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#Limited #Canon: Lands of the North #Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Welcome mares and stallion, to the Lands of the North! A brand spankin new canon full of Mystery, Drama, ADVENTURE!, and of course the occasional wise crack!

So pull up a seat! Grab a stack of hay to munch on, and as always, don't forget your helmet! It's going to be a WILD RIDE!

It has been a hundred years since Celestia overthrew Discord and took the throne. Peace and love have spread throughout the lands of Equestria once more, but tolerance is still elusive. The three tribes: Earth, Pegasi, and Unicorn, have only just ended their long held onto disputes, and only in recent years have begun to explore their new lands.

Being so new to the throne, and having such a vast kingdom to govern, Celestia has decided to send individual groups of ponies out across the lands of Equestria to explore and gather knowledge of the lands and it's people.

This is where you will come in.

You have been selected, or perhaps you weaseled your way on?, to board a special vessel named The Adamantine. You will be part of a crew sent to explore the cold northern lands of Equestria where few ponies believe to be present. Whether this myth was true or not however, you would soon find out, for harrowing adventures and trials await the crew of the Adamantine. Only the bravest and most durable will survive this exploration, and live to tell the tale.


Sign up process:

We would like a character sheet that includes the following-name, age, description, short bio, some of your characters traits and weaknesses. Characters should not be jacks of all trades, being able to do everything and be everywhere at once. They should have main profession and possibly a few off ones, along with any weaknesses they may have. It should be mentioned that godmodding will not be tolerated, and if you have any questions about what godmodding is, please don't hesitate to ask!

Posting quality is valued in here, but will not involve strict guidelines. We are looking to have a paragraph or more for most scenes, but we understand that people have brain farts sometimes, or that a heavy dialogue scene might make it difficult to add a lot of content. We would like you to try and judge for the most part, adding nice heavy character development and description when it is appropriate, and backing off when it is not.

~When you are making your character sheet, please try to summarize a reason for why they might have been chosen to board the ship to explore the lands, or why they might be trying to get on.~

Now, on a side note, only one canon character has been taken by myself-Vinyl Scratch. Though I am looking to mostly fill this with ocs, if you are looking to play a canon character I just want you to keep in mind this is not modern day Equestria, so you will have to adjust the character accordingly. I also expect you to be able to have a basic grasp of the characters personality, and be able to show it, if it is a main character.

The officers of the thread will by myself and Dr. Cuore/Smooth. We will oversee the sign up process and approve/deny characters. If we deny your character, we will give reasons why and help you to improve them if you wish.

As always, have fun~
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>> No. 431333
We are only taking a max number of six players. I can't keep up with any more than that, sorry.

And we may be a bit slow to respond with things. I am a very busy pony at home.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 18th, 2013 13:33

>> No. 431344
Not to mention your wisdom teeth. Yikes.

Going to pull up my character sheet for the captain fairly quick here. Just need to buff out a few things here and there and it should be good to go! Don't have any pictures quite yet, but hopefully I'll manage to get one soon.
>> No. 431346
Captain W. Mast

A hardy old grey-blue earth pony, Captain Mast is a pioneer in sea exploration. Sailing the sea was almost unheard of, until very recently Celestia had made a decision to explore beyond their lands. W. Mast, thinking he has what it takes to lead a crew that will go down in history, stepped up, and has been hoof-picked by Celestia to take the position of a captain.

The man is as he looks. He’s old, and is limited as to what he can do physically. This isn't to say he can’t do anything, however; the man still has some meat on his bones. He could likely beat one or two of the younger crew members in a foreleg-wrestling match, if he put all of his effort into it -- but, this isn't how it used to be. The stories he tells, often labeled as… ‘Fabrications’, by the crew members, say that he must have been quite the manly-man in his day. Sadly, those times are long gone, lost in history.

Even with his weakened, old muscles, he can still do a few things. He can lift some moderately heavy objects (Such as cannonballs) for a short time, he can fire his flintlock pistol, and he can steer through a storm. As to raising an anchor, loading cargo, or swinging a sword? One of the swabbies will bet you 5 bits if he does so without pulling a muscle or breaking something.

However, his physical abilities are not what Celestia had chosen him for. He's wise, and knows how to be a leader. He’s very trustworthy, and always knows what he’s doing (or, so he says). He knows how to keep his crew in line without pushing them over the line, and, most importantly, he knows how to grit his teeth and pull through tough times when they come. Although he is ignorant, arrogant, and just downright cruel at some times, he’ll never break an oath, and he’ll do what he thinks is best for the ship and its crew. …Unless his crew member is a pegasus. He doesn't like pegasi at all.

Other than how to sail a boat and keep crew members in line, he doesn't know how to do much else. He might be able to apply some rough first aid in a pinch and make something that's edible if he's starving, but other than that, he's practically useless. He hasn't gone to school, and he hasn't been taught many things by others. His willingness to learn might have something to do with this, as well as the fact he now has a crew to do most of his bidding. But, he may have a change of heart, under the right circumstances...

I’ll leave the rest for everyone to discover as we go, because opening a present before the party isn't fun.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 18th, 2013 15:10

>> No. 431376
Hey, just messaging in to say that I'm considering a character sheet in here.

As of current I am juggling between either a Pegasus stallion part of a demolition and mining company, or part of a logging company.

I will do a bit of thinking and try and make a character sketch for him when I get a chance.
>> No. 431377
Looking forward to seeing it. I will try and have my character sheet written up by tomorrow, but knowing me it may be a few days.
>> No. 431378
>A few days

No kidding. You're like a june bug in molasses.


:3 Just kidding. I love you.

Anyways, what do you think of my sheet?
>> No. 431440
File 137429167245.png - (216.22KB , 894x893 , vinyl_scratch_by_vanillecream-d59g1lh.png )
Silently judging you >:¢

I like him a lot, and I'm interested in how Vinyl and him will get along. I'm also really interested to see what goes down if a pegausis joins the crew XD

Can you do me a favor and put this in the canon compendium? I can't copy links from my phone, and my teeth are making it impossible to focus and try to advertise this baby
>> No. 431457
>Canon compendium

...The what?
>> No. 431736
Uh, nevermind lol. Meant the announcement thread. Ill do the compendium later
>> No. 432629
Alright, it's up. Hope this thing gets rolling soon.
>> No. 433042
I have a few questions before I plan a character sheet. I just want to make sure my bio doesn't conflict to what doesn't exist.
What are the relations with griffins before and after celestia's rule?
I am confused, are ships and sailing the seas pretty common on the shores? Or did ships start to become popular all the sudden?
Are there drugs, alcohol involved in the canon? Or is it strictly MLP related with violence?
Is it okay with giving some sort of name for the character? Of course not the most popular pony in equestria. But just title he'd been given in the parts he hails from. By now you know my possible character will be a stallion.
>> No. 433063
File 137488508092.jpg - (228.89KB , 1920x1080 , 137278309990.jpg )
this is kind of an update along with a reply. I have the rest of the afternoon off so I will have my character sheet done by tonight.

As for you questions, i'm going to have to do a bit of research on the griffon thing, as in all honesty, I actually haven't watched much of the show or keep up with the fandom except for this chan. If Dr.Core does not disagree, I say yes to the alcohol, as I can't imagine the sailors without their grog XD

Personally I think it would be fine to be well known in the town that he is from, but that's just my vote.

As for ships sailing, well, I guess they might not have been, and possibly still aren't, popular. But seeing as it is the means of travel around this time, I don't believe it would matter unless you asking strictly for story reasons.
>> No. 433079
I was thinking the character has experience as a sailor, or in this case, a pirate. Was also going to tie poor relations with the griffins, but that is another pointless off story. If the cards can't be played, then I have a far simpler idea for a character.

And another note, yes, I do have experience with RP.
>> No. 433086
Well, first off, I'm going to say it's a big yes to alcohol. It'd be very, very common in this time, and the captain likely has crates upon crates of rum and grog in his ship.

As to gryphons, I'd say they'd be at a politically neutral relationship. Sure, there's no war, but they sure as hell don't like each other that much. It would only make sense with the gryphons' generally violent nature and the ponies' apparent racism in the past. But, wars at this point wouldn't make much sense. Celestia would be smarter than to start a war that early.

Ships would be fairly... Uncommon, at this time. Only recently have ships been made popular, and most if not all of them are under Celestia's control. Piracy wouldn't be much of a problem in Equestria, at this point. Buuuut, that doesn't mean your character is from Equestria, does it?

Titles are fine. As long as it isn't flashy and it actually contributes to your character's background and personality, it's fine by me.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 20:06

>> No. 433087
Well, I'll make a character sheet and will take it from there. In fact, I'll make two and ill let y'all decide who you like to see aboard the ship
>> No. 433089
Take your time.
>> No. 433102

Name: Jon Avery (Cutlass)
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Description: red coat with black tail, mane, and beard. A noticeable scar is on his right eye.

Bio: In a land far away from equestria, there was a stallion named Jon Avery. His father was rich noble a merchent, but not much is known about his mother. At the age of 15, he met a mare, Annie. Annie Mclaire. Few months after, she became pregnant. The father was outraged and kicked his son out. Times were tough from then on. Money was hard to come by. Still, there was light in times of darkness. The foal was born. A little filly named Maria. Time went on, and Jon got a job as a guard for merchant ships. He was away a lot, but he had to make money.

Jon was now 31, still working for the merchant ships. He now owned a house on the shoreline, becoming financially stable, and happy. His daughter was an even greater achievement. At the age of 15, she was beautiful, young independent, smart. Things were at Jon's peak. But not everything is a fairy tale...

Griffins came. It was a group of ruthless griffins, attacking Jon and his family. The reason was barely known, only that it was about money. His wife and daughter were killed, and his house burned. He was left unprepared, and in truth, not talented fighter as he says he is with his guard friends. Jon was unlucky to only be knocked out by the butt of a sword, while the destruction of his family is going on. He was reminded by a scratch down his right eye. He awoke only for thirst of revenge. Revenge he will get. He wanted to kill the griffins, but he couldn't fly. But he could hunt them. Problem was they were far across the sea. Money was hard to earn, time was short. Ironically, Jon started stealing from his own merchants that he worked for. He raised the money for a ship, crew, and rum. During the time, he trained his sword skills. revenge was driving him to kill. In three years, he had everything he needed, he was captain of a ship. Cutlass. It was the name of the ship and was also the nickname of the Captain. Mainly because he preferred a cutlass. By the age of 37, he found the griffins who killed his family. It looked from the griffins a murder. It only angered more griffins to have a bounty on "Cutlass's head." He became good at running from the law, and killing. With his job of revenge done, his life was over. He had no other purpose, besides the one he made. He drank himself to death every day. He chased wrench around like he was never married. Plundering merchant ships while he traveled the seas. Money wasn't a issue. Until one day, Culass made the decision to sail far passed griffin territory, finding equestrian waters. Cutlass found one of Celestia's few pioneer ships. He made the choice to attack it.

Who knows what went wrong that day, was it Cutlass's karma, his crew's low morale due to months of sailing. It was strange. Cutlass sank only for poor Jon to be captured. Alive but not down under with his ship. Why is there too many lives for Johnny?

For punishment of his number of offenses (known only in Equestria) he was sentenced to life of jail... Or a opportunity. His option was to serve Captain Mist on his expedition in return, his clean slate. (Like it mattered, but it was better the. Jail sober) Only thing was, it was highly up to Mist to let 'Cutlass' go.

Skills: good with a sword, ex-Captain. Fights better with rum
Problems: A drunk, alcohol is a necessity, without it he is unreliable, reckless, foolishly bold.

