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443488 No. 443488
#Open #Canon: Tales of the Unikon #Semi-serious #Sign-up #By the Way #We are out of Coffee

Oh hey! I almost forgot to make this thing!

Welcome to tales of the Unikon, gents and ladies. Here, we will be welcoming any newcomers to the canon, as well as discuss several ideas to throw into the story.

If you might be wondering, this canon takes place in the harsh lands of the Northwestern regions of Equestria's frontier. Glaciers, Forests, Rivers, Streams, Mountains, and Tundra. You're looking at Alaska, in all senses.

So, sit back, relax, and feel free to drop me a line, stop by for a chat if you wish, or hell, even join us if you want to.

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>> No. 443489
File 137912245093.png - (524.24KB , 600x400 , worgen_druid_by_icecatdemon-d2zanyj.png )
I'm quasi-leader of the wolf clans. I say this because I don't want to muscle into a fairly significant position in the story here. When this rp first kicked off I decided to be angry roman legion fused with germanic barbarian wolves to provide an antagonist for this series. I'd like to take that position again for this.

Would also be neat if we could find posters to fill the roles of the bears and thunderbirds.
>> No. 443490
File 137912266098.png - (26.94KB , 471x508 , Digger.png )
I'll either be rolling as the Bear Chieftain or my three legged pony, Digger.

Bears were always a more peaceful set, though would fight when they need to. Fishermen to Raiders, really.

Digger's just a three legged mining earth pony. That's him right there, not much to look at, really.
>> No. 443491
File 137912312196.png - (32.96KB , 830x650 , Rainbow Swirl Hat.png )
I might send in this OC Rainbow Swirl, a pegasus who survived a train crash.
>> No. 443492
File 137912434544.png - (46.56KB , 179x179 , thousands of penises.png )
Might have to do both. Which also makes me think if I should make a horse character.

What is his special talent?
>> No. 443493
File 137912438379.png - (10.11KB , 220x209 , Nervous.png )
Hi, I'm Requiem. My guy's a grave digger, and by the looks of this RP, business is booming.

Uh, sorry for jumping in uninvited, couldn't help it.

Train crash? Should be interesting.
>> No. 443495
File 137912842844.png - (32.96KB , 830x650 , Rainbow Swirl Hat.png )
>> No. 443496
File 137912876882.png - (63.43KB , 244x244 , guard_smile.png )
The thread is open for a reason, fagnuts.

But he's not a unicorn though.
>> No. 443497
File 137912892662.png - (32.96KB , 830x650 , Rainbow Swirl Hat.png )
No. But ponies have passive magic in them. Pegasi, specifically, have passive weather magic inside them. I'm thinking that Skyrim-style enchanting would work, with the right equipment.

I wished the show-devs touched up on this.
>> No. 443507
File 137913020971.png - (292.44KB , 958x723 , 69034 - Spikepoo fridge macro spike twilight_sparkle.png )
I've made several posts on my theories on ponies and their magic in the old main OOC thread. But sure ok.

So your horse uses his own innate magic to imbue magical properties to items? Though, we could take the warcraft route with enchanting. If i recall right enchanters in that setting just take ingredients or reagents with magical properties and combine them to create something more potent.
>> No. 443521
I'd be fine with that. That was one idea I had in mind. The other one was skyrim style, where we had an arcane enchanter and we combine objects with properties we memorize.
>> No. 443523
I don't know how the skyrim shit works but I imagine it still requires some kind of source of magical energy in order to fuse them with items in order to make it magical.
>> No. 443551
Pretty much.
>> No. 443553
File 137917885979.jpg - (127.35KB , 563x705 , 1303787860185.jpg )
You guys gonna post anytime soon?
>> No. 443559
File 137918489452.png - (32.96KB , 830x650 , Rainbow Swirl Hat.png )
I'm wondering how the train crash should be planned out. Maybe I'm coming from the crystal empire to ponyville?
>> No. 443573
File 137918952869.png - (10.51KB , 219x210 , Confused.png )
You try having it after the fact? Maybe our party can happen across the overturned coaches and locomotives with obvious marks of an attack or something.
>> No. 443585
Ok, so maybe you do run into it. I'll probably start inside the broken train.
>> No. 443921
File 137929334504.png - (139.54KB , 427x491 , ~Heh heh heh Nooooo thanks.png )
Bit of a shame we don't have more people for this. Probably everyone just waiting for an entry or something. Iunno.

Should probably advertise it in that Roleplay Announcement Threads.
>> No. 443944
Well now is the the perfect time for an intro; and I imagine you and Requiems characters are going to reach town at some point as well. So there's multiple places for anyone to hop in.
>> No. 443955
File 137930578315.png - (10.40KB , 220x211 , Chatty.png )
If all goes well without me having to bury anyone.
>> No. 443997
File 137937515314.png - (76.76KB , 225x225 , state.png )
>> No. 444010
File 137938523640.png - (194.00KB , 386x569 , ~Step into my Van.png )
Is this an interested Party I see before me?

