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File 138071741277.png - (348.78KB , 600x595 , A long night.png )
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#Ask/invite #Canon: A long night #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Pre-registration #thoughts questions and concerns

There are a great many things that go bump in the night, just not many ponies open their eyes to see what is actually right in front of their face. However not all of these creatures want to be the monster they are supposed to be.
A lone vampire that was born a vampire, and cursed to never die seeks mortality at any cost. However there is one problem, under certain circumstances, he transforms into something more like his ancestors... a savage beast with a thirst for death.
Is this a quest best taken together? Or with the threat of letting the monster over his head, would it be a trip better taken alone?

Okay so basicly this thread is an application thread, and if you get approved, which I am pretty leanient about, then you may join. Now, it is both ponies, and monster ponies, so don't be afraid to whip something in. I would be more then happy even if it meant a second quest going on in the thread. Anyways, any thoughts? Questions? concerns? If you REALLY want to, you can throw in an application now :l It would be fine with me.
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>> No. 445952
What's the registration sheet look like? Is it standard name age ect?
>> No. 445956
File 138075898018.png - (70.09KB , 900x815 , malebatpone11.png )
Yeah, name age species description (if you dont have a picture) a brief background/backstory and general plan of what you would like to do really
>> No. 445957
File 138075915815.png - (195.98KB , 1100x1000 , malebatpone.png )
I want it to be a general overall fun experience for all, so I am giving the players quite a bit of input on what they would personally want to see in the thread. I don't want it to be one of those where it is completely dictated by the DM EXACTLY what is going to happen, but I don't want it to be chaotic to the point where billions of innocent ponies are dying every second.
>> No. 445959
File 138076026793.png - (477.38KB , 528x555 , popperlo.png )
Name Pill Popper
Age 22
race: Demon/Earth pony so half demon i guess

personality: She has a bit of a split personality due to her half demon origins which pertains to her mother once being a great and powerful demon. Her mother was a succubus that laid with a former demon slayer Tricky. Her mother used her influence on the dear knight to charm him,and after she had conceived she lay waste to the old foolish knight.

Popper was shortly abandon early in her life at the age of 7 Her mother ashamed of her half breed daughter left her in a forest in the mortal world.

Popper didn't have much of a child hood other then trying to survive,and provide for herself. Normal ponies would feel off around her due to her half breed nature no one was really cruel,but more or less just avoided the foal when they could due to her odd presence.

When Popper reached the age of 16 powers kicked in causing her eyes to glow,and increased physical strength and speed. Also she noticed she could charm the opposite sex,but only the opposite sex. This meant the same sex would feel slightly more off put then before in her presence.

As she got older she would begin working in the clubs realizing she fed off the lust of the other she got older. Her profession in the bar was a singer. After a while she realized that her powers were the cause of the weird tension between her and mortals so she sealed her demonic half with a rosary to improve her inter species relations.

Other: When the seal is removed via being ripped off the necklace her demonic form will overpower her mortal side causing a temporary full demon mode. (purely it has no effects in combat unless I'm allowed to have a sort of super saiyan mode,and she can't remove the seal her self.)
>> No. 445960
File 138076089661.png - (21.38KB , 139x124 , malebatpone6.png )
Lol I never realized just how much Pill had in common with Shade lol, anyhow definitely approved with gusto.
>> No. 445961
Ehh i make her different in each canon I'm in usually.
>> No. 445980
File 138081028642.jpg - (34.73KB , 392x379 , image.jpg )
Name: Alethia.
Age: Somewhere in her twenties, a true lady never tells.

Hailing from the swamps, Alethia left to canterlot after she had enough with swamp kelpies constantly attacking. Her special talent is an involuntary one- she knows whether the person she's talking to is telling the truth or lying. Although this sounds like more of a neat party trick, it's actually what keeps her alive- she works for the royal guard, because according to her, "Paying me weekly costs less than maintaining five truth machines".

She can't, however, surpass this ability, and trying to bottle it up for too long makes her mentally unstable. She's currently saving up for a magic nullifier so she could walk around without being forced to detect truth and force.

She has a slight stuttering problem.
>> No. 445981
File 138081074382.png - (85.72KB , 800x800 , malebatpone9.png )
sounds good to me you got my stamp of approval. anything that you would personally like to see/experiece in this thread?
Oh, and do you have skype?

