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#Ask/invite #Canon: Sky of Chains #Adventure #Violence #Non-pony #D&D #Hybrid Roleplay

Take to the skies! A world of floating islands connected to some unknown entity within the Great Mist below. Winged humanoids used to dominate the islands, but are disconnected from the Abhorrent Magics that the humankinds wield. Dominate the Guild of Man by taking up impossible missions, explore the Far Isles, and fight against the myriad of demi-human barbarians, possibly even the infamous Ral-Du Khan...

If you're interested in a unique D&D experience, in a world of adventure and high magic, feel free to apply!

Hello, and welcome to the Sky of Chains sign-up and OOC! This is a hybrid 3.5 game, meaning it will be played post-by-post and traditionally, when possible. How will this be handled? I'm not sure! Depends on what the players want, but I'll likely have certain key events play out traditionally, and the more free form quests play by post. Here are the alterations regarding play by post:

1. No initiative. Restricting players to rigid turn based play under these conditions is the biggest time killer. In its place, a simple system of give and take between the opposing forces. All players attack, then all enemies attack. To make sure initiative isn't completely left out, players and enemies first attacks get a bonus to attack and damage based on initiative.

2. A buff to monster damage and nerf to their health. This will make battles quicker and more decisive. It will be on a per level basis, so level one monsters will be mostly unchanged, while the base stats of level ten monsters are changed quite a bit. It will also change depending on how many people are in the party.

3. A buff to healing, to compensate for the increased damage of creatures. Again, this will be changed on a per level basis.

These changes only take effect in the play by post format.

Here's the setting information, including new races and religions: (Not accessible at time of posting. Still sorting the document out!)

If you'd like to play one of the races specific to this setting, just wait a bit and I'll have the mechanics ready. In the meantime, here's a little description of each of the playable races:

Hadam-Darite (Duri)
Strange, but somewhat endearing, the duri are always willing to trade and share stories. A lizardlike (but humanoid) race, the duri are close friends with the elves, calling the same island chain home. This kind is a mixed bag. Most will treat you kindly and generously, and then half will go on to stab you in the back. This lead to the phrase ‘Keep one eye on the scales, and the other on the scales’. Many fancy themselves mystics or philosophers. Specialty: Trade and Deceit. Preferred classes: Rogue, Bard.

Meites are magical constructs, men of metal and wood given life. First invented by the artificer Andrew Meite, all subsequent variations and iterations were given his name. Meites are commonly used as servants and soldiers, as they have an instinctual desire to follow orders. As with all magical items, unless re-anchored or restored, meites die soon after their creators. Specialty: Tank. Preferred classes: Fighter, Cleric

Many thousands of feet below the Threshold, the point at which it becomes impossible to navigate without a guiding ping, floats a chain of islands only recently discovered by the humankinds. Before their discovery, it was thought that civilised life below the Threshold was impossible. The mistborn proved them wrong. Specialty: Discipline and Mind Preferred Classes: Monk, Paladin

A few more notes regarding the setting (for use at least until the doc is up):

1. High Magic: (Almost) every race has the ability to cast some form of magic. This means all characters get a few spells, regardless of class. All typically non magic users are called 'touched'. Magic users, like sorcerers and clerics, are 'embraced'. The non-playable caste, the 'taken', are very rare and powerful.

2. Adventure!: In a world of many floating islands, each with a different culture and society, conflicts are bound to happen. How your characters resolve these conflicts is up to you...

3. Artificers: A special class of spellcaster, artificers are especially well known for their ability to anchor magical effects to items. This includes the advent of Meites and airships.

4. There are no psions in this setting, so those classes with psionic abilities are forbidden.
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>> No. 428503
If i have to come in and save your sorry ass my dwarf will NEVER let your character hear the end of it.
>> No. 429519
File 137358814264.jpg - (140.08KB , 894x894 , Fanart___STALKER___airsoft_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

My oldest game, now around seven months old, is dying. It has but three players. All have been there from the start, and I believe they are all there to stay. Still, I'd like them to have a fun time, as I wish for all my players across all my games. A lot of the fun comes from player interaction, I think, and therefore I come before you. I don't like to do this... I prefer for my players to find their own way to my games.

