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File 136010141701.jpg - (245.15KB , 588x761 , Ponies in Space! Issue 19 Shadows fall.jpg )
410608 No. 410608
#Open #Canon: Ponies in Space! #Contained #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Science Fiction #Pseudo Long-post

Are you sick of your drab, ordinary, pathetic shell of a life? Do you yearn for glory and merchandised goods with your name on them?
Do you tire of a life of relative safety, and are generally apathetic to how your death might affect friends or loved ones?
Do you wish to do battle with soul-rending demons, robot pirates, and eye-eating parasitic organisms?

If you answered yes to any or none of these questions, then this job is for you! Enroll in the Equestrian Space Program today! Fight evil! Work with real heroes! Make the Princesses Proud!
Apply today; spaces are limited, but space is not!

Greetings all. I present to you a science-fiction canon of over-the-top, epic proportions - no hyperbole exercised. You will not find a canon on the board with as much scope as this, I assure you! Ponies in Space! is a space-opera with heavy focus on character development and their subsequent interactions with their fellow friends, teammates comrades - and occasionally their foes. Coupled with this, is a plan for steady and consistent progress along a grander storyline of my design, with no outcome set in stone. If space exploration, science-fiction, diverse and varied settings and locations are themes that interest you, I insist that you continue reading. It doesn't hurt that you'll also be playing with some of the coolest cats on the board - what's not to like?

While the overall setting for the canon is quite grand, the premise is simple. Equestria has just recently been introduced to a much larger galactic community - and regretfully, has been thrown into a very large problem because of it; a galactic civil war between the government of the Alliance and the rebel faction known simply as the Revolution threatens to send the sentient races spiraling into the stone age.

The canon will be split into two different thread series; one (Ponies in Space!) will follow the ship and crew of the characters that have joined the recently created ESP, or Equestrian Space Program, with tentative ties to the Alliance. The other (Ponies in Space: Uprising) will follow a similar group, who are sided with the Revolution and work for their ends. PIS:U has reached the character limit for now. Having mentioned of this political disparity and the ensuring war, make no mistake, the threads for either of the series will not be focused on front-line combat, constant tactical play, etc. Think Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic, or even Startrek to a lesser extent. Political affairs are present, but adventure, exploration and discovery are still very prominent.

Applying is quite simple. First, ask any question you might have about the lore of this canon; it has quite a large and rich history, and it would be a fool's errand to attempt to put it all here, so I have no doubt certain queries will arise. Secondly, make your character. With such a limitless genre as a space-age science fiction, I strongly emphasize the amount of room you have as far as creative limitations are concerned. There's both magic and technology to play off of, not to mention you can play just about anything you can conceive of, as all manner of aliens inhabit the galaxy. If you don't feel like playing a pony, by all means, don't! Mind your power-levels though. Anthro-pony space mercenary, wolf-like politician, a sentient rainbow blob computer expert, whatever; if you can write a back-story that I like, anything goes. However, I must insist on only two stipulations: no cross-over characters, original characters only. Taking heavy inspiration from an established character you like and putting it into your own is entirely acceptable, but a 100% carbon copy is not. Secondly, no humans, for an explicitly in-story reason. (A race/alien that is similar in appearance is okay.)

Position Applying for
(Captain, Engineer, etc):

If I might make a suggestion, I would bear in mind some of the roles a typical space-ship might have when creating your space-faring person. Captain, pilot, diplomat, engineer, medic, marine, etc.

As a final note, I also expect a measure of writing ability from every applicant. Not every post has to be a long-post, but at least a few are expected from time to time. Internal dialogue, realistic character dynamics, you get the drift.

I also tentatively include a link to a somewhat out-of-date wiki that contains some useful information to any who wish to know some more of the history and lore:

So! To any interested parties, introduce yourselves! Galactic terrors roam free and terrible wars rage! There's no time to waste!

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File 136011085144.jpg - (22.51KB , 480x567 , DISGUSTING.jpg )
>> No. 410637
File 136012292588.png - (154.56KB , 600x498 , just give in.png )
>> No. 410646
File 136012906237.jpg - (6.44KB , 228x221 , YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE DERP CRIMINAL SCUM.jpg )
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File 136013151959.jpg - (506.22KB , 2203x2937 , i am bane i am here to rape yo women and children.jpg )
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File 136013378819.gif - (1.38MB , 245x118 , OOOHHH YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS.gif )
>> No. 410668
File 136014526426.jpg - (126.26KB , 1360x768 , 2011-11-13_00078.jpg )
Due to real life complications, Amber has resigned from this thread series. Amber's entrance to the canon has been retconned.

That is all.
>> No. 410754
Archer. Don't EVER nerd rage like this. Please...

>> No. 410758
File 136027632329.jpg - (39.26KB , 438x480 , my jimmies have been compromised.jpg )

Oh my god no never.

I mean I'm not going to lie my jimmies have been rustled by video game before but I just kind of laugh it off or bury my head in my hands and just sigh.


Shit is just sad bro.
>> No. 410807
I honestly think he may have died from a heart attack after that XD
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File 136047489249.gif - (387.98KB , 425x260 , 233230__UNOPT__safe_gif.gif )
>> No. 411029
File 136047979023.gif - (848.86KB , 245x138 , tickle doggy.gif )
>> No. 411156
File 136062868207.gif - (972.53KB , 261x165 , get the fuck away from my cereal bitch.gif )
Ima try to post for ya
>> No. 411338
File 136080846726.png - (101.82KB , 658x908 , vynil cute wub eyes.png )
Poor ooc is so dead and lonely looking..

*pets the ooc*
>> No. 411341
>Pets from the world beyond the confines of her computer~
>> No. 411351
File 136081356656.png - (710.96KB , 762x1049 , merry christmas flutter.png )
>> No. 411353
If I only had access to my vast array of pictures, I would be able to match you something just as cute~

And how might you be doing, my dear friend?
>> No. 411357
Good! Just messing around in gimp once again. Did something happen to your computer? D;
>> No. 411358
No! Of course not. It may not be the most reliable of devices, and I am certain its on its last legs, but it has yet to give out on me completely~

I am visiting with my brother at the moment, and have taken it upon myself to borrow his computer, as moving my own out of the room when he sleeps is more then a hassle.

Now I take it you do not mean this gimp now do you =p

I really do need to get familiar with that program.
>> No. 411360
File 136082681389.gif - (1.60MB , 340x176 , 1360710331066.gif )

>> No. 411361
Whoever did that post in TGTN made me cry! D;
>> No. 411528
File 136093370274.jpg - (42.85KB , 600x400 , mlfw2975-woona_woona_by_123hamster-d4ogj11.jpg )
First off, apologies.

I won't be joining Ponies In Space.

I've recently lost a lot of my free time, and I'm barely able to manage Orion over some other things. I've had the displeasure of having to let a few things go.

Sorry again.
>> No. 411537
File 136095607045.png - (217.96KB , 422x468 , 6066.png )

Awwwh D:

Oh well. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
>> No. 411585
File 136098830447.jpg - (11.75KB , 133x200 , 133904217012.jpg )

>> No. 411812
Hey Ymira, it probly won't be till later this evening, but if I could catch you on skype later that would be awesome. I want to plan some possible future character stuffs that you may be able to help me with >:3
>> No. 411819
File 136122265399.jpg - (1.36MB , 1581x1473 , vinyl_scratch_by_eeveetachi-d52h2l2.jpg )
If you want a big dog, the largest breed is an Irish Wolfhound. Otherwise, while Mastiffs are large, they're more muscle mass than anything.
>> No. 411820
urk, that link didn't work and that photo was shooped lol, so I just deleted it. But ya, I just like dogs in general. When I do have my own place, I'm getting a german shepherd ^_^
>> No. 411868
File 136130184041.jpg - (759.60KB , 1024x768 , Penguins.jpg )
I'm being annoying and no one can stop me! >D

Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom! Applebloom!
>> No. 411870
I know some of you night find this helpful, and I need to save the link cause I lost my piece of paper D<
>> No. 411913
A bit of a message for all my friends in the Trotting dead and space. Forgive me for my continued absence.

Its a bit of a crude term I know, but things have really "hit the fan" so to speak. I am hopping things will normalize by the end of this week, but between the on and off possiblity of divorce to my grandmother's eviction, we have been in "scramble" mode for quite awhile.

