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446364 No. 446364
#Open #Canon: 6A #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Cyberpunk

Life is hard and then you die. That's just the way it is. You wake up, you go to your shitty job, you come back to your shitty apartment, you eat your shitty processed dinner, you watch your shitty corporate TV, and then you go back to bed again. Rinse and repeat. The corporations control your life, the government controls your money, and those are controlled by groups you don't even have a name for. You're one of the little people—the nobodies, the downtrodden, the ninety-nine percent; and this is the rest of your life. You will be lonely. You will be miserable. You will wake up every morning and ride the bus to a factory job where you are shouted at by a fat unicorn who makes more in a week than you do in a year. You will spend your entire life trying not to breathe in the city smog, and you will spend your few quiet moments hoping you didn't get noticed by someone important. When you're thirty, you'll lose your leg in an accident and get a cheap augment to replace it. You will spend every minute of your life wishing you were dead; and when it finally happens, you probably won't even see it coming.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can break the chains. You can master your own destiny. You can get the fame, the money, the power, the glory—you can hold the entire world in your hooves, and hear it scream your name.

All you have to do is become a criminal.
Q: So what is this?

Sixth Age: Neon Shadows (or 6A, for short), is an imageboard RP with a twist: while character interaction and downtime between action occurs within a thread on the board, combat encounters and other action scenes take place on a simulated tabletop, provided via the free online service Roll20. Players assume the roles of career criminals in the far-flung future of Equestria, where the Elements of Harmony are little more than a myth and the world is dark and uncertain. Player characters are average individuals, with no particularly unique characteristics other than their skill and determination—they're average Joes, in other words. In your quest to liberate yourself from poverty, you'll sling advanced weapons, perform spectacular feats, and toy with incredible technology. While players can choose virtually any angle of approach, they all share a common goal: the acquisition money and power, without being caught or killed.

The game takes place primarily in the Canterlot Superstructure, a freestanding mega-city built in emulation of the original; though in time, adventures may spread to the area beyond, or even other continents.

Q: Sounds neat. How do I join?

Joining 6A is as simple as creating a character sheet and submitting it for approval in the thread. While 6A does make use of stats and inventory, character creation is a deceptively simple process, that takes no more than a few minutes. Once your character's been approved, you can go right to posting in the thread, and participating in the action scenes when they occur.

Q : So how do we communicate with each other?

While the OOC thread is always a valid option, 6A maintains a dedicated Skype chat at all times, to which all members are invited. It's good to get to know your fellow players, after all.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

Yes—several things, in fact. You should know that 6A is still a work in progress, with new features being added on an irregular basis; and you should know that while wild and over-the-top characters are encouraged, everyone is expected to abide by the standard rules of RP conduct—be respectful, be intelligent, and above all else be fun to play with. Other than that, we're always accepting new players; so if you're interested, just dive on in!
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File 138143674470.gif - (485.08KB , 282x159 , adios.gif )
Q: So how do you play, then?

A detailed compendium of rules, items, guidelines, and fluff is hosted on googledocs, here [].

Q: So what's Roll20?

Roll20 is a free online service that simulates a tabletop environment by allowing players to create their own maps, tokens, and scenarios; and then interact with one another in real time. It can be found here []

Q: And how often do we meet for tabletop sessions?

In theory, once a week, on Saturday--but with the real world being as helter-skelter as it is, it's entirely possible we might have to adjust or skip every so often.
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File 138143682205.png - (153.97KB , 1029x1125 , 2.png )
Name: Mini
Race: Earth pony
Age: 24
History: Born to a drug addict and a thief, Feather never put much stock in anything. After her father landed himself dead, her mother pushed her off into an orphanage. Life there wasn’t too bad as long as you knew how to get out of trouble; She made it an art form. When she couldn’t talk her way out, she ran, when that didn’t work, she hid. It wasn’t until she got older that her tactic finally failed. Some filly had caught her sneaking kisses with her colt and came after her. Feather, now calling herself Mini, came out on top and decided that life in the orphanage was too rigid. She left, lived on the streets for a bit, stole for food, fought when she needed and avoided the gangs.
An easy going young mare Mini is considered by some to be a bit off. She has a tendency to giggle at inappropriate times do seemingly random things, but she is quite sane, she just tends to spend time in her own little world. Though she also tends to view the suffering of others with only mild discomfort, to her pain was inevitable and nothing new. So perhaps she isn’t perfectly sane, but who is? Okay, fine, she’s rather nuts.