(( I may go with someone easier to do...))
>> No. 433106
I may have rushed a few things in the bio. I was getting worried it was too long.
>> No. 433138
Name: Joe
Gender: male
Age: 29
Appearance: light brown coat with brown tail/mane. Brown eyes.
Bio: raised on a farm in equestria, Joe is tough. That is just a understatement. He could probably lift a cannon without help. He was raised and sheltered by his parents. Worked on the farm for his whole life. Never ever went to school. His father made the rules around the farm, and what ever says goes. He pushes his big son around, although Joe could kill is father easily. Unfortunately, Joe's self-Esteem was crushed by his father at a young age. He don't talk to any ponies, nor could he. He was a quiet, shy, not too bright gentle giant.
One day, the father died of a heart attack while plowing the fields. Joe was in charge of the farm now. The mother couldn't stand to see her son's dull life. She sent him on a opportunity. To understand the world. To join a crew. Sure it wasn't the best idea for a shelter stallion, but the arrangements were made. So, Joe was sent on his way with 50 bits his mother conjured up from the farm sales.

Skills: strong and very obedient.
Disadvantages: not the sharpest nail in the shed, shy, clueless to life.
>> No. 433159
Pff, too long? There's no such thing as too long on a character sheet, friend, unless you're detailing the entire background story. In which case, you only want to give us a piece, and not the whole pie. Do you want to redo a couple things before I look them over?

Last edited at Fri, Jul 26th, 2013 23:11

>> No. 433175
I believe what was said was necessary. Besides, ithe story was only told broadly. Sure, it would be nice to have a mystery. But the only reason why I posted what I did was to make sure I wasn't say anything that doesn't exist in the RP. Better to know now than during.
>> No. 433189
Name:Vinyl Scratch The 1st XD


Desciption:If you don't know what Vinyl looks like then gtfo of my ooc €:

Being born to a pair of gypsy parents, young Vinyl earned her cuty mark a bit earlier than most fillies when her father gave her a small drum like toy and a tambourine to play with. From there, she had become part of the band, often assisting her older brother as he and her set the beat of the music while their mother danced to earn them their bread.

As she grew older and began to delve more into her musical talents, she soon became the leading star of their little band. Earning a small reputation with each town she visited, she became known for creating new, innovative music that many described as ahead of her time.

When she turned fifteen, she broke off from her family and begin to travel, dancing and doing small street performances to keep her afloat. Around the time she began to turn twenty, she had begun to get an itch for exploration and an urge to get out of her current surroundings.

She found out about the exploration team after a little playful romping with a drunken sailor in a nearby tavern. At once she fell in love with the idea and became determined to find herself a way onto that boat.


She has a bit of a stronge and gypsy spirit, being more open minded to differing thoughts of ponies, as she had spent much of her time with the lower classes of society. Her spirit always seems to be high, or at least agreable even if she does not feel so well herself.

Though she was far from being a body builder, a harsh life on the raod had toned her muscles and thickened her skin. She can handle a bit of abuse and if need be, gallop for her life.

Like most ponies, she has her fair share of troubles as well. Though she was often an agreable pony to be around, she has bouts of rage at times, and she is prone to being extremely stubborn once her limits have been reached.

Though she brags that she can drink with the best of them, she often finds herself in trouble when she does. Her mouth gets a bit harder to control, and she becomes very friendly with the colts. Often too friendly, to the point where she finds herself with an awful hangover in one hoof, and a stallion stranger in the other when she wakes.
>> No. 433190
File 137494689465.png - (44.63KB , 160x160 , 397678_503622966327671_1135540348_n.png )
Damnit's the pic for that, though it probably isn't needed.
>> No. 433191
Hey Vinyl, I'm going to take you down and force you ask you to throw your two cents in on the other sheets while you're here. I just woke up, and I'm going to write down my thoughts about them as I go.
>> No. 433192
What's a Vinyl? Never seen her before... Ashame glasses haven't been invented.
>> No. 433193
File 137494834760.jpg - (291.06KB , 1024x1568 , vinyl_scratch_by_foxnightly2010-d53zin7.jpg )
I like this. A lot actually. Now I just want to bring up a few things before I approve it, because I may have neglected to mention them.

I've been rping a lot, and I completely understand that people have their good days and bad, but I must insist that any attitudes be checked at the door. I amnot trying to target you in particular, but am making this post for everyone who joins.

If your having a rough day, hust let us know in here. You don't have to go into detail unless you need someone to listen, but I will be much more forgiving if I know ahead of time that something is up.

The only things I will not put up with is a constant string of whing, badvibes, or rudeness to other players. If you're joking its different, but if anyone is outright just rude or mean to someone, there wont be many warnings.

And besides that stuff, if you are having any problems with the rp itself, think it could use something or needs a change made, please don't hesitate to say something. And, I will have a computer and skype soon, so very problematic situatoins can be handled in privacy.

K, sorry for the text wall. If you can abide by these rules, you have my approval. You got a name or trip colt, so we can identify you?
>> No. 433194
As for you, I see a few things. Your sentences are typically very simple, and sometimes aren't even sentences at all. For some of these, you're looking for the handy little semicolon you'll see me use a lot. It can combine two sentences and/or clauses to make it sound less awkward and choppy. For an example, look at this.

"Times were tough from then on. Money was hard to come by."
As opposed to...
"Times were tough from then on; money was hard to come by."

"He was raised and sheltered by his parents. Worked on the farm for his whole life."
As opposed to...
"He was raised and sheltered by his parents; he worked on the farm for his whole life."

The semicolon is used where there's a pause between sentences/clauses, but not a complete stop a period is used for. The second example wasn't a complete sentence at first, but the semicolon and the 'he' made it one. Typically, if you can replace a period with ", for", a semicolon can be used there. This doesn't matter that much, though; it's just me being picky! :3

But, a good chunk of your sentences are fairly simple. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but we're looking for longer, more descriptive posts in this canon. I myself have no problem with where you stand now; you'll likely learn quick, and will be up to par soon. I want to give people a chance and help them along, because poking them with a stick and telling them to shoo makes more problems than it solves. Not only do we have a roleplayer that's irritated, but also there's a chance we may lose a roleplayer altogether. With our diminishing numbers, I hate to see that happen.

Other than that, there are a few grammatical and capitalization errors. Not much of a big deal there, either, for some of these were likely nothing more than typos or brain farts.

Now, as for which character sheet...

The first one is better at telling us who your character is. Although it was more of a side-effect than anything, the backstory to your character showed us plenty about him; what his faults are, how he'd likely react to certain situations, and similar things. However, there are a few things that aren't mentioned in the sheet. That's okay, actually, so long as you have his personality nailed down in your head. Think of the five main personality traits, the heavenly virtues (or, in this one's case, the seven deadly sins), and his alignment, which appears to be chaotic evil. So long as you have that, you're good to go with this character.

Now, as for the other sheet.

This one is less informative, but tells us some of the personality traits and some of the basics of your character. I'd be telling you the same things as the last one with this sheet.

Vinyl? Thoughts?

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 11:13

>> No. 433195
ooh baby you can tie me anytime you want~

No problem, I'm pretty free today...I hope T_T

Pshposh, she so fresh and fly she'll make her own glasses.

seriously though, I was going to have her invent the first sunglasses because of all the glare off the snow.
>> No. 433196
I do have trip on PC, but I usually fail to use it. Reason is unknown. As for right now, I am using my phone. (And for the next few painful days, I will probably use phone) I am unsure how it works on the phone. Any help would be appreciated.
Also, which character did you approve? Lol. I posted two. Now that I have second thoughts, the gentle giant might be easier on me.
>> No. 433197
All the work was done by phone. It is a pain to do just about everything on a phone... My thoughts are scattered.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 11:24

>> No. 433200
Oh, that makes more sense then...

Well, honestly, I'll let you choose. Whatever you think you'll do better as is what you should use.
>> No. 433201
Woops, didn't see that one. And I think I'm going to have to agree with Smooth on this one. I think your writing could improve a bit, but what mostl bothers me is the character. I can see a lot of problems rising in the writing unless you really know this character and his background. I just feel like a lot of inconsistencies could pop up with later down the raod and make it hard for you to keep his motivations straight. Revenge is a nice trope to work with, but difficult to write. That, and I just personally feel more liking toward the other character.

I'm willing to negotiate if you want to work on him though.
>> No. 433205
Oh man I know you're pain, I'm using a phone too.>>433196

For the trip just post # in the name field followed by whatever your personal password is, no spaces.

And I am voting toward gentle giant
>> No. 433206
Vinyl, I'm gonna let you handle this. I have to go. I have some plans today involving the movies and a special someone.

I'll be back later!
>> No. 433208
Have fun. Don't be afraid to tie him/her up for me >:D
>> No. 433213
I just may give this thread a shot. I like the idea of exploration. Not sure if y'all are familiar with my writing, but it isn't a good one. xD I hate English. I just hope I am eligible due to my lack in my writing skills.
The Birth of Equestria, and or The Rich and the Damned is where you can find how I write.

In other news, I'll probably use the same OC just different time period.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 12:27

>> No. 433214
Yay! New player! Oh and don't worry too much. Were not extreme grammar nautzies, just do your best writing in the bio so we can see what you mean. And if you want help improving just ask! I only nibble. ;}
>> No. 433215
Ouch... Okay! I'll think of something!
>> No. 433223
Name: Laywing

Gender: female

Age: 19

Appearance: A Pegasus with a red coat with yellow/red hair and yellow eyes.

Bio: Born into the family business, a pub, Laywing was brought up to live the bar life as a waitress. At her filly years, she was cute to have as a waitress; In her teenage years however, attracted too much attention. It was time to get away from all these drunk ponies. In short, she took the kitchen to help her father with the cooking. Boy, was cooking her calling. It was peaceful, fun, delicious, and it was her cutie mark after all!

Still, her life was dull and narrow. Luckily she must of been bit and obtained the same itch Vinyl had. She was driven to find something better than the life in a pub, and what better place to look than other bars! She found the the life she needed and went for it.

A warning was given to the mare, watch out for the Captain, he has a problem with Pegasi. Thank god for bar rumors, or Laywing would regret the day she joined. In preparation, she wore clothes to cover her now uncomfortable wings.


She is open minded and kind to ponies she speaks with. Her time spent as a waitress allowed her to have good manners.

Being part of a bar also lets you deal with the drunk atmosphere. Most ponies tried to take advantage of Laywing's sleek body and kind personality, so a dagger was given in self defense. It was only used once, but Celestia was it tough. The pony was fine by the way.

As said before, she was usually walked on given her ways. Not a drinker, not a fighter. (ironic) A conflict arises, she chooses to run away. Why fight when you can run away from your problems, right?

I hope it is okay to make it so Laywing knows of the captain's unknown racism. I just wanted to take advantage of the idea.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 18:15

>> No. 433224
Just got back to see this.

I like it! Couple small errors here and there, sure, but this sheet gives us a good overview as to who the character is without spilling too many beans, and tells us why she's on the ship. It even has an added bonus; if the Captain finds out she's been hiding something, drama things are sure to ensue.

Going to toss this an approval. Have to wait for Vinyl, looks like.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 16:18

>> No. 433229
Awesome! Look forward to more people joining this thread.
>> No. 433232
File 137497343062.png - (420.75KB , 1018x1023 , vinyl_scratch_approved_by_agarwaen117-d4qx77e.png )
I think that's the third pegausis with a red coat and blonde main that I've seen on this chan. Not that it's a bad thing, I just think it's funny.
>> No. 433233
Vinyl! Question!
>> No. 433234
File 137497446682.jpg - (19.04KB , 375x241 , pp,375x360_u1.jpg )
Yesh, I am around
>> No. 433236
File 137497609828.png - (169.46KB , 900x793 , random_vinyl_scratch_picture__by_reiduran-d51anxn.png )
>> No. 433237
File 137497616399.png - (125.97KB , 900x600 , vinyl_scratch__do_you_love_me__by_matackable-d4x1kq9.png )
>> No. 433238
File 137497623924.png - (189.59KB , 1000x944 , sad_vinyl_scratch_by_afkrobot-d5003z7.png )
>> No. 433243
You said you wanted six characters, right?