So bear with me if you would, and if you happen to be the sort that prays, I would ask you keep my family in them.
>> No. 411939
File 136133733029.gif - (0.99MB , 345x316 , knock knock oh god.gif )
Conversations in Skype with Pirouette:

[8:57:43 PM] avantgardeVirgil: good luck catching my kangaroo, biyatch!
[8:58:16 PM] Ella Banella: I'll catch your kangaroo, and you little joe too!
[8:59:02 PM] avantgardeVirgil: Keep yo mitts off my joey!
[8:59:20 PM] Ella Banella: Keep you tail outa trouble!
[9:00:29 PM] avantgardeVirgil: Trouble's what I aim for!
[9:01:46 PM] Ella Banella: Then you better smack it in it's cold blue balls
lest it wack you with it's sausage
[9:02:30 PM] avantgardeVirgil: I fellate poetry all the way down to the rhyming couplets!
[9:03:18 PM] Ella Banella: WOAH! WOAH MAN! Just take it a step back there buddy, that is RUDE. And uncalled for.
[9:03:34 PM] avantgardeVirgil: NEVER
[9:03:38 PM] avantgardeVirgil: I SUCK THE SONNETS
[9:03:58 PM] avantgardeVirgil: I AM A SONNET SUCKER
[9:04:09 PM] Ella Banella: I'll suck you sonnet
[9:04:14 PM] Ella Banella: your*
[9:05:06 PM] avantgardeVirgil: Oh dear~
[9:05:12 PM] avantgardeVirgil: It's alliterated, for her pleasure.
[9:05:33 PM] Ella Banella: rofle
[9:05:42 PM] Ella Banella: hang on, gotta respond to the onjiggy
>> No. 411941
File 136133825352.png - (57.50KB , 528x597 , rainbow dash nuu.png )
I'm very sorry to hear that dear, I hope things get better for you soon :< *sending you <3's*
>> No. 411974
File 136134811872.png - (485.89KB , 900x591 , Rarity and Rainbow dash1.png )
Thank you dear~<3 Your thoughts and support do mean a lot.

Since I am here now thought...lets work on getting out a post.
>> No. 411975
New PIS thread:


Hope to hear of an improved situation soon :/
>> No. 411976
File 136135541669.jpg - (251.31KB , 750x600 , R477.jpg )
As do I, my friend. It brings me not a single bit of pleasure to always report such ill tidings on the home front. Its just turning out to be a very unlucky start to this year is all.

In happier news though, I managed to gather enough brain necessary for a post~ I shall await kirby's response.
>> No. 411977
File 136135718782.gif - (38.26KB , 150x150 , 134506172937.gif )

I liked it.
>> No. 411985
Thank you dearly~ I am glad it was up to par.
>> No. 412176
>Amber comes over to play some vidya games
>Smiles pulls some shitty game off the shelf to torture him with
>I sit down to have breakfast and watch
>Hears "dragon riders"
>Immediately stops chewing to look up and see they are playing Eragon



My whole point being that I will have a nice long post for you when I am done with my bike ride :3
>> No. 412178
Oh, and Sunbutt, you made me very, very sad with your posts in p.o.a.m. D;
>> No. 412192
File 136148532088.jpg - (144.60KB , 550x500 , baawww.jpg )
>sets phasers to maximum bawww
>> No. 412193
File 136148598497.gif - (365.08KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mboforEwiQ1r3j5by.gif )

I got a good laugh out of that game.
>> No. 412197
File 136148963503.png - (98.02KB , 894x894 , Ella thinking.png )
Brat haha
>> No. 412198
>> No. 412604
So let me get this straight, this is a space-based role play/drama with rich plot and hefty character development?

Sounds quiet fun, and I do got questions.

1: Being the Equestrian Space Program, does that mean we're far away from Equestria and Colonies have already been produce? (to the bare minimum space station colonies).

2: what is the technology base level, I'm sure we have fusion and such, but what sorta style is it and what is the most advance kinda thing to have?

3: can you create a whole crew of a ship or can you only develop the one character? I ask because I would like to try to at least make 2 or 3 characters in a ships crew while the rest are just anon-pones.

4: Other races, which have been met?

5: Quick summary, whats happened up till now and whats going on

6: If the Uprising arc is full, do we go into the normal "PiS" if so, how do the two connect?

That's pretty much it, I'm quite interested in seeing where this can go, once I get some answers, I'll slap down a few characters.
>> No. 412619
File 136182520630.jpg - (68.08KB , 1028x642 , 30167-1028x642.jpg )

1. No, Equestria itself has next to nothing as far as extra-planetary assets go. Ponies are leaving to see the galaxy for themselves sure, but nothing that officially reflects the Equestrian government.

2. The galaxy is a big place, and has all manner of different technology variations. If it can be conceived, it probably exists somewhere.

3. One character. Your fellow players comprise the other members of the crew, as you'll all be sharing the same ship.

4. Of course. If it can be conceived, it exists.

5. I'm afraid I can't do that, heh. I could be here all day trying to tell you everything that's happened thus far. You can check the out-dated wiki in the OP for more information, however.


They're connected in that they follow different sets of characters and goals, but they take place in the same universe, and the events in either thread series can affect the other.

So, your character would be applying to join the ESP on Equestria for whatever reason he might have. Not much to it.
>> No. 412625
Name: Flanker
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn
Position Applying for(Captain, Engineer, etc): Weapons Technician
Personality: Stern, uncaring to the greatest extent of how his personality treats others; he sees duty before all else and will take the time to complete a task before responding to question. He often finds himself to be rather quiet, even in the thick of combat, and quickly channels the orders given to him as fast as his magic can allow it. He does have a heart, and though he may not say much, will gladly support those around him and stand up for the weak against those who wish to cause harm.

Back-story: Flanker was born in Hoofington, eldest of his seven (4 mares, 3 Stallions) other siblings. His father had passed away early in his life and his mother, having been worse for ware, was unable to maintain herself for her family, and soon fled Hoofington, leaving Flanker and his younger brothers and sisters without any parental care. Flanker was only 18 when his mother left, and without any stable income, he resorted to stealing and fighting to take care of his kin. His work was as good as he could be, but, his siblings weren't the best of straights either. After a year, three of them, two mares and a stallion, had become very sick due to the lousy living conditions they were given and there was little Flanker or any of his other siblings could do to help treat them.

One faithful evening, when Flanker broke into a hospital to steal medicine for his family, he was caught by an Alliance Officer who was stationed there to protect one of his own already administered into the medical ward. Flanker fought hard, but in the end, military training proved superior to just street brawling, and Flanker was swiftly taken into custody.

Flanker was given two options; either remain locked away and lose everything, or join the Alliance and help provide for his family; he took the latter, and was instantly swept up by the Alliance Recruitment office.
Three months of boot later had him thrown into the availability slot of a Weapons Technician, finding a rather interesting delight in using and maintaining all forms of weapons. His patience and attention to detail was second to none, not even the stress/noise tests while field stripping his rifle caused a stir in his focus.

Upon completion, he had already been granted enough relief to aid his siblings, having them moved into a better living apartment in Hoofington and provide some form of stable income. Each month he would send money so his younger (elders of the younger siblings) sister and brother could help fend for the rest of them while he served.

Flanker now awaits his new orders, hoping to achieve a rather interesting and exciting career with the Alliance.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 26th, 2013 03:02

>> No. 412626
File 136183656576.png - (90.45KB , 269x270 , vinyl_scratch_approved.png )
Just poppin' in here to say,
I LOVE who ever decided to use Two Steps From Hell~
>> No. 412642
File 136184725948.jpg - (9.01KB , 194x205 , 131528521351b.jpg )

I know, it's I'm awesome, huh?


Seems over-all decent, but I'd recommend taking the bit about his siblings starving to death? That's a tad drastic/extreme for a back-story.
>> No. 412654
File 136185486467.png - (80.95KB , 353x318 , 130934927946.png )
When do I get to join?
>> No. 412658
File 136185708411.jpg - (247.19KB , 1028x1424 , 2D-Art-Oleg-Shekhovtsov-Joker-1028x1424.jpg )

Soon, though I'll let you know exactly when.

Depends on how fast the new guys get posts in.
>> No. 412673
Alright alright, lets just say they got sick the and he had to steal the medicine for them.

Fits eh?

