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#Open #Series: Science Fantasy The Clusterfuck #General #Power Limit #Semi-serious

Yeah, this is an OOC thread for the war thread I have going. Report in with characters and questions. I'll start by listing a few characters of the opposition, the Imperium of Man.
Naval Forces:
Admiral Jonathan Malleolus

Current leader of Battle Fleet Brutius. The flagship of the Fleet, a Dictator Class Cruiser is where he directs his forces from. The Litany of Absolution is a powerful vessel, its main focus being the wide flight decks for various assault and attack craft. He is typically known for being steady under fire, calmly issuing orders in even the most heated of battles. He is also known for being quite rigid and posh, his noble upbringing being somewhat grating amongst other commanders and members of his crew.

Ground Forces - Death Korps of Krieg
Field Marschall Erwin von Mannsturm
Formerly a Major-Colonel and a member of the 3rd Armored Line Korps General staff, he was thrust into his new rank with the deaths of the former generals and officers at the Shipwreck HQ, who fell at the hands of the ARC Troopers. After a short firefight with the fleeing Delta and ARC troopers at the strip mine, both of whom managed to infiltrate the deepest recesses of the facility, he has decided to relocate his headquarters to the center of the occupied capital city; ordering a massive surface and subterranean fortress constructed. Steady and dour, like most men born of the world Krieg. Proved himself as an adept infantry commander as well as rifleman, his direction of fire as well as his marksmanship bloodying the retreating ARC's as they aided in the extraction of Delta Squad. His performance however on the strategic and division level remain untested, this being his chance to prove himself worthy of his newly acquired rank.

Auxilia- Adeptus Mechanicus, Elysian Drop Troopers

The Mechanicus provide the bulk of the engineering skills of Army Group A, mostly aiding the Armored Korps of Krieg with maintaining and upgrading their vehicles. They also have a secondary interest, the mining and research of the world they've occupied. The Elysians have also been dispatched at the orders of Segmentum Command, under the overall command of the Death Korps. They do not mesh well with the heavy and crushing tactics of the Death Korps; though they do provide a great deal of mobility and flexibility which is lacking in the Krieg doctrine of war. Generally they have been relegated as a screening force, occasionally taking part in raids and assaults with Krieg Grenadier battalions.

Side note- The Elysians find that the Kriegers don't laugh at most of their jokes. Or at all, really.
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Now I gotta list off the douche nozzels I'm using for this thread.
Fug :DD
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File 137754112250.png - (248.41KB , 632x344 , pilot 1.png )
Sharktooth-1 - LAAT Gunship pilot
ARC qualified and trained alongside Red-1, this clone found his calling at the seat and controls of the Republic made Low Altitude Assault Transport. Reliable and fast acting, this trooper never finds himself without something to do with Red-1 around, be it close air support or a desperately needed evac. He really likes the crackers that are issued with their rations.
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File 137755384068.png - (423.41KB , 824x469 , Assault2.png )
Clone-Commander AV66773

A member of a series of clones bred with greater cognitive ability, CC-AV6673 and his fellow Clones possess a great deal more independence than the typical trooper allowing to make snap decisions to the ever changing field of battle that spans the galaxy. AV-66 saw action on Geonosis, first commanding a battalion of four companies of troopers. He shined on that desolate world, easily adapting to and fighting on the flat desert plains. He along with his subordinates outmanoeuvred a large body of super battle droids, distracting and eliminating a heavy strongpoint which tied up a sizable portion of the landing force. His breakthrough allowed for his comrades to follow through with a swift pincer movement, crushing the Confederate lines. From then he went on to take part in numerous other battles of high and low importance, eventually finding himself assigned to lead the Republic Expeditionary Force; a self sufficient unit whose duties and skills range from grinding frontline battles, a first action landing force, and to reconnaissance and interdiction.

