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418289 No. 418289
#Open #Canon: TD #Adventure #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Serious #Sign-up #Character #Zombies #Survival


Hello and welcome to the Trotting dead OOC thread! If the themes of grimdark, horror, and surviving impossible odds in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse is to your liking, then look no further then what our humble canon has to offer you!

Further information regarding the canon itself may be obtained via our wiki page here:

Setting: Set in the universe of MLP, this is a world of change, terror, and ultimately survival as the recent dead walk the lands of Equestria. The traditional structure of power either broken or strained to the limits, ponies both familiar and old, of various motivations form up in hopes of surviving another day, and unraveling the mystery that surrounds the outbreak.

Character creation and application Characters wishing to apply must make their intentions known either by posting in this thread or contacting either Archer, Sunburst, or Yuppie.

The world is FIM only and new characters are to be strictly ponies drawing from the races of the Earth ponies, unicorns, or pegasus or other races found in the show that are within reason. The TD uses a rolling system that makes use of statistics in the character creation process. Please consult this document for the necessary information.

Announcements: Due to the pressures of time imposed by school and other responsibilities, the canon creator, as well as its head DM and planner, Electra Neon, has stepped down from her position, placing Archer in charge where she has left off.

Though she still has every intention of being a part of her canon, and shall be taking the part of both Applejack as well as a character of her own creation, questions regarding the administration of the canon are to be directed towards Archer, Sunburst, or Yuppie.

Electra, as well as everyone else here, would welcome your submissions and your comments, and hope that above all you have a good time in your interactions with us~

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>> No. 418290
File 136642034008.png - (62.95KB , 360x339 , Fluffly.png )
>> No. 418291
File 136642209410.gif - (934.61KB , 200x154 , zelda king laughing.gif )
>> No. 418292
File 136642232780.gif - (166.57KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m7a7bioBQ11ryszgco1_500.gif )
That image is terrifying.
>> No. 418294
File 136642255933.gif - (189.21KB , 327x408 , eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.gif )
>> No. 418345
The Google doc has been wiped of many discrepancies. It should now be as up to date as it's going to get, unless someone else finds something I overlooked (which is entirely possible).
>> No. 418382
File 136647843017.png - (460.02KB , 900x732 , applelicious_by_imalou-d5fbx81.png )

Name: Applejack

Biography: Applejack, the Element of Honesty, she was born and raised in Ponyville and she knows nothing except honest hard work and a good meal with friends and family; Her appetite alone could fill the stomach of two full grown stallions, and she’s not afraid to get sloppy with her food neither. When Applejack needs to get down and dirty with anything, she’s always up for the challenge and she is as diligent as she is headstrong, always insisting she can do it better own her own. Applejack is empathetic and always honest with others, and she’s always there for a friend in need, but she can be impatient sometimes, letting herself give into others dirty little games to get even.

Applejack used to live and work at Sweet Apple Acres, the family farm, with her grandmother Granny Smith, her big Brother Big Macintosh, her little sister Applebloom, and not to forget her loyal hound Winona, but that was before everything went sour Apples. Don’t count her out though, she can bake, she can buck, she can herd and you can bet your bits she can handle a zombie or two. Applejack has incredible strength, she’s a natural born athlete and with "Bucky McGillycuddy" and "Kicks McGee" at her side, and some strong rope, she can take down just about any trotter with relative ease, she’s been practicing too.
In the few days after everypony escaped from ponyville via Trixie and Twilight’s spell, she’s been on the road, steadfast and searching for her sister, her brother and Granny. Now she’s seen some horrible things out there already, and she ain’t clueless. But Applejack’s got a one track mind, and that’s to find the rest of her family and get them back to safety before it’s too late.

Appearance: Nothin’ much has changed as far as Applejack’s appearance goes, with the exception of a thick poncho she’s picked up and wears to protect herself from the biters, and the fact that she’s a little bit dirtier and bloodier than before. She’s done what she’s had to to survive thus far, and she’s willing to go further if it means protecting family.

Equipment: Rope, Light Brown Stetson Hat, Thick Brown Poncho.

Endurance: 4

Willpower: 2

Melee Combat: 2

Ranged Combat: 2

Perception: 0

Stealth: 0

Athletics: 5

Charisma: 0

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>> No. 418528
File 136651590641.jpg - (206.54KB , 1500x1238 , butterfly.jpg )
Name: Patch Pockets
Age: 12
Biography: Patch was born in Canterlot, his parents being wealthy business ponies. His father, Ink Wells, worked as a successful Pegasus banker while his mother, Falloff Blanch, also a Pegasus, cooked for royalty itself. The two lovebirds had got married young during the peak of their success, and soon thereafter Puree was pregnant. Eight months later, and Patch was born under Luna's full moon. He didn't cry when he was born, and he didn't cry almost ever while he was a baby. This worried his parents and the doctors, although he seemed like a healthy and happy baby. As he grew older, however, they found him to be quite a handful. He learned slower than the other filly's around him, and it soon became evident he wasn't quite right in the head. 'Darned' stupid in the head' is what he once heard his father call him when he thought the small colt to be not listening. It wasn't long after this discovery they made another shocking revelation.

The bright blue coloration of his eyes wasn't his natural eye color, but the first symptoms of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or 'brittle bone desiese'. The bones in his wings would never develop properly, and as such, he would never be able to fly or use them much at all. Even if he tried, he would make it only a few feet at most before the bones shattered and the shards wounded him terribly. His parents couldn't handle all the news, and although they didn't mistreat him, he was not ever given a fair chance at anything. They pulled him out of school, and he spent most of his free-time out back in a small grassy yard playing with sticks and bugs. In time he discovered he enjoyed making small animals out of mud, and then clay, and eventually, his mother taught him how to sew. He learned slowly and painfully, as with everything else, but he did learn. In time, he could even make his own little stuffed animals from raw material. His favorite thing to make were stuffed ponies, he even made two that looked like his parents! The father threw his away, but the mother always held it close. And thus he found his talent: making stuffed animals.

About half- a-year before current times, his parents had another child, a daughter. A little pink Pegasus named Purity. Patch took the role of big brother right away, and how carefully and livingly he cared for the foal impressed them both. He could feed her, change her, and play with her, and neither parent saw any harm in it. He had a nickname for his little sis', Purity. He called her Purey.

They were both in Ponyville visiting their aunt when the attack happened. Like most other residents they were rushed to the town center for the telaport spell. On the way their the aunt got eaten by one of the undead. Thankfully Patch was carrying his little sister in a shoulder-cary-case designed for babies, and so he ran with her. He made sure to keep his sis Purey safe. They arrived just as the spell went off.

A few confusing moments later, Patch found himself and his sister alone in the woods in an unfamiliar place. Patch was scared, but knew he had to keep sissy safe. He had a knapsack with some food and baby supplies with him, so he set out to look for somewhere safe.

Appearance: A light brown chocolate-milk colored colt who is a little short and lanky for his age, his two little wings are secured to his back with brown leather straps to keep them safe just in case he falls or something. His face is round and cute, his eyes wide and innocent. He wears a black baseball cap on his head, never sitting straight but always to one side or the other. His mane is shoulder-length and messy, dull green in color, and spikes of it protrude out from the sides of his hat. His cutie mark is a button and a patch with some thread through them, and it's because his special talent is making stuffed creations. He always has a wide smile on his face, and never looks angry or mean.

Purey is small and pink with bright emerald eyes. She is still a baby, and can't do anything for herself. She has one little ruff of toothpaste colored hair that curls across her forehead.

Other Notes: Patch doesn't talk much, and gets intimidated by other ponies easily. A guard interrogating him in a harsh tone would frighten him more that a horde of the undead. He has a tendency to freeze up when people begin to get angry with him, and he hates yelling and shouting more than anything. He will just curl up and shake in a ball if yelled at.

Equipment: A baby carrying case and a knapsack full of baby supplies. This includes diapers, baby formula, baby powder, and so forth.

12 points
Pegasus, - 1 point
11 points
Filly -6 points
5 points
Flaw -2 points
3 points
-1 perception, +1 point
-1 charisma, +1 point

5 points to distribute

Willpower: 3 (-2 points)
Melee Combat: 1 (-1 points)
Ranged Combat: 0
Perception: -1,
Stealth: 1 (-1 points)
Athletics: 1 (-1 points)
Charisma: -1
Spellcasting: 0

Flaws: (no extra points)

Butterfly with barbwire wings:
Patch is a Pegasus who was born with type 2 Osteogenesis imperfecta, more commonly known as brittle bone disease. The genetic illness seems specifically bad in his wings, and as such, he cannot fly or hover in the least. Doing so would cause great harm to him.

A different perspective:
Patch Pockets has always been a very quite filly, and it took him much longer to talk than with most children his age. He has always had trouble grasping certain ideas, and just seems to be on a different wavelength than most ponies altogether. He never learned to read and can't do math, although he tries not to show these things. He can be easily tricked, as he has a hard time understanding trickery or any sort of evil from other ponies. He didn't learn as much and can't learn as fast, so he suffers from -2 points at character creation.

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>> No. 418561
File 136652543027.png - (243.42KB , 501x552 , 131985 - artist reuniclus flowers Sweetie_Belle.png )
Name: Sweetie Belle
Age: Human equivalent to 10?

Biography: Rarity's younger sister, Sweetie Belle helped found the Cutie Mark Crusaders with her friends Applebloom and Scootaloo. She's often seen as the level-headed one among her friends, and tries to do what's right. While she hopes to get her cutie mark, she's not overly zealous as her friend Applebloom, and enjoys the time she spends with her friends. She lives with her parents, but often spends time with her older sister Rarity, opting to stay the night on occasion. She doesn't always see eye to eye with her older sister, but considers them having a good relationship. Even if they get on each other's nerves sometimes, she tries to do what she can to impress Rarity and win her attention and praise.

Appearance: Short, White Coat, with Pink and Purple mane and tail.


Stats: 12 Points - 6 = 6

Endurance: 2
Willpower: 1
Melee Combat: 0
Ranged Combat: 0
Perception: 1
Stealth: 0
Athletics: 1
Charisma: 3
>> No. 418565
File 136652574736.png - (116.64KB , 860x1119 , apple_bloom_by_lilcinnamon-d4uz332.png )
>> No. 418570
I approve
>> No. 418584
I approve
>> No. 418609
File 136653006915.gif - (204.04KB , 500x641 , WV Do an elated jig.gif )

Is gud
>> No. 418630
File 136653207149.png - (31.52KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
Name: SnowBlind

Age: 28

Biography: Snowblind was born and raised a fillie above the clouds, literally speaking. She grew up in Cloudsdale with her two sisters, all of whom were exceptional fliers. While Snows sisters, Ice Rain and Mist, were more towards the showvanistica glamor that came with flight, Snow was more towards the capacity to help those around her; being able to fly may not be as useful as magic, but its quite useful when ponies need to get things, or see things, or do things only a flyer can.

Early on in Snow's life, she had decided to take the path of military, enlisting first in the Air Cadets, gaining a reputation for going above and beyond to help her fellow classmates and anypony that would be needing it, even if it seemed fruitless or silly, she would be more than willing to take a hoof forward to do it.

Her kindness of course wasn't something all ponies appreciated, some would easily take advantage of it, and above all, use it to take advantage of others.

When Snow enlisted into Guard Boot at 18, it was the first time she was introduced to the harsher world of training; despite the rude wake up calls, the yelling and shouting, the talks of how worthless they were, Snow only took it to heart that she could build herself better. However, her kindess still got her to do things she would find...odd.
In boot, Snow had made a Stallionfriend, Sleet, a large, ice blue pegasus, had taking a liking to Snow, and there were quite a few 'flutter-backs' and dinner situps they would do together. Sleet, however, was a bit of a brute; though Snow wouldn't often see him picking on smaller ponies, rather, he would bring them to her when they felt down to allow her kindness to cheer them up. The fact he was have her make them feel better was touching, if not unusual.

When Sleet decided to pull a rather nasty 'drop the crate' prank on the 'half-freak', StencilSketch, Snow intervened. Warning Stencil of the impending danger, the unicorn was quickly able to turn it back to Sleet, and causing an uproar in the ranks.

Had the Drill Sergeants not reacted, a fight that would have left a lot of ponies hurt may have happened.
Sleet was reprimanded and kicked for his actions, but Stencil, by the word of Snow, however, was beside herself. Part of her wanted to leave boot for being only a tool for another stallions gain! But...when Stencil took a chance to speak and thank her, part of her was uplifted that she did that, that she went against a brute of a stallion to help another.

Suffice to say, Snow decided to remain in boot, finishing her own training and moving on to become a Pegasus knight of the royal guards.

Appearance: A snow white pegasus mare with a bronze and light blue mane and tail.

Equipment: Pegasus Armour, Short Spear, Sheild

Endurance: 2
Willpower: 2
Melee Combat: 3
Perception: 2
Athletics: 2
Charisma: 2

Last edited at Sun, Apr 21st, 2013 01:55

>> No. 418634
>> No. 418658
File 136657480438.gif - (370.09KB , 500x364 , tick tock.gif )

Yep. He's preemptively pitching a new character seeing as Stencil's days are likely numbered.
>> No. 418670
Name: Hitch Roller
Age: 67
Biography: Hitch is old. He’s done a lot. Born to the frontiers of the Mild West, he grew up punching buffalo and biting cacti. His family was tough – tough on the kids, tough on the women, tough on the land – he learned to value stubbornness, pride, and masculinity early on – not lessened whenever he joined the royal infantry two years before he came of age. He had his stint in the military, achieving the rank of lieutenant before he was court-martialed for punching six escaping prisoners of war to death with his bare hooves. He could never hold down a single job after that – lumberjack, baker, train conductor, gambler… all failed because he couldn’t keep his hooves or his opinions to himself. When the outbreak rolled around, he was just a lonely old trapper on the edge of the woods, eking out a living bashing wildlife to death with a stick and selling anything that could turn a profit.
Appearance: Even with chocolate brown body hair broken by a network of withering pink scars, a scraggly, flyaway white mane, and flecks of grey stubble wrapping a strong-jawed, sun-withered face, Hitch still gives the appearance of a stallion ready to do business, his muscles toned and rocky, skin leathery, and silver-blue eyes wild with discontent for the world. His cutie mark, a simple box of nails with no hammer, sits faded on his quarters. His jaw locks together what teeth his has left to grit at any given opportunity, and his long, unkempt tail often whaps ponies in the face carelessly as he addles along with a sour expression, trying to drown the arthritic pain in pure grit.
Equipment: One whip and a bag of sour oats.


Bigot: Racist, misogynistic, old-fashioned, and stubborn, Hitch has very defined and blunt ideas on where everything in the world fits. If something doesn’t meet his standards, he’s likely to deride or punch it until it does.

Arthritic: Hitch’s old bones are finally starting to feel his age, the joints regularly inflaming and paining him. Any protracted use of them is made difficult by the irritation caused.

Cataracts: Those eyes of his have seen a lot, and maybe they’re saying it’s time to stop. A milky white film hides those pretty blues, blurring and darkening his vision. In a time of need, his eyes might very well not live up to the challenge.

Endurance: 4

Willpower: 4

Melee Combat: 4

Ranged Combat: 3

Perception: 2

Stealth: 1

Athletics: 3

Charisma: 1

Spellcasting: 0
>> No. 418741
File 136661719350.jpg - (3.53KB , 118x126 , 1365031670435.jpg )
I love Hitch so much.
>> No. 418936
File 136669644756.gif - (0.99MB , 380x285 , Skree.gif )
>> No. 418982
File 136675406927.png - (418.41KB , 880x1128 , Amy_Rose.png )
Nme: Indy Thorn
Age; 13
Bigraphy: Indy thorn was in te world of sonic but a portal came that eggman made with the cheos emerlds and so she found herself in ponyville when zombi9es happened.
she wants to help everyone. she is actually a fallen angerl in disguise witht he power to fly and shoot firebulls.
Appearance: Ivy thorn is a clone of amy rose but an angel and actuall the teall GF of sonic.
other: she is immortal
Equipment; her whip can stretch forever and hits as hard as like a train its forged fromc haos emeralds
>> No. 418983
Good luck getting THAT approved.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013 14:55

>> No. 418984
lol no
>> No. 418986
File 136675430405.jpg - (15.07KB , 441x411 , 1365033002298.jpg )

Post whenever you would like.
>> No. 418988
File 136675438804.jpg - (98.93KB , 500x395 , u bein fuckin srs rite now.jpg )

Okay so granted that this is obviously a joke who is trying to troll me right now.

Y'all mothafuckas need Jesus I swear to god.
>> No. 418989
File 136675450558.png - (164.25KB , 782x360 , Amy_Rose2.png )

what can i do to fixc it
i really like th walking dad
>> No. 418991
File 136675452160.gif - (19.84KB , 650x450 , FLIP THE FUCK OUT.gif )

>> No. 418992
File 136675463093.png - (64.67KB , 423x343 , I thought it was going to be this dipshit.png )
I think he was going to murder the shit out of this character. I mean I would.
>> No. 418993
File 136675469236.png - (52.95KB , 945x945 , 131048288697.png )
How about actually making a real character?

Last edited at Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013 15:05

>> No. 418994
File 136675479605.gif - (560.41KB , 700x600 , OR WE COULD KILL THEM ALL.gif )
How about starting off dead! I mean that could always work. A corpse, buried a mile under ground. Where no one could ever get to you, and there fore you would be unable to interact with anyone.
>> No. 418995
File 136675484992.gif - (419.74KB , 497x287 , typing blblblblbllblblb.gif )

Apple Blapple this is a joke durr someone's makin a funny.
>> No. 418996

>> No. 418998
File 136675510364.png - (566.50KB , 894x894 , salsburymadness.png )

name:salsburry madness
age; 17
bio: salsburry is twilights siter her mom made out of wood and grass and wool. she is just like twilight but a little better at magic and nicer, also fluttershy and her are dating so she is sad thet flut isn't aroudand
equapment;her magic can make demons
>> No. 418999
10/10 would ship with.
>> No. 419000
File 136675524767.gif - (1.65MB , 200x150 , black-guy-laughing-on-boat-gif.gif )
>> No. 419001
File 136675525246.jpg - (24.29KB , 270x313 , z i warned you about stairs.jpg )

>> No. 419002
File 136675525918.png - (15.02KB , 429x491 , Yeeeah.png )
I ship it. I ship it so hard!
>> No. 419003
File 136675579189.png - (567.10KB , 894x894 , salsburymadness.png )

so i'm approved11!


when can i post?
>> No. 419004
No. Until stated, you have to assume you have failed horribly in your character creation and should go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
>> No. 419005
File 136675595427.gif - (498.12KB , 500x254 , tumblr_m8a8c4l5lJ1rx6ay1o1_500.gif )
>> No. 419006
File 136675601072.png - (29.31KB , 323x163 , salsburymadness.png )

but i tried this time its a pony

what ui need to do guys

i feel your all bein mean
>> No. 419007
File 136675608707.png - (242.16KB , 1280x1156 , 0273-132797030362.png )
What gave you that feeling?
>> No. 419008
File 136675633773.png - (86.70KB , 417x341 , Get this motehr fucker out of my hair.png )
Okay I'm going to help you a little

First, learn to spell words. That will at least make people think you are older than 5.

Second, read how to create a character.

Third, Do not just post a sonic character in a thread that is Friendship is Magic only.

Fourth, Do not make an OC that is related to a main character, is stronger, and some how went unmentioned. It is stupid, insulting, and just plain dumb.

Lastly, Do not call the people who deny your applications mean. We are not being mean, you are just being either a troll, or a dumbass little kid, who makes Immortal characters.
>> No. 419009
pssst. he's trollin you
>> No. 419010
File 136675639558.png - (262.93KB , 500x500 , salsburymadness.png )

u all bad people

none you learned the elssons of friendshop
celestapa would think u all evil

i going to join ponies in orbit thread

bye oosers
>> No. 419011
File 136675644695.jpg - (105.54KB , 432x432 , I got to get that kid to therapy.jpg )
Bye Nick!
I fucking know that.
>> No. 419012
File 136675650327.gif - (848.86KB , 245x138 , tickle doggy.gif )
Or it's someone we know and this is a joke.

I'm going with my option. Someone's having fun with us.
>> No. 419013
File 136675652006.png - (188.96KB , 485x411 , 0046-132642782448.png )
Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
>> No. 419255
File 136685927155.png - (217.35KB , 583x640 , 69052%20-%20artist%3AMr-1%20cloud%20flying%20rainbow_dash.png )
>> No. 419257
File 136685970432.png - (112.03KB , 1000x1131 , 134353972677.png )
Well looky looky
>> No. 419259
File 136685978526.png - (8.03KB , 420x366 , Can town.png )
>> No. 419261
File 136685990120.gif - (1.15MB , 232x215 , you don't say.gif )

Well hello there.
>> No. 419264
File 136686001111.jpg - (105.84KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m9sdc2HYqz1r20awmo1_500.jpg )
Well hello there stranger!
>> No. 419274
File 136686037268.jpg - (16.15KB , 442x412 , Blush 2.jpg )

Yes, I am a stranger
No-one here knows me.
As it should be.
>Shifty eyes
>> No. 419277
File 136686044085.jpg - (35.95KB , 680x337 , 220895__UNOPT__safe_vinyl-scratch_jpeg.jpg )
Uh huh... Of course you are...
>> No. 419279
File 136686051587.png - (21.02KB , 550x400 , Found out she missed the pill.png )

>> No. 419280
File 136686057855.png - (205.79KB , 1171x800 , 71008__UNOPT__.png )
>> No. 419282
File 136686066326.png - (76.27KB , 900x857 , 131042928158.png )

Kamina says "Wassup"
>> No. 419283
File 136686074122.gif - (261.19KB , 562x562 , 1360439095435.gif )
>> No. 419284
File 136686078843.png - (9.73KB , 432x334 , Do I lOoK uNsUrE tO yOu MoThErFuCkEr.png )
What the fuck.
>> No. 419285
File 136686082504.jpg - (1.76MB , 2216x3345 , i_really_like_your_mane_by_eeveetachi-d5a0yps.jpg )
Oh shut up. You know you like it.

