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434427 No. 434427
#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Violence #Semi-serious #Crazy

Current Officer list as it stands:

Welcome to Brand New Day
All characters are welcome to join, we simply request you read the rules.

Current Officers:
Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY
Pill Popper!ytAquaRius
Inferno(Wielder of the Box
Twilight Sparkle!7I.puMagic
Apple Bloom!CMC33e/TIQ

Welcome to Shade Valley home to many small towns and mountains,and valleys. The cascading shadows from the sun and the hills cast a beautiful yet haunting shade across the small bustling town. So come on in,and stay a spell.

1. Be respectful.
2. No OP characters please.
3. Post with reason, please don't just *pop out of no where and collapse the world in on itself*.
4. Try contacting the officers if you have a problem.

Battle system:
Players choose a combat rating based on their characters experience and lore.

Striking an enemy player requires a simple 1d20 roll.

A Hit will be 11-20 with 20 being a critical strike, effectively doubling the damage done from the final roll.

A Miss will be 1-10 with a 1 being a critical failure, effectively doing the damage to yourself from the final roll.

The following letters correspond to the amount of damage done on a successful hit.

SSS = 1d20
S= 1d12
A= 1d10
B= 1d8
C= 1d6
D= 1d4
F= 1d1

Example Combat

Pill Popper swings her mace of doom at an unexpecting Ember. She would roll to hit and the corresponding damage roll to her rating, which is A Rank.

1d20 = 14

1d10 = 9

This will effectively be her turn in combat.
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>> No. 434428

>not even officer

But in all srsness, I'd join the fuck out of this
>> No. 434429
File 137531922667.png - (216.75KB , 600x600 , 132705__UNOPT__safe_rarity_rule-63_elusive_rose--oparen-flower-cparen-_artist-chicasonic.png )
Will there be move actions as well as combat actions?
>> No. 434430
File 137531923848.png - (142.18KB , 440x340 , 118810__UNOPT__safe_cute_carrot-top_artist-famelessface.png )
Officer Carrot Top reporting in!
>> No. 434431
>If you mean by
Vinyl leaps at you, a large piece of pipe clenced in her magic, she swings it at you, and tries to roll
>then i would do
d8 = 2
d20 = 9(roll)
>> No. 434432
File 137531958735.png - (337.81KB , 900x1000 , Sshine popper.png )
Name: Pill Popper

Age 23

Gender: Female

Race Earth Pony

History;She decided to go see the world, and left her home behind. She brought her piece of shit sword and crossbow with her along with her Dr. bag. Her parent died of Illness a few years back, and she got tired of being alone, and decided to seek out adventure and new friends. She got the bow from her father when they use to hunt deer with her old man. The time they usually hunted was on her breaks from medical school. She would later flunk out on her junior year for getting addicted to a substance she created from poison joke extract. Effects of which range from mixed nerve signals and hallucinations that is to say that are how it affects her. Effects vary from pony to pony. After awhile she returned home to her manor.

Personality: Ditzy, Mood swing, smart ass, sarcastic, sort a bitch but has a kind heart.

Combat B

Cutiemark: Pill bottle.

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>> No. 434433
Name: Griffith


Species: Griffon


History: Abandoned by his parents for his homosexuality 8 years ago, as griffonkind does not take well to that. Adopted by kinder parents, who moved to Equestria recently with him. He refuses to talk about his real parents, especially who they are, to anyone.

Personality: Introverted, AND shy, quiet, gets nervous easily, very submissive in terms of how he would go along with others' ideas.
Combat level: D

Others: can perfectly imitate voices, and likes to build and engineer things.

Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 18:23

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File 137531992408.png - (302.42KB , 877x1023 , Starry Night.png )
>> No. 434435

Approved silly
>> No. 434436
File 137532013386.png - (111.37KB , 500x433 , boxiedrewmy butt.png )
I'll be lenient since phone posting,and i seen your sheet prior via skype.


But now how will i ever become a sailor scout?

>> No. 434437
File 137532014675.jpg - (14.74KB , 135x243 , uh.jpg )
Character Name: Arum
Age: 32 (52)
Race: Bat Pony
Sex: Male

History: Arum spent fifteen years in the Equestrian Royal Guard and left with significant combat experience. He was promoted to Emissary and Diplomat of Underground Cultures and Species to which he spent several more years in the darkness of caves underneath Equestria. A disasterous civil war in the underground kingdom Spires, left Diplomat Arum with several enemies, along with a distaste for politics. The bat pony is currently looking for a temporary place to stay so he can find out what his career options are. Buerocrats in Canterlot are very displeased with his failure in Spires.

Personality: Aggressive, Jealous, and slightly possessive. Has a significant amount of wisdom due to his age and experiences in life. Has issues with affection. Alignment Chaotic Good . Arum speaks the Lunar and Equine language. He is usually only awake at night. Loves to cook, read, and merely rest in his free time. Has a distaste for Gryphons, gnolls, dragons, and nobility. Values courage and hates cowards.Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Flask. Adept at making wine. Arum snuck into his father's wine collection at a young age and tasted some wine. Liking the dry, robust taste, he started experimenting in his free time, attempting to create a perfect wine. His cutie-mark appeared as he recognized that he would love to create and experiment with winemaking for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he had to take his father's place in the military after his untimely death in service.

Shipping Preferences: Female

Combat Level: A

Others: Arum is a fruit batpony. He can cook. Loves weaponry. Desires to secure enough property one day to start his own vineyard and produce wine. Exposure to the elemental DusT, a radiactive particle in the dark of Spires unnaturally increased his lifespan. Arum is still attempting to recover and purge his body of the toxic crystaline DusT. His irises are of irregular shape from the poison. Currently dating Pill Popper. They have two children together named Teasel and Blur. Currently cured of the DuST

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>> No. 434438
File 137532022208.png - (90.34KB , 613x619 , cp2.png )
>> No. 434439

Yeah it didn't want to copy properly, fixed it now. Friggin phone.
>> No. 434440
>> No. 434441
>> No. 434442
File 137532143428.png - (109.09KB , 1280x1123 , Gaulthier.png )
Character Name: Golgotha
Age: 28
Race: Uh, Earthpony? He's sort of a pastiche of a second generation Slavic-american immigrant, ethnicity wise.
Sex: Male.
History: Some people have no luck, whatsoever. Golgotha has lost everyone who has ever been close to him. At age 8 he lost his mother to terminal cancer. His father knew almost nothing about raising kids, and did his best, encouraging his studies in the sciences. When he got older he lost a series of girlfriends to tragic adventuring accidents and one disappearance under mysterious circumstances. While he excels in his field of engineering, the constant loss of anyone who cares about him makes him a little emotionally fragile. Having just lost his father to dementia, he is fleeing his old home to put it all behind him and escape. Setting out on the road, he has no destination in mind but “away.”
Personality: Snarky and sarcastic. This is mostly just a front he puts up to keep people at arms length. He will go to hell and back for anyone he cares about, but having been burned before he's careful not to get too close. Has a soft spot for small children/animals.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Lightbulb – He's an engineer and an inventor!
Shipping Preferences: Straight
Combat Level: C – but not afraid to get into a fight if he has to.
Others: Will, and usually does, hit on anything female. Not exactly the most “faithful” person in the world.
>> No. 434443
>> No. 434444
>> No. 434445

>extra approved, hue.

>gonna do one or two more char sheets when I'm home, probably.
>> No. 434446
>> No. 434447
looks cool
>> No. 434448
Name: Clementine

Age 20

Gender: Mare

Race: Earth pony

"not much really to tell about me... my family has been here on the orchard for generations, i'm not really different... i'm much better at working out juice stand than i am in the fields, but that doesn't mean i can't hold my own against Applejack!"

Personality: happy and hard working, Clementine is the mare to pick if you need anything regarding plants. her talents for working with fruits make it all the better for growing thing, she can be a little headstrong at times, but she almost always has whats best for her orchard, and her friends at heart.

Combat: "i- i'd rather not... but... i- if you insist..." Rank B

Others: "I'm just as good as applejack!"
>> No. 434449
File 137532249556.png - (34.12KB , 830x650 , Clementine.png )
>> No. 434450



>> No. 434451
File 137532269825.png - (33.58KB , 257x278 , lolface.png )
Character Name: Ember Storm
Age: 20
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Female
History: She was born in Canterlot, At the young age of 5 she found out her love of reading by reading her picture book over and over again. Soon after the books began to grow in size with her she'd find one day a cutie mark with a book on it.
Personality: She is a cheerful l
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Reading and organizing books
Shipping Preferences: Whatever
Combat Level: D
>> No. 434452
>> No. 434453
Name: Midnight Sparkle
Age: 23
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Male
History: Someponies Are born in the lap of luxury. Midnight is the polar opposite. Born into Poverty, never knowing his parents, he grew bitter and Resentful, hiding the side of him needed for social interaction. He lived his life reclusive, depressed, and bitter, until he ran across a filly who's life modeled his similarly. He took the time to get to know the filly, bonding with her and adopting her, His caring side coming out of hiding.
Personality: Bitter, Resentful, and Scornful. when around his.Daughter, he's happy, caring, and protective.
Combat Level: C.
>> No. 434454
>> No. 434455
File 137532296016.jpg - (37.86KB , 400x300 , aqua-teen-hunger-force-carl.jpg )
Ok approved.
>> No. 434456
Looks good approved
>> No. 434457
thank you Carl.
>> No. 434458
>> No. 434459
File 137532311649.png - (37.54KB , 309x293 , huh.png )
>> No. 434460
File 137532339219.png - (26.13KB , 524x700 , 128373__safe_oc_filly_cute_fanfic_unicorn_sitting_antipodes_incendia_png-959835723.png )
Name: Fire Blossom
Age: 7
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
History: Born into Poverty, Blossom lived with her parents until their death during a mugging. she was taken into a Orphanage, constantly sneaking out and exploring. one day, she ran into Midnight, who saw himself in the little filly. She revealed more to.him than she had to anyone before, eventually leading up to her adoption by him.
Personality: Cheerful and Friendly, occasionally mischievous.
Combat Level: 。◕‿◕。
>> No. 434461
but its opposite day
>> No. 434462
File 137532351050.jpg - (109.41KB , 652x819 , 1360036235558.jpg )
>Approved again.
>> No. 434463
>> No. 434465
File 137532377149.png - (125.74KB , 892x896 , Didney Worl!.png )
>> No. 434466
>> No. 434467
File 137532385864.png - (23.15KB , 238x239 , Smiles.png )
>> No. 434468
Btw, how many approves do we need?
>> No. 434469
>> No. 434470
Got it.
>> No. 434471
File 137532403662.png - (8.82KB , 566x554 , 381715__safe_solo_vinyl%252Bscratch_dj%252Bpon-dash-3_artist-colon-pupster0071_nya.png )
>> No. 434472
File 137532418196.png - (445.42KB , 2000x2020 , AAUUUUUGH.png )
Character Name: Starlight Twinkle
Age: Doesn't know
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Female
History: Lives in the Everfree with her pet cockatrice, and has a small knowledge on all the different magic, she never could stick with only one school of magic for very long.
Personality: Sporadic, slightly insane with sane tendencies.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Multiple magics
Shipping Preferences: Ship?
Combat Level: B
Others: Has book smarts despite being insane.
>> No. 434473
File 137532419453.gif - (169.69KB , 615x563 , you are mine now.gif )

>> No. 434474
>> No. 434475
>> No. 434476
>> No. 434477
File 137532429539.jpg - (121.47KB , 700x800 , tumblr_met6reZw8z1rijuvxo1_1280.jpg )

"slightly insane"

my sides


Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 19:31

>> No. 434478

>> No. 434479
File 137532441837.png - (19.06KB , 191x200 , 129640427322s.png )
Boss Encounter

This Friday around 7 PM Central (US) time.

Various coin, gem, and loot will be given the winners if you don't become a tasty snack for my monster.
>> No. 434480
>> No. 434481
File 137532483788.gif - (761.14KB , 500x352 , spoiler.gif )
>> No. 434482
File 137532499280.jpg - (337.46KB , 1728x2304 , Oh, you are SO on.jpg )
Name: Seras Wisp

Age: 20

Race: Pegasus

Sex: Female

Personality: She is light hearted. She loves the explore the world outside of Equestria but even so, she doesn't mind staying with her friends.

Special Talent: Exploring wide areas in a short amount of time

Cutie Mark: A magnifying glass with wings

History: A child of two high class ponies, she would usually run off to see the various sights in Equestria when she could. One day she went into the Everfree Forest. She went deep into the woods and almost got killed by a cerberus. She managed to escape and made it back home badly injured. She was sheltered by her parents for the rest of her childhood. When she grew old enough to move out, she joined the night guard, serving Luna. Her talents were recognised and she was in charge of exploring the world outside Equestria and defending it from any outside creatures during the night.

Combat Ranking: B Rank

Shipping Preferences: Bi

Other: Obviously one of Luna's royal guard. She can be seen in her armor (doesn't wear helmet unless necessary). She can also use a spear, sword, or dagger.

She has a scar on her left hind leg from when she was attacked as a filly.

It was after the cerberus attack when she gained a want to explore more and find adventure, despite barely surviving the attack with the cerberus. After she gained that want she got her cutie mark.
>> No. 434483
>Ok approved
>> No. 434484
File 137532522214.jpg - (723.86KB , 2099x1359 , 349885__safe_oc_moon_night_stars_bat%252Bpony_guard%252Bpony_lunar%252Bguard_artist-colon-kas92.jpg )

>> No. 434485
Alright, sweet!

Hmm... I was actually thinking about making this a different Seras, though.
Since this is a different canon from AOS, despite having characters from that canon here.
>> No. 434486
File 137532540813.jpg - (443.97KB , 2000x2000 , D&Dbatpony.jpg )

Go for it!
>> No. 434487
No problem.
>> No. 434488
File 137532558048.png - (209.15KB , 984x982 , 137295903651.png )
Character Name: Brisk Breeze
Age: 19
Race: He has recently become a bat pony. Because magic, why not?
Sex: Male.
History: No one's really sure where Brisk came from. Not even he is. Any memory he had before he left Crystal Spires is fuzzy at best. He might be from there originally.
Having left, his thirst for adventure has drawn him the length an breadth of the land.
He is seldom seen without his trademark red and blue scarf.
Personality: Cheerful and optimistic, he has a tendency to be a little flighty. He gets very easily bored and just as easily drawn to the next shiny object that crosses his path.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: A special and unique Snowflake
Shipping Preferences: Straight...ish
Combat Level: B
Others: His love of shiny things and collecting those shiny things makes him a bit of a kleptomaniac. He has a habit of picking things up, and forgetting that he has them until he gets home.
>> No. 434489
>> No. 434490
File 137532588590.jpg - (118.94KB , 1024x768 , 173866__UNOPT__.jpg )

>> No. 434491
File 137532608125.png - (107.77KB , 311x310 , The true Pally_.png )
Name: Paladin

Age: Early 20's... ish...


History: [Error, cannot retrieve early childhood.] ...and then he was brought into the church and raised by the order there. After he became old enough, he left and set off to find out what happened to his parents (Pro-tip: I don't even know.) by traveling the plane and smiting evil. Eventually, he gained a small bit of fame by vanquishing various demons and the people started calling him "The Paladin." He liked it and it stuck with him for the rest of his days.

Personality: Loyal, kind, upright, fierce, and determined. Can get very violent and cocky if in a fight.

Cutiemark: Crusader shield.

Note: Due to the lack of artistic skills I possess and Pally pics, Vinyl Scratch will be my avatar for many posts.
>> No. 434492
>> No. 434493
>> No. 434494
File 137532618945.png - (131.71KB , 1577x1633 , Lurking.png )
I didn't expect the picture to look so horrible...

Brilliant start...
>> No. 434495
File 137532621454.png - (685.51KB , 773x800 , teasing_by_aymint-d6e6s1h.png )

>> No. 434496
File 137532632364.png - (81.35KB , 517x495 , Closer.png )
Don't you bring out my fetish when I haven't even started yet!
>> No. 434497
File 137532638125.png - (143.90KB , 640x360 , my queen they plot rebellion.png )

>> No. 434498
File 137532653709.png - (217.07KB , 1280x1285 , Suspicious.png )
I'll be watching you...
>> No. 434499
File 137532658415.jpg - (449.25KB , 2160x1610 , 100E0850.jpg )
> dat pic

Oh my~
>> No. 434500
File 137532663151.png - (32.77KB , 596x364 , yeah2.png )
Character Name: Wheatleigh
Age: 23
Race Unicorn
Species: Pony
Sex: Female
History: Reletively normal childhood. Except for that whole thing about her family home burning to the ground. But everyone lived, so no harm done, right?
Took up an interest in photography and eventually got a job taking crime scene photos. Mostly of arsons. Totally unrelated though. Right.
Personality: Fairly outgoing, blunt, dark sense of humor, tad of a pyromaniac, might be a bit fireproof

Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Taking pictures/Camera

Combat Level:C
Others: I don't know what to put here, so here's a joke

What was the last thing to go through Princess Diana's mind before she died?

The Windshield
>> No. 434501
Approving it so hard.
>> No. 434502
File 137532675803.png - (131.38KB , 687x772 , Cadential Dissapointment.png )
I'll go mad before this is over...
>> No. 434503
File 137532686555.jpg - (281.86KB , 2160x1610 , lol It's just manga, dude.jpg )
Nah, it won't be that bad lol
>> No. 434504
File 137532708720.png - (282.04KB , 1500x1372 , 137312291659.png )

>> No. 434505
File 137532719904.png - (97.49KB , 774x1032 , vinyl_by_spittfireart-d68fz3s.png )
Name: "Vinyl MotherBuckin' Scratch!"

Age: "i'm gonna say 23, but, is that my real age? mmm... thats for me to know, and you to find out~"

Race "i'm a Nahrwal, are you blind?"

Gender "really? i'm a mare, can;'t you see that? seriously.., these questions are getting ridiculous.... can we get on with it?"

History: "finally... a real question... I was Raised by my arents untill i was about 8 or 9, then i was on the streets. i spent some considerable ammount of time living place to place, taking what ever work i could find, doing everything from being a waitress, to helping bands set up their stuff, even.. even being an escort... all the while searching for my mom and dad...i'm still looking for them... i wish i knew where they were..."

Personality:"I like to think i'm outgoing... i've been told that i'm cocky, and that i can be a little thick skulled, but i also like to throw in my Awesometacular ness!"

Combat level "well, one of my jobs was a self defece practice pony... i got rather good at tackling ponies... but they learned quick... i got a few tips though... so on a grade scale... er... okay, hell i didn't learn anything... i'm a C, tops..."

Other: "I can say anything here, right? Sweet. SO YEAH. i'm a DJ, and i'm lookin for my parents. yea yea, whatevs... anyways, if you've seen 'em, PLEASE let me know! save me a LOT of trouble!"
>> No. 434506
>> No. 434507
File 137532730945.png - (97.94KB , 677x397 , _________.png )
Why was that addressed to me..? A feel special now.
>> No. 434508
File 137532736031.png - (43.25KB , 316x359 , Good Grief.png )

>Ah can't grammer
>> No. 434509
File 137532740685.jpg - (294.26KB , 987x1064 , 362318__safe_solo_vinyl%252Bscratch_dj%252Bpon-dash-3_artist-colon-skyline19.jpg )
Well, why do you think i approved you~
Mostly because i have a thing for myself~
>> No. 434510
File 137532741935.png - (100.26KB , 555x600 , 289100__UNOPT__safe_guard-pony_artist-britishstarr.png )

>> No. 434511
File 137532748466.png - (150.58KB , 930x990 , Yes! Dubstep!.png )
You approve of me because you have a fetish for yourself...

