the way.
>> No. 406386
File 135821515122.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Alright, I wasn't really sure if we could do that. I have been in games where it was allowed, I won't do it again!

At least its nothing important XD
>> No. 406388
Oh boy, our first crit fail! Such fun.
>> No. 406389
File 135821569572.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

>> No. 406390
File 135821588722.png - (85.54KB , 772x872 , 132175490292.png )
Why must you hate me random number god?!
>> No. 406391
Lol... I believe in such case we should resort to no "combat" die to fix small retrieval.
>> No. 406395
File 135821671729.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )


It should be instead of intimidation a roll to make them all laugh at his misfortune or something lolol
>> No. 406396
Roles don't get any worse.. Lol
>> No. 406397
From this point on we are the band of misfits. Accomplishing tasks by somehow pulling amazing stunts that we did not mean to and causing our foes to laugh or stare in awe at the feats we accomplished.
>> No. 406398
File 135821709281.jpg - (39.48KB , 300x364 , 1342314868093.jpg )

Well I know where I fall on that spectrum.
>> No. 406399
How you like that?
>> No. 406400
File 135821761325.png - (349.69KB , 1890x1417 , angry.png )
At least it wasn't a critical fail... lol... I hope you don't end up whacking me or something.
>> No. 406403
File 135821810541.png - (60.57KB , 322x352 , 134022590148.png )
Ah, don't give the GM any ideas now.
>> No. 406404
File 135821825675.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Sev! Borak is not wearing his armor! He had decided not to put it on in case the Diamond dog was foolish enough to jump into the river fully armored. When he heard the roar he dropped it to help.

Whoa Crit success! Guess we know who to turn too for rolls now haha.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 19:51

>> No. 406405
I made up for the crit fails
>> No. 406406

Ah, you're right! My bad, in this case you die.

Nah, I'll change it in a sec.
>> No. 406407

Lol also hes about to go get his armor so its all good.
>> No. 406408
File 135822031964.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )


also I will have to leave soon.
>> No. 406409
[character name here]'s current inventory:

-leather cloak
-satchel containing:
-alchemy kit
-horse rations
-red boomerang
-book about the strongest mare alive
-one meter undyed wool string
-cheery package (empty)
>> No. 406410
File 135822161512.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
alright guys. Time for me to hit the hay.

Current inventory
iron spear
Iron armor
Fine Whetstone (-1)
Equestrian Flag ((With ward of deflection attached))
3x berserker potions
1x Gold brooch ((Currently in Coopers posession but ITS MINE RAWLEJOIUAOFIUSDLKFAJSDLKFAJSDLKJ insert evil spike here.
>> No. 406411
Flame Flipper's current inventory(Nothing new):

-leather, fireproof armor
-a stiletto
-a speed potion
-various small dyes
-a small book
-a small hammer
>> No. 406412
hey I only put that there because I got an item not so everyone could go to bed
>> No. 406413
Current inventory
-Rusty Chain mail
-Satchel of herbs
- gems labeled ?�?��??Volatile!'
- an empty silk sack with the letters ?�?��??Everdeep?�?��?�� stitched onto it in golden letters
-potion labeled ?�?��??Glib'

Ah no worries, threw it back to you.
>> No. 406430
Current inventory:

-Stormchaser armor (yet to be dyed)
-medical set
-totem of Solaria
-dark shortsword of Umbra
>> No. 406489
File 135830469098.jpg - (57.63KB , 500x333 , happybox.jpg )
I am curious

1d20 = 16

How is my luck today?
>> No. 406626
I will call my character FF for convenience, also sorry I couldn't come last night.
>> No. 406749
I apologize guys. I just moved.... and my uncle who was helping me move had his care towed because we were putting the groceries into the apartment. I really don't feel like doing anything right now... kind of down in the dumps. I was really looking forward to meeting that creature.. but it will have to wait..
>> No. 406751

It's cool man, we'll be here when you feel up to posting.
>> No. 406939
>Sorry I missed last night, I got caught up in some other stuff and by the time it was over it was pretty late and I kinda lost track and went to bed.
If something like this happens again I'll try and say in advance, again sorry.
>> No. 406945

That's fine man, it's post-by-post, play when you want!
>> No. 406994
(I'm answering to a message GM asks in the Roleplay section)

I accidentally send a message earlier( I'm not really used to Opera) so I have to edit that a few times, but that's my final thoughts on that.
>> No. 407372
gonna be slow posting for now, next post might be within an hour or two ((after we watch ted which I got from redbox))
>> No. 407440
File 135865519292.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>Critical fail
>During fight
>its because I made that arrow to the knee joke isn't it.
>> No. 407442

Haha, perhaps. Don't worry, it's nothing too bad. Sorta.
>> No. 407444
File 135865704226.png - (349.69KB , 1890x1417 , angry.png )
Oh woo a 7.
God damn why did I make that joke. Now I jinxed myself :( lol

edit: hahaha the warriors are failing miserably ;_;

Last edited at Sat, Jan 19th, 2013 21:47

>> No. 407450
Man, Tim, the RNG is not with you, it seems.
>> No. 407455
File 135865877109.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
the rng gods are angry with me for my arrow to the knee joke. How should I appeal to them?

Think a sacrifice of two goats will work?
>> No. 407458

Don't worry, you got the bad luck cooldown effect.

But yeah, try a cow, if you have one spare.
>> No. 407477
File 135866347702.jpg - (8.21KB , 158x160 , ;(.jpg )
>> No. 407484

It was one of those things that could've gone really awesomely... or terribly wrong. But I'm not one to protect my characters just because I'm playing them. I'm afraid things look grim... and only on the first night! I should prolly tone it done a bit, I don't want to kill too many characters, haha.
>> No. 407487
File 135866488084.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
That feel when you feel like you shoulda thrown the spear first! I was just afraid my bad luck streak would continue and with both of us ((I actually thought cooper was there too at the time so all three)) attacking AHHHH
>> No. 407492
File 135866559292.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Heres to hoping for a natural 20. Maybe we should wait for laywing, the actual medic @[email protected] COME ON BORAK YOUVE HAD ENOUGH BAD LUCK.

edit #2: Mfw I should have given her a berserker potion. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS EARLIER??
edit#3: Also I probably should do a roll to continue pushing through the energy sapping of the potion....

1d20 = 2

I am also probably going to sleep soon.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 20th, 2013 00:20

>> No. 407561
Her adrenaline and inexperience in combat costed the life of someone else. In the heat if the moment, she didn't realize of diplomacy.
>> No. 407565
so those last two posts were mine I was on my phone though
>> No. 407652
File 135873014773.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Hey so I didn't actually take stock of my provisions. We were allowed ten items right? Was there like a list we could choose from or should I just put things I think they would have and you can approve it?
>> No. 407653
I'm going to assume everyone took ten days worth of rations, as well as the bedrolls, flint and steels, and some torches. And saddlebags, if you had none.


Sure. Along with the above items, you can take anything that can reasonably be found in Equestria. Just pass it by me first.
>> No. 407666
How about a potion labled
"Save sirara just in the nick of time somehow"
>> No. 407669

That would be a 'Phoenixes Embrace' potion, which only the highest level artificers can create. Actually, only one pony has been able to create one, and he's dead.

Nice try, though.
>> No. 407670
but you know, of course I've met the guy in my former travels
>> No. 407672
why does that say cooper?
>> No. 407673
seriously how do you make those do that? do i just type them
>sorry I've never done this before and don't know how I typed cooper like that
>> No. 407674
File 135873200364.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
It was totally worth a shot lol. umm I think Borak should also have some climbing gear, or maybe just a rope. He needs a way to bring the rest of the group if they need to go upwards for some reason.

I actually haven't thought too much on it so perhaps I should just stick to the basics for now.
>> No. 407675
>you learn a new thing everyday
>> No. 407698

I'll grant you a climbing kit. But don't think I'll be allowing you to get equipment out of nowhere for much longer!
>> No. 407732
gimmie 10 mins more or less
>> No. 407743
File 135873878535.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
thats fine. If I think of something else I will get it later. For now its just the basics + that kit I suppose.
>> No. 407744

By the way, you got 12 needles out of that totem.
>> No. 407745
Do you guys wanna skip ahead until the nest event, or did you wanna do something else before that?
>> No. 407747
we should all tell each other good night first
>> No. 407754

Brilliant! That will surely ward off the dozens of rabid pauvin that used to call this place home.
>> No. 407757
it sure would, have you heard borak snore?
>> No. 407760
Well, hurry up and post if you want to, I'm skipping it in a few hours, maybe less if there's no activity.

Indeed. And Ames' tears will drown them!
>> No. 407761
(;^_^) that's not cool man
>> No. 407771
you can skip to another scene, I'm fine with it
>> No. 407778

Well, it mostly concerns you alone, so I suppose I can skip. Post incoming.
>> No. 407837
I finally combed the wiki and changed all instances of 'Raffy' to 'Raffi'. I hope you're impressed!
>> No. 407838
sorry had some personal things come up that I had to take care of. Involved a lot of talking @[email protected] kinda tired now so I'll just hit the hay.

Also now Borak is gonna feel bad for thinking badly of Ames towards the beginning :(
>> No. 407840
thank you kind sir
>> No. 407925
File 135879400323.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ashel.png )
Name: Ashel

Race: Earth pony

Bio: Ashel is a bard so to speak. Her parents were travelers, and she got her cutie mark while singing to calm animals. She became for adventure and a new start. Her parents died of the Winter storm, so Ashel needed a new start.
And if you treat her like scum, you will be sucker hoofed. No questions asked, and none answered.

Skills: Ashel can use music to calm animals. Taming animals (and those awesome song numbers) was started with her and a few others.

Equipment: Only her voice.
>> No. 407926
File 135879497443.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

erm ahem I mean a new companion to join in on our various misadvantures! don't trust the warriors to save your life ((which would be borak (me) and cooper!)) We be getting ALL THE 1's! and don't eat Raffi's candy. You'll wake up in a box somewhere out in the farlands!
>> No. 407928
hey I'll tell you my candy is top notch and I went to viking school, I think that makes me a warrior
>> No. 407967
File 135880568588.png - (1.24KB , 39x65 , j an.png )
I think she'll just suckpun- i mean hoof you all.
Oh hooray! Candy man is here.
>> No. 407978

Ah, our first Equestrian... at least I assume you are Equestrian.

Your talent is good, but I think it might need a buff to be more versatile. I can think of two things we can do with it. Either A) we give you animal empathy, the ability to sense animal emotions, as well or B) you can have the ability to help allies and hinder enemies with your music a la classical bard class. Though that second option messes with your background a bit. It's up to you, really. You can also keep your skills as is, but if you don't have an animal with you in battle you'll probably be stuck doing nothing.

As for equipment, I would recommend armour of some kind. Leather or even furs... well I guess your character might be opposed to wearing those. Excluding that, you may want something to give you some offensive capability. Like... an animal familiar? A raven, or falcon, or fox, or something like that.

>> No. 407984

I shall take this opportunity to welcome you to our circle which will carry our civilization to the new lands. A bard is necessary for our travels, but our animals have currently 100% suicide rate so I hope you can increase our spirit to fight.

Also, it looks like this group is full of one-trick ponies.
>> No. 407985
I think you mean sacrifice rate not suicide
>> No. 407990
File 135880924366.png - (1.64KB , 41x65 , jackie in (blank) grade .png )
I like you. You have good ideas.

Anyways, I agree with... choice: A.
I like that choice more. It helps pets and such being created.

Her armor... hmm... Well Ashel can use already dead animal skin. She isn't stupid and understands that she needs it. However, she WILL only wear it when there is no other choice.

No I think he means suicide.
>> No. 407996

Sacrificed itself by suiciding, what I meant to say is that taming animals isn't helpful when there is no animal around.
>> No. 408003

Alright, so animal empathy and animal skins. This will make you more viable, hopefully.

Now let's see about putting you in the thread... We'll have to wait just a bit.

In the meantime, let me give you your sponsor package. This is the package of magical items given to you by your sponsor, the pony on the ring who elected you to pioneer level.

Your sponsor will be Smart Cookie. She will give you a package containing a blue whistle, a figurine of a falcon, and a potion labeled 'Invisibility'. She will brief you on your mission, to join the band and explore the Southern Farlands. How you get there... well, you'll see. I'll tell you when you can hop in, it'll be fairly obvious.

