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#Ask/invite #Canon: World of Heroes #Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Semi-serious #Sign-up

"You've become part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet."
Nick Fury, Iron Man (2008)

We live in a changing world.

Every day, more and more seemingly average ponies are discovering innate abilities within themselves that set them far up on the evolutionary curve, including enhanced strength, telepathy, and teleportation, to name a few. Most attempts at going public with these powers are often met with scorn and hate. Neither party truly understands the other, nor wants to. The “normals” do their best to hide the fact that a freak was living among them, and the “supers” are often run out of town. These ponies are usually scared, confused, and possibly angry. They turn their backs on the world, resorting to crime to channel their hatred. Some are downright villainous.

Some aren't.

Who are we? We are the Super Equine Administration (S.E.A. for short), an extension of the Royal Guard that monitors, recruits, and dispatches ponies with..."unique" skills, to fight the battles we never could. We realize that bringing these criminals to the justice they deserve may attract some unsavory attention, so we encourage our field-recruits to hide their identity, as not to bring harm to their loved ones.

The enemy is mounting. Will you be ready?


Hello, and welcome to the World of Heroes sign-up thread! In this canon you will find Dashing heroes, distressed damsels, scheming villains, and giant robots attacking "The City" on a regular basis. If you would like to join the S.E.A.'s war on super-crime, please fill out the character sheet listed below. Please be as descriptive as you can (within reason). Don’t worry if you don’t understand one or two things, I’ll post an example sheet.

Alias (Super-Hero name):
Appearance (Street appearance and costumed appearance) (Negated if you can post a picture of your character):
Powers/Specialty (Explained below):
Weaknesses (At least one, even if it's just a personality flaw):
Current Residence:
Signature Attack (Optional):

A quick word on specialties. In order to help give this RP a feel of actually having superpowers, I’m applying the specialty system. Every hero will fall under one of three power specialties: Strength, Speed, and Tactics. Strength characters (Characters like Superman, The Thing, Juggernaut, Bane, etc.) will do one extra damage point on every attack. Speed characters (The Flash, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Quicksilver) will have one damage point deducted from every attack they take. Tactics characters (The Invisible Woman, Batman, Kitty Pride) don’t get any combat advantages, but will do better overall in stealth situations. Just pick whichever specialty best suits your character. Don’t worry if your character is halfway between two specialties, just pick whichever better suits your character and your RP Style.

In conclusion, I’d like every character to have a short thread strictly for their character. These threads will be to help me get a sense of your RP Style, and to help ease your character into the canon. However, I realize that this is an extremely optimistic goal and that it may or may not happen. But still, I can always hope. If, for any reason, you have anything that can’t or shouldn’t be discussed in this thread, let me know, and I’ll find a way for us to talk privately. Excelsior!
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>> No. 450246
File 138765751843.jpg - (123.70KB , 762x1049 , Jin_Roh_by_XxKalixX.jpg )
No, not that I can think of. I'll see if I can't get myself to write something substantial for the history/powers at some point, though it's been difficult for me to get in the mood needed for writing out this stuff.
>> No. 450247
Alright. Take your time, Chapter 1 won't wrap up for a while.
>> No. 450418
Hello, I would like to join if you have a spot open, Didn't really get if it was here i was supposed to post my charachter but here it goes,

Name: Rivet Bolt

Alias (Super-Hero name): The Inventor or more simply Gadget,

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Costume: She dosen't really have one. Just a hooded sweater a jacket and a pack with some of her gadgets.
Street: Picture will be provieded, bur for long. She has classes and a red/brow-ish mane and light yelllow and a coat.

Occupation: Student (kind of).

Powers: none, unless outsmarting almost anypony counts.

Specialty: Intelligent and high incedible understanding of the mechanics of the siences.

Weaknesses: Clumsy and very stubborn.

History/Background: When she was little Rivet ran away from the ophanage she lived in, after she and some of the other kids wher abused. She spent her time growing up, Living in a scrapyard, reading and learning what ever she could find. That was the only way she felt she coult escape and feel safe. When she got older she started go into the city and started to sneek into classes at the universety to learn even more. She started to sell her invetions and repaing machines for money.