Her nocturnal hobbies include, cat burglary, pick pocketing, and looking for “Fun”. She does her best to keep her fun nonviolent, or at least non-lethal. Normally using her agility to get in and out, failing that she has been known to perform snatch and grabs. Her escapes are what set her apart, she has no set method of escape, she is equally comfortable spending a night sugaring up a guard or knocking him senseless.

Civilian Details: Going by her given name, Feather, Mini works in customer service for a local shop. A job she got by being the only pony who didn’t start yelling at customers. A feat she manages by imagining them beaten and bruised.
She lives in a shitty apartment in a shitty building in the underside. The only thing she likes about where she's living is the cats. There are piles of them living in and around her building.
Grit: 3
Murder: 4
Stealth: 4
Acting: 4
Athletics: 4
Mechwork: -1
Perception: 2

Equipment: LunaSea SnCK (Operator Mod)
S&W Mayfly Repeater.
Three shivs.
And a Prayer.

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File 138143685238.png - (3.42MB , 2200x2200 , intense feels.png )
It's finally here.
>> No. 446369
Name: Esquire “Full Monty” Rothschild
Race: Diamond Pony Unicorn
Age: 21
History: Youngest rascal son of a rich and illustrious family. Went to boys schools, private schools, private high schools, expensive private high schools... you know, the usual run down rich assholes like him go thru when they grow up. Upon reaching university age, he enrolled in a med school in the city, mostly because of his father’s insistence (and he also paid for the whole thing!). So he moved into the city in a nice penthouse that his father bought for him and tried to settle down in his new life of a student. Well, wild med school student parties weren’t enough for him, it seemed, as he quickly grew bored of being a student. It wasn’t that he didn’t took his studies that seriously, but after awhile he just wanted something more exciting from his life. Perhaps it started as a weird impulse of the moment, but after having spontaneously robbed a street vendor by threatening the poor bastard with a mere pocket knife, he knew that hustling was just the right hobby for him. So yeah, instead of going to class or lectures, he now spends his time practicing illegalities in the streets. Though he is just a newbie in the business, he hopes to learn the ropes and get better over time. He is in it largely for the thrill of it, but he is also looking to get some major profits from the job, hoping to get independent from his parents without doing all that boring student work.

He is a spoiled brat, so he occasionally shows signs of cockyness and immaturity when he doesn’t get what he wants. Although he considered himself smart, he often gets needlessly excited in the field when in the middle of the job, as he considers many aspects of crime work to be “super-cool”. In combat he uses his skills gained from the med school to patch up wounded comrades on the fly by using assortment of healing spells, tough he can also hold his own in a gunfight most of the time.

Civilian details: He is a lazy git by the day. Often he just hangs around in his pad, or loiters around in the city. Sometimes he goes to school, but that is something of a rarity to him. He doesn’t have a job, but his parents support him by sending him money on monthly basis. Needles to say, they aren’t aware of his less-than-legal activities. Also because his folks are super tedious to check where the money they pour in their son go, he can’t use the money got from them to buy equipment for his “hobby”.

Appearance: He is a diamond pony, so he is shiny and all. Give me some feedback please.

Grit: 3
Athletics :4
Hacking: 0
Stealth: 0
Murder: 4
Mechwork: -1
Speciality: (Healing Magic) 5
Adept Power: 2
>> No. 446373
File 138144013952.jpg - (23.98KB , 382x375 , Wat.jpg )
Name: Refuses to give over his actual name, uses "Loki" when Identified.
Race: Earth Pony.
Age: 20.

Loki. Where do I start with this guy?

Nowhere, I guess.

I'm serious. Nothing is known about this guy. We're not even sure he's Equestrian. He could as well be a zebra with coat dye or something.

Anyway. Kid stumbled into these parts around 2 years ago with three cups and a rock. Immediatly managed to seperate a couple of morons from their credits and hire someone else to do that for him while he started pickpocketing the crowding people. When the Guard arrived, Only one guy was arrested, and it sure as hell wasn't him.

Kid's anything but dumb. He knows when to cash in and when to run away.

He keeps changing names and identities, currently calling himself "Loki". He conned a mare out of those old-time wagons, and started doing magic tricks with another fool who havn't heard about what happened to the last guy who worked with him. Pretty simple- Loki does his store-bought magic tricks. Lackey pickpockets every mare and colt in sight. They abscond after half an hour or so.