Is that six including you and me? Or six OTHER characters, for a total of eight?
>> No. 433246
How do I sign up?
>> No. 433250
So is it 6 people the crew total? Or is there npcs part of the crew?
>> No. 433252
There will be no NPCs on the crew, as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 433253
Name: Muffin Pony
Age: 26
Description: Blue Half-Zebra. Messed up Blue and black mane. Light blue stripes, Green clothes, sometimes wears a bucket for no reason.
Bio: Muffin J. Pony was born to two bakers, his dad was a zebra, and his mom a unicorn. He grew up helping his parents in a bakery and was a bit babied. Because of that, he acts strange sometimes, but is always cheerful. He is a very good chef, but specializes in muffins (duh)
Reason: Chef. He cooks stuff.
Traits: He's a good muffin chef, and is always happy. He is loyal.
Weaknesses: He's overly loyal. Acts childish, and isn't that smart. Cupcakes.
>> No. 433256
File 137498355445.gif - (235.28KB , 200x200 , 1356329988328.gif )
Apologies, my friend, but I'm going to have to give this sheet a denial.

Firstly, and most importantly, not much effort seems to have been put into this sheet. Not much is told about your character, spare his odd color scheme and clothing and a general overview of his past. We want decent quality posts here, not ones that seem to be made without effort.

Secondly, being half-and-half of anything doesn't make much sense. Tensions between races are high right now, and the chances of something like this happening are practically zero. This, of course, implies something like this is possible in the first place.

Thirdly, we already have a chef. Our ship's kitchen is going to be a one-plot kitchen. This is mostly due to the fact that we need more different talents on board; a chef is enough of a splurge for this ship to have, and a musician even more so. This character would make life on the ship difficult due to the limit of crew members allowed on board.

I'm sorry, I truly am. Vinyl, do you have any thoughts?

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 20:53

>> No. 433257
Well, it looks to me that we have the limit of survival and morale. What we lack is the punch. The offensive/defensive force. I hope we can get that anon, gentle giant guy.
>> No. 433258
Aye. We need a scout up in the crows nest, and someone who can handle themselves well in a fighting situation.
>> No. 433266
Well, not including myself and Smooth, yes I meant six because I don't believe I can keep up with much more than that. I have a hard enough time even getting on every few days.
Well, just because I have scene you around Jay, and know you have been trying to join an rp, I am not not going to give this an immediate denial. What I will do, if you want to, is work on it with you. And though I agree that a mix between races might not fit with the current time setting, from my understanding it was the three races-earth, unicorn, and pegausi that were fighting. And griffons. Or would have bad blood between them. I personally don't mind the half zebra because I can see that happening as opposed to say, a..oh jeez, what are they called? Griffoths I think? the half pony, half griffon thing.

Any way, if you do want to join you are going to be required to be doing a minimum long paragraph with your posts. If you're looking to improve your writing, this might be a good opportunity for you.

If you're going to join, answer these questions for me. Go into detail with them, give a bit more info than just a simple one sentence answer. For example, you said he is a blue half zebra. Why is that? Was his father the pony or zebra? What about his mother? Did he inherit the blue trait from one of his parents, or was it just his natural pony color? Things like this, so when I give you one question to answer, try to answer it on many levels and describe to me why, how, when of these questions, k? Good luck man.

1.Is muffin pony his real name? And if so, where or who gave it to him and why?

2. How does he, or would he act in a tough situation? Especially one that requires him picking sides with somepony

3. You said he was a bit babied growing up. How so? Did this ever effect him in a negative way, like did it spoil him? Does he ever react badly when something doesn't go his way?

4. You say he's twenty six, but he still act's childish? Does this ever have affects on him in life? Kind of referring to questions three a bit, like does he act spoiled ever? Do ponies look down on him because of the way he acts?

5. You mentioned his weakness as overly loyal. To what extreme will he go to be loyal? Would he harm someone? Possibly kill or cause harm to himself? In other words, would he follow someone blindly even if they later turn out to be bad?

I hope this helped. If you spend a bit of time answering these and really thinking of how he might act in these situations, it will help you flesh him out more. I wish someone had asked me questions the first time I tried to join an rp X3
>> No. 433267
Honestly guys I wouldn't worry too much about trying to get a perfect balance. I mean, if you want these characters to come off as real, then they don't have to have defined roles and weaknesses. I mean, ya, Vinyls talent is music. Does that mean she couldn't cook in a pinch if she needed to? Or perhaps take down someone who's trying to invade their ship? I mean, you have to keep in mind that while we might not have the typically strong brute body guard on duty, that doesn't mean the other crew members can't gang up, or get together and come up with a plan. I mean, the first canon I ever played in, we had like six pegausi and one unicorn, and there abilities varied somewhat as to what they could do, but we all developed our characters and ended up doing things way, waaay beyond the original role they were meant for.

As for mpcs, the only time I can see that popping up is if like the whole ship gets rocked by an iceberg and someone asks a random pony on board what happened. Then either myself or Smooth could do a brief dm session with them until they reach the main crew again. That's how we've done it in other canons, but it's not a set in stone thing. I just thought it might be able to work that way.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 27th, 2013 22:34

>> No. 433274
Other NPCs would be enemies/wildlife we'll encounter. And, if the circumstance arises, anyone and everyone native to a village we enter will be NPCs, unless someone else is joining the canon.

And, as for the talents part, I understand what you're getting at. However, Celestia will be picking professionals. I'm not asking for a perfectly round group, but having a few different fields would be nice. I don't think we should accept many more that have talents in the arts; it'd dampen the atmosphere we're going after, I think. But, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

...But, there is no need for two chefs.
>> No. 433277
Yeah, something about my plot in kitchen...uh. I'd agree with two chefs being pretty foolish. I don't believe we went on a expedition to set up a world class restaurant in freezing temperature; but I do understand Vinyl's point.
>> No. 433390
File 137499706669.png - (100.57KB , 1000x1000 , evergreenfall.png )
Name: Evergreen Fall

Age: 29

Evergreen Fall comes from a line of stallions that were in both mining and logging companies, mainly doing the brunt and the dirty work in falling trees with logs, or helping to drill holes and placing dynamite explosives for blasting into cliff faces. Unlike his past fathers though, he is born of a Earth pony stallion and a Pegasus mare, and leading him to be a Pegasus.

Evergreen grew up within the mining and logging communities, since they were owned by a singe company operating both branches. Sure it wasnt pretty, but it put a lot of work into him. He ended up flip-flopping between manning the bow saws for cutting the trees, hoof drill holes into rock walls, securing safety of trees, placing explosives, working the sawmills and also using the pickaxe into the Copper ore. Overall he has worked hard his whole life, as to help pay for his parents and his 5 other siblings. Unfortunately, his father and his oldest brother, Rocky Buck got trapped in a tunnel collapse. Both of them died. His father by the brunt of the collapse as he stayed in holding up the wooden brace to get the others out. Rocky died by a lantern fire on the way out as well as a trap. The legend of Evergreen's father rang loud within the community, as he had almost all the same qualities as him.
As the years went on he essentially commandeered his family, providing most of the pay for them, along with his mother. Eventually, he was picked at random to be brought on an expedition for some new land to rapture.
And this is where his journey here begins.

In his time of staying in the forest, he picked up, almost by accident marksmanship with muskets and a very rare case of a Winchester and a shotgun. Though these were out of self defense, he has a fairly average shot, but he did take up practice every now and then. Being also a stable flier, but not a fast one he has the potential for picking off targets. At longer range he has moderate success at hitting targets, but in close range he is not very good. Although if he finds say a stick or some very rudimentary weapon he will try to use it, although it may not be very good.

All in all he is a respected stallion in his home community, a very hard worker and strong flier. For a rather young age, he was a prime candidate for starting resource managment up on this trip to figure out how to survive should they be limited or plentiful. He is also hardened in winters by being far enough North to be almost entirely populated by evergreen trees.

He is also a crafty individual being on camping trips elsewhere be it canoeing or portaging and making shelter and fire in a pinch. Anything for shelter, wether it be a standing Aspen, fallen Spruce or even a cave in a frozen mountain, he will make it happen in some way.

Overall: Crafty, young, courageous, strong, pegasus and marksman.
>> No. 433436
I like what I see. Although it was a bit overkill with the background, the point got across.

Not many errors or critiques in sight. The only thing I ask is this; does your character have any flaws? You've shown he has some strengths. What about his weaknesses?
>> No. 433446
Yeah, good point. Should have done that.

Though he is a good, well mannered stallion he can sometimes have a short fused temper. One of his biggest annoyances is failure, wether it be himself, but especially from others that fail to do what he requests to be done if it is within their reach.
He drinks every now and then, but if he has too much he can get rather hard to handle, as part of his temper.

Also, due to blasting and such, his hearing is a bit cut off, but his visual and physical limits are perfectly fine.

Like stated, his close range combat is limited. Being a pegasus he can take range and engage as such in the air.
>> No. 433448
File 137499949108.jpg - (96.35KB , 620x348 , The_Kid.jpg )
Well this looks interesting. Maybe I'll give it a shot! Just for the sake of having a pony RP somewhere. You guys already full or is there still space?

Still working on a design so this is very much a draft copy so expect a few errors. Might have rambled a bit with the background. Came up with her a while back never put her to paper. Can be found here for now:

Would rather wait until I have a finished version to actually post it here.

Not sure about her name, still debating a cutie-Mark that would suit too. I included a bit explaining how her magic works given we've got a unicorn here.
>> No. 433451
Sounds great! I'd toss this an approval, but that'd be biased. I'll wait and see what Vinyl says about your sheet. I'm sure you'll be fine, however.

Yes, we still have room, and we're taking applications. I won't look at your sheet until you've made up your mind. Remember, though, that I don't want a full in-detail story about your character; half of the fun is learning this stuff through interaction!

I'll hang around for a bit until you respond.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 28th, 2013 01:24

>> No. 433457
File 137500050930.jpg - (4.50KB , 284x177 , images.jpg )
Oh you can give it a glance by all means. Wouldn't have posted it other wise though it's a bit late for me to finish it off now. That said a lot of it is just me rambling on about her days as a filly.

Not that she has anything overly dramatic there. In a nutshell the character is an enthusiastic, young farm-raised pony whose special talents are that of an outdoors pony/explorer type who has been living the life of a guide/hobo for the past few years at the very least. A unicorn with an earth pony mother, she tends to forget the horn is there half the time. One thing that -might- be an issue is I wanted to give her some talent for 'Winking' style spells, that is a limited teleportation. Though the character does have some flaws in an attempt to help balance this, along with clarifying what she can actually DO with the magic. Though I can see how a power like that might be a concern.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 28th, 2013 01:37

>> No. 433462
...Maybe I lied earlier about staying with you. I just about passed out on you.

Well, in this case, I suppose I can take a look. Will you still be posting a revised sheet on here?
>> No. 433465
Just givin you guys a heads up. I won't be here at all today unless I get lucky. I have to work all day,and then come home and sleep. Pulled an all nighter again, so I don't think you want me revewing things anyway lol. If I can possibly, I'll try and get on later tonight.
>> No. 433486
File 137503475376.png - (338.85KB , 717x624 , 136094084076.png )
Oh I will. Probably either later today or early tomorrow after I've heard Vinyls thoughts on the draft. Still not fussy about the name I'll admit.

Golden Kernel? Galloping Goldy or Goldy Gallop? Calico corn? Sweet Maize? Couldn't come up with one that'd work as a solid popcorn reference.

