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#Ask/invite #Canon: World of Heroes #Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Semi-serious #Sign-up

"You've become part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet."
Nick Fury, Iron Man (2008)

We live in a changing world.

Every day, more and more seemingly average ponies are discovering innate abilities within themselves that set them far up on the evolutionary curve, including enhanced strength, telepathy, and teleportation, to name a few. Most attempts at going public with these powers are often met with scorn and hate. Neither party truly understands the other, nor wants to. The “normals” do their best to hide the fact that a freak was living among them, and the “supers” are often run out of town. These ponies are usually scared, confused, and possibly angry. They turn their backs on the world, resorting to crime to channel their hatred. Some are downright villainous.

Some aren't.

Who are we? We are the Super Equine Administration (S.E.A. for short), an extension of the Royal Guard that monitors, recruits, and dispatches ponies with..."unique" skills, to fight the battles we never could. We realize that bringing these criminals to the justice they deserve may attract some unsavory attention, so we encourage our field-recruits to hide their identity, as not to bring harm to their loved ones.

The enemy is mounting. Will you be ready?


Hello, and welcome to the World of Heroes sign-up thread! In this canon you will find Dashing heroes, distressed damsels, scheming villains, and giant robots attacking "The City" on a regular basis. If you would like to join the S.E.A.'s war on super-crime, please fill out the character sheet listed below. Please be as descriptive as you can (within reason). Don’t worry if you don’t understand one or two things, I’ll post an example sheet.

Alias (Super-Hero name):
Appearance (Street appearance and costumed appearance) (Negated if you can post a picture of your character):
Powers/Specialty (Explained below):
Weaknesses (At least one, even if it's just a personality flaw):
Current Residence:
Signature Attack (Optional):

A quick word on specialties. In order to help give this RP a feel of actually having superpowers, I’m applying the specialty system. Every hero will fall under one of three power specialties: Strength, Speed, and Tactics. Strength characters (Characters like Superman, The Thing, Juggernaut, Bane, etc.) will do one extra damage point on every attack. Speed characters (The Flash, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Quicksilver) will have one damage point deducted from every attack they take. Tactics characters (The Invisible Woman, Batman, Kitty Pride) don’t get any combat advantages, but will do better overall in stealth situations. Just pick whichever specialty best suits your character. Don’t worry if your character is halfway between two specialties, just pick whichever better suits your character and your RP Style.

In conclusion, I’d like every character to have a short thread strictly for their character. These threads will be to help me get a sense of your RP Style, and to help ease your character into the canon. However, I realize that this is an extremely optimistic goal and that it may or may not happen. But still, I can always hope. If, for any reason, you have anything that can’t or shouldn’t be discussed in this thread, let me know, and I’ll find a way for us to talk privately. Excelsior!
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>> No. 442688
Name: Thomas “Tom” Pennyworth

Alias: Lucky Day.

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Appearance: For starters, Tom is a unicorn. He is a deep, clover field shade of green with jet-black, somewhat unruly hair. His cutie mark is a small stack of golden coins, and is usually seen in a sharp tuxedo. His alter-ego, Lucky Day, wears a white eye covering mask and four white elbow/knee length boots. Both of his personalities will often be twirling a coin via magic.

Occupation: Professional Gambler.

Powers/Specialty: Heightened luck. Wherever he goes, good things seem to follow him. Tactical.

Weaknesses: Good luck charms (Four-leaf clovers, wishbones, things that come in sevens). For some reason, direct contact with them brings BAD luck. This is the reason that Tom never wears horseshoes

History/Background: Tom’s parents were divorced at an early age, so he spent most of his childhood being shunted between two households. He didn’t live in a particularly good neighborhood, and was often teased for being a unicorn born to two pegasi (Tom’s true parentage is still unclear, but this point came up again in his parent’s divorce suit). However, one particular day in middle school set the course of his life.

One of his friends at the lunch table had decided that, for whatever reason, he didn’t want his pudding cup that day. All of his friends, however, DID want the pudding cup. Not wanting to be unfair, the young colt got several straws and folded them to different lengths. “Whoever gets the longest straw,” he said, “can have my pudding.” One by one, each member of the lunch table drew a straw. Tom drew the longest. All of his friends were jealous, but Tom shrugged it off. “Just lucky, I guess.”

From there, he started testing his luck in big ways. From drawing straws, to cheap carnival “Find the pearl” games, to playing poker with toothpicks, eventually starting his High School’s own poker club. By the end of his senior year, he knew two things: One, he knew about twelve people who owed him a favor. Two: he was very, VERY lucky. And where do the lucky go? To Sin City, A.K.A. Las Pegas. Since He’s moved, He’s been skimming the casinos’ roulette wheels and blackjack tables until he’s kicked out, find a new casino, rinse and repeat.

Once he heard about the S.E.A. through the news, he decided to get into the super-hero game, reflecting on the endless taunting he received as a kid, and his wish for someone to come to the rescue.

Personality: Smug, confident, and cocky, but not wrongly so. Has a tendency to fight for the underdog. Never went to college, but nobody needs a degree in roulette, right?

Current Residence: Las Pegas

Signature Attack (Optional): Coin Toss Smackdown. Lucky will toss his coin up high into the air, beat the opponent into a pulp, and catch his coin before it hits the ground.

Others: Never wears horseshoes, because they are a (Bad) lucky charm.
>> No. 442770
File 137859057025.png - (495.38KB , 992x888 , Harmony and Mania.png )
Name: Harmony Serenity

Alias: Musical Mania

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: The shitty picture.

Occupation: Music Store Assistant

Powers/Specialty: She can use instruments she's playing to create soundwaves that stun the opponent. Speed.

Weaknesses: She is naive and doesn't think things through too often. Also, sonic waves cancel out her ability.

History/Background:A small town girl, living in a lonely world! She took the midnight train going anywhere! Harmony's backround is rather boring, up until her 13th birthday. She was a mundane girl, with a mundane family, and a mundane... Well, everything else really. The day her powers showed up was the day of her first music concert. She went onto stage, and for the chorus, she ended up sending out a huge shock wave of music. After that, Harmony ran home, too mortified to stay at the concert hall, grabbed all the instruments she could carry (with some money), and ran off. Eventually she got to Canterlot, where she made a living by playing music at various locations, and sleeping in alleyways. One day she was spotted by a music store owner, who invited her in. Harmony then proceeded to tell her story to the owner... He took Harmony in, after talking to her parents, who didn't really care about her disappearance. She's been working in the store and working on the music-wave ability ever since.

Personality: Harmony's a bubbly teenager who tells horrible jokes, and laughs at the random times. She tends to over-react to a lot of things, and likes to rant.

Current Residence: Room above the music store the works at.

Signature Attack (Optional): Harmony will grab what ever instrument she's playing, and blast a huge soundwave stunning the enemy. She says 'You ready to rock?' before doing this.

Others: If you approve her, battle music can play in the backround of the battles.
>> No. 442773
Okay, a few things I need to know.

Firstly, how exactly does she fight? I can't quite imagine her lumbering into battle with a piano, or a tuba.

Secondly, what makes you think she's a speed character? Based on the sheet, she looks like a tactics character, or maybe strength.

Thirdly, what inspired her to start fighting crime?

Fourthly, and this one doesn't matter as much as the others, do you think you could be a bit more creative with the costume? I mean, pony maker is great for some things, but don't be afraid to sacrifice pictures for creativity (I'll roll with it if this is your final 'stume, though)
>> No. 442775
She fights by running/flying around a lot and releasing blasts of music from random points around the room/area. She also would use smaller instruments, like a keytair and a trumpet.

Well, I imagined her to be a speed character mainly because you would unleash sound waves from different areas, but I could make her a strength character if you want me to.

What inspired her to fight crime was seeing all the bad things happening in the newspapers, and other things like that.

And I can work on the costume, but it might take some time.
>> No. 442776
Okay, but how does she fly? I don't see any wings on that pic, honey.

Anywho, everything else looks good, but let me make a sugestion: Instead of limiting her powers strictly to instruments, I'd have her be able to control sound waves altogether. It could provide a more interesting RP expirience, abd you could just say it's easier when she uses instruments.
>> No. 442778
DAMN IT, SORRY. I need to change that, heh.

And that could be fun...

Last edited at Sat, Sep 7th, 2013 15:41

>> No. 442779
Think about it. Until then, NO APPROVAL FOR YOU!
>> No. 442794
File 137860200061.png - (400.80KB , 808x823 , Harmony and Mania.png )
Okay, the pic is changed!