I'll take what I can get!
>> No. 434512
File 137532762238.jpg - (36.95KB , 600x600 , 351839__solo_suggestive_plot_vinyl%252Bscratch_panties_socks_ass_corset_artist-colon-gamermac.jpg )
Well, if you're a clone, or an alternate reality version of me
then... its probably going to be Selfmolcesterbation~
( i have no idea what that is, but it sounds hot)
>> No. 434513
File 137532767708.png - (165.48KB , 319x290 , Blushing Smile 2.png )
>> No. 434514
File 137532873351.png - (157.86KB , 634x724 , 137272801842.png )
Character Name: Ragna Rok
Age: 22
Sex: Female
History: From a time of great war and chaos ruled the land of equestria Ragna like many other Vikings set forth to battle the evil chaotic king of ancient Equestria. the year was A.D 1013 the world plunged into the dark ages by the fall of the cloudsdale empire. Ragna was born in AD. 991 and to a wealthy happy blacksmithing father her mother had died in child birth with her. born into a family of three older children Ragna grew up happy by the age of five when she was able to first pick up a hammer she knew what she was meant to do. fallow in her father hoofsteps as a Warrior and a blacksmith. her oldest sibling was her brother Harold a ship builder, her sisters Inga and Elda were poets and weavers. her father Olaf the Sharktooh was the best blacksmith of all of Iceland.

Ad.1013, the battle
with the ship her brother had made her and the enchanted sword her father had crafted she rowed to the beat of war durms banging in her ears as she reached the battle she was almost pushed away for the simple fact she was a mare. she pushed the stallion out of her way and charged into battle left and right she slayed the evil minions of Discord. the battle waged on for three days and Ragna and the army of the true equestria had beat him back ragna had started to battle the demon himself until the trumpets of Luna and Celestia's army announced to fall back this had distracted her for a split second and Discord blasted a single spell her way throwing her a thousand years in the future her enchanted sword was all that had been left. Grief driven her father built a hiding place for the sword in the hidden forest of Northern equestria. the sword and the stone had now became legend...and so had Ragna.
Personality: friendly to most, often inviting ponies to meed and feasting this dark age viking is a sweetheart until you piss her off.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Blacksmithing and sword play.
Shipping Preferences: Bi
Combat Level: A
Others: speaks Icelandic as a first language.
>> No. 434515
>> No. 434516
File 137532904162.png - (420.75KB , 1018x1023 , vinyl_scratch_approved_by_agarwaen117-d4qx77e.png )
Hrm.... only thing that's up to question is the Combat level... but after talking it over, you win an approval!
>> No. 434518
It's like the Nordic Samurai Jack
>> No. 434519
File 137532959564.png - (145.99KB , 733x1089 , cider_season_derpy_by_the_crusius-d4w50vi.png )
"Alrights!....we ams goings to parties like it ams 999!"
>> No. 434521
File 137532978841.png - (72.38KB , 640x400 , I ams not blushing.png )
i won't say i didn't use the same mode of chronological transportation
>> No. 434522
File 137532979330.png - (26.41KB , 320x500 , Why.png )
>quite physically weak.
>Combat Level: B

That doesn't make sense.
>> No. 434523

>Physical combat is not the only type of combat CT. Magic. Duh.
>> No. 434524
File 137532993629.gif - (488.92KB , 250x250 , I doubt I'll ever use this.gif )
>> No. 434525
>Congrats, you actually used that gif.
>> No. 434526
Aww, I was going to say that
>> No. 434527

Silly slow Wheaties.
>> No. 434528
A shape shifting master of evil threw you into the past?
>> No. 434529
File 137533007988.jpg - (11.32KB , 300x200 , CM wat.jpg )
You're all slow, that's the third time I've used it.
>> No. 434530

>But you are slow to change the filename.
>> No. 434531
File 137533011010.jpg - (2.51MB , 2880x2160 , They act like they don't know.jpg )
Whelp, so much for rp'ing here tonight XD
>> No. 434532
File 137533013749.gif - (1.99MB , 310x176 , tumblr_mkr1o7kykC1riu71qo2_400.gif )
Posting Gifs we'll never use?
>> No. 434533
>Implying I need to.
>> No. 434534
File 137533017867.gif - (629.75KB , 245x133 , tentacletentacletentacle_zpscf4e3803.gif )
>That was not the right gif...
>> No. 434535
"Could walk into paladin there in the city?
>> No. 434536
Eh. Approved.
>> No. 434537

>but then the filename is inaccurate in it's implication.
>> No. 434538
File 137533024940.gif - (925.31KB , 400x192 , Everyone Eyes.gif )
>> No. 434539
File 137533028367.png - (134.22KB , 1633x1577 , Lurking1.png )
The council approves.
>> No. 434540
Guess I'll give it a shot.

lol I honestly didn't know where anyone was.
>> No. 434541
File 137533031890.gif - (627.51KB , 500x281 , Never Find the Body.gif )
>> No. 434542
File 137533041864.gif - (1.11MB , 320x240 , Tear off face.gif )
Half the folk are in the mansion. Other half are out on the street so poor and hungry...
>> No. 434543

>And some of us have reached salvation, hue hue
>> No. 434544
File 137533047478.gif - (1.92MB , 338x338 , shwQ20Y.gif )
>> No. 434545
File 137533057456.gif - (0.98MB , 245x245 , GxDyAoS.gif )
>> No. 434546
File 137533064413.gif - (1.52MB , 330x234 , Thanks Obama.gif )
>> No. 434547
File 137533079067.gif - (1.20MB , 245x200 , tumblr_mmtxn7D9Ro1qe7s4so3_250.gif )
>> No. 434548
File 137533084815.gif - (775.50KB , 500x251 , RumpleNOPEskin.gif )
>> No. 434549
File 137533089374.gif - (1.99MB , 320x320 , 1374859785914.gif )
>> No. 434550
>> No. 434551
File 137533095833.gif - (470.40KB , 350x197 , tumblr_mnervwy0dO1rb0fqao1_400.gif )
>> No. 434552
File 137533096702.jpg - (852.71KB , 2880x2160 , Yeah, up yours too, bub.jpg )

Alright, I tried again. Lets hope this works out and junk.
>> No. 434553
File 137533104480.gif - (498.13KB , 500x265 , tumblr_ls1nfoDfIn1r2a3ebo1_500.gif )
Going to bed now.
>> No. 434554
File 137533106774.gif - (2.68MB , 400x225 , implying.gif )
>> No. 434556
File 137533121112.gif - (4.87MB , 450x253 , Messages-Image273434015.gif )
Ooooooooooooooooooooooh! That battle was SO MUCH COOLER IN THE BOOK!
>> No. 434557
File 137533140184.gif - (2.66MB , 200x113 , Making a Ham Sandwich.gif )
>Reading the book
>> No. 434558
>> No. 434560
Might as well join!

Character Name: Dream Team

Age: 18

Race: Unicorn

Sex: Female

History: She lived a horrible life in a small town, where her family was considered ‘bad luck.’ She lived up to 7 with a family that didn’t take care of her at all. Dream ended up calling Child Services her-self and was sent to her Uncle Maximum, whom brought her adventuring around the world until she was 11, in which he died exploring a Mystery dungeon. Not wanting to be sent to a foster home, Dream ran off and joined another group of adventurers, whom traveled around Equestria, occasionally going through the Griffon Kingdom. She left the group, (after many tears were shed) at 18, to come to Shade Valley for a break.

Personality: She’s a nice pony, however the years of going around the world have made her more likely to remise, and easy to anger.

Special Talent and Cutie Mark: whole bunch of wavy lines, colored white or red.

Shipping Preferences: Bisexual

Combat Level: B, due to the fact that she had to defend her-self around booby traps, and griffons when they traveled through dungeons/The Griffion Kingdom.

Others: She always carries a small dagger with her, on an adventurers belt. On it is also a compass, a map of the known world, and a whole bunch of knick-knacs, one of which is a black headband.

PS: This might not make sense to anyone, as I am a tired fuck right now.


Last edited at Wed, Jul 31st, 2013 21:53

>> No. 434561
>> No. 434562
Now one more to go!
>> No. 434563
File 137533348385.jpg - (42.31KB , 225x350 , image.jpg )
Name: Kromato
Race: Pony but was a human before
Age: 19
History: he was abandoned by his real parents on the everfree forest. Later found by 2 farmer earth ponies. Rhey raised him but life was rough. Being raised on a farm there was not much to do. One of his intreats were old kung fu movies. He left his farm life at the age of 10 to study under a kung fu master, one kf the only few to accept , virtually running away. After mastering the art he was on his own at the age of 17. He had to resort to stealing and running away being shunned away and rejected by ponies for being different. A run in with chaos god eris left him with a new form. He ventured to this new town looking for a fresh start.
Talent: Kung fu (fuck yea)
Personality: he is a bit shy but opens up after a bit
Shipping preference: Straight
>> No. 434564
File 137533350099.png - (420.75KB , 1018x1023 , vinyl_scratch_approved_by_agarwaen117-d4qx77e.png )
>> No. 434565
File 137533354939.png - (420.75KB , 1018x1023 , vinyl_scratch_approved_by_agarwaen117-d4qx77e.png )
>> No. 434566
Are you even an officer?
Thanks anyways!
>> No. 434567
Fill in, pretty much when the other officers are AFK or asleep, i work the character sheets
>> No. 434568
>> No. 434569

Work 'em hard and fast
>> No. 434571
File 137533386758.png - (183.58KB , 1000x758 , Crackle2.png )
Name: Crackle
Age: 42
Gender: Female
History: To ponykind, little is known of the noble dragonkin, save for what can be gleamed from physical observation. While they may seem savage, Dragonkind are in truth quite civilized and even have their own established forms of royalty. Among them is... Crackle.
Okay, nobility doesn't always equate to being pretty. Crackle is essentially one of the odd bastard children of a young prince who forgot to learn about biology ( A sadly frequent occurrence). This of course makes her royalty. the kind of royalty you send far away and never comes back ever because they died horribly.
She's about as smart as she looks and has a very bad habit of igniting flammable things without provocation or warning.

Personality: She is quite cheerful and likes to talk.... A lot. Getting stuck in a conversation with Crackle is something to be avoided as she will gab your ear off faster than most other dragons will gnaw it off.

Combat Rating: Potato (C)
>> No. 434574
File 137533503205.png - (200.33KB , 1366x768 , Fuck Oranges.png )
Character Name: Blood Orange
Age: 10
Race: Earth
Sex: Male
History: He lives with his older sister and Aunt on an orange farm. Oranges suck
Personality: He is a gritty little hard ass punk bitch
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Fuck you
Shipping Preferences: Fuck you
Combat Level: ...D
Others: Fuck you
>> No. 434575
File 137533516661.png - (137.04KB , 635x635 , Flat Color progress.png )
>> No. 434576
>> No. 434577
File 137533535994.jpg - (35.44KB , 500x415 , too edgy for me.jpg )
>> No. 434578
>> No. 434579
>I see what you did there!
>> No. 434581
>> No. 434582
I thought you already approved it?
>> No. 434585
File 137533705043.png - (104.90KB , 520x553 , Fuck this place.png )
>> No. 434629
File 137534061305.png - (165.06KB , 500x500 , Scarecrow ref sheet as scarecrow.png )
Character Name: Jonathan Crane (better known as the Scarecrow)

Age: unknown

Race: Unicorn (can't use magic when wearing anti-magic ring from Arkam Asylum, generally occurs when he is in/has just escaped Arkham.)
Sex: Male

History: Ex-professor, did experiments based on fear, was sent to Arkham Asylum after killing a fellow professor. The Scarecrow is an expert in psychology, with a focus on fear, and is a former certified professor on the subject. He has now been released.

Personality: Serious, somewhat insane.

Special Talent and Cutie Mark: inducing fear, pumpkin

Shipping Preferences: >implying shipping with a Batman villain

Combat Level: B

Others: The Scarecrow is a man who uses a fear based substance called "Fear Gas" to project your deepest darkest fear that causes his victims to hallucinate that their phobias have come to life. He wears his Scarecrow mask to enhance the effect of the hallucinogen (instilling fear in all who see him) as well as to avoid being poisoned by his own toxin. Although not physically intimidating, Scarecrow is adept in physical combat.
>> No. 434645
File 137534762875.jpg - (25.12KB , 295x405 , image.jpg )
Character Name: Apple Bloom
Age: 16
Race: Earth
Sex: Female
History: As a filly she was killed by a demon and spent an undetermined time as an undead slave in Hell. After escaping, she was resurrected and adopted by Solen and began training her to be a Reaper.
Personality: Happy, fun loving, and very stubborn
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Scythe and an Apple
Shipping Preferences: Either
Combat Level: C
>> No. 434646
I approve myself XD
>> No. 434648
>> No. 434650
>> No. 434672
File 137537000567.png - (429.51KB , 892x665 , And stay down!.png )
Looks like fun.
>> No. 434701
Wait... Is Dream approved to RP now?
>> No. 434702
>> No. 434704
File 137539366549.png - (11.68KB , 800x600 , Crackle Pie.png )
Can I get one more approval?
>> No. 434705
Fuck it. Approved.
>> No. 434706
File 137539964856.png - (87.56KB , 406x516 , GENTLEDRAGONS.png )
>> No. 434707
Approved why not
>> No. 434708
File 137540310886.png - (1.84MB , 1797x1143 , Voip_Telephone_Photo.png )
Name: Veerjay "Jeff" Hamunuptrasinghkhan

Age 37

Gender Male

Race Tech support

History When TECHNICORP decided to outsource its Tech support desk, Veerjay swooped in to pick up that job. $4 an hour isn't much in Ponyville, but in Delhi, it will feed a family of six.

Personality No sense of humor. At all. He doesn't even know what a joke is.

Combat He's a phone, how is he going to engage in combat?

Cutiemark You can't tell over the phone!
>> No. 434709
I don't see any harm in it approved.
>> No. 434710
>> No. 434717
File 137540860372.png - (322.39KB , 1000x1000 , 1368481729245.png )

>> No. 434719
Oh yeah, after Sunday I won't be here for 2 weeks. Sorry guys.
>> No. 434720
File 137540875562.jpg - (71.21KB , 500x600 , god wills it.jpg )



>> No. 434721
File 137540898321.jpg - (124.30KB , 340x340 , wut.jpg )

Be safe and have fun wherever you are going.
>> No. 434743
File 137542022058.png - (187.69KB , 404x372 , You what mate.png )
>> No. 434745
Character Name: Monochromio
Age: 15
Race: Pegasus
Sex: Male
History: He is the reborn clone of MonoChromia. She died from intense burns and progressing cancer cause by radiation poisoning. A mad scientist brought her back as a young colt. He is a happy colt who is very naive at some points always trusting his sister no matter what trouble she could lead him into. Now he is older and posses the symbiote. With that he uses it to protect ponies he find that are in need, trying to repress the symbiote's maddening effects
Personality: Cheerful little guy :3
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Protecting people from harm
Shipping Preferences: Straight
Combat Level: C
>> No. 434746
>> No. 434747
>> No. 434748
File 137542537145.png - (225.33KB , 359x429 , 028.png )
Name Lydia

Age 16

personality: Easy going,bitch,sarcastic.

History.: Was made by Pill Popper in her room,Went to train with Lady Pyro for most of her life. She was slain by Raindrop,and revived by solen as the spirit of Apples scyther.

Cutie Mark: Genie hunter scythe.
>> No. 434749
>> No. 434750
combat lvl b
>> No. 434751
File 137542576616.jpg - (353.38KB , 539x762 , EVIL_CON_CARNE_by_themico.jpg )
Something just dawned on me in the rp thread...But i can't think of it.
>> No. 434758
File 137542664086.jpg - (794.78KB , 2880x2160 , Oops___ my bad___.jpg )
I wonder how all these AOS characters are going to react to finding out that a different Seras is hanging around the city
>> No. 434759
File 137542677228.png - (164.85KB , 461x420 , bigpoppingbutty.png )
Considering Popper was in an omnibus orgy with herself shes prolly not gonna care. lol She will prolly be like huh this is the seras from my realm.
>> No. 434760
File 137542718523.jpg - (2.51MB , 2880x2160 , They act like they don't know.jpg )
Dang, I never would have guessed XD

But I think I can see that, now that you mention it.
>> No. 434764
>> No. 434810
File 137549167059.png - (84.87KB , 900x801 , derpy_hooves_05_by_zutheskunk-d56ppy8.png )
I'm about to use a spoof of the god scene form Monty python and the holy grail to tell ragna where her sword is any objections?
>> No. 434813
Fukkin. Make me dig up. My Tripcode to answer.

No, no problems here.
>> No. 434815
File 137549291365.png - (39.41KB , 900x675 , Huzzah!.png )
>> No. 434817
File 137549374830.png - (19.06KB , 191x200 , 129640427322s.png )
I haven't forgotten about you my minions.

Your boss encounter will be soon.
>> No. 434826
GOOD SHIT I FORGOT TO POST DREAM'S FUCKING TALENT! Dream can stun or put an average sized pony to sleep for 2 minutes. They have to be within 10 feet of her, and there has to be eye contact for it to work. Every extra pony added cuts the time in half, and if she uses the power to the limit, she can't use magic for a turn.
Edit: Or do anything really for a turn.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 2nd, 2013 20:15

>> No. 434827
Too OP pls nerf.
>> No. 434828
... I said average pony. The bigger it is, the shorter the time is. I mean, it doesn't have to be approved as of now, but she is an adventurer.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 2nd, 2013 20:26

>> No. 434829
File 137550071723.png - (913.47KB , 1280x960 , 500.png )
You would have to hit and get max dmg for it to work.,and the stun only lasts 1 or 2 turns.