That's the thread. Remember, wait on my signal.

Oh, and if you haven't read up on the mechanics you should do so now. Just making sure.
>> No. 408004
Oh great! I can't wait to meet Ashel! Well, I have to go to formation. Hope to be on soon.
>> No. 408005
I think he means sacrificial suicide, like sudoku
>> No. 408007
File 135881416045.png - (4.49KB , 369x369 , 6a00d83426b77b53ef00e54f3ffcb08833-800wi.png )

I think you mean seppuku, haha.
>> No. 408008
nah, I'm most sertain it is sudoku
>> No. 408009
File 135881488277.png - (1.64KB , 41x65 , jackie in (blank) grade .png )
you too.
>> No. 408011
File 135881522370.jpg - (18.51KB , 96x160 , j p .jpg )
Sev is right.
>> No. 408016
nope, you've obviously never played sudoku. you get in a circle of 6 friends and take a six shooter along but only one bullet, then you pass the gun around and everyone pulls the trigger whilst aiming it towards their own head
>> No. 408017
sudoku is also a puzzle game.
>> No. 408019
and russian roulette is a math/physics puzzle game
>> No. 408020

You ready for your introduction?
>> No. 408021
I gotta go.
>> No. 408022
File 135882047441.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>> No. 408028
I also have to sleep, if we enter into any fight tonight, I'll use fireball.
>> No. 408034
File 135882328699.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
oh also Sev, I assume there is some kind of Barracks in Effa. The soldiers have to have some place to sleep right? If not then allow me to edit that.
>> No. 408054

Yeah, it's not a great barracks. It's where the Equestrians stay, the ones sent to protect them. The Effa militia itself is mostly farmers that know how to use a sword, so they stay in their own residences. Well, mostly.
>> No. 408056
File 135883143516.gif - (552.82KB , 520x319 , Box trap.gif )
I think it will suit Borak's purposes!
>> No. 408131
and i'm back.
>> No. 408177
Welcome back :)
>> No. 408221
Are we playing tonight?
>> No. 408224

Indeed we are! I just got back from the bank, I'll skip us ahead in a minute.


You ready for your intro?
>> No. 408252
yeah if your on.
>> No. 408266

Damn, I skipped too soon. Once they're at the barracks I'll bring you in.
>> No. 408268
>> No. 408297
I need some sleep now, good night everyone.
>> No. 408361
File 135899128141.jpg - (110.33KB , 590x657 , 135718528130.jpg )
Gotta go afk for a bit sorry.
>> No. 408387
I am back :)
>> No. 408411
Damn, I was working on a paper all day and now I've missed the chance to introduce Ashel... Sorry Twlight! I promise I'll get you in.
>> No. 408419
File 135900138286.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Sorry for my disappearances... personal stuff I had to deal with. working on post now, also LOL

achievement unlocked:
"Ace detective" Solve a mystery within one turn of being given the mystery.
>> No. 408420

Yeah, I was expecting you to go straight to Sirara, haha.
>> No. 408421
File 135900271363.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Actually he was going to go for Sirara last. He feels extremely guilty about her death. But yea in my mind I really thought it was Sirara. I thought either A) Daemon came in during rez or B) She was already possessed and this was the rings way of showing that somehow Daemons could work together with ponies as well. He believed it was her as well, which is why he asked about Ames resurrection process. He thought maybe the cocoon had something to do with the Daemon, but the guilt was going to make him go for her last because he wouldn't be able to stand it if she was being possessed because he had to go get his spear ;_;

Last edited at Wed, Jan 23rd, 2013 21:46

>> No. 408424

Borak might have some knowledge of Daemons you're not privy to. He might know that they are foul manifestations of extreme emotion. He might know... Well, actually that's probably the extent of his knowledge. You'll probably find out more from Awesome. Maybe.
>> No. 408425
File 135900425191.gif - (552.82KB , 520x319 , Box trap.gif )
>oh... well that certainly changes things @[email protected] But it should be safe to say he doesn't really know much about Daemons!
>> No. 408426

This is kind of a spoiler, but does Borak know the Stormchaser tongue?
>> No. 408427
File 135900526531.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Hmm. I am going to have to say no. Despite having to fight Stormchasers, he was really more focused on killing them then learning their language. If its any consolation he was going to go to Sirara after meeting with awesome. He figures Since she uses that language spell she could probably translate for him, or if not it would sound like he was saying something E.G
"Tocatl mumbra yeieta sayolin!"
But to everyone else it will sound like their native tounge so he can just say "Repeat back to me what I say" lol
>> No. 408428

The spell works a bit differently than that. It takes the meaning the speaker is conveying and translates it to a universal tongue. If you just say things you don't understand, it will simply not translate it. It also doesn't translate words that are culturally distinct i.e. not universal. That's why Sirara is sometimes able to say things in her first language.

And the spells effects linger even out of the area of effect. That's why you and Laywing are able to speak. For a time, anyways.

Why it doesn't work on the Daemon... well that's a mystery in itself.
>> No. 408429
File 135900607858.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Wow I didn't even think about how Laywing and Borak could talk lol @[email protected] I think I'll still have him approach Sirara, perhaps after he learns about the spell he can have a much greater appreciation for it lol.

Also when we get to the training part I have a few ideas. I think I mentioned he will be training everyone on a one to one basis at first but then it will go to group. I think it might take a very long time to play out even if its only a few days in rp world it might take us a while or so to roleplay I am not sure.

Do you think I should just mention what happens in the OOC? It would be much faster and that way we could timeskip, or would you prefer roleplaying it out? I do want to at least roleplay Borak learning of their different abilities in much more detail, because depending on what he learns really depends on what he can try to do.

Edit: I think I must be tired now. This last line I wrote is screaming at me for some reason. I think there's something wrong with the way I worded it but I am not sure. I hate this feeling lol.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 23rd, 2013 22:45

>> No. 408431

Hm. Well, the concern I have with one on one training is that it leaves the other players out of the action. Well, I could have them do their own thing in the village. Gather intel maybe.

What, exactly, do you want to play out? The one on one training sessions? Or just a part of them? And do you mean to summarize the group training session in the OOC?
>> No. 408432
File 135900720625.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
That is true. Tbh the only reason Borak wants to do one on one training is because he wants to get Sirara alone so he can apologize to her for leaving her, and the training is an excuse to do that.

I would essentially say ideas that Borak has for the group in the ooc.

E.G. If he finds out that Flame Flipper has total control over his fire, E.G. can change its directions mid flight and etc. He will then ask Flame flipper to light one of Sirara's arrows on fire and see if he can then change the trajectory of said arrow.


Sirara's communication spell, he will wonder if she could modify it so enemies wouldn't be able to understand each other.

Things like that. If they worked he would make them practice these new abilities, and if not move on to other ideas.

edit: annnnd im off to bed now Night!

Last edited at Wed, Jan 23rd, 2013 23:07

>> No. 408433

Those are good ideas! Hadn't considered them. For the combat, that is.

I think I'd like to keep the one on one sessions to a minimum, so as to keep everyone involved. We'll gloss over those, except we can have a short, heartfelt exchange between Borak and Sirara (and others, if they want some quick alone time with you ;) ). You can then ask people OOC about specific things (things you would have learned one on one) while we do the group training IC.

Sound good? Any suggestions?
>> No. 408445
My main point of training will be flaming other people's weapons and working on fire sniper ability(when I'm not training with anybody). While I can try out probably more interesting options, working with the basics and mastering them will be more useful.

Also, I have total control over my fire but since my fire won't stick to an arrow, I don't think I can change an arrow's direction in mid-air with my fire powers. But my telekinesis powers may do that due my fast reflexes.

Also I thought everyone can talk to each other(except for Sirara) due speaking in common language.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 24th, 2013 05:03

>> No. 408483
File 135906144404.png - (1.64KB , 41x65 , jackie in (blank) grade .png )
It's fine. But you guys roleplay really late to me, and i won't be able to roleplay with you guys too much.
>> No. 408488
Same problem I have. Then again I only have the two hours free time during the week. On weekends is when I can really Roleplay
>> No. 408499

I also have a similar problem( it's usually from 2AM to 6AM for me) but but our uni will start to a new semester about a month from now so I can stay up late and can play. Since three of us will be in similar timezones, maybe we can also play in evening( for our timezone)
>> No. 408538
File 135907303450.png - (155.36KB , 265x318 , Sitting Person Big.png )
That would be nice.
>> No. 408549

Since everyone is a foreigner, I wasn't sure how advanced their Equestrian tongue was. There is no common tongue, each tribe has their own language, some are similar but the advent of magic translation allowed distinct tongues to form.

So while each of you may speak a little Equestrian, it makes it simple if there's a spell allowing everyone to speak to each other universally. That's my contrived reason for having Sirara on the team!


I'll try my best to respond to you guys when you post, but my primetime is after class 7PM-2AM EST Mon-Thurs and pretty much most of the day on the weekends unless I'm out doing something.

Oh, and a general announcement: Feel free to do whatever in the thread while Laywing and Borak do their thing, don't feel like you have to wait for them! Also, once I get everyone together IC we can introduce Ashel.
>> No. 408551
File 135907556837.png - (1.53KB , 41x65 , j s r.png )
>> No. 408556
File 135907615549.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I could have Borak go back to the barracks now so that way Ashel could start in immediately.

The reason being perhaps he thinks Sirara, being from the farlands, would have more knowledge of Daemons and could possible interpret what it was saying ((He just assumes its some kind of Daemon language.))

But is everyone else at the barracks already? I recall flame flipper ((and now cooper!)) not being there anyways.
>> No. 408592
My rolls are the definition of "so okay it's average". Besides a 2 roll, I have a 9, a10 and an 11. Real consistency on that regard.
>> No. 408593
File 135908209439.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I am waiting to see if Laywing is still around. I don't know if his internet was cut or not.
>> No. 408596
Just for a short amount, 9 minutes that is.
>> No. 408597
Gotta love spending high school in military. Yeah, my internet won't get cut that early tomorrow night.
>> No. 408599
File 135908277617.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Okie dokie loki Also guys... I am afraid it will be extremely difficult for me to post this weekend. I am trying to sublease an old apartment and I have to be over there this weekend to show the room and etc. I don't have a laptop so I'll be stuck without internet... I will try to get a ride back on saturday or sunday but no promises :(.

nvm guy canceled.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 25th, 2013 12:44

>> No. 408742
Well that is good news. I think?
>> No. 408747
kind of sort of but not really >_>
>> No. 408753
File 135915656337.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I'm totally about to scratch off usurping a god.

But let me see how my luck is first.

1d20 = 15
>> No. 408799
File 135917806336.jpg - (27.11KB , 640x477 , keikaku.jpg )
Borak will become god of the new world!

right dice gods?
1d20 = 12

Also Laywing still around or are we gonna wait till tomorrow :o?
>> No. 408811

I don't like to take control of PCs unless I have to, so let's wait.

Don't worry guys, you won't be stuck doing nothing while Borak fights the Daemon! There's always a role to be played.
>> No. 408825
File 135923442010.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Borak! Why you roll a 29! Stop thinking about Sirara and how you want to have a dried apple slice before you fight the demon! Come on Borak focus!
>> No. 408828

You can roll however you want! Well, while we're waiting for the others, that is. Under regular circumstances I like d20s because they're straightforward and fast.
>> No. 408829
File 135923575770.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>Okie dokie! I just figured we might be here a while and this would be an interesting way to build his focus lol.
>> No. 408830
File 135923662214.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
edit: Never mind idk

Last edited at Sat, Jan 26th, 2013 14:58

>> No. 408842

I'm assuming you're not waiting on any GM intervention, yeah?
>> No. 408844
File 135923822755.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Naw I am waiting for other people to post and then I'll do the next roll thing!

Don't want to just quick post and roll to 100% where would the fun be in that!
>> No. 408847
File 135924033625.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Well while we wait I do have a question! Can we have more than one character? It doesn't have to be a chosen one from the ring?
>> No. 408866
d136 = 80
>> No. 408869

Another character? BLASPHEMY!


Well, actually it might be okay, if s/he was closely connected to Borak, like a familiar or something. I don't know about a whole different individual... Well, maybe. What did you have in mind?
>> No. 408870
File 135924774385.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Well I tend to play rogues mostly. I was just wondering if that was an option, especially since Borak might perish in this battle. I figured I would just create another character to join the group.
>> No. 408872

Ah, that's what you meant.

