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File 136279681664.png - (31.79KB , 830x650 , Razor3.png )
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#DiscussionOnly #Character #Help You Brother Out

I'm making here a thread for you all to comment on each other's OC. Comment on mine, or just post your OC here so others can comment on yours.

In other words, this thread is for all of us to help each other out on our OCs. I'll start.

Name: Razor
Age: 18
Race: Pegasus Pony

Born to parents who were weather factory workers, they wanted Razor to do what he desired most in life, but he didn't exactly set many future goals because he was too lazy to do so. After going to weather school, he decided to take up the job of creating tornadoes (not by himself, obviously) to bring water from respective lakes and such to cloud-generating factories, and that's how he got his cutie mark. He enjoys his job because he can fly, and because of flying so much, he conditioned himself to become an above-average flier, although he falls short of Wonderbolt material (something he doesn't really dream of doing anyways).

He is calm, chill, quiet, but can also be assertive. He is also rather vindictive, seeking vengeance against anyone on anything at matters. He is sometimes semi-competitive for certain occasions, like if he will possibly win a medal in flying, but for the most part, he is pretty laid back. He can be impatient sometimes, and sometimes he can be too assertive to the point he can accidently offend/attack somepony.

He goes wall-eyed when confused. He doesn't carry any weapons; hooves are for real stallions.
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>> No. 414148
Sounds like somepony Boom could get along with.... or shank. Your choice.
>> No. 414192
Boom? You wanna post him?
>> No. 414194
File 136284962379.png - (19.22KB , 200x157 , 136280004636.png )
I was in AOS with that rainbow guy. He was yours. I'll post the pic
>> No. 414195
I abandoned the rainbow guy and I left AOS. For reasons I'd rather not discuss.

You can post your OC here too for others to talk about.
>> No. 414773
File 136323278453.jpg - (30.50KB , 357x310 , HyperlinkWithCutie.jpg )
This is my first OC. I plan on going to Equestria LA and decided I needed an OC. I dont have a background yet. Is this too lame of an idea? I have a Hylian Shield and Master Sword Tatt and I am a tech geek. So Hyperlink kinda fit.
>> No. 414782
It depends on what the RP you're planning to go to. If it's like a fighting-style RP, I guess it could work.

Well I have to go to bed anyways. Goodnight.
>> No. 416883
File 136485464302.jpg - (19.51KB , 830x650 , vil yin.jpg )
name:Vil Yin
Age:18 or so
>> No. 416889
File 136485577647.jpg - (61.35KB , 500x399 , tumblr_mkd3wwhA7e1rnem4ro1_500.jpg )
>posting in a dead thread
Wow.. ANother new person.
Also.. You should kind of give a description of who they are first... The colors are.. Well.. Let me just say that brown and blueish-white don't go together.
>> No. 416924
I think we're getting MLPchaners.
>> No. 417002
File 136486873449.png - (155.98KB , 500x561 , tumblr_mjzr0dFJLj1rnem4ro1_500.png )
1. I take OC colors just as serious as the characters themselves
2. Bumping dead threads is a pet peeve.
Yes, I'm a MLPchanner, but not all of them are dicks, they are actually nice people. I like to stop by here and say hi to friends from Pchan, actually.
>> No. 417211
she's an adult blankflank and is trying to find her destiny.
>> No. 417214
File 136492814075.png - (651.14KB , 1015x1024 , Pill Popper.png )
The balled of lost pone.

A Pill Popper story.

I find myself drifting through the memories of old times ever since I moved to the eastern island nestled in the bosom of an ever changing sea. My parents Melody Tune, and My Father Vic Popper sent me off to go to school here they both said it had one of the most prestigious medical schools in all the lands, but I’m getting ahead of myself let’s start at the beginning of my tale. I was born into a very wealthy family. Dad had a PhD in something, and mom was a well-known musician. My home life when I was younger was mostly sheltered I spent most of my time home schooled, and being groomed to be a doctor. Mainly at that age all I wanted to do was explore the house and grounds but I don’t remember ever seeing anything other than the first and second floors. Just a massive library lots of guest rooms and a few kitchens. As I got older my father would take me on various hunting, and fishing trips said he would help me develop some survivalist skills.

