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#Ask/invite #Canon: Sky of Chains #Adventure #Violence #Non-pony #D&D #Hybrid Roleplay

Take to the skies! A world of floating islands connected to some unknown entity within the Great Mist below. Winged humanoids used to dominate the islands, but are disconnected from the Abhorrent Magics that the humankinds wield. Dominate the Guild of Man by taking up impossible missions, explore the Far Isles, and fight against the myriad of demi-human barbarians, possibly even the infamous Ral-Du Khan...

If you're interested in a unique D&D experience, in a world of adventure and high magic, feel free to apply!

Hello, and welcome to the Sky of Chains sign-up and OOC! This is a hybrid 3.5 game, meaning it will be played post-by-post and traditionally, when possible. How will this be handled? I'm not sure! Depends on what the players want, but I'll likely have certain key events play out traditionally, and the more free form quests play by post. Here are the alterations regarding play by post:

1. No initiative. Restricting players to rigid turn based play under these conditions is the biggest time killer. In its place, a simple system of give and take between the opposing forces. All players attack, then all enemies attack. To make sure initiative isn't completely left out, players and enemies first attacks get a bonus to attack and damage based on initiative.

2. A buff to monster damage and nerf to their health. This will make battles quicker and more decisive. It will be on a per level basis, so level one monsters will be mostly unchanged, while the base stats of level ten monsters are changed quite a bit. It will also change depending on how many people are in the party.

3. A buff to healing, to compensate for the increased damage of creatures. Again, this will be changed on a per level basis.

These changes only take effect in the play by post format.

Here's the setting information, including new races and religions: (Not accessible at time of posting. Still sorting the document out!)

If you'd like to play one of the races specific to this setting, just wait a bit and I'll have the mechanics ready. In the meantime, here's a little description of each of the playable races:

Hadam-Darite (Duri)
Strange, but somewhat endearing, the duri are always willing to trade and share stories. A lizardlike (but humanoid) race, the duri are close friends with the elves, calling the same island chain home. This kind is a mixed bag. Most will treat you kindly and generously, and then half will go on to stab you in the back. This lead to the phrase ‘Keep one eye on the scales, and the other on the scales’. Many fancy themselves mystics or philosophers. Specialty: Trade and Deceit. Preferred classes: Rogue, Bard.

Meites are magical constructs, men of metal and wood given life. First invented by the artificer Andrew Meite, all subsequent variations and iterations were given his name. Meites are commonly used as servants and soldiers, as they have an instinctual desire to follow orders. As with all magical items, unless re-anchored or restored, meites die soon after their creators. Specialty: Tank. Preferred classes: Fighter, Cleric

Many thousands of feet below the Threshold, the point at which it becomes impossible to navigate without a guiding ping, floats a chain of islands only recently discovered by the humankinds. Before their discovery, it was thought that civilised life below the Threshold was impossible. The mistborn proved them wrong. Specialty: Discipline and Mind Preferred Classes: Monk, Paladin

A few more notes regarding the setting (for use at least until the doc is up):

1. High Magic: (Almost) every race has the ability to cast some form of magic. This means all characters get a few spells, regardless of class. All typically non magic users are called 'touched'. Magic users, like sorcerers and clerics, are 'embraced'. The non-playable caste, the 'taken', are very rare and powerful.

2. Adventure!: In a world of many floating islands, each with a different culture and society, conflicts are bound to happen. How your characters resolve these conflicts is up to you...

3. Artificers: A special class of spellcaster, artificers are especially well known for their ability to anchor magical effects to items. This includes the advent of Meites and airships.

4. There are no psions in this setting, so those classes with psionic abilities are forbidden.
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And finally, here's the format in which I'd like character sheets submitted (posted speerately because I know I'm forgetting something):



AC: 10+(Armour)+(Dex)

Speed: (Base)/(With Armour)

Saving Throws:





(Money)(25 gp start AFTER gen)
Carry Capacity: (Current)/(Light)/(Medium)/(Heavy)

Bio: (Just a little bit about your character. Bonus points if you include home island and other such nonsense.)
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You have my character, and don't need me to repost it, right?
>> No. 423204
File 136959573743.jpg - (120.78KB , 652x1084 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__Doodle_by_thefirewarriors.jpg )

If you could resubmit it in the desired format, I'd appreciate it.
>> No. 423218

Name: Flakkis Tervarian
Player: Gentletwin
Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion/Deity/Cult: None
Languages: Common

(Str)16 +3
(Dex)10 +0
(Con)14 +2
(Int)10 +0
(Wis)14 +2
(Cha)14 +2

AC: 10+(4)+(2)+(0)

Speed: (30ft)/(20ft)

Saving Throws:

Diplomacy 3
Sense Motive 3
Ride 1
Heal 1

Advanced Initiative

Smite Evil 1/day
Aura of Good
Detect Evil


Warhammer 1d8 crit x3 5lb Bludgeoning
Light Crossbow 1d8 crit 19-20/x2 80ft range 4lb Piercing
10 bolts 1lb
Alchemists fire 1 1d6

Scalemail AC 4 MDB 3 ACP -4 speed 20ft 30lb
Heavy Steel Sheild AC 2 ACP -2 15lb

Sunrod 3 3lb
Backpack 2lb
Rations 6 days 6lb
Waterskin 2 8lb

(Money) (25gp)
Carry Capacity: (Current)74/(Light)76/(Medium)77-153/(Heavy)154-230

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>> No. 423220
File 136961525409.jpg - (258.46KB , 1356x801 , OK1ju.jpg )
That means how much money, plus the 25 gold you get after your character is generated. That is, you cannot spend that gold until you're in game.
>> No. 423223
Oh, Ok.
>> No. 423510
File 136985439086.png - (444.92KB , 796x1132 , 136220544929.png )
Well this has caught my attention.

Been ages since I was in a 3.5 game, though I honestly say I'd prefer Pathfinder over it these days. Helps that the rules for both systems are OGL and found online easily.

Don't note my name down yet though. Not knowing the other players, and a lot of the setting details hidden in that doc of yours makes me unsure.

Anything in particular being done to deal with the 3.5 balance problems? E6 rules? Or do you have your own set of house-rules in mind?
( )

Though I will say the whole 'initiative gives a bonus to hit!' should probably only last for the first few rounds, given that's really the primary time when initiative matters. After that it's a lot less relevant.

I would say you should alter it because Casters have little use of a bonus to hit, but well lets face it, casters are already freaking awesome without it <3~
>> No. 423523
File 136985992834.jpg - (659.69KB , 600x851 , dolg3_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

It's been a while since I've run a 3.5 game. Quite a while. Reading up on the rules, all the issues that I've seen in the past have come back to me. Mostly how underpowered melee classes turn out to be. Well, most of them anyway. I've never run pathfinder before, but I've heard good things about it. Gentlewin wants a DM for a 3.5 game, though, so that's what I plan to deliver.

I have my own kind of system to deal with overpowered and underpowered characters. It usually boils down to giving weaker characters free boons, or more opportunities to earn boons, while very strong characters will find they are countered a lot. I don't plan to punish good builds though.

In any case, I'm fairly confident in my ability to balance the game through house rules.

And, yeah, I haven't quite finished up the doc yet. Sorry about that. I need to dedicate a day where I sort all the information out. That might be today, tomorrow, or over the weekend sometime. But it should be done by then.

As for the whole initiative thing, my first idea for magic was to give a bonus to DC for the first turn, depending on the spell. Not sure if I want to do that yet though.

You know what, I think I'll just open the doc today, when it's cleaned up. It'll have the most important parts, the religions and races and mechanics for magic. Stay tuned for that.
>> No. 423536
File 136986170711.jpg - (157.27KB , 950x1525 , image.jpg )
Name: Banmar
Player: Name1op
Class: fighter
Race: human
Alignment: neutral
Religion/Deity/Cult: the WORM
Languages: common

(Str) 16
(Dex) 14
(Con) 14
(Int) 10
(Wis) 14
(Cha) 10

HP: 12
AC: 10+(5)+(2)
(Touch) 12
(Flat-Footed) 13

Speed: (Base)/(With Armour)
Saving Throws:
(Fort) 4

Jump 4
Climb 4
Swim 4
Improved unarmed strike
Improved grapple
Earths embrace


(Weapons) spiked heavy wood shield heavy wood shield
(Armour) spiked studded leather armour
(Misc) waterskim
(Money)25 gp
Carry Capacity: 55)/(78)/(153)/(230)

Bio: Grew up brawling for a living. Killing and stealing to further his goals.

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>> No. 423544
File 136986464843.jpg - (78.24KB , 423x602 , rarity_as_sune__s_paladin_by_amaruana-d35drwg.jpg )
Don't want to point out the obvious there man but uh you really really don't want to make an evil character here.

There's a Paladin in the party. First person who joined, or even suggested having a campaign period, you can hardly tell him to make something else for your sake.

Not only will the entire party know you're evil from the get go, and in turn be suspicious of your every move, but when and if you actually decide to play out that evil alignment you can expect you're going to be thrown off a cliff.

Don't get me wrong, it -can- be done, but it'd probably be more convenient to just avoid it.

Will be sure to take a look once it's up~
>> No. 423548
File 136986487632.jpg - (157.77KB , 600x952 , image.jpg )
Alright then. I'll just be true neutral with chaotic and evil tendencies.