AV-66 now finds himself stranded on the world of Varonis, a majority of his men overwhelmed by the crushing volume of fire and numbers that the Death Korps of Krieg rained down on him. His troops are lay scattered, with pockets of troopers holding out in the ruined Capital City and others attempting to make their way to the primary landing zone.
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File 137756860117.png - (277.51KB , 640x352 , vlcsnap-2012-02-17-12h56m37s226.png )
Like all divisions of the Advanced Recon Commandos, 22-2 stands out as some of the best clones the republic can provide. Seeing combat at Geonosis, Mygeeto, and several other worlds, the Commandos ARC TEAM 22-2 have been broken and reinforced countless times over the years.
ARC-Captain Red-1
NickName: Red
Clone Serial #: AC-146-A
Preferred weapon: DC-17 Hand Blaster

Having been one of the first batch of Arc-troopers to leave Kamino, Red happens to be the oldest of his commando squadron. Though his experience and combat proficiency speaks for itself, Red has had his share of close calls, including the permanent burn scar across his chest from his first mission on the planet Geonosis so long ago. As a clone, Red cares deeply for his tank brothers, not limiting himself to the fellow commandos he fights beside, Red will delay objectives if it means pulling a clone squad out of the fire.

ARC-trooper Blue-1
Nickname: Buzzard
Clone Serial #: AC-2178-B
Preferred weapon:DC-15A Blaster rifle

A younger clone from the ARC project, Buzzard has seen action only once before the current operation on the planet Hyru, a keen observer and an expert comm operative, Buzzard can pick off enemy positions and accurately report their location without the use of recon equipment through map memorization alone.

ARC-trooper Blue-2
Nickname: Long Shot
Clone serial #: AC-1774-B
Preferred weapon: DC-15X sniper rifle

Successor to the team sniper before him, Long Shot has a lot to live up to. He was the first assigned to Red's ARC team after its numbers dwindled and now serves proudly as team spotter and sniper. Although he is quiet and mumbles at best when he is needed to speak, Long Shot cares deeply for his tank brothers with his passion only being rivaled to Red.

ARC-trooper Blue-3
Nickname: Holy Man
Clone Serial #: AC-3340-C
Preferred weapon: Z-6 rotary blaster cannon

A deeply spiritual clone, hence the nickname. Holy Man finds luck in the many religious tattoos he has on his body, including but not limited to Mandalorian symbols, Jedi markings, Weequay, and (not so) secretly, Sith. Although not a member of any particular faith, Holy Man seems to have a sixth sense to which marking will bring him "Good luck" in his coming missions and points them out accordingly, which, considering he has yet to be as much as shot, might be the truth.

ARC-trooper Blue-4
Nickname: Fix-it
Clone Serial #: AC-1501-E
Preferred weapon: DC-15A Blaster Rifle

Team engineer and designated nice guy, Fix-it finds love in his work. Blue-4 has been renowned for his outstanding feats in engineering, including droid level of repairs mid flight and bringing a 2000 year old battle tank back to life on a distant planet. He is proud of his know-how knowledge and can strip his equipment and assemble it in the matter of seconds.

ARC-trooper Blue-5
Nickname: Wreck-it
Clone Serial#: AC-1502-E
Preferred weapon: PLX-1 Missile launcher

The "Younger" (By exactly 3.45 seconds) to Fix-it, Wreck-it is the complete opposite to Blue-4. While Fix-it is friendly and well spoken, Wreck-it is crude and swears more than a Bespin gas miner. And like how Fix-it fixes things, Wreck-it wrecks them, preferring to make them "Blow up real good" with his trusty missile launcher from a distance.

ARC-trooper Blue-6
Nickname: Hungry
Clone Serial #: AC-5565-A
Preferred weapon: WESTAR M5 blaster
Bred with a strange biological glitch causing him to constantly eat, Hungry still managed to come top of his class during the Kamino training session. An excellent shot, especially on a full stomach, Hungry spends his time honing his skills when he's not looking for rations to consume while not on duty. Though by a glance he seems lazy and uninterested, Hungry will follow an order to the button without question, especially if cookies are involved, a sweet tooth he caught from a Twi-lek child 3 campaigns ago.
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This thread is now for posting characters which are involved in my Fantasy roleplay.
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File 138008753015.jpg - (28.28KB , 381x269 , Durr.jpg )
So has anyone been lurking my Murder Thread?
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Punching thread.
Fantasy setting thread.