And I'll use the idea of controlling sound waves in general, but they'll go in random directions.
>> No. 442799
...Or. Maybe they go in all directions, she's just not as/not at all affected by them.
>> No. 442807
Yeah, that works.
>> No. 442868
Alrighty. Approved, with one condition: In MM's Origin thread, I want you to try out a no-bluetext RP style. If you like it, keep it. If not, you can go back to a bluetext style of RP. Cool?
>> No. 443017
Sounds good to me.
>> No. 443022
Alright then. I'll set up an Origins thread a bit later in the day (between 4 and 6 Central Time).
>> No. 443043
File 137868498039.png - (270.81KB , 729x1051 , Harmony by DCS (trans).png )
Not sure how I wound up here, my character isn't even a hero of any sort, but if he doesn't fit then feel completely free to just refuse him. He won't mind :)

Name: Harmony Harmony
Alias (Super-Hero name): None (yet?)
Age: 32
Sex: M
Occupation: Freelance/Odd jobs
Powers/Specialty: Harmony can hear the "vibe" of anyone nearby, which manifests itself as a simple musical representation of their personality. He can usually glean a few facts about a pony from this, such as their most prominent personality traits. In addition, he is able to gauge the synergy (potential for cooperation/friendship) between two or more ponies by listening to the harmony of their joined vibes.
Weaknesses (At least one, even if it's just a personality flaw): Nothing much of a "weakness", but he's an extreme pacifist and refusees to take any action against someone before hearing their side of any conflict.
History/Background: Working on it
Personality: Harmony follows what he calls the philosophy of harmony, trying his best to be honest, generous, kind, loyal, and mirthful in all things, as well as trying to spread these ideals to others who will listen. He always seeks compromise to conflicts, insists that working together is better for everyone that working against, and seeks to always be rational and reasonable to find the best ways to fix problems without anyone being sold short. His favorite quote is: "The efforts of those who work together are greater than any mere magic."
Current Residence: Wherever the story is, I guess.
Signature Attack (Optional): Not attacking?
Others: Harmony is exceptionally good at working with others in odd jobs like carpentry, decorating, cleaning, and especially singing and playing instruments, complementing the abilities of whoever he's helping. However, he's not very good at doing things on his own. He wanders from place to place, without a job or home, and helps anyone who needs it in exchange for whatever money, food, or provisions they offer.
>> No. 443045
Sorry, but I'm gonna have to decline this sheet, because you only filled in some of the sheet. Also, he doesn't really seem like much of a hero-y type. If you're seriously interested in joining, by advice would be to use a different OC, or to revise Harmony Harmony's. Especially the pacifist part. Come on, man, a pacifist doesn't really seem to have a place in a #Violence thread.
>> No. 443046
Heh, I thought so. Don't worry, I knew he wasn't hero material. But maybe even a hero thread has some use for non-heroes sometimes?
>> No. 443047
Honestly, the plan is for me to fill the supporting characters' rolls.
>> No. 443048
Alright then. Would you mind at least telling me the idea behind the music shop?
>> No. 443049
Basically, it's the setting for >>442770 's Origin thread.
>> No. 443050
Heh, she honestly seems like she'd be related to mine...
>> No. 443129
>Table flip.
>> No. 443143
And maybe so...

>> No. 443162
Name: Blizzard

Alias (Super-Hero name): Avalanche

Age: 30

Sex: male

Appearance: An unassuming, and rather largewhite pegasus stallion, his shock of glacier blue hair is nothing out of the ordinary. He's hard to pick out of a crowd.... when he's calm. When he gets stressed, angry, or otherwise irate... Well, let's go to the eyewitness.

"[i]It was awful! This... thing came out of nowhere!
It was giant, even bigger than a cart, and covered in this... crystalline.... ice stuff.... Everything went cold... and it was terrible. It busted through a brick wall like it was paper, and it just looked at a helicopter before the blades froze over... I don't know why i'm still alive, but I thank Celestia.

Occupation: Weather busting - Blizzard is the best blizzard buster in the business, no doubts about it. doing the work of a squad of ponies combined, he was able to tackle Winter wrap up in his home town nearly alone.

Powers/Specialty (Explained below): Blizzard, when he wants to, is able to transition into a state of near unbeatable strength. Encased in living ice, he radiates constant freezing cold, and can punch through a battleship's hull. It's best not to piss him off. Definitely a strength character.

Weaknesses: Duh. Heat. He gets physically weak at a hot beach, never mention a flamethrower.

History/Background: Blizz grew up an average pegasus in his home town up in the mountains. However, when he began chasing the birds up in near the peaks, all that changed. The birds, essentially cold phoenixes, attacked him, and left him for dead beneath an avalanche. However, one took pity on him, and saved his life. Through terrible cost.

Personality: Quiet, guarded, and easy-going, he tries to actively avoid conflict and stress, for good reason. Generally a fun person to be with, when you get him to open up, he's still having trouble controlling his powers.

Current Residence: mountains to the north of the crystal empire.

Signature Attack (Optional): The avalanche. Best described as "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH"

Others: He likes Popsicles
>> No. 443196
Based on the sheet, I'm guessing that his "costume" is just his icy skin.

Are his abilities directly related to his loss of temper? In other words, the angrier he his, the stronger he is (like Hulk), yes?

Gonna need a bit more here. Basically, here's what I can see.

-Lived in a mountain village
-Chased cold phoenixes
-Attacked by cold phoenixes
-One took him under his wing (badum-tss)
-Some kind of terrible cost (?)

I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying it doesn't make a terrible ammount of sense.

>Current Residence
...And? C'mon, gimme something else to work with. Village? Cave? Phoenix nest? Straw hut? Crashed airplane? Space station? Mansion? You get the picture.

Everything else is fine. Stay tuned for an important announcement!
>> No. 443205
Attention, everyone! This is an important announcement!

Okay, I'll try to be brief. Yesterday, I had to face a hard truth: I spend way too much time on, and may be legitimatley addicted to, the internet. This puts me in a precarious position. On one hand, I want to move past this addiction and move on with my life. On the other hand, I have an obligation to the people that I roleplay with here.

Until I figure out a more permanent solution, I can't be sure how often/when I will and won't be able to post. That does not mean that I'm abandoning this canon, not by any means. This just means that my schedule will likely be a bit...sporadic. I'll post when I can, so try to be ready at a moment's notice. All I ask of you is to be patient with me until I sort my life out.
>> No. 443221
Hey, it's cool.

I took a few month break from here a while ago, I'm not gonna lie.

Also, I'm probably gonna post in random times also, because I have school and stuff.

The only advice I have for you is: Life>Internet.
>> No. 443226
Based on the sheet, I'm guessing that his "costume" is just his icy skin.

- Correct

Are his abilities directly related to his loss of temper? In other words, the angrier he his, the stronger he is (like Hulk), yes?

- Correct

Gonna need a bit more here. Basically, here's what I can see.

-Lived in a mountain village
-Chased cold phoenixes
-Attacked by cold phoenixes
-One took him under his wing (badum-tss)
-Some kind of terrible cost (?)

I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying it doesn't make a terrible ammount of sense.

-Correct. The cost would be the fact that he goes bezerk at times and can't control himself.

>Current Residence
...And? C'mon, gimme something else to work with. Village? Cave? Phoenix nest? Straw hut? Crashed airplane? Space station? Mansion? You get the picture.

Small village full of earth pony monks, who he stays with for the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Everything else is fine. Stay tuned for an important announcement!
>> No. 443228
Alright, thanks for understanding. If you don't mind me being a bit personal, what are some things that occupy your time outside of Ponychan? Extracurricular activities, stuff like that.

Okay, basically an ice-hulk. Approved. I'll try and get up a Origins thread either tonight or tomorrow.
>> No. 443330
Hey, it's no problem. We all have to do life shit every now and then.

I do my school's swim team, piano lessons, band, karate practice and a whole bunch of other things that vary. Why do you ask?
>> No. 443351
Because I think a lot of my issues stem from me not being busy enough. On the other hand, if I'm TOO busy, I won't have any internet time.
>> No. 443353
Heh. More or less. Little more flexible than the hulk though. Anyway, where's this Origins thread? Will you post a link here?
>> No. 443356
Working on it, but I also have some stuff to do. However, I can promise with 99.9% Confidence that it will be up before midnight Central. Linkage here is a maybe. Look for a thread tagged with WoH, and the title "Cracks in the Ice".
>> No. 443368
Ahhh. Makes sense, and I had that problem too.
>> No. 443377
Thread's up. Tags wouldn't load for some reason, but It's called Cracks in the Ice.
>> No. 443378
I got the thread itself!
>> No. 443381
>> No. 443886
So where is this canon going? What's going to happen?
>> No. 443927
Okay, this is a big question. I have ideas, but I want to wait for a few more people to join before I finalize anything. Here are some ideas rattling around my head:

>Supers-based terrorist cell
>Orion or AoS crossover
>Alien was on Earth
>> No. 443929
>Alien WAR on Earth
>Alien WAR
>> No. 443934
>Alien War: Easy. Also, done in the recent movie. NEXT
>Nay, since my character is also on orion, and I dislike AOS enough that i'd quit this canon if you did that.
>Supers-based terrorist cell... this could go places. As long as the villains are unique, and not a copy of some other superhero or villian, it'd be fun.
>> No. 443936
1: Aliens have been done in a lot of movies. And books, and TV Shows, etc. What's one more drop in the bucket?

2: One word: Parallel Universes. Also, it wouldn't be ALL the guys from AOS, just the good ones. Like Dashy, and Seras. And me, the Amazing Spider-Pony!

3: Okay, FIRST-wait, you like it? Oh, okay.

Anyway, that's just a few ideas. I have others, and will think of more as more people sign up. Also, if you have any suggestions, feel free to lay 'em on me.
>> No. 443950
You need something that will encompass tasks that fit the bill of every hero that signs up I've been trying to get something like this going for a while. Basically, I'd like to see either
A) terrorist group, like you said, causing havoc that the military can't stop, EX: The brotherhood from X-men.

B) A religious group manages to summon something they can't stop, and this team is called in.

C) whatever else you can come up with. Aliens could work if you do it right.
>> No. 444961
File 137996971622.jpg - (14.67KB , 267x189 , Pony Avengers.jpg )
This is still a thing, by the way. Looking for 2 to 4 more people to sign up.
>> No. 445043
I'd be interested, but I don't have a ponyfied version of my character.
>> No. 445046
Aw, maaan...

Tell you what: If you're serious about joining, post a non-pony version of your character, and we could, I'unno, work on ponifying him/her together?

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 18:33

>> No. 445070
File 137998843055.jpg - (740.47KB , 1920x1080 , screenshot_130923-19-45-58.jpg )
Arrighty. This is one of my City of Heroes characters - the original one, in fact.