Civilian Data: Loki has a thing for upper crust food. He's seen a lot in the better parts of town, stuffing his mouth with the finest of Canterlot's Cuisine. He's also good friends with the Barbers and clothes sellers around.

Inventory: S&W Waspsting, a Shiv for good measure, and an Atlas Protection Vest.

Athletics— 3
Hacking— -1
Stealth— 3
Murder— 3
Adept Power—1

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>> No. 446379
File 138144815093.gif - (971.50KB , 500x300 , sam_by_franz888-d651ovc.gif )
Name: Jet Stream
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 26
History: Jet Stream never particularly had much luck in life, having been raised by his father alone, he was trained from an early age in the use of swords, and had a wonderfully naive perspective on the duels his father pushed him into, seeing them as a matter of two men's honour, and one coming out on top purely through superior skill, speed and wits, he enjoyed his life, and saw no problem with the lucrative gains his father made betting on him every night. That all changed when the fire nation attacked when one night, not twenty minutes before the final bout that would put him at the top of his cities underground fighting ring he went to his opponents changing room to wish him good luck, this man had been the champion for years, and Jet Stream looked up to him as a hero and a role model. In that dressing room, he found his father, dripping poison into the champion's water bottle and putting contact poison on the hilt of his blade. Confronted by his son at blade point, his father admitted he'd poisoned most every opponent Jet Stream had ever faced. That night Jet Stream did not face the champion, he requested that the ring be put to a special use that night, to win back the respect he'd lost when he told the champion what his father had been doing.

A duel to the death, between Jet Stream and his own father.

The fight did not last long, Jet Stream's father was only used to winning through underhanded trickery, he trained rarely for that reason. Jet Stream meanwhile trained his body, mind and reflexes relentlessly, his father lost his head, and his life in moment's of the fight commencing, three parries, one slash. Then he slumped down dead.

The champion offered Jet Stream a chance to face him the next night, having convinced him he had no hoof in his father's cheating, but Jet Stream turned it down. Disenfranchised with all he knew and his morals shook to the core, he felt he had no right to face the champion, he had not earned that honour. But he promised he would one day return, and their duel would be one for the ages, one people would talk of until the end of time. Since that night Jet Stream has wandered from city to city, collecting bounties, taking whatever job he can to keep himself alive and hone his skills further and further, he refuses to use poison, or underhanded trickery, because unlike most criminals of this age. Jet Stream one day hopes to reclaim his honour, and every night he dreams of shaking the champion's hoof before their climactic duel. Despite his close held morals, and traumatic family history, Jet Stream always does his best to be kind to others, keeping a certain levity in all situations, and seeing fights, no matter who with as a game in some ways, usually avoiding killing if he can help it. Jet Stream never considers someone an enemy until they resort to underhanded tricks as his father did, until then, they're merely a sparring partner... Even if they might lose an arm to him.
Civilian details: For now, Jet Stream lives in a modest apartment on the shittier side of town, but unlike the rest of the building, his room is impeccably clean. He works as a chef at a local restaurant, having a deftness with most any kind of blade, and enjoying the serenity that comes with working in such a place, and the camaraderie that comes with it. In his day to day, he prefers to go by a simpler name, a shortened version of what he considers himself, a warrior caste of days gone by. He goes by Sam.

(+2 earth pony)
Grit: 4
Athletics: 5
Stealth: 0
Murder: 5
Acting: -1
Mechwork: -1
Speciality: 0
Adept power: 5

Kapricorn frontline blade (1k)
Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest ($500)
S&W Beesting Revolver ($1K) His absolute last resort, Jet Stream may believe in honor above all, but when the other guy's using a gun and has a bunch of buddies coming for you, sometimes being smart is better than being honorable.

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>> No. 446385
File 138145014870.jpg - (153.10KB , 764x1000 , smile.jpg )
Civilian - Ember Fleck
Alias - Blade Spark

Dragon - Airborne

Young Adult

Ember is a very strange specimen. Very little is known about why he's involved with the types of activities he is known for when all records show he had a perfectly normal childhood. What's particularly weird about him is his constant chipper and friendly attitude in a world that seems to hate him. Although he acts friendly, he is very good at killing, and very good at getting away with it.

Civilian Details:
Ember works at a bank as a teller, always greeting those who walk inside and always remaining friendly even when customers act ornery toward him. He lives in a sky apartment among many other of the other flying races in the city.