You can have one prepared, sure. You don't necessarily have to submit it until you need it, though. Unless you want to.
>> No. 408874
File 135924875442.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Okie dokie! I'll just wait. If he does die I'll work on it but hopefully his luck is much better than his last fight.

1d20 = 3

His luck is better? Right dice gods? right?
>> No. 408875
File 135924885874.jpg - (8.21KB , 158x160 , ;(.jpg )
I'll start on that character sheet then.
>> No. 408881

I posted atchu by the way.
>> No. 408911
I always want to say "quest of great importance" and my dreams are fulfilled.
>> No. 408914
File 135926191006.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
heh.... 69... oh borak I should give you an immediate -20 for getting that. But who are you thinking about eh?
>> No. 408915
File 135926300555.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
laywing is such a bad liar lol XD

edit: Oh wait maybe she didn't see where Borak went while she was flying? Derp

Last edited at Sat, Jan 26th, 2013 22:09

>> No. 408920
File 135926430585.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
urrrgh them double 3's!
Welp looks like Borak is just too focused!
>> No. 408923
It was good to know you, but I guess I wasn't meant to be a pioneer, my luck was extremely bad in a wrong place. It is likely the end of Flame Flipper, the adequate and humble unicorn.
>> No. 408925
d420 = 149
>> No. 408927
File 135926592608.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

ok its fucking canon. We are the group of misfit adventurers. SERIOUSLY!? We get ones during combat all the time lmfao. I wish I could just chuck this die away but its virtual!
>> No. 408932
File 135926898571.jpg - (8.21KB , 158x160 , ;(.jpg )
My virtual die is cursed. Would someone please trade with me?

Lol... :(
>> No. 408940
Die, die god! You only makes us smile right now to crush our spirits even more when we get straight ones in the most crucial moment.
>> No. 408984
File 135931791843.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
if twilight fire is around, laywing is hiding with the villagers, cooper and raffi are mia, Flame Flipper is running away from the barracks and Borak is at the Barracks trying to buy time for Flame Flipper to run away.

So knowing how good my luck is in rolling Borak is going to need medical attention/someone to carry his body very soon.
>> No. 409042
Alright, Twlight, I will delay your introduction no longer! Tell me when you're ready and I'll drop you in, regardless of what's going on. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!
>> No. 409043
File 135933082194.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
was that big guy the last one in the barracks?
>> No. 409047

Yep, the last enemy.
>> No. 409063
File 135933402666.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I should also mention that a jumping pony with a glowing spear might draw attention. Specifically from people looking for a jumping pony holding a spear Maybe. Lol

Edit: and I keep forgetting to ask. What happened to Rejj? Had to edit this before I forgot lol.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 27th, 2013 17:47

>> No. 409136
File 135935093417.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

I got bored
>> No. 409278

I don't know man, she was there, then she's gone...


I approve of these antics! I was pretty bad at that game when I tried it, which is weird considering its similarities to Mount and Blade.
>> No. 409292
File 135941662052.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
lol oh well hopefully she made it out alright!

And y borak no fight like that! use his distance!

I am starting to think I should reshape his character sheet into a bard or something because hes been getting pretty decent rolls whenever he tries persuasion.
>> No. 409298
Ha... funny cause I played Mount and Blade and I thought of the same thing
>> No. 409317
File 135942460631.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>I have never played mount and blade!

I have always wanted too, but chivalry seemed pretty fun so I got that instead.

Also 19 on dat sense motive check AWW YEA.
>> No. 409318

inb4 rolling 1's in a combat.
>> No. 409322
File 135942771173.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I know.. thats why I want him to be a bard now. He seems to be doing pretty well with the checks.

Except just now dat 4.
>> No. 409335
File 135943047150.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Oh I forgot about the editing thing

it was a 7 I promise
>> No. 409362
File 135943409290.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Aww yea Borak is back to rolling ones and not giving a single fuck!

Haha. Where has cooper disappeared to by the way? Anyone know?
>> No. 409365

Good question. He hasn't logged onto skype in a while, so I have no clue. I'll put him on autopilot if he doesn't show up soon.
>> No. 409424
anybody here?
>> No. 409425

I'm here. I wonder how our group is going to trust your character( or any foreigner) after all these events.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 29th, 2013 09:28

>> No. 409428
Yep... Dis is gonna be good.
>> No. 409431
File 135948685787.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Hello hello!

that natural 1!

You think Boraks guards are actually assassins that have followed Borak to try and finish you all off!

>> No. 409485

You ready for your intro? Just tell me when you're back.
>> No. 409489
File 135950691867.png - (1.51KB , 40x65 , J annoyed .png )
Let's do this thing!
>> No. 409490
File 135950693122.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Mfw did rejj make it out of the barracks
mfw I have no face
mfw I meant to keep asking about rejj but kept forgetting
mfw I still have no face.

Distracted at the moment but my post should be coming.. soonish?
>> No. 409493

There you go, enter at will.
>> No. 409505
That was... spontaneous
>> No. 409510

Indeed, but the Ring needs some way to send in new pioneers. Anchored teleportation is the easiest solution. Not very eloquent, but it works.
>> No. 409516

Just to be clear, the ring sent you via teleportation to help your fellow pioneers in their quest. You have already been given all your equipment, including your pioneer sigil.
>> No. 409517
File 135950943373.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
About 30 more minutes until "How Sirara should fight" is out.

I think I did Sirara proud!

Although to be honest I think I prefer the crossbows more. ((Used to be the other way but while trying to unlock the crossbows I got really really good with them lol.))
>> No. 409520
File 135951249625.png - (1.24KB , 39x65 , j an.png )
I might have to go soon...
>> No. 409521
File 135951575964.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
for some reason I had to convert the video to 3d in order to get 1080p. It didn't do that last time... its still converting but heres the video. IDK if that makes it load slower or what.

bye bye!
>> No. 409528

Guile's Theme went great with that rampage, haha.
>> No. 409530
File 135951900621.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
And thats why Sirara shouldn't fight 120398120938 dudes by herself!

I was actually humming the guiles theme song while doing that. I doubt you can hear it though lol. Thats why I put that there xD

If only I had blocked... or not ran into that strike :(

Last edited at Tue, Jan 29th, 2013 21:10

>> No. 409606
My wi-fi messed up... a lot.
>> No. 409673
File 135960181978.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
its official

im respeccing Borak to be a diplomat who uses a spear when things go bad.
>> No. 409708
File 135960860456.jpg - (31.74KB , 367x327 , balance_scales.jpg )

Attention everyone! As we reach this next point in our little adventure, I'd like you to do something for me, an in turn, yourselves. I'd like to improve the roleplay! But in order to do that I need your feedback!

So, please tell me what you would like to see more of, or see improved, or see less of. More descriptions? More dialogue? More specific dialogue? Anything you think I'm doing wrong, tell me! I'd really appreciated it.
>> No. 409711
File 135960885609.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I think this entire roleplay experience would be much better if you were to Join me in a game of Chivalry! You said you had it afterall! Hmm maybe get borak some new dice haha.
>> No. 409715

Hm, I would but 1. I suck at that game and 2. it's 'borrowed' so I can only play over Tuungle

But srs! You must tell me what I can do better. I won't ban you, probably.
>> No. 409717
File 135960982807.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I don't really do critiques anymore.. sorry!
>> No. 409722
Behold, the first of many moral dilemmas!
>> No. 409734
File 135961547993.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Borak speaking from the heart!
>> No. 409839
These, my friends, are the true ramifications of a critical failure.
>> No. 409840
I may be on or not this weekend. I have 24 tours (1 hour of marching with a rifle= 1tour) to do.
>> No. 409841
I may or may not be on this weekend. Overnight I'll probably be on. I have 24 tours (1 hour of marching with a rifle in your hands= 1 tour) to do.
>> No. 409842
Damn internet, thought it didn't go through.
>> No. 409846

Alright, thanks for the heads up!
>> No. 409854
Attention all!

A friend of mine, Onjage, who runs the canon Ponies in Space is looking for new players! I recommend you check it out if you're interested in a sci-fi themed canon.

However! He is far stricter about post size and attendance than I am. He likes to keep things moving.

Check it out here:
>> No. 409888
File 135967919445.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
hmm should I roll for Borak to be able to control his rage at banns threat to harm innocent effans? Seriously considering it! Would be interesting if he failed.
>> No. 409889

I dunno man, attacking a well respected elder in front of his followers is a good way to get your ass kicked... or killed, regardless of status.
>> No. 409911
File 135968309127.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Can I beat up flame flipper instead? lol
>> No. 409913
File 135968321384.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Are you a player in this canon as well sev?
>> No. 409929

Um, what?

It's me, your game master? Remember?
>> No. 409932
File 135968991035.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I meant in

which is why I linked to your post about that particular canon lol XD

Wait you've been the game master this entire time!? LE GASP

edit: Is cooper like dead? where the heck did he go!

Last edited at Thu, Jan 31st, 2013 20:39

>> No. 409933
Sorry for unintentional double posting, I thought I had a password for this situation but I have to edit it to make it okay.


Once a unicorn in my town also said the same thing, he is an earth pony now.
>> No. 409934

Oh I'm fucking stupid! Durr, for some reason that didn't register in my brain...

Yes! This is the first canon I joined on ponychan. I go under the name Changeling Acolyte in that thread. I like having multiple names.
>> No. 409935
File 135969048228.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
So you gave him an improvement?

Earth ponies are best ponies brah

haha lol well then I'll have to check it out :)
>> No. 409937
File 135969153441.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
kinda waiting to see if Laywing is still around... but I don't think she is. So ima go ahead and post.
>> No. 409953

I still can't believe how stupid I am. Really, did the government drug me or something? I just can't get over this.
>> No. 409954
File 135970092947.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Lol don't worry about it, we all get brain farts XD

I am gonna wait for laywing to post next. She said she can't be here for the weekend right?

Cooper still mia?
>> No. 409958

Yes, she said she'd be gone, so we can wait.

And yes, he hasn't been on skype at all.
>> No. 409965
File 135970233368.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Maybe his internet or power got cut off or something?


For some reason the Daemon asking for remorse hate and all that reminded me of this.

Totally gonna do it now. Lol

"You want love and remorse?! Well take this my love, my anger and all of my sorrow! SHINING SPEAAAARRRR"


>> No. 409967

Hm, that gives me an odd idea...

Oh RNG, what are the chances of mechs showing up in our humble canon?

1d100 = 66
>> No. 409969
File 135970354871.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Better than average!

Giant glimmer mechas powered by slaves running on wheels are a GO!
>> No. 409986

And here I though I hid that page from the wiki...
>> No. 409993
File 135970717230.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Nothing can hide from Detective Borak's keen eye!
>> No. 410011
Well, I'll still be on. Just late. 10pm EST tonight and probably 9 or 10pm EST tomorrow
>> No. 410123
File 135978221308.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Woo hoo critical fail!

His concussion forces him to immediately fall unconscious!

>> No. 410157
So, daemons work like agent Smith? Or am I too tired?
>> No. 410169
File 135978595802.png - (5.84KB , 75x75 , no~.png )


Speaking of which would anyone care to join me in a boardgame?
>> No. 410272

I dunno, man, you should prolly talk to a daemonologist about that.


What kinda boardgame?
>> No. 410280
File 135985708028.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

If you have never played we totally have to now lol.
>> No. 410282

This piqued my interest. I'm registering now, is the country I'm going to represent matters?
>> No. 410284
File 135985868916.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

But I picked Equestria because ponies!
>> No. 410339
File 135990008558.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>if your around laywing join my boardgame :D

>> No. 410340
I wish... I still have punishment to serve..
>> No. 410343
>> No. 410391
Anyone know where cooper has gone?
>> No. 410392

Indeed I do. He told me yesterday that he had to withdraw from the canon. Real life business comes first, after all. Sad business, I know, but we shall press on.
>> No. 410393
I see. Well I guess the poor dog did not make it out of effa alive

Last edited at Sun, Feb 3rd, 2013 18:18

>> No. 410394

I haven't decided what to do with him. I don't really want to kill him, even though it'd be the easiest solution. In the case that he returns to play, I don't want him to find his character killed.

I'll think of something, I'm sure... In fact, I think I have it. I'll post it when things return to normalcy.
>> No. 410395
When will early equastria ever be normal
>> No. 410396

Depends what you mean by 'normal'.
>> No. 410397
File 135994128823.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Hello everyone!