And lastly the original murder thread.

I'll get to officially naming them eventually.
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File 139933315754.jpg - (100.70KB , 1280x720 , 65a270551cfb7b3b88e3cb0f04b38718b874dd93000000001418b58708d9e1a5[1].jpg )
Hey, Delta Squad guy. you still around somewhere?
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I posted in one of these threads you got up. The fantasy one I think.
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File 139943954757.jpg - (20.33KB , 380x420 , 139173264223.jpg )
Neat. And I should edit that one post since all those thread links are ded.

they were up before I went off for training,lol.

I plan on reviving the Galaxy in Flames series as well, if you're into Science Fantasy/Space Opera.
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File 139944052084.jpg - (111.37KB , 500x500 , aliens gave my cat a beard.jpg )
I'm down for anything with fantasy. Well, almost lol
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File 139944173908.jpg - (35.45KB , 409x409 , 139165166607.jpg )
Neat. Do you like Star Wars and Warhammer?
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Never played warhammer, and meh on the star wars. But it's no so much setting with me as how interesting we-the group playing-can make the story >D
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File 139949098832.jpg - (239.01KB , 700x523 , mordekaiser_by_fokaron-d6bkmen.jpg )
During the Outer Blitz, Geonosis was lost to the Imperials known as the Vostroyan first born three years into the war. Now, on year ten, the New Republic Army embarks on a full-scale planetary invasion of Geonosis surface in an attempt to take one of the most vital worlds in the outer rim.

The Jedi, once used as mediators and generals in the Republic army, were given a choice. Join us in force, or be abolished forever. With the eve of one of the most catastrophic wars in galactic history, the republic couldn't afford to leave any loose ends in their war against the Imperium. Though their teachings remained the same, military service was required of all Padawans and Jedi knights within the order.

But with the Jedi under Republic jurisdiction, another loose end had to be cut. The sith, once a cabal of lords in hiding and castes of warriors, were also given the same equilibrium. And even though most jedi and sith remain seperate from one another, many force users have found themselves in the gray area, with Sith and Jedi alike abandoning their ancient hate for one another and finding a new order. And the Republic Knights were then formed.
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The battle at the outer rim world of Varonis was the very first encounter between the Republic and the Imperium of Man, with both sides utterly unaware of the others capabilities.

It was on that dusty mining world where the elite ARC troopers, the R.E.F. , and Delta Squad clashed with the gloomy and relentless hordes of the Death Korps of Krieg, an army of fearless and faceless soldiers who were as equally as willing to enter the jaws of death as the Clone Army.

Unfortunately for the Republic Expeditionary Force, they had been led right into a trap, and their fleet ambushed by the Imperial fleet force Battle Fleet Brutius. Outnumbered and outgunned, much of the R.E.F.'s ships were shot down, and their ground forces stranded against the ever growing numbers of Imperial ground forces.

Only through the skill, tenacity, and iron will of the ARC troopers and Delta Squad were the Clone Troopers able to salvage the situation and mount a sturdy defense against their new found foe. Using their superior training in mobile warfare and lighting attacks, the ARC troopers were able to time and again strike at vital points of the Krieg forces and fade back into the jagged mountains the R.E.F. had made their stronghold. However, each mission did take its toll as they did not pull out unscathed. Each raid wore away at the ARC's and R.E.F.'s numbers and was ultimately unsustainable. Even Delta Squad felt the grind of attrition, each mission bringing them closer and closer to death. Something had to be done, and done quickly before their small foothold was completely overrun.

