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441043 No. 441043
#Canon: Pawns of Chaos #DiscussionOnly #Sign-up #All hail the glow cloud. #Residents of Night vale and their dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park.

Welcome newcomers, new listeners, new....meat. Welcome to Pawns of Chaos. We have some rules here and you should read them. But don't worry, you are being monitered, and your actions have been noted. Please be sure to speak and act with exaggeration for the surveillance techs have reported that they have gotten bored listening to your boring conversations.

1.Do not use Spoilers, They are just little black blocks that break the flow of a thread very violently.
2.We have a strange rolling system that works something like this. Say you are attacking an enemy, and roll a 4. This sadly means you missed and opened yourself up to attack. But if you had rolled say, a 16, then you would have hit and the DM of the Thread would determine the damage done. Now to discuss then critical success and critical failure. Critical success, or otherwise known as a 20. This would mean you did so great that something magical happens. You decapitate the enemy in one swing and your actions go down in history as folk lore and songs. You manage to fool the guard into thinking you are returning from a large party and forgot when your shift started. You managed to avoid detection by the palaces best guards and made it into the vault. These are all critical successes. Now the Critical Failures. You swung so hard, your sword flies out of your hands and stabs your friend in the shoulder. You some how failed to see the large beast charging at you and are surprised when it slashes at you. You are caught in the act of stealing and have everything taken from you. These are Critical failures or when you roll a 1.
3. We have a strange group of characters, so no matter how odd your character may seem, it will most likely fit in fine.
4. Our group uses races and groups from a multitude of different IP's. These can range from Warcraft to Warhammer 40K. Mortal Kombat to Homestuck.

Good, I assume you read those rules so you should have some idea of what's going on, but I must give one last word of advice... Be wary my friend, because here... THAR BE DRAGONS!

And now, The Weather
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>> No. 441075
File 137756668406.jpg - (39.48KB , 470x330 , image.jpg )
Good news everyone!
I just got my supposed carpal tunnel checked out.

Turns out I just strained a tendon.
So a few weeks of nothing strenuous involving my right arm and I'll be able to do whatever the fuck I want.
>> No. 441076
So don't wank, mate.
Glad for that, though.
>> No. 441092
File 137757123518.png - (3.37KB , 189x282 , Are You For Real.png )
... Hate you motherfucker.
And cool, don't screw around with your arm.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 26th, 2013 19:42

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File 137757805040.jpg - (115.16KB , 668x552 , image.jpg )

I'm more concerned about the fact that this comes out tomorrow, and I can't play it...
>> No. 441163
File 137758290592.jpg - (552.71KB , 1366x768 , image.jpg )
A rather horrifying thought came to mind...

In MegaMan's trailer for Super Smash Bros. 4 the Yellow Devil makes an appearance. And Melee and Brawl had their respective adventure modes.

So it's not unlikely well get an adventure mode in the new game as well.

So if the yellow devil appears in the trailer, maybe he'll be a boss character in the adventure mode.

But that would mean there is a MegaMan stage in adventure mode.

And what does that mean?
It means disappearing blocks.

I hope your anuses are prepared for some tough-as-shit platforming.
>> No. 441184
Well fuck... go to class and miss everything...
>> No. 441188
File 137761278510.jpg - (51.64KB , 946x708 , chernomega_wip.jpg )
rough, rough sketch of cherno omega concept.
did I mention its rough lol

... it looks even worse on the internet, christ.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 27th, 2013 07:14

>> No. 441229

Much better than I can do. Doesn't look that bad either.
>> No. 441308
File 137766745671.png - (179.80KB , 480x487 , 971336_444838732279335_1755611961_n.png )
>Sits in your ooc and scratches
>> No. 441318

Better call the exterminators.
Damn Drow infestations.
>> No. 441319
File 137767252879.gif - (1.52MB , 245x248 , Well.gif )
>> No. 441327
File 137767596465.png - (303.53KB , 1384x785 , spoiler.png )
You cannot defeat one such as I
>> No. 441328
File 137767783528.jpg - (238.06KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
>Defending QTE's
>Defending QTE's that CANNOT be failed

How fucking stupid can they be?!
>> No. 441365
File 137771449882.gif - (0.98MB , 500x281 , Your dreams are gone.gif )
>> No. 441378
Okay, so I am basically screwed, my wi-fi is only sending to my parents room... I'm only going to be able to be here when my mom and dad are both out, so I'm not going to be able to be on Ponychan until my dad fixes the wi-fi, and that might take a while. I just wanted to tell you guys.
>> No. 441385
File 137773029272.jpg - (247.86KB , 500x500 , tumblr_ljl0gouvbK1qi7n4xo1_500.jpg )
I can't even remember the last yoku block section I didn't just Rush Jet through.

>Also mfw QTEs in general
>> No. 441419
File 137773392916.gif - (496.58KB , 255x143 , Not cool.gif )
I mean I don't really have a problem with QTE's. If they are used sparingly, and have a possibility of you failing them, I'm fine with it. But that shit, nu-uh.
>> No. 441424
File 137773502221.jpg - (21.44KB , 268x268 , image.jpg )
Why is this so fun?
It shouldn't be, but it is!
Detaining smugglers, turning away transvestites.
Protecting Glorious Arstotska from degenerates.

This shit is GOTY material I tell you.
>> No. 441425
What is GOTY?
>> No. 441427

>> No. 441428
Ah, sorry.
It's certainly a fun game.
Well, less fun, more of just a great experiance.
>> No. 441432
File 137773852840.gif - (586.66KB , 187x294 , tumblr_mblf3r9CLc1rurbh7o1_250.gif )
I don't think I'm actually going to have a partner to pilot a Jaeger with.

Sphyre-Ophellum (I assume.)

I don't think I thought this out far enough.
>> No. 441442
File 137774922021.gif - (893.57KB , 500x250 , Sounds like our kinda thing.gif )
I'm warning you all right now. I have no idea what I'm doing.
>> No. 441447

Well shit...


That's a prerequisite for this canon by now.
>> No. 441481
File 137776090088.png - (48.51KB , 190x200 , 1365035500557.png )
Hey Grindel can I be in your thread?
>> No. 441483
File 137776095778.png - (130.31KB , 431x300 , Really, I am quite curious.png )
>holy fuckstickles first off who are you second off why would you post that, why oh god what the fuckingtons
>> No. 441484
File 137776110375.png - (127.89KB , 322x234 , 1365036660128.png )

My name is Smiggles.

Grindel knows me, we are BFFS 4 EVER <3
>> No. 441485
File 137776118445.jpg - (84.80KB , 500x366 , You can also hear it if you start pole dancing on the subway.jpg )
>oh god get it away from me please stop it hurts my eyes and my brain
>> No. 441491
Well my drift partner seems to have gotten rather busy lately so I might be stuck doing what i can only describe as tramatic outreach drifting. not too much better, but i feel for you.
>> No. 441505
File 137780187407.gif - (7.48KB , 650x450 , Wh___what.gif )
Well...that kinda depends on what character you are going to have.
>> No. 441506
You could get Darth, as I am going to have problems with internet in general.
Edit: You could also take that other guy, if you wanted to.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 29th, 2013 12:38

>> No. 441527

Darth you should translate this
>> No. 441528
>> No. 441570
File 137782360186.png - (108.09KB , 600x600 , Highlight Sparkle.png )


Highlight Sparkle


Sweet Sixteen


Highlight Sparkle is Twilight's twin sister that no one likes to talk about. She can't really use magic, and isn't literate enough to read books. However, what she lacks in knowledge and skill she makes up for in survivability. She has broken most bones in her body at least once, sense no one cared enough to warn her about the dangers of stairs. She never made many friends, on account most ponies find her weird, ugly, and undesirable. She lives by herself in an abandoned outhouse that she has spruced up the best she can with some doilies and a picture of her family. She didn't mind so much that she herself wasn't in the picture...her family didn't like seeing her face...but since none of them talked to her the picture was her only way of remembering home. She usually holds it and cries herself to sleep at night, wishing desperately that she was as strong or pretty as her sister.

Cutie Mark:

Her cutie mark is a can of spray-paint missing the lid with a few confused swirls around it. Highlight Sparkles special talent is huffing paint.


Highlight Sparkle can sort of play the harmonica.

















Stand-off ish











Other notes:

Highlight Sparkle needs, more than anything, a fair chance, just like every random pony who happens to huff paint just needs a chance from time to time.
>> No. 441573
>> No. 441574
File 137782400996.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , 134196755179.png )

Would ship. She so hawt
>> No. 441619

Toroyan hossu
Zyapon warrudo kappu

I can't decipher the kanji for shit, I'm not that far along with the language yet.

Essentially it's the English title re-written in Katakana engrish

Japan should read Nippon or Nihon but was literally transliterated into Zyapon because its an English video title rather than normal spoken language.
>> No. 441620
... You're leaning Japanese?
>> No. 441621

>> No. 441622
>> No. 441624
Sweet. I can barely understand basic Chinese...
>> No. 441625

>> No. 441626
>> No. 441629
File 137783387097.gif - (472.86KB , 360x270 , You failed so hard.gif )
You tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, FUCK YOU!
>> No. 441633

The fuck are you talking about?
>> No. 441638
File 137783510578.jpg - (44.50KB , 399x600 , excited3.jpg )
I lolled
>> No. 441641
... When did you get here?
>> No. 441642
It's prolly someone's alt.
>> No. 441643
... Makes sense. Except for the fact that I'm rping with them in the mansion right now.
>> No. 441644
Maybe you're rping with someone's alt?
>> No. 441647
... Maybe.
>> No. 441654
File 137783802808.gif - (1.98MB , 300x300 , You tried so hard.gif )
>> No. 441663
Huh? Whut? What I do?
I also go by this name/names. My mission is to bug Grindel. It's the only reason I ever come in this ooc.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 29th, 2013 22:25

>> No. 441664
File 137784048794.gif - (762.79KB , 450x255 , Double double take.gif )
>> No. 441665
File 137784067040.jpg - (38.38KB , 500x370 , image.jpg )
Just to be clear on the subject.
We all agree that Colin is the best Who's line cast member correct?
>> No. 441666
File 137784068862.gif - (512.05KB , 374x277 , 113661__safe_fluttershy_animated_scared_hearth%252527s%252Bwarming%252Beve_shivers_stage%252Bfri.gif )
>> No. 441667
File 137784072002.gif - (352.38KB , 245x187 , This is a really tough decision.gif )
>> No. 441668
File 137784075410.gif - (532.44KB , 245x187 , because you ar both crap.gif )
>> No. 441670
File 137784117706.png - (346.87KB , 1440x900 , twi ya don't say.png )
>> No. 441671
File 137784132570.jpg - (78.95KB , 319x480 , image.jpg )

You talkin' shit 'bout Colin?!
>> No. 441692
File 137785004870.jpg - (1.45MB , 2208x1566 , image.jpg )
>> No. 441711
He's pretty swanky.
>> No. 441712
>da's scurry bro y u gotta post that?
>> No. 441725
File 137787713412.jpg - (71.28KB , 562x565 , Highlight.jpg )

So is that a no?
>> No. 441729

I'm pretty sure it means no.
>> No. 441730
File 137787800215.png - (482.27KB , 672x537 , no__i_don__t_want_that__by_dogmansp-d54h2st.png )

>> No. 441731
File 137787806427.png - (94.78KB , 393x181 , no__i_don__t_want_that__by_dogmansp-d54h2st.png )

>> No. 441732
File 137787820398.png - (29.31KB , 259x90 , no__i_don__t_want_that__by_dogmansp-d54h2st.png )
>> No. 441733
Really the reason is because 1. all of the main six are dead, 2. 300 year time skip.
>> No. 441739

Thus began Mitt Romney's career as a rap artist.
>> No. 441747
File 137790008495.png - (366.58KB , 1000x1000 , Highlight REDO.png )

Highlight Sparkle


Sweet 316


It turns out that living your life in an outhouse huffing paint is the secret to immortality. At least, it was for Highlight Sparkle. Three hundred years ago, on her sixteenth birthday, her sister, Twilight Sparkle, cast a time spell on the outhouse hoping to erase her sister from history. Celestia approved, and in fact was there with some popcorn as Twilight cast the spell. Poor Highlight had just finished huffing an entire can of paint when suddenly she was ripped out of her very time stream and thrown into infinity itself. Trapped, Highlight Sparkle spent three hundred years floating through the void in an outhouse, the only object to bide her time being a never-ending can of paint. She was unable to age in this place, and to her, it seemed like an inescapable prison. Some days she convinced herself it was hell...her own personal little paint hell.

However, Twilight's spell was not perfect. It only lasted for three hundred years Equestrian time,and so, on the faithful day, one lone outhouse would appear in a blast of magic, leveling anything nearby. The door would open, and a cloud of paint smoke would pour from inside. Out of the haze stepped a figure.

Highlight Sparkle was back.

She was different than before, however. Three hundred years of huffing paint has literally turned her brain and eyes into bees, although they are bound within her and can never leave. Also her legs are mini-guns now, because her outhouse bumped into the doctors phone-booth and, thanks to space-time paradoxes far out of our comprehension, her legs became mini-guns. They can't fire, however, and only really serve to rob Highlight of her knees.

Cutie Mark:

Her cutie mark is a can of paint with confused stars circling around it, symbolizing her talent of huffing paint. It also can be interpreted to represent a creative soul that simply can't find her bearings in life.
The dent could symbolize damage done to her that was never her fault, yet make it so she can never be like every-pony else.


Over the three hundred years she was trapped, she forgot how to play the harmonica. However, she did learn to whistle. She had tried other things, but could never seem to get the hang of them. She didn't know why she failed at everything she touched, she always tried her hardest, but she had long since grown cold to the fact that she simply isn't good at anything. Some ponies were meant to help others, or create something beautiful. And some her...are just different.

















Stand-off ish









>> No. 441750
File 137790172319.gif - (568.97KB , 245x168 , This must be.gif )
What the honest fuck is that.
>> No. 441751
>> No. 441753
File 137790220830.png - (87.44KB , 555x474 , Highlight 2.png )

What seems to be the problem,cheif?
>> No. 441754
Dude, I think the problem is a fucking mane six related character.
Seriously. Those aren't fuggin cool. 'specially since yours is a recolour opposite of her sister.
>> No. 441755
File 137790317790.png - (142.28KB , 400x568 , Highlight Dog.png )


Highlight Dogg


Sweet 316


It turns out that living your life in an outhouse huffing paint is the secret to immortality. At least, it was for Highlight Dogg. Three hundred years ago, on her sixteenth birthday, her brother, Snoop Dog, cast a time spell on the outhouse hoping to erase her sister from history. Obama approved, and in fact was there with some popcorn as Snoop cast the spell. Poor Highlight had just finished huffing an entire can of paint when suddenly she was ripped out of her very time stream and thrown into infinity itself. Trapped, Highlight Dogg spent three hundred years floating through the void in an outhouse, the only object to bide her time being a never-ending can of paint. She was unable to age in this place, and to her, it seemed like an inescapable prison. Some days she convinced herself it was hell...her own personal little paint hell.

However, Snoops spell was not perfect. It only lasted for three hundred years Equestrian time,and so, on the faithful day, one lone outhouse would appear in a blast of magic, leveling anything nearby. The door would open, and a cloud of paint smoke would pour from inside. Out of the haze stepped a figure.

Highlight Dogg was back.

She was different than before, however. Three hundred years of huffing paint has literally turned her brain and eyes into bees, although they are bound within her and can never leave.