Not much. Hope things are going well with him.
>> No. 419287
File 136686089722.png - (6.58KB , 426x343 , Suck it strider.png )
I think I remember you. You were in that Shadow run esque canon. Yeah.... you were really good.
>> No. 419289
File 136686100387.jpg - (70.58KB , 894x894 , Blush.jpg )

>You were really good.

Now I know you're full of shit.


If I liked it I would say so you sick creeeppo!!!

He says "When I'm unbanned next week I'm comming for your ass"
>> No. 419290
File 136686107794.gif - (154.56KB , 500x250 , EXCUSE ME.gif )
But you least compared to me.
>> No. 419291
File 136686109785.jpg - (173.89KB , 900x884 , twinkle_twinkle_little_star_by_sosweetntasty-d4rypbf.jpg )
If that's the case, why are you just standing there and blushing?

Bring it pansy man!
>> No. 419292
File 136686136241.gif - (6.31KB , 94x87 , weasel flip the fuck out.gif )
>People in my OOC
>OOC getting bumped a lot

What the fuck is going on.


Oh contrare I do know you.
>> No. 419293
File 136686141175.jpg - (70.58KB , 894x894 , Blush.jpg )
C-Cos you're so ugly it makes my face heat up!

"Sucky Sucky 5 dolla

I'm glad my uber-ultra sue powers impressed you so little man.

>> No. 419294
File 136686157827.png - (56.48KB , 470x343 , Wow I can't.png )
Well excuse me for trying to compliment you. Would you prefer me to fucking kick you in the face?
>> No. 419295
File 136686182486.png - (217.35KB , 583x640 , 69052%20-%20artist%3AMr-1%20cloud%20flying%20rainbow_dash.png )
You cant kick a cloud!
>> No. 419296
File 136686242811.png - (69.14KB , 608x532 , lurk3.png )
>> No. 419300
File 136686347059.jpg - (97.48KB , 798x660 , vinyl_scratch_by_soulspade-d5bntml.jpg )
Or maybe it's so pretty that you can't help but warm up to it?~

I didn't realize he was so cheap.
>> No. 419301
File 136686385616.png - (51.93KB , 850x750 , 132236194068.png )
That's stupid!
You're stupid!
You baka!

You have no idea how cheap he is
>> No. 419304
File 136686583885.png - (7.94KB , 400x329 , Idon't like ths.png )
>> No. 419306
File 136686643966.jpg - (22.22KB , 250x195 , I've seen some shit link.jpg )

Okay so... is there any specific reason you guys are in my OOC thread? Don't get me wrong but I'm confused.
>> No. 419307
File 136686650955.png - (52.12KB , 850x750 , 00000000000000.png )
Yuppie made this thread.

Thats reason enough for me.
>> No. 419308
File 136686657087.png - (172.54KB , 564x564 , 564px-KRtDL_Kirby_hi2.png )
You already know me, just by a different face.
>> No. 419309
File 136686672561.png - (9.73KB , 432x334 , Do I lOoK uNsUrE tO yOu MoThErFuCkEr.png )
I'm actually part of this canon so I don't know why you are asking me.
>> No. 419310
File 136686675615.gif - (419.74KB , 497x287 , typing blblblblbllblblb.gif )

Clementine I'm pretty sure.


Yuppie made this thread yes but she's a TD DM under myself.

Therefore iz mein
>> No. 419311
File 136686679777.png - (223.52KB , 341x311 , thumbs up.png )

Not you you're cool.
>> No. 419312
File 136686683402.jpg - (62.06KB , 943x943 , 130897244381.jpg )
>Implying I care its yours or not.

Like I said I came here for Yuppie and Kirby.
Thats it.
>> No. 419313
File 136686683444.png - (340.88KB , 691x678 , dream_land_by_torkirby-d3ag11t.png )
How did you know?! Are you a mind reader?
>> No. 419315
File 136686715762.jpg - (82.25KB , 900x506 , science of deduction.jpg )

I was Vigil. I remember your Steam name was Vynil Scratch and you expressed your affinity for roleplaying her several times.

Therefore you are Clementine.


Very well.
>> No. 419317
File 136686726492.png - (129.79KB , 367x512 , Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3_16_03 PM.png )
>> No. 419318
File 136686736037.gif - (24.50KB , 597x504 , Kirby_sit.gif )
Hahaha. What >>419317 said.
>> No. 419320
File 136686750048.png - (86.70KB , 417x341 , Get this motehr fucker out of my hair.png )
>> No. 419321
File 136686770517.gif - (282.26KB , 160x160 , thank you for your valuable input.gif )
>> No. 419322
File 136686772272.png - (182.28KB , 864x639 , Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3_15_41 PM.png )
This is Vinyl Scratch with the best back history.
>> No. 419325
File 136686782180.png - (0.98MB , 2827x3522 , Marionetta Profile by VivoFortissimo.png )
It seems that sarcasm over text is lost to you. Let me give you a better reference as to who I am.
>> No. 419327
File 136686801790.png - (7.67KB , 396x301 , Fiddle sticks.png )
>> No. 419330
File 136686821268.png - (443.97KB , 500x589 , when life gives you lemons.png )

I don't detect sarcasm via text, it's an inherent flaw of mine.

Mistake corrected.

Though to be fair I've known four different Vynil Scratches in my time.
>> No. 419331
File 136686829998.png - (99.30KB , 432x463 , Flying through the air.png )

Now I disappear.
>> No. 419333
File 136686867436.png - (110.29KB , 480x494 , I'll fuck you up.png )
Yeah you better run! Red imp with wings and a sick stauche will fuck you up!
>> No. 419334
File 136686876106.jpg - (120.82KB , 900x900 , 8P.jpg )
It's cool. You'll always be able to tell me apart. My Trip is always DJEpoch when I use that name. As well as I actually spell Vinyl correctly.
>> No. 419336
File 136686881691.jpg - (26.03KB , 479x358 , What jepoardy.jpg )

Those arms.
>> No. 419337
File 136686918889.png - (113.38KB , 304x700 , 13118.png )
Hmmm, I must say I'm interested in this canon quite a bit. But I have to ask. Only ponies? No other races from the show such as Zebras and Griffons?
>> No. 419339
to the contrary, we are open to species from the show
>> No. 419340
File 136686944832.png - (682.83KB , 700x700 , 44030.png )
Ah, well this line in the OP confused me. "he world is FIM only and new characters are to be strictly ponies drawing from the races of the Earth ponies, unicorns, or pegasus."

But good to know... I do love a good zombie story and I love grimdark so this seems to be right up my ally.
>> No. 419342
File 136686975554.png - (7.67KB , 396x301 , Fiddle sticks.png )
>> No. 419351

I highly approve of your use of Equius pictures by the way.

But yes, zebras and gryphons are okay.

Stats are handled as such, zebras are basically Earth Ponies, and Gryphons are handled as Pegasi.
>> No. 419352
File 136687306827.jpg - (78.58KB , 297x336 , 16116.jpg )
D==> Well... this is awkward....
That makes a lot of sense. I'm almost at the end of the character making guide. But I've got to ask. How would the griffon's tallons be handled as a weapon?
>> No. 419353

You know, I think that damage wise, they should be handled basically as much as hooves are, but the classification becomes that of a sharp weapon, so you would be able to induce bleeding on a target. That seems only fair.
>> No. 419354
File 136687371402.png - (1.30MB , 900x1380 , 47479.png )
That makes good sense to me. I guess all that remains now is for me to make up a bio and what not for him and post it to see what you think. That might take a little bit of time.
>> No. 419355
File 136687405307.png - (320.62KB , 600x810 , 16115.png )
Also is there a list of character flaws? Or do we just make them up on our own?
>> No. 419356
You make them up and we review them.
>> No. 419357
File 136687452886.jpg - (61.04KB , 477x357 , 131507511499.jpg )

Take care to note how and in what circumstances it will affect your character.
>> No. 419359
File 136687500282.jpg - (121.73KB , 894x894 , point_commission_gryffon_by_xxcolor_spectrumxx-d5g3wjk.jpg )
Alright, let's see how this looks?


Name: Gregory.
Age: 24 years old.
Biography: Gregory is a simple griffon who left his home in the griffon lands after his mom passed on. He never quite fit in with the griffons as he was a bit more timid then them. But he fits into pony society a lot better. Of course that was until the fire nation attacked the shit hit the fan and the zombies started showing up.... Now he finds himself in a harsh world that is forcing him to get more in touch with his predatory instincts...
Appearance: He is mostly blue and white, with a long pair of ears on top of his head that look somewhat out of place for a griffon. He's rather large, bigger then your average pony in fact. Think a bit bigger then Gilda.
Other Notes: His timid nature only really applies to interactions with other living things. He knows when he needs to keep it together, though he can't always manage to do so....
Equipment: A scarf, flute and his own talons.

Endurance: 1+3

Willpower: 1+1

Melee Combat:3

Ranged Combat: 1

Perception: 2

Stealth: 2


Charisma: 1

Character flaws:

Timid Nature: When dealing with fellow intelligent creatures he has a habit of not speaking his mind and being easily intimidated.

Hesitation to be violent: He can hunt for his food just fine, but the idea of fighting or hurting something that can talk to him isn't something he enjoys very much and as such will sooner run from a fight with a fellow intelligent creature then actually fight them, making him somewhat unreliable when it comes to fighting other survivors unless he's given no other choice.

Self Doubt: He thinks very low of himself and will often second guess his abilities, even when it comes to something he's good at. Leading him to worry and not keep his head in the game when he should. Leaving him more open to getting himself or others hurt.
>> No. 419360

Alright well the bio is fine, could use a little more in the way of backstory, give him a little character and kind of what we can expect of this guy.

As for the character flaws, I think I'm going to have to dispute these.

Being timid is more of a character trait and less of a flaw. Shyness isn't really handy, but it isn't debilitating. Social phobia, or social anxiety disorder, would count as a flaw as it is literally debilitating and affects your character in a negative way.

Hesitation to violence is also too much on the soft side to be considered a flaw as again, it is something that can be easily overcome. Outright pacifism, however, could be considered a flaw as it would render your character functionally useless in combat.

Same goes for self-doubt, unless we are talking serious depression.

The point of a character flaw versus a character trait is that a flaw actually affects the character in a potentially game changing way. Phobias are good character flaws, as well as other personal/mental disorders. And remember, if you having trouble picking out flaws, perhaps you don't really need a bunch of actual flaws and instead just give the character sheet a little more attention.
>> No. 419361
File 136687628203.jpg - (251.05KB , 600x450 , 39259.jpg )
Hmmm. Well then I'll have to see what I can do.
>> No. 419362
I notice his three in melee combat. Three represents someone who is trained. Does he have a military background of some sort? It seems to clash with his flaws a little bit as he seems more like a pacifist.
>> No. 419363
File 136687727791.png - (84.55KB , 466x708 , 50660.png )
I was thinking it was less from training for him and more from being an apex preditor since he is a griffon.
>> No. 419364
We have deliberated! And we've decided, that 3 actually can represent the limit of natural talent. But that it would depend on the character. In your specific example however, everything seems to decked against your character being a natural combatant. So I think being a predator, but a timid one would land his maximum untrained skill at a 2.
>> No. 419365
File 136687860427.png - (170.64KB , 537x490 , Too many suave haircuts folks_png.png )

I'd also recommend specializing in something. Having ones and twos is going to make for a broad range of difficult rolls for you.
>> No. 419366
File 136687906342.jpg - (78.58KB , 297x336 , 16116.jpg )
Makes sense.
Well he's not really trained in anything. And since 3 is the natural skill limit.... I don't really see him specializing in anything and it making sense. Short of his endurance being high thanks to his size and body type alone.
>> No. 419367
File 136687920551.jpg - (82.29KB , 800x600 , 131530072421.jpg )

Perhaps that could reflect in stealth in some way. Or perception.
>> No. 419368
File 136687933992.jpg - (27.28KB , 300x300 , AqAOI.jpg )
Stealth would be the only thing he might be able to have a higher then 3 in. When I made him I never had it in mind for him to be good at much of anything short of hunting.
>> No. 419369
File 136687941278.png - (187.64KB , 597x700 , 289277__UNOPT__safe_rarity_solo_species-swap_nintendo_mario_super-mario-bros-period-_ghost_artis.png )
Wubs to you!~ My dear Star. Welcome to our canon!

Hello to you as well! Forgive the confusion as well, the OP has been edited to take that into account.

And of course see Archer's description of flaws as there is little else I can add on that matter.
>> No. 419370
File 136687944551.jpg - (127.21KB , 800x585 , 131528473611.jpg )

What manner of hunter is he?

If he's timid, I'd imagine him to hunt with a bow with something rather than his claws. Consider swapping from melee to ranged.
>> No. 419371
Well keep in mind, theres natural talent and theres also the realm of self-trained skills learned through repetition. For example, years of Applebucking give Applejack a 5 in athletics.
>> No. 419372
Also some skills can be completely genetic. Like having high endurance. A lifetime of performing a magic show has given Trixie a 5 in charisma. As another example

Last edited at Thu, Apr 25th, 2013 01:48

>> No. 419373

Possibly high in athletics too.
>> No. 419374
File 136687979713.png - (449.26KB , 994x949 , 48785.png )
No worries. Already working on making him fit better.
Well he usually hunter smaller game so he used his beak and claws. His timidness usually only stretched towards other griffons or intimidating ponies. Since I've only played him in Harmony thus far and there are no bows in the show I never thought about him using one really.

So that might work better for this world.
Also very true. Something to consider.
Maybe. That is a good point...
>> No. 419375
And yeah, being a hunter could justify a higher melee/ranged skill
>> No. 419376
File 136688057553.png - (211.07KB , 623x968 , 14831.png )
Alright, I haven't worked on the bio, that will take a bit more time to put it into words, but how does this look for updated stats?

Endurance: 1+1

Willpower: 1+0

Melee Combat:0

Ranged Combat: 4

Perception: 1

Stealth: 4


Charisma: -1

>> No. 419377
I think you have one more point to spend, if I'm not mistaken.
>> No. 419378
File 136688077063.jpg - (53.43KB , 500x500 , 41526.jpg )
The guide said 12. I think
"you have 12 points to divide amongst them,"
Yep. And unless I really fudged up the math....
>> No. 419379
Since you took a -1 from charisma, you have one more point to put somewhere else.
>> No. 419380
File 136688136203.png - (100.72KB , 356x364 , 31045.png )
Derp. This is what happens when I do simple math while sleepy. I forgot I had 13 to spend not 12. Here's the fixed one.

Endurance: 1+2

Willpower: 1+0

Melee Combat:0

Ranged Combat: 4

Perception: 1

Stealth: 4


Charisma: -1


Sorry about that mix up.
>> No. 419381
File 136688278573.jpg - (121.73KB , 894x894 , point_commission_gryffon_by_xxcolor_spectrumxx-d5g3wjk.jpg )
Alright, I updated the bio now too... I think it looks a lot better and more meaty now. Also going to add the stats in on here so their all in one post for easier reviewing.


Name: Gregory.

Age: 24 years old.

Biography: This young griffon is very timid in nature, not liking to fight unless he has to. Mostly for food or for protection of himself and those he cares about. He grew up in the griffon lands and was often picked on because of his kinder nature, this lead to him being easily intimidated as well as doing his best to avoid a fight by any means he could. He left the griffon lands when His mother, the only thing keeping him there, died. Gregory went to Equestria, where he was sure he'd fit better with the much more kind ponies who were fun loving and not so cruel. Everything went great, for him and he made some friends even. Though he was never challenged and thus never got over his weak will something that will no doubt bite him in the ass in the new world.

He hunted for his own food for most of his life and as such got pretty good with his bow and arrow, which were his father's a long while ago. Due to being bullied so much as well as hunting he learned to sneak around with some pretty good proficiency.

While he may like to avoid a fight, that doesn't mean he won't stand up and fight the monsters this new world has thrust upon him. But he will often try and find a way to avoid danger as best he can. If his friends are in danger however he will help (almost) without hesitation.... as long as the foe is a mindless monster or animal... if the foe were to be something smarter that could try and intimidate him with it's words, he might face a problem here, a big one that might cost an ally a limb or worse their life. His performance under pressure all depends on what is applying that pressure.

His fellow survivors will find him a good friend for scouting and gathering supplies quietly and going without notice, and for combat support from a far. Given that he can also fly and is somewhat fast and strong, he might also be able to swoop in and save a hurt ally from the fray, maybe even two if the situation was really dire and he put his all into it... maybe, or perhaps he might just get all three of them killed trying....

Appearance: He is mostly blue and white, with a long pair of ears on top of his head that look somewhat out of place for a griffon. He's rather large, bigger then your average pony in fact. Think a bit bigger then Gilda.

Other Notes: His timid nature only really applies to interactions with other living things. He knows when he needs to keep it together, though he can't always manage to do so....

Equipment: A scarf that was his mother's, a flute that he's gotten pretty good with, A weathered hunting bow that is old but well taken care of and a quiver of arrows with 20 arrows in it.

Endurance: 1+2

Willpower: 1+0

Melee Combat:0

Ranged Combat: 4

Perception: 1

Stealth: 4


Charisma: -1

>> No. 419382
Looks good to me.
>> No. 419385
File 136691630302.gif - (45.77KB , 650x450 , VBVS Do a silly dance.gif )

If you're sure about having a flat out zero in melee that's fine with me. Should this be what you desire it looks fine.
>> No. 419418
File 136693151490.png - (105.17KB , 1000x800 , Bashful.png )
Well it's either a zero there or a zero in something else and I fel preception and athletics are more useful. Since if something get's close to him he can fly away rather then try and fight it.
>> No. 419420
File 136693280757.gif - (506.91KB , 245x200 , No big deal.gif )
This man is thinking tactically!
>> No. 419424
File 136693471605.png - (55.75KB , 350x348 , Seal of Approval.png )

Then I guess you're all right. Do you have a skype? I'll add you to the skype group.
>> No. 419425
File 136693486817.jpg - (187.48KB , 750x900 , tumblr_ltu3i4F3Q31r22pleo1_1280.jpg )
I do have a Skype though I rarely use it. It's under the username Saaharnlynn At least it should be.
I try to.
>> No. 419426
File 136693531858.png - (244.88KB , 490x327 , napoleon BORN2PARTY.png )

I can't find anyone by that name in the directory. Search for archercastellus if you would and add Archie. The picture is of Napoleon wearing stutter shades.
>> No. 419428
File 136693565755.png - (183.22KB , 955x1063 , 7.png )
I just did. Sorry about the mixup. I was telling you my account name, not user.
>> No. 419485
File 136695393452.gif - (168.43KB , 400x250 , Canyou not.gif )
>> No. 419502
File 136701262317.gif - (48.00KB , 770x770 , 0001-132175401502.gif )
Name: Lyra Heartstrings (Lyra for Short)

Age: 22

Biography: She was born in Canterlot to a loving family. She loved them very much, in her later years she meet one of her closest best friends. She is a simple mare, laughing at funny animals being silly, watching the microwave as it counts down then getting happy when. The day she moved out of the home with her friend Bon-Bon.

Appearance: Green and white pone, a lyre and it symbolizes her skill (to kill people with a lyre) to play it!

Other Notes:

Equipment: a Lyre

Endurance: 1

Willpower: 2

Melee Combat: 1

Ranged Combat: 1

Perception: 1

Stealth: 1

Athletics: 2

Charisma: 2

Spell Casting: 3

Weapon: Bow
>> No. 419503
This is a little spread thin, I think. Dangerously so. She's going to have almost no chance of suceeding anything, except for spell casting.

a '1' score in endurance, is just asking to die, even a minor blow will drop her.. Are you sure you want to stick with these stats?
>> No. 419505
Most of these were from Archie's advice. I had too many points and I dunno

Endurance: 2

Willpower: 2

Melee Combat: 1

Ranged Combat: 1

Perception: 0

Stealth: 1

Athletics: 2

Charisma: 2

Spell Casting: 3

Weapon: Bow

>> No. 419506

I would think that athletics would be lesser since she is not a particularly strong pony methinks. Try to give yourself more of a chance in certain things, like boosting your ranged attack.
>> No. 419507
Well, I actually think this might be okay. Don't want to get too nit-picky. There may be some value in the 'red mage' style of jack of all trades, master of none method.
>> No. 419508
Hmmm true..

Endurance: 2

Willpower: 2

Melee Combat: 1

Ranged Combat: 2

Perception: 0

Stealth: 1

Athletics: 1

Charisma: 2

Spell Casting: 3

Weapon: Bow
>> No. 419509

I suppose so. I'd kind of thought about the jack of all trades type but wasn't sure if that's what he wanted. Though it looks right enough.

Besides the whole point is roleplay and not necessarily to win. And situation modifiers can help.
>> No. 419510

There we go then. If you're all right with this then it shall be so.
>> No. 419511
So am I accepted yet :D
>> No. 419515
I approve.
>> No. 419517
File 136701939876.png - (223.52KB , 341x311 , thumbs up.png )

Yes. App approved my me.
>> No. 419518
File 136701984235.gif - (605.67KB , 650x450 , 173_2xfacepalmcombo.gif )
>> No. 419520
What's up?
>> No. 419521
File 136702338594.gif - (0.99MB , 200x150 , Only you.gif )
Could be such a weird person.
>> No. 419604
Updated stat sheet, assuming the current system is appended.