I mostly wanted it for the party dynamic anyways.

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>> No. 423564
File 136986947275.jpg - (247.72KB , 600x465 , stalker__s_by_andr0n.jpg )
It is done. The doc is open, but it doesn't have info on islands or factions or things like that yet. It does have the change to magic and the religions (and their boons).

I highly recommend you guys take up a religion, as the benefits are plentiful.


Interesting, two shields. Though I believe...

Yep, shield bonuses don't stack. From the players handbook, pg 122: "Similarly, the shield bonus from a shield doesn't stack with other effects that grant a shield bonus, such as the shield spell."

Though I would grant you a cover bonus when using both shields.
>> No. 423571
Flakkis is an atheist for a reason. He doesn't want religious beliefs getting in the way of serving justice.
>> No. 423572
File 136987153091.jpg - (44.18KB , 354x592 , image.jpg )
Sorry about the shield thing. I didn't know.
As for magic, Ithink I'll pick cleric. With mending and cure minor wounds.
>> No. 423573
File 136987172359.jpg - (81.01KB , 575x800 , image.jpg )
Well, the worm god seems to be my kind of guy.
>> No. 423578
File 136987274692.jpg - (102.87KB , 694x711 , they_told_me____by_chrisboe4ever-d3d0dgn.jpg )
Neat. Going to give it some glances over while I debate potential character designs.

I will admit I am tempted to try something that -works- in 3.5 that isn't present in Pathfinder or other systems.

Maybe a sword-sage or an incarnate. Totemist, Crusader, and Factotum would be neat too.... but... we have people taking similar classes to those already.

Maybe even advance as a monster as per the savage species Monster-Class rules? Never was able to give that a shot back in the day. But we'll see. I tend to be very much a 'Concept first, figure out how to fit it into the system second' sort of guy. So whatever fluff I come up with might result in me having something completely different.

How do non-standard races, and creatures fit into this setting anyway? Does the high-magic result in people seeing weird-things as less unusual? Or even assume that they're just looking at some magically altered human? Can't help but get visions of FF9 at times with all the mist and airships.
>> No. 423581
File 136987393191.jpg - (99.37KB , 437x583 , Equiped_stalker_by_Resonance_crea.jpg )

Well, there are three gods dedicated to justice, one of each alignment, if you like. But it's your choice. Can't promise gods won't harass you though! Once you become powerful, that is.


Are you still gonna stick with two shields, then?


Ah, the Worm Mass. I have much planned for him and his kind.


If they see it and it's humanoid, they probably won't be extremely surprised/startled, maybe curious. They'll just assume you came from a far off ether, or the mists if very unusual. Pass it by me for approval first though, of course.

Also, FF9 is best FF.
>> No. 423591
File 136987595802.jpg - (53.57KB , 500x560 , tumblr_lhit4mvkgE1qgb1o5o1_500.jpg )
Oh indeed it is. I'll admit FF6 will always be my favorite for nostalgia reasons but FF9 is a close second. I ran a campaign in the setting for around 2-3 years once. Was one of my best.

Will say that, if I do go the monster class route, I sadly shall not be a tree. A Treant would function similar to a warrior in most respects and we already have -two- of those. More likely something Gishy, or more utility based. Not sure if I'll fluff it as the actual monster, or some sort of magically mutated or cursed human (which is perfectly suiting for a setting like this) but we'll see.
>> No. 423594
File 136987704375.jpg - (152.17KB , 640x789 , image.jpg )
Yup still two, one's for back up.
>> No. 423600
Well, the point is that his duties as a paladin and his duties as a servant of a god could infinge on eachother.
>> No. 423603
File 136988198680.jpg - (103.82KB , 300x416 , Poster100.jpg )

Alright, if you insist!

Also, you have to choose two spells for your natural magic proficiency.
>> No. 423612
Wait, paladins get 0 spells at first level.
>> No. 423622
File 136988737570.jpg - (203.63KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
I believe he means the spells granted to every humanoid in this setting.
>> No. 423625
File 136988757948.jpg - (2.01MB , 1932x2928 , employment-propaganda-poster.jpg )

While most of the doc, as of now, describes the various religions, some of it goes over the mechanics of magic and piety rewards. While piety doesn't mean anything to your character, you still have the magical efficacy of all humanoids, meaning you get two cantrips or orisons, plus prestidigitation for free, since you start with no spells at all.

Last edited at Wed, May 29th, 2013 21:20

>> No. 423633
Aright, so two LV0s, and what do you mean by presdigitation for free?
>> No. 423638
File 136989133782.jpg - (447.42KB , 1049x842 , image.jpg )
The 0 level wizard spell.
>> No. 423640
Oh, OK.
>> No. 423641
File 136989219831.jpg - (210.08KB , 1022x874 , image.jpg )
Hey Fiddle, I've got an idea.
You could play a bard and throw us a surprise party. Try to hold back on the crows though.
>> No. 423642
I don't know what happened to my picture though...
>> No. 423643
File 136989495443.jpg - (142.64KB , 849x1201 , image.jpg )
Huh, looking back on the homebrew races I think it's fair that some of them have an L.A. Of plus one or two due to how powerful they seem to be.
>> No. 423644
File 136989719589.gif - (655.42KB , 365x499 , 136847071367.gif )
Heh actually Bard has already been taken care of see from the original thread: >>422801 Rocktavia is going to be one. Just hasn't posted yet. Aware you're joking though <3~

I actually went with the name fiddlesticks because I'm a clumsy oaf and would have plenty of reason to say it in a world where you can't curse. Not a pinch of musical talent in me. Been meaning to change it for that reason. SilverMirror? Glimmer? Will think of something suitably ponyish.

My actual ideas I'm brain storming right now are as follows:

A farm girl. Essentially an over eager, rather impulsive young thing, that really had nothing to look forward to. Was pretty much massively incompetent until some sort of power awakened inside her. Uneducated, often talks in nonsensical metaphors that make no sense, Probably a human or Halfling. Ranged-Incarnate (Dissolving spittle+Soulspark familiar, with plenty of options for skill mongering later on) or Dex-based-Swordsage (Shadow-Hand and Desert wind sort of things) being my first choice of classes, fluffing both as more... random arcane power rather then the more traditional fluff for either class. Who says Sorcerer has to be the only way to represent becoming a mutant? The most down to earth of all the designs given her humble origins, though by no means level headed period.

A baby adolescent Wyrmling Young adult Frost drake. A 2ft-3ft tall adorable little draconic thing with wingaling arms and a love for hats and -books-. Started her life off as essentially class pet until the damn thing started talking, and eventually -reading- with gutso. Considers herself an -intellectual- (Though she does have a childish streak) and has even managed to get some actual diplomas in scholarly fields! Though unable to properly learn magic due to her odd hands... though she's getting -somewhere- in that department. Class of choice? Dragonfire adept! Very easy to fluff the abilities they get as stuff she's getting from what she -is-, along with a lot of abilities to boost tons of knowledge skills. Dragonfire adepts for those unaware being sort of... Mass-Debuffers and occasional skill monkeys primarily. With at will breath weapons that deal some minor damage often with a solid debuff attached. Will require some house-ruling for the race though.

Lastly:The Ogre Mage/Oni design using savage species Monster-Class progression for just that. This would be sort of 'Overlord Laharl' sort of design, with the character often boasting on how awesome and ruthless she is, and bwahahahaing etc... but it mostly being for comedic relief as the character isn't really THAT terrible under their over-dramatic persona, and is actually a neutral, borderline good, character. The character -used- to be more powerful but was de-powered and reduced to this 'weakened' state by her ARCH-RIVAL and has vowed revenge on them and all that. Ogre mages in practice sort of function like a Gish class. A little magic and utility, a nice big strong attack, but not -quite- as much hit points as a focused warrior in the long run, but have enough tricks up their sleeves to get out of the frying pan when required. Skirmishers you could say. May just refluff a ECL:0 race into this and take a Gish class (Warmage? Duskblade?) to represent her regaining her strength, or even taking one of the outsider Monster-Classes to represent it instead.

Will admit I'm trying to stick to classes that are around Tier:4-3ish to make things easier balance wise.

Last edited at Thu, May 30th, 2013 00:57

>> No. 423694
Yeah, we've already got two tier 5's so going to much higher or lower could throw off the balance.
>> No. 423745
File 136997198002.jpg - (826.19KB , 2232x1688 , image.jpg )
So, how many people are we going to need until we start playing?
>> No. 423762
File 137002323627.jpg - (332.43KB , 600x680 , Stalker_by_Keta_Minou.jpg )

All good ideas. For some reason I'm partial to the idea of a frost drake in the party. Many interesting things could happen, I think.


I've always liked four as the optimal party size. Five is good too. Six is pushing it a little, but manageable. I don't know if I can accommodate seven or more in a live game.

How many would you guys like to wait for?
>> No. 423764
File 137002533900.jpg - (96.14KB , 460x960 , image.jpg )
I'm good with three or four c:
>> No. 423821
Yeah, same. Five would be nice, but I'm good with four.
>> No. 423914
File 137006340373.jpg - (77.03KB , 400x590 , image.jpg )
So, are we going to start off knowing each other and having a starting party, or shall we be needing to do introductions the old fashioned way?
>> No. 423943
Erm, I'm down with whatever.

