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Thank god I had the tab open

Now I do remember there being a Fallout Type RP about a year or two ago so I think it might be time for another. This won't really be biased on the fan fic as much as just the idea of ponies in a post apocalyptic Equestria about 50 years after there was a nuclear war between ponies and zebras that had just pushed the entire world into hell. As hellish as that sounds I do not want to have to have this be a thread where it's all serious and long post, no, I want this to be a canon where people can have fun with it mostly. So no super long stat chart, skills, or other abilities that you need to account for. Though there will be a few things you will need to keep tract of here and there that'll hopefully not be too much for everyone.

Now keep in mind this is my first time actually making a canon and I will understand if no one wants to deal with someone with the lack of experience but, I'm aiming this to be a canon not ran but just one, but by everyone who feels the want to add a story line to this thread. I will also have a few friends help me out here and there, and I will of course try my best to help get things straight.

The main character (main characters being the one you are going to play if you decided to join this RP) are all going to start in a Stable (Vault) and will be, for some odd reason, forced out into the harshness of the wasteland and either work together to survive every day or decide to fend for them selves and disregard their fellow stable brothers. keep in mind that everyone in a stable knows everyone and has know everyone since birth/when they first entered the stable before the bombs actually fell. So you're going to have account for that when making a character, so know that they will know other characters closely as well. Unless you're going to play and antisocial ninny. Which works too.

The Stable is a 5 level underground bunker under the Applewood mountain in Los Pegasus fit to hold about 250 ponies with supplies for all those ponies for 60 years. The bottom level being where the generators, air filters, water filters, and so on are. 4th and 3rd floor is where the living quarters will be, 2nd will hold the Classrooms, Cafeteria, Clinic, Reception room, and a few other rooms that are mostly cut off to anyone who doesn't have permission to enter, such as the armory and the stairs leading to the first level. Now the first level is a level where no one has been in for years. Only the over mare has access to here.

Now that's the main floors of the stable with out getting into so much detail. Now every pony in the stable will have to have a job. Job available would be maintenance, Doctor/nurse, cook, janitor, Stable security, radio reporter (music for the vault/news), Pip-Buck Programmer,Laundry Cannon Operator,Stable Chaplian,Pedicurist, and Jukebox Technician. These jobs are generally chosen with what someones cutie mark is. So keep that in mind when creating a pony.

Combat, now this is something that I might change up in some time. Every character must roll 1 die of 100 for ever shot. The roll must be higher then 50 to hit the target. Depending on what your characters job is they might get an added bonus of 5 to the out come of the roll. Melee and unarmed combat can only use one attack per post, though if they have a weapon like a pistol they can attack three times per post. (as long as they have ammo of course)

A few ponies will have no added benefit to their attack if they are Pedicurist, or Laundry Cannon Operator. The ones who will would maintenance, and Stable security. Stable security would have a +5 to melee weapons, pistols, and unarmed. Maintenance would have a +5 too Melee weapons and unarmed. Now that doesn't mean the other options are pointless. Doctors/nurses can easily help wounded with the right supplies, Cooks can whip something up that isn't' dead grass out in the waste, again if they have the right supplies, Pip-Buck programmers can hack through terminals if the need ever comes. Maintenance ponies have the ability to pick lock locked doors, and finally Radio Reporters can smooth talk their way through things if they ever have too.

Pip-Bucks are devices strapped to ones leg once they get their cutie mark. They help with work, such as keeping your health in check, the items you have on you and the condition they are in, the time, direction, a map of the Stable as well as the map of the outside world for some reason, As well as a Pip-Buck all ponies in the Stable are to wear a Stable-Tec jumpsuit every day no matter what the cause is. All ponies i the stable live either on their own or with families such as parents sisters or brothers unless of course they died of natural causes before hand which brings them to have their own room.

Now for the actually sign up sheet

>Race (No alicorns)
>Bio (Just a paragraph or two so that everyone gets an idea of the character and back ground,)
>Cutie mark

There will be no canon characters as they are all dead :D
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File 136315395639.gif - (100.77KB , 661x367 , ~Trixie Questions Life.gif )
Same here mate.

