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#Open #Ask/invite #Canon: TECC #Fresh start #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #FiM-only #Normal

Hello hello!

This is the official OOC and Sign Up thread for "The Emerald City Chronicles" or "TECC" for short. This is something a couple of fantastic individuals and I have been brewing up behind the scenes for quite some time now, and I'm very proud to announce it and get it out into Ponychan for the general public.

What is TECC about?
The Emerald City Chronicles is what I like to call a "What if" scenario. While many other canons deal with drastic changes to the story, such as Zombies, No Mane 6, or even the Mane 6's defeat, TECC deals with subtle tweaks instead. The basis of the canon was founded on a group of people wishing to get out of the Ponyville setting more, so we threw the center of the world on a liberal metropolis, Seaddle, based on the real life Seattle, Washington, of course, already giving us that wonderful 'fresh start' feeling of breaking away from the norm.

So, since we changed that history, we figured, why not base the entire canon on such freedoms? They say there's an infinite number of parallel universes out there with an infinite number of possible outcomes, and this is one of them for ponies. For starters, the apple family now runs a chain of successful Cider Cafes renown throughout the city. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can take any canon character and tweak their history or experiences into any way you like. You can be fast talking, auctioneer Big Mac, DJ. Octavia, Rule 63 Lyra, whatever you want! We wanted to deliver a canon that expanded on creative liberties while staying withing the theme and world the show has given us.

On that note, the races involved are what we call "Show Plausible." If it makes sense in FiM, you can play it. I know we already have someone investing in an elephant character which I'm excited to see play out.

The canon's not just about canon characters, of course. All of us have also invested our OCs into this with great excitement. This is also an opportunity to mess with your OC and change them in a 'what if' situation if you like, or, you don't have to! You just want to throw your OC in here, absolutely the same as ever? Sounds great! OCs are what's going to make this bustling city come to life and all walks and creeds of life are welcome.

Is there an overlaying story?
The goal of this canon is to provide a more dynamic slice of life canon with more liberties and scenarios. While there will rarely, if ever, be a time where the world is in peril, the moderation team is proud to announce that there will be an "Event" system in place.

An "Event" is an occurrence posted by a canon mod that will need to be solved by anyone who may stumble upon it in whichever way they see fit. Say there's a carriage accident, do you go in there and help those ponies, alert someone who can, or take advantage of victims and loot for spoils? Whatever you want to do, will get you experience that you can apply to your character's stats or skills! These events can be anything major to minor from bank robberies to jammed vending machine and can occur at any time.

Wait, there's stats and skills?
TECC has a simple RPG type stat and skill system that is implemented for the purpose of creating more varied outcomes and for the enjoyment of those who simply like to roll dice. The system is completely optional, but offers a way for your characters to grow and for the world to effect them and for them to effect the world!

Why do I need to sign up? Why can't I just drop right in?
Mostly, this is a formality. No character is going to get outright denied, but with as much creative freedom we've given the players, there still needs to be a little bit of quality control to make sure someone doesn't try to make something too insane. If we feel anything doesn't quite fit the FiM theme or is too overzealous, the mod reviewing your character will help and make suggestions so that you can tweak or balance the character to play with us! Chances are, so long as you're not trying to make a super powered character, you'll get approved without a second thought.

Also, we have a character database on our website so that you, or anyone else, can look at the character sheets of those involved to admire and fawn over!

How do I sign up?
You can visit the official website and fill out the application there or you can leave it in post form here by leaving your character's...

Name + Tripcode:

Also, if you could post that with a picture of your character that you'd like to be seen on your character's profile on the website, that'd be great!

Okay, so how do the stats work then?
The stat system is listed on our website with a detailed guide and examples for you to follow. Again, though, this is optional, and if you opt out of the stat system, your character will just be normalized in the books (Every stat of theirs will register as average if they ever need to roll.)

Why does there need to be a stat system?
For starters, all of us canon mods find rolling in roleplay fun. It's insanely enjoyable to let certain things go to chance and, personally, more rewarding to accomplish feats when there is a legitimate chance of failure. Secondly, we wanted to make sure nobody could roll in and steamroll anypony with violence "because they can" or, vice versa, always save the day and white knight everything. I'm sure we've all felt that guy that would auto-hit, godmod, or metagame in a situation and take away from the fun. The rolling system is there to prevent that. Desperate actions should have consequence and a chance of failure, just like in real life.

So where is this fabled website?
Our official website is featured at

But wait, I have another question.
That's fine! Feel free to ask away here. Either myself, Moonshine, or Blank Flank will answer you in a timely manner. The information given in this post was simply what I felt covered most of the bases. You may also, which I highly recommend before creating a character, read through our website for additional information. If you do not wish to ask us the question in public, you can contact me at the skype name 'rainbrodash' or email the staff as [email protected]

Anyway, I wish to thank you for reading and considering our canon and we hope to see you in one of our threads soon!
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>> No. 429997
File 137373386458.jpg - (323.88KB , 1920x1080 , death-note-anime-331658.jpg )
Aww shit yeah!
>> No. 429998
File 137373534807.png - (1.75MB , 981x828 , Electrified.png )
Buildin' a character sheet!
>> No. 430001
File 137373779952.png - (147.99KB , 336x413 , PP83.png )
So yes. Any questions you may have will be answered. Most of y'all know how to contact us.
>> No. 430002
File 137373821940.png - (31.65KB , 175x175 , PP64.png )
Also, for all characters who are already in: I'm planning to put up an open thread once I get home. Chill environment for y'all to get a feel for things and establish yourselves.
>> No. 430003
File 137373869051.png - (324.12KB , 681x797 , 28750__safe_vinyl-scratch_blood_artist-spittfireart.png )
Aww... The one day I won't be around. Darn it. Oh well, I guess I won't be able to christen the new Canon. I'll have to hit up the next one.
>> No. 430056
File 137377478036.png - (727.92KB , 1000x1000 , 135836__UNOPT__applejack_suggestive_hay_artist-madammassacre.png )
And we're live!