Hoping to get dropped in soon enough.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 26th, 2013 03:16

>> No. 412781
File 136194129349.jpg - (113.59KB , 696x1000 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 412857
Kirby if you are there, I need your help with a bit of an issue I am having with my laptop.
>> No. 412858
File 136195236079.png - (81.05KB , 363x371 , Confused.png )
What is it?
>> No. 412859
Everytime I try and boot up my laptop, it sends me to the launch repair option's page. If I chose to boot up windows normally, it goes to the usual loading screen or only a moment before going to another screen with a rather basic bar that is titled "Windows loading files"

After this it takes me to what seems to be a very basic version of my startup page, only instead of giving me the option to put in my password, it just sits there and does nothing. the launch repair option does much the same.
>> No. 412860
During your boot process, hit F8 or F12, to toss you into boot options, and go into safe mode. From there, restore to a previous point where you knew your comp worked.
>> No. 412861
Apparently safe mode is not even working like it should. I am getting the same thing no matter what option I chose
>> No. 412862
I don't suppose there is another option now is there? At the very least I would like to access the computer to extract some of my files before I go laptop shopping tommorow.

It seems I am to be doing this a little more early then intended.
>> No. 412863
At this point, I'm not sure what's causing it.
>> No. 412864
Perhaps this is a good thing. I have been meaning to get myself a new computer anyways, though I did very much wish to transfer my files from out of this one.

At this point and time I am ready to declare an official time of death. My cheif concern lays now in attempting to access my inheretence.
>> No. 412865
And by "inheritance" I mean my old pic and word files~ I would hate to have to build those all up again
>> No. 412866
Well, if you can access your BIOS, I might be able to help you with that one. Usually hitting F2 as soon as it starts to boot up.
>> No. 412867
I shall attempt it very soon, after a song or two.

And of course thank you Kirby. Once again you have proven both a lifesaver and an excellent friend.
>> No. 412868
Don't thank me just yet. Still need to find out if my idea would work.
>> No. 412869
I hit the f2 button as it was booting up and it sent me to another screen that seems to list a few other options. It mentions the BIOS though I am not quite sure how to access it from there

It screen is largely blue by the way.
>> No. 412870
That would be it. Somewhere in there should be an list for boot options. Should have a list that says removable disk/floppy disk, Hard Drive C:, etc, in no specific order. Going into one of those options if it's not already up there, would be to make the first option Removable Devices.
>> No. 412871
I see, and what would I do after having accessed this option?

I shall see for myself in a moment after I am done writting up my post, but what can I expect to see, roughly?
>> No. 412872
With that, and if you can secure a jump drive of suitable size, I can lead you to installing Linux onto it. Which would let you either move your pictures and whatnot over a cable to your new computer, or putting them on the jump drive to move over. That is if the hard drive hasn't failed.
>> No. 412873
Do you think it could have? How would I know if the driver failed? At the very least I can access these options, so I take it that would be a good sign.

And yes, you will need to guide me through all of this. From the jump drive to installing Linux, this is all outside my usual area of expertise.
>> No. 412874
It's possible. Being a laptop, it's more likely than not, but they're also sometimes built for stability in laptops, so I don't know for sure. For all I know, it could just be your windows installation could just be damaged beyond repair or something. We'll have to wait to find out. Once you get everything, I'll help you through the rest. If you can, try to see if you can find a jump drive of at least 2GB in size. A larger size would let you move the pictures onto the jump drive and move them when you're done.
>> No. 412875
I shall do this...I think I have a 2gb drive laying about here, though if need be I can always just purchase it at the store.

For the moment however, Its about two o clock on my end and far later for you as well. It may be best to call it an evening for the moment and deal with it in the morning. By that time I may be contacting you on the new computer by then.
>> No. 412914
File 136202277331.jpg - (280.29KB , 1000x1000 , 9de4r53acbcw.jpg )

Aighty then. How often will you be able to get a post in?
>> No. 412956
Hrmmm, I got to ask something and I understand the concern for Yuppies Laptop issue, but I'd like to know two things..

1: when would it be time to introduce new characters?
2: If I wanted to make a villain in this rp, how can I go about doing that? (what kind of options do I have for it?)
>> No. 412961
1. In PIS? Soon.

2. As for creating a villain, you have two options. If you want to play him more overt, you'd have a better place partaking in the passing of a moment threads that occasionally crop up that detail the side-adventures of the canons villain. Director Nil, his daughter, and Evil Eye.

Or you can play a villainous character in PIS, but he'd have to hide his or her villainousness. And most of the PIS goals so far are pretty heroic in nature. You'd have to finangle what his true agenda is with the ESP's goals.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 11:13

>> No. 412988
I see, I see.

I'd like to put them into PiS since it seems far more active than others and I'd love to rally get involved, keeping his intent for evil hidden would be a good test, considering the ideas I have spinning about would bring him to be a very good character-turning-evil due to whatever may happen along the way (potential plot change or what-not). Perhaps an idea for a researcher to want to delve into some serious research shit so I may redo my character and I have just the idea what to do.

Also, does it have to be a pony or could it be something else?

Last edited at Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 15:51

>> No. 412999
File 136209264914.jpg - (275.26KB , 1200x960 , 738101_10151195129371466_275515728_o.jpg )

The answer lies in the OP.
>> No. 413089
Okay, considering I'v had a brain wave to chage this guy, i'll do just that.

Name: Flanker Kovirash
Age: 3200
Species:Mecha Draconis
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Notable features: swirled horns, wings, tri clawed hands.

Flanker is an andriod built from a breed of space-borne dragons whose empire had once been a very powerful force in the galaxy. However, due to many unwanted circumstances and a series of terrible events, their race had dwindled from several million to just a handful living away the rest of their long lives aboard the megalith, a giant super station the size of a small moon.

Flanker's kin are simply known as "the ancient ones." Records would be minute of their past existence, but their race was on the cusp of hyper advance civilization. It was the age of acendance, and many who were still alive, rather that waste away in frail forms, ascended their bodies to an primordial liquid-like substance and flow it into the confines of an super computer located deep within the dark zones of space; keeping their history and vast knowledge hidden within their grand archives. Flanker howver, saw grander potnetial, and with his body in the priomordial form, developed an andriod husk to house his essence as well as a starship to travel in. COnsidering he is simply water, he only needs a fighter craft as a primary means of getting around.

But thats just one interest of their kin, an unusal aspect of their existance is their forms taking a physical exsitance in a location. Due to the advance nature of transmitting water to a fully functional body that is fabricated instantly requires a tad more inginuity than normal; as such, a temporal distrotion originates whn the andriod form is transported into a zone before the hydroform of the beast is sythesized inside it. Upon transporting from the null-space in their craft to a physical form, time stands still only for a few moments, but often enough for his entrance to be rather random.

Its because of this hyper advancement in their existence, many of these creatures refuse to contact any other creatures of the galaxy, but, unlike the old guard of his kin, who seek isolation, Flanker decided to go about and explore th universe. Hoping to see what creations have developed elsewere in the universe and share technology.

His personality balances between arrogance and high esteem to utter bewilderment and semi-dumbfoundness of 'lesser' creatures to his kind.
He does however show great compassion for other creatures and is always willing to help them without completing the task.

> An idea of what his ship looks like:
> if at all possible, I'd like to throw him in soon as possible, perhaps help out Sunburst to escape... just a thought.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 1st, 2013 06:42

>> No. 413140
File 136219785939.jpg - (203.18KB , 640x960 , 2834.jpg )

I take it he'll be abandoning, or forgoing the use of his starship as he joins up with the ESP?
>> No. 413153
Not exactly, it's still an extension of himself. He may not 'call' upon it, though he may also be hiding his true form to 'fit in', perhaps more towards that he looks like an Equestrian juvenile dragon than some robot, but I'm sure that it would be very hard to tell what he is.

Think of it like this, unless the situation requires it, he won't use it. He'll trot around like a normal dragon and do his duties assigned to him.

I actually have a few ideas to introduce him, but I'd need to have some organization with whatever fleet the main group is with (whoever the admiral is.)

I reeeallly dun wanna spoil how his fighter/figure relation works, much rather show it to you ad let you figure it out.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 1st, 2013 23:20

>> No. 413154
File 136221128558.jpg - (226.75KB , 1028x1462 , robot_metal-1028x1462.jpg )

Well, I'm attempting to avoid a disparity of power amongst the new arrivals, and I feel like I should know ahead of time before any sort of extensive planning is done.

And, I thought he was in a robot suit type thing?
>> No. 413167
File 136224756860.jpg - (87.83KB , 1024x607 , anthro_robot_dragon_sketches_by_zohaku-d5k2jow.jpg )
If yah got Skype or something, I'd be happy to explain it in depth to avoid spoiling the ideas I have to make him more interesting to the role playing crew already established, but pretty much he's a sentient mass of water that takes a husk form of an android that LOOKS like a bipedal dragon.

