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File 137755105830.jpg - (186.10KB , 1024x768 , gachapon.jpg )
440943 No. 440943
#Canon: Donut Bar #DiscussionOnly #Gacha Gacha Gacha Pon #Pon Pon Gacha Pon

A mysterious gachapon machine is about to appear in the Donut Bar, dispensing quality figurines of various Donut Bar characters for all to collect and enjoy! The price is simply one Gachabit; if you're lucky, you could win big! But first, it needs rules. Rules, and lots and lots of characters!

If you are a member of the Donut Bar canon, submit your character to be entered into the gachapon collection! Decide whether your character will be Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Ultra Rare. Most likely no one will argue about your decision (I hope). Highly exclusive Platinum figurines may also exist!

Rules (subject to discussion and change):
•Every day, each player (not character) magically obtains three silver Gachabits. They are the same size and shape as bits, but are not legal tender.
•Players can distribute their Gachabits to their characters however they please, but if they are not distributed to characters, they disappear at the start of the next day.
•Gachabits can be saved and bartered freely, but only by characters, not players. Gachabits physically exist and can be stolen!
•Only one Gachabit can be put into the machine at a time. There is no way to alter your chances of getting a rare figurine. As a device existing partially in meta-canon, it is unaffected by any attempt to thwart its capricious distribution of plastic figures.

Let the submission/discussion BEGIN!

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>> No. 442397
File 137834099599.jpg - (101.38KB , 500x433 , the fun ends here.jpg )
Storm Spirit (Common)--Because fuck Phantom Lancer.
>> No. 442398
>I vote for this one.
>> No. 442400
File 137834173453.png - (84.62KB , 256x144 , Ancient_Apparition.png )
Someone lost hard to a PL today.

Here, have a free iceman.
>> No. 442401
It's not Phantom Lancer. It's Cancer Lancer.
>> No. 442402
But he is stoppable. The cancer is cured!
>> No. 442403
File 137834238747.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Damn, how could I forget Sweetie, Bloom, and Blute too?
Yeah, next set will be released Sept. 10. Anyone left who wants in damn well better get their submissions/suggestions in by then.
>> No. 442404
Having a kelpie discussion on /oat/:
>> No. 442431
File 137835914991.png - (136.49KB , 937x1112 , 2_ Dulset huh by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Silver Bullet's not on the list, is he? Who else did he have?
>> No. 442560
File 137844123199.png - (386.72KB , 1944x1900 , stratus.png )
So apparently someone got a gashapon figure of me and had no idea who I was, so I'm gonna post a description.

Stratus (uncommon?) - A gray pagasus with glasses and a green and black mane and tail. A fairly average pony, holds a normal job at the weather factory in the lightning department. He's also a very fast flyer and a surprisingly good fighter. He usually heads to the bar for some good conversation. He is good friends with Nightfall of the Shadowbolts, but is unrelated to Stratus of the Shadowbolts.
>> No. 442637
File 137848749549.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
In case anyone cares
Day 1: 30 gachabits used
Day 2: 40 gachabits used
Day 3: 34 gachabits used

If anyone wanted to keep track of the number of each rarity, or even each figurine people have gotten, I'd be grateful.
>> No. 442686
Venificus - An adeptus astartes of the Blood Ravens chapter. The figure towers several inches above the others, and is equipped with a miniature bolt pistol with light and sound effects when placed in the figure's magnetic grip. The helmet can be removed, revealing…gasp! A girl space marine?!

Agent 227 - A terran Ghost, black ops agent. Take a ninja, a psychic, a sniper, and you will get a Ghost. This figure stands as a humanoid with a removable gas mask, and features limited articulation.

Sierra Charlie - The dead man walking. Dressed in a Crytek battlesuit, the anonymous pony underneath is dead silent when not speaking in babbled, nonsensical military jargon. Features authentically voiced sound effects such as "Hostile neutralized," "Engaging," "Sector is not secure," and "Sierra to Bravo…"

Xi-8 - A daughter of the Architect of Sin. This snow-white coated, ice blue maned android is dressed in sleek, stark white armor, and can launch up to four miniature wing-blades forward about a foot or two.
>> No. 443015
File 137864971893.jpg - (129.43KB , 751x1064 , Stooooop, you're making me drool.jpg )
Alright, gonna put down the description/flavor text for a couple of my characters now.

