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442098 No. 442098
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Semi-serious #OOC #Unicorn Master Race

Hello, and welcome to the Trotswood RP. Now, we are an Ask/Invite RP, meaning we need one thing from you, before you RP in the thread. All we need, is a short (Or long if you want), application. Now, we don’t need anything to extensive. Just Blood type, history of medical procedures, three signed letters of recommendation, and the head of Crawmerax a brief history, including any combat, skills, how they found the town, and anything else you’d like to include.

Please, we don’t mind if you use sign up sheets from other canons, but we don’t use stats, so please leave them off. Here in Trotswood, if you want combat, we suggest you talk with the one you’re fighting about what system to use. Some of us like rolls, others like honor systems, and some of us like stat based. Talk about it before you fight, to prevent an unhappy mix up.

Now, as for applications, we’ve gone over what we need, but there are a few extra guidelines. Just some basic, common sense and canon specific rules that will help us streamline the application process, and get you approved faster.

>No Humans (We’re “Show Canon” in that way. Please keep to races found in the show. However, Hybrids of show races are welcome in many cases.)
>Direct crossovers are discouraged. However, if the application sheet seems solid, there is a chance you’ll be passed, and approved.
>Please be proper with your power. We’re not going to reject you, if you’re a god, provided you’re not “Supergod The Bes Around”.

And that’s it. Once you have an application, long or short, simply post it in this thread, and the OP, and a team of “Half OPs”.

OP: Wind Chaser
Half OPs: Scorch, Unonemous, Enyo, Vyne, Trans Equestrian Orchestra (TEO/Mint)

A side note about the Map. There are a limited amount of houses on there, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited in how many characters can join. We can easily expand the map, as we gain more and more players.
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>> No. 442099
File 137815872172.jpg - (271.24KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_melg9dgLb21r6d9gko4_1280.jpg )
And now we wait...
>> No. 442100
In regards to the map deal, Wind's characters have a hotel too, for those who don't feel like getting a house right away
>> No. 442101
File 137815877414.jpg - (128.78KB , 900x921 , 501d4124d1bcd4a4688fa2dda4c8dff9fa578662.jpg )
>> No. 442102
Welcome everybody. c:

Be nice and have fun.
>> No. 442103
File 137815894384.png - (164.19KB , 611x343 , You're a slut!.png )
>> No. 442104
Also, hotels are fun.
>> No. 442105

That is what happens when I ask people to be nice? :c
>> No. 442106
File 137815904697.jpg - (237.37KB , 500x2039 , White_Whale.jpg )
>> No. 442107
Sexy hotels!
>> No. 442108
File 137815927036.jpg - (419.03KB , 600x3974 , Worth It.jpg )
>> No. 442109
>> No. 442117
File 137816363510.png - (172.85KB , 876x912 , 12412.png )
How many approvals do I need?

My character is the lunar constallation of Aquarius, ponified. She has an attractive personality that leads her to be shy, sensitive, gentle and patient. She is very strong willed, however, seeking truth above all things. She is honest enough to change her opinion, but can hold it firmly if she has enough reason to do so.

She has a breadth of vision that brings diverse factors into a whole, and can see both sides of an argument without shilly-shallying as to which side to take. Consequently she is unprejudiced and tolerant of other points of view, and even if they do not accept it (the argument) herself.

She is quick, active and persevering without being self-assertive, and express themselves with reason, moderation and sometimes, a dry humor. And probably one of the biggest pointers: nearly always intelligent, concise, clear and logical. SHe is strongly imaginative and psychically intuitive.

But at the same time she can keep her standards high on deciding who she befriends, and who she loves, sometimes this high standard will often lead her to be a loner.

Among the faults to which she has are fanatical eccentricity, wayward egotism, excessive detachment and an inclination to retreat from life and society, and a tendency to be extremely dogmatic in her opinions.

She always is carrying her water gourd with her, in which she can have a seemingly endless stream of water pour out, and she can also scoop up and soak up water endlessly.

She is essentially... all that is entailed in an Aquarius, who was made as a protector of sorts for earth, along with the other constellations, and her travels have brought her to this town.
>> No. 442118

Nice character you have there.

You're welcome to stay at Trotswood, make yourself home. c:
>> No. 442119
250 approvals.
>> No. 442120
I've seen you around Orion and AOS. Approved!
>> No. 442121
I also approve.
>> No. 442122
File 137816452131.jpg - (93.51KB , 755x1057 , aquarius_by_shishapony-d5q8z2x.jpg )
Thank you all
>> No. 442124
File 137816482619.png - (858.79KB , 1154x1500 , 335869__safe_rarity_solo_magic_brush_artist-colon-famosity.png )
Character Name: Rarity
Age: 21. Normally it's not very polite of you to ask a lady for her age, but for the circumstances, I shall comply.
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Female. No, a 'check' isn't required, nor permitted.
History: Ever since getting her cutie mark working on costumes for a school pageant, Rarity loved designing and fashion and knew that was what she wanted, neigh, was destined to do! After her work with various villains, Twilight becoming OP an alicorn gave her a chance to get to work a bit more on her designs and passion. Working hard through her life, she became a successful designer, known widely in her local market. But when you want more business and more success, what do you do? Expand. While traveling down a road, the clean mare would find herself at the town entrance of Trotswood, looking to spread her designs.
Personality: Prim, and a proper lady, she's not accustomed or a fan of very many uncouth behaviors or ill-mannered ponies. She finds disgust in things of dirt or miss-matched clothing, but is willing to work and look past some things, and help make the world a cleaner and more civilized place.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Fashion designing/3 Diamonds
Shipping Preferences: Bisexual. A proper lady does not keep a discriminative or closed mind on relationships. A mare wants what a mare wants, even if it happens to be another mare.
Combat: A lady would never want to conduct herself in battle, but if provoked, she must know some ways of defending herself.
Others: She's fabulous.... and slightly derogatory of the official canon. I know a canon character usually brings up careful, red flags, I'm willing to work through any questions and concerns.
>> No. 442125
I certainly don't mind a canon character being involved in the canon, but what do you others think?

I approve, personally.
>> No. 442126
File 137816506660.png - (264.71KB , 480x480 , Excuse me.png )
We're not usually huge on Canon characters. But I've seen you in AOS, you play her pretty much better then anyone I've seen play her. Also, i don't think Rarity is critically linked to anyone's backstory.

>> No. 442127
File 137816518805.jpg - (100.11KB , 733x1089 , 11298424344.jpg )
Wonderful dears~ thank you
>> No. 442128
File 137816526534.png - (94.90KB , 1320x872 , Mapster Race.png )
Also, the new map that's currently un-updated for those who haven't been involved with Trots before
>> No. 442129
Do we need to reclaim/reassign houses?
>> No. 442130
Fun fact: Rarity was the first canon character someone claimed @ Trotswood, but the player never showed up.

Then we had Trixie.
>> No. 442131
I'm not quite sure. Nobody brought that up when we were setting back up
>> No. 442132
I remember that...

We proooobably should do that..
>> No. 442133
If Wind said we had Trixie AFTER Rarity, it might've been well before either of us joined
>> No. 442134
I remember someone playing a rarity while I was here
I don't remember the player's name, or his character, but it was the same player who had the orange character that shipped with Vyne first, and had thrown a horse shoe at Andrew's head while he was sledding
>> No. 442135
Oh, that was Shimmer.
I actually forgot that she had played Rarity for like...What, a week? Something like that
>> No. 442136
I just remember she did, then there was some dramas, then she dropped it, then I played her for about a week
>> No. 442137

Also, here's the thread.
>> No. 442138
Unon is right. Rarity registered, but never showed up.
It was before Unon and Clyde joining us.

I call dibs on any 19 related house.
>> No. 442139
Pretty sure Shimmer was going for the LMR Rarity...which I would reject to the day I die if she was applied today.
>> No. 442140
I call Dibs on 116 related houses and maybe town hall...Imma pimp it out...with a pool. And the mayoral limo...
>> No. 442141
I demand reelection
>> No. 442142
>> No. 442144
>> No. 442178
File 137817805756.png - (183.70KB , 525x545 , Dragon.png )
Oh look... this is back around Pchan's way.

If I join back up, I'll have joined six times!

....or maybe seven.... I forget.

Anyway.... lets bring back Night.

Night Life.
Dragon/sphinx- Unless thats no longer allowed, then possibly a lion. Unless that is also not allowed. ^_^
Little magic, mostly having to do with crafting and creating. Avid tinkerer, likes building and creating. Can hold his own in a fight, most dragons can.

Night found Trotswood while flying north on his way home in the mountains. Having no desire to deal with his mother and her many suitors he decided to settle in the area for a bit.
Young for a dragon, Night is normally reserved around strangers and hasn't spent much time around normal folk. Having been raised more or less by the village near his home, he doesn't see much difference between species, Gryphons, Dragons, Ponies, he doesn't mind.

.....I couldn't find Crawmerax, will any head do?
>> No. 442181
>> No. 442185
I approve
>> No. 442186
File 137817879474.png - (94.02KB , 514x518 , Happy.png )
How many approvals is it nowadays?
>> No. 442188
>> No. 442197
>> No. 442682
File 137851642907.jpg - (613.21KB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
Character name :Ananta
Age: 15
Gender: female
Coat: light blue
Main: dark blue and yellow
She came here to quench her thirst for adventur and travel. She has yearns to live her life to the fullest.
Special Talent: unknown to her
Cutie Mark: Clock
Shipping prefrens: strait
Combat: highly skilled
Others: she never met her parents. She is skilled at many forms of magic .
>> No. 442683
Seems alright to me.
I approvez
>> No. 442684
File 137851772544.png - (54.60KB , 500x500 , 133020750740.png )
Okay, I just have a few question real quick.
We see that she's a unicorn, fifteen, we have colors, so description is down. (I don't know if the pic is a black box for anyone else)
History/Why she's in Trotswood: So, she's here for adventure, that's good. Living life. We don't really need the combat category, though it does bring up a question. How did a 15 year old mare become highly skilled in combat? I see that she's skilled in many forms of magic, but a little more information would be nice.

If you can tell me why she's experienced in combat (Including what kinds) and what kind of magic she's highly skilled in, i'll gladly approve.
>> No. 442692
File 137852653280.jpg - (1.41MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
She became good at fighting impart of being raised in an orphanage and was picked on a lot as well as her traveling alown witch made it important to know defensive magic
>> No. 442693
File 137852656002.jpg - (1.41MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )

Last edited at Fri, Sep 6th, 2013 21:03

>> No. 442694
So she knows how to brawl, and defensive magic?
>> No. 442695
>> No. 442696
>> No. 442697
Yes that is basically what I meant.
>> No. 442698
Okies. I'll approve. Welcome to Trotswood.
>> No. 442700
>> No. 442777
Also I can't fined a place to actually put my caractor I the story because I don't want to insert myself wher I can't actually do anything. Can you do any thing a bout that fore me ? Thanks .
>> No. 442780
Err, well, that's kind of the simple part about trotswood. Just pop in. Walk into town, or enter how you like. Odds are someone will be around and RP.
>> No. 442781
Thank you
>> No. 443195
File 137886470737.gif - (181.57KB , 500x460 , tumblr_mlt0j6g07l1s08a2vo1_500.gif )
>Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Tis a good couple weeks for true horror.
>> No. 443197
;3; but scary
>> No. 443199
File 137886521190.png - (63.09KB , 245x250 , 123828__ponified_artist-needed_semi-grimdark_jeff-the-killer_png.png )
That's the point! It's a change from FPS and "Horror" games.
>> No. 443200
u3u no one likes RTS...
>> No. 443201
SC2 :V
Rome 2 looked fun...Does that count?
>> No. 443202
yup. o3o, If it is anything like Shogun it will be good.
>> No. 443203
I hear it's a lot like Rome 1 with improved UI and graphics. Also historic battles, and hours and hours of gameplay.

And an achievement for playing 1K hours.
>> No. 443204
;3; I don't get anything done already crap...
>> No. 443887
Name: Midnight Sparkle
Species: Unicorn
Sex: Colt
Age: 10
History: Losing his parents to war, Midnight was moved from home to home, never one to fit in. He hated it, remaining optimistic to his future. he eventually ran away from.his.current home and stumbled upon Trots wood after a week away.

Personality: Happy, Cheerful, Clumsy
>> No. 443888
File 137929026543.png - (134.75KB , 900x1000 , Midnight_With_a_Milkshake-1011473170.png )
>> No. 443889
Yay! This is back! I hope you guys don't mind if I try to join again.

*A candle flickers to life, illuminating two ponies, one holding a booklet and quill, and the other looking very annoyed at the first. The one not holding the book looked very peculiar. Older, but not yet decrepit, his wrinkled face was a deep royal blue, his mane once a glorious gold and purple, but now only a faded shock of silver and yellow. He wore a strange getup, a blue robe which swept the floor, and a top hat of the same hue.

"So you mean to tell me you want me to tell you about myself? I have quite the long story and I despise repeating myself. Are you ready?"
"Yes, sir, but I..."
"Then ask your questions! I haven't all day."
"O-Okay... Umm... What is your name?"

"Really? Really that's one of your ques... *sigh.* ...It's Cicero"

"And Cicero, how old are you?"

"Three hundred and nine year, six months, two days, and four hours."

[/i]"But... But, how?!"[/i]

"I'm a wizard. Thats all you need to know. Next question."

"Oh... Okay... Umm... tell me a bit about yourself.

"I'm a very old horse with many years left to come. I'm grumpy most of the time, hear voices that arent there, and have conversations with myself because I need a professional opinion. I'm looking for the next adventure, the next town in need of saving, the next batch of fools who think me mad when they don't see the signs around them. I'm a fan of chocolate pudding. Anything else?"

"No... No, that's pretty good... Mr. Cicero, what did you do before this?

"I was one of the archmages up at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns, arguably the best transmuter and evocater in Equestria, save for old Celly herself. I found myself fired, for poor conduct, and antiquated methods of punishment. Hoofscrews are perfectly humane if you ask me. Afterwords, I traveled the world, meeting far more interesting people than if i'd stayed here. I've quelled a few rebellions, helped another few succeed, battled beasts, found peace, had it taken from me, and won it back. I've done things you would dismiss as fancy, and met things that were the subject of legend. And right now, i'm talking to a little college student who needs to write a term paper."

"Quite uh... Quite right.... What will you do next?"

"Most likely, I'll move on. I'm looking for somewhere to settle down for a time, perhaps find my next adventure. Or perhaps simply grow bored and die. We'll see."

I see... So tell me, what is your special talent?

"Now that's a question worth asking. Most people would assume my talent is magic. They'd be wrong. My talent lies more around the area of inflicting change! On others, myself, or the world around me, if it's one way and I make it another I'm happy."

Alright then.... One last question... Have you ever loved anypony? And are you willing to love again?