Name: Razzle Frazzle
Race: Earth Pony
Powers: Mind Control/Empathy {see and}, which is based around both active and passive telepathy. I can provide in-character explanations for each of powers {depending on the power level, only a handful will probably be used anyway}.

Background: Need to think of something not cliche.
Occupation: Professional hero, in that he finances both his secret and civilian life from the villains he encounters - they tend to find themselves much lighter than before they get picked up by police. This approach to budgeting hasn't caught up with him - yet.
Personality: Driven, with a kind of pragmatism that borders on frightening. He's taken up crimefighting with an almost fanatical determination, even though he doesn't quite have an underlying motivation. He finds it's simply something to do - while he does care about justice and order, it's not any more than most other ponies would. Instead, he believes this is simply his role in the world, and he embraced it wholeheartedly.

Weaknesses: Lack of strength, both physical and super. While he's fairly fit and honed his talents to a sniper-like precision, he'll likely falter against any obstacle requiring brute force.
>> No. 445099
Okay, there are a few things missing from the World of Heroes standard sheet that are missing here. Most are kind of superficial, but It'd be nice if you could write 'em up for me anyway.
>Real name
>Current Residence

Some other things: History, obviously. Take as long as you need, I'd rather have a good one than a quick one.

As for his occupation...he steals from criminals, without really having a "job"? Or am I reading this wrong?

Final review: Need work, but promising. I'll withhold approval for now, but I'm also to help put the final polish on this sheet.

Last edited at Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013 20:04

>> No. 445242
Just checking in, still here, will post something more substantial as time allows.
>> No. 445409
You wanted a post thread discussion Zoti?
>> No. 445410
Yes. But It'll take a bit of time to type up, so go make a cup of tea, or something.
>> No. 445411
Okay, so after every thread, we'll be doing something called "start-stop-continue", basically a peer review. It's one thing the other person needs to start doing, one thing they need to stop doing, and one thing they need to continue doing. Not hard.

Start: Start experimenting with a no-bluetext style of RP. I asked TwiFire to do the same. Also, start making an effort to post a *little* more often.

Stop: Stop posting NPC actions, that's my job. This isn't a big one at all, it was just a few posts at the start.

Continue: Continue making quality posts. Posts like yours make glad to RP.

Also, these are constructive criticisms, not insults. Don't rustle your jimmies over these.
>> No. 445412
Aighty. I get everything that you're asking, I just really like the bluetext. Helps with general separation of dialogue and events. I'll try to do as you ask though. One thing that was really missing was the combat aspect, which I hope to explore. Other than that, you have a solid thing going. One thing I am not happy with though.

Blizzard is not a hybrid. He's influenced, but his DNA should come up one hundred percent pony. It's more of a spell on him, rather than actual genetic mutation.
>> No. 445413
Alright. If I could edit the post, I would. But, such is one of the drawbacks of rp-ing on a 3DS. Oh well.

Also, I guess it wasn't clear that I wanted you to do a start-stop-continue for me.
>> No. 445414

Start - Nothing really. Not a lot you could have done better.

Stop - The fucking bumping. I'm aware I'm not posting, that's because I'm busy, not because I dont see it.

Continue - Your excellent back characters. They really feel like they have personality
>> No. 445416
>No start
>Easily-fixed stop
>Today was a good day

Thanks, bro. The bumping is actually mostly for me. It's just a bit easier to find if I keep it on page 0 or 1. But if it's a problem, I'll stop. Also, a continue I forgot was the subtle drops to the Hulk. Try not to go overboard, but keep it up!

Anything else that needs to be said?
>> No. 445574
Start: Nothing really

Stop: Those god-damn bumps, it slightly peeves me off

Continue: Being a good RPer
>> No. 445611
Nooooo, you're supposed to wait 'til were done with the thread. Ugh.
>> No. 445612
>Derping facepalm.
>> No. 445613
Don't beat yourself up over it, champ.
>> No. 445850
File 138060317282.png - (23.92KB , 830x650 , Silly Filly.png )
Well, why haven't I found this before? This is the canon I've been waiting for ever since the old super days of the AoS went and gone!

Name: Silvia Putting
Alias: Silly Filly
Age: 9
Sex: Female
Appearance: See pic
Occupation: Superhero wannabe

Powers: To put it simply, super elasticity! This prepubescent mare is able to stretch and contort her body into impossible forms. From turning into a filly slingshot, rolling up into a ball and bounding into action, to flattening herself out and slipping under a door! On top of that, her stretchy form is able to absorb blows, making blunt attacks much less effective on her. So yeah, classic Rubberman sorta powers.
Specialty: I'm honestly sorta torn between speed (due to her being able to take blows and bend out of the way of hits) and tactics (easier to slip past baddies if you can flatten out like a bedsheet)
Weaknesses: Part of her powers comes from her unicorn magic, which is inwardly focused instead of outwardly, making her unable to use normal unicorn magic. One top of which, she is sensitive to temperature, solidifying in extreme cold, and losing her consistency in strong heat. She's still a young girl, so, she doesn't always think things through either.

History/Background: Born into a well to do family in Manehatten, she seemed like any normal little filly... until one day she nearly gave her grandmother a heart attack while they were making funny faces at each other. Her family did what they could to hide her... unusual gift, however, her father believed it was a blessing, and encouraged her to exercise her unique abilities. She looked up to her dear father, who was a brave member of the Manehatten guard. Sadly, he was killed while on duty, which shattered her world. Things looked dark and bleak for the young filly... until she heard of a group of superheroes banding together. Gathering what she could, she ran away from home to join these heroes, and do her father proud.

Personality: Young and naive, this bubbly filly seems to be the embodiment of childhood innocence. It's hard to tell if she's brave for her age of just foolish, she none the less takes the lessons in courage, justice, and do goodery her father left her.

Current Residence: Run away.

Signature Attack: Pony Pinball! She'll roll up into a ball and start bouncing around, before she slings herself at the baddies! Tends to work best in small enclosed areas so she can build up momentum with each bounce.

So... what cha think? Every supergroup needs their Plasticman wanna be!
>> No. 445898
Hurray, you're here!
>> No. 445904
Okay, here's the skinny:

1. If you can't decide, then I'd pencil her in for speed.

2. Okay, before I get into this one, please keep in mind that this is not a rejection. It's just the perameters of my approval. On that ominous note...

I've seen you play Silly Filly before in AoS on at least one occasion. World of Heroes is a semi-serious canon, and a character named "Silly" Filly might not fit in so well. I'm not saying this will barr your entry, I'm just saying that you'll need to prove you can play her as serious.

3. On her history. Unless one of her close family members works for the S.E.A., then there's no way she could know about the growing team. Also, runaway is not a residence. Where is she, right now?
>> No. 445906
File 138067136042.png - (23.87KB , 830x650 , Silly Filly Umm.png )
1. M'kay, was leaning towards speed myself honestly. Just wanted your input.

2. Okay, this might be where we might not met eye to eye. I was intending on playing her as "serious"... just, well.. taking Plastic Man as an example, he's a goofball and a joker, but, he doesn't rob from the more serious tone of the great DC universe, if that makes sense. If the scene is serious in tone, I'm not going to make an ass of myself and be all goofy with her. She's an overly optimistic kid, yeah, but, she'll still get scared, she'll still be sad, and she can become angry.

3. Oh.. huh.. maybe I should've read up above more carefully. Thought I saw something about someone seeing an article in the news about SEA. Hmm.. that said, perhaps we can work around her background a little bit together? Like, perhaps they heard about her inborn abilities, and want to recruit her, despite her age? As for residence, perhaps we can work on that as we work on the alterations to her history?
>> No. 445914
So, Zoti... I just thought of something. There needs to be a base/staging area for SEA, where recruited heroes can hang out, before the main RP starts. I'd like to know how characters will get along before they're thrust into a dangerous situation.
>> No. 445920
>DC Universe
>Lolol Marvel master race

Well, I'm not very familiar with Plastic Man, but if you can pull off the serious side of SF, then be my guest. But just remember: with great power, comes great responsibility. I'm holding you responsible for keeping your OC in line. Glad we cleared that up ^-^

As for her history, here's a brief summary of things revealed in the canon so far:

The S.E.A. is a branch of the Equestrian Dept. of Defense that monitors super-powered equines. Unbeknownst to the public, they have been recruiting ponies to begin an attack on enemy No. 1. Codename: CLASSIFIED. Recruits so far include CLASSIFIED and CLASSIFIED.

Also, an anti-supers activist group, known as the Freedom from Freaks Movement, has been staging protests all over the nation. It is unclear if they are led by someone, or just act indipendently.
>> No. 445921
Thought of and taken into account. Don't worry, it won't be some rinky-dink office building, but it won't be a helicarrier either. And it will be awesome.
>> No. 445935
Heh, okay.. well, think of Nightcrawler then. He's a prankster and can get rather silly, but, he still has a very serious side to him.

Hmmm... well, as for her history then... there would be no way for her know find out about the recruitment, but.. perhaps they found out about her abilities, and are considering her? Despiter her mother's efforts, such strange abilities could be easily found out.
>> No. 445936
Alright, that's something I can get behind.
>[X] Personality
>[ ] History

Yeah, that's pretty much how I envision it, tge SEA is equal parts defensive and information-gathering. The only problem that I can see is why she'd run away. Come up with a valid reason (that doesn't include the not-yet existing team), and approval is yours.
>> No. 445938
Perhaps I can be of assistance!

Rather then having a family that wants her powers to be hidden, and without her father to make her feel better, Silly Filly ran away so she could be herself, powers and all.
>> No. 445939
File 138075006222.png - (128.43KB , 3320x2600 , Silvia Putting.png )
Well, perhaps she didn't run away then? They heard about her powers, and showed up one day at her family's home.