Endurance: 2

Willpower: 1

Ranged Combat: 4

Stealth: 4

Spellcasting: 4

Offensive: 4 Mysticism: 4
Power Pool: 4

Perception: 5

Craft: 4Science/Creativity: 4
Observation/Investigation: 4 Medicine: 4

Personality: -1

Subterfuge: 1
>> No. 419706
File 136732006861.png - (233.82KB , 1400x1964 , Doctor Greymane.png )

Name: Dr. Greymane

Biography: A humble unicorn of modest origins, Greymane had an early fascination with the mind and how it worked; a calling he followed all the way to his doctorate in psychology. For many years, he enjoyed his own office in Ponyville, living with his wife and kids; who were now old enough to begin making lives and families of their own - What manner of life they would be experiencing, he could not have predicted...

An 'old soul,' Greymane is a gentle and patient unicorn. Having good friends and self-satisfaction were always more important than the money, which reflects readily upon his person. The doctor will almost always be one of the very last to give up on someone, making him a stubborn but long-term and genuine friend, if they would have him as such - and always leaving the door open.

But in the face of such unprecedented violence, will his lifelong tenants remain?


Endurance: 2

Willpower: 4

Melee Combat: 1

Ranged Combat: 0

Stealth: 0

Athletics: 2

Spellcasting: 3

Offensive: Defensive: 4
Mysticism: 3Power Pool: 2

Perception: 2

Craft: Science/Creativity:
Observation/Investigation: 4 Medicine: 2

Personality: 2



Poor-eyesight: Dr. Greymane will suffer negative modifiers for relevant skills if he is without his glasses.
>> No. 419708
Damn.....I like the limitation you gave him.
>> No. 419716
File 136735458527.png - (111.48KB , 728x705 , black eyes.png )
>> No. 419774
File 136739635137.png - (201.56KB , 900x798 , hoity.png )
Oracio did always love the sound of his own voice.

While the rest of his classmates were eager to escape from Shetspeare rehearsal, Oracio couldn't imagine anywhere else he'd rather be, and his commitment and almost obsessive passion for acting and theater was as clear as day. He was the best King Ear the 6th grade class had ever seen. The starling actor contemptuously disregarded the disambiguation on the opposite pages, as fellow classmates rubbed their heads in confusion, always asking, 'Why couldn't he just talk like normal?'

Oracio's parents were financially secure enough to pay for his extended schooling for drama. Once finished, he has performed in several theater companies, and even a few motion pictures, though admittedly they were background roles if anything; something Oracio would contest, however. Should he acquire the roll, Cowboy-Playing-Cards-In-Back, he would take it as seriously as he did Neighmeo, living for weeks as a cowboy to prepare for it. He was going to be the best quiet, card-playing cowboy that movie ever saw.

Oracio, when not on stage, likes to believe himself of class and regality. While not outwardly contemptuous of others, he sometimes struggles keeping his criticisms to himself. A little on the selfish side, it's partially tempered by his need to feel liked, which may procure a few good deeds from time to time to offset some of his more discouraging attributes.

Early in life, the young actor was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but it was well controlled with proper and consistent treatment. Something he takes personal pride in over-coming.

Or, so he thought.

Stats: 16

Endurance: 3

Willpower: 1

Melee Combat: 4

Ranged Combat: 0

Stealth: 0

Athletics: 3

Perception: 1

Craft: Science/Creativity:
Observation/Investigation: 3Medicine:

Personality: 5

Intimidation:3Charimsa: 4
Empathy/Expression/Performance:5Subterfuge: 4


>> No. 420032
File 136755905575.png - (162.36KB , 1198x800 , 296317__UNOPT__safe_vector_apple-bloom.png )
>> No. 420346
File 136764033597.jpg - (97.41KB , 1800x1800 , black eyes commission.jpg )
because reasons
>> No. 420432
File 136770696859.png - (286.29KB , 559x480 , lulz.png )
>> No. 421268
Matsuda, when you get here, can you delete your OCC posts in the main thread? Thanks
>> No. 421270
>> No. 421271
What characters are already taken? As in Apple Bloom, Applejack, etc.
>> No. 421272
Applejack, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Rarity, Trixie, Twilight,.. I think that's it, but I may be wrong.

Also do you have skype?
>> No. 421274
Yes I do. Are we allowed to play Luna and Celestia?
>> No. 421276
I am very doubtful. I won't say no because I am not a DM, but I am VERY doubtful.

This is more of a canon about average ponies trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Powerful characters, such as Luna and Celestia, I honestly believe would not fit in well in this kind of canon.


Add me: apple_b000m

and I can add you to our skype group. You'd get more instant answers there from people a little more higher up than me.
>> No. 421283
I sent you a request. Did you get it?
>> No. 421287
I don't see it
>> No. 421290
Weird. It says no results now. What's your Skype Name? Maybe I can find you that way.
>> No. 421292

Make sure it's zeros instead of 'o's
>> No. 421294
I can't find you. Search for me: Luka Megurine
>> No. 421295
Luka Megurine, there are a bunch of them.
>> No. 421296
Okay then, I'll change it. Look for Mitsuki Koyama.
>> No. 421297
Toronto Canada?
>> No. 421299
Nope....Here! Miku Moroko Koyama.
>> No. 421300
Added, maybe
>> No. 421301
Yep, that's me!
>> No. 421313
File 136805271290.jpg - (57.73KB , 444x490 , z hello yes this is chikun.jpg )

Luna and Celestia are off limits entirely for IC/story reasons as well as the fact that I do not want super powerful characters in the hands of players.

You are welcome, however, to pitch certain canon characters within reason.

Characters that are not available to players are the aforementioned canon characters here, >>421272 as well as Zecora (she's dead), all of the Princesses, Shining Armor, or any of the MLP canon villains.
>> No. 421484
Okay I'm making this a new statute if anyone else pitches a friggin guard character they can be no higher in rank than a Sergeant.


>> No. 421485
File 136813981476.jpg - (569.96KB , 1808x1354 , sra.jpg )
Can I be a senior airman?

Real question, I was thinking of making a character who is with a medical squadron with the Royal Equestrian Air Force.
>> No. 421486

That's an E-4 rank, so I think that for our purposes that'd do just fine. Plus we don't really have much in the way of air force characters so I can be a little more lenient there.
>> No. 421492
File 136814798422.jpg - (4.70KB , 176x168 , images (9).jpg )
Name: Fluttershy
[Do I have to mention stuff like apperance and Cutie Mark?]

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 18:38

>> No. 421523

Just fill out the character sheet as would be normal. Bio, desc, picture, stats, all that jazz
>> No. 421530
File 136816281297.jpg - (19.68KB , 340x319 , AFG-071030-012.jpg )
>Plus we don't really have much in the way of air force characters so I can be a little more lenient there.

Tech Sergeant then?
That was my rank in CAP.
>> No. 421538
File 136816372839.jpg - (155.92KB , 834x1008 , handsome guy nope.jpg )

>> No. 421539
File 136816392552.jpg - (60.80KB , 607x378 , I'm guessing.jpg )
>> No. 421541
File 136816429954.png - (72.11KB , 600x772 , the batman cool.png )
Part 1 of 2
Name: Dev-short for Devin

Age: 23


Dev was born in a small hick town called Scaro located somewhere between Nowheres Ville and Canterlot. His father died young, when Dev was about two, of a rapidly spreading cancer that left him weak and unable to move within the year. His mother was heartbroken, but able to pull through if only for her foal. For the next six years they lived off a school teachers income. They often had little, but got along as best they could. His mother would often sew blankets for him during the winter months, when the weather was nippy and bits were low. He loved her gifts and would always fold them and put them away in neat little piles when the weather begun to change and he could no longer bear the heavy quilts warmth in the spring air.

The summer of the following year was a tragic one for both him and his mother, when, only a few weeks after he had turned seven, Dev suffered a terrible accident. After taking a steep fall off of a slick grass covered hill, young Dev was left to wonder back home fighting off the drowsiness of a concussion. When his mother found him, he was caked in blood and dirt and rushed to the nearest hospital. After several days of recovery, a call was made to Dev's mother to inform her that her son had suffered a moderate case of brain damage. When told how this would affect the young boys mind, his mother went into shock. Her son was returned to her, but after only a few days of observing his behavior she was unable to cope with the blow and decided that she could not handle the care that it would take to raise him. Instead of turning him over to a fostering department, she instead drove him to another town and dropped him off at an insane asylum. He didn't understand why she had done it, only that she had abandoned him into Hell itself.

For the next ten years, Dev was forced to grow up and learn from other insane, and more than often violent ponies. He quickly learned which ponies were safe and which were best avoided lest he be stabbed or strangled in his sleep. Experimental drugs and treatments were part of the monthly routine, and he took them with little struggle or objections. Some of them helped with his focusing problems, while others just left him dopey or unable to move around much on his own. The therapy sessions were often unhelpful and mostly focused more around the trauma that he observed inside the asylum itself, and little to nothing of his life before the asylum was ever addressed or properly handled. However, like most children, he was able to adapt to live in his surroundings.

For every bad memory or experience, there were happy one. He was able to befriend two other ponies, a female pegausis and a male unicorn, both as young or younger than himself. They brought him a bit of joy in his most darkest moments, and one of them even helped him to free himself from that hellhole. On the night of his nineteenth birthday, after twelve years in the asylum, and alarm was tripped. Somepony had been trying to escape, and one of the guards on night patrol had flipped the switch to warn the other staff of the pony on the loose. It was mere moments after the alarm had been sounded that Dev found himself in the hall outside his room, standing with a small group of other night owls like himself. Among them was one of his close friends, the male unicorn called Ben.

Ben had a most mischievous smile on his face that night, when he led young Dev down a secret hall with five other following closely behind. When they all reached the end, Ben pulled out a small ring of keys from the belly of his doll, and opened the door-the door to freedom.

After that night Dev fled the town heading north with no clear direction. He lived like a bum on the streets, stealing or finding meals where he could, and making clothes for himself, using the sewing knowledge that his mother had imparted on him. He often found himself modeling his clothes off the little doll that his friend Ben had carried around with him. After a particularly successful outfit was made, he used it to run along the back alleys of his new city home in Canterlot, and often found himself getting in trouble with the local guards. They were never able to catch him however, even after many hours of hunting. It that every time they thought they would have him back into an alley, they would turn the corner only to find an empty dead end. Whoever the pony in the strange get-up was, he seemed to have an extreme knack for being able to disappear.

Other Notes: Dev often refers to himself as 'The Goddam Batman', a phrase that he had picked up after his friend Ben in the asylum. He didn't know what a man was, as this was something that only Ben had understood in his own little mind. Nor did he know what 'goddam' meant; something he had also picked up from Ben. He only knew that, on the night he had fled from the asylum, Ben had held up his doll to him and said "you're The Goddam Batman". To any other pony, this may have been a rather silly thing to say, but to Dev, he understood it perfectly clear. It wasn't the words that Ben had spoken, oh no, it was the way in which he had said it. There, in Bens eyes, Devin had seen his meaning. He understood that what Ben had been trying to say was that he was the hero. He was what he always imagined his little doll to be-strong and free. It was an unspoken agreement between two batshit insane little ponies, that no matter where he went, he could survive. He was The Goddam Batman.

Appearance: Dev walks the streets in an all black hoof sewn outfit which covers most of his body except for a small portion of his face, where grey and black mottled fur can be seen. A yellow utility belt wraps around his midsection to complement the rest of his outfit and make it easier for him to carry supplies. He stands just a hand or two taller than the average pony with a strong athletic build underneath his clothing. His main and tail, which are not covered by his clothing, are a streaked mix of navy blue and black. Though he does not like to take his mask off, if forced, once will be greeted with a pair of exceptionally sapphire blue eyes and a sweet face.

Perhaps due to the brain damage, Dev has been unable to obtain his cuty mark thus far.

Equipment:One tiny serrated folding blade which he either keeps on his utility belt or in the sleeve on his hoof.

Last edited at Thu, May 9th, 2013 22:40

>> No. 421542
File 136816434177.png - (10.66KB , 400x400 , serrated knife.png )
Part 2 0f 2
Character Flaws:
PTSD-Sometimes a random event or object will trigger a memory in his mind; whether it be from around the time of his accident, or of something cruel that he had seen in the luny-bin. When these instances occur, he is often plunged into a deep state of fear and will continue to spiral down into a full on panic attack if something or someone does not snap him out of it.

Night Terrors-Suffers night terrors when he has had a particularly stressful day. They will often leave him crying out in his sleep or waking with little recognition of where he, who his friends are, or if that happens to be an enemy trying to grab his shoulder or a friend trying to provide comfort. If this happens he is likely to strike out at whatever is closest to him unless he has had time to 'wake up' and recognize his surroundings.

TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury-Because of the brain damage, he often finds it hard to keep his mind on simple tasks unless he is very determined. One minute he might be working on sharpening a stick into a weapon, and the next he will be off chasing a pretty butterfly down the road. Unless he is reminded of what he was doing, he will not return to the task until much later when it happens to wonder back into his mind. His mental instability also affects his ability to communicate efficiently with other ponies. He will often talk very loudly, or even yell, in an attempt to get his point across, as he often feels that other ponies cannot understand what he is saying. He has a hard time understanding that much of his jabbering often makes little to no sense, and it takes a certain amount of patience and repetition from other ponies to teach him that, yes, they CAN hear him, and, no, he does not have to yell.



Melee Combat:3

Ranged Combat:0





Spell Casting:0
>> No. 421543
File 136816448456.png - (133.36KB , 450x540 , 0174-132656887401.png )
>> No. 421948
File 136847726125.jpg - (7.68KB , 278x182 , images (12).jpg )
Name: Fluttershy
Age: 18? I'm not sure.
Bio: She lived in Ponyville for most of her life. Was bullied in Cloudsdale for not being a good flyer. She works with animals now.
Appearance: [picture] Her cutie mark is of three butterflies.
Notes: The stare will come in handy
Equiptment: I'm not sure she has anything.
[Fluttershy isn't a unicorn, so what should I do for spellcasting?]
>> No. 421951
leave it at 0
>> No. 421952
File 136848028316.jpg - (7.68KB , 278x182 , images (12).jpg )
Okay then here are the stats:
Endurance: 2
Willpower: 1
Melee: 2
Ranged: 3
Perception: 1
Stealth: 2
Athletics: 1
Charisma: -1
Spellcasting: 0
>> No. 421953
You have three more points to spend. You could also take flaws, to get two more points for each flaw. (up to maximum of three flaws, 6 points)

Last edited at Mon, May 13th, 2013 14:30

>> No. 421954
Is there a list of flaws, or can we create them?
>> No. 421956
You create them, and we review them.
>> No. 421957

You know I can't say that I agree with these stats, I'd think that Fluttershy would have more charisma or something since she's adorable and can pout her lip or something. Also I don't see her doing well in a combat situation I'd think she would just fly away in the face of a zombie.

Also with the current character sheet she only has 2 more points on account of the subtracted point from being a pegasi.
>> No. 421958
Okay then.
Endurance: 1
Willpower: 2
Melee: 1
Ranged: 2
Perception: 3
Stealth: 1
Athletics: 1
Charisma: 3
Spellcasting: 0
>> No. 421959

Pegasi get 11 points rather than 12, on account of their ability to fly. Once that's done I think we're golden.
>> No. 421960
2 for Perception then
>> No. 421964

Alright well that'll do then I just have to figure out how to get you in now. It's been arrival after arrival and I don't know whether to just toss you into the fray or wait a little, or even which group to put you in.
>> No. 422001
[I have to pack for a trip, so I'll post a few parts now and then]
Name: Miri
Age: 18
Bio: She grew up in Canterlot and was the protector of Luna and Celestia. She left on a mission to find a shooting star that can supposedly give anyone magic, even Earth Ponies and Pegasus. Sadly, she failed. When she returned, the zombies had all ready begun their invasion.
>> No. 422004
I think we have too many high ranking military characters, sooo, this app is probably going to be rejected. But you could play her as a normal guard pony Im sure.
>> No. 422006
How about this, she was the apprentice of the protector. She isn't high-ranking though.
>> No. 422052

Well I'm going to have to say no for several reasons based on what I see here alone.

One, someone that protects Luna and Celestia? We must not forget that what you are talking about are two deities of the Moon and the Sun, respectively. They are already seated in the heart of Equestrian government, and surrounded by the royal guard, they don't need something like a "protector".

Two, to be a protector of such class would engender skill far too great to be cohesive in an environment such as this as a playable non-DM character.

Three, in accepting such a character I would be accepting her mission and I cannot allow such a thing to exist within the canon. A shooting star that grants anyone magic? That's asking for a lot and I don't want something like that to exist in the TD. Doesn't matter if she failed or not if she was sent to find it that means it feasibly exists and is worth searching for and no such entity has been described in MLP canon so I see no reason for it to exist in TD canon.
>> No. 422063
Okay then she is a normal guard pony? Like Mad Mare of Manchester mentioned?
>> No. 422065
Yes, though just keep in mind, there may be perks or disavtanges to being associated with the military. She'll be expected to follow orders when a higher ranking officer gives her one, otherwise she may be discharged from services. Which has happened to one player already.
>> No. 422076
How about this- she was a former gaurd pony
>> No. 422081
File 136865726931.jpg - (5.73KB , 209x242 , Fluttershy.jpg )
Well, either group is fine by me.
>> No. 422089
Give her to Sunburst! Sunburst! :D
>> No. 422194
I second this, we need Fluttershy
>> No. 422200
File 136868894533.png - (474.93KB , 720x720 , SMASHING.png )

Former guard is all right, but it's up to you to answer as to why she left or was kicked out. Doesn't matter which so long as the reason being is not:

A)Involved with canon characters/events

B)Affects characters within the canon in any way shape or form (without consent from the author)

Otherwise a former guard is fine and it might make for a nice dynamic in which she might have a contempt for the guard or at the very least an interesting viewpoint on them due to her former position.

Now, if that's what you'd like, go ahead and write that up and create a stat sheet to go with it, (rules on how that works located in the OP, in the character creation sheet that is linked) and then post that here when you are done for further review.


I'd already been thinking about this and I think it best if she was introduced to group number two. Therefore, Fluttershy, if you could come out of the treeline or call from your perch in a tree, that'd be lovely.

Yes, I'm saying intro her as soon as you like, in group two. I'd say that she did not witness the death of Bull Rush and just saw Sunburst wipe the blood off but honestly everyone and the kitchen sink is covered in blood these days.
>> No. 422209
File 136873133597.png - (328.73KB , 1500x1100 , 1367340263454.png )
Name: Braeburn

Age: Approx. 20-22

Bio: Braeburn was raised in Ponyville as a foal alongside his cousins and grandmother, though mostly because his mother wanted to live near her brother and sister-in-law, who were his cousin's parents.

One fateful day, however, his aunt and uncle were killed in a tragic cart accident. The entire Apple family was devastated, and his mother wouldn't talk for a long time. Eventually, his parents decided it would be best if they moved away from Ponyville to try and start a new life in Dodge City. There, Braeburn learned to live off the land and grow his own food, though he wasn't fond of working the cherry orchard. When he got his apple cutie mark, he knew he was destined for something else.

And so the day came when he and his family, along with a few others from different towns, decided to try their luck in building a new settlement in the San Palomino desert. It was brutally hot, but they worked, planted, built, and expanded, until they finally had their own town, the settlement of Appleloosa.

Appearance: Braeburn is a pale yellow stallion with a dirty blond mane, green eyes, and an apple cutie mark. He wears a brown stetson on his head and a dark brown coat, underneath which is a saddle bag.

Other Notes: Braeburn had left Appleloosa in search of his cousins after hearing about the infected in Canterlot.

Equipment: He carries a small folding knife, fifteen pieces of hardtack, (A bland, but filling and nutritious kind of hard bread.) a canteen of water, apple seeds, in the event that he ever settles down again and can start a new life, a small medical kit for minor wounds, and an empty bottle of his cousin's cider.

Flaws: -Stubbornness- Braeburn is very single-minded and stubborn. Once he's made up his mind, that's it. It would be very difficult to make him reconsider.

Endurance - 3
Willpower - 2
Melee Combat - 3
Ranged Combat - 0
Perception - 2
Stealth - 2
Athletics - 2
Charisma - 3
Spellcasting - 0

Last edited at Fri, May 17th, 2013 22:16

>> No. 422211
I say yay to family!

Last edited at Thu, May 16th, 2013 13:43

>> No. 422212
File 136873739829.jpg - (5.73KB , 209x242 , Fluttershy.jpg )
>> No. 422214
I don't think paranoia really counts as a flaw, it's more of a trait. Being paranoid may actually *help* him in this environment.
>> No. 422215
File 136873775194.png - (137.91KB , 798x829 , 276999__UNOPT__safe_apple-bloom_artist-danfango.png )
We actually just bathed though. So we are squeaky clean!
>> No. 422218
I can argue against that. Sure, a little paranoia in this world is good, but literally suspecting everyone is bitten and hiding it from you, or they are all planning on using you for bait, or they are going to kill you, or that this is all in your head and you are killing innocent ponies for no reason. That level of Paranoia is something that is detrimental.
>> No. 422226
File 136874178768.gif - (491.22KB , 314x177 , WITCHCRAFT.gif )

Well I think your stats are fine if you are going with the paranoia thing, however, I do not think that Braeburn should be paranoid in such a way. Braeburn of all stallions would maybe do well in this scenario, keep level-headed. Therefore slapping a trait like debilitating paranoia on him is out of character in my opinion. He can be cautious, but I really don't feel that paranoia works here.

