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423128 No. 423128
#Ask/invite #Canon #Adventure #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Crazy #Sign-up

Poor Cheerilee.

Welcome to Orion, where getting hit on by a time-traveler is the norm, and closing interdimensional rifts is your job. Who will you be, I wonder? Will you be another warrior added to the growing ranks of the defenders of the planet? Could you be a scientist coming to study on some of the most advanced facilities that are known to exist? Are you, yourself, someone sucked up by a rift - knowing or unknowingly - and left to be handled by the Orion Team? Maybe you're more than one! Maybe you're all three! Or maybe, even, you're none of these, choosing something completely different?

Also, we've got ponies and stuff.

New extra updated google doc with 20% more tl;dr! []

Musics! []

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>> No. 423130
File 136953171804.png - (175.05KB , 748x800 , 293697__UNOPT__safe_vector_vinyl-scratch_necklace_artist-jaybeebug_5127f98ba4c72d27cd0002c5.png )
Claim for best pony~
>> No. 423132
File 136953193017.jpg - (313.41KB , 1324x586 , Best pon3.jpg )
>> No. 423133
File 136953199751.png - (191.05KB , 878x909 , White Wubzy.png )
I found second best.
>> No. 423134
File 136953204923.png - (159.31KB , 500x426 , Realistically Drawn.png )
I'm named after both the canon and the station we live on! And I'm played by the guy who stacked the pones for that image! That wasn't easy to do... and he had to take the picture with his laptop... his laptop! That's not easy to do.
I'm obviously the best pone!

No. Bad Darkwing/Dracino.
>> No. 423135
File 136953211322.png - (202.79KB , 1000x1000 , CLOSE ENOUGH.png )
Orion, stop being a pony pony, and start being a pony... pony.
>> No. 423136
File 136953217285.png - (1.56MB , 593x689 , I'm a Cute Little Pegasus.png )
I'll be whatever the hell I wanna be!
>> No. 423137
File 136953223868.png - (1.45MB , 800x996 , HTTYD__Not_so_Toothless_by_Jakxter.png )
You jelly of my first-ness?
>> No. 423138
File 136953223725.jpg - (327.75KB , 1280x1280 , BUDDY, YOU BOUT TO GET FUCKED UP.jpg )
No, bad Orion!

You will be a normal pone this instant, or I am revoking your cookie access!
>> No. 423139
File 136953232125.png - (113.83KB , 800x800 , Wat.png )
I can travel through time. I can literally post before first, if I want.

I'll be good!
>> No. 423140
File 136953234909.png - (15.94KB , 414x500 , Computers~.png )
>> No. 423141
File 136953240220.png - (459.61KB , 750x750 , ___The Hell.png )
You're a hooman now. And I can't be all weird? HYPOCRISY!
>> No. 423142
File 136953257319.png - (178.81KB , 924x706 , Alt+F4.png )
>> No. 423143
File 136953275708.png - (414.39KB , 750x750 , Not as Bad as the Time I was Pregnant.png )
Well... I suppose it could be worse. Carry on!
>> No. 423144
File 136953282961.png - (290.74KB , 2384x1000 , Disregard mares, acquire naps.png )
Wonderful, back to napping!
>> No. 423145
File 136953305001.png - (599.44KB , 900x600 , dat_toothless_by_bienoo-d5pgi2a.png )
Do it, faget
>> No. 423146
File 136953400756.png - (459.70KB , 750x750 , Uh___ Yeah.png )
Already did. You just didn't know it. That's the wonder of time travel.
>> No. 423147
File 136953418668.png - (686.26KB , 800x700 , oops_another_toothless__by_bienoo-d5pk6lj.png )
Sure, man. Sure.
>> No. 423156
File 136953928212.jpg - (271.24KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_melg9dgLb21r6d9gko4_1280.jpg )
>> No. 423157
File 136954339030.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
I'm not saying "Blue pony master race" but...
"Blue pony master race."

This becomes indisputable fact in 5 minutes, if not argued otherwise.
>> No. 423158
File 136954564779.png - (266.42KB , 700x627 , ella laying.png )
Blue Pones are Master Race.
>> No. 423159
File 136954609123.jpg - (46.64KB , 375x506 , NewAdvOfFlashGordon_Complet.jpg )
Flash Gordon is Master Race.
>> No. 423162
File 136955705221.png - (180.59KB , 660x520 , Happy Flight.png )
Hey, guess what!
Time travel!
I can argue whatever I want, whenever I want. I argue against blue pony master race in favor of cookie pony master race.
>> No. 423163
File 136955720405.png - (930.00KB , 1068x1107 , Twilight - Alicorn XXXXXXXXXV.png )
This pony is master race.
>> No. 423164
File 136955729505.png - (202.63KB , 800x800 , What is This.png )
>>423163 she cookie pony?
>> No. 423165
File 136955737698.jpg - (289.32KB , 2560x1920 , Twilight - Alicorn Adorable Flight.jpg )
I can guarantee she likes cookies.

From experience.
>> No. 423166
File 136955780780.jpg - (31.90KB , 406x422 , Mildly Irritated.jpg )
Liking cookies and being cookie ponies is not the same thing. She is not master race. You are mistaken, sir!
>> No. 423168
File 136955816093.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
I don't think so.
>> No. 423169
File 136955834222.png - (175.15KB , 448x900 , Orion Has No Idea.png )
But cookie pones are the best pones because they are cookies and cookies are good so thus they must be delicious and happy and you cannot overpower the joy that they must feel when they wake up in the morning and taste only cookies and nothing else even when they don't want cookies they get cookies and so their cookies are cookielicious and you can't deny that. Also, I like cookies.
>> No. 423170
File 136955842153.png - (187.12KB , 1713x1970 , Ember Storm - Errr.png )
Um... are you well?
>> No. 423171
File 136955850135.png - (207.07KB , 448x900 , Smile Facing Forward.png )
Never better~
>> No. 423172
File 136955853635.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
If you're sure.
>> No. 423173
File 136955871333.png - (230.65KB , 489x797 , Flaming Hair.png )
...huh. For some reason, I blame you for this.
>> No. 423174
File 136955879986.jpg - (1.38MB , 1746x2020 , Ember Storm - So I'm What Now.jpg )
How in Celestia's name did you manage that? No really, I'm curious.
>> No. 423175
File 136955898042.png - (127.50KB , 800x800 , It Was Super Uneffective.png )
I dunno. But it didn't do much.
>> No. 423176
File 136955914867.gif - (113.47KB , 357x150 , cookies.gif )
Cookie pone is my pone.

Except she is not cookie.

She is just like cookie.
>> No. 423177
File 136955940882.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
That sounds more or less fine, then.
>> No. 423178
File 136955966343.png - (414.39KB , 750x750 , Not as Bad as the Time I was Pregnant.png )
But if she is not cookie and just like cookie, then she is not cookie. And if she is not cookie, then she cannot be cookie pone because cookie pones are cookie. Maybe if we put her in that room with a cookie...

More or less fine? Trust me, when you've been around as long as I have, everything is fine. My hair catching on fire isn't nearly the worst thing to happen to me.
>> No. 423179
File 136955975470.png - (182.93KB , 750x750 , Current equals voltage over hugs.png )
I have yet to see a cookie she has not devoured.

She is cookie pone, god of all cookies.
>> No. 423180
File 136955980465.png - (533.07KB , 1492x1080 , That's Not Nice.png )
She is also terrifying and has threatened me with things that should never be mentioned.
>> No. 423181
File 136955984315.png - (122.42KB , 1388x1000 , I'M LAUGHING AT YOUR PAIN, NOT LAUGHING WITH YOU.png )

God of all cookies.
>> No. 423182
File 136955995462.png - (466.43KB , 343x347 , Ember Storm - Pffffft - Discord.png )
I've been through my own little interesting... events.
>> No. 423183
File 136956029547.png - (463.51KB , 750x750 , Laying Down Blank Stare.png )
Just... keep her out of my room at night. I don't wanna die. Err... again. Or something.

Interesting events, eh? Anything fun to speak of?
>> No. 423184
File 136956037084.png - (15.94KB , 414x500 , Computers~.png )
Just keep cookies out of your life room and you'll be fine.

>> No. 423185
File 136956046255.png - (39.51KB , 577x547 , Ember Storm - Pokerface - Sebass.png )
I, uh... blew myself up accidentally and woke up with these wings...

I managed to get into a relationship with a princess...
>> No. 423186
File 136956070075.png - (1.56MB , 593x689 , I'm a Cute Little Pegasus.png )
But cookies are my drug...

Ooh! I accidentally another dimension and got all smashed, then lived for eternity! When I woke up, I wasn't all dead anymore, and I was at my own funeral. And I could travel through time. We're so alike!
>> No. 423187
File 136956075758.png - (202.79KB , 1000x1000 , CLOSE ENOUGH.png )
Cookies might be your drug, but cookies are Terra's life.

And she's my mare. You're not touching my mare.
>> No. 423188
File 136956110855.png - (187.12KB , 1713x1970 , Ember Storm - Errr.png )
... I am very confused...
>> No. 423195
File 136958436776.jpg - (130.28KB , 741x504 , the_fez_triumphant_by_lissy_strata-d4cwywx.jpg )
Can I touch your mare?
And on a completely unrelated note.
>> No. 423196
File 136958831686.png - (186.50KB , 837x924 , Clyde side.png )
What about cookie baking pony master race?
>> No. 423233
File 136963689392.png - (248.83KB , 496x493 , 480.png )

[START LOG # 739494]

Hello? Is this contraption on? Vinyl how can you tell if this is on? look, you just [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Okay? Thank you, now where was I? Ah yes, my name is Octavia Philharmonic, and I am a Cellist from the Manehattan Symphonic Orchestra. I currently live at [DATA EXPUNGED], and I have heard of a Recent opening on board the Orion Space station for a Cellist to perform at the restraunt, [DATA EXPUNGED], and it would be much appreciated if I could be accepted to this esteemed position.
The notice posted said to provide two paragraphs of personal information, I have taken the liberty to include several. with certain details omitted of course.
I am an Gray Earth pony mare, with a Charcoal gray/black mane, My cutie mark is a treble clef, I am also a Cellist, and in my spare time, I do like to enjoy Tea with a few good friends.
Being From noble birth, I have been tutored in numerous arts of classical nature, such as playing the Cello, and Cuenvidi, or tail fencing. Also, due to my being an earth pony, I am stronger on average through physical strength than my Unicorn counterpart. Hey... Thats not cool 'Tavi... Hush Vinyl, I'm trying to get a job. I apologize for that interruption. Now, I can also perform a few rudimentary tasks, such as cooking, and if the need calls for it, I can do rough translations from Equestrian into Russian and back.
My Familial history comes from the Russian principalities of Equestria's [DATA EXPUNGED] Province, in the quaint outskirts of the City of [DATA EXPUNGED]. My mother and father are related to the nobilitas, the exact relation escapes my memory, however there is still a relation. Thus is the source of much of my classical training.
Now, after much ado, I hereby conclude my application, thank you for considering me.
Vinyl, How do I turn it off?
Oh its easy, you just-


Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 00:16

>> No. 423255
File 136968173422.jpg - (191.09KB , 850x553 , 86670%20-%20Doctor_Whoof%20reaction_image%20seems_legit.jpg )
If I were responsible enough to be considered an officer, my good lady, you would have gotten an approval.

Although since I continually disrupt the station's Brilliant, and very clever operating system, regularly fiddle with the electronics, and recently caused a kitchen service robot to go on an egg based rampage I can't. However I am sure that that Loony will like you.
>> No. 423256
File 136968405445.jpg - (51.38KB , 720x530 , knew it.jpg )
>> No. 423271
File 136969079538.png - (145.45KB , 990x1000 , Facehoof.png )
Don't even try to figure it out.
>> No. 423285
File 136969761354.png - (217.86KB , 1200x1415 , Confidence is Key by Prince Bluelolz 2.png )
I'm gonna have to give this one a big ol' approval. We've got too many people coming here with the intention of fighting or being a super-smart-science-pone-with-big-brain. Octavia would be a nice change of pace.
>> No. 423286
Thank you, It is indeed a nice change of pace to be something "normal" in a place full of the Eldritch.
>> No. 423288
File 136970063654.png - (79.24KB , 445x417 , 39783485.png )
I'm not a super brain science pony or a fighter!
>> No. 423290
File 136970148620.png - (521.34KB , 750x750 , It's Just You and Me Again.png )
No! But you sure are a pretty mare~
>> No. 423292
File 136970168212.gif - (110.51KB , 500x500 , The-song-of-my-people_--I-shall-play-it_.gif )
>> No. 423293
File 136970290705.png - (179.61KB , 1000x1178 , you tried.png )
>> No. 423294
File 136970299655.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
>> No. 423295
File 136970310888.png - (149.33KB , 800x800 , Hello in a Tie.png )
Just look at all these mares here in the OOC thread!
>> No. 423296
File 136970322422.png - (55.72KB , 198x198 , Masika.png )
>> No. 423297
File 136970323998.png - (178.57KB , 1000x1219 , The plot comes to a halt.png )
We're related.
>> No. 423298
File 136970367575.png - (175.15KB , 448x900 , Orion Has No Idea.png )
I like blue mares~

Does this look like the face of a pony who cares?!
>> No. 423299
File 136970372876.png - (349.02KB , 1000x2025 , Enyo.png )
>> No. 423300
File 136970394241.png - (65.94KB , 1438x382 , SkillActivate.png )
Down Orion, Don't make me get the spray bottle.Or the Hedge Clippers.
>> No. 423302
File 136970556226.png - (115.87KB , 800x800 , Smash Into a Cloud.png )
She's smiling at me! She's smiling at m-

>> No. 423304
File 136970580722.png - (178.98KB , 1101x1000 , 133910708444.png )
Then stay away from MY Mares.
You know what I'm capable of, Orion.
You know nopony will find for you.
>> No. 423305
File 136970588729.png - (76.29KB , 311x405 , I don't even know where i got these glasses_.png )
>She smiles at everyone!
Except Changelings and Dragons.
>> No. 423306
File 136970589457.png - (404.07KB , 750x750 , Pomf.png )
Your mares? I... uuh... they're yours?!
Does... d-does that make you a... a filly fooler? I... that's hot.
>> No. 423308
File 136970779252.png - (38.43KB , 511x658 , Happy-Walking.png )
Well, as Nimble said, Octavia is a very different character compared to Orion's usual stock. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.
After much consideration (i.e. fifteen minutes), I say approved.
>> No. 423309
File 136970807728.gif - (3.28MB , 505x640 , 136969681282.gif )
Thank you, if you will allow me, I would like to play for you the song of my people.
>> No. 423310
File 136970978085.png - (57.44KB , 1438x382 , LimitBreak.png )
Just run away Orion. Before it's too late.
>> No. 423312
File 136971382224.jpg - (122.58KB , 1036x537 , Socky Wocky and a Bit of Pcoky.jpg )
Oh and Terra before I forget.
>Poke, prod, touch, twiddle, and various other forms of hoof related exploration are performed on Terra.
And if you would be so kind, tell Loony bin I did all of this. He was the one who dared me to touch you, although it wasn't so much of a dare as he said, "If you do this I will bring down the wrath of the Gods upon you." Which is exactly like a dare.
<3 The Doctor.
>> No. 423313
File 136971666723.png - (70.76KB , 900x750 , Dafuq is that.png )
Doctor, are you sure this is a good idea? This is LUNACY we're talking about here. I had to use four different text thingies just to describe what he is, and I think they speak for themself.
Figuratively, of course. Words don't actually talk.
>> No. 423314
File 136971716743.png - (285.12KB , 894x894 , Bow-Ties Tweed JAckets And Cool Hair.png )
Don't worry he promised he wouldn't kill me.
He promised he would get Saxophone to do it.
This is obviously much safer because Saxophone doesn't care if I touch his girlfriends.
Or was that Deadpony...?
>> No. 423315
File 136971768381.png - (75.16KB , 808x988 , Happy-Trotting-Upsidedown.png )
I wasn't aware the former had any, and the latter is one we do not discuss around here often. But, you do what you want and I'll be here on the ceiling.
>> No. 423316
Hello, I'm new here. Is it ok if I ask some questions?
>> No. 423317
File 136972118039.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
Of course! I already said that you could.
Anything you had in mind, go ahead and ask away. This thread's clear and open, so we're free to talk.
>> No. 423318
Ok, so, 1st of all. Can someone tell me the short story on whats going on BEFORE I got here?
>> No. 423319
Well, that depends on what you mean. Were you referring to the interaction that was taking place when you popped in?
>> No. 423320
>> No. 423321
By the way, you mentioned me being accepted into the canon. What was that about?
>> No. 423322
File 136972170927.png - (289.60KB , 1691x1691 , mlfw1862-132432685569.png )
Oh hi, I'm a lunatic! The lunatic! And another one of the canon's officers!

