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#Ask/invite #Canon: SP #Adventure #Lighthearted #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Welcome to Koniksburg, a mining community in the far northeastern reaches of Equestria. Expect LOTS of snowball fights, evergreens, maple syrup, stylish scarves, and fetlocks unshorn, just as nature intended. The town is surrounded by the Crystal Mountains, a place where many a wondrous adventure and mystery can be found. This is a game about ponies doing what ponies do: having fun with each other, a mix of slice of life and adventure, all with the backdrop of a magical world. The game focuses on interpony interaction, light comedy, and problem solving, going back to the basic theme of the show and avoiding all the more grimdark or hyper-silly themes that have taken over many pony role plays.

To keep it familiar yet new; the game will take place in the same Equestria of the show, but will revolve around a different group of ponies in a different place. More Detailed information about the area can be found:HERE []:

I am presently looking for FOUR additional players for this game (Which would make it Six total counting myself and a friend). Reliability is a must, as is some basic experience in role playing or writing.

Unlike most games Koniksburg will have TWO parts to it

The Thread
The first is the sort you’re all familiar with: a thread here on /rp/. A simple place to have your characters interact casually between episodes, with no real rules or restrictions outside of keeping the setting intact. Time will be treated as very fluid here and players will be free to occasionally retcon things, fast forward and shift stuff about to suit the story at hand. There is not much to explain here as this is the sort of role play most of /rp/ is very familiar with.

The Sessions
The second part of the game will be the sessions or ‘Episodes’. These will be much more like a traditional D&D campaign, with the players getting together once a week on IRC to play a Chat-based-game in real time for 3-5 hours, probably running somewhere around 7PM Eastern time. We will play through a short story or ‘Episode’ with their characters using a rules system called RolePlaying is Magic. This will allow the characters to go through adventures at a far faster pace than the thread alone, allowing for moments of drama and adventure.

Don’t take us using a system as a sign that this will be some sort of “Mares & Monsters” combat based game. Encounters will be solved through PROBLEM SOLVING and TEAMWORK, using the environment and your abilities in interesting ways much like the show itself.

Unlike most games like this players will take turns being the ‘Game Master’; running 3-7 sessions, telling a story, before passing onto the next. The game will still be run even if players are missing; simply running an episode with a smaller cast for the time being just as the show often focuses on a few select ponies. These rules will allow us to avoid many of the scheduling problems that often grind games like this to a halt.

While experience in roleplaying is a must, experience in gaming mechanics and rules system is not. I will gladly guide anyone new to such things through the character creation process step by step, as well as teaching them the basics of play.

A link to the system we're using and the house rules can be found HERE []. Neither of these are required reading; I’ll gladly just guide you through the process as mentioned above if you’re uncomfortable with it, so please don’t let it intimidate you.

Notes to interested players
-Reliability is a must, as is some basic experience in role playing or writing. I’d prefer the players be in their late teens or twenties if possible.
-I am NOT looking for character sheets at this time; just volunteers interested in playing. Once we have all the players we need I shall run a ‘Creation session’ where we all get together on IRC and discuss who’s being what; trying to establish a realistic balance between the characters being made.
-Try to come up with 3 or so vague characters ideas to bring to the table, picking whichever suits the group best, and fleshing out the chosen concept from there. Feel free to mention some of those ideas in the thread if you wish.
-The characters will all be young-adult ponies (ages 18-29 in pony years) with above average ability. Think the mane 6 in the early parts of Season 1 more or less. Capable, lots of potential, but by no means veteran heroes just yet.
-While this game is taking place in the same world as the show players should AVOID characters with direct links to any of the main cast. Everyone should be an original creation; something like Rainbow Dash’s cousin or Vinyl Scratch aren’t viable PCs here.
-While things will occasionally reach a higher level of maturity or seriousness then the show I will say now that it will never go TOO far. There will never be blood and guts on the screen, and sexual topics will not be touched upon. The occasional ‘Below the radar joke’ is fine of course, just show a little moderation here, hm?
-On a similar note: Shipping and romances between PCs is a thing that will be allowed, just keep it reasonable. No one-night stands, or falling madly in-love with each other after a day. Let it develop, make it a friendship before anything else.
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File 137757820308.gif - (15.48KB , 600x450 , Not_a_murder_hobo.gif )
>> No. 441150
File 137757909070.gif - (197.20KB , 416x488 , 79579e7c7fb1cf6f1f92696387fd2609.gif )
Well, I'm interested.