Thats a shame about Cooper =/
>> No. 410403

Yes, maybe he'll be back someday.
>> No. 410412
File 135994393336.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
One can only hope!

I am curious though, what is going to happen to cooper?
>> No. 410415

You will see in time... very soon prolly.
>> No. 410574
File 136008941751.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Heads up, I might be mia tonight. Stayed up all night and im pretty tired this morning.

Feel free to autopilot Borak if you wish, he doesn't want Laywing to leave his side and he wants to get checked out at the apothecary!
>> No. 410731
File 136020606102.png - (5.84KB , 75x75 , no~.png )
If anyone would care to join me in a boardgame!
>> No. 410937
Triple damn post... really.
>> No. 411139
So, when will we continue?
>> No. 411157

Just waiting on Raffi to conclude his business with Dear Matta. In the case he doesn't post today, I'll skip ahead.
>> No. 411206
File 136065221166.jpg - (2.18MB , 2000x1500 , pn_20080204135500-1.jpg )
>'special herbs'
>> No. 411237
They would have been nice for the trip ;D
>> No. 411238
>Test tomorrow and essay due thursday!
>May not be around much, feel free to auto pilot
>I feel I should mention I have not studied

>which is why I won't be around much! :D

Last edited at Tue, Feb 12th, 2013 20:19

>> No. 411308
I think the Daemons would be pretty chill with us then.
>> No. 411437

Last edited at Fri, Feb 15th, 2013 09:29

>> No. 411465

Umm, I don't know!

Sorry about the hold up guys, things are getting pretty crazy 'round these parts! I'll post soon, to move us along.
>> No. 411489
File 136090786516.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Good new everyone

As of right now I am done with tests/essays! Just finished with 15 minutes to spare because awesome.

I'll get back to posting regularly again for now!
>> No. 411558
Sorry to spoil everyone's fun but my uni will start Monday. Except for weekends, I can't post on nighttime( which will be daytime for you.). But I will have time to post on daytime so it will be fine I think.
>> No. 411640
Good to hear!
That doesn't sound so bad, so you'll be posting during our nighttime?

Last edited at Sat, Feb 16th, 2013 19:56

>> No. 411647

Yeah and during Friday and Saturday nights(your evening), I will be available.
>> No. 411650
since most of us post at night that might just be perfectly normal
~raffi again

Last edited at Sat, Feb 16th, 2013 20:19

>> No. 411681
Believe it or not, the newest episode helped me correct a major oversight-- or rather, complication in the plot. Something that might happen in ten or so chapters... if we even get that far.
>> No. 411687
That's pretty cool, you mean episode 12 right?
>> No. 411691

Nope! The season finale just came out today, episode 13.
>> No. 411779
File 136116008356.jpg - (47.86KB , 250x250 , escalated-quickly.jpg )
My response to what just happened in thread
>> No. 411781

Hey, maybe Solemn is that kinda guy?

More likely, I'm impatient and trying to get you guys a boon you'll dearly need. But this shit ain't free.
>> No. 411833
File 136123630090.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Oh boy here we go again with the terribad rolls

Maybe we should let Raffi fight.
>> No. 411834
Also I keep hitting reply before spell checking.

So used to being able to just edit afterwards but the rolls complicate things ._.
>> No. 411898
We doing anything tonight? Although I probably won't be on much tonight.
>> No. 411902

That all depends on you guys. Well, and me. I'm free for the rest of the night, so I shouldn't have much trouble posting.
>> No. 411918

"I'm also staying up tonight so I can also play.
>> No. 411980
>Sorry my girlfriends birthday yesterday! Went out to celebrate
>> No. 412158
Very tempted to join the Fallout Equestria OOC. Probably use Laywing again being they are in need of mares.
>> No. 412195

Believe it or not, my first idea for a canon was to make a Fallout Equestria RP. However, I wasn't sure how many people would be interested in joining, and I didn't want to fuck up the lore. Good to see someone is up to the task, though.
>> No. 412595
Seems I spoke to soon. The thread isn't deleted!
>> No. 412650
File 136185363692.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I had forgotten the feel of getting horrible roll after horrible roll

Thanks for reminding me, Birth of Equestria!


I encourage anyone here to join if they wish! Although the last call for stable ((vault)) people passed today, so you will have to have been living on the outside. Then again you could always ask if you can still join in the stable, we are not out of there yet.
>> No. 412655

I considered it, but I'm not really a fan of a freeform style thread (i.e the Donut Bar). I prefer a more traditional approach, like what we have going here. I really like Fallout Equestria, but I think I'll wait to appraise the DM's skill and capability first. And also, what style the thread will end up being.
>> No. 412676
I agree. A bit of a donut for me, but I figured to try it out (Ajax) still, sev you are good at what you do.
>> No. 412715

Aw, thanks! I hope you guys are having fun, but I just wish we had more players for you guys to interact with. It would make things much more interesting.
>> No. 412717
File 136192071537.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Is there really a clearing Sev? I remember towards the beginning of this roleplay someone mentioned a river and you kinda got onto him for that. I just want to make sure before I post.
>> No. 412719

Usually I would say something, but she's actually right. There is open land that seems to be south. I'll make a post clarifying that.
>> No. 412720
File 136192135348.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
that 4. Well thats just my luck.

Inb4 flame flipper also rolls low and catches the entire forest on fire.
>> No. 412726
>Join me :D
>> No. 413039
Such a lonely day... in the OOC...
It's the most loneliest day in the Birth of Equestria!
Such a lonely day...
should be band...
It's a day that I can't stand...
>> No. 413066
File 136211106913.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
When out of nowhere cardboard pony come in flips a shit and then speeds off to save the world.
>> No. 413081
It's not all that bad when you're lonely in OOC with your friends
>> No. 413083
That was me
>> No. 413088
Nah, was just referring to how inactive our RP is.
>> No. 413090

Noooo, don't say that you'll make me cry...

Just waiting on Flame Flipper to do something. I also thought you guys might have a conversation without me timeskipping! Like, character development or something... I can dream!
>> No. 413093
File 136215964284.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
That's my bad, I have a test coming up and personal issues to deal with that my will to rp is in a declined state.
>> No. 413106
Its okay Sev. It happens. Still love the RP and I'll stick to it
>> No. 413125

I didn't know you were waiting for me, Flame Flipper is too angry to interact with anyone though.

What happened to our newest recruit?
>> No. 413186

That's fine, don't get burnt out or anything.




I have no idea...
>> No. 413723
I hope we won't have to fight, like ever again. We are okay at diplomacy and should stick to that.
>> No. 413830
Finished my test by the way! I think I aced it!

I also agree, no more fighting for Borak! He is just a big failure :(
>> No. 414038
File 136272134982.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Hmm you know next time I decide to do something like that, I think I'll roll in the ooc so that way I can add to whatever it is I roll or do more with it.

Also rereading that I wish to edit it...

Last edited at Fri, Mar 8th, 2013 03:56

>> No. 414049
Talk about break down.
>> No. 414051
Well no, he didn't break down.

Not yet anyways! Unless Sirara rolls a natural twenty on a perception check or something.

ALSO I STILL WANT TO REWRITE THAT AHHHH some things there are just EUUGGH to me now, but I have to go turn in an essay I spent all night writing.

On the upside... SPRING BREAK WOOOO
>> No. 414060
I think it would be amusing if Borak said all of them at once in that order.
>> No. 414073
Lol. The first time I read it, I thought he did. I was like , damn... lot of shit going through his mind. Second time I understood.
>> No. 414074
File 136277862545.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Haha, no the rolls mean what he says. E.G. hes trying to bottle his emotions and the higher the roll the more successful.

Ima go edit it, ya'll have already seen that it was an 18 so you can vouch for me.

if only I could get those rolls in combat.

edit: I am more happy with that... but I will probably look at that when I am actually rested and not running on pure willpower! At least its spring break no worries for a week at least.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 8th, 2013 14:42

>> No. 414727
I hope I'm the only ranged fighter in the team.
>> No. 414819
This inactivity is a crime to all Roleplayers!
>> No. 414829

It's like the cliffhangers that happens at the end of a season.
>> No. 414830

The ball's in your guys' courts now. The dregs are waiting for you to do something.
>> No. 415091
File 136373606441.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I forgot to add a roll to boraks last post so here it is

1d20 = 8

The reason I put it here is because a roll would look suspicious on an edited post.
>> No. 415153
File 136380989889.jpg - (7.34KB , 257x196 , images (1).jpg )
I guess it's a little late for me to join, huh?
>> No. 415181
Not at all, not never! please join!
Bosik would love more people to join, please by all means make a character sheet!

Last edited at Wed, Mar 20th, 2013 18:21

>> No. 415184
File 136383013642.jpg - (254.14KB , 1280x1024 , awesomeexplosion.jpg )
Dat poker face
>> No. 415221

This canon is still open to new players, so please, apply if you'd like.
>> No. 415254
What kind of ponies are in the Littleleaf tribe?
>> No. 415268

What kind as in the races? All three. They are a peaceful lot, most of them, preferring to farm and keep to themselves. The Equestrians look after them, but the pioneers discovered not all of them like it that way.
>> No. 415436
Okay, then!
I'll have my character posted by Sunday, though hopefully before then!

Last edited at Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013 17:42

>> No. 415490
File 136404782322.jpg - (11.30KB , 284x177 , images (7).jpg )
Almost finished!
>> No. 415617
Umm, bad news. I won't be able to post it! I have it finished, but something personal in my family has come up so i'll have it posted as soon as possible!
>> No. 415626

Tis alright. Looking forward to it, always happy to have new players.
>> No. 415759
File 136425882187.jpg - (10.83KB , 284x177 , images (13).jpg )
Alright- I can give you the two things i have at the moment- Lillybloom is her name, and as for her race, she is a unicorn. Oh, and one more thing- she belongs to the Littleleaf Tribe.
Is it good so far?

Last edited at Mon, Mar 25th, 2013 19:00

>> No. 415893

We are coming close to a good spot for you to be introduced, I think. Not to rush you or anything, but it would be good to get the sheet soon. Just so you don't end up waiting for an event to end.
>> No. 415894
File 136435284677.jpg - (15.81KB , 267x189 , images (22).jpg )
Alright- when would be an ideal time for the sheet to be finished?
>> No. 415936

Take all the time you need, there will be other opportunities to introduce your character, it'd just be convenient if I got it sooner.
>> No. 416101
File 136441637915.jpg - (9.51KB , 284x177 , images (14).jpg )
Okay- how about sometime Friday?
>> No. 416114

Sounds good to me.
>> No. 416119
File 136441797106.jpg - (8.24KB , 259x194 , images (46).jpg )
But if you want- it's perfectly fine with me if you want me to post a picture of her! i'll be happy to!
>> No. 416123
File 136441877942.gif - (542.96KB , 550x400 , my face when.gif )
I just took a test after staying up all night reading seven chapters of programming java.

I think I did pretty well!
>> No. 416126



Good job, mate.
>> No. 416131
File 136441960071.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Thank you very much! Felt amazing knocking out all that reading. I am gonna go lay down/sleep now, but I do have more questions for the Dreggs!
>> No. 416134
File 136441970536.jpg - (12.89KB , 255x198 , images (21).jpg )
Cool. i hope you get an A! Here's Lillybloom... which isn't showing.... so I put up this picture. I'll try posting it later
>> No. 416139
What do you plan on doing?
>> No. 416162
>> No. 416163

You! You didn't recognize me in Trotting Dead! You dishonor me :(
>> No. 416167
What? I did! I was saying "Clueless" with a smiley face showing sarcasm!
>> No. 416168

But... I thought I told you I can't recognize sarcasm! I'm a robot...
>> No. 416169
Then I shall say, I recognize you. I hope Borak replies soon so we can get the show to continue. I am sure he crashed somewhere. Unfortunately I can't get on steam to get ahold of em.
>> No. 416175
File 136443155701.jpg - (10.50KB , 275x183 , images (29).jpg )
I'll post a little bit occasionally. by friday, all the required peices of info for my character will be posted

Last edited at Wed, Mar 27th, 2013 17:46

>> No. 416262
File 136447170192.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Sorry, I went to sleep after I posted lol, which is exactly what I was planning to do!