Come on in at yer own leisure~

...ah hope nopony saw that...

Last edited at Sat, Jul 13th, 2013 21:11

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File 137377682112.png - (43.16KB , 618x507 , 267823__UNOPT__safe.png )

Fer all y'all who din' refresh 'fore clickin'.
>> No. 430089
File 137379695833.jpg - (9.62KB , 272x246 , 1326083836156.jpg )
>mfw I realized that the thread is up when I'm about to go to bed.
>> No. 430090
File 137379902618.jpg - (175.66KB , 964x865 , 347160.jpg )
Only one solution. DON'T go to bed!
>> No. 430633
File 137395504351.png - (70.31KB , 469x515 , laughing.png )
Sweet! This finally got off the ground. Time to draw up character sheets and such.

I'll get back to you lot on it when I get the chance. (Read: When I take a break from the games I have picked up.)

Expect me to be submitting a character sheet for Uncle Curio in the NEAR future, however.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 15th, 2013 23:22

>> No. 430634
File 137396595034.png - (260.78KB , 1024x1327 , elusive_by_llssn-d5qtdx2.png )
Well...that took me a great long while. The sheet is finally submitted though after a very long period of blah and bleh, awaiting administrator overlook~

Elusive soon to come, and hopefully not in standard yuppie time either.
>> No. 430635
File 137396603203.gif - (268.61KB , 380x214 , 314396__UNOPT__safe_scootaloo_cutie-mark-crusaders_drums.gif )
I'll go take a look right away~

And I can't wait for Elusive to be around, it'll be amazing I'm sure.
>> No. 430636
File 137396650380.png - (9.79KB , 200x200 , elusive__you_mean___this_rose__by_chicasonic-d5j23me.png )

If only because he will be surrounded by his many, equally amazing friends no doubt~ I look forward to it myself!

Its also a good excuse for me to use some of these marvelous little pictures I have gathered...the remarkable example of handsome to the side being but one of many~
>> No. 430637
File 137396657277.png - (346.49KB , 1024x768 , 328670__UNOPT__safe_solo_scootaloo_artist-reporter-derpy.png )
Elusive is such a pretty stallion~
>> No. 430638
File 137396686979.jpg - (110.66KB , 999x799 , 281962__UNOPT__safe_scootaloo_goggles_plane_512b53a2a4c72dd0f600100a_cockpit.jpg )
Could you jump on Steam real quick? Just to hash out a few things.
>> No. 430639
File 137396702738.png - (564.54KB , 1600x1296 , 198100 - absurd_res artist-Wicklesmack bedroom_eyes elusive genderswap rarity rose rule_63 seduc.png )

I am powerless in all but to agree with you.~ After all the evidence is practically overwhelming. No choice but to declare him guilty of being entirely irresistible. The sentence? To share his beauty with all the it "community service" if you will<3
>> No. 430640
File 137396712309.png - (132.82KB , 894x894 , acquisition_and_power_are_the_drugs_i_m_on_by_paraderpy-d642wjl.png )
And of course. Real quick before I head on out to rest.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 16th, 2013 02:32

>> No. 430641
File 137398703431.jpg - (1.28MB , 3264x2448 , 20130715_111917.jpg )
Saint Morrigan is very eager to make the young lady's acquaintance ~
>> No. 430659
File 137400607096.png - (99.84KB , 550x550 , 134914936038.png )

>> No. 430693
File 137401269015.png - (12.00KB , 631x627 , 104595__UNOPT__.png )
He's talking about Frost.
>> No. 430787
File 137403373767.png - (555.60KB , 5000x5000 , 89849__safe_apple%252Bbloom_absurd%252Bres_sunglasses_artist-colon-austiniousi.png )
Need an Apple Bloom?
>> No. 430798
File 137403679969.png - (84.35KB , 263x300 , 124.png )
>phone testing
>> No. 430800
File 137403754970.jpg - (442.12KB , 995x1919 , 324886__UNOPT__safe_applejack_apple-bloom_sketch_artist-graystripe64.jpg )
Feel free to hand in an application and I'll look over it as soon as I can. Keep in mind that in this canon, Scootaloo is already...fourteen years old and has her cutie mark. Please keep that in mind when working out your bio, okay~?

Last edited at Tue, Jul 16th, 2013 22:08

>> No. 430811
K, I will pump one out tomorrow morning when I get off from work
>> No. 430818
File 137407400395.jpg - (66.97KB , 900x1059 , 160293__UNOPT__applejack_humanized_suggestive_artist-shinta-girl.jpg )
Very good. I'm looking forward to reading it.
>> No. 440202
File 137723315688.jpg - (478.59KB , 600x849 , fanart-0929-full.jpg )
What if one was to have a character that does not live primarily in Seaddle? Like maybe in a forest nearby in a sort of druidic lifestyle, perhaps venturing into town every now and then?

Would it also be alright to create such a location, this forest, if one has not already been created?
>> No. 440733
File 137740802270.jpg - (67.26KB , 496x799 , moth hybrid.jpg )
Yes? No? Vivo? Mods? Anyone out there?
>> No. 441456
File 137775902400.png - (26.70KB , 301x301 , 1343025313021.png )
>soul auras
Are you fucking kidding me?
>> No. 441457
File 137775929792.jpg - (50.52KB , 368x360 , twilight-sparkle-annoyed_thumb.jpg )
So I could be Twilight Sparkle

But with four eyebrows?
>> No. 441459
File 137775934567.png - (26.70KB , 301x301 , 1343025313021.png )
This town ain't big enough for the both of us.
>> No. 441460
File 137775947275.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 130476562915.jpg )

Vausten, I...
>> No. 441461
File 137775953827.jpg - (19.12KB , 301x301 , HORSE.jpg )
This better not be consensual
>> No. 441462
File 137775966930.gif - (0.96MB , 600x600 , ogod.gif )

Consensual is a state of mind.
>> No. 441468
File 137776002346.jpg - (92.50KB , 800x600 , horse sun.jpg )
Is it now? States of mind can be altered.
>> No. 441473
File 137776039314.png - (458.65KB , 1366x768 , 133721680745.png )
I wonder if they put word filters in this place yet.