... Or this!

Either way, I'm very flexible. Whatever works best.
>> No. 445945

I like TwiFire's idea. If you skim the other Origin threads, you'll find that your idea is more of a present, instead of a history. If that makes any sense.
>> No. 445974
That's me by the way,guess my secret's out. Don't you tell nobody!
>> No. 446000
My lips are sealed!

And so it's said!
>> No. 446002
Alrighty then. If you wouldn't mind, real-quick post a revised-version of her history, just to make sure we're on the same page.
>> No. 446023
File 138085781768.png - (24.26KB , 830x650 , Silly Filly smile.png )
Sorry about the wait.

History/Background: Born into a well to do family in Manehatten, she seemed like any normal little filly... until one day she nearly gave her grandmother a heart attack while they were making funny faces at each other. Her family did what they could to hide her... unusual gift, however, her father believed it was a blessing, and encouraged her to exercise her unique abilities. She looked up to her dear father, who was a brave member of the Manehatten guard. Sadly, he was killed while on duty, which shattered her world. Now with the only pony who made her feel good about her abilities gone, her world grew sad and dreary... until she decided she had enough. Packing what she could, including a makeshift costume, she ran away from home, so that she wouldn't have to hide them anymore.
>> No. 446029
Okay, one *eensy* little thing: where did she run to? I need to know so I can make the Origins thread
>> No. 446347
TwilightFire, if you can see this, go ahead and post your start stop and continue. I'll reply tomorrow afternoon/evening. Old Zoti needs his beauty rest...
>> No. 446374
No problem!

Start: Posting earlier please, I'm not normally on at midnight-ish

Stop: Nothing, you're doing awesome

Continue: Being an amazing RPer.

Last edited at Sun, Oct 13th, 2013 10:00

>> No. 446387
>Start: Posting earlier please, I'm not normally on at midnight-ish

Well like I've said, my schedule is kinda hactic as of late, and late-night is the only time of day that I can feel good about posting, when there's nothing else I could be doing. But yeah, I'll try.

Start: Start trying to beef up your posts a bit. Try and aim for at least 4 sentences.

Stop: Stop replying to my posts in two parts. Im not sure if this is intentional, but when I make a post with a break in it, you'll sometimes reply to both "paragraphs" separately in your next post.

Continue: Continue having a well-rounded character :)

Anything else you need to say? How'd you like the no bluetext?
>> No. 446471
Ah, okay.

And noted, I'll try with the non separation/actually posting lots of sentences.

And the non bluetext was kind of cool, it let me put more detail in. But, a downside to it is the fact that it's slightly harder to see where I mess up typing. That's actually the reason why I separate the paragraphs.

Last edited at Fri, Oct 11th, 2013 17:03

>> No. 446564
Hmm.... I must say, you've peaked my interest.
I was wondering, are there any forbidden things, either backstory wise or power wise? Can I play a non combatant?
Are humans aloud? Are aliens aloud?
>> No. 446613
>I was wondering, are there any forbidden things, either backstory wise or power wise?
Backstory, not really. It may be a bit challenging to do an Origins thread if you have to, say, have your character be frozen in the Arctic for sixty years or something. Power-wise, I'd say nothing above Hulk. Just be sensible, and don't go full-OP

>Can I play a non combatant?
Ehhh...can you define non-combatant?

>Are humans aloud?
Sorry, no. This IS a #Ponies thread, after all.

>Are aliens aloud?
Provided there adequately pony-fied. For example, both Thor and Superman are aliens, but they can still pass as humans.
>> No. 446650
Defining non combatant, I mean someone who isn't really good enough at fighting to generally be in a combat situation, so kind of like Exavier from Xmen.
No humans works with me. What about other races? Diamond Dog, Griffon, Baby Dragon etc
I realized how dumb of a question the alien one was right after I posted it.
>> No. 446654
Well, if they could hold their own in a combat situation by, say, telepathy or some equivalent, then I'd have no problem with it.

As for non-ponies, you'd have to have a REEEEALLY good reason. This is the Super EQUINE Administration, after all.
>> No. 446655
Hmmm, true.
I'll post a sheet in a few minutes. Gotta think a bit.
>> No. 446659
Actually, one last question:
Are multiple characters aloud, or just one?
>> No. 446704
Sorry, I recently got Pokemon X, and I forgot everything else. Not really an excuse, and I apologize.

At this point, only one character. Later, I may allow multiple characters per player.
>> No. 446708
Hmmm, okay.
I'll start on my sheet tomorrow. I've gotta think.
>> No. 446790
Name: Ezzie Hernt
Alias (Super-Hero name): Delhpi
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Appearance (Street appearance and costumed appearance) (Negated if you can post a picture of your character): Ezzie has brown fur, being a diamond dog, with brownish eyes. She's fairly small, being the runt of the litter, she's fairly scraggly as well. Due to her almost never being in the field, she has no suit.
Occupation: Professional hacker and computer callcenter worker, though she has an arrangement so that she can stay at home, and simply have calls directed to her from the center.
Powers/Specialty (Explained below): Ezzie is a minor psychic, able to glimpse feelings, and if the person has a blank enough mind, see through their eyes. She also has been attempting to learn the art of telekinesis through use of various mind enhancing chemicles, though her true power is that of her mind. She is a tactics hero, due to her use of intelligence in a supporting roll, so that when al the fighters are running around trying to punch giant robots to death, they know where to hit, and they've got a way out.
Weaknesses (At least one, even if it's just a personality flaw): Her body, below the waist, is paralized, making her fairly useless as a fighter, though with her grasp of telekinisus growing daily, at some point she might be able to fight. She also very much dislikes it when people second guess her methods, or does not follow proper steps to accomplish a goal.
History/Background: Ezzie was born, as mentioned before, the runt of the litter. She had a few brothers and sisters, but they moved on quick. In the mining town she lived in, the day a kid was ready to mine was the day they moved out, and made their own money, had their own house. Ezzie despised mining almost as much as she despised her parents. She was an inventor at heart, a tinkerer, a scientist. Constantly, she would make weird little gadgets, only to turn them on to find they don't work. However, neither of her parents were keen on this.
Her father wanted a mining son after his own heart, and her mother wanted a prissy little popular girl she could dress up and make adorable. Needless to say, neither were pleased with the constantly oil stained messy little girl they had. Both berated her, taking away her gizmos and occasionally destroying them to prove their point. She never stopped though.
One day, however, something went ary. She had finally made a machine to get her mother to agree with her work. She made her mother a fur curler, which automated the whole process. The problem being that when she ran into the room to tell her mom, she turned it on by accident. This was one of the failed ones, one of the ones that went horribly wrong, This one exploded, killing her mother and badly injuring Ezzie. Her father, was, of course, furious.
In the years to come, her father became a drinker, constantly coming home drunk. He started administering punishments like never before, beating her and locking her in a cupboard for days. Finally, one night, he came home especially drunk. Tonight, rather than having to look for a reason to punish her, she handed one right to him. When he walked in, she wasn't paying attention, so she didn't hide her new creation fast enough. He began to beat her as per usual, before getting more violent, throwing her eventually into the grandfather clock in the living room. Unfortuantely for Ezzie, this clock had a reinforced hidden compartment, which slammed into her back near the base of her spine, breaking it just above her waist. Her father left her there, spine broken, stuck in the clock, and left to get some more drinks. The neighbors notice there was more noise than usual, and this time a lot of screaming. They quickly sent messages too the E.A.C.A.A, or Equestrian Anti Child Abuse Agency.
They responded quickly, finding her father was not home. The team, which included some official guards, broke down the door, finding Ezzie still stuck in the clock. They promptly took Ezzie to an establishment to house children the Agency takes away, genraly to be housed temporarily. They supplied a wheelchair as well, so that Ezzie could move indipendantly. After a few failed foster parents, the Agency realized she was one who was going to stay, and as such moved her to the permanent wing, which was entirely empty. As such, it was in ill repair, and Ezzie made a discovery. Some old tunnels under the facility, which she found after going through a hole in the wall. She fixed the place up, over a period of six years building all of the systems in place in the tunnels, which she had made into a large cave using a few small drills she had made. She eventually made what her hideout is today: a high tech wonderland, with a veritable supercomputer and various stations and tables where she can experiment.
Personality: Though generally keeping people she helps at a distance, making sure to extort them whenever possible, she certainly isn't entirely focused on work. She can be a warm, nice person, though generally making sure to keep everyone at arms reach just for safety reasons.
Current Residence: The E.A.C.A.A compound near a cluster of diamond dog towns only a few miles out of Canterlot.
Signature Attack (Optional):
Others: Has an Artificial Intelligence companion, which she can carry with her in a small earpiece. The AI lives in the computer down in the cave, acting as her guide when Ezzie is away, though she also has several portable computers on her at all times, none as powerful as the one in the cave, unfortunately.

Last edited at Wed, Oct 16th, 2013 20:13

>> No. 446794
Okay, this is big. Expect a response...tomorrow.
>> No. 446795
Aright, sorry for the size.
When I make characters, they have big backstories.
>> No. 446810
This is a...unique sheet. I'm trying to think of a not-mean way to say what I have to say.

This is a good sheet. It really is. It's just...not what I'm looking for right now, and let me tell you why. Imagine the Avengers movie. Now, replace Captain America or Thor with someone sitting at a desk, giving the team advice on the bad guy's weaknesses. Not quite what I'm hoping for at this point in the story. Now, maybe after the first arc, there'll be a spot for hacker, computer-bound Diamond Dog, and then, I'd gladly accept your sheet. But for now, just put it in a word document and save it.