My only concern is my schedule, where I generally work one week out of the month. This would mean that if we were doing weekly sessions, odds are I could only show up to 3/4 of them.

I have experience as a GM, and wouldn't mind taking a turn running an adventure arc. Also, I've played a ton of tabletop games, and I'm sure learning the rules won't prove much of a challenge.

As for my experience or literacy, I play Twilight Sparkle in the Trotting Dead threads here on ponychan. That should give you an idea of my average RP style. I also play Tall Tale in 'The Lands of The North' but I take the thread more casually than I do the Trotting Dead.

One other concern is, I have some doubts we will find a full cast of reliable players. Recruitment in most threads I know of has been very slow lately.

I love the amount of work you put into this setting, and would very much like to be part of this game.

Of course, I understand if my schedule is a problem. No hard feelings and all that.
>> No. 441219
File 137762757178.png - (14.67KB , 190x141 , Asking.png )
I'm considering joining, soon as I think of a good character and I get my college schedule squared away... no guarantees, though, because at first glance, it's sounding kind of restrictive.
>> No. 441269
File 137764994014.png - (110.86KB , 800x832 , mlfw8640-1352744437466.png )
Missing one game a month shouldn't be TOO much of a problem as long as you're very reliable the other three weeks. It's.. sort of expected most people WILL miss one game every 1-2 months even if they are reliable. It's why I setup the episodes the way they are.

I'll have to note you down in the maybe column for now. If we manage to get four reliable players before you can confirm we'll probably have to go with them. But it doesn't seem like we're going to get people -that- quickly so there's certainly hope. Not to mention someone potentially dropping and needing a replacement.

Already got my school and work schedule for the next three months. I'll be able to stay up to 4am every day due to everything being in the afternoon. it's quite nice~

Anyway back to you two. Don't suppose you know what evenings you'll be free next week? Say around 7PM ESTish. Including a little earlier and a little later. Doesn't need to be exact.

Damn it I can't think of any good cat burns right now that don't feel forced.
>> No. 441282
File 137765219462.jpg - (42.49KB , 622x800 , lighttwi.jpg )

Next week isn't a work week, so any day that's convenient for the both of you will most likely work for me.
>> No. 441298
File 137766485097.gif - (60.29KB , 600x450 , story595.gif )
Pretty much any of the week evenings.
>> No. 441440
I would wish to join your interesting idea for interesting roleplay...

But kindle doesn't IRC.

Chatzy works, though. You could set up a private room and link it here.
>> No. 441445
File 137775250659.gif - (17.27KB , 600x450 , story955b.gif )
You can download an IRC client to your phone, if you have an Android/iPhone. I use one myself sometimes.
>> No. 441450
File 137775528708.gif - (204.99KB , 301x301 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-gummy.gif )
I will freely admit I'm really not familiar with hand-held devices when it comes to handling chats like this. I'm purely a laptop/Desktop sort of guy.

Strikes me as something that might make it difficult to turn out a lot of text quickly. Then again I'm hardly experienced in the area <3~

You don't have a home-computer?
>> No. 441454
File 137775876637.jpg - (79.34KB , 666x584 , 15c96ddc20db7a3e446e13a82600682c.jpg )

(we should have a skype chat or some equivalent. )
>> No. 441478
File 137776054706.png - (829.88KB , 900x675 , 136612614228.png )
Ehn... a bit too early for that I think.