This is where the R.E.F commander with Red-1 devised the plan to remove the Imperial presence from the world, if temporarily. Taking the reactors and ordnance from the downed Accumulator Assault ships on the planet, they managed to cobble together a make shift bomb, one capable of utterly leveling Varonis Capital, and with it the dirt-side Imperial forces.

This however, would be a suicide run for all involved. Commander and grunt trooper alike. ARC team 22-2 volunteered to lead the assault force to deliver the bomb, and with the aid of the locals of the world, managed to breach into the underground train system and hijack one of the supply trains from the immense strip-mine which led into the City. Despite the protests from both Red-1 and the Clone Commander, the Deltas accompanied the ARC troopers on their bomb delivery mission.

Topside, the Clone Commander AV66 led what reminded of the REF on a massive diversionary attack in which to buy the ARC's time. The attack succeeded, and drew the attention of well over 90% of the Imperial forces into open combat.

Below ground, however, things did not run as smoothly. An alarm had been tripped on the ARC's pass through the second checkpoint, and the remaining Imperial forces had time to prepare for their arrival. A harrowing battle then ensued, with firefights across the gravrails between trains, the Clones fighting desperately to keep on course.

After some improvisation by the Deltas, the hijacked train was blown through a blockade set up by the Krieg and AdMech forces, the train derailing and smashing through to more or less the center of the subterranean fortress which Field Marschall von Mannsturm had established. The mission was near completion, but the bomb had to be manually detonated. The Kriegers were upon the ARCs, hundreds of gaurdsman and dozens of fighting vehicles closing around the wrecked cargo-train.
Red-1, and what remained of his men, urged the Deltas to escape while they had the chance, citing that they were worth far more alive to the republic than they were. Time was short, and so was the argument between both leaders. Given the ever shrinking window of escape, and the truth of the situation, the Deltas had no choice but to leave their brothers behind as the ARC's covered their exfiltration.

A valiant last stand was made by the ARC troopers, fighting to the very last man from atop the ruins of the cargotrain, scores of Kriegers falling dead as they made their advance. One by one the ARC's fell under the crushing weight of the Imperials, ARC's reduced only to Red-1 and Blue-3.

Above ground, their LAAT pilot, Sharktooth-1 had also met his demise, his gunship shout out of the sky as he attempted to extract a pocket of Clone troopers cut off from the rest of the REF.

It was only then, when the very Field Marshall himself took to the fight, seeing his opportunity to slay personally the ARC troopers who had constantly evaded death. It was then, under a hail of las and bolter fire did the wounded Red-1 detonate the reactors, the resulting explosion leveling the sprawling capital city of Varonis.
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File 139949320735.jpg - (358.81KB , 1920x1080 , 1352483135265.jpg )
No one expected it, predicted it, or even endured it. The coming of the Imperium of Man wrought untold travesties against the galaxy and its people. It was in the midst of the Clone Wars, what started as a believed incursion of Confederacy Droids ended with one of the largest massacres in Republic history. With the Grand Army unable to repel these new enemies, the planet of Varonis was lost and the Outer Rim Blitz began.

The Imperium of Man, endless waves of humans and mechanical terrors poured from this portal, this "Warp storm" after the Varonis catastrophe, pushing its tides of death and conquest across the Outer Rim.

I am Jedi Archivist Nix Mandoon, and I will explain to you the major events that set the Galaxy in Flames.
Chancellor Palpatine and the reformation of the Republic

The coming of the Imperium of Man cost the Republic countless lives and thousands of worlds, forcing the Grand Army back into the mid-rim and the coreworlds. Eventually, and thankfully, Republic commanders managed to dig in fend off the next waves of Imperial attacks across the front lines. The GAR's foothold on the outer rims were lost, and the Senate soon learned that sitting idly in their old ways would only serve to bring their own destruction.

By the time the Imperium claimed the Outer-rim, many terrible secrets were discovered, the most harrowing being that Palpatine, chancellor of the Republic and leader of her armies, was indeed, a Sith Lord in hiding. The news became public fast and many planetary communities were in an uproar. But before any more damage could be done, Palpatine was apprehended by Jedi Knights led by Master Windu.