Specialty: 'Cleaning'3
Adept Power1

0 (spent it all on starting stuff)



LunaSea Survival and Combat Knife mk1

S&W Mayfly Repeater

Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest

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>> No. 446415
File 138146912607.jpg - (38.33KB , 358x386 , antonio_banderas_02.jpg )
And with this, let's begin wave one of what is sure to be a long and bloody struggle for survival that will span the length and breadth of the Ponychan RP board.

And we're off to a flying start, as the first character sheet gets it right off the bat. This one's approved, welcome to 6A, let's all hope for the best.

Well, it's blatantly obvious that English isn't your first language, but that's something to be commended, and not reviled. The only problems here are that you're one point over, and you forgot to pick your equipment--but really, that's more of your problem than it is mine. I'm okay with this one, and I'm adding Healing Magic to the specialty list.

I actually don't mind this much, though I'm sure someone does. I'll open the floodgates on this one, and allow the other players to present their commentary as they see fit in case I missed something.

I am technically obliged to be vaguely displeased by this because it's an obvious homage to another character, but fuck it. It's Jetstream Sam, and you gotta love that. Your stats are in order and your equipment checks out, so good job.

I'm approving this one, unless someone can think of a really damn good reason not to.

Well, I'm not entirely sure about the formatting, but this gets all the requirements right. So thanks for playing, and welcome aboard!
>> No. 446417
File 138147168732.png - (226.59KB , 893x1024 , zebra.png )
Civilian: Farasi
Alias: Lancer

Race: Zebra

Age: 23

History: Born in the inner-cities of Manehattan to a factory worker and a housekeeper, Farasi lived most of his life as the quiet, nerdy youngest of three children. Like his two older brothers, who both went on to follow their father into the factories, he got a job midway through high school in an attempt to help support the family. Unlike them, he rapidly discovered that flipping burgers and other menial manual labour was not where his strengths lay. All of them had taken up petty thievery, as many teens were wont to do, but Farasi was the one who took the most pleasure in the occasional bit of shoplifting or purse-snatching. Despite this, he did well in school, and in fact was the only one who set his ambitions beyond the smokestacks. His passion laid in computer science, and he dove into textbooks and other resources on the latest in programming and hardware with an almost religious fervor. Though he was heavily counselled against it by his parents, when he graduated high school he felt that he had enough of a knack for it to chance pursuing a higher education in the field. Borrowing some money from some less than trustworthy sources, he went off to university, wanting to make his way into what he felt was the glitzy world of skilled technological work. He made his way to Canterlot the second he finished his education, reasoning that the capital would be the best place to find a job that suited his talents.

When he got there, he rapidly discovered that it was more than just difficult to get a job. After more attempts than he cared to admit, he ended up having to settle for a shoddy apartment in the Low City and a loathsome job in the factory. While he might have been content to go back to minor theft to pass the time until he could get something more substantial, the loans he had taken out were beginning to need repaying and with the news that his brother had been critically injured in the factory pushed him to use his talents for cybercrime and much more daring regular crime in a bid to procure the money as fast as possible.

His personality is something of an adrenaline junky, as he finds the crime quite exciting, and it’s usually during some sort of illegal act that he’s at his most expressive. He tends to make sarcastic, snarky comments that usually border on the condescending, and his façade of being a level-headed, stoic individual can occasionally give way to the giddy nerd underneath. He prefers to use stealth, cunning and charisma solve problems, rather than violence.

Civilian Details: He has a standard nine-to-five, soul-crushing factory job that he tends to bemoan, and often prefers to lounge around his dingy apartment in a section of the Low City that veers towards the distinctly unpleasant. In the event that he has to go out, he primarily uses his real name in any events that might call for a name.