As for power, hah, what power? He doesn't exactly have magical powers like a quarter of these ponies do (lolz) but he tends to find himself 'superior' because of what he is; just because he has a starship that can be called upon and his overall entrance ideas play out would be enough to say "he's got something more than normal ponies do." I will remove the whole "time stands still" bit for when he first arrives, holding that for another "Only if you really need to use it." kinda point in time. I would love to tell you how it all works, but I know it would spoil the idea I have in mind.

I won't be causing any sorta god-modding abilities with him, overall I want him to become an adviser or something to help the pones figure out how to defeat, dunno, some great evil that exists or what not?

Last edited at Sat, Mar 2nd, 2013 11:12

>> No. 413273
File 136228417692.png - (71.27KB , 586x603 , bernie smile hold.png )
Hey Sorry to interrupt your thread Onjage ^_^

Hey Silver I've been looking around for you! If you wanna continue our rp in the AOS mansion anytime soon just message me in the AOS OOC! I'd be happy to if you want to!
>> No. 413300
File 136229017378.png - (8.79KB , 227x222 , ella you just jelly of my swagga.png )
Have I mentioned that I love your pony? Or that pony, if it's not yours.
>> No. 413320
File 136229334975.jpg - (58.50KB , 575x863 , 423762_10151046254081466_738410484_n.jpg )

I'll level with you, this character seems a little too over-complicated to me. He's sentient water in a suit (that can stop time momentarily when exiting his ship?) that resembles a dragon. That much I can make sense of, barring the time thing. But, I'm unsure what kind of dynamic he's going to bring to the established members of the crew. There's a lot of information about what he is, but not much at all about who he is. I like the idea of the creature itself, a robot fish-bowl, but the addition of his space-craft and his undefined ambiguous niche on the crew leaves me reluctant to approve the character.
>> No. 413324
File 136229376142.png - (163.34KB , 400x398 , 131718584180.png )

dat makes me so mad
>> No. 413347
File 136229620656.png - (82.84KB , 544x702 , bernie Slurpee.png )
lol shes mine! Thank you very much! ^_^

>> No. 413357
File 136230144449.png - (166.64KB , 401x442 , 134370657195.png )

>> No. 413361
> Hah, well I must admit that's touching to hear, I was contemplating going back to AOS and I even made a 're-spawn' post sometime after the fiasco with Indigo, if you look back you might find it. I wouldn't mind at all taking time to role play with you, so ill drop a line into the AOS OOC.

I'll level with you, this character seems a little too over-complicated to me. He's sentient water in a suit (that can stop time momentarily when exiting his ship?) that resembles a dragon.

He, at one point, was a dragon, their empire had spanned the stars millennium's ago, but due to some foreseen events, they nearly became extinct. The only way for them to survive was to alter their forms into a means of 'ascending'. You know how in some Sci-fi genera's they have the 'ascension' into a being of energy? Same premise, only its water. His 'essence' is in the form of fluid which is transferred into a suit that looks like a bipedal dragon (see last post picture). And forget the time freeze thing, I dropped that idea. I honestly was going to make it that his suit transforms into his craft (which would be able to house a single pony pilot *hint hint*) so he's a tad larger than normal.

That much I can make sense of, barring the time thing. But, I'm unsure what kind of dynamic he's going to bring to the established members of the crew.

I got a few ideas to work with. Perhaps he wanted to toy with them and take them on a chase for what he is (maybe some fancy shamncy "I hax your ship, now you must play my game" (think Discord-esq kinda deal) or that he could be seeking help to save something. More or less I'd like to try and make him a plot starter and that would bring the established crew on a mission of sorts. I mean, the general idea was either he arrived alone and started to mess with the fleet, or he arrives being chased by an unknown enemy.

There's a lot of information about what he is, but not much at all about who he is. I like the idea of the creature itself, a robot fish-bowl, but the addition of his space-craft and his undefined ambiguous niche on the crew leaves me reluctant to approve the character.

Flanker himself is a scholar, he is the last few of his race to allow himself the few freedoms he can be given. As stated, his kin all submitted themselves to a giant archive computer where they store thousands of generations of data, but Flanker felt keeping that information wasn't worth to help the galaxy from its greatest threat. He would seek out strong teams of 'good' to help locate and unlock the archives so they could find the knowledge his race had. You can already guess someone with the capabilities to find and want to lead 'lesser' beings to such a sacred ground is both insane and somewhat dedicated to the value of life.

Flanker can live on forever, in every sense of the way he is immortal, but he feels that taking the advancements of his people away from the galaxy would cause more harm than good (that and he is aware of the darkness in the galaxy and would seek those of good to fight it.) He's arrogant, but he has a good heart.

I would say this, trust me with this character, it would bring something very interesting to th table, and like I said, if you got skype, I could explain the whole plot I have worked out for the team to partake on an adventure with him, plus, it could be open to a whole slew of side quests and crazyness depending on what everpony does.

Last edited at Mon, Mar 4th, 2013 01:47

>> No. 413414
File 136238263276.png - (221.37KB , 851x1000 , anapplebloomforsmiles.png )
>> No. 413457

I'm not entirely sure I can invest the time and player commitment to a story-arc unrelated to the current one - to ask for a plotline centered arond a new character from the get-go is asking quite a bit, where a chapter can last anywhere from one to two months.

I really don't know where to place this character.
>> No. 413460
Even with plot aside, to just be put in is still too much to ask? I understan how hard it may be but i would be willing to make this characters interactions limited, besides, it probably would take awhile for them to realize what it is after its entrance. He coukd simply be lying in wait, that or some pone devided to do their own investigation of the craft.

Another idea was to have him as an explorer seeking 'new sentient life' and find the pones and start to study them and such, perhaps follow them around from a distance and just cause shenanigans.

If you don't want to use it, fine, i understand, but to be blunt, its still removing a possibilty of something different into the rp.

Last edited at Mon, Mar 4th, 2013 19:33

>> No. 413495

>Implying robots are something new
>> No. 413499
> Well, a bit More than a robot, think lik Data, considering he does have some organic components (liquid whatever) while he has a more 'joking' personality hinted with an arrogant air of superiority.
>> No. 413549
File 136246107245.png - (82.20KB , 350x350 , 131571982267.png )

I think I'm gonna have to go with my gut and refuse this character then, sorry. But feel free to roll another if you wish - I just don't see this one fitting in feasibly.
>> No. 413640
Alright, could I however keep the concept of the walking fishbowl if I were to make his back story a tad more workable to the current plot line?
I'd like to keep the idea of him being a robot that is seeking out new life and new civilzations and would tag along like r2d2?
>> No. 413646
File 136246369414.jpg - (138.76KB , 1196x975 , 1bgtqdkeepi8.jpg )

I'd say more than a tad, but sure.

And remember, the galaxy as a whole is all up in the space-age thing, so perhaps a more specific goal than to search for new life might be prudent as well.
>> No. 413685

Perhaps his culture was isolated and he wishes to catalog all the species that he can find, Beyond Good and Evil style?
>> No. 413704

Hrmmm, well, the idea of it being some form of 'tag along' is what I'd stick with. The idea I thought of was that the crew find this thing giving off a strange SOS amidst a derelict of an old starship. They find it, and activate it, and it goes on saying that its searching for life as part of an investigation team of a planet that was trying to expand its empire (only that if you read logs, that empire no longer exists).
Seeing as his systems are damage, any information this android had would be inaccessible, but he'd be willing to travel with his "new friends" and offer services as both a technician and as an educator. (He would be stocked with information about stuff)
>> No. 413968
File 136268023402.jpg - (87.83KB , 1024x607 , anthro_robot_dragon_sketches_by_zohaku-d5k2jow.jpg )
Name: Arcturios
Age: n/a
Race: M1258 "Surveyor" Class Dragon Andriod
Position Applying for(Captain, Engineer, etc): Technical/Recon Droid
Personality: Somewhat unemotional in the department of robot/pony relations. He feels himself superior to other creatures as per his upbringing, but he is willing to assist the "lesser beasts" with their plights (as seeing as he really has nothing else good to do.) Despite his 'superiority complex', Arcturios will gladly help those around him, but with a 'matter-of-fact' attitude, almost as thought the tasks are...too simple for him to deal with.
Back-story: Arcturios was designed as an observation unit, developed by an empire that once spanned the stars to seek out life on other worlds. Each droid designed was equipped with an advanced sensor suite system for identifying local worlds and could transform into a star fighter with some space traveling ability, often being deployed from military capital ships as long range drones and planetary recon units.

