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435545 No. 435545
#Open #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Sign-up #Surreal #Mind Fuck

Whispering Pine Summer Camp for Cutie Marks.

Posting this here to see if it'll garner more folk

Welcome to Whispering Pines, a Psychonauts/Twin Peaks influenced adventure Roleplaying story. Shit will get crazy, so be prepared.

Rules be simple
1. Have fun!
2. No god-modding or overpowered shennigans.
3. No crazy shipping. These are fillies. Seriously. Nothing past summer crushes.

>Dungeon Master : Wheatley
>Co-DM: ? (Someone if needed)

What do I need to make a character?

Just fill out the following! You'll be playing fillies, dropped off at summer camp to (hopefully) get their cutie marks. So if anyone pulls out some god mode alicorn child with fire powers, I will slap your shit kindly ask you to leave.

Background: One Paragraph Minimum of character background story.
Defining Traits:

Core Mechanics

There's no overly complicated stats here. Combat and feats are done with a simple D20 roll. 1-10 fail. 11-20 success.

Classes will be introduced around Level 4 and you will have a variety of fun choices and abilities to choose from.

If you've got any questions, confusion, etc. just let me know.
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>> No. 435674
What flavor of dark are we talking here? Emotional or physical trauma, or both?
>> No. 435677
A wee bit of both. Darker themes in general. Evil spirits, horror, danger, the whole lot
>> No. 435678
Alright, I'm sold. Now I just need to think of an OC.
>> No. 435687
On a scale of one to ten, one being mildly suspenseful, ten being 'no escape from slenderman-ghost-mutilation-demon forest-over the top-Hellopolis', what level of grimdark-ness are you thinking?
>> No. 435689
hmmm. I reckon it's going to vary a bit. Max I'd say would be like an 8 towards the end
>> No. 435694
File 137584519185.png - (153.13KB , 606x1316 , This please Applebloom.png )
Name:Apple Bloom
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 9
Gender: F
Background: Born and raised on the Sweet Apple Acres farm to the Apple Family, Apple Bloom is the youngest out of two older siblings, Big Mac and Applejack. Apple Bloom created a local club in Ponyville called "The Cutie Mark Crusaders" after becoming fed up with teased in school for her blank flank. In this club Apple Bloom befriended two other blank flanks, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, and they became the best of friends. When she is not in school, she is either helping her sister on the farm, or crusading for cutie marks with her friends.
Defining Traits: Kind, loyal and brave. Apple Bloom can also be very stubborn and impatient.
>> No. 435697
File 137584530207.png - (185.17KB , 761x1051 , apple_bloom__smiling_adorably__by_lilcinnamon-d4m502j.png )
Be a cmc!!
>> No. 435698
File 137584531678.gif - (627.51KB , 500x281 , Never Find the Body.gif )
Good by me
>> No. 435705
File 137584567783.jpg - (52.09KB , 616x896 , Heart_Zoti.jpg )
Neat. Also, would you be open to a teenager, like, staffing the camp?
>> No. 435707
Someone asked about this before, and I'm going to have to say no. A lot of the elements of this whole thing (canon, campaign, story? I don't know what to call it) focus on the players being fillies/foals without CMs and the counseler interactions
>> No. 435709
File 137584609805.png - (65.18KB , 900x847 , Andrew, hue your heart out.png )
Ah, that's fine. I didn't want to join your stupid canon anyway
>> No. 435724
File 137584802315.png - (91.41KB , 900x822 , Key you t.png )
Name: Andrew Swiftwing
Race: Pegasus
Age: 10
Gender: M
Background: Andrew was born in Cloudsdale, and by the age of 7, he was signed up for wrestling. He's a decent scholar, but not exactly top of the class. He showed to be pretty decent at wrestling, though it's only a winter sport, and he wanted to have some fun over the summer.
Defining Traits: Athletic, adventurous, fun loving, he tends to try looking past things, and moving on, but if things get personal, he can be hard to shake a grudge
>> No. 435726
File 137584813547.gif - (217.07KB , 378x400 , Thumbs up.gif )
>> No. 435731
File 137584834918.png - (50.02KB , 900x675 , happy_scoots_by_mylittlepinkiedash-d4n3zlh.png )
>> No. 435733
Reposting from last thread this almost started from