If any of you are interested in playing a pony RP based around the founding of Equestria, following the adventures of the pioneers sent to explore the continent and face the various perils of the world, then feel free to apply! No stats, but we do use the d20 frequently. More info can be found here:

Or you can see what you're dealing with here:

End PSA!
>> No. 430468
Just for the record folks:With you guys having like Five players now I'm mostly stepping aside from this one for the time being.

You guys got enough to keep this going and I'm not a huge fan of crowded games you know?
>> No. 430470

It seems we're down one, as 1op hasn't posted in quite a while. But sure, we'll be here if you wish to join later.
>> No. 430471
We've only got 3.....
>> No. 430472
File 137392669736.jpg - (258.46KB , 1356x801 , OK1ju.jpg )

You, Silverbrow, Cloch, Zdravko.
>> No. 430473
Woops, four.
>> No. 431245
You guys can move along to a shop now, don't let me stop you. Just tell me where you want to go, or what you're looking for.
>> No. 431247
Is there a place I can get a wizard to cast sleep on me without willsaves?
In all seriousness, I would like to go to a weapon shop,
>> No. 431268

Then go forth and make it so. If the others are silent, I'll take it as consent for you to lead them to a smith or shop.
>> No. 433663
We shall buy shinies to bribe stupid tribes with
Shiny shiny shiny shiny trinkets!
Shine the shiny shines.
>> No. 441768
>> No. 441852

Oops, sorry, my b. I forgot that Zdravko had posted! Post incoming...
>> No. 442405
What do you guys think? Should we wait for Silverbrow, or automate him for now?
>> No. 442498
File 137842228278.jpg - (45.45KB , 873x765 , B___but.jpg )

He's here, and checking in. He just needs a reason to post, cause his computer is shot and he's posting from an Xbox

Last edited at Thu, Sep 5th, 2013 16:05

>> No. 442564

Well, he wanted to be an airship sailor, yes? Now's the time to voice his request to the captain.
>> No. 443174
Okay noys im ack in action as far as posting from my phone so let's get this rolling.
>> No. 444214
hey sev sorry for the lack of posting i get my computer in the mail sometime today and I HOPE it works. Also whats with all my shit rolls 5 5 and a 1 also i just realized im a tier 5 class -_-
>> No. 444224
File 137952174287.png - (261.77KB , 1024x975 , Fluttersniper.png )

No no no no no. Don't you start with that "tier" shit. A class is only as capable as its user and its rolls. If the user can't compete, that's on them, not the class. A "tier 1" would be doing just as bad, if not worse, with straight 1's on its rolls, since if you're rolling shitty, your opponents are rolling high, and as a warrior class, you actually have HP & AC worth noting. Speaking of... you should probably declare the target of your dodge soon.

Oh, DM, I was wondering, could we possibly use either Pathfinder's version of the Heal skill or D20 Modern's Treat Injury? Pathfinder's Heal is the same as D&D's save for one thing: I'd have a 1/day heal I can use on anyone. It takes an hour at DC 20, but if I succeed, I heal the target for 1 HP per level of the character, and if I succeed by 5 or more, I add my Wisdom modifier. Treat Injury, however, has too many additional parts to explain in one post.
>> No. 444227
That was angry.
>> No. 444228
he isnt really that angry i know him personnally i know angry XD but I wasnt being serious about the whole teir 5 thing im playing this class for the fun of the rp. Given im only fighting one target i think it should go without saying who im using dodge against
>> No. 444730
What are we waiting on?
>> No. 444920

Sorry, I've been a little busy. On to the fight!
>> No. 445031
Every roll i make has been less than 10 all game XD
>> No. 445038
File 137998368191.gif - (1.54MB , 320x240 , spoiler.gif )
Its sevs curse!

Sevs curse: One player in the group is cursed with terrible rolls until death! If this curse is placed upon you, your only hope is to be very cautious or creative with your combat!
>> No. 445357

Oh, and sure. You can have that 1/day heal. I'll look into the treat injury skill later.
>> No. 445440
File 138026713136.jpg - (8.38KB , 246x200 , 4747606+_5450ce956c6c2c33bc68dd3b5c4a5857.jpg )
That crit threat felt like a penta kill
>> No. 445772
File 138053084199.png - (105.87KB , 576x1024 , Fear not, I have a Fluttershy!.png )
Flakkis should go ahead and deliver the physical retort. Zdravko still has its dagger to throw at the second one. Might even catch him off-guard. Nah, I'd need to pull a feint or Slight of Hand, and both of those are standard actions. It would take a turn to set up. Although... I could try feinting the guy in front. Yeah, much better idea.