Also, if you would read the character creation sheet a little more regarding weapons, please, that'd be nice. Rifles and other firearms do not exist within TD universe, though you can use a crossbow or bow and arrow, and you have the capacity to carry several quivers with you. We don't have none of them fire sticks get that black magic outta here.

Also, for story reasons, the infection has not hit Appleoosa yet. However, they would have received news regarding the events up north so it's plausible that Braeburn set off to find his family.
>> No. 422228
He's rather pretty stubborn, perhaps give him the same flaws as AJ?

Actually that seems almost like a family trait.

Last edited at Thu, May 16th, 2013 15:06

>> No. 422231
File 136874237812.gif - (94.86KB , 182x212 , red dance.gif )

Well we had a big discussion over whether her traits were actually flaws or not and I think that being bull headed really isn't enough of a flaw to merit additional points.

Also if Braeburn could perhaps add me on skype that'd be lovely: archercastellus is the name.

God there are so many people joining I did not expect such popularity what do I do.
>> No. 422235
File 136874300622.gif - (8.52KB , 650x450 , 06193_2.gif )
>> No. 422236
File 136874302113.gif - (8.64KB , 650x450 , 06195_2.gif )
>> No. 422237
File 136874304862.gif - (6.74KB , 650x450 , 06197_2.gif )
>> No. 422238
File 136874321333.jpg - (37.57KB , 500x363 , 26166.jpg )

Shush you.
>> No. 422239
File 136874326774.gif - (14.28KB , 650x450 , 05490_1.gif )
Everything I create is popular you clown, everything.
>> No. 422242
File 136874882418.png - (81.87KB , 500x599 , 1367341464870.png )

My apologies, I saw "ammunition" and thought "yay guns!" Anyway, I have amended my character sheet, and also added the exact amount of hardtack he has, I figured that would be important, a canteen of water, (why didn't I include that to begin with? That's like, the most important thing.) and I switched to folding knife, editing my stats to make me more of a melee fighter. I also changed his weakness to stubbornness, as suggested.

I am keeping a separate character sheet that I will update and amend as the RP progresses.
>> No. 422245
File 136874898054.gif - (503.60KB , 245x138 , Grindel.gif )
>> No. 422311
File 136882395197.jpg - (20.79KB , 500x500 , yay (3).jpg )

That's quite alright sir. Just a few more things I'd like to say. We have always approached stats in this way, that fighting stats go on a scale in which the 4 and 5 is reserved usually for those who have military training or a lot of experience. 3 is usually the cap for natural talent/practice. Now, if you can justify having a four, that would be fine. Perhaps he trained with the Appleoosa police intensively, though I'd recommend just sliding it back to a three.

And, lastly, I think that when this was discussed in the case of Applejack, we decided that extreme stubbornness would qualify as a minor flaw and not a major one, so it only gives a boon of one extra point rather than two. That still would give you 15 points to work with on account of being an earth pony and having one minor flaw.

Please don't feel like I'm harping on you or anything this is just what I do, and optimizing characters helps to make everything flow. Also I have a really good feeling about you in terms of your RP so I want your experience here to be as quality as possible :D
>> No. 422312
How many points are each flaw worth?
>> No. 422314

2 for a major flaw 1 for a minor flaw. DMs decide which is which and there is a criteria for them.
>> No. 422315
Are these acceptable flaws?
Often charges into battle or a unknown area without waiting or being cautious.
Is eaisly distracted by almost everything.
>> No. 422322

Major impulsiveness can be a minor flaw, but being easily distracted is not unless you made it like an actual mental disorder and that just does seem like it'd be fun.
>> No. 422349
File 136885428711.png - (54.00KB , 403x516 , 1367338587285.png )

Oh no, I want to make sure I'm playing by the rules here and that I check out okay, so harp all you'd like. Edited once again, I think I did the math right.
>> No. 422350

Allllrighty then that's a yes from me to Braeburn. Now I just have to figure out how to get you in in a way that flows alright. Due to the influx of players that's all I seem to be doing these days it is getting ridiculous, I might have to close off applications soon here.

Also do I have you on Skype yet or no because that helps with the whole situation of discussing stuff.
>> No. 422351
File 136885933250.png - (144.75KB , 800x800 , 1367339682963.png )

wanderingequine is my Skype name.

This is gonna be so much fun.
>> No. 422352
Just out of curiosity, have you been keeping up with the Applebloom storyline?
>> No. 422353
File 136886013638.png - (174.42KB , 500x630 , 1367339050923.png )

I'm afraid I haven't.
>> No. 422354
Oh my.
>> No. 422355

Shall I refer to the thread and read as much as I can, or is there an updated canon thing somewhere?
>> No. 422357
In a nutshell, she's traveling with a psychopathic, abusive maniac. Who's adopted her, and has killed at least one player character for trying to take her away.
>> No. 422358
File 136886274119.jpg - (60.53KB , 900x753 , 136554661341.jpg )
Help me!
>> No. 422361
File 136888302694.png - (57.36KB , 426x632 , 1377543473.png )
>> No. 422370
File 136890753588.jpg - (12.86KB , 250x265 , oh my.jpg )

Was that metagame? Oooooh myyyy gotta put Braeburn in group one now don't I?
>> No. 422371
File 136890854914.jpg - (12.03KB , 300x162 , Sciences.jpg )
>> No. 422415
File 136894113343.png - (105.39KB , 301x320 , 0120-132649075347.png )
You know we are heading for Appaloosa right?

Last edited at Sat, May 18th, 2013 22:28

>> No. 422418

...I'm the guy running the story take a wild guess.

Of course I know I'm just having fun with you, it sounded like you were just pleading for help in group 2. Though, if I put him there he'd be murdered almost instantly.
>> No. 422450
It's sort of like ADD. For example, she could be in the middle of a battle and be distracted by a butterfly flying by.
>> No. 422456
File 136900554769.gif - (537.84KB , 245x180 , What are you all doing.gif )
So basically similar to a 5 year old after being injected with speed and meth?
>> No. 422476

Okay so if it's that bad then major flaw is fine, but I'll be holding you to that.
>> No. 422480
Eh, it's more of a minor flaw if you ask me because she's not distracted all the time, just occasionaly.
>> No. 422495

Minor flaw fine. Look I have yet to see a character sheet that has some time and effort put into it please do so and get back to me when that's done.

Sorry if I sound grumpy because I am, finals tomorrow morning and I hate studying. Work on it and get back to me.
>> No. 422496
I know! Finals are so stressful.
>> No. 422576
Is Scootaloo taken?
>> No. 422579
Scoots is available
>> No. 422585
Nope, Just Scoots.
>> No. 422586
Okay then! How do I sign up for Scootaloo?
>> No. 422590
Instructions are in the OP post
>> No. 422613
File 136925006042.jpg - (51.61KB , 640x360 , image.jpg )
YES! We would then have all three CMC's!!
>> No. 422634
File 136927637514.jpg - (10.40KB , 224x224 , imagesCARDDXHX.jpg )
Name: Scootaloo
Age: Elementary school age..However old Apple and Sweetie are.
Bio: Is the third CMC and is a pegasi. She first met Sweetie and Apple at Diamond Tiara's party. Ever since then the three of them have been the CMCs.
Appearance: [photo]
>> No. 422635
Is Pinkie Pie taken? If she is, could I play a filly?
>> No. 422696
Pinkie is available
>> No. 422698
We need the character stats
>> No. 422699
Filly's get 6 points, instead of 12. And, flaws dont give extra points
>> No. 422700
File 136928979363.jpg - (85.27KB , 845x845 , image.jpg )
Sorry scoots, but that's a pretty weak character sheet.
>> No. 422707
File 136929807151.jpg - (7.09KB , 270x187 , steepled fingers 2.jpg )

On account of there being a lot of new joiners I'm going to have to up the ante on new applicants. In fact, I'm going to be having several talks soon with some characters already existing.

Suffice it to say that I'm going to need more than that to accept a character. I need you to prove to me you can write with a certain level of talent so I want you to read the character creation sheet and do it in full, and give me a good definition and representation of Scootaloo's character traits and subsequent abilities. They need to match. What I need when canon characters are played is an accurate but creative interpretation, and what I see here is not indicative of such ability.
>> No. 422718
File 136934765951.png - (47.39KB , 250x262 , 250px-Scootaloo_offering_help_crop_S1E24.png )
Name: Scootaloo.
Age: 7/8/9?
Biography: Scootaloo is a pegasi. She loves riding on her scooter and doing daring things. She's talented at riding it and can use her wings to propel her. Even when she's scared, she will never admit it. She is a lot like Rainbow Dash and idolizes the older pegasi. She is one of the CMCs, searching for her cutie mark in hopes of finding her special talent. She met Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom at Diamond Tiara's qincinera, and the three of them were best friends ever since. She is pretty friendly to everyone and very energetic, as most fillies are. She can be very brave when she has to be, and will never back down from a challenge. Has good ideas and a good sense of humor.
Appearance: Orange/brown coat, lavender eyes, pink mane and tail. No cutie mark.
[First, fillies get 6 points?]
>> No. 422720
Look at my stats, base fillies get six points to distribute, how ever it needs to be tweaked to Scootaloo's skills.

Also as Pegasus you get some free points, I am just not sure where though.

[here is my stats]

Player: Six
Character Name: Applebloom
Race: Earth Pony
Description: Small and short with a pale-yellow coat and a bright raspberry-red mane and tail. Her most dominant feature is a dark pink bow tied in her mane. She has no cutie mark.
History: Apple Bloom was born and raised to the Apple Family at The Sweetapple Acres Farm in Ponyville, and is the youngest of the two older siblings, Apple Jack and Big Macintosh. Apple Bloom has, for quite some time, been attempting to discover her special talent and receive her cutie mark. Even though she is still discovering her true talent, Apple Bloom seems particularly skilled at craftwork and practical design, …Just don’t let her come up with a dance routine. Instead of taking the wise advise of her older sister Applejack to wait for it to come naturally, Apple Bloom continues to stubbornly press on with her attempts. She is so hellbent on getting her cutie mark, Apple Bloom stole ingredients from Zecora to make a “cutie mark potion.” Like all the others, this attempt ultimately fails. Apple Bloom teamed up with two other blank-flanked fillies, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, and formed the “Cutie Mark Crusaders,” a club where the three set out on a variety of different adventures to help acquire their cutie marks. Apple Bloom is a full-time student at the Ponyville School, and a helping hoof at the Sweetapple Acres Farm.

Concept: Independent, brave, impatient Filly.

Equipment: 1 saddlebag containing six rolled up vines, a hammer, and her CMC cape.

Flaws: Naive filly

Endurance: 2
Willpower: 1
Melee combat: 0
Ranged combat: 0
Perception: 3
Athletics: 2
Charisma: 0
Spellcasting: 0
>> No. 422721
Pegsus actually get one less point, because they have to put one point into flight...
Scootaloo though may be an exception. I think it's considered canon (By Lauren Faust at least) that she's crippled, and actually can't fly.
>> No. 422722
Also you get one free point in endurance and willpower
>> No. 422724
I heard she can fly, just not very well. Like fly up to a small branch, but she'd have to climb back down. It takes a lot of energy.
>> No. 422774
File 136937115875.jpg - (16.06KB , 348x261 , image.jpg )
Yep, well anyway there is an idea what your sheet would look at in stat wise. Back story looks much better from what I read, but Archer makes the final call on that.

If it was me, I'd just be asking for convicing stats right now :D
>> No. 423214
Speaking of which, Archer? And I'm not really sure if Scootaloo has the one point taken from her stats for being a pegasi...I'm assuming Archer makes thet call too?
>> No. 423226
Do you have Skype?
>> No. 423262

She still has the point taken away.
>> No. 423373
Okay, I'll start coming up with a stats sheet
>> No. 424598
File 137070159797.png - (146.15KB , 832x800 , 302055__UNOPT__safe_vector_apple-bloom_artist-kuren247_51712bf27f123b0108000205.png )
Are you still interested?
>> No. 424605
Yes! I'm gonna eat dinner, but afterwards I'll post the character sheet.
>> No. 424606
File 137074010850.jpg - (344.78KB , 2827x3522 , 4fIkGXL.jpg )
Name: Marionetta
Age: Equivalent of 16 years.
Biography: To be delivered (Though Yuppie knows it, and would be happy to give it to any GMs.)
Appearance: Filly Pegasus, slightly taller than average height. Sports a somewhat sickly green coat, with a flat pinkish mane and matching colored tail. Her cutie mark is that of a marionette controller, representing her talent over dolls.
Equipment: Saddlebags containing a map of Equestria, a sling, two marionette dolls (Two Royal ponies. One named Lance because he has a wooden lance attached to a leg, and one named Shield because of the same reason.), a pen, some jacks and a rubber ball, small pouch of marbles.


Mute: Because of an incident that happened earlier in her life, Marionetta has been left unable to speak, as well as the side effects that come with a throat injury.

Weak Bodied: Not having a stronger body causes her recovery time to double.

Sexist: For one reason or another, Marionetta does not play well with males. Outright distrusting them on everything, she'll go out of her way to deal with mares and fillies than she would stallions unless she has no other choice. She can deal with colts, but even then, she shows some of her tendencies.

Points: 12+6-1= 17

Endurance: 2
Willpower: 3
Mêlée: 0
Ranged: 2
Perception: 4
Stealth: 4
Athletics: 2
Charisma: 2

This character was already approved, but needed to be redone because of her information being lost. Stats might be a little different, but only a little as I'm going off of memory.
>> No. 425060
Bam. Commissions inbound.
>> No. 425062
Would Scootaloo being unable to fly count as a flaw?
>> No. 425063
yes, but fillies dont get extra points for flaws.
>> No. 425066
Melee Combat:0
Ranged Combat:0
>> No. 425067
Just a heads up, a 1 in endurance is super dangerous. You're gonna have your bones broken if somehting just breaths on you. I'd bump it up to 2 at least.
>> No. 425068
also keep in mind you get 1 free point in endurance and willpower. So I guess technically you're already at 2 endurance.
>> No. 426063
File 137196593146.png - (538.07KB , 800x1200 , AmellComission.png )
also hosting on more relevant thread
>> No. 426562
File 137223197405.gif - (461.96KB , 500x375 , SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE.gif )
ahsdjskdghksdljg i need my name to stop doing the thing
>> No. 428150
File 137282248785.gif - (355.20KB , 500x278 , Who did the thing.gif )
>> No. 428271
File 137289314999.png - (140.35KB , 680x804 , flutterzombie.png )
I'm sure someone in here can make use of this XD
>> No. 428510
File 137302930005.png - (898.28KB , 606x786 , it_will_rain_by_blitzpony-d5dbw72.png )
This is my formal resignation from the canon. I will no longer be playing as Applejack, and I will no longer be participating in The Trotting Dead in any form.

I had big plans for this canon, and unfortunately, due to overwhelming circumstances (AKA College), I was unable to see that vision through.

I myself am to blame for the lack of proper action taken to keep a check of balance, and to see that what needed to happen happened in order for all of my players to have the optimal experience. I did what I had to do in order to keep my grades up, and it paid off, but not for TD.

Unfortunately, this canon now lies in the hands of those who I feel lack the scope of vision I had for it, and believe the overall experience has been hindered because of it.

I no longer really feel welcome or wanted to participate in the very thread I took the effort to put together in the first place.

I also feel the rolling system in use is being abused severely, one that I knew was going to be abused before it was even suggested to me but was implemented anyway due to my inaction.

And I feel players are being mistreated, and killed off for the sake of violence, and rushed to do a poorer job.

(I speak not of the slowness of my own posts.)

These are just some examples as to why I left. This is not the quality of role play I had in mind, obviously.

But it is what it is, and I've decided to let go of it for the sake of a new start and greener pastures.

I don't blame these people for what happened though, I understand what they tried to do was save the idea that I was neglecting.

And I have very good ideas, which is why I'm moving on to a new one, which I plan on handling properly this time around with the help of a very close friend.

I wish you all the best.


>> No. 428515
File 137305610425.png - (121.14KB , 325x339 , seriously.png )

While I'm glad that you are taking some responsibility for what's happened, the passive-aggressiveness of this whole thing is really not cool.

School takes priority I know, but to criticize us for taking care of the project that you left behind? I'm sorry but I don't like this attitude at all.

This is not the place to have this discussion though if it is to occur, so I will say no more. But honestly I think nothing else needs to be said that hasn't already been made abundantly clear. So I will pursue this no further.

>> No. 428516
File 137306075979.jpg - (400.46KB , 530x345 , checka.jpg )
Can't say I'm going to miss your brand of immaturity. Or that I agree with any of the assessments you made here. If anyone was abusing or mistreating the players, it was you. Which is why we had to constantly eject you from the skype chat and eventually from being a DM. The fact that you're capable of turning around and accusing us of said abuse boggles my mind, and makes me wonder if you're just making up accusations to make it look like you have some sort of case.

Ultimately however, I don't think anything else needs to be discussed. I know the players are happy with TD, it has fantastic character driven stories in development with a very dynamic arrangement of scenarios and character make up's. The best I've seen from a player base in a long time. Our results speak for themselves and need no defending to anyone who's paying the slightest amount of attention.

Good day sir.
>> No. 428517
File 137306107385.gif - (834.66KB , 245x152 , Do you hear the people sing.gif )
>> No. 428524
File 137306467394.png - (47.82KB , 169x252 , applejack_sketches_by_kp_shadowsquirrel-d5egang.png )
And I don't like your attitudes, so the feeling is very mutual.
>> No. 428525
File 137306479173.png - (145.29KB , 686x1164 , applejack___that_doesn__t_look_right__by_redpandawha-d50taoj.png )

this kind of behavior is exactly what I'm talking about.
>> No. 428527
File 137306499313.jpg - (94.08KB , 785x1017 , meet_me_on_the_frontier_by_bamboodog-d4axyvf_png.jpg )
You know what, just forget I ever said anything. I'm tired of dealing with you people.
>> No. 428530
File 137306530391.gif - (434.99KB , 500x200 , Um___what.gif )
Okay, bye.
>> No. 428532
File 137306607287.jpg - (104.40KB , 906x882 , 9c5e4726f3da16ab3d08eb5c1d15e385-d5q6dkf.jpg )

You know what? No, I'm not doing that. I'm sorry for being passive aggressive or whatever, I've got this. New attitude.

Regardless of things said, still hope you all the best.
>> No. 428533
File 137306618432.png - (127.24KB , 500x370 , Dreams of Equality.png )
>> No. 428566
File 137307622011.png - (88.08KB , 1041x711 , spoiler.png )
I don't know you that well in RL Electra, and no one likes an asshole, but to me at least it does seem like you are trying to be a good person. I wish you well in life and hope that you can make yourself proud of yourself one day. It's not easy, and we never stop struggling with it.

Take care buddy. Probly see you around in skype some time.
>> No. 428585
File 137307991605.jpg - (34.32KB , 280x282 , tumblr_m4karnCXRM1r1bqjyo1_500.jpg )
The fuck?
>> No. 428603
File 137308130109.png - (120.73KB , 429x461 , tumblr_m2l1tmGvLX1qi60bbo1_500.png )
>> No. 428639
File 137308377752.jpg - (157.37KB , 900x900 , good_evening_vinyl_scratch_by_johnjoseco-d57vi8p.jpg )
Thank you very much Ella, I appreciate that notion and I wont forget it either. It's reassuring to know someone understands.
>> No. 429501
File 137358055287.jpg - (105.35KB , 600x471 , spoiler.jpg )
And still you will never know..
>> No. 429509
File 137358380122.gif - (25.41KB , 650x450 , kanaya rage.gif )


>> No. 429549
You shall never know! Muhahahaha!
>> No. 434149
File 137521453531.png - (1.08MB , 1024x546 , fluttershy_by_lethargicmisanthrope-d6clpcw.png )
Fluttershy is now available for application again.
>> No. 434808
File 137549122153.jpg - (26.70KB , 633x348 , anyotherquestions.jpg )
With heavy heart, Twilight Sparkle is now available for application.
>> No. 435991
File 137593074188.jpg - (125.23KB , 500x707 , tumblr_mah8qir66W1rvc2vjo1_500.jpg )

Only serious players allowed everybody.
>> No. 436079
File 137594087428.gif - (1.52MB , 450x253 , 1375511290633.gif )
*Covers your mouth with a damp chloroform rag and proceeds to smother you*

Shh, it's ok Electra. Just let the dreams take over now...just let the dreams take'll all be over faster than you can count to three.
>> No. 436585
Is Vinyl Still Open?
>> No. 436586
Indeed she is.
>> No. 436587
File 137594146242.gif - (1.00MB , 500x280 , You're a fucking douchebag and you know it.gif )
>> No. 436590
If you need help with the char sheet let me know.
>> No. 436593
That would be a little nice, as my normal Vinyl can tend to get a little "off color"
(My Current Vinyl got turned into a Vampire Lord who can Crush a car with hulk like strength...)
>> No. 436594
File 137594258361.gif - (646.00KB , 245x170 , Wait what.gif )
... How do you turn Vinyl into a Vampire lord?
>> No. 436597
File 137594271310.png - (165.11KB , 600x671 , tri_x13_by_thegreattrixie-d4w9l0b.png )

The shit I put up with.
>> No. 436598
File 137594279684.gif - (956.46KB , 500x243 , GOOD MORNING VIETNAM.gif )
>> No. 436601
to be fair "I" didn't...
She got tagged by a Stalker, and was made a vamp, and then well, its either Kill or be killed
>> No. 436602
Hello Electrix...
Whats wrong?
>> No. 436604
File 137594324454.jpg - (198.21KB , 1100x736 , 4200495_orig.jpg )
Orion/dognut bar/mansion threads. Take your pick.
Hey don't ignore me bitch! I'll cut you D<
>> No. 436607
File 137594331944.png - (771.91KB , 750x750 , 07-02-2013_OC_small_fix2.png )
Ello Ella~

You wouldn't even believe! These guys gave me such a hard time today.
>> No. 436608
File 137594335184.gif - (415.07KB , 500x264 , Maybe one day.gif )
And that is why I made my own I can have silly things that don't make sense!
>> No. 436609
Well... i do have Skype.... if you want to rant at/to me, i'm a great listener...
(and sometimes, i can pull really great one-liners out my ass...)
>> No. 436610
File 137594350878.gif - (2.71MB , 480x270 , funny-game-glitch-parkour.gif )
Oye, sure! You can add me! supermeatbrony.
>> No. 436611
File 137594352863.gif - (713.51KB , 500x281 , Sign this and I will stop.gif )
I wouldn't call things pulled out of your ass great.
>> No. 436612
File 137594356143.png - (158.78KB , 871x480 , 305687_379593095478980_675809444_n.png )
Silly Electra. You must find the herd of ponies that will be willing to accept the amount of trolls you have in your pockets. Only then, young padawon, will you truly be accepted.