If we were using a full fledged dnd complex system we could allow this but since we're homebrew,and fast stream I can see where this could cause problems pvp and pve with the dms. Me and the officer team will discuss a alment system at a later date, bur for now your gonna have to ask the dm or player your versing if they allow it. I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience in any way.
>> No. 434830
File 137550079174.png - (364.87KB , 3028x3153 , Deal with it.png )
By the way. For future reference, this is Carrot Top.
>> No. 434856
File 137550760777.jpg - (128.11KB , 741x1079 , toph_bei_fong_adult_by_darivonch421-d58n506.jpg )
Name: Doctor Toph Bei Fong, PhD
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
History: Not Much is known about Toph. She came out of a Forest One Day, along with her friend, Sokka. She Bullshitted her way into getting a PhD, fucking up anyone who got in her Way. She moved to Shade Valley, taking a job as a Child Psychologist.
Personality: Around Kids, shes sweet and friendly. Around Everyone else, well, its best you stay on her good Side.
Combat Level: B.
Other: Nada.
>> No. 434857
I'm on the fence on this decision.
>> No. 434858
>> No. 434859
File 137550812322.png - (447.59KB , 636x742 , Applejack deal with it1.png )
Talking with one of the other officers. And I have to deny this sheet.
>> No. 434860
>> No. 434862
Nope, sorry
>> No. 434866
Denied. Sorry.
>> No. 434868
... Why a Child Psychologist?
No problem, it's better then an outright 'oh fuck no.'
>> No. 434946
File 137557986981.png - (101.45KB , 771x1037 , rainbow_dash_o_o_by_richhap-d4gttxx.png )

I did not see that coming. not the future i could see.
>> No. 434974
File 137559029569.jpg - (646.22KB , 2160x2880 , What did I just read.jpg )
Well then... that's interesting.
>> No. 435125
New Shed
>> No. 435257
File 137571843626.png - (2.08MB , 1062x1428 , post_apocalyptic_rarity_by_blackmorass-d576fxw.png )
Character Name: Olivia Sweetsong
Age: 23 (chronologically 93)
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Mare
History: born and raised in Hooflyn Manehatten she was frozen solid for 70 years in the side of a mountain when her plane crashed during war world two Olivia was found by chance in around widows peak the ice acting as a Cryogenic status. being drafted in world war two she served her country in the Royal Army. serving in the Western front she goes down attempting to stop a Germane raid from attacking trottinghem the frozen wasteland had preserved her and her plane so well that when found they thought the crash was more moderen. our little songstress is under close observation in the army hospital in a room designed to acclimate her to the moderen world.
Personality: Charismatic slightly flamboyant and at times a smart ass but sweet once you get to know her.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: main talent is singing but is pretty good with guns.
Shipping Preferences: bisexual
Combat Level: I either wanna say b or c what ever would be more logical

Last edited at Mon, Aug 5th, 2013 09:14

>> No. 435263
File 137572018092.jpg - (92.10KB , 648x1233 , image.jpg )
I will approve you as a B level since your character has military experience.
>> No. 435280
>Sorry for being late

Looks to be in order. Approved
>> No. 435534
File 137583239099.png - (168.80KB , 554x601 , 124267__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_bipedal_alternate-hairstyle_artist-kevinsano_weapon_soul-eater_.png )
>> No. 435538
Need something?
>> No. 435563
File 137583647038.png - (1.10MB , 1280x914 , tumblr_m4cftfvQd31rv2pjko2_1280.png )
nah just posten'
>> No. 435601
File 137584008846.gif - (963.06KB , 389x219 , 137334667402.gif )
435601 more mansion for me for a while....again...
>> No. 435631
File 137584110084.png - (111.37KB , 500x433 , boxiedrewmy butt.png )
Same. Actually I think I'll just stay out of there.
>> No. 435634
File 137584114253.jpg - (26.30KB , 400x421 , 0023-132624592474.jpg )
>> No. 435636
File 137584125330.png - (517.49KB , 3000x2819 , How about fuck your shit.png )
Moi Trois.
After I'm done with the current RP I'm in anyways.
>> No. 435646
File 137584171530.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
hmm....who to submit next cherry the wild scientist or Mystic the gypsy adventurer...
>> No. 435650
File 137584192491.png - (140.02KB , 1024x1056 , I'LL MAKE A THREAD.png )
>> No. 435658

>> No. 435670
File 137584317529.png - (168.80KB , 554x601 , 124267__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_bipedal_alternate-hairstyle_artist-kevinsano_weapon_soul-eater_.png )
ALRIGHT!!!! lesdothis!

Name: Isabella (mystic) Bolt
race: Pegasus
age: 115 looks 15
History: Captain of the cruiser class steam powered airship "The concerto" she has gone around the world looking for treasure and artifacts from civilizations past. this centenarian Pegasus has seen it all and with a body of a teen age mare gifted by the power of the fountain of youth. she speaks ten languages and is a total badass. with her crew and band (made up of entirely of steam powered automatons) the concerto can make it to any port in a matter of days. never truly settling anywhere she always has a story to tell. she is never to far away from a sticky situation with pirates and the such.
Personality: playing the rouge she is cocky and always fun to be around.
tallent:music and steampowered mechanics
combat level: I want to say B since she usually gets in a sticky situation.
Shipping preferences: breathing Pansmex.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 6th, 2013 20:01

>> No. 435672
File 137584338526.png - (95.63KB , 900x569 , Why yes! I'm not insane at all!.png )
>> No. 435673
Ok read it over approved.
>> No. 435675
File 137584357018.jpg - (137.82KB , 640x400 , rainbow-dash-1989-640x400.jpg )
YEAH! mane character on the bridge.
>> No. 435721
File 137584792305.png - (95.56KB , 465x535 , royal_guard_by_drlonepony-d4fz5pl.png )
Name - "Tin"
Age - 23
Gender - Male
Shipping Preference - Male
Race - Earth Pony

Inspired by his families long line of military minded males, Tin joined the Equestrian Royal Guard three years ago. He earned the nickname "Tin Can" or "Tin" jokingly after breaking and denting over a dozen sets of armor during training due to his inability to block or parry his instructors blows during the first few weeks of the training.

He graduated without any problems and became one of the many guard ponies that are stationed throughout Equestria.

He is very loving and caring. Tin, however, at times can be jealous of other males that are better than him physically and is overzealous when it comes to defending the image of Princess Celestia or his own personal Honor.

He distrusts any species other than ponies and can come across as overly protective .

Plate has very mediocre intelligence.

He is a Quartermaster.
>> No. 435722
File 137584793281.png - (913.47KB , 1280x960 , 500.png )
We also have a wiki
>> No. 435729
>> No. 435730
>> No. 435741
File 137584902293.png - (1.90MB , 1297x1693 , enchantress2.png )

Ageless (though she looks 26)



Died during a feudal war,and was revived by her lovers wish. However it came at a cost. She has to work in an enchanted candy shop granting wishes but at a price. The store moves between time and space,and can only be accessed between the hours of 12-3 am,and only when someone has a strong wish. Wise sage-like and a lil immature at times.

Cutie Mark:
A black butterfly

Sexual Orientation:

Combat Ranking:
>> No. 435742
File 137584912007.png - (101.38KB , 1164x1047 , Hee hee hee.png )
>> No. 435743
File 137584917020.jpg - (118.94KB , 1024x768 , 173866__UNOPT__.jpg )

An evil enchantress

Do you do... evil dances?

>> No. 435745
is dat an approval
>> No. 435746
File 137584943204.png - (430.17KB , 1904x1879 , 1371352493120.png )

Bat Pony


Cutie Mark:
A heart,and rolled up document.

Sexual Orientation:

Daughter of pill popper And Arum

Combat Ranking:

History and personality:
History: She was raised by her mother Pill Popper to be a doctor. Her father is unknown. She spent most of her days studying medicine, and training to join the guard. At the age of 13 her mother was murdered for one of her super-secret projects. For this she vowed to find the killer, and avenge her mother. She joined the night guard at the age of 15. After a few months of grunt work,and sword practice she was sent on her first mission to investigate some strange phenomenon in the woods. She discovered a cult of unicorns trying to conjure a demon, and after a lengthy battle they overcame Teasel with sheer force and magic and threw her into a tear dropping her outside in the forest behind the mansion.{From the Future}Personality:She is aggressive in nature due to all that has happened to her after the loss of her mother. She can be kind to those she trusts. Her emotions are kind of scattered. Others: She often puts herself down and is hard on herself when she fails.
>> No. 435748
File 137584960023.jpg - (101.50KB , 360x460 , 1362522063696.jpg )

Yes ma'am.
>> No. 435749
File 137584961524.png - (127.98KB , 900x1506 , I am not amused in the slightest.png )
>> No. 435750
File 137584962514.png - (120.32KB , 435x409 , salute.png )

>> No. 435755
File 137584978168.png - (146.99KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mocv5z1WXB1svvq3go1_500.png )
Character Name: Blur

Age: Young 1 / Older 16

Race: Bat Pony

Sex: Female

History: Daughter of Arum and Pill Popper. Sister to Teasel. This bat pony female prefers to use diplomacy handle her problems. She does not have the ditzyness nor the good humor of Teasel. Very fascinated by her father's books. Blur particularly enjoyed a story of the legendary Nightwing, Luna's special forces. A particular heroine of the group, Violet, had mastered the art of stealth and could infiltrate almost any enemy encampment or fortress. Blur was inspired by reconnaissance prowess of Violet and wishes to one day be a scout in the Lunar Guard.

Shipping Preferences: Males

Combat Level: D

Others: 35% Evasion from ranged attacks. Her cutie-mark is a silhouette of a bat pony blurred slightly. Enjoys cooking like her father. Dislikes fighting.
>> No. 435756
>> No. 435757
File 137584986581.png - (305.50KB , 2661x2823 , We're all going to be raped!.png )
>> No. 435758
File 137585006375.png - (246.74KB , 706x590 , ohmy.png )
Cutie Mark:
Sexual Orientation:


Lived in the realm of chaos and got bored after some ponies started fighting in her realm.
>> No. 435759
File 137585023356.png - (68.53KB , 609x750 , Clopping so hard to this.png )
>> No. 435760
File 137585024135.png - (66.28KB , 273x309 , trick 6.png )
Cutie Mark:
A treasure chest with an aquarius logo
Sexual Orientation:

Combat Ranking:


Born,and raised on the streets of Neighatten. Not much is known about his biological parents other then they left him on the door step of some apartment complex. He was raised by the kind superintendent of the building where he learned how to do some repairs on appliances,and lock picking skills. He would receive his cutie mark. A chest with an Aquarius symbol forged on the top part of the chest. and a screw and wrench behind the chest. When Aquarius got a bit older he went and furthered his skills. During his training/study he would develop a taste for hacking. Admittedly he would alter his grades from time to time while he was at school. As for his life right now he spends most of his days repairing things for people or taking under the table jobs like hacking into some pc or opening some lock for people or if it was a special job he would lay some ingenious traps to help people with custom home defense.
How he finds the mansion,and reason for being there:

He found it one day while riding his motorcycle.

He sticks around offering his services for bits/cash

He is short tempered,but easy to get along with.
>> No. 435761
File 137585040462.png - (303.80KB , 2500x2725 , You just like making me angry.png )
Hmph... Approved.
>> No. 435762
File 137585054291.png - (442.90KB , 600x750 , Winter.png )

>> No. 435764
File 137585118059.jpg - (527.90KB , 1200x1600 , 60.jpg )
Character Name: Golden Harvest. Prefers her Nickname; Carrot Top
Age: Don't ask a mare her age.
Race: Earth Pony. Currently a Changeling
Sex: Female
History: Waaaaay too long to get into In short, she married a superhero, got insanely good with technology when things got dangerous with her life with him. Divorced her husband for his constant cheating, and blowing up her house, currently has an unknown number of space vessels in the different parts of space. Made a Time Chamber for one of her friends free of charge, an incident occurred where she changed to a Changeling. Most people know her story, if I missed anything, which I know I have, I'll explain as it's brought up.
Personality: Kind as all hell, selfless, thoughtful and just fun to be around.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Carrots. Anything to do with carrots.
Shipping Preferences: Straight
Combat Level: S Rank [SSS ONLY with some of her more advanced weaponry.]
Others: Stores things in her hair because it's convenient. Comes here through dimensional wormholes she is able to activate, can leave at will through technologically made wormhole.
>> No. 435765
"Well since you mostly a non combatant anyway I've notice,and rped with you before fine approved.
>> No. 435770
File 137585160318.png - (203.87KB , 750x750 , tumblr_mj83mnH0Zo1r0zvypo4_1280.png )
Name: Berry Punch
Age: 33
Race: E.P.
Sex: Female
Cutie Mark: A Strawberry and a bunch of Grapes
Special talent: Wine Tasting
Sexual Orientation: Find out for yourself.
History: A notorious drunk from the town of Ponyville, and one of the most picky wine tasters in all of Equestria. She learned what her talent was after her and a few of her friends stole a few bottles of booze from their parents. This also marked the start of a trend of drunken disorder in her life.
Since the birth of her daughter Ruby, she has significantly settled down, though still drinks frequently. She's just a more moderate alcoholic now.
Combat Rank: c
Berry is no stranger to a bar room brawl. And any who've had the misfortune of getting her mad will attest that Berry packs one hell of a left hook.
Other: As mentioned, she has a filly named Ruby Pinch. Being pregnant with Pinchy actually marked the first time Berry was totally sober for more than a month.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 6th, 2013 22:01

>> No. 435771
>> No. 435772
File 137585187496.jpg - (29.08KB , 600x449 , BONGOPHONE.jpg )
>> No. 435773
File 137585190666.png - (148.03KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mlh7njxHiz1rxardgo1_500.png )
>> No. 435778
File 137585237538.png - (62.74KB , 286x327 , 0093-132640008471.png )
>> No. 435779
File 137585247246.png - (145.48KB , 500x500 , 66.png )
>Twenty nose kisses.
>> No. 435780
File 137585318144.png - (161.60KB , 767x800 , playmuffin.png )
Character Name: Derpy Hooves!
Age: 28
Race: Pegasus
Sex: Mare
History: Born and raised in Cloudsdale, was teased relentlessly growing up for her optical issue. She moved to Ponyville right after her daughter was born and took up work as a mail carrier. Since then, she's become the beloved mail mare of the town.
Personality: Sweet. Almost diabetes-inducing. It'd be hard to find a nicer pony in all of Equestria. But that doesn't mean she won't put her hoof down.
Cutie Mark: Bubbles!
Combat Level: D
Others: Actually sees pretty well in spite of how her eyes are.
>> No. 435781
>> No. 435782
File 137585324751.gif - (2.00MB , 271x293 , I go so much style I can't contain it.gif )
How can I not approve Carrot's best friend?
>> No. 435784
File 137585334621.jpg - (161.99KB , 800x600 , flood.jpg )
>> No. 435785
File 137585339659.jpg - (50.17KB , 600x626 , Brace for impact Bitches!.jpg )
>> No. 435786
File 137585344208.png - (294.74KB , 976x1200 , IT BEGINS.png )
>> No. 435787
File 137585400552.jpg - (161.92KB , 719x943 , Make milkshakes they said.jpg )
>> No. 435788
File 137585420311.png - (281.16KB , 717x800 , Where the hay am I.png )
>> No. 435797
>Accidentally deleted my char sheet for Tech. Reposting it.

Character Name: Tech Tinkerer

Age: mid 20s

Race Unicorn

Species: Pony

Sex: Male

History: Not much is known about Tech's past, at least not that he'll divulge to anyone. He reached "salvation" along with a few others and became real. From then on Tech has been building spare mechanical parts for those who need it.

Personality: He will do practically anything to improve his intelligence. However, he would hesitate to turn against friends or anyone who would benefit his goals of improving his intelligence, and is somewhat of a coward when it comes to combat, and is quite physically weak. Has gotten good with combat spells, and due to his experiences after Spire, healing spells as well.

Special Talent and Cutie Mark: two wrenches, crossed.

Combat Level: B

Others: n/a

>approvals were these two posts:


>> No. 435807
File 137589131554.png - (122.04KB , 900x1162 , wat.png )
How do you accidentally something like that?
>> No. 435811
File 137589216320.jpg - (307.15KB , 1280x1502 , Are you annoyed yet.jpg )
Entire Character Sheet: Discord.
>> No. 435812
>> No. 435825
File 137589968910.jpg - (116.46KB , 783x1021 , day__19__cooking_with_discord_and_vinyl_by_doccobb-d5bz26j.jpg )
Approved, but only if we can do this.
>> No. 435826
File 137590117656.gif - (250.65KB , 400x273 , Lolol.gif )
Well why not?
>> No. 435833
File 137590519423.png - (218.23KB , 900x878 , tmp_-1661764723.png )
Name: Bridin
Race: Unicorn/Spirit
Age: 314, Looks 27
History: A Spirit rendered mortal, Bridin has lived for many years. Unable to die from old age, she has wandered about for 3 centuries, taking in any knowledge she can find. Having not made any friends, she has lived off whatever she could find, most times it. being nature.
Personality: Whimsical and Cheerful, tends to space out.
Cutie Mark and Talent: None
Shipping: None.
Combat: A.
Other: Can die by any means other than old age.
>> No. 435834
File 137590544688.jpg - (96.57KB , 900x900 , quite.jpg )
Combat Rank A?
Please elaborate a little as to how she would be an A. You've mentioned nothing, and I just want clarity on it before I decide to approve it.
Accumulating knowledge doesn't do it justice for me since knowledge can range from anything.
>> No. 435835
she had accumulated Knowledge ranging from Combat and Defensive magic to Alchemy, Herbology, and Enchanting.
>> No. 435836
File 137590596625.png - (109.21KB , 900x701 , 6.png )
It would have been nice if you mentioned that in the Character Sheet.
I'm just skeptical on letting people join as an A rank combat level without reasons as to why, so I apologize for that.
Just for the sake, and I am curious, what kind of combat?

Granted I'm an S, but I have over two years of Canon that help contribute making her from a D to an S.
>> No. 435837
She would be fully versed in Dark, Fire, and Electricity Magic. she would know lesser amounts of Many others, Such as earth, water, air, and light.
Fire, Dark, Electricity: B
All Others: D
>> No. 435838
A. not b
>> No. 435839
File 137590619585.jpg - (100.83KB , 900x859 , 52.jpg )
Dark magic varies. Are you referring to the Final Fantasy version where it's elemental, or the traditional style where Dark would be considered something like Entropy?
>> No. 435840
>> No. 435841
File 137590633903.png - (418.17KB , 580x558 , 66.png )
That is a lot of dark magic, but if she studies it religiously, I don't see letting her be an A rank being a problem since she would be well versed. Just one thing, don't do that being everywhere at once thing like you did in AoS, I have noticed you did that a lot when something could be done with one of your characters when they were elsewhere. Made no sense.
So long as you can do that; Approved.