Right on. The description for Treat Injury is... here: The biggest thing is opening the Surgery feat up. It's a pretty cool idea, and, to be honest, surgery has been a thing since the Medieval era, if I'm remembering correctly, so that it isn't an option in D&D is kinda silly anyway.

EDIT: Okay, to get the link to work, you'll have to copy-paste since for some reason it doesn't want to use the (Skill) part properly, and the link won't work right without it.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 30th, 2013 01:50

>> No. 446041
Asma, you there, mate?
>> No. 446114
File 138093077988.gif - (32.52KB , 268x200 , 4709181+_f9df5e72000e3941972f3ef5e52161b4.gif )
Not a clue where he might be just saying though, i am reporting in.
>> No. 446159
Erm, there's things to post?
>> No. 446766
hey guys when i edit my posts its either i find an error, have contradicting statements, said things that make no sense, or i make an attack and i roleplay it as if i was doing well then roll shit i edit the post i do not edit the rolls themselves just because i know i have edited roll posts before
>> No. 446776
Yeah, we know. We trust you man.
>> No. 446934
File 138225208049.jpg - (75.82KB , 640x512 , In+every+grade+there+is+ALWAYS+the+one+girl+who+_5abfa4e69c33e37cd49379706f41299e.jpg )
Also frog my familiar
>> No. 446976

Nope! Frog is an unlikely ally, a bastard, and an uncouth sod, but not a familiar.
>> No. 447020
File 138237361382.gif - (102.10KB , 160x157 , 137281157499.gif )
he might as well be then lel I was gonna say. i havent been that pious
>> No. 447290
Waiting on you, Asma.
>> No. 447295
I thought we were waiting on the DM. I thought I posted, but it apprarently didn't post.
>> No. 447388

The thread can only move as fast as the players allow, Asma.
>> No. 447390
myself,zdrvarkodarkoshmingmon,and glorfen watch intensly
>> No. 447661
File 138338322594.png - (171.42KB , 400x600 , Confluttershy.png )



EDIT: Come on, Quick trait, don't fail me now. I'm losing HP for that ruddy movespeed boost.

Last edited at Sat, Nov 2nd, 2013 02:16

>> No. 447850
Alright folks, we are approaching the proper start of chapter one! As such, an opportunity presents itself. We can, if you all want, initiate some active, traditional roleplaying, and justify the 'hybrid' I tacked onto the title. However, there is a problem. All those months ago, when I made this thread, I had a normal job with weekends off. I have since moved, and got a new job with more sporadic hours.

As such, I can give you the few days where I might be able to play a real session with you guys, and you all must determine if a game is still feasible with your own schedules.

The best time I can offer is anywhere from 9/10PM to 2/3AM on Friday night/Saturday morning., That gives us four or five hours of play time. I prefer longer, usually, but that's the best time I can offer. I also have Monday off every week, and the preceding Sunday night as well, so any time that day or previous night works for me, but I doubt it works for most of you. Next, I have Tuesday night as a window of opportunity, same time frame as Friday. Thursday night can work sometimes. Saturday nights are a for sure no.

So, do any of those time frames catch your collective fancies? Or. if not, would you rather continue on at our current pace?
>> No. 448078
I can do non video/voice roleplaying at that time. Sounds interesting.
>> No. 448149
I just got a job YAY and for quite awhile ill have weekends off i work 11:45 to 8:15 weekdays
>> No. 448299
I'm off mondays so that works for me. I check the thread regularly but when I'm with my wife I can't post or be on my phone much at all.
>> No. 448513
I'm ok with the current pace as it is it allows for people to live their lives than sit on a forum all day like goto work and stuff like that my only complaint is how sometimes people forget to post something but that's just me.
>> No. 449210
Hello? Is this dead now?
>> No. 449399
i certainly hope not
>> No. 449475
File 138620966319.png - (915.96KB , 1366x768 , Confused and worried.png )
Sev, please respond D:
>> No. 449495
I'm still around.
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