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#Limited #Canon: Lands of the North #Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Welcome mares and stallion, to the Lands of the North! A brand spankin new canon full of Mystery, Drama, ADVENTURE!, and of course the occasional wise crack!

So pull up a seat! Grab a stack of hay to munch on, and as always, don't forget your helmet! It's going to be a WILD RIDE!

It has been a hundred years since Celestia overthrew Discord and took the throne. Peace and love have spread throughout the lands of Equestria once more, but tolerance is still elusive. The three tribes: Earth, Pegasi, and Unicorn, have only just ended their long held onto disputes, and only in recent years have begun to explore their new lands.

Being so new to the throne, and having such a vast kingdom to govern, Celestia has decided to send individual groups of ponies out across the lands of Equestria to explore and gather knowledge of the lands and it's people.

This is where you will come in.

You have been selected, or perhaps you weaseled your way on?, to board a special vessel named The Adamantine. You will be part of a crew sent to explore the cold northern lands of Equestria where few ponies believe to be present. Whether this myth was true or not however, you would soon find out, for harrowing adventures and trials await the crew of the Adamantine. Only the bravest and most durable will survive this exploration, and live to tell the tale.


Sign up process:

We would like a character sheet that includes the following-name, age, description, short bio, some of your characters traits and weaknesses. Characters should not be jacks of all trades, being able to do everything and be everywhere at once. They should have main profession and possibly a few off ones, along with any weaknesses they may have. It should be mentioned that godmodding will not be tolerated, and if you have any questions about what godmodding is, please don't hesitate to ask!

Posting quality is valued in here, but will not involve strict guidelines. We are looking to have a paragraph or more for most scenes, but we understand that people have brain farts sometimes, or that a heavy dialogue scene might make it difficult to add a lot of content. We would like you to try and judge for the most part, adding nice heavy character development and description when it is appropriate, and backing off when it is not.

~When you are making your character sheet, please try to summarize a reason for why they might have been chosen to board the ship to explore the lands, or why they might be trying to get on.~

Now, on a side note, only one canon character has been taken by myself-Vinyl Scratch. Though I am looking to mostly fill this with ocs, if you are looking to play a canon character I just want you to keep in mind this is not modern day Equestria, so you will have to adjust the character accordingly. I also expect you to be able to have a basic grasp of the characters personality, and be able to show it, if it is a main character.

The officers of the thread will by myself and Dr. Cuore/Smooth. We will oversee the sign up process and approve/deny characters. If we deny your character, we will give reasons why and help you to improve them if you wish.

As always, have fun~
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>> No. 436938
File 137607695855.jpg - (206.48KB , 649x638 , 1372025365935.jpg )

I think Solaus and Tall Tale would get along.

I, personally, like him.

I'm going to accidentally call him Solaris at first, though, so prepare yourself.
>> No. 436989
I've made that mistake too many times already. :|
>> No. 437011
File 137609182998.jpg - (17.84KB , 400x300 , four-aces.jpg )
Alright bear with me because I never created an OC pone before, so I will be operating on nice unfamiliar and probably mine filled territory here.

Name: Simoleander Qualming

Age: 19

Description: Simoleander Qualming is a dusky gray coated earth pony; his mane and tail are a deep blue caught in a state of greasy style found mostly in swindlers and riverboat gamblers. He wears a dusty suit that looks like it might have been looted from a funeral, which it has, and a corduroy red tie which would look far more suitable on the decrepit than on a young stallion. His eyes are of a hazel persuasion, and are according to most, far sharper than his suit.

Biography: Simoleander Qualming began his life with two loving parents, who promptly fell onto hard times. Simoleander was regretfully put up for adoption and has lived his life in a myriad of orphanages. He does not remember his parents, and attributes no great love to them; however he does occasionally wonder what it must be like to have them. His life during and after the orphanage was mostly a rudimentary education on how, “Life is not in any way fair, and that you would just have to deal with it.” Simoleander also learned that because life is not fair, no one except the snooty and self righteous would look down on you for evening the odds a little. His main career consists of various forms of clever crime. The rigging of poker games, stealing of anything not nailed down and valuable, and the occasional spy job. He recently undertook a job to “Modify” a few choice words of a Griffon treaty. Suffice to say Simoleander got in hot water with the people employing him after he ratted them out to the Princesses, he was hoping they would not have anypony willing to follow him into dangerous and new territory. The only problem with this plan for him was, he was going into dangerous new territory.