"... Question time's over"

*The candle blew out.*


If you guys have any questions, feel free to tell me! Just thought i'd do a bit of creative writing.
>> No. 443890
>> No. 443891
>> No. 443892
File 137929101057.jpg - (271.24KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_melg9dgLb21r6d9gko4_1280.jpg )
Mid, the mods talked about it a bit, and the sheet just needs more. You gave us three sentences that don't really tell us more then the bare minimum. We need a little more. History, any combat experience he might have, experiences as he traveled that lead him to Trotswood. Please reapply with a bit more substance, and your chances of approval will go up drastically.
>> No. 443893
I don't have anything against you, but your application is, honestly, a tad bare. No offense. But, care to add more detail?
>> No. 443894
ooooh new people.
>> No. 443895
>> No. 443896
Actually, neither of them are new, lol
>> No. 443897
>> No. 443898
You're supposed to be a small orange colt right now >:I
>> No. 443899
File 137929155291.png - (81.87KB , 905x882 , wink wink.png )
I can't hear you over my blueness
>> No. 443900
>not beta as fuck.
>> No. 443901
>> No. 443902
File 137929161255.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Get on my Blue level!
>> No. 443903
File 137929166562.jpg - (42.71KB , 519x460 , Moon Dancer.jpg )
>> No. 443904
I just felt my neckbeard grow a bit more.
>> No. 443905
File 137929181600.png - (127.98KB , 842x619 , Lemme show you my hot wheels.png )
>> No. 443906
File 137929198679.png - (134.75KB , 900x1000 , Midnight_With_a_Milkshake440755506.png )
name: Midnight Sparkle
Age: 10
Gender: Male
History: Born to a Staff Sargent and a Medic in the heat of combat, Military moved from base to base, unable to settle down. Witnessing his Parents death at the hands of a Suicide Bomber, Midnight snapped, and went into a state of insanity, which only went away with years of therapy. Having been moved from home to home, he never interacted with anyone, rarely being heard speak. One day, he simply gets up, and leaves the orphanage, eventually stumbling upon Trotswood.
Personality: Shy, Reclusive, and Introverted. for those.rare few folks who actually can get him to open up, he shows a happy side, a caring side.
Cutie Mark: Sun with rainbow, Represents Optimism, gained before his parents death.
>> No. 443908
Wat. was his dad a operator?
>> No. 443909
That one's much, much better
>> No. 443910
His Dad was a Infantryman. He died with his wife when the Hospital was bombed.

>> No. 443911
I guess I will approve.
>> No. 443912
>> No. 443913
you need two.
>> No. 443914
Werkz for meh
>> No. 443915
>> No. 443916
Well uh... What exactly is wrong? Just not in the sheet format, you don't like the character, what exactly did I not do right?
>> No. 443917
I do not want to approve you because in the past with Trotswood, you've caused constant trouble, and, on more than one occasion, directly attacked the mods in anger of us confronting you about your characters. We gave you way more chances than we should, and you took advantage of that, actually lying to use with one of your chances.

Whether or not the other mods approve is completely up to them

I, however, will not approve you.
>> No. 443918
Nah I am all for characters with unique stuff about them. It just sounds like something I would read on /tg/. *shrug* I am still on the fence.
>> No. 443925
I admit it. I was a fucking twat back in the day. It's been... what, a year now? I've been maturing quite a bit. I was a dick, and I did cause trouble, I admit it. Sorry you still feel that way. I have people who would back up my claim, that i've gotten better. But, I personally can't change your mind. Wish you all the best Unon. Ask Clyde if you want to know how I act now. Or maybe Teo. They both RP at Orion, where i've been hanging out. I promise I won't be the little brat you remember if you give me the chance.
>> No. 443926
You have used all my chances, and have none of my support.

If the other mods approve you, then you're in. I will not approve you myself though.
>> No. 443928
I completely understand. I wish it wasn't like this, but it is, and I can't help that at this point. Have a good time Unon, and don't let me ruin it. :)
>> No. 443930
I'll stick out my neck I guess, I will approve blizz... but I am keeping my sceptical hat on. Now he needs one.
>> No. 443931
File 137929578251.png - (264.71KB , 480x480 , Excuse me.png )
Tenatively approved. But it's thin ice man.
>> No. 443932
Thanks guys. Won't let you down. And Dan? I'm sorry. Dont think I ever said that last time.
>> No. 444000
Hailing from the heartlands bordering Equestria towards the sea, Aiwathadegwond Degwaiwatha arrives in Trotswood, seeking adventure and exploration in new lands. Aiwathadegwond is a tall female felinesque quadrapedal creature, as tall as most ponies, dressed in furs decorated with an assortment of colorful feathers. Her golden eyes are large and slanted, her fur short and striped with earth colors.
Aiwathadegwond is a native tribesmare from the south of the continent, a region largely unsettled by modern equines. Her home and tribe are settled near the mouth and along the southern banks of a great river that stretches upward and into Equestria.
Like most of her tribe, she possesses keen eyesight, especially at night, extraordinary hearing, and the ability to bring forth spirits of the earth through song.
>> No. 444001
hehe kittycat.
>> No. 444003
File 137938244103.gif - (0.98MB , 260x146 , freak-out-gif.gif )
>> No. 444004
File 137938244380.jpg - (42.92KB , 960x540 , 390451_303899159630821_100000322196410_966701_779629596_n.jpg )
Seems like a fun, original character. I approve!
>> No. 444005
>> No. 444006
File 137938331907.gif - (416.92KB , 500x208 , tumblr_lx1poug0x91r6x7xno1_500.gif )
Thanks guys!
>> No. 444374
File 137957014267.png - (395.64KB , 1366x985 , tmp_-799576042.png )
Name: Bridin Starshine
Age: 25
Gender: Mare
History: Born to a Serial Killer Father who was executed, and a prostitute mother, Bridin lived a shitty life. Hailing from Prance, Sociopathic tendencies showed in her at an early age. At age 10, she quietly and secretly killed her mother while she slept. At the Child home she moved to, she instilled fear in the other kids, beating them to submission, making them lie about their injuries. at age 18, she left the orphanage, and moved to equestria. Getting a job as an assassin, she enjoyed every minute of her work. She stumbles upon Trotswood, fresh from a kill and with pay in tow.
Cutie mark: Witch Hat. represents her innate knack at magic, mainly odd and forbidden magic which she used for killing.
Personality: Sweet, charming, and adorable on the outside. Manipulative, Cunning, and Insane on the inside.
Other: has a set of Specialized knives for carving up her.victims.
>> No. 444375
Ooh! A villain! I'ma talk with the others about this.
>> No. 444376
She climbing in yo windows, snatching yo people up, gonna gut them, so.hide yo kids, hide yo wife.
>> No. 444377
Errbuddeh gettin' raepd
>> No. 444378
Raped, Gutted, and strung from a tree by their innards
>> No. 444379
Before I approve. I need to know exact magic she would know, and I need to know that you will stick to that magic, and not add ones out of the blue.
>> No. 444380
Fire Magic, cause arson. Water magic, cause boiling someone from.the inside out, and dark magic, for destructive tendencies
>> No. 444381
Immediate red flag on the boiling someone from the inside.

Even though I like the idea, I don't like the ability to just kinda insta-gib someone
>> No. 444382
Are you going to play her as an immortal in any way? And I don't think we can pass someone who can boil others from the inside.
>> No. 444383
well, it isn't specifically what she could do, it'd just an example
>> No. 444384
But it can still happen. And if there's a chance, then odds are it will happen.
>> No. 444385
immortal? nope, just a heavily Sociopathic mare. and the boiling was just an example
>> No. 444386
Well, regardless, you obviously know that we need to keep your character toned
>> No. 444387
then, lets say she knows ice magic.
>> No. 444388
I know, I don't plan on going full Mary sue
>> No. 444389
Glad you're actually complying. So, let's get to the finer details so we can track of things, ah?
>> No. 444390
Well, I currently can't approve her.

And no. Because that can just be 'lol, I freeze your blood'. I honestly don't think I can approve her without some nerfs. Dark magic is way to broad. Fire magic, same thing. Categories won't due, I need specifics.
>> No. 444391
mmhmm. ice instead of water, so no boiling
>> No. 444392
hmmhmmhmm... She can create fireballs, simple flames, and control said fire. she can't control any water inside another being, but she can soak them, encase them in ice. and for dark magic, she can enchant items, and use a arcane magic bomb.
>> No. 444393
How big is the bomb, what enchantments, I'm going to have to ask that you cut out a few elements, because most characters tend to stick to one, and three or more seems just unnecessary, not to mention unrealistic.
>> No. 444394
hmm... dropping the water, besides a basic water spell. dropping fire besides a basic fire spell. the bomb takes the form of a bundle of a small block of C4. and as for enchantments, she can imbue items with Dark energy, making them burn those they hit.
>> No. 444395
Okay, so, she can make a flame, she can make a little water, C4 is a no. Under a pound can cause a pretty massive amount of destruction, and I'll okay the dark energy, so long as she can't apply it to anything much bigger then a knife.
>> No. 444396
okay, half stick of tnt? and she only ever uses it for her cutting blades
>> No. 444397
No, again. A half stick can crack cement, set off car alarms,deafen others, and damage structures, and turn a washing machine into a shrapnel bomb. I'll be honest. I've seen how you play her in other canons, and I'd be wary, even if she wasn't a villain.
>> No. 444398
okay, no arcane bomb then. sides that, keeping everything else.
>> No. 444399
So, she can produce a flame, she can produce water, and she can enchant knives. How big is the fire, how much water, and how intense and long the dark magic spell lasts.
>> No. 444400
the flame is a small flame, she only ever uses it to torch homes. the water is a medium sized amount, for fire mishaps, and the enchantments last 7 turns of battle
>> No. 444401
We'll talk it over with the other mods, but it may be a bit. Our main OP is offline, along with two others. And please, there's no need to post about a new OOC post IC. most of us have the OOC open, or have it watched.
>> No. 444402
oh, okay.
>> No. 444403
im off to bread
>> No. 444404
>> No. 445120
File 138002042235.png - (74.44KB , 398x504 , fruit_juice_of_champions.png )
>Inb4 villain ruled town
>> No. 445121
File 138002158956.png - (58.06KB , 896x684 , evil_in_her_eyes.png )
Name: Shade Cloud
Age: 20
Description: Dark blue coat with brown hair that has streaks of teal in it, and red eyes
Race: earth pony
Gender: Mare
Backstory: Shade was born in a backwater town in the outskirts of Equestria. Not everypony heard of Hoofington, because of how small it was, and the fact that it was not on any maps.
Shade's parents were not the brightest of folks, or the wealthiest. But one thing about them was that they were drunks. One night after a crazy party they came home and Mrs. Cloud became pregnant with Shade. The alcohol messed with the child before it was born, and when time came and she came out, her eyes where a blood red. A birth defect from the alcohol.
Her parents began drinking more after she was born, they didn't want to care for the child, and constantly scolded her whenever she did anything to try to be helpful, sometimes even going beyond scolding. Years of constant abuse for being nice and secluded like she was, caused something to trigger, a phobia... the fear of being her.
A voice in her head started speaking to her, telling her how to make all the pain stop. Letting that voice take control, she took on a second personality, one that was cold hearted, and cruel to anypony that tried to help her, make friends with her, or anything of the sort to try to make her happy. The only thing that made her happy was the suffering of others.
>> No. 445122
File 138002180576.png - (251.64KB , 524x607 , Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 3_51_43 AM.png )
Schizo Schizo~

A villain born of abuse and phobia isn't quite 'new' but generally always works well.

I personally approve of it, but I'm the only mod that's awake at the moment :p
>> No. 445138

Beep Boop.

*Officer, not mod ;3
>> No. 445173
SHUSH! I wrote that at about 6 in the morning.

Y u sendin me dis
>> No. 445186
I appruv
>> No. 445603
File 138041786267.png - (27.79KB , 428x428 , Storm Blade.png )
I don't know if I'm supposed to post my characters, but I'll go ahead and do it just to be safe. Also, I'm baaaaaaaack.

Name: Storm Blade
Age: 32
Description and Race: See Pic.
Cutie Mark: A large sword shaped like a bolt of lightning.
Backstory: Raised in an orphanage since he can remember, Storm was always a strange one. Being forced to stay away from the other foals due to his tremendous strength has left him quiet and anti-social. The only reason he could even act like a normal pony was the enchanted bracers he wears to limit his strength. He only removes it when the need is great as prolonged exposure causes massive pain as the muscles continue to grow until they burst. His strength and quiet behavior was noticed and he was recruited into the Royal Guard. He rose through the ranks quickly due to his natural combat ability, however due to an accident involving one of his subordinates stealing his bracers, he was forced to retire and sent to Trotswood with his wife, Song Blade.
>> No. 445604
Name: Song Blade
Age: 30
Description and Race: See pic
Cutie Mark: A pair of rapiers in an X shape.
Background: Born and raised as a noble in Canterlot, Song never really liked the attitudes of the so called 'Higher Class'. Often times she had been caught coming home late with cuts and bruises like she had been in a fight. Her parents paid for fencing lessons in hopes that she would calm down with the training. This had not worked and she left home to join the Guard as soon as she was an adult. She stunned everypony during her training with her speed and skill with rapiers. At one point, she could create blades of wind when she slashed her rapier, cutting down any enemys in her way. Due to an injury she had sufffered at the claws of some griffon bandits, she can no longer do that and would have been killed, had it not been for the passing of Captain Storm Blade. Swinging his Claymore like it was made of paper, he quickly cut down the bandits. He helped Song to a hospital and the two quickly took a liking to eachother. Within a year, they were married and all seemed like it would be a happy ending. However, due to an incident with one of Storm Blades subordinates stealing his bracers, he was forced to retire to Trotswood. Song was given the opportunity to take Storm's place as captain, but refused and retired from the guard to live with her husband. They now live together in house 113 (Since I don't think anyone lives there yet) trying to live a peaceful life. One problem, Trotswood is anything but peaceful.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 28th, 2013 18:41

>> No. 445605
File 138041892619.png - (25.64KB , 405x463 , Song Blade.png )
>> No. 445606
I approve of him, but am a bit curious as to how long it takes for his muscles to become a problem when not having his bracers on.

Also, you said she can no longer use her air-slashes from an attack. Is that permanent?
>> No. 445607
It depends on the scenario. If he's in a combat situation, or constantly having to use them, it becomes to painful to continue with 2 minutes.

It's permanent for her primary hoof, she is currently training to be able to use her other hoof for that attack, but it will take time.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 28th, 2013 18:52

>> No. 445608
Alrighty, just wanted to be sure

Also, she's not the kind of fast where she just can't be touched right? It's striking speed?
>> No. 445609
Yeah, just her striking speed. She can still be hit.
>> No. 445610
Alrighty, I wanted to clear that up.
All seems good to me.
>> No. 445620
Sweet. Just got to wait for 2 others I think?
>> No. 445621
I approve!
>> No. 445622
>> No. 445623
>> No. 445894
I...still need one more. I think? Or is this me being an idiot again?
>> No. 445907
nope you are good
>> No. 445916
kk. It WAS me being an idiot again.
>> No. 445917
Peasant :P
>> No. 447927
Just giving this a quick bump.
>> No. 448111
File 138449741455.png - (39.64KB , 425x370 , lunar night.png )
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
History: Starlight was raised in secret, hidden from society all together by a family that was ashamed to have a child. The child was never even supposed to happen, but nature naturally runs its course.
Growing up Starlight tended to injured plants and animals, growing quite fond of them, but grew to be terrified of interacting with other ponies due to harsh treatment. Because of this, she rarely talks to other ponies, and when she does she is as quiet as a mouse. No pony has ever heard her real voice.
Late one night she escaped from her dungeon and ran far away into the forest, quickly learning to live off of the land. However this fair night brings her to a small little town on the edge of said forest. A town named Trotswood.
Sexual Preference: Unknown
Special talent: caring for small injured plants and animals (no cutie mark)
>> No. 448113
>> No. 448115
>> No. 448117
File 138449872472.png - (39.64KB , 425x370 , lunar night.png )
How many approvals do I need?
(ps i hope you guys dont require pics this is the only one i have bothered to make)
>> No. 448123
It's supposed to be 3, or one from the main Officer, but me and Clyde are kinda the only ones awake, I think.

