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#Limited #Fresh start #Adventure #FiM-only #Power Limit #Semi-serious #Sign-up

With the rapid advancement of technology following the discovery and developement of so-called techmagic, Equestria profited into a golden age.

The rampant advancement of mechanics and electronics made the world smaller and more close-knit. Gryphons and ponies became closer and ever, and even Diamond Dogs - reclutantly - added themselves to the global society.

Great accomplishments were made. Radio. Television. Internet. Quick transport. And soon, ponies and nonponies learned how into space.

Plans for the first permanent, interracial space station, the Orbital, were set into motion. For it to prosper, a mechanism of long-term suspension of life had to be created. The Hibernatus Program, developing cutting edge high-techmagic cryo-sleep chambers, was put into motion.

Tests subjects were needed.


I want to start a new canon, set in the near-future Equestria. Technology level just above what we have in our current world.

The characters would be test subjects for testing the new cryo-sleep chambers of Hibernatus Program, set to cryo-sleep for five years for a handsome reward.

What can go wrong, right~?


I accept ponies (not alicorns!), gryphons and Diamond Dog characters. I might accept a baby or young adult dragon, but not more than one and I want a good reason for such a character to enroll in Hibernatus Program.

No superpowered Mary Sues, please. If you're an unicorn, you're less powerful than Twilight Sparkle. If you're a pegasus, you're slower than Rainbow Dash, etc.

If you'd want to enlist, I'd ask you for a character concept - name, gender, race, age, description, good and weak sides, cutie mark (if applicable) and a reason to enlist in the Hibernatus Program. After we get some people in this, I'll make a post describing how to stat out your characters. I'll be using a slightly modified Blowhard's system (dude's awesome).


What I want: proper grammar, pictures. I strongly encourage clear formatting and posts longer than one line.

Anypony interested~?
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File 137592204185.png - (534.14KB , 1138x640 , Canterlot_at_night.png )
Oh! Almost forgot. Mane 6 are a no-go. I'm ok with using a background character like, say, Lyra, but keep in mind that the canon starts in about 10 years into the Equestrian future.
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File 137592205012.png - (1.09MB , 800x900 , An old war horse.png )
Hmmm....I could make an easy character back story for this....But not to boring of course.
>> No. 435917
File 137592214305.gif - (940.52KB , 500x260 , That hat.gif )
"Learned how into space"

"Proper grammar."
>> No. 435918
File 137592217930.jpg - (120.40KB , 500x374 , Sir Woolsworth Cottonballs Fwuffypants the 3rd of Cleriton.jpg )
Well I'm just wondering where the story is going to go from the cryo part.
>> No. 435920
File 137592229517.png - (520.42KB , 2357x2880 , All my want.png )
I'm thinking like that new Alien movie....what was it? Oh yeah Prometheus
>> No. 435921
File 137592230214.jpg - (81.07KB , 787x1016 , kanaya_maryam_by_mochikiri-d4gplpo.jpg )
Oh, you know it's a joke :3

That's the surprise part~! ♥
>> No. 435922
File 137592232127.gif - (668.78KB , 500x281 , 137567050672.gif )
>FiM only
>> No. 435923
File 137592233796.png - (200.55KB , 375x620 , Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 5_11_53 AM.png )
i fixed up your title, Varmus! i hope it's okay now!
>> No. 435925
Yeah, I've had enough of pokemons and all that jazz.
>> No. 435927
File 137592237368.png - (96.35KB , 868x704 , Oh that makes total sense.png )

*Toddles off to recolour some Spines pictures*

I kid, I'll probably roll for the race and go from there.
>> No. 435928
File 137592237684.jpg - (36.87KB , 500x375 , this is so evil.jpg )
>> No. 435929
File 137592240399.gif - (206.81KB , 480x360 , Whyyyy.gif )
>> No. 435931
File 137592243195.png - (136.71KB , 480x480 , kanaya-61.png )
Thank you a lot, sweetheart, it's perfect now~! ♥

Alright! Ponies, Griffons, even Diamond Dogs allowed.

