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Hey you!!Yes you!!! Have you ever wanted to wear tight spandex,or super robo armor. Ever wanted to protect Equestria like the great heros of our time like Daring Doo, Mare Dowell. Come on down and give us your bio,and we will see if you are good enough to join us on this amazing hero squad and our never ending quest for truth justice and Doritos.
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Perhaps you should set the rules first... Maybe the canon type (Harmony, D:E)
You should list the dos and don't, maybe give a example or structure for the character sheet. No offense, but this OP doesn't have much.. Well.. Content.
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This threads not going anywhere for a while, Pill Popper got perma banned in the day by day ooc
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Pants on Fire Posted on It's a total lie. Names hurt so much more than sticks and snteos. I suppose I understand the idea of the line, but the line supposes I would have the self-esteem to deal with the names. I didn't then. Kids can be so cruel, usually because they do not know any better. But just because you don't mean to hurt someone doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.If I have kids one day, this is one saying they will not say (do they still teach this in school?).

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