We'd probably be better off just accepting you now, since they won't be on for quite a while
And, also, no, pictures aren't required. We only use them on occasions, since we only have a few ourselves

Last edited at Fri, Nov 15th, 2013 00:14

>> No. 450239
I guess I'd better bump this before it disappears, or whatever.
>> No. 450705
And, another.
>> No. 450706
File 138923047136.png - (184.63KB , 884x903 , attempt at new type of pony4.png )
Name: Pomegranate
Age: 20
Race: earth pony/ hedgehog
Combat skill: Poor
Orientation: Bi
History: Pom had always been different from every pony else in the fact she was born with ears of a hedgehog. Throughout school she was constantly bullied for being different, however due to a strong unquenchable will she never stood down.
During school she started liking growing different kinds of fruits and making different kinds of juices which was quite silly due to her name. She grew to love doing it more and more, until one day, a pomegranate cutie mark showed up on her rear end.
Now out of school, she searches for a place to stay and start mixing drinks of all sorts and hopefully make some new friends in the process.
>> No. 450707
File 138923099127.gif - (163.75KB , 550x400 , 138587047113.gif )
Seems perfectly fine to me.
I approve it.
And kinda hope that you post more.
>> No. 450708
File 138923099577.png - (97.20KB , 559x959 , Pomegranate curious.png )
>canz totes destroy an en1re tuwn by s4ring at eet and weel wun day suve da wurl by desroyin da lurd ov ebil
>> No. 450709
File 138923293601.png - (309.69KB , 938x852 , Pomegranate and Rain.png )
cute pic alert
>> No. 450756
File 138924454552.jpg - (61.17KB , 539x809 , 1389152519829.jpg )
ah good good... i like it. sure i approve.
>> No. 451812
File 139100456199.png - (82.69KB , 1320x872 , New Trotswood Map.png )

Bumping for the new thread, updated map, and roster.
>> No. 451813
File 139101658483.png - (46.86KB , 440x405 , 136708933556.png )
hey chocolate swirl here am i still in or do i need to redo a form
also shitty pony creator images YAY
>> No. 451814
I don't believe so. You were approved in the past, and we haven't required re-ups yet.
>> No. 451910
Sorry that I didn't see this sooner. I've had a confusing few days
And, yeah, you were approved in the past, so you don't need to re-join. Feel free to come back into the thread
>> No. 452081
File 139150518958.jpg - (67.85KB , 500x707 , Daft Punk - Happy?.jpg )
Not sure if a bump is needed, but I'ma do it just in case.
'Cause I need to start putting more effort into these things.
>> No. 452614
So.... I reckon i need to reapply.
>> No. 452616
File 139303916066.png - (732.43KB , 822x1024 , product_zps92f0474d.png )
>> No. 452617
That would be wise, if you wanted to RP in the canon.
>> No. 452618
Then reapply I shall.
>> No. 452619
File 139304068771.png - (136.79KB , 1080x1920 , tmp_pony20140221193241-1582013027.png )
Name: Midnight Sparkle
Age: 13
Race: Unicorn
History: When he was 6, a fire burned down his home, killing his parents, but sparing him and his sister. escaping with Burns across half his face and neck, he and his sister fled with what little they had. Moving into an orphanage, they left some 7 years later, his sister having matured into an adult. He and his elder sibling departed for parts unknown, discovering trotswood after a lengthy journey through the forest.
>> No. 452620
File 139304100465.png - (137.16KB , 1080x1920 , tmp_pony20140221194050-1177354216.png )
Name: Sky Breeze
Age: 19
Race: Unicorn
History: When she was 12, she witnessed a masked pony set their home aflame. running in, she only managed to rescue Midnight, and a few items before the house collapsed. They soon moved into an orphanage, where they lived until Sky turned 19. She left with midnight, having saved a hefty sum of bits from working and doing odd jobs. they ventured through the forest, eventually finding Trotswood.
Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Blank book and pen, special talent is writing stories.
>> No. 452621
File 139304165493.jpg - (7.75KB , 160x164 , images-2.jpg )
Well, I certainly don't see anything wrong with the characters myself.

I approve.
>> No. 452622
>Murica Anon

>> No. 452698
shoop skoo be Dee bop de bap
>> No. 452782
File 139362980622.png - (91.21KB , 1024x489 , mosina_batburrito_by_vectorvito-d6xlfnx.png )
*shade rolls around cutely*
>> No. 452788
>> No. 452821
>> No. 452917
whatever your approved whoopdie doo.
>> No. 453302
File 139562576180.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )
Bump again
>> No. 453508
File 139597534367.png - (89.88KB , 234x266 , Old_blue_Earth_stallion_at_wedding_S2E26.png )
Name: Dr. Sanger
Age: 68
Description and Race: An earth pony whose been through a lot of stress, his age is clearly shown on him. He has a faded blue coat and is almost completely bald at this point.
Backstory: He was born an accident, being abandoned by his father after his mother told him she was pregnant. After he was born, his mother still showed him the true compassion for the colt throughout his life. He grew up being very poor, seeing how his mother never had any education past basic high school. It took a long time for her to obtain a job that would give her the income to not only break their support by the government, but also giver her son the things he really needed.
After Sanger finished high school, he knew he wouldn't be able to obtain the money to work towards his dream of becoming a successful doctor, so he decided to join the military in hopes that they would help him pay for school. He served as a medic, staying away from fights fortunately though out his career. Saving as much money as he could, along with two scholarships he obtained both by his military experience and his academic achievements in high school, he managed to get himself into a decent medical school.
After finishing college, he went back to serve the military one last term before finally turning his eyes towards becoming a doctor. His dream didn't fall through like he hoped though, as even though he was a doctor, he could never build his career status high enough as he was trying to.
This didn't let him down, as soon he would meet a mare named Elizabeth, who in the course of three years, became his loving wife. On the same year he was married, he was offered a job by the government to help research cells with other scientists in order to find a cure for cancer. He accepted the job, but wasn't aware that the cells they were researching were unethically taken from a zebra, name Helen Lon, who genetically had cancer cells that, when mixed with fresh chicken blood, would continue to grow even when removed from the body. These cells were actually taken from her right before she died 20 years ago, and have now grown to weigh twice as much as she did.
He wasn't sure on how to act about this, but he certainly wasn't going to turn away from an amazing opportunity. He worked with them and they seemed close to finding a cure, but a new problem rose at the very peak of their studies. The very cells they took from the zebra would start to "contaminate" other cell lines they were using, forcing them to declare all their research invalid. He became very depressed to find this out, but would soon turn around after getting assigned to help in the biggest project fro finding a cure on cancer. With a large budget donated to them, and the full support of the princesses, an entire facility was built that would be able to keep not only a large amount of equipment and cell lines, but also have scientists who could keep close watch on them as well to ensure full legitimacy over their research.
After a month of being assigned this, he was stricken with grief to find out his wife was ill with cancer, the very thing he was trying to cure. With a determined hear, he tried everything in his power to find a cure. Months of research went by and they finally seemed close to finding a cure. He was relieved to find this, and rushed to Elizabeth to inform her of the good news and promised that everything would be okay. It was raining the next day when he went back to the facility. No one appeared to be working. When he asked what was happening they spoke of rumors about an error being made in their research. It was later to be found that Helen's cells had once again contaminated the other cell lines, mysteriously. This completely ruined all their research and threw all the money put into it down the drain. And even worse, it left Elizabeth without a cure.
Three years after her death, at the age of 68, he left, leaving behind all his belongings and leaving no sign on where he might have went.

He came into Trotswood to find a place where he could not be found by his colleagues or any higher official. He wanted to escape that life after everything that's happened.
>> No. 453509
File 139597580132.png - (578.04KB , 1015x1474 , commish 2.png )
>> No. 453545
This might honestly be the most story I've seen based on a simple character. I love it, and I approve!

I'd post a reaction picture, but my laptop is borkd, so, I have none.
>> No. 453548
File 139606336887.jpg - (7.72KB , 283x178 , super_pones.jpg )
Thank you!

Um... now where do I start?
>> No. 453550
Sorry for the late reply! I'm distracted, and there's a lot for me to keep up with.

Here's the current thread
>> No. 453562
File 139608306112.png - (47.37KB , 458x425 , 136708916003.png )
>totally haven't been on ponychan for ages
>> No. 453563
Also, gonna make a new character.
>> No. 453582
lol, you're still welcome regardless!

Just remember to post them here when you get 'em dun o3o
>> No. 454017
I was never here.
>> No. 454099
Explain this game to me. I'm looking for a survival RPG but also a village builder kinda thing because I like community. Will this fit the bill? If not, explain the game to me.
>> No. 454123
>> No. 454665
File 140001802732.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x198 , slenderfamily.jpg )
My OC is Neverog, he is a teenage dragon that met Slendermane and survived, being marked by the encounter with weaker versions of the slendermans abilities and a slendermark over his heart and palms, he is black with silver edging on the scales, he woke up there after an incident with meeting Slendermane again

Last edited at Tue, May 13th, 2014 14:59

>> No. 454666
Umm okay?
>> No. 454667
File 140001915234.png - (576.89KB , 1345x1345 , Another pic.png )
I'm going to have to hold off on an approval or disapproval, until the questions listed for the application have all been answered. We have a brief history, but we lack the rest of it. I just need to see more before I say yay or nay.
>> No. 454668
File 140001919596.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x198 , slenderfamily.jpg )
I have an Oc just like that! His name is smoking beaker and his only difference from her is that he is a chemist, and has pheromone issues, as in he has to wear a hazmat suit and gas mask at all times to prevent affecting the minds of ponies around him, want to do an RP thread?
>> No. 454669
Yeah, I definitely agree that we need some more details on the character and such.
No offense, but it's hard to approve a few sentences when they don't really give us much.
>> No. 454670
Okay, he was born with just his mother, who was an addict to rubies and would make him hunt for them in the badlands where they lived, eventually his mother got so out of control that he had to kill her in self defense, he has recurring nightmares about it and has a very delicate psyche, if he sees someone he loves getting physically hurt he will go krieg on them, but otherwise he is the embodiement of fluttershy in dragon form

Last edited at Tue, May 13th, 2014 15:20

>> No. 454671
Well, that gives us a little backstory. What about his age, or what it was that made him decide to start traveling, which lead to him finding Trotswood?

I'm not asking for a book, just to clarify. Just need a tad more detail to make it easier to measure the character.
>> No. 454673
He decided o begin travelling when the changelings tried to kidnap and enslave him, he had a break in his psyche and Goreven (His Krieg) came out, he is currently 21
>> No. 454676
Lol, don't worry about it, things happen.

Wait, what? He has an involvement in changelings?
Sorry if I'm being difficult, but, it's a small part of my job to do so to help flesh out the character.
>> No. 454677

Vetoed, take a look at rule 2.

You better start running, son.
>> No. 454678
As it is now, I'm going to have to deny, based on rule two. It's just a bit to heavy with the crossovers.
>> No. 454679
They tried to make him a "food source", and yes, he feels the same way about them as Flutters feels about grown up dragons
>> No. 454680
File 140002021029.png - (364.41KB , 446x600 , what_the_fuck_am_a_reading.png )
>> No. 454681
File 140002034823.png - (8.38KB , 231x200 , Litos.png )

In all honesty, you seem to have a LOT of random details added to this character that you're not quite explaining. Based on what I've managed to accidentally pick up compared to what's been given to me, I'd definitely have to ask for a bigger sheet from you, as you seem to have a lot of prior development behind this character.
>> No. 454682
File 140002037487.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x198 , slenderfamily.jpg )
ok... I'll go to the IRC and look 4 an RP buddy
>> No. 454683

>> No. 454702
I see you like creepypastas, would you lie to join my thread?
>> No. 454703
I see you like creepypastas, would you lie to join my thread?
>> No. 454825
File 140099901975.png - (29.31KB , 275x586 , unknown2.png )
Name: Tris
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: female
Powers: None
Disabilities: Blind
History: Tris had always been an outcast. She didn't try shut herself out from the rest of the world, no pony even tried to interact with her because no pony wanted to be friends with the blind filly. Despite this she tried to be as social as possible, and even got her cutie mark at a very young age. A small sun with a happy face on it, representing that she could cheer anyone up. She never let her blindness be a downfall, but instead used it as a way to spread her cheer to others around her.
Her goal is to travel across Equestria and find the perfect town to settle down with and spread her love and cheer across.
>> No. 454826
Wind approves.
>> No. 454827
sure ill approve
>> No. 455802
File 140590842272.png - (30.20KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 1.png )
Name: Ranger
Race: Pegasus
Age: 18

Ranger was born in Canterlot, but lost his parents at age 5 in a Apartment Fire. He lived in an orphanage for 13 Years, but made very few friends over that time. He had dreams of joining the Royal Guard, but was only in training for a few months before being discharged after starting a fight with his Drill Sergeant and almost beating him to death. Now Ranger lives as a homeless pony, and almost completely out of bits, he journeys to Trotswood, hoping to get some sort of Job and rebuild his already devastating life.

Good points:
He's kind, usually gentle, and always respects the Mares, though can be easily seduced by them. He doesn't mind talking, but prefers to be quiet most of the time.

Bad Points:
He's not very conversational, mostly is shy, He's not very smart in problems in decisions, and if enraged, is not afraid to get
in somepony's face.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 20th, 2014 19:12

>> No. 455804
sure you can join but... almost no one is in the thread anymore
>> No. 455805
Sweet, it's Ranger! I figured all the older players bailed a while back. How are ya?

Also: I approve

Hopefully, having a new player will help push some life back into the canon.
>> No. 455806
File 140590950753.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
I hope so. It's a darn shame this canon is barely hanging on.
>> No. 455807
That's what time does to old-as-dust canons like us.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure we need a new RP thread...
>> No. 455808
:I eh shit happens...
>> No. 455809
File 140590977444.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
Also, i don't want to sound offensive, But I also think the whole /rp community is dying because not much of the roleplayers that are still here are friendly, especially in the AOS Canon.
>> No. 455810
eh communities get old and become insular.
>> No. 455811
That's been going on for a while. Between MLPchan, and something that made everyone hate each other during our canon's short absence, this place is kinda hemorrhaging players.
>> No. 455812
File 140591004358.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
I guess so... I don't catch up on a lot of stuff.
>> No. 455813
Aside from seeing Rillian somewhere, I think you're the only old player I've seen in a very long time.
>> No. 455814
I have been out of the loop soooo long, it doesn't matter.
>> No. 455815
File 140591026005.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
I guess you could say that, But I'm still not very experienced or good at rp, to be honest. I'm still rusty.