We have two confirmed people here , and two 'maybes' in my book. I want to be sure everyone who's joining can be reliable. Would rather wait tell we have the a solid set of four before getting together to discuss characters and the like so no one is left out.
>> No. 441479
File 137776064590.gif - (135.42KB , 231x238 , 137443493628.gif )

Alright. Good points.
>> No. 441493
I am sorry but kindle won't download files.

I may add this is a kindle touch.

This sucks since I really want to do this...
>> No. 441502
File 137780001118.png - (75.35KB , 314x308 , 63.png )
Is... Is the Kindle a phone? I didn't know you could call people with it.
>> No. 441639
File 137783532212.gif - (144.97KB , 480x410 , 137782539424.gif )
Oh dear. Awkward Awkward.

I understand you really want to take part but... -yeah- I didn't plan to run a sort of first come first serve thing here. It's more of a matter of being sure you can be both reliable, and able to take part in the games properly.

I'm really trying to be careful before starting this. Making sure I have people I can rely on and all that. Right now... your only connection to the internet is through a touch-pad based E-Reader which seems a bit... yeah. Are you really going to be able to keep up/respond quickly to an active chat with a bunch of people? How reliable is the connection on such a thing?

I'm going to have to turn you down for the time being.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 29th, 2013 21:02

>> No. 441702
File 137785894089.png - (86.29KB , 269x321 , [FILENAME CENSORED FOR YOUR OWN GOOD].png )
Koniksburg. Now this name sounds familiar. A są może bunkry?

Now, this is a very interesting thread idea.To get the remaining two players, have you tried advertising on /gala's RP Green Room thread? There's always some people there and they might link your stuff further.
>> No. 441704
While burg is an informal way to say 'town'.

Yeah I actually posted about it in the gala thread when I made the thread. That's where Zate came from.
>> No. 441752
File 137790211884.png - (148.23KB , 412x396 , Hey_wheres_that_chocolate_cake_.png )
>> No. 441881
Hey, do you have that picture of epic mount as an irl horse?
>> No. 441882
File 137798292048.png - (304.42KB , 601x441 , Captain_Flounder_Face.png )
Uh... Nope, sorry. I have this, though.
>> No. 441894
File 137800069277.jpg - (79.29KB , 800x577 , Gypsy_Vanner_Horses_Ster8581-37.jpg )
Does an epic mount count?
>> No. 442062
File 137809000034.png - (128.04KB , 427x430 , That's_my_piece!.png )
That is a purty hoars.
>> No. 442145
File 137817357586.png - (181.84KB , 800x450 , 800px-Spike_still_confused_by_-brink-_S1E01.png )
Oh dear. Almost a week since I posted this and still only 2/4 of the players I require. I may have to start looking for outside sources to fill the remaining two spots.

Do hope you guys don't mind the wait <3~
>> No. 442170
Maybe advertise on /g/? With the addition of PnP elements, I'd say it counts as a game.
>> No. 442382
File 137831738248.jpg - (31.50KB , 300x246 , 133118981508.jpg )
This does tick all my boxes, including the optional extra "respect, dude" ones. I would really enjoy experiencing roleplaying live in a proper honest to god D&D-like campaign.

But see, that's the problem. I would love to join in on them, but 7 pm EST is just an impossibility for me. 7 pm EST is... 1 AM here which is completely incompatible with my current schedule.

I wish you luck.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 4th, 2013 11:02

>> No. 442643
File 137849181282.png - (176.00KB , 648x650 , 1377917014112.png )
Any luck with other recruitment sources?
>> No. 442656
File 137850673827.jpg - (72.58KB , 684x720 , 136936767306.jpg )
A little! Err well okay none would be more accurate. Sadly I've found I don't have many friends interested in this sort of thing.

At least not -real- ones <3~

I did put a post up about it on the forums for the system we're using so that might get us some returns. Sadly those forums aren't very ACTIVE because the registry process isn't exactly super convenient:you have to email the MODs to finish your registration. Apparently they had massive Spam/Troll problems original and didn't really have the manpower to control it.

