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#Closed #Canon #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #General #Normal #Sign-up #Vinyl #Going down the Rabbit hole

SO. You think you've got what it takes to go inside Vinyl Scratch's Head.
Well. We shall see.
There are a total of 4 Slots open for this Arc.
If you'd like to join, Then please leave an application here.
(Friends of Vinyl will be given priority over Randoms!!!)
Vinyl Scratch, an Eccentric DJ, former Vampire, Lover, and Batshit Crazy(possibly, okay, more than likely) has Descended into a coma, and A small group has been formed to make an attempt to dive into her psyche, and retrieve her.
But be forewarned. Vinyl's Psyche is not all Parties and Candy.
There are Dark places, Locked away from her memories of things that she wishes to forget, and has. These places, While normally not all that challenging, may be multiplied to seemingly insurmountable challenges while inside.
Things might also be prone to changing, or even shutting down completely. Speed, and Accuracy are a Must here.
IT should also be said, that logic may, or may not exist within this world. Proceed with caution.
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File 137894748142.jpg - (17.98KB , 300x225 , 300px-Scruffy_2.jpg )
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File 137895491353.jpg - (55.01KB , 600x520 , 131154353127.jpg )
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Okay, so, In order for me to "accept you" i need some form of a sheet
Something simple, like
Name: Who are you?
History: enough to Explain the next two will be great
Relationship with Vinyl: Freind, Aquaintance, Fanpony, That one colt she sat next to in a bar once, anything really
Combat rank: Self explanitory
That will do (please be prepared to explain the rank!)
>> No. 443354
File 137902530685.png - (95.10KB , 1000x800 , Carrot hips.png )
Name: Carrot Top
Relationship with Vinyl: Friend.
Combat Rank: S
>> No. 443361
File 137902941782.png - (142.04KB , 3320x2600 , boom_zalgo.png )
Name: Boom Mike
History: His dad's a rock star, divorced his mom. Mom got him. She married A musician, who had a doctor son and musician daughter. They pressed him into medical school, he dropped out and ran to ponyville. He snuck onstage during a concert to rap. He was good. He got his cutie mark. (As short as I can put it)
RWV: He's met her at a couple parties.
Combat rank: C He was the leader of a gang, so he knows how to use a gun. (Rap battle rank: A)
Other: He's got an Aussie accent.
>> No. 443487
File 137912164658.png - (82.54KB , 1000x780 , Mobius action guns.png )
Name: Mobius One
History: Current resident at the Oblivious Mansion as essentially an overall guard by his military enforcement, as he lives there as well. Current resident of the Royal Equestrian Independent Allied Forces with all of his military training and combat expertise intact and ever growing.
Relationship to Vinyl: Friend And possible mix student if it ever comes around D:
Combat Rank: Rank A in combat with weaponry (.50 caliber on-leg slow fire MG's, AKA C50B) and in general CQ with or without weapons.
Others: Is interested in learning electronic music from Vinyl sometime in the future.
>> No. 444164
File 137947663220.png - (140.51KB , 1024x1055 , 39783496.png )
Name: Dr. Aperta Cuore
History: Born and raised by a not-so virtuous family in Venezibra, a beautiful land across the Antlertic Sea. A few years after getting a doctorate in medicine, having a boy, and moving to Canterlot, she was sent up to Orion Space Station to aid the ill and wounded -- among them, likely Vinyl at one time or another.
Relationship: Acquaintance and doctor
Combat: D / C-. Has almost no combat experience, is relatively weak, and is very poorly equipped for combat, spare a .32 pistol she has only used once and a few sharp surgical tools. However, she knows anatomy well, and can think clearly under pressure. She's very innovative, and can think of things to help on the spot (i.e. a conveniently placed chandelier).
Other: Very noticeable accent, which may prevent others from fully understanding her. Rather short temper.
>> No. 444297
what kind of accent? #nottheop
>> No. 444465
File 137965117879.jpg - (15.95KB , 155x250 , 991__safe_sweetie-belle_pixiv_bipedal_nightmare-night_vampire_belly-button_artist-conoghi_jpg.jpg )
Name:Sweetie Belle
History: Once a cursed filly after fooling around with dark magic for her cutie mark, and now a un-living creature of the night thanks to the help of Vinyl Scratch.
Combat rank: D

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File 138067878460.jpg - (348.25KB , 2448x1818 , Best Motivational Speech lol.jpg )
Name: Seras Wisp
History: A lunar guard who's been on several missions with the residents of the mansion. She moved into the mansion a few months ago after visiting on and off for nearly a full year.
Relationship: She takes care of Sweetie Belle and helps her as best she can. Currently trying to help her since becoming a vampire by Vinyl.
Combat Rank: A Rank seeing as she's fought a fire elemental, a demon who collects souls, enough ghouls to drive you on edge, a zombified Discord from a different dimension, a demigod who specializes in tactics, and a god who sought to reset time to a certain point. All of this was done while she stayed in the Oblivious Mansion. Along with that, she had a little bit of experience with fighting changelings and defending Equestria against other creatures that seek to harm the civilians there before ever arriving at said mansion.
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