[07/08/2013 14:03] Not clogging shit Griff's Sheet:

Name: Joe Ring Fighter
Race: earth pony
Age: 9 and a half
Gender: male
Background: Raised by overbearing parents from a young age, he has developed a tendency to worry too much over everything. He has a few friends, though he's often seen as"that weird kid" due to being buff but being worried and afraid over even the smallest things. He had wanted to go to this summer camp for a few years, and had been begging his parents each year, and they had finally given in and let him go.
Defining Traits: Quite buff, extremely nervous and worries too much about everything. Stubborn, but will give in if just to not be left alone. Underconfident in his own abilities totally not inspired at all by a character from Digimon Adventure
>> No. 435744
File 137584917432.gif - (0.96MB , 500x364 , Perfect.gif )
>> No. 435798
File 137588263952.gif - (2.78MB , 622x300 , 310839__safe_animated_scootaloo_apple%252Bbloom_sweetie%252Bbelle_cutie%252Bmark%252Bcrusaders_s.gif )
Hmmm.. I don't really see a 'comedy' up there.

I gather this is going to be leaning away from the more comedic elements of Psychonauts outside of a bit of weirdness?

Or at the very least the characters aren't expected to react to things the way Psychonauts characters would, that is not freaking out and screaming, making jokes about the weirdness around them etc.

I mean if I could laugh at, or even have semi-casual (If slightly nervous) conversations with the twisted bowls of darkness without having my face instantly ripped off or shouted at for being out of character (You should be more scared!) this could be interesting.
>> No. 435823
The Psychonauts elements come more from the setting and scenario. Kids at a summer camp, dark crazy things happen, etc.

I'm not saying no one should ever laugh or try to make light of a situation (hell, I do that all the time). I'd just figure that if someone walked into a room full of dead babies, they wouldn't use one as a hand puppet.

...ok, that might be an extreme case, but I hope you get my meaning. Appropriate actions for a situation?
>> No. 436627
File 137594438944.gif - (1.37MB , 500x500 , Twilight Taco.gif )
Looking to get about 6 folk total, so spread the word
>> No. 437375
File 137624922630.png - (42.42KB , 289x200 , royal_pony_guard___without_the_helmet_by_skitt_less-d5kog2n.png )
This looks neat. Let me create a character
>> No. 437378
File 137625085733.png - (25.35KB , 800x600 , MS Paint.png )
Name: Paintbrush
Background: Born in Manehatten, A single child, she never had a friend. Being a very rude filly, it has been easy for others to be put off by her rudeness. Though, she doesn't really realize she's being rude. She's been able to find peace in art and crafts, though, the best piece of art she can do will always looks terrible. She calls it surreal.
Defining Traits:Paintbrush is a sarcastic pony who loves rainy days and would do anything for a friend in need.

Picture drawn in Paintbrush, the MSPaint for mac.
>> No. 437382
I'm still going to try and be a little bit funny.
>> No. 437434
File 137626894683.png - (510.62KB , 800x700 , Staring Celestia.png )
Hmm, the only thing I'm worried about is that rudeness seems to be her defining trait. And that can lead to folks just being a dick and saying "I'm in character!"

So I guess, play that portion down a bit in the description. You can be rude and sarcastic at times, but don't let it define your character. Do that and we're good to go.
>> No. 437867
File 137629868954.png - (25.88KB , 800x600 , ms paint 2323223113.png )
I'm a-okay with doing that.
>> No. 437920
Groovy. Welcome aboard then
>> No. 438800
File 137662836926.gif - (1.89MB , 783x720 , Adorable Derpy.gif )
Right then, just putting out the list of who we've got:

1. Apple Bloom
2. Andrew
3. Joe Fighter (Griff)
4. Paintbrush (Carrotcake)
5. ?
6. ?

We pop in two more, and we're go for adventure! So tell your friends/other RPers
>> No. 438809
Just dropping in to mention, I probably won't be joining after all. I've been feeling pretty uninspired lately, so I'm going to try to get back into roleplay via chill or silly threads where a lack of activity is less likely to mess things up for others.
>> No. 438815
No worries. If you'd like to pop in any time, you'd be welcome
>> No. 439367
Hum... Sounds like fun!