That's the first time I have slept for 12 hours in a while :D

If you meant what I plan to do in the rp, Borak essentially just wants to learn more about the Dreggs, but doesn't want to ask them that in a straightforward manner because he doubts he will get an answer. He doesn't want to learn this because he necessarily distrusts them (No sense motive because I interpreted "Strangely enough, you have no will to fight it. Instead, you follow the path the force sets out for you." As something that makes him immediately trust them, or at least would make it difficult for him to become suspicious.) But because it's always good when a leader knows exactly what they are dealing with. To try and find these weaknesses he plans on asking the Dreggs about the history of the land around them. He is hoping specifically to hear of any of their battles and how they overcame any challenges, which would let him know of not just Dregg's weaknesses but hopefully weaknesses that the Dregg's exploited against these other ponies ((which hopefully will have some usefulness if these ponies are still around)). This also allows him to learn of the immediately surrounding colonies of ponies so he would know where the closest town is, and perhaps he would be able to even learn the whereabouts of the Daemon hunters, or if they have patterns to their travels. There are other questions but I am struggling to figure out how to ask them. I might just end up asking about history and Daemon hunters.

As for OOC speculation: [redacted] I decided to not include this because I was going on and on about what I thought the Dreggs were. I didn't want to influence anyone's actions based on what I thought about the Dreggs ((Basically, like in my long post, calling them the big bad evil guys E.G. the BBEG)). I am also unsure if Bev would like for us to be speculating on what we think is going to happen, which is another reason I redacted.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 28th, 2013 10:56

>> No. 416355

Y'all can spec-oo-late all yeh want. Though I won't be confirmin' nor denyin' any o' that. I do find it par-tick-ulurly interestin' though, ta see what y'all think o' the sit-chew-ation. Keeps me on mah toes.
>> No. 416356
Applejack, right?
>> No. 416357
File 136452542000.jpg - (1.77MB , 1500x2000 , s_t_a_l_k_e_r__by_DartP.jpg )

I have no idea why I did that. It just spices up the post, I guess.

Also, I'm going to start randomly posting STALKER pictures, just to get a theme going for myself. Seems like the cool thing to do.
>> No. 416358
File 136452566204.jpg - (29.66KB , 256x316 , metro 2033.jpg )


>I had to pick between pic related or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

>I chose Metro 2033 because it went on sale as I was deciding.
>> No. 416359
File 136452581011.jpg - (52.79KB , 814x294 , autosagesoon.jpg )

Also a good game. Cant wait for last light.
>> No. 416508
Hmm... stalker. have both
>> No. 416511
File 136456374708.jpg - (6.83KB , 220x229 , oh yea, PUCK.jpg )
My character will be posted today
I do have one question though-
In the littleleaf tribe, are unicorns still considered upper class?
It will help me in explaining why she became a pioneer.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 29th, 2013 07:26

>> No. 416543
File 136458859759.png - (121.74KB , 1360x768 , and it begins2.png )
>Oh boy here we go.

>For those of you who don't know what this is its Organ trail, a game like Oregon trail.

>Everything is improved with zombies.

I can't wait either!


>> No. 416546
File 136459044644.jpg - (354.34KB , 599x799 , s_t_a_l_k_e_r__by_gruncirius-d3hubr6.jpg )

In other tribes that's often the case, but in the Littleleaf tribe most are equals, except for the elders. As such, there are no classes in that society.


I played that game once, didn't get very far though. I believe I underestimated the value of fuel or something.
>> No. 416548
File 136459160359.png - (91.52KB , 1360x768 , supplies.png )
I have not made this mistake! I have all the things!
>> No. 416556
File 136459453906.png - (86.58KB , 1360x768 , HNNNNG KITTENS.png )
>I hit yes thinking YAY A KITTEN

and then...

Last edited at Fri, Mar 29th, 2013 15:03

>> No. 416558
File 136459456336.png - (84.47KB , 1360x768 , OH GOD WHAT THE KITTEN.png )
>I suddenly don't want to play this game anymore.
>> No. 416575
Twas hoping for a RP out tonight. well, damn.
>> No. 416664
File 136461931900.jpg - (208.59KB , 731x1024 , STALKER___The_Lair_by_7kive.jpg )
This is something I should've asked for long ago:

If anyone has Skype or Steam (but preferably Skype) would you mind adding me as a contact?

If so, add leoeav2 as my Skype name (with the praying mantis) or King Kasai as my Steam name (with the picture of King). Mostly so I can discuss character things with you privately when the need arises.
>> No. 416679
ill be gone most of day, feel free to continue without me. Borak is pretty much done asking questions.

He will have more if were still with the Dreggs but I don't wanna hold you guys back anymore.
>> No. 416708

Does anyone else have any questions for the dreg atriarch before I move us along?
>> No. 416710
No sir
>> No. 416723

Well Flame already wants to get out of there so it's fine to me.
>> No. 416802
File 136478889727.jpg - (243.75KB , 900x1074 , Get_out_of_here_by_flyingdebris.jpg )
I'm going to wait up for Flame and Raffi to wake up before continuing the conversation.
>> No. 416838
File 136480225543.jpg - (47.20KB , 550x311 , cardboard GEAAAUUURRR.jpg )
okie dokie loki
>> No. 417241
File 136494205425.jpg - (11.46KB , 284x177 , images (57).jpg )
Name: Lillybloom
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Talked this over with Sev
Bio: her Cutie Mark is of black paw prints. She got it when she realized the primary thing she did with her magic- transforming into animals. She realized how much she enjoyed it and figuring out what the animals really were saying.
She was in the Littleleaf Tribe, and was one of the negotiators. But when no-one else in the Littleleaf Tribe volunteered to pioneer, Lillybloom accepted the job.
Skills: her magic, and her ability to transform and understand animals can help the pioneers in times of danger. Also, she likes a good adventure now and then and is not afraid to go into battle.
Equipment: bow and poison arrows.
>> No. 417275
File 136496065359.jpg - (113.28KB , 1280x960 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_MonsieurNarhwal.jpg )

Alrighty! Let's see here...

Well, I need a little bit about appearance. It doesn't have to be too detailed, but at least mane, coat, and eye colour.

I like the power as a concept, but transformation magic is complex and for high level magicians. However, I can apply the cutie mark loophole, and just say it's your special talent to deal with this kind of transmogrification magic. However (x2) I have to set some limits. Semi-sentient and magical animals are off limits, such as pauvin and mystics. Also no huge things like elephants or retts. Things that are about your size or smaller are okay. Nothing bigger than, say, a grizzly bear. Although, I could let you push yourself for larger forms... Yeah, depending on your roll we'll see if you are able to transform into the creature, with higher DCs when attempting large animals.

Finally, what kind of poison, exactly?
>> No. 417276
File 136496180992.jpg - (11.07KB , 284x177 , images (60).jpg )
Bright yellow and light pink for mane
bright green for coat
and teal eyes
I didn't even think about elephants or magical animals, and depending on the situation- it depends on the kind of poison.
One poison messes up the nerve system, immobilizing the target for one minute, but does not kill. The second poison goes through the blood stream and to the heart, killing the target. I don't use the second poison often though.
>> No. 417279
File 136496283599.jpg - (247.72KB , 600x465 , stalker__s_by_andr0n.jpg )

Hm, okay. Well, these kinds of poisons are quite powerful. One minute paralyzed is pretty much a death sentence in battle, as the victim is open to a coup de grace, execution. And an instant or near instant death poison is very powerful, maybe something you can obtain over the course of your adventures, but not at the beginning.

I can give you a few doses of paralytic poison, but the paralysis will last for a random amount of time, most likely long enough to kill/apprehend the target. You can also have some other poisons, but more balanced ones. Say, a poison that makes a pony blind temporarily, or one that saps the ponies strength, or confuses them, or makes them go berserk. Basically, things that still give them a fighting chance.
>> No. 417298
File 136500578330.jpg - (10.93KB , 191x264 , images (62).jpg )
Okay, that's fine with me.
>> No. 417317
File 136504724231.png - (115.51KB , 400x500 , female_stalker_by_johanz-d31s123.png )

Well, I was just tossing out suggestions. I need you to choose a type of poison, or a couple types, so I can give you the amount of doses you have for each. You can use some of my suggestions, or some you come up with.
>> No. 417321
File 136507915020.jpg - (11.27KB , 225x225 , images (63).jpg )
I responded to that on Skype.
Cardboard Bin, if you're available on Skype or here on the occ, I'd like to talk about the possibility of a character background between your character, Borak, and my character, Lillybloom. (Lillybloom was part of the Littleleaf tribe) Thanks!
>> No. 417324
File 136510743624.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
That would make sense, I am here.

I would think the best course of action would be to have them know each other, faces, names, actions, but not really know each other personally.

I think it would make sense seeing as we just left the littleleaves for her to have just volunteered for the job. They were kind of just kicked out for being dangerous after all and nobody decided to help them on their quest to destroy the daemon. That is up to you though.
>> No. 417325
File 136510796620.jpg - (8.28KB , 251x201 , images (65).jpg )
Yes, they know each other, but they arn't exactly best buddies. And sure, I'm fine with that. Sev, when should I jump in?

Last edited at Thu, Apr 4th, 2013 13:40

>> No. 417326
File 136510851295.jpg - (52.00KB , 820x573 , alert phase.jpg )
Essentially what will happen is all of our pioneer sigils will glow and then bright flash of light and poof you are there.

Gotta wait for Sev though.
>> No. 417327
File 136510891219.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Also Sirara did just call the vessan's (At least thats what they referred to themselves as) dregs. Borak didn't catch it immediately because he thought they were the dreg's as well until they called themselves the vessan's but it is something he is going to bring up to Sirara if he gets a chance to think about what happened (Which will be the next time they have an extended rest.)
>> No. 417328
what's a pioneer sigil?
>> No. 417329
File 136511593157.png - (145.69KB , 500x425 , tumblr_mjbcnvBLvV1s306rao1_500.png )
>> No. 417331
I don't get it...
>> No. 417339

I'm afraid that won't quite work in this situation.


A pioneer sigil is the badge you were given when you became a full fledged pioneer. Sorry, I forgot to give you that in your inventory. Basically, it's a magical receiver that allows items and creatures to be teleported across great distances, as teleportation is a complicated form of magic. It also serves to identify you as a pioneer, of course.
>> No. 417372
That's all right. Do you have an idea what my sigil looks like?
>> No. 417374
File 136518819864.png - (6.10KB , 330x312 , sigil.png )

Like this. It's made of bronze, small as a badge.
>> No. 417377
is that what only mine looks like or is it the same for all the other pioneers?
>> No. 417379

It is the same for all pioneers.
>> No. 417386
File 136520081416.jpg - (3.94KB , 267x200 , evil eye.jpg )
>Mfw only way to get ranger mode according to steam on metro last light is to preorder it.
>> No. 417393
File 136522685750.jpg - (254.14KB , 1280x1024 , awesomeexplosion.jpg )
"The light faded, revealing a new arrival, a pony."

"Who appeared over the lake flapping her arms wildly before splashing into the water."

EDIT: "Whom Borak quickly jumped after. Realizing moments before entering the water that going swimming with all of his armor on was a very bad idea. He sank like a stone."

edit2: "He then found the magical world of Atlantis where they gave him a breathing apparatus. He went on many adventures under water because his former companions thought him for dead when he didn't resurface. He became known as Borak the rusty knight.

^^^ I must be sleepy.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 5th, 2013 23:31

>> No. 417398
File 136526275571.jpg - (8.31KB , 300x168 , images (69).jpg )
That isn't part of the thread, is it? And cool picture.
>> No. 417402
File 136527106415.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
No silly that was me being very sleepy and feeling silly
>> No. 417406
File 136529140050.jpg - (15.02KB , 259x194 , images (73).jpg )
Do you know who is at the lake when I come?
>> No. 417408
Everyone. But I don't remember Cooper exactly betraying.
>> No. 417409
We don't know if he is betrayed but we never learn the reasons and Flame believes it's a betrayal. He is a racist like that.
>> No. 417442

Here's some information your characters might know. If not, it gives you an idea of what kind of ponies your peers are, their skill levels and fame and specialties. All of it is common knowledge to Equestrians, or anyone who'd ask around about pioneers.
>> No. 417448
File 136532280995.jpg - (254.14KB , 1280x1024 , awesomeexplosion.jpg )
>Mfw Rigor Mortis
>> No. 417533
Our wiki has been vandalized. A user named Twilight Fire logged onto the wiki and replaced character bios with curt insults. I have no idea if this is the same Twlightfire that disappeared from our thread, I can only assume she has perceived some sort of slight against her. She has been IP banned from the wiki.
>> No. 417536
File 136539544518.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
Are you talking about me?
>> No. 417537

Yes, you vandalized the wiki for some reason unknown to me. Care to enlighten?
>> No. 417538
File 136539575717.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
Why would I vandalize your wiki?
>> No. 417539
What? Did you happen to take any screenshots?
>> No. 417540

I have no clue. All I have is a user name, Twilight Fire. I have little reason to believe someone would take your username to frame you. Further, I have this sudden response from you, which indicates you were waiting for me to post something about it.