I might accept a dragon but I need a good IC reason.
>> No. 435932
File 137592244341.gif - (485.09KB , 500x281 , Icepick also doubles as my Firefly folder_ Awh yiss_.gif )
>> No. 435933
File 137592245564.png - (251.13KB , 1538x2021 , Dom hugging raggedy2.png )
Go to bed you.
>> No. 435934
And I've had enough of ponies and all that Jazz
But I'm still rping here so gotta go with the Pokemanz
>> No. 435935
File 137592247908.png - (56.52KB , 900x900 , 137302617032.png )
Hummmm....Well I suppose I'll go out on a limb enough to sign-up to see what you have planned xD
>> No. 435937
File 137592253792.png - (126.78KB , 493x912 , Yes, I am adorable_.png )
"Does cryostasis affect the synergy between dragon and pony partnership?"
>> No. 435938
File 137592257583.jpg - (107.48KB , 900x900 , And after time skip___.jpg )
I have a question. Do the characters need to know anything outside of they're being test dummies? May have read over it but I'm eating and watching things
>> No. 435939
File 137592268488.png - (166.44KB , 416x438 , i love you all 2.png )
it is no trouble c:

and wow... so many old, wonderful friends in here! Hello Spines! Hello Spark! Hello Dom!

i hope you will all have lots of fun ^^
>> No. 435940
File 137592274377.png - (292.35KB , 600x735 , tumblr_mmvxrbkl0K1qejbf0o1_1280.png )
...Hmm. Sounds reasonable enough. Baby or young adult dragon?

I hope you're gonna enjoy this~!

Welp, sorry buddy, not in this canon I'm planning.

Not really, unless they have a reason to.

They are test subjects for prototype cryo-sleep chambers and are to spend 5 years in there for a generous recompensation. The chambers, if a success, will be used in the assembled interracial space station Orbital.

Oh, they will >:3
>> No. 435941
I'm not gonna participate here
I'm not doing FiM only
>> No. 435942
I know, that's why I'm not gonna be here
>> No. 435943
File 137592278885.png - (591.00KB , 2578x4000 , Grinning.png )
Baby? Because I can only play cute characters and only cute characters.
>> No. 435945
File 137592284426.png - (122.07KB , 759x835 , I dunno -Canis.png )
We've always around. TDB EVER DAY!

Got it!
>> No. 435946
File 137592292009.gif - (496.17KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lpq3jttykc1qfi5b1.gif )
Brat it is. >:3
>> No. 435947
File 137592292811.jpg - (27.42KB , 500x375 , Nis's Disguise.jpg )
I'm sure I will :3
Inb4 Moloch
>> No. 435948
File 137592295233.png - (371.42KB , 860x1056 , Yeeeah___ I am pretty cute aren't I.png )
This is going to go so well, I can tell.
>> No. 435949
So uh, we gonna go back to the db for more Hot PongXSolara Pong and Solara?
>> No. 435950
File 137592306309.jpg - (191.65KB , 755x789 , master chief.jpg )
>Cryo sleep?
>> No. 435951
Sure but let me just finish dinner :3
Well actually im nearly done, sure I'll post there
>> No. 435952
File 137592317543.gif - (421.94KB , 500x363 , -I-Found-A-Carrot-fosters-home-for-imaginary-friends-32850656-500-363.gif )
So, how about a character IC deciding that a Spess-Base doesn't have enough space for non-ponies because they're using up precious supplies and then accidentally someone locks the pressure door and turns off the oxygen?

>i.e. is PvP allowed?
>> No. 435953
>Spark Brave has left the chat
>> No. 435954
File 137592330905.png - (387.16KB , 500x647 , Oh Rainbow Dash Your Vaginal Juices Are Delicious.png )
Tee-hee. >:3

Cryo sleep. Prototype.

Uh, the testing will be not in space, but on Earth. But yes, given there's an actual reason for this other than OoC "lol let's kill everyone and fuck things up because I can".
>> No. 435955
File 137592342654.gif - (643.48KB , 576x432 , Gir-invader-zim-19336848-576-432.gif )
Wait, we not be in actual spess-spess? Awwww... But I wanted to see if ponies asplode in vacuum!