> dat pic
>> No. 423948
File 137010730281.jpg - (148.24KB , 400x640 , image.jpg )
Y'know, I've been thinking. Why don't we ban out tier one and two classes for the sake of balance? Manet even tier three. Or we could do away with vancian casting altogether. I don't really know how we'd this, but I've had to many games ruined by a 'superman' wizard or cleric. What's the point of playing something else when they can literally do everything.

I don't really know but I don't want this party to be overshadowed be some silly tier one.
>> No. 423949
Ehn.... I'd say this would be unnecessary and honestly unfitting for the setting which -is- high magic.

I'd agree with banning Tier-1's from the party if need be (Though not banning them from the -setting-. There should be wizards around in a world like this) but banning the rest is a bit much and we'd... probably better off using a different system all together (And a different setting for that matter) if we wanted an enforced low-magic warrior centric game. Personally I'm liking the sound of the sky-based, airshiped filled world we're getting into, so I'd rather stick with what we're running with.

Tier-2's and 3's won't really start outshining others until lvl 8+ and Sev has already said he'll give the weaker characters small boons if and when it starts to become a problem. This is a play by post game on top of that so it'll probably be a while before we even attain those levels.

Haha, like the wyvern huh? Admittedly I'm holding back on my actual choice until we get all our players. That way I can go with the build that best suits the parties balance.
>> No. 423951
File 137011221887.jpg - (134.54KB , 567x481 , image.jpg )
Yeah, I see what you mean. I just had bad experiences in where I joined a game as a rogue and immediately got shunted away from any fun by th wizard and Druid that where in the party. I eventually just left after they kept ignoring my opinions.
>> No. 423970
File 137013234152.jpg - (551.49KB , 600x851 , dolg1_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

Something I should've added to the doc...

Anyways, you guys will be initiates to the Guild of Man, all assigned to the same cell. Any and all kinds join the Guild for many different reasons, so I'm sure you can think of a reason for your characters. Wealth, of course, power, influence, knowledge, all can be attained through a high enough rank in the Guild.


I'm actually not familiar with the tier system you're using... is it this: ?

If so, there may be a solution already in place.

There are three kinds of casters in this world. Touched, Embraced, and Taken. Touched are the usually nonmagical classes. They have access to a few spells, and maybe some granted by their gods, but that's it. Embraced are lower and mid level high magic classes, and mid to high level semi-magic classes. They have access to a variety of spells, but aren't too powerful. They may suffer some ailments from time to time, or may be crippled.

Then there's the taken. Very powerful magic users, usually NPC only. Severely crippled and unstable, they're usually a danger to society and themselves. Think possessed psyker. Thought it'd be a nice surprise for the casters.

But I have other ways to cripple overly powerful casters that I'll employ if necessary.
>> No. 423972
File 137013443336.jpg - (195.08KB , 600x1200 , image.jpg )
Alright, sounds good to me.
>> No. 423982
File 137014492350.jpg - (206.57KB , 1029x776 , seven_pony_sins_by_grimwolf01-d4bycqt.jpg )
Yes that is the tier list, and yeah that is one way to fluff it~. Though I will say I prefer boosting weaker classes rather then nerfing stronger ones.

I will say you probably should avoid applying any nerfs at lower levels though, or having a set-in-stone default rule for how it works. Eyeball it, see how we're doing, throw out boosts, and nerfs where required. Allow a little retooling of builds if it mucks things up in anyway. Nice and clean that way.

The game is actually fairly well balanced at levels 6 and bellow, the tiers not really making themselves known until 8ish, and not strongly so until you get past 10. Which is a -while- off.

On thing I was going to ask is if you're allowing Flaws and traits as presented here:

If you do? I will say you probably should only allow ones where the disadvantage is an -actual- disadvantage to the character. A Penalty to ranged attacks for a character who is always in melee isn't really much of a flaw; just as a trait that boosts one of their signature skills, but lowers a useless one attached to a dump-stats is not the way to go for obvious reasons.
>> No. 424003
File 137015498297.jpg - (356.26KB , 1200x800 , __STALKER___by_Ice_Dark (1).jpg )

I forgot about those variants. I'm gonna say no to flaws but yes to traits.
>> No. 424004
File 137015533483.jpg - (208.75KB , 900x900 , image.jpg )
Then I'd like to take the abrasive trait c;
>> No. 424005
File 137015576183.jpg - (258.46KB , 1356x801 , OK1ju.jpg )

Sure, as long as you play it out!
>> No. 424008
File 137015607331.jpg - (305.89KB , 1282x942 , image.jpg )
I can do that. I can be very offensive when I want to. (I think)
>> No. 424025
File 137015780046.jpg - (248.85KB , 652x675 , image.jpg )
Oh! Can I get a synopsis on the book of the worm? Like a table of contents and some things I can quote?
>> No. 424042
Admittedly I'm still quite wary about all that.

The 'border line chaotic evil' bit that is not the trait.

I know, I know, you might do it well, I've seen it done well. I've... just seen what happens when it isn't. I don't play D&D for PvP. It sets off warning signs for me no matter how good the player is.

Abrasive is fine <3 if it's written well. I've seen tons of players try to role play out 'Mean' characters and only make themselves look like massive dolts instead haha. You need to have a certain level of tact, timing, and wit to make it amusing~

Alrighty~ Might grab one or two depending on the build I go with.
>> No. 424044
File 137019014127.jpg - (579.65KB , 1864x3263 , image.jpg )
I made it so my character would not me completely stupid, he knows he's with a paladin and knows bad things can happen when said paladin gets into the smiting mood.
He's also got 14 wisdom so he knows his way around the block. I'm more taking abrasive as in that he's completely inept at talking to people without being blunt.
>> No. 424086
File 137023141000.jpg - (19.13KB , 391x265 , blackworms1.jpg )

The book of the worm is one of the more diverse religious texts. Since the religion was founded on many different islands across Mjoln, all with the same god, its text is suitably diverse. It's pretty much an amalgamation of all the major texts, all combined with religious tenets and laws mixed in.

The followers of the Mass are encouraged to find what section appeals to them the most and memorize it or, if extremely pious, memorize several sections or even the whole thing. That's quite a difficult task, though, as the text is over 120 thousand words. They're also obligated to study the three large sections added by the creator of the book.

The four major tenets of the big sections are as follows:
1. Respect Death. Allow yourself to let go of loved ones without sorrow, for the Mass has chosen them, and the Mass is wise. Do not fear death. Do not feel disgusted when confronted by death. (The most prevalent tenet.)
2. Forgive heretics. The Mass is the most powerful, but do not scorn those who follow lesser gods. (Many followers ignore this one, especially regarding followers of Atlus or, to a lesser extent, the Eternal Faith.)
3. Smite the powerful. Deliver unto the Mass those with great power, be it through abhorrent magics, wealth, or influence, for the Mass despises those who think they are above death. Only accept power in the name of the Mass. (The reason the religion is feared. Many powerful creatures have been killed by swarms of Mass followers.)
4. Love the Mass. Show your love for the Mass by sacrificing items and creatures in Its name. (Debated by the most pious, for the Mass doesn't desire your love, or even care about you individually. Most guess this was thrown in by the author to keep followers zealous. As such, only those who haven't studied the book more thoroughly follow this tenet fervently. In any case, the sacrifice in question varies greatly, from the archaic animal sacrifice to the more mainstream fasting, or even monetary donations to religious leaders.)

The other sections can be anything from a collection of poems by duri elders, to solemn praises spoken by dwarves, to stories of greatness by humans.

Some of the things you might hear a follower say are: The Mass sees you (Greeting), It speaks with a thousand tongues (Said to discourage lying), My body, for the Worm (Prayer), Send me to the Mass! (Taunt)

Pretty much anything in the format 'The Mass is X' will work. The Mass is great, the Mass is beautiful, The Mass is wise, etc.

What else, what else... Um, the three big sections of the book are called Responsibilities, Praises, and The Other. A small section would be phrased like this:

"O, the Mass sees you within the confines of the Realm. For you are a part of the Mass. With the Mass, you step and go... To the Mass, you must Send!

You are inferior, and all you see is less than It. For you are a lesser part. Dance and sing with Death... To the Mass, you must Send!"

Something like that.

Anything more specific you were looking for?
>> No. 424097
File 137023778008.jpg - (198.91KB , 850x720 , image.jpg )
Naw, That's awesome thanks!
>> No. 424342
File 137047867068.jpg - (70.41KB , 600x450 , stalker_cs_wp_1600_1200_by_steamw.jpg )
Hm, how long would you guys like to wait for another player? I'd like to have four, but I don't want you guys to lose interest in playing.
>> No. 424349
I'm still here. If I can get Tavs to sign up, would that bring us to four?

Also, I'd prefer now, after thinking for a bit, to have our characters meet for the first time in thread.
>> No. 424371
File 137048493811.jpg - (846.84KB , 802x1200 , I_ran_out_of_STALKER_phrases_by_flyingdebris.jpg )

That would bring us up to four, yes.