Also, helloooo! I'm going to stop spamming your guys ooc now, mkay bai
>> No. 436613
File 137594374769.gif - (922.73KB , 500x280 , tumblr_lzvnue0wlw1qhsh8wo1_500.gif )
Yeah, I probably should, not like anyone here ever gets anything done anyway.
>> No. 436614
Now don't be an arse honey. I'll have to come over that skype chat and smak a pone.

probably won't do any good seeing as how you'll like it
>> No. 436615
File 137594389671.gif - (86.13KB , 500x369 , Shicking development.gif )
Nobody gets anything done?!?!?!
>> No. 436616
File 137594403121.gif - (1.25MB , 360x201 , best-science-prank-ever.gif )
I'm a sucker for punishment.

We've been at point whosawhatsit for how long now?
>> No. 436617
File 137594405933.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , 134196755179.png )

>> No. 436618
File 137594417014.jpg - (50.81KB , 500x359 , I made a good thing ;33.jpg )
>> No. 436619
File 137594423305.gif - (439.04KB , 500x378 , tumblr_mopxjrGJt61qdqv28o1_500.gif )
Awe what a cutie.
>> No. 436621
File 137594425804.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
I know you are, that's why I pre-ordered my whip from the toy shop.
>> No. 436622
It's an actual Liger. It's in a Russian zoo.
>> No. 436624
File 137594436312.gif - (7.76MB , 432x243 , boombaby2w2u5s.gif )
I would like to visit Chernobyl one day.
>> No. 436625
File 137594436966.gif - (936.44KB , 245x200 , Stroke.gif )
Testing out new toys on Electra before using them on me?
>> No. 436626
The cub or the big boy? Cause the cub looks like a leopard
>> No. 436629
File 137594442671.gif - (21.41KB , 400x280 , 0fb2.gif )
That's hawt.
>> No. 436630
That's...that Big the mother.
>> No. 436631
File 137594453781.png - (76.19KB , 900x790 , 136441655673.png )
Honey, you want me using them on you? Ya, didn't think so.

omg, I want a set of those so I can glue them on smiles head when he's sleeping then proceed to squeel everytime they go back and he glares at me...shut! I'm TOTALLY not a furfag...only with ears...and tails...SHUTUPDON'TJUDGEME.jpeg
>> No. 436632
File 137594458469.gif - (432.14KB , 500x322 , The fucking salt talks to me, compared to that, this shit is normal.gif )
>> No. 436633
Oh..well, I just assumed from the position that it was a one of the males, cause they bring the cubs in to play with them sometimes
>> No. 436634
>Dat file name

You have a point. Ok, fine, but only if you get Zuri in on it.
>> No. 436635
I assume you'll be playing regular Vinyl Scratch?
>> No. 437299
File 137619910029.png - (400.84KB , 383x645 , 147.png )
Name: Scootaloo
Age: 10
Biography: Shows no fear to certain situations when she is able to push her fear aside, even though it can be hard for the little filly, however with everything going on. She has done what she can to survive, from fighting, and by fighting, I mean running, away from any threat she comes across, if it looks too much to handle which most do, which most of it does. However, that doesn't mean she's not quick to jump in and help, usually as a distraction, since she is most likely to out scoot a zombie. Crusading for Cutie Marks have been taken a second seat, her primary goal is to find her friends.
Appearance: Image An orange filly, with purple hair and tail, small little wings that are unable to give her flight, and has faded purple eyes
Other Notes: Show Canon Scootaloo, with a few minor tweaks to fit the situation, little swordplay, (wooden swords) but no where near an expert.
Equipment: Helmet, Scooter. Wooden sword.

Sorry for the small sheet, a little hard to make more things on a show canon character when I'm trying to keep show canon.
>> No. 437301
Make her character sheet and we're good. fillies get 6 points, and flaws don't add points.
>> No. 437302
File 137620193317.png - (166.69KB , 1063x901 , 9.png )
Elaborate on 'good.'
>> No. 437303
As in once her character sheet is good to go, you can play
>> No. 437304
File 137620353414.png - (28.61KB , 129x129 , 84.png )
That doesn't explain what 'good' to you is.
>> No. 437305

Good, AKA, the sheet is acceptable.
>> No. 437873
File 137630556556.png - (111.12KB , 900x812 , replay6.png )
Name: Replay Beat
Age: 20
Biography: She was never really all too out of the ordinary, however
she was born with a minor speech impediment that causes her to stutter
from time to time, causing sudden shouts to become nearly impossible
(like trying to warn someone if a zombie is coming behind them)
however, she does have a knack for djing at parties, and writing songs
that have a unique ability to raise one's spirit and help them carry
on in tough times.
Appearance: She is a tad on the short side, has dark gray fur, and
a not so dark bright yellow mane along with dark blue eyes She also
has a unique paint-like marking on her hooves (unknown source).
Her cutie mark is a sound wave, surrounded by a repeat symbol, to
symbolize both her strength in music, and her weakness in speech.
Other Notes: She has a not bad singing voice, and can make a song with
pretty much anything and can use almost anything as an insturment, also
has the will to take on whatever life throws at her, no matter how
silly or daunting.
Equipment: none

Endurance: lll
Willpower: lll
Melee Combat: ll
Ranged Combat: -l
Perception: ll
Stealth: l
Athletics: l
Charisma: lll
Spellcasting: ll
Weakness for extra points: speech impediment
>> No. 438273

I'm not one of the canon runners/administrators, but I think the sheet looks good to me. Might have to make the speech-impediment a little 'stronger,' in that she might have to use it more frequently in order to get the points, but that's up for them to say.

I'd also recommend making at least one skill a 4, but that's just me.

And this is the first application I've seen doing stats Roman numeral style. So good job being unique.
>> No. 438304
File 137637814471.png - (85.77KB , 900x636 , replay10.png )
I meant to say it happened a little more often then she would like (alot more often) as for the 4 skill... i WAS going to make charisma 4 (because of the whole bard-ish feel) but i decided against it, because other then making people FEEL a little better, what good is it really for? its not like you can command the zombies and tell them what to do because you are THAT good at speech.
>> No. 438306
File 137637883838.jpg - (31.83KB , 196x303 , groovy.jpg )

True, but Charisma (as in most RPG's) is for the occasional NPC one comes accross, and generally speaking, they're pretty common. Can't exactly charm the dead, but charming the Joe Bloe the groups come across is still an important skill to have.

Course it's only my opinion, as is, I think the sheet is just fine.
>> No. 438308
File 137637916707.png - (65.11KB , 764x470 , replay4.png )
Edit upon skill sets and equipment

Equipment: Guitar

Endurance: ll
Willpower: lll
Melee Combat: 0
Ranged Combat: -l
Perception: ll
Stealth: 0
Athletics: l
Charisma: lll
Spellcasting: llll
Weakness for extra points: severe speech impediment

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 00:34

>> No. 438312
File 137637985530.png - (19.72KB , 224x288 , replay3.png )
>> No. 438318
as a DM I approve. Do you have skype by chance?
>> No. 438320
File 137638116406.jpg - (109.00KB , 1024x1144 , general_derpy_by_equestria_prevails-d4bt6pg.jpg )
(just for laughs, not 100% for realsies)
Name: Derpy Hooves
Age: 19 (3 years after Equestria girls)
Biography: A pony whom has not had the easiest of lives, as a foal she was born with a lazy eye, which she could not see out of at all. She was constantly picked on and abused by her fellow students for something that wasn't even her fault. Not being able to fix the wrong that could not be fixed, she went through life being treated like a retard, even though she was actually quite brilliant, though somewhat of a ditz. Right after turning 18, Princess Celestia recognized Derpy's talent, and hired her on her royal guard. As a symbol of getting over the oppression and becoming greater then she had ever been, she put a patch over her lazy eye, making her look much more serious. Using her brilliance, she fought her way through many battles, gaining pride throughout the land as the new commander. If only those kids who picked on her could see her now... Commander Derpy Hooves.
Appearance: Gray coat, with bright yellow hair and eyes, she wears a patch over her lazy eye to hide it, and wears the solar empire armor (and lunar republic armor from time to time just for fun)
Other Notes: She cannot see at all out of her right eye (guessing an eye here) at all, but what she lacks in sight, she makes up for in spirit, and furiousity in battle.
Equipment: Armor, Iron Sword
Endurance: lll
Willpower: llll
Melee Combat: lll
Ranged Combat: -l
Perception: l
Stealth: 0
Athletics: ll
Charisma: l
Spellcasting: -1
Weakness for extra points: Lack of sight from right eye (yet again, guessing the eye) +2 points Can fly -1 point
>> No. 438323
File 137638129993.png - (477.55KB , 1600x1581 , 18033 - absurd_res rainbow_dash vector.png )
Nope, but I have Steam, and I am friends with Yuppie AND i believe we have met before, but it was a while ago.
>> No. 438324
File 137638135333.jpg - (32.90KB , 551x307 , 136379852228.jpg )

Long as you keep your butt outta melee combat, I think she'll be okay.

Also - I don't think I've seen you around before. Not that I keep tabs on folks, but I think I woulda recognized your OC from somewhere.
>> No. 438325
File 137638147700.jpg - (77.70KB , 400x400 , 44229_-_dashie_keyboard_rainbow_dash.jpg )
of course you know me onjage, it has just been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time
>> No. 438328
File 137638205281.png - (140.44KB , 413x439 , faic dan.png )

Oh yeah, it has been, hah.

What's the haps bruh?
>> No. 438329
File 137638214974.gif - (81.09KB , 319x426 , HA!.gif )
>> No. 438330
File 137638219996.jpg - (63.16KB , 500x500 , 6f48b4a2718baf2308dc1ecd50c3b395.jpg )
*is actually somewhat surprised you remember me*
Welp, for a while there I had converted to the dark side (mlpchan) until I realized only a couple of good rpers actually moved (the rest were REALLY bad) and now Trotswood is moving back, along with me.
>> No. 438332
File 137638244906.png - (258.85KB , 562x341 , have you ever been swept off your feet by a sandwich.png )

If I'm totally honest, It's a little fuzzy, but I do remember you. And that was a LONG time ago.

And if /mlp/chan is the darkside, this is the grey area in between. /rp/ has kinda....slowed. We're still here as you've noticed, but, yeah. Shit could be better I tell ya wot.
>> No. 438334
File 137638274657.jpg - (33.79KB , 320x311 , 106447 - artist equestria-prevails derpy_hooves luna lunar_guard old_luna.jpg )
Yeah... it would be a WHOLE lot better if that big fight had never happened, then the whole freaking out about Equestria girls and how it was going to "TEAR THE FANDOM APART" yet it was just as good, if not better then the show...
>> No. 438335
File 137638284248.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )

I haven't watched it.
>> No. 438337
File 137638300322.gif - (1.07MB , 946x853 , 028DB2E18.gif )
I can email a somewhat hd copy to you if you wish
>> No. 438338
File 137638302014.jpg - (312.83KB , 816x845 , derpycommish.jpg )
>> No. 438339
You ought to.. it's.. actually not bad.
>> No. 438341
File 137638318541.png - (1.48MB , 1188x1500 , 350344__safe_solo_derpy%252Bhooves_armor_royal%252Bguard_artist-colon-crimsonsreign.png )
Only i put a semi-serious tone to her, to make her a little less silly, and a little more of the brilliant pony i make her out to be.
>> No. 438343
File 137638348690.png - (97.78KB , 250x250 , tumblr_mlgipxWLz61s1fmu4o5_250.png )

Man's gotta stick to his principles 'ee do. Mmmhm.
>> No. 438344
File 137638363468.jpg - (126.42KB , 857x857 , 14E.jpg )
principle celestia and vice principle luna :P here is your ductape
>> No. 438345
File 137638376880.png - (78.95KB , 238x280 , tumblr_mhz4sbeOHc1r2risto2_500.png )

You cannot tempt me with prettiest pony.
>> No. 438346
File 137638392106.jpg - (210.40KB , 1600x1610 , 8E5.jpg )
Oh i can tempt, i can tempt really well
>> No. 438347
File 137638412799.jpg - (32.38KB , 196x303 , smilin.jpg )

Gettin' colder.
>> No. 438348
File 137638420559.jpg - (78.88KB , 600x848 , i_just_wanted_to_help_by_lexx2dot0-d4nd560.jpg )
fine... ill just go cry in a corner by myself...
>> No. 438349
File 137638439275.png - (90.10KB , 153x500 , erza_cap_163_by_akemiii-d4kxvj4.png )
perhaps this picture will fit better
>> No. 438350
File 137638462063.png - (66.01KB , 232x281 , tumblr_m9sxlcO6y41r2risto1_500.png )

I can't quite see what's going on in that one.
>> No. 438351
File 137638487995.jpg - (7.50KB , 222x227 , images (3).jpg )
Her best friend had memory loss, but had done some REALLY bad things because he was possesed, but then he regained his memory of her as he was being arrested, and she was told that he would never see any of them again. (little bit of fairy tail knowlege)
>> No. 438352
File 137638500341.jpg - (80.78KB , 750x600 , erza_by_camoche-d5fbtpp.jpg )
I was just refering to the crying in a corner bit
>> No. 438353

I cannot into anime. I think I'm the only one in this thread who isnt.
>> No. 438354
File 137638525660.png - (35.88KB , 425x299 , replay9.png )
its okay, its understandable, i was just clearifying... it is the crying in a corner bit i was reffering to (back to replay)
>> No. 438355
File 137638542037.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )

I get what you were trying for though.
>> No. 438356
File 137638546290.jpg - (83.64KB , 800x609 , governor_kitteh__by_wolfi_sama-d5ztkvy.jpg )
Well, taking a close look at it, I also give my stamp of approval~
>> No. 438357
File 137638611883.png - (130.18KB , 900x1098 , replay8.png )
It was worth the shot
>> No. 438358
File 137638779491.jpg - (126.25KB , 375x375 , dan_vs__the_powah_by_harijizo-d42olo3.jpg )

I'm just about asleep here, so I think I gotta say gnight to you

I'd recommend gettin skype by the by. OOC activity in our threads has moved pretty much entirely into the chat group, and I wouldnt want you left out. Jus a suggesin

>> No. 438371
File 137642277025.jpg - (57.21KB , 750x600 , Elfen_lied_Motivational_poster_by_Aoka12.jpg )
You're not into anime? Watch Elfen lied, that one will make you like it I think. Or at least that one show. And it's only like twelve episodes. Warning though, it's a very dark and bloody/gruesome show. Not sure if you like that stuff.

Really really should check it out, or at least the first episode.
>> No. 438373
File 137642287528.gif - (87.44KB , 500x500 , EHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEE.gif )
>> No. 438378

>> No. 438477
File 137644871641.jpg - (45.60KB , 452x423 , fox fox.jpg )
Can I rejoin as Michael J Star Fox?
>> No. 438478
File 137644878738.png - (82.21KB , 900x861 , derpy_the_paper_bag_wizard_by_haloreplicas-d5ate07.png )
*just got done watching that series* holy cow... so... i cant really tell... i kind of want to see if the anime says or not... is the person at the door at the end nyu?
>> No. 438485
File 137644996907.png - (583.97KB , 2200x2500 , Derpy_Luna's_Guard.png )
Loooooool that entire last episode never even happened in the manga, lucy/nyu MELT
>> No. 438495
File 137645128844.png - (143.98KB , 500x543 , 05bba1477a71484735ac70f784ca0490.png )
Guys, guys, I know it's not ponies...but Spoilers pwease XD
>> No. 438510
File 137645274659.png - (481.23KB , 3200x3501 , derpy_and_her_muffin_by_nerdirockstar-d5eenpv.png )
sowwwwy, here have a muffin
>> No. 438577
File 137646505862.jpg - (12.86KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
Und zen zere vaz zilenze... zay vere iz zat Archer vellow?
>> No. 438584
File 137646795940.png - (142.21KB , 640x625 , 180555 - artist smittyG vinyl_scratch.png )
Ps I got skype, but i probably wont awnser, and if someone DOES awnser, it will probably be my brother, since we are going to be sharing it. anyways im DerpyInABox if you want to find me.
>> No. 438606
File 137651375536.png - (65.38KB , 500x400 , fefetasprite fuck.png )

Fuck okay I came here hella late because I haven't been checking the OOC.

Apologies and that stuff.

So what's up yo do we have an applicant.
>> No. 438607
File 137651420993.png - (58.13KB , 425x661 , replay1.png )
yurp dat would be me ^-^
ferst the real one
(improvised skill sheet)
Then the silly one that could be taken if wished so.
>> No. 438608
File 137651491091.gif - (36.12KB , 450x324 , tumblr_mad1spIxdX1r36nao.gif )

Yeah sorry the silly one will remain as such but the other sheet I'm feeling pretty good with. The revised one that is.

What is it though with everyone's adversity to ranged combat, like we have no real ranged characters. It's weird. Also the Earth/Unicorn/Pegasus ratio for this group is kind of atypical too.

Ah well. I like it, so if you want in you got in since Burst already said yes and with my say-so it's finalized.

Now we just have to get you in. Option A is that we give you a baptism by fire by tossing you into the current scene and seeing how you do. Option B is we wait until after the current scene, though that would take a while.

Personally I'm all for just throwing your ass in there and seeing how you do. What say you?
>> No. 438609
File 137651513465.gif - (5.83KB , 500x500 , mlfw1737-1319389684.gif )
how do i put this?.... WEEEEEEEEEEEE *thrown out window*
>> No. 438610
File 137651547534.png - (111.12KB , 900x812 , replay6.png )
Wait... where are we throwing her? Throwing her ALONE with basicly no combat experience whatsoever is a recipe for a very short period of time in the thread :P
>> No. 438612
File 137651595754.png - (3.85KB , 352x194 , aradia.png )

Okay so basically shit is hitting the fan right about now, if you've been reading the thread. There's a survivor camp, and plenty of yet unnamed survivors in there. I could put you in the survivor camp, you're there alone without a group, and you'd need to find someone to run with. Hence how you'd come into contact with the established party.

Right now though so long as you don't seek out the infected you should be alright. The only infected in the camp right now are some pegasus zombies and a couple infected wolves. I'm not so mean either that I'd throw one on you as soon as you entered the thread. With your sheet that would pretty much spell your doom immediately.

So yeah that's where she'd be thrown.

We cool?
>> No. 438613
File 137651607183.png - (46.47KB , 467x471 , replay2.png )
We are cool with that, we will be heading over to the thread in a little bit, and thanks for all your help mr. archer
>> No. 438713
File 137660907848.png - (19.71KB , 217x576 , human_replay 1.png )
I dont know why i did this, but I did... so here ya go
>> No. 438716
File 137661105611.png - (294.92KB , 841x950 , sfJB1.png )
MAN ive been bored lately...
>> No. 439710
File 137705807719.png - (448.57KB , 1280x1734 , 75f5ecf1b646673ce6598ea393171cfa.png )
My character sheet isn't on this laptop,and my old one fried months ago,and I just tried looking for the ooc i submitted it in,and its gone,And I'm not sure its on the wiki..I can re submit one. Which would be a bit problematic I guess..I'm not sure what to do here,and I'm sorry for the trouble..Just let me know what you need me to do.
>> No. 439711

Well I definitely need that character sheet so I can keep tabs on what the rolls mean. You already know what you intended with the character, I assume, so you can redo it. Just try to keep it as it was.

Sorry for the inconvenience I should've saved these earlier.
>> No. 439713
File 137705857592.gif - (192.05KB , 452x370 , tumblr_inline_mri4exmhgF1qz4rgp.gif )
Why are you apologizing bro its my fault,and yeah I have a an idea of what they were..Again I'm really sorry..
>> No. 439714
File 137705869570.png - (3.85KB , 352x194 , z aradia face.png )

'Tis fine

Thank ye kindly
>> No. 439715
File 137705888909.gif - (0.98MB , 300x202 , A tick being injected with Hydrogen Peroxide.gif )
>> No. 439716
File 137705939890.png - (40.99KB , 181x185 , what the fuuuuck.png )

das fucked up dude
>> No. 439730
File 137706016810.png - (143.68KB , 521x635 , pill popper by jervis.png )
Name: Pill Popper
Age: 22
Biography: She lost her parents at a young age, and she flunked out of medical school for distributing an illegal substance she made from poison joke. Went into a life of dealing in Canterlot. Which got her thrown in the slammer. Was not taken well of in the prison system suffered from malnourishment.

Appearance: A pink mane and a purple coat with piercing blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a pill bottle it shows how well she was at crafting medicine.