Order 66 was the second of the great betrayals, an order hard-linked into every Clone Trooper that had them murder their Jedi Generals in cold blood at the order of Palpatine himself. With their own personal grudges, and losing himself to emotion, Mace Windu moved to strike down Palpatine before a trial could be heard, but was instead stopped by Republic Security Forces, who took Palpatine into custody under the direct order of the Galactic Senate itself.

With no Supreme Chancellor to command, the Senate was left in a quiet and bitter contemplation over all their future. The Imperium of Man was a force larger than any they had ever faced, and its victory would mean the total destruction of Galactic life as they knew it.

The vote was cast and the Republic was reformed, several new military and community leaders were elected in Palpatine's place, and things were set in motion to change the galaxy forever.

In the end, Palpatine was successful, in a way. Though not turned into the Empire had had dreamed of, the Republic became a force to be reckoned with, civil rights were stripped in favor of security and military might. At least for the era, the Republic had to live by one motto: Victory at any cost.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Trade Federation, and the Droid remnants.
You fight for nothing! You are nothing! You will be forgotten!
-Lord Commander: Cyrus Malvet: Cadia 403rd Imperial Army's last words to General Grevious of the CIS Army.

In a strange course of irony, the Grand Army's presence on Varonis was the last hope the CIS had of surviving against the Imperium's vicious advance. The major belligerent of the Clone Wars, the CIS and the Trade Federation remained a thorn in the Republic's side for decades. Its armies led by Count Dooku and General Grevious, stood no chance against the Imperial Blitz of the outer-rim.

The CIS's main realm of influence lied across the outer Rim, giving it a pristine opportunity to strike out against the Republic across any boarder. But they were not prepared for the absolute fire power of the Imperial Navy and the Astra Militarum itself. Droids and militia alike were grinded to dust under the treads of the Imperium's crude, yet effective, battle tanks. Its navy turned entire cities to craters, no strong hold could be held by General or Droid Commander alike. Every attempt to regain ground was met with astronomical disaster, and one by one, the droid foundries of the CIS worlds fell to ruin under the grip of the Imperial guard.

The Trade Federation was turned to ash in an instance and the CIS leaders were executed one by one. Not even the might of Count Dooku could save him from the endless walls of fire brought down upon him by the Imperial armies. And soon, nothing remained of the once proud fighting forces of the CIS. To this day, no one knows what happened to the feared warrior: General Grevious, but all believe him to be dead.

In the span of three years, all but a few planets under CIS control were relinquished to the Imperium, with a few mid-rim worlds pledging their allegiance to the new Republic. And with them came their foundries and weaponry. What was once unimaginable has become imaginable, with Droids once again fighting on the fields of battle, only this time waving the banner of the New Republic.

I will explain in detail in my next report.
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Shit I forgot to ask if that fantasy canon allows crossover things. I mean like from things that are not from Equestria. I was tired when I hopped in the other day and just assumed the open and series cross meant that >.>
>> No. 454570
Oh certainly. It's an open thread that any can join and contribute to. So long as it fits the feel of 'fantasy'.
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File 139949884202.jpg - (91.46KB , 800x450 , 1396771949512.jpg )
The most frightening enemy the reformed Republic faced were the walking avatars of battle, the Imperium's Adeptus Astartes. The Space Marines, as roughly translated into Basic from High Gothic.

Their first encounter was at the world of Corellia, the planet vital to the Republic war effort for its planetary and orbital manufacturing facilities. A strike force of Raven Guard marines had managed to bypass the defense fleets around the world, a single company of those black armoured marines making planetfall in a matter of minutes. Taken completely off guard, the militia and GAR garrison troops found themselves subject to lighting fast strikes by men who stood taller than even the mighest of battle droids, and fought with ferocity and discipline that surpassed even the famed Mandalorians. Or so they were described.