Got it!
>> No. 435956
File 137592349645.jpg - (133.58KB , 600x600 , so much pahnkie.jpg )
Nope, no spess-spess.
>> No. 435957
File 137592350306.png - (642.60KB , 2931x3925 , 131786344546.png )
Just wanted to make the Halo reference. Actually, this thread would be a great way for me to finish a new character I've had locked away in the desk drawer for a while now. Ill be sure to hop in, if thats allright.
>> No. 435958
File 137592362695.png - (287.25KB , 500x588 , tumblr_mem016Frxt1rhdxpwo1_r1_500.png )
I'd love to, the more the merrier!

As long as it keeps within the limits, you're welcome.
>> No. 435959
File 137592381454.jpg - (658.56KB , 1191x1462 , Human Discord.jpg )
Oh Ill stay within the limits... you can bet your sweet limits on it...
>> No. 435966
File 137592548233.png - (172.94KB , 894x894 , Jack of hearts.png )
Name: Sleight of Hand

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn

Age: 40 before he went into cryosleep.

Description: Sleight of Hand has always been a traveler, from unfortunate beginnings to the bitter man he found himself now, those travels have always been hard to. Born in the pirate nation of BlackPort to a single mother, his luck had been going down hill since then, she died giving birth to him, and the young orphan was raised by the barkeep she worked for, Old Pete. Old Pete wasn't exactly the perfect father, but then again he had never wanted to be one. Still, he was the best thing to happen to the young Unicorn, who, at the time was named Card Star. Sleight learned tricks of the trade growing up at the bar, having been taught five different card games by the time he was seven, his father saw he had a true talent for them, and on his ninth birthday, Pete gave Card Star his lucky deck, an odd little thing that had seen him through thick and thin with never a scratch or crumple on it. It was on Card's ninth birthday, he lost everything but those cards. Pete had been saving up money, and had planned to take the unicorn to the nearby continent of Equestria for a holiday. Pete never reached Equestria, Card Star didn't make it for three years, at least not its soil.

During the journey, a nightmarish storm blew the ship from the protected routes, the only current lanes that were free from the predation of the pirates that called BlackPort home, before any of the passengers could even finish a prayer for safety, pirates were upon them. Each and every occupant of the ship was butchered and their valuables taken, apart from Card, the only child aboard at the time. The captain of the ship decided to take Card with him, his last cabin boy had hung himself in the brig. Card spent the next three years aboard the ship, mopping the floors, cleaning the latrines and otherwise tending to the needs of the ship, it was a harsh life, and his beatings were frequent, sometimes simply for fun. But Card survived, he kept his head down low, and kept on trucking until he saw a chance for escape.

A few weeks after his eleventh birthday - which went un-celebrated - he received that chance, the pirate galleon, along with several others, had decided upon raiding a small port city, and whilst they all went screaming on hollering into the city, torch and blade in hand, they left the young colt on the ship entirely alone, grabbing a single bag of gold, and his beloved deck of cards- the only thing remaining of his father- Card Star vaulted the railing of the boat, landed on the jetty and didn't stop running until he was out of sight of the town in its totality, slumping against a tree he let sleep take him, sheer relief knocking the life from the boy. It was now he met his second family.

Card Star woke up to find himself under the ministrations of an elderly mare, a leaf coloured shawl spread over her shoulders and a silver hairpin holding her grey mane in place, looking down over himself, the colt's momentary panic left him as he saw the bandages, stitches and and painkilling salves spread over his body to help him recover from the wounds suffered under the pirates hooves. Card Star had been found by a travelling gypsy caravan, they had been coming into town to sell their wares when they saw it ablaze, quickly absconding, the elderly mare had seen the passed out foal on the way and had tossed him onto a cart, knowing all too well that if he had, had any family in the town, he didn't any more.

It was amongst the gypsies Card Star picked up his second skill, music, they taught him the joy that music could bring others, and they brought to the fore the talent his mother had passed on to him. His mothers name had been Siren Song, a beautiful singer without compare, Card would never quite reach the peaks she had, but his gift was profound nonetheless.

After months travelling with the gypsies, Card decided as nice as they were, he wanted to settle somewhere, escape the constant travel and find some comfort in life. The gypsies didn't blame him for this, leaving the colt at another port village, far smaller than the one he had made his escape at, and so beneath the attention of the pirates. With what little gold they could spare, and his own little bag, Card trotted into town to find his future.