Eh, I can't blame you.
>> No. 455816
File 140591027951.png - (330.98KB , 720x851 , How bored can I be_.png )
>Especially AOS
Lets not badmouth other canons, please. RP as a whole has become colder, but there is no need to call out specific canons. That'll just lead to more problems.

As to your sheet? I do have a few questions. How did he almost beat a drill sergeant to death? Or was he almost beat to death? I mean, if he was 18, spent most of his time in an orphanage, and was only in the military for a few months, shouldn't he have gotten stomped like a bronze player in Challenger? Did he have training that wasn't mentioned? It seems like a detail that would be pretty important, instead of kind of glazing over it, and saying he has the skills to beat up a drill sergeant, without being pulled off of him, or having his muzzle kicked sideways for his trouble.
>> No. 455817
yeah... I ended up in a bunch of tabletop rpg groups, buuuut I can't play a pastel colored horse there.
>> No. 455818
Yeah, it's definitely not something I condone, calling out canons that is.
We all have our differences, but Trotswood isn't a place for this.

As for the questions...A bit nitpicky, but, I guess the detailing is fine? I don't know.
>> No. 455819
File 140591069948.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
That's odd.

Okay, I'll stop.

I do agree there, I don't like to take shots.

And as to your questions, Yes, He didn't do very well, and he just wanted out after awhile, seeing that it wasn't going to be something he would do in his lifetime. And Ranger threw the first punch after the Drill Sergeant cussed at him so many times that he had enough of it. And yes, Ranger ended up with a black eye and a broken nose.
>> No. 455820
life is odd.
>> No. 455821
File 140591158752.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
Indeed it can be.
>> No. 455822
File 140592205300.gif - (155.47KB , 280x280 , wrestling intensifies.gif )
>> No. 455851
File 140625188341.jpg - (8.59KB , 180x180 , Selkie Streams.jpg )
New thread in progress, expect it to be up soon enough.
>> No. 455882

It took way too damn long to get thread 6 up.
I wonder how many threads we've really been through over the years...
>> No. 455883
Fifty-one since the beginning of 2013, don't know before that.

Also, hello. Can someone give me the spiel about this canon, beyond what's said in the OP?
>> No. 455884
Daaaamn, Quinch. You kept count? Also, cool! You're still around!

And, what all do you wanna know, exactly? I'd be glad to answer.
Also: Sorry for late reply. I was doin' stuff.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 27th, 2014 19:58

>> No. 455885
>Daaaamn, Quinch. You kept count?


I kept archives.
Although a lot of the older ones are kinda fucked up.

> And, what all do you wanna know, exactly?
Well... lemme put it this way, what's going on right now? How would a typical story event play out?
>> No. 455886
Right now? Nothing. All that's going on is me playing a very short amount of past-development on two of my characters, but both are pretty minor. Almost all of our members have stopped posting, on of our Mods has been missing for near a year, the other is hardly ever online, because he's busy, and we've not had an actual new player in quite some time.

Usually, just me and Scorch have been messing around in the thread recently, and Wind managed to come by a few times, but our activity is at an all time low.

As for how a story would typically play out, it matters on who/how it's started/played out. If you were to decide to bring an arc in, you can either let it subtly play out, or tell everyone that you have a plan, and carefully string everyone along the events.

The whole idea of the thread is free will with their development, letting things play out the way they wish (Within the guidelines, of course). Even though a lot of us prefer to post short replies, I'm sure you know that everyone in our canon is yeas-experienced, and can play along with just about everything.
>> No. 455977
>Hey you guys got room?
>> No. 455986
Sorry, Jon! I forgot to check the chan today. Really busy all day, totally my bad...

And, yeah, we've got plenty of room. Leave an application, and I'll point it out to the other officers once they wake up.
>> No. 455987
File 140708703082.png - (45.04KB , 415x379 , Jon!.png )
Character sheet: Jonathan “Jon” Bladen.
Age: 28
Job: Mercenary Ninja.
Skills: Katana master, Flame jitsu, shadow arts, assassination and espionage.
Cutie Mark: flame with a katana. He earn it a 13 when his dojo was attack by a rival ninja clan and save the master’s son from the flaming Dojo.
Advantages: Very quick and agile. Sword master, throwing master and Karate master. Very good at stealth.Knows when to pull out. Expert in Espionage and Intellegents gathering. He can even disguise himself in a fast and unsepecting way. Deadly in the arts of assassinations.Flame Jitsu helps in combat and makes him 30% more resitant to fire.
Disadvantages: Fighting stamnia is very Low. Very hesitant and ask too much questions. Doesn’t have much flying stamnia. Goes down very quickly in combat.Flame-Jitsu can quickly drains him if he use it too long(Sometimes even hurting him, like giving him severe burns).Perfers indirect combat and stealthy kills than direct combat.
Bio: Was raised in the orphanage till 10 when master Richard takes him in and train him with master Matsaki, a Ninja master loyal to the emperor.The two train him in ninjitsu for ten years. When he reached 21 he has become a ninja master,he decided to have his skills for hired.He’s been in the field for seven years gaing a high rank among mercenaries as a colt who can get the job done at any cost.His loyalty is un match to any pony in the mercenary ranks.but he’s more loyal to he’s friends or ponies who he called family than the payer.
he called family than the payer.
Weapons: Carries two katanas, a Couple of shurikens,Flash bombs and Smoke bombs to get out of stick situation.explosives to cause a stunning and deadly affects.A blowgun to fire poisonius or traqulizer darts.
Personality: very quiet and looks scary.However if you get to know him, He’s very friendly and chill. He doesn’t yell to much and he likes to listen more often than to talk.He also very loyal to his friends and close companions. Has a very short fuse and is very understandable. If you give him anything achoholic or super sugary he goes crazy and does pranks.He likes to have fun then and there but when it comes to buisness he will be serious.
Likes: Talking and listening, Being alone in his thoughts,Playing with kids, Parkouring around town, Eavesdropping on the latest gossip and news, Training and practicing his fighting skills with others, Sweets and drinks(Non-acholic), and having fun. Doing kind things secretly.
Fears:Dying alone. Seeing all of his close friends and family (Whoever left.) die while being helpless.
>> No. 455992
File 140717051140.jpg - (1.14MB , 2554x1528 , IMG_20140731_204806-1.jpg )
Wtf did I just read
>> No. 455994
An application? We're all mulling it over right now. Please don't come into the OOC and say things like that to the very few applicants we get.
>> No. 455995
>He's fine.If there's something I need to fix then go ahead and tell me right now.I might need some criticism then and there about my character so i can fix him up a bit.
>> No. 455996
Well, in all honesty, he does seem a bit too centered on combat, and the application looks more like a combat sheet for DnD than a standard application post for an RP. It's nice to know a few more things about him, rather than what he's resistant to, and all that. Maybe focus more on his character than what he carries and can do?
That'd give us more information as to who he is overall.
>> No. 455997
It is...I was kinda is a DnD character sheet I made a long time again. But let me change it a bit.
>> No. 455998
I'm going to forwarn you I'm going to make some huge change to him.Also it's nice to see you're still around Uno.It's been quite some time since the last we RP.
>> No. 455999
It'll make your character more of a character instead of an equipment mule with a revision, that's for sure.

It's perfectly fine, change him as you wish. Just remember how you change him, and think of how it will make him interact with others.
Heh, yeah. I tried to stick around, even though this whole board has turned belly-up in a way, and even Trotswood is still having its issues.
>> No. 456000
I going to make him less of a fighter and more of a cook with a ninja background.
>> No. 456001
Character sheet: Jonathan “Jon Bladen” Bladenson.
Age: 24
Job: Former Ninja and a very good cook.
Skills: Double Katana and Wakizashi master, Ninja-Jitsu(Mostly flame), shadow arts, cooking hibachi style meals, and juggling.
Cutie Mark: flame with a katana. He earn it a 13 when his dojo was attack by a rival ninja clan and save the master’s son from the flaming Dojo.
Bio:There isn't much he knows about his early life before he was ten other than his mother was a prominent figure in canterlot and his father is some famous knight.But one day his mother died when she gave birth to him and his father blamed Jon for it and threw him in the streets in canterlot. Jon was raised in the orphanage till 10 when he was mysteriously kidnapped him.When he came to, he realize he was in a different land.Later on he laern he was in Japan (sorry I can’t think of anything pony related for the country of Japan.).He latter learn was kidnapped by his master Richard. Master Richard took him in because he wanted somepony from the same country as he and not somepony in Japan.(In truth he kidnapped Jon to redeem himself because he is Jon’s Father and that he wrongly scolded and abandoned him.) Master Richard trained him in ninjitsu for ten years. When he reached 21 he has become a very good ninja, he left because he doesn't want to become a puppet for some government “business interest” and he doesn't want to kill anypony wrongly.He barely escape his clan and his master(Father) with his life and escape Japan.Jon hides in equestria from them and disguise himself as a traveling cook.Jon can cook very well while providing a very good entertainment.All he want is to live in peace and help other ponies in life by feeding them good meals and secretly give money to poor ponies who struggling.But how long he can keep that?......
Personality: Very happy and outgoing.Once you get to know him, He’s very friendly and chill. He doesn't yell too much and he likes to listen more often than to talk.He also very loyal to his friends and close companions. Jon has a very short fuse and is very understandable. If you give him anything alcoholic or super sugary ,he goes crazy and does weird pranks.He likes to have fun allot but he has a very serious business side to himself.He doesn't like to show his serious side but he only does when it’s necessary.

Likes: Talking and listening, Being alone in his thoughts,Playing with kids, Parkouring around town, Eavesdropping on the latest gossip and news, Training and practicing his fighting skills with others, Sweets and drinks(Non-acholic), and having fun. Doing kind things secretly.
Fears: Seeing all of his close friends, and innocent abandoning him.Being Alone in the end. Killing ponies.Swimming in water.
>> No. 456014
By my OP OP powers, I claim that you're welcome to Trotswood.

Now you may kiss the bride.

Shame that there is none. But you're welcome anyways.
>> No. 456015
I'm REALLY sorry about how long it's taking me to get back to you on these, Jon, but we're running into a lot of issues regarding to people being busy and differing times, and all this crap.

Things are already hanging by a thread here, and we're working with a lot of issues in trying to keep things moving.

And, since you get an approval from the almighty Wind Owl, you get directly into the canon, unless there are contesting officers to come along.
But, since no other officers are online, aside from myself, you get in because Wind is the OP, and the OP knows all.
All hail the murderous Owl.
>> No. 456021
Op Op...Okay...Overly Powerily OP.Thanks for letting me in.
Hmmmm okay.I can understand that.Mostly I'll be on in the afternoons (Unless there something changed)
Also...Owl? he's an Owl?
>> No. 456022
When can I jump in?
>> No. 456025
I'm THE owl.

At any moment that you feel like.
>> No. 456026

Last edited at Tue, Aug 5th, 2014 17:32

>> No. 456027
File 140728505322.png - (30.88KB , 830x650 , 1631896.png )
I'm looking for adventure with those who might want to have fun with an alicorn. His power is no greater than Celestia or Luna and his special talent is control over light. Lumis and his twin brother came from the ancient past, long before Equestria was even founded and as a result of the unstable time portal he was separated from his twin brother and to this day still searches for him. There is more to these twins than meets the eye but I'm just looking for those who want to have fun. I'm open to anyone using any race in MLP as long as the power they have makes sense. I'm willing to work with those that work with me. Lumis loves Luna but he doesn't even know if the princess of the night knows he exists.
>> No. 456029
okay... what? are you advertising a rp?
>> No. 456030
'Tis a canon, broski. Nice to see some more people here on the OOC, but, Gonna have to ask for a bit more, if you don't mind?

Some details on himself, his past, his power limits/drawbacks ( Something that might be a bit touchy with an Alicorn OC, but, we gotta keep things in check, y'know? )

Luckily, you came along when more than one person was online!
>> No. 456032
His past is not very complex. He and his twin brother were princes, born to an alicorn king which does make them princes but in the present the title means little if anything. Their father sent them to the future in hopes they could have a peaceful life as they were on the verge of a terrible war. Lumis ended up in Equestria not long before Luna became Nightmare Moon. The tribes in his time were not united and he didn't know what to expect so he got a hold of a cloak and hid the fact he was an alicorn by hiding his wings. Everyone thought he was just a very large unicorn due to his muscle. During the next thousand years he continued to search for his brother, never staying in one place for too long as he never aged. During this time he learned of how much pony kind had changed as well as getting familiar with how much progress had been made. He can control light and anything associated with it. He can create illusions along with auroras and turn himself invisible. The invisibility doesn't work in very dark places and he appears like a ghost but easily seen. He has a variety of spells like levitation, healing, among other standard magics one might find on an adventurer who uses magic. His light magic can be used in a variety of ways. Any magic he uses would be above average in strength because of his alicorn magic but it wouldn't be super powerful, just above normal. His light magic is reduced in darkness and shadow magic or dark magic will cancel out with his, resulting in a stalemate. I was told by someone from here I could get some input on my idea before posting an ad.
>> No. 456033
Alright, your sheet is in order, somewhat, and that's fine, though it'd be nice to know more about him as a character. His past has been established, but what else is there to tell of this particular Alicorn?
I'm fine with Alicorn OCs, but we always have to do a list of checks on stuff to make sure it's not blatantly overpowered. BUT! I'm glad you have an actual weakness to his power, which gives us a small headstart to getting things more sorted out.

In terms of posting an "Ad" This, again, is a canon, not a chat site forum...Thing. I lost my words, so I forgot how to explain it.
Instead, this is a post-by-post forum and all that good stuff.
Being a canon, you don't just post ads and such, you have direct character development with your surroundings and the characters involved in it over the course of your time here. And, whether you want to use that in the future or not is entirely your choice, but, for now, ads really aren't a thing here. It's a drop-in, get going kind of thing, limited only by who's online at the time.

I was about to ask for you to also post something about what brings him to the town, but I kinda forgot that you've already posted his entire reason for traveling about as it is.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 5th, 2014 23:59

>> No. 456034
You'll have to forgive me. It's my first time using a chan of any sort and I know I'm making mistakes. The alicorn can be a little slow to warm up to others but he's not afraid to stand up for those who can't protect themselves or he will help anyone who needs it. His life of travel has resulted in him taking things as they come but still keeping in mind the task at hand. He is friendly and still hasn't revealed his secret yet to Equestria at large. Only Celestia and Luna would know what he is from when he first arrived but they haven't seen him in quite a long time due to his travels. There is a secret that involves the brothers and while I hope it wouldn't cause trouble it might.
>> No. 456035
It's no problem at all, man, I'm just trying to help you get this all arranged.
And, I'm also really sorry if I'm starting to sound redundant, because that's something I always try to avoid.