>> No. 441474
File 137776050173.png - (336.48KB , 1033x761 , 133721676875.png )






Yes you cannot stop my nefarious deeds now, mods. I'm getting away with it.
>> No. 441475
File 137776050465.png - (404.83KB , 796x718 , stylin.png )

I lol'd.

Really though can I play quad-eyebrow Twi?

Imagine all the plot fuel.
>> No. 441477
File 137776053290.png - (530.00KB , 734x673 , 133722429164.png )
What even made you ask that question?
>> No. 441480
File 137776072090.jpg - (81.11KB , 581x800 , 23bdebc14c9b5235e591c42291d716da.jpg )

I changed my mind.

She need six eyebrows.

I think the situation will be made much more interesting with the addition of yet even more eyebrows.
>> No. 443357
File 137902644740.png - (33.76KB , 830x650 , Coral Drift.png )
Name + Tripcode: The Shizzle!1TOguFFHvI
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male

Born in Cloudsdale to two engineers, Coral Drift didn't exactly live up to his parents standards. When he was six, he found out he'd rather enjoy messing around with the weather than to learn about science. He begged his parents to let him go to Ponyville for two days because he wanted to help make a tornado strong enough to lift the water from the lake. After reluctancy, his parents decided that perhaps Coral Drift wouldn't exactly live up to their standards and let him proceed.

As he began to take flight during the making of the tornado, he felt the adrenaline of flight, the sheer wind, and the droplets of water as they began to rose. The result was successful and as every pegasi cheered for it, Coral Drift realized that he wanted to work with the weather and so he gained his cutie mark - a water cyclone.

Years passed and as Coral Drift worked more and more in the precipitation department, his connection with water strengthened. Able to shift, project, morph, freeze, and evaporate water in a whim, Coral Drift can use the power of weather water to his advantage. He is a shy pony who values kindness. Currently, he resides in Ponyville, 18 years old.


Strength: 4
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 9
Luck: 5

Special Talent: Precipitation Adept (Allows manipulation of water that exists; +1 to Agility; +1 Weather Manipulation; +1 Ranged Combat when using water/ice attacks)

Flying (Speed): 4
Flying (Acceleration): 3
Flying (Maneuver): 3
Weather Manipulation: 4
Demolitions: 2
Visual Arts: 3
Slight of Hoof: 3
Stealth: 3
Acrobatics: 2
Ranged Combat: 1
Poisons: 2

Did I do everything right?

Last edited at Thu, Sep 12th, 2013 15:59

>> No. 443360
Ooh, maybe this would be a good canon for Rutie Tootie's Fresh and Fruity Yogurt Shop...
>> No. 443554
File 137917903645.png - (53.03KB , 332x331 , Rutie Tootie1.png )
Rutie Tootie

A budding young entrepreneur fresh out of business school, Rutie Tootie hopes to take the world by storm with her chain of all-natural yogurt shops and start a health food craze all over Equestria! But right now, all she has is a single tiny shop and lots of enthusiasm. She gave up most of her savings for the shop, and so it's pretty much either succeed as a businessmare or move back in with her parents. She's adamant about her policies, using only all natural ingredients and charging very low prices to raise popularity, but who knows how unexpected hardships might test her resolve?

Pic isn't final, I'm still trying to figure out what colors work best.

Stats: Average unicorn mare
Special talent: Yogurt?
>> No. 443662
File 137921030929.png - (119.68KB , 629x431 , 301861__UNOPT__safe_pinkie-pie_text_rule-63_bubble-berry_impact-font.png )
Hey there, thank you guys for applying. I'll look it over pretty soon though in the future.....

Is the right place to sign up with Oc's, it sends us an e-mail with your profile and that way we can look it over quicker.
>> No. 443664
File 137921185050.png - (165.91KB , 952x800 , 50245__safe_pinkie-pie_spoiler-s03_spoiler-s03e01_bubble-berry.png )
Alright, my first, and really only major thing I'm noticeing so far is that you say he lives in Ponyville, the canon takes place in Seaddle... and also what do you mean water and ice attacks? Care to give me a bit of details on that?
Well she looks alright., though I strongly suggest doing stats and skills for her. If she's going to run her own business you want her to know business management and cooking otherwise it could bite you later.
>> No. 443682
Alright, I'll give the signup sheet a look about the skills, but you can be sure she isn't going to be doing any fighting. And she's running the business, as she doesn't have the money for any employees. I'm a bit confused how any rolling would be involved but alright.
>> No. 443694
File 137921466445.png - (372.24KB , 1500x1500 , 82435.png )
Well, there's not supposed to be any fighting going on, it is a slice of life canon~ In fact, the only skill having to do with combat on our big list is...well, 'Combat'.

Since Rutie would have her own shop, she'd need one to five (including stat bonus) points in 'Business Management'.
>> No. 443710
File 137921621592.jpg - (433.35KB , 1000x1417 , 1835.jpg )
On the other hand, if how well her business is doing is not gonna be a plot point of any kind, you can go without stats and skills, of course~
>> No. 443728
Okay, let's give this another try...