And a happy future it proved to be, the tavernkeeper of this town and his wife had never been able to have a child of their own, and the elderly couple were glad to take the young boy in, giving the boy a shelter and comfort he hadn't known for three years now. It was in this town Card Star also met his first, and only, true love. Her name was Sea Breeze, and she was a year older than him. Spunky, lively, funny and an utter tomboy, she and Card spent most their days together or with the other teenages, playing soccer, exploring the woods, going swimming, climbing the cliffs, chasing one another around the town, and even occasionally *GASP* attending the local schoolhouse. Though he didn't realize it until she made her move, Card Star found himself falling for Sea Breeze. One day, she came to him looking more troubled than he had ever seen her, and she asked if she could get some advice, he of course said yes.

"Card, if you... If you loved someone, but were afraid about how they'd react, would you tell them?"
"... Of course, you can only try your best after all, if they don't, life goes on, if they do. Great! Lifes too short to worry."

That last word was cut off midway through by the mare planting her lips to Card's and wrapping her arms tight around him. That was the happiest day of Card Star's life, and no other ever managed to match it. After many happy months together, they decided to take a vacation to one of the big cities together, their parents, adopted and otherwise footed the bill and the two lovebirds found themselves on a train to Manehattan. It was here everything went wrong.

The two spent about a week doing the usual touristy things, exploring, buying junk food and just plain junk, but it was on a late Friday night their holiday and lives were ruined. Chasing one another through dark alleystreets, the two stumbled upon a mob operation by mistake, huge supplies of drugs coming into the city through this warehouse, corrupt cops watched the doors and the few who weren't on the mobs payroll were unceremoniously executed one by one within, the children had the misfortune of stumbling on one such execution, and they didn't go un-noticed. Barely escaping the clutches of the mob, they made their way home by train, not even bothering to take their luggage, just what they had on them at the time.

Weeks later, the mob arrived in their town, searching for them, going door to door and interrogating the helpless townsfolk.

The tavernkeeper was the first to die, he had knocked out three of them when they threatened his wife before one shot him through the head. Card Star and Sea Breeze realised now, the only way they'd escape these people, the only way they'd protect their town was if they left it all together. They met with the best mage in the town, and he cast a long lasting illusion on the pair. Card Star became Ace of Hearts, Sea Breeze became Storm's Gale. They boarded trains going opposite directions, and Ace never saw her again...

This was when Ace's travels began in full, every time he settled down in a town, found a new place to call home, someone would come after him, he'd lose someone he loved. He'd change his identity again and move on, eventually he gave up on friendship all togeehter, he was charming enough to rake in plenty of one night stands, and that emotionless physical love came to be enough for him. Persona's passed, he became a multitude of different people throughout his travels.
>> No. 435967
File 137592551550.jpg - (19.35KB , 500x321 , 1162.jpg )
But then they pushed him too far, attacked while walking down a low country road, bullets flying for his head. Something broke inside Spades King's head, the bullets passed through empty air, his magic had come forth within him, teleporting out of the way of the bullets, his own weapons, black cards ablaze with red energy began flying back, in moments, the mafia goons were dead, their bodies bloodied craters. Spades King stared at them for a long time, laughter breaking from his lips, a grin splitting his cheeks and never easing. He adopted a new guise. The Jokers Wild.

Jokers Wild began making his way towards Manehattan, killing any who angered him along the way, discovering more and more about his own abilities, his natural brawniness only supplemented by the strange skills he found himself with. Reaching Manehattan, the first thing he did was burn that damned warehouse to the ground, laughing like Satan with delight, the day the mob died. He sung all the while as he cleaved through their ranks, eventually arriving within the mob bosses own home, his daughter, his wife, hell even his pet, they were killed, left in a pile by the door for the boss to find. When he did, the man broke down screaming, falling to his knees and sobbing, his operation, years strong had fallen in the course of a few weeks. Jokers Wild walked down to the stairs and ended him, not with magic, he simply beat the man until his heart had stopped and the white tiles beneath him had turned pure red.

Jokers Wild was never seen again, the police searched and searched- those that still lived, but the creature who had tore down the corrupt hierarchy of Manehattan was gone with only a single jokers card on the mob bosses brow left behind.