Last edited at Wed, Aug 7th, 2013 13:13

>> No. 435842
Thank You, and I will
>> No. 435843
File 137590649372.png - (127.11KB , 900x669 , 68.png )
You're welcome, just have to wait for another approval now.
>> No. 435844
Mmhmm, so many approvals today
>> No. 435850
>> No. 435866
*does a little dance*
>> No. 435868
I say a b class would be better considering mages are squishy.>>435866
>> No. 435870
Well, she isn't a mage more as she just studies magic out of boredom and practices it often.
>> No. 435871
Well in that case I would have to say /b/ because shes still honing her skills...Now thats not to say she can't become an A later on. You did say she just does it out of boredom now so I would expect a lil decline when it comes to offensive spells but that might just be me.
>> No. 435872
Honing? she's been around for over 300 years, she's had plenty of time to hone her skills
>> No. 435874
I think a *little* clarification is needed
Combat Rankls

S = God of War/ Space Marine / Chuck Norris / Bruce Lee

A = Demigod of War / Spartan / The Tank / Allucard / Muhammad ali

B = Dovakiin / Vampire Lord / US SpecOps

C = Police force / Average Military training / Advanced Self Defence classes

D = Civilian who plays Vidya Games

F = Pacifist
>> No. 435875
sss was forgotten lel
>> No. 435876
she's a Spirit rendered Mortal, so she'd be more powerful than a regular mortal.
>> No. 435877

SSS = I attack you, you die. You attack me, you die. You breathe, you die. You exist in my presence, you die. You exist Without my presence, you die.
>> No. 435878
Ok no offense that kind of sounds like M.Bison
>> No. 435879
File 137591844094.jpg - (888.10KB , 1920x1200 , Kratos Wall.jpg )
>S = God of War
>> No. 435880
File 137591845300.png - (392.39KB , 494x482 , 1fa743c5f26def26d05e8790d460f176-d4plmgi.png )

Not approved unless B

Your knowledge's give you advantages in other fields. Having the combat also is just overkill and borders on Mary-Sue/Gary Stu qualities.
>> No. 435881
Bison would prolly be S. Bridin studied Magic out of boredom, using it to keep herself alive in her travels.
>> No. 435882
Srsly. why is carrot the only one who approved her for A.
>> No. 435883
File 137591863006.png - (95.56KB , 465x535 , royal_guard_by_drlonepony-d4fz5pl.png )

We all have our own opinions and ideals. We may discuss this further if you so desire.
>> No. 435884
Yes. I'd very much like her to be an A.
>> No. 435885
on a scale of 0/100
How "unstoppable" is she?
>> No. 435886
File 137591882194.png - (81.04KB , 889x667 , 86260__UNOPT__.png )

Do you have any weaknesses? I find your character to have a lack of balance.
>> No. 435887
>Hmm... 60? She can die by any means aside from Old Age

She can't die of old age, but she can die by any other means.
>> No. 435888
That's a high C, Low B...
Give me an example of how that mastery of magic would counteract a Timberwolf tearing her guts out
>> No. 435889
File 137591930037.png - (32.65KB , 236x307 , ima big pony.png )

That's just a modified mortality. We all can die from non-age related means. Your ability to not die from aging is a benefit and not a negative trait

I'm not trying to attack you or anything i'm just offering some suggestions for improvement.
>> No. 435890
File 137591946792.png - (42.42KB , 289x200 , royal_pony_guard___without_the_helmet_by_skitt_less-d5kog2n.png )

<--- this guard pony is a rank C for combat
>> No. 435891

>And about to be nommed by Griffith.
>> No. 435892
File 137591956661.jpg - (118.94KB , 1024x768 , 173866__UNOPT__.jpg )

Not if I nom you first!
>> No. 435894
The Dark Magic she studied would've bonded with her, her being a Spirit of neither Light Nor Dark. If say, a Timberwolf Bit.her, It would be repelled backwards by dark Force.

She's also weaker to Light Magic, as detailed above
>> No. 435895

Oh yeah!?

>pouncenom the guard pony.
>> No. 435898
okay, so, how would you react to Vinyl, who is a Vampire lord, Coming at you in a blood rage (keep in mind, she has premonition, and Hulk like Strength)
>> No. 435899
File 137591994810.png - (41.68KB , 220x240 , business time (artist smogyday).png )

>Nibbles on your face


That's a start. How about personality wise? Does she drink too much? Get angry fast? Likes rather strange things? Flesh the character out more for us.
>> No. 435901

>nibbles your ears, rawrs.
>> No. 435902
Well, as she is a Dark Being, the Dark magic wouldn't affect vinyl, she'd just attack as she normally would.

Personality wise, Put her around alcohol, and she's Miss Yukari from Azumanga Daioh. and she has a passion for strange things
>> No. 435903
and that right there, is why she can't be an A rank.
an A rank implies she is a Master of Magical, Psychic, and Physical Combat, and can beat almost anyone in all three of those grounds, all at once if need be
A character who would be taken out by shuriken is not exactly A rank material, not to mention your sheet says nothing about advanced physical awareness, or extreme senses
>> No. 435904
With 300+ Years of Life, She has Mastered Dark Magic, Electrical Magic, Healing Magic, and Fire Magic.She knows some of most other types as well. The Dark Magic bound to her soul that would repel creatures doesn't work on other dark creatures.
>> No. 435907
Thats all fine and dandy, but still
If you don't have the Physical or Psychic, then its not A rank material
You can be a master of ALL magic, but if you don't have the stamina to back it up, or the awareness to know when, who, and how to use it. you might as well be a C... thats why i'm saying that she shouldn't be an A.

A master of Magic is nothing if they get smashed by a hammer

i'm saying she's a B
>> No. 435909
File 137592176308.png - (59.04KB , 337x315 , What happened to my freakin' car!.png )
Why does a lil extra dmg mean so much to you mystic,and popper are b ranks,and took on an s rank. Hell Wheatly was lower than that and was kicking ass. Hell even more then we did. Wheats didn't miss once.

My final verdict is I'll approve if /b/.

As for carrot they have rped for two years and naturally raised up to an A then had to get a GET back in the day when that mattered just ascend to the next tier.

Some benefits to keeping one canon.
>> No. 435910
F:ne. Have it your Way. She is Downgraded to a B. Feh.
>> No. 435913


Silly Pill Popper.


It's technically not a downgrade if she was never fully approved as an A in the first place :p

Last edited at Wed, Aug 7th, 2013 17:35

>> No. 435919
SHES /b/
>> No. 435924

Oh god she's /b/ xD
>> No. 435926
File 137592237098.png - (239.23KB , 569x886 , Carrots!.png )
>Some benefits to keeping one canon.
Oh Pill-chan. Make luv to the S rank, one canon, hot, super nice, pony, Carrot Top.
>> No. 435930
>> No. 435936

Next character to get approved will be /x/ rank xD because we need more paranormal up in this chan.
>> No. 435944
So, Bridin Approved as /b/ Rank
>> No. 435960
File 137592432959.jpg - (28.24KB , 329x487 , xtan.jpg )
/x/-tan pony?
>> No. 435961
File 137592439885.jpg - (142.21KB , 900x675 , mares_of_diomedes_by_romanrazor-d5bguwr.jpg )
Name: The Mares of Diomedes (Podagros (the fast), Lampon (the shining), Xanthos (the blond) and Deimos (the terrible) respectively)

Age: N/A

History and personality: A gift to Diomedes are horrific, Flesh eating Mares who are Wild, and almost Animistic in their urges, Driven mad by their unnatural diet of flesh, they were tethered to a Bronze Manger, but soon after being released on Argos, they find their way through time to Shade Valley, where their cravings for flesh causes many disappearances, as well as creating a mystery.

Combat level: A individually, S together (they can breathe Fire like a dragon, not to mention they were created by the gods as a er... "gift" for Diomedes)

Others: Cannibals
>> No. 435962
File 137592475770.png - (53.16KB , 429x410 , eeep.png )
This sounds no bueno
>> No. 435963
File 137592479239.png - (62.74KB , 286x327 , 0093-132640008471.png )
>Pill popper in the bottom left
>> No. 435971
>Spits out soda.

Well...apparently I'm a cannibal.
>> No. 435972

>Top kek
>> No. 435973
File 137592804517.png - (65.66KB , 337x315 , IMG_24112012_200029.png )

.....Still dumbfounded lol. Still looks cool as fuck
>> No. 435974
File 137592812184.png - (14.68KB , 517x409 , lurking.png )
>> No. 435975
File 137592822208.png - (626.60KB , 900x1195 , 19.png )
I was gonna wait for you, considering one looks like you. I'll approve it if you do.
>> No. 435976
you hear a soft, and depressed voice, one that resounds with exhaustion
"oh... hi... say... you look just like me... i wonder if you'll taste as good~"
>> No. 435977
File 137592830766.png - (111.37KB , 500x433 , boxiedrewmy butt.png )
I'm curious which one came first? Popper was made on feb 16 2011.
>> No. 435978
File 137592842352.png - (119.09KB , 3000x3000 , lurk.png )
>> No. 435980
Popper, the Copyright on the DA page says 2012-2013
>> No. 435981
So popper came first sweet.
>> No. 435987
so yea, are they approved?
(its gonna be like a mystery type thing)
A colt goes missing in the middle of the night, a scream is soon heard, the next day, four new mares appear and take up residence in an abandoned apartment
>> No. 435990
eh sure
>> No. 435993
Lead officer says approved, then so do I.
>> No. 435994
>> No. 436589
File 137594160860.png - (72.88KB , 776x686 , Happy-times.png )
Name: Scribe

Age: 28

Race: Unicorn

Sex: Female

Scribe grew up in Canterlot and made a not-entirely-modest wealth and some renown as the author of the Morning Blitz mystery novels. Recently fired from retainer at the publishing company that helped her get started. She currently lives in Canterlot with (and is the marefriend of) Starscraper the Shadowbolt.

Personality: A bit flirtatious and mischievous, Scribe is passionate, brazen, a little bit arrogant, and never afraid to speak her mind or wear her emotions openly.

Cutie Mark: A quill writing in an open book

Sexual Orientation: Straight(ish).

Combat Ranking: F

Last edited at Wed, Aug 7th, 2013 23:50

>> No. 436591
>> No. 436603
>so I'm guessing Paladin hasn't returned from whatever he was doing, huh?
>> No. 436620
Nah. Suppose we'll carry on tomorrow when the gang's all here
>> No. 436623
Also, I like this one. I could see her and Wheatleigh becoming good friends
>> No. 436628
>> No. 436642
File 137594859987.png - (84.59KB , 178x289 , Glowing Glare.png )
Name: Starscraper
Age: 879
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
History: Created on the moon during Nightmare Moon's exile on the moon, his aging process was slowed along with his siblings, Nightfall, and Tailspin, where he took on the earth pony aspect of the three ponies, granting him a higher than normal strength. On the moon he was militarized in various forms of combat and stealth, trained to be a saboteur, assassin, grunt, a jack of all trades so to speak. Filled with a hatred of Celestia when they returned to Equestria, he was there along side his siblings where Nightfall had tried to stroke Rainbow Dash's ego and get her to join them and thwart their quest, a feeble plan, which made no sense to him, but those were his orders. Having a few powers granted to him and his siblings, he promptly returned to a purple mist like state and returned to Nightmare Moon.

Upon separation from Nightmare Moon, he took an opportunity to sieze the darkness that was shared amongst his siblings and the whole of his mother in an effort to carry out her work, what actually happened was he became corrupted, and freed his mother of her wrath. He spent the entire year (Season 1) Commiting murders for any who would speak out against him when he would speak of his Mistress, Nightmare Moon, and how eternal night would return, all the while keeping his physique up, even getting stronger from his daily routines. Over the course of a year he had accumulated 219 murders, and a bounty on his head of 500,000 bits, dead or alive.

He snapped out of his murder spree when he killed a single mother of three little ponies, two colts and a filly. It shocked him as he saw his siblings as the young ones and the mare as his mother in his mind. HE fled the scene and reunited with Nightmare Moon and his sister Nightfall during a radio show she was hosting. And considering his skills, she was not hard to find. On one radio show, Princess Celestia had showed up where after reasoning with the Princess, pardoned him of his crimes as he is wanting to repent for the things he's done.

He spent the better part of the next two years training physically to keep his strength up and get stronger as he was needed to protect his secret home owned by Nightmare Moon. Despite having horrible nightmares of his crimes, he has been true to his word, and has been doing what he can to repent, but feeling no closer to his goal. He preforms regular recon on everyone, gathering information for his own use if any decide to cross him to avoid conflict if possible and get away. He has been finding old tech and other objects that he has used in the past to commit his crimes and either destroy them or hide them away, such items include a Pegasus Device which mutilates and turns ponied into rainbows, build with blueprints he had acquired. A box capable of wiping out an entire town during a day when Celestia was making an appearance, an exoskeletal suit with various weapons and gadgets which also increase his innate strength when equipped. Most of these are hidden away somewhere where no one will be able to find them (So don't say you can find them without permission, which you will not get from me)
He later learned in the same year when he was showing his Mistress, Nightmare Moon a memory of when he was a mass murderer that the darkness within him now grants him access to all of Nightmare Moons abilitites, provided he is able to tap into the knowledge, or possess knowledge of the spell, but doing so, awakens the darkness within, and sends him into a state that only knows malice, but what he doesn't understand is the darkness within him, that was once Nightmare Moon's is just his dark side and possessed no real power over him so long as he can dominate his dark side and not suppress it with sheer force of will.

Now in hos fourth year on Equerstria, he has met a mare who has changed his life a little more than he thought it would, he has been happier with her alone, and feels his life is changing a bit, for the better.
Personality: Blunt, cold, calculating, does have a soft side that isn't know to many. Will call someone out for something stupid or knows is wrong. Loyal to a select few.
Cutie Mark: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight. Currently Shipped with Scribe.
Combat Ranking: A
Other: Being created from what is essentially a god being has given him some perks, such as being very well endowed (lel) being an ageless being, unable to die from old age, high resistance to virus, disease, plague, etc. Is the tallest of the Shadowbolts, standing a little taller that Big Mac, and smaller than Celestia.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 8th, 2013 00:57

>> No. 436652
>> No. 436668
File 137598639309.jpg - (250.88KB , 1024x1024 , 0319-133271920402.jpg )
Approved, welcome aboard!
>> No. 436673
File 137598774144.jpg - (32.38KB , 480x480 , Gorillaz.jpg )
>IS deeply reminded of this.
>> No. 436792
File 137602271979.png - (53.90KB , 343x375 , 420yolo.png )
Name: Ms. Isis P. Pi
Age: 20
Race: Urf Pony
Gender: Female
History: Can I leave this blank? Trust me, she won't end up being a super saiyan alien spawn of Sonic or anything. Just, what I have right now is just her being born in a small down and moving when she got older. I'll think of more though if it's really that important she have a solid backstory in the app.
Personality: Militant, protective. Nice and courteous, but not afraid to make enemies in order to take a stand for what she believes is right. Believes political correctness is a Commie plot.
Cutie Mark: Magnolia flower
Sexual Orientation: Meh
Combat Ranking: C
>> No. 436793
File 137602290112.jpg - (47.08KB , 600x768 , 8.jpg )
>Trust me, she won't end up being a super saiyan alien spawn of Sonic or anything.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
>> No. 436794
>> No. 436795
File 137602308816.png - (81.45KB , 289x500 , i'm craving your mcnuggies.png )
Lol, thanks. Is two all I need?
Anything I should know before posting that wasn't in the op?

Thanks :3
>> No. 436796
Nope should be fine good to go.
>> No. 436797
File 137602346902.png - (93.54KB , 500x442 , poot.png )
Okies. Thanks :3
>> No. 436798
File 137602386326.png - (257.47KB , 651x587 , tumblr_mabalj0z9h1r20gnuo2_r1_1280.png )
Name: Ruby Pinch, A.K.A. Pinchy
Age: 8
Race: Urnicurn
Gender: Female
History: There's not much to be said for little Ruby Pinch, other than the fact that she is Berry Punch's beloved daughter. As for who her father is... Well, that's anyone's guess. Her mother's love of drinking is what lead to Pinchy here. Not that Pinchy knows nor cares. She's too busy being adorable.
Personality: So sweet, she should be avoided by diabetics and would not harm a fly (on purpose.)
Cutie Mark: N/A
Combat Ranking: D
Others: Pinchy is abnormally strong for her young age. Why that is, one can hardly say. Also very rarely does her homework.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 8th, 2013 21:52

>> No. 436799
>> No. 436800
File 137602430543.png - (570.73KB , 3167x6872 , 33.png )
>> No. 436806
File 137602502217.jpg - (47.17KB , 480x450 , War never changes.jpg )
>> No. 436923
File 137607047556.png - (84.41KB , 660x213 , Beryl.png )
I've always thought her name should be Beryl Punch, but no one listens to me...
>> No. 437047
Name: Stratos Fear

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Pegasus

History: Stratos Grew up in the city of Baltimare, as a pegasus he was in training to be on the weather team, but his real aspiration was to go out and explore the world. for the longest time, he was the only pony who controlled the weather in the upper atmosphere because nopony else could stand to be up there for that long.
On his 19th birthday, he was given a Flight suit that helped protect him from the frigid temperatures, and wind chill when he was exercising his talent of flying to extreme heights, And was given the blessing of his father to get out of the city, and go find his place in the world.
Thus he set off, and for a year, he has been exploring, and looking for a place to call his own, somewhere in that ocean of the sky.

Personality: Kinda quirky, a "colorful" sense of humor, he is kinda shy about his wings being special, but otherwise he is generally friendly, and he tries to be well manered

Special talent: Flying to extreme heights

Combat level: C, He is not a fan of fighting, but he knows how to handle him self from watching several action films, and reading a few Spiderpony comics

Others: His wings are Larger than a normal Pegasi's wings, as well as having more feathers PSI, and being able to provide more lift, faster, making him a stronger flyer, but not a fast one
>> No. 437054
"I have special wings."

Eh. Looks okay to me. Approval.
>> No. 437056
>> No. 437068
File 137610361810.png - (73.03KB , 900x812 , pinkamena_diane_pie_by_emberfiremane-d502rba.png )
Name: Cherry Pie
Age: 25
Race: Earth
Gender: Mare
Data Log First entry. (history):
Personal log stardate 818602.7397260272, I have done it I have used a blackhole as a slingshot into the past. the current stardate is...well my oh seems as though my calender marks it in old earth's calender.....2013....over 1100 years into the past... My number one....he's dead....this ship is wreaking with the stench of did i survive?....this starship is now a grave yard for almost 100....givng them all proper funerals my heart is heavy my ship....empty i am the only survivor. .....

my position is heading 236 mk 519 orbiting Nexus three making it back to earth will be a long trip with only the holodeck to keep me occupied.i fear this may not be healthy being alone and so far out....hell the federation doesn't even exist.

personal log second entry:date febuary 28th 2013
I am once again thankful for my skills in robotics i have assembled a crew of AI units they have kept me sane....for now. we are passing though the binary system of riza four in my time a peaceful vacation spot...currently the inhabitants are trying to beat each other with swords. i find it refreshing of my history books that we ponies were doing the same thing two thousand years ago....i look upon the brave Ragna Rok for guidance in this venture.

personal log third entry:
date August 9th 2013
Our ship making the long dreaded voyage is finally home i realize we do not have enough trilithium to fling ourselves around another black hole to make it home... we are stuck in the past until proper methods of using lithium emerge...we're gonna be here a Great to the hell if i know power grand mother should be alive at this point well she still is in my time...wait would taking to her now mess me up? much to study.

Personality: quirky and otherworldly comes off as out of place most of the time.
Cutie Mark: engineering, cybernetics and programming (wrench and a cherry.)
Combat Ranking: (she has basic skills but uses phaser weapons?)
>> No. 437070
File 137610366153.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
>wrong pic.
>> No. 437071
>> No. 437073
File 137610414979.png - (142.83KB , 1084x1000 , 198.png )
I'm going to find it hilarious when she finds Carrot Top has more advanced things than anything Cherry has, despite Cherry being from the future. This is going to be hilarious.
>> No. 437076
File 137610499263.png - (91.85KB , 803x995 , uniform.png )
>forgets shipping preferences.
>she's always seemed ghey to meh.
>> No. 437077
File 137610577284.png - (626.60KB , 900x1195 , 19.png )
I really never saw why shipping preference was important anyways.
>> No. 437107
>> No. 437120
File 137611517437.jpg - (55.79KB , 550x440 , sun_i_am_disappoint.jpg )
Character Name: Luna
Age: 1017
Race: Alicorn
Sex: F
History: Born to the equestrian throne little Luna grew up to hold the great responsibility of rising and setting the moon. Sooner out of jealousy she lashed out against her sister to try and take the thrown. Being thwarted and inprisoned in the moon she escaped a thousand years later only to being stopped again by her elder sister's student and friends. Now that the nightmare is out of her she tries to regain her old normal life.
Personality: Kinda shy and akward in the cute way, but if you piss her off then she will learn to speak her mind
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Moon
Shipping Preferences: BBBI
Combat Level: N/A
>> No. 437121
File 137611526988.png - (397.52KB , 800x900 , 44.png )
>It's Solen/
Rage... Quieted down.
I'll let someone else approve this because of my prejudice against Luna.