Inventory: LunaSea Survival and Combat Knife mk1, S&W Mayfly Repeater, Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest

Grit: 3
Athletics: 3
Hacking: 5
Stealth: 2
Murder: 1
Acting: 1
Mechwork: 3
Perception: 1
Specialty: 0
Adept Power: 0

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>> No. 446418
File 138147201149.jpg - (26.34KB , 324x434 , He knows_.jpg )


Last edited at Thu, Oct 10th, 2013 23:16

>> No. 446457
File 138149955660.jpg - (31.60KB , 429x505 , 1381151968638.jpg )
>alias: Lancer
Wanna show me why they call you Lancer?
>> No. 446459
h-here I go!
Name: Eska Flowers
Race: Unicorn
Age: 17
A mom-and-pop augmentation store. The sheer idea of it is ridiculous, yet somehow the family run "Flowers' Augmentation and Repair" shop has remained in business for at least five generations. Eska is the latest in a long line of technicians and mechanics, and has always been expected to continue the family legacy. She's never had any particular qualms about this, at an early age she had accepted this responsibility. Running the shop, dealing with clients and just generally running a business are all things she has been taught by her father. But throughout all the years a sort of looming threat has been hanging over the shop. At first she couldn't quite figure out what it was, it was just sort of something you could feel in the air. It all started, as far as she could tell, back thirty years ago. The shop had slowly been growing in size, despite the collapse that happened when magic returned. It seemed to reach its peak right then, when suddenly the shop got an unexpected visit from the aug corps. Turns out "The Flower" had gained quite a reputation around Middle City for its custom detailed augs. The big players didn't like that one bit. So through subtle and... not-so-subtle persuasion, the shop has been on a steady decline. Forced to make shady back-hand deals with Runners just to stay afloat has proven devastating to family moral. Ms. Flower left years ago, not able to cope with the pressure.

Her father refuses to discuss finances, but she can see where they were going. Without the store they were on the highway to lower city. A solution is needed to be found, but at this point she can't see it.

Personality: Easily provoked, a bit blunt and has an over reliance on sarcasm. Often times impatient, running into things without properly thinking them through. Due to this she's more of a hand-on kind of girl, with little time for theory. Despite this she is often times cautious, something she has been forced to learn over the years. These two aspects are often at odds with one another. She tries to do what she considers to be the right thing, and will adamantly stick to her morals.

Civilian Detail: Most of her day is spent working in the shop, or running errands for her father. In the little downtime she has, she likes to go to the fancier parts of town and look at the newly released robots. Sometimes even buying one or two to further tinker with at home. She recently got a new boyfriend that works in Canterlot PD. Their relationship is still in its earliest of stages, but Eska is hoping that it might lead to something.


Grit: 2
Athletics: 2
Hacking: 3
Stealth: 0
Murder: 1
Acting: -1
Mechwork: 5
Perception: 1
(Special) Medicine: 3 (Due to her background in the interaction between metal and flesh, she has had to learn a lot of practical medicine.)
Adept Power: 1
>> No. 446460
It's not like I have a choice but to join.
>> No. 446461
File 138151752384.jpg - (15.07KB , 244x284 , Professor Membrane.jpg )
Was wondering when you'd show up. Thats an interesting picture of Renamon you've got there.

Oh hey. You ARE still around. Welcome... back I s'pose.
>> No. 446463
File 138151979139.gif - (690.20KB , 320x180 , like, so sexy.gif )
You know I do, Vausty. You know I do.

Especially with that picture of Renny. Everything gets sexier when you add Renamon to it.
>> No. 446466
File 138153243472.jpg - (66.76KB , 500x333 , brandon-flowers.jpg )
I can't stop screaming.

I'm sorry, but I just can't.

This is an excellent character sheet, and I strongly approve, and I would be happy and honored to welcome you into this canon, BUT for one fact.

You still have two points left to spend over, on account of playing a zebra. You might want to spend those, you know--get more bang for your buck, and all. I mean, you don't have to, but either you do it at character creation or not at all.

Beyond that? Welcome to the canon, it's good to have you, watch this space.

No ya don't.

I like this one, too, and I approve it. Before we begin, however, I do have one question. Eska--is she pony, or is she dancer?
>> No. 446468
File 138153429218.gif - (956.16KB , 500x270 , Fuck you, I won a BAFTA.gif )
Sorry. I really, really liked Digimon as a kid. It might have screwed me up.

Anyway, thank you very much, sorry I forgot the two extra points, must have slipped my mind. Went back and edited the point breakdown to account for this. Thank you for having me.
>> No. 446494
File 138154971320.png - (132.82KB , 894x894 , acquisition_and_power_are_the_drugs_i_m_on_by_paraderpy-d642wjl.png )
Civilian name: Frostflow
Aliases and nicknames: “Frost” to most who do know her. “Snowflake” to criminal associates.
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn

Born to a well to do family of bankers in the ancient, frozen city of Stalliongrad, she was not even a year old when the family decided to Immigrate to Manehatten, encouraged by a friend who promised the opportunity for wealth and prestige in an exciting new land. After a moment of thought, her father would make the heart wrenching decision to sell the family home and take up his friend on the offer, hoping to forge not just a comfortable life for his family, but to make a legacy truly worthy of leaving behind. Leaving behind the frigid land of her birth, they would come to settle in a cheap apartment nestled in the heart of the city itself, a temporary abode to something much greater, the hopes of two parents and a sheltered filly resting on the success of an office supply business, a joint venture with that very friend. A business that would eventually go belly up, leaving the family destitute in a foreign and unfamiliar land. The friend himself disappearing shortly thereafter.