Come in, come in! Sit down for a spell!
>> No. 444290
File 137954917341.png - (10.26KB , 219x212 , Neutral.png )
Guess that was a no, Doctor.
>> No. 444291
File 137954924197.png - (1.99MB , 1000x1173 , the_clockwise_time_lord.png )
Well, can't fault me for being the welcoming party.
>> No. 444296
That wasn't a no, just went afk a while...
>> No. 444300
File 137955093514.png - (10.11KB , 220x209 , Nervous.png )
>> No. 444301
File 137955099612.jpg - (4.77KB , 140x139 , story.jpg )
Its okay my friend.
>> No. 444302
File 137955104415.png - (247.79KB , 1726x2302 , doctor_whooves_by_nickman983-d4o6pgy.png )
It's quite alright. So much time, so little to do.

... wait, scratch that. Reverse it.

Anyways, apologies for the misunderstanding. I bounce from chan to chan nowadays.
>> No. 444303
>> No. 444307
File 137955158980.gif - (530.67KB , 500x499 , ~Space.gif )
So, what's on the up and up with you? Having a good day?
>> No. 444308
>> No. 444333
File 137955701678.png - (82.32KB , 240x247 , 132274896521.png )
Man of few words.
>> No. 444719
File 137979731243.png - (117.84KB , 500x406 , tumblr_ms5rljSDVx1sunywzo1_r1_500.png )
I sort of want to join this, if there are no objections.


Last time I saw you we were about to leave for space! Darn, that was like, two years ago.

So, anything I need to know about Tales of the Unikon that isn't covered in the OP or the OOC?
>> No. 444740
File 137981439647.png - (762.32KB , 700x698 , darkroomportrait.png )
Hah! So people still recognize me, eh? Good to hear I wasn't entirely forgotten in here. No objections to your joining, the more the merrier!

Um, lesse here. What's not covered, what's not covered.

Well, basic rundown. Ponies royally screwed over a sacred meeting place of the Wolves, Thunderbirds, and Bears.

We're mostly sticking to the above creatures and anything else found in MLP, but we've decided to add Tommyknockers to the mix. A definition of what Tommyknockers are is found here:
As to what the devil they'll look like, we'll leave that up to any miner pony bold enough to describe one. Please note, they ARE fae folk, so they might be a tad smaller.

Weaponwise, firearms are alright, though as you can gather, ponies need an elaborate set up of levers to actually operate the damn things. Lucky for them, breach loading rifles/muskets/shotguns are all the rage (Means they can load them from the back, either via self-contained brass encased round, or powder and ball in paper w/ flintlock without need for ramming)

We got no bears, we got no Thunderbirds, but we got wolves. Currently, there's a small firefight/brawl between a small pony mining party that was ambushed by a warband of Wolves. We got a train wreck off in the distance, currently only one known survivor that wandered near the fight. One of the mine ponies managed to make it to town and is currently trying to round up a posse to help the two remaining colts still fighting.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 21st, 2013 19:03

>> No. 444742
File 137981556034.jpg - (271.77KB , 1666x844 , I'd say diplomacy has failed.jpg )
Pretty much any role/position you can think of is open. Primarily, I'd like to see some of the Tribal leadership filled soon as they are going to be a sort of driving force in the general plotline we have established. I'd volunteer, but I don't think my particular style would suit the demeanors of the Thunderbirds or Bears. Plus, having a completely different person for the other tribes would add for a far more interesting dynamic regarding character interaction.

Though, what kind of roles do you usually play? For the time being we can have the wolves be the primary enemy to play around with. I just like thinking a head a bit is all.
>> No. 444749
File 137982045145.jpg - (77.46KB , 565x611 , Bears.jpg )

Excuse me the most basic of questions: So these are actually tribes of these animals, not just tribe names? I'm pretty sure they are.

If so, what is a thunderbird? Is it like...Zapdos?

I'd be willing to take up a tribe leadership position, if they need to be filled. As for what roles I usually play, well, it really depends. I play Twilight in the Trotting Dead, and also Smiles Hooveshkavich in the PiS threads. I have a ton of characters, all pretty different.

I suppose a basic rundown, in order of my favor:

1. Assassin/Rogue/Swindler

2. Zero to Hero/ Average Man with common sense/overbalanced character

3. General/Glorious Leader/Dictator

Never played a bear though. Color me interested. I've been meaning to play something other than a pony for a while now.

Of course, if you'd rather me be a pony, I don't mind.
>> No. 444758
File 137982162649.jpg - (223.51KB , 1600x1200 , p_00045.jpg )
No opposition here. And yes, it's the actual species for each tribe.

How to explain the Thunderbird...

In essence, somewhat like Zaptos, though a bit more controlling of the weather. They're based off the northwestern tribes of Alaska and Canada (totem poles galore).

The Bears are a tribe of fishermen turned warriors, though they are considered more peaceful than the other two tribes, more content in fishing for the bounties of salmon in the Unikon rather than fight. But if push comes to shove, they start resembling something of Vikings and will ruin anyone's day.
>> No. 444764
File 137982290497.png - (750.16KB , 800x800 , spoiler.png )

>Viking bears

Only if the tribe leaded can smoke a peace pipe.
Then I'm down.