Last edited at Thu, Oct 3rd, 2013 07:42

>> No. 445982
Nammuch really, and I DO have skype, I just barely use it. Do you accept steam?
>> No. 445983
File 138081254052.png - (233.68KB , 1000x1258 , skl267jh.png )
Now I'm tempted to whip out this neglected character...
>> No. 445984
File 138081306700.png - (47.33KB , 888x296 , malebatpone5.png )
Yeah, sure. I'm Lurking Zombie
Try to keep it as pony-related as possible
>> No. 445985
>Sentcha an invite, I'm Abroham Lincoln.
>> No. 445986
File 138081358178.png - (250.83KB , 1600x1600 , malebatpone4.png )
yeah i got it, thanks ill let you know if anything pops up.
>> No. 445987
File 138081372803.png - (233.68KB , 1000x1258 , skl267jh.png )
Fair enough.
>> No. 445988
So, uh, when does this start?
>> No. 445989
File 138081468640.png - (70.09KB , 900x815 , malebatpone11.png )
as soon as i get about one to two more ponies, ill start this shindig, so not long at all.
>> No. 445992
File 138082764730.png - (510.48KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Name: Lava
Age: 21
Race: pegasus

Growing up in Cloudsdale, even having attending Pegasus high. Lava grew up finding herself enjoying enjoying, enticed even by ballet quite a lot. hanging onto it even if only for past times pastimes after graduating from Pegasus high. Since then really, she's been working at a clinic under an internship.
>> No. 445993
File 138082820387.png - (376.01KB , 1000x1262 , qPyu93i.png )
Approved :3
>> No. 446044
Mkay, so I finally decided to poke my head into here, but a question is: Am I able to have a pair instead of just a single character?
>> No. 446075
File 138090034625.png - (48.87KB , 900x967 , malebatpone3.png )
Uhh, sure as long as I approve them both.
>> No. 446079
File 138091240608.png - (40.57KB , 294x255 , Litos by Helioture.png )
Name: Litos

Age: 65

Race: Earth Pony

Litos is an old war veteran, covered in scars from his many encounters from not only war, but unfortunate events in his life as well. After his long stint in war, he traveled around Equestria in search of a safe place to stay out of the way. After traveling for around two years, he happened upon a small town out of the way of society, and shortly after, discovered his own son was actually staying in the town. Having set his mind to stay in the town and catch up on many lost years with his son, as well as getting to meet his son's wife, and even getting to meet his granddaughter, he had finally found a nice place to stay.

Years after finding the town from before, Litos' life would be shattered for the second time, as a loud uproar that woke him in the night around his Son's house would bring his attention, and upon investigating, would find his son and his wife murdered in their home. Litos found himself in a deep decline of heavy sorrow and unimaginable anger, but would be snapped back into reality at the quiet sound he heard in the house. As he searched through the house, he found his granddaughter, hiding in a small closet, having successfully avoided detection from the home invaders. At this point, he grabbed his granddaughter, and covered her eyes so she wouldn't see her parents on the floor, leaving the town, and any trace of himself and his granddaughter behind, finding it safer to live on the road where they couldn't be as easily found by those he knew were looking for them.

Despite his old age, and scarred frame, Litos is still the soldier he was many years ago, knowing his way around most weapons, though he prefers his rifle, which is kept slung over his back, along with a pair of bladed horseshoes he keeps in his saddelbag. Due to happenings of his past, Litos is paranoid about everypony he meets, very slow to trust nowadays, and very protective of his only remaining family member, Iselia.
>> No. 446080
File 138091348183.png - (54.25KB , 455x527 , Iselia.png )

Name: Iselia

Age: 24

Race: Earth Pony

Iselia is a young earth pony that lost her parents at a young age due to murder, but was picked up again by her Grandfather, Litos. Having been raised on the go, Iselia feels most at home when traveling, as her years of traveling with her grandfather became her normal day-to-day. While her grandfather is much more harsh and lacking in trust in anypony else, Iselia's much more approachable and trusting, though she still takes her grandfather's word over most others.

With her mother having been a great fighter, Iselia was a quick learner, and naturally adept at hoof-to-hoof combat, and is much stronger than her age or looks show. Despite being a good fighter with her hooves, Litos still taught her how to defend herself with knives, keeping a single one in her saddlebag, as instructed by her grandfather.
>> No. 446081
File 138091402080.png - (48.87KB , 900x967 , malebatpone3.png )
Very nice, approved. Do you plan on going it alone, or joining the group?
>> No. 446083
File 138091429123.png - (22.58KB , 417x181 , Reaction Negative.png )
In all honesty, I don't quite know. I suppose that matters as to whether or not that Litos trusts who he meets or not.

Feel like directly stating I want my own adventure would not only be a bit selfish and reclusive, but also kinda split your attention too much.
>> No. 446176
File 138100867045.png - (294.17KB , 2203x2116 , batpone10.png )
Tomorrow will be your last chance to join in on chapter 1, so if you want to join in it is now or wait till chapter 2!
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