Umbra: Formerly Nightmare Moon from a different timeline, this iteration of the dark mistress of the night managed to defeat the bearers of the Elements of Harmony upon her return, leading her world to ruin. After finding herself in the Bar, she eventually took a new name and started over, though she still carries an otherworldly chill with her wherever she goes.

Chrysalis: Queen of the changelings. This particular figurine of her is exquisitely made, it's so hard to look away... Maybe you should just admire it for awhile, everything else can wait...

I'll do all the clones in one go when I get the descriptions done.
>> No. 443021
For the next set:
Octy Shine
Canis's characters
>> No. 443130
File 137877076022.png - (133.13KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset smile.png )
The next set is coming up soon! So get your suggestions ready! ALSO, anyone I don't recognize who doesn't have a description will need to be defended or excluded from the next set. Sorry.

In addition to >>443021, I recommend Silver Bullet and maybe Rush (the first guy Dulset dated).

The following characters are being considered for deletion:

Gray's characters (I have his permission to delete these, but with enough votes they can still be saved):
Gray Dawn
Apocalyptic Dream
Arctic Breeze
The Dreamer
Rainbow Dash

(I just don't know who these two are, so unless someone defends them they will be excluded from the next set.)
Zephyr Cry

I'd rather not have this take more than two or three days, as I kind of said the next set would be out tomorrow and forgot to do this before now.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 17:02

>> No. 443131
>> No. 443132
File 137877122900.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Ah, thank you. Don't want to miss these.
Why is Coral Drift UR?
>> No. 443133
File 137877151956.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
Andrew Swiftwing description:
"This emotionally-tarnished movie star is a light, Carolina blue with a red mane and a dark blue streak through the mane and tail along with purple eyes. His stock has definatly taken a few knocks since he's been a patron of the bar."

Andrew (Combat Specialist)
Rarity: Ultra Rare
"After spending 13 years in hell, training non-stop, this stubborn stallion is ready to take on any fight that comes his way and not let any threat down easily. Equipped with a ka-bar, m1911 .45, and face camo."

Andrew (Colt)
Rarity: Uncommon
"This playful little colt always loves a good cuddle and uses his adorableness to his advantage when he can."

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 17:13

>> No. 443134
File 137877182187.png - (27.87KB , 943x943 , I Dunno, lets try something new, like bondage.png )
>Cloud, Mini... Shall I write something for them?
>And Dusk, why not.

>I hope thats not my Dreamer... if it is Blowhard wrote that...

>No Solestia? No Marston?
>No Derpy?
>> No. 443137
File 137877194580.jpg - (100.11KB , 733x1089 , 11298424344.jpg )
>Oooh, this looks fun

>Though I've never been one to get into silly little collectibles, doesn't mean I can't let others have the chance to get me, right?

>A successful designer whose made her way to the levels of Canterlot.
>> No. 443138
Go ahead and write something for the ones already there, you can submit anyone else you have. And no, it's not your Dreamer.

No one's suggested those characters but if you get two people to agree then they'll be added. We DO have a Ditzy Doo, is that the Derpy you mean?


And these too of course

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 17:18

>> No. 443139
Because he's a special OC of mine.

>> No. 443140
Could be, been a few through here.

Cloud, A white mare and the only female staff of the Donut Bar. Caution, may cause attraction and awkward situations when real horse hair tail is lifted.

Mini, The Homunculus owner of Curiosity, where everything is for sale except cats, and Blowhards heart. No really, she keeps it in jar on her bedside table. Soul not included.

And one to add.

Brilliant Dusk, A warrior king from Skyberia, enjoys booze, swords, booze, stallions, and jellyfish. Comes with Sword, fake bottles, and a Jellyfish! Mare, Filly, and Colt versions coming soon! Rare.

Hahaha, if you could find a second person on Ponychan who wanted to remember Ultramariox's characters, I'd be surprised.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 17:24

>> No. 443178
Has the Professor or any of his characters been suggested?
>> No. 443180
I'll vote for Professor.
>> No. 443219
Adding a character for the next edition!