What brings you to our OOC thread?
>> No. 423323
File 136972177813.jpg - (77.62KB , 386x429 , Dressed up for Work.jpg )
Currently, Dr. Cruore is talking with Doctor Whooves because Dr. Cruore and Sam were talking about another character, a child, being scarred for life over an event that took place earlier. That's kinda the summary of it.

And this canon is somewhat closed. Anybody can apply, but their character must receive two approvals from officers to get in. If you're interested, then the Google Document linked at the top of this thread will cover all the rules and such that you'll need to know.

He was wandering around in the IC thread, so I directed him here~
>> No. 423324
Gonna park and see how this new guy is!

Maybe make another character sheet for both an example and a legitimate character entry.
>> No. 423325
Well, what do you mean by "closed?"
>> No. 423326
File 136972196169.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Just what it sounds like. Users aren't allowed to RP in the Orion unless they've been given permission, and that comes in the form of two approvals on a character sheet.
>> No. 423327
Oh, you wouldn't like me. My character is basically an assassin look for a job. I got overboard and chose a pony similar to Ezio from assassins creed.
>> No. 423328
File 136972203115.png - (275.96KB , 1092x1080 , mlfw7872-v17lc01.png )
In the OP (first post, scroll up!) of this thread, there's a link to a google doc! I'd recommend you read that, it'll answer a lot of questions!

And maybe raise some more to ask, but we can answer those!
>> No. 423329
You'd actually be surprised! This is a canon that takes place on a space station set in place to keep the planet safe. Assassins aren't nearly the strangest thing we've got in here.

And Lunacy's got a point in this post >>423328
Reading over the rules sheet would be the fastest way to answer many of the questions you've probably got.
>> No. 423330
Another question, what did you mean by officers?
>> No. 423331
File 136972223706.png - (202.22KB , 562x333 , mlfw7711-1344794218966067.png )
We've got five officers, detailed in the google doc. We're the ones that handle administrative things around here, and approve character sheets. Hopefully, you'll only see us do that second bit!
>> No. 423332
I see, well, I have to go. Thanks for the help!
>> No. 423333
File 136972257394.png - (148.91KB , 755x1212 , mlfw1367_17855.png )
Uh, alrighty then! Seeya another time!
>> No. 423334
Nice farquads.
>> No. 423335
File 136972266436.jpg - (91.87KB , 572x488 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 423336
File 136972267904.jpg - (91.87KB , 572x488 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 423337
Not sure if herdmind...
>> No. 423338
File 136972275090.png - (18.79KB , 436x508 , Wide Eyed.png )
>> No. 423339
Oh my fuck.

>> No. 423340
File 136972281540.jpg - (87.43KB , 333x480 , mlfw1332_35578-lunarageragefaceteeth.jpg )
No, I'm just psychic.
>> No. 423341
File 136972313600.png - (217.15KB , 1705x1936 , Ember Storm - Aren't You Being Silly.png )
>> No. 423342
File 136972318035.jpg - (32.14KB , 550x350 , mlfw5543-ponyplz2.jpg )
>> No. 423343
File 136972338560.png - (84.60KB , 864x937 , Ember Storm - Ewwwww - Mellowbloom.png )
>> No. 423344
Guys, I think we're the only ones in /ooc/.

Last edited at Mon, May 27th, 2013 23:44

>> No. 423345
File 136972342034.png - (243.29KB , 1056x594 , mlfw7870-l4t3rn06.png )
>> No. 423346
File 136972347892.jpg - (311.07KB , 1744x1128 , Ember Twilight - Cuddles - Eevachu.jpg )
I don't think so. Thread's about Princess Twilight now.
>> No. 423347
File 136972350731.png - (157.24KB , 570x427 , 42.png )
>> No. 423348
File 136972355381.png - (1.34MB , 800x831 , Remove AT.png )
Remove false princess.
>> No. 423349
File 136972368133.png - (329.36KB , 1000x1000 , Ember Storm - Angry - Spirit Shine.png )
Call my mare a false princess again and I will char your flank and feed it to the diamond dogs.
>> No. 423350
Just because they're dogs doesn't mean they wouldn't like a well cooked flank over a charred one. Think of the dogs man.
>> No. 423351
Charbroiling is a thing.
>> No. 423352
She seems more of a bootlicker to me. How many times has Celestia sent her to do her bidding? How many times has Celestia carried out her will herself?

She's more fit to be a guard captain if you ask me.
>> No. 423353
File 136972388437.png - (31.19KB , 800x300 , Ember Storm - Glare - the Zefarian.png )
Warning you...
>> No. 423354
File 136972389979.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Charbroiling is, yes, but simply saying char implies well...charred.

Culinary man...AWAY!
>> No. 423355
You're not a real pyromancer anyways.
>> No. 423356
File 136972406880.png - (367.70KB , 1158x960 , umi no bg.png )
Never said I was! I'm a glorious fake! Weee!
>Flails off in a burst of fire, butane, and dillusion
>> No. 423357
File 136972408015.jpg - (219.66KB , 1200x1200 , spoiler.jpg )
Remove false princess!

Replace with new king!

This is going to take awhile to explain.
>> No. 423358
File 136972413188.png - (358.31KB , 1318x1100 , mlfw197_34545_-_artist-tess_luna.png )
Big Macintosh for Best King 2013
>> No. 423359
File 136972420775.png - (152.20KB , 480x480 , Picture of me 2.png )
>King Macintosh!
>> No. 423360
File 136972424490.jpg - (67.65KB , 350x356 , Ember Storm - Cleansing Fire.jpg )
>> No. 423361
..the base of that fire collumn looks like an Easter Island Head.
>> No. 423362
>can't unsee
>> No. 423363
File 136972437574.jpg - (197.64KB , 945x945 , mlfw2446-13275924494594.jpg )
Oh holy shit it does
>> No. 423364
So, you're telling me

I just got naplam'd by Squidward?
>> No. 423365
File 136972449734.jpg - (142.03KB , 1800x1200 , WHATS IN THE BAWX!.jpg )
>How did he do it underwater!?

>I am the king of I SPY!
>> No. 423385
File 136979126780.gif - (617.76KB , 400x229 , kawaii.gif )
Napalm is the secret to happiness.
>> No. 423387
File 136979136967.gif - (13.78KB , 360x360 , Clappin'.gif )
I can second this.
>> No. 423402
File 136980277190.jpg - (158.99KB , 846x642 , 1355129573618.jpg )
>All the feels
>> No. 423648
File 136990247594.jpg - (10.54KB , 267x200 , steam_pony_by_infalle-d485w9d.jpg )

I mean, hi. And stuff. Anyone remember me? I played that Steampony. His name was... uh...
*rummages through files*
Gearwrench! He was a airship captain who's crew died and he crashlanded inside a cargo bay.
Anyway, I'd like to rejoin. Can I hop back in or do I have to re-apply?

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 423650
File 136990536300.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
As long as you got accepted at one point and weren't removed, then there's nothing saying that you can't hop on back in. Once you're part of the team, you're always part of the team!*
Feel free to hop back in~

*This is a total lie, as you can be removed for being a bad pony
>> No. 423651
File 136990542944.png - (31.19KB , 800x300 , Ember Storm - Glare - the Zefarian.png )
I'm removing you for not talking to me suddenly!

Just kidding, you get busy. Hai.
>> No. 423652
File 136990598283.png - (114.22KB , 894x894 , merry-little-fluttershy-by-demonbarber92-redone-by-asax0.png )
I'm a good pony, I swear!

I don't think Gearwrench was actually officially accepted into the team. But I have a neat re-introduction post in mind!
>> No. 423653
You were accepted to the canon, is what he meant.
>> No. 423654
No you!

Right. I know he meant that. Clearly.
>> No. 423655
File 136990640358.png - (77.38KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Yeah Eh - Twilight Spark1e and Harlequin.png )
>> No. 423656
File 136990678448.png - (205.30KB , 1200x1415 , Confidence is Key by Prince Bluelolz.png )
>reply to one post
>look away for a bit to type a thing
>look back
>more posts than I expected

As long as you received two approvals, you're fi-

Ah, ok, you understood. No issue, then!

>> No. 423657
File 136990717961.png - (329.36KB , 1000x1000 , Ember Storm - Angry - Spirit Shine.png )
I will look at you in whatever nonsexual way I want!
>> No. 423658
File 136990729734.png - (304.36KB , 1000x966 , 135754534563.png )
I got this!

Does that mean I have to cover the sexual ways?
>> No. 423659
File 136990734730.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
If you want him to look at you sexually, go right ahead.
>> No. 423660
File 136990766530.png - (128.18KB , 816x978 , Smile 1.png )
I'm alright with that.

Put on a collar and we'll talk.
>> No. 423661

Didn't I say I'd be okay with that when you did post as Twi on occasion?

Or okay with trying it?
>> No. 423664
File 136990833680.gif - (1.26MB , 361x361 , 7__fluttershy_always-works.gif )
Collar? Kinky
>> No. 423665
File 136990844720.png - (102.15KB , 611x663 , I Found Some Pills.png )
But I'm not Twi right now.
I'm me.

You are bad kitty.

...but it sounds like you enjoy collars. So you may commence the sexual staring.
>> No. 423666
nope. no accidental porns. not going to get banned.

But yes. Collars. <3

Last edited at Thu, May 30th, 2013 03:09

>> No. 423667
File 136990854663.png - (131.35KB , 808x733 , Ember Storm - Sad - Turtle.png )
You've not been Twi for a while...

For your own reasons.
>> No. 423668
File 136990878709.png - (40.05KB , 323x350 , Bandaged Wings.png )
Yes. We've been over it before.

>those trips
Right! I'll believe anything you say!
But I see no staring. I was told there would be staring.
>> No. 423669
File 136990884177.png - (39.51KB , 577x547 , Ember Storm - Pokerface - Sebass.png )
I honestly don't quite understand them, but oh well...

Maybe some day you'll feel like playing her again.
>> No. 423670

Last edited at Thu, May 30th, 2013 03:17

>> No. 423671
File 136990926883.png - (17.89KB , 344x433 , Yes, I'm Happy.png )
Maybe, maybe not. We'll see how things pan out.

>> No. 423672
File 136990931905.png - (120.19KB , 1293x981 , Ember Storm - Um I'll Be Leaving Now.png )
>> No. 423673
^ ^
>> No. 423674
File 136990963876.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
I have no idea what's going on anymore.
>> No. 423675
File 136990974238.png - (39.51KB , 577x547 , Ember Storm - Pokerface - Sebass.png )
Nor do I.
>> No. 423677
I thought I was staring.
Ah well, I should probably stop being silly and spamming. Posts shall occur sometime in the near future!
>> No. 423678
I'mma go sleep now.

>> No. 423679
File 136991058641.png - (261.06KB , 2721x1716 , Napping on a Cloud.png )
: O
Oh, I see it now! I was confused because you were an anon for a bit, and I just saw a bunch of symbols 'n' stuff. I was expecting images or something, I dunno. DON'T MIND ME!

G'night, Ember~
I should actually do the same. I'm getting distracted by typing a thing. : /
>> No. 423680
File 136991064734.png - (187.12KB , 1713x1970 , Ember Storm - Errr.png )
You and your tildes honestly confuse me.
>> No. 423681
File 136991079948.jpg - (143.02KB , 900x750 , 45efeb12bf8117ae648cd016be4ff2a1.jpg )
Yeah. I didn't notice that my tripcode name thing wasn't there. Because reasons.

< Better?

>> No. 423682
File 136991186018.png - (146.42KB , 500x400 , 485976_421789684564971_1034233430_n.png )
Wait! Even better.

Kay, I'll stop now. For reals.
>> No. 423689
File 136993663641.gif - (1.82MB , 320x240 , best-reaction.gif )
>Black Ops 2
>Go 15/14 in my first match
>Already got a better KDR then ever before!
>> No. 423693
File 136994882031.png - (379.89KB , 1900x1750 , spoiler.png )
>go offline before these are posted
>just now come back to check the thread
...yes. Yes, that's better. Excuse me while I try to go get the image of Fluttershy with a collar out of my head, or it'll be stuck there forever.
>> No. 423730
If my internet was any more outdated, I could refine it and sell it to Exon as fuel, then use the money to get some decent connection...
>> No. 423830
d20 = 17
Rollan rollan rollan~
>> No. 423850
File 137005360327.png - (36.33KB , 537x420 , 224856129.png )
“The best medicine is preventative.” ~~ ‘Smooth’.

Gilded Tongue, or ‘Smooth’ as he is often called, is a powerful speaker, word bender, and negotiator from the streets of Manehattan. Unlike most other run-in-with-a-weapon-and-smack-face ponies, her prefers to take it a step further; preventing an issue altogether. He’s gotten quite good with his words, having attended many college classes, and many employers have taken notice. He looks to make use of himself on Orion as anything that would be needed, such as a public speaker, lawyer, or ambassador. Some of his previous jobs include: a used chariot salesman, a lawyer, and a public relations manager.

It’s no big surprise he doesn’t want to fight. With his build, a good smack or two could probably break something, and, with his knowledge of guns, he would barely be able to know how the trigger works, let alone aim in hopes to hit anything. The only form of fighting he knows and can hope to use is with words. …Unless, of course, he isn’t seen. With his light weight, he could sneak around without making much of a sound, and maneuver around whatever obstacles are in his way – that is, if his hoof isn’t chipped. Now, running away if he’s seen? Good luck with that.

Now, outside of speaking and sneaking, he has a few other skills; some very basic medical training, general knowledge of computers, and some knowledge in music, like almost everypony knows. He would want some assistance for most of these tasks, however. Note, when I say assistance, that means assistance , not directions. He prefers being told general guidelines as of how to do what he is doing, not to be given direct instructions and/or orders. This applies for most everything he does, because of two reasons. First off, he wants to learn more, and self-taught information is more valuable than information told. Secondly, solid instructions often times limit what he does, and sometimes, they aren’t as efficient as other methods. In short, he takes advice; not orders.

This applies to most everyone, actually. He only listens and obeys those that have a good reputation, a good will, or a fat wallet, and even then he still likes to have ‘loose orders’, as he calls them. But, once he says he will do something, he will do it or come back with a very good reason as to why he cannot. He won’t stab anyone in the back, and he won’t make a promise he can’t keep.


Just a note; I know that my character is only as good of a speaker as I write him. I plan on going through with this still. I’ll do my best not to disappoint! (Do not want to self-inflate here)

Last edited at Fri, May 31st, 2013 19:30

>> No. 423875
File 137005530102.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , I'm so bucking handsome.png )
>Reads over
Mmhm... mmhm... alright.
After reading this over, and talking a bit with you on Skype about things, I hereby give this an approval, within the scope of my super-amazing officery powers.
>> No. 423878
File 137005542720.png - (121.60KB , 900x1477 , 39783486.png )
>> No. 423890
File 137005642784.gif - (13.78KB , 360x360 , Clappin'.gif )
Yeah, he sounds interested, and definitely unique from what we usually get. I say Approved; Good luck with him!
>> No. 423891

Let's see how long it takes for him to break his leg.

Last edited at Fri, May 31st, 2013 20:14

>> No. 423893
File 137005659331.png - (142.90KB , 1176x1520 , Game face.png )
I got ten bits on five minutes.
>> No. 423918
File 137006985990.png - (499.63KB , 1023x577 , 1363137961051.png )
>> No. 423922
Can my sign up be in multiple parts or brief and summarized? The device I RP from has a character limit...
>> No. 423923
I don't see why it can't be, just make sure you answer the questions in the google doc for the occifers.
>> No. 423925

Uh... Problem... It seems as though my device can't load the Google Doc because it's too long... Could I maybe get an outline of sorts? I'm really sorry for needing it.
>> No. 423927
1. Orion is not without entry requirements. Before you can post, you need to answer two questions about each and every character you’d like to bring in to the canon. This must be approved by (at least) two officers.