Gang Tattoo:

Her gang tattoo is a can of paint with confused stars circling around it, symbolizing her talent of huffing paint. It also can be interpreted to represent a creative soul that simply can't find her bearings in life.
The dent could symbolize damage done to her that was never her fault, yet make it so she can never be like every-body else.


Over the three hundred years she was trapped, she forgot how to play the harmonica. However, she did learn to whistle. She had tried other things, but could never seem to get the hang of them. She didn't know why she failed at everything she touched, she always tried her hardest, but she had long since grown cold to the fact that she simply isn't good at anything.

















Stand-off ish









>> No. 441756
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you just here to piss us off? Or do you actually want to fucking sign up?
>> No. 441757
File 137790363677.png - (40.43KB , 357x156 , Highlight Dogg.png )

Both, perhaps. Although it was not my intention to make anyone angry, and I was actually somewhat interested.

The levels of butt-mad I seem to have stirred are beyond my comfort level, however. I'm allergic to butt-frustration.

Fret not, I'm gone. Good luck with the threads Grindel. They do look like fun.

Sorry if I rustled any Jimmies. I thought it was funny.

>> No. 441758

Asma calm down
>> No. 441759
By the way guys I won't be very active on here tomorrow and sunday since I'll be at a convention, l8er nerds <3
>> No. 441760
File 137791488080.png - (188.51KB , 900x1327 , sweetie_belle_by_b_neko-d4s2e1b.png )
I don't think Asma understands our level of shenanigans. It's...futuristic, cosmic

infected with the lovin

wants to be a victim

>> No. 441762
File 137791717782.jpg - (22.90KB , 264x282 , image.jpg )

>All this nonsense

Silly Spiral lifeforms...
>> No. 441763
File 137791740882.jpg - (7.81KB , 220x229 , pinkie pie huh.jpg )
I'm a spiral?

>Suddenly spirals off into space
>> No. 441765
File 137791843656.jpg - (18.97KB , 225x350 , image.jpg )

>Then violently depressurises and dies.

Goddamn Spiral Lifeforms...
>> No. 441766
File 137791944232.gif - (855.67KB , 245x204 , Oh my god.gif )
I guess this is what happens when I play the Hidden for the entire fucking day.
>> No. 441767
No shit.
>> No. 441830
File 137792590514.png - (41.73KB , 830x650 , Dethnite Darckfyr.png )
So I made this. And a shitty backstory for it.
Because reasons.
Written in true shitty OC fashion.

dethnite darckfyr was raysed as celestya and lunas bruther for haff secund, before the univurs eksplodded butt hee sayvvedd itt wen hee ewsed the powrr uv haate to kil the werld annd thenn mayk itt agen wit thu powrr uv haate he lykess dringking and drugz and seks and gunns heer hee iz ewsing hiz horrn and thu ferst gunn 2 kil hiz nemmusass gudlite a dikwead hoo lykes gud annd pupees butt thay suk annd deathnite darkfyr iz baddasssss annd awsumm annd thu besst evurr
>> No. 441833
Arg, no, that's too good. I missed the section about his parents dying and his retardedly named swords which he uses constantly, and his guns which also have stupid names, and how he hates life and is depressed because of [enter stupid amounts of ridiculously tragic shit here that could have been come up with by a five year old], and then it might be the worst.
Fuck, that hurt my brain to write.
>> No. 441834
File 137792615232.jpg - (7.62KB , 235x222 , 1377813094687.jpg )
>> No. 441836
File 137792676949.gif - (476.18KB , 350x242 , The special hell.gif )
There is a hell for you.
>> No. 441837
>the special hell
Is that like special school?
>> No. 441840
File 137792762029.gif - (255.67KB , 490x277 , Knock Knock.gif )

Don't worry I'll kill it before it spreads.
>> No. 441841
File 137792768787.gif - (499.56KB , 500x209 , BURN IT AAAALLLLLLL.gif )
I did a good job.
>> No. 441842
File 137792774932.gif - (235.55KB , 491x750 , Thats funny.gif )
Hey Darth. Remember those black dots in his glasses?
>> No. 441843
File 137792789489.jpg - (70.77KB , 363x368 , 2d_Feeling good intensifies.jpg )

Not present in that .gif!
>> No. 441844
File 137792798699.gif - (0.98MB , 500x577 , Well___I guess I'll juist wait here.gif )
Doesn't have to be. I know you remember them.
>> No. 441847
File 137792844923.jpg - (120.47KB , 502x494 , I hate you this much.jpg )

I'm going to take a trip stateside, find out where the hell you live, kidnap you, and force you watch a 240 hour loop of someone failing the first level of Super Mario Brothers.

That is the only acceptable punishment for what you did to Hellsing for me...
>> No. 441849
File 137792856974.gif - (493.20KB , 245x245 , I live for this.gif )
>> No. 441850
File 137792927386.jpg - (114.26KB , 600x840 , image.jpg )
Anxiously waiting for Obama to give the order to turn Damascus into a smoking crater!

Dis gun' b gud!
>> No. 441854
File 137793530850.gif - (544.86KB , 324x216 , 1376144945016.gif )
Seriously...I leave for a couple of days due to classes and figuring out a functional schedule, and this is what happens? Christ almighty.
>> No. 441857
File 137793874022.jpg - (20.83KB , 365x365 , image.jpg )

Has changed...

Last edited at Sat, Aug 31st, 2013 01:46

>> No. 441866
Dear shit, it's like you used the worst color scheme in the world because you can...
We all do.
That is actually me playing the game.
... I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who gets insanely confused (occasionally.)
>> No. 441867
File 137796557691.jpg - (27.70KB , 500x399 , In the street, I'm so leet at the investigation of crimes cause I hate mimes.jpg )
>> No. 441877
File 137797397717.png - (5.86KB , 359x408 , J Facepalm Large- logo.png )
Not that.
>> No. 441878
File 137798022706.jpg - (25.74KB , 314x471 , I'm the most fucking badass motherfucker here.jpg )
You're right.
I bring out the 1st British Transvestite Brigade.

Last edited at Sat, Aug 31st, 2013 13:18

>> No. 441879
File 137798086015.gif - (499.25KB , 400x326 , I need a drink.gif )
>> No. 441883
File 137798645084.jpg - (67.69KB , 750x600 , 1st British Transvestite Air Wing.jpg )
>> No. 441890
File 137799558063.gif - (7.48KB , 650x450 , Wh___what.gif )
>> No. 441895
File 137800338988.jpg - (18.92KB , 250x250 , 1st British Monkey Brigade flag.jpg )
>> No. 441896
File 137800437010.gif - (3.80MB , 300x160 , 1355361533218.gif )

And I counter all of that with a simple particle reaction called Fusion and or Fission. Hard to tell in this gif.

Also points if you know where it's from.
>> No. 441897
You're no fun.......
And what is it from?
>> No. 441898
File 137800474182.gif - (762.79KB , 450x255 , Double double take.gif )
>> No. 441899

I counter your fusion/fission with the most powerful attack known to man.



Last edited at Sat, Aug 31st, 2013 20:44

>> No. 441911
Hey Grin, who would win?

A Space Marine chapter, or the main cast of Dragon Ball Z

Assuming that:

>Chapter is at full strength.
>The battle take place in the age of Recovery
>Z fighters are as powerful as they are at the end of the Buu saga

How would this turn out?
>> No. 441912
File 137801540768.gif - (0.99MB , 400x236 , Fuck your logic.gif )
Space marines. Due to the augments and weaponry, the DBZ crew would explode into bloody bits due to the fact that a full strength chapter, age of recovery I am assuming this is after the betrayal, is a total of 1000 marines.
>> No. 441913

Okay, now what about a full on war between universes?
>> No. 441914
Still Warhammer due to the massive amount of Space marines, an Imperial guard army numbering in possibly the trillions of billions, Necrons that refuse to die, Eldar that can burn you brain out, Dark Eldar that love torture, Orks that just kill because why the fuck not, Tau who can shoot you in the face five miles away, and finally Chaos itself.
>> No. 441915

Just gonna point out that:

>Vegeta can blow an entire planet into dust with the flick of his wrist
>Goku, Vegeta, Broly, FUCKING KRILLIN, Buu, and a couple other billion people can move as fast and/ or faster than light.
>low level characters tank lasers, bullets and missiles without even flinching.

Tau and possible Imperium are fucked.

Irks and Eldar, yeah they win.
>> No. 441916
Hold on. Vegata is one man. He can only blow up one planet at a time. About 10 Imperial Battle ships can glass an entire planet. The entire Imperial Navy would destroy them. Also just because your character move faster than light does not mean that Chaos will not destroy them.
>> No. 441918

That was Vegeta in the saiyan saga, by the Buu saga they have been kicking the shit out of people who blow up solar systems.

Hell Broly literally destroys an entire galaxy in a week.

Those ten warships are nothing to Vegeta.

As for chaos I'm not saying that's not gonna fuck them up, but a bunch of blue skinned pansies with snipers and An army with the master strategy of "crush it with our corpses ain't gonna do much to a guy that can do this.
>> No. 441919
Yeeeeeeeah... By the time that beam reached the planet, if the Imperial Navy had destroyed it, it would be lava and death before Vegeta's beam even entered teh Atmosphere. Sure Ten ships can do the job, but there's nothing like a hundred of them all attacking the planet at the same time. And the tech of the tau would allow them to track targets moving at high speeds so even if your people attempted to destroy them, they would have a bullet in the head before they could even charge the shot. And finally, we are assuming that every race is working together in this fight, that means that Warp portals could be opened by psykers, allowing the passage of daemons onto the battlefield. And before you say anything, once, the imperial guard nuked a city to get rid of the daemons, and the daemons were still fucking there.
>> No. 441921


Two words.


Think where you want to be, you are there.
Literally instantly.

And guns aren't exactly a deterrent. Considering that by holding his arm up Goku can survive a blast capable of turning a solar system to dust, a laser, or plasma bolt is like being hit with a paintball in comparison.

Tau = Fucked.

And imperium forces won't fare much better.

" Charge!"

Horde of angry cannon fodder come running while they shoot peas at Goku/Vegeta/Krillin/Cell/Buu/whoever.
Lasers, plasma, bullets are absorbed by the rapidly growing Kamehameha/Big Bang Attack/Explosion wave/chocolate beam/Garlic (galic) Gun/Destructo Disk (Kienzan)/ whatever.
Entire army gets disintegrated by raw "Fuck You".
>> No. 441922
...And these aren't overpowered characters? all? People view these as fair? What the fuck is wrong with you.
>> No. 441923
File 137801889756.jpg - (76.36KB , 720x480 , image.jpg )
Now the real question is...

Who wins?



Team Dai Gurren inside of
Chō Tengen Tōppa Gurren Lagann
>> No. 441924
File 137801898077.gif - (235.55KB , 491x750 , Thats funny.gif )
Thats real fucking funny Darth. Now fuck off.
>> No. 441925
File 137801902319.jpg - (70.91KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )

>Warhammer 40k fan
>Complaining about OP shit.

Oh the irony
>> No. 441926
>> No. 441927

Oh... It looks like I hit a nerve...

But seriously I would pay for a Warhammer Vs. DragonBall series.

If what I've read is correct, at some point the Orks would decide that they can shoot giant beams too and suddenly "KamehameWAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"
>> No. 441928

Launch and Bulma can't destroy planets.

Niether can Master Roshi, But he CAN blow up the moon. He's done it twice before. Not bad for a 200 year old pervert hermit.
>> No. 441929
I've got it!



The Imperium

No back up on his side, just him.
>> No. 441930
.... Your....your being serious right? I mean....Space. That is all.
>> No. 441931
File 137802013820.jpg - (191.68KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )

Ah but here's the thing.

Alucard is a vampire, the cold vacuum of space means nothing to him.
He is perfectly immortal, he's been shredded by heavy machine gun fire, incinerated, beheaded and staked through the heart. But thanks to the Hellsong organization's tinkering with the fundamental laws of physics and magic he can only die when he wants to.

He also is omnipresent after he absorbed the blood and soul of a vampire name Schrödinger.
This means he can instantaneously and simultaneously kill every last imperium soldier while drinking a fresh cup of Earl Grey at home.

He carries two six chamber revolvers, which he frequently fires well over a hundred bullets from in one sitting.

Because the guns know better than to run out of ammo on Motherfucking Alucard, that's why.
>> No. 441932

He also gains the power of whomever's blood he ingests.
He could kill the Emperor, eat him and become the most powerful psyker ever.

In all fairness I only brought him up because I thought it would be funny.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 1st, 2013 00:25

>> No. 441940
Aaaaaaaaaand here we go.
>> No. 441942
>Entire conversation.
OP for the win.
>> No. 441945
File 137805584417.gif - (944.14KB , 500x271 , #Thisismydivision,getout.gif )
He could try to eat the Emperor. I don't know if the Emperor has any more blood left. Also, being able to choose when to die....So say he was atomized by a melta gun, what would happen?
>> No. 441957

Each particle would reassemble into his original form.

Of course it may take a while.

And then there is the Control Arts Seal restriction system. That's just cruel.
>> No. 442015
File 137807170625.gif - (182.86KB , 214x200 , Hey look_ Bullshit is calling.gif )
>> No. 442016
Zuri love, where is you face?
>> No. 442149
File 137817493856.gif - (2.50MB , 318x240 , This is some gooooood shit right here.gif )
>> No. 442153
File 137817534798.gif - (700.83KB , 500x281 , Staph.gif )
We aren't even raging. Like. How is this even entertaining you?
>> No. 442155
File 137817550728.jpg - (103.09KB , 400x400 , I give you naaaaaice dreams.jpg )
Because I have new gifs, and it was funny to watch you argue.
>> No. 442157
File 137817567406.gif - (560.67KB , 292x206 , Well that was stupid.gif )
We...weren't arguing. I was just confused by that character. We are just bouncing ideas off of each other. You have not seen arguing if you think that is arguing.
>> No. 442159
File 137817573014.gif - (510.26KB , 474x379 , Fuck your images, Grin_ This is much better.gif )
Debating, whatever.
>> No. 442161
File 137817590587.gif - (0.96MB , 500x250 , What do you want you cockroach.gif )
>> No. 442165
File 137817652363.gif - (0.96MB , 500x270 , Ever imagine it would end like this.gif )
Guys with college approaching and my work load beginning to grow, I doubt I will be able to even DM the threads, let alone make new ones. I am sad to say but I can't RP anymore. The current thread is at a stand still because I have no idea what to do. Like I don't even know how to RP a Jaeger battle, let alone Drifting or something similar. I'm very sorry my friends but this is it.
>> No. 442166
So...... Is this it?
End of the line?
>> No. 442167
For me. Darth, Sphyre, or Zuri could pick it back up. But all these have an end. I may pick this back up after college but that is a long time away.
>> No. 442168
Well, Grindel. We luv ya, mate.
We'll be sure to make some kind of loophole for you, so you can come back when you're ready.
>> No. 442169
... I'm going to be at College for two and a half fucking years. You really think you dipshits can keep this boat afloat that long? I can't even do it.
>> No. 442171
We can try, and by fucking titjesus on a lionraptor, we're gonna try.
>> No. 442175
File 137817790761.jpg - (86.46KB , 375x523 , image.jpg )




A million times, a million ways.
>> No. 442243
File 137819241456.gif - (345.49KB , 350x218 , 1377790588777.gif )

Pfft. Two and a half years. That's adorable. Regardless, you can find time between classes. It's not like I'm here or have been here 24/7. We have lives. We understand mate.
>> No. 442245
Good luck in college, and come back in-between classes... I think we might not crash and burn. I think.
>> No. 442267
I agree with this douchebaggery.
Though on a more serious note, he is right, Grin. You can probably find time between classes, even if you have to give up DMing.