However, if you have an idea for a more...field-prepared character, per se, then that may have a better chance at approval.
>> No. 446811
Aright, I'll save that for later. In the meantime, I'll prepare.
>> No. 446812
Neato burrito. I'll watch for your sheet.
>> No. 446813
File 138206258101.jpg - (205.89KB , 713x708 , 1364243535466.jpg )
...Okay, I'm kinda-sorta interested in making a character for this, but the only idea I have is a sleeper agent who does the dirty work that would otherwise tarnish the Big Damn Heros reputation that the S.E.A. tries to maintain. I don't think it's a bad idea, per say, but I doubt it's the kind of thing you're looking for...

Last edited at Thu, Oct 17th, 2013 19:20

>> No. 446814
Name: #128712
Alias (Super-Hero name): Sharpshooter
Age: 2
Sex: yes please Female
Appearance (Street appearance and costumed appearance) (Negated if you can post a picture of your character): A tall, thin diamond dog, with dark grey fur, and a pair of dull, grey eyes. In her disguise, she wears a large pair of reflective red tinted goggles to hide her eyes, a leather cap covering her head, and a somewhat elasticy jacket made of synthetic leather. She also wears some form of shoe like object on her feet, to cover the sound of her steps.
Occupation: Assassin
Powers/Specialty (Explained below): Sharpshooter's real talent is combat, and as such she is a strength hero, though she has elements of tactical due to her assassin background, and her ability to snipe. She's your normal better faster stronger super soldier, not really anything more.
Weaknesses (At least one, even if it's just a personality flaw): She has a tick, a slight hesitation before she takes a shot, or really any lethal attack.
History/Background: Sharpshooter was born and raised in a facility. Well, not really born. Cloned. Though she is only two years of age, accelerated ageing made her grow to adult size quite quickly. In the meantime, her two years was rigerous simulation and real training, simulations allowing for almost a lifetimes worth of training to be compressed into but a few years.
She was top of the class, so to speak, being the most highly rated of the whole initiative. As such, she made a lot of enemies in the corp, but they 'disappeared' fairly soon after.
Since she was top of the class, after two years they put her into action. She was damn good at her job, but decided to do some work behind the group's back. She was assigned a hit, but instead of doing it for the Agency, she did it for another, someone paying her. After a while, she got board of working for someone, and just flat out disobeyed orders, saving the mark rather than killing him like she was told. After that, she had the leader of the corp marked for death, and informed him of this fact through the use of her new symbol: A crosshair with a bullethole in the center instead of a dot, which she left in his shirt pocket. After a week or two of toying with him, she finally just killed him, raiding the armoury on her way out, uniting her with her rifle, which she named Kittens, because why the fuck not. She set out on her own, doing her own work, contract kills, sniping, and crime in general.
Personality: Extremely cocky, sticking to her gut rather than logic, though she uses her mind to plan, and is pretty good at it.
Current Residence: In flux.
Signature Attack (Optional): What she likes to do is set up a gun in her sleeve, rigged to her hand, so that when she makes a gun with her hand and acting as if it fires, triggering the gun to actually fire.

Last edited at Thu, Oct 17th, 2013 19:44

>> No. 446816
One: The only image the S.E.A. tries to uphold is one of anonymity and of getting the job done, which is why the send individuals to recruit their agents. If you asked a pedestrian, they would likely know nothing about the S.E.A., which is how they like it.

Two: The main requirement that I hold for characters is that they have an active team dynamic. That's why everyone can't be a sniper, or a computer hacker. Now, if you had a character that could, somehow, attract the S.E.A.'s eye, then he could be recruited, join the team, etc.

Okay, one or two things. First, would you be comfortable changing this to an equine? Like I said, Super EQUINE Administration. Next, can you elaborate a bit on the genetic manipulation a bit? Seeing as these are her real superpowers, this request shouldn't be too unreasonable. Finally, I'm assuming that her specialty is Tactics, correct?

Last edited at Thu, Oct 17th, 2013 20:04

>> No. 446817
Super Equine Administration indeed. Though it would make sense for them to want one of the biggest criminals in rhe world, and one of the most talented assassins in the world. Also, I just really like Diamond Dogs, so I'll debate this point a bit further.
Not a lot to say, really. She was designed to be the perfect killer, and as such had kind of a Captain america style thing going on. No real super powers, just faster, stronger, and tougher.
>> No. 446818
Oh, and I forgot, no. She's between strength and tactics, but I chose strength. Actually, changing it to tactics.
>> No. 446819
File 138207003767.png - (297.74KB , 900x779 , 1381961337993.png )
…Ah, understood. So stories of freaky equines running around in skintight suits occasionally pop up, but the organization that leads them isn't something that's really known at all (Besides as part of half-baked ideas from conspiracy theorists, of course). I'll see if I can throw something together, but don't expect it to he done by tonight...
>> No. 446931
While I eagerly await your responses, please bear in mind that I don't want to wait for very long. I'm going to close submission for arc 1 at four characters. So make your revisions and post your sheets quickly, because He (or she) who hesitates is lost. Bonus points if you get the reference.
>> No. 446932
Can I please keep the diamond dog thing? I feel more comfortable playing creatures with hands.
>> No. 446947
If that's the main reason why, may I suggest a unicorn? Their levitation magic provides a great substitute for hands.

But if you're reeeeeeeeeeally stuck on a Diamond Dog, let me know.
>> No. 446950
I sort of am.
Also, making her a diamond dog would make sense. She's buffer, and tougher and has hands, making her a better assassin.
>> No. 446981
File 138231865687.png - (61.42KB , 800x454 , Here, Go Crazy.png )
Understood. If that's the case, then I'll get onto writing up the character sheet straight away. Apologies in advance if my character sheet comes off as '2edgy4me', it's just that my only real experience is with relatively grimdark characters.

Last edited at Sun, Oct 20th, 2013 18:29

>> No. 446994
So, can I play with this character?
>> No. 447033
Gimme the sheet, and I'll decide how edgey it is.

...Yes. But today is not a good day for me, so expect an origins thread sometime tomorrow. Related question: Where and under what circumstances do you think your Origins thread should be?
>> No. 447037
File 138239160343.jpg - (237.49KB , 917x720 , Indeed.jpg )
I've only just begun on the 'think up a concept' stage, but here's a pic while you wait.
>> No. 447049
Well, what constitutes an origins thread? Do you go through bits of backstory, and then explain how they get working with S.E.A, or do we skip right to how they get working?
>> No. 447122
Again, sorry for the long waits. Origin threads establish contact with the SEA, like the first ten minutes or so of the Avengers, kinda recruit-y (I make way to many Avengers references...)
>> No. 447123
Aright. She's on a job, it goes south due to a rookie(I'm speaking of a heist), she gets into the getaway van, closes the doors, turns around.
And there's the SEA guys.
>> No. 447127
Alright, questions:

-Where was the heist?
-What is the target?
-Who's in the getaway car?
>> No. 447128
A heist on a bank, aiming for some diamonds in a safety deposit box.
A bank.
SEA agents? I dunno, is there anybody that recruited the others? Someone like Coleson?
>> No. 447129
Equestrian, or foreign?

Also, I meant whose SUPPOSED to be in the car?
>> No. 447130
Equestrian. Canterlot.
Ah, the getaway driver, and, if the heist hadn't gone south, the rest of the heist team as well, but in this case, the driver and one other guy for backup in case they need it on the way to the car.
>> No. 447132
Okay, here's the plan:

The thread will start something like, "It was a normal day in Canterlot, where a bank was totally not getting robbed", and we'll play out the heist from there. Also, I may RP as other various team-members. Sound good?
>> No. 447133
Yeah, sounds good.
Remember, one noob freaks out, and screws everything up, ending in the heist failing.
>> No. 447134
Alright, but remember, the Origin threads are kind of an improv excercise. If things don't go exactly as planned, then just roll with it. Thread'll be up in a matter of minutes.
>> No. 447135
Got it.
>> No. 447136
File 138249781551.jpg - (195.70KB , 1280x960 , Bank Vault.jpg )
Money in the Bank
>> No. 447151
Zoti, I'm gonna say this one more time before I lose interest. The crew members already recruited need a place to meet with each other. Seriously, it needs to happen. Big, underground bunker, crystal caves of Canterlot turned into a training grounds of some sort, moonbase, I don't care. But I almost forgot this RP existed. Please find a way to keep us engaged in the story. Maybe Blizz could recruit Sharpshooter?
>> No. 447152
Namederp, and compcrash erased Trip. I'll see what i can do to get it back
>> No. 447160
Sorry for the vanishing, computer and irl trouble went down. What I miss?
>> No. 447164
I'm heeeere!
>> No. 447166
Sorry Blizz, that may not happen. Yes, I know that it's taking a while to get this Canon on it's feet, but it's getting there. We have four out of the four characters needed to start RP, thee of them have Origins, (Silly Filly will soon be fourth), and two out of four have completed the Origins thread. I plan to have a fully-fleged, everyone's-involved thread up within 24 hours of the final Start-stop-continue. Until then, just watch the threads and brush up on Superhero culture (I personally recommend Unbreakable by M. Night Shamalan)

Well, I approve of your character, but you dissapeared before we could plan out your Origins thread. Basically, I just need to know where she could be easily found.
>> No. 447168
Hmm... so, like, what did you have in mind? Would something like "in the city" work?
>> No. 447169
Well, no...for Blizzard, his location was "A small monestary in the mountains North of Equestria". For Harmony, it was "A music shop in Canterlot". I'm looking for a location to start the Origins thread with.
>> No. 447170
So make it specific, while also kind of generic. If that makes any sense.
>> No. 447172
File 138258776823.png - (23.92KB , 830x650 , Silly Filly.png )
Hmmm... perhaps an abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of Manehatten? Been using it as her "Base of operations"
>> No. 447173
Also, for setting this up.. maybe Friday night? I'm gonna be gone tomorrow night and the weekend.
>> No. 447190
Sounds good, I'll make it so.
>> No. 447260
File 138265528955.jpg - (135.99KB , 634x800 , 1381064512621.jpg )
…Am I that fourth character, or did I take too long to get off my lazy ass and turn my background ideas into something presentable?