Strength: 3 (-1)
Perception: 7 (+2)
Endurance: 4 (±0)
Charisma: 8 (+2)
Intelligence: 5 (+1)
Agility: 5 (+1)
Luck: 3 (-1)

Bluffing: 2
Business Management: 3
Cooking: 3
Performing Arts: 3
Physical Sciences: 1
Visual Arts: 3
Writing: 2
Magic (Power/Sustain/Dexterity): 1/2/3
(if I'm allowed to add some)
Salesmanship (assuming that's not Business Management/Bluffing): 2
Mathematics: 2

Special talent: Yogurt (+2 Cooking, Visual Arts, and Salesmanship with yogurt)

How's that? :)

Last edited at Sat, Sep 14th, 2013 21:09

>> No. 443952
Alright, I'm moving him to Seaddle then.

I should say as in manipulating small amounts of water and ice. As in waterbending. He could draw the water from clouds, or even bodies of water.
>> No. 443969
File 137930968930.gif - (295.47KB , 500x500 , 185877__UNOPT__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_bubble-berry_vibrating_bubbleberry-answers.gif )
Well the main issue with that is that he's a pegasus. And they don't really have that kind of magic. If he was a unicorn perhaps, but as a pegasus... not so much.
>> No. 443975
Actually, the main thing I was thinking is for her shop to become a regular "place". I'll send an application for it once she's approved :)
>> No. 443987
File 137935932563.png - (126.58KB , 1108x827 , 362888.png )
Of course! I'm looking forward to reading it.

As for the character, she seems fine to me, and will be approved once we went over the stats. Bonuses are applied every two points above average (4). That means you get one bonus point for stats that are at a 6, two for stats that are at an 8, and three for stats that are at a 10. Odd stats are rounded down, which means that your bonuses will look as follows.

Strength: 3 (-1)
Perception: 7 (+1)
Endurance: 4 (0)
Charisma: 8 (+2)
Intelligence: 5 (0)
Agility: 5 (0)
Luck: 3 (-1)

You also didn't use all of your 30 skill points. You don't have to, of course, if you think your character is fine like this, I'm just mentioning it.

Any skill can reach a level of 5 including the bonus of the relevant stats. That means that Rutie's charisma of 8 (bonus of 2) would automatically earn her 2 points in skills that are based on charisma alone. And that means she'd only need 3 skill points instead of 5 to reach the level cap for that skill.

Any questions?
>> No. 443988
Ohh, phew. I was honestly wondering if it made sense to have all those plusses!

And yeah, I couldn't think of any other skills she'd have from the list and I could only think of two to make up. Maybe I could leave the extra 3 skill points open and say she learns fast in case she needs to say, quickly learn linguistics or something? (not instantly of course)

Oh, and with the special talent I've chosen it would put her Visual Arts skill at +6 when working with yogurt, but is that a problem if it's her special talent causing it?

Last edited at Mon, Sep 16th, 2013 13:17

>> No. 443995
I should say that he can't create/generate his own water, only manipulate preexisting ones.

I can see what the problem here is, I can't really see what "weather manipulation" really means other than making clouds. I'm thinking that it means manipulating the elements of weather, including air, wing, lightning, water, and perhaps even rainbows.

Then again, this canon doesn't emphasize combat.
>> No. 443996
Perhaps he can do those things, but not just do them. It's been shown pegasi can funnel large amounts of water through tornadoes, so maybe he can use smaller whirlwinds and finesse the air to do that sort of thing? It would probably take more effort and have less control than magic, but I think it's feasible.
>> No. 444015
File 137938819501.png - (232.42KB , 962x472 , 326384__UNOPT__safe_pinkie-pie_spike_rule-63_bubble-berry_barb_spines_barbara_artist-foldawaywin.png )
Well, here's the thing. Pegasi can move clouds and form weather pasterns with enough numbers. They can do the cloud moving on their own. But for him to form ice and other such things on his own just couldn't be. Rarity could do it in the show because she's a unicorn and could move more then once cloud at once. But that's not the kind of power that pegasi have. So you want him to be a weather pony who's special talent is weather manipulation, that's fine. But he could still only move clouds. Not control the water in them.
>> No. 444033
How about this then:

Name + Tripcode: The Shizzle!1TOguFFHvI
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male

Born in Cloudsdale to two engineers, Coral Drift didn't exactly live up to his parents standards. When he was six, he found out he'd rather enjoy messing around with the weather than to learn about science. He begged his parents to let him go to Ponyville for two days because he wanted to help make a tornado strong enough to lift the water from the lake. After reluctancy, his parents decided that perhaps Coral Drift wouldn't exactly live up to their standards and let him proceed.

As he began to take flight during the making of the tornado, he felt the adrenaline of flight, the sheer wind, and the droplets of water as they began to rose. The result was successful and as every pegasi cheered for it, Coral Drift realized that he wanted to work with the weather and so he gained his cutie mark - a water cyclone.

Currently, he is 18 years old and resides in Seaddle, working on the weather team out in the field. He is a shy pony because he had been picked on during his childhood.


Strength: 4
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 9
Luck: 5

Special Talent: Weathermaker (+1 Agility, +1 Intelligence, +1 Weather Manipulation, +1 Flying Speed)

Flying (Speed): 4
Flying (Acceleration): 3
Flying (Maneuver): 3
Weather Manipulation: 4
Demolitions: 2
Visual Arts: 3
Slight of Hoof: 3
Stealth: 3
Acrobatics: 2
Melee Combat: 1
Poisons: 2

I once made a thread on /pony/ discussing the powers of what each pony could have. I'll make a separate thread on /ooc/.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 16th, 2013 23:17

>> No. 444052
File 137939984572.png - (460.21KB , 1121x1112 , 13913__humanized_applejack_suggestive_artist-aeolus06.png )
I'll look over it shortly.