What is your character?
This section should detail what your character looks like, and posting a picture to supplement this would be very helpful. This should also tell us your character’s race, any clothing they wear, what equipment they generally have, and a bit about their personality. This should, overall, let us envision your character in order to get an idea of who they are.

What makes your character unique?
This is where you’ll tell us how your character is different from the pony down the street. We don’t want to have majorly overpowered characters or anything like that, but we also don’t want to be overflowing with Average Joes. What can your character bring to the Orion? Tell us a bit about why they’ve come to the station. Basically, why should we accept your character as a member of our team? But keep in mind, we don’t want to have twenty copies of the same thing. So check to make sure there’s a need for the character you’re making. If we already have several characters who specialize in one thing, then there’s a lower chance that we’ll accept yet another one. One final note. You do not have to detail the history of your character, unless it’s somehow relevant. A full essay on how your character came to be everything he is today is nice (and skillful!), but not required. Us officers are only human as well, and if you’ve deviated much too far from what the sheet’s supposed to be, you might not get the reaction you had expected from the officers.

Nobody wants that.

In conclusion, keep it concise. Length isn’t a factor, unless you get into the extreme lengths (that’s both short and long). We’ve included an example of a good sheet, so you should be good!

Ares is an orange pegasus stallion from Cydonia, a small, fledgling kingdom outside of Equestria. With his companion and friend, Enyo, Ares is always looking for a bigger challenge. He's arrogant and quick to anger, sometimes overconfident. He has been named one of the two Champions of Cydonia, after having defeated a younger dragon with Enyo, the biggest threat Cydonia had ever faced.

Ares is skilled with his sword, which is one of the finest out of Cydonia's forges, but otherwise, nothing special. He's quick to get in your face and start cleaving once he begins fighting, but he truly shines when paired with Enyo. Enyo can temporarily enchant his sword with special effects, such as generally being lighter and quicker, or even sharper. Ares tends to rely on Enyo for support, not being nearly as effective on his own.
>> No. 423928
Thank you!

Shift is an olive, black-maned Pegasus from the Boodocks of Canterlot. He has a scar on his forehead crossing his right ear, which is always flopped. He has blood red eyes, and carries a toolfilled satchel. Shift is always grumpy, pointing out the negativity in most things. He is generally serious, and can't take a joke.

Shift is an engineer, specializing in mechanics. He was called onto Orion to build and repair ships. He can fight, but uses only his wrentches.(pt 2 needd, char limit
>> No. 423929

He is generally a loner, but always likes having someone to talk to. He ignores romance usually, for it interferes with his work. Shift gets into many fights, so he knew a military job was perfect for him.
>> No. 423932
File 137007501200.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
Hello there, Mark! bonus points for a name that appeals to one of my favorite people
As a user, welcome to the Orion! Always happy to see new people popping in.
And as an officer, I'll be honest in saying the character makes me cautious. I know it'll probably suck, due to your character limit, but could you possibly type out a bit more for me to judge? The design you've got has a few things in it that, in my experience, can lead to some... less than ideal circumstances. I just need some elaboration to understand his character a bit more.
Oh, and if you've got any questions, feel free to ask! I'll be happy to help however I can.

And thank you, Ember, for helping out while I was gone~
>> No. 423933
File 137007513941.jpg - (148.58KB , 553x484 , Ember Storm - Because Exploitable - Hat.jpg )
Is job.

>more tildes
I think you do that on purpose now.
>> No. 423934
File 137007525177.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Is job? As in it's your job to keep an eye on the thread while I'm gone? Hmm... you're not getting paid for it, but feel free to do it! And actually, the tildes are just habit. They sorta put themselves in there when I type now.
>> No. 423935
File 137007537721.png - (90.17KB , 945x945 , Ember Storm - Shrug - Ebrona.png )
I'm just a helpful pony. You know this.

Twi really knows this.
>> No. 423936

Sure! And by the by, my device can't reveal spoiler ;-;

Shift was a defensive ruffian growing up, so if a friend was in danger, he would help. Shift tends to rant about stupid things, but it helps time fly for him. If he didn't like fighting and engineering, he would never have joined Orion. He fights by either throwing small wrentches or wielding a big pipe wrench. He will try to pick a fight, if he is angry enough. He also hates violins and Swiss Cheese, claiming they are "Discord's Creations"
>> No. 423938
File 137007619256.png - (60.45KB , 663x531 , That's Nice.png )
Ah. The spoilers said "Bonus points for a name that appeals to one of my favorite people."

Anyway, Shift seems interesting enough. I'm hesitant when it comes to the part about just picking fights, though. The group of characters here are all a team, and although they may not agree on everything, they need to work together. Can you try to keep that all under control if you were to bring him in? Also, with the text limit, are you gonna be able to keep your post quality up and consistent?
>> No. 423939

Yes to both questions! I'm literally rping ALL the time, and I can definitely sustain normal text lengths! I just can't do 3 paragraph messages is all. None of your concerns are hard to handle!
>> No. 423940
File 137007699165.png - (205.30KB , 1200x1415 , Confidence is Key by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Alright, well, since I'm the only officer on at the moment, I can't do much. You'd need two of us to approve you. I'll point this out to one of them the first chance I get, then talk it over with them. Sorry for the unfortunate timing.
>> No. 423941

It's fine, really! It is kinda my fault for applying so late.
>> No. 423958
File 137011986462.png - (38.43KB , 511x658 , Happy-Walking.png )
I'm here! And only eleven hours late! A new record!
After reading over your sheet and the following discussion you had with Nimble on it, I give you an approval, with official-looking bold print. Welcome aboard!
Once Nimble approves it, that is.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 1st, 2013 13:52

>> No. 423966
File 137012807914.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
And I'm here now! So yep, now that we've got Josh here saying yes, I'll give you that second, shiny approval~
Have fun in the Orion, Mark! And feel free to ask any questions you may have!
>> No. 423976
File 137014014299.jpg - (202.97KB , 494x750 , fleetfoot mac.jpg )
Fleetfoot Mac...please tell me others think that's a brilliant name, and I'm not just insane.
>> No. 423997

Thank you very much!
>> No. 424129
So, what is this thread about?
>> No. 424149
Hi! Sorry, I'm not an officer, but I am part of the canon.

This thread is a sign up, and out of character discussion thread for the Orion canon. You can sign up characters, talk to other players, and discuss things like arcs, new characters, and in thread interactions.

If you have any questions, there's usually one or two people around, and they'll glady answer anything you'd like to ask.
>> No. 424159
I meant the rp thread.
>> No. 424164
Oh! The thread itself focus on the adventures and daily life of a group of beings that live on the Orion Space Station. The overall focus of the group to monitor, close, and if needed combat "Rifts" and the entities that reside on the other side. Rifts themselves a kind of "Window" or "Door" to alternate dimensions and planes. At least that's what I've gathered from my time so far. Nimble, Lunacy, Roman, Josh, and Mint can give a more detailed summary, and correct anything I got wrong.

Also, sorry for the late reply, I got called away to dinner.
>> No. 424189
File 137031398870.jpg - (1.83MB , 2500x2399 , woona-tumblr.jpg )
Okay, and I talked to Lunacy, and he confirmed this is, more or less, the gist of the threads (Though portals is a better term then doors or windows)
>> No. 424204
File 137031747424.png - (1.30MB , 2000x2000 , Always Watching.png )
>> No. 424205
File 137031764536.png - (60.88KB , 267x200 , 4328043+_391b86892ea99418f056971f5848caef.png )
Allo Roman
>> No. 424261
I'll apply, then.
>> No. 424271
File 137038438638.png - (234.41KB , 900x608 , Nightmane.png )
Nightmane is a Goddess amongst ponies ruler of the night. she is related to luna in that she is her cousin 42 times removed, she arrived on Orion one bright midnight when her hyper advanced alien spaceship crashed into the Dwarf fortress i was building in Minecraft, Then, in a fit of anger, i used admin commands to smite her with lightning, not knowing that it would only serve to increase her power. With her sudden power boost, she decided that the world was no longer worthy of her original Swag, and so she flew away into deep space, fighting a giant mudcrab that dwelt inside a black hole, causing it to collapse, and spew forth all the stuff that it had devoured. the resulting explosion caught her off guard, and propelled her into Orion's orbit, where she luckily crashed through an airlock. Then using her knowledge of metallic materials, she is able to cut through the remaining door, and seal the hole that she had caused with perfect ability, keeping orion from venting all of its air.

Nightmane is an alicorn onboard Orion, she also knows a lot about science, physics, mining, and she also knows a lot of Star Trek Trivia, she also has a cutie mark like the batmare.
In no way did i steal this image off Google

Last edited at Tue, Jun 4th, 2013 15:20

>> No. 424275
File 137038509298.png - (122.02KB , 900x1941 , Are you bucking kidding me.png )
Vinyl, stop it.
Stop it now.
>> No. 424284
File 137039790728.png - (25.71KB , 600x560 , Hiding In My Box by Rainbow Crash.png )
If this was a troll, then please don't. If you're serious, then find another canon; this one isn't for you. I suppose I could give some OC help, if you'd really like some.
...that was almost painful to read.
>> No. 424286
File 137039987317.gif - (458.29KB , 314x254 , tumblr_m2a6lxgv7V1qhejhu.gif )
You have done a service to literature, and I love you.
Unofficial approval of the "Thumbs Up"
>> No. 424290
File 137040511795.png - (107.20KB , 344x266 , 131756355976.png )
Oh gwad it's here too XD

Best OC 2012
>> No. 424293

1d20-1 = 8
>> No. 424296
I'm just stopping by to say:


This is the best OC I've ever seen.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 4th, 2013 22:44

>> No. 424299
File 137041553454.png - (2.11MB , 1805x988 , Cope singled out.png )
Copeland Stale is the adoptive, and eldest son of Clyde Stale. This twenty five year old earth pony is a bit shorter then the average stallion, and tends to be quite sensitive about his height. (Telling him he has Little Dog Syndrome, or a Napoleon Complex may not be the best way to befriend him.) As he is a bit shorter then normal, he focused on strength and endurance over speed.

Following in his adoptive father's hoofsteps, Copeland joined the military as soon as he was allowed, taking the fast track towards the same Special Operatives class as Clyde, operating under the radar, and doing what must be done to accomplish goals.

Copeland is, in all truth, a workhorse, training, working out, and shunning books in favor of more training. In fact, the last thing he read might have been the instructions on a bottle of protein supplements, which he most likely just poured into a blender with coffee. He's a loud fighter, who would happily burst down a door while totting a machine gun, or run headlong into an army with his claymore.

Brash, strong, and strong minded, Copeland was eventually recommended for the Orion team by his higher ups, and jumped at the chance for a new challenge and adventure.
>> No. 424300
File 137041649666.png - (168.72KB , 750x750 , mlfw2925-13294104436026.png )
Approved :D
>> No. 424301
File 137041695227.gif - (178.34KB , 666x800 , Dance.gif )
>> No. 424303

You here?
>> No. 424304
Here. So what's up?
>> No. 424305
Well, just wanted to clarify a thing or two.

I know you said you're new to Ponychan, and I wanted to make sure you knew a couple of things.

Now, as for shipping, I don't care what people do. As one of my favorite songs says, anything goes.


There are a few limits. If these two get carried away, we're probably gonna have to 'fade to black', persay. because of rules. Do you understand?

>The song, in case you don't know.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 01:21

>> No. 424306

Oh, I knew that! My IRL buddy Cam(Zetch) explained all the RP mechanics to me!
>> No. 424307
Alright, good. Wanted to make sure you knew. Better to be safe.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 5th, 2013 01:24

>> No. 424308

Don't blame you. Now back to your regularly scheduled RP.
>> No. 424321
File 137044360872.jpg - (136.08KB , 800x480 , 2013-05-03121119_zps48cda6bd.jpg )
A Little Combat Heavy; though it does work for he character, no question there. I'll say Approved
How much longer until ALL of Stale's Famiry is on the station?
>> No. 424331
Kidding, I don't plan to bring Sam in.
>> No. 424420
File 137056148029.gif - (1.63MB , 201x145 , AOS-and-Orion-learn-the-difference.gif )
>> No. 424423
Would you mind posting the original, unedited one? I love Mythbusters Gifs.
>> No. 424481

I kinda hate AoS now, for what they did to my friend Zetch.
>> No. 424503
File 137059173237.png - (106.23KB , 423x414 , mlfw102_130064630877.png )
>> No. 424504

He said that they lost his sheet, made him reapply, then denied him, even after he changed what they told him to. I have yet to read the arguments for myself, but I bet he'll just text me them.
>> No. 424505
File 137059344314.png - (102.06KB , 900x770 , mlfw3749-1331920238827733.png )
Oh, huh.

Y'know any more on that, by any chance?
>> No. 424506

I think he said he sent a bunch of hate messages to a guy named Monochromia, then apologized. He also told me that you denied him a bunch of times, too. But he showed me all, I think 6, sheets he posted, and all except the first one sucked so, yeah.

Is there something that Cam never told me...?
>> No. 424507
File 137059408480.jpg - (292.69KB , 1280x720 , mlfw4823-13369187191685.jpg )
Oh, no, no, I'm just curious about it, is all.

He aint a bad guy, but that aint gonna stop me from denying a poor sheet in my eyes. I'un hold anything against him.
>> No. 424508
File 137059465728.jpg - (4.31KB , 133x123 , slenderpony shrug.jpg )

Yeah, he also wanted me to apologize to you for him. He said he's studying to make a character that won't be denied.

It's actually very funny how serious he's taking this.

He only uses Zetch in DB now, out of fear of denial in another ask/invite. He's cool, yeah, but at school he gets picked on a LOT, so he tends to overreact and take most criticisms as insults. But 'ey, what ya gonna do, huh?
>> No. 424509
File 137059547584.jpg - (80.00KB , 510x465 , mlfw3933-13327106808271.jpg )
Huh, woulda thought he'd have told me himself, or something.

>> No. 424510
File 137059566991.jpg - (3.07KB , 125x114 , bookhat pinkie.jpg )

Yeah, makes sense he didn't tell you. He's one of those, "I hate talking about my feelings kinda people.
>> No. 424511
File 137059604481.png - (4.28MB , 3300x2550 , 333952__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_artist-dhui.png )
Still, "Bottle it up, and complain to my friend" isn't really a good way to get things done like that, right?

So, how you liking Orion?
>> No. 424512
File 137059648182.jpg - (2.38KB , 122x125 , awesome face pinkie.jpg )

Right. He also says that you should have me RP with some "Bemuse" character.

I'm really liking it so far! Already got some good 'ol fashioned drama goin' on.
>> No. 424513
File 137059659559.png - (311.17KB , 2500x2500 , Omnomnomnom.png )
Do not RP with Bemuse.
You have been warned.
>> No. 424514
This. Trust me, son. She's a nasty one.
>> No. 424515

>> No. 424516
File 137059694349.gif - (1.49MB , 240x180 , 2w591.gif )
You don't RP with run. You run, and you do not look back...
>> No. 424517
File 137059696215.png - (75.16KB , 808x988 , Happy-Trotting-Upsidedown.png )
No can do, whoever-you-are.
>> No. 424518
File 137059700248.jpg - (44.00KB , 640x360 , mlfw977_1319304932595.jpg )
Oh, so it IS you.
>> No. 424519
File 137059711683.png - (180.38KB , 900x900 , mlfw4597-1335650883700.png )
Go ta bed, bookbutt! You need your sleeples!
>> No. 424520

I came to see how he was doing is all. This is his first RP here. I thought giving him a taste of Bemuse would show him what he's up against.
>> No. 424521
File 137059743193.png - (428.20KB , 2000x1500 , mlfw1767-1321471653.png )
Forgive me for saying that sounds horribly contrived and not really likely.
>> No. 424522

>> No. 424523

Who in the holy balls is Bemuse? Why is she so bad?
>> No. 424524
File 137059767707.gif - (4.96MB , 405x228 , badly edit to nimble.gif )
Bemuse in no way represents anything someone would face on Orion in an average day. She represents a good reason to curl up in a small corner and shiver.
>> No. 424525

She's that mare I told you about that Luni here yelled at me over Skype when I accidentally ruined his RP plans in AoS.
>> No. 424526


She sounds SWELL
>> No. 424527

Oh she is! You just HAVE to meet her! C'mon Luni, you gotta let him have the experience!
>> No. 424528
File 137059879778.png - (52.52KB , 125x125 , pinkie do want want.png )

Now I'm frightened...
>> No. 424529
File 137059885182.jpg - (9.66KB , 256x256 , SPRAY 2.jpg )
That's good. And the main sum up of an interaction with Bemuse.
"I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm bleeding, oh god."
>> No. 424530
File 137059918559.jpg - (2.66KB , 118x89 , hell naw pinkie.jpg )

Hey, how dare you! If it wasn't for me, you would've never had those pics your posting!
>> No. 424531

She's not THAT bad... or at least, not the Bemuse I got to experience. She was just a deceitful liar that looked like fem Luni, I thought?
>> No. 424532
File 137059948602.png - (100.14KB , 632x575 , mlfw178_1308491058_furseiseki_lunadontgotobed.png )
Lemme put it into perspective for you, Zetch, and Not Zetch.