EDIT: A quick look through the thread tells me that it's the latter...

Last edited at Thu, Oct 24th, 2013 17:05

>> No. 447273
Yes, I'm afraid that you were a bit too late to make it right now. However, wait until the first arc wraps up, and character submission will open back up again.
>> No. 447300
I'm on and ready!
>> No. 447304
Okay, well, fun facts: My time near wi-fi this weekend may be limited, and my sleepiness is fairl high. Just a heads-up, I'll still get on the thread.
>> No. 447318
File 138276057544.jpg - (43.91KB , 640x480 , Carnival.jpg )
Carnival of Crime
>> No. 447343
Whoa, bad timing on my behalf. I'll be back Monday night, so, I hope that we can do this then.
>> No. 447368
It's not entirely your fault. I didn't get the thread up until late last night. I look forward to Monday!
>> No. 447412
Hey Zotti, mind if I take this train off into the skies?
I have a great idea, but it's absolutely batshit.
Trust me, it'll be sweet.
>> No. 447413
Well...can you tell me it first?
>> No. 447414
Okay, I'm here! Gonna post!
>> No. 447415
Gonna have this be a set up by Sharpy, for SEA.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 28th, 2013 15:30

>> No. 447419
Sorry man, no can do. Later, once we get the ball rolling a bit more, maybe that could be an option. But for now, I'm trying to focus on wrapping up the origins threads as quickly as I can, without sacrificing too much in the way of quality.

Okay, but a heads-up: I've got a BSA meeting in 1-2 hours. Otherwise, the night is young...
>> No. 447421
Kay, got it.
I'm saving that in my 'Stupid shit to do some day' book.
>> No. 447429
Holy fuck, mate. That was awesome.
Good work.
>> No. 447431
Thank you. Okay, after each thread, we get together and do what's called a start-stop-continue. Basically it's 1 thing you need to start doing, one thing you need to stop doing, and one thing you need to continue doing.

Start: Try to start giving Sharpshooter some redeeming qualities. Right now, she's starting to look like just another cookie-cutter bad dude with a bad 'tude.

Stop: Stop making your posts so short. They were really good during the bank scene, like REALLY good, but they started to shorten during the car scene.

Continue: Continue posting well. Like I said, your posts were good when they were long. I value quality of posts over quickness of reply time, which is another continue.

Your turn!
>> No. 447432
Aright, the real problem was that there was no one other than the SEA agent and her team to tall to, and she's not very open to either of them. In the car, it was hard to get a very long post, I mean, it was pretty much wholly dialouge.
Start: Well, this isn't really a start, it's just something I noticed: Codebreaker was supposed to be the smart one, but he SHUT OFF THE CAMERAS, which would have instantly set of more red flags than a game of minesweeper, and, with a bank that size, sent at LEAST SWAT. Codebreaker really shouldn't have been that stupid, should have just put them on loop of everything going fine.
Stop: Nothing, except the car. Seriously, that guy was being insane with his driving.
Continue: The witty little ad libs, like the 'we're still watching BTW' on the adress note. You did it a couple other times, and it was great.
>> No. 447433
True, true.

Anyway, I'll take the camera thing into account next time I rob a bank RP robbing a bank.

So yeah, your homework is to watch for the next thread, and to brush up on superhero culture. For you, I reccomend "Captain America: the First Avenger", which is on Netflix.
>> No. 447434
Aright. I will attempt.
>> No. 447896
I would like to make it known that I will not be able to post in a World of Heroes thread again until Monday at the earliest. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
>> No. 447897
Not a problem, mate. We understand schedules are hectic.
>> No. 447915
It's alright, I've been busy lately too.
>> No. 448239
Okay, Silly Filly hasn't posted in over a week. I'm sorry, but I can't let that infrequency of posts into my canon. So, I regret to say that I am revoking Silly Filly's approval to this canon. However, this also means that admissions are now open again.

So step right up.
>> No. 448396
Can we draw a cutoff point at thanksgiving?
So if people don't sign up by then, we can move on?
>> No. 448411
Yes, I suppose that's fair.

Again, I want to apologize to all who have already signed up, and thank you for you patience.
>> No. 448422
I wouldn't abandon this for the world, man. I've wanted to be in a superhero game for a while. You tickled my fancy quite well, and have a style equal to Lord Whedon himself.
Seriously, you've got no need to apologize.
>> No. 448716
Reminder that there's roughly 3 days left to sign up! If there isn't any sheets by midnight on Thursday, the story WILL progress without you.
>> No. 448910
Zoti, sorry nobody applied, but I'd love to get into the story. Are we ready to go?
>> No. 448911
I'm ready to rock and or roll.
>> No. 448915
No need to submit a second character, I suppose three's enough.

Expect a thread some time in the next twenty-four hours. Again, thank you all so much for your patience.

Last edited at Thu, Nov 28th, 2013 20:34

>> No. 448977
The combat system is simply a d6. Roll a one, you hardly clip the enemy, roll a 6, you make direct contact, etc. Strength characters should add a +1 to their rolls. Standard health, I'd say 40 points. Speed characters should calculate one less damage. Note: Depending on the power of the boss, they may roll a larger dice, or have a bigger bonus.

Also, if you wouldn't mind, can you all please remind me of your characters' specialties?
>> No. 448981
I think I decided strength on Sharpy.
>> No. 448982
File 138576629088.png - (174.96KB , 1024x704 , Canterlot sunrise.png )
Chapter 1: Genesis.

Thank you.
>> No. 448987
File 138578182955.jpg - (7.33KB , 83x146 , Looking Around Corner - Only Head Exposed.jpg )
...Apparently you're starting with one less character than planned, but the first thread is already up as well. Is it too late to submit a character, or?...
>> No. 448988
It's too late to have a character in Chapter One, but not too late to have a character, like, at all. Feel free to leave a sheet, but don't expect an Origins thread until after Chapter One wraps up.

If you're serious about joining, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we'd love to have you.
>> No. 448990
File 138578577047.png - (436.21KB , 1280x692 , wolfszeit____by_terrordoktrin-d57c166.png )
Alright, understood. Do you have any idea how long 'Chapter I' will take, or will I simply have to check in eery so often? Because I figured I had missed my chance and just left this behind, only to check in again and see that I had a 10-day window to submit a character after an earlier one hadn't been visiting frequently enough.
>> No. 448991
Honestly, I have no idea how long Chapter 1 will run. The best thing I can think to say is to go ahead and post your sheet, so we can spring into action with an Origins thread once Chapter 1 wraps up.
>> No. 448992
File 138578653130.jpg - (228.20KB , 685x907 , 1385700693645.jpg )
Understood. I didn't bother fleshing out my character after the opportunity to sign up had passed, but I'll see if I can put something together.
>> No. 448993
File 138578685499.png - (601.27KB , 500x664 , lrwCVCI.png )
…Just a quick question before I go about making my character; What kind of tone are you going for in your campaign? Noblebright, Grimdark, Sugar Bowl?...
>> No. 448995
No clue yet. I can probably answer better once the first arc closes, but for now, I can only say it'll go how the players want it to go.
>> No. 449412
From what I can tell, at a melee standpoint we have a close range heavy hitter, a long range marksman, and a mid to short range fighter in Harmony. I'd think that we need a good subterfuge fighter. Someone who can fill different positions if one of the Heroes falls
>> No. 449417
Sharpy is good at sniping, but she's also just a generally good combatant.
>> No. 449444
File 138616314187.jpg - (48.68KB , 700x700 , Hounds_of_Hell.jpg )
...I hate how I know exactly what I want my end character to be, but I have no idea how to explain how they came to be the way they are.
>> No. 449458
Here are a few common origin stories:
-Bestowed by a higher power (Alien, government testing, ancient being, etc.) (Green Lantern)
-Alien (Thor or Superman)
-Freak accident (Spider-Man or The Flash)
-Science (Iron Man)
-Willpower (Batman, Hawkeye)
-Genetics (X-Men)

Last edited at Wed, Dec 4th, 2013 18:36

>> No. 449471
Alright, thanks for the suggestions. I'll start working on the sheet now, hopefully I'll have something presentable by the time I go to sleep...
>> No. 449484
File 138627942049.gif - (10.95KB , 180x177 , The Grenadier.gif )
"Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man."
-Iain Duncan Smith

Name: Cold Steel

Alias: 'Officially' The Grenadier, though he is also referred to as 'The Implacable Stallion' and 'That Guy'

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Costumed: Essentially a ponified version of pic related.

Street: Provided in next post.

Occupations: Assistant Shopkeeping and Vigilantism

Powers: None, unless you count 'suicidal determination' as a superpower.

Specialty: I would like a variation of speed that is due to 'Iron Will + Damn Good Armor' rather than 'haha, you missed!', but otherwise I guess I'd go with strength (Which doesn't make much sense with an antique LMG and the fist of your average equine, but oh well...)

Weaknesses: His stubborn stoicism is very easy to chafe on other equines, even those that he's been around for a while. He is also nearly impossible to compromise with when it comes to the completion of a given objective, except with the person who gave it to him.

History/Background: Some men are willing to do anything to make the perfect soldier, whether it be through genetic modification, cybernetic augmentation, brutal training, or a combination of the above. They are created to serve wildly varied places of power, such as a militant church, a proud nation, or even so low as a simple megalomaniac.