I'm not sure what we did to insult you, but I'd like to talk about it and clear it up.


No, I have the edit history.
>> No. 417541
File 136539622492.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
I gave a sudden response because you are accusing me of vandalizing your wiki!
>> No. 417542
Anything constructive or was it just straight up insults? I am curious to know what twilight put.
>> No. 417543
File 136539725159.png - (37.43KB , 1054x524 , Untitled2.png )

I have this. I don't know what else to make of it. The only possible suspects would be the players in this canon, and I don't think they'd frame you. What's the motivation?
>> No. 417544
does the negative numbers mean something? I have never run a wiki so IDK.

Also meh nothing constructive just someone who was angry.
>> No. 417545
File 136539797197.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
Well, maybe one of the new players did it. Like that one-Kira!
>> No. 417546
I would NEVER do such a thing! You don't even know me, I don't even know you- do you have a grudge against me or something?
>> No. 417547

The negative numbers mean that many words were removed from the page. The user removed all the text with short insults, and replaced the pictures.


That is a possibility. But a very remote one. Kira has no reason to do such a thing, and I haven't detected any malicious intent from her. If she was the culprit, she has gone through a lot of trouble to masquerade as a victim. And what's the goal? To disparage you? Why would she do that?
>> No. 417548
File 136539978385.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
She's a bitch for stealing my animal idea, and she wanted to get me in trouble.
>> No. 417549
Is that what this is about?
>> No. 417550

She's a bitch, is she? Well, that was an angle I hadn't thought of. I didn't think you were so petty as to get jealous over someone else playing the animal angle.

You have effectively just admitted your guilt, Twlight. Do you care to apologize for your actions?
>> No. 417551
File 136540046692.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
Admitted my guilt? What are you talking about?
>> No. 417552

I am not interested in playing games with you, Twlight. You are hereby banned from this canon. I recommend you admit your guilt now, and leave with some dignity.
>> No. 417553
File 136540122058.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
How can you say I did it? You could have done it, for all I know, or that Kira, or that Cardboard Bin!
>> No. 417554

I don't want to see another post from you in this thread. Leave and don't come back. If you post again, I will report you.
>> No. 417555
File 136540169785.png - (26.88KB , 830x650 , ASHEL RULES.png )
Fine. I admit it. I messed up your wiki. and I tried to blame it on Kira. But how did you figure it out?

(User was given a brief time out and asked to leave the thread (and not return unless the owner allows (Cant do anything about you're wiki... I recommend banning him there to prevent further tampering)))
>> No. 417556
Should I leave up the deraily posts, or do you want them deleted?
>> No. 417557

You can leave them up, so the other players know what happened when they get on.

If you banned her, thank you.
>> No. 417558
Right on. Give a shout if s/he comes back.
>> No. 417565
It seems too obvious, way too obvious. And Twlight fire doesn't have a tripcode. The vandalizing is done hastily, the pictures are random and the vandal didn't give much thought. So, whoever did this, didn't really hate us or our game. And she(or he but it doesn't matter at this point) seems too stupid even for a troll so I think it is possible that someone who hate her might act like that to make us hate her. It just doesn't seem realistic for a person to argue like that.

Of course I may overestimate human intelligence and she for some reason hate us and vandalize our wiki with her name.
>> No. 417579
Bummer someone would go to the extent for something so little. Well, can only breeze over it and move on.
>> No. 417583

Well, she admitted her guilt. I don't intend to investigate the matter any further.


I really shouldn't be so surprised, but I am. That someone could be so petty... it's pretty baffling. Then again, I'm sure she's very young and immature.

In any case, we should move on, yes.

I've been meaning to ask you all this for a while. I'm sitting on a lot of notes and lore that I haven't bothered to transfer into the wiki. Is there anything about the world you'd like to know, that you feel your character should know?
>> No. 417584
Are the dreggs the bbeg?

I feel like Borak should know this so he can not do what they ask when they ask.

For science reasons of course.
>> No. 417593

The real BBEG lies within
>> No. 417634
File 136547900767.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Quick! Gut the dreggs and drag him outta there before the world ends!
>> No. 417731
Maybe we should start a new chapter soon? Chapter 1 is long. lol.
>> No. 417739
Name: Broken Links
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Milk chocolate colored Unicorn with a Short, bushy black mane and tail. He also has a scar above his right eye and on his front left hoof. His Cutie Mark is that of a broken chain
Bio: Originally he had been a guard for Princess Platinum, upon her illness, he immediately resigned and left with a platoon of men to search for a cure. He was the only one to return as his men were not prepared fully. His Cutie Mark was obtained when he broke free of a Pegasus jail, using cunning, stealth, and pure force of will. He's un afraid of getting his hooves dirty but likes to use military tactics he learned in prison. He currently works as a spy and tactical advisor for the Tribe.
Skills: Links is a good negotiator, but prefers things be done with swift military action. He is an expert on stealth. Being a unicorn, he has a decent grasp on magic. His normal tactics involve using chains he summons to entangle and finish his foes silently.
>> No. 417755

Nope! We have to get to the meat of the chapter first! But we might need to start a new thread soon... Autosage starts at 1000 posts, right?


Hm, I like it. But you still need to add equipment. Say, iron plate or scale, with whatever weapon you desire. Potions are also nice. Maybe a trinket showing your history with Platinum. Things like that.

Also, a name, if you don't mind. Something to put on the wiki besides Anonymous.
>> No. 417804
I'm curious to know even why Broken links even found himself in jail? Or is that something we must learn for ourselves?
>> No. 418144
Name: Dusk Shadow
Race: Pegasus
Appearance: Her coat color is reddish brown. her eyes are an orange-yellow.
Bio: her cutie mark is of a phoenix feather. She was a hunter in the Stormchaser Tribe when she was young, and she was the first in the tribe to ever bring down a phoenix. She was called Phoenix Feather. During a battle with the Stonehoofs, she was accused of siding with them and was cast out of the tribe. She then became a Farlander, by the name of Dusk Shadow.
Skills: She is very fast and can hunt for the band. she also is a very good warrior. She used to be one of Stormchaser's top fighters and hunters before she was tossed out. She also has pretty good endurance.
Equipment: Hoof-made Armour, (she made it) Iron stars for hunting prey. Primary weapon is a katana. Prehaps a potion in there too.
>> No. 418222
File 136624017586.jpg - (6.38KB , 166x304 , images.jpg )

Okay L, let's see what we got here.

First thing I thought about is the role of hunters in Equenta. Since ponies are vegetarian, hunting would be mostly for sport rather than food gathering. That being said, Stormchasers would be likely to be prolific hunters, just for the sake of sport. So keep that in mind, if you wan't to go that route.

Secondly, I was wondering about the armour. Is it standard Stormchaser armour? That would be some kind of leather-like or heavy fur attire. Is that what you were thinking?

Thirdly, throwing stars are fine, if nontraditional for a Stormchaser, but I'm gonna have to say no to the katana. I have plans for weapons like that for a race yet discovered. So for now I'd say stick to more standard weapons. Longsword, shortsword, daggers, things like that.

Lastly, what kind of potion?

Oh, and a little nitpick: one cannot become a Farlander, that's just the name for ponies outside the area of Equestria and the surrounding tribes. I assume you mean exile?
>> No. 418223
File 136624442200.jpg - (10.64KB , 220x229 , images (78).jpg )
hunting for sport is fine. Yes, standard Stormchaser amour, but made by her. And if no katana, then a normal iron sword.
What kind of potions are allowed?
and she joined a far-lander tribe because she was exiled when she was a filly.
>> No. 418224
Question. It is up to you though. Would Laywing have any relation with her at any point? Would be interesting. Least it would be similar to Borak and Lillybloom's case.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 17th, 2013 17:27

>> No. 418226
Laywing and Dust Shadow were very good friends, but Laywing doesn't recognize her as she changed her name from Phoenix Feather.
>> No. 418228
Add me on Skype or Steam so we can get more information on our background. Least, it will be quicker, and for future reference. (If you have either of them)
Skype: Flojagged
Steam: =Dikk= (CBF) Old Greg

Last edited at Wed, Apr 17th, 2013 18:52

>> No. 418242
Lol. I am going to feel really bad for Borak. Now he will have two Stormchasers on his flank. Best of luck!
>> No. 418243
File 136630738288.gif - (397.47KB , 300x126 , Can't deal with this.gif )

If I finish this essay early then I shall post. Otherwise probably will have to wait till weekend.
>> No. 418253
Honestly, I'd feel safer if you never posted again. The time Dusk shows up, you will have a outrage.
>> No. 418261
File 136633779729.jpg - (118.70KB , 694x800 , Free monster pony.jpg )
>The song I am now listening to after finding out you don't want me to post anymore
>> No. 418272
File 136635548193.jpg - (140.08KB , 894x894 , Fanart___STALKER___airsoft_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

What kind of potions? Well...

*lights fade*

There are all kind of potions in this world, an astounding amount! Let me give you a few examples, so there's no doubt.

♪There are potions that make you tall, potions that make you small!

Potions that help you see, potions that fill you with glee!

Some potions make ponies green

(Make them green, make them green)

Others make them scream!

(Scream! Scream!)

They'll help you do math! They'll conceal your wrath!

Oh, the wonderful world of potions~

Elixers and doses, unctions and oils!

All sorts to ease your toils...♫


Ahem, well. Take Borak's for example. He started with three berserker potions. These potions make him able to fight even when injured or exhausted, but make him weak when they wear off. They were good because a) they were fitting for his role and (more importantly) b) they have a drawback to justify their power. Now, not all potions need a negative side effect, but having one allows for greater power. And if the potion is too powerful, I might just add a side effect for you to discover yourself.

So yeah, just toss a potion out there and I'll see if it's viable.
>> No. 418273
Also, here's a new character, who's gonna be played by Kira's sister.

Name: Jewel

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance: Coat color is white, with an icy blue mane and tail. The mane is twisted a bit at the end, the tail looks like it's been struck by lightning.

Bio: Her cutie mark is a flat stone. It has a few colors on it, but isn't exactly a glittery diamond. She got it when she realized how much she loved traveling where the pegasi couldn't go and where the unicorns thought they were too refined to go- underground, where she searched for stones and valuable things. When she searched for stones, she found she was an expert at crafting. Spears, knifes, even axes, you name it; she can make it out of supposedly dull stones. She likes making not only weapons, but sculptures as well. She was once a prisoner of the cave sprite tribe, where they made her search for gems and make sculptures of them. She has no idea from what tribe she truly originated from.

Skills: She can create weapons and sculptures that look very real. She can also bury under the ground. She's not necessarily an expert fighter, but she's pretty good with a stone knife.

Equipment: Lots of stone, and one weapon that is not stone: an iron beam.

I wonder if we'll ever get an Equestrian born pioneer! I kinda wish that won't happen, just for the novelty of having a completely mixed bag team. Anyway, I like it, nontraditional, niche character.
>> No. 418285
I'm sorry. I am doing it for your safety and shadow and mine. It may get ugly... and, dat song!
>> No. 418297
File 136642398291.gif - (542.96KB , 550x400 , my face when.gif )
pfft he could take you both! He is Borak of the lance!

