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#Open #Canon: Ponies in Space! #Contained #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Science Fiction #Pseudo Long-post

Are you sick of your drab, ordinary, pathetic shell of a life? Do you yearn for glory and merchandised goods with your name on them?
Do you tire of a life of relative safety, and are generally apathetic to how your death might affect friends or loved ones?
Do you wish to do battle with soul-rending demons, robot pirates, and eye-eating parasitic organisms?

If you answered yes to any or none of these questions, then this job is for you! Enroll in the Equestrian Space Program today! Fight evil! Work with real heroes! Make the Princesses Proud!
Apply today; spaces are limited, but space is not!

Greetings all. I present to you a science-fiction canon of over-the-top, epic proportions - no hyperbole exercised. You will not find a canon on the board with as much scope as this, I assure you! Ponies in Space! is a space-opera with heavy focus on character development and their subsequent interactions with their fellow friends, teammates comrades - and occasionally their foes. Coupled with this, is a plan for steady and consistent progress along a grander storyline of my design, with no outcome set in stone. If space exploration, science-fiction, diverse and varied settings and locations are themes that interest you, I insist that you continue reading. It doesn't hurt that you'll also be playing with some of the coolest cats on the board - what's not to like?

While the overall setting for the canon is quite grand, the premise is simple. Equestria has just recently been introduced to a much larger galactic community - and regretfully, has been thrown into a very large problem because of it; a galactic civil war between the government of the Alliance and the rebel faction known simply as the Revolution threatens to send the sentient races spiraling into the stone age.

The canon will be split into two different thread series; one (Ponies in Space!) will follow the ship and crew of the characters that have joined the recently created ESP, or Equestrian Space Program, with tentative ties to the Alliance. The other (Ponies in Space: Uprising) will follow a similar group, who are sided with the Revolution and work for their ends. PIS:U has reached the character limit for now. Having mentioned of this political disparity and the ensuring war, make no mistake, the threads for either of the series will not be focused on front-line combat, constant tactical play, etc. Think Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic, or even Startrek to a lesser extent. Political affairs are present, but adventure, exploration and discovery are still very prominent.

Applying is quite simple. First, ask any question you might have about the lore of this canon; it has quite a large and rich history, and it would be a fool's errand to attempt to put it all here, so I have no doubt certain queries will arise. Secondly, make your character. With such a limitless genre as a space-age science fiction, I strongly emphasize the amount of room you have as far as creative limitations are concerned. There's both magic and technology to play off of, not to mention you can play just about anything you can conceive of, as all manner of aliens inhabit the galaxy. If you don't feel like playing a pony, by all means, don't! Mind your power-levels though. Anthro-pony space mercenary, wolf-like politician, a sentient rainbow blob computer expert, whatever; if you can write a back-story that I like, anything goes. However, I must insist on only two stipulations: no cross-over characters, original characters only. Taking heavy inspiration from an established character you like and putting it into your own is entirely acceptable, but a 100% carbon copy is not. Secondly, no humans, for an explicitly in-story reason. (A race/alien that is similar in appearance is okay.)

Position Applying for
(Captain, Engineer, etc):

If I might make a suggestion, I would bear in mind some of the roles a typical space-ship might have when creating your space-faring person. Captain, pilot, diplomat, engineer, medic, marine, etc.

As a final note, I also expect a measure of writing ability from every applicant. Not every post has to be a long-post, but at least a few are expected from time to time. Internal dialogue, realistic character dynamics, you get the drift.

I also tentatively include a link to a somewhat out-of-date wiki that contains some useful information to any who wish to know some more of the history and lore:

So! To any interested parties, introduce yourselves! Galactic terrors roam free and terrible wars rage! There's no time to waste!

Last edited at Tue, Feb 5th, 2013 15:00

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Pie O.O

You probably have no reason to be in the ooc, but I have an hour to kill and thought I'd check anyway.
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File 136892309030.png - (205.73KB , 320x180 , puddi puddi.png )
Puddi Puddi
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File 136907980885.png - (100.23KB , 730x760 , Lurk.png )
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I see you there. Come in here and give us a hug bro!
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File 136919646948.png - (220.44KB , 456x500 , 45.png )
>gwomps and hugs
I see our story is still trickling along. Though, most of the /rp/ I 've lurked has slowed down o.o
how goes?
>> No. 422619
>Is glomped and hugged

Aah, pretty good. Just been busy. You know we have a skype chat now if you want to say hi to everyone. Have to ask onjage or sunburst to join it though I think, I don't know how to add you.