Personality: She is shy, and very clumsy. Very smart and kind. All she wants to do is help out nomatter what. Although she can get pretty angry if you mess with her invetions. The thing that makes Rivet to rivet is that she is balancing between genius and total madness. She loves organized chaos, and is almost always in a good mood no matter what and has a very bad sence of humor.

Current Residence: Now she lives in a small appartment in the city where she sleeps and has her workshop.

Signature Attack (Optional): Throwing a wrench in the face of his apponet or use some of his many different gadgets.

She is basiclly a lab-rat (or lab-pony). She does what she thinks is right and is always working on something new to show the few friends she has.
>> No. 450421
File 138802437469.jpg - (20.33KB , 380x420 , Krieger Not Amused.jpg )

U wot m8?

Last edited at Wed, Dec 25th, 2013 20:41

>> No. 450425
File 138803217429.jpg - (28.33KB , 460x375 , Merry Christmas, bitch.jpg )
Oh god...
The spelling.

Also, Merry Christmas bitches.
>> No. 450428
While we do have a few spots open, we won't be introducing new characters for a while. Since you submitted a sheet early, you'll have first dibs later. In the mean time, you can work on your sheet and refine your character. Sound good?

There's more than one kind of stubbornness.
>> No. 450429
File 138803351817.png - (1.32MB , 1024x1143 , Big Game Hunter.png )
I know, I was mostly making a poor joke.
>> No. 450435
File 138807604413.png - (24.91KB , 830x650 , Rivet Bolt.png )
Sure that sounds fine. Just give me a heads up :D
And sorry for the bad spelling, english isn't my first language... (not sure if i spelled that right=

Btw this is her street outfit.
>> No. 450448
Okay, thanks.

Do you have much experience with online roleplay?
>> No. 450457
Not super much, but some! Used to "normal" rp though. Table top and penn and paper stuff. :P
>> No. 450464
Alright. While you wait for Chapter 1 to finish, I suggest trying your hand at /rp/. Threads titled The Donut Bar are a great place to start.
>> No. 450553
wakka wakka wakka
Well, welcome to 2014. Have fun.
>> No. 450561
>This seems really fun, would you mind if I posted a sheet?
>> No. 450599
No I wouldn't. But as I said before, I won't be approving any sheets until after Chapter 1 wraps up. But feel free to leave a sheet.
>> No. 450704
Are people still around?
>> No. 450710
I believe so.

Relatedly, you have TwilightFire on Skype, right?
>> No. 450711
Yeppo. She's never online, though.
>> No. 450713
Hmm. That's fine, her and Blizzard will turn up eventually.
>> No. 450976
File 138950524086.jpg - (661.83KB , 2880x2160 , Yeah, up your's too bub.jpg )
This is another canon I would like to compliment for it's achievements! That is all.

>> No. 451393
File 139034552272.gif - (230.52KB , 300x169 , Ninten-DOUGH.gif )
Firstly, a big thank you to Asma for being so patient with his (her? either way...) patience for our fellow RPers.

Secondly, if anyone has a way to contact the users Blizzard and/or TwilightFire, please do so. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

Finally, and this is a big one, in order to keep this canon's heart beating, I am begining a series of One-Shots. Anyone may apply for one of these threads. Here is a description of what these threads would be like:

First, to apply for a one-shot, simply post a sheet with the subject "One-Shot", or "One-Shot Application", or the like. I'll be more lenient on character approval for one shots. Once we agree on a character sheet, we'll begin to plan the thread's direction. The plan for the thread can be super complex, or can be as simple as "Gru goes to steal the moon, and my character Donut Steel stops him." Then, once we've finalized all the details, we'll actually do the thread. Finally, we'll come back here and have a post-thread. These will probably not be as lengthy/in-depth as the post-threads for a normal thread.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it here, or to e-mail me. Again, it's [email protected]

And finally FINALLY, a Jontron gif. Because you deserve it.
>> No. 451394
I HAD a way to contact Twilight, but then she stopped ever being online. I'll send her an email.
Oh, and I have no clue about Blizzbutt.
>> No. 451631
File 139071030381.jpg - (955.46KB , 1500x1125 , Ahri+Best+AP+Assassin+For+me+personally+_cd8ecf21769ffb94763fcb1f6546f6b0.jpg )
Twifire quit everything for some reason just thought id let you know,and no one knows whats up with her.