Despite Arcturios origonal programming of locating life, records upon his derlic husk that he was found had dictated the empire he once served had long since shattered into a fracture, restless group of savages; in other words, no longer existing.

Arcturios original mission was to locate a suitable world for the last vestiges of his people to seek shelter as the empire was slowly coming to a collapse. While the driod may have been deactivated, its background program of observing its surroundings identified the situation as the fleet he was stationed with came under pirate attack.
As the world around it crumbled, Arcturios was able to seal itself within its containment unit and thus avoided being looted like the rest of the ship.
However, after a certain time, all recon drones activate an SOS signal, it would only be a matter of time until someone or something found it.
>> No. 414532
File 136298362540.jpg - (215.84KB , 751x900 , 153847__UNOPT__safe_princess-celestia_collar_solo_shoes_artist-pedantia_earrings.jpg )

Mkay, I can work more with this.

I'm assuming someone has reactivated him at least somewhat recently, so he's at least vaguely aware of current events? Or no?
>> No. 414551
I was hoping he'd be 'found', but if you want me to post an opening, it would have him activating at that moment before he set out the SOS. So he wouldn't have been previously activated, but I'm sure once in the main casts care, he can down load all the data from the ships stores.
>> No. 414572
File 136299095095.gif - (1.96MB , 200x190 , 136297830362.gif )

Well, you realize you might be waiting a good while before there's a good opportunity to stumble on a derelict space ship, if that's the route you wanna take.
>> No. 414579
Alright, you have a point.

I guess I'll do the "wake up and take off into space and hope to hit something" route if you give me the green light.
>> No. 414632
File 136305908968.jpg - (291.45KB , 1028x1232 , 2D-Art-Brice-Madec-Thane-Krios-1028x1232.jpg )


I hadn't quite given you the green light yet, but that's okay, I've gotta feeling I'm going to approve the character anyway, soon as we get some last details worked out.

As far as his reasons for joining the ESP, I think the whole 'There has been a change and much darkness and corruption plagues this galaxy,' line makes me think that should be his primary reason, rather than just happening across a certain group and deigning to enlighten them about stuff. He may end up doing that, but former is a better and more specific reason.
>> No. 414686
Well, I did have something along those lines planned out. His 'enlightenment' would be detected, and considering his kind used a more advanced version of an FTL drive, the "darkness" that would begin to plague the galaxy would eventually be made known as soon as it activated, but I wouldn't put that in until the located the old base from his empire.

When Arcturios locates one of the few complexes his kin built near the Station the cast is at, he would bring them to show what sort of technology as well as history his people committed. However, during their arrival, they detect a band of mercenaries, and the ensuring 'fire-fight' would somehow send out a becon that the 'darkness' would detect.

Of course, I also planned that he'd have a bit of a rough introduction with the crew of the station, and considering I plan to make him accidentally crash into the damn thing, he'd have an interesting time explaining himself.

Also, Onjage, you got Skype? I'd love to be able to keep in easier contact with you to bounce further ideas.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 12th, 2013 11:36

>> No. 414695
File 136311977949.jpg - (61.06KB , 500x750 , 10962_597693270256468_1741427117_n.jpg )

You're aware a darkness is already sweeping the stars, yes? Twas that I was referring to.

And I do. Try searching for Onjage.
>> No. 414701
Oh yes, was just banking on the idea that my character knows of its ancient roots and above all, that they had researched this darkness (he himself does not know much about it aside from its responsibility to ending his race.)
>> No. 414711
File 136314417775.gif - (100.77KB , 661x367 , trixie_questions_life_by_dreatos-d5u3e0q.gif )
>> No. 414712
File 136314730765.gif - (100.77KB , 661x367 , trixie_questions_life_by_dreatos-d5u3e0q.gif )

Nooooo Kirby was going to post to me!
>> No. 414718
File 136315576556.jpg - (106.14KB , 900x850 , Chayyliel.jpg )
Alright new character time. Let's see if there's anything I need to fix. This is for PIS btw.

Name: Chayyliel

Age: 1500~

Race: Magically Enhanced Cybernetic Construct

Position Applying for: Soldier/Military Police

Personality: Chayyliel is strict, unwavering, and quick to judgment. He will uphold the code of law until he is destroyed, with little exception or flexibility to said laws. As a soldier, he is tactile, and usually follows orders to the letter, bar some slight adjustments should plans go awry. Mostly, it will be up to those he sees as his superiors to direct him in the field. His AI capabilities allow him some understanding of emotion in others, though the concept is lost on him. Though, he has been known to react in a manner that fits the profile of anger when his "religion" is put down.

He has some... quirks left over from his original programming. He identifies as male, despite being a construct, and identifies himself as a "Seraph", or "Angel". He also exhibits behavior unheard of in any other construct. Before combat, he has been observed actually praying. Whether or not this serves some personal purpose or if this is simply a protocol written for him by his ancient creators, it is impossible to tell.

Back-Story: Chayyliel was found on a ruin world in the outer reaches of space, in the midst of an ancient palace. When archaeological teams first discovered him, he was unresponsive, and they chalked him up as another relic for the Cybernetics museum. However, when a researcher examined him with an electron probe, it kick started his dormant reactor, and Chayyliel came to life once more. Dazed, and confused, he lashed out at the archaeological team, labeling them "trespassers on sacred grounds". His systems were, luckily, only somewhat functioning at that point, and he only managed to break a few bones on the science team before stumbling back into the dirt and dust of his ruined world.

Amazed that a construct could still be functioning after such a long time, the archaeological team took him back to their world, careful not to use any electron probes on him this time. Once he was brought back, he was examined thoroughly, though the team could make no real headway on discerning what comprised his memory core, as they had never seen a construct like this before. One glaring fact that they could discover was that parts of Chayyliel registered high for the presence of magical enchantment. Unable to wait any longer, the team ordered that Chayyliel be restored and reactivated. If they could not simply read the information stored on a data core, then perhaps they could simply ask him.

Once reactivated, Chayyliel immediately tried to free himself, though, this time, the science team had taken the necessary precautions to restrain him. Once Chayyliel realized that there was really no hope of escaping, he calmed down, and the science team began to pester him about the origins of his world, who created him, what purpose he served, but he could not answer all of their questions, and for some, he outright refused. Chayyliel was a military construct in his time, a guardian of the people of his world. In that time, he and those like him were known by many names, "Judicators", "Seraphs", "Guardians", "Angels", and several others. Chayyliel's post was to guard one of the temples of his world, religion was a topic of high importance in his time, and Chayyliel was modeled after the guardians that existed in that religion, thought to be the guardians of heaven.

Chayyliel himself still holds this religion in high regard, which was evident when he reacted in anger towards a researcher, when he overhead him mutter something about primitive customs holding progress back. However, when asked if he himself believed this religion, Chayyliel was confused. He did not regard it as a valid question, stating that there was no question that it was real, but he could not seem to wrap his mind around the idea of faith, or belief. It simply was.

Though, once Chayyliel had given the archaeological team all that they could ask, there was the question of what to do with him now. They'd put a lot of money into restoring him to working condition, and many painstaking hours questioning him. Additionally, Chayyliel had been found along with his shield and sword, and those had been restored as well. Deactivating him and shipping him and his equipment off to a museum would be something of a waste, though they still wanted to make money off him now that he was all shiny and like new. Then, the science team had an idea, born out of an interview with Chayyliel in which they managed to make him accept that the empire he once served was now dead, but he was still adamant about upholding the law, as it was all he knew how to do. They would sell him to the Alliance military, for a good price. The deal was accepted, and Chayyliel was taught Alliance law, which he readily accepted in the absence of the authority of his old empire.

So, when the ESP came into reality on Equestria, and the media began to pay attention to it, the Alliance wanted someone on board that would uphold the Alliance law and code of ethics. Who better than an incorruptible construct that knew nothing else?