I want to pop in. debating in my head whether to be a CMC or bring in an OC... Leaning more towards CMC right now.
>> No. 439384
Whatever you'd like. I'm sure it'll be great either way
>> No. 439657
File 137703284878.png - (555.60KB , 5000x5000 , 89849__safe_apple%252Bbloom_absurd%252Bres_sunglasses_artist-colon-austiniousi.png )
Do it filly!
>> No. 439687
File 137705035762.png - (1.97MB , 1800x1200 , full.png )
Name: Tuffle
Race: Hippogriff
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Background: Daughter of Snow and Griffith.
Defining Traits: White and very fluffy hippogriff.
Will eventually need glasses to see just like her father. Wants to be a cook one day.

>Pic is just a placeholder untill I can draw my own.
>> No. 439690
File 137705110258.gif - (0.99MB , 599x336 , Thumbs Up.gif )
>> No. 439692
File 137705131805.jpg - (194.30KB , 1024x768 , 1376141623132.jpg )

>> No. 439698
File 137705259863.png - (97.24KB , 451x568 , Well___ uh.png )

Don't go dying on us, your mother already has big enough problems, what with her eyes and all... Poor Snow...
>> No. 439703
File 137705401536.png - (1.97MB , 1800x1200 , full.png )

Yes dad T_T
>> No. 439712
Hey, it's I.


Going to submit a sheet tomorrow when I'm not brain-dead. Looking forward to it!
>> No. 439718
Brilliant! With you, we'll have 6 and can begin
>> No. 439745
File 137706129318.png - (274.80KB , 871x918 , dat flank -obviously-.png )
that's adorabe
>> No. 439746
But I thought weightleigh left?
>> No. 439749
I'm right here?
>> No. 439751
File 137706147436.png - (82.92KB , 854x935 , sheepish.png )
My derp
I meant Quinch
>> No. 439753
Yeah, he left, but we still have

1. Apple Bloom
2. Andrew
3. Joe Fighter (Griff)
4. Paintbrush (Carrotcake)
5. Tuffle
6. ?

Unless Quinch is Carrotcake and I'm bad with names
>> No. 439755
I may be derping.

I don't know if, when he said that, he had come in earlier and said that he was going to sign up, but then came in and siad he wasn't going to join

i thought he had already joined, and said he wasn't joining after all

>> No. 439767
will there be like, a skype group for this or something?
>> No. 439769
Yep. Soon as we get the last fellow in here, everything's going to get set up all nicely
>> No. 439773
>> No. 439813
File 137712434596.png - (91.48KB , 743x1076 , disheveled_scootalo_by_d2xa-d5zpm5j.png )
>> No. 439820
File 137712492042.png - (155.21KB , 1831x1568 , 130145041868.png )
Name: Scootaloo
Race: Pegasus
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Background: Scootaloo is a young filly whom goes to the Ponyville Schoolhouse with her two best friends, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

Not much is known of her life before her times at school, nor are any of her family members or relatives known. This is mostly due to the fact Scootaloo doesn't like sharing this information with anypony. However, what IS known is that she is part of a club known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders -- a small group of three (technically four) fillies dead-set on getting their cutie marks to end the perpetual bullying they get at school.

Scootaloo has been in countless shenanigans with her best friends, and has more than once gotten herself in a pickle. She's known to admire Rainbow Dash, and almost treats her as if she were family, at times.

Defining Traits: Ambitious, hard-working, and determined. Not scared of anything (or so she says...), and is always up for adventure.

She's also fairly naive, doesn't think before she acts, and has a fairly short temper. She can't fly, regardless as to how hard she tries, and can get in the dumps when she's reminded of her handicap.