But, do you mind properly compiling everything into a sheet for easier review so that once the other officers come along, they don't have to comb over half a page's post to get everything pieced together?

Really sorry if this all is becoming taxing and such, but we gotta do what we gotta do.
So, things like, eh.

That's usually the general layout of a normal application sheet for a site light this. Normally, there'd be an "Age" slot too, but, due to the time travel quirk, we can just kinda leave that aside for now.

And, please add anything else that's good to know of the character. And, since you said he has specifics regarding his abilities, it'd be nice to have a little run down on things like that too, so that we can better help you get it all lined up to more properly get ready for the canon and such.

We're not picky about post size, but the application sheets themselves are rather important, due to them being necessary to properly size up the character and such.
>> No. 456036
I'll tell you what I had in mind for the twins as it does need to be addressed. The twins were originally a single alicorn but before they were born the powers that be over the universe thought that a pony with their combined magic, light and shadow, would result in a power that might corrupt him. So the alicorn was split into two and hence Lumis and Shadow were born. The idea is that they can merge together into that alicorn but as a result of the polar opposite magic being put together it does result in something more powerful than either of them alone.
>> No. 456037
I'm glad you have plenty of details to share about your character, it gives everyone more to experience from the character once everything gets going.

But, again, It'd be a lot easier for the rest of the officers to properly sum up your character if we had it all in one post, instead of five.
>> No. 456038
Name: Lumis
Race: Alicorn
Backstory: Lumis and his twin brother Shadow came from the ancient past, long before Equestria was even founded and as a result of the unstable time portal he was separated from his twin brother and to this day still searches for him. He and his twin brother were princes, born to an alicorn king which does make them princes but in the present the title means little if anything. Their father sent them to the future in hopes they could have a peaceful life as they were on the verge of a terrible war. Lumis ended up in Equestria not long before Luna became Nightmare Moon. The tribes in his time were not united and he didn't know what to expect so he got a hold of a cloak and hid the fact he was an alicorn by hiding his wings. Everyone thought he was just a very large unicorn due to his muscle. During the next thousand years he continued to search for his brother, never staying in one place for too long as he never aged. During this time he learned of how much pony kind had changed as well as getting familiar with how much progress had been made. He can control light and anything associated with it. He can create illusions along with auroras and turn himself invisible. The invisibility doesn't work in very dark places and he appears like a ghost but easily seen. He has a variety of spells like levitation, healing, among other standard magics one might find on an adventurer who uses magic. His light magic can be used in a variety of ways. Any magic he uses would be above average in strength because of his alicorn magic but it wouldn't be super powerful, just above normal. His light magic is reduced in darkness and shadow magic or dark magic will cancel out with his, resulting in a stalemate.
Personality: Lumis is easy going and takes things as they come due to his travels but he always keeps in mind the main task at hand. He is friendly but can be a little slow to warm up due to his secret of being an alicorn as this secret has not been revealed to Equestria itself at large. Only Celestia and Luna know it but they haven't seen him in ages due to his search for his lost brother. Lumis not afraid to stand up for those who can't protect themselves and he will help anyone who needs it.
Side note: His brother Shadow is different in personality but power wise is the same as Lumis. The fusion of the brothers needs to be discussed as to how to handle it.

Last edited at Wed, Aug 6th, 2014 00:41

>> No. 456039
Okay, good! Thanks for getting that all together, and I'm sorry if I seemed pushy.
Now that we've got everything put together all nice and neat, I'll get all the other officers notified once they're online and point them your way, pal. Bookmark this thread, or something, because it'll be tomorrow until I can get more people down here to help out, aside from the OP himself.
>> No. 456041
I understand and don't think you were being pushy. Little rough with a newbie maybe but not pushy and I appreciate all your help.
>> No. 456042
Any time! Being that I was the new guy three years ago, and this site doesn't get much traffic any more, I'm not quite used to explaining it at all, so I kinda had to think up on the spot as to how to put it x3
>> No. 456043
no worries
>> No. 456049
Okay I gotta say I dissaprove of this based on the power level, the ability to control all light is overpowered. I say you gotta tone it down before I approve this.
>> No. 456050
It's not like he can remove light and he can only do things with it in the general area. It would be easier for me to describe it if questions about it were ask. I know that probably is not the easiest way to do this but it's the only one I can think of without making things complicated.
>> No. 456051
Okay.. SO what is something he could do with the light?
>> No. 456052
He can create non solid illusions with it since an illusion is often times made with light. Can turn himself invisible as long as there is enough light in the area otherwise he will be visible. He can create something like an Aurora Borealis but the largest that can go is over a city or town. He can also concentrate light into a destructive beam of magic that would be powerful enough to blow apart large boulders. While magic in general could do this he uses light for his. He can also learn new magic but what he has to start with is levitation, teleportation but it only works within an area of two miles but he can teleport others with him within that range, can ignite fire, healing magic, can light up dark areas using his horn like a flash light. Anything outside of these he would have to learn.
>> No. 456055
uh huh.. that still sounds a bit OP that he can use light as a weapon.
>> No. 456056
I'm willing to use suggestions if anyone has one.
>> No. 456057
I'll have some in the morning.
>> No. 456062
Sorry that this is all going so slowly, Lumis. It's hard for us all to properly coordinate any more, since it rarely needs to happen any more, not to mention everyone's schedules.
>> No. 456065
I'm not bothered by it being a bit slow because I can see you guys are actually trying. So I'm just being patient and waiting.
>> No. 456070
File 140762837944.png - (49.49KB , 512x512 , aj_lurk_by_drzackrosimagemacros-d538xa1.png )
Name: Harmony Kanto
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Mare
Age: 22
Backstory: Harmony Kanto, is a Unicorn mare that was born in Canterlot. Having a less than influential background, melody tried to use her talents of singing and music to make a bit of money. Having made a bit of a name in this field, she set off with her new found money to start a life away from Canterlot.
Personality: Harmony is a mare that keeps quiet when not singing, she is kind to those who show her kindness and cold to those who aren't kind to her. She can be very warm and loving to those who take the time to know her, and is loyal to a fault.
>> No. 456099
Thanks a bunch, Lumis, it means a lot to see a good deal of patience

Hm. Straightforward and simple. Alright, give me one second to try getting someone else in here. The other officer who isn't myself hasn't been on today. College stuff. Gonna try and get the OP in here.
>> No. 456105
I guess I can approve that/
Tone down the power level, the aurora is fine, the destructive beam able to blow apart large boulders is probably not without some character development. And invisibility should be harder. other then that I can't really not approve you.
>> No. 456106
File 140764552540.jpg - (19.80KB , 341x324 , 20140611_071157000_iOS.jpg )
I could go into more detail if you'd like me to.
>> No. 456116
I actually find it fine myself. You CAN add more to it, if you wish. I really only needed another Officer or the OP in here because you need more than just my approval alone.
>> No. 456118
File 140765216837.jpg - (19.80KB , 341x324 , 20140611_071157000_iOS.jpg )
So, I'm approved?
>> No. 456119
Uh...I actually need to ask our OP about that...We only have two officers left that actually do anything regarding the canon anymore, along with the OP. We DID have a good amount of officers, but they've either disappeared, left, or are much too busy with other things.

We used to require three approvals, but, uh...I'm not sure what to do now. Gimme a minute.
>> No. 456120
Alright, so, after a quick pit-pat with the OP, we can work with only two approvals.
So, with me and Scorch's approvals, you're in and free to join whenever you wish.
>> No. 456121
Ok, thank you, I'll start tomorrow, it's late for me.
>> No. 456122
It's late here too. You're free to start whenever you wish.
>> No. 456126
I'll work on some of it as things go along. If I get the go ahead I'll keep whatever magic he uses in line with whatever is going on around him. If I get a good reason to use it then I'll address it at that time. Also I will at some point also introduce his twin brother. He is the same power level his brother is at, only difference is he uses shadow magic. This stuff will be addressed when needed. Also the fusing aspect needs to be addressed but that can be done whenever any moderator feels like it. It's not important at this time. Also if I get approved for starting how do I go about that and where do I go to start.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 10th, 2014 12:51

>> No. 456235 what?
>> No. 456236
May I help you?
>> No. 456237
Whoops! sorry. forgot my name tag.
>> No. 456238
Oh, hehe, it's fine. Hold on, I've got an idea to give you a bit of help, maybe.
>> No. 456239
What would that be?
>> No. 456258
File 140893824462.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Name: Orchid Shampoo
Age: 21
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Cutie Mark: Apple w/ flowers, meant for her best shampoo's aroma
Other/special: She has an extraordinary sense of smell, other then that she is an ordinary pony who is obsessed with spreading the word of her shampoo
>> No. 456259
Okay, so...Before I do any kind of actual critiquing, or any type of actual judgement on this character, I have to actually say something.

This is like your 5th character. The last one you came up with, you posted once, and then didn't show up again until now.
What's the point in having ALL the applied characters, and not using a single one of them?
>> No. 456260
File 140893860451.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
I was sort of in a state of mind where i really didnt know where i wanted to go with anything, in all reality. I want to finally tie myself down, if this character goes through, i promise I will not try again.
>> No. 456261
File 140893864853.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
No more characters, just Orchid
>> No. 456262
It's not so much telling you not to make more characters.
It's more of trying to tell you to actually make a decision as to whether or not you want to USE the character.
We all have plenty of characters scrunched up in the back of our head, but if we just all slung them straight into the canon without thinking of whether or not we'd actually use them, this place'd be a mess.

So, I have to ask: Do you actually want to use this character for more than a day? 'Cause this is getting pointless.
>> No. 456263
File 140893882888.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
Yes, I want to use this character. I want to RP every day. And like I said, no more characters, just Orchid
>> No. 456264
Fine, fine, just lemme get Wind. He's the only other officer online.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 20:55

>> No. 456265
File 140894000516.png - (76.60KB , 966x700 , Senpai.png )
yes uno-senpai
>> No. 456266
Don't call me that.
>> No. 456267
File 140894006448.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
>just now read rp message
sorry bout that
>> No. 456268
File 140894010298.jpg - (140.00KB , 636x460 , 636x460design_01.jpg )
Pay more respect to your Owl God, puny mortal.

That is totally adorable.

> Why is this creeper so... round?

You have my approval, and more than welcome to stay around and bring a fresh scent with yourself.
>> No. 456269
It's fine. Just don't.

Well, in a sense it's true. You're like an Officer++
Besides, with me and Scorch being the only ones on any more, it's hard to get any kind of things going without you around
So, we gotta pull you for double duty.
>> No. 456270
File 140894030007.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
thank you wind-senpai/all mighty owl god

Last edited at Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 21:19

>> No. 456272
Is an Officer++ the same that a C++ is to a C?

You're welcome.
And Wind-Senpai sounds so wrong and dirty...
>> No. 456273
File 140894088885.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
senpai == teacher -_-
>> No. 456274
Silly owl, you're not a coding format.
>> No. 456275
File 140894098600.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Dont you know ALL owls speak in coding format
>> No. 456276
File 140894128746.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
*places this down and runs, using cuteness as a distraction*
>> No. 456278
I have no idea what I'm doing.
>> No. 456279
Are you guys still taking submissions?
>> No. 456280
Yep! Sorry about late replies. I had a bit of an irritating day followed by an even more irritating night. Feel free to post up your application any time you wish.
Just know that it might take a while to get approved, due to almost all the officers being gone, so there's only two of us, then the OP himself.
>> No. 456294
OUt of curiosity, is there anywhere I can read up on the canon for this world?
>> No. 456295
Well, uh...No, the only real time we had an archive referring to the world of this canon itself, the site got shutdown shortly after.

I'd be glad to answer any questions though.

Sorry again, I had to leave the house for several hours.
>> No. 456297
Hey, no problem! Everyone has bio. I, for example, am writing from work! I'll notarized my questions and get them to you.
>> No. 456298
Alrighty! Thanks for being understanding, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 25th, 2014 19:34

>> No. 456402
File 141057410947.jpg - (92.52KB , 914x1024 , image.jpg )
Welp, here goes nothing. First application with this character, second application overall.

Well, Fidget is a changeling. Not a evil love-sucking mind-controlling one, mind you. She's actually quite a pleasant person/pony/changeling/icky bug monster. She is not part of the hivemind, and broke free after Chrysalis was defeated in the invasion.

However, other ponies aren't as...pleasant... to her at times, mostly due to fear and/or resentment. She tends to get chased out of towns a lot, and has to travel a lot as a result. To avoid this happening, she assumes the form of a batpony (seen in the picture) to conceal her identity.

As for personality, she tends to be quite friendly. She likes hugs. A lot. However, her social skills aren't fantastic, to be honest. The hivemind doesn't have much social interaction, as you may expect. Speaking of which, she sometimes gets a bit depressed when talking about the hivemind. It was quite horrible for her, and she sometimes holds herself accountable for what she did while in the hivemind.

As for combat and skills, the skills are quite obvious, as a changeling. She is good at comforting those in need, however. For combat, she has the skills of what would be expected from an average changeling, plus a bit more experience due to defending herself from...less than understanding... ponies.

If there is anything that I have missed, feel free to let me know.
>> No. 456403
File 141057545868.jpg - (4.37KB , 150x150 , Umi icon.jpg )
A changeling you say? Well, the sheet checks out. I'll approve. Ya need one more,or Windy to approve.
>> No. 456404
File 141057587135.jpg - (22.65KB , 500x500 , Wind Chaser_jpg.jpg )
That is a pretty nice application, you're approved, feel free to drop in the main thread, or combine something with another player on this thread.
>> No. 456456
Is there an IRC room or something for this RP? Might be easier and make it more lively than just thread-based RP.

I'm from the Four Cannon threads on /mlp/, and it's kind of dying, so I'm looking around for another RP.
>> No. 456457
Sorry for the late reply! I was at work, and I'm commonly the first to notice these things
And, really, we'd have to discuss between ourselves, in terms of actually changing the RP format...

Aside from that, would you like to apply?
>> No. 456569
File 141180118705.png - (411.42KB , 2000x1639 , this spa you speak of is delicious.png )
Hello Trotswood, been a while.
>> No. 456570
Welcome back! Who were you in the past, friend?
>> No. 456571
File 141180494446.png - (235.00KB , 1019x2000 , being_professional_by_spier17-d6yiimn.png )
narf, i forgot to change my name
It's me Mystic!
>> No. 456572
Oh, hey there, Mystic! I actually always thought you were more involved with, uh...AoS? Or something? Iunno.

Regardless, how are ya?
>> No. 456573
File 141180564555.png - (118.65KB , 1114x717 , getting to old for this shit.png )
AoS kinda died (well to an extent) did BnD....NLR....crikey even Destination Equestria...
lost internet for a while and now i have it again...
though it's hard to remember which version of mystic was here...
been on but had to use a phone for a while.
seems like when i stopped my cafe threads everything started dying.
>> No. 456574
Well, I know that AoS barely had any activity when I first joined, and when I finally found a good point to post, it died off completely. I find no real reason to post there any more, honestly.

NLR died a long, long time ago. The constant in-fighting and weird choices of the crew probably saw to that.