Man names and cutie marks are easily the hardest thing to come up with for Pony OCs. Well good ones that suit anyway.
>> No. 433743
Names and marks are the hardest to think of, yet they're so important. Take your time; I don't like rushing things.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 28th, 2013 20:10

>> No. 433846
One more update, sorry guys. I have to work for the next twelve days straight, long days until next monday which is a half day. I will try to be on my phone as much as possible, but when I get home I will probably be spending much of my time with friends and significant other. Smooth, if you don't hear from me within two days, go ahead and approve some people. If I see any huge problems with someone's character, I can point it out later and get it worked on. Try and leave a space for Jay, as I would like to see him try and work on that character if he can do it.

I trust you pony, and good luck! If you have any concerns/questions just leave em in here and I'll answer when I can.

Also, getting a computer within the next three weeks! YAY!!
>> No. 433983
Alright, I'll keep a space open for Jay. Might I suggest that, if Jay doesn't return, that we leave the spot open anyway? Someone may want to pop in after we've already started; Murphy's Law says so. I'll wait for your response.

As for the characters, we have so far...


1.) Captain Mast
2.) Vinyl Scratch
3.) Joe
4.) Laywing
5.) Evergreen Fall (Pending Approval)
6.) FiddleSticks (Pending Submission)
7.) Open
8.) Open

Whether you want to fill up all 8 before we leave, I'll leave up to you.

Also, when you get a computer, get Skype so we can get a Skype group before this thing crumbles. I'll need to be able to message people when I can.

In fact, if at all possible, I'd like to get the Skype accounts of everyone who has already signed up. I'll write you down and send you news now and then, since it'll be a lot easier to do so over Skype than to leave it here and hope everyone sees it.

Please, everyone! Send me your Skype info. ...Or, alternatively, search for ME! (Skype name is walt.lawson, Skype NAME name is Scotty, and (because of technical issues) I apparently live in Afghanistan.) Send me a contact request with a message if you can.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 29th, 2013 21:15

>> No. 433987
Do we have a soldier yet. Thinking of an oc
>> No. 434007
File 137515099183.gif - (824.90KB , 507x541 , 136720703515.gif )
Heh. Admittedly I'm not sure if we need any straight up' soldiers. Most of the characters are capable of doing SOMETHING if a fight breaks out with a few exceptions. The best 'fighter' right now is probably Evergreen, because you know:Freaking lumberjack marksman.

Now I'll admit I only half agree with Vinyls sentiment up here >>433267 If we want things to be -somewhat- realistic there should be some overlap in the team this is true. People you meet are sometimes going to be good at similar things. -But-.. this isn't just about being realistic:It's about making an interesting -story-, and interesting stories need some variety among their characters (personality more so then ability admittedly) to keep things interesting. I mean look at the mane6 for heavens sake if you want proof of that. It's.. just a matter of not taking it too far and making the group feel like a checklist.

As such here's a quick glance at what we appear to have so far. Though you're completely free to ignore it and just make what you want! But if you're having trouble deciding between a few ideas this might help. I don't have Joes character here yet as he apparently has two at the moment(?). Right now we have a lot of survivalist type ponies, but given the plot, this sort of makes perfect sense. What we seem to be generally lacking are EGGHEADS, which makes perfect sense too because ivory tower scholars aren't really built to survive in some potentially barren frozen wilderness are they?

=Characters in terms of skill=
-A Leader and skilled Sailor
-An Agile Scout, Outdoors pony, and Dabbling Wink-magic user.
-Ships cook. Because we need to eat nom <3~
-A Markspony, Strong LumberJack, and outdoors pony.
-A traveling performer. Somewhat well rounded.

=Characters in terms of Personality=
-A Gruff and determined Captain. Wise from age, though occasional pushes himself too far.
-An Energetic Neighborly SouthernerISH gal eager to prove herself.
-An open minded, if somewhat passive mare who prefers to avoid trouble.
-A Courageous hard working stallion who knows how to improvise.
-An open minded original and innovator. Agreeable even in her worst of moods.

=Race Count=
Unicorns:2 Earth:1 Pegasus:2

=Gender Count=
Male:2 Female:3

Blue-1, Red-2, White-1, Yellow-1
>> No. 434012
That, that right there. I wanted to avoid that 'checklist feeling. So I actually find myself agreeing with you guys on this. Ok I have to go workout and then if I get free time no one is staring over my shoulder going VINYL VINYL WATCHA DOIN VINYL I will try and read those other characters tonight.
>> No. 434017
Did you see my post with the questions hun? I'd like you to answer similar questions if you're going to make another character :)
>> No. 434049
My Skype/Steam names are the same.

=Dikk= (CBF) Old Gregg

Feel free to game with me if you'd like.
>> No. 434138
>I saw dis now.
1: Yes, you know how applejack might've been named applejack even if her parents didn't know she would be in the apple profession? Muffin's parents named him Muffin Pony because they wanted him to be a baker... of Muffins.
2: He isn't that good under pressure, his reaction would change depending on the situation, if, say, two ponies were arguing, he would try to see who's right. But if two ponies were trying to kill each other, he would walk away and not choose sides.
3: No, it just means he acts childish, he wasn't spoiled.
4: He may get looked down on, but he doesn't notice because he is always happy. Even if he gets screamed at, he usually doesn't show that it bothered him.
5: He will probably follow someone blindly if he trusted them beforehand
>> No. 434222
I like him. Good character outline. Not too heavy on his tragedies, which I like. Everyone has tragedies in their lives, and I feel like I'll be able to relate to his character. Not to mention, he's very nice on the eyes; love how his colors relate to where he hails from.



Ok, I'm going to put you through the wringer a few more times Jay, bear with me here. I really want to see you come up with a good idea of who this character is.

You don't have to do this of course, I'm just offering it as a tool to help you develop him and flesh him out more. If you think this may be too hard for you or anything, you can either try a different character, or just maybe a writing sample of some kind? I just want to know, that when we start this you'll give a bit of effort ;}


Ok, muffin chef. Does he like his job? Has he ever thought of doing something else other than being a chef? Like, maybe he chose to go on board the ship to adventure? Or would he not like adventuring? This might help you come up with a reason of why he joins the crew, as I think Smooth already mentioned that the position of the chef is kind of filled


Why would he follow someone blindly? I mean, is he very loyal? Would he still trust and forgive someone who betrays him?

You are approved sir/madam. She seems like a very well rounded character with an interesting personality to match. I love the design as well and hope to perhaps see a picture of her sometime.
>> No. 434224
With this, we have 6/8 slots filled. I think we'd be good to go, honestly, and could start setting dates when I get everyone's Skype info (If applicable) or some other form of communication.

The reason I think It'd be fine to leave 1-2 slots open is because someone may want to hop on later on, and we might be able to find a way to squeeze them in.

Last edited at Tue, Jul 30th, 2013 23:00

>> No. 434265
File 137528881267.gif - (2.45MB , 576x324 , 238224__safe_animated_spoiler-s03e12_50f13860a4c72d4916000f78_5116e301a4c72d0e600001ac_51167e6aa.gif )
Sure thing. Will try to keep skype open more often. Downloaded the proper old fashioned desktop/windowed version rather then having to deal with that Windows-8 Tile nonsense. Should help in that regard.

Ah! Good to know she works out. Was half-afraid I was going to get a dozen grammar errors pointed out. I've done most of my role playing on chat-lines rather then PbP for the past 10+ years; tends to muck up the sentence structure a bit.

I'll probably grab myself a cheap commission of her somewhere when I find an artist that suits. Tried fiddling with the pony-creators... not.. really fond of the results I get from those.

Did type up this rant as simple lingo practice. Just something random.

The Golden mare blinks once or twice, taking a few seconds to figure out what you’re asking before finally speaking up in youthful voice, notable country twang quite present.

"Huh? Ah~ that! Right. The winking in and out business. Ain't real complex thing but suppose I can give ya' the round about of it." the Mare taps her chin as she sits back "... Well... pretty much how it is, I pick a place I want to go, give it a thought, and then I'm there! That's that I'd say." folding her hooves and giving a nod, half opening an eye after smiling a tad

"Well suppose that'd be a lie, more to it then that really. If there's a where I'm wanting to go I best be able to see it with my eyes or in my head or it's not going to work any...." she taps the side of her head "If I'm looking to take it from here I best have trotted about there a good bit, ‘cause that thought best be nice and tidy."

Goldy stands right about then the speaking of trotting seeming to make her to do just that as she paces the room "Course stunt like that ain't without a cost. Tuckers me out if trotted to wherever I was going there and back......won't be going there at -all- if these legs couldn've took me. Saves the ticks more then anything really. Handy though!" another tap tap tap on her chin before she turns around in a hurry.

"Oh!.. important bit." she points "If the trips being taken' with others it's -me- doing all the walking yah? Like I was carrying you on my back the whole way. Now a healthy mare can drag about a lot of weight.. but I won't be doing a lot of standing if I pop about pulling stunts like that.... hm... reminds me of one time” she pauses for a moment looking up as she remembers it, waving her hoof as she counts the years

“A few years back. Was playing Blink-of-an-eye mail mare for two towns, but one day there was dire need for a doctor to get to the next.. and well.... couldn't say no to that could I? Winked him over in a hurry!...heh.. and when he was done with the poor sick filly he got to tend to me next heh." the mare giving a quick wink before giving a scoff and glancing away "Couldn't stop the hens from spreading it after that though. Fancy trick brought plenty of folks with more bits in their pockets then bits in their heads. Thing is no matter how much of them they rubbed together wouldn't be worth leaving this filly ruined for a week." Another laugh escaped from her "Course a few foolish things couldn't take no. Last Fellah who tried was a queer thing. Now I know some of that fancy Canterlot food tastes mighty fine... but the stuff he was giving his bits for must have been heaven on the tongue for him to get the size he did gobbling it down!"

She folds her arms after that half amused.. but seeming a bit unsure about this next bit "Now Mama always taught me to be respectful of sorts.. but the big fellah just wouldn't get the wax out of his ears long enough to listen. A Pop to the next town with HIM would be a quick way for me to have a chat with great grandma corn if you get my meaning. Shame he didn't; not a stallion that gave an ear to country folk most, barely understood a word I was giving. All this talk or carrying and riding had those brows of his going up and down in a hurry... ugh.." she shivers for a moment “Mud from head to toe from a sight like that" Goldy finally gives a sigh straightening her bandana as she goes "Well.. long and short of it after that was:He finally got what I was trying to say, and was sure to stick his nose so high he was coming close to having the princess burn those brows off.”
>> No. 434744
Sacra merda, I just got back from one hell of a birthday party. Mine, to be specific.

Vinyl, how many more do you want to get until we start this thing off? Also, where's that anon that wanted to play as Joe? He seems to have buggered off somewhere.


Last edited at Thu, Aug 1st, 2013 22:21

>> No. 434798
Let's just go ahead and get it started. People can show up as we go, i don't see us taking off from the port all that fast...god I'm tired...I'll be so happy when this work week is over
>> No. 434814
Any dates and times that we should plan to start it? Keep in mind, we all have to be there.
>> No. 434818
File 137549461937.gif - (753.38KB , 576x324 , 137355039498.gif )
Well I gather we aren't planning to here the at the same time every day or something of the like? Just a hope that most of us will be around when the game starts so we can get a good groove on?

Anyway.. I'm around most nights at around 7PM est or later. There are exceptions of course,:a tend to have 1-2 days a week where I have a Campaign to attend (presently have one Not-4E D&D game, and a Chrono trigger game). Once in a blue moon I'll get a late night shift as work but it's quite rare.
>> No. 434863
usually week days are better for me. And nights most often. It's rare that I get to use my phone at work, but I'd say evening are best.
>> No. 434864
>He was coming close to have the princess burn those brows off

>> No. 434870
Alright... I'll ask others what they think.