Also, she doesn't like being called a chicken.
>> No. 439827
File 137712535161.png - (50.02KB , 900x675 , happy_scoots_by_mylittlepinkiedash-d4n3zlh.png )
>> No. 439834
File 137712741288.png - (59.88KB , 480x360 , 15ocw01.png )
Pinchy is working on a sheet.
>> No. 439848
File 137712857261.png - (80.66KB , 490x411 , 2ni63oz.png )
Name: Ruby Pinch (AKA Pinchy)
Race: Unicorn
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Background: Ruby is born and raised inthe small town of Ponyville. Raised by her mother Berry Punch.
Defining Traits: Kind, caring, trusting, and affectionate.
She isn't a very bright pony though and is also a procrastinator.
>> No. 439954
File 137713912678.png - (86.44KB , 894x894 , hur hur hur.png )
>> No. 439961
File 137713949028.png - (166.75KB , 900x900 , happy_derp_scootaloo_vector_by_30coloredowl-d5m6s0a.png )
>> No. 439965
File 137713972526.png - (95.19KB , 853x937 , determined_scootaloo_by_uxyd-d59ohs7.png )
>> No. 439980
File 137714169708.gif - (480.51KB , 141x141 , 1372119279666.gif )
Yes Yes Yes

I'm excited for this group. Should be good.

Next step overall, I'm going to get a skype group set up. I figure most of you are connected/know someone who knows some one, so y'all can invite each other once you're in. Though if you're not, my skype is inept777. Add me up and we'll get things rolling shortly.
>> No. 439985
File 137714743534.png - (156.80KB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_m4vc0qs7ZA1rwjucyo2_1280.png )
Pinchy doesn't have Skype... Is ir required?
>> No. 439992
It would help, though you jsut gotta ask Wheaty about that
>> No. 439999
Just sort of helps to keep track of things and chat faster instead of in here, but it's cool if you don't

Right now we're trying to figure days/times that work for folk. Evenings/Nights seem to be the consensus. That work for you?
>> No. 440000
File 137715272080.jpg - (10.71KB , 211x200 , ruby_pinch_doodle_by_pembroke-d4j18sp.jpg )
Oh, no worries. I'm usually free in the afternoons and evenings and all day on the weekends.
>> No. 440001
File 137715294027.png - (0.97MB , 880x1262 , Dubs.png )
Sounds good. What time zone are you in?

Also, nice quads
>> No. 440002
File 137715299817.png - (109.49KB , 816x488 , I just don't know what went wrong.png )
>> No. 440003
File 137715310809.jpg - (55.68KB , 500x375 , enhanced-buzz-2865-1370226615-1.jpg )
...I don't get it
>> No. 440022
File 137716076588.png - (111.02KB , 500x360 , tumblr_m59a7atLbk1rwjucyo2_500.png )
EST. And sorry for the late response. I'm finishing a paper.
>> No. 440023
File 137716775662.gif - (605.22KB , 670x427 , 646__safe_apple-bloom_animated_scootie-belle_artist-crunchnugget.gif )
Solen and Andrew hate each other...
>> No. 440027
It's all good. I was asleep anyway

So we're just waiting to hear anything from Carrotcake/Scootaloo and see if Solen posts up a sheet. Then we'll roll from there I suppose

Last edited at Thu, Aug 22nd, 2013 07:47

>> No. 440028
File 137718623491.gif - (167.88KB , 870x847 , I hue until i cannot hue no more.gif )
>imblying we didn't work things out
>> No. 440035
I'm ready to go, and sent you a request on Skype.

Name's Scotty. I'm typically hop on around 6 - 6:30 PM CST, and I'm available until 11.
>> No. 440204
File 137723452670.gif - (62.89KB , 189x185 , I'm on the internet.gif )
Let's start it up!
>> No. 440355
Is it too late for me to join?
>> No. 440356
>Sees time.
Actually, never mind.
>> No. 440687
File 137739269340.png - (59.88KB , 480x360 , 15ocw01.png )
So... Are we starting this tonight or when?
>> No. 440713
Tomorrow night, around 8-9pm EDT
>> No. 440714
File 137740206239.jpg - (32.96KB , 640x640 , tumblr_m7jng3OiSv1ro76bwo5_1280.jpg )
>> No. 440783
Is that tomorrow or today?
You said it was tomorrow yesterday, so I'm confused..
>> No. 440785
File 137743674130.png - (177.25KB , 842x949 , Apple+Bloom.png )
today, I remember him saying the 25th.

which works out perfectly because I have today off.
>> No. 440786
Woo hoo!
>> No. 440789
File 137745115639.jpg - (38.99KB , 500x418 , soon.jpg )
Yep, tonight in about 7-8 hours from this post
>> No. 440811
File 137746103917.png - (274.80KB , 871x918 , dat flank -obviously-.png )
*packs up all my stuffs*

I'm ready for camp!
>> No. 440826
I want to know if it is too late to make a character!