Bemuse could take control of Orion at any given moment she wanted to.

This ability given to absolutely anyone else in Orion would lead to a stern talking to by the Officer Team.
>> No. 424533
File 137059958201.jpg - (5.89KB , 130x130 , troll pinkie.jpg )

Wow, so sorta like Jeff the Killer?


>> No. 424534

>called Zetch

>> No. 424535
Unless you're myself or my wife, in which case just be somewhat wary, and try to kill her before she kills you.
>> No. 424536
File 137060059578.jpg - (4.01KB , 150x141 , that hurts brony.jpg )

That sounds more accurate then "I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm bleeding, oh god"


Fuck you Leo, I can't believe I named one of my OCs after you!
>> No. 424537
File 137060099062.jpg - (2.28KB , 146x80 , ay ay ay.jpg )

Dude, Leon sucked. And you named him after that character Elijah made to be Link's son in that Zelda fanfic he wrote.
>> No. 424538
File 137060103966.jpg - (1.34MB , 1944x2896 , 332677__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_514465ef7f123b820a001563.jpg )
More or less, same result.

So, Not Zetch.

Y'got a Skype I can contact you on, or anything?
>> No. 424539
File 137060172665.jpg - (4.06KB , 128x145 , hrmmmmm.jpg )

Trying to make a gmail right now, actually. The stupid thing keeps saying the passwords don't fucking match!

Oh, call me Leo, please. My full first name is Leonidus, but call me Leo.
>> No. 424540
File 137060179759.png - (475.48KB , 1280x1707 , mlfw1865-35569_-_artist_foxshine_luna_shock_shocked_Surpris.png )
You didn't have an EMAIL before now?
>> No. 424541

Hah, your parents are so weird.

Ima crash, it's almost 4, and I have stuff to do today.

See ya later shitlords
>Making Yogscast references, not insulting
>> No. 424542
File 137060211154.jpg - (3.14KB , 103x125 , really_.jpg )

My parents are hippie technophobes. I got my first computer yesterday.
>> No. 424543
File 137060222680.png - (108.76KB , 1024x977 , mlfw1031_mlp___luna_likes_it_by_santafer-d4dzwwr.png )
And yet you've been on the chan for many days before now?
>> No. 424544

I use my cell phone, which actually works quite well!
>> No. 424545
File 137060262336.gif - (451.68KB , 492x353 , mlfw1056_1320417026346116.gif )
Oh, fair enough. What'cha got?
>> No. 424546

It's called a MyTouch. I don't know the company, though.
>> No. 424547
File 137060354111.gif - (307.18KB , 400x350 , mlfw664_luna_on_the_moon_animation_by_kadjule-d3ekmg7.gif )
Oh, an android phone, huh? Nnneat. I like 'em.
>> No. 424549

Eh, this one's okay.

I'm gonna get to sleep too, this is usually when my dad wakes. Night!
>> No. 424595
File 137067936721.jpg - (3.48KB , 130x108 , slenderpony pose 4.jpg )
Who here agrees that Electric Light Orchestra is awesome?
>> No. 424614

Thats all i have to say about that~
>> No. 424646
File 137076304702.jpg - (3.00KB , 108x150 , ass kickin time.jpg )

Yes. Yes. Yes. Hell. Fucking. YES.
>> No. 424647

Oh yeah btw sorry for being absent, I was playing Guild Wars 2 with Cam.
>> No. 424780
File 137085130241.jpg - (59.42KB , 432x341 , 1Dan_thimble.jpg )
Name: Thimble King
Race: Sentient Thimble that turned into a human.
History: He was once a lone holy knight of the white cloth then he took a needle to the hole,and now he is just a guy with a facial hair who collects and harvests his lone brothers and sistas.
Personality: Dumb as a sack of hammers.
Spacial talent: making socks sticky.
Shipping pref: Gaylord
Combat lvl XXX rated!
>> No. 424791
File 137085378504.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Well, before I can even touch on the rest of the sheet, I've gotta deny it for being put in the wrong format. You can try again once you've read over the rule sheet, conveniently linked in the OP.
>> No. 424792
File 137085764021.jpg - (3.81KB , 107x150 , slenderpony normal 2.jpg )

Dude, the guy's a HUGE troll, cantcha tell?
>> No. 424793
Officer's gotta give a response regardless.
>> No. 424794
File 137085799553.png - (33.71KB , 125x101 , slenderpony and son.png )

Right, just saiyan that he shouldn't even have to consider because the (probably purposely) bad grammer and overall plain terrible character. Worse than Leon Quantum (character Zetch made for me...)
>> No. 424795
File 137085805653.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
I may not be the best at getting jokes right away in normal conversation, but I can tell when there's a troll going on in the thread. It's just simpler to give the technical officer-y response.

Eh, I could've just ignored him, but then he might've just tried again later, saying he got ignored.

I've been an officer for long enough to know a bad character when I see one, Mark. Don't worry~
>> No. 424796
File 137085823476.jpg - (3.89KB , 146x117 , slenderpony pose action.jpg )

Please... Call me Leo... Already asked this of Lunacy...
>> No. 424797
File 137085920155.png - (79.76KB , 1188x632 , Diabeetus in a Sock.png )
I tend to call people by their usernames, regardless of whatever else I may know them by. Force of habit, I suppose. I'll try to keep that in mind for the future, then!
>> No. 424798
File 137085928382.jpg - (94.22KB , 800x566 , image.jpg )
wats goin on in here
>> No. 424799
File 137085932532.png - (17.89KB , 344x433 , Yes, I'm Happy.png )
>> No. 424800
File 137086080290.png - (372.25KB , 483x441 , tumblr_inline_mo66y2Q8eH1qz4rgp.png )
>> No. 424801
File 137086187410.jpg - (3.07KB , 150x113 , slenderpony pounce.jpg )

Thanks, it's an OCD of mine with people calling me by my name. I canNOT be called anything else, my brain freaks out if so.
>> No. 424877
File 137093513287.jpg - (2.79KB , 101x143 , slenderpony trees.jpg )
Hey, could someone maybe use Pony Creator or something so I can maybe actually have a pic of Shift? I'd do it, but I can't go on the chan on my PC, my parents are HUGE anti-bronies. They think were satanists or something.
>> No. 424878
File 137093939712.png - (313.39KB , 1600x1851 , mlfw3668-1331839664637.png )

New IC thread!
>> No. 424879

I have a question!
>> No. 424880
Ask away my friend!
officers shall be here momentarily!
>> No. 424881
File 137094163603.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
And I might have an answer for you!

But Vinyl...
I'm already here!
>> No. 424882
Are there any limits to character sheets? After reading over the gdoc, I think I know what I want to do, but I dunno if I can.
>> No. 424883
File 137094168453.png - (202.22KB , 562x333 , mlfw7711-1344794218966067.png )
Questions are nice!
>> No. 424884
File 137094174716.png - (79.76KB , 1188x632 , Diabeetus in a Sock.png )
As long as you give us the info we're looking for, then the sheet will be fine for consideration. We've had sheets that were a few sentences long, and I've personally posted a sheet that required five separate posts to make it fit on Ponychan. Just type whatever you have to!

Lunacy-sempai, I have a question!
>> No. 424885
File 137094175668.png - (252.21KB , 948x904 , mlfw5488-13402770162911.png )
What do you mean by 'limits'? Power limits? Yeah, but nothing too absurd. Size limits? Not in the slightest. Otherwise, you'll either need to post the sheet, or give us some information on what you wanna do, before we can tell you yes or no.
>> No. 424886
File 137094177549.png - (104.49KB , 515x500 , mlfw7876-d4y9fg4_2_2.png )
>> No. 424887
>The ride never ends...
>> No. 424888
File 137094181782.png - (40.05KB , 323x350 , Bandaged Wings.png )

>climbs off the ride
>> No. 424889
Well, what I'm thinking of is a character from another universe, and a well known one at that.
>> No. 424890
File 137094187097.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Oh? What universe might this be?
>> No. 424891
How about I just post my sheet and let you either accept it or damn it?
>> No. 424892
File 137094193376.png - (441.48KB , 1280x800 , mlfw1738-1319398211.png )
Oh, yeah, totally, we've got a few of those. And thanks to rifts, they're easier than ever to bring in! S'totally fine!



>> No. 424893
File 137094194863.jpg - (541.49KB , 800x1500 , dark_souls__chronicles_of_nito_2_by_menaslg-d5fj5e9.jpg )
>Well shit...
>> No. 424894
Is that... Lord Marrowgar?

WoW reference FTW
>> No. 424895
File 137094200140.png - (170.71KB , 761x800 , Want a Rose 2.png )
That sounds alright to me! I shall fetch my judging instruments.


Eww. Don't do that out here.
>> No. 424896
File 137094206015.png - (128.18KB , 816x978 , Smile 1.png )
Nope! It's totally Gravelord Nito and Pinwheel from Dark Souls. Quite a good game~
>> No. 424897
File 137094209360.jpg - (50.81KB , 524x376 , tumblr_mmewgy8OFf1s9iquno1_1280.jpg )
Nope, it is the one who is best...AT DEATH!

I'll do that errwhere!
>> No. 424898
File 137094215043.png - (167.76KB , 540x558 , mlfw7871-vl8l4na38.png )
>> No. 424899
File 137094216975.jpg - (310.16KB , 869x1009 , Utsuho 4.jpg )
Don't you dare! Not unless you want this little birdie sent after you!
Spoiler: You don't. >_>
>> No. 424900
File 137094220080.png - (102.15KB , 611x663 , I Found Some Pills.png )
>> No. 424901
File 137094220807.jpg - (28.09KB , 250x300 , npa-860020.jpg )
Come at me!
>> No. 424902
File 137094223991.jpg - (97.93KB , 997x662 , 8=D.jpg )
>> No. 424903
File 137094225818.jpg - (143.17KB , 580x518 , mlfw5067-1337804220284.jpg )
>> No. 424904
File 137094231901.png - (212.84KB , 611x663 , I Call Upon The Ancient Love Gerbils.png )
Have fun!

>> No. 424905
File 137094240659.jpg - (81.02KB , 550x517 , j44AB18491.jpg )
>> No. 424906
... Love gerbils. What.
>> No. 424907
File 137094245191.gif - (621.09KB , 500x400 , animated.gif )
>> No. 424908
File 137094248668.jpg - (75.26KB , 500x846 , 1361223053896.jpg )
>> No. 424909
File 137094254248.png - (263.46KB , 882x762 , Ember Storm - Wut - Blackjack.png )
Holy mother of the Forest what in Celestia's name are you doing!?
>> No. 424910
File 137094255471.gif - (93.07KB , 611x663 , All Glory to the Ancient Love Gerbils.gif )
*animated chitter*

Don't ask. You might just get an answer.
>> No. 424911
File 137094258701.png - (157.06KB , 625x351 , my libido died.png )
>> No. 424912
File 137094265668.gif - (2.41MB , 404x263 , 1356644781445.gif )
Saying hello!
>> No. 424913
File 137094266163.gif - (335.30KB , 369x400 , I'm So Pimpin, You Have No Bucking Clue.gif )
i can fix dat 4 u bbz wana com ovr 2 my plac 4 sum fun
>> No. 424914
File 137094273660.png - (235.77KB , 480x480 , Picture of me 1.png )
>> No. 424915
File 137094278170.png - (97.58KB , 421x348 , You need to leave_.png )
>> No. 424916
File 137094290401.jpg - (67.21KB , 1280x720 , Tavish DeGroot.jpg )
Tavish DeGroot, A.K.A. The Demoman

Tavish, a bomb-lobbin’ scrumpy-lovin’ Scott and demolitions ‘expert’ of the RED team, is an outgoing, aggressive man. He makes sure he gets the job done; not necessarily right, however. He prefers to throw things over his shoulder, sometimes quite literally, rather than keep it on hand until it’s done. …Unless it’s an Ullapool Caber and he’s drunk -- which he almost always is.

He isn’t the most talented of a man. He has his explosive skills, excellent swordsman skills, a very good track record, and an absolutely amazing tolerance for pain and alcohol. …But, that’s about it. He doesn’t have very many other skill sets other than general medical knowledge and how to make a sandwich. He wouldn’t be very open for learning, however, unless there’s plenty of scrumpy.

He’s generally a nice guy, and treats other people well; however, he is somewhat unpredictable. He has been ever since the incident with Jane Doe and their friendship that was eventually lost over a few weapons and Mann Co.’s money grubbing. He has almost no self-control, often resulting in accidents, being completely smashed, or someone’s entrails being strewn across the room; occasionally his.

Having lost his eye to a magical tome and an insane wizard, he doesn’t like books, nor does he think highly of magic, or ‘voodoo’. He would generally avoid magic-users unless someone or something somehow turns his stubborn mind around. He approves of more down-to-earth folk that work for a living. He refuses to be called ‘sir’, for reasons he would gladly tell any snooty, up-tight businessman he comes across.

But, how did he get here? Tavish was recently hired by Mann Co. to go on an expedition in space, hopefully more successfully than the monkey before him, Poopy Joe. Flying in an australium powered rocket, he has enough food and scrumpy to last him a life time – in other words, a little over 2 weeks.

Within those two weeks, one of the australium tanks burst open. Australium, as many know, is known for its unique properties and abilities; among those properties, the immense amount of potential energy it stores. This energy can be harnessed to create interesting contraptions, including cloaking devices, disguise kits, teleporters, and machines that can extend lives to amazing lengths. When this tank burst, so much energy was released a rift was torn open, launching poor Tavish and his spaceship to another dimension; a dimension with a certain space station that would be alerted of his presence…
>> No. 424917
File 137094305854.png - (187.12KB , 1713x1970 , Ember Storm - Errr.png )
Nimble, stop being odd.

No really, Nimble. Stahp.

That's not how you say hello!
>> No. 424918
File 137094310189.png - (358.31KB , 1318x1100 , mlfw197_34545_-_artist-tess_luna.png )
Y'know, we've got an officer who is crazy for TF2. I think he's gonna love you.

Approved, by the way.

Y'got a Skype or a Steam or something we can contact you on, if needed?
>> No. 424919
File 137094338405.jpg - (67.21KB , 1280x720 , Tavish DeGroot.jpg )
I don't have Skype, but I could give you my Steam account I'm on a lot. Let me grab my info.

thundrstruck830 / Fancy Fedora is my Steam name. Typically on on my mobile device.
>> No. 424920
File 137094348331.jpg - (77.62KB , 386x429 , Dressed up for Work.jpg )
Can't say I play TF2 much anymore, but I can certainly appreciate this sheet. I dunno how much of this sheet was made by you and how much of it was taken from his actual backstory, but I certainly enjoyed reading it. I went from skeptical at the picture to happy at the end.

I give it an approval!

We'll get you added in pretty soon~
>> No. 424921
File 137094355478.jpg - (67.21KB , 1280x720 , Tavish DeGroot.jpg )
Well, let's see... His personality I kind of extended. Not much was given. The part about the wizard, the eye, and the book is true, and so is Poopy Joe. The rest I made up!
>> No. 424923
There we go. No more picture. I'll get more to have some sort of avatar later.