Anyone know what day Bronycon ends?
>> No. 434887
Also, Vinyl, I really need a way to contact you privately. It's nothing sexual yet, so don't worry; mostly for organizational purposes and questions I'll have.
>> No. 434925

Promise I'm working on it. I should have something up and running soon but for right now you can use my probably not as anonymous as id like email:tippers46 at yahoo.
>> No. 434927
Sent you an e-mail.
>> No. 435173
Alright, so...

With what I've gathered so far, we'd be able to start this Thursday, August 8th, at 7 PM CST (Ponychan time). This is, from what I've been told, good for everyone. Hopefuly Evergreen gets back soon.

Any conflicts? Let me know.
>> No. 435270
File 137572474124.png - (50.76KB , 480x80 , 364736fabulousFantastic.png )
>Because you know, freaking lumberjack marksman

I like this guy.

Hey Smooth. Sorry for the delay, but I'm just sitting in the bus terminal for like the next 6 hours. Just finished up with Bronycon though!

But yeah, good to drop back in here.
>> No. 435272
File 137572778111.png - (0.97MB , 706x1000 , 136886121364.png )
Should be able to make that just fine.
>> No. 435275
Yay, you're back!

How was it?
>> No. 435277
File 137572907294.jpg - (863.79KB , 1920x1080 , DSCN0086.jpg )
>> No. 435278
My god... That's...
>> No. 435279
File 137572981655.jpg - (858.01KB , 1920x1080 , DSCN0112.jpg )
>> No. 435824
Remember, tomorrow at 7 PM CST. The thread on /rp/ will be made when everyone reports in. If you'll be late, or you're not going to make it, please try to let us know ahead of time.
>> No. 435857
File 137591215604.png - (91.09KB , 600x600 , vinyl_scratch_face_by_blanishna-d54v46r.png )
Hey, I finally got a chance to sit down and get on a computer, working on that email.
>> No. 435858
Also, what's cst time? I'm over near oregon, same time zone
>> No. 435859
Central standard time. It's about 5:15 right now.
>> No. 435860
name wat r u doin

Testing new trip.

You got your computer? Or are you using someone else's?
>> No. 435861
room mates at the moment. He shouldn't need it today, but soon I shall have my own computer! And then I'll have a more reliable time frame and not have to disappear for days at a time.
>> No. 435862
So you're two hours ahead of me. Mkay, I can try and be on around that time, though it may not be exact
>> No. 435863
The event is about 5 your time. How late do you think you might be?

Last edited at Wed, Aug 7th, 2013 15:37

>> No. 435864
Depends on some things...but an hour or two maybe. I'll try and keep my phone on me incase I can't get too a computer, but my app has been breaking which is why I haven't responded to the email sooner. I also don't think we need to be here on the dot, I mean, it is an online rp, it won't disappear if we don't post in it within the first few hours XD

But I understand that you want everyone around when it first starts.
>> No. 435865
I planned to get going once everyone was here. If you aren't here when we start, I'll say you're already in the ship and sleeping. Something to that effect, it'll be. Sound good?
>> No. 435867
File 137591713184.png - (179.80KB , 480x487 , 971336_444838732279335_1755611961_n.png )
I responded to your email. There just ideas I've had in my head, tell me what you think of em.

And, I actually wanted to be there when everyone is boarding. I think it might give people some time if they're going to be late as well. I mean, say you have your character, the captain, out on deck kind of watching who will be boarding his ship for the journey. We could have some character interaction start right there, maybe have a conversation with someone Iether myself or whoever gets there first, and then that might take a while, probably and hour or two if everyone is taking 5-15 minutes to post, which will give people time to show up.

What do you think?
>> No. 435873
I see what you're getting at. That'd work. Hopefully people won't bugger off before you arrive.

I hope to have everyone starting at 7 CST, and I'll make the thread on /rp/ when the time comes. Whenever the last person shows up, we'll get the big ball rolling.

Going to bring a couple things up in the email shortly.
>> No. 435893
>> No. 435906
File 137592151999.jpg - (222.80KB , 1024x954 , vinyl_scratch_by_eeveetachi-d52h2l2.jpg )
K, had to do some more chores swear to god if I ever get enough money I'm hiring a maid, and I'm waiting for my roommates to go about their hobbies so it will quiet down a bit in here. I am going to get this done tonight if it kills me though. I have a horrible habit of procrastinating, and I am setting this as one of my goals to work on it XD
>> No. 435964
I have the same issues here.

Don't fret, you'll get 'er done.
>> No. 435979
File 137592876996.png - (705.85KB , 833x1280 , 102482 - artist-smittyG vinyl_scratch.png )
Responded, and might possibly have another player soon. If he does decide to join, it will be awesome because he is an amazing rper and taught me much of what I know. We still have to aprove his character though XD

If Jay does not show up by tomorrow morning, I am going to give his spot away, though I think we still have spots open? Not sure.

I'm still willing to work with Jay if he really wants to join, but right now it looks like this may have been too much for him.

Sorry man, I'll still be here if you ever need help developing a character

Last edited at Wed, Aug 7th, 2013 19:32

>> No. 435996
So, there is something I want to bring up before we really all get invested into this thing. As you have already seen, I can be a slow mother fucker at times. I have many responsibilities at home ranging from spending time with friends and significant other, to family, to pets and my job, to chores. I have a lot of stuff I have to keep up with at home, and though I am still working on it, I have a horrible habit of procrastination which often makes my chores get backed up.

So, my warning is, that at times, I may not be able to post for days at a time. I will always try to let you know what is going on before I just dissappear, but I WILL dissappear at times. I will try and keep up when people are on, but I will not always be able to do so. So, if you can handle that, then I hope we will all have a fun time with this rp and hopefully be able to enjoy it for a while to come.

Also, as a side note in responce to this:>>435979

He is designing a character, hopefully will have it done by tonight and in time for the rp, but he is planning on being Celestias pick for the diplomat of the crew if no one has already taken that role, which I don't think they have.

So in other words, we would have someone to talk to the local tribes and be able to be our official meet and greet guy/girl.

Last edited at Wed, Aug 7th, 2013 20:06

>> No. 436019
File 137593337271.png - (24.15KB , 830x650 , OC masterpeice.png )
>> No. 436021
File 137593343883.jpg - (36.96KB , 400x315 , Zombies-1.jpg )
>> No. 436023
Responded to your email

Oh is this the new guy-- OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK
>> No. 436025
>> No. 436027
File 137593455939.jpg - (41.93KB , 500x507 , 1372025525539.jpg )
>> No. 436029
File 137593470674.jpg - (83.09KB , 745x1073 , vinyl_scratch__s_fighting_pose_by_trickguyshy-d4t3rt0.jpg )
Broh, broh just back off the cookies broh. I know they're delicious, but broh...

You gona get diabeetus
>> No. 436037
File 137593519426.jpg - (16.21KB , 422x345 , 1367150378674.jpg )
>> No. 436038
Aaand I lost my trip...
>> No. 436046
File 137593547899.png - (158.78KB , 871x480 , 305687_379593095478980_675809444_n.png )
Good. You deserved it. Also, get over here and help me make one, I can't figure it out how to do it on linux.

Pweeease pretty please :D
>> No. 436047
I have no idea
>> No. 436054
File 137593718772.png - (189.59KB , 1000x944 , sad_vinyl_scratch_by_afkrobot-d5003z7.png )
>> No. 436055
>bursts out into tears

I'm sorry! I'M SO SORRY!
>> No. 436056
File 137593762762.gif - (780.25KB , 325x203 , tere is no need to be upset.gif )
Shhh, no tears.

Only dreams now.
>> No. 436057
B-But, what if they're bad dreams, Mob? What if they don't go away?
>> No. 436059
File 137593845641.gif - (490.81KB , 480x200 , 4iF8w.gif )
Just let it happen. Dont struggle.
>> No. 436061
File 137593854314.png - (205.30KB , 1600x547 , 1356653903013.png )
....O-Okay... Okay...

Tripcodes. How do they work?
>> No. 436062
So, not counting myself and Smooth, we have four players, plus maybe gaining one tomorrow. Is this correct?

So that will make it seven people in this rp totall?
>> No. 436064
File 137593869637.jpg - (21.83KB , 268x265 , _.jpg )
Youve got me with Evergreen, that is a garuntee.

>> No. 436066
File 137593874675.jpg - (98.25KB , 1024x439 , 1361485896378.jpg )

>pic related
>> No. 436067
File 137593880471.png - (35.19KB , 205x200 , vinyl_scratch__without_glasses__by_hawk9mm-d4vrstj.png )
lol, if you got even one letter or mark wrong it won't work. or if you accidentally add an extra # when trying to copy paste it, as I have done before on accident.

I'm trying to find a tripcode explorer that will work on linux, i want my trip to be either dropdabass, or basscanonkickit. Both will be difficult cause they're long, i know but still. Would be an awesome trip for her.
>> No. 436068
I've talked to Laywing more than once OOC, and I'm fairly certain Fiddlesticks is going to make it as well.
>> No. 436069
yay that pic
>> No. 436070
...Wait, so that's

Who's the fourth?
>> No. 436071
Well I was hoping that Joe guy would show back up, but if that doesn't happen I guess we're back down to six.
>> No. 436072
>> No. 436077
File 137594071238.png - (646.71KB , 1890x1417 , bebe.png )
Aye, I look forward to start!
Btw, a pic of what my character looks like.
>> No. 436648
Name: Solaus

Gender: Male

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 24

Bio: Solaus is an Earth Pony that had lived in Canterlot his entire life as an only child with his two parents. He has always wondered on how things work. He spent years studying book after book on how and why things fall. He began to make theories, some of them crazy such as that the world was not a cube. He began to publish some of these theories and got a good feedback, ponies thought his theory were crazy and against what they believed in. He since has wanted to prove them wrong.

Personality: Solaus is mostly a smart, optimistic land pony that believes that change is mostly always the answer. Having growing up in a wealthy family he does however to try to avoid physical conflicts with others.

Physical description: Colorwise he is not to special, just a brown sandy color with a dark, near black medium mane with a medium length tail. Solaus however does not have as much muscle as one would expect an Earth Pony to have, having coming from a wealthy family and preferring to stay inside and read and learn and write most of his life has left him rather weaker.

Cutie Mark: Theta Delta

Reason on the Ship: Wanting to begin to prove his theories on distance, temperature and gravity along with the desire of adventure.
>> No. 436650
File 137596445894.png - (236.66KB , 800x450 , 800px-Applejack_reading_Bloomberg_a_story_S01E21.png )
Oh my chatty bunch I see.

Yeah there's nothing stopping me from being here tonight so no worries I'll be around! I have been a tad busy the past few days, but nothing tonight.
>> No. 436698
File 137599484396.jpg - (53.66KB , 544x760 , design idea.jpg )
Tall Tale
Earth Pony


Tall Tale is, funny enough, very tall, even for an earth pony. He is more skinny than muscular with an overall athletic build. His coat color is a milk blond, with his curly mane and tail being black. His cutie mark is an olive branch, symbolizing...something.

The most noticeable thing about him is his clothes. A fancy hat with feather, leather coat and duster cape, and knee-high spurred boots fit him well.

His eyes are storm blue.

Tall Tale was born to uncertain parents under uncertain stars. Found abandoned in front of the royal temple of the sun, he was taken in by priests and raised piously. Although his hooves spent many years washing floors and ringing ceremonial bells, his mind was always elsewhere. During his childhood nights he would read tomes and scrolls by candlelight, and found a special interest in tales of daring and adventure. Legends, myths, call them what you will but he believed them. And he couldn't get enough.

Fashioning a sword and shield out of a metal plate and a stick, he spent hot summer days running around the grassy knoll in front of the temple, waving his stick-sword at the imagined threats. Before he had even turned eight he had slain the mighty Medusa, battled with the swamp ogres, and even survived a deadly chimera attack.