Was going to do last night, but got distracted by falling asleep.

So! Here is character!

Name: Symphony Staccato
Race: Pegasus
Age: 8
Gender: Filly
Background: Symphony Staccato is a young, blind pegasus filly. Being born blind, she naturally gained a bit of echolocation (works with humans, why not here?). She enjoys any reading material at hoof but requires it in braille to read. Her mother runs an instrument shop and she can fine tune several instruments by ear. Has a tendency to wander around.
Defining traits: As stated before, blind; blue with darker blue mane; tends to hum to herself when there is no sort of background noise; Nice, trusting, and quiet; has a dark sense of humor.

EDIT: Only put down physical traits in defining traits. My fault for not having a picture on hand sorry.
EDIT OF THE EDIT: Mispelled something.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 25th, 2013 16:52

>> No. 440833
I dig the character. Only issue is we're starting in about 30 minutes. So if someone drops out eventually or I feel like it's a good spot to bring you in, I'll do it. But for now, I think it's a little late. Sorry about that.
>> No. 440834
Dang it...

At least I tried...
>> No. 440835
You know what? Fuck it. Come on in.
Roll a 1d10+10 and add me on skype inept777
>> No. 440836
Yay! to the first one, crap! to the second one.

I lack Skype.

Sorry about that bit...
>> No. 440837
You and Pinchy should really snag it. I mean, it's a free download and all. Helps keep things managed. Don't need a microphone or anything. Just some nice text chat.
Anyway, we'll be starting in a wee bit. So sit tight and wait for it
>> No. 440838
I know that, I just don't have it. I'm grounded from the computer anyways, I am on my kindle. Asked if I could get Skype but was told no since it would barely be used anyways.
>> No. 440839
What are our chances of getting eaten by a Grue? Or do we just have to avoid bottomless pits while in the dark?
>> No. 440842
Cloudy skies, 60% chance of grue
>> No. 440916
This is fun so far!

I appologize for ghe dropping off a short time bfore the "episode" of the night was over, I kind of passed out. In my defense, bed, comfy, already in, and cold.
>> No. 440924
No worries. You didn't miss much of anything and we wrapped up pretty soon after you passed out
>> No. 440933
I know, We will just assume thatmy character followed the others back to the cabin and was disappointed at the lack of scary stories.

Pretty sure the only difference if I was not asleep is that Symphony would tell her own story when back at the cabin, then cheerfully finish it off with a nice little goodnight.

I have a whole website of stories I can adapt into pony form easily.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 13:44

>> No. 440950
I'm guessing new "episodes" every night at 8-9, 7-8 central?
>> No. 441042
Not every night, we'll find out what nights work for most
>> No. 441052

>Thanks for the info!
>> No. 441054
Yeah, we're doing a new one tonight at 8:30 EDT, 7:30 Central

But other than that, we're going once a week on Sundays. It works the best for everyone right now
>> No. 441057
Once a week?

Aaaaaaawww... Dang.

It's like having a special starter and then going on the standard weekly.

Thanks for the info, What Thins!
>> No. 441244
File 137763159540.gif - (583.51KB , 320x213 , It's happening.gif )
Hey, remember when I said next session is Sunday?

I lied.


Get ready. It's happening.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 27th, 2013 12:27

>> No. 441535

New session, an hour away! Be there, or be a rounded square! It's like a normal square, except susceptible to fat jokes!
>> No. 441562
This not happening? It's Thursday... It's 8:30 EDT...
>> No. 441563
>> No. 441628
So, what times are good?
Sundays are pretty much a set constant. We'll do those no matter what.