Last edited at Fri, Sep 6th, 2013 19:02

>> No. 443151
I'd be interested in this... very interested. I've been looking for something little more slice of life then hack'n'slash, so this would be perfect. Depending on schedule, I've got every Tuesday US Central and Every other Sat. Should be able to go a little late too on Tuesday, though not too much later then Midnight or 1 am Central. But yeah, I'd be very interested in this.

*Edit to change days, as I noticed you said Est*

Last edited at Mon, Sep 9th, 2013 20:18

>> No. 443154
File 137878335547.gif - (5.99MB , 1280x720 , 130708 - animated apple_bloom scootaloo Sweetie_Belle.gif )
Ah Goodie <3~ means we just need one more, though I might start with five at this rate.

Uh about the times you mentioned;Assuming we started at 7 or 8PM eastern time (I believe that's 6-7PM for Central?) what days would you be able to show up? Late and early aren't very specific.
>> No. 443155
Tuesday and every other Saturday. So as earliest as tomorrow and latest as the 21st. And every other Saturday after the 21st. So, for exp: The fifth of Oct and then the following 19th.
>> No. 443161
File 137878560778.jpg - (119.93KB , 1000x1136 , 406579.jpg )
Oh dear. That might be a bit limiting only having 1.5 viable days.

I can technically run as early as 4PM EST on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays if starting earlier helps.
>> No. 443163
File 137878610602.png - (447.72KB , 1280x1280 , Beacon.png )
Dang... the crappy thing is those are days I work. Once in awhile I may have a monday or weds off, but its very rare for me to get them off. Was really hoping the tuesdays would be okay, as I got every tuesday off for the entire day.

Was really hoping to join too, cause the one I'm in right now is more hack'n'slash.
>> No. 443164
File 137878642417.gif - (1.83MB , 783x720 , 285051.gif )
Oh Tuesdays are completely viable. It just doesn't allow much leeway for rescheduling when it comes up is all.

We'll see what can be done regardless~
>> No. 443198
I'm still interested in this, by the way. I've just been a bit busy with my new job.
>> No. 443209
File 137887741888.gif - (106.24KB , 400x475 , tumblr_m2lnbqh6x21r8ro8bo1_400.gif )
Well this is getting slightly frustrating. The answer is mostly the same wherever I go.

If It's a site dedicated to traditional IRC role playing using old systems that is designed for adds a thread like this has no chance of being taken seriously. Or at the very least the number of people interested are very low. They're looking for knights, or vampires, or super heroes; not ponies.

If it's a site dedicated specifically to ponies you're -only- allowed to post threads if the role play is also going to be taking place on -that- site. Since our game is taking place on ponychan/IRC it's considered the same as posting adds and is a form of spam. I've had the good sense to check with MODs of those sites before posting anything, and that's pretty much what they tell me.

My old RPing buddies from other games just aren't interested. Either they don't like ponies, aren't into low combat games, or are too busy these days. Or I've done a very good job burning some bridges with them <3~ but hey that happens.

At this rate we won't be able to get enough players until after S4 has started and this place gets flooded with new users again. Unless I pack up and move it to one of those sites and have the PBP and OOC there instead.

I -really- want to just say yes to you given our troubles finding players. But having had a lot of experience starting/playing/running scheduled IRC games.. I know for a fact scheduling is the #1 killer of them (#2 being GM burn out which is why this game is having rotating GMs <3~).

Having only one real day available for sessions is going to be a nightmare in that area in the long run. :/

Last edited at Tue, Sep 10th, 2013 22:54

>> No. 443211
Well, its more there's one day I for certain have off. I have two days a week. The second day is just a bit of a wild card as to what day that is. Based on past work schedules, (which my work schedule goes Saturday to Friday) if its not the week I have saturday/tuesday off, then its tuesday and weds/thursday.