EDIT: Upon reading the sheet. I all ready see too much wrong with it that bring back some unpleasantness.
But like I said up above. Two other officers will have to approve it, as I will not approve nor deny this sheet.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 9th, 2013 23:18

>> No. 437123
>> No. 437124
>not 1337
>> No. 437125
File 137611599105.jpg - (48.67KB , 800x450 , Legit.jpg )
Name: Black Knight
Age: 28
Sex: Male.
History: The Black Knight can use swords and lances, but not axes as well like a Marshall. He has an SS and S weapons level in these respectively (although his lance weapons level can be raised to SS in the short time that he is playable). Although his occult/mastery skill was formerly Luna in Path of Radiance and is stated to still be such in an examination of the Black Knight. His actual occult/mastery skill is Eclipse, a combination of Luna and Astra which neutralizes an enemy's defense and does 5x regular damage -- essentially a one hit KO.
Personality: Find out.
Combat Level: S
Others: He's The fucking Black Knight
>> No. 437128
I'm not an officer, but why the fuck do we need an S rank super knight mucking about?
>> No. 437130

Agreed (though I'm not an officer either) but I get the feeling this is a joke character sheet.
>> No. 437160
File 137615028099.jpg - (14.22KB , 210x240 , char_59600.jpg )
I'm not to thrilled on the one hit K.O thing. Nor am I to happy about him being an S. Despite being familiar with the game. Now I'm not saying you will need to change anything yet,but I want to figure out why you would want to use him,and how frequently you would use him. Also one thing that will have to go would be the one hit K.Oing as for the combat rank S...This is difficult,but I'm gonna need a lil more detailed history on the knight himself before I allow the S..Alternatively I'll let you have an A..

However if you are just a joke character thats a diffrent story.
>> No. 437162
File 137615072777.png - (42.67KB , 301x292 , 7.png )
>I'm not to thrilled on the one hit K.O thing.
Could use it as a non lethal approack, just a knock out, not an instant kill.

>Nor am I to happy about him being an S. Despite being familiar with the game.
No comment.

> Now I'm not saying you will need to change anything yet,but I want to figure out why you would want to use him,and how frequently you would use him.
There are no inherent evil characters that could just cause havoc everywhere. And I guess, frequently come here.

> as for the combat rank S...This is difficult,but I'm gonna need a lil more detailed history on the knight himself before I allow the S..Alternatively I'll let you have an A..
I'll have to work on that then.
>> No. 437165
>Display purposes only.

>Duel wielding hiltless and broadsword exercise.

>Poppew spins around like a furious tornadoes with both large blades in hoofs. She then slams her winded assault down upon the enemy.

1d10 = 9 + 6
>> No. 437166
>Display of using the hitless.

>Popper uses her hitless katana her blade digs into her hooves as she swings it.

1d20 = 2 1d10 = 3 +6

1d100 = 81 for chance of causing bleed.
>> No. 437175
File 137615583345.jpg - (347.14KB , 2000x2000 , Pally Sketch.jpg )
Paladin is a lawful good character.
>> No. 437185
File 137616076427.png - (137.65KB , 770x1037 , pouting_applebloom_by_soren_the_owl-d5piyz4.png )
Said no in AOS, saying no here.
>> No. 437186
File 137616088623.jpg - (14.66KB , 210x240 , 15.jpg )
Check these posts.

I'm working on it.
>> No. 437188
File 137616482934.jpg - (337.46KB , 1728x2304 , Oh, you are SO on.jpg )
The Seras from the AOS dimension is a neutral good.

The Seras from this dimension is a lawful good.
>> No. 437193
File 137616749735.jpg - (17.93KB , 404x346 , batponybro.jpg )

>> No. 437197
File 137617521919.png - (137.65KB , 770x1037 , pouting_applebloom_by_soren_the_owl-d5piyz4.png )
....Better bring apples.

Last edited at Sat, Aug 10th, 2013 15:55

>> No. 437198
File 137617535441.png - (42.67KB , 301x292 , 7.png )
Continue to do so.
>> No. 437199
File 137617548825.png - (137.65KB , 770x1037 , pouting_applebloom_by_soren_the_owl-d5piyz4.png )
I edited my post. I realized that waking up with a splitting headache was no excuse to be a dick.
>> No. 437201
File 137617598600.png - (78.70KB , 210x240 , Apple.png )
Well here's your apple.
>> No. 437202
File 137617644509.png - (139.42KB , 800x800 , 296188__UNOPT__safe_apple-bloom.png )
Alrigh', ah'll give yew another chance. Jest make me'h a convincin' sheet okay hun?
>> No. 437204
File 137617662007.png - (252.15KB , 608x448 , 16.png )
Just thinking of a better history than a copy pasta, little pony.
>> No. 437262
and... actually there are...
The Mares of Diomedes are 4, Chaotic Evil Mares...
As for the combat level....
Well, for starters, an S rank is supposedly a God of War, or a Space Marine... The black night i can only pass off as being a Demigod of War...
Other than that... well...
>> No. 437307
File 137620678463.png - (275.18KB , 886x711 , SolemnKnight by Valkyrie-girl.png )
Name: Lost Solemn
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Male

Personality: Nice, straightforward, sometimes timid but dignified when helping his friends. His curiosity leads him to venture alone and find rare items.
Special Talent: Combining or altering items to craft new stuff.
Cutie Mark: A grey star surrounded by blue spirals.

History: Born in a normal family in Fillydelphia. Moved to Ponyville to study Arcane Sciences in Canterlot and amp up combat experience fighting creatures in Everfree Forest.

Combat Ranking: B Rank
Shipping Preferences: Straight, gets off to Lesbians

Other: Celestia's Royal Guard. Often wears a dark cloak and chain mail harness barding when exploring. He's mainly skilled with polearm and archery.

Let me know if something's missing or incoherent. First time actively RP on this chan.
>> No. 437308
Approved. now you need one more.
>> No. 437309
Oh we need alignment
>> No. 437310
File 137620729630.png - (65.41KB , 2206x2260 , SolemnLifeIcon5.png )
Alignment: Neutral Good
>> No. 437311
>> No. 437409
File 137626355071.png - (22.37KB , 128x128 , Mana_Void_icon.png )
Chaotic Good
Name : Luna - Lunar Empress and Moon Goddess.
Title : Guardian of Dreams and Vanguard against Shadow Creatures
Description : Younger than her Sister Celestia and not as powerful.
Followers : Adventurers, Rogues, Freedom Fighters, and Thrill-Seekers

Lawful Good
Name : Celestia - Solar Empress and Sun Goddess
Title : Exemplar of Order, Justice, Sun, and Truth
Description : The most powerful deity in the pantheon. Wisdom is her most powerful trait.
Followers : Farmers, Soldiers, Guards, Clerics, Priests, City-Folk, Common-Folk, and Paladins

Neutral Good
Name : Ri - Goddess of Nature and Healing
Title : Nature's Protector
Description : Deer-Folk Goddess. Very kind, caring, and naive.
Followers : Druids, Nature Worshippers, Healers, Clerics, Priests, Vetenarians, Medics

True Neutral
Name : Clockmek - God of Constants
Title : The Eternal
Description : Represents Universal Constants. Gravity, Energy, and Elements. Does not speak. Neither Good or Evil.
Followers : Various Cults.

Chaotic Neutral
Name : Discord - Chaos Incarnate
Title : Draconquis God of Chaos.
Description : A combination of various creatures. Randomness is an understatement. Has no purpose other than Chaos
Followers : Rogues, Chaos Worshippers, Bards, and Anarchists

Neutral Evil
Name : The Elementals - The Council of Elements
Title : Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.
Description : Their are four known elementals with rumors and whispers of more out in the world. They despise fleshlings and wish to remake the world in their respective elementals.
Followers : Clerics, Cultists, Elementalists, Geomancers, Dancers, Magical Creatures, and Warlocks

Lawful Evil
Name : Rethlnar - The Black Knight
Title : The Fallen One
Description : God of Cruelty and Wickedness. Once a glorious and noble Unicorn Paladin of Celestia that was corrupted.
Followers : Liars, Cheaters, Blackguards, Death Knights, Warlocks, Rogues, and Clerics

Chaotic Evil
Name : Balehoof - Demon Prince of the Abyss.
Title : The Destroyer
Description : Looking to make Ri or Celestia his Queen after corrupting them so that he may be the King of the lower levels of Hell. A pony that worships death itself. Pure evil.
Followers : Criminally Insane, Murderers, Traitors, Liars, Savages, Death Worshippers, Warlocks, Necromancers, Cultists.

[h] Let me know what you think [/h]

Last edited at Sun, Aug 11th, 2013 16:30

>> No. 437410
File 137626360536.png - (57.28KB , 900x867 , Solemn.png )

Approved so hard
>> No. 437411
>> No. 437440
File 137627047923.png - (18.78KB , 514x787 , deerfolk.png )
What Ri looks like
>> No. 437444

>Not sure if I count as an officer but approving the fuck out of this if I do, and if not, one of the other officers still needs to approve this all xD.
>> No. 437445
File 137627238188.jpg - (9.68KB , 222x243 , Huh.jpg )
Had a busy weekend, it seems I missed some stuff. Can I get a quick recap?
>> No. 437554
File 137627999147.png - (209.09KB , 640x480 , invasion.png )
>> No. 437614
>Weird instrument at the top of the castel clashes with the parallel one. Weird glyphs appear in the sky,an the sky completely shatter a bright blinding light covers both world and people start to vanish. All the missing ponies are now standing on a ancient glyphic clock. A view of the vast space can be seen as everything disappears in a blinding light...

End of disk 1
>> No. 437934
Hmm...I gotta ask before I submit a sheet. Is i allowable to play a creature like a lamia in this canon?
>> No. 437988

Not sure.

I know i'd approve hippogriffs, gryphons, dragon/pony hybrids and a few other mythical creatures. Can you provide a link or description?
>> No. 438052
File 137636105219.png - (547.34KB , 1024x1378 , lamia_rainbow_dash_by_blooddragonx-d4zkv5v.png )
Lamias are a type of monster in the equestrian world. They have an upper body of a pony but a lower body of a snake tail. Most Lamia are said to have a culture similar to the Native Americans, a blend between the Navajo and Pawnee. While some are considered "wild" and living away from civilization while attacking anything that might be food, many are in tribes of Lamia, working as a community. Some tribes even mingle with ponies to trade and assist each other. However, in history, certain tribes and ponies have been known to be in large fights over territory boundaries and cultural differences.
>> No. 438068

Abilities? Strengths? Weaknesses?
We need more information about this species.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 12th, 2013 19:52

>> No. 438108
The attributes this race is associated with is herbal remedies and natural potions, jewelry making with stones, archery, and trade
>> No. 438145
I think it still sounds a bit too vague, tbh. Introducing a new species takes a lot of work because there is a lot to establish and it has to be established pretty clearly.
>> No. 438380
File 137642655768.png - (384.83KB , 936x1171 , 1373850110800.png )
Name: Karah
Age: 20
Race: Bat Pony
Sex: Female

Personality: Brash, fierce, reckless, and extremely loyal. The kind of pony you wouldn't want to cross
Special Talent: Is rough sex a talent?
Cutie Mark: na

History: Born in the caves of Spires, she took the position of guard for the Lunar Embassy. After meeting and falling for Brisk Breeze, she fought and fucked her way out of there to Salvation. She had been living with Brisk for sometime after, but recently went away on "business"

Combat Ranking: B Rank
Shipping Preferences: Straight

>> No. 438381
File 137642667084.gif - (26.92KB , 225x219 , 130856000524.gif )
Bat ponies have Cutie Marks, or is she supposed to be a blank flank?
>> No. 438382
It's your mate, you tell me

Though I think just blank
>> No. 438383
File 137642704191.jpg - (20.50KB , 264x350 , DSchneider.jpg )
I didn't create her though.
Amar knows more of her backstory than I do.
>> No. 438389
>> No. 438393
File 137642864090.gif - (149.65KB , 715x882 , SHE GONNA GET YOU.gif )

>> No. 438394
File 137642866669.png - (156.55KB , 1200x311 , 98453__UNOPT__mane-six_artist-madmax.png )
Just want to go on record as saying do not want.
>> No. 438395
Some husband you are
>> No. 438396
File 137642879098.png - (134.72KB , 500x661 , tumblr_mjzngqBHKB1s9483fo2_500.png )

I wouldn't blame him. PTSD!
>> No. 438401
File 137643695220.jpg - (229.12KB , 752x849 , filly.jpg )
>Dat talent.
>Remembers Spires.
>Wonder's if it's the same Bat Pony that did it with Ladro.
>Checks chat logs.
>Different name.
>Probably not Amar anyways.
>> No. 438417
File 137643822442.jpg - (107.40KB , 784x1084 , Dur.jpg )
>MFW forgot my trip.
>> No. 438445
File 137644083894.jpg - (28.75KB , 935x407 , 2013-06-18_00034.jpg )
>Is rough sex a talent?
>> No. 438447

I know this has enough approvals already but

approved so hard.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 18:12

>> No. 438483
File 137644987131.jpg - (77.21KB , 500x599 , pony jervis.jpg )
Name: Jervis Tetch


Species:Earth pony

Age:early thirties* (*=this is just a guess)

History: Former scientist of Wayne enterprises until he was proved insane and thrown into Arkham asylum after the kidnapping of Alice Pleasance and several others.

Personality: At first he seems completely normal,speaking calming almost seeming innocent but this is just for the most part a mask.
As you get to know this colt he will start to show his true self,a delusional man living a sick and tainted wonderland.As in this state of insanity he can swing back and forth out of his fits of insanity,one moment he's completely calm the next he's out for blood.

Cutiemark: A black top hat with a blue strap



Other:The only lethal weapon he carries around is a golden ax. Another item he carries is a deck of mind controlling cards*[Only works if I get high rolls] that are linked with the control band hidden within his hat [if the band is destroyed all cards will be rendered unusable]
>> No. 438486
File 137644998573.jpg - (893.42KB , 1099x1299 , 12.jpg )
>> No. 438487
>> No. 438490

The Bandersnatch will get you, Tetch.

>> No. 438492
File 137645062346.gif - (344.78KB , 400x400 , tumblr_mqepspXqLP1sr5m7mo4_r1_400.gif )
>> No. 438493
File 137645073126.jpg - (82.11KB , 500x419 , NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.jpg )


Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 20:25

>> No. 438494

Now we need to find people to come in as the Joker and Isley and so on. :p
>> No. 438519
File 137645349101.png - (80.57KB , 439x240 , bed.png )
oh jeez the conflict between the group that could happen is pretty fun to imagine,but yeah you're not alone now with the batman pone.
too bad I won't be in the rp for now since Bed is calling.
see ya tomorrow.
(Sorry for the late reply)
>> No. 438588
File 137650327007.png - (53.29KB , 500x600 , lurk.png )
>> No. 438611
>That feel when you completely forget you post here.
Okay so abilities:
A Lamia has a snake's tail for the bottom half that can act like another appendage. It can grip on to object using coils, like a boa constrictor. They also have heightened senses of the natural world around them, sensing the natural elements around them

A Lamia's strengths mostly involve nature. They are very good with practices of magic involving natural elements, making them excellent druids, shamans, spiritual healers, and nature priests. They are also good alchemists with natural ingredients and herbal remedies

Lamias are not used to an unnatural environment such as a city. In these environments, Lamia are rarely found because it is so out of her element. Their ability to sense the natural world around them is very limited. Practices that involve modern technology are extremely difficult to them. Lamias are not used to modern medicines, modern alchemy, or such other practices.
>> No. 438619
File 137651930843.png - (630.60KB , 509x833 , 42pi9lls.png )

>> No. 438621
We are talking about the species Lamia
>> No. 438628
File 137652065028.jpg - (596.56KB , 1200x1200 , 3.jpg )
Applebloom. Are you here?
>> No. 438642
No fear toxin being used here. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. Hurpadurp.

Last edited at Wed, Aug 14th, 2013 16:33

>> No. 438655
File 137652513682.jpg - (92.05KB , 500x629 , sorry bout that.jpg )
>> No. 438664

>> No. 438673
File 137653846759.png - (555.60KB , 5000x5000 , 89849__safe_apple%252Bbloom_absurd%252Bres_sunglasses_artist-colon-austiniousi.png )
I am now
>> No. 438674
File 137653868182.png - (49.45KB , 330x287 , 14.png )
Good, because I know you want to know, and possibly be kept updated. But I have started on a better history. It is going to take a little bit of time to work. If you'd like, I can give you a spoiler before I start writing it out, as I am still working it out in my head.
>> No. 438677
File 137653935638.png - (179.88KB , 784x1020 , 0328-133358305113.png )
Sure, go ahead
>> No. 438678
File 137653947588.png - (4.48MB , 2500x2424 , Shining Black Knight.png )
The Black Knight is Shining Armor, but he's not nice anymore. Not show canon either.
>> No. 438679
oh, okay
>> No. 438680
File 137653964037.jpg - (14.66KB , 210x240 , 15.jpg )
I'll do what I can to make it work.
>> No. 438681
File 137653967638.png - (179.88KB , 784x1020 , 0328-133358305113.png )
Sounds good.
>> No. 438682
File 137653976094.jpg - (345.30KB , 1024x1358 , 12.jpg )
I'll have an apple for you next time I arrive in this thread.
>> No. 438684
File 137653998701.png - (255.07KB , 1280x1662 , applebloom_sings_us_a_song_by_dtcx97-d4mx36w.png )
Arligh', ah'll be waitin' fer that, an' yer new character sheet.
>> No. 438685
File 137654130797.png - (62.13KB , 600x600 , tumblr_mq5cq4ASgM1sr5m7mo1_1280.png )
Buy some apples.
>> No. 438686
File 137654136715.png - (122.58KB , 900x770 , wut.png )
>Mobius's wall of text in Pill's arc thread.
>> No. 438706
File 137659377264.jpg - (68.72KB , 500x339 , uh___oh.jpg )
anyone alive?
>> No. 438707
File 137659802649.jpg - (233.08KB , 762x1048 , image.jpg )
I am here, howdy.
>> No. 438709
File 137660454416.png - (48.62KB , 247x315 , ello there.png )
Oh hello!
how are you today?
>> No. 438710
File 137660563598.png - (54.14KB , 465x528 , IMG_14082013_223930.png )
Hello my lil sister Hatter.
>> No. 438712
File 137660895324.jpg - (39.74KB , 258x156 , BRAWL.jpg )
Oh hello brother stranger

Last edited at Thu, Aug 15th, 2013 16:24

>> No. 438717

>> No. 438719
File 137661677065.png - (53.29KB , 500x600 , lurk.png )
>> No. 438965
Hey is you're still here did you see the thing about the Lamia abilities and stuff?
>> No. 439034
>> No. 439038
File 137676622942.jpg - (10.04KB , 276x183 , download.jpg )
welcome back
>> No. 439039
File 137676635926.png - (40.74KB , 451x530 , Enachantress.png )

pally and pichy lol
>> No. 439040
File 137676677238.png - (77.08KB , 500x500 , Coffee.png )
This wasn't my plan for today....
But it is now~
>> No. 439335

Well I'm kind of on the fence about this, and I'm not sure what the others think either so...
>> No. 439337
File 137688937968.png - (241.01KB , 964x829 , Fol.png )
Character Name: Catherine
Age: 7
Race: Bat Pegasus
Sex: F
History: She was a psychotic mare turned into a filly and her memories erased. She is now being groomed to take over the throne for her mother
Personality: She acts like a nice normal little filly
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: NA
Shipping Preferences: NA
Combat Level: NA
>> No. 439338
>> No. 439339

>Not having alignment

approved though. But you should probably post an alignment anyway,
>> No. 439341
File 137688950863.png - (241.01KB , 964x829 , Fol.png )
NA Good I guess
>> No. 439475
Wait until someone else reviews it then?
>> No. 439481

That's kind of what I'm doing.
>> No. 439655
1d2 = 2
>> No. 439763
File 137706238200.png - (180.75KB , 683x345 , surobd.png )
Name: Suromit
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 22
Race: Zebra
Sex: M
History: Not much to be said for the history of this Zebra. He grew up in a far away land, lost his mother at an early age, and eventually left home in search of some place better.
Personality: He tends to act very charming when he first meets someone. The operative word there is acting. Really, he's a conniving bastard. He's got few scruples, and is willing to buy or sell just about anything with value.
Shipping Preferences: Spoilers
Combat Level: C
Others: Makes a living as a travelling from place to place as a merchant. A good portion of what he sells however is stolen, either from people he's come across (and assaulted) on the road or from grave-robbing.
>> No. 439766
>> No. 439771

>> No. 439775
Hey can you take a look at the posts about lamias?
>> No. 439776
File 137706318053.png - (42.40KB , 313x273 , Swag.png )
>> No. 439779
File 137706339080.png - (315.86KB , 727x1127 , bday gift from sis.png )
Please see.