Tall Tale has always had a very active imagination. As he grew from a colt to a young adult, his interests in reading shifted to tales of subterfuge. He engrossed himself in stories of deceit and trickery, love lost and lies uncovered. He practiced sneaking around the temple grounds unseen and unheard, sticking to the shadows. At these times he was Celestia's personal spy, sneaking into a deadly cult of Discord worshipers. Of course every imagined fantasy would end with Tall Tale saving the world.

The years serving the monks and priests and the temple of the sun went by fast, being lost in his own mind.

As full adulthood came upon him, he decided to leave the teachings and ways of the sun to forge his own path, to become a hero or a spy or...ANYTHING he wanted!

Tall Tale was well read and generally intelligent, so he knew that if he ever wanted to travel the world he would need some skills to make himself useful to any potential traveling companions.

And so, Tall Tale enrolled to become a royal guard.
He just barely struggled through boot camp, and he still remembers it as the worst year of his life. As tough and unforgiving as it was, he learned of honor and duty to ones self and empire. As much as he learned, and as hard as he tried, the day of the final exams had not gone well. He did not pass, to say the least. He is very embarrassed about whatever circumstances caused him to flunk out of the guard, and refuses to speak about the details to anypony.
Mentioning the final exams is a sure way to rustle his jimmies.

Having failed and brought shame to himself, he returned to the temple at which he was raised, but found that he could no longer fit in there. Things had changed too much, and he set out very soon after arrival. Shamed, and without anywhere to go, Tall Tale was overcome with grief. The humiliation he felt for failing the exams grew inside him like a dark pit, eventually forming a demon inside of him. He had lost his one chance to explore the world. His chosen weapon to combat his own past? Liquor, gallons of it.

Before long, Tall Tale found himself becoming another town drunk. He spent his days sleeping and begging, eating what he could, and stealing what he couldn't find. Before long he found himself stealing not only food but the very booze that was ruining him. Actually, with time, he became rather good at sneaking around and snatching things. Even with moderate skill, however, it was only a matter of time before he was caught stealing bits from the hospitals donation tray.

After being brought in for charges, Celestia saw Tall Tales spirit, broken too young, and offered him salvation in the form of a career. It was explained to him that the Princess was taking on several short-term apprentices to teach the ways of friendship and harmony, so that they could in turn go forth and spread her word as truth. He would be required to attend classes for two years, and if he proved worthy, would be sent out to explore and spread her word.

Adventure at last! Tall Tale eagerly accepted.

He learned much about friendship, kindness, and diplomacy during his time in the royal castle. He wasn't near top of the class, but unlike his year in the guard, he never finished dead last.

Having passed the classes, it was time for him to go forth. He learned he would be the bearer of her teachings on one of many exploratory vessels. Tall Tale would be assigned to the 'Adamantine' with very simple orders.

Serve the captain.
Serve the crew.
Do as is right. Always.
Lead by example.

And he plans to do just that.


His childhood sharpened his mind and made him very observant. He is imaginative and creative, ready to believe anything no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

Going through boot-camp taught him about endurance. He can run, climb, and swim for a very long time. He always scored last in the combat exams, but he is far from helpless. Emotionally the camp taught him Duty and Honor.

The time as a drunk on the streets taught him how to beg, coerce, and steal. He knows a little bit about sneaking around, but he is no master of the shadows.

Lastly, the classes in the royal castle trained him in the art of diplomacy and overall cultural anthropology of the pony races. He learned the lessons of friendship and kindness, as well as honesty, loyalty, and many other important values.


When times get tough or he is under emotional duress he often turns back to the drink. While under the influence he is a thieving little snake with a venomous bite.

He can come off as self righteous. Tall Tale believes with every fiber of his being that Celestia's teachings are the truth, and very little could convince him otherwise. He dismisses other beliefs and philosophies like they are trash, giving no thought to them.


Skype: billions-of-stars

Last edited at Thu, Aug 8th, 2013 13:55

>> No. 436699
I like your character, but the only thing I'm worried about is the science goal. I'm having a hard time seeing him finding good books on science, when for all entents and purposes, Equestria is a magical land where the princesses literally raise the moon and sun. Not trying to dis your character hun, but you might need to adjust him to better fit the FIM world. Besides that, the time period fits really well and you seem literate besides a few typos here or there which I'm not too picky with.
>> No. 436701
File 137599500094.png - (420.75KB , 1018x1023 , vinyl_scratch_approved_by_agarwaen117-d4qx77e.png )
And since I've already took a look at your sheet, you already have my approval ten-fold.
>> No. 436712
He isn't trying to say that The princesses don't control the sun and moon. He wants to know why and how there is gravity. There isn't a princess that controls gravity and it's only been 100 years since chaos so my guess is that he would be one of the first physicists.
He is more Isaac Newton than a medieval thinker who got executed for saying Earth isn't the center of the universe.
>> No. 436715
Ok, ya, I see you point.

Alright, well I'm going to have to wait for my other officer to take a look at this and give his two cents before I make my final decision. He should be here around or before 5 pacific time
>> No. 436721
File 137600025752.png - (12.24KB , 800x600 , 1367150621370.png )
>> No. 436728
Gettin close to time, really hope people start checking was today right? Like I didn't read it wrong did I?


>Goes back and checks ooc
>> No. 436729
File 137600307322.gif - (175.89KB , 550x400 , Mobius visor glint.gif )
One hour until game time. Saddle up everyone.
>> No. 436730
I'm still just kinda waiting.
>> No. 436731
File 137600337368.jpg - (597.66KB , 1200x917 , 75e4cf94bdae8901b0cc3c42a8a334e7.jpg )
Yup. It's tonight. And yup~ I'm still around.

I see we've gotten ourselves some eggheads now~
>> No. 436732

Is that what your pony looks like? Cause it's adorable. I actually really like all the color schemes of everyone who's signed up so far.
>> No. 436733
Nope, not yet. I still need an approval.
>> No. 436734
I think maybe Smooth might be working on getting the thread up. I really hope nothing happened to him.

Also, skype account:


if you have any trouble trying to find me, just let me know
>> No. 436735

Sending you a Skype invite.
>> No. 436736
File 137600408747.jpg - (112.88KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )
Naw~ 'fraid not. Little similar in some ways in terms of build/hair styles. Though of a different race, gender, colors, accessories etc.

Goldys over here for the time being:

Got one of the crummy generator ponies there for the time being as a place holder. Ain't really accurate at all but it'll do for an approximation for now.

Actually tossed five bucks to get a quick art of her done, should be finished over the weekend.
>> No. 436738
30 minutes from now it's going to start. Am i accepted or no?
>> No. 436740
Were still working on it hun, but it's not going to be moving super fast or anything.

Can I ask, do you have any one that might be willing to be a reference for you? Someone who you have roleplayed with on this board maybe?
>> No. 436741
Now, Light.

As for your character sheet, I've a few questions.

First off, his personality. With what you've given us, he's a little more than one dimensional on blank paper. Now, the doodling and scribbling we will partake in while we RP will make that blank paper a work of art! ...But only if you have a fitting brush, pencil, or quill -- whatever tickles your fancy.

How does he react to others? Is he kind, or is he cold to those he doesn't agree with? What about his nerves? Are they made of steel, or do they waver at the slightest inconvenience? As for organization, will he make everything prim and proper, or throw it over his shoulder and deal with it later? Outside of fights, does he contain himself? ...Or is he outgoing and energetic?

What about his virtues? Is he generous? Kind? Very chaste? Hard working? Humble? Conservative? Patient? ...Or, is he the contrary; Greedy? Cruel? Lustful? Lazy? Proud? Wasteful? Impatient? What are his flaws and virtues that make him who he is?

Get back to me when you see this.
>> No. 436742
File 137600477942.png - (646.71KB , 1890x1417 , bebe.png )
If people must know what Laywing looks like. ( I posted it once before, but just making sure)
>> No. 436743
File 137600520570.png - (207.78KB , 894x894 , 1357148215862.png )
>"Tall Tale was born to uncertain parents under uncertain stars."

I like this guy already.

Everything looks great to me. Approved.
>> No. 436745

Also, he just left to visit with his dad for a bit, so he'll probably be posting around the same time I a little slow.
>> No. 436747
Depending on the disagreement, say if he is telling someone one of his theories and the someone he told it to said, "I don't want to believe that." then he would just not really care and not talk about it around them anymore. However if someone tell him that all of his theories do not make sense and are horrible then he is going to get mad at them and most likely get into an argument.

His nerves are just about average. He isn't going to care much if someone insults his mother.

He tries his best to be organized all the time.

Outside of fights he spends most of his time writing or trying to explain theories.

Most of his virtues are, Kind, Patient, Proud and hardworking.
>> No. 436748
File 137600682972.jpg - (27.46KB , 368x403 , 1375733525717.jpg )
>> No. 436749
File 137600711756.jpg - (454.93KB , 1000x697 , 68523%20-%20Doctor_Whoof%20Doctor_Whooves%20artist%3AEgophiliac%20doctor_who%20fez%20the_doctor.jpg )
Main Moniker:The Doctor
Age: Anywhere between a possible 900-1000 range, leaning towards the latter, though I never do keep track of my birthdays, time travel tends to do that.
Description: The Doctor is a rather odd pony, hailing from the distant planet of Gallifrey, I say distant mainly because it happens to be in a different dimension. He gets along well with most beings, and usually perpetrates his actions with as little violence as mortally possible.
Short Biographical Annotation: [i] Time travel, Hot Companions, Not As Hot Companions, K-9, Regeneration, 1-~, Silliness, Cheese, Humans, Ponies, Princess, Magic Ambient PKE Fields, Discord, Melancholy, Hair On Fire, Bowties, T.A.R.D.I.S., Completely And Totally Impossible, Expository Exploration, and Adventure.
Traits: Good with a screwdriver, Technical, Quite clever if he does say so himself, Mild Point and Click adventure game like Kleptomania.
Weaknesses: Infuriates authority, Absentminded, Almost entirely useless with weapons, and has swings of luckiness that range from JACKPOT, to, Accidentally fell into a Worm Hole that led directly to an operating car compactor. Also, Mortally afraid of most pears.
Reason to be Exploring the Mysterious Lands via Ship: Mostly satiating a burning curiosity, fending off boredom, meeting new and interesting ponies, and the rumors surrounding the area.
>> No. 436751
File 137600736988.jpg - (30.49KB , 600x365 , design idea.jpg )

Tall Tale started doin thangs ta uncertain muthafathas under uncertain stars. Found abandoned up in front of tha royal temple of tha sun, da thug was taken up in by priests n' raised piously fo' realz. Although his hooves dropped nuff muthafuckin years washin floors n' ringin ceremonial bells, his crazy-ass mind was always elsewhere, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin' thru fo'sho. Durin his childhood nights da thug would read tomes n' scrolls by candlelight, n' found a special interest up in talez of darin n' adventure. Legends, myths, call dem what tha fuck yo big-ass booty is ghon but his thugged-out lil' punk-ass believed em fo' realz. And his schmoooove ass couldn't git enough.

Fashionin a sword n' shield outta a metal plate n' a stick, da ruffneck dropped bangin' summer minutes hustlin round tha grassy knoll up in front of tha temple, wavin his stick-sword all up in tha imagined threats, n' you can put dat on yo' toast. Before dat schmoooove muthafucka had even turned eight dat schmoooove muthafucka had slain tha mighty Medusa, battled wit tha swamp ogres, n' even survived a thugged-out deadly chimera attack.

Tall Tale has always had a straight-up actizzle imagination. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch fo' realz. As he grew from a cold-ass lil colt ta a lil' adult, his crazy-ass muthafuckin interests up in readin shifted ta talez of subterfuge yo. Dude engrossed his dirty ass up in storiez of deceit n' trickery, ludd lost n' lies uncovered. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Dude practiced sneakin round tha temple groundz unseen n' unheard, stickin ta tha shadows fo' realz. At these times da thug was Celestiaz underground spy, sneakin tha fuck into a thugged-out deadly cult of Discord worshipers. Of course every last muthafuckin imagined fantasy would end wit Tall Tale savin tha ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass.