However, there is a matter to discuss if Grin is leaving quite soon, and that is who shall be appointed DM in his stead? Will we rotate DMs, just to make it a bit different each time?
These are things we need to decide NOW since Grindel is retiring NOW.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 3rd, 2013 10:32

>> No. 442268

I liked the whole rotating system we used to have, it allows for a greater variety of threads.
>> No. 442269
OK, should we all pitch in to finish this thread?
Also, if we're doing rotationary stuffs, we may want to have a skype group chat. That'd be pretty swanky.
>> No. 442270

You kids these days with your Skype group chats.
In my day we used the OOC for everything!
And before that, we didn't even have an OOC board...
>> No. 442271
.......Thank you.
That was exteremely funny.
>> No. 442274
... Well I feel better about my life now.

And we should have a skype chat, it allows more fuckery to happen in a shorter amount of time.
>> No. 442275
Yes. Much dofuckery can happen in a skype chat.

Shall we take a vote as to who will finish this thread, or if everyone will pitch in?
First we need a vote to see which one.
I vote us having a DM.
>> No. 442284
I vote everyone pitch in.
>> No. 442306
File 137825218292.jpg - (86.84KB , 500x660 , image.jpg )

I'd suggest turfing the thread for some of the reasons Grindel mentioned.

How the fuck does one describe drifting, where do we go from here, and we don't enough people for everyone to participate as it is due to the nature of drifting.

Also we can't just have Grin disappear from the thread, this universe we got put in is his creation.

I suggest starting a new thread, we can continue with the Mecha motif, but this thread wouldn't work out.
>> No. 442307

I agree with Sphyre here darling, trust me college won't take up all of your time I'm sure you can find time between classes. I do!
>> No. 442308

Well we could bypass it all directly. Just start a new thread with new ideas. I would have no problem with that.
>> No. 442309

But who would DM?
>> No. 442313
Whoever wants to
>> No. 442334
Aright, that sounds good.
I'd be happy to DM a mech style thread.
It will be fukken silly, and I have some ideas as to how to get rid of Grindel's Celestia, and such, since we don't know how to play her.
>> No. 442335

I wouldn't recommend turning it into gigglefest 2013, and is suggest we wait a day or two to get things organized.
>> No. 442336
Sounds good.
I will be needing a few horrible things that scarred your character in their past.
Email me with 'em.
>> No. 442338

Hold off for bit, we've got serious shit to address.
>> No. 442339
Preparing fan for shit firing.
>> No. 442340
File 137826587767.gif - (945.56KB , 500x715 , LOOK WHAT I CAN DO.gif )
Guys. I understand inbetween classes I can do shit, but I'm still going to find a job. And have work to do. I may pop in every so often but I'm going into coding. That simply does not allow me wiggle from for being distracted.
Also. If you need background characters Darth, you know how to get into touch with me.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 3rd, 2013 20:55

>> No. 442342
File 137826695162.jpg - (42.54KB , 640x327 , image.jpg )

>> No. 442343
Should I give him control of the First Battalion Transvestite Brigade?
Or is he not ready for that much responsibilty?
>> No. 442344
File 137826725492.png - (385.44KB , 1089x734 , live_in_a_hole_by_nicklausofkrieg-d4gcu9q.png )
You appear to be under the disillusion that I do not already command men.
>> No. 442345
No mere guardsmen. But absolutely FAAAABUUUUUULOUUUUUUSSSSSS people.
>> No. 442346
File 137826754761.jpg - (140.92KB , 900x806 , fluttershy__s_victory_by_ketsuzoku-d5ikxuy.jpg )
Who you callin Not Fabulous?
>> No. 442347
File 137826762265.jpg - (25.74KB , 314x471 , I'm the most fucking badass motherfucker here.jpg )
That motherfucker ain't fabulous.
You wanna know who is? This motherfucker.
>> No. 442348
File 137826769443.gif - (0.96MB , 218x162 , What is this bullshit.gif )
>> No. 442349
Well, Comissar fluttershy ain't fabulous. Normal fluttershy i-
Actually, fuck what I just said. That fluttershy is goddamn adorable, and absolutely fabulous.
>> No. 442350
File 137826806816.jpg - (53.59KB , 500x524 , image.jpg )
You want fabulous?
Here's the most fabulous motherfucker ever.


He's got the suave military uniform, a badass beret, and golden hair that puts Duke Nukem's flattop to shame.

He spins revolvers so fast he can swat wasps out of the air, and he's got the best damn hand gesture and catchphrase combination possible.

"You're pretty good."

Bam motherfucker!

Revolver Ocelot.
>> No. 442351
File 137826815810.gif - (969.32KB , 500x426 , I did itr~.gif )
>> No. 442352
File 137826821670.png - (388.59KB , 600x700 , Dahlings, this applies to you.png )
>> No. 442353
File 137826849325.jpg - (70.91KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )
>> No. 442354
File 137826852026.jpg - (56.62KB , 307x497 , image.jpg )
>> No. 442386
You guys just...
Will do.
>> No. 442412
If I am going to continue playing, It's not going to be with Grindel. The character has no where left to go.
So here's the sending away song for Grindel
>> No. 442415
>No more Grindel.
Oh fuck no.
>> No. 442416
File 137835287669.jpg - (6.08KB , 125x95 , image.jpg )
>> No. 442417
File 137835293928.png - (3.54KB , 323x300 , Fuck off.png )
Pardon me for not wanting to play an immortal character. My bad.
>> No. 442418
It's not that, it's the fact that he is one of the only characters who has a form of 'quit fucking around and do shit' in his head.
>> No. 442419
But I'm tired of playing a dark Guardsman that's supposed to never feel any form emotion except extreme rage.
>> No. 442420
Didn't think of it like that... In that case, carry on, I guess.
>> No. 442422

But that's why we love him, we've got characters on every end of the spectrum.

Without Grindel, who keeps Darth in line?
>> No. 442423
I don't know. But I hate him. He's boring to me. He's literally just a tiny ball of angst held together with the weakest of links to reality.
>> No. 442424
>We travel dimensions.
>Make him a less angry person through the jump...?
>> No. 442425
File 137835398219.gif - (364.23KB , 245x184 , You know a little dark.gif )
I can't. I just....I feel bad every time I change him.
>> No. 442426

Fair enough.
>> No. 442427
Well, I guess that makes sense. I'll just wish you luck on creating a new character that is as awesome as Grindel, and less angry.
>> No. 442433
File 137836143650.jpg - (152.72KB , 1359x436 , image.jpg )
Why is Kamiya such a great guy?

Tells casuals to suck it up and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 442454
Welp, I'll miss the fucker.
Will Taldir still be there?
>> No. 442455

I can see how you don't want to play him anymore, but damn I'm gonna miss that fucker, a lot.
>> No. 442466
Taldir isn't going to be there.
>> No. 442470
File 137841329028.gif - (490.70KB , 500x240 , I've got spurs___.gif )

May his future travels be fair, and the dimensions not rip him apart and use him as a terrible sex toy. However, come up with a new character man. If I could or had the time, I'd probably play a new character every week.
>> No. 442509
File 137843050409.jpg - (24.58KB , 486x161 , image.jpg )
GTA V has regenerating health.

Welp, time to curl up and cry.
>> No. 442517
Didn't GTAIV have regenerating health?
>> No. 442518
"And there, in the middle of the road, shined a shiny demon."
Best line in any piece of music or anything ever.
>> No. 442519

Just no.

The greatest line in any song ever is most definitely
"All around the world people know who I am, even in the Chinese countries like Japan."
>> No. 442520
That was a really good line.
>> No. 442521

Shiny demons...
Is that song about Pokémon or some shit?
>> No. 442523
It's a tribute to the Best song in the world.
A shiny Demon made them sing the best song in the world, which they forgot, and thus made a tribute.
>> No. 442544

But this is the best song in the world
>> No. 442552
You obviously are both wrong.
>> No. 442558
File 137843963509.jpg - (43.92KB , 400x299 , image.jpg )

No, you are wrong.

It's quite literally the best song ever made in the world.
That was the title for crying out loud.
>> No. 442559
File 137844043436.gif - (38.58KB , 267x283 , You serious sauce now mother fucker.gif )
>> No. 442563
I just remembered.
That was the song played at my grandpa's memorial.

That was 2 months ago.
>> No. 442568

"Other songs are good, even some are really good, but they're not the best song ever made in the world."
>> No. 442570

Sucks to hear that...

On the other hand, I've already hand picked the songs I want played at my funeral.
I tried to inject my own sense of humour into the list.
>> No. 442572
Yeah, it sort of does suck...

Heh, I'd imagine the playlist would be good.
>> No. 442631
Do want.
>> No. 442636
File 137848689809.gif - (1.07MB , 320x240 , 1377818457192.gif )
See, the problem is, you all failed to truely find the best song in the world. SING IT WITH ME! SING IT LOUD AND SING IT PROUD!
>> No. 442657
File 137850840622.jpg - (76.45KB , 400x582 , image.jpg )

No no, you posted the wrong link.
>> No. 442702
File 137852767732.gif - (974.83KB , 320x240 , Oh my that came out of nowhere.gif )
Obviously, you've never seen this.
>> No. 442706
File 137853026663.gif - (746.54KB , 320x240 , Shiggy Miggy_What the fuck.gif )
>> No. 442708
File 137853310293.jpg - (129.99KB , 640x645 , Kojima about the snakes.jpg )
>Says Snake wasn't/isn't a real person
>"His emotions weren't real."
>Can't into genetics
>Constantly retcons games until everything in the original is no longer canon
>MGS V will have slow-mo executions and health regen
>More Big Boss dick riding

w-why Kojima?
Are you trying to hurt me? Why must you shit all over Snake like this?
>> No. 442709
File 137853325883.gif - (711.53KB , 283x152 , Ain't having that sahit.gif )
Because He made the series so HE can do whatever the fuck he wants with the canon and characters. God, stop getting attached to these characters. Their just code when you think about it. Nothing but code on a screen.
>> No. 442710

>Says the guy who got emotional at FUCKING BIOSHOCK INFINITE!
>> No. 442712
File 137853376843.gif - (497.99KB , 500x201 , All it takes is a little push.gif )
Did...did someone just get their jimmies rustled? ;33. Oh and pardon me for getting into the story of a game I found rather interesting on how it dealt with multiverse theory and inter dimensional travel. I truly apoligize that I choose that game rather than the one about a guy fighting another guy who's in a giant fucking robot. Or the game about the guy fighting the guy who had like 3 giant robots. Or the game about a guy in the woods. Or a game about a guy fighting against NANOMACHINESSSSSSSSS WITH ID LOCKED GUNS!
>> No. 442714
File 137853473586.jpg - (118.34KB , 433x500 , image.jpg )

Yeah that makes perfect sense I should stop caring and enjoying a series that actually makes you take an introspective look at human nature and the effects of war simply because it's not a poorly written script about a terribly misinformed version of multiverse theory simply because you don't like it.

Right and you can get emotional over a poorly written character and a poorly written script but when I get a little upset because a character I grew up with, and happen to find very well-written and well faceted as a human character happens to get shit on by its creator I'm in the wrong.

So yeah My jimmies are rustled because the character that actually made me think and actually made me feel for the first time in a video game series is being shit on.
But it's not up poorly written game about a very bad misinterpretation of multiverse theory. So I don't have a right to feel about it simply because you don't like it.

Essentially you're telling me that I'm not allowed to like Solid Snake because he's not real, but you can feel bad for Booker simply because you liked Biosuck Infishit.

Get fucked.
>> No. 442715
File 137853481016.gif - (889.27KB , 245x153 , YOU DID THE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!.gif )
>> No. 442716

Yes, I'm in a rather sorry mood considering the thing that actually specked my interests in politics was shit on not too long ago.
>> No. 442717
File 137853546632.gif - (453.64KB , 250x188 , Shame cube.gif )
Pardon me friend. I did not mean to cause this much trouble in your life as of late. Please accept my apologies.
>> No. 442718
File 137853586995.jpg - (55.25KB , 402x402 , image.jpg )

I only hold hard feelings against 2 people on this earth.
Unless your name is "Clifford Olsen," or "Pierre Trudeau" you have no reason to apologize.
>> No. 442812
File 137860752801.png - (11.71KB , 1184x1163 , Lurk.png )
>> No. 442820

I'm done.

I can't handle this much stupid.
>> No. 442826
I can't watch it at the moment.
Could you sum it up for me?
>> No. 442827
File 137861005597.jpg - (40.53KB , 680x383 , Urhhhh.jpg )
>> No. 442829
File 137861031393.jpg - (200.49KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )

Child protective services telling a father that's concerned about his daughter's health that he isn't allowed to be concerned about his daughter's health.
>> No. 442834
Wait, what the fuck?
Was there a reason, or were they just being retarded for the fun of it?
>> No. 442843

The guy's ex wife complained after her daughter told her that "Daddy is concerned about me."

So CPS stepped in to ruin the day!
>> No. 442847
DA DA DA DA!!!!!!!

CPS: Wasting government time and money.
To do fuckall, generally.
>> No. 442850
>Watching the video.
Dear shit, the dad is stubborn (to a good degree) and that lady is being an ASS.
>> No. 442851

Under the circumstances, I'd be stubborn too.
>> No. 442852
>0 calorie soda with no caffeine.

"You're giving your child caffeine with those no caffeine sodas."
>> No. 442853
>> No. 442857
I probably would also. But, to be honest, I'm not surprised this happened.
It's something the girl interviewing the guy said.
>> No. 442858
Ah, OK.
Well, that's fucking stupid.
>> No. 442859
Yes it is.

But the chemicals in the soda DO give some nasty stuff to you.

Like things that cause cancer in kids!
>> No. 442861
Why, of course!
Soda and Candy are murdering our children! They take nucular weapons and machine guns and anti christian beliefs and video games as training, and kill our children dead!
We have to do something fast, before Call of Duty kills our nation!
>> No. 442862

You're opening up a whole 'nother can of worms.
>> No. 442863

God I love Red Alert's soundtrack.

Pity RA 3 was so shitty.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 7th, 2013 21:26

>> No. 442864
All I remember about Red Alert were soviet brain squids and someone who looked like Lara Croft.
Oh, and tesla coils used as turrets, and various other fucking stupid soviet units/buildings.
>> No. 442866
Eh. It was alright.It tried something new that didn't work out.
>> No. 442869

It wasn't that it tried something new, it was that they limited the game because Consoles couldn't handle the game.

The maps were too small, the units were too large, the maximum number of players was lowered, and super weapons weren't allowed to be disabled.

The soundtrack was largely recycled from RA 2, and most of the female characters were turned into sex objects.
>> No. 442870
Like I said. It was ok. I'm not going to play it again, but it wasn't....awful.
>> No. 442871

It wasn't god awful, but It wasn't C&C.

After playing RA 2 for years, I just couldn't play RA 3. It was too dumbed down.
>> No. 442877

It was good, massive departure from the C&C formula though.
>> No. 442878
The Angry Mobs were so overpowered once you got the upgrade for them. They'd just tear through infantry like it was their goddamn birthright.
Shit against tanks, but, well, that's what scud trucks are for.
>> No. 442879
File 137861602816.jpg - (159.82KB , 610x547 , Desolator.jpg )

Desolators are my favourite unit in all of C&C.