Other Notes/Flaws: A bit of a bitch, and scatter brained at times. Has an addiction to her own creation, and is paranoid.

Equipment: Nothing but a few provisions, and a hammer which she looted off some unfortunate soul she found mangled in the forest.

Endurance: 2

Willpower: 3

Melee Combat: 1

Ranged Combat:4

Perception: 2

Stealth: 2

Athletics: 1

Charisma: 3

Let me know if I need to work on anything.
>> No. 439756
File 137706184705.jpg - (45.15KB , 661x575 , IMG_20130730_1700312419195.jpg )
Name: Midnight Sparkle

Age: 26

Biography: Witnessing the mugging and death of his parents at a young age outside a movie theater, He vowed to take revenge on the attacker. Not being rich or famous like a certain caped crusader, he took to working out and eventually joined the military. Finding he didn't care much for military life, he went AWOL during a mission. he eventually stumbled upon the remains of his squad, them having been killed by zombies. he then raided the supplies, and weapons, taking the supplies wagon with him.

Appearance: Midnight is a tan/cream colored unicorn stallion with a brown mane and tail. his cutie mark is a sun with a rainbow trailing off, representing never fading optimism.

Other Notes: Somewhat Nerdy, spouts out random facts often, and will gladly share weapons and ammunition if asked

Equipment: Crossbow x3, 6 full quivers of Bolts, a Bowie knife, and rations.

Endurance: 2

Willpower: 3

Melee Combat: 3

Ranged Combat:4

Perception: 3

Stealth: 2

Athletics: 5

Charisma: 3
>> No. 439765
File 137706251296.jpg - (32.12KB , 466x358 , SPLENDID.jpg )

All looks good from my end. Stats check out and all that. Thanks :)
>> No. 439780
File 137706359690.png - (555.23KB , 500x379 , O__O.png )

Holy shit another applicant.


As for the sheet, you've got a bit of an overflow here, mate. As a unicorn, you would have a total of 12 points to spend, as is stated in the doc. Looking at this, I see 24 being applied to this character, and the spellcasting skill is not even present on this sheet, so there's no indication of magical skill.

As for the Equipment, that's far too much for a starting load out. The doc reads: "You may start off with one weapon from one class, unmodified, but all other weapons must be forged or found within the world." So it is written. And I understand that in the doc it says that you came across a slaughtered guard patrol, but that's not an excuse to give you a bunch of stuff out of the blue, and the DMs control what you find in the world. What you have before your entrance is limited.

As for the bio itself, I'm finding myself raising my eyebrow a little bit. As you alluded to, it's highly Batman-y and seemingly not much relevance is given to the pursuit of the murderer after its mention. As well, I'm a little confused about his decision to enter the military, and then split during a mission. Splitting during a mission implies that he'd have gone through boot first, and most who aren't cut out for military work realize that during boot and wash out. It's just a little unrealistic.

I think that he needs a bit of a redesign on the character side, and the stat sheet needs to be fixed. I'd go for something a little bit less on the "this has been done already" side. He doesn't need to have dead parents to hate criminals, perhaps he's a law-abiding type? A cop maybe, part of the Civil Guard force. We don't have one of those in the group.
>> No. 439786
Name: Midnight Sparkle

Age: 19

Biography: Born a regular unicorn, he was soon realized to have an innate knack at magic. Growing up a rambunctious tyke, he witnessed his mothers death, and never got over it. he grew Shy, reclusive, and Awkward from it. at age 16, his dad forced him to join him as a civil guard to try and get him out of his shell. He becomes lost one day while patrolling with his dad, and never saw him again.

Appearance: Midnight is a tan/cream colored unicorn stallion with a brown mane and tail. his cutie mark is a sun with a rainbow trailing off, representing never fading optimism.

Other Notes: is able to transformation into a Anthromorphic version of himself at will.

Equipment: Crossbow, Half quiver of bolts.

Endurance: 0

Willpower: 2

Melee Combat: 0

Ranged Combat: 3

Perception: 0

Stealth: 0

Athletics: 0

Charisma: 3

Magic Skill: 4
>> No. 439794
File 137706644764.gif - (490.81KB , 742x418 , spitting out coffee.gif )

>is able to transformation into a Anthromorphic version of himself at will

Okay well, I think that you need to read the character sheet a little more. Again with the stats, that's only eleven points. There is one free point in endurance and willpower there automatically. Equipment's fine, but...

As for the rest of the sheet... sorry but no. The anthro bit is out. This is FiM only in regards to character creation, and that is not something that I want here.

And again, with the bio. He just gets lost on patrol and... what. They don't link up at the base? They don't live together, fine, but they just never bump into each other again? Does his dad just spontaneously die for some reason?

Sorry man but in this condition I'm not feeling too good about this. Application denied :I
>> No. 439795
fine then.
>> No. 439796
Seriously. its fuckin late, and I'm trying my.hardest to appease the rules.
>> No. 439798
File 137706770834.jpg - (34.32KB , 426x297 , G3NTL3M3N.jpg )

And I understand that. I'm honestly not trying to belittle you or anything of that sort, that is about as far from my intent as you can get. However, I do have a clear guideline set out for making characters, and a set of rules governing how they are made.

This is a long post canon, and I do demand a certain standard from my players, which I expect that they meet in order to play here, and many do. It's not that hard, it just requires a bit more effort than would be expected by other canons. And I'm sure that you could get a character capable of meeting such standard and I'm not doubting your writing ability either. If you still want in, brainstorm for a bit, on your own time of course. I am aware it's late, I'm actually about to head to bed myself. So think about what you could do to make a character that is a bit more original, daring, interesting and less cliche. I could help you in that process when I am able, in fact.

Please do not take this the wrong way. I'm not turning you away, I just want you to work on it.
>> No. 439799
Okay. Tomorrow, I'll enlist your help. until then goodnight
>> No. 439816
If you hop onto skype and join our room, I'd be willing to help as well.
>> No. 439863
what's the Skype?
>> No. 439870

It'd be better if you just added me quickly. archercastellus is the skype name and I'll bring you in to discuss.
>> No. 439882
>> No. 439927
Name: Midnight Sparkle

Age: 26

Biography: Born to a Prominent Doctor, and a Military Officer, Midnight lived life being trained to be a doctor. His dad didn't want any son of his being a pussy doctor, and trained him, building up his strength and endurance. he always snuck off to be with his mom, gaining him severe punishments from his father. As he grew older, he took over his mother's clinic while she retired. His dad, obviously mad, enlisted him in the army, and forcing him through bootcamp. he managed to squirrel his way into a position as a doctor, infuriating his father. He was eventually denied for active duty, following a misfired crossbow accident , hospitalizing him for weeks. He eventually recovered, and, following his honorable discharge, continued running the clinic in Canterlot. he left for a business meeting out of town, returning to find Canterlot in flames. Not knowing what the hell is going on, he rushed to find his mother, who perished in his hooves, after telling him to run. He escapes the burning house, immediately seeing the Zombies. he runs in terror, narrowly escaping Canterlot, and fled into the forest.

Appearance: Midnight is a tan/cream colored unicorn stallion with a brown mane and tail. his cutie mark is a sun with a rainbow trailing off, representing never fading optimism.

Other Notes: has a scarred over injury to his chest gained in the military. causes him pain severe enough to inhibit movement.

Equipment: Crossbow, Half quiver of bolts, First Aid Kit

Endurance: 3

Willpower: 3

Melee Combat: 0

Ranged Combat: 3

Perception: 0

Stealth: 0

Athletics: 1

Charisma: 3

Magic Skill: 3

Last edited at Wed, Aug 21st, 2013 23:10

>> No. 439929
File 137713721755.jpg - (45.15KB , 661x575 , IMG_20130730_170031-1400424828.jpg )
>> No. 440076
File 137721092678.gif - (1.65MB , 200x150 , black-guy-laughing-on-boat-gif.gif )
>> No. 440218
File 137723593424.png - (194.07KB , 200x200 , BE ADVISED.png )

I expect mutual civility from ALL INVOLVED PARTIES regardless of prior history, history which I am aware of. He is being given a shot and will be held to the same standards of conduct as everyone else.

Application has been approved through Skype, and audition was adequate. You could work on your posting a bit, but we're not all geniuses. This group is a chance for people to branch out a bit and learn.

Everyone plays nice.
>> No. 440228
File 137723763667.gif - (0.99MB , 500x311 , We all go a little mad some times.gif )
We all go mad sometimes Archer. It just simply can not be helped.
>> No. 440241
File 137723857198.gif - (25.41KB , 650x450 , kanaya rage.gif )

P̜̦̰ͅL̙̞̪̯̜̲A̛̫Y͉͉̣͉ ̭̰̘̪̞͉̮͢Ņ̩I͡C͇̮̞E̱̱̪̫͔̥̯
>> No. 440242
File 137723901802.gif - (2.00MB , 640x360 , Nope loooooooped.gif )
>> No. 440595
File 137737340717.png - (141.82KB , 926x863 , pinkie_pie___mlp_fim_by_montanaferrin-d6ct403.png )
Ok, doing this on my phone, so Archy-back off! I know there's typos! :P

Name: Pinkamina Pie

Age: uuuhh...

Race/sex: Female earth pony

Description: An average size, bright raspberry pink mare with an insanely curly pink mane and tale. Her blue eyes accompany a triple colored cuty mark of three party ballons.

Bio: Pinky Pie resides in ponyville where she does a number of activities on the daily; from throwing parties for every newcomer to town, to babysitting Mister and Misses Cakes children, she never fails to bring a smile to even the most droopy of faces.

Though she is often seen as silly and at times, a bit irresponsible, she always manages to come through for her friends and fix her mistakes.

Ok, so I know this is a really basic character sheet, but I'm going to need a lot of help with the final draft, and need to know kinda where everyone was when this started if its known. I don't know exactly where pinky would have been when it started or if I get to choose.

I got like four hours before I can head home, so I thought I'd start working on it now. XD
>> No. 440601
File 137737391808.jpg - (81.11KB , 581x800 , 23bdebc14c9b5235e591c42291d716da.jpg )

That picture bothers me.

In the name of Celestia, you're denied.

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 12:52

>> No. 440604
File 137737417684.gif - (183.81KB , 500x313 , Ahh man thats not cool.gif )
>> No. 440612
File 137737510551.png - (131.53KB , 530x356 , mlfw595_the_dungeon-_n1296531549726_-3.png )
Don't make me break the fourth wall and slap you all the way through this chan >:P
>> No. 440613
File 137737518068.gif - (161.30KB , 256x192 , Welcome to nightvale.gif )
>> No. 440616
File 137737534671.gif - (1.13MB , 325x203 , 136335815186.gif )
>> No. 440620
looks good, needs your stats though
>> No. 440625
File 137737701503.png - (160.04KB , 900x818 , awe_yeah_vinyl_scratch_by_shinodage-d5jor8o.png )
I'm probly going to discuss that with you over skype, cause I'm really not sure how to treat her stats. Cause I was thinking of turning her 'pinkie sence' into something to do with perception. Like, you know how after you come to know someone really well, you can tell how they're feeling just by the tone of their voice? I was going to do something along those lines so she's not always breaking the fourth wall, but instead is just really good at detecting some things
>> No. 440627
A high perception score would make sense. And yeah, you have 14 stats to distribute, +2 for each flaw. up to three flaws. And 1 free point in willpower and endurance

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 13:54

>> No. 440632
K. Gotta finish work then ill be workin on it tonight
>> No. 440633
File 137737878638.gif - (147.42KB , 390x324 , unching intseifies.gif )
I never said it was bad.
>> No. 440635
File 137737948817.png - (86.67KB , 900x1212 , 137089666855.png )
It is horrible and I am ashamed a'myself!
>> No. 440636
File 137737973278.gif - (1.90MB , 292x292 , Punch you in the face.gif )
Stop thinking of yourself like that.
>> No. 440642
File 137738101308.jpg - (60.87KB , 250x250 , 27481256.jpg )
No! I'm being a pony and you can't stop me!!!
>> No. 440663
File 137738434932.gif - (2.00MB , 640x360 , Nope loooooooped.gif )
>> No. 440667
File 137738460324.gif - (145.88KB , 500x500 , 135939876875.gif )
>> No. 440668
File 137738471846.gif - (1.93MB , 245x201 , I don't give a fuck dance.gif )
>> No. 440669
File 137738480863.gif - (291.68KB , 200x200 , 1376707794004.gif )
>> No. 440670
File 137738608726.gif - (0.95MB , 500x282 , No___stop.gif )
>> No. 440671
File 137738810809.png - (194.07KB , 200x200 , BE ADVISED.png )
It has come to the attention of myself, Sunburst, and Yuppie that our Wiki has been vandalized, and all character sheets stored there were erased by "an anonymous Wikia contributor", whose IP address I have obtained. (And whose identity I'm all but sure of)

Because of this, we need all of the character sheets that were lost, in order to quickly judge the outcome of rolls. Please submit your character sheets here or as a Word Doc to me through Skype.
>> No. 440672
Fuck. I don't even remember my character sheet info.
>> No. 440673
File 137738852017.jpg - (35.55KB , 600x450 , twolot.jpg )

Name: Twolo SPickle
Age; princess
Race;alicorn princess

Str: muscles? yes
Dex: wow so fast
Con: skin so strong
Int: brain is computer
Wis: so wise
Cha: yes plz


2 edgy; she can only lstn to vinyls not ipads
>> No. 440674

Well, if you unfortunately don't have it already saved in a Word Doc, you're going to have to redo it. You already know what the character's strengths and weaknesses are, so just make it fit.

Sorry I have to do this but this is a thing that I have to do with everyone now because of what's happened. I'm saving everyone's character sheets on possibly the wiki again, maybe in a google doc. I'm also keeping a folder of all of them in my own hard drive now, so there's that.

This should hopefully be a one time thing.
>> No. 440675
File 137738881536.png - (3.85KB , 352x194 , aradia.png )
Though, if the certain someone that did this can kindly reload the wiki, then everyone wouldn't have to go through this and it would make it much, MUCH easier. On all parties.
>> No. 440677
File 137738916255.png - (785.87KB , 5000x4000 , 137418837261.png )
Pinky Pie~

Melee combat:1
Ranged combat:1


Lonesome-cannot stand to be alone for very long and will literally begin to snap if she is; starts shifting reality (in her mind) so the rocks, and whatever else is lying around, begin to talk to her

Can't Shut Up-Pinky was never really good at keeping that mouth of hers closed,especially when she got nervous or excited! She doesn't mean to be so just kinda pours on out of her!

>Is ready for the critic/help

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 17:47

>> No. 440679

Athletics four? Uuh... yeah. Pinkie doesn't look like the really strong or athletic type to me. She eats sweets all day.

Also one point in willpower and endurance is a great way to play a character with paper bones and a weak mind, which isn't very safe. I'd maybe take a few out of Athletics or Stealth and redistribute them.

The Cant Shut Up thing works as a flaw in my opinion but that's going to have to be represented. A lot. Despite how bad it will make some situations.
>> No. 440680
I personally dont think being noisy is a very pronounced flaw, we've seen that she's able to sneak around without making noise if she really wants. However I do think 'lonesome' can work.

And.. yeah I think some points should be shifted around to endurance, so she's not quite so fragile. That being said, I can see her being interpreted as a stealthy character oddly enough. In a cartoony kind of way.
>> No. 440681
Ok, what about that? I think she would have a bit of a weak will actually, considering she damn near goes coocoo just from being left alone.

And honestly I think the not being able to shut up could come into effect if she thought they were out of harms way. I mean, it is pinky. If she thought they were in a safe area, of course she's going to chatter XD

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 17:49

>> No. 440682

Honestly I can see it being a serious problem for stealth if she can't shut up or starts rambling when nervous/cant control the volume of her voice. Hiding from the infected becomes almost impossible if you're scared and suddenly yell something inane.
>> No. 440683
File 137739204539.jpg - (255.06KB , 800x800 , 74143 - DJ_P0n-3 lie lying scrunchy Scrunchy_Face vinyl_scratch.jpg )
But, think about the character. I think she would be smart enough not to do that when she knows they are in obvious danger. She has shown her serious side before after all, when all those pinky clones happened, and she was one of the most determined and quiet ones just because she knew it could cost her her friends. However, if she didn't know that say, a zombie was lurking just outside the door or in the next room, and she were to be chattering...well.

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 17:54

>> No. 440684
And the only reason I had athletics so high in the first place was cause of all the crazy wall breaking shit she did in the cartoon, like chasing after RD for impossible distances without even panting. BUT, that would be much harder to explain in this kind of setting, and I don't think I could honestly XD
>> No. 440685
My suggestion for how to handle that is called "Rule of Funny." she can do that sort of thing when it's a gag, but never when it's actually useful, or in a serious situation.
>> No. 440686
File 137739259832.jpg - (46.87KB , 226x222 , restinpeacecomedytag.jpg )
Though considering this rp is 95% serious situations.. yeah we probably won't see it in play that often.
>> No. 440688
Well that's exactly what I was going to use it for anyway XD like in-between travelling to another location she might randomly 'pop' in the back of the cart and scare the shit outa Trixie.
>> No. 440731
Grindel's stats.
Melee combat:3
Ranged combat:0
I think I did this right.

Last edited at Sat, Aug 24th, 2013 22:31

>> No. 440732
this is 13 points, what is Grindel again? earth pone?
>> No. 440735
>> No. 440738

Wait is Grindel military trained or does he have reason to be so skilled in melee? We'd agreed a while ago that three was the cutoff for natural talent, and four/five was extensive military training/ extensive battle experience/ a similarly good reason.
>> No. 440739
>> No. 440740
that means you got one more point playa.
>> No. 440781
File 137742215400.jpg - (50.05KB , 228x156 , 623.jpg )
For the record, I still think y'all are bein' sticklers about how many points a given feller can have in a stat.

Who curr? Do it rele matter?

Jus' muh 'pinion.
>> No. 440782
File 137742248618.gif - (0.96MB , 500x337 , tumblr_mdbtbnWCZK1r1zv65o1_500.gif )
>> No. 440808
File 137745858545.gif - (496.38KB , 500x333 , kanayiesta.gif )

I kind of think it does because the sheet should fit the character.

It aint a vidya game playa
>> No. 440841
File 137747971433.gif - (4.46MB , 480x360 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-explanation-shes-pinkie-pie.gif )
All these debat'n over points when all I wanna do is bug the shit outa Mr.Reaper Pony
>> No. 440867
Pinky Pie~

Melee combat:1
Ranged combat:1


Lonesome-cannot stand to be alone for very long and will literally begin to snap if she is; starts shifting reality (in her mind) so the rocks, and whatever else is lying around, begin to talk to her.

OK! Revised version!
>> No. 440884
File 137749564988.jpg - (44.31KB , 572x389 , =D.jpg )

Bitchin. Looks good to me.
>> No. 440889
Looks good to me, approved
>> No. 440896
File 137750035718.png - (166.06KB , 500x500 , Twilight.png )
Name: Twilight Sparkle
Age: Teenager

Biography: Tragic Backstory []

Appearance: Twilight Sparkle has a lavender coat, large purple eyes and a straight prussian blue mane and tail with violet and rose streaks.

Endurance: 3
Willpower: 3
Melee Combat: 0
Ranged Combat: 5*
Perception: 3
Stealth: 0
Athletics: -1
Charisma: 0
Spellcasting: 5


'Magic Reliance': Twilight Sparkle is very skilled with her magic, but this comes at the cost of being very specialized. Her 'Ranged Combat' is considered a zero while using any weapons or non-magical means of offense.

'Fear of failure': Any time Twilight sparkle fails a skill check, she suffers a two point penalty on all of her dice rolls until the GM decides the 'current situation' is over.

'Magic Overload': During times of great emotional stress, as can be decided by a GM, Twilight Sparkle loses control of her potential and becomes a dangerous torrent of magic. Any spells she cast have a chance of hitting friend and foe alike, and possibly even herself. This also has the added effect of exhausting her once the effect ends. No extra points are rewarded for this flaw, it is purely to help explain in canon occurrences.

'Fear of Snakes': Twilight Sparkle has shown an aversion to snakes when she has come across them before. It is a common phobia, one the purple unicorn suffers from. It's severity is moderate to extreme, depending on the situation at hand. Nonetheless, any time there are slithery snakes around, she suffers a minus two penalty on her magic checks due to a lack of concentration.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 00:47

>> No. 440897
File 137750650164.jpg - (31.83KB , 196x303 , groovy.jpg )

Honestly, I'd drop her fear of snakes, and make her ranged* thing her flaw.

I tried getting away with 'fear of sharks' in Shadowsfall, and Harry had none of that, heh
>> No. 440898

I had a DM suggest it, actually. But yeah, I actually sort of agree it's unnecessary.
>> No. 440903
File 137752851410.gif - (59.27KB , 300x219 , 132624869919.gif )
>> No. 440906
Hello role-play thread people! Anypony on at the momento? I know it's a little early for some people, but I have a few questions about your little zombie shin-dig here.
>> No. 440909
File 137753747454.gif - (425.39KB , 500x364 , Hi.gif )
>> No. 440917

Hola senior dogy! Can you answer my questions or must I wait for someone else?
>> No. 440918
File 137754370219.gif - (496.38KB , 500x333 , kanayiesta.gif )

Hola DM is here que do you need amigo
>> No. 440919
Ah, here we go! Well met stranger, I am here on a quest. A quest for questions and answers that pertain to this particular series of role-playing threads you have going here. My first question, how does this all work? Second, how does one get involved?
>> No. 440921
File 137754572216.gif - (603.36KB , 600x500 , 136306746548.gif )

I have a good feeling about this one.
>> No. 440922
But I've only even typed three sentences! For all you know, I could be a racist homophobic sexist cereal killer, who's into alternative rock and reads big long books about ecology.
>> No. 440923
Well posts, actually. My mistake!
>> No. 440930
File 137754941205.jpg - (5.17KB , 180x180 , 1376743107794.jpg )



He is a full grown dog.