...But, right now? What do? We'd need some sort of planned intro, wouldn't we?
>> No. 424924
File 137094369069.png - (175.74KB , 1549x1981 , Relaxing Mid Flight.png )
Ah, alrighty then!

Try clicking the "Choose File" button again, and then press "Cancel." If that doesn't work, then try closing and re-opening the browser/page?
>> No. 424925
File 137094376523.png - (313.39KB , 1600x1851 , mlfw3668-1331839664637.png )
Well, on PC version, it does it automaticly. But you're not on PC, are you?

That's an issue.

Oh, there we go!
>> No. 424926
File 137094468547.jpg - (89.68KB , 500x554 , tumblr_mimjhryLlW1rczjtuo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 424927
File 137094583092.jpg - (75.27KB , 786x1017 , X.jpg )
424927 bout that Laura Croft?
>> No. 424931
File 137097628171.jpg - (106.71KB , 688x387 , MEGAMEGA.jpg )
>> No. 424932
File 137097962574.jpg - (2.30KB , 117x125 , sad pinkie.jpg )

Is that a screenshot from the next Smash Bros by any chance...? I missed E3 this year ;-;
>> No. 424934
>> No. 424981

Once again, Youtube succeeds in amazing me.
>> No. 424983
File 137102876796.jpg - (5.28KB , 142x142 , dodgers.jpg )
Anyone see last night's Dodgers game? Shit was amazing.
>> No. 424995
File 137108337082.png - (189.80KB , 981x799 , Lazy Flight by TacoMaster.png )
You know, we accepted the Demoman because it was a well written sheet that explained everything to make it reasonable and to make sense. This sheet is... well... it kinda looks like you're saying, "Hey, Demoman's here, so lets go with the Pyro! The Pyro's fuckin' awesome, and he likes fire! Lemme in!"

I'm well aware that Valve hasn't really said anything on who or what the Pyro is underneath the suit and mask, but you could at least try to give us a good sheet. Seriously, disregarding everything else in the sheet, I can give it a denial for one line:
>"As for why he's on Orion, he's the motherfucking Pyro. He doesn't need a reason. He's pyro. There's your reason."
That's not what we're looking for. Yes, you're already a member, and yes, I love you. That doesn't mean, however, that you can skip out on doing quality sheets. Humor < quality.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 12th, 2013 17:30

>> No. 425022
File 137109431324.png - (90.17KB , 945x945 , Ember Storm - Shrug - Ebrona.png )
All righty, well, I'll try to come up with something, maybe. I dunno, though.

To be honest, not sure if I should really add another character to the list.

And yeah, I can agree with that bit about"hey look, demo's here."

Regardless, pyro would be fun to play.

Eh, I'll remove the application. Doesn't matter.
>> No. 425177
File 137120318312.png - (898.00KB , 640x1920 , 132963547544.png )
>> No. 425209
File 137125262256.jpg - (81.87KB , 680x798 , 1354256358334.jpg )
>> No. 425210
I actually have an idea as to how to get the pyro in, if you're interested. It's a rather funny one. ...But it would make more sense if, instead of the Pyro, it was Jane Doe.

Last edited at Fri, Jun 14th, 2013 16:34

>> No. 425211
Honestly, if Jane Doe could get in, that would be great. I take it you've read the comics?
>> No. 425214
>> No. 425215
File 137125561459.jpg - (203.98KB , 393x339 , tumblr_lwxtbeODxo1ql32cto1_400.jpg )
Mind if I hear your idea?
>> No. 425217
I'll send you a request on Steam and tell you there.
>> No. 425243
File 137128910354.jpg - (864.57KB , 1920x1080 , Soul Eater Moon.jpg )
Sup guys.
>> No. 425284
>> No. 425286
File 137134747486.png - (67.23KB , 574x351 , Ember Storm - Reading - Flutterderp.png )
>> No. 425294
Marla Iscatine
What is your character?
She is a changeling of average appearance for changelings; she is not a drone due to her royal heritage as a lady in waiting of a tiny village off the coast of the Changeling Empires mainland.
What makes your character unique?
She is a changeling in space. Her family heritage of minor nobility has made her a bit more charismatic then the majority of the changeling’s population.
She has the same abilities as the majority of the changeling populace, she is not that good of a fighter but is good at disguises and charisma because that is what her race is trained in.
Reason why on orion.
She decided to find other uses for her capabilities and possibly find a way to use them to aid the space station as a whole.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 23:19

>> No. 425295
So...anyone have a Handsome Jack, Gage, or Maya card that they'll trade for/give away?
>> No. 425296
Light, don't forget why she's on Orion.
>> No. 425297
Danke, I edited it.
>> No. 425301
File 137137242218.gif - (104.78KB , 500x281 , NewCouchHuh.gif )
A changeling, you say?
>> No. 425302
File 137137296341.png - (167.15KB , 198x409 , Boss.png )
Shoot it or blow it up?
>> No. 425303
File 137139321773.jpg - (94.32KB , 1131x707 , why are they wearing white sheets mommy.jpg )
gotta lynch some minorities?
>> No. 425318
File 137143084938.jpg - (220.79KB , 1600x900 , 132623234869.jpg )

Disregarding the fact that we have several racist changeling-hater characters on the station...

I don't think this character is fit for Orion.

You have listed down two reasons why this changeling is 'unique', and one of them is 'She's in space'. I don't really see this as an acceptable reason, a character should not be unique only because of the canon they're in. The other, is, 'she's charismatic'. Other than these things - one of which isn't really a reason - she's a dime a dozen changeling.
>> No. 425336
File 137145187621.png - (204.18KB , 1600x1321 , 134508558127.png )
There are too many rules :c
>> No. 425337
File 137145206309.gif - (302.24KB , 283x283 , I-LOVE-IT!.gif )
Heh, there really aren't. And they can more or less be summed up in a few easy bullets.
>Don't be mean.
>Don't impede other's fun.
>Have fun!

So long as you can do those three, then there shouldn't be any problem :D
>> No. 425338
File 137145220598.png - (174.93KB , 1000x1000 , 300708__safe_solo_smile_twinkleshine_artist-tehflah.png )
I can most likely do it.
There is just alot of text and it's all very confusing and :c
I am rather nervous I guess
>> No. 425339
File 137145233392.png - (345.91KB , 900x711 , tumblr_mof7gsOoCS1rw5250o2_1280.png )
No need to be nervous. We try to be as friendly and helpful as we can here.

Now, what parts were confusing? The overall rules? Applying a character? Other?
>> No. 425340
File 137145247280.png - (772.46KB , 5000x4880 , 99190__safe_vector_dress_twinkleshine_artist-ambassad0r_bridesmaid.png )
pretty much everything.
Just tell me what I need to do
>> No. 425341
File 137145278658.png - (222.64KB , 1000x1165 , pegasus.png )
Well, we've covered the overall rules.

Next up is the character application, which can be summed up pretty easily as well.
>Who is your character? (Appearance included through description or pic)
>What does she do/what makes her special?
>Why is she on Orion? Remember, Orion is, in most definitions, a kind of military outpost, in space. That's not to say a more normal character wouldn't be accepted!

An example sheet would look something like this,

Ares is an orange pegasus stallion from Cydonia, a small, fledgling kingdom outside of Equestria. With his companion and friend, Enyo, Ares is always looking for a bigger challenge. He's arrogant and quick to anger, sometimes overconfident. He has been named one of the two Champions of Cydonia, after having defeated a younger dragon with Enyo, the biggest threat Cydonia had ever faced.

Ares is skilled with his sword, which is one of the finest out of Cydonia's forges, but otherwise, nothing special. He's quick to get in your face and start cleaving once he begins fighting, but he truly shines when paired with Enyo. Enyo can temporarily enchant his sword with special effects, such as generally being lighter and quicker, or even sharper. Ares tends to rely on Enyo for support, not being nearly as effective on his own.

>The above character sheet is a prime example of one that will readily be accepted. it's well written, and answers the questions.
>Character sheets directly copy and pasted from other canons will not be accepted, as they, in most part, do not confirm to the guidelines of this canon's application sheet.
>> No. 425342
File 137145294979.png - (0.96MB , 2500x2300 , 15534__safe_twinkleshine_artist-colon-equestria-dash-prevails.png )
This is Twinkle
She is an astronomer from Canterlot
>> No. 425343
File 137145320311.gif - (759.58KB , 443x331 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-controlling-time.gif )
Heh, astronomer's are fairly easy to get into the canon.

For example:
"Twinkle is a cream colored, pink maned unicorn from Canterlot.
>Add a little bit of backstory, why she's an astronomer, and other details.
She's on Orion, to take advantage of the station's observation equipment, and views, to study and expand her knowledge of the stars and universe."

Overall, it's not really that hard. Just take 10 or so minutes, type up a draft, and myself (Or one of the officers) will happily help you refine it, and make it canon acceptable.
>> No. 425344
File 137145336937.png - (3.55KB , 64x64 , 199659__safe_filly_sprite_pixel-art_twinkleshine.png )
Does it really need to be that indepth...?
I don't think I'm really cut out for this sort of thing then...
>> No. 425345
File 137145357248.png - (99.02KB , 437x538 , 133037419855.png )
It's not an exceptionally in depth deal. I mean, a new, barely developed character may take 10 minutes to apply, but a character with more backstory and a general idea of who they are, and why they want to be on Orion, can have a sheet written in about five minutes. It seems you already have most of it.
>Character (Twinkle)
>Appearance (Pic)
>What makes them special (Astronomer)
>Why are they on Orion? (That's up to you to decide, in the end)

All it needs is a little meat to make it officer ready. I believe at least one is watching now/prepping a post that can be a bit more helpful for you.
>> No. 425346
File 137145378187.png - (0.99MB , 1280x1336 , 62172__safe_crossover_sad_twinkleshine_final-fantasy_staff_5109be807f123b0ba50002dd_white-mage.png )
I am unsure how to create "meat"
It's okay, I'll probably just head off and stop wasting everyone's time
>> No. 425348
File 137145400183.png - (3.37MB , 4800x3800 , 136869313571.png )
Hey there, I'm one of the officers for this canon!

You're unsure how to make 'meat' for your sheet, hm? Yeah, I can help with this.

So, what do you have now, you've got, Twinkeshine, and she's an astronomer from Canterlot, yeah?

Umi, stop stalking me >:c
>> No. 425349
File 137145414058.jpg - (386.78KB , 1500x2000 , shingeki_no_derpy_by_kloudmutt-d68h31a.jpg )
I'll let one of the officer's help a bit more, I'm afraid there are details that I'm not as good at elaborating on as they are.

No! Imma stalk you forever!
>> No. 425351
File 137145511755.png - (116.24KB , 750x720 , 80684__safe_vector_twinkleshine_artist-chloenart.png )
pretty much
>> No. 425352
File 137145541337.png - (28.71KB , 700x700 , 132623171640.png )
Just take it step by step and expand on that! Don't look at it as a 'go from that, to a multi-paragraph essay'. Use it as a sort of 'seed', and expand bit by bit until you've got enough.

Like, Ares, the example sheet up there. He started from 'warrior outside of Equestria'.
>> No. 425353
File 137145557000.png - (98.41KB , 351x278 , 15655__safe_screencap_minuette_colgate_twinkleshine_ponies-standing-next-to-each-other.png )
I just don't think I'm cut out for such a serious canon if you want me to write an essay on a new character...
Sorry for wasting your time
>> No. 425354
File 137145568795.gif - (32.00KB , 360x360 , 558__safe_princess-luna_animated_happy_clapping_artist-mihaaaa_applauding.gif )
Oh, that was just an example, it doesn't have to be an essay - Ares' sheet is nowhere near!

But, if that's what you think, that's okay. There'll always be a spot here for you to apply!
>> No. 425356
File 137145584230.png - (302.41KB , 1280x823 , 297939__safe_crossover_twinkleshine_artist-nasse_dungeons-and-dragons_cleric.png )
Can't my just Twinkle Astronomer from Canterlot be enough?

Twinkle was 11 when she got her Cutiemark from looking at stars. She has a cream coat, pink hair and blue eyes, she has no siblings, she always was curious about what lay outside the walls of canterlot since she had a sheltered childhood.

Or do you need more than that?
This is really horrible :c
>> No. 425357
File 137145619233.png - (1.06MB , 1200x900 , 133966923921.png )
Well, that's a little bland, honestly. I don't mean that as an insult, or anything, we're just looking for unique characters here. Now, going too far in that regard is also bad - we're looking for a nice balance between the two. What makes Twinkles stand out from any other astronomer out there?
>> No. 425358
File 137145624998.png - (578.21KB , 1280x1600 , 109334__safe_twinkleshine_artist-immolation-o-senses.png )
Just because my character isn't a mary-sue doesn't mean that she's boring.
>> No. 425359
File 137145651172.png - (445.11KB , 904x884 , 134197915271.png )
We don't want mary sues in the slightest. And maybe Twinkle isn't boring - but that's not the impression I'm getting from the sheet, I'm afraid.

What makes her stand out from other characters? What makes her unique? And, I restate, there is a difference between 'unique' and 'mary sue'. Mary sue is taking 'uniqueness' too far, to the point where it becomes obnoxious.
>> No. 425360
File 137145658922.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
>Mary Sue
Can you... please not toss that term around unless you're using it correctly?
We want unique characters, not characters who are too perfect. We're just trying to avoid having twenty variations of the same thing who only differ by name.

Basically, we want a character, not a concept.
>> No. 425361
File 137145659488.png - (120.37KB , 782x1022 , 223603__safe_vector_twinkleshine_artist-90sigma.png )
But there is nothing special about her.
She is just your average unicorn who is curious about the big wide world outside her home
>> No. 425362
File 137145673274.png - (125.12KB , 904x884 , 245979__safe_happy_unicorn_50fcdff5a4c72d3c330001a5_twinkleshine_mare_artist-likonan_trot_png.png )
Excuse me if I have offended you.
But since every other character is "special" and "outstanding" wouldn't that mean that mine is special because of not being great at anything?
>> No. 425363
File 137145690591.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Nah, you didn't offend me. I just see that term tossed around a lot, and it's rarely ever used in the right context.

But anyway, it's not that they have to be special or outstanding or anything. We're a space station devoted to protection and research based around interdimensional, temporal, and spatial Rifts. We kinda want things within the canon to make some sense, and bringing in some random unicorn isn't something they'd do without reason. Not saying it's impossible, just that it makes things more difficult.
>> No. 425364
File 137145693247.png - (752.07KB , 2851x4000 , 134163627813.png )
Well, then, that's a problem.

Nimble hit the nail on the head with this one. We don't want a character that is 'run of the mill'.

And if someone else has used that argument before? We've got characters that are unique simply because they got caught up in the oddities that are Orion Station, but are otherwise normal ponies. Not to say someone couldn't do that again - just because it's done before doesn't mean it can't be done again - just, if you're following the exact same path as someone else, rather than doing something different, even slightly, that's not what we're looking for here.
>> No. 425365
I'm out.
I thought it would be nice to roleplay on ponychan but I guess I'm just too "normal" for you.

Since you don't want me I'll just go to a different site.
>> No. 425366
File 137145724850.png - (189.80KB , 981x799 , Lazy Flight by TacoMaster.png )
We're only one group on the site. Just because your character isn't exactly what we're looking for here doesn't mean you can't find another group to go with. There are quite a few out there, and I know for sure that there are several that would be more than happy to welcome a new member.
>> No. 425367
File 137146002947.png - (31.19KB , 800x300 , Ember Storm - Glare - the Zefarian.png )
>> No. 425368
File 137146037465.gif - (174.38KB , 200x150 , fanten.gif )
>> No. 425369
Marla Iscatine

What is your character?

She is a changeling of average appearance for changelings; she is not a drone due to her royal heritage as a lady in waiting of a tiny village off the coast of the Changeling Empires mainland.

What makes your character unique?

She is not as aggressive as other changelings and even a little more accepting, making her a little more peace loving and maybe more likable. However she is is little young, making her impatient.(19ish maybe 20) Since she has been raised so far in nobility she really does not know what being disrespected really is like. She also isn't sensitive about things but definitely cares about being insulted or something, she just doesn't let it bother her very much. Her family heritage of minor nobility has made her a bit more charismatic then the majority of the changeling’s population.