Apple Bloom has before like midnight EDT free, so we may on occasions do a thing during the week like tonight. In that case, I guess watch here and tell me if it doesn't work. Or try to snag skype, as we all discuss the happenings in there
>> No. 441630
File 137783390420.png - (187.96KB , 500x520 , 2mn5d11.png )
I'm here now.
>> No. 441631
File 137783400738.png - (40.48KB , 431x312 , 1ze8doi.png )
Well, I'm switching back to day classes as of September, so I'll probably have more time to RP during the week. Least till I can find an actual job....
And sorry if I've been dificult to work with, Wheatleigh.
>> No. 441632
File 137783413914.jpg - (21.34KB , 500x278 , I ain't even mad.jpg )
Nah, it's no trouble. I'm ridiculously patient, so you're really no bother

What time zone are you in? Was it EDT too?

Anyway, we'll figure things. This Sunday for sure. And if we get another session planned on skype, I'll post it here
>> No. 441635
File 137783441555.png - (59.88KB , 480x360 , 15ocw01.png )
Same timezone, yeah.
>> No. 441871
File 137796910024.gif - (960.66KB , 245x250 , 1359500918088.gif )
Ok, Pinchy and Staccato, how are you for doing a session Monday, 8:30 pm EDT?
Scoots can't make it till then.

If you can't, that's fine and we'll do one tomorrow as planned.
I need to hear back from both of you, otherwise, we'll continue on with our Sunday time tomorrow.
>> No. 441905
Pinchy's cool for a Monday session.
Rock on.
>> No. 442041
I'm good. Just got this, was not paying attention.
>> No. 442042
I play Symphony, I change the "name" to match the character I am using at the time usually.
>> No. 442053
cool cool cool

Tomorrow at 8pm then
>> No. 443053
New Thread
>> No. 443124
File 137876329843.png - (40.48KB , 431x312 , 1ze8doi.png )
Hey guys.
Sorry to break this to ya, but I don't think I'll be able to do this.
When it was just my schedule that was the issue, I could make time to have fun. But now I'm encountering technical issues too...
Sorry. Better to just let you all know now instead of being a lump later on.
>> No. 443150
It's all good. Sorry you can't do it anymore
>> No. 444451
I assume we are good tonight?
>> No. 445094
File 137999072718.png - (90.51KB , 720x1080 , CMtotal.png )
To provide a little anticipatory excitement, here are the classes coming up. Abilities will be explained after we all hit 4

4- Make fire
6- Smoke screen
8- Fire breath
10- Fire proof

4- Perfect Lie
6- Minor Illusion
8- Hypnosis
10- Major Illusion

4- Heal minor wound
6- Shield
8- Heal major wound
10- Resurrect

4- Eagle Vision
6- Never Miss
8- Charge shots
10- Chain Lightning

4- The Veil
6- Lightfooted
8- Meditate
10- Pull Back the Fabric

4- Talk to animals
6- Summon plants
8- Random potion
10- Earth shake
>> No. 445237
File 138008805582.png - (420.65KB , 2000x2000 , Whispering_Pines-Logo.png )
Ok, so from this point on, everyone gets their cutie marks. Yay

The following are the CMs/Classes, with their abilities and descriptions. Please note that you don't have to be a certain type of pony to do certain things (earth ponies can't do illusion, pegasi can't talk to animals, etc). Anyone can be any class. We have 6 people and 6 classes, so I'd ask that you each choose only one. If two people want the same, in true CM get fashion, we'll let fate decide (ie dice roll)

4- Make fire: Make flames/fire anywhere
6- Smoke screen: Produce a small smoke screen that obscures vision
8- Fire breath: Breath fire. Bitchin'
10- Fire proof: Flames and heat don't harm you.

4- Perfect Lie: If you say it, they'll believe you
6- Minor Illusion: Create a small illusion (think person who isn't there, floating objects, etc.)
8- Hypnosis: Hypnotize someone into doing your will
10- Major Illusion: Create a large illusion (whole landscape, fiery explosions, solar eclipse, etc)

4- Heal minor wound: +5 health
6- Shield: Block 5 damage to anyone, including self
8- Heal major wound: +10 health
10- Resurrect: Bring back somepony from the dead

4- Eagle Vision: Can see great distances and pick out fine details
6- Never Miss: That hit die? Forget about it. You're not missing now
8- Charge shots: Charge your shots with the power of the elements!
10- Chain Lightning; Hit one, hit them all with lighting!