All I really remember from those times was. Hooking myself in the flank a few times, and killing a couple of bucks, and gutting them. Did you know ironically it’s a good way to practice various sections. It was fun, but I digress. So a few years of hunting fishing reading in the library and schooling somewhere in the hectic timeline of my short life my sister was born. Didn’t think much at first but she became a very gifted engineer. Fortunately that landed us on the same island but different schools. She is 16,and a Pegasus…Boy was that a shocker for the folks. Anyways we had our share of sibling lover and rivalry. She traded her biological wings for cybernetic ones, and later with the help of my good friend C.T I went through a super soldier project. Though I am not the perfect test subject lacking any military skill I wanted to prove it can be done. I’m the prototype/Zero . Oh dear I have derailed my own lil biography. Back on topic now. Well you see I almost graduated this Amazing school till well I developed a lil drug problem…I was addicted to my own creation that involved using some extracted nectar, and pollen from the Poison Joke plants. My addiction to this drug led to my expulsion, and so I returned home only to find our parents had died in some unexplainable accident. I still say bullshit everything can be explained with science. Damn lazy guards.

So fast forward a few years after the funeral the crying and the boo hooing me and my sis moved back into the house. Paradaisy took moms room. I took dads old study next to the library. We continue to live peaceful lives here. She’s 19 now, and I’m 22, and we inherited the family home and bits. I will admit this place feels off. Like haunted or some shit. I might use dads old lab again and work on some projects to take my minds off things. Still feeling sore from the operations C.T helped preform on me…Oh well with the right combat study I’ll be this houses greatest defense . Might go see the world a bit, and take up some last samurai Bull shit heh.

“I need to learn how to write a biography better,” Popper thought after reading what she had jotted down in her spiral note book.
She slid the pencil back behind her ear and sunk her face into her charcoal black hooves and murmured some incoherent speech under breath. The dancing flames from the fireplace formed a glow across the room that illuminated her features. She had a pair of strong ice blue eyes that accented well with her messy heath mane. Her body was a darkened shade of pink which almost resembled purple in the firelight.
”Ugh, I can’t write biographies!” she said out loud dully.
”Great, and now I’m talking to myself.”
Her mind drifted to random thoughts such as the days chores and past experiences but the one memory she also kept revisiting was an encounter she had nearly a week ago. A stallion with red hair and brown mane had asked her to help with his experiments. Of course she declined she didn’t want her experiments used for war especially if there was no profit. Popper’s mind whirled with thoughts as she reached for her drugs.

It was time to forget.
It was time to escape.

Her tin kit was nearby and quickly she set her gear up. The vial contained PT the drug she engineered while she was at school containing extract of poison joke. Expertly dipping the needle head into the drug, Popper removed it and injected the exotic purplish blue fluid into her veins. The world spun began to lose focus and clarity until she blacked out.

In an unknown amount of time, Popper jolted awake. Her vision was awash in blurred colors and illusions and it gathered into an amalgam beyond the abstract scope of comprised of thoughts. Ideals and dreams became one as her senses mixed together causing Popper to feel detached from the world.

“I am one with the universe,” she spoke softly into the distance not caring the least about talking to herself yet again. The world collided with her and together they traveled onward into an abyssal plane of twisted reality.

TL'DR Doctor/Geneticist with a drug problem. MAH PARENTS ARE DEAD! Only living blood relative is her sister Paradaisy. Underwent something very similiar to the spartan project,only useful in combat with a cross bow or plasmids preferably just wants to work on her experiments. And is a lesbian who is a bit air headed and clumsy at times. Only thing close to a child she has is 28.

Age 22


Personality bitchy,and snarky.

other has an interest in splicing things together and fancy's sword play as a hobby..Though she sucks at it.
>> No. 417215
>> No. 417216
File 136492947842.gif - (837.84KB , 600x289 , soon.gif )

Disregard this fool.