>> No. 442880
All I remember was the shitty CnC game(I think it was five or four) where they removed all base building, and you got one thing that transformed and walked and that kind of bullshit.
I have never before destroyed a CD intentionally.
This time I put it through a shredder.
>> No. 442881

You've done God's work
>> No. 442882
Yeah, it didn't end well for the shredder.
Just to be sure, as well, I then burnt what was left of the cd, and then smashed it into specks of ash using a Nalgene water bottle.
Nalgene can break through the devil, kids. Nalgene is magic.
>> No. 442888
File 137861770175.jpg - (82.59KB , 688x387 , Secret of the Kong Dong.jpg )

This pleases me greatly, but some where deep inside, it frightens me a good deal.
>> No. 442890
>oh god what the fuck why would you post that
>> No. 442893

Because if you know the song, it's even worse.
>> No. 442894
I feel like I shouldn't ask for a link to the song, but I will.
>> No. 442896

I do hope you don't mind a wee bit of innuendo.
>> No. 442897

I don't see anything wrong with this...
Catchy tune though.
>> No. 442898
Oh, a do like a large amount of innuendo, especially when it pulses and throbs throughout the song.
>> No. 442900

Other than the fact they appear to be Loli's?


And son, there is innuendo, and there is beating someone over the head with it. Beating someone with it isn't innuendo, that's sexual assault.
>> No. 442901

They seem more like Moeshits to me.
>> No. 442908
>> No. 442911
File 137861961013.gif - (122.18KB , 407x324 , 1376443613480.gif )

Regardless. Mrw.
>> No. 442912
Bad touch isn't even that bad in terms of sexual content.

Not when compared to Doctor Dick anyways...
>> No. 442915

No. No it's not in comparison to that atrocity.
>> No. 442917
What are those?
>> No. 442921

Nothing you want to know about.
>> No. 442923

Have fun. But don't say I didn't warn you.
>> No. 442924
File 137862068526.jpg - (34.00KB , 400x400 , image.jpg )

All those colours...
>> No. 442926
File 137862104195.gif - (375.70KB , 202x175 , 3cd.gif )
>> No. 442932
File 137862140230.jpg - (35.58KB , 319x378 , image.jpg )
>> No. 442935
File 137862163013.gif - (325.91KB , 640x360 , Russian dancing men.gif )
>> No. 442936
Just did a bit of reading...

EA intends to tie all the Command & Conquer universes together with Generals 2.

How the fuck will they pull that off?!

RA and the Tiberium universes both begin depending on the outcome of RA 1. Generals is its own thing based more on modern day.

This is it.
They intend to take C&C to the depths of hell...

Somebody hold me...
>> No. 442937
File 137862240849.jpg - (27.57KB , 284x253 , 1364062980708.jpg )

I feel your pain darth. I do. I really do. But lets look on the bright side of things. It had a good run, and we it had it's moments like the cheesy live action cut scenes, Emperor tank rushes, Armored Russian War Bears and Psychic Giant squid. It will long go down in the halls of history as series revered for mostly intelligent game play and one of the longest runs ever. But alas, all good things must come to an end. I remember that feeling when Tib 3 came out, and the dread with tib 4. The elation of winning my first generals match, and then getting my ass handed to me in zero hour. Good times.
>> No. 442938

I just wish it didn't have to end like this...

Rest in peace Command and Conquer.
May your rubber shoes forever remain in motion.
>> No. 442952
File 137862480076.jpg - (30.77KB , 500x375 , Set phasers to faboulsu.jpg )
You have to admit Darth. George Takei was one of the few good things to come out of RA3.
>> No. 442953

Yeah, he was pretty great.
But why did his character's son have an American accent?
George and the woman both tried a Japanese accent.
It seemed weird.
>> No. 442956
... George...doesn't have a Japanese accent already? I thought he already had one.
>> No. 442958

No, the accent was put on.
>> No. 442960

I detect no Japanese accent here.
>> No. 443018
It loses it's ridiculousness after the third time.
>> No. 443044
OH GOD WHY!?!?!?!
>> No. 443051
File 137868807229.gif - (446.88KB , 500x297 , To defeat The Tzeench.gif )
Aright Pawns.
Let's get down to buisness!
To get my
Setting notes out!
Why don't we get together
Tomorrow on skype at maybe 3pm, EST!
Cause then we can
Start the next thread
And you haven't got a clue
How hardcore
This shits go
ing to be.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 8th, 2013 17:57

>> No. 443052
File 137868823426.jpg - (10.23KB , 108x180 , image.jpg )

4/10 for the song attempt.
>> No. 443054
File 137869012614.jpg - (36.98KB , 625x477 , And yo wife, and yo keeds.jpg )
In all seriousnesss, however, how does a skypecall at 3pm Eastern Standard Time sound?
>> No. 443055
....But we all don't have each other's skypes
>> No. 443056
This is true.
Which is why I would need people's skype's.
>> No. 443058
Reading up on Eternal Crusade.
It actually sounds pretty sweet.

>Eldar, Chaos, Space Marines & Orks are the starting factions
>Orks will be F2P
>Buying the game gets you full access to all factions plus the better Ork classes
>The game is a PvP based TPS
>Tyranids will be the PvE element that devs will use to help balance PvP
>Each faction is supposed to have its own strategies in achieving objectives, aka Orks zerg, Eldar stealth, etc.
>There will be social ranks you can earn through player votes
>Following the orders of higher ranking players nets you bonus experience
>Each side will have a war council comprised of the ten highest ranking players
>The war council sets objectives for their faction
>The war council can assign a player as a "hero" giving them special abilities
>The abilities of a hero are limited but have massive effects that can change the course of a battle
>You start on one planet and after one side wins you move on to the next planet
>Dark Angels, Ultrasmurfs, Space Wolves & Blood Angels are the starting SM Chapters
>Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, Deathskulls and Goffs are startgin Ork Klans
>There will be a fifth chapter voted in by the community at some point in the future
>Other factions will be added in after launch

If it turns out well I might buy it.
>> No. 443060
File 137870986733.png - (302.00KB , 900x771 , commission__medic_vinyl_scratch_by_empty_10-d4vhy8n.png )
You guys shouldjmm venture out of rp sometime and post on /oat/,it's really fun
>> No. 443061
File 137871013452.jpg - (60.46KB , 630x443 , image.jpg )

I lost all my Skeletor pics...
Otherwise I would.
>> No. 443062
File 137871021784.gif - (598.74KB , 460x258 , Well that's a shit storm if I ever saw oe.gif )
How about I don't and just say I did.
>> No. 443063
File 137871050219.png - (58.07KB , 250x224 , 177514__safe_pinkie-pie_reaction-image_rape-face_png.png )

Woah phone wut the fuck are you doin thar
How bout you do and say you didn't?
>> No. 443064
File 137871054125.gif - (0.98MB , 500x280 , Oh hey___ 3d gifs.gif )
>> No. 443065
File 137871079811.jpg - (49.76KB , 450x571 , harry-potter-meme-snape.jpg )
>can't tell if from FMA or 40k animation

Either way I just had a sad from FMA memories

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 00:13

>> No. 443066
Hey Sphyre, what would you do to me if I made a necron Immortal my next character?
>> No. 443080
How many can I get today at 3pm EST?
>> No. 443081
Pardon me but I'm asking Sphyre about characters.
>> No. 443085
Yes, but we can't start the next thread before I run the setting past people, so I need to do that asap. And the best way I can describe this is through the use of voicing.
>> No. 443092
File 137874828689.gif - (619.39KB , 307x240 , 1373379246013.gif )

Doesn't want to play an Immortal guardsman any more.

Chooses to play a technically Immortal space zombie Egyptian terminator.


Let me put it simply for you. Sphyre would probably not do much, probably see you as an extraordinarily strange automaton and see you as a curiosity. Myself, You crawl out of the ground and I'll have to post in in the next image.
>> No. 443093
File 137874851938.gif - (2.00MB , 351x263 , 1378488407551.gif )

I will make one of these the size of a continent pop up right beneath you and suck you into it's cavernous maw. You will be ground down to dust, and your soul rended for an eternity as you are reformed and destroyed every hour of every day.
You're character will appear, and with an earth shattering snap, will disappear into the great maw of the destroyer as the world crumbles around you.

You. Will. Not. Survive.
>> No. 443094
File 137874868601.jpg - (154.03KB , 885x902 , necron_immortal_by_lordmelfist-d2xok3y.jpg )
I don't want to play an angst filled immortal warrior that is broken. It's not the immortal part I have problems with, it's his emotional stability. An Immortal would offer a different style of play. Rather than using emotion, I would have to test myself by acting cold and unfeeling. Not caring about others feelings and speaking only the truth. Deciding that other's feelings are not as important as the mission being completed. Pardon me Sphyre but this is the Grindel's opposite. Grindel focused on emotions over facts. He would not act like his commanders and send thousands to their deaths. The Immortal would not care. I don't think you understand why I gave up Grindel. It wasn't because he was Immortal, it was because he was so broken, I could do nothing with him. I could no longer tape back the pieces of his sanity, no longer repair the injuries to his personality and mind. He is broken and the only thing keeping him together was sheer force of will and now, even that is gone. My character is emotionally destroyed and possibly insane, pardon me for no longer wanting to play him and instead wanting to play something soulless.
>MFW you dare suggest I want to play another Grindel.
>> No. 443095
File 137874981790.jpg - (56.17KB , 658x799 , 415615_md-Conversion, Necrons, Obyron, Vaargard, Vargaard.jpg )

Every Necron has a soul. It's why they fight. They want to return to their fleshed form, and be lifted from this curse they are forced to bare. They aren't as emotionally broke, but they still have character and emotions. They still feel in a sense, and they still have a personal and racial drive to return to life from this absolutely brutal form of un death. Now this is based off newcron lore. The old ways did have them as Space Terminators, no soul, no emotion, only service to the star gods.

Want to play a souless character? Let me list some that would work better.

Men of Iron

A scientific A.I.

An unbound/bound Warjack (I personally lean towards this, for both style and character reasons)

A Mind Stapled person (Mind Stapling is the process of essentially turning someone into a non mechanical servitor or forcing them to submit to something/someones will. Great for parties)

But the biggest issue I have, is souless characters get boring incredibly quickly. To play a character with no humanity or personality is extraordinarily annoying.
>> No. 443096
But here's the thing, Necron warriors don't have souls. They have some mockery of souls. Immortals souls only let them have memories of military shit. The lore said that they can hold conversations, but Necrons don't have true souls. The Ctan ate the souls, they just have fragments or pieces of souls. So yes I would be playing a souless character.
>> No. 443097

A fragment of a soul. Still part of their soul. Regardless, I would not suggest this, as if you're anything like me, having a character with no soul or personality will get boring incredibly quick. Makes a great one off, maybe two off character, but after that not really. I can't stop you from playing it if you really, really want to, but I really don't see him working well.
>> No. 443099
I'm playing him as an emissary from a tomb world. The master program killed off the leaders and feels that converting races into the necrons would be much smarter than all out war. Every necron from the tomb world was reprogrammed to have a higher ability to negotiate and form some form of friendship would be the best way to describe it. They were programmed to read body language and facial expressions. It has learned to calculate it's use of phrases in order to please what ever country or planet it visits. It was given a gun but told only to use it if and only if it was threatened and would not be able to continue it's mission. I'm playing it less as a cold heartless monster but more like something that calculates it's responses in order to achieve the best result. It just comes off cold and unfeeling because honestly, it looks cold and unfeeling. But it makes the most to replicate emotion.
>> No. 443100
File 137875163619.png - (1.10MB , 800x799 , 432160_md-Alternative Head, Conversion, Cryptek, Illuminor Szeras.png )

Better. Makes sense as a synthetic race, not so much as a Necron.
>> No. 443101
Yes but how many synthetics do you know of in the Warhammer universe? Because really, necrons come the closest. And hey, it's not unheard of for the master programs of the tomb worlds to glitch up. After having existed for so long, you can't expect them to be perfect.
>> No. 443103

Yeah, but necron Ideology usually doesn't do the whole "convert to necron" thing. It's usually "how the fuck do I stop being a necron" thing.
>> No. 443104
Yeah. But again if a master program takes over, you really can't predict how the necrons will act. One tomb world now sends entire legions of immortals off in a random fucking direction because the master program fucked up. Plus, if the master program really took over it would want an influx of new necrons that the other dynasty's have never seen.
>> No. 443105

Ahhhh....Good old Necron Roulette. Never fails to make me laugh like a fool. I'd say the idea is sound, just wouldn't work for a necron. I mean seriously man, You have a million other options to play than you're conversion obsessed necron. Like I said, I can't stop you, but that doesn't mean I have to exactly like it.
>> No. 443106
Hey, it's something new. I know necrons much better than anything else which means I don't have to do much research unlike other things. It also allows me to be a bit more comfortable because I feel that Grindel was not ever close to an introvert while this character would be something a bit closer. It would also allow me the opportunity to play a character that wishes for peace rather than war and wishes not to kill.
>> No. 443107

Fine. Only because I know you're going to keep trying to convince me until you win.
>> No. 443108
File 137875601573.gif - (395.49KB , 160x160 , If only.gif )
>> No. 443109

But seriously man, You can keep the idea. I don't mind you being a space robot missionary. That I could care less about. It's the fact you want to play that as a necron is whats making me cross about it. Seriously, you could run it as some other race of your own choosing who totally aren't necrons but really are.
>> No. 443110
File 137875657883.gif - (147.42KB , 390x324 , unching intseifies.gif )
So basically your problem is less to do with the character and more to do with the species of the's not a necron...but we all know it's a necron and we might as well call it that.
>> No. 443111
File 137875740954.png - (29.14KB , 260x200 , Everyone!.png )

It just leaves a funny taste in my mouth. And not the funny I'm comfortable with. It's like blowing a clown yeah? Kinda rubbery, kinda salty, and all together not the worst thing but still unpleasant.

You could literally walk up to me with the idea to play a super intelligent otter with the desire to be turned into an intelligence inside a humanoid robot body and gets off to the idea of the queen of England bent over a cactus and I could care less, but the moment you say it wants to become a necron, that's where I draw the line. I have this funny thing with canon ideas and concepts, I don't fuck with them. They're there because they work, and I like to leave them like that.
>> No. 443112
Fine it's an unknown robot type thing that looks like a necron Immortal but is not a necron.
>> No. 443114
File 137875780000.gif - (652.34KB , 300x169 , 179644.gif )

C-could you come up with something with a modicum of originality please? Please? I'm asking you nicely. I just want constructive additions to this. I don't want cut and paste with a different color. Then it all just turns into a mess of that.
>> No. 443117
Really the only reason it looks similar to a necron is because the art I found is Necron art and that's it. I mean when I post the character sheet I'm going to describe it as something different. I just knew you knew what an immortal looked like so it would be a good start for making the character and pitching it to you. It ain't going to be exactly looking like an Immortal but it will have similar aspects, like the look of the gun and the spine.
>> No. 443118
File 137875821065.gif - (0.98MB , 260x188 , 1378145676897.gif )

...Then why did you say it was a necron Immortal!? WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY IT LOOKED LIKE ONE!?
>> No. 443119
File 137875827468.gif - (598.74KB , 460x258 , Well that's a shit storm if I ever saw oe.gif )
I dunno. My brain is stupid like that.
>> No. 443120
File 137875856784.jpg - (110.44KB , 492x654 , 1368477955758.jpg )

Just to say it, I'm nowhere near as mad as that Gif Indicates. I'm actually not even mad. Slightly annoyed yes, but not mad.
>> No. 443135
I wanna play a necron...
>> No. 443136
File 137877191011.jpg - (95.39KB , 800x754 , 335224_md-Humor, Necron Lord, Necrons, Panties, Pervert, Trayzn, Troll.jpg )


I know exactly what you will do and you don't get the chance to do that.
>> No. 443141
I'm retiring Ophellum temporarily and bringing back Morari.
Fuck. Your. Shit.
>> No. 443142
File 137877420959.gif - (1.67MB , 320x240 , pimpmarine.gif )
deal with it Sphy
>> No. 443144
File 137877428301.gif - (2.89MB , 320x180 , 1378195397143.gif )

I'll deal with it Like Coop wants to deal with the DMV.
>> No. 443152
File 137878231250.jpg - (113.75KB , 500x383 , Bard.jpg )
Subject: The Bard.
Race: Unknown, some metallic creature.
Purpose: To spread the word of the machine and to gain favor of the less evolved races.
Description: A skeleton standing around 6 feet tall, the shoulder blades have been formed to protect the spine and allow it to forgo the usual armor that most lesser races would require. Body structure is that similar to the species known through the universe as Human. This allows it to be more welcomed despite it's appearance of being a living skeleton. The amount of information contained in his 'brain' is staggering. He has the ability to read people deeper than even the most experienced interpreters and diplomats. The rifle he carries is rarely used but expertly kept in perfect condition, in the event of danger he will take action but only as a last resort. He will attempt to make peace with those attacking him.
>> No. 443171
File 137879160391.jpg - (10.23KB , 108x180 , image.jpg )

I like it.
>> No. 443172
What is that bear from
Nevermind, found what I was looking for.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 22:53

>> No. 443181
File 137884426515.jpg - (51.00KB , 359x305 , tumblr_mn1hme0aBH1s9iquno1_400.jpg )
I like.
>> No. 443183
Seems interesting.
>> No. 443208
File 137887556881.jpg - (58.90KB , 235x480 , image.jpg )
That feel when Megaman beat Charizard in a Gamefaqs poll by 20 votes.