I know nothing of BnD, so, I can't really say anything about that

But, uh...D:E Died during my canon's short absence from Pchan. I still have no idea what happened, but I've been told on more than one occasion that, for some reason, everyone started hating each-other, and the only open canon on /rp/ just kinda imploded, or something.

I don'r really remember much about your bar, because that's around the time I started doing less and less open threads, due to being constantly busy, and not finding any places to join in. Vinyl's character had suddenly ascended to demi-god-hood, or something, and all the characters I knew were either dead, emotionally scarred, or had just disappeared, so...I've got no clue.

As for your point in Trotswood, I don't know which version was here either. The canon's going through a really, really rough spot right now, where most of our members have either straight up abandoned us, or left, not to mention our officers slowly disappearing.

Glad to hear you got internet back though!
>> No. 456575
File 141180593771.jpg - (63.47KB , 242x283 , 218269948_640.jpg )

Death comes for us all.
>> No. 456576
File 141180643484.jpg - (241.02KB , 1536x2048 , CAM00096.jpg )
let's see...
mystic was immortal as her character was at the time and is pretty much canon for her to be.
she had her airship but converted it to a house?
did she have a car?
>> No. 456577
File 141180656459.png - (154.80KB , 868x920 , more_like_a_shade_of_cerulean__to_be_precise_by_arti22-d748m14.png )
don't tell anyone but Mlpchan actually has active rps...
though i only go there because I can't get a word in edge wise at the doughnut bar
>> No. 456578
File 141180657626.png - (36.41KB , 420x415 , Diamond Dish - Oh How Funny!.png )
I DO remember an airship! I forgot whose it was, because that's around the time things got complicated for Trotswood. As for all the other details, uhhhh...I've got no clue myself.
If you want to come back to the canon, we'd be glad to have you, but, you'd definitely have to be patient, because...Yeah, we're moving really slow now

Mortimer wouldn't be happy about you spreading rumors about him, that's for sure.

Last time I was on MLPchan, it was full of people literally DRIPPING with the most annoying type of drama, and constantly picking fights amongst each other

Last edited at Sat, Sep 27th, 2014 01:31

>> No. 456579
File 141180674238.jpg - (81.62KB , 1004x879 , 1394955609616.jpg )

Death will come for them too, in time.

It always does.


Not a rumor if it's true.
>> No. 456580
Yes, yes, but the sharply dressed Death himself doesn't enjoy people stating his work for him. It's his job, right? Keeps him from being bored?
His wine glass might tip over if you start messing up the routine
>> No. 456581
File 141180715749.png - (2.08MB , 1062x1428 , dressed and looks to kill.png )
>>456578 now i remember...
yeah...this was before i even made Ragna.
(purple maned pony i was posting.)
then allow me to introduce a few ponies and see where it goes. i wouldn't mind getting back into trotswood.

and i dunno i just post in one canon there.

>i freaking love Dan Vs.
>> No. 456582
MLPchan was still pretty new last time we were on it...At least I think it was, because the only experienced posters were actually Pchan veterans, and transfers from this site. Found that kinda funny, but they've definitely gotten some experience under their belt by now, which is good. Experience helps everything, after all.

And, you're definitely free to come back whenever you want. Though, I'm honestly not sure that you need another sheet or not...Then again, there are really only 2 officers, and the OP himself left on the list of approval people, so, it might be much easier and much more productive to just have you jump right in whenever you feel free to.
>> No. 456583
File 141180735069.jpg - (64.74KB , 326x337 , 115719347_640.jpg )

I guess so


You're alright kid.

and now I sleep
>> No. 456584
File 141180744927.gif - (2.00MB , 320x232 , Catz.gif )
Have a nice sleep, Onjage.
>> No. 456585
File 141180757787.png - (179.00KB , 942x849 , rarity_by_quanno3-d5vz6pj.png )
well, that being said I would play characters here y'all probably haven't seen or would be a little out there.
that being said i wouldn't want to blow a hole in the plot line so huge that it takes an industrial sized roll of duct tape to fix
>> No. 456586
Hehehe...Well, if you want to post a character sheet, I certainly won't stop you. It'd give the others a chance to review who's coming back, and what to expect.
>> No. 456587
File 141180782346.jpg - (288.17KB , 1000x772 , night.jpg )
>> No. 456590
File 141181002222.jpg - (46.16KB , 190x190 , 55157cuteluna.jpg )
well mystic doesn't have much changed since last time...just that's she's from trottinghem...but i think that was still the case.

there's Mystic's daughter Olivia Sweetsong she's from hooflyn (i.e mystic raised her there.) born in 1918 she has the singing voice on an angel and the aim of a well trained marksmen being drafted in ww2...though how to get her to trotswood age would either make her like...really old or i could say she inherited a bit of mystic's powers but also the captain America approach made sense in BnD

then there's Cherri Pai, born in Space colony neo kyoto in the year 2991 comes back using a time travel method pretty much explained in star trek 4 (going warp ten and using the gravity well of a star.)
talent is mechanics and robotics.
>she has a mobile suit and a space frigate (currently drawing.) which is why i am hesitant

then there's Ragna Rok
she's a viking from Iceland thrown form the year 1014 during a battle with a powerful wizard (original story mentioned it was by discord...but after season four i may have to rework it.)
she's very jumpy at first modern tech
her father was a unicorn the last thing he made was her sword which he enchanted to improve it's potency against pure evil.
>> No. 456591
Hm...Well, they all certainly sound like they have their own kind of charm, and would probably not have too much trouble finding at least one pony in town to have fun with, and such.

Any preferences?
>> No. 456592
File 141181056817.png - (128.27KB , 1024x719 , luna_philosophizing_by_tamalesyatole-d53gfyu.png )
that's the thing, I really don't have a preference...they're all fun to play. if i'm coming back i'm bringing the bolt family at least (Olivia and cherry...cherry is actually either mystic's daughter in the distant future (in the aos canon) or a descendant (not used very often)
it's like asking me what's may favorite band or song...i like too many
>> No. 456593
Hehehe, well, no one can truly speculate what you would find most fitting to play but yourself. You're definitely allowed to have time to sort things out, or iron out some details
>> No. 456594
File 141181093589.png - (329.36KB , 755x1149 , 132851410369.png )
though, ragna kinda fits in anywhere but so does Olivia.. Cherry is kinda odd in that sense. she'll fit but she doesn't...
>> No. 456595
If it comes down to it, you could always just roll dice :P
Though, that might not be the best of ideas, for sure.
>> No. 456596
File 141181132720.jpg - (52.00KB , 640x360 , Princess+Luna_+FUCK+YEAH_96fa65_3228435.jpg )
well if it's just one for now let's get Olivia in there and have the dynamic duo of mother and daughter.

lol i feel like a kind in a toy store arguing with their parent over how many toys they can have xD
>> No. 456597
Hehe, it's exciting when you run into that roadblock, isn't it? I certainly think so.
>> No. 456598
File 141181161577.jpg - (425.91KB , 1080x1050 , 132799177281.jpg )
>teehee ragna's in this one

yeah if need be oliva ragna and then maybe when the water's steady enough cherry...

cherry is the one i'm most concerned with being she has all that tech
>> No. 456599
We've had two different high-tech posters before. It's all about controlling yourself, basically.
>> No. 456600
File 141181222826.png - (151.66KB , 820x975 , confound_these_human_toys__by_miketheuser-d45uv9c.png )
you're making it really hard to choose now...
>> No. 456601
File 141181262935.png - (37.45KB , 355x381 , Diamond Dish - Searching.png )
Shush your talk-lips and roll the choice-dice, dummy-dum :U
Hehe, but, really, there's no hurry. I'm the only one awake.
>> No. 456602
1d3 = 3
>> No. 456603
File 141181354273.png - (36.41KB , 420x415 , Diamond Dish - Oh How Funny!.png )
Behold! I have no idea what the number 3 leads to!
o/ huzzah!
>> No. 456604
File 141181396084.png - (557.64KB , 845x945 , pinkamina_by_pondisdant-d6m51eq.png )
it leads to...another dice roll
1d30 = 27
1-10 ragna
11-20 olivia
21-30 cherry
>> No. 456605
Cherry cheery, on the contrary.
Looks like ya have a weiner-I mean winner
>> No. 456606
File 141181469288.png - (155.68KB , 900x546 , pinkemena_cats_by_axemgr-d48p7rp.png )
>> No. 456607
I'd have some kind of reaction image for that, but, sadly, I've lost all of my reaction images, save for a few Diamond Dish pictures I salvaged from old threads.
>> No. 456608
File 141181544242.png - (43.46KB , 778x1028 , happy_pinkamena_by_99xua-d5f1xg3.png )
it's okay, anyway....what now?
>> No. 456609
Well, basically, if you wish, write out a sheet for the desired character and I'll get the others to look at it ASAP
Though, I'd suggest watching the thread, because sometimes it's a bit sporadic when they show up.
>> No. 456610
since mystic is already there is it okay to play her?
>> No. 456611
File 141185665301.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )
Name: Cherri Pai though official documents call her Fuyuko Bolt
Age: 23
Race: Earth pony
back story: born in a time when the ponies of earth have migrated to space and have been that way for about 558 years the countries of the pony earth formed groups of colonies neo japan being the colony group Cherri is from. cherri grew up in neo kyoto with a raw talent with machines she toiled away on old robots putting them together again. fueled by a thrust for more she joined the Space corps eventually getting ranked enough to take out a frigate out under her command though trying a time warp was risky she wanted to know if it could be done for science's sake she went fast enough working around a star to launch herself 1000 years in the past. dangerous as it was she went for it. you could chalk it up to her adventurous lineage the trip though space time was rough her dilithum depleted making faster then light travel impossible for her fortunately she was near earth at the time. in her free time she plays video games munches on pokey and watches a lot of anime.
talent: engineering/Robotics
languages: Japanese as a first language Equestrian as a second
Equipment: the Yamamoto class frigate and mobile suit launch ship the HMS Ryujo battlements include photon torpedoes and energy beam cannons. weaponry only used for defensive purposes
measures 850 feet from bow to stern though escalating to 875 feet when mobile suit catapult is unfolded.

a mobile suit of cherry's design that she affectionately calls Sakura Gundam
measuring about 15 meters high is well rounded for melee and ranged attacks weapons include a beam sabre, two rocket launchers one in each shoulder, eight laser beam funnels (only works in space combat due to gravity and drag...see Quebly mobile suit models for reference.) and a particle beam cannon.

other tools:
Whristo-com - a device that Cherri uses for maps information and other various things such as scanning and diagnostic work. worn on the wrist, (the device is pretty much a high tech Pip boy.) though instead of having a screen it displays information via a holographic hard light projection. pretty much a high tech Swiss army knife.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 27th, 2014 15:26

>> No. 456612
so Kawaii... I approve
>> No. 456613
File 141185979155.png - (36.41KB , 420x415 , Diamond Dish - Oh How Funny!.png )
Seems well enough to me, might possibly need to talk about weapons, or something, not sure. I'm kinda running on fumes.

REGARDLESS! I'll get the others in here. One moment.
>> No. 456614
My only gripe is the fact she has a friggin gundam but as long as it does not get out of hand I won't object.
>> No. 456615
File 141185999489.png - (133.38KB , 900x832 , luna_o_o_by_alltoasters-d4e3lep.png )
she's only used it once before, and that's when AoS had a giant zombie outbreak with large monsters.
pretty much if godzilla attacked Trotswood cherri's your go to girl.
other then that she just likes to build stuff.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 27th, 2014 16:22

>> No. 456616
Oh, good, that sorts things out rather quickly. I approve myself, and, since there are only three officers, and you've gotten a 2/3 vote, you're now part of the canon again, yaaaaaaay
>> No. 456617
Gojjira... i like giant monsters... hmmm...
>> No. 456618
Hey unon, lets be honest it should only be two by this point. I say just let her in.
>> No. 456619
Ah...I don't wanna say it, but...Yeah, you're pretty well right.
Regardless, she's got two votes, so she's in.
>> No. 456620
File 141186040814.png - (74.32KB , 741x738 , woona_excited_for_season_4__by_cloudy_dreamscape-d6v66o3.png )
well don't let me have to much fun~
also had another question, if i remember everything mystic did is she still in?
>> No. 456621
Her airship is probably hidden around town somewhere, so, you can bring her back, ifya want. I certainly wouldn't object to having more characters in the canon, but that's me.
>> No. 456622
I don't mind. And I like fun.
>> No. 456623
File 141186078682.png - (235.00KB , 1019x2000 , being_professional_by_spier17-d6yiimn.png )
>>456621 a dramatic intro.
>> No. 456624
Also have a Skype and Steam group, if you'd like to join. My and Scorch's Username's are both the same on there, so either of us can add you to the group, if you'd enjoy doing so, that is.
>> No. 456643
File 141216400163.png - (70.80KB , 301x167 , 1marvin.png )
I would submit, but I don't know if this is the right place for that anymore...
>> No. 456647
Don't know if this is the right place?
What do you mean?
>> No. 456648
I just don't know if still apply.
>> No. 456649
Well, I don't know what happened, but, I suppose I can't change your mind.
>> No. 456651
So I can still apply? Great! Can I be a cat? I want to be a cat. Cats.
>> No. 456652
>Going to be gone this weekend. But I will be back monday.Just sayin.
>> No. 456656
I thought you didn't want to apply? Uh...Well, I don't suppose that we'd be against it.

Care to give an actual application though?

Alrighty, bro. Hope you have a nice time
>> No. 456657
File 141230216161.jpg - (5.05KB , 256x192 , imagesFP554C3O.jpg )
Oh, yes! But of course! Where are my manners? I guess I'll just write about the character in paragraph format, but yus.

Crowley is a stray cat wandering the streets of Trotswood. The original owner of the cat set the cat free, claiming it was too much of a financial burden to keep the cat around. But, in all honesty, he thought the cat was bringing him bad luck. He was also dead set on the fact that the cat could understand every word he was speaking, thus leading him to the suspicion that the cat had intent to bring him annoyance and dismay. The owner died a couple months after the cat was released of natural causes not related to either his friends or the cat. Every owner since then has reported having "bad luck" or having "ominous dreams" on the month of the Winter Wrap Up. The cat remains a stray to this day. As for the cat's psychical traits, it is a black-coated American Bobtail. It has thin wiry whiskers and unkempt claws used for hunting small animals such as birds. It has bright green eyes and can see in the darkest of places.
The picture is of what Crowley might look like.

There, how's that for an application? Should I have put it in bullet points summarizing the important information? I'd like to see if I can even RP as a cat in this one. Cats are cool. Never doubt cats.
>> No. 456658
pretty neat, I can approve.
>> No. 456659
I don't quite see anything wrong with it, and I certainly find it an interesting concept. I'll be glad to see what you do with him.