Finally free from his hunters, Jokers Wild shed a persona one last time, finally settling into one close to the boy he had once been, he named this new him: Sleight of Hand.

Sleight of Hand's travels were far more relaxed than any of those who'd come before him, he finally felt able to enjoy life once more, travelling from country to country, city to city, bringing joy with his music and fury with his uncanny ability to never lose a game of cards. He left a town with women waving him a happy farewell just as often as he did laughing into the air as buckshot flew through it and his hooves danced over the moonlit dirt.

But Sleight was beginning to grow old now, or at least, he thought he should be. By the time he was forty, the stallion still barely looked twenty, no doctor could explain his slowed ageing, and he wondered just how long it would be he stuck around on this plane. He thought he might even be immortal, though that wasn't true. This was why he volunteered, what was five years to a man without age. It was an interesting program and he saw it as a chance to really do some good. He had no close friends or permanent lovers he'd be leaving behind, so there was nothing tying him down. So it was that Sleight of Hand, once Card Star, shut his eyes in that tube. Who knows what he wakes up to.

Cutie Mark: A single black card, a golden capital A in the top left and bottom right corners of the card.

Strong points: His card magic, music, playing cards, and brawling.

Weak Points: Conventional magic besides telekinesis, gunplay, technology.
>> No. 435968
File 137592604856.png - (25.03KB , 200x300 , tumblr_m318i2NjZY1r1kmzfo8_r1_250.png )
...Jeez, that's a wall of text alright.

Sleight of Hand, an old but youthful vagabond card player with a troubled and murderous past. Okay.

I can dig that.
>> No. 435969
File 137592641393.png - (197.12KB , 500x500 , flaeshlight.png )
Alright, I'm going to sleep now. Toodles~!
>> No. 437007
File 137608937757.gif - (96.87KB , 500x458 , tumblr_mgqvkaa5FO1r7c7kko3_500.gif )
Just a bump so this thread ain't lost.

I'm leaving this Monday and will be back by next Monday.

I hope there's gonna be some more people interested...
>> No. 437008
File 137609082754.jpg - (156.17KB , 576x1024 , Sketch24312059-1119400749.jpg )
Name: Midnight Sparkle
Age: 26
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Description: Pic
Strengths: Unable to.Become Sick, Good with Blades.
Weaknesses: Poor Eyesight requiring Glasses, Rather Weak,
Reason for Entry: Gifted with a rare mutation which super charged his immune system, he has never suffered from any sickness or ailment. Wanting to Remain a vital source of study for medicine and science, he applied to enter the cryosleep progran
>> No. 437009
Me likey. Welcome aboard!
>> No. 437010
Thanks Varmus!
>> No. 437012
File 137609240779.png - (129.64KB , 709x1127 , I can see up your nose, it's gross!.png )
Name: Quill

Age: 9 years, 2 month.

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Strengths: Naturally resistant to fire due to her species.

Weaknesses: With a short temper and naivety due to her age, she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Description: In short, the picture to the left. Other than that, there's not much else to say, besides the fact that she's a little shorter than Spike.

Reason for Entry: Quill was entered along side the unicorn who hired her as his assistant as part of an experiment to determine if cyrostasis has any effect on the synergy between a dragon and unicorn partnership.
>> No. 437013
Annnd you're in.
>> No. 437015
File 137609262260.png - (86.44KB , 868x704 , Oh that makes total sense (Test).png )
>> No. 437021
File 137609314175.png - (209.56KB , 762x1047 , Not good.png )
Name: Dominic Bear
Species:Earthpony, or best pony, or master race.
Strengths:Is strong, and can cook some pretty great food!
Weaknesses: Isn't the smartest of ponies, and is kinda moronic at times.
Description: Pic, brown, know. Nothing other then a large earthpony
Reason for entry: Hoping to get a bit of money to help with his mother and younger sister, he sets forth to join the test subjects.
>> No. 437023
Oh, this gonna be goooooooooood.
>> No. 437024
File 137609333760.png - (92.64KB , 822x971 , Dude, what.png )
I've got a feeling I won't enjoy this.
>> No. 437026
File 137609338344.png - (72.43KB , 900x900 , BOUNCE.png )
>> No. 437267
File 137619103224.png - (167.74KB , 842x949 , Let me hit you up with some knowledge.png )
Name: Garret
Age: 24 (in dog years)
Species: Diamond Derg
Gender: Male
Description: Less built then other Diamond Dogs, whitish fur with a grey muzzle, blue eyes. Does not use the same feral response other members of his species do in certain situations, however nature delt him his cards, and that instinct is lying in wait somewhere deep down.
Always wears a simple set of armor.