Pity Reddit is spamming Draven against Mewtwo.
>> No. 443210
File 137887918413.gif - (1.00MB , 236x255 , I made my escape using parkour.gif )
And he shall evade conflict in the most fabulous manner. PARKOUR

[hint, I'm not serious with this.]
>> No. 443212
File 137888056172.jpg - (71.69KB , 600x450 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443213
File 137888075283.gif - (1.33MB , 400x240 , Pet the doeg.gif )
I had to do it.
>> No. 443214

>Petting an inferior Shiba Inu.
>Not a glorious Rottweiler.

Ich hoffe, euch ernsthaft tun dies nicht.
>> No. 443222
>[hint, I'm not serious with this.]
Damn it, and here I was hoping you would do... Something awesome looking.
>> No. 443340
File 137901194767.png - (6.92KB , 401x278 , Got a problem, motherfucker.png )
Homestuck is awesome,
>> No. 443347
>> No. 443348
I have been inducted.
>> No. 443362
File 137902965021.jpg - (64.47KB , 629x465 , image.jpg )

Well then...
>> No. 443364
Calm your tits, I'm not going to make the references.
I just figured I'd mention it because of other people who like it.
>> No. 443369
I am glad.

So very glad.
Hush you, I highly doubt he'll be Grindel and post pics of Homestuck everywhere.
>> No. 443371
File 137903571310.gif - (183.81KB , 500x313 , Ahh man thats not cool.gif )
I have yet to do that.
>> No. 443373
File 137903585473.png - (5.42KB , 304x356 , Mother Fucking Miracles.png )
>Nope totally didn't just happen not.
>> No. 443376
File 137903614915.png - (127.24KB , 500x370 , Dreams of Equality.png )
I have no idea what you are talking about.
>> No. 443379
YeP. lEt'S gO wItH tHaT.
>HONK! :0)
>> No. 443380
File 137903714532.gif - (19.78KB , 300x186 , Not even wasting words on you.gif )
>> No. 443382
Heh, you just did.
>> No. 443389
File 137904077779.gif - (222.54KB , 249x200 , Well yes I am aware.gif )
>> No. 443390
File 137904550051.jpg - (21.46KB , 400x212 , What is happening.jpg )
>listening to homestuck
>girl arguing with her dead grandpa
>math syllidex that doesn't make sense
>psychoanalyzing a cat
>fighting giant imps on the roof of your house with the ghost of your dead nanna
>whatever the fuck happened with the vagabond
>> No. 443391
File 137904604335.gif - (1.34MB , 260x195 , Wow.gif )
...Are you really only on act 3...or was that Act 4? I think it was 3. Damn you haven't even seen the trolls yet.
>> No. 443396
File 137904631303.gif - (493.89KB , 500x229 , IT'S SO JIGGLY.gif )
Yep. It's awesome. Makes fuckall sense, but is awesome.
>also, dat gif
>> No. 443406
File 137904785060.gif - (26.37KB , 500x500 , HEHEHEHEHEHE.gif )

It's homestuck what did you honestly expect.
>> No. 443408
File 137904794811.gif - (440.07KB , 250x208 , VICTORY.gif )
I know. He just doesn't seem to get. Wait till he gets to act 4. God that will make him shit his brain out.
>> No. 443411
File 137904801259.jpg - (21.46KB , 400x212 , What is happening.jpg )
>> No. 443413
File 137904824999.png - (355.58KB , 735x620 , tumblr_mrx9dnYLGx1rmzv8mo1_1280.png )

Hello there :D


I reread Homestuck a while ago and let me tell you so much shit makes sense in terms of what's going to happen later I didn't even realize it.

Some of it is the subtlest fucking hints I swear to Christ but they're there.
>> No. 443414
>> No. 443418
File 137904867892.png - (694.93KB , 960x720 , its a fucking apocolypse of perky proboscis in here.png )


M i sseD?!

I whergehblugh

DoEs not comp utE


Anyways what's up dude I see you're reading Homestuck which is always a good thing yes good thing don't question it no you should not pay attention to the man slowly rubbing your face with a Smuppet what are you even talking about there is no man shhh no tears only felt puppet wang now

it'll all be over soon
>> No. 443419
File 137904894069.png - (6.92KB , 401x278 , I am the law.png )
>oh god
Nothing much. As expected, Zombie Hunters fell apart the day after you let(literally).
I decided after being a dick back in the equestria divided thing, to come back and not be a dick!
And then I failed.
But then I tried again! And I succeeded!
>> No. 443420
File 137905111766.jpg - (213.99KB , 900x1064 , image.jpg )
>All this homestuck...

>> No. 443421
File 137905117836.gif - (499.98KB , 245x180 , Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present [drum rollllll] MAN NOT CARING.gif )
>> No. 443422
File 137905131401.gif - (185.53KB , 216x216 , tumblr_mlhwx5DIhO1qispauo1_250.gif )

Awesome sauce. And heehehehe I figured as much as far as Zombie Hunters goes.

By the way you are aware that I run a zombie canon now, yes?


Love you Darrrttthhhhh
>> No. 443423
File 137905174721.jpg - (46.81KB , 700x479 , image.jpg )

>> No. 443424
File 137905448823.gif - (368.22KB , 500x319 , The next two owrds out of your mouth.gif )
>> No. 443425
File 137905474490.jpg - (76.45KB , 400x582 , image.jpg )

Desu ne
>> No. 443426
File 137905477129.jpg - (8.89KB , 203x205 , damara sprite.jpg )

you know who you would get along with?
>> No. 443427
File 137905529588.jpg - (82.79KB , 804x772 , image.jpg )

>> No. 443432
File 137905570698.png - (190.51KB , 797x1002 , damara_guuuuurl_by_irkenxandra-d5vs9nv.png )

No literally I mean the troll in the picture.

She speaks in Japanese.

Jus' like you

's uncanny how similar you two are

You're both on the internet.
You both speak in Japanese sometimes
You both wear schoolgirl uniforms

You're practically the same person.
>> No. 443433
File 137905663284.jpg - (121.51KB , 1088x612 , image.jpg )

Jokes on you, I only wear sailor girl uniforms!
>> No. 443435
File 137909156977.gif - (312.75KB , 480x346 , PASTRY OR EXTIRMINATION?.gif )
Ooooooh, I wasn't.
That sounds like fun, can I have a link?
Also, are you perhaps planning to return to Pawns, cause that would be awesome.
PS: I loved that Zombie game you ran for me and Blackjack. Fukken awesome.
>> No. 443443
File 137910342130.gif - (947.63KB , 380x558 , tumblr_mnrtkkHevr1qz8u81o1_400.gif )

It's Trotting Dead. You see it often on the OOC board and on the RP boards, but I'll post a link to the OOC anyways so you can read up if'n you do wish to join.

gomen about quasi-advertising my stuff in your thread grindel but i actually don't care :3
>> No. 443445
File 137910697003.gif - (46.04KB , 115x172 , How could you say such a thing.gif )
I really don't care seeing as how my character is basically inactive right now. I guess I can put this as my resignation from the canon due to my lack of interest in continuing with the character. If you want, I could make this more official by posting it in the TD OOC.
>> No. 443446
File 137910721168.png - (62.09KB , 400x300 , EXTREME FROWN.png )


Well if that's your prerogative I guess.

Honestly I don't know why you didn't talk with more characters, or at least put him into situations. But whatever. C'est la vie.
>> No. 443447
File 137910736362.gif - (1.01MB , 350x197 , Excuse me sir.gif )
I dislike rping as a pony. I can't get my head around that and it makes me dislike posting. I came in very late story wise and could not catch up because I kept getting distracted. I'm sorry to say but basically I lost track of where the story was.
>> No. 443474
You want to rejoin us here?
I think it'd be fun to have you around.
>> No. 443480

eeeeennope I have university stuff to worry about two threads is plenty for me to be involved in.

Not that I dislike Pawns I just can't see myself getting into it again with what I got going down in real life you feel me.
>> No. 443481
Do you want some Eddie Izzard gifs?
>> No. 443494
File 137912632315.png - (11.71KB , 1184x1163 , Lurk.png )
Oh, I looked at your cannon. It seemed pretty cool.
>> No. 443833
File 137922541912.jpg - (33.83KB , 390x390 , image.jpg )
I'm getting reeeeaaal tired of Quebec's bullshit.
Fuckers are litterally ignoring the fucking Canadian constitution.
>> No. 443867
>> No. 443868

Well, Quebec despite its francophone population also has a great deal of Muslim/Jewish/Sikh/Protestant people living there.

The constitution of Canada guarantees the right to freely and openly practice the religion of your choice with no repercussions so long as you practising your religion doesn't hurt anyone.

However Quebec just passed a law that makes it Illegal for persons within public sector jobs to wear anything religious in nature.

So a Sikh man is no longer allowed to wear a turban, Muslims can no longer wear their various types of garb, cristians can't wear cross necklaces, etcetera.

On top of that Canada is officially a bilingual country. Our two official languages are English and French.

This means all our packaging is in French and English, and all government, law enforcement, and emergency response teams must offer service in both languages.

Quebec however is passing a bill that will make it illegal for any buisiness, government official, transit operator, or emergency response worker to use English while working UNLESS the area they are working in has a 50% or higher anglophone population.

So four or five cities/towns in Quebec still get service in both languages. Any where else you're fucked.

I really fucking hate Quebec....
>> No. 443869
Wow, they are fucking shitheads.
Shall we go a-stabbin'?
>> No. 443937
File 137929996679.jpg - (46.71KB , 552x506 , image.jpg )
Interesting spot of international news.

Japan just passed some legislation to "Clean Up" the Akihibara district for the influx of tourists for the 2020 Olympics.

The legislation is essentially going to remove the districts's infamous amounts of sexual material, so adverts, and posters for ecchi, hentai, and eroge materials will be taken down.

On top of that they intend to make possession and viewing of Lolicon illegal.

If anything the removal of Lolicon is a good thing, however gentrifying the Akihibara district is a tad unnerving.

The most frightening aspect however is that the governments also passed legislation aimed at censoring Anime and Manga.

They say they wish to censor or remove content that is harmful to society, or overly sexual in nature.

The scary part is how vague they left it. "Harmful to society". Considering the extremely conservative nature of Japan's current government I'd expect a lot of things to meet that qualification.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 15th, 2013 19:53

>> No. 443938
File 137930009593.gif - (737.83KB , 322x253 , Yrah okay.gif )
>> No. 443942
File 137930084501.jpg - (21.89KB , 945x945 , pinkie shrug.jpg )

Lolicon, fine get rid of that. It's essentially child pornography is it not? That I don't have a problem with.

But, "Harmful to society" makes me frown a bit. Seems as thought governments all over the world are up to some shitty business.
>> No. 443945
File 137930138641.jpg - (105.07KB , 720x622 , image.jpg )

I don't give two shots about them purging Lolicon, but they have a fucking committee that designates what anime and Manga requires censorship.

I don't see anything other than Moeshit surviving.

Also, it's not limited to just Anime and manga, games and digital media are subject to this as well.

And with many things in Japan relying on "Secondary creativity" I'm a tad scared.
>> No. 443947

You'd be half right, Lolicon simply means to portray young girls in an attractive light, be it sexually or non-sexually.

That said Japan has a much lower rate of child sexual abuse.

Last edited at Sun, Sep 15th, 2013 20:19

>> No. 443948
Yeah. That shit keeps creepy fucks outta doing illegal creepy things.
(Also Darth, look out your windows to the front. I'm on the opposite roof.)
>> No. 443954
File 137930450078.gif - (101.08KB , 320x240 , Stern fatherly disaproal.gif )
>> No. 443956
File 137930620241.jpg - (27.16KB , 320x240 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443957
File 137930626585.gif - (1.01MB , 350x197 , Excuse me sir.gif )
>> No. 443958
File 137930647422.jpg - (42.87KB , 480x358 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443959
File 137930658407.gif - (742.55KB , 246x296 , KNOCK KNOCK MOTHER FUCKER, ANYONE THERE.gif )
>> No. 443960
File 137930668382.jpg - (64.47KB , 629x465 , image.jpg )

You knocked?!
>> No. 443961
File 137930683405.gif - (0.99MB , 245x225 , Oh look, a fuck you just for you_ FEEL SPECIAL ASSHOLE.gif )
>> No. 443962
File 137930716934.jpg - (257.05KB , 768x1024 , image.jpg )

>> No. 443963
File 137930723875.gif - (64.05KB , 250x250 , DASHING INTESIFIES.gif )
>> No. 443964
File 137930733894.jpg - (203.80KB , 700x1167 , image.jpg )

You're dog food!
>> No. 443965
File 137930746920.gif - (1.24MB , 260x146 , There's nothing here I've cheated you.gif )
>> No. 443966
File 137930769034.png - (146.82KB , 425x282 , carlos.png )

Girls... girls... you're both pretty.
>> No. 443967
File 137930784031.jpg - (18.16KB , 224x160 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443968
File 137930793975.jpg - (86.86KB , 800x437 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443970
File 137931115722.png - (144.17KB , 945x945 , TEEHEE fluttershy.png )

>> No. 443971
File 137931146936.gif - (955.05KB , 320x180 , How are you this dumb.gif )
>> No. 443972
File 137931162120.jpg - (152.82KB , 855x687 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443973
File 137931175001.jpg - (60.64KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )
>> No. 443974
File 137931243662.gif - (834.85KB , 500x281 , Stopp.gif )
>> No. 444035
File 137939085519.png - (151.14KB , 500x340 , You seem mad.png )
>> No. 444043
File 137939729888.jpg - (76.39KB , 500x347 , image.jpg )

I'm now going to asses the accuracy of tose moon runes for my own amusement
>> No. 444044
File 137939759344.jpg - (60.56KB , 500x653 , So many burns so little time.jpg )
>> No. 444045

Rude objectionable manner of speech, lacking consistency in usage of honourifics, and poor grammar structure.