She has the same abilities as the majority of the changeling populace, she is not that good of a fighter but is good at disguises and charisma because that is what her race is trained in.

Reason why on Orion.

She decided to find other uses for her capabilities and possibly find a way to use them to aid the space station as a whole such as scouting or spying. She may also be used as some sort of diplomat for the changeling empire.
>> No. 425382
File 137150354611.gif - (970.31KB , 300x225 , 1317444342752 (1).gif )
>> No. 425386
File 137150504910.gif - (429.60KB , 200x204 , 1358143234653.gif )
>> No. 425430
File 137153652085.png - (303.98KB , 640x960 , Image.png )
Quietly, she paced back and forth within the cramped confines of the diminutive space-craft. Out of the solitary window, the unicorn could see the Orion Space Station in the distance. With a sigh, she adjusted the black leather cap upon her head which slightly messed up her normally-straight hair. Save for the pink-and-magenta stripe going down the center, her mane was a deep, midnight violet. She anxiously shifted her weight from one light violet hoof to another. She brushed away some dirt on her matching black leather coat and tightened the strap which held her sword in place.

"Only in defense," she muttered under her breath, "Just like you said, teacher..."

From the darkened corner came a response in the form of a mechanical chirping. A small dragon skull gently levitated its way up to its master. With a few muted clicks, the skull's red, mechanical eye focused on its master's kind countenance. A chirp came once more, this time curiously and slightly concerned, from the mechanical insides of the skull.

"Hey, sorry if I woke you up," she said gently.
"Yeah, I guess I am a little nervous. You know how big and important this assignment is. You remember what she told us, right?"
"Right. You know what the agents of Chaos can do. Orion Team and the Sons of Equestria are our first line of defense against them. We need to make sure they're not being infiltrated. Even if it means, well..." she trails off as she looks down at her hooves somberly. In a comforting gesture, the skull floats closer and attempts to nuzzle the unicorn lightly, gently letting out another chirp.

"Thanks. And you're right, I gotta be strong. She wouldn't have given me this assignment if she didn't think I was capable, right? I mean, I'm smart, I'm dependable, I'm--"
"An eggh- Hey!"
The skull let out a high pitched stuttering noise that one could vaguely describe as laughter.
"Oh, Ha Ha. Honestly, though, I think I might be able to do this! Especially with some of the new spells she taught me."
"No, but you've almost got it. I'm able to cast spells at a distance through you, yes, but they'd be nowhere NEAR their full power as if you were standing right next to me. It's a perk of your new... condition."

The skull hums slightly for a few seconds before responding with a slow chirp.
With a saddened sigh, the unicorn replies, "I don't know for sure, but we have to be hopeful. Maybe there's a way to bring you back on the station. We won't stop looking, okay?"
Slowly the skull tilted up and down in what could be interpreted as a nod. They both found themselves staring out the window towards the rapidly-approaching Orion Space Station.

"Well, I suppose we ought to let them know we're coming. Spike, take a note."

Not a fan of this application? Lemme know and I'll submit a traditional one. Just got bitten by the writing bug. Putting up a traditional application would be no problemo!
>> No. 425431
File 137153731318.gif - (13.78KB , 360x360 , Clappin'.gif )
The sheet looks interesting to me.
I have to admit, I was honestly interested in the character Sleepy and didn't read the name field; was a little disappointed when I got to the bottom of it and it turned out to be Grimdark Twilight Sparkle, but that's just personal preference, so s'my own problem
You probably should go ahead an submit a traditional sheet as well, go through the motions officially.
>> No. 425432
File 137153741235.png - (93.47KB , 900x1165 , Walking.png )
Yeah, I'm afraid you will have to use a traditional application. The format is outlined in the GDoc. While I've nothing against the format you used, it doesn't include any of the things we're looking for; namely, who your character is, what makes them unique, and why they're coming to Orion.
Note to self: Bring up the addition of a new application requirement ("Why is your character coming to Orion?") as a discussion point with the other officers.
>> No. 425433
File 137153748860.png - (70.76KB , 900x750 , Dafuq is that.png )
Oi, what're you doing, replying before me?

Last edited at Mon, Jun 17th, 2013 23:39

>> No. 425434
File 137153870374.jpg - (58.29KB , 499x750 , 190028_418492614925659_2055660929_n.jpg )
>> No. 425435
File 137153917615.png - (394.71KB , 1255x2500 , I don't think you can put tha- Oh,,, guess you can.png )
Gah, and back to me being sleepy, forgot to do this too.

It's a lot of 'something' and "maybe's". The sheet does hit the basics, but its definitely very unrefined.

And as odd as it is, the major problem I see is, we're just in the middle of a big vs Changelings arc; it seems like in canon, that's sure to cause a lot of problems. And questions, asking Why they'd let her stay on the station
>> No. 425436
I'm no officer, but I'm seriously really bugged by the character.

Is there no way you could make it an OC rather than being grimdark Twi?
>> No. 425437
The "maybe" in the sheet about her age. I'll go ahead and make it that she is 20.

About the "Something" in there, It was just passing some examples on things that she would not really care deeply about. Or things that she would care deeply about.

Things that would not bother her: Mostly all insults that are said to her she take note of in her head but does not let it bother her too much or make her do hostile things. She is most likely to either ignore the insult or start talking to the character that is insulting her.

Things that do bother her: Pretty much sudden attacks that force her to fight back against whoever is attacking her. Being held captive or forced to do things she may not want to really do. Pretty much physical actions bother her.

Why would she be allowed on the station? Same reason Vinyl, a vampire DJ, Strelok, a non special alcoholic Russian human and Light, an immoral half insane chemist is on here. Orion is a diverse team that is dedicated to fighting rifts or things that might just help the station as a whole. In the sheet i mentioned that she has some power in the changeling empire as in she has a voice there, as well can be used as a diplomat. She could also be used in missions to get intelligence from whoever. She would be allowed on because she can help the team of orion in many different ways, weather she be a race that is considered 'evil' you have to remember that not everyone from a group is the same. Not all German soldiers were Nazies in WWII.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 00:51

>> No. 425438
Even if it is Twilight, at least it got you interested in the character, right?

I'm gonna try and prevent her from being too grimdark. She should be a nice balance between show-accurate and seriousness with a bit of dark in it, but I'll try to keep this character out of most of the dark situations I put some of my other characters through.

Please know that this character is from an alternate dimension or something extremely similar to prevent her getting mixed up with anyone else's Twilight Sparkle character. She is completely detached from anything else that's going on. As it is, I created this character sometime during the second season and the idea's been floating in my head ever since.


Have a TL;DR version:

Inquisitor Twilight Sparkle is a twist on the familiar lavender unicorn. Her straight mane is a midnight violet with a single magenta/pink stripe going down the center. She wears a black leather cap with a symbol similar to her starburst-like cutie mark. She usually carries a power sword that she only uses in emergency situations and at least one book. She is a very studious and skeptic pony, though she does have a fair amount of anxiety to her. She is often accompanied by her Servo Skull, "Spike."

Twilight has a very wide range of spells which she can employ either through her horn or through "Spike." With the aid of "Spike," Twilight can channel her spells through it, up to twice the normal range of the spell, though at half strength. However, Twilight is hesitant to do so, as Spike could be easily damaged, or even destroyed. She has been sent to Orion in the wake of Hazama's assault and the return of the Primarchs in Equestrian space to root out potential Chaos-followers and other threats from within Orion. She was assigned this task by an anonymous higher-up in Canterlot. Presumably Celestia, with your guys' approval. Her rank, intelligence, and magical ability would make her a very valuable and unique asset to Orion Team. But she would be a dual-edged sword by her very nature. Each mission she's brought onto brings her closer to the members and some of the more morally ambiguous members of Orion Team may have to face a few hard questions.

I also have another character to introduce, his name is Li--
>Looks at the clock
Damn, it's getting late. I'm going to bed after I get either approved or shot down.
>> No. 425439
The biggest issue is that it is a Twilight.

When I originally saw it, I was literally torn between either sticking you on my pX block list or leavign the canon were you to be accepted. I'm still leaning towards the former if you're accepted. No offence, but the whole premise of it being a grimdark Twi has a massive negative effect on me.

Ponies and grimdark should not mix. Saying that, this canon is almost too crazy for me as is, and I've almost left it several times.
>> No. 425440
File 137154307040.png - (904.11KB , 768x1386 , 132631891275.png )
... okay, what's going on here?
>> No. 425441
Eh, personal tastes in my opinion. I'm a big fan of darker story lines and characters. Just my thing, I suppose. Much like shipping is for most other folks. I can see some of the appeal in it and I do partake in it occasionally, but it's never really been my big thing.

Aside from that, I mean I'm already in the canon. So might as well add me to the block list now.
And not every canon's suitable for every one. Might wanna find a way to pull Boss out of Cydonia, though. Get lost in the changeling tidal wave, perhaps?
>> No. 425442
File 137154328190.png - (63.40KB , 603x600 , I've got a mouthfull of candy, I can't think straight.png )
I'm out for be after this, Barely awake as it is

As far as the character goes, it's okay with me, and doesn't break any rules far as I know. Well written; and aside from a minor personal complaint with it, I'd have to say Accepted

You two can work something out, I'm sure? There's no need for it to cause that kinds of problems.

And Light, you're not being forgotten, so don't worry. Apologies for the slow process, but have some more patience?
>> No. 425443
It's fine, take your time
>> No. 425444
File 137154355279.gif - (473.07KB , 200x270 , yussss.gif )

And I'd like to reach a peace before the end of the night, but im near passing out too.
>> No. 425445
File 137154414230.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
Boss isn't my only character. Beyond that, Boss doesn't die to mooks. Or bosses. He's soloed a Dwarf Spider Droid with no problem.

In some games, with just a pistol.

Part of this might be because I'm on edge from other things, so just give me some time. I'll probably get used to it eventually, no matter how much I dislike it.

She's not Twi, though, no matter how much she looks, sounds, and acts like her, even if her name is Twi.
>> No. 425446
Never suggested having him die, only get lost in the crowd. Turns up someplace else. Maybe gets brought to a dungeon and has to escape or something. Journey continues, ya know? But only if you were intending to pull out of the canon, which seems like you don't intend on doing anymore.

And you don't have to interact with her if you don't want to. In fact, I'd probably recommend we keep those characters away from each other.

And like I said, she's of a different universe/dimension/whatever. Not the same person at all.

Loony, you wanna give the final verdict on my character?

Last edited at Tue, Jun 18th, 2013 01:39

>> No. 425447
File 137154522133.png - (202.22KB , 562x333 , mlfw7711-1344794218966067.png )
Aight, since I probably should fufill my duty as an officer and judge this sheet.

Looks good! Like the non-standard format at the start, BUT, it's exactly that. Good you got and did a regular sheet. Approved.
>> No. 425448
File 137154543093.gif - (487.79KB , 400x300 , hVggP.gif )

Good night and thank you everypony. I promise my next character is less controversial.
>> No. 425450
File 137157511003.jpg - (899.47KB , 1680x1050 , 9f7800cpgravelpit0000.jpg )
Hey, Doctor. You there by any chance? Was wondering if we were ever going to continue.
>> No. 425464
File 137159955637.png - (510.34KB , 600x900 , clock_for_sale_by_saturnspace-d4m7g2y.png )
Sorry Mr. Mc. Tavish I just never stay awake till the break of dawn like all the other fine fellows on here. Mostly because I actually get outside in the mornings, pick blueberries, and do silly things like work out and yell at inanimate objects. Also I need to take a typing improvement class online. So anythime you want us to continue within a window of say, now to tennish, I would appreciate it.

~With Love, snuggles, and cuddles, The Doctor
>> No. 425473
Oh, of course. As soon as I turn away and nap...

You there, duc?
>> No. 425475
fix'd name
>> No. 425499
File 137161273230.png - (93.47KB , 900x1165 , Walking.png )
The only problems I can see is a potential atmosphere of nonacceptance from other station-dwellers due to her race, and a small lack of specifics and elaboration in the sheet. I'll give it a shot, though. Accepted.
>> No. 425502
File 137162393987.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
This looks alright to me. I'mma go ahead and toss it a second acceptance.
>> No. 425509
Might be interested in putting a character in here later, checking the rules and planning some ideas.
>> No. 425547
>> No. 425548
Dead thread.

>> No. 425549
File 137169194792.jpg - (121.81KB , 832x960 , 133281145114.jpg )
>> No. 425550
File 137169250452.png - (17.89KB , 344x433 , Yes, I'm Happy.png )
Strangelove, you glorious bastard. Do you know how much I've missed having you around?
You had better still be here!
>> No. 425565
Ah, Doctor!
you had better be back this time
(at least long enough to say Hi!)
>licks cheek
how'd ya like camp?
>> No. 425581
File 137172994009.png - (481.24KB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_mnyc0qcsOT1rz6j2oo1_1280.png )
>> No. 425584
I lolled. Krieg's the best.
>> No. 425611
>> No. 425616
File 137177286288.png - (121.60KB , 900x1477 , 39783486.png )
>> No. 425620
Hey, can you ask if anyone wants to RP? You look a little busy at the moment.
>> No. 425621
I'll rp, if you'd like.
>> No. 425622
Alright. Who should do the opening post?
>> No. 425623
If you could, that would be great.
>> No. 425624
Right then. Thanks!
>> No. 425627
File 137177764780.gif - (437.41KB , 400x256 , 1362886946618.gif )
>> No. 425629
>> No. 425635
>> No. 425636
File 137178361371.jpg - (28.09KB , 250x300 , npa-860020.jpg )
>> No. 425686
File 137179531184.png - (235.32KB , 640x1019 , tumblr_mnxwx8Lejd1r3cwrvo1_1280.png )
>Why does Krieg not tell "One V One Me!" they missed a good line there.
>> No. 425714
File 137179900766.png - (169.74KB , 488x366 , 134073333543.png )
>> No. 425717
File 137179911133.png - (458.33KB , 852x937 , _commission__vinyl_scratch_by_shyshyoctavia-d5zv05l.png )
>Licks cheek
>> No. 425718
File 137179917429.png - (38.52KB , 550x400 , 70891_fancyfire_spitfire_display.png )
Just looking around tonight.
>> No. 425720
File 137179926501.png - (335.43KB , 900x771 , my_solitude_by_echoax-d5dcwzl.png )
Fun stuff... haven't seen ya in awhile... enjoying Camp?
>> No. 425721
File 137179931921.jpg - (638.74KB , 700x913 , 78744 - artist-lizspit flying spitfire wonderbolts.jpg )
Got kicked out
Lung siezed up, i'm a "liability "
>> No. 425722
File 137179945278.gif - (63.08KB , 500x520 , 79891__UNOPT__safe_animated_vinyl-scratch_dj-pon-3_artist-kennyklent.gif )
Damn... that sucks man...
Well, there are other things you can do... right?
>> No. 425725
File 137179959842.png - (415.12KB , 1480x1050 , 139522 - artist-SierraEx hipster spitfire.png )
Always other things.
>> No. 425728
File 137179970103.jpg - (104.44KB , 705x800 , Nimnim's ~friends~.jpg )
Well, you're always welcome here!
We will always have another chair, and another bottle of booze ready for ya, should you decide to Saunter in show up
>> No. 425736
File 137180821138.png - (345.91KB , 900x711 , tumblr_mof7gsOoCS1rw5250o2_1280.png )
>> No. 425737
File 137181515520.png - (106.99KB , 500x1239 , tumblr_mmcoopLd3g1spccxro1_1280.png )
>> No. 425772
>> No. 425779
File 137185846520.png - (1.19MB , 3101x1945 , ponytf2.png )
Good evening.
>> No. 425786
Hello friend.
>> No. 425787
File 137186586825.jpg - (120.91KB , 777x1029 , 133573980458.jpg )
How ya doing?
>> No. 425849
File 137188439023.gif - (1.42MB , 224x168 , 'Murrica.gif )
>> No. 425850
File 137188497547.jpg - (58.29KB , 499x750 , 190028_418492614925659_2055660929_n.jpg )
>> No. 425851
File 137188502147.gif - (469.31KB , 500x375 , UnleashtheHorde!.gif )
>> No. 425852
File 137188537097.jpg - (136.50KB , 1024x683 , 133501338299.jpg )
>> No. 425853
File 137188545607.gif - (357.78KB , 80x1024 , TROOPS, FALL IN.gif )
>> No. 425854
File 137188586387.gif - (1.49MB , 240x180 , 2w591.gif )
>> No. 425855
File 137188620925.gif - (0.96MB , 500x262 , Nope, Nopenopenopenopenope.gif )
>> No. 426019
File 137195101060.png - (280.16KB , 900x790 , 134168140789.png )

New thread!
>> No. 426077
File 137198715295.jpg - (203.51KB , 500x472 , THIS IS NOT MY HEAD.jpg )
>> No. 426078
File 137198934937.jpg - (150.51KB , 1920x1080 , Lunacy did this_.jpg )
>> No. 426136
File 137202827075.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Of course I'd come back to see this image being posted somewhere. I can't even leave for three days without people postin' them saucy pics with me in them.
>> No. 426140

The one saucy pic I have of Ember can't even be posted on the chan.
>> No. 426142
File 137202910226.png - (79.76KB , 1188x632 , Diabeetus in a Sock.png )
Hmm... I think I'll try out this PonychanX thing for once. My biggest complaint so far is that I can't use the PonyUpZ custom themes...