Also, I have received an application for a character named White Lightning. If you're reading this - sorry things are taking so long, I'll put your character page up as soon as I can.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 16th, 2013 23:37

>> No. 444128
How long should this take...?
>> No. 444145
File 137947404483.png - (445.27KB , 2700x1600 , It is on!.png )
Okay, let's see...any skill can be at 5 including any bonus. So if you take that extra point from Visual Arts and put that one're good to go.

So yes, your page is not up yet, but consider yourself approved.
>> No. 444161
Oh, so even a special talent can't put a skill above 5?
>> No. 444860
So where's the most recent thread for this canon?
>> No. 445124
File 138003862786.png - (11.01KB , 200x160 , Generals_Ranger.png )
I'll be considering at this time.
>> No. 445364
File 138017626868.png - (51.34KB , 585x297 , My hands are kind of gay aren't they.png )
This is the most current one but it's kind of frozen right now.
Well feel free to look at the website and send an application in there.
>> No. 445374
File 138019639981.png - (141.86KB , 900x900 , Placeholdername - by Earthed.png )
Any word on how that forest is, yet?
>> No. 445376
File 138020865117.png - (48.98KB , 306x258 , I was cute.png )
Well some things have changed, so go ahead and submit a location though the website and we'll check it out. It'll probably be green lit without any issues.
>> No. 445378
File 138021717400.png - (208.89KB , 518x506 , spike92.png )
I was about to submit it when I brought it up to Vivo, just to make sure there wouldn't be any issues, and he said there was something already in the works. I've been wanting to hear more about it before going much further forward with my character. Haven't heard anything back since, really, other than "Moonshine is on it," or something to that effect when I last asked about it.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 26th, 2013 10:40

>> No. 445379
File 138021735678.png - (112.69KB , 700x700 , 357200__safe_spike_sketch_vulgar_artist-colon-klondike_teenaged%252Bdragon_slur_fizzle_faggot.png )
Well what was in the works is no longer in the works. So submit it and we'll see.
>> No. 445380
File 138021799003.jpg - (149.96KB , 531x406 , nom nom nom.jpg )
Okie dokie. I'll get on that, then.
>> No. 445382
I submitted a sheet for Rutie's yogurt shop :)
>> No. 445387
File 138022895406.png - (5.11KB , 298x340 , MS (7).png )
We'll have a look at it shortly~
>> No. 446469
File 138153477056.jpg - (448.17KB , 680x537 , b97b24823fc6545f6c03dc41806facf9.jpg )
Sorry I haven't submitted the thing about forest yet, Blank/Vivo/whatevermodmightbereadingthis. Life has been... blegh, and the time I did have to work on it was time I didn't want to spend working on it, since my mind at that point was also blegh. Tomorrow, though, I should have it to you. No guarantees, though. You all know how it goes.

Last edited at Fri, Oct 11th, 2013 18:29

>> No. 446501
Name: Lemon Drop
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Description: A dandelion yellow mare with muted real eyes and a straight, light green mane. Lemon Drop makes candy and runs a candy store.

When Lemon Drop was younger, she lived in the suburbs of Seaddle, and had a completely normal childhood. She discovered her cutie mark one day while volunteering to help at the local sweet shop. She is a good friend if you get to know her, but is introverted and hard to reach at first.
Strength: 2
Perception: 6
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5

Ranged Combat: +1
Sweet Making: +3

Special Talent: Making candy. +1 to Sweet Making.

Sorry, don't have a pic.
>> No. 446503
File 138155897545.png - (354.25KB , 816x900 , 68063__.png )
Again, sorry for the delay, Rutie. Your character and shop have their place on our site now!

Hi, Lemon Drop!

Just to make sure, you are aware that you can spend 35 Stat points and 30 skill points, yes?

You don't have to - in fact, you can play with lower or completely without stats too if you like. Just making sure you know.
>> No. 446504
Yeah, I just wanted my character to seem like she would be- a simple candy shop owner.
>> No. 446505
File 138155940422.png - (2.48MB , 1700x2200 , 92637__UNOPT__safe.png )
That's okay then. Looks fine to me, I'll put her page up as long as my productive phase lasts.
>> No. 446506
Yes, Lemon Drop is more of a VANILLA character.
Get it?
>> No. 446507
File 138155994499.png - (730.73KB , 1323x1833 , Cross Stitch1.png )

Done. I have the week off, so if inspiration strikes I might find myself able to draw a picture of Lemon Drop like this one, perhaps inked and colored. No promises though.
>> No. 446508
>> No. 446509
So... Can I just join the thread when I want?
>> No. 446515
Hey, maybe that candy shop can be right near Rutie's Yogurt shop!

Thanks a bunch!

Last edited at Sat, Oct 12th, 2013 09:47

>> No. 446517
File 138159644146.png - (15.82KB , 615x680 , 394841.png )
Well with locations you need to submit them to the website first for approval before they can be used. You have to pick a part of town you want them to be in and all that jazz.
>> No. 446519
File 138160729529.png - (209.07KB , 640x437 , 228658__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_pinkie-pie_tumblr_alicorn_artist-bambooharvester_png.png )
And if you guys want your shop to be next to each other...

Here's the list of parts of towns. Rutie has her shop on Pioneer Square.
>> No. 446531
I'll admit I just picked a location almost at random. I couldn't find anything offering descriptions of what each area is. It all seems a little too meticulous if you ask me. I can't imagine a scenario where having the place mapped out like that would really add to a roleplay.
>> No. 446541
I added mine in West Seaddle last night, but thanks for the offer!
>> No. 446551
File 138162301790.png - (31.06KB , 222x221 , thinking.png )
What should I put down for "District" on the "Create a Spot" submission form for this forest? Just anything since it's not really part of the city proper? I have no clue what I would put down for "Spot type". There are hiking trails and campsites in the more settled and accessible part of the forest, but after that things quickly go to the wilds.