I approve as well.
>> No. 456660
File 141230273027.png - (70.19KB , 196x160 , ArthurDentLovlyTea.png )

Yay! Moderator approval! When can I jump into the roleplay with my wayward cat?
>> No. 456661
Any time you like at all. Feel free to hop in.
>> No. 456681
File 141235205512.gif - (62.44KB , 312x312 , skeleton_dancing_hg_blk.gif )
Can you link me to the thread?
Spooky Skeleton related.
>> No. 456686
Sorry for the late reply! I was at work during all this, ehe...And, if you like, we have a Skype group ( If you have Skype, that is. ) Just add Unonemous, if you'd like to be put into the chat.
>> No. 456730
File 141308767252.jpg - (346.29KB , 765x1043 , seriously whats with all the steam pipes in this city.jpg )
Name: Olivia Sweetsong
Age: 96 (look around 20)
Race: Unicorn
back story: Daughter of mystic bolt and her first wife Rose Deco she had gotten her mother's agelessness. her main talent is music playing her way to fame in the early forties to early fifties as part of the famous trio "The Gastpys" her art deco style is a unique aspect of the age she grew up in. stubborn yet sweet, smart and charming. She knows three languages Equestrian, Italian and french. her main audience these days are in prance (France) and caneighda (Canada) she's trying to over come the drought of her fanbase in equestria but as her mother has isn't working. down on her luck collecting royalties from period movies she occasionally plays coffee shops for hipsters. she often tells stories about entertaining troops in USO shows of WW2.
growing up in maneghatten she is a fairly open and excitable character.
magic ability: normal to her talent, able to amplify her voice without a microphone, basic teleport and levitation.

Last edited at Sat, Oct 11th, 2014 21:23

>> No. 456731
File 141308804608.jpg - (58.48KB , 720x544 , Hey there, Neighbor!.jpg )
Sounds good enough to me. I approve it.
>> No. 456732
File 141308826593.png - (250.72KB , 680x680 , spoiler.png )

>> No. 456733
Oh, pretty!

>> No. 456734
File 141309287747.png - (166.51KB , 861x928 , rarity_by_uxyd-d5gdbgj.png )
awe' shucks dallface
>> No. 456781
>I wonder what to do next in this.
>> No. 456841
File 141417103461.jpg - (161.13KB , 842x1011 , Mega_Man_X6.jpg )
Apologies for not being on lately. Still unsure of when I should throw Ranger in.
>> No. 456843
It's fine, things happen, and you can't always help it.
>> No. 456855
File 141447966176.png - (77.77KB , 437x538 , 135690530328.png )
The Ancient Edda speak of a young mare about the age of eighteen, the young mare being the youngest daughter of Harold the Sharktooth of Iceland. Her Name was Ragna Rok. in the great Equestrian revolutionary war the tribes were settling their differences and becoming a seven nation army to bring the tyranny of the Serpent of chaos and disharmony down and to seal him into a eternal prison death was to light of a punishment for him they had gathered collectively.
twenty score of longships came to the aid of the equestrians filled with warriors among them a small
daughter of a blacksmith being picked on for her size was one thing but the head strong Pegasus with an enchanted sword her father had crafted for her to vanquish evil enchanting it with a noble and honorable spirit the sword of a mithiril alloy imbued with runes of light made it resistant to the impurities of the tainted lands at the time. she never showed any mercy in the field of battle making stallions twice her size and bigger run in fear of her. After a while after sending many to Valhalla that day she approached the serpent king. before the final blow was struck and the alicorn sisters could set him into stone he threw open a spell trapping her in a seal in the castle's walls for a thousand years the vorpoal blade that she carried set in a stone pedestal sealed until her return by her father whom received news of her daughter's supposed demise. the tough and battle worn Harold cried softly as he looked up at her, a mere carving in a wall sleeping peacefully and no way to get her out.her older bother and sisters visited her on her birthday every year till they had passed on. centuries past on the castle fell to ruin leaving only the enchanted stone room intact the sword reistant to corrosion stayed there even when many a traveling warrior quested to draw the vorpal blade they were not able . The Eddas speak of her as a witty and intelligent mare who knows her way around an anvil as good as she knew how to fight. a bit stubborn but she is humble and welcoming to everypony after getting to know their intentions. the Edda speak of her training and learning everyday from the time she was able to pick up either a hammer or a wooden sword. studious in the evening she studied teachings in many languages some she had to get translated but she at least knew her native tongue and equestrian. it is said upon her return there shall be peace at last.
- an excerpt from the Norseladnic Edda historical record, translated by Dr. Mystic Bolt and Rose Deco, 1928

Name: Ragna Rok
age: 18
Race: Pegasus
weapons: Longbow skills (but bow did not survive)
Vorpal sword, Viking longsword with the added abilities of a magical bolt that can be shot at the foe
unless ragna is below 75% HP.
Personality: as the Edda said she's smart at what she does, but her being fierce and unforgiving was a bit of a stretch she is kindhearted and won't attack unless provoked
Religion: Ancient Norse pagan (Asatru)

Last edited at Tue, Oct 28th, 2014 00:06

>> No. 456856
Sounds interdasting to me. I approve, 'cause I'd enjoy having more things in the canon in general
>> No. 456865
That was so nordic that a nice mug of mead appeared out of nowhere here.

>> No. 456867
File 141465745797.png - (145.99KB , 733x1089 , cider_season_derpy_by_the_crusius-d4w50vi.png )
>> No. 456993
File 141575269203.png - (121.96KB , 316x394 , Wisteria Front2_fw.png )
Gay Deer bumping this thread
Just because

But also because new thread, so, it'd be a smart idea to bump this along with it

Last edited at Tue, Nov 11th, 2014 17:41

>> No. 457082
File 141732103683.png - (155.54KB , 765x815 , a_flash_and_a_sparkle_by_cat4lyst-d6864ax.png )
>> No. 457095
File 141772388389.png - (498.94KB , 640x640 , IMG_7975.png )
Name: Seras Wisp
Age: 21
Race: Thestral/ Bat Pony

Back Story: A child of two high class ponies, she would usually run off to see the various sights in Equestria when she could. One day she went into the Everfree Forest. She went deep into the woods and almost got killed by a cerberus. She managed to escape and made it back home badly injured. She was sheltered by her parents for the rest of her childhood. When she grew old enough to move out, she joined the night guard, serving Luna. Her talents were recognized and she was in charge of exploring the world outside Equestria and defending it from any outside creatures during the night.

It was after the cerberus attack when she gained a want to explore more and find adventure, despite barely surviving the attack with the cerberus. After she gained that want she got her cutie mark.

Cutie Mark: A magnifying glass with feathery wings on it.
Combat: Prefers melee over anything else- as that's the most she can do when required to fight at all. She, overall, doesn't prefer to start a fight unless it's necessary, really.
>> No. 457096
File 141772412866.png - (38.10KB , 368x380 , Diamond Dish - StompStomp.png )
I see nothing wrong here, and everything seems to be in order

I approvificate
>> No. 457114
Name: Midnight Dream
Gender: Colt
Species: Unicorn
Bio: Midnight is an oprhaned author, who began writing books when he was 13. Going under the penname M.S. Vidivici, which he created before publishing his books, he became a bestselling author, not yet an adult. He never settled down anywhere for long, looking for the perfect place to live, where he can continue to create works of glorious fiction.
>> No. 457123
File 141924779225.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
I've tried signing up in the past, but I think I dropped out. But anyway, I'll just try with a different character if you don't mind.

Race-Earth pony
Name-Tobius Roper (or Toby for short)

Description/Personality-Toby is a tall, lanky stallion from the good ol' south. He spent a good deal of his life helping out on the farm and bringing the cattle round. He's a tough worker who don't get out much, and whom if you asked for directions, he'd probably only be able to point you to the nearby saloon. No one from his home town would describe him as stupid, but the going ons of the bigger world outside his own don't often concern him. He's happy just hearing a tale or two of a good bar fight from last sunday night.

Though a little rough around the edges, Toby can be a real sweetheart. That is, once you can get past the 'don't take cow cud from no one' attitude and the rough, if almost demanding at times, way he likes to get things done. Procrastination just ain't in his nature that's for sure.

He's a sucker for a good folk in some hard times, and he ain't never been good at sayin' no to a gal in need.

He found the town through one of his rare spontaneus urges to travel...well, ok that's not exactly true. Rather, he let a friend drag him around the local country side a few times in his life, and he didn't find the place half bad. So now from time to time, when he just gets sick and tired of the same old faces, he takes a little trip up on to Trotswood. He might stay for a day, he might stay for a month! Who knows!
>> No. 457124
File 141925312064.jpg - (77.36KB , 685x300 , Puppet.jpg )
Go on through, you've been approved before.

You wouldn't be the first. We've got a big issue of people joining, getting approved, and then never even attempting to post in the thread.
It's kind of a pain in the ass.
Regardless, I see nothing wrong with the character, and I'm sure he'd be fine in the little town.
You're approved.
>> No. 457125
Thanks. I'll try not to be such a drop out this time around ;)
>> No. 457126
So I need two approvals, or just one? i forgot to ask last night.
>> No. 457128
Hehe, just drop in any time!

Sorry, I was busy the entire day @[email protected]
I'd imagine just my approval will work fine, because our OPs are just...Everywhere, right now. Busy, and stuff.
>> No. 457129
Alrighty then, I'll try and get a fresh start tomorrow
>> No. 457297
I am going to post! I have not abandoned ship yet...I'm just slow as fuck and got sick T_T

probably tomorrow afternoon
>> No. 457298
I've got one, too!
Name: Crystal Clear
Crystal is a filly earth pony, light grey and small in stature. Her black mane and tail are cut short, and look like they were cut with a machete. Her eyes are hidden behind mirrored goggles that almost cover her whole face; they obviously weren't meant for her to wear.
Crystal is often scatterbrained, and has memory trouble that constantly frustrates her; this, coupled with her short temper, lead to her being somewhat bad at social interaction. She forgets names, gets mad at herself, and if someone laughs, it just gets worse. Memory problems and temper aside, when Crystal makes friends she is intensely loyal.
>> No. 457301
File 141982093338.gif - (163.75KB , 550x400 , Luna Dance.gif )
Hehe, it's fine, it's fine, don't worry, things happen. We'll wait for ya.

This sounds nicely set up to me. I approve.
>> No. 457304
Name: Iron Hoof (Iron for short)
Sex: Female
Age (Human Equivalent): 26
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Adventurer

My name is Iron Hoof, daughter of a dead mare. In my travels, I find myself grow wary upon spotting a small town. As I see no initial danger, I make the town my next destination.

Okay, I'm done with the in character stuff.
My character is a lone traveler, she has been for most of her life. She lived on the road with her mother, whom was a traveling merchant. In her young years, her caravan was attacked by diamond dogs, and to her knowledge she was the only survivor. From her experience on the road and what she could scavenge from the pillaged caravan, she made her way to the next town. After she explained what had happened, and a small search party not finding any other survivors, she was put into the town's orphanage. She was shortly adopted by an elderly couple, the town blacksmith and his wife.

It was only a few years until the blacksmith's wife passed on. Shortly after her death, Iron Hoof's new home was robed, on of the stolen items being a hoof crafted sword breaker that had been in that family for three generations. With the town guard not being able to do anything and no leads to go on, the sword breaker was lost and Iron Hoof realized that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

After Iron had aged to adult hood, her now closer than ever father was near death. She had no skill as a smith so when he did pass, she would have no use for the blacksmith shop. And without the blacksmith, she would have no reason to stay in town. So instead of having her grieve beside his bed, her father had her help him craft one more thing; a new steel sword breaker. At first Iron didn't know what to think, but after he passed, she knew exactly what to do. With the money she revived from her father's death, she gathered supply and set off on her everlasting quest to do as much good as she can. And although a grim past, she tends to keep her mind in the present. Always focusing on the task at hand. But this does not dispel her life goal of ridding the world of the evil that took her mother.

Onto character traits!
Although a bit stubborn with her ideas, she is always open to suggestions, so long as they are not completely idiotic.
She doesn't understand cowardliness but knows the difference between it and cautiousness
She is strait forward and blunt with her statements but in a lot of cases is just stating observations.
She packs lightly as she with scavenge the wild for food, water, and other resources.
Although a unicorn, the only spell she knows outside of telekinesis is a weak healing spell and knows very little about magic.
What she lacks in magical knowledge she makes up in combat skill, armed with a sword breaker and short sword, she trained with the best of the town guard before leaving.
Even with hate and blood lust she fights with honor, so long as her opponent does as well.

I should be able to answer any questions about my character.
although my schedule makes my time on ponychan spotty at best, once I find something to dedicate to, I should be on a lot more.
>> No. 457308
Well, I see nothing wrong at all with this sheet. It's nice and detailed, and the character doesn't seem to be ridiculous or overpowered in the slightest.

I approve.
>> No. 457309
So am I good, or do I need to wait for the other person to approve?
>> No. 457310
To be honest, I'm really the only consistently active one on here any more. The only other OP you're gonna see here will probably be Scorch, but that's not gonna be often, because he's been really busy lately.
>> No. 457311
Oh, okay...
>> No. 457312
But, with three people having just signed up, I'm confident the activity will jump back up again
>> No. 457313
Also, pertaining to the location, I understand Trotswood is near the western forests but where exactly is it.
If you guys never though of it, I understand.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 29th, 2014 15:44

>> No. 457314
There was a point in time where Trotswood was considered to be near the edge of the Everfree, actually. I'm not sure if that's still true or not, as with these later editions of Trotswood, the forest is usually played out as a normal deep and thick forest that houses a number of things, based on who's currently in control of the interaction.
>> No. 457315
Oh, well the reason I wanted to know is because the location will heavily effect the comings and goings of my character.
>> No. 457316
I know that a common fact is that Trotswood is located within a specific timeframe of Ponyville itself. Usually around a 3-4 hour walk, or something? Been a while since someone pulled the Ponyville travel card, so, I can't quite remember.
>> No. 457317
That doesn't help much because the map I have doesn't have distance to scale.
>> No. 457318
The town has 3 different ways in/out any way, so which way you come in isn't hard to think up. The East, West, and North entrances to town are all connected to various paths that lead to wherever based on where you'd like to go, or come from.
>> No. 457319
Well yes, I know that. But relative to were the town is will depict where I'll come, go, watch, hang out, and much more.
>> No. 457320
Lemme find the old Equestria map, and I'll get this sorted out the best I can :l

Well, our old OP posts on the RP threads themselves always say that the town is on the edge of the Western forests, so, it'd be between the Everfree and White Tail Woods.
>> No. 457321
Do you mean this one? (if it posts this time)

This is why I don't post a lot of pics, because it doesn't let me!

Last edited at Mon, Dec 29th, 2014 16:09

>> No. 457322
The old, canon Equestria map has an empty space between the Everfree and White Tail Woods, with the Ghastly Gorge to the South.
>> No. 457323
And that's where Trotswood is?
>> No. 457324
Yes, it's the best assumption I can make. It's been, like, two or three years since the location was discussed, and a lot has happened in this canon since then, because of how long it's been running.
>> No. 457325
Okay, one more thing, what is the time period?
>> No. 457326
It's pretty much always been set as a modern period, with technology ranging from different eras, so, equipment can be used from what ever general era you want, so long as there's at least a small reason for it.
>> No. 457327
When you say modern, do you mean modern for us or basically show modern?
>> No. 457328
Both, actually. Some characters revolve around more robotic and higher tech, while some, like a few of my characters, rely on magical-based tech that would be more close to the show.
>> No. 457329
Implying, there are arcade machines.
>> No. 457330
Well, I'm sure there's a few characters that can build one, but, the town doesn't actually have an arcade.
But, yes, there could be arcade machines.
>> No. 457332
Reading some of the stuff over at /rp/ it seems that the town has a gate. Is there a gate on all of the entrances?