I'll take my leave now.
>> No. 451633
I think I might know why, but I won't say for privacy reasons.
>> No. 451650
So is this place dead or what? :/
>> No. 451652
We're waiting on Blizzard and/or Twilight. I can hardly do this mission on my own, calm down.
>> No. 451653
Not really dead, but more like in hibernation. If you're interested, you could have your character be in a one-shot thread (info here: >>451393)

Thank you. If you ever feel like applying here, feel free.

Would you mind e-mailing me about it?
>> No. 451654
Sorry, it's rather personal to Twilight, so I'd rather let her inform people(if she returns) of her own volition.
>> No. 451656
Alright, I understand.
>> No. 451657
Thank you.
>> No. 451763
So how are the one offs going to work?(sorry for being dull on this one)
>> No. 451784
File 139093178652.jpg - (15.92KB , 230x403 , tumblr_mruux1zoQJ1qmyrxzo1_400.jpg )
Set them to npc parts or write them off till they return. Thats a suggestion.
>> No. 451793
Uh, that's not even close to what I was talking about.
I was asking him how the one off threads would work.
>> No. 451794
That might work, if they weren't major characters. But thanks for the suggestion.

First, one shot, note one off. Second, it would be like a mini-arc in the grand scheme of the RP. Instead of focusing on the SEA's team, it would focus on a fighter that works alone.
>> No. 451796
Hm...... Eeeeenteresting.
I'll do some braining about dat.
>> No. 451797
You do that.

Also, I'm sorry, but After Equestria just isn't my jam. I'm sorry, but I think that I'll have to drop out.
>> No. 451799
Kay. 's cool.
>> No. 452013
I have come up with a plan.

Since Blizzard and TwiFire have effectively gone "off the grid", I will be re-booting the canon, kind of. This means that 2 slots are now officially open, and that Sparking Ember and Rivet Bolt get first dibs. If neither claim their spot in two weeks, they lose dib-privileges.

Should Blizzard and/or TwiFire re-appear, they will be free to write themselves in.

Sound good?

Last edited at Sun, Feb 2nd, 2014 18:50

>> No. 452014
I'm okay with this.
>> No. 452015
Great. Now, spread the word! Spread it near and far! Spread it like peanut butter across toast!
>> No. 452019
Only if we get hagel slag on that toast.
>> No. 452098
Yeah, at the moment, it's lookin like Twilight is going to have to vanish a lil bit.
Proceed, number one.
>> No. 452099
By "vanish a little bit", do you mean that she's completely out of the picture, or that she may return at a later date?
>> No. 452100
May return at a later date.
>> No. 452130
...Well then. I will indeed be calling dibs on that slot, but my lack of extended access to a computer and the need to prepare for an event tomorrow means I won't be able to get back to brainstorming my history until around Monday next week.
>> No. 452132
That's fine, just get back here whenever you can.
>> No. 452301
I'm glad to see this place isn't dead.

On another note, I'm afraid that I won't be rejoining Ponychan for a very long time...

Hell to it, I might not re-join ever. I just wanted to apologize for dropping out of the cannon so suddenly. A crazy amount of IRL stuff has been going on lately, and I sort of dropped out of Ponychan.

Sorry about not posting this sooner, by the way.
>> No. 452329
Well, thanks for letting me know.

If you ever come back, and World of Heroes is still a thing, we'd gladly take you back. If not, then know that it's really been fun, and I wish you the best.

Thanks for playing!
>> No. 452610
File 139301250314.png - (1.02MB , 802x707 , The Krieg Prepare For War.png )
>...Seeing how today is a snow day, and tomorrow is the start of the weekend, I think I'm finally able to get back to working on Cold Steel's background. Zoticus, if you have some sort of chat system I could contact you with (Steam, Skype, etc), I'd like to try and bounce some ideas off of you on fleshing out Steel's history beyond the barebones concept I have in my head right now.
>> No. 452628
I have a Steam, but I hardly ever use it. My username is keysmg.
>> No. 452633
File 139312940125.jpg - (227.75KB , 388x674 , Anything Is Possible If You Worship The Chaos Gods™.jpg )
>Huh, alright. Just added you to my list, I'll talk to you when you get back online.
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