Last edited at Sat, Oct 12th, 2013 17:15

>> No. 446571
So is there a new thread on /rp/ yet, or is the dead one still there?
>> No. 446573
I think we need a new one.
>> No. 446574
File 138163527779.png - (478.90KB , 800x800 , 219190__UNOPT__safe_pinkie-pie_rule-63_bubble-berry_cookies_png.png )
If you guys want to make a thread go for it. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the website as to what you need to put in the op.
>> No. 446582
I think I will tomorrow.
>> No. 446617
I would make a thread, but I have dinner to go to in about an hour.
>> No. 446634
Okay, might make a thread in a bit.
Gotta decide first though.
>> No. 446641
Think I will. See you in the candy shop I guess?
>> No. 446643
I'll jump in tomorrow! :)
>> No. 446644
I messed up the posting, let me retry
>> No. 446646
Okay, the thread is really up now.
>> No. 448283
File 138479756173.png - (281.17KB , 667x600 , this is my good side.png )
So I've been looking over the rules and drawing up the statistics for this guy here
Gave him the base 35 SPECIAL stat points, but I feel that maybe a few could be rounded up to 8, specifically Perception, Intelligence, and Luck. It would only give him 4 extra points, and all other stats are 4 or 3. Would that be alright?

I went ahead and submitted an application anyway without applying what I asked for above, but if you feel these changes are alright, then so much the better.

[Edit] And then I forgot to add the +1 racials to strength and endurance.

Last edited at Mon, Nov 18th, 2013 12:14

>> No. 448465
File 138525093003.png - (327.09KB , 736x733 , may I help you.png )
Talked it over with Blank, and here's his final SPECIAL stats:
S - 4 (3 + 1 race)
P - 8
E - 5 (4 + 1 race)
C - 4
I - 9
A - 4
L - 8
>> No. 450474
File 138835888314.png - (327.09KB , 736x733 , may I help you.png )
So for this guy here I have been coming up with various trinkets and whoozits and things for him to be carrying, and little flavor stories for each of them, some with more history than others, but I'm beginning to hit a wall, and I want to make the pack he has seem properly full for it's size, so:

How much of this Canon's history coincides with show canon? Might there be artifacts from locations mentioned in the show? I mean I know character histories will be different because they grew up in Seaddle instead of Ponyville, but what about history in general?

Last edited at Sun, Dec 29th, 2013 16:15

>> No. 450493
File 138843849243.png - (71.18KB , 469x472 , 6a1043b28e0e5a305a9bb5bd67d885d1.png )
Well that depends. It's kind of on a case to case basis. None of it's set in stone really.
>> No. 450551
File 138870196057.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad_png.png )
Name: Ella B. Banella
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

[This is going to be rather long, and I was hoping that some ponies may be able to help me with the sheet and stats by reading her character and what she is all about. I'm very willing to change things to fit the canon, but I need some help with it.]

Ella was born to a travelling gypsy mare and a strong willed sailor. Because both her parents had such a love of travelling, and neither were willing nore able to settle down together just yet, Ella spent much of her days either travelling with her mother out on the open road, or sailing the mighty sea's with her father when the weather was calm and promising.

At the young age of four, Ella contracted an illness, or rather a parasite, that caused her to become very ill and feverish. She was travelling with her mother at the time, who had stopped at a little pond to take Ella for a swim and cool them both off. Unfortunately while swimming, Ella managed to accidentally swallow some of the water, and with it the parasite. They were days away from any village or town, and though her mother rushed her as fast as she could, by the time she was able to get little Ella to a doctor it was too late. The parasite had caused permanent damage to Ella's eyes, leaving her blind for life.

Needless to say, when Ella's father found out about this, he was furious. In his eyes, he saw Ellas mother as unresponsible and unfit to take care of her, and demanded her to hand over their daughter so he could raise her. After many fights and counciling with their families, Ella was handed over to her father, who quit his sailing job and settled down in a small village to raise her and provide her the oppurtunity to attend a proper school. It would be another six years before Ella would get to visit her mother again.

During those six years, (and for the next three after that), Ella was determined to figure out a way to get her sight back through the only means she could-magic. Every day she spent hours and hours practicing her magic, spells, incantations, anything that she could use to try and bring the light back into her eyes. Finally, after years of attempting what could only be an impossible feat, her father sat her down and explained to her that the type of damage that had been done to her eyes was not something she would ever be able to repair. Something had gone wrong in her brain, not in the eye itself, and ponies simply did not have the knowledge yet to fix something like that. Ella did not like this answer, of course, for it crushed any hope of her ever being able to see again. With tears welling in her eyes, she took her guide dog and ran outside to the little creek in their back yard. Once there, she spent a good long while crying and pouting.

And then something amazing happened.

While sitting and petting her dog, Ella had been thinking very strongly of how much she would have loved to have someone elses eyes, even if it were just the eyes of a dog... Anything would have been better than walking around in the black void that was her world.

Suddenly, an image began to form in her mind. At first it was just a bright light, but then slowly it became clearer. She could see the ground and river before her, bubbling and spurting, and then...herself. She could see herself!, and all at once, she knew what was going on. She was seeing, seeing through her dogs eyes! She had found it! The magic she had been searching for all these years! Sure, it wasn't her own vision she was using, but it was still sight nonetheless. Joy filled her heart, and she ran inside to tell her father. She was thirteen at the time.

When she turned fourteen, she had grown enough in maturity to demand that her father let her have visits with her mother, argueing that she was no longer a little filly, and for the most part she could take care of herself. Her father reluctantly agreed, and for the next four years Ella spent a life of travelling for months at a time with her mother, seeing the many lands of Equestria, and between breaks helping her father pick his sailing career back up. Because of her split life style, she learned a great many things of the world and cultures, and her knowledge of the land-both country and city-grew great. Not to mention she wasn't a half bad hoof to have aboard a ship. Her love of travelling continued on in her heart, and at the age of eighteen she set off on her own adventure, ready to find her own destiny and life in the great unknown.