And you guys are gonna start off as strangers. Newly initiated guildmates, but strangers still.
>> No. 424379
I guess I need to read the doc now.....
>> No. 424381
Damn, now I want to make a new character.
These races look badass.
>> No. 424384
File 137048921871.jpg - (381.96KB , 1365x1024 , good_hunting_stalker_by_ogurki-d3hfx3e.jpg )

That's not even all of them. Those are just the notable/ more prevalent races. I didn't bother to include many of the smaller races, just cus it'd inflate the doc.
>> No. 424396
File 137049470729.jpg - (309.11KB , 589x1608 , image.jpg )
I myself like look of the races, but I'll be staying with human for now.

I'm also down for starting at anytime.
>> No. 424692
File 137083118806.jpg - (108.80KB , 1000x1172 , Stalker_by_Radomski.jpg )



Have you asked Octavia? Is she still interested in playing?
>> No. 424697
Rocktavie, he, and maybe. Haven't really gotten a hold of him for a while. I'll try and get him in. No promises, tho.
>> No. 424768
File 137085048956.jpg - (750.05KB , 1600x1200 , stalker_fa_584_src.jpg )

Alright, I'm just waiting on that and one other thing before we get started.
>> No. 425305
File 137141427906.jpg - (356.26KB , 1200x800 , __STALKER___by_Ice_Dark (1).jpg )
Welp, I think it's about time to get this thing started! Through my magical powers of bullshittery, I can get any latecomers in pretty easily. Also, the picture I commissioned will still be a while, but isn't necessary.

Fiddle, go ahead and make your character. Gentlewin, I still need you to choose your spells. 1op, stay beautiful.
>> No. 425309
Ah, yes. I need to do that.
>> No. 425310
Cure minor wounds, and Disrupt undead.

Lemme repost the whole sheet.

Name: Flakkis Tervarian
Player: Gentletwin
Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion/Deity/Cult: None
Languages: Common

(Str)16 +3
(Dex)10 +0
(Con)14 +2
(Int)10 +0
(Wis)14 +2
(Cha)14 +2

AC: 10+(4)+(2)+(0)

Speed: (30ft)/(20ft)

Saving Throws:

Diplomacy 3
Sense Motive 3
Ride 1
Heal 1

Advanced Initiative

Smite Evil 1/day
Aura of Good
Detect Evil

Cure Minor Wounds
Disrupt Undead

Warhammer 1d8 crit x3 5lb Bludgeoning
Light Crossbow 1d8 crit 19-20/x2 80ft range 4lb Piercing
10 bolts 1lb
Alchemists fire 1 1d6

Scalemail AC 4 MDB 3 ACP -4 speed 20ft 30lb
Heavy Steel Sheild AC 2 ACP -2 15lb

Sunrod 3 3lb
Backpack 2lb
Rations 6 days 6lb
Waterskin 2 8lb

(Money) (25gp)
Carry Capacity: (Current)74/(Light)76/(Medium)77-153/(Heavy)154-230

Question: What's my spells per day?
>> No. 425311
File 137142008782.jpg - (213.20KB , 1024x1530 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_xrust.jpg )

Treat the cantrips as 1/day spell-like abilities. That means these spells require no components, aren't hindered by armour, but otherwise act as regular spells. That goes for your prestidigitation as well, though that one is an at-will ability.
>> No. 425315
Aright, cool. What's presdigitation do?
>> No. 425316
File 137142510700.jpg - (48.32KB , 750x936 , 661e3b12b28bb701a163df7d29565df4-d38ct8w.jpg )

Also: Characters typically use prestidigitation spells to impress common folk, amuse children, and brighten dreary lives. Common tricks with prestidigitations include producing tinklings of ethereal music, brightening faded flowers, creating glowing balls that float over your hand, generating puffs of wind to flicker candles, spicing up aromas and flavors of bland
food, and making little whirlwinds to sweep dust under rugs.

This pretty much means anyone can cast some sort of spell, even the lowliest of beggars can colour fruit magically, or zap someone with a bit of static. Note that the effects aren't limited to those described. You can do many things with this spell.
>> No. 425319
Wooooooow...... I just thought of twenty different ways to use this spell.
Can it light things on fire? Or at least give the semblance of doing so?
>> No. 425323
File 137143877810.jpg - (80.48KB , 640x400 , 640x400_5335_Ambush_2d_fan_art_stalker_sci_fi_soldiers_picture_image_digital_art.jpg )

I'll say that, at least in the bounds of this setting, prestigitation can sustain small flames, like the size created by a lighter, or a larger burst of flame that can set things alight, but otherwise has no damaging effects.
>> No. 425372
Hee hee hee....... If only I were evil.........
>> No. 425429
File 137153171116.jpg - (146.60KB , 964x1000 , image.jpg )
I hear blackguards are fun.
>> No. 425449
Isn't that the stupid class for people who want to play paladins, but don't want any responsibility?
>> No. 425788
We should get this show on the road as soon as we can. I'll pester Tavs when I can get a hold of him next time. For now, we can start, right?
>> No. 425790
File 137187390065.jpg - (137.42KB , 900x900 , FanArt___STALKER_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

Well, we have a bit of a problem. Fiddle hasn't made his character, and hasn't posted in a while. Dunno where he is, and we can't start with just two of you guys.
>> No. 425932
File 137189808912.png - (317.48KB , 1280x720 , WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT.png )
Wait! I'd like to join this! Most likely at any rate. I'd certainly prefer Pathfinder as the base, but I'm willing to bow to whatever system the DM/GM uses. Also, the whole tier system is just plain silly. I've 15 ways from Sunday to outshine most Wizards as a Fighter, and Pathfinder actually makes it easier. It's items and player skill, not the class, that pulls it off though. You need to be a clever player, and going one physical class the whole game is kinda dumb Fighter/Rogue has been broken since 2nd edition, and cannot be balanced in any system. Paladin or Monk are the only two I'd do that for, and Monk, I'd still try to work in Uncanny Dodge somehow.

At any rate I'm not here to start a debate on how powerful any class is, I'm here to say I wanna join too, if that's okay with y'all ^_^

I, as a player, have a tendency to break systems, so I've learned not to care about combat, and more about the RP, and have a high tendency toward LG, as that seems to be my real-life alignment, using order to accomplish good and all.

I'm still speculating on what I would play, having a high preference for draconic or construct races when available, as I've played the normal stuff more times than I care to count, but at the same time, I watched The Gamers: Dorkness Rising recently, and am inclined to play an "action hero" bard because of it. However, if this Rocktavia person joins as a bard, I'd play something different. Being a construct or dragon would also make it somewhat more difficult to be an action hero...

Still, give me a couple of days to mull things over, and I'll most likely be able to join! If it's okay with you fillies.
>> No. 425980
File 137193562847.jpg - (140.08KB , 894x894 , Fanart___STALKER___airsoft_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

Excellent, a new player! You're more than welcome to join us. If you'd like to look over the document, there are some homebrew races, including a living construct type, unless you wanted to go full construct.
>> No. 425984
File 137193678885.gif - (60.74KB , 283x306 , Flutteread.gif )

Oooohhhh, living Construct? Even better. I intended to look over it anyway, but that sure catches my attention.
>> No. 425993
File 137194308447.png - (128.92KB , 500x304 , It's dangerous to go alone.png )

Having read most of the document, up to lore about the Gods (still reading that) I gotta say Diana which means "divine" for those who don't know seems more Chaotic Good given her personality. While not directly promoting Chaos over Order or Neutrality, it still seems her personal tendency to promote the Chaotic Good action over even the Neutral Good one. Even the reasoning for the Senate seems a Chaotic act, desiring no power for herself, but recognizing that the people were not ready for a lack of government, instead suggesting a way to separate power, and in turn order, among several different individuals.

Mostly just curious on the reasoning for her being Neutral Good over Chaotic Good, as the description given there seems to suggest that she's inclined toward Chaotic acts.

Also! The Meite: Firstly, how were you pronouncing that name? Second, is the inert state required to happen for them to function properly? Warforged are the only other Living Construct I am familiar with, and they only required it to regain spells, and were otherwise unaffected by a lack of "rest." They were, however, designed as weapons of war, not utilitarian, intelligent constructs from the first. If I go with this race, this knowledge might affect my class, not sure just yet.


I've noticed a debate about your character taking a religion, and of course will respect your decision as it is your character, but I think you should take a second glance at The Eternal Faith, it actually seems somewhat up your alley, with a lack of an actual God, rather being a conglomerate of individuals who have furthered all. Still, while not exactly a religion which focuses on Law and Justice, there would have to be others in such a broad faith that would have a similar mentality. It could also create a rather more notable divide between you and the fighter, leading to more RP, something I'm all for ^_^

Last edited at Sat, Jun 22nd, 2013 16:31

>> No. 425997
You make a good point. And I do love angst........
Sure, why not.
>> No. 426012
File 137194830792.png - (2.64MB , 1920x1200 , s_t_a_l_k_e_r____pinkie_pie_by_karzahnii-d4qv2md.png )

You know what? You're right. She does seem more oriented towards chaos. These gods didn't have alignments up until I made the doc, so I guess I kinda defaulted on that one. I'll change it accordingly.

Meite is pronounced Me-Ite, not mate or meat or anything like that. And the rest is required, the Meites are more lifelike than the warforged, requiring rest and benefiting from healing spells. They also have a sort of blood, and their brains, while wholly magical, are very similar to a biological brain.