Last edited at Wed, Mar 13th, 2013 01:13

>> No. 414723

Also, instead of that light sword in the picture, I think that it might be more balanced to have him use this sword shown in the pic. It's sort of a gun/sword hybrid, that works as basically a heavy blaster at range and a sword up close. But it's up to you, Onjage.
>> No. 414771
File 136323207389.jpg - (197.28KB , 1280x719 , Chayyliel with gunsword.jpg )
>> No. 414793
Wonder's if anyone's awake O.o
>> No. 414804
File 136325112279.jpg - (146.26KB , 890x890 , 132730083370.jpg )
>> No. 414808

>> No. 414821
Derpy...Derpy I love you but GET THE HELL OFF MY SCREEN D<
>> No. 414822

>> No. 414823
File 136330487339.png - (539.01KB , 693x703 , Kefka10.png )
Click Settings
Choose Favorite Pony
>> No. 414840
File 136333194611.gif - (100.77KB , 661x367 , trixie_questions_life_by_dreatos-d5u3e0q.gif )
Electra is not an android!

I changed that part of the story, sh'es a full, mare now. A normal not robot one!
>> No. 414844
File 136333525045.jpg - (153.83KB , 598x547 , 1342586456874.jpg )

>> No. 414845
File 136336968105.png - (47.57KB , 396x396 , angry.png )
Were you not listening to me when I said this?
>> No. 414847

Okay, so I'm not crazy. I was sure you said Electra was a pony now, I was wondering why Sunburst was calling you an android.
>> No. 414848
mah bad
>> No. 414850
File 136339151398.png - (46.57KB , 400x399 , Happy Trix.png )
I'll be posting in a little bit. there are a few things I want to do first.
>> No. 414983
File 136355723636.jpg - (136.71KB , 1000x1300 , Y26.jpg )
Quick test.
>> No. 414984
File 136355735947.jpg - (18.18KB , 205x205 , 1360037554905.jpg )

I like this test.
>> No. 414987
File 136355821157.png - (116.88KB , 338x440 , Laugh 2.png )
>Dat trip and pic
>> No. 414997
File 136356984970.jpg - (16.41KB , 270x250 , playanz the pianoz.jpg )

So I am looking for a new home/canon that is a good fit for me. BLN ain't really the thing for me, so, I have to ask:

Is there room for a Shephard-Book-type-pony-unicorn character? =P


Last edited at Sun, Mar 17th, 2013 18:24

>> No. 414998
There's always room for Firefly-based characters >:O
>> No. 415001
I approve of such a concept
>> No. 415044
I just feel like y'all need to see this. Even if you aren't a Homestuck, this animation is amazing.
>> No. 415049

Neat. Especially so since I've recently gotten into Homestuck.
>> No. 415051
File 136366142590.png - (765.01KB , 1200x871 , 3JwsC.png )

I don't see why not. Sure.
>> No. 415056
File 136366984220.png - (99.01KB , 900x729 , lurky lurky.png )
>> No. 415073
File 136367734507.gif - (0.97MB , 240x135 , tumblr_mh5evvQsnS1r3k73wo1_250.gif )
>> No. 415074
File 136367906540.jpg - (47.72KB , 597x609 , 136281743692.jpg )
>> No. 415082
File 136371875347.png - (70.03KB , 541x494 , my body is ready.png )
you can edit posts now? :I
how's it going?
>> No. 415084
You saw it here first. Ardo is gay for Dr.Whooves.
>> No. 415085
Howdy Stranga
>> No. 415087
File 136372737180.png - (751.44KB , 900x674 , ColoursoftheWorldredux.png )
Heya partna, Onjage said you got a new steam account? I noticed the one I have added has been offline for over 200 days :I
>> No. 415088
Whats your steam name?
>> No. 415093
know russian?
>> No. 415227
*plops down in the ooc and let's out a sigh*

Ahh...going to sleep for ten hours when I get home today. Anything new or exciting happening in here?

Heya Derp! How ya been?
>> No. 415229
File 136389384886.gif - (187.54KB , 839x1000 , uuuu.gif )
>> No. 415231

Also...really thinking of joining the trotting dead, but not with pinkie...I have one character that I've been really debating...

Cause I actually have some character development with him lol

I think he might do really good in that rp...
>> No. 415232
File 136389558192.gif - (842.63KB , 500x281 , SRSLY.gif )

Go for it.
Just try not to spill the metaphorical bucket this time, as far as the hypothetical vertical charcoal is concerned, if you misinterpret my English.

In other news, don't die, I expect you to cook me a meal when you return. I hunger, and as you know, am quite incapable and or unwilling to feeding myself.
Buy some ingredients on your way home.
I expect only the most delicious.

Do not fail me a second time.
>> No. 415233
Good sir you are higher than the moon, I'm sure that stoner brain of your can find where the necessary tools are to aquire a tuna sandwhich, as I lack the bits to acquire ingredients, and I am most dreadfully tired! I will be very unable to do much of anything when I get home..besides sleeping of course. I am terribly sorry, but the kitchen is broke today, there will be no cooking. Of course, there is still plenty of my ARSENIC banana bread in the fridge. That should tide you over.
>> No. 415234
Also been thinking more about what you said concerning Ella, and I've been thinking a lot about her background. If you review some of the things I write today, you shall have a most delicious meal...though it may not be a ..'traditional' breakfast XD
>> No. 415236
File 136389632389.gif - (520.71KB , 320x178 , 135633456250.gif )
wat ig hapenig
>> No. 415240
File 136389745795.jpg - (139.42KB , 497x392 , 7657567567567.jpg )

nothin bro we mst go fight the demuns


Utterly naive.
Tuna does not simply flop itself unto a slice of bread,
and I lack the necessary training to make such a miracle happen.
>> No. 415271

You and your fuckin birds XD

*shakes head*
>> No. 415470
File 136401487247.jpg - (67.85KB , 400x400 , 5304261907_194a0e1554.jpg )
>> No. 415492
I've been alright, recently meh my dog had to be put to sleep last night, she had a few tumors and one of them pinched her spine, she lived a good long life though, I'll still miss her. Other than that, school, drawing and trying to keep a decent balance.. you?
>> No. 415497

>> No. 415598
Living haha. And I'm so sorry about your dog hun :( I'm a fellow dog lover as well. Born and raised with em, I know your pain...Let me give you a cute pic to cheer you up a little >.<

If I could that still do not seem to be fixed



I ACTUALLY did not mean for it to be...I actually meant more along the lines of fruit and yogart...not the 'usual' eggs and bacon...

>> No. 415599
what are you getting for an error?
working on one now, but I want to make sure I know what you're getting
>> No. 415604
Yeah my other dogs were upset the night she didn't come home, I still am a bit and make up her bowl of food :
I was having the hardest time posting PNG's, and gave up for my last post.
>> No. 415608
File 136415025584.jpg - (39.31KB , 746x775 , 131610330438.jpg )

I think it has something to do with dash not taking any image types again, but I can't say for certain.
>> No. 415718
I tried like five different pictures, most of them were .png I believe and it said that that image type was not allowed. Sorry for the late reply, hope that helps.

Well I'm glad your doing well besides that. Were you thinking of joining back in the rp? :D the more the merrier XD
I am trying very hard to be on more, but this past week I haven't got a day off so when I get home I'm freakin exhausted >.< I'll try to get at least a few posts in a day from now on. I'm planning on getting my own computer or laptop in a few months when I can save up the money so I won't have to keep steeling Lunos XD

Last edited at Mon, Mar 25th, 2013 10:59

>> No. 415719
I wish to, but not probably untill summer vacation, school, work, and D&D kind of gimp my ability to be on consistantly, I blame work mostly :I
>> No. 415721
Ya, I'm about where you are XD I was almost thinking about backing out myself just because work was taking so much of my time, and then when I got home I didn't want to sit down for hours on end, I wanted to go out and go hiking with my friends haha. But, I can't resist the call of the ponies! XD I like writing too much to give this up. I just need to find a way to balance things out so I can get at least an hour or two a day on here. I mostly just try to make sure I'm around whenever something big is going down.
>> No. 415722
Most of the time this involves losing a lot of sleep
>> No. 415724
Losing sleep is never good >_<
And figuring out a time where people would roughly be around might help with keeping things flowing without hours upon hours each do used.
>> No. 415736
File 136424950835.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , Ela ball of cute.png )
ya haha. Right now it's kind of working to my favor. Seems like everyone is on during the evenings most, which is usually when I'm around.
>> No. 415806
File 136426865961.png - (935.44KB , 636x900 , FeedMe.png )
Curious what timezone are you in? I'm in hipster Arizona, currently West coast
>> No. 415828
Caly Emerald triangle XD
>> No. 415842
File 136432285646.gif - (426.53KB , 500x376 , mfw pudding.gif )
>> No. 416104
File 136441655673.png - (76.19KB , 900x790 , ella i dunno.png )
>> No. 416457
File 136453604611.png - (193.61KB , 417x565 , 43.png )
Can college be done already?
>> No. 417296
File 136498454008.gif - (165.82KB , 650x450 , 096_trustkanaya.gif )
Is it alright if I edit Electra a bit before my net post?