Now Ella spends much of her time as a free spirit, travelling from one town to another, always managing to find a bit of work to keep her going. With a bit of knowledge passed down from her mother, she has an easy and alluring singing voice combined with a bit of exotic dancing that she uses to perform on busy streets to earn herself a few bits when she needs them. From her father she learned the satisfying feeling of a hard work day, and is never squeamish about getting her hooves dirty if the job calls for it.

Though the lifestyle of travelling on the open road has made her strong and tuff, it has also taught her a few harsh lessons, and thrown onto her a few bad habits. As one may expect, a blind mare can be easily taken advantage of at times-so Ella often never travels far without a pistol strapped to her side, and her trusty German Shepherd companion, Tykki. Though a poison to the body, alcohol was often a soothing medicine to her soul, and kept her warm on more than a few nights. She can often be caught in taverns and pubs when she has nothing better to do, and more than often this has landed her in a spot of trouble.

Everyone has their vices though, and for all her bad quirks, Ella is an often easy-going, easy to love, and easy to laugh type of pony.

Ok now that I got the sheet done, I do have some questions

First question though, and probably the most important, is whether or not you guys allow slow posters. I can't guarantee that I can be on every day, or even every week, as I work a LOOOOOT and sometimes can't get back online for up to a month. If you guys have any other slow posters around, or have a slower thread I might be able to join, I would really prefer that.

My other question was on the level of violence and seriousness allowed in the thread. Her particular story has some rather rough, 'real life' type of situations that have happened to her in the past that might be too harsh for a show atmosphere, so I can dumb those down, leave them out completely, or just be very gentle on the description when, and if, they ever come up.

And my last question is-are booze, cursing (potty mouths), and weapons such as her pistol even exceptable in this canon?

Also sorry for sad pic, but it's the most accurate one I have of her XD
>> No. 450661
File 138897131464.jpg - (81.46KB , 439x573 , Jack_Spicer_by_LigerNekoka_by_JackSpicerFans.jpg )
Hmm... Well first of all, I have to say I love this character.

Second, booze is cool in this canon, bad words are though we try to keep it PG-13 most of the time dropping an Fbomb from time to time doesn't hurt anything. As for guns... I think that's the only thing I'm going to have to say isn't okay. Just wouldn't fit in with the canon we're having all too well.

As for Violence we want to keep that PG-13ish too and not have it be the main focus of the canon. Fighting is allowed, but it's not the goal here.

Now, as for stats and stuff, this is kind of a toughy for me. Her skill in magic, the being able to see through the eyes of her dog (And maybe other animals I'm not sure and would love some clarification on that) is really powerful and unique. But at the same time I don't really see it giving her much of an advantage over others. So I'm going to need to think about that one and talk with the other admins of the canon on how they feel about it to figure it out. But anyway, that would imply she has strong magic, but she's also strong physically as you said. So it seems like she might be a bit too strong and jack of all tradish.

So the stats are kind of hard since she'd only get 35 to spend, being an OC and what not. So you might need/want to tweak that a bit and focus her more on one or the other. But I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard.

All in all I really like this character and would love to see her in the canon and interact with her myself.
>> No. 450662
File 138897269630.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , ella.png )
Ok, so I get what your saying on the strength. I figure personally, and how I often play her, that she isn't so much strong as durable, as one might be from constantly walking miles upon miles almost every day, or every other week/month because she rarely settles down for more than a few months in any one town. If given the chance, I usually don't play her as overpowering any pony, especially not a stallion, unless they are pretty weak, but rather she can hold her own in a way. I try and play her as realistically as possible for a 'pony', so I figure, ok how would a fit person deal with a scary situation in which their adrenaline is pumping? Ok, ya, they may be a bit stronger for a while and tougher, but more than likely they won't be able to hold there own against someone trained in fighting, or just stronger than them. Like if a fit women went up against a strong guy, likely she'll be able to defend herself, but a good blow to the gut is going to drop her to her knees.

Now, that being said, I'm fine with dropping her strength level as I honestly don't intend to go looking for fight scenes. I just like explaining my thoughts behind it ^_^

Ok magic-ya that I was wondering if I should have explained better as well. So, this may be too much for this canon as well, but here's how I have developed her magic from other canons stories.

Her magic is more of a telepathic type than a physical type, so she can only see out of animals [and other ponies] who have similar types of vision. She has in the past attempted to look through other animals eyes, such as snakes, and failed because it was too alien to her brain and very disorientating. Unless she learns to strengthen her magic and focus in it, then this will likely always be a problem for her. It just makes her physically ill to try and see such a different sight, and it almost can't be comprehended by her brain.

Now, (again this is from other canons), the magic that she discovered also has another kind of unexpected side affect. When she started learning how to use it, she was unskilled and could not handle it very well, and she ended up picking up strong emotions and intents from whomevers eyes she was using. This ended up becoming a problem when using it on other ponies because she could feel their emotions while trying to use her magic, and if they were angry/very scared, it would affect her as much as it would affect the pony she was using. With animals [like dogs] it was much easier to handle because they had simpler emotions, such as happy, sad, threatening, those types of things. With ponies she felt the full scope of the emotion and she would get overwhelmed, so what she did was practice strictly on dogs for years until she finally refined her magic to the point that she could block the emotions and feelings out like one might tune out a background noise. She does this often now, because she feels like she is invading ponies privacy a bit, but every now and then she likes to sit in public places and just kind of 'taste' the atmosphere by going from one pony to the next. In one of these instances, she was actually able to befriend someone who was feeling very depressed and about to kill themselves, and she helped them get through it.