>> No. 439781
File 137706391990.gif - (2.24MB , 282x257 , Mr Rodgers Fuck You.gif )
>> No. 439782

I assume that's a yes the species can be brought in :p
>> No. 439784
File 137706418997.png - (39.56KB , 308x317 , crazedpop.png )
If he makes the sheet and it passes reviewing yes.
>> No. 439785
Okay then. I was just wondering if there was another approval. I'll get to work on a sheet as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow since it's already 11:54
>> No. 439787
Speciest Zebra is back hue hue only this time I can actually fight you xD
>> No. 439789
File 137706482850.png - (59.99KB , 687x675 , SHRUG.png )
And I can fight you. This time with more than just chili extract.
>> No. 439790
On an unrelated note, I'm suddenly in need of pictures of male zebras. Help a brotha out?
>> No. 439791
File 137706526360.png - (19.45KB , 700x700 , Lurk.png )
Would if I could, zigga.
But I'm not really an artist. Most of my stuff is Pony Generator.
>> No. 439792
I'd take what I can get
>> No. 440157
I can draw some things.
>> No. 440483
File 137731997088.jpg - (18.52KB , 155x200 , What's goin on in this thread_.jpg )
>> No. 440484
File 137731999713.png - (238.25KB , 640x518 , No I don't like you.png )
>> No. 440485
File 137732006899.png - (15.23KB , 193x192 , According to the evidence, you suck.png )
>Scribbles a new box "I'd tap that" and marks the box.
>> No. 440486
File 137732009557.jpg - (70.81KB , 900x675 , Wuv¿.jpg )
>> No. 440487
File 137732020243.png - (77.92KB , 500x406 , tumblr_mmkpam1EfV1ri725lo1_500.png )
I'll be waiting for you upstairs.
>> No. 440488
File 137732037642.jpg - (360.63KB , 450x600 , tumblr_mrt480FMFx1rjsv4to1_500.jpg )
I approve this

Still need a sheet though
>> No. 440489
File 137732036529.png - (1.01MB , 4999x2899 , 35.png )
Oh yes.
>> No. 440490
File 137732069154.png - (162.78KB , 1868x2177 , I'm badass and adorable.png )
You can come too.

I'm waaaaaaating.~
>> No. 440491
File 137732083098.jpg - (313.57KB , 2016x1502 , Kinzie.jpg )
Name: Kinzie

Age: 28

Race: Unicorn

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Sex: Female

History, Special Talent, and Cutie Mark: Born to a mid-class family, her father of noble class was shocked to find that his first born was a filly. Despite this, he still gave her the love he would give any of his children. As she grew up, she would always look up to him, sneaking in on his practices with other guards and even imitating his skills in the nearby woods during her spare time. As time went on, she would start putting the practice of making items to help her get through things like practice and chores more easily. She would discover craftsmanship to be her special talent and obtain her cutie mark; a mallet with a blue aura around it.
Her father would soon find out about her passion and would help her reach her goals to be more like him. Although she took her training seriously and proved to be a hard worker, she would tend to go her own ways and try to discover new routes to dealing with goals.
This trait would follow her through the years when she finally grew old enough to join the guard. There, she continued to train hard and learn the basics of arcane magic, but her want to be more like her father pushed her to have some skill with melee weapons as well.

Personality: Bold, she's usually looking for a good challenge. She tries to keep a good appearance in front of others as to avoid being belittled for being a mare. Somewhat of the quiet type around strangers. She can be very flexible in situations and stubborn about others who tell her to do things "by the book".

Shipping Preferences: Good luck :p

Combat Level: B

Others: She's a Solar Guard. Pretty much falls under the Duskblade class. Even if she serves Celestia, she doesn't pay too much mind to serving any higher being, although she does refer to her when the topic is brought up.
>> No. 440493
Umm sure approved seems to be in order.
>> No. 440494
File 137732136283.png - (222.86KB , 803x1024 , Go ahead, Piss me off.png )
vgfnmjtbhyub ghjmynudfrgb jmvnhdexsrfgv jmuyhnsdfxerv ghyjnmukfcsdezxvr bhjgmapproveddynusedfrzcv ghjnmyubgnmyub hjvsrdegybm hjunred

IS there an approval in there? Take a look and see!
>> No. 440495

I'm sorry... what?
>> No. 440496
File 137732187664.png - (42.96KB , 1101x1020 , Error15_Reboot_Required.png )
Going to be doing a major reset for Golgotha for this canon and resubmitting his sheet.
>> No. 440497
Alright go for it.
>> No. 440498
File 137732227998.jpg - (63.30KB , 767x739 , 132667614789.jpg )
I'm sleepy.
>> No. 440499
kk night.
>> No. 440508
File 137732613843.jpg - (161.71KB , 600x816 , 016cb49e06e866b42815d3786465f4cf.jpg )
Name: Wade Wilson (Deadpony)

Age: 53

Race: Earth pony (With ability to turn into human form)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Sex: Male

History, Special Talent, and Cutie Mark: "Wade Wilson" was born and raised in the country of Equestria. Even as a young foal he seemed to be born to be bad. From cutting class, to stealing cars Wilson's track record was filled with violations of the law. Not much is known of Wade's early life other then he apparently suffered from his father leaving at a young age to be raised by his abusive mother alone. After dropping out of school Wade went and joined the Equestrian guard. Despite performing well for his age he was constantly harased by his superiors for his smart mouth and quick wit. Needless to say they were plenty pleased when note of an incurable cancer had formed inside his body. Soon after being ejecting from the guard he was approached by a high ranking offical who promised to help cure him of his illness. With no other place to go Wade agreed to the procedere and was thrown into the Weapon H program.

Years of phycological and physical torture drove Wade to the point of madness. His body rebuilt to resemble the humans who had begun appearing in Equestria, and his cancer suppressed by an extraordinary healing factor which allowed him to regenerate from most any wound. However only one of these was successful. His healing factor failing to activate, Wade was thrusted into a facility known as "The Workshop". Here the twisted Dr. Killebrew had free reign to work on the failures of the Weapon H program as he pleased. His only moral was he didn't believe in murder as he did all he could to prevent the death of his "Patients"

Having suffered his cancer, his new body, and the constant experimentation from Killebrew, Wade was driven to the point of madness. Having taken much more then anypony should bare he conspired a way to be sent on death row. By murdering another inmate he would be sent to the firing squad where he would finally meet the sweet embrace of death. However upon the day of his execution Wade's life took another drastic turn. Upon the moment of his apparent death his healing factor kicked in and restored him to full health. However the multible scares and burns on his body were set as his "Default" leaving him horribly scared. Knowing he could no longer feel deaths embrace, Wade went off the deep end and killed all the workers in the facility. During his rampage, Ajax the head of the security forces, reffered to Wade as "A dead pony". The name stuck with him. Armed with a healing capability and a madness that seemed infectious, Wade escaped the facility and went on to live with the only logical job choice.

As a mercenary Deadpony has learned and nearly mastered various forms of martial and military combat. If it involves gunpoweder odds are he's used it at least once in his life. However he prefers quick fast hitting weapons such as shotguns, swords, and pistols. However he is not above using any method of murder and will use anything if the situation calls for it.

As for his cutie mark, no record of it exists. Plus given his skin condition it's likely it burnt off during the Weapon H proceedings.

Personality: Deadpony is as excentric as his costume is red. His spastic behavior has led to more then his fair share of trouble. His complete and other lack of respect for life also leads him to make decisions that lead to the harm of others, though mostly himself. However his murderous instincts are limited only to people he's hired to kill along with those who have annoyed him, though he would rather spare innocents from getting caught in the crossfire. Anyone who Wade would dare to call friend can be assured they would have the full protection of Deadpony as he would be willing to give his own life to protect the things he cares about. Though perhaps this could be merely to settle his own need for death.

Shipping Preferences: Where the white mares at?

Combat Level: S

Others: Deadpony can shift between human and Equestrian form at will. He does however prefer to do this change as infrequent as possible. On one occasion he has compared the process to childbirth.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013 23:38

>> No. 440510
>> No. 440511
File 137732646709.png - (391.34KB , 720x720 , She so purdy.png )
>> No. 440552
File 137733223197.png - (444.02KB , 500x500 , BUCK ALL YALL.png )
Name: Trixie
Age: 26
Race: Unicorn
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Sex: Female
History: When it comes to Trixie, history is a little bit iffy. Some people tell her she's a clone of a less drug-addicted mare. Others say she somehow fell between some dimensional crask and ended up here. All Trixie really knows is that she doesn't remember Tuesday very well. That and her mother not being very supportive.
Personality: Trixie can be a rather erratic mare. Whether this is because of years of drug abuse or some underlying mental imbalance is anyone's guess. What can be told is that she can go from being chill to ready to slap your shit within a minute.
Shipping Preference: "Trixie will Popsicle you..."
Combat Level: Can vary depending on level of intoxication. D when properly doped up, C when blind stinking sober.
Other: Trixie may be able to handle various drugs, but alcohol she somehow has no tolerance for.
>> No. 440553
>> No. 440554
>> No. 440573
File 137736373858.png - (599.69KB , 541x689 , pillpops1.png )
Hello friends,and fellow rpers. This is just an Address.

I come here today to bring up few thing..Maybe possible changes for our lil canon. As we expand,and get bigger..I'd like to transition in more systems...Like an Actual job system,and bit System. An Job proficiencies..

Job System

Minor quest or tasks you can perform for bits.

>Example: Tricky is a Repair Pony for general appliances and some firearms.

>With a book or manual he may be able to repair things out of his range ith an efficiency of a full d 20

>If he lacks a user manual/book. He can attempt to tackle the job with a d20-7 if he gets above 10 he gets it working. Now as he works with things out of his range with and without the book he can possibly expand his repair rank to like mechanic or something else after like 10 successful repairs or so.

Bigger the job bigger the pay off. plus an expansive knowledge.

Bit system

Bit system is simple enough to apply you do a quest or job,and there may be bits for you. Everyone who starts a new character can start off with 1,000 bits unless you write enough of a convincing backstory to why you have so much.

>Popper basically Bruce Wayne of the medical world engineered bioweapon,and and develope medicine..Plus her parents left her with a modest 10,000,000. Bits but shes dead now and the amount has grown over the years do to her medical empire and designer drugs,and private military contracts that she had. Leaving Arum and her foals with some security. This is an example.

>Alos quest lines seem to be working out nicely,and so is the deity system.
>> No. 440624
I'm good with that. Except, Dream has gone adventuring for a long time, and I'd say her Uncle Maximum left his stuff for her so... Is 10,000, plus a few magic items okay?
>> No. 440626
File 137737735475.jpg - (46.34KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20130822.jpg )
I would like to request triple standard amount of bits due to status as a successful graverobber mugger merchant.
>> No. 440631
File 137737835010.jpg - (852.71KB , 2880x2160 , Yeah, up yours too, bub.jpg )
I like this system. It sounds simple enough, but I'm not quite sure how it'll be mixed in with the existing characters.

I'm also not quite sure what these bits will be used for unless a shop owner is put in charge of his own prices. I'm sure you'll find a way to get around this, though.

I'll be glad to go ahead and say Kinzie starts with the standard 1,000 bits (unless that changes in the future. Then I'll gladly change it to whatever that amount may be). As for Seras; she gets some support from her family, financially, when the need comes. I think it isn't really enough to make a difference, though. I'll say she gets the standard amount, too unless something comes up to change that. She is a guard, after all.
>> No. 440647
File 137738213096.png - (722.56KB , 531x763 , Teasle.png )
I'll speak to the officer team the floor is now open to user suggestions.
>> No. 440654
Well, you could have that as their basic money, and instead of having a GM as the shop Master, there could be a set price for certain things. Like, an apple could be 1 or 2 bits, and then you could start from there.
>> No. 440658
We have food items that offer temp stat boost or act as healing items.

Apple restore 6 hp

HotTrotCola +7 to hit for 4 of your turns.

Neigh Station portable. The games you play have made you immune to fear for a few days
>> No. 440664

Store Location: Everclear Forrest.

Item types.



Children Toys.



Items in each category: Changes daily.

Store Hours 12-3 am.

Special Item: Wish non bartering item.

Barter system.

shop owners will have a bartering system Shop owners will have d20+5or7

Pill offers up 20 bits for 40 bit neighstation

"Come on its used,and the box is damaged I'll give you 20 bits."

1d20 = 4 vs 1d20+7 = 14

There are items that increase haggling abilities

>Pill applies a fine amount of blue lipstick,and she looks stylish.

+4 barter.

"Hey there stud.. How bout I give you 20 bits and kiss for that neigh station."

1d20+4 = 19 Vs 1d20+7 = 25
>> No. 440707
File 137739679683.png - (102.32KB , 420x496 , WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT IN PUBLIC.png )

>That second example

>> No. 440712
File 137740059276.png - (122.55KB , 1647x1774 , 1356816313903.png )
"Twenty-five bits and a blowjob and you have a deal."
>> No. 440723
File 137740474704.jpg - (294.50KB , 1000x806 , Robo Ky Punch.jpg )
Name: Robo-Ky
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Enough.
Sex: Robot.
History: Crow, his creator, sends Robo-Ky to different missions, trying to send him to his destruction, while Robo-Ky seems to turn crazier with the passing on time, getting better at his combat skills with each passing fight, eventually breaking free from his masters original intent for him, and eventually abandoning him.
Combat Rank: A
Others: Usually finds most to be defective, save for a Trixie he usually hangs around with when he knows where she is helping get her drugs, and claiming impossible things for him, like being a doctor when he doesn't know the first thing about first aid.
>> No. 440726
File 137740531911.jpg - (14.22KB , 210x240 , char_59600.jpg )
I'll toss him an approval.
>> No. 440729
File 137740551019.gif - (888.39KB , 450x252 , VqEj1Pl.gif )
Give me a moment to look at it and-
>> No. 440797
File 137745541064.png - (49.36KB , 390x341 , GolsHoof.png )
Name: Golgotha


Species: Earth Pony


History: Loss can drive anyone to madness. And often madness and brilliance go hand in hand. He lost his parents at an early age, shortly after finding his talent for science and invention. He was quickly recognized as a wunderkind , but his university instructors noticed a dark bent to his work early on. It was when he left school, and met his wife that he seemed to calm, settling in as an inventor. Selling patents to other ponies and inventing a way to make all the kernals in a bag of popcorn pop, he lived a life of comfort and prosperity. When his wife died in an experiment, due to a faulty tesla coil, his mind snapped. With the money from her life insurance, he has purchased a large house where the Everclear forest hugs the mountains surrounding Widow's Peak. There he seeks the solitude and gloom. A place to conduct his new experiments in privacy.

Personality: Introverted, irritable, dislikes being interrupted. Clever and creative, can be quite charming, but is usually too absorbed in his work.

Shipping Prefferences: Carrot Top Has lost too many people close to him to consider getting attatched to anyone else of either gender.

Combat level: D if unarmed, C using the gizmos he builds in his lab

Others: It's almost impossible to get him to leave the house, and pretty much everything he needs is delivered. Will primarily be a quest giver, but can RP if the situation calls for it.
>> No. 440799
File 137745579358.png - (322.71KB , 1600x1757 , grown_up_apple_bloom_by_jennieoo-d5b65tp.png )
>> No. 440800
>Roll when you build something.

If you can do that being an inventor and all I have no problem tossing an approval.
>> No. 440801
File 137745647880.png - (145.37KB , 444x512 , 1352921676265.png )
Works for me.
>> No. 440959
File 137755181389.png - (76.04KB , 752x1063 , twister__by_knight725-d5vgvc7.png )
Name: Qiu Jian


Species: Earth Pony

Gender: Mare

History: Born in the Vally of the Wu Tang Saun mountains she was orphaned as a child when a fire took out her village. the monks of the Wudang temple practicing the sword style with the same name. she excelled at her training and was released with the mastery of the wudang style. living in beijing for some time she couldn't stand the way she was being treated so she set off for another country.

Personality: Energetic yet calm, easy going and friendly.

Talent: Wudang martial arts , sword and maple leaf

Shipping Preferences: Pan-curious (being raised by monks kinda hinders that bit.)

Combat level: A

alignment: true neutral

Others: doesn't really know very much about Western culture
>> No. 441051
>> No. 441056
File 137756175330.png - (626.60KB , 900x1195 , 19.png )
>> No. 441112
Oh right, Dream's alignment is Neutral good.
>> No. 441383
File 137772726457.png - (49.10KB , 500x519 , tumblr_moqu94Ow3g1rbpulso1_500.png )
I'll be hosting some deity questing in the near future.