And ya, stories still goin haha, though I stopped participating a while back. I still lurk some of it though XD
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File 136977554577.jpg - (133.25KB , 894x894 , asklittlepip__rainbow_blob_by_spikeshi-d4iyadp.jpg )
>Router reset
>Lose tracked threads
>Find this gain
I think I need to add you all on skype first.

x..shadow..x is the skype account.
>> No. 423769
mines Ella.banella I believe...if it's not that it's ella.blarg
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File 137108629991.jpg - (58.17KB , 750x1066 , king_sombra___the_darkness_by_jacobdobson-d5kvnni.jpg )
>> No. 425059
Bam. Commissions inbound.
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File 137196557202.png - (803.90KB , 1366x1000 , Roaring.png )
Hosting awesome things
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File 137473590632.png - (549.32KB , 1529x1390 , a0ci7n3yhhxc.png )
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File 137491835429.jpg - (116.74KB , 1000x775 , fine art.jpg )
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File 137522365269.jpg - (71.97KB , 1002x777 , fine art.jpg )
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Take me home tonight, I don't wanna let you go till you see the light~

Take me home tonight, I don't wanna let you go till you see the light~
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File 137556483142.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )

That's not a disco ball.
>> No. 434928
File 137556598758.png - (1.12MB , 600x3720 , 137158460117.png )
Ill turn you into a disco disko Francis ball.
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File 137565033560.gif - (1.11MB , 320x176 , 1311297701191[1].gif )
>> No. 435029
File 137565091256.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )
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File 137594109722.jpg - (236.73KB , 365x2514 , 1375825566324.jpg )
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File 137600100242.gif - (147.07KB , 640x480 , fuckmylife.gif )
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File 137600147375.jpg - (65.59KB , 600x688 , 134360621026.jpg )
Dude, dude just what the fuck is that? WHAT IS THIS???
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File 137602464869.gif - (1.79MB , 425x319 , spoiler.gif )
>> No. 436936
File 137607680127.jpg - (43.54KB , 252x159 , 1365308608556.jpg )
>> No. 437384
File 137625615599.gif - (629.96KB , 426x240 , tumblr_m7nlsuc9q41qdwncwo1_500.gif )

Bout 200 hunnerd pictures of Twilight fer yer reactions, from Smiles.
>> No. 437386
File 137626041153.png - (91.07KB , 1365x1332 , 1376174331767.png )

Don't forget the other 97 images.
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File 137716024951.png - (474.79KB , 588x761 , Ponies in Space! Grim Tidings.png )
dun dun dunnn
>> No. 440362
So. This canon looks promising. A few quick questions, though.

1) Can someone give me the quick-and-dirty rundown of what to expect?

2) Can I play a pony with spider-like abilities, if I say he got them from space, or something?
>> No. 440369
You can play an alien spider pony yes.

Gist is as follows.

Equestria is new to space, having launched it's first space ship two years ago.
Space is run by this giant space government called Alliance.
Couple of evil Equestiran born ponies started a revolution to over throw alliance.
Equestria starts up new Space Program to combat revolution, and represent Equestiran interest in space. This is orginization you would likely belong to as a new player.

Throw in a bunch of nuances here and there. Like, the Alliance (and most of space) views all Equestrians as potential terrorist, even the space program which is working to over throw the revolution.

the space program director once being 2nd in command of the evil ponies who started the revolution.

A giant planet eating monster called the madness mucking about in the mix.

The Alliance taxing Equestria into poverty.
>> No. 440372
Yeah, because every story about space needs an oppressive dictatorship, opposed by a ragtag, bunch-of-misfits rebel group.

Just gimme a second to type up a lil' old sheet...
>> No. 440373
Name: Zoticus Flynn

Age: 17

Race: 95% Earth Pony, 5% Spider (Explained below)

Position Applying for: Stowaway, later Combat Specialist.

Personality: Zoticus is a unique soul. He can be serious when he needs to, quiet when he's asked to be, funny when he wants to, etc. Being just Seventeen, his social skills (especialy around mares) is somewhat...lacking. But he's a good kid, and can often pull through in a pinch.

Back-story: Zoti has had a troubled life. His parents were both divorced, so he spent a lot of time being passed from house to house. However, he eventually found solace in the notion of going to space. He would hang around the Space-port, talking to the various beings that would pass through. However, he didn't know much about space, or the controversy of the Space Alliance and the Equestrians. His grades weren't good enough to get him to a and to him, space was just an unachievable dream.