So, for example: This next week I'll have Saturday, Tuesday and Weds off. Next week after I have Saturday and Tuesday.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 10th, 2013 23:16

>> No. 444122
I'm actually quite interested in this, though I have little experience with IRC roleplay. It'll also help me out, as I'm GMing a campaign with some friends over Skype for FiM, and I've mostly been in the player seat before for tabletop rpgs, so it's a bit of a new world for me, XD. Right now I'm working day shifts, and I live in an area on EST, and am available most evenings, except Friday and every other Saturday evening.
>> No. 444141
File 137947303984.gif - (2.10MB , 960x540 , 240715.gif )
Oh neat! I was half worried I was going to have to call this whole thing off and try again after the new season starts. Consider yourself part of the game.

Anyway! Zate! Smiggles! I do hope you guys are still watching this thread <3~

Given we have all we need here I'd like to run a discussion game Sunday evening September 22nd say around 7PM Eastern? This will be to sort out who's being what and getting everyone's sheet done and ready to go as well as teach folks some basics about IRC use. As said in the intro post try to have a handful of vague ideas if possible rather then settling 100% on one. If all goes well we can have a session sometime next week.

If Sunday doesn't work please do inform me. And tell me what days you -do- have free Friday on-wards. Sunday won't be the default game day or anything, it's just what's convenient for this week.

I'd also like to get some contact information from everyone if that's possible:Emails, Skype or AIM screen names etc. I realize you might not be too fond of posting such things on an internet thread so feel free to just email them to me at [email protected] if you prefer.

Now as for you Knight. You're invited as well of course, but if you can't make Sunday and everyone else can.... we probably will run without you, and I'll help you with your sheet sometime after the fact. The game running will have take priority over your limited schedule but you ARE free to join when it allows it.

Think of your character as the Green ranger of the group <3~.
>> No. 444211
File 137948625235.jpg - (248.11KB , 720x720 , 1376689289862.jpg )

Sunday the 22nd at 4PM Pacific time, 7PM Eastern.
Unless my timezone math is way off. Which would be embarrassing.

Skype is billions-of-stars
Email is [email protected]

I'll have the system memorized by then and have a few character ideas sketched up.
>> No. 444226
File 137952357982.gif - (320.79KB , 289x400 , 130719247511.gif )
My email is listed on my name, and my skype is: drake-dark. In other news, after next week my work schedule opens further to working no evenings, so I should be free more.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 10:04

>> No. 444240
I have a 'Team Meeting' scheduled at 7:30. I don't know why; Sunday is my day off. But I can't make it on the 22nd at that time.
>> No. 444253
File 137953126881.png - (1.93MB , 1400x1300 , survivor_shy___not_the_home_i_remembered_by_mattatatta-d6mmmfs.png )
Aw nuts~

Well I'm busy this Thursday. Friday/Saturday are no good for Anayu

Who here is available for Monday at around 7PM EST? I can do a little earlier or later if need be.
>> No. 444254
Monday the 23rd? I'm free then. I would usually be free Sunday, too, but they scheduled a meeting then.
>> No. 444255
File 137953337996.png - (420.31KB , 1280x720 , lel snow.png )

Works for me.

I read over the system. I like it a lot.
I have to disagree with you over the matter of too many skills, but it's trivial.

I look forward to using RiM 3E, and making characters with it. Hope everyone can make it Monday.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 12:53

>> No. 444257
I'll be at work till 7pm Central, so unless you think you might be still going when I get home I'll have to wait. But as I said, the following week my hours open up.
>> No. 444269
7 EST on Monday is fine for me. This Friday would actually be potentially okay, since my RiM group is skipping this week (we did an extra session Monday evening because they were so excited, haha) and I still have a decent amount of writing and plot work to do before their next episode can start.
>> No. 444277
File 137954463862.gif - (1.03MB , 960x540 , 225349__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_applejack_animated_filly_cute_upvotes+galore_younger_heart+.gif )
Monday it is then! For those familiar with the use of IRC we will be playing on the Canternet IRC server ( ) and will be using the channels #snowponies and #SPOOC for the game. The discussion session will be taking place in #SPOOC