Da muthafuckin years servin tha monks n' priests n' tha temple of tha sun went by fast, bein lost up in his own mind.

As full adulthood came upon him, da ruffneck decided ta leave tha teachings n' wayz of tha sun ta forge his own path, ta become a pimp or a spy or...ANYTHING da thug wanted!

Tall Tale was well read n' generally intelligent, so he knew dat if he eva wanted ta travel tha ghetto da thug would need some game ta make his dirty ass useful ta any potential travelin companions.

And so, Tall Tale enrolled ta become a royal guard.
Dude just barely struggled all up in boot camp, n' da perved-out muthafucka still rethugz it as da most thugged-out shitty year of his wild lil' freakadelic game fo' realz. As tough n' unforgivin as it was, he hustled of honor n' duty ta ones self n' empire fo' realz. As much as he hustled, n' as hard as tha pimpin' muthafucka tried, tha dizzle of tha final exams had not gone well yo. Dude did not pass, ta say tha least yo. Dude is straight-up embarrassed bout whatever circumstances caused his ass ta flunk outta tha guard, n' refuses ta drop a rhyme bout tha details ta anypony.
Mentionin tha final exams be a shizzle way ta rustle his jimmies.

Havin failed n' brought shame ta his dirty ass, he moonwalked back ta tha temple at which da thug was raised yo, but found dat his schmoooove ass could no longer fit up in there, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin' thru fo'sho. Things had chizzled too much, n' da perved-out muthafucka set up straight-up soon afta arrival. It aint nuthin but tha nick nack patty wack, I still gots tha bigger sack. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Shamed, n' without anywhere ta go, Tall Tale was overcome wit grief. Da humiliation he felt fo' failin tha exams grew inside his ass like a thugged-out dark pit, eventually formin a thugged-out demon inside of his muthafuckin ass yo. Dude had lost his one chizzle ta explore tha ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! His chosen weapon ta combat his own past, biatch? Liquor, gallonz of dat shit.

Before long, Tall Tale found his dirty ass becomin another hood faded yo. Dude dropped his crazy-ass minutes chillin n' begging, smokin what tha fuck his schmoooove ass could, n' jackin what tha fuck his schmoooove ass couldn't find. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Before long he found his dirty ass jackin not only chicken but tha straight-up booze dat was ruinin his muthafuckin ass fo' realz. Actually, wit time, his thugged-out lil' punk-ass became rather phat at sneakin round n' snatchin thangs. Even wit moderate skill, however, dat shiznit was only a matter of time before da thug was caught jackin bits from tha hospitizzlez donation tray.

After bein brought up in fo' charges, Celestia saw Tall Talez spirit, fucked up too young, n' offered his ass salvation up in tha form of a cold-ass lil game n' shit. Dat shiznit was explained ta his ass dat tha Supa-Hoe was takin on nuff muthafuckin short-term apprentices ta teach tha wayz of thang n' harmony, so dat they could up in turn go forth n' spread her word as truth yo. Dude would be required ta git all up in classes fo' two years, n' if he proved worthy, would be busted up ta explore n' spread her word.

Adventure at last son! Tall Tale eagerly accepted.

Dude hustled much bout thang, kindness, n' diplomacy durin his cold-ass time up in tha royal castle yo. Dude wasn't near top of tha class yo, but unlike his year up in tha guard, he never finished dead last.

Havin passed tha classes, dat shiznit was time fo' his ass ta go forth yo. Dude hustled da thug would be tha bearer of her teachings on one of nuff exploratory vessels. Tall Tale would be assigned ta tha 'Adamantine' wit straight-up simple orders.

Serve tha captain.
Serve tha crew.
Do as is right fo' realz. Always.
Lead by example.

And he plans ta do just dis shit.
>> No. 436752
File 137600738669.png - (175.73KB , 794x1005 , cozy_vinyl_scratch_by_austiniousi-d64is6i.png )
I don't want for this to come off as mean, but I feel like you're not putting very much effort into this. I understand if you want to keep your character vague so you can reveal more about them later, but the character sheet is really like your interview. You have to show a little attention to detail, give a little more than just a few simple one sentence answers, or at least an example of your writing.

>His nerves are just about average. He isn't going to care much if someone insults his mother.

>He tries his best to be organized all the time.

>Outside of fights he spends most of his time writing or trying to explain theories.

>Most of his virtues are, Kind, Patient, Proud and hardworking.

Like, these are answers to our questions yes, but we don't really have a good grasp of his personality. What makes him take these stances on things, why does he react this way to these situations? I'm not asking you to reveal his whole past and everything that lead up to the pony he is now, I just want to know that you yourself have a good grasp of who this pony is whom you want to play, along with giving us a little taste of who he is.
>> No. 436753
Not going to judge this myself; it'd be too biased. As good of an RPer as I know you are, I'm going to have to make Vinyl check you out first.
>> No. 436754
I was rushing it because this was suppose to start at 7 CST. Also i don't really know what you are asking of me because i did just answer your questions. I really am trying my hardest with this.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 8th, 2013 17:20

>> No. 436756
File 137600837180.png - (179.80KB , 480x487 , 971336_444838732279335_1755611961_n.png )
Ok, well you had a reference throw you in a good word, and you:
I understand that you got rushed.

SO! Here's what I'm going to do. I only have one spot open. Maybe, just maybe I might change my mind on it later, BUT for right now, I want you both to come back in a few days with revised character sheets, a bit more attention to detail and personality, and if you can please either give me a reference, or a writing example.

The thread isn't going to that far that fast, so please take your time.
>> No. 436757
Thread is up!
>> No. 436759
And you are really going to have to think about how you are going to play him, as I expect you to follow the basic 'no-godmodding' rules. No advanced tech, no pulling out insane knowlegde at every turning point.

Not that I expect you to do these things, I just need to give a warning anyway so you can set him up to better suit this canon.

I'm trying really hard to give an honest and unbiased review of these two characters guys, so no matter whom i pick, I still wish the other the best of luck. And of course, they are always welcome in here at any time.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 8th, 2013 17:45

>> No. 436760
What kind of more detail do you want though?
>> No. 436761
Ugh, I'm so I keep waffling doc, but I think I'm going to have to ask you to just roll with another character. I love the doctor and all, but I don't think he's going to fit for this particular canon
>> No. 436762
I'll work with you on it in a bit. I need to do some things, but in the meantime try and get me a reference, or find some writing that you have done in the past so I can get a better grip of what kind of rper you are.

I know it's frustrating, but whom I pick now is going to stick with us for a while, so I have to be careful as both a dm and an rper.
>> No. 436763
Alright, i don't have any writing I've done but i have Rped with Smooth/Cuore and Mobius a few times.
>> No. 436903
Name: Solaus

Gender: Male

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 24

Bio: Solaus is an Earth Pony that had lived in Canterlot his entire life as an only child with his two parents. His parents allow him to have a good education, he had always enjoyed the subject of mathematics the most. One day around the age of 19 he had the question of, "If Celestia moves the sun and Luna moves the moon then who or why or what keeps us down?" He once went outside and grabbed a rock and threw it as hard as he could. He noticed for a short few seconds the rock did not hit the ground. After a few years pass he comes with a theory that one can have more energy than gravity. Another thing he once found was that when he dropped two things that were different weight then they would fall at the same speed. He spent a while on this one and thought he was missing something. That something was mass. He came to an unfinished conclusion that X and weight are different. Telling others about these theories only made him look crazy to them, however he did not really seem to care and knew he needed some sort of proof to back him up.

Personality: Solraus is mostly a happy, optimistic pony who enjoys to talk to others but has recently developed a small fear of thinking that he may look crazy to others if he starts a conversation. He has never in his life so far had to get into a physical fight or even really think about it so he is almost naturally somewhat of a peacekeeper. However if attacked he would most likely just try to block and hold off as much as he can. He would only kill unless he really needed to. He tries his best to be as organized as he could possibly be, however that becomes a challenge with all of the papers he normally keeps on him. Since he did grow up in an almost rich family he is most of the time very polite and kind.

Physical description: Colorwise he is not to special, just a brown sandy color with a dark, near black medium mane with a medium length tail. Solaus however does not have as much muscle as one would expect an Earth Pony to have, having coming from a wealthy family and preferring to stay inside and read and learn and write most of his life has left him rather weaker and lighter.

Cutie Mark: Theta Delta

Reason on the Ship: The want to prove as many of his theories as possible. Also wanting to leave the city he has rarely ever left since he was born.

Hopefully this sheet is better than the last.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 9th, 2013 04:32

>> No. 436938
File 137607695855.jpg - (206.48KB , 649x638 , 1372025365935.jpg )

I think Solaus and Tall Tale would get along.

I, personally, like him.

I'm going to accidentally call him Solaris at first, though, so prepare yourself.
>> No. 436989
I've made that mistake too many times already. :|
>> No. 437011
File 137609182998.jpg - (17.84KB , 400x300 , four-aces.jpg )
Alright bear with me because I never created an OC pone before, so I will be operating on nice unfamiliar and probably mine filled territory here.

Name: Simoleander Qualming

Age: 19

Description: Simoleander Qualming is a dusky gray coated earth pony; his mane and tail are a deep blue caught in a state of greasy style found mostly in swindlers and riverboat gamblers. He wears a dusty suit that looks like it might have been looted from a funeral, which it has, and a corduroy red tie which would look far more suitable on the decrepit than on a young stallion. His eyes are of a hazel persuasion, and are according to most, far sharper than his suit.

Biography: Simoleander Qualming began his life with two loving parents, who promptly fell onto hard times. Simoleander was regretfully put up for adoption and has lived his life in a myriad of orphanages. He does not remember his parents, and attributes no great love to them; however he does occasionally wonder what it must be like to have them. His life during and after the orphanage was mostly a rudimentary education on how, “Life is not in any way fair, and that you would just have to deal with it.” Simoleander also learned that because life is not fair, no one except the snooty and self righteous would look down on you for evening the odds a little. His main career consists of various forms of clever crime. The rigging of poker games, stealing of anything not nailed down and valuable, and the occasional spy job. He recently undertook a job to “Modify” a few choice words of a Griffon treaty. Suffice to say Simoleander got in hot water with the people employing him after he ratted them out to the Princesses, he was hoping they would not have anypony willing to follow him into dangerous and new territory. The only problem with this plan for him was, he was going into dangerous new territory.

Skills to Pay Simoleander’s Bills,

Know When to Hold Em’: Simoleander knows when you can’t win, you run away so you can get an advantage later, instead of being beaten to a pulp now.

Gamblin’ Man: Simoleander has a good understanding of probability and has dabbled in Quantum mechanics, mostly to pad out his card counting skills.

Sneaky Simolean: Sneaky enough to get around most places without being seen, and if not that, most ponies don’t think enough of him to recall him well.

School of Hard Knocks: Simoleander can take a beating, or two, maybe even three if nobody has the bright idea of kicking him in the fork.

A Real Charmer: Simoleander has gradually learned that the best way to beat ‘em, it to have them join you.

The Odds Stacked Against Simoleander,

Practical to a Fault: That suit we mentioned was stolen from a funeral earlier? We are not kidding, Simoleander sometimes thinks without reference to feelings, it may lead to tension between him and people who have lots of money they don’t need.

Not Your Little Friend: Simoleander was deserted by quite a few people in his life, and thusly does not trust as easily as mot Equestrians.

I Don’t Want Any Trouble: Simoleander will only fight if he can’t charm his way out of any given situation, and even then he refuses to flat out murder anypony.