Joined by a younger sister ten years after her birth, her once inseparable parents could hardly stand one another as the pressures of yet another mouth to feed began to take its toll, taking menial and temporary office jobs to make ends meet. It was a situation Frost would come to resent more and more as she grew equally frustrated with the endless bickering and the lack of progress her impoverished family had made. Often, in fits of rage and confusion, she asked herself why they could not be like the ponies she saw in television, the slick and professional business elite whom seemed so strong and majestic to her, those who thrived in a world so cruel and cold to make fortune after fortune, not just inheriting their legacies, but forging them through blood, sweat and the tears of those who stood in their way. In the great game of life, these ponies where the all star players, the lions, and for too long she made her pen with the sheep, a fact she was determined to change, even if it killed her. Unlike those around her, she would sooner die a lion then live a sheep.

Guided by a no nonsense attitude and a competitive nature, she frequently excelled in both the class and the gym room, participating in as many sports as she could handle, while also maintaining an active presence in the various hobby clubs that populated the poor inner city school, from swimming and wrestling to chess and archery, eventually earning a scholarship to attend the University in Canterlot, where she currently resides, studying business in an attempt to enter the cut throat world of the corporate elite she so strongly feels she belongs to. It is here she is trying to forge a new life, at the heart of new city, like her family did so long ago, in the hopes of a life that was not just better, but a life better than anypony else’s. No other place to be but on top after all, and she is not about to settle for second best.

Civilian details:

In her final year at the university, she works both part time as a secretary and also an internship at a mid level investment firm, taking advantage of local sporting tournaments at the gym whenever she has time between studies, work and criminal enterprises. She lives in a cheap studio apartment near the school, in a neighborhood neither especially dreadful nor exceptionally well off. Most who know her personally use the name Frost when interacting with her outside of her criminal career.

S&W Beesting revolver. Atlas Personal protection vest. 3 shivs.

Character Stats:
Grit: 2
Athletics: 4
Acting: 4
Murder: 1
Adept push: 1

Other notes:
Since the four years she spent in Canterlot, the only contact she has maintained with her family is through her younger sister, Windchill, whom she writes frequently along with the occasional phone conversation. Their relationship is largely the exception to the rule of resentment.

Gymnophobia, otherwise known as a fear of being naked. She is never without clothing, be it her trendy blazer, her stylish pants, or her trademark sunglasses. It’s not just a fashion statement, it’s also necessary for her mental health.
>> No. 446498
File 138155066639.jpg - (238.35KB , 781x900 , Kaesong_NK.jpg )
This one is, like those that have come before it, excellent; and I thank you for joining us.

And that, of course, marks our eighth player--and that, I think we can all agree, means that it's high time we stopped beating around the bush, and launched this canon properly! All of you converse amongst yourselves quickly and watch this space--soon the thread will be launched, and it'll be time to make friends, make enemies, and start a crew. Soon, your petty thievery will be a thing of the past. This time next month, you'll be in the big leagues--it's time to become Operators!

Watch this space, the thread's going live soon. Try your best to have an IC interaction lined up ahead of time--no reason to wait around, after all.
>> No. 446499
File 138155093140.jpg - (253.96KB , 620x501 , 66ccbc44882ebf2c52df298090b7c6e5.jpg )
Guess I should write something...
>> No. 446500
File 138155387628.jpg - (336.18KB , 1028x1028 , morning sun hits the matterhorn.jpg )
0|)4<134|)4(.0||: Mandrake, midnight, zed, wormwood, mandrake, plague, wormwood, midnight, wormwood, midnight. EV ∞
1824: Impossible. <OD> state EV.
0|)4<134|)4(.0||: EV ∞
1224: Just a minor malfunction w/ text display. <OD>Prep
2424: <OD>int OD 024
2424: <OD> state new.
0|)4<134|)4(.0||: Mandrake, midnight, zed, wormwood, mandrake, plague, wormwood, midnight, wormwood, midnight. EV ∞
0|)4<134|)4(.0||: The beginning.
>> No. 446502
File 138155871795.png - (53.80KB , 500x518 , 131243230208.png )
Official name listed on some long lost birth certificate: Star Fall
Aliases and Nicknames: Carnage
Age: 23
Race: Pegasi