Some info will be given in due time.
>> No. 441421
File 137773461384.png - (119.09KB , 3000x3000 , lurk.png )

>lurks for Ri
>> No. 441429
File 137773757292.png - (8.82KB , 226x238 , fire.png )
>Shouts obscenities for the fire god
>> No. 441430
Name: Myrica
Age: 22
Species: Griffon
Gender: Female
History: Griffon culture tends to put physical prowess as a priority over higher learning. Though that doesn't mean you'll never see a well-read griffon. Myrica has always been frail ever since she was a chick. Not really having the stamina or the strength to keep up with others in their games, she grew up reading more than anything else. And with that came a passion to do so and to learn. From works of fiction she moved on to science and magic. She may not have been blessed as a Unicorn with a natural link to the arcane, but she found some ability to access if.
Upon coming of age where she needed to set off on her own, Myrica left her kin and headed towards the lands of ponykind, seeking to learn more about both magic and ponies.
Personality: Inquisitive and analytic. Enjoys complex puzzles.
Shipping Preferences: Bi-Curious.
Combat level: C
alignment: True Neutral.
Others: As stated, not very strong physically. Can fly, but not for extended periods without a rest.
Note: I don't have pics for this character as of yet. Will be trying to fix that, but gimme some time.
>> No. 441431
File 137773824354.png - (85.98KB , 269x269 , Pinkie Approved.png )
>> No. 441433
>> No. 441435

>salivates for the Wheaties Wheaties.
>> No. 441976
Does it work?
>> No. 441981
How about now?
>> No. 441983
>> No. 441994
All of those worked
>> No. 442033
not for the code i wanted
>> No. 442092
File 137813887918.png - (54.20KB , 600x537 , 133171074301.png )

New thread
>> No. 443375
Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys
Who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
She said ’You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my suite case and send me on my way
She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket.
I put my walkman on and said, ‘I might as well kick it’.

First class, yo this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.

But wait I hear they’re prissy, wine all that
Is Bel-Air the type of place they send this cool cat?
I don’t think so
I’ll see when I get there
I hope they’re prepared for the prince of Bel-Air

Well, the plane landed and when I came out
There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my name out
I ain’t trying to get arrested
I just got here
I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said ‘FRESH’ and it had dice in the mirror
If anything I can say this cab is rare
But I thought ‘Now forget it’ – ‘Yo homes to Bel Air’

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
And I yelled to the cabbie ‘Yo homes smell ya later’
I looked at my kingdom
I was finally there
To settle my throne as the Prince of Bel Air
>> No. 443919
File 137929314688.png - (118.63KB , 256x256 , Mallard.png )
Name: Ducky McQuack
Race: Duck
Gender: QUACK
Talent: QUACKing
Combat Rank: QUACK
Other: Aaaaaaaaawwwwww YIS. MOTHA FUQIN KIT KATS.
Allignment: Bread
>> No. 443920
File 137929328444.png - (447.95KB , 513x659 , hmm.png )
The duck is not a valid sheet.

>> No. 443922
What the duck kind of sheet is this?

>Approve, many lulz will be had
>> No. 443923
File 137929337906.jpg - (47.08KB , 600x768 , 8.jpg )

Hit each key one to the left and what does it spell?
>> No. 443984
File 137935519315.jpg - (483.34KB , 1280x1024 , tumblr_ms6hpijNQ91r6ny7qo1_1280.jpg )
>Sign up for the Poppers Big game arc. 6 slots.


>Scheduling will be determined based on who we get and what they have to do. If you can't make it for the combat session or the slots are full there is a lounging portion of the arc in a house party area.

Poppers Big Game Synopsis

Enjoy Saints Row 4? Wanna beat down enemies based off your favorite games of all time. Do you enjoy silly yet serious arcs. Well look no further.
>> No. 443990
File 137936482190.png - (103.81KB , 332x406 , phaleous suro.png )
Fuck it, I'll jump in on this bitch.
>> No. 443993
File 137936714983.png - (30.64KB , 206x209 , I'M HERE MOTHER FUCKERS.png )
>> No. 443994
File 137936756479.png - (306.55KB , 464x600 , 464px-KK_Slider_NL.png )
Hi sis
>> No. 443999

Signing up with Griffith
>> No. 444007
File 137938395732.png - (437.29KB , 1127x980 , tumblr_mn7rftkONM1qm3pfto1_1280.png )
Name: Nacht Jäger

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Alignment: Chaotic Good

History: She is a Guard Pony of the night, who excells in hunting... I guess? I'm not good with hoistory, Just, she's good with weaponized combat, unarmed, went through extensive trainings, gets in trouble sometimes because of her alignment, but always means well, just doesn't always do well. Blah blah blah, 5 years of service and no sign of stopping her servitude to the Night Guard.

Personality: Find out what she's like for yourself why don't you, don't you know.

Combat level: B

Others: Knows the German language.
>> No. 444008
>> No. 444009

>> No. 444013
File 137938741288.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Wow, it seems like the mansion really is dead. Virtually no RP there in 3 days... How are things going on this side?
>> No. 444014
File 137938781450.png - (542.37KB , 987x1101 , 402222.png )
>> No. 444017
File 137938858155.jpg - (211.48KB , 600x889 , Tobey-Maguire-in-The-Great-Gatsby-2013-Movie-Character-Poster-600x889.jpg )
Pretty good. How have you been?
>> No. 444019
File 137938867281.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
Oh, subtly manipulating Blubbershy with no one around to give a crap.
>> No. 444026
Wow thats unusual.
>> No. 444028
Oh hi Dulset
>> No. 444031
Hey there.
>> No. 444039
Name: Ditto
Gender: Male (can transform to any of course, because changeling)
Species: Changeling

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

History: Grew up a regular changeling with a defect: that he was able to love others. Otherwise he is a perfectly normal, cruel, manipulative bastard. Has had to fight his way out after discovery many times.

Personality: Cruel, manipulative, and spiteful, but if he loves someone he will protect them to the end. He will use and toss away anyone he doesn't like. Also doesn't tend to like others.

Combat Ranking: A

Others: N/A
>> No. 444041
Hmmm a little skimpy,but approved.
>> No. 444042

Yeah, I am on mobile so, yeah. Will probably do more stuff later.
>> No. 444057
File 137941351469.png - (58.06KB , 896x684 , evil_in_her_eyes.png )
Name: Shade
Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony

Alignment: Neutral Good/ Chaotic Evil

History: Growing up, she was never treated regularly, as her parents were and still are drunks. She was a shy, secluded pony who loved to help out, and be generally nice, but for some reason beyond comprehension, she was punished for being too nice. Whether it was just a scolding or flat out beating, she was punished every time she tried being herself, eventually pushing her to Eremophobia, or the fear of being ones-self. This changed her inside and out, causing her to have a split-personality, a calm helpful cheerful self, and a cold hearted, downright evil self.

Personality: dim witted, shy, friendly, nice/intelligent, cold hearted, EVIL

Combat Ranking: C/F

Others: Split personality

Last edited at Tue, Sep 17th, 2013 03:28

>> No. 444059
Hmm seems interesting to me approved.
>> No. 444060
File 137942897864.jpg - (20.15KB , 500x333 , 500px-Carlos_Ramon.jpg )
>> No. 444061
File 137942913128.jpg - (41.00KB , 467x481 , mib2_will.jpg )
Welcome to BND Sprinkle. Now lets put on the last suit you will ever wear.
>> No. 444062
File 137943416267.png - (551.70KB , 1280x720 , Owlowiscious_Saves_The_Day.png )
Character Name: Owlowiscious
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Great Horned Owl

Alignment: Lawful Good

History: Still regularly saves Twilight from threats big and small, and flies through the forest picking fights with dragons for fun. Then he found Shade Valley and decided to relax there for a while.

Personality: Loves challenges and pushing himself, but generally tries to relax in between.

Combat Ranking: A

Others: Super fast flying, insane moves, Gillette-razor sharp talons
>> No. 444063
I'm gonna think about it. Mind if ask a question or two?
>> No. 444064
>> No. 444065
Does he hate Simon Cowell?

In all honesty though i have to ask is it a serious or joke character :)
>> No. 444066
File 137943947084.png - (183.88KB , 540x352 , Owls.png )
He doesn't hate Simon, but he knows what must be done.

It's a joke character but a serious submission. I'd love the chance to actually play him :)
>> No. 444067
File 137943967548.png - (231.65KB , 457x599 , 457px-K_K__Slider_(City_Folk).png )
Ok I'll toss him an approval then no problem now you just got to wait for one more..Which might be about an hour or two due to school and work,but as soon as another officer comes online I'll have them come give it a look. Thank you for waiting.
>> No. 444068
Sweet thanks :)
>> No. 444081
Few things
1, i don't think he would have Razor sharp talons
2, Joke characters, Aren't exactly fighters Why is he an a rank?
3, Will he come for Simon Cowell in the night, and tear his crazy legs in two?
>> No. 444085
1. Good to know
2. It's canon from his episode that he's an unstoppable badass. He flies up to an adult dragon, makes a total ass out of it, and gets away unscathed.
3. If he hasn't already
>> No. 444090
okay, all i have to say about it, is tone down the combat rank, and we will be fine (i highly doubt that Owlowiscious would stand much against a force that is NOT massive, and incredibly slow)
Taking on a dragon, and a trained archer are two different fights
(not to mention that A ranks are for military Vets, and Demigods, Owlowiscious is at MOST a b, more than likely a C)
>> No. 444091
A ranks: soldiers ,combat masters, sages, ect
>> No. 444093
>> No. 444096
Dragons aren't slow...
>> No. 444097
Still, an Archer Pony is Faster
>> No. 444100
He also can't talk, there's a disadvantage if you need one. Maybe his health could be lower since he hasn't actually been shown possible to harm.

Anyway, from his episode it's plainly obvious he has abilities far beyond an ordinary owl. What if I gave him a backstory to explain the abilities we already know he has in canon?
>> No. 444102
His abilities haven't been seen to be comparable to another owl in the show, he is currently the only one known.
So, while yes, his abilities are extraordinary, they aren't "master of combat"
i'm thinking more of a
>> No. 444105
Personally I'm thinking more of a "mary sue" :P
...that's the joke...
>> No. 444151
File 137947466828.png - (150.05KB , 362x363 , Applebloom - 607.png )
I said no in AOS, I am saying no here.
>> No. 444153
File 137947506397.png - (114.75KB , 295x376 , Applebloom - 593.png )
Why would he have an A combat level?
>> No. 444154
File 137947534094.png - (140.85KB , 423x416 , Applebloom - 692.png )
Drop it to a B and I'll ok it, I guess.
>> No. 444157
Well okay I suppose, done and done.

Combat Ranking: B
>> No. 444158
Welcome aboard.
>> No. 444159
File 137947560782.png - (367.32KB , 913x800 , 275469__UNOPT__safe_apple-bloom_image-macro_50fcdff5a4c72d3c330001a5.png )
>> No. 444160
File 137947574417.png - (218.39KB , 638x347 , owl attack.png )
Yay :D
>> No. 444271
File 137954317202.png - (84.91KB , 256x144 , Enigma.png )
Character Name: Darchrow, the Enigma
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Fundamental/Gravity Elemental

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

History: Nothing is known of Enigma’s background. There are only stories and legends, most of them apocryphal, passed down through the ages. In truth, Enigma is a mystery for whom the only true biography is description: he is a universal force, a consumer of worlds. He is a being of the void, at times corporeal, other times ethereal. A beast between the planes.

There are stories that say he was once a great alchemist who tried to unlock the secrets of the universe and was cursed for his arrogance. Other legends tell that he is an ancient being of strange gravity, the abyss personified—a twisted voice from out the original darkness, before the first light in the universe. And there are older legends that say he is the first collapsed star, a black hole grown complicated and sentient—his motivations unknowable, his power inexorable, a force of destruction unleashed upon existence itself.

Personality: Mature, serious, cold-hearted, and slightly arrogant. He is also rather intelligent.

Combat Ranking: A

Others: He is the fundamental of death/darkness/gravity and exists on many planes. Normally he has the power of a God, however, he is severely weakened on the BND plane because the canon officers dictate so.
>> No. 444272
File 137954413180.png - (115.91KB , 325x363 , Applebloom - 591.png )
>> No. 444274
File 137954421459.png - (39.48KB , 435x528 , IMG_13082013_235237.png )
Is he a real character or a boss?
>> No. 444276
File 137954446923.png - (97.24KB , 451x568 , Well___ uh.png )

The supposed to have the powers of a god thing is iffy and even if it's powered down severely that could still be problematic, especially without any explanation of said powers, so I'm going to have to deny that one too, assuming he's just a regular PC, as much as I don't like to have to do that.
>> No. 444278
A real one, based off Dota 2.
>> No. 444281

>Antimage is best Dota2 character, I can't even play Dota2 and I,know this
>> No. 444286
File 137954753060.jpg - (57.32KB , 825x750 , 15.jpg )
>He is a universal force, a consumer of worlds. He is a being of the void, at times corporeal, other times ethereal. A beast between the planes.
Somehow I can see this being abused at a later date, for just reasons is that he can just do that.

>his power inexorable, a force of destruction unleashed upon existence itself.
I would laugh pretty hard watching him miss a lot without any +hit gear.

>Normally he has the power of a God, however, he is severely weakened on the BND plane because the canon officers dictate so.
And this is the part that bothers me. Also, thanks for clearing it up he's a character from a game in a later post.
But even with near god like powers, and him being a combatant does bother me. Not so much with Eris and Discord because they don't ever fight, so it's understandable why the other officers approved of them, whereas I Wasn't on at the time... I think I approved Eris though, but I am getting off topic. Having powers of a god, even weakened ones can pose problematic in RP, Arcs or otherwise, I fear metagaming myself, and him being able to 'just win' battles. I would like to approve this, and give you a chance, but the others have said no all ready. Specifically Applebloom, and I have a feeling it's because of the reason I said. I also won't like how you'd use said weakened god powers to just appear everywhere, now, I'm not saying you will or not, but it's just an assumption, and one I hope I would be wrong on. Maybe if you removed the god part, and the part about being a being that exists on many planes. I'd toss it an approval myself. But, I am afraid I'll have to ask you to resubmit, and make some amendments.

This isn;t meant to be taken as me striking you down, just voicing my concerns on how he might act in BND. I do hope that you have a good day, and that you do submit another sheet, be it another character, or a modified version of this one, and hope to see you in our RP.
Please have a pleasant day.
>> No. 444287

CT hits the nails right on the head.
>> No. 444288
File 137954860763.png - (84.91KB , 256x144 , Enigma.png )
The lore was directly taken from Dota 2 first of all. And a fundamental in Dota 2 terms:

"Sentient manifestations of the universe's fundamental powers, the Fundamentals originate from a distant plane, and are able to travel between them by their own will. Originally the four were one in a single perfect Unity, but then a particular Elder somebody seems to have lost his spark and that lead to what's called either The Shattering or The Schism, where the four were divided at last. It's not clear which of the two terms relates to that event, and what the remaining one stands for. "

The character wasn't created by me, it was created by Valve, but yeah.

Character Name: Darchrow, the Enigma
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Fundamental/Gravity Elemental

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

History: Nothing is known of Enigma’s background. There are only stories and legends, most of them apocryphal, passed down through the ages. In truth, Enigma is a mystery for whom the only true biography is description: he is a universal force, a consumer of worlds. He is a being of the void, at times corporeal, other times ethereal. A beast between the planes.

There are stories that say he was once a great alchemist who tried to unlock the secrets of the universe and was cursed for his arrogance. Other legends tell that he is an ancient being of strange gravity, the abyss personified—a twisted voice from out the original darkness, before the first light in the universe. And there are older legends that say he is the first collapsed star, a black hole grown complicated and sentient—his motivations unknowable, his power inexorable, a force of destruction unleashed upon existence itself.

Personality: Mature, serious, cold-hearted, and slightly arrogant. He is also rather intelligent.

Combat Ranking: A

Others: He is the fundamental of death/darkness/gravity and exists on many planes. He is as powerful as he would be in a typical Dota 2 game: just another fighter.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 17:01

>> No. 444294
File 137954959429.png - (626.60KB , 900x1195 , 19.png )
You only changed the one thing. You're not getting it. Throughout the entire sheet it screams. "I'M A GOD I'M A GOD!! I WILL FUCK YOUR VIRGINS AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!"
A little over exaggerated but you get the idea. You'd have to completely redo the entire sheet to make it seem like he's anything BUT a god.
>> No. 444295
File 137954975821.jpg - (5.35KB , 331x152 , Nortrom.jpg )
Do I need to Silence a bitch?
>> No. 444298
File 137955013402.png - (90.66KB , 299x411 , baka.png )


Also is the ability to love a curse or blessing?
>> No. 444299
File 137955030071.png - (324.92KB , 830x720 , 140.png )
Depends on how you view love.
>> No. 444304
I'm sure I've complained and caused some trouble alot, and that people may have disagreed with me in the past and I have gotten flamed for it, but is it possible that I can just restart fresh and anew on this canon?
>> No. 444305
File 137955135698.jpg - (1.59MB , 441x900 , 38.jpg )
Who are you?
I don't see why you can't take a fresh start here.
>> No. 444306
I've had beef with some of the other people on /rp/ before, but I've been recommended to just forget about it and hope they do to.

I'm tryna decide which character to apply.
>1. Rock Drop: earth pony, earth bender, kelpie hunter, twin of Mythic Star.
>2. Mythic Star: unicorn, mage, kelpie hunter, twin of Rock Drop.
>3. Rainbow Swirl: pegasus, enchanter.
>4. Phantom Lancer: unicorn, illusionist/cloner.
>5. Coral Drift: pegasus, weatherpony.
>6. Winter Sun: earth pony, dragon keeper.
>> No. 444309
File 137955248388.png - (80.11KB , 412x451 , condescending stare.png )

>ITT we debate,philosophy.

I'd say it's both. It can lead to amazing happiness but also it can conpletely crush you and destroy any semblence of happiness you have. Not to mentioning destroying your ability to trust others.

I've had the latter happen many times.
>> No. 444310
File 137955273668.jpg - (61.96KB , 344x360 , I fucking see you.jpg )
>Not to mentioning destroying your ability to trust others.
Took me a while, but I got some of that back.
>> No. 444312
File 137955451828.png - (65.66KB , 337x315 , IMG_24112012_200029.png )
>Apply the one you feel your best at playing at.
>> No. 444313
File 137955452052.png - (23.72KB , 830x650 , Winter Sun.png )
Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I got into an hour long argument with Manley.

Name: Winter Sun
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Earth Pony

Alignment: Neutral Good

During his colt years, he attended a class in Vanhoover on how to raise animals. After given an assignment to present an animal he was interested in to take care of it for the rest of the year, he went out to look for one. But the problem is, he just was not interested in them. Mammals, bugs, birds, even mythical creatures like phoenixes just bored Winter Sun.

About an hour after school was released, he wandered off into the forests east of Vanhoover. Inside a ditch he discovered a shiny egg. He took it home and examined it. He didn't know what it was, and he wasn't sure about when it would hatch. But he knew very well that the egg may not hatch, but he also wanted an animal he was somewhat interested in or else he may not take his study seriously.

The next day, he brought the egg into class and showed it to the teacher. As the teacher examined it, the egg hatched, and out popped a small black baby dragon. Winter Sun was excited for he hasn't ever tried to care for one before, so he named the dragon "Jet" and promised to care and love the dragon as he earned his cutie mark that day.

Personality: Sarcastic and sometimes rude, but he is friendly and fatherly. He is also intelligent.

Combat Ranking: D

Others: Winter Sun takes care of a few animals, but all are at home right now.
>> No. 444314
File 137955530903.png - (450.08KB , 1465x962 , IMG_17062013_182302.png )
I see no reason to deny this sheet.

>> No. 444315

Same here. The only thing t hat's at all questionable (and only slightly) is the dragon but I don't think it's enough to not approve the sheet at all.