Skills to Pay Simoleander’s Bills,

Know When to Hold Em’: Simoleander knows when you can’t win, you run away so you can get an advantage later, instead of being beaten to a pulp now.

Gamblin’ Man: Simoleander has a good understanding of probability and has dabbled in Quantum mechanics, mostly to pad out his card counting skills.

Sneaky Simolean: Sneaky enough to get around most places without being seen, and if not that, most ponies don’t think enough of him to recall him well.

School of Hard Knocks: Simoleander can take a beating, or two, maybe even three if nobody has the bright idea of kicking him in the fork.

A Real Charmer: Simoleander has gradually learned that the best way to beat ‘em, it to have them join you.

The Odds Stacked Against Simoleander,

Practical to a Fault: That suit we mentioned was stolen from a funeral earlier? We are not kidding, Simoleander sometimes thinks without reference to feelings, it may lead to tension between him and people who have lots of money they don’t need.

Not Your Little Friend: Simoleander was deserted by quite a few people in his life, and thusly does not trust as easily as mot Equestrians.

I Don’t Want Any Trouble: Simoleander will only fight if he can’t charm his way out of any given situation, and even then he refuses to flat out murder anypony.

For reference his cutie mark is a hoof of four Aces with a smoking bullet hole through one of them.
>> No. 437017
File 137609264939.png - (312.12KB , 694x690 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 1.png )
If you need a one-time antagonist (or perhaps something longer term if you prefer), Dulset Tarn the kelpie/sea siren might add some welcome peril to the adventure. She's a low-class monster, so she shouldn't pose a huge risk to the crew.

I'm not sure if I should put in a character sheet being an antagonist (so as not to ruin any surprises or things the party should have to figure out on their own), but if asked I'll submit one. I have all her capabilities worked out in my head already.

If events turn to allow it, I/she might even stick around for a while :)
>> No. 437027
I like it. His backstory and reason to be on the boat blend well and make plenty of sense, and you've brushed up the sheet a little.

Albeit a bit clunky, I'll toss this an approval.

Ah, Doctor, Doctor...

'Snot bad for a first sheet, I'll give you that. Bit of a Mary Sue past, but I like his character. Tells us plenty about him, this sheet does. ...As soon as I find out if this guy has wings or a horn (or nothing), I'll toss it an approval.


Vinyl may only be accepting one of you; they've planned for a character limit, and we may only be able to squeeze one more in. Not to mention that we've yet to figure out how we're to get you on the ship, since it has already left.
>> No. 437029
File 137609486625.png - (221.19KB , 779x830 , 135537213169.png )
Not to be a huge nitpicking arse, but you might want to give the first sentence of his description another read chief. There is a phrase in there which specifies he is an Earth Pone, of the hornless and wingless variety.
Image completely irrelevant but groovalicious.
>> No. 437031
...I read that as 'pony' instead of 'earth pony' twice before I saw it.

I think I'm blind.
>> No. 437042
File 137609878348.jpg - (65.74KB , 563x800 , 195b382e124d9079d457e4eb9b2d6e19.jpg )
My dear, I will most definitely keep you in mind. From what I have seen of your character around rp, I may very well have use for her in the near future. I will contact you if an event comes up that you could play in :)

Ok...You two..

So, after a long day of brooding over this, and getting a chance to see your guy's character sheets while at work, I have made my decision.

I am going to give an approval to lights character, and unfornately have to deny Dr.Whooves. Let me explain why.

I like both of you characters. I do, and at first I was going to deny both of you because I could not choose between the two. HOWEVER, Light has shown some real effort in trying to join this canon, and though I am sure you are a good rper Doctor, I feel that you will have a much easier time joining another canon.

I feel like Lights character will fit better in my canon, and on top of that I want to give him a chance. I feel like he may not be a top notch, 'everyone wants him in their canon' type of rper, but I also feel as if he is in the stage where he can really begin to improve on his writing, and I would honored for him to become a better rper and writer through our little canon here.

You are always welcome back at any time Doctor, if ever we do another role call. I do apologies for putting you through any hassle.

Now, Mr/Miss Light. I only want you to do one thing before I get you set up in the canon. I want you to take a look and read my post here. You don't have to respond to it or make any comments on it, I just want you to read it and take it to heart.