A human wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that says "+20 Shirt of Smiting". He carries the infamous BFG9K in one hand. Who is he, and why does he keep talking about the "Narrators"?
>> No. 443225
File 137894589938.png - (1.92MB , 3500x1800 , ALL my characters version 1.png )

>Taiguen S Reeves[b]
An accomplished inventor/electrical engineer and former cyborg settling down in canterlot after a long journey though the wild, several successful business ventures, and a defunct, extremophilic military base. Need something fixed? He's your pony. not mess with his laserpen!

>[b]Kyla S

An....interesting sight for less experienced eyes, and still one for most that have seen it all. This happy-go-lucky Sleptine mare trots around on 6 legs, not including her pair of wings. A descendant from the eight-legged pony, Sleipnir. Needless to say, she loves a good hug.

Slap another one on the docket for mythical beings, this merpony can switch forms between your average unicorn, to a serpent of the sea at will. He built his home beside a lake from the ruins of an old gym. An architect, and landscaper, he takes care of several miles of lakes and rivers.

>[b]Twilight Stark[b]
Don't you just hate it when your suddenly find yourself many trillions of miles away, on some planet in another dimension? Well, she sure as heck didn't mind. Introducing herself with more balls than most stallions, and a spell set that could make a library cry, this 1800 year old unicorn has set out across the multiverse to catalog it all...and of course, make a library all about it, thats open for everyone.
>> No. 443233
File 137896553412.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
Brand new figurines await discovery!
Some figurines you have may no longer be available! Will their value skyrocket?

13 new Commons!
9 new Uncommons!
6 new Rares!
5 new Ultra Rares!

Also, it seems to have moved from the corner of the bar to a more noticeable location by the bar proper. Who moved it, and how?
Alongside the machine is a small sign listing all the discontinued figurines. Looks like it's no secret now!

Last edited at Wed, Sep 11th, 2013 23:01

>> No. 443333
Dom - A less then serious larger then usual earth pony that can change into a bear...though he really is a bear that could change into a pony.

Blackjack - a recovering alcoholic teenager with a long history of violence who couldn't give sympathy to anyone she doesn't think deserves it

Asbjorn - a supersized bear from the future, once you get over the fear get ready to get a hug from this loveable giant

How's that?
>> No. 443337
>> No. 443343
So if I submit my characters now, around when would they appear in the machine?
>> No. 443344
A little over a week, probably.
>> No. 443346
Alright, I'll start typing them out...
>> No. 443350
File 137902212610.png - (208.27KB , 500x750 , The Donut Bar mentality.png )
Nightshade(Uncommon): A rather apathetic demon-turned-angel, he's a member of Team Donut Bar. While he may not sound, or look like he cares, he probably does. Probably.

Bella(Common): Nightshade's daughter from when he was a demon, Bella is as friendly as she is flirtatious. Despite her succubi nature, she's happily married to Ezzie, with five fillies between them.

Lilith(Common): Bella's eldest daughter, she takes after her grandfather, Nightshade. Friendly, if occasionally snappy, Lilith is just as much at home conversing with friends as she is kicking the teeth in of anyone who hurts her friends or family

Sweetie-Bot(Rare): Having come into the bar as a filly-sized gynoid, she has since upgraded into a polite robotic mare, adopted by Dom the Bear. She spends most of her time secluded from the bar in her lab, located...somewhere(and maybe even somewhen)
>> No. 443440
OKAY, there was a miscommunication between Gray and I. The crossed out names in the "discontinued" section will be reentered, so they're not really discontinued.
>> No. 446464
Gachapon is now on hiatus for an undetermined period.
>> No. 457040
File 141616227319.jpg - (100.87KB , 343x331 , raccon clapping hands like evil arch nemesis.jpg )
>> No. 457041
File 141616236506.png - (1.42MB , 640x479 , buckethead u wot m9.png )
Are we adding new figures?
>> No. 457042
>> No. 457043
Rushie (Post-Island)--Uncommon
<After her brother traveled to the island where she once crash-landed, it was revealed that she was genetically reconstructed...under the assumption that she was supposed to be a Changeling. This figurine has a carefully-molded green flame effect extending from its legs, which are jagged and hole-filled just like ordinary Changeling legs.>