>> No. 444316

Is my OC allowed to attempt to charm animals?
>> No. 444317
Animals umm sure I guess.
>> No. 444318

Depends on what you mean by "charm"

>oh god I'm so sorry this joke is in bad taste and I know it
>> No. 444319
If you could reasonably explain why the animal is there, then sure
If its another Poster's Character, please ask first
>> No. 444320
I'm new to RPing on this board but here goes. Is there any room here, and if there is, may I play as a gorgon from a different dimention?
>> No. 444321
Fill out a sheet for evaluation.
>> No. 444323
you can be anyone!
Except Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Chuck Norris, or William Shatner.
Or The Goddamn Batman.
That's my job.
>> No. 444324
What Fluttershy does.


No, this is pertaining to my OC, Winter Sun.

What about animals my OC just runs into along the way?

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 19:00

>> No. 444325
hrm, I guess you'd just Roll a d20 = 11 For wild animals
Pets... that may be a different story
>> No. 444326
if they are npcs and you roll for it no problem..I'm not sure about player characters that have pets...Depends on them I guess.
>> No. 444327
Okay. I though there wasn't gonna be dice though. But I can deal. What command rolls the dice again?
>> No. 444328

Actually, I might have him start with his pet dragon Jet.
>> No. 444329

[xdy] where x is number of die and y is number of sides.
With a modifier z it's [xdy+z]
>> No. 444330
[] brackets

1d20 hit 1d<combat level>


[1d20] 1d8 = 4
1d20 = 16

remove the spaces.
>> No. 444357
Stupid question: Is there a way to determine combat level or do I just pick a combat level? I kinda need to know because I honestly have a hard time imagining RPing without character sheets! And what about magic, because my character can cast them, just not very well.....

Anywho, I added a few things that would matter in her universe, but I am gonna keep them for flavor if they are not needed (mainly her attribute and her mana flow)

“Cousin” Medusa Veseere
Age: 14
Height: 5"1 (although she can stand a bit higher due to her snake trunk. )
Weight: 189 lbs
Skin: Slightly pale but healthy in color, verdant green scales
Eye color: dark violet
Clothing: A simple top that looks like a tank top mixed with a babydoll dress that ends just past where her snake body begins, special glasses.
Weapon: None Medusa prefers not to fight but can stone her opponents. Uses her snake body to constrict and crush the foe if that does not work or just punches them.
Mana flow: Below average: able to preform about 4-7 spells a day depending of complexity using mana only from her.
Attribute: Dark (Naturally weak to Light and Chaos Elemental attacks)
Favorite Food: small woodland critters, rat being her most favorate.
Hometown: Everfog (not local to Equestia)

Backstory: In a far off distant world called Eternia, there is a girl, teenaged in body but anceint for her age is in are 1592 ballpark, called the Eternal Empress. She rules the Eternal Empre of Eternia with a gentle fist. And everyone there is happy. She even found love (in her late 1550's) and has 5 children.

But this isn't about her.

This is about Medusa Veseere, a very distant relation but still related niece of the Empress. Unlike normal relations, Medusa is a gorgon: A half snake half human whom can turn anyone to stone by gazing at them (which is quite fast). At age 14, her father decided to take her on a trip to see her aunt and to explore the world. However, a day after the journey began, a strange power causes Medusa to be taken away to this world
Although Medusa seeks to go home, she does want to spend some time exploring this new world she wound up in...after all, there seems to be talking ponies, pegasi and unicorns. Maybe this won't be so bad.

Spells and abilities: All beings in Medusa's world have magical energy (mana) flowing in their veins. Even things that are not alive (boxes, tree, plants, etc) have mana, and beings can draw mana from those things should their own bodies lack enough mana to cast the spell. Although anyone can draw mana from another living being, it is considered rude to do so, and even then it is difficult and almost not worth the effort to draw mana from a living being, even if consent is given. Consent usually is not given though. Mana takes several hours to regenerate naturally.
That being said, Medusa is not the strongest of spellcasters: she has a small repertoire of offensive and support spells but casting them is somewhat difficult and she's not much of a fighter anyway.

(For OC: Since anyone from Medusa's world can draw mana from practically anything with mana, I have a question to ask: Can medusa draw mana from objects in this setting? If not, then it's ok: Medusa has mana inside of her, it's just that she must rely on her own mana.)
Spells will be added later once approved.

As for natural abilities, Medusa has the ability to turn anyone who sees her to stone: Depending on the size of the target the speed varies. Medusa does not like to petrify targets, but will is she must. However, to prevent accidental stonings Medusa wears special glasses made with lenses made from a specially treated glass.

Medusa is also a somewhat adept hunter: being a snake this is more of a natural instinct. Medusa prefers to eat small woodland animals, with rats and mice being her favorates.

Appearance : Unlike her namesake, Medusa is not an ugly monster: She's actually a rather cute girl (at least from the wiast up) whom loves to see new things. Her scales are verdant green, and so are the sveral snakes that adorn her head in place of hair. One snake on each side of her head dangles past her ear, while the rest coil around her head, one or two poking out like a cowlick so it can look around. The snakes can only speak in the tounge of snakes: Althogh Medusa and anyone capable of understanding snakes can hear what they are saying, they usually don't have much to say.

Gorgons have a bad reputation, mainly because of their ability to petrify at will. Although Medusa is not evil, most who only know of her species tend to curse at the gorgon first, grab the weapons second, then actually think about how nice the gorgon was later. Because of this, Medusa is shy around humans she doesn't know or trust. She is also this way around anyone she doesn't really know but if that being is non-human or as different as she is, Medusa will warm up faster.
Medusa is also a bit of an explorer: she likes exploring and seeing new things. And Medusa is a collector, though she mostly collects stones (and statues, though statues of her petrifyed victems are rare as she cures them as soon as possible. Hunting is another joy of her's, as well as listening to stories.
As for dislikes, Medusa despises stairs (snake trunks instead of legs), and the cold (somewhat sentive to the cold). Medusa also has a fear of birds, though only the ones large enough to fight back (small birds are fine for a snack once in a while, but Medusa feels they have too many bones and not enough meat).
Medusa can fight, but she would rather not. If she must fight, she tries to end the fight as soon as possible, and only uses her petrifying gaze as a last resort. Although there is a cure for petficiation, it is a bit of a pain to make, and she would rather do anything to avoid petrifying someone instead.

Combat Ability: C (Crushing a foe by coiling around them: B)

(FOR OC: Also, if I would happen to try and petrify, what do i roll? just a roll to hit with a higher target number?)

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 20:51

>> No. 444358
Yes she can draw mana from stuff,and I'm gonna approve it :)
>> No. 444359
Yeah, I approve it as well.
>> No. 444360
Cool. So about spells. Whats okay and what's not?
>> No. 444361
>No instant kills.
>Hypnotism only if the other player agrees.
>No spirit bombs unless boss character.
>Time shifts have to approved by the party involved.

Commonly allowed spells:

enfabelling spells
weather magic

these are just examples.
>> No. 444362

Okay how about this for a spell list:
Dark Boomer (dark) – Low level spell. A ball of Dark Elemental Energy. Thrown at the enemy
Acid Spit (Earth) – Medium Level spell. Medusa spits out a stream of acid. May cause poision.
Mass Acid Spit (Earth) - High level spell. Medusa and the snakes making up her hair spit streams of acid at the foe. Hits multiple times, each hit might cause poision.
Dark Healing (Dark) – heals a small about of health to one target, however the user slightly harms themselves to perform the healing
Obscure (Dark) – low level. An almost comically small black fog surrounds the target. Reduces the visiblity anyone inside the fog, but makes it harder to be seen.
Burrow (Earth) – High level spell. Allows user to burrow into the earth. Only works on solid ground, and the earth must be soft.
Duality strike - Shadowed Eart (Dark/Earth) - High level spell. A Punch that strikes with the power of both darkness and earth.

The spell list is to mostly control me so I don't go mad with mary sue power.

Now all I need to do is actually play and figure out where to actually start! lol
>> No. 444363
Hmmm ok seems fine to me.
>> No. 444367
Great! Now, uh......where do I go to play? Like I said I'm new to this part of Ponychan so forgive my noobness.
>> No. 444368

If you want to be added to the skype group let me know.
>> No. 444369
good thing I got my tablet right here on hand.

lets see, kingofsoulsfrombm is it if I remember it correctly. If you get a guy with a blue ditto avatar then it's me
>> No. 444370
K think i added you.
>> No. 444371
File 137956873210.png - (65.66KB , 337x315 , IMG_24112012_200029.png )
marshmellow117 is my skype.

Incase newcomers want to be added to the skype group.
>> No. 444372
You're deathpill right If so, yea you got me!
>> No. 444373
>> No. 444563
File 137970933533.png - (359.05KB , 1280x720 , 0094-132632844933.png )
Character Name: Rarity
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn

Alignment: Neutral

History: Rarity was born in the small town of Ponyville. She loves to design clothes and nothing more. She loves gems and other shiny precious metals.

Personality: Mature, serious, cold-hearted, and slightly arrogant.

Combat Ranking: C (when she's rolling)
>> No. 444564
File 137971009610.png - (626.60KB , 900x1195 , 19.png )
Okay, I know I';m not good with character sheets, but that could use a little more meat on it. I see the name is different, which would indicate a different version of Rarity, but the history is prett much saying she's exactly the same, why is she slightly obese? Why is she cold hearted now?
>> No. 444566
File 137971108938.png - (42.42KB , 289x200 , royal_pony_guard___without_the_helmet_by_skitt_less-d5kog2n.png )

>> No. 444567
She's just a slight variation. She's more cut throa because of the sales industry kinda thing. You know look out for number 1.
>> No. 444568
File 137971192346.png - (330.47KB , 3632x3976 , 27.png )
Oh wait this is Solen?
Also, thanks for clarifying, just seemed a little cut and paste, and I wanted just that little bit extra.
>> No. 444569
File 137971210530.png - (442.21KB , 761x424 , 368465368.png )
Sorry about that. I like to build up my characters from the ground, but I understand what you mean.
>> No. 444571
File 137971246731.png - (347.31KB , 1092x1060 , 14.png )
I like to do the same, it's hard coming up with a good backstory on the spot.
>> No. 444578
Really? For me it doesn't take too long to get a general idea. It's the details that take a long time.
>> No. 444589
I'll have you on my skaip.
>> No. 444590
By the way, I am >>444313 with a new tripcode.
>> No. 444688
File 137978455797.png - (339.00KB , 483x421 , 234523465.png )
>> No. 444693
File 137978746864.png - (496.49KB , 692x954 , mtr_1376086608947.png )
Character : Athena
Age : 27
Sex : Female
Race : Pegasus
Shipping : w/ Male
Combat : A
Alignment : Lawful Good
Deity : Celestia

Note : This character is an NPC and will played occasionally to fill out story and character development

>Athena is a pegasus with golden hair and blue eyes. Her frame is larger than that of other females and pegasi. She attributes this to her success in the Equestrian Military.

>She is currently captain at the Shade Valley barracks located in Shade Valley city. She's been in the military for nine years. Hates bat ponies and considers them freaks of nature due to some bad past experiences. Athena is a fierce warrior and will gladly uphold her duties faithfully. Very good friends with Tin Plate, another guard in the barracks.

>Athena has a vindictive personality and can be petty and spiteful to those who wrong her. Her aggression makes matters all the worse. Prone to anger when drinking. Enjoys fighting physically.
>> No. 444696
>> No. 444743
I have a question, would this thread be a good place to start if say you were new to RPing?
>> No. 444744
I would think so. You just need to e approved and you are at. Oh, and humanoids are allowed: my character is a gorgon nd she got oked.
>> No. 444751
File 137982070817.jpg - (8.81KB , 250x250 , th.jpg )
No.... no.. no....
Character sheet must approve itself first...
>> No. 444752
File 137982082558.png - (56.34KB , 276x276 , Celestia Hmm.png )
Vinyl Scratch. Could you please approve it?
>> No. 444753
File 137982092698.jpg - (83.09KB , 617x800 , 7ad4f59cbeca10328a74867eaeea91a3.jpg )
>> No. 444754
File 137982097341.png - (455.99KB , 900x771 , Celestia's Ass! Worship it!.png )
Thank you Vinyl Scratch.
Picture unrelated.
>> No. 444759
File 137982188740.png - (596.18KB , 533x707 , 4342534.png )
Anyone wanna be in a picture? Put reply to me or message me on skype with no more than 3 OCs of choice (Name, Picture, and Action).

Also where should the location be? Best choice gets picked.
>> No. 444760
Vinyl scratch, Sitting atop a cardboard box, along, with a marker or something, drawing a poster.

Stratos Fear, High in the sky, or crashed into the ground
>> No. 444761
I mean for a group picture. Derp. Sorry.
>> No. 444774
Hey guys I'm thinking of joining, but I'm curious of what I have to write about, like is there specific questions for the character sheets?
>> No. 444775
Name Age Race Backstory CombatRank SpecialTalent Alignment Other
>> No. 444776
By what do you mean by alignment, also what races can i use?
>> No. 444778
Basically anything. Really lies in how you play the character and write there story, but you should be fine. Also Alignment as in good, bad, etc.
>> No. 444779
Dream Team, dragging Kromato somewhere, laughing.
Place: The streets of Shade Valley city, or the Ever-clear forest.
All you really need is this:

Appearance(or a picture):
Special Talent:
Alignment (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, etc):
Other/How much money they have, and why (10,000 is basic amount):

(I'm not an officer, I just thought this would be helpful.)
>> No. 444801
Well what alignment would be for a person who is both a good doer, and a mischievious person.
>> No. 444802
Most likely Chaotic Good.
>> No. 444803
File 137987266410.png - (37.86KB , 596x364 , yeah.png )
Action: Burning something?
>> No. 444804
Any idea for a location?
>> No. 444805
I have no idea :/
>> No. 444806
>> No. 444807
File 137987589135.gif - (6.29KB , 650x450 , Hammer time.gif )
A forest usually makes a good backdrop.
>> No. 444808
pill popper tricky and encantress and teasle pls
>> No. 444809
No more than 3
>> No. 444810
Pill Teasle Encantress
>> No. 444811
>> No. 444813
File 137987957868.png - (232.49KB , 512x512 , 110769-glowing-green-neon-icon-alphanumeric-plussign1.png )
Greetings all!

Very soon, I will be running a quest line that will take place over the next few weeks or so, depending on who's interested.

The main quest will be to find and safely return a certain somepony to Shade Valley. However, the entire story will be open world. I will be providing the participants with many different locations and regions to explore, each with its own history, story, and characters.

The rules for combat will remain as is, regular and simple BND combat. I'm open to suggestions of all kinds.

I will provide more details if people express interest. This will be my first time as a DM so I don't want to disappoint.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 12:54

>> No. 444814
Dream already said she'd be interested.
>> No. 444815
I'm in.
>> No. 444820
File 137988073325.png - (144.55KB , 886x901 , FOOLS.png )
Trixie needs to see more action.
>> No. 444821
If I can get Medusa over to the area where this is gonna happen, she might do it.
>> No. 444822
File 137988144224.jpg - (8.99KB , 150x186 , Advanced-Shield-17.jpg )


A drugged up pony in the party? Sounds like fun.

Won't take too much.

The party should stay together for the duration of the quest line, but you don't have to if you don't want to.
>> No. 444830
I have a suggestion. I played a bit of Savage Worlds and sometimes there comes a time when two characters try to fight over something, an example being two people fighting over an idol, or a guy grappling another guy. I suggest using a Opposed Roll rule. It's simple: Both people in question roll a die, and the highest wins. Simple.

I'm not sure if this is used in BND already but I wanted to suggest it anyway in case.

Btw This is Kingofsouls (Medusa is my character.)

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 14:25

>> No. 444831
Good idea.
>> No. 444833
Thank you. The idea came to because as a gorgon, wrapping around a target and trying to squish it is something snake person would do, and then I though "Wait, for the BND system it's a little strange for me to roll a 10 or righter and just trap the target without the target getting a change to get out..."
>> No. 444838
Count me in.
>> No. 444840
Just incase no one else saw
>> No. 444847

I told ya I'd be interested already so, yeah :3
>> No. 444887
File 137990499090.png - (1.37MB , 3500x3000 , Shma.png )
Name: Siloam
Age: 27
Race: Earth Pony
History: Born to two poor laborers in the deserts to the Middle East, Siloam has known only hard work, heat, and sand for most of her life. For several of her preteen years, she labored in the floodplains near her village, growing what little she could in the desert heat to support her family during drought and famine. Periodically, she would have to fight off brigands who attacked her in the fields, giving her some manner of experience with combat. Into her teen years, her nation was besieged by a neighbooring state, forcing her family from their village to avoid these enemy forces. They took refuge in the capitol, using what trades they had learned to earn a meager living in these harsh times. To keep her from this life of destitution, and to relieve the burden on her family, Siloam and her two sisters were sent to the great Temple in the city to become priestesses, and to be kept safe. For two years, Siloam learned the scriptures of her fathers, and looked after the sick and lame, and eventually the wounded from the war. Eventually, the dispair became to great for her to bear. She had to do something. With a heavy heart, she left her sisters and the temple, enlisting in the military. There, she quickly learned the art of warfare, and was sent to the front. For many months she warred with her brothers against the invadors, become a master in swordplay and archery, eventually driving the invadors out of her homeland. After the war, she returned to the temple and resumed her studies, until the time had come where she was sent out into the world to share the peace and truth that she knows.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Special Talent: Melee combat.
Combat Rank: S; SSS against demonic creatures.
>> No. 444896
A rank seems more appropriate than god-tier S

Just sayin'
>> No. 444899
Probably. I'd like her to be S, but I can bring her down to A if necessary.
>> No. 444901
S rank see- >>444896
Yes, exactly. Bump down to an A, even [Only because I don't know the character too well, and I can admit that] when fighting demons, and I'll toss an approval.
>> No. 444902
Hmm I'll be kind and toss you an S rank when against demons.
>> No. 444903
I have no problem with making her just an A.

I would really appreciate that, thank you :3
>> No. 444905
Fucked up my trip again there.

I just spoke with another officer. Approved with an A rank, and an S against Demons only.
>> No. 444906
File 137990597984.png - (94.89KB , 219x229 , Mrbrones.png )
Thank ya!
>> No. 444907
File 137990622845.gif - (0.98MB , 260x146 , freak-out-gif.gif )
Am I approved now? o3o
>> No. 444909
Not sure. Pill didn't really say he accepted it, just said he'd give you an S against demons.
>> No. 444910
>> No. 444911
>Okie dokie.

>Yay! That's at least two then. I can play now? o3o
>> No. 444912
>> No. 444944
File 137994372042.png - (216.72KB , 1020x1020 , Fuckworld.png )
Here's that thing you wanted Vinyl.
>> No. 444949
File 137995879734.png - (53.84KB , 225x200 , I'd wreck it so hard.png )
>> No. 444965
Lel, it doesn't seem THAT bad.
Okai, maybe a bit God-mod but I'm gonna trust the officers about this.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 17:40

>> No. 445141
Beep Boop
>> No. 445144
File 138006530550.png - (302.46KB , 720x720 , 145.png )
Fuck that shit.
>> No. 445145
BUT CARROT :3:3:3:3:33:3:3:3:3:3:3
>> No. 445146
File 138006568634.png - (397.52KB , 800x900 , 44.png )
Yes? Can I help you?