After you read that, please contact me through my skype:


If you have one and I will help you get set up.
>> No. 437043
File 137609895538.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
I have an idea or two if you like, would you mind if I contacted you on Skype to talk about them? :)
>> No. 437049
Nope, go right ahead my dear. I'll send you Smooths account as well, as he is my co dm. Or we could make a three way chat
>> No. 437050
File 137609953977.png - (95.25KB , 900x858 , doctor_whooves_by_wolfbane_chan-d4dnwvu.png )
No hard feelings Vinyl, and if ever you need me I shall be at your beck and call.
I thank you all for your time and consideration of myself as a candidate for this canon, and even though I did not make the cut, I wish you all the best of luck.
>> No. 437052
A three way?

...Do I even need to make the joke here?
>> No. 437055
Only if I get to bring the rope to the joke~
>> No. 437065
Apologies; Vinyl's Skype is useless. She can't get anything done, it's so complicated.

Mine, however, is easy to use.

May I have your info?
>> No. 437066
Dulset Tarn
>> No. 437069
File 137610364121.png - (136.49KB , 937x1112 , 2_ Dulset huh by Prince Bluelolz.png )
By the way, is this supposed to be like an RPG (rolls for combat and actions), or like a collaborative narrative (just descriptions of actions and players decide the results on their own), or something in between?
>> No. 437072
I think we'll be using rolls as little as possible, as I want to this to be as close to story/narrating as we can get
>> No. 437074
File 137610425468.png - (135.61KB , 937x1069 , 2_ Dulset happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Good choice, that's my favorite kind of RP.
>> No. 437196
File 137617054620.jpg - (27.75KB , 513x397 , vinyl-scratch.jpg )
>> No. 437221
I apologize, I probably should have told you I'd be busy all today. But I'll be available all day tomorrow, so hopefully the crew will have set sail by then if they haven't already!
>> No. 437222
File 137618601526.png - (705.85KB , 833x1280 , 102482 - artist-smittyG vinyl_scratch.png )
Well, it may stil be a while before we can get to those plans, as I am not sure exactly what Smooth has decided for the next event, or who is doing it just yet, so don't be in too much of a hurry. It takes us hours between posts lol
>> No. 437226
File 137618810009.jpg - (142.83KB , 900x900 , 10778__applejack_safe_artist-johnjoseco_mud_bandage.jpg )
Sorry for the lack of posting today. Ended up a we bit busy over the weekend it seems.

Though plenty of free time over the week so no worries I'll catch up <3~

I'll probably be posting some later tonight. May have to uh, make some actions be retroactive after giving things a quick glance

Last edited at Sat, Aug 10th, 2013 19:38

>> No. 437252
It's ok man, me and Tall Tale are going to be pretty busy tonight as well, but if you could fit a post in that would be awesome! Don't rush though, of course. Just if you get time and feel like it, I did kind of call Goldie out.

You are playing Goldie right?

>Is going to take me a while to get used to all these names
>> No. 437300
Yes I'm playing Goldy~
>> No. 437319
File 137623528480.png - (133.13KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset smile.png )
I haven't been able to read up on all that's happened yet. Can I get a little synopsis on the story so far? Has the crew just been meeting each other or has anything important happened?
>> No. 437320
File 137623597441.gif - (171.55KB , 300x312 , 136897378149.gif )
Nothing complex I'm afraid since we've only just started. The boat hasn't even left the dock yet.

Pretty much the group got together on the boat, captain started giving people a tour; most ponies just making comments about what they were shown, not much chance for them to intermingle yet.

Then said Captain decided to fire a cannon as a demonstration;Since Cannons would be unusual things to some of the ponies in an era like this.

He also did this without making sure nothing was in that cannons range of fire.... and hit an adjacent ponyship on the dock so YEAH. Bit of a fail right there. Past little bit has mostly been folks helping very wet dazed ponies out of the ocean

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 08:48

>> No. 437374
File 137624830494.png - (159.00KB , 900x750 , dj_pon3_vinyl_scratch__mov_style_by_popuicat-d5b8ew1.png )
Ya were still at the docks. Maybe five minutes have passed in game. It wont be moving fast for a while I don't think, seeing as we all get about 3 to 4 posts in in a day
>> No. 437376
File 137624964242.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Dang... Well I hope I'm around when it starts moving...
>> No. 437377
Ugh I hate when I have to post from the phone cause I can't make nice long posts. Freakin thing is so hard to edit and god forbid if the chan eats my post
>> No. 437387
File 137626045234.jpg - (64.88KB , 350x350 , preview.jpg )
Well this turned out to be quite adorable. Though very 'Filly stage' rather than full grown mare as Goldy is now, but that's sort of the artists style.