So let's avoid doing that, shall we?
>> No. 426144
File 137202921808.png - (1.40MB , 739x1300 , put_the_warface_on___read_description_by_atryl-d6a71ll.png )
>> No. 426147
File 137202956970.png - (406.54KB , 745x743 , spoiler.png )
Saucy Clyde.png
>> No. 426152
File 137203047395.png - (170.71KB , 761x800 , spoiler.png )
I saw that earlier today! That's a great pic~

On a side note, it just took me forever how to figure out how to put an image in spoilers on PonychanX. Turns out, you have to have the image selected to do so
>> No. 426153
File 137203066243.png - (392.75KB , 1199x1272 , Nimble Bait.png )
I think I'm still on Pony Up. I have to scroll up, and check spoiler in the main input area.

Also, how have you been?
>> No. 426157
File 137203088546.png - (128.80KB , 1250x1806 , Colt Nimble.png )
I'm pretty good! Been away from home for a few days, so I haven't quite been online.
In PonyUpZ, just open up the options and enable the everything in the Reply Box. There'll be a checkbox labeled "Spoiler" or something like that. Click it before you post, and it'll spoiler your pic.
>> No. 426162
File 137203113200.png - (97.21KB , 539x640 , what_the_fluff_by_atryl-d5nr6t9.png )
Welp! Now I know!
>> No. 426235
>> No. 426240
File 137206811944.png - (104.15KB , 756x388 , v_671e26_4595410.png )
>> No. 426282
File 137212349187.gif - (79.07KB , 199x240 , You have my interest.gif )
>> No. 426285
I should record that being read.
>> No. 426286
File 137212779181.gif - (112.44KB , 200x200 , 1372099486497.gif )
You really should. Would be awesome
>> No. 426412
File 137216286277.gif - (109.10KB , 326x326 , Umi-gif-326x326.gif )
>> No. 426413
File 137216301778.gif - (245.57KB , 652x652 , Umi-gif-652x652.gif )
Larger version test
>> No. 426981
File 137240635804.gif - (284.79KB , 280x187 , Nimble,-emerging-from-the-box.gif )
>> No. 426982
File 137240678389.gif - (286.86KB , 280x187 , Nimble-goes-to-his-box.gif )
>> No. 426983
File 137240708091.png - (25.71KB , 600x560 , Hiding In My Box by Rainbow Crash.png )
So... that's now a thing. I'm not exactly sure what to feel about this.
>> No. 426984
File 137240715213.gif - (174.38KB , 200x150 , fanten.gif )
Just accept it!
>> No. 426989
File 137240875135.gif - (339.37KB , 288x192 , spoiler.gif )
My brain stopped braining...
>> No. 426990
File 137240884775.jpg - (175.47KB , 1890x945 , 132659248943.jpg )
>> No. 426994
File 137240918687.jpg - (73.91KB , 800x800 , I Should've Done This Earlier.jpg )
Ooh, this looks fun! Why don't I remember that?
>> No. 426995
File 137240926772.png - (189.79KB , 1030x1000 , Staaaaaare.png )
... Orion, haven't I told you, when you stare at the mare's flank for too long, she takes out something called a 'restraining order.'
>> No. 426996
File 137240950284.png - (126.04KB , 800x800 , Crying.png )
But... but... they're so round and shiny...
>> No. 426997
File 137240958006.png - (177.39KB , 1000x1006 , Through the window!.png )
Yes, and that's wonderful. But a restraining order is a mystical document produced by the Princesses themselves that summon a horde of guards to drag you away if you try and get close to that mare again. And that's bad.
>> No. 426998
File 137240969004.jpg - (59.07KB , 800x800 , Concentrating.jpg )
...oh. But... there are so many mares out there! Can't I just look at another one?
>> No. 426999
File 137240975667.gif - (14.83KB , 106x96 , Ember Storm - Trotting - Blackfeathr.gif )
I can stare at my princess's rump all day and nothing bad ever happens to me.
>> No. 427000
File 137240980511.png - (304.45KB , 800x800 , Didney Worl.png )
Oh? May I see this princess, then? I would very much like to have something like that!
>> No. 427001
File 137240985278.png - (173.45KB , 1000x1000 , THIS MANY.png )
I suppose you can, but then that one might get one too. Still, there'll be more, I guess.

Try staring at Rarity's rump all day and see what happens.
>> No. 427002
File 137240995552.png - (84.60KB , 864x937 , Ember Storm - Ewwwww - Mellowbloom.png )
You look at my mare that way and you'll have to worry about more than her.

Why would I want to do that? I don't find Rarity attractive.
>> No. 427003
Orion, so long as you dress up like a guard, they'll be none the wiser!
>> No. 427004
File 137241005581.png - (31.19KB , 800x300 , Ember Storm - Glare - the Zefarian.png )
>> No. 427005
File 137241015041.png - (1.56MB , 593x689 , I'm a Cute Little Pegasus.png )
Infinite mares. Infinite rumps. Infinite plots. I'm likin' this idea!

...oh sweet, Luna. Are you saying I'll get more mares?! Quick! Give me the address!

...even better.
>> No. 427006
File 137241018710.gif - (0.96MB , 256x192 , rukiasexecution.gif )
>> No. 427007
File 137241025001.png - (329.36KB , 1000x1000 , Ember Storm - Angry - Spirit Shine.png )
I'm saying I'll be saying - neigh, doing - something should you try to get a look at my mare. Back off, foal.
>> No. 427008
File 137241033049.png - (150.38KB , 1000x1458 , Are you fucking shitting me or something.png )
Doesn't matter, point of this is: mares.

And just because there's one outlier doesn't make the rest different.

I... suppose, so? I mean, there's a limit eventually, but you'll be hard-pressed to reach it.
>> No. 427009
File 137241033284.gif - (340.47KB , 500x333 , tumblr_m2lxial8MT1qd4dzu.gif )
Follow your dreams Orion! Gaze at all the rumps!
>> No. 427010
File 137241042691.jpg - (311.07KB , 1744x1128 , Ember Twilight - Cuddles - Eevachu.jpg )
And I have my mare.
>> No. 427011
File 137241047737.png - (159.31KB , 500x426 , Realistically Drawn.png )
Heehee, I like the little pony noise you made~
But does that mean you'll be joining me and the large number of mares? Even better!

Hey... hey, Loony. Hey, Loony. Loony. Hey. Loony, hey.
Time travel. :3


I spy an upturned rump. Mind if we turn that image around for a better view?
>> No. 427012
File 137241053930.jpg - (67.65KB , 350x356 , Ember Storm - Cleansing Fire.jpg )
>> No. 427013
File 137241054444.png - (174.07KB , 1000x1286 , Privacy, who the hell needs it anyway.png )
What'cha gonna do next, run out of mare rumps, even WITH time travel, and start looking at stallions?
>> No. 427014
File 137241055002.png - (76.29KB , 311x405 , I don't even know where i got these glasses_.png )
>> No. 427015
>> No. 427016
File 137241078078.png - (230.65KB , 489x797 , Flaming Hair.png )
No, of course no-
Actually... yes. Yes I will.

I am glad you agree! Would you do me the honor of accompanying me on this fine quest, my dear mare?

I appear to have caught on fire. It's kind of odd, though. It doesn't really hurt all that badl- oh, wait, there it goes. OH, SWEET LUNA, I'M ON FIRE!
Why do I have an image for this? I dunno, but I love it.
>> No. 427017
File 137241089645.png - (173.77KB , 1000x1135 , crap_.png )
... I, uh, okay then.
>> No. 427019
We shall quest! Now put yourself out! Grab a camera! And start snapping photos! Because nothing says Quest like pictures!
>> No. 427020
File 137241113522.png - (126.83KB , 415x395 , spoiler.png )
So, I was gonna post the official artwork for this o show off how much it looks like that artist's style of doing muzzle's. Then I saw what the official artwork for this actually is, so I'm spoilering it.
>> No. 427021
File 137241119454.png - (1.35MB , 2226x1937 , Ember Storm - Magic - Sketchy.png )
I warned you.
>> No. 427022
>stares at plot

>takes a picture of plot

>ceases caring about the raging fire in his mane as he takes another picture

Shit post this time because why not.
>> No. 427023
File 137241138508.png - (176.46KB , 1000x1056 , Gravity doesn't care either.png )
>> No. 427024
>> No. 427229
File 137248373364.jpg - (169.98KB , 1920x1080 , 1369262893890.jpg )
>> No. 427230
File 137248382670.jpg - (166.11KB , 900x675 , 1371371964315.jpg )
>> No. 427369
File 137254130944.png - (321.92KB , 900x1255 , 1346197777401.png )
It's really dead here, isn't it?
>> No. 427395
File 137255355179.jpg - (22.64KB , 343x361 , bf5.jpg )
>> No. 427435
File 137256811725.jpg - (23.40KB , 703x704 , 1369084944446.jpg )
>> No. 427443
>First three weeks of working at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch as a trading post clerk
>first week: Learning the ropes, good scouts if only a little stupid, ten pallets of pepsi products in the staff lounge with xbox. Bear got into trading post and ate 15 dollars worth of snickers and skittles
>Second week: fire causes Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch to evacuate. A total of 450 scouts were at the camp with none of PV's staff to help. A Texas troop had absolutely no water bottles and were dehydrated for most of the week except for those who bought some from the Trading Post. An asshole Scoutmaster turned our store hours from twelve hours to fourteen for the week. Scouts from Texas ask if they can return half melted chocolate stuck to their pockets and ask if they need totin' chips to buy a whistle. Kleptos stole a set of speakers from staff lounge and thirty dollars of merchandise Bear continued to be problem. Five pallets of pepsi products left
>Third week: Bear has become kill on sight. Two cage traps have been set up. Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch burned to the ground

>Got some of there scouts and all of their staff at BDSR. They're doing alright considering they had to leave behind everything to evacuate. Several injuries occurred this week. One scout glued his eye shut, another hit himself with a rock. Multiple bloody noses from the heat and dryness. A troop full of special needs kids had half their scouts cut themselves on the first day of owning a knife they had bought at the trading post.
All in all glad for a day off
>> No. 427455
File 137260742459.png - (609.82KB , 2381x2500 , Are you saying yes.png )
What do you guys think of Astra!OC V.2
>> No. 427456
Looks pretty damn good, if I may say so.
>> No. 427457
File 137260773454.png - (127.20KB , 882x900 , Here's me asking.png )
Thanks, a friend of mine has been doing on work on her for me.
>> No. 427458
Heh, I'm afraid I don't know much about her though. Mind enlightening me? I'm guessing fire or electric orientation?
>> No. 427459
File 137260842156.png - (1.60KB , 129x141 , 134712560117.png )
Oh Astra doesn't get played anymore unless Lt Dashy is around, the character used to be OP and then some creative roleplay fixed that, now she's just immortal and lives with Dashy on her airship.
>> No. 427460
Ah, sounds neat :D. Who else do you play? (Sorry I don't know, or can't remember. Severe lack of sleep and me forgetting anything that I should remember.)
>> No. 427461
File 137260860601.png - (38.52KB , 550x400 , 70891_fancyfire_spitfire_display.png )
Not many people around here, I use to play more characters in BLN though.
>> No. 427462
Coolio. I've heard a lot about BLN, but I've never really asked what the idea of it is, what it's about. It was one of the canons that moved, wasn't it?
>> No. 427463
File 137261025131.png - (241.65KB , 765x566 , 85684 - Spitfire_Mk__VII Supermarine_Spitfire airplane inception spitfire spitfire_in_a_spitfire.png )
Yea, they moved over to MLPchan, which is silly considering the fact that a merger is now being discussed.
>> No. 427464
Yeah, a couple canons moved. To each their own I guess. Each chan has it's ups and downs. And merger? I understand if that really can't be discussed though.
>> No. 427529
>> No. 427530
Nope nope.
>> No. 427570
File 137265838179.png - (189.87KB , 800x800 , spoiler.png )
Post requested by Astra, so I went with what is probably the best image to attract him.

>> No. 427571
File 137265843349.gif - (105.52KB , 555x555 , Estatic.gif )
>> No. 427572
File 137265848815.png - (18.79KB , 436x508 , Wide Eyed.png )
Given context that only the two of us will ever know, that image in response is terrifying.
>> No. 427574
File 137265862103.png - (211.15KB , 1000x1786 , Science at it's best_.png )
It's wonderful, isn't it?
>> No. 427594
Hey guys what's going on it th -



>> No. 427595
File 137266072362.png - (322.35KB , 539x720 , 135057300154.png )
Hey, Ember.
>> No. 427596
File 137266076766.gif - (133.16KB , 375x300 , 134232234568.gif )
You know you love it.
>> No. 427599
File 137266104828.jpg - (81.02KB , 550x517 , j44AB18491.jpg )
What's going on in this...hmm...neat.
>> No. 427600
File 137266109705.gif - (1.15MB , 320x240 , 1307076291125.gif )
>> No. 427601
File 137266112778.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
I'm impartial, actually.

>> No. 427602
File 137266117389.jpg - (4.03KB , 215x159 , images.jpg )
>> No. 427603
File 137266125813.jpg - (104.49KB , 1024x768 , Capture_010.jpg )
What's up?
>> No. 427604
File 137266126730.gif - (2.47MB , 480x270 , 1362879544081.gif )
Don't lie to me.
>> No. 427605
Playing Borderlands. The first one.

I'm not lying. Personally, not a fan of males in maid costumes.
>> No. 427607
File 137266155914.jpg - (14.50KB , 119x157 , ~.jpg )
>> No. 427609
File 137266168282.gif - (354.53KB , 350x252 , Bestpony rubs on Book Addict.gif )
I have only played the first one, the second one seems a bit too grindy from reviews I have heard.
>> No. 427611
File 137266183631.jpg - (15.23KB , 119x157 , ~.jpg )
>> No. 427619
Second one is better, imo.
>> No. 427631
This year July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years.
5, 5, 5
>3 5s.
Half Life 2 came out 9 years ago, on one platgorm.

5 3s

Half Life 3, TF3, L4D3, Portal 3, and Dota 3 confirmed to drop in July.
>> No. 427689
...sweet mother of Celestia, you've figured it out.
>> No. 427758
File 137272355607.jpg - (53.93KB , 960x960 , 601674_268055746670332_197137141_n.jpg )
Are most of my sheets still valad?
>> No. 427759
File 137272364291.png - (28.38KB , 123x78 , 132623178937s.png )
>> No. 427760
File 137272368474.gif - (151.51KB , 493x500 , tumblr_mjqfow1SAP1r66ve1o1_r2_500.gif )
No clue...have some Firehorse
>> No. 427761
File 137272392587.png - (442.25KB , 1200x954 , tumblr_mlga2ivcP41rypswfo1_1280.png )
No clue if Stanglove has Imma post them anyway!
>> No. 427762
File 137272398032.png - (322.05KB , 1280x1120 , Gettin real sick of your shit.png )
>> No. 427763
File 137272403042.png - (721.08KB , 1053x981 , tumblr_mlxt61JjXK1qh4b51o1_1280.png )
I really need to add more to this folder...
>> No. 427764
File 137272406817.png - (38.52KB , 550x400 , 70891_fancyfire_spitfire_display.png )
>> No. 427765
Gotta save 'em all.
>> No. 427766
File 137272411450.png - (345.63KB , 1000x914 , mlfw1980-17238_-_abacus_book_finally_proud_we_can_put_abacu.png )
If your characters have had no major changes since your departure from Orion, then they will be allowed back in with naught but a notice to the officers saying "I'm bringing X character back in"

However, any major changes will require a new sheet, and I would recommend you to look at our rulesheet in the google doc for a refresher on the sheet format.

