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#Open #Canon: TD #Adventure #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Serious #Sign-up #Character #Zombies #Survival


Hello and welcome to the Trotting dead OOC thread! If the themes of grimdark, horror, and surviving impossible odds in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse is to your liking, then look no further then what our humble canon has to offer you!

Further information regarding the canon itself may be obtained via our wiki page here:

Setting: Set in the universe of MLP, this is a world of change, terror, and ultimately survival as the recent dead walk the lands of Equestria. The traditional structure of power either broken or strained to the limits, ponies both familiar and old, of various motivations form up in hopes of surviving another day, and unraveling the mystery that surrounds the outbreak.

Character creation and application Characters wishing to apply must make their intentions known either by posting in this thread or contacting either Archer, Sunburst, or Yuppie.

The world is FIM only and new characters are to be strictly ponies drawing from the races of the Earth ponies, unicorns, or pegasus or other races found in the show that are within reason. The TD uses a rolling system that makes use of statistics in the character creation process. Please consult this document for the necessary information.

Announcements: Due to the pressures of time imposed by school and other responsibilities, the canon creator, as well as its head DM and planner, Electra Neon, has stepped down from her position, placing Archer in charge where she has left off.

Though she still has every intention of being a part of her canon, and shall be taking the part of both Applejack as well as a character of her own creation, questions regarding the administration of the canon are to be directed towards Archer, Sunburst, or Yuppie.

Electra, as well as everyone else here, would welcome your submissions and your comments, and hope that above all you have a good time in your interactions with us~

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>> No. 453763
File 139647387513.png - (90.38KB , 934x856 , ive seen some shit___.png )
>> No. 453764
File 139648098007.png - (520.11KB , 429x573 , pizzaz what the heck is on my face.png )
>> No. 453765
File 139648153907.gif - (847.44KB , 200x166 , 76847__UNOPT__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_artist-gir678.gif )
Or we could just sit here and pretend to stare at each other all day.

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>> No. 453766
File 139648288495.png - (338.33KB , 371x445 , pizzaz2.png )
I'd say make a new thread and start anew. Too many of the old key players are gone.
>> No. 453767
File 139648417150.gif - (19.00KB , 600x600 , 589660__safe_solo_animated_trixie_hat_adorable_wand_sparkles_artist-colon-silver1kunai_diatrixes.gif )
You're absolutely right Pizzazz, but should we continue with the same system and everything? I mean, I vaguely remember how it even works. Perhaps it would be better to just, role play, until we figure something out.
>> No. 453768
File 139648464322.png - (1.20MB , 823x801 , pizzaz shits on fire yo.png )
My opinion is a system should be in place except for genuinely good ideas. But It's not really my call. I am familiar with honor system roleplays and freeform if that is the route you wish to take.
>> No. 453769
File 139648497600.png - (42.28KB , 399x399 , Inquisitive Trix.png )
"My opinion is a system should be in place except for genuinely good ideas."

What do you mean by that?
>> No. 453770
File 139648500737.png - (102.15KB , 867x921 , blergh_by_thunderelemental-d5m4g5f.png )
I spent a full afternoon learnin' that system

Also am I approved or something?
>> No. 453771
File 139648526873.png - (520.11KB , 429x573 , pizzaz what the heck is on my face.png )

Mm well personally if I am the DM, I'd rather reward creative/awesome ideas that make sense by making them succeed regardless of the roll. Which bypasses the point of rolling.

I recognize some might not like that, and say rolls should determine everything but that's how I feel.
>> No. 453772
File 139648546311.png - (45.22KB , 400x399 , Blank Trix.png )
Well, we'll need players if we plan on doing anything! So yeah, you're approved.

I can agree to something along those lines... Some type of good posting honor system like that.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014 17:38

>> No. 453773
I still think a system should be in place for the majority of interactions though and since the current system is all good to go I'd say just stick with that.
>> No. 453774
File 139648617261.png - (51.68KB , 400x400 , Insane Trix.png )
I think I'm going to change the flaw system, probably remove it and use it differently.
>> No. 453775
Don't have any flaws so won't affect me! Any thoughts on how your going to change it?
>> No. 453776
File 139648658972.png - (48.53KB , 400x396 , Zealous Trix.png )
I just don't think it should have an effect on stats like it does, basically write a flaw, get stats. I don't like it.
>> No. 453777
Sound's good to me.

How about you Andrew?
>> No. 453778

Remove the clause that gives a stat for a flaw? That makes sense, sure. It should probably be more directly related, like most of the canon is, instead of a random addition like it is.
>> No. 453779
File 139648766899.gif - (83.81KB , 640x480 , space.gif )
I'll still need some time to think all this through, read through what I have and figure out what I want to do.

I know you want to keep the current stat system in place but I feel like there could still be something more appropriate for role-playing in this type of setting.
>> No. 453780
Um...... I am still here.
Also, I think the flaw system should stay. It balances things out. My character could literally go blind in bright sunlight without a pair of special goggles that may be the only pair of that type in existence. Plus, she has almost luminecent fur. She's a walking bulls eye.
>> No. 453781
File 139648798349.gif - (21.41KB , 400x280 , 0fb2.gif )
I'll keep in mind what you want as well, but I can't really decide all this right this moment. I need some time to recuperate from this migraine.
>> No. 453782
Gotcher, sorry.
>> No. 453783
File 139648814986.gif - (357.30KB , 500x357 , 135771059321.gif )
In the meantime, if you're on skype, which you should all be.