It took the heaviest of firepower to bring down even on of these monsters, and even then it had cost the Correllian defenders hundreds upon hundreds of their own. But, the damage had been done. Critical infrastructure had been crippled as a result of these raids, as well as vital information pertaining to their construction plans and ship blueprints were taken by the Raven Guard marines.

The Republic was utterly shocked by these warriors, Generals and Senator alike left speechless as they observed the distorted holovids displaying the martial might of the Space Marines.

Determined, as well as desperate, an specialist team was founded by the GAR in order to gather intelligence on these soldiers, as well as to respond to any instances where they appear. Ruthless mercenaries to the very finest of Jedi Knights were gathered into what became known as SCO-1 Or Specialist Counter Operations Team 1.
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Ah, ok then.
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File 139950194009.jpg - (238.59KB , 1600x900 , 1391912730598.jpg )
The New Grand Army of the Republic
Attention all Republic fighting forces...We have nowhere to run.
-Jedi General Plo Koon.

The invasion of Imperial forces across the outer-rim during the Blitz taught us one thing, the Republic was absolutely in no shape to fight this new enemy. The Clone army, as efficient and brave as they were, lacked the training and conditioning to fight Imperials in extended engagements. Droids are easily predicted and outmaneuvered, even Commando Droids had a certain pattern to their fighting style. And even though their main strategy was a stalwart advance of blaster fire and heavy armor, droids stood little chance in close combat, especially against Jedi.

The Imperials, however, were different. They were adept in prolonged warfare, forcing the Republic forces to dig in trenches, which was exactly what the Imperials wanted. Their las fire is precise and coordinated, and bayonet charges were very common among the front lines, during the early days, many Clones were taping vibro knives to their blasters just so they could keep an equal distance from their enemies.

These terms forces the senate to act on many things.
1. The facilities on Kamino were no longer adequate in providing fresh troops for the front lines.
2. Clone standard issue armor and equipment had to change if they were going to survive encounters with the enemy.

To solve these issues, the Senate voted to build and fund several more cloning stations in the inner and mid rim systems and expanded the genetic code of clones to include three more subjects outside of Jango Fett.
The most stand-out genetic code in the cloning process belonged to a Zabrak by the name Tenou Xubror, a Zabrak mercenary that had already fought against the Imperials during the Blitz. These clones are called "Pointys" By the other clone strands, a moniker they began to wear with pride.

The DC-15A blaster rifle was hit the hardest by the reformation, with its design scrapped and remade several times until the new standard was met. The rifle now boasts considerable more fire power and firing speeds. There is also an extra attachment to the rifle for, the now standard issue, vibro bayonet, which easily cuts through most standard Imperial armors.

Clones are now trained and engineered to be more aggressive and vicious in close quarters, giving them a considerable boost in survival during a given Imperial charge.

Republic Droids
Roger, roger.

When the CIS fell, the remnant leaders were given a simple decision, join the Republic or be trialed as war criminals. Most, if not all, took this opportunity and brought with them all they could provide from their war with the Imperials. Now reprogrammed and re-purposed, the battle Droids of the former CIS and Trade Federations fight on the same side of their former enemies. Though some of the older clones hold resentment against the machines, many see them as mere tools or cannon fodder for the Imperials to chew up while the Clones do the real heavy lifting.

Many commanders however, disagree with this sentiment and have discovered just why the CIS has lasted against the Republic for this long. With the new hardware and new core, Battle Droids and Droid war mechs follow orders without hesitation with pin point accuracy. With their new processors and memory, Battle Droids can be used for more than just battle, assisting in other matters such as humanitarian missions or rebuilding liberated settlements.
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File 139950333729.png - (330.50KB , 520x832 , 1363107126587.png )
"The Abominable Intelligences advance upon us.Their very existence is an insult to the pure form of Mankind and the Omnissiah! Leave nothing but slag!"