Everybody knows there are bad places in the world. Places you wouldn’t willingly walk into without an bullet-proof car to keep you safe from the ever-present “PING” sound that resounds through the vehicle every time a bullet bounces off the paintwork, meaning that someone else just tried to kill you for the car stereo. One of these bad places, where a lucky man lived to twenty and guns were as valuable as food or clean water was Canterlot’s Lowest City, also known by its loving little nickname, The Slums. And it was in this semi-radioactive dump that Star Fall was born.

Most of her past is covered in shadows and nobody really knows who her parents are, though, local superstition would have you believe she was created when a sabertooth tiger got drunk and had nooky with a backpack nuke. And as far as anyone can remember, this little filly had always been alone and causing trouble for everyone around her. From the age where she was old enough to lift a gun, she’d already been fending for herself, running, fighting, killing… given the setting she had to grow up in, this bright orange filly learned really fast the meaning of the saying “sink or swim” because the sharks are always hungry and there are people set on giving you a pair of cement slippers to help you on your way.

By the tender age of 15, Star Fall had already made a name for herself and everyone knew her as “Carnage”. Vagrants would keep away from her, gangs no longer visited her hovel for protection money and apart from the occasional upstart punk looking to prove himself, she’d effectively managed to intimidate, fight, tear and murder her way to the top of the slum’s violent anti-society and was ready to move on to better and brighter things where she would hopefully find a new layer filth to slaughter her way through.

A layer she found in the Low City, where the money she’d bullied off people even worse off than her was used to pay for a small dingy apartment’s first down payment. But a place in Low Side won’t pay for itself and unlike the Lowest City; she couldn’t just go and shoot people down in the middle of the streets without someone calling the fuzz on her. No, she needed a job and she found work as an independent contractor, taking the jobs nobody else would touch. And no longer then three arsony missions, two murder contracts and only particularly messy bank robbery; the name “Carnage” soon found itself being whispered by everyone who was in the –know- of this.

These days, the orange menace is in all the important databanks and has a criminal record thicker than your average phonebook. And yet, for all her crimes and misdeeds, Carnage has always managed to earn herself an arrest warrant for anything serious due in large part to the friends she had made with the mob and the pictures she has of the chief of police involving himself with large quantities of very illegal snuff films down in the panic room of his large domicile.

In one well remembered instance where the girl had found herself on trial for burning down an orphanage, she’d proven that her enemies weren’t going to take her out with the Law when she’d filed for self-defence and made it out with a sentence ordering her to write the court a written apology.

Case in point, this little pony is well known for her facility with murder in all its forms and has an ego to match. Sharp, brave, charming, utterly psychotic and almost unbearably arrogant, Carnage is the go-to pony for any and all work relating to guns, knives and all the other fun toys ponies invented to end one another.

Inventory: Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest, S&W Wasp-sting Revolver

Grit: 1
Athletics: 3
Hacking: -1
Stealth: 1
Murder: 5 + 2
Acting: 2
Mechwork: 2
Perception: 2
Adept Power: 2
>> No. 446510
Time to finally get in on this.
But first, important question:
There's already stuff about combat equipment.
But what about hacking equipment? Surely these ponies need some kind of device to access computers.
>> No. 446511
Yes; they're called "keyboards". You plug them in, and you type on them.
>> No. 446512
File 138156417355.png - (26.69KB , 900x650 , I can hax dis.png )
All righty then.
Posting the sheet now!

Civvie Name: Sudo
Undercover Name: Tron (Nopony's picked Tron yet!? Wow. I must be really unoriginal)
Race: Earth Pony (Sturdy: +2 attribute points)
Age: 20
History: He never did like hard work. His mom always pressured him into trying to get a job, but whatever he chose--be it fast food, construction, even debugging code--he never liked it. He still had money, of course; despite his lack of interest in nine-to-five salaries involving the stuff, he has a knack for code, and particularly for getting more access than he would otherwise have. He used this mainly to outwit so-called 'free' porn sites, gaining lists of passwords created by those foolish enough to subit their credit card information "to verify their age" and selling the passwords in bulk for a few hundred creds per dozen. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the, shall we say, more zealous members of the black markets, and he soon found himself approached by ponies looking for a colt who can get them into a system undeterred...
Civilian Details: Lives out of his mother's apartment. Mom has a simple job as a cashier, and he claims to work as a freelance tech support helpdesk. Of course, he hasn't quit his real day-job: looking for backdoors into untrustworthy raunchy sites and making the services available for cheap.