4- The Veil: The secrets of the univers seem more natural to you. Special interactions with certain things
6- Lightfooted: Never set off a trap, always strike first
8- Meditate: Meditate for a couple rounds to restore health
10- Pull Back the Fabric: Reach into the void and pull out a random object. Also, infinite storage!

4- Talk to animals: Talk to any non sentient animal (birds, fish, dogs, and such)
6- Summon plants: Summon vines to help you
8- Random brew: You're crafty. You like making things from nature. Sometimes these things you make have weird effects.
10- Earth shake: Cause the earth to quake and shudder under you

>> No. 445288
Going to put my hoof on sharpshooter for now; only one I think would fit Scoots well. If not, I'll likely go to balance for backup.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 25th, 2013 16:02

>> No. 445300
>I think Balance would fit Symphony.

>I don't see how ANY of us would fit for a healer class, we almost all have attempted to kill one another. If we all choose something, somebody is going to hae to be healer.
>> No. 445532
File 138035521893.jpg - (72.20KB , 894x894 , image.jpg )
Abby seems rather devious, so I am going to go with illusion.

Also looks like my perma-days off are monday and tuessay.
>> No. 445596
It'd be hilarious if you took sharpshooter and were the blind filly who could never miss
>> No. 445667

I already was going to take illusion, I said so days ago
>> No. 445668
D-20 fight.
1d20 = 1
>> No. 445669
Okay there is something wrong here.
1d20 = 4
1d20 = 16
1d20 = 12
1d20 = 16
1d20 = 5
1d20 = 2
1d20 = 9
1d20 = 2
1d20 = 9
1d20 = 19
1d20 = 12
1d20 = 4
1d20 = 19
1d20 = 3
1d20 = 13
1d20 = 13
1d20 = 18
1d20 = 19
1d20 = 10
1d20 = 20
1d20 = 13
>> No. 445670
1d20 = 111d20 = 131d20 = 141d20 = 11d20 = 201d20 = 161d20 = 151d20 = 21d20 = 191d20 = 51d20 = 131d20 = 61d20 = 51d20 = 21d20 = 91d20 = 111d20 = 31d20 = 51d20 = 121d20 = 141d20 = 51d20 = 51d20 = 81d20 = 71d20 = 2
1d20 = 131d20 = 111d20 = 81d20 = 41d20 = 21d20 = 21d20 = 151d20 = 141d20 = 161d20 = 151d20 = 131d20 = 111d20 = 91d20 = 151d20 = 101d20 = 131d20 = 71d20 = 161d20 = 181d20 = 91d20 = 41d20 = 81d20 = 111d20 = 81d20 = 20
1d20 = 41d20 = 131d20 = 41d20 = 121d20 = 201d20 = 61d20 = 51d20 = 111d20 = 131d20 = 91d20 = 121d20 = 151d20 = 31d20 = 61d20 = 111d20 = 171d20 = 191d20 = 21d20 = 61d20 = 131d20 = 111d20 = 191d20 = 191d20 = 61d20 = 17
1d20 = 71d20 = 101d20 = 51d20 = 181d20 = 181d20 = 41d20 = 21d20 = 111d20 = 81d20 = 141d20 = 101d20 = 131d20 = 181d20 = 201d20 = 61d20 = 61d20 = 121d20 = 11d20 = 81d20 = 171d20 = 111d20 = 51d20 = 151d20 = 131d20 = 11
1d20 = 71d20 = 31d20 = 101d20 = 61d20 = 91d20 = 61d20 = 131d20 = 191d20 = 101d20 = 101d20 = 161d20 = 14
>> No. 445671
File 138047828054.png - (68.82KB , 216x263 , Applebloom - 17.png )
What isn't taken?
>> No. 445749

1d20 = 10
>> No. 445764
Fire, Healing, Nature have no claims

Sharpshooter and Balance have one if you'd like to try your luck again
>> No. 445775
We're rolling tonight, 10ish EDT if everyone can get shit together. Otherwise, tomorrow, 8pm
>> No. 445870
File 138061232739.png - (149.59KB , 647x373 , 002.png )
This looks quite pleasant. How do those powers work? Is there no doubling up, and do we decide which powers we get?
I'd probably fancy taking my OC and age -regressing her to fit the needs here.