And the Eternal is a good choice, as the Worm Mass and the Eternal are at odds much of the time, being to of the more powerful religions. That would cause conflict between Gentlwin's and 1op's characters, delicious conflict.
>> No. 426015
File 137194878546.gif - (774.62KB , 438x264 , Awesome.gif )

Alright, idea forming... Are Meites able to be created with an overriding purpose, then? Something akin to a human's Nature vs. Nurture?

Also, have you given thought to the idea of our world's meaning for Diana carrying over to this one? If so, perhaps her followers have a tendency to believe that a name holds as much power as magic itself, and name their children, and perhaps even Meites, accordingly?

Last edited at Sat, Jun 22nd, 2013 17:56

>> No. 426017
File 137195048123.jpg - (1.21MB , 1600x1200 , d39ad.jpg )

Sure, I don't see why not, they can be created with a purpose in mind.

The meaning can carry over, it might as well. And I can see her worshipers naming children and such after her.
>> No. 426032
File 137195990659.png - (1.00MB , 1200x1200 , Medicshy.png )

Alright, been mulling that over, and I think I know what I want to do, in general:

My character, a Meite, was created by a follower of Diana, with the intent of creating a healer. Upon creation, this individual continued teaching the tenets of The Holy One's faith to this Meite, teaching it to follow this above all. In fact, this Creator instilled in the Meite not only a nurture to follow the will of Diana over all, but also instilled a desire in the very nature of the Meite to follow the will of Diana above all, even it's creator.

The classes I've been thinking for this are:

Beguiler: Using magic and skill, the Meite deceives others into thinking more of Diana than other faiths. How long the deceit might last is questionable, but keeping people in the faith is job of a priest, not some lowly Meite.
Bard: More a preacher than anything else, the Meite leads others to the ways of its Divine goddess through inspiration and strong words of encouragement.
Cleric: The Meite is concerned with spreading it's faith via leading by example. A Priest despite it's inherent abilities saying otherwise, it has become somewhat defiant toward all those who are not followers of The Divine.
Healer: Quiet and reserved, the Meite is more concerned with simply doing the will of its goddess than converting or leading by example. Healing, both physically and mentally, is above all.
Paladin of Freedom: The Meite is using its inherent strength and fortitude to protect the weak, and its magic to heal the wounded. It desires to have a chance to pull the revolution that Diana did, so that it too might bring even greater concern for healing into this world.
Ranger: The character's ability to heal, at least early-on, would be entirely skill-based. With a greater knowledge of healing herbs and possibly even field surgery than people expect, it can ensure the recipient a speedy, if non-magical, recovery.
Rogue: With a focus on skill at healing and deceit, the Meite carefully plots to sow seeds of dissent in the other faiths, with the intent of bringing them all to their knees, and in turn the feet of Her Holiness. It has an uncanny knowledge of mundane healing, and a knack for magic items that normally is restricted to those who are actually of divine calling, and will not allow its lack of divine magic to hold it back from bringing The Divine to the front.
Spellthief: Stealing with the intent to make others feel weaker and more vulnerable than they truly are, the Meite is attempting to force even the most powerful to seek the blessings of Diana, asking for healing of body and magic, when all they really needed was a healing of soul... one that comes with time and faith.

I would, of course, be using feats to supplement these ideas, such as Skill Focus on the Ranger or Rogue ideas, but which class I finally go for is up in the air at the moment. Still trying to figure out which one would simultaneously make the most sense and be the most fun to play out.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 22nd, 2013 22:50

>> No. 426186
File 137203806227.png - (115.51KB , 400x500 , female_stalker_by_johanz-d31s123.png )

A healer rogue? That's wonderfully absurd. Do note that, beyond the first two free spells you get, gods have been known to grant others to faithful followers of all classes. Not as much as a cleric gets, but spells still.
>> No. 426236
File 137206295093.jpg - (36.95KB , 600x377 , Trust me I'm a doctor.jpg )

Skills my friend. Ranks and Skill Focus go a long way.

As for the spells, I kind of assumed as much, this being a high-magic setting. It would certainly be entertaining to play out, but which one exactly I'm still trying to figure out... Beguiler, Rogue, and Spell Thief would all be fairly similar in how they played out.

Also, I don't intend to forget the subservient nature the cleric one might refuse an order simply because you don't follow Diana, but that's the only one who would do such a thing, in fact, I'd be using it to my advantage with those 3 classes. Have you ever heard of the original Invisible Man story? It wasn't chemicals or magic or anything like that, it was a black man during a racist time period. Since he was black, everyone over looked him, and he was able to commit some fairly high-profile crimes without getting caught, because everyone simply assumed he was a janitor or some-such, and he walked around like he belonged there and knew what he was doing.

I plan on using a similar concept with those three classes, if I choose to use one: Since I'm a Meite, everyone would simply assume that, since I act like I belong there, I'm following someone's orders. Slip by with a Bluff and perhaps a Disguise, but otherwise, so long as I act like I belong, they'll assume that I do.
>> No. 426237
File 137206496692.png - (177.35KB , 830x900 , Flutterboss.png )

Actually, now that I think about it, Spell Thief would likely be a class that no one would be very appreciative of, and would get locked down fast, and Beguiler really isn't that great of a monoclass, it needs a Sneak Attack based class to fall back on if things gets serious, such as Spell Thief. Soooo... yeah, probably best if I just go Rogue.


This would also be a good reason for your character to not be even slightly interested in the faith of the gods of Law. You already have a religion, and don't want to hear what they have to say.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 02:12

>> No. 426241
What if Flakkis is a horrible racist? It could make sense, considering not only the backstory I'm making, but also the fact that he comes from a human town, with pretty much no other races.
>> No. 426280
File 137211748462.png - (193.02KB , 1024x579 , STARE.png )

Then there's even more controversy! Besides, your faith is technically all about humans.
>> No. 426281
So much angst will be had this day. SO MUCH
>> No. 426288
File 137213861790.png - (11.94KB , 200x200 , Glorious Mecha Master Race dirtymagicpeasent.png )
Name: Zdravko Valentine
Player: Fence
Class: Rogue 1
Race: Meite
Alignment: CG
Religion/Deity/Cult: Diana the Holy
Languages: Common, Celestial


HP: 5
AC: 18=10+2(Arm)+4(Dex)+2(Nat)

Initiative: +4
Speed: 40'

Saving Throws:

Bluff: +4
Diplomacy: +5
Disable Device: +6
Disguise: +4
Heal: +5(+7)
Knowledge (Nature): +4
Open Lock: +8
Search: +6
Sense Motive: +5
Use Magic Device: +4

Self-Sufficient(+2 Heal & Survival)

Low-Light Vision
Magic Heart
Unsleeping Watcher
Immunity to Disease & Poison
Healed, but not repaired by Positive Energy
Sneak Attack +1d6

Polite(+1 Diplomacy, -2 Intimidate)
Quick(-1 HP/Level, +10 Speed)

Prestidigitation(At will)
Detect Poison(1/day)
Create Water(1/day)

Spear: +0(+4), 1d8, 20/*3, Range: 20', 1, 6 lbs, Brace
Dagger: +0(+4), 1d4, 19-20/*2. Range: 10', 2, 1 lb each
Sap: +4, 1d6+4, 20/*2, NON-lethal, 1, 2 lbs
Sling: +3, 1d3, 20/*2, Range: 50', (Sling 0 lbs, ammunition: rocks)

Leather:+2 AC, +6 Max Dex, 15 lbs

Healer's Kit(+2 on Heal checks, 10 uses, 1 lb)
Thieves' Tools(No penalty on D.D. or O.L., 1 lb)
Backpack(2 lbs)
Belt Pouch(3, 1/2 lb each)

(Money)(23+25 gp)
Carry Capacity: (Current)30.5 lbs/(Light)33 lbs/(Medium)66 lbs/(Heavy) 100 lbs

Bio: Zdravko was created by citizends of Caroa, the birthplace and holy land of Diana the Holy, Matron of Healing. Created with the intent of making a healer who used knowledge first and magic second, its creators taught Zdravko all they could fit into its head. Zdravko had some difficulty picking up certain skills, and seemed to have some that were unintentional, but all of the Meite's skills were focused to one purpose: Spreading the faith of Diana -the Divine. Though still a Meite, one instruction has been laid down in its mind above all others -serve Her Holiness first, all others second, even your creators.
>> No. 426417
Aright, here's Mister Tervarian's backstory:

He grew up in.... Well, an odd village, to say the least. It was a sort of fenced off community of almost all humans, except for a few families that were harassed to no end. Yet one day, when he was still young, a dark and mysterious stranger, eminateing and pulsing with dark magic, came to town. He was an elf, and was told he was unwelcome here. He then proceeded to destroy the village, the only survivor being Flakkis, as he was trapped under a rock that had fallen, and was unable to run through the smoky haze and be killed by the man. After a few hours. a group of priests of The Eternal Faith found him, and took him to the cloister nearby. It was also mostly human, though the nonhumans were not harassed. Flakkis learned the ways of the priest, but cared not for the training of magic. In fact, he refused to learn. And his mind was always focused on that man, and finding and killing him. But, no where was safe where Flakkis went, and so, the man came again. Flakkis saw the Cloister destroyed, his mentor killed, and the man getting away scott free. He hurried to what was left of the armoury, and grabbed himself whatever he could find that seemed useful, though stopped upon seeing the weapons shelf. Mace, or hammer. Murder, or justice. He picked up the hammer, sliding it into his belt for the first time. He left the cloister, and tracked the stranger to the nearby woods. They battled, but magic was no substitute for cold hard steel this day. As Flakkis stood over him, hammer raised for a killing blow, he stopped. He slammed a foot into his face, and took him to the nearest house of law, where he stood trial, and was found guilty. Flakkis executed him quickly, crushing his skull with a hammer strike.
After that, he walked the islands, bringing justice where the need arose. The racism of his early childhood, however, stayed on. Eventually, he joined the guild. And that is where our story begins..........
>> No. 426418
Steryotipical, I know, but it works.
>> No. 426442