-Arch Magos Cronnen Dauntalus, The 1st Battle of Krant

The Adeptus Mechanicus was another potent, and utterly unexpected military force for the Republic. Early engagements against the AdMech were treated with anti-droid tactics, the GAR thinking the heavily cybernetically augmented men to be nothing but single minded droids. This would have dire consequences as the GAR forces mobilized to defend the system of Krant in Bothan Space found themselves against thinking and very creative foes.

Engagements against droids were typically met with a distracting force providing long range suppressive fire, while infantry units manoeuvred to flank them and engage in close quarters. It was in the initial landing of the Skitarii army that the GAR found themselves outclassed in both firepower and hand to hand.

While the average Imperial Guardsman could be taken blow for blow in hand to hand, barring any skills in CQC and relevant weapons, the Skitarri were blessed with super human strength thanks to the bionics fused with their bodies. Close quarters combat soon went out the window along with most conventional tactics when they learned these were living, breathing men beneath all those circuits.

Though, not surprisingly, old EMP ordnance used against the CIS droids did find new use against the augmented troops of the AdMech, and proved to be at least mildly effective.

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File 139950592362.jpg - (405.81KB , 1585x477 , 1325029924936.jpg )
After the destruction of the Confederacy, the Imperium unleashed an attack with fury that which the Galaxy has never seen. Like wildfire, they spread throughout the galaxy and showed the Republic just how brutal their conquests would be. It was only a year into the outer-rim Blitz when reports came in of Imperial elements inside Hutt Space. At the time, we did not know the extent of their xenophobic dogma until we watched in horror as the Hutt Cartels were systematically torn apart by rabid Imperial advance.

The Imperium has no need for diplomacy, they don't negotiate and they don't come to terms. They have the man-power and weaponry to annihilate entire star systems in the matter of days. The Hutts, too lost in their own egos and arrogance, refused to work with one another and even sabotaged each others plans of defense in some misguided attempt to gain profit from the Imperial advance. In this time, Nar Shadaa, Tatooine, and Geonosis were all conquered by the Imperial advance, the populations eradicated and the human populations subjugated.

With the Hutts wiped out and their former empire in ruins, the Imperium hammered the final nail in our coffin, and surrounded Republic space entirely. The Imperium of Man, its Imperial Guard, and the awesome power of their Space Marines were thought unbeatable... Unbeatable until the defense of Mandalore...

Battle of Mandalore and the Neo Crusaders.

During the Clone Wars, Mandalore remained on neutral ground between the CIS and the Republic for many years. They were misguided and refused pleas from both the Senate itself and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, a personal friend of the grand Duchess. Ignoring New Mandalores demands, Republic forces invaded Mandalore's space and orbited the planet with an armada of ships.

And as expected, Imperial forces came down against Mandalore like the hammer of an angry god. The Republic navy fought valiantly against the Imperial invaders, but even so, the Imperials eventually punched through and landed ground forces in droves. Clones and Mandolorians alike entrenched and fought bitterly against the mighty forces of the Cadians and the Death Korp of the Imperial Guard.

The fighting lasted for months, with heavy casualties on both sides until the Imperium finally gave in. But by now, Mandalore was a ghost planet. The cities were complete rubble and craters consumed the entire surface. Duchess Satine, who survived the initial invasion, saw that the Imperium cared very little for political claims and swore her allegiance to the New Republic, reforming the Mandolorian Neo-Crusaders in the process.

Though the planet was essentially lost, The battle of Mandalore was the first victory the New Republic achieved with their military reforms, collecting both Imperial equipment and gene samples of their Space Marines in the progress. Death Watch was also welcomed back into Mandalorian society after their tributed war effort against the Imperials. Duchess Satine also revoked herself of her status and took the ancient mantle of Mandalore in return, becoming Mandalore the Defiant. Mandalorian Mercenaries flocked to Republic sectors when the news spread, leaving their bounty hunting and wet work behind in hope of one day reclaiming Mandalore as a habitable planet.
>> No. 454576
File 139952287014.gif - (1.08MB , 381x271 , egg moth.gif )
>Reads all the new lore
>Can barely make heads or tails of it

Ya I don't think I'll be joining that one. I've never been good at keeping up with war like plot stuff
>> No. 454579
This is just historical knowledge. All this happened within a 10 year span from the Battle of Varonis, the thread that started this whole thing.
>> No. 454580
File 139958889963.jpg - (5.68KB , 184x273 , fluttershy.jpg )
Aah, ok.