Also first roll in a while, and its nice to know Borak is still rolling horribly.
>mfw dat roll
>> No. 418314
Borak needs a new title.. something with fail in it? Borak the low roller?.
>> No. 418377

Borak the cursed? The pony with a raining cloud above his head?
>> No. 418378
Right. Lol
>> No. 418379
Right. Lol
>> No. 418429
I think I may believe you. It is small evidence to explain why you aren't guilty, but your picture of ashel previously stated, "ashel.png" Now after you disappeared, (I believe you claim you were gone for a month do to your computer) the picture of ashal is called "ASHAL RULES.png"
>> No. 418437
Thank you for believing me. But then who did it? And I can access the wiki. But how should I prove this?
>> No. 418440
That is the bigger question. If it wasn't you, although I'll be honest I don't think you are 100% trustworthy, then it would be hard to figure out.
>> No. 418444
I don't blame you for not trusting me. I disappeared after a day of of roleplaying. But then how do I prove my innocence...?
>> No. 418446
Maybe you can add a random file to the wiki and I have to reply it back to you? Or should I comment on the page?
>> No. 418464
File 136649652742.png - (30.68KB , 130x148 , 131163816256.png )
Hey everyone. I've heard about what went on here, and I investigated the issue - it appears the mod made a mistake and hadn't checked the IP. The person was not TwlightFire, but rather someone with a lot of names, the most-occurring one being Oichi.

To TwlightFire: Please add a hashtag (#) after your name with a password you remember to avoid this in the future.
>> No. 418473
File 136649694854.jpg - (253.69KB , 1024x768 , Help im stuck on the moon T_T.jpg )
To the mooooon!!!
>> No. 418486
By god... well... now what.
>> No. 418488
File 136649798181.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
IDK I r playing mabinogi atm. Had to go afk because I wanted to do my best to assist solving this issue.

But it would appear that "kira" was the one impersonating twlight. So what should we do about them? I suggest lake monster. I know a kelpie who might want to make a one shot appearance to eat her!
>> No. 418489
Wait, how do you know though?
>> No. 418490
Wait, how do you know though?
>> No. 418491
File 136649815214.gif - (920.50KB , 250x141 , don't fuck with boxes.gif )

>> No. 418492
Who is sweetie refering to as "them"
>> No. 418493
File 136649860668.jpg - (207.67KB , 1024x768 , moo~.jpg )

Probably all the names the person went under.

Aka Oichi, Kira, and any other names they went under.
>> No. 418494
But is te real Kira being banned or was there ever?

Last edited at Sat, Apr 20th, 2013 15:59

>> No. 418495
File 136649894736.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Whoever was responsible is banned from ponychan with a chance at appeal.

We were told that it was Kira so that we can complete the appropriate action here in our thread.

I think the appropriate action is eaten by lake monster.
>> No. 418496
Lmao... Sounds good. Let her go for a swim >:D I mean... OH no!
>> No. 418497
File 136649971865.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I'll see if a friend of mine who always plays a kelpie ((Swallows ponies whole)) wants to do a cameo or something :D
>> No. 418505
Does this mean I can post in here?
>> No. 418510
File 136650728321.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
>I don't see why not, after all it was proven that you were being impersonated.

However I would wait till Sev gets back.
>> No. 418511
>> No. 418639
I would like permission to e-mail you to explain exactly how and why this all happened. No viruses, spam, or anything like that. Just a conversation. However, I will not e-mail you without your permission.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 21st, 2013 08:14

>> No. 418640
No problem.
I'll be waiting.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 21st, 2013 08:50

>> No. 418645
It's been sent
>> No. 418708
File 136660151125.jpg - (103.82KB , 300x416 , Poster100.jpg )

Nothing's ever simple, is it?

I have no idea why this happened. The evidence was tenuous, the motive was weak, the whole situation was strange. I ignored my gut, I expected too much, I tried to find logic in the illogical.

I'd like to thank !!Sweetiebelle for being a good mod and fixing this, I'd like to thank Boxman for having the initiative to sort this whole thing out, and I'd like to apologize to Twilight for banning her on such weak evidence. Though I hope you understand my situation.

Twilight, you are no longer banned from the thread, of course.


I don't know what drove you to impersonate someone you don't know to deceive people you don't know. You gained nothing, and now you look like a sociopath. Please, explain yourself.
>> No. 418758
File 136666622167.png - (5.31KB , 395x490 , J H.png )
1st of, it's fine. I didn't come till now and it was sorted out easily.

To your response with Kira, I think I'll let her explain.
>> No. 418762
But how does a banning work? Do they simply get their IP address banned from the site? Or are they not allowed to post?
>> No. 418763
File 136666923305.gif - (4.60KB , 321x324 , sherlock2.gif )

Can I brag about my abductive reasoning skills? No?

Welcome back, TwlightFire. Do you plan on continuing?
>> No. 418767
I honestly don't know how to continue from here... Nor do I even know what's going on! But I think I'd like to continue, yes.
>> No. 418768
File 136667075016.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )

I suppose now we only have one persons story to hear before this is concluded.
>> No. 418812
Oh no. We must hear your story, pony with a box! Everyone knows a box can't be so innocent!
>> No. 418835
File 136668295775.jpg - (511.38KB , 600x851 , dolg2_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

I banned both IPs from the wiki. They can't post edits.


I don't think we'll be hearing from Kira. I just got done listening to a slew of lies from her. As of now, she is banned from this canon. I'll be making a post tonight... maybe tomorrow retconning her introduction and her existence.
>> No. 418837
File 136668322717.jpg - (31.82KB , 288x240 , rocks fall errybody dies.jpg )
I could still maybe get my friend to eat her with a one shot character! ((Maybe he'll join after :o ))

Last edited at Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013 19:13

>> No. 418974
Man... eager to bring Borak to a bad reputation, huh?
>> No. 419251
File 136685879964.jpg - (2.01MB , 1932x2928 , employment-propaganda-poster.jpg )

Sorry mate, I'm not into cinematic deaths unless the person plays along, even if the offer of another player is enticing.

I'm gonna put the post up soon, been falling behind lately. Sorry bout that.
>> No. 419298
File 136686253437.png - (307.95KB , 900x899 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__Portrait_by_Skipperthepilot.png )
Also, if you're still interested in playing TwilightFire, say so now.
>> No. 419434
File 136693864459.jpg - (40.93KB , 521x426 , Stalker_by_Satam.jpg )
As part of my new plan to waste everyone's time, I present this: An insight into Daemons.

I felt your characters would know some things about the Daemonic threat. As of now, they're kind of an enigma, when in actuality they are an everyday force. The most important information I want you guys to gleam from this is how each tribe treats Daemons and their victims. Some questions you should ask: How does my character feel about Daemons? Is a victim of a Daemon innocent? Would I use a Daemon to my advantage?
>> No. 419499
I read it once before. The update of it is interesting. Cool history.
>> No. 419541
Yeah I am. Sorry I took so long. My computer refused to reopen this tab for some reason.
>> No. 419678
File 136727286756.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Sorry about the salt water thing, also tried to apply what I learned from the updated Daemon wiki. Preventative measures initiated!

I would have continued the whole thinking thing but I didn't want to cover too much in to little time.

Also Finals/essays etc have been keeping me busy lately. Should have more time after Friday.
>> No. 419721
File 136735824113.jpg - (66.34KB , 900x461 , stalker_2_by_mrsarto-d4io4t3.jpg )

Well, you can jump in whenever. We didn't actually dictate anything IC that said you disappeared, so in theory you're still there with them. I'm not a fan of giving a character two openings.


No probs, it was my mistype.
>> No. 419743
Why isn't Sirara on the wiki, Characters? Lol.
>> No. 419809
Oh yeah.
>> No. 419811
File 136744218851.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Because that would ruin the surprise! Obviously she's the BBEG pulling the strings from the sidelines!

I kid, maybe because a player is not actually controlling her. She is like a DMPC

At least thats why I think IDK for sure.
>> No. 419983
Hey guy, just a reminder that my final is tomorrow.

What that means is I'll probably be absent tomorrow because I will be all zombie mode after the test.

Soooo on the off chance that people start posting like crazy I apologize for not being around today/tomorrow.
>> No. 420031
File 136755571990.jpg - (155.74KB , 800x567 , Stalker__s_rest_by_FirstKeeper.jpg )

The reason is two-fold. One, I didn't want to give away too much of her backstory yet. Two, I like to keep the character page free of NPCs. Also, I never bothered to put together a good bio, it's messy right now.


Waitin on you to get out tha' water, mate. Can't carry that heavy armour by ourselves.
>> No. 420265
File 136760957471.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Really? I thought there was gonna be more story time?

Alrighty then I'll work on that in a bit... unless I fall asleep first ._.

Last edited at Fri, May 3rd, 2013 12:53

>> No. 420266
Nah. No story time. It came and gone.
>> No. 420292
File 136761764600.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Sorry about that guys, I didn't realize you were waitin on me.... guess I shoulda just finished my whole thought process thing out then lol oh well
>> No. 420935
File 136785344946.jpg - (53.46KB , 640x480 , sad box.jpg )

Bull Rush
>> No. 420936
File 136785377021.jpg - (80.48KB , 640x400 , 640x400_5335_Ambush_2d_fan_art_stalker_sci_fi_soldiers_picture_image_digital_art.jpg )

Gone, and shortly afterwards, forgotten.
>> No. 420943
File 136785574129.jpg - (118.70KB , 694x800 , Free monster pony.jpg )
I shall remember him always!

Poor applebloom, now she's stuck with crazy mare and crazy old dude
>> No. 421102
File 136792236963.gif - (177.98KB , 150x150 , 0012-132642091199.gif )
>> No. 421106
Pfftt, you're fine. You have a crazy old coot and a mad mare.
>> No. 421750
File 136831523860.jpg - (57.63KB , 500x333 , happybox.jpg )

finally finished.. no more essays.. no more tests!

Feeeeeels good
>> No. 422013
We seem to really not want to get near that small camp, huh?
>> No. 422348
File 136885223059.jpg - (104.41KB , 1000x800 , s_t_a_l_k_e_r__by_kirillotr0n-d4i5c2l.jpg )
Really sorry guys, I was... sick, in a certain manner. Then I was out of town. Well, I'm still out of town, but now I have time to post. Anyways, sorry about the delay, but let's get this thread rolling!
>> No. 422797
File 136942509167.jpg - (2.01MB , 1932x2928 , employment-propaganda-poster.jpg )
Updated the wiki with some information regarding tribe languages. Specifically, what tribes speak and a little history on the common tongue, Equentish.
>> No. 423200
File 136959159754.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
My best friend who is in the navy and was out at sea for about a year and a half ((Reactor of ship that was suppose to take their place was messing up so after 7 months and about a week on land they just told his crew they had to go right back out)) is down here until Wednesday. I was at a party with him yesterday and I plan to spend all day today with him after I change/shower at home. I am also hoping to spend every day with him until Wednesday so I will probably not be posting until after that.

If you need to take over Borak for a bit, he is trying to avoid anything that could be dangerous because he doesn't want another Sirara event to happen.
>> No. 423216
Sorry. I have been having a too good of time with my country friends over memorial weekend. It is still going. We just love to party. But ill be available tomorrow night.
>> No. 424250
Is there a point of gathering wood when Flame can create fire out of nothing?
>> No. 424252

Hm, I thought Flame couldn't maintain these flames while asleep. Or am I mistaken?
>> No. 424257
File 137037658711.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I was also under the impression he couldn't maintain flames while asleep

Also Borak would feel safer knowing that the fire is on wood and not spreading throughout the forest :D lol

Last edited at Tue, Jun 4th, 2013 13:17

>> No. 424340

You're right. I was focused on food part and forgot that part.
>> No. 425457
Raffi, Flame still alive?
>> No. 425741

I am revived just today after living in a hell with no internet connection. I am really sorry for not giving an early notice and I feel stupid for not using my cellphone's internet, I don't use it a lot so I didn't think that option.

Anyway I'm back now.
>> No. 425848
File 137188412863.jpg - (2.01MB , 1932x2928 , employment-propaganda-poster.jpg )

Welcome back.
>> No. 427608
Oh my god I forgot how to roll. :(

Edit:Problem solved but I still can't believe I forgot it, we haven't rolled for anything for a while I guess.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 30th, 2013 23:58

>> No. 427610
File 137266174339.jpg - (170.75KB , 900x1350 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_ArcyMaszon.jpg )

[d...20] without the ellipses, you silly goose.
>> No. 428231
>gets part time job

>Suddenly everyone wants money

>what is this bull

>spends entire paycheck in a matter of days because life issues.

Apologies for the wait
>> No. 428302
Stuff happens lol.
>> No. 428505
File 137300449900.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Borak to Adjus: MY SPEAR IS LONGER

Last edited at Thu, Jul 4th, 2013 23:17

>> No. 428512

Pitiful, comparing yours to a colt's.
>> No. 428514
File 137304988774.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Adjus is just a colt? I was under the impression he was at least around Boraks age.