The source of volunteers for such a corp can be equally varied, though once the method is decided it usually isn't changed. Some pick only true volunteers, allowing only those who fit the requirements but ultimately leaving it to the choice of the potential recruit. Others do away with the middleman, simply assigning those suitable for the job without warning or fanfare.

However, an altogether more brutal variation of the latter is through the artificial creation of life or, put simply, cloning. Such rabble is usually treated as little more than dogs to toss at the hounds, brutally trained into unfeeling weapons of war so that they might better crush the enemies of their master. Their life is one of servitude and anonymity, another identical face in a sea of identical killers.

Cold Steel is one such being. Or, at least, he was supposed to be. And this is his story.

Personality: Stoic for the most part, he mostly tries to focus on his assignments to the exclusion of all else.

Current Residence: The house/shop of his adoptive parents.

Signature Attack: Not really an attack, per say, but he has a tendency to... overkill.

Others: I can't think of anything else to put here, so here's some suggestions for the setting of his origin thread:
-The shop/home of his adoptive parents (If chosen, I ask that I have control over his parents. They are characters of my creation, even if I don't go so far as to make a separate sheet for them, and I feel that it's best if I simply have them act as I interpret them)
-His psychiatrist's office (Again, I would like control of said Psychiatrist if this is chosen)
-He finds a note upon returning from one of his 'ops', telling him to meet with *Insert appearance of enlister here (A brown stallion in a suit)* at a secluded location at a specific time, preferably at night.
-He barges into what he thought to be a hidden terrorist cell/gang hideout, only to find a bunch of strangely garbed ponies that want to enlist him in their club. Alternatively, they could drop in during/just after he finishes clearing out an actual cell.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 16th, 2013 20:06

>> No. 449485
File 138627954558.png - (17.60KB , 276x348 , This IS My Happy Face.png )
Aaand here's his street appearance.

Last edited at Thu, Dec 5th, 2013 14:39

>> No. 450023
I swear, Asma you're trying to get yourself killed.
>> No. 450024
I'm not, I just find it hilarious to have a character who's a hardass. I've never actually had one of those. Also, At the very least, she can run.
>> No. 450025
I won't tell you how to play your character, but she shouldn't be a "hardass" all the time. Like I said, if you don't make her have a few good qualities, she'll likely become a trope of just a bad-attitude rebel. Also, the three characters need to eventually become a team.
>> No. 450026
Yep. And I understand that.
Thing is at the moment, she's got no reason to like the group, or anyone involved.
>> No. 450029
Well, yes, but you're kind of missing the point. If someone starts to turn into a huge, raging ice-beast, you don't toss the guy trying to calm him down a grenade.

tl;dr: I like what you're doing with Sharp, just try and tone it down.
>> No. 450032
I will.
Though, Icecube did say to get fire.
>> No. 450040
File 138707106958.jpg - (48.68KB , 700x700 , Hounds_of_Hell.jpg )
...So I figured I'd go ahead and continue with the character sheet since I'm not drowning in homework or RPs I'm already a part of at the moment. I assume by a decided lack of any responses to my half-finished sheet that nobody has anything to say about my character yet?

Last edited at Sat, Dec 14th, 2013 18:35

>> No. 450099
Hey Twilit.
Would you be so kind as to be online on skype?
>> No. 450104
Sorry for taking so long to respond.

Anyway, I would love to see your finished sheet. Go ahead and either edit your last one, or make a brand new one.
>> No. 450106
File 138716926937.gif - (4.67MB , 320x240 , Resistance Is Futile.gif )
Alright. I'm a little tired at this point and I've got school tomorrow as well, so I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow when I'm at the computer that I had typed up the original character sheet on.
>> No. 450118
File 138723866486.png - (82.77KB , 400x382 , Krieger In The Rain.png )
God damnit, I just cannot get in the mood to write this damn backstory...
>> No. 450120
File 138724974849.jpg - (401.50KB , 1440x900 , Cracked Lense.jpg )
...I need to be getting to bed at this point, so I've decided to simply edit my previous sheet to show my new progress rather than make an entirely new post.
>> No. 450150
What Animu is that from?
Looks kinda cool.
>> No. 450151
File 138740463266.jpg - (42.78KB , 800x450 , Hail of Lead.jpg )
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. Look it up, it's pretty neat.
>> No. 450152
Kay, thanks.
>> No. 450165
Yunno... I will never understand "Really good with a gun" as a super power. Maybe the guy from X-men origins, but other than that... Having a really big gun and good armor to hide behind isn't a superhero. It's a hero. And if the big gun is used to do bad things, it's a mercenary at best, a villain at worst. Just my personal opinion.
>> No. 450166
I mean, does that mean Iron Man isn't a super hero?
Cause I'mma call bullshit if you say Iron Man isn't a super hero.
>> No. 450167
Does Iron man use an assault rifle? No. His "superpower" is being smart enough to build a fully mechanized suit with an army's worth of firepower. It's deeds that make a man. Being a really good shot is great and all, but superpower it is not.
>> No. 450168
Well, Grenadier, as far as I can tell, is a walking tank.
Now, I might be wrong, but that's the feeling I got from it.
>> No. 450169
Ah. Then I might be wrong. What is Sharpshooter though, besides a mercenary?
>> No. 450170
She was originally genetically designed to be an assassin, made better faster stronger, before she eventually said 'fuck this noise' and killed the guy making them, who also happened to be the guy she worked for.
>> No. 450175
File 138746494340.jpg - (163.69KB , 855x1044 , Madness_Comes_from_Fairy_Tales_by_Utanapishtim.jpg )
Well, I've been coming up with Grenadier based on the idea that S.E.A. isn't for just 'Supers' so much as oddballs in general. Sharpshooter, for instance, is a genetically enhanced Diamond Dog who's a damn good shot and someone you'd be more than happy to have on your side in a fight, but isn't exactly someone who would be able to conform into, say, the Royal Guard. However, you've got an entirely seperate Division for those kind of people, so why don't you just stick her in there instead? I mean, does it really matter if she's using good ol' steel and lead to take down her enemies rather than magical mind bullets?

And yes, Grenadier's meant to be an armored behemoth who will keep on going until he either completes his objective or his body is reduced to a pulp.

Last edited at Thu, Dec 19th, 2013 08:16

>> No. 450184
Thought so.
>> No. 450240
Now that you mention it, I suppose I could make a Defense specialty. It would do something like +5 or +10 health.

Sorry, not enough info. Tell me a little about, say, this giant metal armor he wears from time to time.

...That's it? While this is very well written, it doesn't really tell me much about your character. How does he obtain the suit? Why does he use it? Why does he still live with his parents? Why does he need a psychiatrist? Stuff like that.

I'm gonna say no to this one. The Origin threads are partially about developing your character to be ready for the main threads. If you play his parents/doctor while also playing Steel, then you might end up developing them, minor characters, instead of your main character.
>> No. 450241
Now that you mention it, I suppose I could make a Defense specialty. It would do something like +5 or +10 health.


Sorry, not enough info. Tell me a little about, say, this giant metal armor he wears from time to time.

Alright, I'll be sure to have it talk about the suit then. I had simply been thinking the 'Power' thing was for his own personal abilities.

...That's it? While this is very well written, it doesn't really tell me much about your character. How does he obtain the suit? Why does he use it? Why does he still live with his parents? Why does he need a psychiatrist? Stuff like that.

I am fully aware that my history says jack shit about The Grenadier, and I promise I will get around to adding those points you have mentioned sooner or later. I kind of want to just say 'fuck it' and tack on the points I have in my head, but that wouldn't exactly make for a good read.

I'm gonna say no to this one. The Origin threads are partially about developing your character to be ready for the main threads. If you play his parents/doctor while also playing Steel, then you might end up developing them, minor characters, instead of your main character.

Possibly, but I had been thinking it could simply be a matter of 'Mr. and Ms. [Insert names here], we would like to speak to your son... alone.'

That, or in the case of the Psychiatrist 'Oh, Doctor [Insert Name here]. Sorry to interrupt your session, but we need to talk to Mr. Steel about something'.

Or any other number of things that could easily get them out of the way. I just don't want to have one idea in my head of how they're like, only for you to have them do something that I feel they wouldn't do. And if that's really going to be a problem for you, then we could just do one of the other two options.

Last edited at Sat, Dec 21st, 2013 13:05

>> No. 450242
Here are some points to consider.

In Blizzard's sheet, he mentioned a group of monks. They had a big-ish roll in his story, but only appeared in about foru posts, tops. Same things for the shopkeeper in Twifire's sheet, and Asma's team. The Origins thread is partly about these people, but is mostly about the Supers.

I understand your concerns about me not playing your characters right. If this is your main concern, then mention them in your History. I promise that I will do my best to stay true to your characters.

Finally, if I did choose to use one of your scenarios (which I probablly will), then your supporting characters would only make a brief appearance. The thread may start, for example, at the tail-end of one of his sessions, or with his parents sending him out to pick up/deliver an order.

I hope this clears up any questions.
>> No. 450244
File 138765698597.jpg - (28.80KB , 256x367 , The Death Korp's Law Enforcing Brother.jpg )
...Understood, I get what you're saying. I would still wish to have them be under my control in those cases, but then I would easily be able to just do the 'He's whisked out of the office/sent out to do a delivery' in a single post.
>> No. 450245
I'll be sure to have the transition between starting scene and middle scene be more substantial than "And then he left, because reasons!"