>still goes right over her head.
>Bit of a ditzy one this one is
>> No. 454582
The war with the Imperium now stands at a stalemate, their advance blunted by the valiant and heroic defense of Mandalore. The battle there was quickly seized by Republic propagandists, with various holovids and posters springing up all across the galaxy to bolster the wavering morale of the populace and army. It had worked fantastically, with chants and cries of "For the Heroes of Mandalore!" now a common phrase for human and non-human alike.

Indeed, the battle there had proven to the Republic that this Imperium of Man could be stopped and gave new hope to the war weary citizens and soldiers of the Republic. All across the Outer Rim offenses halted from the Imperium, either from the updated equipment and war doctrines or the inspired and dogged determination from the GAR forces stationed all across the Mid-Rim.

This however did not stop skirmishes and raids from Imperial forces, with reports of various freighters and Navy Patrols simply going missing or turning up destroyed all long the border between Republic and Imperial Space. Though the great Blitz had been at worst stalled, and at best stopped, the constant presence of the Imperium and their raids continued to grind down upon the spirit of the Republic's people.

The Senate had called for another convention in light of the Battle of Mandalore. From now on, all engagements which featured the Neo-Crusaders and the SCO forces were to have all casualties reported as Missing in Action, as part of the social campaign to keep morale afloat. The other part of the convention, which included the top Military leaders of the GAR, strategized on how to bring the fight to the Imperium. They needed a real victory, thought much of the Generals, as they had been pushed back for ten solid standard years. Always fighting in a retreat, giving ground to the dread hordes of the Astra Militarum and the crushing hammer that was the Imperial Navy.

It was also concluded that further reforms to the Army's strategic and tactical doctrines had to be made, as with great focus on the Republics mechanized forces. In the years preceeding the imperials arrival, there had been little focus on main battle tanks, as Orbital fire support had been thought to be the arbiter of ground engagements if they could not be taken by standard forces. As a result waves of fighter tanks and agile transports were the mainstay of GAR mechanized units as it was thought fast moving repulsor-infantry armed with anti vehicle weapons would be sufficient for the battlefield. And this was true, at least against the droid forces of the CIS. This however, was not the case when they encountered waves of Heavy battle tanks of the Imperial Guard which shrugged all but the heaviest of ordnance and was a deadly fighting arm when mixed with infantry and air power.
>> No. 454807
File 140088271597.gif - (2.00MB , 265x244 , ahaha ohoohoohoo.gif )
>> No. 454907
File 140238131361.jpg - (89.74KB , 500x575 , 1396040901520.jpg )
>> No. 454908
File 140238144240.jpg - (330.44KB , 800x725 , 1290992157_silver-ruby_camdensketc.jpg )
You came all this way to say that?
>> No. 455372
File 140357518309.jpg - (106.34KB , 768x768 , 1390887663_trivolmckenley_image.jpg )
So who would be interested in a super hero themed punching battle thread?
>> No. 455511
File 140404932815.jpg - (180.60KB , 500x647 , image.jpg )
>> No. 455518
File 140407288422.png - (8.61KB , 273x307 , 140372285194.png )
Cool. I'll try to see if Everything Man is up for doing stuff. He's been absent from most of the rp's I have up too.
>> No. 455521
File 140409309886.jpg - (21.57KB , 222x227 , image.jpg )
Cool. You've got me on Steam, so hit me up if I'm not on Ponychan.
>> No. 455589
File 140450349279.gif - (2.00MB , 400x332 , dat ass wiggle tho.gif )
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