Google translate/10, would not refer to as sempai.
>> No. 444046
File 137939831668.gif - (955.13KB , 468x245 , Take the controls.gif )
Alright whatever.
>> No. 444047
File 137939853575.jpg - (82.71KB , 574x413 , image.jpg )
>> No. 444165
File 137947745267.gif - (1.00MB , 221x260 , Look at my face.gif )
First day of college. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I have to stay 11 hours. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
>> No. 444168
File 137947901204.jpg - (121.51KB , 1088x612 , image.jpg )
>> No. 444169
File 137948071284.png - (158.78KB , 871x480 , 305687_379593095478980_675809444_n.png )
You see why I like to lurk this thread so much? This shit's better than a slam jam
>> No. 444170
File 137948108709.jpg - (67.92KB , 441x552 , zafghan cat with a toothbrush.jpg )

By which you mean you're madly in love with Grindel right there's no denying it the signs are all there.

I mean seriously I saw a cloud today and it looked like a fucked up cotton ball the gods have spoken Dro you can't hide it.
>> No. 444171
File 137948114567.gif - (101.08KB , 320x240 , Stern fatherly disaproal.gif )
Motherfucker, Dro ain't in any mood for my bullshit.
>> No. 444172
File 137948125517.jpg - (54.62KB , 495x750 , owl screaming.jpg )

Fluffy clouds motherfucker.

They have spoken.
>> No. 444173
File 137948129655.gif - (350.27KB , 245x200 , Don't you dare.gif )
>> No. 444174
File 137948158375.jpg - (77.02KB , 960x540 , 135907445727.jpg )
Dude...dude just shut the fuck up XD

I can't even you right now
>> No. 444175
File 137948165863.gif - (0.99MB , 320x300 , 1378536152538.gif )
...This place is like a sinkhole for sanity.
>> No. 444176
File 137948168170.jpg - (26.57KB , 426x382 , image.jpg )

You know it's true.
>> No. 444177
File 137948175813.jpg - (46.04KB , 432x324 , powersteeth.jpg )
Mhm ya, ooh~ Touch me baby~ Ya!
>> No. 444178

We've known this for quite some time.
>> No. 444179
File 137948184472.jpg - (362.18KB , 1236x1600 , We're all mad down here, it's only a matter of time.jpg )
>> No. 444180
File 137948187794.jpg - (45.31KB , 632x475 , 146788367-fear-biting-632x475.jpg )
Hey, it's the closes thing I can find to /b/ on ponychan. Damn me for lurking XD
>> No. 444181
File 137948194616.jpg - (14.38KB , 432x255 , image.jpg )

I'll hit that.

With my truck.
>> No. 444182
File 137948203128.jpg - (52.35KB , 640x480 , 1377917887915.jpg )

Yeah. But do you question why you keep coming back?


I'll let you figure it out on your own. Also the next thread will be up saturday/sunday. I've got everything put together, not time to start it up and ride it out.


...Why not just go to /b/ than?
>> No. 444183
File 137948203363.png - (135.57KB , 900x900 , 135986672949.png )
Hey, hey, why doesn't the Mexico have an Olympic swim team?

Last edited at Tue, Sep 17th, 2013 22:27

>> No. 444184
File 137948209704.jpg - (65.59KB , 600x688 , 134360621026.jpg )
Summer seams to have taken over as of late...
>> No. 444185
File 137948216623.jpg - (52.07KB , 488x516 , image.jpg )

>Blah blah blah it was never good blah blah blah.
>> No. 444186
Oh I'm not saying it was never good. I just don't always have the time to lurk enough to catch those rare and awesome threads XD
>> No. 444187
File 137948241282.jpg - (64.49KB , 629x629 , image.jpg )

But you have the time to lurk here...

Seems legit.
>> No. 444188
File 137948285674.jpg - (81.39KB , 300x300 , shh.jpg )
>> No. 444189
File 137948292868.gif - (1.34MB , 260x195 , Wow.gif )
>> No. 444190
File 137948295938.jpg - (36.29KB , 234x347 , image.jpg )
>> No. 444191
File 137948309460.png - (71.64KB , 125x123 , 136229017378s.png )
Daw, I didn't know you loved me that much Grinny~
>> No. 444192
File 137948318653.png - (17.41KB , 500x399 , Let me huuuuuuuuug you.png )
>> No. 444193
File 137948326305.gif - (498.41KB , 500x281 , EECy9ks.gif )
>> No. 444194

Hurry up and fuck already.
>> No. 444195
File 137948336209.gif - (1.43MB , 245x305 , Kelso.gif )
>> No. 444196
File 137948349605.jpg - (55.33KB , 510x546 , image.jpg )

Jokes on you!
I don't have a sister!
>> No. 444197

Lacking the proper image...

>> No. 444198
File 137948378866.jpg - (100.39KB , 615x800 , 59278534a51b1f1afaa959f066ec4b24.jpg )
>implying Grindel won't turn his eyes on your shiny bare ass
>> No. 444199
File 137948385259.gif - (21.03KB , 400x350 , Grr I'm on the way.gif )
I'm coming for you Darth, better lube up.
>> No. 444200
File 137948399070.jpg - (56.62KB , 307x497 , image.jpg )

Oh my...
>> No. 444201
File 137948405929.gif - (598.60KB , 320x256 , i'll be rushing in.gif )
Stilllll coming for you.
>> No. 444202
File 137948412850.jpg - (114.53KB , 1366x768 , image.jpg )

>Implying my ass isn't hairier than Robin Williams.
>> No. 444203
File 137948422345.jpg - (38.38KB , 500x370 , image.jpg )

I'll be waiting.
>> No. 444204
File 137948430490.jpg - (41.07KB , 765x385 , 542199_702132999813740_1171720899_n.jpg )
Pawns of Chaos: Shipping Central 2013
"Even if it doesn't fit, We'll fucking ship it. Tax free"
>> No. 444205
File 137948437487.gif - (963.08KB , 500x700 , Good eveneing.gif )
>> No. 444206
File 137948460899.jpg - (27.16KB , 320x240 , image.jpg )
>> No. 444207
File 137948473861.png - (275.92KB , 684x1169 , stupid_sexy_slaanesh_by_comicker_kai-d5547qg.png )

You know its true. I swear if the amount of innudendo and just blatant perversion in here were converted to actual fucking, We'd all put freaking Slaanesh to shame. And that's fucking saying something.
>> No. 444208
File 137948487409.jpg - (23.31KB , 344x278 , image.jpg )

Welcome to human nature my friend.
>> No. 444209
File 137948500550.gif - (950.92KB , 384x288 , 1379304044191.gif )

I think you're confusing human nature for something else. Here, have a seat beside me and lets talk for a moment...
>> No. 444210
On a completely unrelated note.

This is your reminder the Phantom of the Opera is a glorious work of musical theatre.
>> No. 444223
We need to talk. When can you be available.
>> No. 444275
File 137954427050.jpg - (111.51KB , 501x676 , 1345858180496.jpg )
>> No. 444322
File 137955585823.jpg - (557.27KB , 500x730 , Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshut the fuck up.jpg )
>> No. 444337
This isn't even the worst. Some nights, there are 200 posts all an all out rage-pic war. Truly hilarious, it is.
>> No. 444338
You do know he was one of the original members right?
>> No. 444341
Calm your tits, mate.
She was simply responding to what he was saying.
>> No. 444343
The way she responded sounded like she was trying to tell him something he didn't know.
>> No. 444344
Well, admitedly, Van doesn't check in very often. So perhaps it was because it seemed like he wasn't keeping track of the threads.
>> No. 444356
I check in literally all the time.

I just don't have that much to say.
>> No. 444422
File 137961407176.jpg - (16.92KB , 316x285 , 137460338498.jpg )
It is time to spiral this ooc down into /oat/y chaos...

>> No. 444425
File 137961536897.png - (746.17KB , 588x845 , d9b.png )

Van's like our version of the spy. He's the quiet gentleman who waits at the side, watching and plotting all of our demises. Isn't that right Van?
>> No. 444433
Close enough.
>> No. 444437
>Slinks off into the horror that is Unread spam e-mails.
>> No. 444455
File 137964007566.jpg - (50.71KB , 610x390 , image.jpg )
Good night sweet prince...

R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi.
1928 - 2013.
>> No. 444473
File 137965205899.png - (261.18KB , 700x750 , 137645775596.png )
>> No. 444496
File 137965294386.gif - (1.00MB , 221x260 , Look at my face.gif )
>> No. 444507

Good show on their part. A lack of movement and the piece sounding muddled was disappointing, but still a good show.
>> No. 444527
File 137965531388.jpg - (54.04KB , 528x395 , 5ncBDtn.jpg )
>> No. 444528
File 137965533736.gif - (742.55KB , 246x296 , KNOCK KNOCK MOTHER FUCKER, ANYONE THERE.gif )
You called for me Drow/
>> No. 444530
File 137965540266.png - (147.27KB , 444x480 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 444532
File 137965571611.jpg - (492.61KB , 734x737 , 1363983441114.jpg )

See, that's where your plan falls short. You see, I currently hold the rights to whether Grindel lives or dies, and to request his end is...well there's this long list of paperwork to fill out and the proper channels to go through...Let me put it this way. It's not going to happen simply because I can't be bothered to fill it all out. So run along little miss and put your toys away.
>> No. 444533
File 137965594636.png - (159.40KB , 500x418 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 444534
File 137965614088.gif - (0.99MB , 245x225 , Oh look, a fuck you just for you_ FEEL SPECIAL ASSHOLE.gif )
No...I kinda signed a contract with him. He controls if I live.
>> No. 444535

Yeah. So love, If you'd please take a step away. You can stay here, but you cannot continue to threaten his life. That's my job, and the job I sign to others. So if you'd be so kind.
>> No. 444536
>> No. 444644
File 137974713347.gif - (521.48KB , 386x217 , Gordan freeman has a message for you.gif )
>> No. 444687
File 137978337373.gif - (63.83KB , 200x181 , haru intensifie.gif )
I clearly can't let any of you out of my sight. Sorry for not being on here for a couple of days. I had to get a root canal yesterday. Fun.
>> No. 444690

>> No. 444692
File 137978699258.gif - (936.99KB , 150x153 , Yeah___sure.gif )
>> No. 444697
File 137978763700.png - (78.54KB , 400x270 , hey how ya doin lil mama.png )

yu wanna go m8
>> No. 444701

You cannot deny the awesome dubstep of this dude.
>> No. 444721
File 137980155282.jpg - (20.56KB , 317x265 , image.jpg )

>Saws and wubs

6/10 made me laugh.
>> No. 444722
Morari - Doppleganger assassin/ shadow hand sword sage. Pirate lord in his home plane. Appearance obviously varies. Keeps a Greatcoat with 'special' pockets and a permanency'd staff of passage. For those lost on any of this description: Dnd 3.5 monster manual, tome of battle, DM guide, and Iron Kingdoms character guide.
>> No. 444723
File 137980309531.gif - (897.56KB , 331x134 , What we got here.gif )
I'm assuming this is Sphyre friend.
>> No. 444724
yes it is.
>> No. 444726
File 137980558599.gif - (897.56KB , 331x134 , What we got here.gif )
Am I still in charge of approving people or is someone else doing it now?
>> No. 444727

Well I'm working on the new thread right now, so your call.
>> No. 444728
He's your friend so I'm going to trust him.
>> No. 444729
I appreciate it
>> No. 444731
File 137980661085.gif - (490.29KB , 500x257 , 18ZbB.gif )

Showtime folks.
>> No. 444733
Maybe I'll do something this time.
>> No. 444734

I would appreciate it greatly, I haven't enjoyed not having you around you know.
>> No. 444735
>> No. 444737
File 137980981807.gif - (1.29MB , 480x270 , ponyponypony LEGEND OF KORRA.gif )
>> No. 444738
File 137981001565.jpg - (225.77KB , 500x566 , Reality is jsut an opionin.jpg )
>> No. 444781
File 137983075671.jpg - (14.11KB , 240x402 , image.jpg )
>> No. 444782
File 137983079011.jpg - (91.71KB , 623x623 , image.jpg )

>> No. 444783
File 137983085443.jpg - (133.34KB , 500x383 , I come bearing the word of god.jpg )
>> No. 444784
File 137983106592.jpg - (16.78KB , 201x240 , image.jpg )
>> No. 444785
File 137983112607.jpg - (154.03KB , 885x902 , necron_immortal_by_lordmelfist-d2xok3y.jpg )
You would not dare stab Lucifer, would you?
>> No. 444786
File 137983131434.jpg - (154.90KB , 1131x707 , image.jpg )

No, of course not.
I'd toy with him, eat him, gain his powers, and go home and talk down to the big titted police girl I keep in my basement.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 21st, 2013 23:29

>> No. 444787
>if titted police girl
What fucking language are you speaking? Moronese?
>> No. 444788
File 137983144386.jpg - (245.11KB , 580x800 , necron_lord_by_panago76-d425dvf.jpg )
Why would you eat metal, creature? Based on your biology, metal would provide you nothing. I fail to understand why eating me would gain you anything. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I still have yet to complete my mission, so I will have to decline your offer to eat me, fine sir.
>> No. 444789
File 137983169647.jpg - (43.62KB , 720x480 , image.jpg )

As if something as trivial as you could understand my existence.
I can eat you, whether you believe I would benefit or not.
>> No. 444790
File 137983190041.jpg - (87.48KB , 894x894 , 15__silence___necron_lord_by_tiwyll-d32hme8.jpg )
Again good sir, eating is an activity that as I understand, you biological constructs partake in to further your lives and gain nutrients. From what I have gathered after examining, while in your apparent rage, you appear to feast just like any other biological construct. Eating metal will gain you nothing. I fail to understand why you wish to eat this one, as I have yet to complete my mission and therefore can not die just yet. If you wish to eat me, allow me a month and I shall return to you and forfeit my life so you may eat me...for what ever reason.
>> No. 444791
File 137983223678.jpg - (28.86KB , 641x481 , image.jpg )

How cute. You think I have a life to prolong.
I'm tempted to let you live...
>> No. 444792
File 137983236124.jpg - (147.96KB , 431x500 , Necron_immortal_by_Delpheus.jpg )
Sir, you seem to be under the impression that this is my only body. Destroy this and it will take me a good week to return to this area and I have a job that does not take kindly to me leaving for that long. Please stop bothering me I have important things to take care of.
>> No. 444793
File 137983269296.jpg - (10.36KB , 275x183 , image.jpg )

You think I don't have my eyes on each and every body you possess or will ever possess.
Allow me to kindly inform you otherwise.
>> No. 444794
File 137983276460.jpg - (117.80KB , 827x967 , necron_flayed_one_by_jhead31-d3djzx4.jpg )
I see you have no stake in the politics of this world. I no longer care for this. Good day sir, and do not follow me.
>> No. 444795
File 137983301467.jpg - (143.58KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )

I'm terribly sorry, but not following you is literally impossible.
Everywhere and anywhere you go, I will be there, whether you see me or not.
>> No. 444796
File 137983313162.jpg - (154.03KB , 885x902 , necron_immortal_by_lordmelfist-d2xok3y.jpg )
Cute. But again I most tell you, I no longer care to talk to you, please stop sir.
>> No. 444797
It's too late, the douche bag has come, and it will never stop coming.
>> No. 444798
File 137983347542.jpg - (44.14KB , 704x396 , image.jpg )

I don't mean to annoy, I'm simply letting you know.
I cannot cease being in your presence, and vice versa. Not by choice mind you, rather... By circumstance.
>> No. 444816
File 137987992207.jpg - (112.21KB , 600x446 , image.jpg )
I shall be resigning from this canon for a brief period as I currently find myself unable to muster a single fuck to give this canon at present.