In all seriousness, I'll probably go with one of the bear tribe then, preferably the tribe leader. Peaceful yet powerful bear vikings sound delicious.

Are they peaceful or more isolated?

I ask because I'm curious if they would disapprove of the wolf clan's attacks on the ponies, or stay out of the violence all together.

I suppose if I'm clan chief that would be up to me, I just want a good idea of what type of...bears, these bears are.
>> No. 444767
File 137982442991.png - (630.95KB , 1280x534 , 9b9400avatarcolonelexplo.png )
Peaceful and want to remain to themselves if they can. They were only pushed into war due to the actions of the Ponies overrunning their sacred site, The Source. It's what kept things in balance win the Unikon for ages, and has always existed even before the tribes made their homes there. It serves not only as a site for discussion but for just annual celebrations shared by the various tribes. It also serves as a burial ground for their most venerated of clansmen, past Tribal Leaders and other great people being laid to rest there.
>> No. 444770
File 137982558722.jpg - (227.49KB , 960x854 , bear.jpg )


The only question that remains is what pictures to use when I post...

Anyone have a gallery of viking bears?
>> No. 444771
File 137982572296.jpg - (235.24KB , 429x600 , God-Emperor_of_SecFors.jpg )
I think our last bear guy just posted whatever bears or fantasy druid bears he could find.
>> No. 444772
Google bear warrior. Might work.
>> No. 444773
File 137982777755.jpg - (1.84MB , 1100x1291 , loki.jpg )

Okie Dokie L...

So I'm good to post, then? If I so desired?

Is a character sheet...or form...or something required?
>> No. 444777
Nope, just post.
>> No. 444842
File 137989356334.png - (15.78KB , 345x220 , Iowa_Hawkeyes_Logo.png )
Mu good man I would like to play a thunderbird. where do I begin?
>> No. 444946
Ah! Excellent! Well, I have one of the T-Birds already flying two wolves to a new meeting place between the tribes. You can start right there.
>> No. 445023
File 137998081222.png - (113.88KB , 259x194 , Chibi-Ariel-the-little-mermaid-32292760-800-800.png )
Yay! Now for a name... I can come up with one.
>> No. 445027
File 137998095472.png - (46.55KB , 311x171 , smiles2.png )
Hope that was an OK post, I always feel awkward with my first post in a new thread. If I did anything wrong or didn't notice a detail or something let me know.
>> No. 445028
Wow, where to start...
>> No. 445108
File 137999722407.jpg - (35.59KB , 480x640 , 023.jpg )
Anywhere, really. This is the best time to intro a character too. We're probably going to have a town segment too for the ponies after the tribal leaders convene.
>> No. 445112

Durango and Silverton! :D
>> No. 445114
Ha! It was only a matter of time until someone recognized that rail line.
>> No. 445115

I specialize in the Denver & Rio Grande Western and narrow gauge railroading in general.

I also sell railroad and railroad accessories for a living.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 24th, 2013 00:13

>> No. 445126
No shit? Damn. Been a while since I've seen another rail enthusiast. I lean more to Union Pacific and the LNER myself.
>> No. 445161
File 138006882101.png - (88.95KB , 259x194 , state.png )
Well, I guess I'll go with Zolt. Yay name fail, but Ima try to start!
Heres the best I got, but Zolt is a younger thunderbird, and fairly reckless. Hmm...
First post in, don't be mad at me if I screwed up.

Last edited at Tue, Sep 24th, 2013 17:38

>> No. 445174
File 138006990107.png - (422.27KB , 945x945 , 131182616661.png )
Well let me go read it.
>> No. 445177
File 138006997787.png - (30.29KB , 945x945 , I guess so.png )
So uh, the italics are his thoughts and the stuff in quotes are his dialogue?
>> No. 445182
that's how I write, yeah.
>> No. 445225
File 138008192187.png - (31.67KB , 160x160 , guard_gasp.png )
Alrights, just want to be clear.
>> No. 445438
File 138025792869.jpg - (9.52KB , 320x240 , spess_goast_wut.jpg )
Jolt you're killing me here. The last two posts of yours have been ellipsis.
>> No. 445479
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I really don't have anything for him to do, he's not as important as the chief... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
>> No. 445495
Would the Crystal Empire be considered more north than The Source?
>> No. 445526
File 138034415425.png - (41.30KB , 178x211 , guard_frustrated.png )
There is plenty to do. Use more imagination Try to engage with dialogue with the chief? Ask questions? Voice opinion? Is this how you always roleplay, saying nothing?

Well, considering the arctic conditions to get there it could be in the same general spot on the continent?
>> No. 445965
File 138076142601.png - (10.26KB , 219x212 , Neutral.png )
Sorry about the long pause, had a few things to do.
>> No. 445972
File 138076396153.jpg - (77.07KB , 579x513 , even the zombies look pretty.jpg )
Nothing to worry about
>> No. 446824
So, anyone still around for this?
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