Well, you did make one twist to the stereotype: You already got the bucker.
>> No. 426443
So true.
I actually wanted to make an evil cleric, and then connect them. The "Mace or hammer" thing was the turning point. Mace is murder. Hammer is justice.
The other version of him took the mace, and split the guy's skull open, taking his name, Nero.
>> No. 426474
File 137219328090.jpg - (127.84KB , 628x346 , Let go of your hate.jpg )

I wouldn't... that one gets old fast. Unless... I dunno, maybe he's your opposite in other ways? Follows Lord Gandor, god of Punishment, isn't racist, perhaps still consumed by the desire for revenge, but Lord Gandor in some respect reels him in. Or maybe he's not consumed by it and simply wishes to do the will of Lord Gandor.
>> No. 426481
I mean, he doesn't exist. The whole point of him was that he was Flakkis who made another choice, took another path, and become someone different.
>> No. 426506
File 137220272996.jpg - (31.98KB , 469x440 , I'm Being Silly and Nopony Can Stop me!.jpg )

Haha, evil alternate universe. Zdravko would be an ironically named Warforged who follows Rexux, and Banmar would be a good-aligned follower of Diana. Both Banmars would switch sides, ours because "Buck this group" and theirs because "Hey, this seems like the good-aligned action, I should do it!"
>> No. 426511

Oop! Almost forgot my bonus languages from intelligence: Gnomish & Elvish.
>> No. 426536
File 137221193895.jpg - (141.78KB , 1070x747 , stalker__northern_passage_by_zen_master-d4t1h73.jpg )

Ah, excellent! I will make the thread tomorrow (or maybe tonight if I have time). Dunno where fiddle went, but I can get him in if he comes back.
>> No. 426547
Also, Tavs is busy currently, and will be for a few days.
>> No. 426580
OK, currently, Tavs not being busy isn't a concept that is anywhere near testing phase. He will not be joining us for a while, and may not be at all.
>> No. 426582
File 137226579571.jpg - (140.08KB , 894x894 , Fanart___STALKER___airsoft_by_DOOM1945.jpg )
Thread is up!
>> No. 426584
>Most diverce city in the sky
This will end poorly. Very poorly.
>> No. 426635
File 137230145106.png - (128.92KB , 500x304 , It's dangerous to go alone.png )

Juuuust double-checking here, as I've never done a Forum-based RP before, am I allowed to just hop on in, now? I'm assuming we all got the same invitation.
>> No. 426640
File 137230265168.jpg - (6.38KB , 166x304 , images.jpg )

Yep, everyone pile in.
>> No. 426644

I think we lost Name1op somewhere along the line.
>> No. 426645
File 137230751036.jpg - (24.28KB , 341x454 , no_gossip.jpg )


God damn it, you're right. Shoulda checked if everyone was here first. Well, hopefully he'll come back, if not I'm not exactly sure what we'll do.
>> No. 426646

This may be doomed to be a 2-man.
>> No. 426648
File 137230914705.png - (820.02KB , 900x674 , stalker_by_kuroutadori-d32x4q1.png )

No, no, just... talk amongst yourselves until I can get someone else in.
>> No. 426814
File 137237158004.png - (404.43KB , 800x600 , Easter Egg!.png )

Managed to track down Name1op's Skype name in one of the threads. Sent him a message that we started, dunno if he'll pay attention, though, as I don't think we've encountered each other before.
>> No. 426842
File 137237365997.jpg - (381.96KB , 1365x1024 , good_hunting_stalker_by_ogurki-d3hfx3e.jpg )

Thank you, hopefully he'll be along soon. In the meantime...
>> No. 426922
Do Meites have facial expressions?
>> No. 426923

Not usually, but I can see one being designed to have a face that actually could express things, if so desired. However, that would only be for diplomatic models, or nurturers, or anything that would benefit from having a face. It's slightly rare, so a meite with a face could arose suspicion.
>> No. 426943
File 137238614250.jpg - (89.81KB , 1024x667 , 1370124486169.jpg )
Aannd I'm back
>> No. 426945

op or Fid?
>> No. 426946
Woops sorry, forgot my name.
>> No. 426948
File 137238663661.jpg - (40.93KB , 521x426 , Stalker_by_Satam.jpg )

Welcome back! The thread is up >>426582

Jump on in when you're ready.
>> No. 426949
File 137238664320.jpg - (277.80KB , 819x614 , Fluttershy don't give a.jpg )

Ah, well, we've started. Hop on in, after you've read what's happened so far. But of course, don't use OOC knowledge. Actually, would you like us to sum up what you'd be aware of?
>> No. 427095
File 137246156758.gif - (60.74KB , 283x306 , Flutteread.gif )
Oh man, I need to find some way to get the Pathfinder version of Bardic Knowledge on this guy. He just feels like a character that it would make sense on.
>> No. 427131
Hey guys, I'm friend of Fences, i was wondering if i could join this thing it looks like a awesome amount of fun =D, However, I've been told that you guys are using traits rather than flaws, but the character i have envisioned has a flaw that goes with his back story and such the flaw happens to be one eye. Via genetics he only one eye ( can only be changed via Miracle or Wish spells ) Let me know =D
>> No. 427212
File 137248079633.png - (307.95KB , 900x899 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__Portrait_by_Skipperthepilot.png )

The more the merrier. And sure, I won't stop you from having one eye. I was just restricting the use of flaws to gain feats, as described in unearthed arcana. I won't even put a negative modifier on you (unless you want one, of course).
>> No. 427213
Sweet! The back story for the character is the Eye thing, its the reason for his chosen class and learning ( monk ) growing up with the defect would have removed the negatives as well as learning to deal with the defect as per his monk training.
>> No. 427215
File 137248163755.png - (115.51KB , 400x500 , female_stalker_by_johanz-d31s123.png )

Mhm, good, good. You have a character sheet for me?
>> No. 427219
I do indeed.
>> No. 427231
File 137248385528.jpg - (57.06KB , 800x640 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_2078.jpg )


Remember, you also get 25 extra starting gold (after generation), and two cantrips or orisons as dailies, plus prestidigitation as an at-will spell-like ability.
>> No. 427232
Oh cool, ill put that right on in then!
>> No. 427233
Ignore this one >>
im new to the forum thing

Last edited at Fri, Jun 28th, 2013 22:32

>> No. 427237
Changes made, you can use the same link to check out the sheet at anytime, so i don't have to keep posting it
>> No. 427239
File 137248464688.jpg - (178.65KB , 900x675 , Stalker_2_by_Ice_Dark.jpg )

Alright, great! You can enter in at will:

We're currently waiting for two more applicants, which is you and anyone else who joins later.
>> No. 427241
Sweet., I hope that i can do this all correctly XD
>> No. 427355
Can i make a Listen check to understand the Meite?
>> No. 427356

Sure. You can make any check you want, and I'll respond in turn, but certain checks may not always be applicable.
>> No. 427357
then how does one make a check on a forum rp XD
>> No. 427358
File 137249929174.jpg - (63.94KB , 900x377 , stalker_2_by_mrsarto-d4io4qx.jpg )

[...d20] [Skill], without the ellipses, of course. Like:

d20 = 17 Knowledge(Arcane)
>> No. 427359
so... d20 = 18 [listen]
but i also have 7 ranks in it >.>should i post that in IC?

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 03:27

>> No. 427471

Yeah, like that. Put all future throws in the main thread, though.
>> No. 427553
How to I figure out my AC again?

And by this I mean: What's the base AC before armor and dex?

Last edited at Sun, Jun 30th, 2013 20:58

>> No. 427555
Never mind, looked it up on the SRD.
>> No. 427576
Hey ive been listening to glorfen and fence talk about your guys game irl Id like to jump in on this if youd be so kind
>> No. 427597
File 137266077487.jpg - (213.20KB , 1024x1530 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_xrust.jpg )

Cool, you gotta character sheet for me?
>> No. 427598
Ill be making one on myth weavers now
>> No. 427615
File 137266291602.jpg - (10.98KB , 300x169 , You+cant+go+wrong+with+jim+carry+_5c8bd0b83d119aa1ee0cfa7adfee4635.jpg )
Hey I just got done reading the rules and the doc i would like to be an airship captain but since i dont have the money for it maybe trained in it maybe as a first mate and work my way to it is that alright? Also is there a reference for the airships or their price?

Lady Auris, Goddess of Truth domains...The sun you say?
>> No. 427660
File 137266598336.jpg - (196.87KB , 900x600 , Stalker_1_by_Ice_Dark.jpg )

An airship captain, eh? The group should eventually get an airship, but that might be a while. You might wan't to be a swashbuckler or something like that in the meantime.