Until one day...

Zoticus was loitering around the Spaceport, as was normal for him, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his arm, which was not normal for him. He looked down, and saw he had been bitten by a spider. He brushed it away, put a bandage on it, and hoped it wasn't poisonous. What happens next is a bit...fantastic. Maybe the spider was magic, maybe it was an alien, maybe it was a magic alien, nobody can really say for sure. But whatever it was, it somehow had given him enhanced strength, speed, and agility. It had also given him the ability to stick to almost any surface, and a sort of pre-cognitave "Spider-sense". After discovering his new abilities, he began making plans to stow away on one of the massive space ships...
>> No. 440374
Hrm, this would be more suiting in a super-hero parody rp, but this is essentially spiderman's backstory and not terrible appropriate for the 'mood' of this rp which is slightly more grounded in sci-fi. Think of a character that would fit into the world of star wars or star trek... or even 40k Warhammer (I think. Im not familiar with it specifically but the main DM loves it)

He can be an alien spider-pony, or an Equestrian but not both. The alien species haven't had enough time to 'mix' with Equestrians to create hybrid off-spring. Or, he can be an Equestrian using technology to mimic spider-like behavior. Robotic limbs, nanobots that let him stick to surfaces.ect. But we'd need something a little more original than pony peter parker.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013 15:31

>> No. 440375
File 137729752539.jpg - (106.61KB , 1474x1298 , MLitP2.jpg )
...Well, that's all I got right now. I might come back later, but right now I'm flat-out of ideas. If you never see me again, you'll know what happened.
>> No. 440376
File 137729786807.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , loss_for_words.gif )
aaaaaaaalrighty then
>> No. 440945
File 137755113431.png - (467.73KB , 800x803 , muffin pony.png )
>> No. 441183
File 137759508079.gif - (0.98MB , 310x174 , tumblr_m633wb6rz71qa6ygko7_400.gif )
After many months, a new IC thread.

For the love of god, no more slow-posting please
>> No. 441910
Sunburst Horse would you care to give me a run down of your inspiration for that character and why you play it the way you do?
>> No. 441917
File 137801761165.png - (98.66KB , 178x450 , 178px-Deadpool.png )
For starters, a lot of her inspiration started with this guy, back when I first played her. She was a merc with a mouth. She turned serious situations funny, and funny situations serious. Seeing as she was a villain initially (and perhaps currently) there were a lot of the elements of the joker thrown in on top of Deadpool.

As the story progressed however, the obsession with laughter, jokes and chaos remained but her role in the story began to evolve. She's no longer just a merc, but in a position of power, and worse/better yet in a position of power over the good guys.. and the she sorta developed into her own character. She's not as loud as she used to be, but a snickering more subtle menace.
>> No. 442218
File 137818748608.png - (1.41MB , 1002x669 , wing decals.png )
>> No. 444082
File 137945242554.png - (86.18KB , 350x350 , 131571954011.png )
>> No. 444166
File 137947860392.jpg - (101.67KB , 411x468 , tumblr_mivhkfAhco1r0cqu1o2_r2_500.jpg )
Link storage:
>> No. 447545
File 138311496678.png - (207.17KB , 640x480 , 1380221414513.png )
>> No. 447751
File 138360670737.png - (143.98KB , 500x543 , 05bba1477a71484735ac70f784ca0490.png )
>> No. 447806
File 138379685764.png - (292.89KB , 1795x1492 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 450205
File 138751349461.png - (185.83KB , 462x525 , smiles.png )
Thanks for all the memories.

Good luck all.
>> No. 450329
File 138778216562.png - (842.44KB , 900x696 , tumblr_m6wvygFeLW1r1ixuco1_1280.png )

>> No. 450436
File 138807700720.png - (24.91KB , 830x650 , Rivet Bolt.png )
Hello! I'm Rivet :D Is it still possible to join?
>> No. 450454
File 138820412153.png - (258.85KB , 562x341 , have you ever been swept off your feet by a sandwich.png )

At the moment, I'm afraid not. Ponies in Space is in hiatus for now, but I appreciate your inquiry.
>> No. 450552

link storage
>> No. 450678
File 138899156736.jpg - (79.63KB , 393x393 , 615-dayum-shame.jpg )
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