Unless you have Adjus mixed up with Mirrin?

Mirrin is the noble colt and adjus is the stallion guard.

B: Mirrin is not a colt, HE IS A FILLY.
>> No. 428538
Laywing's is bigger! Uhh... What?
>> No. 428571

You are correct. The guards are adults.
>> No. 428789
File 137313812544.jpg - (43.48KB , 650x520 , BE GENTLE SEV.jpg )
"We will kill your children before sunset if that is what we are here for. Don't worry we wont do that even though we have so much power to simply kill everyone and everything by ourselves."

>I think I might of read that wrong. But thats what l gathered from what Laywing said
>also gotta get ready for work/go to work. Wont be back for till 11 or about 9 hours.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 12:17

>> No. 428832
Just a tad off. Her point was that if the pioneers weren't interested in a peaceful relationship, they wouldn't mind letting the son die by their han- hooves. That attack made by the little shit should have been dealt with differently. But if they killed the guards and the kid, they may have a chance of having poor relationship with the Vaultans. Even worse a bad reputation for Equestrians.
>> No. 428863
File 137317369104.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
ahh, I was in a bit of a hurry lol.
edit: Also this will probably be my posting schedule during the weekends, as more than half my hours are done during the weekend. I wish I could have more hours but part timers are not allowed ;_;

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 22:27

>> No. 428921
Yeah, My hours are difficult for me to post too. I work at a movie theater so of course the hours are at night. And you guys like to post around 8pm-2am EST. Which may prove difficult.
>> No. 429001
I believe we came to a conclusion that it is now just Raffi, Flame, Sirara, Borak and Laywing. Seemingly Twilight is uninterested in our RP.
>> No. 429004
File 137325749987.png - (951.54KB , 1360x768 , box cutter.png )

Speaking of, where's Raffi?
>> No. 429015
I'm afraid he may not show up. Guess only time will tell.
>> No. 429064

I'll try to contact him later.
>> No. 429078
Alrighty then!
>> No. 429285
File 137342746353.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Are we waiting on me?

I am waiting for the crowd of ponies to disperse so Borak can get Sirara/Raffi/twlight

and so Flame can escort Laywing to the manor.

I can make a post agreeing with flame and Laywing?
>> No. 429287

Oh, sorry. You have the go ahead to make your way to the forest. And Laywing and Flame, you have the go ahead to explore the town. I'll make a post in a sec.
>> No. 429288
File 137342949905.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
I was actually gonna move the npc's out of the way myself in my post but I didn't know if that was allowed.

EDIT: Also according to this


There are 50-100 pels in the bag.

I am going to give Laywing and FlameFlipper their portion, so how much would they have? ((Split evenly)) We never really counted it I think so ?I don't know how much we have in total.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 9th, 2013 21:13

>> No. 429290

They're all level 99 with wands of death, so you better not try it.
>> No. 429292
File 137343004564.jpg - (31.82KB , 288x240 , rocks fall errybody dies.jpg )
Well fuck me lol

I am just used to there not actually being a game master, most rp's I have ever done just involved PC's each controlling Npc's on their own. I actually had that post ready to go before I realized what I was doing and deleted it to have him wait out the blockage.
>> No. 429293

You can push common people... er, ponies out of the way just fine. Just don't think you can push through a line of guards or angry peasants so easily.
>> No. 429294
File 137343027009.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Roger that, I'll keep that in mind next time so we don't have to slow down.
>> No. 429296
File 137343185493.jpg - (254.14KB , 1280x1024 , awesomeexplosion.jpg )

"Oh by the way Sirara, nobody else has weapons besides you and Raffi and twlight. So you two will now be the tanks in case something happens. Try not to die from some random mook KK? KK"

Last edited at Tue, Jul 9th, 2013 21:51

>> No. 429378
File 137350617023.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
I just realized I may have missed something important.

As Borak went searching for Sirara, he couldn't understand what the guards were saying until they got close.

Yet in the longhouse we could understand them/Laywing can understand Edjane.

So its not only Sirara's magic causing us to understand each other?
>> No. 429384

I dunno, man, what could it all mean?
>> No. 429387
File 137351137937.jpg - (288.19KB , 482x595 , hide box.jpg )
It means its time to keep our heads down!

>> No. 429406
File 137352376755.jpg - (29.91KB , 400x323 , panic.jpg )

Borak can't into combat

But apparently can bard.

also excuse me as my brain registers that he actually succeeded in something I was about 90% positive he was gonna fail. I am gonna keep the panic button handy though because of that last bit.
>> No. 429407

Even the lowliest of wretches can be humbled in the face of a man who concedes his dignity for another's well being...

Or perhaps something else is at play here...
>> No. 429408
File 137352453460.jpg - (20.49KB , 625x500 , consequences.jpg )

Panic mode engaged


*Is hit by falling rocks*
>> No. 429409
I really want to know what that colt is up to. Of course no good...
>> No. 429410
I always seem to forget about Sirara...
>> No. 429411
File 137352704419.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I thought she was exploring the town? Weren't we suppose to get a new translator or something?
>> No. 429412

No, you were promised a new translator. In the meantime, Sirara stays with you to be a translation machine.
>> No. 429413
oh dang, then I forgot Sirara as well @[email protected]
>> No. 429423
File 137353114546.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
I think that might be it for me tonight guys.

I will be going to work tomorrow but I should be able to get a post in before work and then after work.
>> No. 429518
File 137358772073.jpg - (2.01MB , 1932x2928 , employment-propaganda-poster.jpg )
I'm afraid I have some sad news.

The king is DEAD!...

Not really. Raffi, Cupcakinator, has resigned due to busyness. He had two kills to his name, and will be missed.

Unfortunately, this brings us down to three players... the minimum, I'm afraid. It doesn't seem like many other people on ponychan are lining up to join. I'll see if players from my other group are interested in joining this setting, something I don't like doing. I prefer for them to come willingly, without pressure from me. But I will do it. As it stands, out of the three games I run, this is my oldest and most thoroughly planned adventure, and I'd hate to see it die, like so may before it.

I would like to thank the few players that remain. Thank you for sticking with me for the past several months. Sorry we haven't gotten to the meat of the chapter yet, but it comes soon. Very soon. Stay tuned for developments!
>> No. 429711
File 137360918775.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
hmm... I may have gone a bit overboard with that last post.

Oh well, I have an update about my schedule.

I have established with my boss that I think I am ready to work on my own shift. He mentioned he would need someone sunday morning on the 21'st and I asked to change my schedule from sat-sun afternoon to sat-sun morning, that way I can see what its like before I have a shift on my own.

That probably means that on Friday I will have to go to sleep after I get home from work ((Around 10)) in order to be fully rested for work at 7 am on saturday. Sooo tomorrow I might not be around much.

On the upside it means I'll be around saturday afternoon-early evenin


Dang we lost Raffi! And sounds good to me.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 11th, 2013 23:09

>> No. 430647
That anonymous was me, I got a new computer and forgot to enter my name.
>> No. 431475
There is the old, somewhat racist Borak I knew. And I laughed at the poor insults.
>> No. 431749
File 137435859114.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Yup I will try to include his thoughts in my posts on a regular basis now.

But uhhh that probably means my posts will be longer... if it is a problem I will try to return to my previous posting style.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 20th, 2013 15:22

>> No. 431912
File 137444043991.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
I am sick!

I was sick yesterday but it got worse today. I am gonna go lay down, maybe I will post later today. If not I will post tomorrow unless something catastrophic occurs!

Borak will follow the group if someone recommends something and your waiting for his approval or something assume he gives it ((As long as its not "HEY LETS GO MURDER EVERYTHING"))
>> No. 432123

Roger that, mon frère.
>> No. 432739
File 137472366460.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
>ello everyone! I was getting better, and I think I got worse!

>I am having difficulty breathing and everytime I breathe out it sounds like I am breathing through liquid/flem. IDK but I will going to a doctor to figure that out tomorrow. Just FYI in case I stop coming by for the next few days. It's been getting progressively worse this night.

>Edit: I am sure I am fine btw, prob just have to take some medicine or something.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 24th, 2013 21:13

>> No. 432806

Sorry to hear about that... Hope you get better soon.
>> No. 432870
File 137476546866.jpg - (66.09KB , 786x596 , good news everyone!.jpg )
Good news everyone! I ain't dying yet.

Although my wallet and ass have seen better days. ((Received a shot of antibiotics.))
>> No. 432900
You might need a actual shot instead...
>> No. 433212
Meh... Be gone for 3 days (using phone) Slay help me.
Oh, and made a trip for safe reasons.

Heading back to the glorious state of Ohio. Got a nice speeding ticket for 80 in a 70.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 29th, 2013 13:04

>> No. 440371
File 137729406322.png - (951.54KB , 1360x768 , box cutter.png )
I am going to be moving back to my apartment tomorrow, I might not be around for a few days. ((I don't think I will be gone but just in case something happens thats why))
>> No. 441259
I return!

It took much longer than I thought it would...
>> No. 441851
I'm gonna have to assume Flame is waiting on a post from me. If he's gone... Well, we might have to put this whole shindig on hold.
>> No. 441856
File 137793782246.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Ooh, Dulset Tarn might actually be great for this...
Might even throw in a whole race of kelpies~.
I'll check back in the morning.
>> No. 441858

*Double take*
*Triple take
*Quadruple take*

A new player?! I thought those were extinct. Please, don't hesitate to ask about anything.

Looks like I have to clean up the wiki...
>> No. 441863
File 137795871718.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
Oh hey Dulset :D
>> No. 441985
File 137806561897.png - (887.82KB , 1024x1024 , 3_ Dulset Tarn by Greeny.png )
So, how out of place would it be to have a clan of kelpies living in the forest?
>> No. 442095
That anonymous post on the thread is posted by me(accidentally). Also, I was just waiting for the right time to post something, I'm still in this thing.
>> No. 442664
File 137851093283.jpg - (962.89KB , 1832x2948 , boxbot.jpg )
Sorry I was kinda busy moving from one apartment building to another after finding my old place kinda trashed. Essentially I noped my way all the way to the new management and demanded they change my room.

My new roomates are so much better. No more waking up every god damn day to loud music and horrible smelling marijuana at 5 am.

When I wasn't moving I was pretty much chilling because I was tired @[email protected]
>> No. 443992
File 137936706216.gif - (26.92KB , 225x219 , 130856000524.gif )
Once again my apologies!

I fell behind in russian and was trying desperately to catch up for my exam which was today.
>> No. 445541
I should be able to post it tonight, apologies for not posting.
>> No. 445884
Are we still alive?
>> No. 445902
File 138067048130.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
I am still here but

Yea I am having difficulty catching back up and I have fallen more behind.

I will see if I can get a post today, I just got a little nap after school so I feel a little more rested than usual. I apologize for not saying anything earlier but I have been pretty bummed about the whole situation.
>> No. 446040
Alright guys, we're down to a couple posts a week. I have an idea, but I'm not sure if you'll like it.

I'm now running most of my RPs on the Bay12 forums. Bunch of players there, primarily shortposters, but still there. I'm thinking of moving this game over there. I'm not sure how many bronies there are, I've only seen a couple pony avatars.

Couple things about Bay12: There is no rolling system, so I'd have to roll the dice and tell you what you got. They have all the good forum things though. Like coloured text, strikethroughs, fonts, blah, blah, blah.

I'm gonna leave it up to you guys, though. If you're happy with the pace as it is, and/or you prefer a chan style site, tell me. Otherwise, I think this is the best bet for the continuation of the story.
>> No. 446068
File 138089870062.png - (481.96KB , 1023x959 , bawx.png )
I have never been to those forums, but I am willing to give it a shot if the rest are.
>> No. 446078
I am okay with it. If things won't go as smoothly as we like, we can always go back to normal.
>> No. 446145
Before we decide can we get a link to the forums so we can see what we would be getting ourselves into?
>> No. 446193

There you go. Tell me what you all think before I make a thread.
>> No. 446264
It looks okay to me.
>> No. 446272
File 138117957689.jpg - (10.05KB , 280x210 , bth_boxmanwee.jpg )
Looks ok to me as well

>These were my posts, moved to google chrome and had to go find my trip again
>> No. 446332

Here's the thread. Let's see if we get any takers.

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