Strengths: Affinity for repairing things and operating technology of the day. Excellent with long range weapons such as sniper rifles.
Weaknesses: Up close and personal combat, shies away from social interaction, enjoys calibrating not word filtered with an almost obsessive focus, magic *snort snort*,fetch.
Reason for Entry:
Spending his early childhood in the mines like his ancestors, Garret possessed an advantage over his brethren in intelligence. With little else to use it on, he studied the different metals and gems his pack mined and set about uncovering their properties and uses. His kin was quick to notice this unusual behavior, teasing, bullying, then beating and eventually forcing him to oust himself from the pack to pursue a life more suited to someone like him. Garret's journey took him to many places, sometimes staying for a night or for months, working, building, understanding. He found a knack for repairing the machinery which was becoming more and more a part of everyone's lives. Over the years, he built his knowledge further, studying however he could, which most of the time was in public libraries. Racism against dim-witted dogs kept him from attending even the international colleges, so he buried himself in what he could find. Eventually, he was noticed by the scientific community at large, and upon being shown the new Hibernatus program, volunteered immediately. A curious sort, he asked many questions about the program before the actual event. Whether they were answered or not remains a myyysterryyyy ooooooh- but no, I wont write your storyline for you.
So Garret seeks to advance science and technology, while also hoping to earn respect from his family.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 13th, 2013 20:11

>> No. 440079
File 137721120403.png - (59.21KB , 900x600 , Lecker.png )
Well... I guess that's all of the people interested?

I'mk back from the trip. I have to say I expected some more people, but oh well. Are everyone still interested in this?
>> No. 440199
File 137723116260.png - (147.66KB , 356x465 , wink.png )
If you want more people then you should offer boobies.
>> No. 440261
File 137724572026.png - (347.19KB , 500x685 , 1350775947616.png )
...Perhaps you're right. Here!

I understand you're still interested in this? I like your Diamond Dog character. :3
>> No. 440319
File 137727578366.gif - (478.03KB , 475x264 , thank you.gif )
Indeed I am. And thank you.
>> No. 440784
File 137743219059.jpg - (26.34KB , 351x357 , Alethia concerned.jpg )
Yannow what?

Count me in.

I'll be entering with Alethia.
>> No. 440790
This kinda gives me no information.
>> No. 440791
File 137745352624.jpg - (26.98KB , 373x372 , Alethia cheery.jpg )

Alethia, Mare, around the age of 20, her Cutie mark is a Shield because of her job as a Royal Guard, her Special Talent is being forced to know whether the last line said to her is true or false.
She's a nice girl altogether, But she's scared easily and if she holds her ability it makes her kinda crazy.

She took part of the program because she hopes that she could get a treatment for her talent (Possibly a nullifier of some sort and such), because she hates being forced, and she doesn't exactly enjoy the action itself either.
>> No. 440792
I meant she could use the money to get a better treatment.
>> No. 440793
File 137745385943.gif - (84.11KB , 160x200 , And then your legs fall off.gif )
Or you could, you know, look up at the other entry posts and fill in a form like other players.
>> No. 440794

Name: Alethia
Age: 20
Sppecies: Pony Unicorn
Gender: Female
Description: Blue Mare with brown hair, her mane done into a braid.
Strengths: Alethia originated from the swamps, making her quite hardy. Her Special Talent also makes it impossible to lie to her.(Her ability is more like mind reading, not like a truth Machine.)
Weaknesses: Alethia is easily scared, and becomes mentally unstable when she tries to hold her Ability for prolonged amounts of time.
Reason to enter the Capsule: Alethia's Talent is unvoluntary, forcing her to know whther one is lying or not without her consent. She hopes that the funds she'll recieve from the experiment could help her find a treatment that stops her talent.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 25th, 2013 11:18

>> No. 440795
File 137745470221.gif - (135.89KB , 160x200 , wanna see my night gown.gif )
See? Already better.
>> No. 440796
I guess. I'm still tweaking it around, but meh.
>> No. 440802
Alright, people. Now that we have some potential players and waitred a bit, let's get to the second part - making your character sheets. I'll be using modified Blowhard's system.