Last edited at Mon, Dec 29th, 2014 18:00

>> No. 457333
Sorry, I had to go somewhere. The town doesn't have a 'gate', persay, just a welcoming sign, and such. The usual thing.
>> No. 457345
Hey Unonemous, you on?
>> No. 457375
File 142045568082.jpg - (1.16MB , 3264x2448 , 20141123_063238.jpg )
Name: Velvet "Moonie" Crescent
Race: Vampirized Earth Pony
Age: 68 (appears 20)

History: Velvet was a simple young beatnik in the rise of the summer of love. The young hippie from the eastern borders of Trottinghem providence in a town called Liverpony (play on Liverpool) talented in art and music was caught up in a bad romance of the fatal kind, she was bitten by the local vampire lord of Liverpony new years eve at midnight 1967 her soul tied in with the Vampirism in a way it made the right conditions to make her a Shadow dancer being able to manipulate shadows to her whim using them as cover and protection. other then this she is the run of the mill vampire. She carries around a parasol that is enchanted to protect her from the sun, which drains her energy and causes agony that is like an intense sunburn when hit by it. Preferring to keep a modern take to her consumption she tends to get blood from a blood bank, rather then somepony's neck with out full consent of course. Her groovy attitude can turn a bad day good.

Talent: artist and musician tends to use her shadow powers to make shadow puppet shows for fun.
>> No. 457376
File 142049691562.png - (250.78KB , 1024x827 , Filly Izzy.png )
I was wondering where you went, and when you would bring her in.

I approve
>> No. 457377
File 142053304411.png - (548.50KB , 1110x543 , cafe.png )
Awesome, Been really crazy at work
>> No. 457457
File 142095728622.png - (118.60KB , 469x544 , 477506__safe_solo_vinyl+scratch_cute_dj+pon-dash-3_artist-colon-monstrenoir.png )
Well, This is the story all about how My life got flipped turned upside down, so if you wana take a minuit, and make sure i'm understood, i'll tell ya how i became princess of a town called Trotswood.
In West Fillydelphia born and raised, In the studio is where i spent most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, And all droppin beats outside of the school.
I got in one little fight With a couple of colts who were up to no good,
they Started making trouble in my neighborhood.
My mom said ' That's it You're movin' with your auntie out to Trotswood.
I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my suit case and sent me on my way
She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket.
I put my Walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'.
First class, yo this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
Is this what the people of Trotswood living like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.
Well, the Train arrived and when I came out
There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with my name out
I ain't trying to get arrested yet
I just got here
I sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared.
I Strolled up to the house around 7 or 8, and i looked at my kingdom
i knew life was gonna be good
as i Sat on my throne as the princess of Trotswood.

(i think that covers everything but Combat, she's not very good, but can handle the average thug. but will most likely flee against anything more heavily armed.)
>> No. 457458
File 142095858063.png - (135.61KB , 1096x1500 , SunsetSpark.png )
I love it. We have a guy that used to write songs themed after Ponies and Trotswood in general. Fun guy, and that was always entertaining.

I see no reason not to approve you, so I welcome you to the town that you actually probably know a bit about.
>> No. 457459
File 142095920893.jpg - (131.33KB , 693x800 , 18e2fed1ad63b3ae40ed6e2befc4043a.jpg )
Heh thanks, there were a few things i was curious about, but i figured that if all else fails i can use a generic vinyl base. Normally i play her as a Radio host, would that be something feasible in trotswood?
>> No. 457460
Sure, that'd be fine. There are radios around Trotswood, and all that kind of stuff.
>> No. 457767
I think I still have those actually. Good times. (PSST I'm immvading your threads)
>> No. 457864
Hello, before I start, I should note a few things.
1. This character can be very powerful.
2. If this character is approved, any character killed and/or injured by it's actions is not my fault.
3. I'm only human and will make mistakes, I will attempt to act as this character would to the best of my ability.

Now that's out of the way, It's name is Bot 1.03 - B, a robot created using magic and technology to make the perfect servant. Bot 1.03 - B has no emotions and will do what ever it takes to get the job done. It has two simple protocols:
"Stay within functioning condition."

"Complete all commands given."

So there is no less room for interpretation, that means that it will complete any commands given to it to the best of it's ability. If commands contradict, it cannot do both and will only do what ever command was given first.

Now that's out of the way.

>a brief history
Bot 1.03 - B was created to serve it's inventor's son who unlike the rest of his family was an earth pony. After he was angry at his father for pushing magic into his life he gave Bot 1.03 - B one command, "Get lost." Because of it's protocols, it now wanders Equestia completing any task given to it.

>any combat, skills
Bot 1.03 - B has the ability to use arcane magic. It can cast any spell it has knowledge of and energy to use.
Known spells: Telekinesis.
Bot 1.03 - B uses catalysis technology to Store and collect energy, Identify "energy sources", (This includes anything with magic energy: Living things, catalysts, and other magical objects.) and to use magic.
Bot 1.03 - B uses a soft, pliable ball for it's primary motion, it stands one meter tall and is 0.5 meters wide. (Measurements based on average pony height ~1 meter) It has a glass dome at the top and a smooth body. The ball has a 0.25 meter diameter.

>how they found the town
There is only so much space to wander in and Trotswood is in that space.

Sorry if I left anything out, feel free to ask about anything.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 5th, 2015 18:10

>> No. 457865
File 142318774879.gif - (220.41KB , 350x165 , 350x165px-0b464c89_tumblr_lvo2835OOi1qe3p9bo1_500.gif )
>> No. 457866
Hm. I'm not 100% sure what to think of this...We've never had any actual robots applied to this canon. I mean, sure, there were a few ponies that had little robotic companions, but, none that were actual robots themselves.

Though, the first 3 lines do worry me. It makes it seem like you are coming in with the idea that a character might immediately be killed off, which is odd, considering this canon hasn't had an arc in a long time, due to lack of players coming in and actually contributing to anything about it.

Also: Does this Catalyst have the ability to generally copy any magical spell that isn't too overwhelming for him to handle?

Well, that's someone I haven't seen in a while. What're you doing here, Canis?
>> No. 457867
File 142318831095.gif - (10.87KB , 600x450 , staaaaaaaare.gif )
>> No. 457868
File 142318844413.jpg - (27.99KB , 480x360 , Freddy.jpg )
And may I ask who you are?
>> No. 457869
File 142318875562.gif - (552.81KB , 380x203 , 0027.gif )
Enjoying the show. Howsit goin, Unon.
>> No. 457870
File 142318879747.png - (877.16KB , 2104x1157 , vinylgun.png )
>> No. 457871
File 142318885012.jpg - (465.64KB , 1600x862 , dance.jpg )
Pay us no mind; we are but a troupe of gongoozlers, come to behold the happenings.
>> No. 457872
First off, I said the first three things because it will take any command and has no emotions so if someone tells it to kill someone else, it will... well, kill them...
Though it can be very dangerous, it will take any command you give it, say "Stop current task." and it stops. You may look at "If commands contradict, it cannot do both and will only do what ever command was given first." and think that wouldn't work but the command isn't contradicting it's task, it's telling it to stop its task.

Onto catalysts!
A catalyst is just anything that stores or transfers energy, like a battery. And casting a spell simply works by thought. If you know how to cast the spell and have the energy to do so, you can cast the spell.
>> No. 457873
File 142318903065.png - (37.45KB , 355x381 , Diamond Dish - Searching.png )
Going alright, I suppose. All the new applicants we got before bailed before even really doing anything, like they all do. It's also fucking cold. How about you?

Also: What show? It's just an application.

Well, that answers exactly nothing at all.

What happenings? Since when were Trotswood happenings at all something that got onlookers? Even though it's one of the oldest RPs, the general pop of /rp/ rarely payed any mind at all to Trotswood.

Ah, I see. Simple enough answer. And, I pretty well already knew what a Catalyst is, just making sure that I knew what his does specifically, since people like to get creative with their characters, and all.
>> No. 457874
Did you just imply I'm not creative? I am not green good sir!
>> No. 457875
That...What? Nothing about that reply at all implied that you weren't creative. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.
>> No. 457876
File 142318923238.gif - (387.98KB , 425x260 , boooooooooooored.gif )
Except the question of who I am, of course.
>> No. 457877
Okay, I lied anyhow, I'm very green.
>> No. 457878
File 142318940172.png - (36.41KB , 420x415 , Diamond Dish - Oh How Funny!.png )
So, you're "Gray". Right. Well, Gray, what brings you to the Trotswood thread, exactly? And, is there any specific reason you never came by until this application came up?

Right...Well, you don't get better at RPing without RPing some more, and stuff. Is there anything at all else about this character you need to share? Questions toward me, or the others, and stuff?
>> No. 457879
File 142318949265.jpg - (908.37KB , 1920x1080 , divide.jpg )
Those of us who peruse such things are forever observant and free to delight in the seemingly inconsequential eccentricities of going-ons, and the queerness of participants yet untenured. Without, of course, casting any undesirable aspersions on his peers.
>> No. 457880
Why the scarf?
>> No. 457881
File 142318962706.gif - (1.91MB , 600x500 , diabetus.gif )
A very morbid curiosity, to put it simply. Pay us no mind.
>> No. 457882
File 142318984194.gif - (163.75KB , 550x400 , Luna Dance.gif )
Right, so, you're one of the many Pchan lurkers who go around and observe signups, and other random happenings, just to see what comes along. Doesn't keep me from finding it strange that this one application brought in three observers for no discernible reason.

It...It's just a part of the character? What's that got to do with anything regarding the mods, or anything RP-related at all? Heh...Any way, I guess I'll go speak with the others and get a verdict, unless you have any other questions

And why does this application pique your morbid curiosity?

I kind of have to pay all three of you mind, since this is my canon's signup thread, and I have to monitor the ins and outs of it.
>> No. 457883
How much wood would a... Never mind, I'm good.
>> No. 457884
We came to laugh at the new guy because the three-blip warning at the start is lulzworthy for so many reasons.

Any questions?
>> No. 457885
Well, alright then, I'll go and chat it up with the others.

And why not just lurk and observe what would happen, instead of bringing attention to yourself , and stuff? Don't really see the point in it all
>> No. 457886
u wot m8?
>> No. 457887
You asked.

We came to laugh at your application. Don't take it personally; taken out of context it just sounds like the perfect setup for some truly ridiculous trolling.
>> No. 457888
File 142319031614.gif - (4.45MB , 592x296 , ydiBX0B.gif )
This show.
>> No. 457889
File 142319038511.png - (32.12KB , 336x394 , Diamond Dish - Of course___.png )
Just ignore them for now...

Ugh...Right, of course
>> No. 457890
File 142319075365.jpg - (244.15KB , 650x975 , party.jpg )
You seem well-intentioned if nothing else. I'm sure this Bot fellow is in good hands!
>> No. 457891
I don't have hands.
>> No. 457892
File 142319089654.jpg - (297.11KB , 984x791 , 007.jpg )
That's not at all what I said!
>> No. 457893
Okay, but I don't have hands.
>> No. 457894
File 142319110785.jpg - (1.46MB , 4357x2139 , DWM.jpg )
I'm so sorry for your accident/sacrifice/birth defect.
>> No. 457895
I am a bot.
>> No. 457896
Waiting sim too long, be back later.
>> No. 457903
>7:34 PM
I've been waiting for almost 24 hours man... I need to sleep...
>> No. 457904
File 142327841198.png - (38.10KB , 368x380 , Diamond Dish - StompStomp.png )
Well, I'm not very happy that no one dropped by to help bring in a second opinion...Sorry. I figured at least one of them would have dropped by. I kinda had to leave to do other things when I dropped the message
>> No. 457905
So are we still waiting or is my entry into the RP up to you?

Need sleep, will look at post after like a 2 hour nap.
>> No. 457906
There's really only 3 OPs left. the main OP Wind, who runs the canon, along with me and Scorch. Aside from that, one has disappeared, one has quit, and the other is much too busy to help us with this.
>> No. 457907
I dunno... you get to interpret any commands given so at the end of the day it still is roughly your fault, also from what you imply this character will kill someone. I'm not too keen on approving it.
>> No. 457908
I don't have a issue with either of these, so I suppose I approve.
>> No. 457909
Those've already been approved, silly firepone
>> No. 457910
>> No. 457911
Approved, just take care, the town is explosive sometimes.
>> No. 457912

Hooray! Trotswood officers unite!
>> No. 457914
Well that's why point #3 is there. It's a robot, it will take things literally and if it doesn't understand, it will ask you to rephrase the command.
Is this to my character?
*golf clap*
>> No. 457915
Yes, the answer was toward your character, meaning that you are now approved to join Trotswood
>> No. 457916
Cool, I'm going back to bed.
>> No. 457917
Have a nice sleep
>> No. 457952
I'm glad I have tomorrow/today off. It's 1:22 AM and I just woke up
Is anyone awake to RP or should I wait till morning?
>> No. 457954
File 142338948640.png - (86.10KB , 575x633 , Cryo in a box.png )
>> No. 457955
Yo man, you want to RP like for realsies? I'm a complete scrub at talking to people, but I will be playing a robot.
>> No. 457956
File 142339008287.png - (86.10KB , 575x633 , Cryo in a box.png )
I am game, meet up in the trotswood thread
>> No. 458080
Is this still a thing? Last post in either thread was 8 days ago...
>> No. 458200
It kinda is, but it's hard for some people to keep track of the thread due to differing schedules, not to mention the amazing number of people that post once, then never come back, and the handful of people that have directly abandoned us.
>> No. 458201
File 142535490864.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Nyaa nyaa~ Well getting around to this finally.

Name: Lava
Race: Pegasus
Age: 20
Occupation: Weather pony.
Cutie mark: Medical Red Cross.

Growing up within the east side of Cloudsdale, pressured just like several other pegasus early on, high expectations were held for each of them to be able to fly or competed in hopes they’ll grow up to be great fliers. Detesting all that pressure, those high standards, even the competing to be honest, Lava in turn veered away towards aerial ballet. Though more of a private pastime, few might get the chance to watch. Her day job has unfortunate ups alongside downs, as managing weather is quite taxing even for pegasus ponies. She does enjoy having a little fun here or there during work, or at times teasing some friends with a kitty costume if not her kitsune one.

Reason for moving to trotswood: Having heard a few rumors back in cloudsdale about possible openings, she saw it both an opportunity and chance to get away from Cloudsdale really. Be herself more than what other ponies wanted to impose upon them.

Last edited at Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015 20:56

>> No. 458334
Unon, you best not be messing up my map anymore than you usually do!
>> No. 458335
And one of those houses should be constantly on fire, you know that.
>> No. 458431
PHishbby, pls.
U kno I am dabes at this.

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