Please recall what happened when you last left the canon, and exactly why we got onto you about it, I'm sure we'd both prefer for that not to happen again, hm?
>> No. 427770
File 137272427842.jpg - (638.74KB , 700x913 , 78744 - artist-lizspit flying spitfire wonderbolts.jpg )
Yes I do, my Spitfire folder must grow larger and larger.

>> No. 427771
File 137272432498.png - (90.53KB , 512x512 , mlfw5173-luna-entry.png )
>> No. 427773
File 137272438528.png - (929.35KB , 2400x1309 , spitfire_reference_sheet_by_spittfireart-d64xb2l.png )
Just go to Amanda's OOC blog, or the many Spitfire tumblrs, lol. Firestarter adn Spittfire tend to have pretty good pics.
>> No. 427774
File 137272443481.png - (89.05KB , 1211x659 , Mystic's new character.png )
Really doesn't answer my question.
>> No. 427776
File 137272451210.png - (40.42KB , 96x125 , 132622999560s.png )
I'm not an officer of the canon, I have no authority here.

if anyone ever asks me to be the officer of a canon again, I'll scream
>> No. 427778
Will you be the officer of the Orion canon?
>> No. 427782
File 137272462699.png - (233.10KB , 900x910 , 115301 - artist-davrockist glowing_eyes spitfire.png )
>> No. 427783
File 137272463741.png - (270.08KB , 894x894 , mlfw2247-luna_shrug_by_adiwan-d4dtskk.png )
Will you at least be our guardian moderator angel?
>> No. 427786
File 137272472672.png - (356.16KB , 1200x900 , 132631476872.png )
if by that you mean hang out and do nothing useful like always, then yes.
>> No. 427787
File 137272477336.png - (141.33KB , 500x358 , 136017297741.png )
I never said you had to do anything.
>> No. 427790
Let's see. Cherry got a nationality ...mystic needs a new sheet and don't bring up the past>.>
>> No. 427793
File 137272516081.png - (196.47KB , 800x650 , tumblr_mow4viHvEK1rf3zz0o1_1280.png )
Best to write up a sheet, just to be safe then.
>> No. 427801
Even if you had, I wasn't going to do it anyway.
>> No. 427802
File 137272593366.png - (148.91KB , 755x1212 , mlfw1367_17855.png )
Looks like we've got an agreement then!
>> No. 428283
File 137289979822.png - (662.22KB , 700x700 , 132630056643.png )

New thread!
>> No. 428412
File 137296564092.jpg - (83.01KB , 593x960 , tumblr_m4i5ji12gr1r201r4o1_1280.jpg )
Another season in the best league!
>> No. 428435
File 137297581650.jpg - (43.07KB , 710x540 , 1371157175651.jpg )

>> No. 428436
File 137297600735.gif - (2.55MB , 640x360 , College+Bronies+II_+Hope+all+those+fellow+college+bronies+remember_22cfe5_3397787.gif )
>> No. 428441
File 137297631204.jpg - (164.87KB , 877x547 , 175873__safe_applejack_flag_salute_america_eagle_american-flag_murica.jpg )
>> No. 428442
File 137297636953.png - (257.51KB , 788x1013 , BEST PRINCESS.png )
>> No. 428443
File 137297818105.jpg - (538.48KB , 1920x1200 , 56734__safe_rainbow-dash_american-flag.jpg )
>> No. 428459
File 137298704183.png - (186.08KB , 624x341 , spoiler.png )
Bitches, please.
>> No. 428462
File 137298875249.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
>> No. 428468
File 137299094495.png - (104.49KB , 515x500 , mlfw7876-d4y9fg4_2_2.png )
>> No. 428469
File 137299123873.png - (84.60KB , 864x937 , Ember Storm - Ewwwww - Mellowbloom.png )
>> No. 428471
File 137299234323.gif - (621.09KB , 500x400 , 136867568793.gif )
>> No. 428473
File 137299383883.png - (159.64KB , 500x500 , ~Why yes, I'm Colgate.png )
Colgate is an Unicorn mare, she has a light blue body, and a dual colored mane, of blue and white. that is also made of toothpaste Her cutie mark is an hourglass, and her special talent is mild manipulation of time.

She is a generally happy character, who has a mild obsession Fetish thing for dental hygiene, she enjoys talking with ponies, and helping them with their dental hygiene! She also is rather knowledgeable about time, and its wibbly wobbly timey wimey specialness
>> No. 428474
Well, first of all, that is an AWFULLY short "paragraph"
Secondly, you've given us a short blurb about what and who, this barely tells us what to expect from the character, and lastly, you forgot WHY she was on Orion, was she kidnapped by aliens? or did one of the teleports crash into her living room while she was taking a dump?
Oh, and you might want to think about expanding on the character's personality more, "generally happy character" tells us not a whole lot about how they deal with others, especially if they are trying to bite their neck, or kill them...
>> No. 428475
File 137299478077.png - (275.96KB , 1092x1080 , mlfw7872-v17lc01.png )
Hokay, disregarding Vinyl's rather... disrespectful way of criticizing that sheet.

Vinyl does have a few points.

One: The sheet's a little short. We don't need an essay, mind you, but we could do with a little more information on Colgate.

Two: You did forget why they were on Orion, as that's now required for every sheet.
>> No. 428476
Hey! i worked hard on being a flank face!
>> No. 428477
File 137299484642.gif - (98.11KB , 267x200 , feels.gif )
>> No. 428478
File 137299489100.png - (65.80KB , 498x552 , mlfw3288-1330693914080.png )
We don't wanna be flankfaces, Vinyl, we want to be nice people.
>> No. 428479
>>428475 >>428478 >>428476
Yeah, I'm just going to ignore that....

Okay, Sorry about that, I'll see if I can expand it here shortly, would you like me to post a new sheet, or just edit the old one?
>> No. 428480
File 137299520141.png - (58.40KB , 500x430 , mlfw3797-1332196949814.png )
A new sheet, so I don't have to refresh the page, because autoupdate, yay!
>> No. 428482
Alrightly, lets try this again!

Colgate is a happy go lucky unicorn mare, she like long walks on the beach, and dentistry. Her mane is blue and white, and she has a soft blue body. Her cutie mark is an hourglass, and it represents her affinity for time. She lived in ponyville for some time, following her cutie mark of time management, until she decided to seek out other opportunities, she found that she had a "thing" for dentistry, and that she could use her skills to help make the visits less painful. after establishing a semi successful business in Ponyville, she decided to branch out, and explore the world, looking for new places where she can help ponies, and spread dental hygiene to the world! On this quest, she learned that there was a space station by the name of Orion, and that it did not have a resident dentist, so she decided to apply for the position. once accepted, she immediately embarked on her journey to the station, hoping that the teeth wouldn't be TOO bad, but things are tough when you're not a unicorn...
>> No. 428483
File 137299623544.png - (558.37KB , 1067x600 , 134163875004.png )
Mmm, yeah, that should be good enough.

Approved by me.
>> No. 428509
File 137301669434.png - (16.16KB , 148x200 , Because Reasons.png )
>> No. 428690
File 137309932496.png - (688.33KB , 900x677 , blazblue_hazama_by_sarothehedgehog-d3cq3fg.png )
>I've recently been craving some sci-fi and I saw this and thought it looked fun so um....hi :3

Nightshade Alpha-Two Starblaze (yeah dramatic name <.<) is a ghostly blue unicorn though his species is generally hidden under an enchanted fedora to make himself appear like an earth pony, though he hardly keeps it a secret. He has waves of silken white hair that fall out from under the hat to lightly drape across his face, very cool, calculating silver eyes staring out from just beneath them. His right arm is a glimmering piece of high-technology, designed, created, and implanted by him before he lost access to all his funds and one of a kind albeit nothing too special. Just a good multi-tool for a scientist on the go. He wears a very fine tuxedo as well, albeit subtly cut to help keep from drawing too much attention. Who runs around in their finest clothes 23/7?...other than British Agents....

His talent is, well in his own words: An artist on par with all the great masters of yore, save that my brush are the instruments of science, the paint the beautiful visage of knowledge and arcana, and the canvas I paint upon nothing short but the firmament of the universe itself whereon I shall bring to light a more perfect and sensible existence than I have found upon this world gone mad...and underneath all that fancy talk, he's a scientist and buisnessman, dead broke now who spent the last of his funds to get to iron, hoping to find his resources and fortune once again among the stars, and hope to begin to learn the nature of the universe, and himself as he goes. The greatest pleasure he can have in life is to think a thought that has never been thought before...and a nice cup of scotch...and a pretty mare in his arms...

He dreams of being a hero, loved and admired and respected like his father (daddy issues alert), but his narcissism, talent for stealth and treachery and outright insidiousness and selfish nature, often bring him down low and hard whenever he tries to take the high-road. Despite this, he strives to overcome his nature and believes himself to be a good person who just has to dabble down into...greyer areas to facilitate good. He loathes seeing the strong oppress the weak, and believes wanton war and struggles for power to be a cancer eating away at the world.
>> No. 428693
File 137310304821.png - (93.47KB , 900x1165 , Walking.png )
Well, I suppose this is okay, except the third paragraph is supposed to tell us why he's coming to Orion. You made it something else, along with putting the reason in the second paragraph. You should also elaborate on it; write a couple sentences.
Also, could you make the talent explanation less confusing? You used a stream of elaborate words, followed by "He's a scientist and a businessman." Well, there are different kinds of scientists and businessmen (businessponies in this case), and I'd like more detail on what kind of scientist and businesspony he is. Doesn't have to be much. Just something more specific than "scientist and businessman".
I'll re-evaluate once you've made your changes.
>> No. 428694
File 137310368532.png - (70.02KB , 473x560 , __Nightshade.png )
Ah yes, sorry about that. Little late at night but thought I'd do this while I had a case of insomnia :3

His talent is for planning. Things like designing complex machines or some business maneuvers. He's a bit out of a job on both which ties into why he came to Iron which I'll explain bellow. His talent just leaves him quick on his feet and very creative, sort of a guy who always has a back-up plan, though it leaves him a little stunned and with difficulty reacting whenever he gets caught by surprise.

I only briefly mentioned this in my first draft, but basically after a disagreement with his father he's been cut off from any funds and help, and a business deal went sour with a partner who back-stabbed him and black-listed him from any kin of scientific or business work down on the planet. Desperate, he turned to Orion as a place to try and start anew and with the even greater research facilities on the station, he hopes to find a place up there...and in part from wanting to escape himself as much as escape the planet and how much father can you go to do that than space?

If there's anything I can elaborate on or anything you'd suggest tweaked or changed please let me know. I'd be happy to accommodate it~
>> No. 428695
File 137310425308.png - (74.91KB , 808x988 , Happy-Trotting.png )
Alright, this looks pretty good! I'll give it an approval!
>> No. 428696
File 137310441470.jpg - (16.16KB , 225x225 , images (2).jpg )
Thank you! ;3
I assume I have to wait for some more managers approval?~
>> No. 428697
File 137310451200.png - (371.50KB , 1628x1080 , mlfw7874-d023vl99.png )
Yes, you do.

Luckily, we got one right here, and he says, approved!
>> No. 428698
File 137310479437.png - (65.35KB , 315x250 , Pweeeease.png )
Thank you to you as well!~

When might I be able to hop into the threads?
>> No. 428699
File 137310535748.png - (370.86KB , 3587x3895 , mlfw649_40981 - artist felix-kot luna.png )
Whenever you want!

Results, however, may vary.

Around about now, if not within a few hours, for about... twelve hours, maybe more, the thread is deader than dead.

Most interactions are setup OOC, over Skype, but that's not to say without it, you're doomed. Just don't expect a response within a few minutes, every time.

If you give me your Skype assuming you've got one! I can add you to our Skype group.
>> No. 428700
File 137310552099.png - (55.34KB , 500x386 , Prepare for Love.png )
Oh I have one, Avedon33, and it's alright. I'm just taking an easy night more or less and some thing may pop in the next few days (relatives visiting), but I look forward to getting in there~
>> No. 428701
File 137310952035.jpg - (17.30KB , 499x261 , Bonus_b5d5a8_4665869.jpg )
>> No. 428801
File 137313916522.png - (466.43KB , 343x347 , Ember Storm - Pffffft - Discord.png )
>using the Skype group
>> No. 428836
Amazing things happen on the Skype group my man. Like epics ships, and whispered rumors of sparkle posts...and killing said sparkle posts with stupidity.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 6th, 2013 16:29

>> No. 428837
File 137315555230.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , Ember Storm - Da Fuck Is Wrong With My Minecraft - TwilightSpark1e.png )
>> No. 428902
File 137318964058.png - (750.67KB , 721x448 , tumblr_mig844VB6H1r980nmo1_1280.png )
>> No. 428903
File 137319648493.png - (39.51KB , 577x547 , Ember Storm - Pokerface - Sebass.png )
All right. Well.

I'm out.

I'm leaving the canon. Rayne and Beleren get a free trip back to Equestria via teleporter.

Luni gets control of Boss in the Cydonia arc until he can get rid of him as an NPC.

Spider, your "Inquisitor Twilight" idea shits all over Twi. I still don't like it.

Blizzard, your writing is okay, but your characters are kind of terrible. Learn to give them actual limitations and actually have characters who can admit when they're wrong.

Sam, please learn how to grammar. Your posts hurt my head.

I was never a huge fan of Umi's whole "half-phoenix" thing, Clyde. But that's cool, because I really don't know what to think about Luni's lightning powers either.

Crossover canons are not for me.

>> No. 428904
Adios buddy. It's been fun. And when you learn to get rid of your featherheaded pyromancer that happens to regularly snog with a canon character, I'll think about feeling bad bout having "terrible characters." :) See you, hopefully not soon.
>> No. 428916
File 137322543035.gif - (645.41KB , 245x148 , Look upon your doom.gif )
>> No. 428922
File 137323026120.jpg - (89.48KB , 300x300 , 1372139341728.jpg )
>Blizzard, your writing is okay, but your characters are kind of terrible. Learn to give them actual limitations and actually have characters who can admit when they're wrong.

The irony in this sentence and the post is incredible!

Last edited at Sun, Jul 7th, 2013 14:03

>> No. 428924
File 137323174316.jpg - (51.39KB , 606x600 , 1339151401653.jpg )
I am content.
>> No. 428925
File 137323222528.png - (13.59KB , 233x195 , pill lurk.png )

I just found the worlds smallest violin. Should I play it?
>> No. 428926
File 137323237417.png - (121.19KB , 564x735 , The fuck is this shit.png )
The fuck just happened here?
>> No. 428927
File 137323254231.png - (554.88KB , 1000x800 , My friend Applejack is a bitch.png )
The funniest thing to ever happen ever
>> No. 428928
File 137323256036.png - (164.73KB , 677x436 , speght.png )
>> No. 428929
File 137323260052.png - (176.27KB , 445x384 , Said it out loud.png )
>> No. 428943
File 137323675620.gif - (75.12KB , 348x349 , 1358517722703.gif )
>> No. 428945
File 137323688996.gif - (2.05MB , 640x358 , QVIUqki.gif )
>> No. 428947
File 137323695976.gif - (1.91MB , 265x285 , 1352608829361.gif )
>> No. 428950
File 137323702856.gif - (562.64KB , 374x354 , DANCE PARTY.gif )
>> No. 428951
File 137323703704.gif - (206.74KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_ml2btzR2Uq1qz4rgp.gif )
>> No. 428952
File 137323706571.png - (51.80KB , 429x410 , Comrade stalin doesnt approve of that.png )
>> No. 428953
File 137323708566.png - (48.20KB , 430x430 , RillianAvatar.png )
>Ember, do you have Skype or Steam? I'd like to speak with you in private if that's okay.
>Steam and Skype is simply remick0