Before I begin: What is your native language?
>> No. 417217
File 136493013168.jpg - (109.41KB , 652x819 , 1360036235558.jpg )
Lazy English. I made most of her story up while high as a kite,and haven't had the time to edit it.
>> No. 417218
File 136493028794.jpg - (46.84KB , 605x378 , come over here and lemme slap you.jpg )

You should maybe edit it before sending it in then.
>> No. 417219
File 136493077629.png - (65.66KB , 337x315 , IMG_24112012_200029.png )
The first half was meant to be lazy. I wanted to try something different from the standard stat sheet. Went IC to give her an intro as if she was writing it herself in a book,and in thought. Yes distinguishing the transition is a mess cause well the character is a mess. Also yeah I made some mistakes few were intentional though, because most people in any field of engineering be it bio or mechanical. Well they are usually stereotyped as lazy,but eh no ones perfect mate all I can say is sorry you didn't like it,and I'll try more in the future.
>> No. 417221
Gotta jet. Talk more when i get back if you want to.
>> No. 417222
File 136493263251.jpg - (287.17KB , 1916x2608 , Barock Oslotha.jpg )

I didn't say I didn't like it. I can appreciate doing something new, like writing most of the bio IC, but it still has to be clear. Some of the sentences I had to read twice or more to understand.

Before I go, if I may stand on my soap box, I'll say this:

1) Keep putting effort into things, that's more than what 90 % of the people in these threads do.

2) I don't recommend having a set backstory in a certain setting. Adjust according to thread, or better yet, create a brand new OC for each canon!

3) RPing is a collaborative project, don't assume that others will want to be cast members in your own saga.

thats all.
>> No. 417225
File 136493435850.png - (97.10KB , 308x360 , discordedpop.png )
Fair enough I could say some things in defense or well to clear things up. Para is my sisters oc and she wanted them to be connected at most times,and I agreed to it. As for 2 I agree but I do like to keep a prime universe for her if you know what I mean. I rp with the mindset of multiverse,but that's just my way of doing things. Like one popper is an assassin,and the other is a doctor,the other is a gang banging thug,and the last one I attempted to do was hitman. Now I'm trying to focus her on building and working on plasmid research and development with some of my friends. Also those sloths are adorable.

3 I don't think I've ever done that tbh. Not with out asking them or having some interaction they agree to.

Also I've noticed these problems on the sister site. One poster in particular over there makes me want to just ughh. I don't even want to bring em up.

But the people here seem nice to me,and in which I'm grateful.
>> No. 417365
File 136516322985.png - (23.33KB , 328x359 , My pony.png )
Name: Silver Speech
Age: 23
Race: Earth (as you can see in the pic)
Too lazy to think and put down the story
>> No. 417367
You already made a thread for your oc... Why post in here?
>> No. 417378
File 136519369565.png - (139.97KB , 800x447 , johnny_automatic_generic_fish.png )
I'm not actually sure what the fuck I'm doing here, but I'm not about to pass up giving semi-solicited and possibly hurtful advice so here the fuck we go.
This sounds alright, no speshul powarz or anything that's an immediate red flag in backstory. I'm gonna recommend you either change his name or think of a damn good reason that two parents would name their child like a 90's comic book character(maybe they were going through an emo phase or some shit, I don't know). As for personality, it's pretty contradictory for someone to be calm and laid back, and also vindictive and assertive. Not to say it's impossible, but you'd better make sure he doesn't just switch between the two at the drop of a hat. The colors could use some adjusting, mostly the hair. I'm not a goddamn artist so you should ask some /art/ people.
I don't know shit about Equestria L.A, so all I can say is that LoZ needs to actually exist for that to make any sense. Same thing for the tech geek aspect.
Well, you've provided literally nothing but a picture and a name, so thanks for making me have to write less. Overall not a bad design, the ears are a little odd but it's nothing too egregious. I'd take the red out of the hair, it's not as bad as it could be but red and black tend to look terrible. I don't know what the hell the name means, it seems sort of like it's supposed to sound like "villain", which is silly if so but no sillier than crap from the show so whatever.
I'm far too lazy and wasting far too much time to read all this, so I'll come back to you when I get a fresh shipment of shits to hand out. I'll say this; you've got a custom images of your non-eye-searing OC and can apparently write big swaths of text, so you'll probably have people humping your leg and/or begging for your attention in no time.