Dammit life. Slow down will ya?
>> No. 414722
Ugh, even though little or nothing is happening in our little /rp/, when something does happen, Australian time zones have to mess it up for me....
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File 136317830998.jpg - (150.14KB , 900x818 , image.jpg )
I know that feel.
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File 136318698773.jpg - (176.67KB , 1936x1600 , Aren't I just beautiful.jpg )
Name: Goes by the Name of Pravus Foedus. Originally Metal Gears.
Age: Pravus was around the age of 18 when the Bombs fell. He lost track of time after he changed.
Race: Pravus is a Ghoul.
Bio: Okay. This guy was known as Metal Gears, but after turning into what he is today, He calls himself Pravus (Ugly in Latin). Pravus was Originaly a Stable dweller at Stable [insert unused stable here, maybe 96 if not used], Serbing as an engineer, And he still keeps the jumpsuit and Pip-buck 1000 (The kind you get in Fallout 1 and 2.) on him. The reason he looks like he is today is because his Stable's experiment was to see the effects of non-lethal radiation over time on subject with a specific genetic trait.In short, Literally everything was Radiated with Balefire Radiation- The Food, the Air, the Jumpsuits,The Utilities-Everything.Since the Geiger counters in their Pips were removed,Non of them knew about it, although for some, the water did taste a bit off.After a few years of Exposure (Mosr inhabitants refused to leave the stable after it opened), The Lucky ones ended up Ghoulified, And about a quarter of the survivors became ferals.Pravus and his sister grabbed themselves and ran the hell out once the doors were opened, but By then, She died from cancer and he ended up as a massive cancerous tumor himself. He grew to despise Stables and those who designed them, and usually pities other dwellers, even those who'se tests weren't as fucked up as his.
Job: Pravus was the Stable's Engineer. Today, his main income is shooting and looting bandits and Raiders. Since most of his desires end up with spare parts for his gun and the occasional bottle of Sparkle-Cola, He doesn't spend much of it.
Cutie Mark: Seems to be some sort of a gear. The Scars and necrotic tissue live much to the imagination, But it's hard to see why you would imagine the picture on a Ghouls' Ass.
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>Oh my goodness
>Isaac Watch out

>Your Rig is red
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File 136324987418.png - (103.32KB , 400x400 , Drive me closer.png )
And sorry about not getting to you sooner. I'd say approve, though most seem to be on a mission in the Crystal City
>> No. 414810
>Well, Tell me when I can jump in.
>> No. 414825
I should probably say why I left or stopped roleplaying on this thread. Basically, the reason being is it was too much.
It was unorganized, fast, and if you are gone for a day, Take the time to read... I don't know, too much of a donut bar for me. I prefer somewhat of a long-post. Least with a descriptive setting and detail of the character's feeling. It was just hard for me to follow, that's all.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 14th, 2013 16:57

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File 136330654544.jpg - (242.43KB , 900x1115 , 1___2___3_by_lupusluporum-d53hseb.jpg )
Yeah, I was kinda hoping it to be a bit slower then when it was. That's okay that, I knew some would like it. Hope you had some fun atleast =)
>> No. 415124
Oi Dom, permission to add you on Skype? I just have some general questions for you....

Last edited at Wed, Mar 20th, 2013 03:59

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>> No. 415225
Oh right, sorry, Though I sent that yesterday

It's Bad_sneak_bear
>> No. 415403

There's no name D: Unless that's Steam or something but there's no Bad_sneak_bear on Skype
>> No. 415404

Sorry, sneaky lol
>> No. 415405

Oh you, you'll get a request from LoyalTillTheEnd, if got the right one
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File 136435928400.jpg - (105.40KB , 900x1543 , echo__foe__fading_echos__by_pochaingun-d5onze2.jpg )
Well, it's become obvious that this canon has become a bit...slow, what with the lack of posters. Even I haven't been able to keep up with this. And as so I'm going to put the canon on the shelf for a while, that or close it.
>> No. 416040

No doubt it's slow and needs attention, but I got my own arc after this one, so what do?
>> No. 416041