For reference his cutie mark is a hoof of four Aces with a smoking bullet hole through one of them.
>> No. 437017
File 137609264939.png - (312.12KB , 694x690 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 1.png )
If you need a one-time antagonist (or perhaps something longer term if you prefer), Dulset Tarn the kelpie/sea siren might add some welcome peril to the adventure. She's a low-class monster, so she shouldn't pose a huge risk to the crew.

I'm not sure if I should put in a character sheet being an antagonist (so as not to ruin any surprises or things the party should have to figure out on their own), but if asked I'll submit one. I have all her capabilities worked out in my head already.

If events turn to allow it, I/she might even stick around for a while :)
>> No. 437027
I like it. His backstory and reason to be on the boat blend well and make plenty of sense, and you've brushed up the sheet a little.

Albeit a bit clunky, I'll toss this an approval.

Ah, Doctor, Doctor...

'Snot bad for a first sheet, I'll give you that. Bit of a Mary Sue past, but I like his character. Tells us plenty about him, this sheet does. ...As soon as I find out if this guy has wings or a horn (or nothing), I'll toss it an approval.


Vinyl may only be accepting one of you; they've planned for a character limit, and we may only be able to squeeze one more in. Not to mention that we've yet to figure out how we're to get you on the ship, since it has already left.
>> No. 437029
File 137609486625.png - (221.19KB , 779x830 , 135537213169.png )
Not to be a huge nitpicking arse, but you might want to give the first sentence of his description another read chief. There is a phrase in there which specifies he is an Earth Pone, of the hornless and wingless variety.
Image completely irrelevant but groovalicious.
>> No. 437031
...I read that as 'pony' instead of 'earth pony' twice before I saw it.

I think I'm blind.
>> No. 437042
File 137609878348.jpg - (65.74KB , 563x800 , 195b382e124d9079d457e4eb9b2d6e19.jpg )
My dear, I will most definitely keep you in mind. From what I have seen of your character around rp, I may very well have use for her in the near future. I will contact you if an event comes up that you could play in :)

Ok...You two..

So, after a long day of brooding over this, and getting a chance to see your guy's character sheets while at work, I have made my decision.

I am going to give an approval to lights character, and unfornately have to deny Dr.Whooves. Let me explain why.

I like both of you characters. I do, and at first I was going to deny both of you because I could not choose between the two. HOWEVER, Light has shown some real effort in trying to join this canon, and though I am sure you are a good rper Doctor, I feel that you will have a much easier time joining another canon.

I feel like Lights character will fit better in my canon, and on top of that I want to give him a chance. I feel like he may not be a top notch, 'everyone wants him in their canon' type of rper, but I also feel as if he is in the stage where he can really begin to improve on his writing, and I would honored for him to become a better rper and writer through our little canon here.

You are always welcome back at any time Doctor, if ever we do another role call. I do apologies for putting you through any hassle.

Now, Mr/Miss Light. I only want you to do one thing before I get you set up in the canon. I want you to take a look and read my post here. You don't have to respond to it or make any comments on it, I just want you to read it and take it to heart.

After you read that, please contact me through my skype:


If you have one and I will help you get set up.
>> No. 437043
File 137609895538.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
I have an idea or two if you like, would you mind if I contacted you on Skype to talk about them? :)
>> No. 437049
Nope, go right ahead my dear. I'll send you Smooths account as well, as he is my co dm. Or we could make a three way chat
>> No. 437050
File 137609953977.png - (95.25KB , 900x858 , doctor_whooves_by_wolfbane_chan-d4dnwvu.png )
No hard feelings Vinyl, and if ever you need me I shall be at your beck and call.
I thank you all for your time and consideration of myself as a candidate for this canon, and even though I did not make the cut, I wish you all the best of luck.
>> No. 437052
A three way?

...Do I even need to make the joke here?
>> No. 437055
Only if I get to bring the rope to the joke~
>> No. 437065
Apologies; Vinyl's Skype is useless. She can't get anything done, it's so complicated.

Mine, however, is easy to use.

May I have your info?
>> No. 437066
Dulset Tarn
>> No. 437069
File 137610364121.png - (136.49KB , 937x1112 , 2_ Dulset huh by Prince Bluelolz.png )
By the way, is this supposed to be like an RPG (rolls for combat and actions), or like a collaborative narrative (just descriptions of actions and players decide the results on their own), or something in between?
>> No. 437072
I think we'll be using rolls as little as possible, as I want to this to be as close to story/narrating as we can get
>> No. 437074
File 137610425468.png - (135.61KB , 937x1069 , 2_ Dulset happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Good choice, that's my favorite kind of RP.
>> No. 437196
File 137617054620.jpg - (27.75KB , 513x397 , vinyl-scratch.jpg )
>> No. 437221
I apologize, I probably should have told you I'd be busy all today. But I'll be available all day tomorrow, so hopefully the crew will have set sail by then if they haven't already!
>> No. 437222
File 137618601526.png - (705.85KB , 833x1280 , 102482 - artist-smittyG vinyl_scratch.png )
Well, it may stil be a while before we can get to those plans, as I am not sure exactly what Smooth has decided for the next event, or who is doing it just yet, so don't be in too much of a hurry. It takes us hours between posts lol
>> No. 437226
File 137618810009.jpg - (142.83KB , 900x900 , 10778__applejack_safe_artist-johnjoseco_mud_bandage.jpg )
Sorry for the lack of posting today. Ended up a we bit busy over the weekend it seems.

Though plenty of free time over the week so no worries I'll catch up <3~

I'll probably be posting some later tonight. May have to uh, make some actions be retroactive after giving things a quick glance

Last edited at Sat, Aug 10th, 2013 19:38

>> No. 437252
It's ok man, me and Tall Tale are going to be pretty busy tonight as well, but if you could fit a post in that would be awesome! Don't rush though, of course. Just if you get time and feel like it, I did kind of call Goldie out.

You are playing Goldie right?

>Is going to take me a while to get used to all these names
>> No. 437300
Yes I'm playing Goldy~
>> No. 437319
File 137623528480.png - (133.13KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset smile.png )
I haven't been able to read up on all that's happened yet. Can I get a little synopsis on the story so far? Has the crew just been meeting each other or has anything important happened?
>> No. 437320
File 137623597441.gif - (171.55KB , 300x312 , 136897378149.gif )
Nothing complex I'm afraid since we've only just started. The boat hasn't even left the dock yet.

Pretty much the group got together on the boat, captain started giving people a tour; most ponies just making comments about what they were shown, not much chance for them to intermingle yet.

Then said Captain decided to fire a cannon as a demonstration;Since Cannons would be unusual things to some of the ponies in an era like this.

He also did this without making sure nothing was in that cannons range of fire.... and hit an adjacent ponyship on the dock so YEAH. Bit of a fail right there. Past little bit has mostly been folks helping very wet dazed ponies out of the ocean

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 08:48

>> No. 437374
File 137624830494.png - (159.00KB , 900x750 , dj_pon3_vinyl_scratch__mov_style_by_popuicat-d5b8ew1.png )
Ya were still at the docks. Maybe five minutes have passed in game. It wont be moving fast for a while I don't think, seeing as we all get about 3 to 4 posts in in a day
>> No. 437376
File 137624964242.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Dang... Well I hope I'm around when it starts moving...
>> No. 437377
Ugh I hate when I have to post from the phone cause I can't make nice long posts. Freakin thing is so hard to edit and god forbid if the chan eats my post
>> No. 437387
File 137626045234.jpg - (64.88KB , 350x350 , preview.jpg )
Well this turned out to be quite adorable. Though very 'Filly stage' rather than full grown mare as Goldy is now, but that's sort of the artists style.

Might Grab another down the line for the sake of something that looks more older/traditional FIM but that can wait for now

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 15:36

>> No. 437443
She's adorable X3
>> No. 438153
File 137636598509.png - (61.17KB , 1300x1300 , Dulset Lurk.png )
So zetta slow...
>> No. 438423
File 137643849574.jpg - (112.01KB , 800x800 , 0cb80b4db44f6ab9149ba70bbec48606.jpg )

Option A would be the best choice between the two, in my opinion. If a choice is to be made.
>> No. 438496
File 137645149999.jpg - (100.39KB , 615x800 , 59278534a51b1f1afaa959f066ec4b24.jpg )
Everyone in this canon please roll a D20. I'm TOTALLY not stealing and altering something a friend did to us a long time ago in another rp...

Also, don't ask cause ya don't get's ta know. It's for future plans >D

Don't you spoil it Smiggs D<
...not even sure if you remember doing it XD

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 20:48

>> No. 438497
I must say, I am a pro at dice...

d20 = 13
>> No. 438498
1d20 = 8
>> No. 438499
testin as I forgot how to rolls lol

d20 = 10
>> No. 438500
File 137645172758.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Am I included in this?
d20 = 18
>> No. 438501
File 137645174343.jpg - (40.56KB , 650x380 , 3163--crossoverhumanJeopardyparodyphotoshoptwilight_sparkle.jpg )
Okay~ rolling

1d20 = 6
>> No. 438502
>> No. 438536
File 137645558555.jpg - (5.64KB , 266x190 , 1365032826129.jpg )
1d20 = 6
>> No. 438695
1d21 = 11
>> No. 439043
File 137677002023.png - (338.08KB , 800x850 , 1376752789_glo-in-the-dark_flowah_field.png )
Here we go: Another picture of Galloping Goldy

Much nearer to the standard FiM style I think. Happy with how this one came out might have to see about getting it colored.


And random song from a horribly pretentious anime <3~
>> No. 439978
File 137714081751.png - (182.33KB , 854x936 , 137643378476.png )
I was going to do this later, but I don't think I'll get time. So, we need to figure out our schedules again, at least for the next week. I'm thinking this coming weekend-Friday/Saturday-, try and get everyone on around the evening to get some posts in? If this weekends not going to work, please let me know guys.

I won't be home from work till around 6 pacific time, so if we could try and all get on around that time it would be awesome.

Again, let me know whats up and if this isn't going to work so I can plan a bit better!

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 440030
File 137718868200.gif - (65.89KB , 255x255 , 43603__safe_animated_scootaloo_apple%252Bbloom_sweetie%252Bbelle_cutie%252Bmark%252Bcrusaders_tu.gif )
Friday and Saturday you say? I'm off both those days so that works fine with me. I also have no life which helps.

Monday I'm busy though, got a Chrono Trigger game to attend. The rest of the week I should be available most days 7PM EST or later.
>> No. 441861
File 137794888489.png - (185.43KB , 800x450 , 800px-Twilight_face_hoof_not_groomed_bed-head.png )
Oh dear seems I have some posts to catch up on.

I'll probably be posting sometime in the evening or so;It's the last weekend of the Summer thus the store has been rather crazy busy with them giving me long shifts. SO I AM THE TIRED

For the best I suppose, could use the hours given they're going to be cut in half for the sake of Uni for the next three months.
>> No. 443123
>> No. 444212
File 137948892149.png - (474.00KB , 738x1082 , the_boat_that_rocked_by_staticwave12-d4dfz5q.png )
>> No. 447301
File 138274626079.png - (34.91KB , 340x420 , -Ranger L_- Pic 01.png )
You've got me Interested. I have two characters that could be in this rp. One a Protagonist, the other Antagonist.
>> No. 447402
Sorry I'm so slow, I'll check this out in a bit, though I might have to say no. Technically i wanted a limited number of players, but one kind of quit/is very slow, so I might have a spot open.

If you didn't already, go ahead and skim through this ooc and check out some of my important posts, will explain a lot, and we like posters to long post as often as they can, but it is not a definite requirement for EVERY post

if you are still interested after that, go ahead and post a character sheet for both your characters, and if you can, try and add some detail to it so I can see how your writing is :)

don't worry, we're not crazy strict, we just don't short, undetailed posts like you see in doughnut bar and AOS. Not that they are bad, we just like to write in more detail

Last edited at Mon, Oct 28th, 2013 13:54

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