Airship prices vary. An existing airship that could carry, say, 50 people (20 crew) and 150 tons of cargo could cost around 40 thousand gold. If you wanted to make one from scratch, you'd need to commission an artificer to make you an air talisman, the core of your ship, which varies in price depending on its power. This can be anywhere from 10,000 gold (for the smallest and most vulnerable of vessels) to 500,000 gold (for the largest of warships). The actual ship itself would cost anywhere from 30 to 70% of the talisman's cost. And there's crew costs, if you plan on having a crew. Basically, it's a little ways off until you'll be able to buy or make a ship.

But be sure to grab some Profession (Sailor) ranks, or whatever you'd need to run a ship! Follow your dreams!
>> No. 427688
File 137267147322.jpg - (10.98KB , 300x169 , You+cant+go+wrong+with+jim+carry+_5c8bd0b83d119aa1ee0cfa7adfee4635.jpg )
Hey im still working on it but i gotta say im really excited to join many ideas
>> No. 427690
>> No. 427695
>> No. 427747

>> No. 427749
>> No. 427811
File 137272640456.jpg - (59.03KB , 488x500 , spoiler.jpg )

Now that I have your absolute attention...
>> No. 427828
File 137272747770.gif - (198.09KB , 300x163 , d19efa_4250388.gif )
Sorry its been taking me so long im trying to see if i could get a flying animal companion
>> No. 427842
File 137272897692.jpg - (226.58KB , 745x572 , stalker_3_by_max_cccp-d31e9ra.jpg )

Hm, a flying animal companion? Like what?
>> No. 427867
Something like a Pteranodon or anything that fits but rangers wont allow it and i dont exactly want to be a druid either so im looking at not used to 3.5 been doing pathfinder for 2 years
>> No. 427936
Also what is the limit on traits?
>> No. 427943
File 137273288773.jpg - (85.49KB , 600x800 , STALKER_by_c_dane.jpg )

Two traits, and a Pternadon? That sounds like it would be quite the asset, do you have stats for it?
>> No. 427949
nevermind it was a homebrew thing scratch that XD
i just think flying mount would be very useful and quite common given the circumstance

Last edited at Mon, Jul 1st, 2013 19:50

>> No. 427962
Don't need one.
We're gonna buy a goddamn battleship. And ride to war.
>> No. 427968
Agreed, now if we can just get our characters not to want to kill each other >.>
>> No. 427980
Hey. Not my fault that-
Oh crap. I'm doing it again.
I'll tone back the racism after the two of them fight. Just a bit.
>> No. 427992
Well, it really depends on how the fight goes, your could beat mine.
>> No. 427995
How does one calculate grapple defense in 3.5 again?
>> No. 428002
File 137273549990.jpg - (905.36KB , 1280x1956 , s_t_a_l_k_e_r__ii_by_atebasha-d5lo6c4.jpg )

Some weird and over complicated system. You have to let them attack you as an attack of opportunity, then do a touch attack and... well, some other things. I'll probably just streamline it like in pathfinder, where only your grapple check counts vs. their touch AC. Or something.
>> No. 428003
True, but either way he would have more respect(at least for dwarves) depending on how the fight goes. If he knocks him down in a couple of swings, and doesn't get touched, he'll think that these creatures are still weak, and act as such. But if he loses, or wins with difficulty, he'll realize they're not as weak as he previously though. So, unless he absolutely wipes you out without difficulty, he'll have newfound respect, for dwarves at least.
>> No. 428004
It would only cause a AAO if you dont have Improved grapple But yes i would love you forever if you just gave us cmd and cmb like in pathfinder
>> No. 428006
Oh good, atleast he can be taught, atleast you didnt take the stubborn flaw aswell >.>, my character could go a long way to teach yours the ways of the world.
>> No. 428007
File 137273596562.jpg - (208.59KB , 731x1024 , STALKER___The_Lair_by_7kive.jpg )

I think I'm gonna move us along, unless you're close to finishing your character.


I'd have to look it up some more, but it's a possibility.
>> No. 428009
Im close to it within 10 minutes
>> No. 428011
Ive used the pathfinder system alot so i know it best and i think it works better than the whole touch ac for it =/ Alrevis is also close, im on skype with him and hes real close
>> No. 428024
Im looking to buy climbers picks for the reason of using them to climb up the sides of ships...the price?
>> No. 428035

80 gp, 5 lbs. That's for a climbers kit, which I imagine is close enough.
>> No. 428056
File 137273859421.gif - (31.29KB , 240x199 , 4546364+_c1cfef2132fce39c2ed4006f10b4cb86.gif )
It is done! HAHA! did i miss anything on it?
>> No. 428067
File 137274122383.jpg - (1.21MB , 1600x1200 , d39ad.jpg )

Everything's good, unless you wanted a religion. Right now it's blank.
>> No. 428068
File 137274128639.gif - (31.29KB , 240x199 , 4546364+_c1cfef2132fce39c2ed4006f10b4cb86.gif )
had yet t really go through all that ill look through it but how will i be introduced
>> No. 428069
Yo sev, i have a question for you, what times zone are you so we can atleast kinda guess when you are gonna reply XD alrevis fence and i are all the same zone
>> No. 428072
File 137274177059.jpg - (82.84KB , 800x532 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_Komp1ic8ed.jpg )

Unless you want something more fancy, I was thinking you'd just arrive at the room. We're expecting a fifth hero.


EST, I'm usually busy in the mornings, but I'll be on most afternoons.
>> No. 428074
File 137274192972.png - (37.29KB , 260x195 , I+found+this+one+today+on+Doodle+or+Die+_6d7c9b094bf82e00a14cb4cbabf2519b.png )
im gonna go with the elemental trio
>> No. 428075
File 137274201638.jpg - (240.96KB , 500x750 , 4546364+_70c4403bbd257d0423f9a48e59466afc.jpg )
So i just walk in to whatever room you happen to be in? alrighty
>> No. 428076
File 137274209161.jpg - (96.22KB , 1000x738 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R____Chimera_by_Snowgoyless.jpg )

I thought you might!


Yep, we're waiting for a fifth guildmate to show up. Once your there we can continue to the arena.
>> No. 428096
File 137280023446.png - (38.81KB , 170x189 , Fluttershy ponder.png )
Been meaning to ask: What is a Meite lifespan like? Do they die of "age?"
>> No. 428098
File 137280169948.png - (94.36KB , 161x312 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__Clear_Sky_Art_by_Leskovikk.png )

A meite lives as long as its creator, but can be re anchored to a different artificer, or restored back to life by a talented artificer and re anchored that way.
>> No. 428241
File 137284785467.png - (244.00KB , 720x720 , We're all mad here.png )
i am currently drawing silverbrow for reference be advised it my first ever humanoid so wish me luck also glor you do need to do that dwarf and IF you dont i might draw him for you...kinda wanna draw a dwarf
>> No. 428264
File 137288240123.png - (171.42KB , 400x600 , Confluttershy.png )

Dear God, man, use some punctuation.
>> No. 428276
File 137289502046.png - (847.15KB , 1280x720 , Princess_Luna_did_I_miss_S2E26.png )
Whoa~ Sorry. Ended up having some personal stuff to deal with the past few weeks. Last I gave this thread a glance we were still waiting for a 4th.. so uh....oh dear.

Huh. Okay. Been very active while I was gone. I have a lot to catch up on now don't I?

New players, and the RP thread started up?
>> No. 428278
File 137289539046.jpg - (343.07KB , 586x653 , s_t_a_l_k_e_r__5_concept_by_max_cccp-d3d3uan.jpg )

Ah, Fiddle, you've returned! I hope everything's okay on your end.

Yes, we gained three new players, but I don't know where 1op is. Still, we're moving forward! The thread is here, in case you didn't see:

We have a dwarf monk, a meite rogue/healer, and an elf swashbuckler. That's plus the humans.
>> No. 428280
File 137289704775.gif - (190.94KB , 392x419 , do you.gif )
>> No. 428282
File 137289813363.png - (719.05KB , 2500x2500 , Fluttershy Mrs_ Claus.png )

Yep, now we just need a FiddlewithamiddlemiddlewithaFiddleFiddlewithamiddlemiddlewithaFiddle.

>> No. 428415
File 137296627450.jpg - (727.52KB , 943x1200 , S_T_A_L_K_E_R__by_Demzez.jpg )
Mass media, sponsorship deals, credit cards... You'd think we're playing Shadowrun!
>> No. 428416
I want to play Shadowrun. I never have, but it intriges me.
>> No. 428447

I've never played it either, but I read the lore. The reason for there being orcs and things is pretty weak, but besides that it seems pretty interesting. I like the idea of megacorporations ruling everything. I'd probably run Dark Heresy before that though, if I wanted a sci-fi kinda deal.
>> No. 428451
Y'know what I want to do?
Warhammer VS Star Wars
Cause that shit would be fukken awesome.
>> No. 428453

I think that battle would last for eternity. Storm troopers vs the imperial guardsmen? Everyone would run out of ammo before anyone was killed... Well, the guards have bayonets, so they win.
>> No. 428455
>> No. 428456
File 137298633730.jpg - (38.84KB , 500x564 , But then squeak.jpg )

Star Wars? Oh my gosh. A machine that was developed for a specific purpose, high Int but average really everywhere else, always saying how bad of an idea something is but being ignored and proved wrong at the same time.