There are a few things I want to fix up and change.
>> No. 417301
File 136501785704.gif - (2.00MB , 400x304 , 135055299560.gif )


Last edited at Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013 12:38

>> No. 418137
So I'm still waiting on Onj to let me get in on this, the guys have landed and are already getting inside! How long am I suppose to be on the bench man?
>> No. 418139
File 136615648872.gif - (429.36KB , 250x163 , toilet bowl throw.gif )

Wait ur damn turn boy like erryone else.
>> No. 418245
File 136632053341.jpg - (140.08KB , 640x427 , tentacles.jpg )
Guys, I can understand moving the thread along and assuming that non-active players are just going along with things for the sake of pacing.
But Raith would most definitely refuse getting into the boat, at least at first.
>> No. 418249
File 136632355723.png - (35.17KB , 609x562 , Time to nut up or shut up.png )

We can perhaps assume that Archer would, if diplomacy failed, pick him up through magic or muscle and bring him along.
>> No. 418250
File 136632380639.gif - (2.23MB , 150x152 , 135200886098.gif )
Well, now you can find out about that since we're having a timeline bump interaction.
>> No. 418278
File 136635986425.png - (1.37MB , 1488x1012 , Captain Stardust and the Dream.png )
nostalgia host
>> No. 418683
File 136658633086.jpg - (183.36KB , 1028x651 , archetype_iii1-1028x651.jpg )
Regretfully, I have lost the energy and interest to continue the current PISU thread. If you read the skype log from last night, you'll know why.

Chapter 20 was an experiment of sorts, as a result of the criticisms and subsequent poll I gave you many months ago; while I would not call the experiment a failure, I am never happy to say I'd rather end it prematurely than to finish it whole-heartedly, but so it is. Important data has been collected, which will be used to further your own experience here. Not only that, but the chapter scheduled immediately after this one I have been looking forward to for some time, and my patience wears thin. I am eager to see if it will live up to my own expectations, and hopeful it will provide for a much-needed dramatic impact on the Outrider crew.

But, as ever, I have responsibilities to you all, and I don't intend to set them by the wayside despite my recent stance regarding the current PISU thread. So, I will direct two choices at you.

1. Do you wish to continue as is, and finish the thread in real time? In vague terms, the next part of the thread was to be an experiment regarding some puzzle-solving, something of a small character study, a foreshadowing element regarding the revolution, and a moral decision at the very end. That is what you can expect to see if you want to continue - however, I am not at all satisfied with the current pace. If you wish to continue, support your choice with active posting. I think I'm prepared to invest a maximum of two more weeks into the thread, but not a day more.

2. I can offer you the finer details of what will have taken place, and you will summarily give me your character's subsequent response to them. Once I have collected the necessary information from you all, I will write an epilogue for the chapter in past tense, and that will mark the end of the current thread.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 21st, 2013 16:21

>> No. 418684

Honestly I don't know at this point. I've been struggling through this thread on account of the lack of preparedness of the crew and the characters we've been given.

I'd post some more but honestly if in the next chapter we can just move on to more important stuff and everyone else wants to move on from this adventure I would have no objections. For now consider my vote neutral, perhaps leaning a bit towards the skipping side.
>> No. 418691
File 136658947319.gif - (19.38KB , 650x750 , tumblr_luys32j6Di1r3vk2o.gif )
If you're really struggling hard with it, I'd say we skip it then.
>> No. 418700
File 136659151313.jpg - (52.45KB , 299x264 , 1365307227815.jpg )

I'm willing to invest posts if the other players are, as I would love to see what you have planned. If, however, this is simply not going to happen, it is better to simply move on.
>> No. 418707
If you're outta juice I'd say skip it
>> No. 418722
File 136660761492.jpg - (4.97KB , 160x173 , 1365309060108.jpg )

Sounds like a resounding 'skip it'.
>> No. 418731
File 136661271508.jpg - (190.22KB , 1186x673 , Enhanced_t_rex_by_AndreeWallin.jpg )
>> No. 418845
>> No. 418850
>Re-did the bio

Name: Sweetwater
Age: 9
Race: Unicorn
Position Applying for(Captain, Engineer, etc): Stowaway
Personality: Energetic, curious, and fun loving. Sweet water is an adventurer by heart, she is particularly fascinated by adventure and exploration. Sweetwater also enjoys jokes, especially pranks. She also has been known to be little of a firebug.
Back-story: Sweet Water is for the most part a normal unicorn filly, born to a normal family near the seaport of Manehatten. When the first ships came and the war started, Sweetwater became fascinated with the idea of space travel and increasingly fed up with her normal life. Eventually it drove her to the point to running away from home with the goal of getting onto a ship and seeing the stars in person, despite the dangers that hinder her goal. She would soon have her wish as she stumbled upon the Hobo docked in it's hanger.

Though a bucket of rusty bolts to the trained eye, to the young adventure it was a golden chariot that would take her to lands that were worlds away. With some quick, tactical thinking, and some luck, she managed to sneak on board and take refuge in a crawl space under one of the floor plates.
>> No. 418964
File 136670533431.gif - (264.45KB , 500x281 , trixie lickin twi.gif )
Hosting for relevant reasons
>> No. 418965
File 136670624813.jpg - (51.37KB , 573x660 , helpful diagram.jpg )
>> No. 418968
File 136671630977.gif - (3.05MB , 253x145 , aJBXXRA.gif )
>> No. 418985
Gold Rush research check: 1d6 = 5
>> No. 418987
File 136675436580.jpg - (32.90KB , 447x600 , 1365034067185.jpg )
1d6 = 10

Like so?

Last edited at Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013 14:59

>> No. 418990
North Star roll for painting his pretty little hooves: 1d6 = 2
>> No. 418997
Archer rolling to see if he recognizes what the piece is for.

1d6 = 3
>> No. 419014
File 136675654345.png - (32.82KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
>> No. 419015
File 136675660450.png - (61.36KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
>> No. 419016
File 136675663212.png - (131.09KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
>> No. 419017
File 136675666792.png - (187.74KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
>> No. 419018
File 136675680062.png - (258.00KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
>> No. 419019
File 136675683775.png - (257.37KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
>> No. 419020
File 136675691443.png - (256.38KB , 500x500 , 111.png )
name; salsburry madness
age; 17
bio; she is twilots sister mom mad her out of thingz she fund in de back yard of dere house in canteelot
equackment; she has a whip that can shoot fire bulls an iz more power than luney
>> No. 419024
File 136675770055.gif - (729.93KB , 245x160 , oh you.gif )



>> No. 419601
File 136713589168.gif - (2.05MB , 300x193 , 132519191585.gif )
Testan. []
>> No. 419673
File 136722334070.jpg - (21.46KB , 500x500 , QstYRq2.jpg )

I'll go ahead and approve this, but if I see you postin' in the DB when you've got posts to tend to in PIS, I'ma be mad, mkay?

Don't make me mad.
>> No. 419674
Shit, he knows I post in DB!


>> No. 419675
File 136726621494.jpg - (143.80KB , 750x536 , 132993598215.jpg )

Nothin gets past these eyes.
>> No. 421565
Blarg? :D
>> No. 422206
Pie O.O

You probably have no reason to be in the ooc, but I have an hour to kill and thought I'd check anyway.
>> No. 422384
File 136892309030.png - (205.73KB , 320x180 , puddi puddi.png )
Puddi Puddi
>> No. 422504
File 136907980885.png - (100.23KB , 730x760 , Lurk.png )
>> No. 422570
I see you there. Come in here and give us a hug bro!
>> No. 422597
File 136919646948.png - (220.44KB , 456x500 , 45.png )
>gwomps and hugs
I see our story is still trickling along. Though, most of the /rp/ I 've lurked has slowed down o.o
how goes?
>> No. 422619
>Is glomped and hugged

Aah, pretty good. Just been busy. You know we have a skype chat now if you want to say hi to everyone. Have to ask onjage or sunburst to join it though I think, I don't know how to add you.