It is known that Celestia likes to keep rare and legendary animals as pets. Her most famous pet was of course the Phoenix, but she had one pet even more valuable than the immortal bird. He had been kept a secret for over a thousand years, as Celestia knew that pony kind wasn't ready for him. In light of current events, however, Doge has escaped his pampered pet cage in Celestia's castle and taken it upon himself to poop on the royal lawn.

Since then he has traveled the lands, not really sure of his plan since he is a dog.

Anthem of Doge []


Glorious picture included.

Other notes:

-Doge is super cool
-Doge is wow so fast
-Its pronounced like a Canadian asking about dogs. "Dog, ey?"

Endurance: 5
Willpower: 1
Melee Combat: 0
Ranged Combat: 0
Perception: 0
Stealth: 0
Athletics: 0
Charisma: 5
Spellcasting: 5


'Every dog has his day...but not me': Since Doge is not an ordinary dog, but is in fact quite magical, he cannot speak or understand his own kind. It is an isolation that haunts him. When encountering another dog, he grows sad, and incinerates them.

'Who let the Doge out': Doge doesn't know anything about his past, who he is, or how he came to be. He doesn't usually question such things, since he is a dog, but nonetheless it brings him a resounding sadness. Doge is depressed, and if ever Lincoln Park or Simple Plan happen to play within earshot, he can take no action other than cry and rebel against his parents.

'Bark is worse than his bite': Any living creature who hears the glorious bark of Doge must make successful willpower check or be slain.
>> No. 440932
File 137754959517.jpg - (62.05KB , 599x479 , GLORIOUS.jpg )

Oh, now I'm really getting that good vibe.

Well, to answer your question, this works in a manner similar to most other roleplays, in that characters speak with each other and interact with their world on the IC thread. Inter-character relationships are entirely the result of how the characters react to their environment and NPC, controlled by either me, or one of my two other Co-DMs/Group Leaders. We're a triumvirate here, you see.

As for how you get involved, why my good fellow you need not look any farther than the OP: >>418289

Included within are directions for application, which I'm sure you've already read as you've followed the first step to the letter, announcing your intentions. Now, you should direct your attention to the Google Doc. Included within is a guide on how the character creation works, and a guide on other facets of the world you may find yourself in should you choose to enter. If you have any questions about the stat sheet, the rolling system, NPCs, the world as it is so far, or the meaning of life, you may contact me or my good friends here on the OOC thread, or you may add me or the others on Skype, as that is where most of our OOC discussion takes place. It's a joint Skype OOC with this canon and the Ponies In Space canon, as almost all of the players here are in Ponies in Space as well. My skype name is archercastellus, the profile is Archie, and the profile picture is of Gaterbelt's orgasm face from P&S w/ Garterbelt. Don't question it, just bask in its glory.

Anything I missed/needs clarifying, and just let me know!

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 13:53

>> No. 440935
File 137754993433.gif - (3.62KB , 100x100 , swirly bird.gif )

10/10 Death is overthrown and the zombies have been vaporized as everyone knows they are allergic to doge majesty.
>> No. 440937
File 137755010365.jpg - (7.38KB , 207x207 , 1376743211790.jpg )
>> No. 440952
File 137755159153.jpg - (38.17KB , 500x381 , 60s-spiderman-came.jpg )
>> No. 440973
File 137755232214.png - (1.21MB , 1574x765 , NEW VERSION 2.png )
>> No. 441029
File 137755490503.png - (48.48KB , 200x200 , 1376457896315.png )
Who the fuk are you?
>> No. 441030
Well alright, I read through thoroughly and I think I get the gist of it, but I didn't really want to play an OC or anything of that sort. Do you people have any canon characters that are currently available? I noticed in the main thread that there quite a few people posting as some characters already.

I'm not big on OCs unfortunately, it's just never really been my kind of thing. I very much enjoy role-playing characters that already have a history within the given universe and such things. I can make a sheet as soon as I know if there are any available that I want to play, it doesn't seem that complicated.

Also, I have Skype, but I don't really like to give my account name out because I have family and friends on it, you understand. If you feel it's integral to the experience though, I suppose I could make an alternate account so I could participate in the OOC chat.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 15:09

>> No. 441033
A lot of show characters are available. The only ones taken are Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, and Pinkie PIe I believe.

Also, Zecora has been killed.

Applejack was very recently made available for application again. As was Fluttershy

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 15:10

>> No. 441036
:O Zecora died!? How terribly awfully horribly tragic!

But before I asks about the story behind that though, what about Rarity? Is She taken? I don't really like Fluttershy all that much, her characterization in the show is kinda silly and I would hate to have to role-play hiding from everything...

And I suppose Applejack would be pretty neat to play, but I'd need to practice typing her southern accent if I do end up going that route. =/
>> No. 441037
Oh right Rarity is taken to XD
also Applebloom is taken, and in the care of a murdering psychopath
>> No. 441038
Well that doesn't sound safe!

I think I'll pick up Applejack then, sounds like it'd make for an interesting opportunity to do some heroic cowgirl stuff.

I have to split for awhile, be back in about half an hour. I'll post a sheet then okay? Thanks for everything so far!
>> No. 441058
Okay, I'm back now! Things took a little longer than I had anticipated.
>> No. 441059
File 137756263848.png - (58.77KB , 567x540 , happeh Archer.png )

Welcome back.

You gonna get on Skype with us by any chance?
>> No. 441060
Yeah give me just a minute, I'm going to make a separate account for this kinda role-play stuff.

You guys don't need to know where I live and all that junk!
>> No. 441061
File 137756304798.jpg - (82.91KB , 506x675 , tumblr_m144lnVmtA1r3kbt7o8_1280.jpg )

Fair enough.
>> No. 441182
File 137759169045.jpg - (302.31KB , 1280x964 , my only friend.jpg )

It's already too late.
>> No. 441192
File 137761474508.gif - (512.05KB , 374x277 , 113661__safe_fluttershy_animated_scared_hearth%252527s%252Bwarming%252Beve_shivers_stage%252Bfri.gif )
>> No. 441263
File 137764695231.jpg - (114.25KB , 894x894 , 3_apple_apple_by_docwario-d5uk2yz.jpg )
Name: Applejack

Age description: Young adult

Biography: Applejack lives a relatively simplistic life style, where not much goes beyond friends, family and the Apple orchard. When Applejack was much younger though, she did try to escape this style of living. Only to find herself sick when she was away from home at Sweet Apple Acres.

Through her years working at the family farm she's made a positive reputation for herself with the ponies of Ponyville, by making them cider each year and bringing them food from her families apple orchards, also by being an upstanding citizen and helping out the town folk whenever she can.

She is diligent, a loyal friend and family member, hardworking, mature, reliable and dependable. However, no pony is without their flaws, some consider her headstrong about doing things on her own, and she can be impatient, stooping to a lower level when dealing with matters of pride. Although she's usually the first to wise up and apologize, she has a tendency to show great resilience when being offered help from her friends.

Applejack is naturally empathetic and honest, she can tell when something is amiss with a friend and she has difficulty hiding things from others due to her honest nature, when lying she comes off as awkward or insecure.

She also has many skills, but the most prominent of those skills are her strength and athleticism. Her body has been honed through years of apple-bucking, hard work around the farm and rodeo training. She's tougher than nails, quicker than a jackrabbit and has a mighty appetite to boot.

After the events that lead to the destruction of ponyville, Applejack has been acting strangely, taking more risks than usual, pushing to get what she wants as well as being just a tad more paranoid about others intentions. Shortly after finding her friends at the military camp she got herself locked up, although she was freed on community service charges instead, she's now on board Trixie's mechanical wagon with a group of ponies desperate to escape with their lives.

Appearance Applejack sports emerald green eyes, a light orange coat, golden blonde mane with a brown cowgirl stetson to top it off.

Equipment: Rope and Winona, I think? Dogs should count as equipment.


"Appetite of a full grown stallion": Applejack doesn't perform as well when she's hungry, and when she's hungry she needs to eat a lot to fill that big orange tummy.

"Not without my hat!": Applejack takes great pride in her hat, to a fault even and will not go anywhere without it.

"Bad poker face": Applejack's honest nature leaves her at a disadvantage when it comes to bluffing her way out of any situation. Obvious liar is extremely obvious.

Endurance: 5
Willpower: 1
Melee Combat: 3
Ranged Combat:1
Perception: 1
Stealth: 0
Athletics: 5
Charisma: 0
>> No. 441288
File 137765739600.jpg - (169.60KB , 500x382 , zheavy breathing.jpg )




Bad Poker face is an acceptable major flaw, giving the extra +2, so Applejack has an autofail on lying rolls to NPCs and other players. And the hat, I think she should take a nice hit to her willpower if she loses it permanently.

16 points applied to the character sheet seems good do me. 12 base, +2 Earth Pony, +2 Major flaw.

Looks good to me. Approved.
>> No. 441292
File 137766168546.png - (65.31KB , 238x256 , chibi-rarity-6703_preview.png )

For some reason, one I can not quite place a hoof upon, I can not help but adore your name, deary~ But I do know why I like, and therefore approving, your character sheet.

For the reasons that archer has given and more, I am going to go ahead and give my own seal of approval to this. Welcome to the club~ I am certain we will have a grand time with one another.
>> No. 441294
I also approve
>> No. 441381
File 137772293568.jpg - (150.12KB , 1000x1056 , Lieutenant Frostfall.jpg )
Posting this for the records. Let me know if there are any discrepancies.

Name: Lt.Frostfall of the First solar regiment.

Race: Pegasi
Appearance: White coat, blue eyes, aqua mane and tail. Mark is two swords crossed under a frozen sword, signifying his desire to protect as well as his ability in the art of combat.

Background: While some family’s deal in trade, or in the arts, since the time of Commander Hurricane the Frost family’s trade has always been in a warrior’s service. For generations there has always been a Frost’s sword in service to the princess and it is this mantel and so much more that guides the young officer today. Born to a harsh and domineering father whom could never forget the way his mother died in childbirth to him, he has been bestowed the name that all first born colts in the family are given, and has strived all his life to live up to that name, his duty, and his father’s impossible expectations of him. As he went along, being taught the old ways of the Pegasus warriors, what normally would have been the loyalty of a soldier has grown into the adoration, reverence, and even fanatical worship of the princess he serves, both a symbol of his duty and a mother figure he never actually had. Through his zealotry in both the perfection of his craft, the ideals of the guard, his loyalty to his family, and service to the princess herself, he completed his training at the royal officer’s academy and achieved his commission as a lieutenant of the first solar, adding the burden of command to the mantle of his blood. A burden he was ultimately robbed of come the botched evacuation of the town, an event that he still and ever will seek redemption for, with the promise that never again will those under his wing be lost to the dark. Whether he rises to the challenge or crumbles under the weight remains very much to be seen.


Superstitious: Growing up with the old traditions, he has also taken up some of the old beliefs and this, coupled with his zealotry, have made him more acute to the perceived supernatural elements around him. In the face of the strange and the outlandish, be it an ill omen in the sky or a blasphemous ritual, Frost will need to perform a certain set of rites to rid himself of the “Taint” he has experienced. If he is not able to in two turns, he will start to take damage to his stats depending on the severity of the event itself.

Zealotry: Fanatic to a fault, the Lieutenant holds the princess and her ideals above all else, and would be willing to fight, kill and even die in service to her. Living always in constant praise through prayer, song and service. This may come across as off putting or intimidating to others and when faced with blasphemy or sacrilege of his princess and her holy empire, he finds his patience to be limited, his mind closed, and his heart to be as strong and unbending as iron. In those situations, he would receive a negative modifier to his charisma rolls and may suffer greatly in his relation to others

The whistle: Hidden under his armor is a whistle, a very ancient whistle that is given to each first born who carries the name “Frostfall”. It is the only outward sign of affection his father has given him, as a present for completing his training, along with kind words and reluctant pride that the young soldier will never forget. He likes to use it as often as he can, and though the sound makes the drilling and direction of the guards somewhat easier, it may also attract unwanted attention. If he ever where to lose it, he would suffer a hit to all his stats. To lose it forever is to make that hit permanent.


6 extra flaw points to 11=17
Endurance and willpower extra point 2 +17 =19
Melee: 5+1
Athletics 4
Willpower: 3
Endurance: 4
Ranged combat: 2
Charisma: 0
Perception: 0
Stealth: 0
Flying: 1

Equipment: A full set of armor, a tempered steel officer’s sword, his whistle, and a shaker of salt.

Last edited at Wed, Aug 28th, 2013 14:02

>> No. 441437
File 137774289267.png - (146.78KB , 900x900 , twi---oh christ something has gone wrong.png )


>> No. 441441
File 137774904186.gif - (472.86KB , 360x270 , You failed so hard.gif )
You tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end it didn't even maaaattteeeer
>> No. 441443
File 137775127286.gif - (498.01KB , 350x234 , fed up with this world.gif )

>> No. 441444
File 137775168626.png - (483.88KB , 1275x1057 , hateful glare.png )

I love it when people pretend to be DMs. Even as a joke.


Last edited at Wed, Aug 28th, 2013 21:48

>> No. 441446
File 137775254237.gif - (496.30KB , 325x244 , Nailed it.gif )
>> No. 441448
File 137775512464.png - (73.34KB , 500x465 , in this corner.png )

The fuck kind of picture is that.
No wonder Archer ripped Smiles horn off, jesus christ hes a beast of legend!

Last edited at Thu, Aug 29th, 2013 17:13

>> No. 441449
File 137775528447.png - (63.53KB , 800x600 , BRAVO CHECKPOINT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAP EVER.png )
>> No. 441451
File 137775725722.png - (70.47KB , 800x600 , BRAVO CHECKPOINT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAP EVER EDIT.png )
>> No. 441452
Why thank you
>> No. 441553
File 137782203960.png - (107.81KB , 800x600 , map.png )

I fixed it.
>> No. 441559
File 137782267358.jpg - (125.38KB , 900x762 , it_didn__t_have_to_end_this_way.jpg )
Name: Rainbow Dash
Age: 16
Biography: Faster then fast quicker then quick I am lightning mqueen Rainbow Dash loves speed. Always working hard towards her goals and challenges no matter how impossible they may seem. She is never afraid to back down from a challenge when presented and hates to be called a loser or a wimp.
One thing about Rainbow is when she has the spotlight on her, she has a tough time letting anyone else share it, in fact she doesnt like it at all, and turns it into a competition. Being the element of loyalty. she has a certain expectation to hold up, and will hold it up no matter what the cost.
But what happens when there is nopony to be loyal to? What happens when their is noone to steal the spotlight, but noone to show the spotlight to? Can the mare handle it or will it be too much?
Appearance: Teal Coat with Rainbow main and a lightning bolt cutie mark
Other Notes: Loyal to those she knows and loves
Equipment: none

Endurance: llll
Willpower: lll
Melee Combat: ll
Ranged Combat: -l
Perception: lll
Stealth: 0
Athletics: V
Charisma: 0
Spellcasting: 0
Weakness for extra points: Atychiphobia & Fragile Ego

Last edited at Thu, Aug 29th, 2013 21:44

>> No. 441658
File 137783909562.png - (133.13KB , 397x486 , 127067__safe_rarity_rule-63_elusive_artist-emlan.png )

After more then a few tweaks, worked out with many different people, I give this my seal of approval. I am confident you will be able to do the part justice.
>> No. 441660

I worked over the flaws with Replay, so I know how they'll affect Rainbow.

Fear of Failure will cause stat reductions for a failed roll, and can cause a compound effect.

Fragile Ego gives hits to willpower with decreasing self image/approval from others.

So yes, is my answer. Hold off on the posting though as I don't know where I'm going to put her yet.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 29th, 2013 22:11

>> No. 442463
File 137840954686.png - (145.66KB , 464x499 , portal 2.png )
>> No. 442480
File 137841963788.jpg - (59.92KB , 800x600 , 3ab31f485ab4afff8ed1e1d83d4acd34.jpg )
>> No. 443335
Does this canon have a Princess Celestia?
>> No. 443392

This canon does not allow Princess Celestia for IC reasons, as well as the fact that such a character is far too powerful of an entity for a basic player to control.

For future reference, entities such as: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Discord, and Queen Chrysalis are not available for player control. Should they appear, it will be under DM control or someone that the DMs approve of, and they would appear when relevant to the story only.
>> No. 443395
File 137904624989.png - (83.57KB , 270x258 , Celestia hmm eyes closed.png )
Hmmm. Darn.
>> No. 443400
File 137904676829.gif - (946.62KB , 500x700 , tumblr_mme88fUOh11rk1qp5o1_r1_500.gif )

Barring those characters and those that have been chosen already, you're still welcome to apply.

Barring the powerful characters I mentioned, canon characters that are taken are: Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Trixie, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Winona I guess. Unless I've forgotten any.

Other canon characters that are also not available are Zecora and Granny Smith, who are both deceased.

You're welcome to apply with an OC as well should you so desire.
>> No. 443401
File 137904685858.png - (269.65KB , 402x482 , z sokka's face.png )

Oh Lyra's taken too I guess but he dun fukkin post ever :U
>> No. 443402
File 137904702524.png - (229.33KB , 900x939 , Celestia hmm¿ Vector.png )
I really would have preferred to be Celestia as I don't really have anyone else I can think of at the moment to play. I do apologize for bothering you.
>> No. 443403
File 137904734856.png - (355.58KB , 735x620 , tumblr_mrx9dnYLGx1rmzv8mo1_1280.png )

Quite the opposite, love. I love explaining the goings-on of this canon. That's my job you see.

If I can provide assistance in the future lemme know, otherwise fare thee well.
>> No. 443404
File 137904748318.png - (129.62KB , 695x594 , Celestia Vector.png )
The only assistance I need, is to be allowed to be Celestia. As I have stated, I really have no one else to be, so I am left at am impasse.
>> No. 443405
File 137904779920.gif - (128.45KB , 650x450 , 01217.gif )

No luck then.
>> No. 443407
File 137904787997.png - (124.74KB , 1280x440 , Do not go to the thing.png )
Do not do the thing Archer. Do not do the thing.
>> No. 443409
File 137904797259.png - (193.95KB , 640x480 , Celestia Smile5.png )
I am sorry for bothering you. But I must head to bed, it's time to let Luna raise the moon. Have a pleasant night my loyal subject.
>> No. 443410
File 137904799515.png - (136.88KB , 762x1048 , lord_english__by_spuddylite-d4f0m9d.png )

You cannot escape doing the thing.

The thing has already been done.


Last edited at Thu, Sep 12th, 2013 21:53

>> No. 443412
File 137904804922.png - (75.28KB , 1280x458 , The Bard's reaction.png )
>> No. 443415
File 137904833093.gif - (100.35KB , 391x336 , tumblr_m76aucMKpg1qmzz46.gif )



>> No. 443475
File 137911182312.jpg - (67.69KB , 750x600 , 1st British Transvestite Air Wing.jpg )
im in yer threds
sining up fer yer gaims
>> No. 443482
Spekking of which, can I take a character who has considerable background, and some spukky shit going on with her?
>> No. 443484
And also, do you pay 4 points to get to fourth rank from zero, or four points to GET 4th rank. And does fifth rank cost ten, or two?
>> No. 443485
File 137912064142.png - (355.58KB , 735x620 , tumblr_mrx9dnYLGx1rmzv8mo1_1280.png )

Well you gotta run background n shit past me before it gets accepted, because you can't just throw any old background together and get away with it.

If you need/want help or otherwise wish to seek clarification on what exactly you can/cannot do as far as OCs and backstory goes, feel free to talk to me on skype!

I think I have you but if not archercastellus is the skype name C:
>> No. 443486
OK, cool.
Sent you a skype thing.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 13th, 2013 18:07

>> No. 443613
It's sheet time.

Alternate backstory(in case a friend of mine joins and gets accepted)
>> No. 444079
File 137945196749.jpg - (81.11KB , 581x800 , 23bdebc14c9b5235e591c42291d716da.jpg )
I'm bumping our OOC.

You can't stop me.

Resistance is futile.
>> No. 444839

Any particular reason you ignored this Sunburst/Yuppie?

I already said yes to him in private as I worked on this with him so...
>> No. 444858
lately I've barely been able to check the IC threads, I kinda glossed over since I didnt see a stat sheet @[email protected]
but I'll look at it now
>> No. 444859
First link, mate.
Also, ignore the second one, friend isn't joining.
>> No. 444869
One thing I notice that's a bit inconsistent with the world is her being harassed for being a woman. In the MLP verse, mares make up the majority of the population, and hold all the major positions of power. Sexism just isn't a culturally pronounced thing. That being said, you could make a case for some fringe culture that has separated itself from Equestria at large and holds different values.
>> No. 444870
Damn, didn't think of that.
Good point. Perhaps she passed through a number of mining towns, mainly manned by stalions?(hehe, manned)
>> No. 444873
I have sort of a hard time seeing it. Even in physical arena's such as athletics, we see mares competing with stallions on equal terms. The same is probably true of labor intensive jobs/communities. I can see small clusters of 'boys club-esque' cliques forming. But she'd have to be fairly isolated herself to think the rest of the world operated like that.
>> No. 444876
Hmmmm...... Quite true. I mean, her dad was a miner, prolly living very far out. I wouldn't be surprised if she grew up in an area that favoured males(Also, diamond dogs have no such qualms with sexes.)
>> No. 444880
works for me, could be a diamond dog thing that kinda infected the community.