Each character is described by a set of characteristics ranking on the scale of -1 to 5. The higher, the better. A score of 0 means that the character cannot normally succeed at an action, but in certain favorable situations it might be possible (shooting point-blank, for an example). A score of -1 means that the character cannot succeed, end of story.

Those Attributes are:

Ranged Combat
Melee Combat

*Special: dependant on race, a character gets 0 to 2 Attributes in this place: Diamond Dogs and Earth Ponies get none, Unicorns get Magic, Pegasi and Griffons get Flight, and Dragons get both Flight and Firebreathing.

Endurance and Willpower can't be worse than 1.

You get 25 points to spend on those Attributes. Endurance and Willpower start at 1, rest at 0. You can lower them to get more points, of course. 5th point costs double.

You can Specialize in an Attribute, selecting a narrow field in which the character is exceptionally good at, at the cost of versality. Your Attribute is treated as 1 better within Specialisation, but 1 worse in all others. For an example:

Technology (Computers) 3 means that when dealing with Computers, your Attribute is treated as 4, and in every other instance of interacting with Technology, as 2.

You can also spend those points on Special Traits - those cost 3 (minor) or 5 (major) points.

For an example, Alethia's special talent would be:

Truth or False (minor) - Alethia passively knows if the last statement is true or false (or at least if the speaker believes it to be true or false), and immediately blurts it out.

You have 3 days to post character sheets here. Anyone that fails to do so (or at least to contact me and say (s)he needs more time) is treated as if (s)he is no longer interested.

I hope that's clear enough - if you have any doubts, contact me here or via Skype (VarmusTheBrony).
>> No. 440803
Endurance 4
Willpower 4
Ranged Combat -1
Melee Combat (Guarding Technics) 4
Stealth -1
Athletics 3
Perception 2
Charisma 4
Technology -1
Magic 3

Passive: Truth or False (minor)- Alethia automatically knows if the last statement says to her is True or false.

There's been a lot of tinkering with this, and I made sure to doublecheck, but if a Mistake has been made, Lemme know.
>> No. 440806
That sums up to 22 points, you got 3 more to spend.
>> No. 440809
File 137745887499.png - (86.44KB , 868x704 , Oh that makes total sense (Test).png )
Endurance = 4
Willpower = 2
Ranged Combat = 1
Melee Combat (Claws) = 3
Stealth = 2
Athletics = 3
Perception = 3
Charisma = 4
Technology = 0
Firebreathing = 4
Flight = 1

Last edited at Sun, Aug 25th, 2013 12:29

>> No. 440810
That sums up to 23, you got 2 more points to spend.
>> No. 440812
Three points go to the Passive.
You said yourself that I need to spend three points at the passive.
>> No. 440814
Endurance 4 <- 3 points
Willpower 4 <- 3 points
Ranged Combat -1 <- -1 point
Melee Combat (Guarding Technics) 4 <- 4 points
Stealth -1 <- -1 point
Athletics 3 <- 3 points
Perception 2 <- 2 points
Charisma 4 <- 4 points
Technology -1 <- -1 point
Magic 3 <- 3 points

Passive: Truth or False (minor)- Alethia automatically knows if the last statement says to her is True or false. <- 3 points

3+3-1+4-1+3+2+4-1+3+3 = 22

You got three more points.
>> No. 440815
Two points in Endurance and one in Perception.
>> No. 440816
Update your character sheet, please.
>> No. 440817
Endurance 5
Willpower 4
Ranged Combat -1
Melee Combat (Guarding Technics) 4
Stealth -1
Athletics 3
Perception 3
Charisma 4
Technology -1
Magic 3

Passive: Truth or False (minor)- Alethia automatically knows if the last statement says to her is True or false.
>> No. 440848
Endurance: 3
Willpower: 3
Ranged Combat: 5
Melee Combat: 2
Stealth: 0
Athletics: 2
Perception: 4
Charisma: 1
Technology (Engineering/repair): 5
Special: 0

By the way, you should know that Dom cannot get online for the time being, he has no idea when he can again, so he wont be able to fill this out before your deadline. Would you mind maybe hibernating HA his status until he can?
>> No. 440900
I know about Dom's problem, he's hibernated alright ;)

I don't think we'll start before he gets back, this is just to weed out people that abandoned the thread.