I'll be using this time to come up with a new character, and a non-contrived means of removing Darth and Claude from existence as I feel neither characters are conducive to the atmosphere that PoC has adopted.

I'll be hanging around in the OOC but I will not be partaking in any active threads for an indeterminate period of time.

Thank you for your time.
>> No. 444817

Alright, good luck.
>> No. 444818
Seeya later, mate.
Be safe.
>> No. 444819
See you around!
>> No. 444826
Farewell, for now.

I need to stop getting distracted and start being more aware of these threads.
>> No. 444865
File 137990229787.gif - (446.88KB , 500x297 , To defeat The Tzeench.gif )
OK,everyone, it's "shit needs to get discussed" time.
First off, I'm sure everyone is aware by now that Sphyre is our new DM.
HOWEVER, as you should also know, BEFORE Grindel said 'Fuck y'all's voting, I'm appointing sphyre DM", there was a vote going as to whether we would have a single DM or a rotation. Now, I would ask you, Sphyre, that, as DM, you allow us to actually take this vote.
These are my terms, I am simply asking, mainly because I feel that it would be much more interesting and fun to have everyone able to pitch in, we'd get a wider variety of threads.
And, that's where I stand. A request. Fuck, I think if it goes to single DM, pretty much everyone here is gonna vote for you, as far as I can tell. You're the best among us.
>> No. 444867
We've always rotated.
And I'm pretty sure that we always will.
>> No. 444868

I think a single DM would be better
>> No. 444878
File 137990453141.gif - (786.44KB , 250x188 , How does one, window.gif )
Pardon me but since I was the last DM, I think we should stick with one DM. It allows us to create more focused stories.
>> No. 444884
File 137990475587.jpg - (44.17KB , 500x483 , image.jpg )

>Focussed stories
>Not a collection of one-shots with extreme variety

Ninja prease.
>> No. 444885
File 137990482105.gif - (965.57KB , 500x333 , You've got it wrong.gif )
It's not that I don't want to have variety, it's just with out focus our threads barely last a day.
>> No. 444886
You can't say that, because you can have a one off that lasts way longer than that. Fuck, these threads we've been doing may as well have been one offs from one DM.
>> No. 444889
File 137990503655.jpg - (37.99KB , 256x256 , image.jpg )

But when you bog a series of threads down to planned script it drags them on needlessly.

Our older threads lasted because we all brought our own nonsense to he table, each thread was a melting pot.
When that stopped happening our one shot formula collapsed.
>> No. 444894
File 137990532563.gif - (0.97MB , 500x222 , FUCK A DOODLE DOO MOTHER FUCKERS.gif )
That stopped happneing when our characters got stuck in ruts. Why do you think I'm getting rid of Grindel?
>> No. 444900
File 137990565344.jpg - (74.09KB , 474x383 , image.jpg )

So to prevent ideas from going stale you'll keep a centralized DM structure.

Hue hue hue
>> No. 444908
File 137990637033.gif - (312.46KB , 245x140 , Actually.gif )
I would prefer it. That doesn't mean it's going to happen. I'm no the DM remember?
>> No. 444913
File 137990698111.jpg - (67.94KB , 581x480 , image.jpg )

But you think that having one person in charge would prevent that from happening?

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 20:30

>> No. 444914
File 137990797135.gif - (298.90KB , 250x138 , And it's your fault.gif )
I'm simply saying I would prefer it. If the rest of you wish to have a rotation of people, I won't complain. But I would simply prefer a single DM. But if you guys want a rotation, that's fine.
>> No. 444915
File 137990826868.jpg - (43.92KB , 400x299 , image.jpg )

That's not what I'm asking...
>> No. 444916
File 137990852960.gif - (487.74KB , 448x224 , That does.gif )
I must have mis read then. My fault on that one. What were you saying then?
>> No. 444917
File 137990866431.jpg - (81.06KB , 555x550 , image.jpg )

Do you legitimately think one person in charge prevents stale ideas?
>> No. 444918
File 137990875872.gif - (897.56KB , 331x134 , What we got here.gif )
With someone like Sphyre? Yes. With someone like me? No.
>> No. 444919

>> No. 444925
File 137991524688.png - (659.24KB , 534x529 , 1360196028401.png )

Look, to quell fears I'm always open to ideas. If you have something you want to be done, bring it to the table and we'll see if it can work. The only reason I shanghaied this canon is to get this thing out of it's rut and back on its whimsical, slightly strange adventure and fun path. Shit the only reason we got in a rut is because we let things get so bogged down in grimdark that we couldn't see the light.

So I'm gonna step up and shove that fucking light down your throat until I can see it coming out the other end like the grace of fucking god. Will it be prefect, no. But I can tell you this, it will at least be entertaining and tell a story. Like we used to.

TL;DR I got this shit, but I'm always open to suggestions.
>> No. 444927
File 137991535745.gif - (676.79KB , 380x212 , I don't even.gif )
Yeah my fault there. I don't know why but I seemed to have forgotten what this Canon was born from. It was less Grimdark and more dark with a good portion of light.
>> No. 444928
Holy fuck Sphyre.
You just made Darth the happiest man alive.
Can I give you an internet hug?
>> No. 444930
File 137991558293.jpg - (116.70KB , 806x850 , 1363984984928.jpg )

It happens to the best of us. We forget that fun doesn't need to be coated in blood and adorned with the skulls of our enemies for the sake of awesome and edginess. Although sometimes that is equally as fun. Just gotta have the balance.
>> No. 444943
I feel that Dark and gory should always come with a healthy abundance of cotton candy to accent the metallic flavor... its like sweet red aluminum happiness.
>> No. 444947
File 137995432114.jpg - (92.80KB , 625x375 , mantis-shrimp-flickr-creative-commons-Klaus-Stiefel-comeatmebro.jpg )

Candy Coated Violence, AKA the mantis shrimp.
>> No. 444962
That is true beauty.

Anyways, back to the topic on hand I say we have Spyhre as our MAIN DM, and then have someone come in and screw up the order, every now and then.
>> No. 444992
File 137997667252.jpg - (692.75KB , 1280x2983 , image.jpg )
>Stop portraying ancient warfare realistically!
>Why are there no women fighting alongside the centurions?
>My feelings are hurt, stop it!

Just when I thought I've seen the limit of human stupidity...
>> No. 444999
File 137997712787.gif - (85.28KB , 228x420 , 1358621068421.gif )

Darth, there are two things that are limitless. The Universe, and human stupidity. And one of those might not be as limitless as we previously thought. Just let the fools act a fool, and when you feel the grove just bust a move.
>> No. 445003
File 137997774896.jpg - (49.02KB , 1057x153 , image.jpg )

I can't dance, I'm too busy being angry.
>> No. 445004
>Fucking feminist bitches.
>> No. 445006

Twilight that's not what a feminist is.
>> No. 445011
File 137997912891.jpg - (47.06KB , 500x375 , image.jpg )

But she made a sign!
How can you say she's not a feminist when she made a sign?!
>> No. 445014
Then what the fuck is that?
>> No. 445015

Feminism is the for fair treatment of women, not for female domination.


The sign displayed is an accurate portrayal of feminism, not the man hating sexist post that was made earlier.
>> No. 445016
File 137998024565.jpg - (76.26KB , 500x600 , image.jpg )

If that sign is an "accurate representation"...
>> No. 445017
File 137998038809.gif - (0.96MB , 500x250 , Again.gif )
But it is true. Females are not built as strong as men are. Sure there are women who can lift more than men, but on average, men lift more than women. It ain't sexism, it's just biology.
>> No. 445018
File 137998043201.gif - (498.41KB , 500x281 , EECy9ks.gif )
Can we not turn this into a discussion on the definition of feminism vs feminazism? I thought we already did this.
>> No. 445019

It is Darth, women are often treated unfairly in the work place, i.e. the average woman is payed less than the average man. Not being hired because of the "Weak female" stigma is sexism Darth.
>> No. 445020
File 137998047082.jpg - (82.99KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )

>> No. 445021
File 137998053394.gif - (805.28KB , 500x281 , AGain FREAKING AGAIN.gif )
I'm just putting in my two cents.
>> No. 445022

It's a fucking stereotype. The employer automatically assumed this person would not be fit to lift equipment as efficiently, simply because she is a woman. The employer didn't even give her a chance to prove herself.
>> No. 445024

Darth no it's a stereotype. This woman was told she wouldn't be able to lift equipment simply because of the fact she was a woman.
>> No. 445025
>I'm pretty sure Zuri just won that argument.
>> No. 445026
File 137998088397.jpg - (19.93KB , 255x198 , image.jpg )

You are making that conjecture based on the minimalistic evidence provided by a single picture.

While it may or may not be true, there is not enough evidence for a clear answer however, the sign taken at face value is simply idiotic.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 17:04

>> No. 445029
>Or not.
>> No. 445030

Oh I'm sorry it's idiotic for someone to express how sexism affects the workplace and employment?
>> No. 445032
File 137998146064.jpg - (58.92KB , 332x500 , image.jpg )

You once again continue the assumption she was flat out denied work simply based on being a woman.
While that may be the message of the sign, it doesn't tell the entire story.

Her weight appears to be above average, that is likely to have been a factor especially in a workplace involving physical labour, but you insist that the sole reason for declination was her gender.

That is a faulty assumption.
>> No. 445034
File 137998192802.jpg - (76.45KB , 400x582 , image.jpg )

You can not take the figures at value in this statement.
If a man and a woman work at a construction site, and the man is carrying 85lb boxes from point A to point B at a rate of 3 boxes per five - seven minutes he should be paid accordingly.

If the woman is carry the same boxes the same distance at a rate of 3 boxes per seven - ten minutes she should be paid accordingly.

Now that's not to say that there aren't cases of needless pay discrimination, because their are, but people neglect to separate their figures when it comes to the pay dispute which lessons the strength of that argument.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 17:20

>> No. 445035

Darth the average woman makes 77 cents to the average man's dollar. This has nothing to do whether or not that specific woman could do that job or if that specific woman was not hired specifically because she is a woman. It has to do with the fact that these scenarios are real and happen all too often and what she is trying to say is women need more respect in the workplace.
>> No. 445036
File 137998254190.jpg - (95.66KB , 278x453 , image.jpg )

But that is an average of all pay rates in all jobs. This is not taking into account that many women take up jobs as secretaries, receptionists, or other simple office task based jobs wherein men typically take the more laborious jobs.
To flat out compare pay rates without breaking it down by position is nonsensical.
>> No. 445037
But she isn't arguing 'in whole,' she's arguing that case.

And a man would normally be payed more, when doing a more laborious job.
>> No. 445039

No no Darth what it's saying is if two people had the same job, regardless of how much work they do, they both do as much work as the other, if one of them was a woman, on average they get paid less Darth, atleast in the us, the statistics might be different in Canada. Darth I feel like you're trying to deny sexism in the workplace and it's not cool man.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 17:49

>> No. 445040

Judging by the district use of the words "on average" followed by a statistic I'd assume it means the statements are of a more general nature rather than limited to one single instance.

As for men being paid more in that position I cannot outright refute that, however I can point out that mostlikelely in that situation the man accomplishes more work.

I work in an ice facility, my coworkers and I are paid an hourly rate plus extra for how many pallets of ice we package.

We have in our packing line up:
An overweight gentleman
And underweight gentleman
Two average gentlemen
And an average woman.

We all make the same hourly pay however, the two other average gentlemen and myself make 30$+ more than the other three workers because we get more ice packaged and ready to ship.

Now this is only one example and I understand there are legitimate cases of descrimination in pay based on gender, but when tossing out pay rate statistics you must understand they are skewed by a myriad of variables such as: hours worked, job requirements, position withing company hierarchy, and how well the individual performs.

Pay rate statistics are a poor argument to use if they have not been properly broken down.
>> No. 445041

I am not denying anything, and do not intend to offend or anger you and I apologize if it has come across that way.

I simply intend to refute the rather Ill performed usage of pay statistics.
>> No. 445042

Darth what I'm trying to say through this whole spiel is that sexism in the workplace is all too real and you seem to trying to deny it and it really isn't cool.
>> No. 445047
File 137998552697.jpg - (81.06KB , 555x550 , image.jpg )

I never once denied it.
Show me where I explicitly said sexism in the workplace inst real and I will gladly eat my words.

I posted that image because the content of it was severely misleading and almost laughable, I refuted the blanket statement about pay differences because without a proper statistical breakdown it is meaningless.
But I never.
Denied workplace discrimination based on sex.
>> No. 445055
File 137998638774.jpg - (244.32KB , 944x857 , image.jpg )
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...


Wait... Huh?
Oh really?
I see...



It's just like regular Linux!
But it's centred around steam!
And living rooms!

Instead of the glorious PC mustard Rice console you neckbearded gaming elitist twats envisioned its just an OS for you to install on a PC that you put in your living room!

Defs a console killer!
Why buy a 400$ console when you buy a 1000+$ PC and install our OS and then hook it up to your TV?!

Oh well...
Maybe if they give us HL 3 it won't be such a disappointment...
>> No. 445058

I still don't think it was laughable really, but I'm tired of talking about this.
>> No. 445059
File 137998677665.jpg - (65.02KB , 640x436 , image.jpg )

Could it be...

HL 3!?

No, it's John Patrick Lowrie confirming its not even in development.

Guess I'm not too surprised...
>> No. 445060

Darth you obviously aren't a hardcore pcgamer 5 lyfe 3 gamer 5 you
>> No. 445061
File 137998686991.jpg - (29.54KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )

I'll offer you a handshake and a gold star.
That was the most enjoyable debate I've had in a looooong time.
>> No. 445062
File 137998715852.jpg - (105.46KB , 500x903 , image.jpg )

Limiting yourself to a single platform based on slight differences is possibly the stupidest thing "gamers" do.

I don't understand the needless pissing contests people have over video game systems.
It's idiotic and causes people to miss out on amazing games simply because "Hurr durr, I only play PC/Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft games."

That I'm a little pissed about the abhorrent lack of Half-Life 3.
>> No. 445063
File 137998766840.jpg - (96.57KB , 720x483 , image.jpg )
Make that temporary resignation permanent.
I've come down with a bad case of Suicide.
>> No. 445064
Ok, panic time activate.
>> No. 445066
File 137998797345.gif - (25.41KB , 650x450 , kanayaistoofuckingangry.gif )
>screams externally
>> No. 445067
File 137998809051.gif - (646.00KB , 245x170 , Wait what.gif )
>> No. 445068
File 137998829879.jpg - (50.85KB , 592x373 , image.jpg )

Holy shit.
Like honestly.

What the actual fuck!

Next they'll say Justin Bieber did more for Punk Rock than the Sex Pistols or Dead Kennedys.

Holy shit.

I am so mad it's not even funny.
>> No. 445069
Was that not you?
>> No. 445071

true fax
>> No. 445072
File 137998861187.jpg - (24.21KB , 591x650 , image.jpg )





>> No. 445073

total tru fax gaiz i swear to based god
>> No. 445074
File 137998882596.gif - (162.47KB , 500x361 , Slap your eyes off.gif )
Stop being a dumbass
>> No. 445075
File 137998885623.jpg - (481.69KB , 1280x2272 , image.jpg )
YOU FUCKING WOT M8?!?!?!?!?!?!!???!!!?!?!!!!!?!?!
>> No. 445076
I'M SO CONFUSED WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
>> No. 445078
File 137998942608.gif - (383.93KB , 350x263 , here comes the doot doot train.gif )

Chill out I was being sarcastic
>> No. 445079
File 137998953146.jpg - (152.82KB , 855x687 , image.jpg )

I don't think you understand sarcasm.
>> No. 445080
File 137998963195.gif - (574.09KB , 500x281 , I think.gif )
>> No. 445081
Someone explain what the shittingtons is going on here.
>> No. 445082

What is there to explain?!
>> No. 445083
>> No. 445085
File 137998989453.png - (119.49KB , 832x346 , What Happens When I Look At PoC.png )
I think the PoC is having one of its 'fuck everything' moments.