Any other concerns?
>> No. 450246
File 138765751843.jpg - (123.70KB , 762x1049 , Jin_Roh_by_XxKalixX.jpg )
No, not that I can think of. I'll see if I can't get myself to write something substantial for the history/powers at some point, though it's been difficult for me to get in the mood needed for writing out this stuff.
>> No. 450247
Alright. Take your time, Chapter 1 won't wrap up for a while.
>> No. 450418
Hello, I would like to join if you have a spot open, Didn't really get if it was here i was supposed to post my charachter but here it goes,

Name: Rivet Bolt

Alias (Super-Hero name): The Inventor or more simply Gadget,

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Costume: She dosen't really have one. Just a hooded sweater a jacket and a pack with some of her gadgets.
Street: Picture will be provieded, bur for long. She has classes and a red/brow-ish mane and light yelllow and a coat.

Occupation: Student (kind of).

Powers: none, unless outsmarting almost anypony counts.

Specialty: Intelligent and high incedible understanding of the mechanics of the siences.

Weaknesses: Clumsy and very stubborn.

History/Background: When she was little Rivet ran away from the ophanage she lived in, after she and some of the other kids wher abused. She spent her time growing up, Living in a scrapyard, reading and learning what ever she could find. That was the only way she felt she coult escape and feel safe. When she got older she started go into the city and started to sneek into classes at the universety to learn even more. She started to sell her invetions and repaing machines for money.

Personality: She is shy, and very clumsy. Very smart and kind. All she wants to do is help out nomatter what. Although she can get pretty angry if you mess with her invetions. The thing that makes Rivet to rivet is that she is balancing between genius and total madness. She loves organized chaos, and is almost always in a good mood no matter what and has a very bad sence of humor.

Current Residence: Now she lives in a small appartment in the city where she sleeps and has her workshop.

Signature Attack (Optional): Throwing a wrench in the face of his apponet or use some of his many different gadgets.

She is basiclly a lab-rat (or lab-pony). She does what she thinks is right and is always working on something new to show the few friends she has.
>> No. 450421
File 138802437469.jpg - (20.33KB , 380x420 , Krieger Not Amused.jpg )

U wot m8?

Last edited at Wed, Dec 25th, 2013 20:41

>> No. 450425
File 138803217429.jpg - (28.33KB , 460x375 , Merry Christmas, bitch.jpg )
Oh god...
The spelling.

Also, Merry Christmas bitches.
>> No. 450428
While we do have a few spots open, we won't be introducing new characters for a while. Since you submitted a sheet early, you'll have first dibs later. In the mean time, you can work on your sheet and refine your character. Sound good?

There's more than one kind of stubbornness.
>> No. 450429
File 138803351817.png - (1.32MB , 1024x1143 , Big Game Hunter.png )
I know, I was mostly making a poor joke.
>> No. 450435
File 138807604413.png - (24.91KB , 830x650 , Rivet Bolt.png )
Sure that sounds fine. Just give me a heads up :D
And sorry for the bad spelling, english isn't my first language... (not sure if i spelled that right=

Btw this is her street outfit.
>> No. 450448
Okay, thanks.

Do you have much experience with online roleplay?
>> No. 450457
Not super much, but some! Used to "normal" rp though. Table top and penn and paper stuff. :P
>> No. 450464
Alright. While you wait for Chapter 1 to finish, I suggest trying your hand at /rp/. Threads titled The Donut Bar are a great place to start.
>> No. 450553
wakka wakka wakka
Well, welcome to 2014. Have fun.
>> No. 450561
>This seems really fun, would you mind if I posted a sheet?
>> No. 450599
No I wouldn't. But as I said before, I won't be approving any sheets until after Chapter 1 wraps up. But feel free to leave a sheet.
>> No. 450704
Are people still around?
>> No. 450710
I believe so.

Relatedly, you have TwilightFire on Skype, right?
>> No. 450711
Yeppo. She's never online, though.
>> No. 450713
Hmm. That's fine, her and Blizzard will turn up eventually.
>> No. 450976
File 138950524086.jpg - (661.83KB , 2880x2160 , Yeah, up your's too bub.jpg )
This is another canon I would like to compliment for it's achievements! That is all.

>> No. 451393
File 139034552272.gif - (230.52KB , 300x169 , Ninten-DOUGH.gif )
Firstly, a big thank you to Asma for being so patient with his (her? either way...) patience for our fellow RPers.

Secondly, if anyone has a way to contact the users Blizzard and/or TwilightFire, please do so. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

Finally, and this is a big one, in order to keep this canon's heart beating, I am begining a series of One-Shots. Anyone may apply for one of these threads. Here is a description of what these threads would be like:

First, to apply for a one-shot, simply post a sheet with the subject "One-Shot", or "One-Shot Application", or the like. I'll be more lenient on character approval for one shots. Once we agree on a character sheet, we'll begin to plan the thread's direction. The plan for the thread can be super complex, or can be as simple as "Gru goes to steal the moon, and my character Donut Steel stops him." Then, once we've finalized all the details, we'll actually do the thread. Finally, we'll come back here and have a post-thread. These will probably not be as lengthy/in-depth as the post-threads for a normal thread.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask it here, or to e-mail me. Again, it's [email protected]

And finally FINALLY, a Jontron gif. Because you deserve it.
>> No. 451394
I HAD a way to contact Twilight, but then she stopped ever being online. I'll send her an email.
Oh, and I have no clue about Blizzbutt.
>> No. 451631
File 139071030381.jpg - (955.46KB , 1500x1125 , Ahri+Best+AP+Assassin+For+me+personally+_cd8ecf21769ffb94763fcb1f6546f6b0.jpg )
Twifire quit everything for some reason just thought id let you know,and no one knows whats up with her.

I'll take my leave now.
>> No. 451633
I think I might know why, but I won't say for privacy reasons.
>> No. 451650
So is this place dead or what? :/
>> No. 451652
We're waiting on Blizzard and/or Twilight. I can hardly do this mission on my own, calm down.
>> No. 451653
Not really dead, but more like in hibernation. If you're interested, you could have your character be in a one-shot thread (info here: >>451393)

Thank you. If you ever feel like applying here, feel free.

Would you mind e-mailing me about it?
>> No. 451654
Sorry, it's rather personal to Twilight, so I'd rather let her inform people(if she returns) of her own volition.
>> No. 451656
Alright, I understand.
>> No. 451657
Thank you.
>> No. 451763
So how are the one offs going to work?(sorry for being dull on this one)
>> No. 451784
File 139093178652.jpg - (15.92KB , 230x403 , tumblr_mruux1zoQJ1qmyrxzo1_400.jpg )
Set them to npc parts or write them off till they return. Thats a suggestion.
>> No. 451793
Uh, that's not even close to what I was talking about.
I was asking him how the one off threads would work.
>> No. 451794
That might work, if they weren't major characters. But thanks for the suggestion.

First, one shot, note one off. Second, it would be like a mini-arc in the grand scheme of the RP. Instead of focusing on the SEA's team, it would focus on a fighter that works alone.
>> No. 451796
Hm...... Eeeeenteresting.
I'll do some braining about dat.
>> No. 451797
You do that.

Also, I'm sorry, but After Equestria just isn't my jam. I'm sorry, but I think that I'll have to drop out.
>> No. 451799
Kay. 's cool.
>> No. 452013
I have come up with a plan.

Since Blizzard and TwiFire have effectively gone "off the grid", I will be re-booting the canon, kind of. This means that 2 slots are now officially open, and that Sparking Ember and Rivet Bolt get first dibs. If neither claim their spot in two weeks, they lose dib-privileges.

Should Blizzard and/or TwiFire re-appear, they will be free to write themselves in.

Sound good?

Last edited at Sun, Feb 2nd, 2014 18:50

>> No. 452014
I'm okay with this.
>> No. 452015
Great. Now, spread the word! Spread it near and far! Spread it like peanut butter across toast!
>> No. 452019
Only if we get hagel slag on that toast.
>> No. 452098
Yeah, at the moment, it's lookin like Twilight is going to have to vanish a lil bit.
Proceed, number one.
>> No. 452099
By "vanish a little bit", do you mean that she's completely out of the picture, or that she may return at a later date?
>> No. 452100
May return at a later date.
>> No. 452130
...Well then. I will indeed be calling dibs on that slot, but my lack of extended access to a computer and the need to prepare for an event tomorrow means I won't be able to get back to brainstorming my history until around Monday next week.
>> No. 452132
That's fine, just get back here whenever you can.
>> No. 452301
I'm glad to see this place isn't dead.

On another note, I'm afraid that I won't be rejoining Ponychan for a very long time...

Hell to it, I might not re-join ever. I just wanted to apologize for dropping out of the cannon so suddenly. A crazy amount of IRL stuff has been going on lately, and I sort of dropped out of Ponychan.

Sorry about not posting this sooner, by the way.
>> No. 452329
Well, thanks for letting me know.

If you ever come back, and World of Heroes is still a thing, we'd gladly take you back. If not, then know that it's really been fun, and I wish you the best.

Thanks for playing!
>> No. 452610
File 139301250314.png - (1.02MB , 802x707 , The Krieg Prepare For War.png )
>...Seeing how today is a snow day, and tomorrow is the start of the weekend, I think I'm finally able to get back to working on Cold Steel's background. Zoticus, if you have some sort of chat system I could contact you with (Steam, Skype, etc), I'd like to try and bounce some ideas off of you on fleshing out Steel's history beyond the barebones concept I have in my head right now.
>> No. 452628
I have a Steam, but I hardly ever use it. My username is keysmg.
>> No. 452633
File 139312940125.jpg - (227.75KB , 388x674 , Anything Is Possible If You Worship The Chaos Gods™.jpg )
>Huh, alright. Just added you to my list, I'll talk to you when you get back online.
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