Might Grab another down the line for the sake of something that looks more older/traditional FIM but that can wait for now

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 15:36

>> No. 437443
She's adorable X3
>> No. 438153
File 137636598509.png - (61.17KB , 1300x1300 , Dulset Lurk.png )
So zetta slow...
>> No. 438423
File 137643849574.jpg - (112.01KB , 800x800 , 0cb80b4db44f6ab9149ba70bbec48606.jpg )

Option A would be the best choice between the two, in my opinion. If a choice is to be made.
>> No. 438496
File 137645149999.jpg - (100.39KB , 615x800 , 59278534a51b1f1afaa959f066ec4b24.jpg )
Everyone in this canon please roll a D20. I'm TOTALLY not stealing and altering something a friend did to us a long time ago in another rp...

Also, don't ask cause ya don't get's ta know. It's for future plans >D

Don't you spoil it Smiggs D<
...not even sure if you remember doing it XD

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 20:48

>> No. 438497
I must say, I am a pro at dice...

d20 = 13
>> No. 438498
1d20 = 8
>> No. 438499
testin as I forgot how to rolls lol

d20 = 10
>> No. 438500
File 137645172758.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Am I included in this?
d20 = 18
>> No. 438501
File 137645174343.jpg - (40.56KB , 650x380 , 3163--crossoverhumanJeopardyparodyphotoshoptwilight_sparkle.jpg )
Okay~ rolling

1d20 = 6
>> No. 438502
>> No. 438536
File 137645558555.jpg - (5.64KB , 266x190 , 1365032826129.jpg )
1d20 = 6
>> No. 438695
1d21 = 11
>> No. 439043
File 137677002023.png - (338.08KB , 800x850 , 1376752789_glo-in-the-dark_flowah_field.png )
Here we go: Another picture of Galloping Goldy

Much nearer to the standard FiM style I think. Happy with how this one came out might have to see about getting it colored.


And random song from a horribly pretentious anime <3~
>> No. 439978
File 137714081751.png - (182.33KB , 854x936 , 137643378476.png )
I was going to do this later, but I don't think I'll get time. So, we need to figure out our schedules again, at least for the next week. I'm thinking this coming weekend-Friday/Saturday-, try and get everyone on around the evening to get some posts in? If this weekends not going to work, please let me know guys.

I won't be home from work till around 6 pacific time, so if we could try and all get on around that time it would be awesome.

Again, let me know whats up and if this isn't going to work so I can plan a bit better!

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 440030
File 137718868200.gif - (65.89KB , 255x255 , 43603__safe_animated_scootaloo_apple%252Bbloom_sweetie%252Bbelle_cutie%252Bmark%252Bcrusaders_tu.gif )
Friday and Saturday you say? I'm off both those days so that works fine with me. I also have no life which helps.

Monday I'm busy though, got a Chrono Trigger game to attend. The rest of the week I should be available most days 7PM EST or later.
>> No. 441861
File 137794888489.png - (185.43KB , 800x450 , 800px-Twilight_face_hoof_not_groomed_bed-head.png )
Oh dear seems I have some posts to catch up on.

I'll probably be posting sometime in the evening or so;It's the last weekend of the Summer thus the store has been rather crazy busy with them giving me long shifts. SO I AM THE TIRED

For the best I suppose, could use the hours given they're going to be cut in half for the sake of Uni for the next three months.
>> No. 443123
>> No. 444212
File 137948892149.png - (474.00KB , 738x1082 , the_boat_that_rocked_by_staticwave12-d4dfz5q.png )
>> No. 447301
File 138274626079.png - (34.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 01.png )
You've got me Interested. I have two characters that could be in this rp. One a Protagonist, the other Antagonist.
>> No. 447402
Sorry I'm so slow, I'll check this out in a bit, though I might have to say no. Technically i wanted a limited number of players, but one kind of quit/is very slow, so I might have a spot open.

If you didn't already, go ahead and skim through this ooc and check out some of my important posts, will explain a lot, and we like posters to long post as often as they can, but it is not a definite requirement for EVERY post

if you are still interested after that, go ahead and post a character sheet for both your characters, and if you can, try and add some detail to it so I can see how your writing is :)

don't worry, we're not crazy strict, we just don't short, undetailed posts like you see in doughnut bar and AOS. Not that they are bad, we just like to write in more detail

Last edited at Mon, Oct 28th, 2013 13:54

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