The 4 in melee combat is okay, provided you can give us an explanation for her proficiency. 3 is generally our limit for untrained 'naturals' 4,5 is more for people who have been trained in either hunting/fighting.
>> No. 444881
She was trained by her dear ole' dad how to fight with a pick....
Archer said it was OK, but I'd be happy to change it if it's a problem.
>> No. 444883
That's fine
>> No. 446279
File 138118459153.jpg - (44.50KB , 512x384 , 2468002-do-you-even-praise-the-sun.jpg )
Archer! It is time.....
>> No. 446290
I have had a change of plan.
This is the new sheet.

Name: Astral Frostwood AKA Asma
Age: Twelve
Biography: The one and only Asma grew up in Manehattan. Her school was in a pretty rough neighborhood, and it was not uncommon for students to return without their prized and most valuable possessions. This hit her hard when her friend's little sister was actually injured when she refused to give up her remaining lunch money. Then Asma and the friend's little sister went after the ponies who took it, but returned empty handed. They had one piece of leverage that neither could bear to get out: That Asma could barely do magic. Her horn was near useless, but she managed to cover it up as best she could. The next day, when they were walking home from school, the gang came down on them. They demanded their remaining lunch money, and all of their other valuables. The two refused, and the gang moved in for the attack. But then, something happened. Asma lunged at one of the larger ponies, tackling him, having determined weakpoints in his defence, and using her weight to knock him to the floor. After, she flung a large, heavy shiny object, some kind of chunk of ore, probably looted from an unsuspecting victim, at the head of another, sending him to the floor. After a short time of various tactical moves, each risk taken and move made calculated as much as possible to make sure odds were in her favour she stood, the winner, the gang running off. Her friend was staring at her. She looked at her flank, and there it was, her cutie mark. A sword and shield.
After that, she skipped town, knowing the gang would have followed her home. On the way, she stopped at a bookstore, being the avid reader that she is. The old pony was very nice, and gave her a few free books. She left, but came back later and spent the night sleeping in a cupboard.
When she came out the next day, however, she found that the world had gone to hell. She quickly took to the country, trying to survive outside as a fragile small filly, with almost no knowledge of how to survive. She studied the zombies when she could, mostly just avoiding them entirely. Running out of food,, in desperation she took to a main road, even though she knew that roads were dangerous, too out in the open.
Appearance: Asma has a white coat, with a silver mane. Her cutey mark consists of a sword, crossing from top right to bottom left across a shield.
Other Notes: A very nerdy, weak filly. Likes to keep to herself, and doesn't like being forced to socialize. She requires glasses, due to her being nearsighted. Asma is also extremely intelligent, however generally not having need to use it, at least at home.
Equipment: Tiny folding knife

Endurance: 1
Willpower: 4
Melee Combat: 2
Ranged Combat: 0
Perception: 4
Stealth: 0
Athletics: 0
Charisma: 0
Spellcasting: -1

Last edited at Tue, Oct 8th, 2013 20:12

>> No. 446605

Aint no one but me fuckin looked at this yet damn
>> No. 446607
File 138165526159.jpg - (12.75KB , 200x200 , costanza.jpg )

>6 days later
>> No. 446608

I helped him make it bitch and I mentioned to people "hey thing is here" I'm bumping it.

Nutin happened in that time
>> No. 446656
File 138179041127.png - (975.96KB , 692x800 , pop_art_rarity_by_anjilasaurus-d5tzvef.png )

Forgive me for the incredibly long wait for this, I admit I have been somewhat slacking in my TD duties. But I am here now, and I approve of the sheet.

We ought to make a new thread anyways...if one of my associates would be so kind~
>> No. 446657
Thank you dahling.
>> No. 448714
File 138544160427.png - (621.53KB , 454x603 , pizzaz headshot.png )
Name: Pizzaz
Age: 24
Do you remember when you were little and heard the stories about children running away to the Carnival? Well this was the life Pizzaz grew up with. She was born into the life of a carnie to Apple Joint (F) and Ballyhoo (M). Being born in a carnival had its perks, to Pizzaz it felt like she had several parents taking care of her. If she misbehaved she would receive a whopping from whoever caught her, and her parents. She had a pretty normal childhood until she reached the age of thirteen. According to tradition, when a child reaches the age of thirteen, they are forced to run away to try their luck at living a normal life. Now a days however, people are less ashamed of being called a carnie. Thus leading to the tradition changing, instead of running away from carnival life, children are told to join another carnival. To experience life without their parents guidance. So she ran away to join a carnival run by a long time family friend.

Dropcase was tough, but loving in his own right. She spent the next five years enhancing her knowledge of the various games and tricks of the trade under his guidance. From rigged games like fast and loose, to games that were simply hard to win like the classic milk bottle knock over game. She even learned a couple of magic tricks to awe the crowd. Perhaps some of the more important skills she learned was how to reel people in to playing her games, and how to know when a particular mark had been pushed to the edge. The ability to read body language is an important skill a carnie must learn, and it is a much easier skill to obtain when you have to deal with people on a daily basis.

Once she turned eighteen she was deemed an adult and finally free to become reunited with her parents. Of course her parents had always kept in touch through letters. The carnies usually just delivered letters through other traveling carnies. Meaning it was free and easy to keep in contact. They were extremely happy to see their daughter all grown up and were eager to see what she had learned during her excursion. She was happy to show them, and for the next four years she remained with her parents, learning about her trade more and more. Some time when she was twenty three, her parents wished to send a letter to their old family friend, Dropcase, and Pizzaz volunteered to deliver the letter. She was happy to see someone she considered a second father again.

She was accepted with open hooves, the letter delivered without any fuss. She decided to stay for a while and spend her twenty fourth birthday with her 2nd father, but soon afterward decided to return to her parents carnival. This was when the shit decided to hit the fan. Now she is racing against the zombie horde to reunite with her parents.

Appearance: She is light purple with a blue mane and blue eyes. She generally wears a vest and green “hoof”bands. Her cutie mark is of three stacked milk bottles.

Other Notes: She is aware of the main 6, and Trixie. She knows how to perform some basic magic tricks, mostly dealing with wonderment.

Equipment: Traveling backpack, some basic utensils, snacks, bit bag, pack of normal playing cards, a chain, belt, and of course her vest and hoof bands.

11 (-flight)
Endurance: 3
Willpower: 1
Melee Combat: 1
Ranged Combat: 1
Perception: 3
Stealth: 0
Athletics: 0
Charisma: 4

Last edited at Tue, Nov 26th, 2013 13:07

>> No. 449551
Aaaaaaarg, why did I change to a different character when I had a fun one all lined up?
Damnit, why do I always regret my decision after I make it?
>> No. 450427
File 138803287751.png - (338.33KB , 371x445 , pizzaz2.png )
Wanted to let you guys know that I am still here.

>Hmm off by 12 minutes.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 25th, 2013 21:41

>> No. 450468
File 138833816984.png - (66.45KB , 431x404 , feels.png )
>> No. 450500
File 138846506371.png - (477.91KB , 478x480 , sad pizzaz.png )
>> No. 450501
File 138846632582.jpg - (79.63KB , 393x393 , 615-dayum-shame.jpg )
>> No. 450608
File 138888775772.png - (164.47KB , 798x1001 , sad_eyed_apple_bloom_by_creshosk-d421his.png )
Canon I believe is officially on hiatus from what I recall.
>> No. 450609
File 138889337785.jpg - (382.78KB , 818x1157 , community_image_1385831956.jpg )
>> No. 450610
File 138889605148.png - (621.53KB , 454x603 , pizzaz headshot.png )

The zombies must not be allowed to win!
>> No. 450611
File 138889671493.gif - (174.60KB , 320x240 , bene.gif )

It is because of the lack of direction and motivation we've been having. People went MIA, and then real life garnered the attention of those in charge so interest fell.

I might restart it some time but that time is not now.
>> No. 450612
File 138889717719.jpg - (14.57KB , 330x237 , 1425521_10200907971168196_992804826_n.jpg )
Is that so?

Hmm, well then, maybe those with a little more time on their hooves should restart it.
>> No. 450613
File 138889860491.gif - (671.25KB , 480x270 , rubberband geeta.gif )
>> No. 450614
File 138889902561.gif - (465.19KB , 500x333 , tumblr_static_tumblr_m6pr6dmsth1qh30wwsmile.gif )

Last edited at Sat, Jan 4th, 2014 22:32

>> No. 450615
File 138889988529.png - (477.91KB , 478x480 , sad pizzaz.png )
I suppose I shall continue to lurk then.
>> No. 450616
File 138890008618.png - (268.00KB , 1600x1141 , pinkie_pie___4th_wall_by_cptofthefriendship-d4mdrlt.png )

Hold on Pizzaz, what if we started a little something?

Maybe then you wouldn't be so bored lurking!
>> No. 450618
File 138890032757.gif - (25.49KB , 294x266 , tavros strumming aggressively el dorado thing.gif )

I'm not quite willing to relinquish Trotting Dead as a canon, so if you do something it can't be with this name.
>> No. 450619
File 138890048291.png - (121.43KB , 800x786 , pinkie_pie_vector__not_amused_by_takua770-d3fykrv.png )
I'm pretty sure that name isn't copyrighted

But if you're going to be stingy about names...

Well coming up with a new name shouldn't be that hard!

Last edited at Sat, Jan 4th, 2014 22:41

>> No. 450620
File 138890078668.png - (3.85KB , 352x194 , aradia.png )

No it's not copyrighted but there's a rule of thumb that unless you are part of a certain group or something you can't just make a thread with another person's idea. For example were I to just make a thread of another person's storyline that wouldn't be too cool.

You /could/ use the sorta universe TD is set in, that I don't care about. There's some storyline specifics that only I and a few other people know about though so this is essentially our baby here.
>> No. 450621
File 138890102087.png - (338.33KB , 371x445 , pizzaz2.png )
I do not mind waiting, I am pretty patient when it comes to these kinds of matters.

I wouldn't be against trying out another zombie roleplay. But I admit I do not like DMing; so if I join it would probably be only as a player. I also will admit to not enjoying one on ones, so there would have to be more than just the two of us.

I am not completely against trying out dming. It has been a while since I tried it but if history repeats itself it will probably end with me losing interest. I suppose if this is some kind of one shot or something then that won't matter too much. I have also read some tips over at /tg/ on how to DM so perhaps things have improved. I guess what I am saying is I have mixed feelings about joining another zombie rp.

Edit: If anything else, I just had a 6 hour car trip back to where I go to school so I do not trust my decision making skills at the moment since I am pretty sleepy.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 4th, 2014 22:51

>> No. 450622
File 138890117800.gif - (185.81KB , 500x385 , tumblr_mgenbyGZKK1roy92vo1_500.gif )
You should take better care of your baby.

And yeah, I meant just a little something to tide you ever in the meantime, you wouldn't have to DM if you didn't want. I'm pretty good at coming up with stuff.
>> No. 450623
File 138890138569.jpg - (227.51KB , 921x1109 , Pizzaz pose.jpg )
I will say you have piqued my interest. I will not make a yes or no decision right now, but I should have an answer for you tomorrow if that is acceptable.

Do you have any idea who else might decide to join us?
>> No. 450624
File 138890154470.png - (107.99KB , 236x252 , 6317-top-lel.png )
Sure, I have a few friends that might be willing to join us if I ask them.

And I'll be here tomorrow, not much to do these days. Take your time to think about it! It doesn't have to be some big commitment, just something fun, no hard feelings either way.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 4th, 2014 23:06

>> No. 450625
File 138890156424.png - (4.79KB , 426x343 , karkat stare.png )

Pardon me then for not catering to your interests/needs so attentively.

It's not like I have an actual life outside of ponychan right?

Stuff I need to do.

Things that are leaps and bounds more important than this.


Just ponies.
>> No. 450626
File 138890169970.gif - (185.81KB , 500x385 , tumblr_mgenbyGZKK1roy92vo1_500.gif )
Sowwy, I understand, people have stuff to do.

I'm just sayin.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 4th, 2014 23:06

>> No. 450628
File 138890281562.gif - (193.59KB , 500x700 , tumblr_m35dksQBAr1qdxxpyo1_500.gif )
I have a question about what you said earlier though, nothing about the name in general...

Just, um, say you're part of a canon right?

And you have a character in that canon, but then you decided you wanted to make like an offshoot with the same background from the character's previous history in said canon.

Would that still be breaking that rule of thumb?
>> No. 450630

If you want to make your own story be my guest but I'd appreciate it actually if you didn't use this same exact universe. You can use zombies and shit but...

There is some very specific stuff involved with this canon that I and some others created, and only we really know what it is. To tell you would be to essentially name you as a DM and I'm still holding to my earlier statement that I'm not ready to give up this canon to someone else, in the event that I later renew it.

My advice, if you really want zombies, would be to make a small thread of your own and just have zombies and make your own lore. It's simple to recreate certain events and you can have what you want, just not with my story.
>> No. 450632
File 138890403310.png - (121.43KB , 800x786 , pinkie_pie_vector__not_amused_by_takua770-d3fykrv.png )
But I'm not asking for your lore, silly. I'm not going to do that, you already said you didn't want me to.

My question is just about if that would be acceptable if that ever happened?

Like a hypothetical scenario, IF someone were in a canon that already had a history and their character was part of that history but for whatever reason they wanted to make another canon using the same title and history, but like... an offshoot or a spin off. Would that not be acceptable?
>> No. 450633

Well if you use the history for that canon wouldn't it be in that world? That's what I don't want is for it to be in the TD world and for IC history to be carried over would be putting it in that world.

Also a spin off implies the same world too.

Perhaps there's a part of this I'm not understanding though. Which character is yours?
>> No. 450634
File 138890443635.png - (268.00KB , 1600x1141 , pinkie_pie___4th_wall_by_cptofthefriendship-d4mdrlt.png )
None of them! I'm not in this canon, silly billy. I was just asking for a different canon.
>> No. 450635
File 138890490981.png - (250.22KB , 1280x1332 , pinkie_pie_by_moongazeponies-d3g6mt2.png )

Like, okay... Think about like this, a character and he or she is in a canon that the person really enjoys. But then that canon jut sort of trails off and they don't want to be part of it but at the same time they want to have their character's story from that specific world and history to progress... Or it's like two people, or whatever. And so they like, put up a new thread and decide to do their own thing using the previous history they had made, using the same canon series name.

Kingdoms of Camelot or whatever and they added something like, "The lost chapters." so people could make the distinction.

Would that not be okay?
>> No. 450636
File 138890624293.gif - (4.86KB , 125x125 , applebroom.gif )
I think that's better suited for more open threads, like the Donught bar. This series is meant to be contained. I think what you would want to do, if you want your characters story to continue, is take them to another canon and pick them up where you left off in the last canon. Like, don't go into a whole explanion of what canon they were in before, but kind of play them as if they just moved to a different town.
>> No. 450637
File 138890635952.gif - (1.13MB , 227x242 , the fuck is that.gif )

No. I'm just gonna decide it because I keep hearing the same thing here said essentially the same way.

If you want a zombie canon do it, and use the character that you or a friend owns, but not the canon name nor the lore nor things that happened here because they involved this canon. Simple as that.
>> No. 450638
File 138890650627.gif - (279.92KB , 250x141 , fucking tablecloths.gif )

Yeah essentially what's being said here. You have to realize that this is not an open storyline here so you can't just take what happened here and move it.

Do your own thing, not mine.
>> No. 450639
File 138890703945.png - (121.43KB , 800x786 , pinkie_pie_vector__not_amused_by_takua770-d3fykrv.png )
Oh for goodness sake...

I wasn't even talking about this canon! *sigh* But fine, I'll just stop asking, but I don't agree with that assessment.

It's biased, based on the assumption that I want to continue with a character history from this specific canon... Which I already told you I didn't want to do that but ignore that part I guess.

I think that seems a tad selfish, to go so far as to not allow someone to just make a spinoff of another canon with their own characters, and not directly involving the characters from their past experience with the previous canon that they were in.

How is that going to bother your activity in any way if it's just a separate story that has nothing to do with your characters directly?
>> No. 450640
File 138890743487.png - (47.61KB , 400x400 , wooper is disappoint.png )

Because it'd be the same name and universe. Selfish or not that is my stance and I stick by it, because I and others built TD to be what it is.

The answer is no.
>> No. 450641
File 138890855075.png - (163.13KB , 858x932 , pinkie_pie_vector_by_powerpuncher-d5r4n73.png )
Yeah... Real impressive, I can really see why you'd think that. Especially with all this activity and extraordinary world building you've done, right out in the open for everyone to see, I can hardly believe it.

Great job balancing things out and getting things done... []
>> No. 450642
File 138890892808.gif - (305.87KB , 160x160 , are you done.gif )

You've had your cue to leave for the past 4 posts, and I love how when you don't get your way you decide, instead, to attempt to insult me, the way I do things, and the manner in which I conduct my business. What I do is none of your business and it never will be, you may try to reason with me and I have heard you out but knowing this, I have denied your request on reasonable grounds that you happen to not agree with. Tough.

So let me make this abundantly clear, now, so there is no room for misinterpretation. This is staying my canon. End of discussion.
>> No. 450643
I'm just saying, the evidence speaks for itself.

You should take it easy tough guy, as I've said more than once now... I don't plan on stealing any history of which I do not know or names of which I could care less about.

I mean even IF I did take the title or some part of the history.

What could you even do about it? Sick the mods on me and explain to them your exclusive rights to one specific idea?

Have you always been so paranoid?
>> No. 450644
File 138891134387.png - (261.01KB , 500x375 , =T.png )

That is exactly what I'd do. I would explain that this is my canon and therefore my intellectual property, and you are taking from it without my consent.

I have always been guarded but this is not the issue here, the issue is that you can't take no for an answer and you simply want to take my ideas. Are you really so starved for an idea that you can't come up with: "Zombies are in Equestria and we'll call the canon 'The Risen' (btw you can use that exact name) and it'll have these characters and these zombie types and they interacted in this way that happens to be kinda like what happened elsewhere except without any characters or any storyline that was involved with it."

I literally just came up with a name and a perfectly acceptable way to achieve what I understand to be your entire intent, but you appear to be so driven to undermine what I have made that you would deny me the chance to revive this canon if I see fit and keep my canon to myself.

If anyone here is selfish, it's you, and I'm actually beginning to be irked by this now, so I suggest that you take what I just said to heart and do it, because that is the way to achieve your ends without stepping on any toes at all. If you are truly so driven to piss me off, continue, otherwise take the easy road and end this now.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 5th, 2014 01:46

>> No. 450645
File 138891152416.gif - (905.61KB , 800x450 , 07_42_48_770_252678__UNOPT__safe_animated_apple_bloom_sweetie_belle_one_bad_apple_blinking_gif.gif )
It's sorta because Archer stole inherited this cannon from Electra and is worried that same will happen to him. Karma and all **Snicker**

I actually agree with him though, be more original, make your own story, something you can look at and go "Awesome, that was ALL me!" eventually this one will pick up again, people just need to recharge and get some stuff done.
>> No. 450646
File 138891154877.gif - (884.98KB , 500x700 , tumblr_m35dksQBAr1qdxxpyo2_500.gif )
Welp, this obviously isn't getting anywhere.

For the sake of your mental and physical health, I'll avoid doing any such thing. I wouldn't want you to work yourself up into a heart attack.

So fine, alright, have your canon, you win. I'll just be on my merry way.

Just take it easy man.
>> No. 450647
File 138891172160.jpg - (79.63KB , 393x393 , 615-dayum-shame.jpg )
Well that's not some sort of hypocrisy, I guess. Thanks, now I feel a little better about myself.

Anyway, later for real this time.
>> No. 450648
File 138891293265.gif - (960.04KB , 460x258 , HADES ANGER.gif )

Except the situation was worlds different, and to say it like that erases all the shit he put us through and all the work I put into the canon myself. Electra was a child and I essentially built the god damn lore of this canon and DMed it while he sat idly, trolled us, threw tantrums, and was generally an asshole.

So no, that is not what happened, Apple Bloom. This is someone who has nothing invested in the canon and has contributed nothing to it, but they want a slice of the pie anyway.
>> No. 450649
File 138891311175.gif - (124.08KB , 958x536 , 296358__UNOPT__safe_animated_apple-bloom_sweetie-belle_wat_50fc7a597f123b5df80002e8.gif )
I know silly, it was joke, hence **snicker** at the end.

Down boy.
>> No. 450651
File 138894888837.png - (520.11KB , 429x573 , pizzaz what the heck is on my face.png )
Well that was certainly interesting. I am glad I didn't make a decision until I was more rested. I will resign to waiting once more! ((Although I hope people will continue chatting in here.))
>> No. 450669
Looks like you'll be waiting quite awhile.
>> No. 450670
File 138897961157.jpg - (93.64KB , 500x349 , blazin.jpg )

I'd go ahead and post that Futurama dog right now if I weren't so damn lazy.
>> No. 450671
File 138898011315.jpg - (55.16KB , 625x468 , futurama dog.jpg )
Well I am a pretty patient! an ETA of when I could expect the rp to be up and running would be nice but I doubt that would be possible.

Delivery for one Onjage
>> No. 450672
File 138898032134.png - (566.20KB , 720x720 , tumblr_mg9vjbVCGd1r95269o3_1280.png )

There we go.
>> No. 450687
File 138904708413.gif - (182.86KB , 214x200 , 5809-calling-mayor-bs.gif )
Built the lore? Pffft, more like wiped your ass on it. It went from an actual zombie survival game to a world of warcraft like power fantasy, with a cliche ultra villain to boot. It's no wonder why everyone lost interest.

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>> No. 450688
File 138904801725.gif - (27.00KB , 217x199 , 6171-leviosa.gif )
>Inb4 first lieutenant brown nose.