I made Dr. C3PO.
>> No. 428466
I have a feeling that I am wearing a steson made of butts because I just went off and am now fucking around in the tavern. And then thing's are going to escelate, most certainly, when he calls the group in to help investigate.........
Fuck me, I'm a dick. But I must stay in character.
>> No. 428503
If i have to come in and save your sorry ass my dwarf will NEVER let your character hear the end of it.
>> No. 429519
File 137358814264.jpg - (140.08KB , 894x894 , Fanart___STALKER___airsoft_by_DOOM1945.jpg )

My oldest game, now around seven months old, is dying. It has but three players. All have been there from the start, and I believe they are all there to stay. Still, I'd like them to have a fun time, as I wish for all my players across all my games. A lot of the fun comes from player interaction, I think, and therefore I come before you. I don't like to do this... I prefer for my players to find their own way to my games.

If any of you are interested in playing a pony RP based around the founding of Equestria, following the adventures of the pioneers sent to explore the continent and face the various perils of the world, then feel free to apply! No stats, but we do use the d20 frequently. More info can be found here:

Or you can see what you're dealing with here:

End PSA!
>> No. 430468
Just for the record folks:With you guys having like Five players now I'm mostly stepping aside from this one for the time being.

You guys got enough to keep this going and I'm not a huge fan of crowded games you know?
>> No. 430470

It seems we're down one, as 1op hasn't posted in quite a while. But sure, we'll be here if you wish to join later.
>> No. 430471
We've only got 3.....
>> No. 430472
File 137392669736.jpg - (258.46KB , 1356x801 , OK1ju.jpg )

You, Silverbrow, Cloch, Zdravko.
>> No. 430473
Woops, four.
>> No. 431245
You guys can move along to a shop now, don't let me stop you. Just tell me where you want to go, or what you're looking for.
>> No. 431247
Is there a place I can get a wizard to cast sleep on me without willsaves?
In all seriousness, I would like to go to a weapon shop,
>> No. 431268

Then go forth and make it so. If the others are silent, I'll take it as consent for you to lead them to a smith or shop.
>> No. 433663
We shall buy shinies to bribe stupid tribes with
Shiny shiny shiny shiny trinkets!
Shine the shiny shines.
>> No. 441768
>> No. 441852

Oops, sorry, my b. I forgot that Zdravko had posted! Post incoming...
>> No. 442405
What do you guys think? Should we wait for Silverbrow, or automate him for now?
>> No. 442498
File 137842228278.jpg - (45.45KB , 873x765 , B___but.jpg )

He's here, and checking in. He just needs a reason to post, cause his computer is shot and he's posting from an Xbox

Last edited at Thu, Sep 5th, 2013 16:05

>> No. 442564

Well, he wanted to be an airship sailor, yes? Now's the time to voice his request to the captain.
>> No. 443174
Okay noys im ack in action as far as posting from my phone so let's get this rolling.
>> No. 444214
hey sev sorry for the lack of posting i get my computer in the mail sometime today and I HOPE it works. Also whats with all my shit rolls 5 5 and a 1 also i just realized im a tier 5 class -_-
>> No. 444224
File 137952174287.png - (261.77KB , 1024x975 , Fluttersniper.png )

No no no no no. Don't you start with that "tier" shit. A class is only as capable as its user and its rolls. If the user can't compete, that's on them, not the class. A "tier 1" would be doing just as bad, if not worse, with straight 1's on its rolls, since if you're rolling shitty, your opponents are rolling high, and as a warrior class, you actually have HP & AC worth noting. Speaking of... you should probably declare the target of your dodge soon.

Oh, DM, I was wondering, could we possibly use either Pathfinder's version of the Heal skill or D20 Modern's Treat Injury? Pathfinder's Heal is the same as D&D's save for one thing: I'd have a 1/day heal I can use on anyone. It takes an hour at DC 20, but if I succeed, I heal the target for 1 HP per level of the character, and if I succeed by 5 or more, I add my Wisdom modifier. Treat Injury, however, has too many additional parts to explain in one post.
>> No. 444227
That was angry.
>> No. 444228
he isnt really that angry i know him personnally i know angry XD but I wasnt being serious about the whole teir 5 thing im playing this class for the fun of the rp. Given im only fighting one target i think it should go without saying who im using dodge against
>> No. 444730
What are we waiting on?
>> No. 444920

Sorry, I've been a little busy. On to the fight!
>> No. 445031
Every roll i make has been less than 10 all game XD
>> No. 445038
File 137998368191.gif - (1.54MB , 320x240 , spoiler.gif )
Its sevs curse!

Sevs curse: One player in the group is cursed with terrible rolls until death! If this curse is placed upon you, your only hope is to be very cautious or creative with your combat!
>> No. 445357

Oh, and sure. You can have that 1/day heal. I'll look into the treat injury skill later.
>> No. 445440
File 138026713136.jpg - (8.38KB , 246x200 , 4747606+_5450ce956c6c2c33bc68dd3b5c4a5857.jpg )
That crit threat felt like a penta kill
>> No. 445772
File 138053084199.png - (105.87KB , 576x1024 , Fear not, I have a Fluttershy!.png )
Flakkis should go ahead and deliver the physical retort. Zdravko still has its dagger to throw at the second one. Might even catch him off-guard. Nah, I'd need to pull a feint or Slight of Hand, and both of those are standard actions. It would take a turn to set up. Although... I could try feinting the guy in front. Yeah, much better idea.


Right on. The description for Treat Injury is... here: The biggest thing is opening the Surgery feat up. It's a pretty cool idea, and, to be honest, surgery has been a thing since the Medieval era, if I'm remembering correctly, so that it isn't an option in D&D is kinda silly anyway.

EDIT: Okay, to get the link to work, you'll have to copy-paste since for some reason it doesn't want to use the (Skill) part properly, and the link won't work right without it.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 30th, 2013 01:50

>> No. 446041
Asma, you there, mate?
>> No. 446114
File 138093077988.gif - (32.52KB , 268x200 , 4709181+_f9df5e72000e3941972f3ef5e52161b4.gif )
Not a clue where he might be just saying though, i am reporting in.
>> No. 446159
Erm, there's things to post?
>> No. 446766
hey guys when i edit my posts its either i find an error, have contradicting statements, said things that make no sense, or i make an attack and i roleplay it as if i was doing well then roll shit i edit the post i do not edit the rolls themselves just because i know i have edited roll posts before
>> No. 446776
Yeah, we know. We trust you man.
>> No. 446934
File 138225208049.jpg - (75.82KB , 640x512 , In+every+grade+there+is+ALWAYS+the+one+girl+who+_5abfa4e69c33e37cd49379706f41299e.jpg )
Also frog my familiar
>> No. 446976

Nope! Frog is an unlikely ally, a bastard, and an uncouth sod, but not a familiar.
>> No. 447020
File 138237361382.gif - (102.10KB , 160x157 , 137281157499.gif )
he might as well be then lel I was gonna say. i havent been that pious
>> No. 447290
Waiting on you, Asma.
>> No. 447295
I thought we were waiting on the DM. I thought I posted, but it apprarently didn't post.
>> No. 447388

The thread can only move as fast as the players allow, Asma.
>> No. 447390
myself,zdrvarkodarkoshmingmon,and glorfen watch intensly
>> No. 447661
File 138338322594.png - (171.42KB , 400x600 , Confluttershy.png )



EDIT: Come on, Quick trait, don't fail me now. I'm losing HP for that ruddy movespeed boost.

Last edited at Sat, Nov 2nd, 2013 02:16

>> No. 447850
Alright folks, we are approaching the proper start of chapter one! As such, an opportunity presents itself. We can, if you all want, initiate some active, traditional roleplaying, and justify the 'hybrid' I tacked onto the title. However, there is a problem. All those months ago, when I made this thread, I had a normal job with weekends off. I have since moved, and got a new job with more sporadic hours.

As such, I can give you the few days where I might be able to play a real session with you guys, and you all must determine if a game is still feasible with your own schedules.

The best time I can offer is anywhere from 9/10PM to 2/3AM on Friday night/Saturday morning., That gives us four or five hours of play time. I prefer longer, usually, but that's the best time I can offer. I also have Monday off every week, and the preceding Sunday night as well, so any time that day or previous night works for me, but I doubt it works for most of you. Next, I have Tuesday night as a window of opportunity, same time frame as Friday. Thursday night can work sometimes. Saturday nights are a for sure no.

So, do any of those time frames catch your collective fancies? Or. if not, would you rather continue on at our current pace?
>> No. 448078
I can do non video/voice roleplaying at that time. Sounds interesting.
>> No. 448149
I just got a job YAY and for quite awhile ill have weekends off i work 11:45 to 8:15 weekdays
>> No. 448299
I'm off mondays so that works for me. I check the thread regularly but when I'm with my wife I can't post or be on my phone much at all.
>> No. 448513
I'm ok with the current pace as it is it allows for people to live their lives than sit on a forum all day like goto work and stuff like that my only complaint is how sometimes people forget to post something but that's just me.
>> No. 449210
Hello? Is this dead now?
>> No. 449399
i certainly hope not
>> No. 449475
File 138620966319.png - (915.96KB , 1366x768 , Confused and worried.png )
Sev, please respond D:
>> No. 449495
I'm still around.

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