Character Name: Soull
Age: lets go with 8 in human years
Race: Pegasus
Sex: Female
Appearance: white/creme hair, with a light red mane. Magenta, eyes that shine brightly in the light, but are faded and cloudy otherwise.
History: Soul has been on her own most of her life. Or so she claims. Her parents were caring ponies. They bathed her, fed her, made certain she got to school safely, and made sure she was never bored, or lonely. They did everything they could to make certain she was happy, and comfortable. Perhaps that was the problem in her mind. Despite perfect caring and much love, she ran away when she was eight. It wasn't easy, given the circumstances, but she did it. She didn't look back, not that it would have mattered if she did. The important part was that she felt free. After a bit, Soull found her way to this camp, and seeming to be a good idea at the time, she asked if she could join it.
Defining Traits: She is blind, but she tries to give off certainty in her actions, and in her tones and words, deep down she is scared and uncertain in every action she does. Often abrasive, cold, or rude, she betrays a caring nature when her actions don't line up with her words. She generally acts a bit ahead of her age, but if asked to put reason to her actions she struggles to understand why she does what she does.
>> No. 445893
File 138066333991.gif - (1.38MB , 245x118 , Rapeface.gif )
Well, we're all filled up for now. But if someone drops, maybe you can pop in

>2 blind fillies
>oh lawdy
>> No. 445901
File 138066798698.png - (398.50KB , 642x371 , 003.png )
You already had a blind character? I'd love to meet them. I didn't see them in the character list.

So does that technically mean this shouldn't have the #open flag at this time? = )
>> No. 445903
Yeah. Forgot to pop all the tags n shit on the new thread. Sorry about that
>> No. 445905
File 138067078652.png - (219.31KB , 642x369 , 025.png )
Ok. Come track me down on IRC if the situation changes please. The name is Soull.
>> No. 445912
File 138067524925.png - (26.99KB , 160x200 , gildashy_hippogriff_by_raincupcake-d5nndvj.png )
I would like to be healer.
>> No. 446270
Hey, seems our other blind filly is no longer with us. Care to take their place?
>> No. 446282
File 138118594127.png - (398.50KB , 642x371 , 003.png )
Certainly, do you need any additional information from me?
>> No. 446297
Roll a d10+10.

Other than that, I'll introduce you when the time is right. Won't be tonight, but soon enough. I'll let you know when
>> No. 446299
File 138119800709.png - (149.59KB , 647x373 , 002.png )
1d10+10 = 20?
>> No. 448295
File 138482839252.jpg - (369.86KB , 1920x1080 , Background.jpg )
So then! I'm late because I had work~
This is actually kind of big. I have never had a job before. I'm quite happy to join the productive forces of society finally. Anyway, I covered the last hour of someones shift for them because I thought this began an hour later than it did, because I suck at timezones... but since I'm usually off work an hour earlier than that, you'll totally see me here.... approximately 20 minutes late :P
>> No. 448296
Right on. Congrats on the job
>> No. 450185
On hiatus till after the New Year

Also, thread link so I can find it later
>> No. 450447
This looks interesting, but I see you are on your 4th thread, would you accept another?
>> No. 450691
Sorry, all filled up for now. I don't think anyone's going to drop out at this point either
>> No. 450970

>>450691 >Sorry, all filled up for now. I don't think anyone's going to drop out at this point either

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
>> No. 450975
File 138950501026.jpg - (758.37KB , 2880x2160 , The act like they don't know.jpg )

I came simply to say that this canon is looking really good!

That is all.

> leaves thread
>> No. 451673
Newest Thread
>> No. 453197
And so we enter the final chapter
>> No. 453204
File 139532607408.png - (126.39KB , 308x452 , 131083088924.png )
>> No. 454347
necessary bump
>> No. 455507
OOC Bump
>> No. 457101
>> No. 457247
Heh. Just reading through the thread.
>I didn't see them at the time
>OC is blind
>> No. 457335
I just saw your camp thread. Now I'm wondering if my camping trip into hell inspired yours at all
>> No. 457336
File 141992033203.png - (143.28KB , 243x313 , camp.png )
>camp thread
>pic related
>> No. 457338
Some. But it's just two nights at Survival Badge...
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