For those unfamiliar with the use of IRC you can just follow this link:

This will allow you to join the out of character channel directly: just stick in a name and hit go! The place will mostly be empty up until Monday of course (Which is when we'll actually teach people how to use the thing too ;p)

I wont be going to bed at anything near a decent hour on Monday so give the IRC channel a glance when you get home and I'll probably still be around. Or poke me on skype and I'll give you the lowdown on how it went.

Last edited at Wed, Sep 18th, 2013 15:53

>> No. 444835
File 137988815246.jpg - (256.70KB , 1280x1094 , 395263.jpg )
Just another extra little tidbit before the game tomorrow: I'd like everyone to make a google account if they haven't already so they have access to google drive.

It's VERY handy for keeping easy to access documents online, and once we've figured out who's being what tomorrow I'd like it to be used for character sheets etc.
>> No. 444836
I've already got one, thanks.
>> No. 444959
File 137996585586.png - (103.59KB , 500x400 , tumblr_dashboard_trik_by_lloserlife-d6klb1u.png )
Good to know <3~ figured most people WOULD but figured I'd make sure.

Quick note:the IRC link above is being FUSSY. So those unfamiliar with IRC can just follow this one instead:

Just stick in your nick name and #SPOOC as the channel. Should work fine~
>> No. 445086
File 137999023321.gif - (50.21KB , 376x476 , spoiler.gif )
I felt like that was a very productive meeting.
>> No. 445093
File 137999063256.gif - (413.82KB , 402x360 , 137910727890.gif )
Oh it went decently~

If you could all try to get your sheets to me ASP it'd be great. Thursday at the latest. Just put it together in a google doc and link it here in the thread. Don't be afraid to discuss any loose ends with myself or the others here on the thread or over Skype or similar programs.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 19:44

>> No. 445103
File 137999360227.gif - (403.46KB , 245x271 , tumblr_m5uc8pCGim1qg26zfo1_250.gif )
I think I did this right... I've not messed around a whole lot with Google Docs.
>> No. 445105
Well let me check the mechanics first real quick. A few minor errors.

First off:Way too few skill points. Adding it together you have 12 spent. Everyone should have at -least- 24. (32 if the Quick learner edge is taken). In addition you only have 8 Ability points:Not 10.

There also is no 'armor' skill anymore. Just a 'block/dodge' skill. I'd recommend reading the house rules for the game that are listed here:
>> No. 445106
File 137999554914.png - (137.10KB , 640x360 , 640px-Cheerilee_teaching_S1E12.png )
On a more role play related note the number of Pegasi in the town is actually comparable to Griffons. So it's unlikely he would have had no Pegasus kids to hang out, though it is possible he was just in one of the mini-community's that happened to have more griffons then Pegasus about.
>> No. 445111
Could easily go with that. Or even that there weren't as many around his age or shared the same interest as him. Heck, he could even have been the only colt born at that time, surrounded by those yucky fillies and all their femmine whatsits. :P
>> No. 445293
File 138015114263.png - (92.40KB , 594x557 , potatos.png )

So, who was playing Forget-me-not?
We need to share some contact info or something and talk about our characters, if you still wanted Forget and Sweet to be related. Or we can just use the IRC, whichever works.

Skype: billions-of-stars
Email: [email protected]
>> No. 445420
File 138025302368.png - (401.97KB , 1265x716 , Cheerilee_baffled_S02E12.png )
Well.. I was hoping to have everyone's sheet by Today.