Feel free to add supermeatbrony, and I'll set us up a group where we can discuss things more efficiently.
>> No. 453785
File 139649761527.png - (338.33KB , 371x445 , pizzaz2.png )
I'd prefer to keep myself anon for now. Let me know what you guys decide.
>> No. 453787
There's something for you over in /art/.
>> No. 453865
File 139683819722.png - (520.11KB , 429x573 , pizzaz what the heck is on my face.png )
How goes the planning?
>> No. 453885
File 139684996892.png - (1.02MB , 1024x1009 , Just another day of training by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
>> No. 453886
File 139685209329.gif - (320.36KB , 215x194 , 1369964410877.gif )

I'm currently doing some research into other Zombie RPGs, looking for alternatives to the system we're currently using.

I had the inclination to search for something a little easier to get into, something that better embodies the "zombie survival" experience.

I know the current system works for you guys, but I feel it focuses too much on combat and personal stats and too little on the important details of survival, such as exhausted supply caches, illness, shelter etc.

They day to day necessities that really enforce zombies an actual threatening obstacle instead of a wall of lumbering flesh gnawing annoyances.
>> No. 453900
Electra, if you wanted, I could help you actually build a system.
Otherwise, with some tweaking, AFMBE(All Flesh Must Be Eaten) could work, though it doesn't have food mechanics if I remember rightly.
>> No. 453902
File 139693805258.png - (1.75MB , 981x828 , Electrified.png )
To be honest, I'd quite appreciate if you would help. I'm not the most experienced when it comes to this type of stuff, and I was looking at AMFBE, but I don't think it fits with what I'm trying to accomplish.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 7th, 2014 23:21

>> No. 453971
Hey guys. For whatever reason, my computer now hates Skype. Anywho, wanted to let everyone know that I'll be gone to China for two to three weeks beginning Tuesday. Internet is tentative. Ciao!
>> No. 453991
File 139744703008.png - (621.53KB , 454x603 , pizzaz headshot.png )

>I guess I missed that

>who is that?
>> No. 453993
File 139746039347.gif - (3.98MB , 340x243 , animated-gifs-05.gif )
Maybe if you were part of the skype chat you'd know!
>> No. 454008
I love that gif so much.
>> No. 454010
File 139752712324.gif - (976.06KB , 480x255 , tumblr_mn6pkconHN1s1mprko1_500.gif )
Where have you been Asma?
>> No. 454011
File 139752725605.jpg - (107.88KB , 928x1186 , Goof boop.jpg )
Apparently gittin goofy
But in all goofyness I've been right here.
>> No. 454012
File 139752733509.gif - (1.25MB , 360x201 , best-science-prank-ever.gif )
We need to do the thing, with the canon, to get things going!
>> No. 454013
Good god I'm a twat.
Sorry, I completely blanked there. I'll happily work on things whenever, just pop me a message.
>> No. 454308
File 139845573758.png - (4.15MB , 2300x3700 , pizzaz spying.png )
>pokes this thread
>> No. 454361
File 139870769605.png - (194.35KB , 500x569 , tumblr_inline_n4p9kmjkpo1r1i8m3.png )
Stop it.
>> No. 454375
File 139883524462.png - (3.09MB , 2300x3800 , pizzaz dash chair.png )

>You can't make me!
>> No. 454382
File 139889499624.gif - (19.00KB , 600x600 , 589660__safe_solo_animated_trixie_hat_adorable_wand_sparkles_artist-colon-silver1kunai_diatrixes.gif )
Yes I can, so don't force me to impose my will upon you mortal.
>> No. 454718
File 140027841531.png - (4.15MB , 2300x3700 , pizzaz spying.png )
I bet you wont check the thread for days! I can sneak in and steal all the goodies.
>> No. 454749
>steal all the goodies
>implying I didn't already
What drugs are you ON man?
>> No. 454786
File 140065455475.gif - (21.41KB , 400x280 , 0fb2.gif )
Damn you were right, we really oughta do something.
>> No. 454810
File 140090836580.png - (548.83KB , 700x700 , I'm sombra armor now_.png )
So is this dead... Or what?
>> No. 454811
I can assuredly tell you Most Possibly! It's highly likely that this thread is Possibly Maybe Dead.
>> No. 454812
File 140090862216.png - (73.26KB , 257x256 , 238325__safe_shining+armor_faic_games+ponies+play_face.png )
Can't say I'm surprised with the complete lack of activity, and how long I've been waiting to actually do something.
>> No. 454813
I mean, without a system, we're kinda dead in the water. It's unfortunate, but it's just the facts. I'm still gonna keep the OOC open though. No point in closing it really.
>> No. 454837
File 140116767911.png - (111.65KB , 640x480 , pinkie pie I am so jelly.png )
Hey ugh..if you get bored, I kinda need someone to temporarily or permaninently, that's your choice play shining armour over in this thread:

And the actual thread is here:

Where the thread is sitting at right now, is theres a group of survivors in the canterlot library with a small group of royal guards searching the building because they think there may have been a breach and some monsters got in. Is what they think.

But one of the guards went off to let Shining Armour know that they are searching the building and checking to see if there's a breach, while some other guards help the survivors into the basement for safety. Pretty much you don't have to read too far back, maybe the last twenty post or so.

Just if ya get bored :D
>> No. 454847
File 140126899841.gif - (3.31MB , 432x227 , jgGB18m.gif )
It's... Undead.
>> No. 454864
plz no
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