Dawn (Post-Island)--Uncommon
<Having traveled to the strange island in the Ponicific ocean, Dawn has learned his sister's true nature. Upon his return, he learned that Blowhard had retired, leaving Dawn in the tentative position of "Hoofen Retainer". He's wearing a duster coat, and pressing a button on his back makes his face show what can only be described as "OH SH*T!">

Sudo (Normal)--Uncommon
<An enterprising hacker who was able to install a USB port in the base of his skull. Gray coat, white mane, cutie mark is text-only. Who the hell designed his color scheme!?>

Sudo (DERPBot)--Common
<After being kicked out of his own mind by a strange virus, Sudo traveled across the Ponynet in search of assistance. A "generous" businesspony donated him this rust-bucket to use as his temporary body. The eyes aren't even aligned right.>

Sudo (DASHBot)--Rare
<It didn't take long for Sudo and his friend Asimov to find the materials to make a new body. This one sports more powerful limbs, flight, and a taser integrated into one of its forehooves, along with a satellite Ponynet connection. Dude, rainbows are so 60's.>

"Manehattan Masher!"--Uncommon
<Nopony knows why this massive, muscular stallion began rampaging through Manehattan. His cutie mark certainly has nothing to do with smashing things. What does "[email protected]>$ sudo" even mean?>

John "DOOMGUY" Blazkowicz--Common
<Despite his powerful muscles, massive arsenal of guns, and incredible size (Who's a man and a half? He's a man and a half!), this hulking marine is actually fairly normal. Even if he's obsessed with demons.>

Element of Explosives--Common
<In an alternate universe where the Elements of Badassery are what save Equestria on a daily basis, this pink mare is the foremost expert on all things pyrotechnic. Thankfully, most of her weapons merely fire confetti. Most of them.>

Narrator? (Classy)--Rare
<When he began toying with Dawn and Rushie, this "Narrator" took on a caricature-like appearance, wearing a faux-40's mobster outfit.>

Dawn Breeze (Furious)--Rare
<The green pegasus, waving his gun around. Dawn usually doesn't get this assmad over things, but his Narrator pushed his buttons to a ridiculous degree. Has a little peg on the base, which allows you to attach the Narrator? figurines and recreate one of the many times Dawn has wanted to shoot that nutjob.>

Charles Clarke--Rare
<A researcher from long ago. How is he still alive? Why is he so surprised at the presence of ponies? And what was he researching at the lab named after him? At least he's got a designer lab coat, and he's kept it a pristine white.>

GOC Observation Team--Uncommon
<Four men, wielding various assault rifles and wearing night-vision(?) goggles (but no plate carrier? What a bunch of amateurs). They blew their cover the moment they entered the Donut Bar, when their point-man and leader yelled in surprise at the sheer variety of world-altering beings inside the Bar. The goggles flip up. The end you look through will also glow different colors depending on who you point them at, and there's a handy color-code list on the bottom: Blue = Magic, Green = Reality Warp, Black = RUN.>

Last edited at Sun, Nov 16th, 2014 13:07

>> No. 457045
Can I join?
>> No. 457047
Are you part of the Donut Bar canon?
>> No. 457048
File 141624534764.gif - (698.62KB , 500x275 , Tennant-rain.gif )
No... D:
>> No. 457049
File 141624544041.jpg - (15.49KB , 300x224 , I WILL DESTROY YOU.jpg )
>> No. 457050
File 141624570388.gif - (444.32KB , 500x288 , Dalek-explain.gif )
But how?
>> No. 457051
Make character
Walk in
Have fun
>> No. 457052
File 141624587318.gif - (549.76KB , 640x360 , MAXIMUM OVER-DRAMA.gif )
>dat email
So you died by dragon?

Well, the good news is that you can jump right in.

The bad news is, it's a wretched hive of scum and villainy, where anything can happen and there are no rules on the crazy train.

I wonder how long your characters will go before they become fourth-wall aware.

Oh, and I recommend Ponychan X and using the View Last 50 Posts option.
>> No. 457055
New figurine!

The Fourth Door--Rare
<A strange door that just appeared next to the usual three bathroom doors. It has no label on it. What's behind it...?>
>> No. 457056
>> No. 457057
Gachapon updated.
>> No. 457075
Is there really a need for 5 donut bar threads on the front page?
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