No doubt it's slow and needs attention, but I got my own arc after this one, so what do?
>> No. 416043
File 136437229347.png - (68.02KB , 232x357 , Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 7_42_03 PM.png )
I lost track because of the arc that is going on.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 27th, 2013 01:24

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File 136437598804.png - (566.93KB , 851x470 , Amazing against your body.png )

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File 136437613911.png - (63.77KB , 256x352 , I'm sorry.png )
It's more comfortable this way.
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File 136437621044.png - (552.21KB , 588x461 , Guess who just woke up_.png )


I can't believe Gus hasn't strangled him yet
>> No. 416050
File 136437642928.png - (79.77KB , 320x369 , Talking 9.png )
I'm surprised no one has strangled him.
>> No. 416051
File 136437656522.png - (149.71KB , 445x322 , I definitely don't even.png )

Geoff covered him in powder, does that count as suffocation?
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File 136437672892.png - (143.03KB , 537x694 , Drunk 2.png )
Kind of...
>> No. 416053
File 136437688305.png - (675.44KB , 848x469 , I dont know anymore.png )

Is your entire reaction folder just Animated Gavino?
>> No. 416054
File 136437729165.png - (143.13KB , 388x589 , A little drunk.png )
No I got others.
>> No. 416055
File 136437734726.png - (336.36KB , 635x350 , Yeah that may or may not of happened.png )

Welp, who is best achievement hunter?
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File 136437746939.png - (143.13KB , 388x589 , A little drunk.png )
>> No. 416057
File 136437753572.png - (153.25KB , 319x297 , MFW everything.png )

>> No. 416058
File 136437785953.png - (168.36KB , 954x648 , Sleeping in a dumpster.png )

Anyways it bedtime for me. Goodnight.
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File 136437799086.jpg - (89.68KB , 500x554 , Motherclucking Rick Grimes.jpg )

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File 136442716671.png - (25.70KB , 273x314 , 207394__UNOPT__safe_50e49a8da4c72d7c070001a3_taurus_50ed18a7a4c72da71c0003f1_png.png )
Well anyways. I'd like to put it on hold for now at the least. So for now. We wait until a good time to start it back up.
>> No. 416251
I was in the same boat as Salsa but alright.
I can wait still I guess. Still bogged down with life things
>> No. 416252
File 136445119525.gif - (121.99KB , 409x546 , Hussie and time lords.gif )
Tis why I'm deciding to wait towards the end of the school year, seeing as how that's an easier time for most.
>> No. 416253
Fair enough I guess.
>> No. 416743
O hai, I'm considering about joining this and I was wondering if it'd be still possible to do so?
>> No. 434762
>> No. 456013
File 140722712829.gif - (1.08MB , 320x180 , u6N2PkZ.gif )
>put it on hold

it's been well over a year son
>> No. 456023
> sees this thread
> gets psyched
> sees this post
> psyching evaporates
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File 140727457781.jpg - (410.38KB , 768x1024 , Lets Play Nazi Zombies.jpg )
Oh yeah, I almost forgot I did this.
>> No. 456040
Is this thread kill?
>> No. 456048
File 140746489858.png - (644.95KB , 790x810 , Borderlands 2 Gaige15.png )
I dunno, probably. I suck at GMing. If I do start this up again it'd probably be less serious and laid back or something along those lines.
>> No. 456277
Youse guys still hiring? I might be able to do a little help with DM work...

Last edited at Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 21:39

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File 140901995322.jpg - (237.08KB , 1860x1395 , AMERICA!.jpg )
Not at the moment. Nope!
>> No. 456989
>> No. 456990
>> No. 456991
Name: short circuit
bio: a Pegasus with cybernetic appendages that he made himself to do his job easily
he is also a little on the reckless side but no one notices him still because he is either upgrading his pip buck or working
cutiemark a short circuiting pipbuck
>> No. 457012
Can I still apply?
>> No. 457036
File 141604401743.jpg - (379.28KB , 1920x1080 , I wish I had friends.jpg )
Nope. I probably won't be bring this back.


Read 90% sure I won't be.
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