And ya, stories still goin haha, though I stopped participating a while back. I still lurk some of it though XD
>> No. 423375
File 136977554577.jpg - (133.25KB , 894x894 , asklittlepip__rainbow_blob_by_spikeshi-d4iyadp.jpg )
>Router reset
>Lose tracked threads
>Find this gain
I think I need to add you all on skype first.

x..shadow..x is the skype account.
>> No. 423769
mines Ella.banella I believe...if it's not that it's ella.blarg
>> No. 425001
File 137108629991.jpg - (58.17KB , 750x1066 , king_sombra___the_darkness_by_jacobdobson-d5kvnni.jpg )
>> No. 425059
Bam. Commissions inbound.
>> No. 426062
File 137196557202.png - (803.90KB , 1366x1000 , Roaring.png )
Hosting awesome things
>> No. 432828
File 137473590632.png - (549.32KB , 1529x1390 , a0ci7n3yhhxc.png )
>> No. 433174
File 137491835429.jpg - (116.74KB , 1000x775 , fine art.jpg )
>> No. 434158
File 137522365269.jpg - (71.97KB , 1002x777 , fine art.jpg )
>> No. 434181
Take me home tonight, I don't wanna let you go till you see the light~

Take me home tonight, I don't wanna let you go till you see the light~
>> No. 434926
File 137556483142.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )

That's not a disco ball.
>> No. 434928
File 137556598758.png - (1.12MB , 600x3720 , 137158460117.png )
Ill turn you into a disco disko Francis ball.
>> No. 435028
File 137565033560.gif - (1.11MB , 320x176 , 1311297701191[1].gif )
>> No. 435029
File 137565091256.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )
>> No. 436584
File 137594109722.jpg - (236.73KB , 365x2514 , 1375825566324.jpg )
>> No. 436724
File 137600100242.gif - (147.07KB , 640x480 , fuckmylife.gif )
>> No. 436725
File 137600147375.jpg - (65.59KB , 600x688 , 134360621026.jpg )
Dude, dude just what the fuck is that? WHAT IS THIS???
>> No. 436802
File 137602464869.gif - (1.79MB , 425x319 , spoiler.gif )
>> No. 436936
File 137607680127.jpg - (43.54KB , 252x159 , 1365308608556.jpg )
>> No. 437384
File 137625615599.gif - (629.96KB , 426x240 , tumblr_m7nlsuc9q41qdwncwo1_500.gif )

Bout 200 hunnerd pictures of Twilight fer yer reactions, from Smiles.
>> No. 437386
File 137626041153.png - (91.07KB , 1365x1332 , 1376174331767.png )

Don't forget the other 97 images.
>> No. 440021
File 137716024951.png - (474.79KB , 588x761 , Ponies in Space! Grim Tidings.png )
dun dun dunnn
>> No. 440362
So. This canon looks promising. A few quick questions, though.

1) Can someone give me the quick-and-dirty rundown of what to expect?

2) Can I play a pony with spider-like abilities, if I say he got them from space, or something?
>> No. 440369
You can play an alien spider pony yes.

Gist is as follows.

Equestria is new to space, having launched it's first space ship two years ago.
Space is run by this giant space government called Alliance.
Couple of evil Equestiran born ponies started a revolution to over throw alliance.
Equestria starts up new Space Program to combat revolution, and represent Equestiran interest in space. This is orginization you would likely belong to as a new player.

Throw in a bunch of nuances here and there. Like, the Alliance (and most of space) views all Equestrians as potential terrorist, even the space program which is working to over throw the revolution.

the space program director once being 2nd in command of the evil ponies who started the revolution.

A giant planet eating monster called the madness mucking about in the mix.

The Alliance taxing Equestria into poverty.
>> No. 440372
Yeah, because every story about space needs an oppressive dictatorship, opposed by a ragtag, bunch-of-misfits rebel group.

Just gimme a second to type up a lil' old sheet...
>> No. 440373
Name: Zoticus Flynn

Age: 17

Race: 95% Earth Pony, 5% Spider (Explained below)

Position Applying for: Stowaway, later Combat Specialist.

Personality: Zoticus is a unique soul. He can be serious when he needs to, quiet when he's asked to be, funny when he wants to, etc. Being just Seventeen, his social skills (especialy around mares) is somewhat...lacking. But he's a good kid, and can often pull through in a pinch.

Back-story: Zoti has had a troubled life. His parents were both divorced, so he spent a lot of time being passed from house to house. However, he eventually found solace in the notion of going to space. He would hang around the Space-port, talking to the various beings that would pass through. However, he didn't know much about space, or the controversy of the Space Alliance and the Equestrians. His grades weren't good enough to get him to a and to him, space was just an unachievable dream.

Until one day...

Zoticus was loitering around the Spaceport, as was normal for him, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his arm, which was not normal for him. He looked down, and saw he had been bitten by a spider. He brushed it away, put a bandage on it, and hoped it wasn't poisonous. What happens next is a bit...fantastic. Maybe the spider was magic, maybe it was an alien, maybe it was a magic alien, nobody can really say for sure. But whatever it was, it somehow had given him enhanced strength, speed, and agility. It had also given him the ability to stick to almost any surface, and a sort of pre-cognitave "Spider-sense". After discovering his new abilities, he began making plans to stow away on one of the massive space ships...
>> No. 440374
Hrm, this would be more suiting in a super-hero parody rp, but this is essentially spiderman's backstory and not terrible appropriate for the 'mood' of this rp which is slightly more grounded in sci-fi. Think of a character that would fit into the world of star wars or star trek... or even 40k Warhammer (I think. Im not familiar with it specifically but the main DM loves it)

He can be an alien spider-pony, or an Equestrian but not both. The alien species haven't had enough time to 'mix' with Equestrians to create hybrid off-spring. Or, he can be an Equestrian using technology to mimic spider-like behavior. Robotic limbs, nanobots that let him stick to surfaces.ect. But we'd need something a little more original than pony peter parker.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013 15:31

>> No. 440375
File 137729752539.jpg - (106.61KB , 1474x1298 , MLitP2.jpg )
...Well, that's all I got right now. I might come back later, but right now I'm flat-out of ideas. If you never see me again, you'll know what happened.
>> No. 440376
File 137729786807.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , loss_for_words.gif )
aaaaaaaalrighty then
>> No. 440945
File 137755113431.png - (467.73KB , 800x803 , muffin pony.png )
>> No. 441183
File 137759508079.gif - (0.98MB , 310x174 , tumblr_m633wb6rz71qa6ygko7_400.gif )
After many months, a new IC thread.

For the love of god, no more slow-posting please
>> No. 441910
Sunburst Horse would you care to give me a run down of your inspiration for that character and why you play it the way you do?
>> No. 441917
File 137801761165.png - (98.66KB , 178x450 , 178px-Deadpool.png )
For starters, a lot of her inspiration started with this guy, back when I first played her. She was a merc with a mouth. She turned serious situations funny, and funny situations serious. Seeing as she was a villain initially (and perhaps currently) there were a lot of the elements of the joker thrown in on top of Deadpool.

As the story progressed however, the obsession with laughter, jokes and chaos remained but her role in the story began to evolve. She's no longer just a merc, but in a position of power, and worse/better yet in a position of power over the good guys.. and the she sorta developed into her own character. She's not as loud as she used to be, but a snickering more subtle menace.
>> No. 442218
File 137818748608.png - (1.41MB , 1002x669 , wing decals.png )
>> No. 444082
File 137945242554.png - (86.18KB , 350x350 , 131571954011.png )
>> No. 444166
File 137947860392.jpg - (101.67KB , 411x468 , tumblr_mivhkfAhco1r0cqu1o2_r2_500.jpg )
Link storage:
>> No. 447545
File 138311496678.png - (207.17KB , 640x480 , 1380221414513.png )
>> No. 447751
File 138360670737.png - (143.98KB , 500x543 , 05bba1477a71484735ac70f784ca0490.png )
>> No. 447806
File 138379685764.png - (292.89KB , 1795x1492 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 450205
File 138751349461.png - (185.83KB , 462x525 , smiles.png )
Thanks for all the memories.

Good luck all.
>> No. 450329
File 138778216562.png - (842.44KB , 900x696 , tumblr_m6wvygFeLW1r1ixuco1_1280.png )

>> No. 450436
File 138807700720.png - (24.91KB , 830x650 , Rivet Bolt.png )
Hello! I'm Rivet :D Is it still possible to join?
>> No. 450454
File 138820412153.png - (258.85KB , 562x341 , have you ever been swept off your feet by a sandwich.png )

At the moment, I'm afraid not. Ponies in Space is in hiatus for now, but I appreciate your inquiry.
>> No. 450552

link storage
>> No. 450678
File 138899156736.jpg - (79.63KB , 393x393 , 615-dayum-shame.jpg )

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