He's blue and he doesn't hurt to look at. Since I don't know shit about him that's about all I can say.

This message has been brought to you by this random picture, because I don't have the 20 minutes to search for the perfect image. Enjoy your fish.
>> No. 417388
Well the personality part was a placeholder, I'm still trying to perfect the personality by actually RPing in Donut Bar to see what I like best. Also, I can't really find a good image for my desired cutie mark (which is a twister).
>> No. 417390
because I don't know who all saw it. Also, for some reason I never watch a thread without posting in it...
>> No. 417399
I take it, this thread is pretty much in afterlife.
>> No. 448256
Wow, well, have you called the ircnuanse company where you insure the car? That's probably the BEST place to get the gap from. Although they won't cover any negative equity rolled into the loan.Besides that, either drive very, very carefully for the next three years, or sell the car/cancel the deal even if it costs you. Sounds like it's going to cost you about three times what it should, anyway.
>> No. 448284
I need to put my oc up for the slaughter again...soon.

>> No. 448292
You just reminded me, one of these days, I'm just gonna make an OC review thread on /oat/.
>> No. 448383
You totally should..though I don't know if oat is really the right place for one.
>> No. 448404
Trust me, it is. I might make it Friday or Saturday.
>> No. 448475
Aaaaaaand we are live.
>> No. 448772
The thread died. Thanks all who participated.

Last edited at Sat, Nov 30th, 2013 12:37

>> No. 450779
File 138932171654.png - (49.28KB , 830x650 , unamedocncrmp.png )
need a name and a cutiemark
>implying fallout equestria!
>> No. 450966
File 138949247782.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad_png.png )
Name: Ella B. Banella
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

[I copy pasted this from another ooc cause I'm too lazy to re-write it]

Ella was born to a travelling gypsy mare and a strong willed sailor. Because both her parents had such a love of travelling, and neither were willing nore able to settle down together just yet, Ella spent much of her days either travelling with her mother out on the open road, or sailing the mighty sea's with her father when the weather was calm and promising.

At the young age of four, Ella contracted an illness, or rather a parasite, that caused her to become very ill and feverish. She was travelling with her mother at the time, who had stopped at a little pond to take Ella for a swim and cool them both off. Unfortunately while swimming, Ella managed to accidentally swallow some of the water, and with it the parasite. They were days away from any village or town, and though her mother rushed her as fast as she could, by the time she was able to get little Ella to a doctor it was too late. The parasite had caused permanent damage to Ella's eyes, leaving her blind for life.

Needless to say, when Ella's father found out about this, he was furious. In his eyes, he saw Ellas mother as unresponsible and unfit to take care of her, and demanded her to hand over their daughter so he could raise her. After many fights and counciling with their families, Ella was handed over to her father, who quit his sailing job and settled down in a small village to raise her and provide her the oppurtunity to attend a proper school. It would be another six years before Ella would get to visit her mother again.

During those six years, (and for the next three after that), Ella was determined to figure out a way to get her sight back through the only means she could-magic. Every day she spent hours and hours practicing her magic, spells, incantations, anything that she could use to try and bring the light back into her eyes. Finally, after years of attempting what could only be an impossible feat, her father sat her down and explained to her that the type of damage that had been done to her eyes was not something she would ever be able to repair. Something had gone wrong in her brain, not in the eye itself, and ponies simply did not have the knowledge yet to fix something like that. Ella did not like this answer, of course, for it crushed any hope of her ever being able to see again. With tears welling in her eyes, she took her guide dog and ran outside to the little creek in their back yard. Once there, she spent a good long while crying and pouting.

And then something amazing happened.