She is still masturing her ability, but recently, and because she worked with dogs for so long, she has found a way to pass back a bit of her own feelings to animals. She can't tell them an exact command, but instead give them a simple feeling that she projects from herself, such as calm or focus, and in this way she has better been able to train her guide dogs. She has yet to come close to expressing any feelings to another pony, partly because she is afraid of forcing any kind of control over anyone. Instead she tries to be charismatic and use her words to get ponies to do what she wants.

Ok, I hope I explained that all clearly XD

Last edited at Sun, Jan 5th, 2014 18:49

>> No. 450663
File 138897320298.png - (178.01KB , 500x500 , Evil_Boy_Genius__Jack_Spicer_by_skull_kid135j.png )
Hmm... Well. Honestly that's a pretty cool idea and I really like it. Though, the idea of her being able to be in other ponies' minds is a little off putting and a pretty big nono for most rp in my book. So if you'd be alright with her not being able to do that and keeping it to animals only, that would be okay I think. Again I'll need to talk it over with the other admins and see how they feel about it.

As for the strength thing that does make sense yeah. I'm sure we can get the stats hammered out in such a way that it fits the character and the canon.

I really do like the idea of that magic though. It's a very original idea.
>> No. 450664
File 138897422583.jpg - (61.24KB , 888x882 , ella cute.jpg )
Sweet! Ya, I've come along way from the red and black, batpony, sad tragic back story that I had when I first joined this chan about three years ago XD

The blindness was what started my idea for her, but from finally giving in and listening to critique from people, I started basing a lot of her actual character on choices I might make, and things I might do in real life.

And ya, I'm fine with limiting it to animals. I do have one request though if everyone is ok with it, and only because it had something to do with her past, would it be ok if instead of willingly being able to pick up on emotions, if instead she feels them rarely when somepony is feeling a very, very strong emotion towards her?
>> No. 450665
File 138897451178.jpg - (71.06KB , 714x1119 , Jack_Spicer_by_hielorei.jpg )
Well... I'd think that would depend on the player your playing with and how they feel about it. You'd have to ask them before doing it. And there would probably need to be some rolling involved.
>> No. 450666
Ya, definitely.

I wouldn't even say it's something that has a high chance of happening, because the thing that happened to her in the past was with someone whom she was very attached to and had known for years, so the relationship she had effected it quite a bit
>> No. 450667
File 138897483436.jpg - (118.80KB , 453x467 , Jack_Spicer_by_kasumi_inugami.jpg )
Well that makes a bit more sense too. All in all I say she's a good character. And I'd enjoy interacting with her very much. We'll figure the stats out at some point soon once I get the chance to chat with the other mods about her.

Also, do you have a steam account?
>> No. 450668
No, but I have a skype: Ella.blarg

And I'm in no rush, after today I probably won't be able to get on much for a few days...or a week. Just depends on how my work goes
>> No. 450682
File 138904120474.jpg - (537.99KB , 1280x1536 , 137046 - artist-animecreator Discord steampunk suit throne.jpg )
Alright, let's see what we have here...

I agree with my colleague here, guns are pretty much a nono, as they don't really fit the tone of the canon. I had the idea of setting up a paintball arena, but I think that's as far as we'd allow them.

Everything else seems fine to me, really. Ella's abilities are not too out there, and they're explained well enough in her backstory. I honestly don't see a problem with using animals' eyes to see via magic - it's something unique that we haven't seen before, yes, but fine with me.

As for her possessing somewhat powerful magic and physical strength...or rather endurance, as you said, there is nothing wrong with it. Since you have 35 points to spend on 7 stats, there really isn't a way you could overpower your character - and let's not forget that you have skill points too. How strong or weak Ella's magic is is not decided by high stats...they just give you a small head start if her INT is high enough.

Ooooooor...something we like to forget...

You don't have to give her any stats at all! Just play her as you'd like with the guidelines you've been given: hitchiking animals' eyes only, occasional Precision F-strikes are fine, violence kept on PG-13 level.
>> No. 450683
File 138904221465.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella happy face.png )
Ok, so how about I start by playing her with no stats, and if I do end up playing in situations where it may be more convenient to have them, I come back and do a stat sheet? Also, I wasn't quite clear on what you meant by the Precision F-strikes.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 8th, 2014 12:13

>> No. 450685
File 138904665087.jpg - (22.08KB , 256x250 , 1372410003611.jpg )
F-Bombs Ella, F-Bombs.
>> No. 450690
File 138904925114.jpg - (211.01KB , 851x315 , black and white alone boy facebook cover-.jpg )
>> No. 450693
File 138907548298.jpg - (371.63KB , 1080x1920 , dPwTZ5K.jpg )
Someone needs to read around on TVTropes more.
>> No. 450698
File 138920830013.gif - (4.86KB , 125x125 , applebroom.gif )
Perhaps I should

also, does this mean I'm excepted? :D
>> No. 451037
File 138956380955.png - (73.36KB , 800x1000 , jack_spicer_by_elixirmy-d4ksev9.png )
Sorry for the very late reply. You've got two out of three approval here so I say you're good. We'll cross the stat bridge if and when we come to it. I'll get your character page up sometime today.
>> No. 451076
File 138965560879.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , ella.png )
Sweet! Awesome! Now uh...where do I go from here? XD
>> No. 451077
File 138965579649.jpg - (118.80KB , 453x467 , Jack_Spicer_by_kasumi_inugami.jpg )
Well... find a Tecc thread that's open and hop in. Or make your own! Just make sure to read the rules on the website first.
>> No. 451081
Well shoot, I guess I'll try that Thar be Dragons one after I make a sandwhich. Would you want to rp in it with me? I'm going to be a pretty slow poster, just to warn ya XD
>> No. 455976
File 140683373289.png - (244.75KB , 721x551 , 9zGhR.png )
Is... Is this still alive? =O

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