You can remove that "Special 0" part, btw, you just don't have it ;)
>> No. 440907
File 137753387020.jpg - (86.98KB , 843x948 , Twilight vs Rainbow Dash.jpg )

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 09:18

>> No. 440908
File 137753417201.jpg - (86.98KB , 843x948 , Twilight vs Rainbow Dash.jpg )

Lightning is a 21 year old stallion. He is very wise and fit. He has spent his life in his manor, located in the Everfree, but has recently moved out because of a parasprite infestation. They destroyed his home and everything he owned. While walking through the Everfree to find a place in Ponyville, he was attacked by two manticores. His pet manticore, Mia, managed to kill both, but at the cost of her own life. His work was his life until he failed at stopping a hurricane (part of his life was being captain of the Dangerous Weather Patrol. His entire story is on the /ooc/ room.) and it destroyed an entire village. He was immediately fired and left with nothing in his life for ten years until he heard about the Hibernatus program. Looking for another chance at life, he immediately applied for it. (I strongly suggest reading the first paragraph of his story.)
>> No. 440989
Alright, glad you know.
>> No. 441340
Alright... I'd like an abridged version of the story here, I really dislike thread hopping. You don't have to write a three-post-worth of story, but something more would be better. And if that's alright with you, I'd really like you to use the template everyone else used ( >>437267 for an example).
>> No. 441380
Name: Conway

Age 27

Species Diamond Dog

Gender Male

Strengths Computers. Mostly does the coding, hacking portions of it, but can handle the wiring of a computer fairly well. But only in computers, because of the specialization rules! A combination of lugging computers around everywhere (things are heavy mang!) and having claws has made it so he kinda can't not be okay at melee combat. Also, years of staring at a monitor, looking for that ONE FUCKING SEMICOLON has given him excellent perception. Why doesn't he need glasses? Cuz fuck you I needed to put the points somewhere

Weaknesses Looks down at most other people, thinking of himself as an intellectual superior. Has no idea how a gun, bow, or sling works.

Description A small and lithe Diamond Dog, I'll post a picture of him as soon as I can be damned to draw him. Gray fur.

Reason for Entry Why, the money, of course! Who would join this for any other reason? Not like he has a family to work for! Haha!


Endurance: 4

Willpower: 3

Ranged Combat: -1

Melee Combat: 4

Stealth: 2

Athletics: 3

Perception: 5

Charisma: -1

Technology: (Coding and Computer Wiring) 5

And now it begins, the story of how I had to change a million things.
>> No. 443184

Endurance: 4
Ranged Combat:2
Melee Combat:4
Technology: 2
>> No. 443185
>Ate your Perception?
>> No. 443186

Endurance: 4
Ranged Combat:2
Melee Combat:4
Technology: 1

Last edited at Tue, Sep 10th, 2013 14:52

>> No. 443187
>That's 23 points - you get two more to spend.
>> No. 443188
I'm getting 25 <.<



I fogot about the willpower and endurance.

lemme edit that
>> No. 443189
Alright! 25.

So, the current character roster is:

Alethia, the timid truth-o-scope.

Quill, the dafty dragoness.

Garrett, the mangy mutt.

Conway, the coding collie.

Dom, the brash bearpony.

Midnight Sparkle, Canis and Lightning failed to deliver the character sheets so they don't play.

We'll start today or tomorrow. Sorry for this being so delayed.
>> No. 443190
It's kay beans
>> No. 443206
File 137887090858.jpg - (43.24KB , 720x301 , samwise.jpg )
One more thread, and it'll be the farthest away from home, I've ever bean.
>> No. 443218
File 137893360193.png - (173.70KB , 640x640 , i found more hoofbeat! guise.png )
Annnnnnnnnnd here we go!
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