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#Open #Adventure #Ponies

I'd just like to set up a simple RP to get in touch with the community and get going on this RPing stuff.finally. I thought perhaps we may get this started with a simple 'adventure' So the only plot I'd like to have set up here is a journey to Ponyville, starting along the paths to Canterlot. This is perhaps a 3 day foot walked journey, and then we'd be parting ways. Simply get out there and meet others.

Feel free to post any characters here. I'll be making an RP thread in a moment to link you to~ Submit a character below, we can simply get rolling immediately, no questions really asked. I'd just like to know about the character for reference.

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Character Name: Soull
Growth: Young Mare (a bit younger than the mane 6)
Race: Pegasus
Sex: Female
Appearance: white/creme hair, with a light red mane. Magenta, eyes that shine brightly in the light, but are faded and cloudy otherwise.
History: Soul has been on her own most of her life. Or so she claims. Her parents were caring ponies. They bathed her, fed her, made certain she got to school safely, and made sure she was never bored, or lonely. They did everything they could to make certain she was happy, and comfortable. Perhaps that was the problem in her mind. Despite perfect caring and much love, she ran away when she was eight. It wasn't easy, given the circumstances, but she did it. She didn't look back, not that it would have mattered if she did. The important part was that she felt free.

Soul did much travelling at first, but it wasn't long before she grew tired of it. At first she kept moving because she was certain if she didn't, her parents would find her, and while that wouldn't have been unpleasant really, she didn't want that to happen, she was hardly certain she really knew why herself. She stopped being so mobile when four years later, and she finally felt confident enough with her stability to stick around in towns. She was in Canterlot for three years, and than moved on again, getting antsy feet once more. She's stayed a month or two in a small town here and there. She travels. That's what she does. Adventure is what Soull sought after, and soon she may find it.

Personality: She gives off certainty in her actions, and in her tones and words, but deep down she is scared and uncertain in every action she does. Often abrasive, cold, or rude, but she betrays a caring nature when her actions don't line up with her words. She is generally out to take care of herself before others, she still shows generosity by giving away anything she doesn't really need.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: A crescent moon. Good at being stealthy, particularly not making noise.
Shipping Preferences: No preferences, though the character is generally un-receiving of affection.
Fighting: Soull does not fight, preferring to avoid a direct confrontation where possible. But if she must she can be quite a fiery one if she has all her faculties under control

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File 138035346381.png - (7.23KB , 600x395 , Medical Symbol.png )
Hum drum, I suppose we can add some foals to the roles.

Or not. This colt has been around the block.

Character Name: Convalesce
Growth: Adult, not quite middle age.
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Appearance: A soft blue coat and short, with gentle red-violet hair & tail with a few lighter-tinted highlights. He keeps his hair professionally short.
History: Convalesce is a paramedic, and does his job well enough to get some impromptu, and rather long, vacations. As he will go a couple years with taking no days off not even weekends his boss tends to shoo him out the door whenever the mood takes him to do something else for a while.

His childhood was quiet, and he studied anything he could think of for giving care to others. There was no surprise when this adolescent workaholic became a paramedic, though what did catch everypony off-guard was the near-random desire to take off now and again.
Personality: Normally quiet and calm, if the situation demands action, he takes charge quickly and without hesitation. He has no interest in harming others... after all, he joined the medical profession for a reason. Still, he has the typical unicorn light-telekinesis, and a body is little more than flesh protecting nerves, some of which are more easily accessed from outside than others.
Cutie Mark & Special Talent: For Cutie Mark, see pic. Convalesce excels at anything that involves patching a pony back together.
Shipping preferences: As keen an observer as Convalesce normally is, he seems quite oblivious when a pony starts moving on him. In fact, it's quite difficult to believe that he's capable of not noticing such a thing. After all, it's a normal part of life, isn't it?
Fighting: Convalesce doesn't fight. No, really. He might use his knowledge of the body combined with inherent telekinesis to hit pressure points on somepony's body, to keep them from attacking, but actually fighting is out of the question. After all, what's wrong with talking?

Old character of mine. Played him in a ponified Savage Worlds campaign. The only difference is HOLY CRAP DID WE FINALLY DECIDE ON A COLOR SCHEME FOR HIM?!!

Last edited at Sat, Sep 28th, 2013 01:10

>> No. 445530
File 138035392160.jpg - (26.09KB , 491x404 , HNI_0040_JPG.jpg )
Name: Top Gun
Age: Top Gun years old
Race: Gun (Top)
Appearance: Like the other guns, but on top.
History: Started as bottom gun, but slowly began climbing the corprate ladder until he was top gun
Personality: Toppest of Guns.
Special Talent: Top Gunning
Cutie Mark: Top Gun
Shipping preference: Top Guns
Fighting: Top Gun
>> No. 445531
File 138035430969.jpg - (28.39KB , 348x362 , Oh Boy Here we go.jpg )
>> No. 445549
Alas, this adventure is using the #Ponies tag, so I'll have to decline this joke~
>> No. 445869
File 138061182681.png - (306.71KB , 640x368 , 019.png )
So. um, I was ready to start. Are you?
>> No. 445879
File 138064766023.gif - (18.17KB , 106x96 , 8-bit Fluttershy.gif )

Ah! Certainly. I had assumed we were waiting for additional members.
>> No. 445881
File 138064916356.png - (411.84KB , 641x371 , 015.png )
I can only wait so long. I've made a starting post and I'm just waiting for you now. Others can join us later if they wish, but right now i simply want to RP
>> No. 445882
File 138065165939.png - (398.36KB , 700x700 , Adorable Salute.png )

Fair enough. Let us begin, then!
>> No. 445889
File 138066100293.png - (506.76KB , 642x368 , 016.png )
Alright. My apologies for not being here earlier. I'm quick to post whenever I'm available though.
>> No. 445943
File 138075330565.png - (216.88KB , 641x373 , 024.png )
I'd love more travelers to join us.
>> No. 446130
File 138094696370.png - (117.67KB , 360x360 , Bump.png )

Sorry for the lack of response. Been a busy couple of days. For how I'm feeling right now, see pic.
>> No. 446179
File 138101246467.png - (354.24KB , 640x369 , 004.png )
No issue to be had, I had to leave for a while too. Let's continue now.
>> No. 446697
File 138182313194.png - (97.32KB , 347x658 , BUMP.png )
Still looking for more, if you'd like to join. Come on in whenever you like! ^_^
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