I've.. gotten two of them ^_^;

Zate, Anayu: Don't suppose you have any idea when I should be expecting yours? This is worth 60% of your grade you know~ -5% from your mark every day it's late!
>> No. 445443
File 138030060677.png - (154.80KB , 317x315 , 1365532875234.png )
>> No. 445450
File 138031666808.jpg - (355.52KB , 750x1367 , 1378055261371.jpg )
>> No. 445748
File 138050154866.gif - (158.83KB , 270x178 , Sad_Luna.gif )
So, are we still waiting for Zate, Anyu and TD to finalize their sheets; or did they change their minds and decide not to play?
>> No. 445770
File 138052961233.png - (842.44KB , 900x696 , tumblr_m6wvygFeLW1r1ixuco1_1280.png )

Do not wait for them.

Simply go.
>> No. 445774
File 138056209890.gif - (415.23KB , 640x360 , 378258.gif )
Ehn if this was a pure play by post game maybe. But.. well with the whole Campaign part on top of that.... 2.5 players ain't really going to allow the sort of interaction/chemistry I'm looking for here.

Really at this point I'm just going to replace the both of them with more reliable folks or call the whole thing off until the new season starts.
>> No. 445794
File 138057881002.png - (134.31KB , 1651x1318 , 322399.png )
Well I've already got a replacement for Zate. Just by chance the guy made a Sculptor/artist Griffon without being aware of the players he was replacing what so ever!

Though this one is going to be a bit more of a butterscotch as it were so we'll see how that works out.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 30th, 2013 16:46

>> No. 445931
File 138073482322.jpg - (53.78KB , 421x600 , medium (2).jpg )
Alright: We've got a full six players again so lets get this show on the road.

I'd like to run the first session this Friday at 7:05PM Eastern time. If anyone has any problems with that time please inform me and I'll switch the day.

I've made a little skype group where you can all discuss your characters and how they might know each other in real time. Some of you have already taken advantage of such. Ucro, and Comrade didn't get to be a part of the little creation discussion we had so this is a good way to touch base with them.

Links to everyone's characters can be found here:

Try to have any of the odds and ends finished on your sheet (background, little additional edits or changes etc) by Friday. Keep in mind I'm perfectly open to custom or swapped abilities as long as I okay them first.

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File 138091489306.png - (210.82KB , 900x900 , good_morning_sheriff_silverstar_by_johnjoseco-d4of6wy.png )
I might as well introduce to you all to tonight's plot. Or give you a taste of it for those who are around <3~

It will be taking place in the shimmering Mining lodge, one of Mister Tarnations Gem mines. Tarnation being a very wealthy Southerner pony who moved in about five years ago, and through his ruthless penny pinching tactics managed to get a pretty solid foothold in the Koniksburg mining business. Loud and confident, while not the most pleasant of persons, he's known to be the sort who gets the job freaking done which is certainly a plus.

Gems and crystals are worth a we bit more if shipped out as a finished product as you can imagine, and apparently he's quite interested in making a deal with Zach and Chalice in that department. Most of his workers in that area are crystal ponies, and it might not surprise you that crystal pony based crystal works are flooding the market a bit.. and something a bit more 'unique' like Zachs work has a chance of doing well. Using his connections, and his mines to get the raw materials for cheaper costs.

However he insisted to meet both of them in person <3~ Which is Why Barnstormer is along for the ride. Being moral support for Zach who might not have the confidence to deal with someone like the baron here. By moral support I mean 'Chalice isn't strong enough to drag Zach there on her own'

As for Doctor snow and Sweet Potato.. they're both at the lodge already if for very different reasons. A few of the miners have been getting serious headaches and dizziness problems and doctor snow is there to confirm what might be wrong with the crystal ponies and to make sure it doesn't turn into a law suit for Mister Tarnation (Oh and yes totally because he cares for his workers too, that's it <_< >_>). Not many of his workers are in the mine right now as a result and he's 'treating' them to a fancy meal. Essentially hiring Sweet potato as a caterer for the day. It probably helps that potato's are a damn lot cheaper to buy but don't tell Sweetie that <3~ as he is clearly hiring her because her work is just that wonderful.

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