While sitting and petting her dog, Ella had been thinking very strongly of how much she would have loved to have someone elses eyes, even if it were just the eyes of a dog... Anything would have been better than walking around in the black void that was her world.

Suddenly, an image began to form in her mind. At first it was just a bright light, but then slowly it became clearer. She could see the ground and river before her, bubbling and spurting, and then...herself. She could see herself!, and all at once, she knew what was going on. She was seeing, seeing through her dogs eyes! She had found it! The magic she had been searching for all these years! Sure, it wasn't her own vision she was using, but it was still sight nonetheless. Joy filled her heart, and she ran inside to tell her father. She was thirteen at the time.

When she turned fourteen, she had grown enough in maturity to demand that her father let her have visits with her mother, argueing that she was no longer a little filly, and for the most part she could take care of herself. Her father reluctantly agreed, and for the next four years Ella spent a life of travelling for months at a time with her mother, seeing the many lands of Equestria, and between breaks helping her father pick his sailing career back up. Because of her split life style, she learned a great many things of the world and cultures, and her knowledge of the land-both country and city-grew great. Not to mention she wasn't a half bad hoof to have aboard a ship. Her love of travelling continued on in her heart, and at the age of eighteen she set off on her own adventure, ready to find her own destiny and life in the great unknown.

Now Ella spends much of her time as a free spirit, travelling from one town to another, always managing to find a bit of work to keep her going. With a bit of knowledge passed down from her mother, she has an easy and alluring singing voice combined with a bit of exotic dancing that she uses to perform on busy streets to earn herself a few bits when she needs them. From her father she learned the satisfying feeling of a hard work day, and is never squeamish about getting her hooves dirty if the job calls for it.

Though the lifestyle of travelling on the open road has made her strong and tuff, it has also taught her a few harsh lessons, and thrown onto her a few bad habits. As one may expect, a blind mare can be easily taken advantage of at times-so Ella often never travels far without a pistol strapped to her side, and her trusty German Shepherd companion, Tykki. Though a poison to the body, alcohol was often a soothing medicine to her soul, and kept her warm on more than a few nights. She can often be caught in taverns and pubs when she has nothing better to do, and more than often this has landed her in a spot of trouble.

Everyone has their vices though, and for all her bad quirks, Ella is an often easy-going, easy to love, and easy to laugh type of pony.

Other notes that I didn't include in the other ooc:

Ella's magic is a form of telepathy. Because her brain lacks the connection to her eyes that is required for her to see, she has to see into another animals own brain to pick up the images that they are seeing. Because of this, Ella can also pick up on the animals..'feelings' in a sense. About a year after she begun using this spell, she discovered she could see out of other ponies eyes as well, however, because ponies were of such a similar nature to herself, the surface feelings she picked up from them were too strong for her to handle at first. She is not a mind reader by any means, but when she sees through someone elses eyes, she can feel the 'surface' emotion, or their strongest emotion, that they are feeling at the time. When she first discovered this, it overwhelmed her in a way because she could feel the full scope of the emotion, and it was an angry emotion which was very difficult to deal with. For a while, she stopped using ponies sights and only practiced on dogs so that she could learn to fine tune and block out the feelings, and focus on the sight alone. Only in recent years has she been able to apply this to another pony, and now she can 'push' the emotions away, like a background noise, when she uses anothers sight. The emotion is always there, but it becomes easier to ignore. Unless the pony is feeling a very strong emotion, such as rage or sorrow.

The only other spell she has, besides the basic ability to levitate small objects that all unicorns possess, is a shock spell. She learned this one day while sliding across a carpet and causing static to emit from her fur and shock her father when he tried to touch her. She took the basic idea of that and practiced on the spell until she could imitate a shock feeling. She cannot physically harm another pony with it, but instead trick the ponies brain into thinking the body is being shocked.

Ok, ya, I know that post was huge XD anyway, any one up for discussions? I'm freakin bored
>> No. 450967
You need an artist to work on him, or maybe something more detailed in gimp, but I personally like his color scheme.

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