This is what I live for.
>The pic describes the 3 stages of seeing one of these happen.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 19:32

>> No. 445089
The only thing that the Big Bang Theory did in relation to video gaming is just ham-fisted referencing.

(I'm looking at you, "Sword of Azeroth.")
>> No. 445095
File 137999078040.jpg - (476.03KB , 1280x2272 , image.jpg )

"I'm playing Mario 64 on an emulator"


How the fuck is this funny?!
Fuck, turning on my Xbox should be fucking comedy gold if this counted as humour.
>> No. 445097
>> No. 445098

That is roughly the quality of BBT writing.

God I hate that show...
>> No. 445100
Isn't blatantly uploading footage of TV shows to youtube illegal?
>> No. 445101
File 137999216037.jpg - (26.57KB , 426x382 , image.jpg )

>> No. 445102
And no one gives a shit anyways.
>> No. 445104
File 137999403011.gif - (778.09KB , 300x168 , Noone esscapes the law.gif )
>> No. 445107
File 137999721253.gif - (1.90MB , 300x251 , Fuck cars.gif )
Darth. No. One. Escapes. The. Law.
>> No. 445109
File 137999765128.jpg - (111.03KB , 498x640 , image.jpg )

I am the Law.
>> No. 445113
File 138000541983.gif - (3.23MB , 635x329 , Zues is Issacs bitch_.gif )
Ok, for those of you who feel I was out of line for using my powers, Let me remind you as DM I have to keep certain restraints on where we go and what we do. There will be a time and a place for in depth character interaction and working out of issues. This was not that time. On top of that, I was acting entirely within Sphyre's abilities and motivations. To sit there and dare to threaten everyone's life, and walk into a serious discussion about the protection of the realm he currently resides in along with those he cares about as friend is tantamount to acting to destabilize the realm. He's not going to sit idly by and just let that happen as is obvious. I don't intend to act out of character, but I do have to take some action. I can't just let that slide K?

TL;DR Don't act entirely out of line, and I won't have to act in counter. I don't like doing it, I don't want to have to do it, But I will do it if necessary.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 24th, 2013 00:20

>> No. 445116
File 138000730705.gif - (497.99KB , 500x201 , All it takes is a little push.gif )
I'm gonna skip on the rotation. Let you guys run things...seeing as how I ran the canon into the ground.
>> No. 445117

It's not even that, and it's not even against anyone in particular. I just will act accordingly when your characters are getting out of line is all. Are you trying to deviate us on some self loathing adventure deep within to your psyche when we're supposed to be dealing with a threat that will literally make that defunct issue if we don't act? Well I will remind you we have bigger fish to fry than to sit there and have a therapy session. And no, I'm not trying to pick on Asma. It just needed to be addressed quickly, and honestly Sphyre is sick of it. So he's not going to play nice and beat around the bush. Get in line, and stop complicating things, or get locked in a pocket dimension while we handle things before we can take care of you. One problem at a time.

With Grindel, it's a different thing. He's tired, he's ready to move on, Sphyre can see it. But he see's no one else that can help the way he can yet. He's not complicating things, he's just being a crusty old bastard.
>> No. 445118
File 138000799239.gif - (0.99MB , 500x258 , Wargh.gif )
Um....Noooo. I did run the canon into the ground. By focusing on SRS BUSNINESS GRIMDARK, instead of what we built the canon on, which was fun, lighthearted action with a bit of darkness sprinkled in. I'm not trying to make you go any deeper on that, seeing as how there really isn't any deeper to go.
>> No. 445119

Sorry, misread what you meant. But my point still stands, and yeah. I don't want to go on grimdark tangents. Thats "Fun", but it needs to be done in the proper amount.
>> No. 445131
File 138005187437.gif - (836.17KB , 500x273 , Flower crown of confidence.gif )
>> No. 445139
Beep Boop
>> No. 445164
File 138006917777.jpg - (87.63KB , 472x472 , image.jpg )

Qu'est ce que c'est?
>> No. 445358
File 138017412922.jpg - (19.93KB , 255x198 , image.jpg )
So I go out for dinner to a Chinese restaurant and they've got their cooking area on display so you can see how far along your order is.

I order the king crab dinner because that shit is delicious.

The guy grabs a crab out of the tank and takes out both of its nervous system's central points in 3 seconds, so it's dead the muscles are just spasming as per usual after being killed.

But this lady standing beside me yells out in anger that killing an animal in a such a manner was terribly cruel and that I should be ashamed for ordering such a sadistic meal.

And 30 seconds later her black bean broccoli and beef gets pushed out and passed to her.

And the cow that became her dinner was treated Soooo much better than my king crab was...

Some people, I tell ya!
>> No. 445361
File 138017527235.gif - (0.97MB , 245x138 , GARAGGSHGSHGLASLGSDLGS.gif )
>> No. 445365
File 138017692980.jpg - (70.23KB , 398x503 , image.jpg )
So Steam "consoles" are a reality...
I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh or just question Gabe's intelligence...

>it can hook up to a TV
Just like my PC
>It can play games with a keyboard and mouse
Just like my PC
>It runs an OS that you can replace with one more conducive to your style.
Just like my PC
>it can have different components installed
Just like my PC
>they ae manufactured by a multitude of hardware companies but you choose the one you want and the OS
Just like PCs
They come in different price ranges depending on the out of the box specs
Just like a PC

So they make a shit ton of PCs, and sell them but call them consoles instead.

Genius! Why didn't anybody try this before!
>> No. 445366
File 138017709176.gif - (1.09MB , 320x240 , Wonk.gif )
Aren't consoles basically PC's that can't do the same shit that PC's can do? And by that I mean, like they function similar to PC's in a way know what I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.
>> No. 445367
File 138017766956.gif - (974.36KB , 500x211 , YogA8HJ.gif )

Consoles were originally designed for accessibility versus the versatility of the PC.

To break it down into the basest sense.

Console: Plug in and Play, Acessable to anyone 6+.

PC: Multipurpose, Multiuse, but learning curve.

However, with consoles now trying to bridge the gap better and better, the only failing point is that they can't stay up to date with the PC's hardware. At least not without voiding the warranty.
>> No. 445368
File 138017774252.gif - (0.97MB , 245x138 , GARAGGSHGSHGLASLGSDLGS.gif )
Okay...I was sort of in the general fucking area of maybe getting close to being near the border of spot on.
>> No. 445369
File 138017781929.gif - (1.92MB , 500x390 , 1380047126715.gif )

Close enough to carry on a conversation, Not nearly enough to go in depth.
>> No. 445370
File 138017836031.png - (199.33KB , 500x378 , Something wrong.png )
Well I'm just happy I was near the area known as right.
>> No. 445371

Close enough.
>> No. 445372

And that was the reason some Japanese fellow fellow that I can't remember the name of said that consoles need to provide the horizontal expansion, and PCs take vertical.

Or in laymans terms: console strive for innovative new ways to play, while PCs do the "Muh Grafix!" Advancement.

And that what bugs me.

Console refuse to do so and instead try to be power houses and it's just signing their own death warrant.

It's sad, because there's so much potential that was thrown away because "it wasn't all there" or "low sales" if Sony or Nintendo had stuck with their 3D ideas longer stuff like the occulus Rift probably would have been around sooner.
>> No. 445373
But when they tried to do 3D it fell flat. It did not make sense in a business sense to keep pushing research into a tech that failed as hard as 3D did in gaming. The only reason they are thinking about it now is because Graphics and Aesthetics have reached a point that continuing to improve them is pointless because it would cost too much money for it to be smart.

Watch these. Then understand why we focused on Graphics rather than 3D. Back when Nintendo tried 3D with that fucking piece of shit virtual boy, sales tanked. The thing could not sell after people began talking about how bad it was. Now if you were running a business back then, saw NINTENDO try 3D and fail at it...would you honestly go, yeah let's do that. No, because it would not make you money and contrary to popular belief, the video game industry isn't just making games for fucking fun. It's a fucking job. They do it to make fucking money. Sure some do it for fun but you can not say that if Nintendo had stuck with a product that failed to meet expectations and failed to turn profits, that it would have made things better. They got lucky with the 3Ds.

I am so pissed when people bitch about the fact that Game Company's focused on Graphics rather than fucking shit that wasn't proven to earn them money.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 26th, 2013 00:21

>> No. 445394
File 138023592068.jpg - (43.12KB , 322x292 , image.jpg )

I know exactly why the VB failed, that thing was a myriad of bad design choices, too big, not enough colours, awkward to use, etcetera.

But when I say I wish they focused on the 3D I don't mean that I want it shoehorned into everything.
I'm trying to say that I'm dissapointed with how they threw away all their previous concepts. The 3DS was just the cut content from Gamecube. There was no change from the GameCube's concepts to the 3DS.

I find that rather lazy.

When it comes down to graphics, I certainly don't think they need to be half assed, I'd much prefer it if they tried to make them as nice as they can for a given system. However I'll take a solid game play experience over fancy video output any day.
>> No. 445395
File 138023646825.jpg - (111.40KB , 864x486 , image.jpg )

On a somewhat related note...

Toon Link confirmed!

Someone take the damn cloning vat away from Sakurai already!
>> No. 445398
File 138024378982.gif - (765.11KB , 500x292 , I need a hug.gif )
>> No. 445405
File 138024501940.gif - (158.31KB , 560x420 , Peek-a-miku.gif )

You wouldn't hit this with a huge stick would you?
>> No. 445418
File 138025259611.jpg - (158.12KB , 816x880 , EFbvm.jpg )

I've yet to see how this is a problem.
>> No. 445419
File 138025282037.gif - (0.97MB , 250x208 , hiya.gif )

I have no objections
>> No. 445421
File 138025415067.jpg - (79.01KB , 319x480 , image.jpg )

>supporting clone characters
>> No. 445422
Dude. He's been in all of the smash games, right?
>> No. 445423
File 138025441156.jpg - (51.18KB , 300x250 , image.jpg )

He's been in two out of four games.

I can math!
>> No. 445424
Fine. But still.
>> No. 445425
File 138025461721.gif - (688.34KB , 500x260 , Seriously____what the hell.gif )
>> No. 445426
I'm not sure. Something about Link.
>> No. 445427

No one really, I just think there are better ways to implement a Zelda rep without a clone.
>> No. 445429
File 138025482769.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , I waqnna____fuck it.gif )
>> No. 445432
File 138025491806.jpg - (44.17KB , 500x483 , image.jpg )

Reading is your friend.
>> No. 445433
File 138025512893.gif - (737.83KB , 322x253 , Yrah okay.gif )
Supporting clone characters. Linked to Zuri and Sphyre discussing a dinosaur with wings on it's back legs. How is this helping me in any way?
>> No. 445434

As far asi can tell both of those comments were in relation to Toon Link. The dinosaur was just a picture.
>> No. 445435
Did not notice that post.Fuck my with a hammer.
>> No. 445446
File 138030654698.jpg - (111.03KB , 1080x828 , spoiler.jpg )



A steam controller? I'm so fucking pissed right now.
>> No. 445447
File 138030670224.jpg - (33.40KB , 500x282 , Activates bitchface.jpg )
>> No. 445448
File 138030684004.gif - (483.04KB , 200x110 , 1376142211577.gif )

How about this Darth, You don't want it? Don't buy it, Ignore it and move on with your life. Send them an email if you feel so damn bad over it.
>> No. 445449
File 138030710389.jpg - (176.39KB , 488x516 , image.jpg )

Dude, I'm a bit miffed about a shitty controller, and I'm just having some fun at its expense.

Cool your jets.
>> No. 445451
OK, so changing around the effects of the painkillers.
It's no longer a matter of hours, it's a day long of more like Asma time, around once every week.
>> No. 445497
File 138033753383.png - (102.36KB , 500x186 , Not today, bitch.png )
I got hit by a car today.
And then got up and walked away.
Then almost got killed by a street preformer juggling cast iron frying pans.
Then almost got stabbed by some drunk dude with a broken bottle.
And, finally, to top it all off, almost died when some moving people almost crushed me under a fridge.
Why am I still alive?
Because death is my bitch.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 27th, 2013 20:07

>> No. 445498
File 138033880925.gif - (0.97MB , 500x350 , Bowie's balls.gif )

I find this hard to believe...
>> No. 445499
File 138033896920.gif - (0.96MB , 490x291 , Bullshit.gif )
>> No. 445500
A little bit more detail:
I wasn't full on hit, the car wasturning and slammed me in the side.
The street prefformer failed at juggling the frying pans, and almost hit me in the head with one.
The drunk guy was confused and thought there was a bar near where I lived, and when I tried to explain there wasn't and leave, he got pissy and swung at me with a bottlehead, and accidentaly broke it against the wall we were standing near. I then promptly walked away while he was lamenting his lost booze, but he decided to go and shank me with it for revenge. Aaaaand, then I ran away. Good times.
And I was on my way home, when some movers were being fucking idiots about moving a fridge(it wasnt secured properly, and they were holding it so it was really tall), and it almost fell on top of me.
>> No. 445501
File 138033925231.gif - (0.96MB , 500x250 , Again.gif )
So instead of making it sound like a fucking looney toons episode, maybe you should explain these types of fucking things
>> No. 445502
File 138033941823.jpg - (54.27KB , 625x418 , And fuck off.jpg )
>> No. 445503
File 138033949215.gif - (696.75KB , 324x183 , But really what are the odds of that happening.gif )
>> No. 445504
File 138033956266.jpg - (75.39KB , 400x326 , All passengers, please give your virginity to the conductor.jpg )
>> No. 445505
File 138033970147.gif - (389.78KB , 160x160 , A whore is a whore.gif )
>> No. 445506
File 138033975483.jpg - (5.50KB , 259x194 , Dafuq you just say to me?.jpg )
>> No. 445507
File 138033987231.gif - (389.78KB , 160x160 , A whore is a whore.gif )
A whore is a whore is a whore.
>> No. 445508
File 138033996016.jpg - (15.94KB , 250x250 , Go over there, and buy a ticket to the rapetrain.jpg )
Well played, sir.
>> No. 445509
File 138034002016.gif - (616.58KB , 300x169 , BARROWMAN.gif )
>> No. 445510
File 138034020667.jpg - (25.21KB , 570x238 , Dafuq intensifies.jpg )
>> No. 445511
File 138034060731.gif - (147.42KB , 390x324 , unching intseifies.gif )
>> No. 445512
File 138034077265.gif - (312.75KB , 480x346 , PASTRY OR EXTIRMINATION?.gif )
>> No. 445514
File 138034081963.gif - (795.06KB , 250x250 , David Bowie_How cute.gif )
>> No. 445515
File 138034087996.gif - (830.64KB , 500x278 , Uhhhhhh.gif )
>> No. 445516
File 138034095397.jpg - (32.21KB , 400x399 , Made in 'merica.jpg )
>> No. 445517
File 138034100413.jpg - (67.69KB , 750x600 , 1st British Transvestite Air Wing.jpg )
>> No. 445518
File 138034128224.gif - (4.65MB , 512x384 , Look at all the FUCKS I GIVE.gif )
>> No. 445519
File 138034129264.gif - (598.94KB , 500x278 , It's all in your head.gif )
>> No. 445520
File 138034138425.gif - (494.38KB , 500x276 , 69: Fuck not found.gif )