Grit 2
Athletics 2
Hacking 4
Stealth 2
Murder 1
Acting 0
Mechwork 3
Perception 3
Cybersecurity(Specialty) 3
Adept Power 0

2500 Crd.
Due to a combination of naivete and staying in virtual crime, Sudo hasn't bought any weapons...yet.

Power Bursts left: 1
>> No. 446513

Ponies suck at keyboards. Canon.
>> No. 446516
File 138159639886.jpg - (132.37KB , 1280x720 , 1324401784147.jpg )
>My post.
>> No. 446533
File 138161335420.gif - (233.97KB , 306x308 , flutter can't deal wit dis.gif )
Mine as well, we kinda missed the deadline.
>> No. 446550
Ah, don't getcher panties in a bunch.

There is a fine line between "Fun" exaggerated and "Warhammer" exaggerated. So long as you understand these purported legal advantages will have no in-game ramifications, and you don't get overly grim with your RP, everything here checks out.

Ah, ma nigga!

Elaborate on the difference between "hacking" and "cybersecurity", if you'd be so kind.
>> No. 446552
Hacking covers both breaking into a system and causing that system to do things--you would use Hacking skill for, say, creating a virus, or causing a computer system to crash at a certain time, or disabling cameras.
Cybersecurity is specifically breaking into the systems.

On that note, I appear to have accidentally written the number for the Cybersecurity stat under the Hacking stat, and vice versa. Gimme a minute, I'll fix it.
>> No. 446553
Civvie Name: Sudo
Undercover Name: Tron (Nopony's picked Tron yet!? Wow. I must be really unoriginal)
Race: Earth Pony (Sturdy: +2 attribute points)
Age: 20
History: He never did like hard work. His mom always pressured him into trying to get a job, but whatever he chose--be it fast food, construction, even debugging code--he never liked it. He still had money, of course; despite his lack of interest in nine-to-five salaries involving the stuff, he has a knack for code, and particularly for getting more access than he would otherwise have. He used this mainly to outwit so-called 'free' porn sites, gaining lists of passwords created by those foolish enough to subit their credit card information "to verify their age" and selling the passwords in bulk for a few hundred creds per dozen. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the, shall we say, more zealous members of the black markets, and he soon found himself approached by ponies looking for a colt who can get them into a system undeterred...
Civilian Details: Lives out of his mother's apartment. Mom has a simple job as a cashier, and he claims to work as a freelance tech support helpdesk. Of course, he hasn't quit his real day-job: looking for backdoors into untrustworthy raunchy sites and making the services available for cheap.

Grit 2
Athletics 2
Hacking 3
Stealth 2
Murder 1
Acting 0
Mechwork 3
Perception 3
Cybersecurity(Specialty) 4
Adept Power 0

2500 Crd.
Due to a combination of naivete and staying in virtual crime, Sudo hasn't bought any weapons...yet.

Power Bursts left: 1
>> No. 446554
I can conceive of absolutely no reason to have Cybersecurity as a specialty when it just falls under hacking; but if you insist.
>> No. 446555
The idea is that he's specialized in cybersecurity, and thus he is more skilled in it than he is in ordinary hacking.
>> No. 446557
Then put the points in hacking.
Trust me, you'll want that extra point and a five in hacking.
>> No. 446558
All right, sheesh.
>> No. 446559
Final version of Sudo's character sheet, at Night Life's request:

Civvie Name: Sudo
Undercover Name: Tron (Nopony's picked Tron yet!? Wow. I must be really unoriginal)
Race: Earth Pony (Sturdy: +2 attribute points)
Age: 20
History: He never did like hard work. His mom always pressured him into trying to get a job, but whatever he chose--be it fast food, construction, even debugging code--he never liked it. He still had money, of course; despite his lack of interest in nine-to-five salaries involving the stuff, he has a knack for code, and particularly for getting more access than he would otherwise have. He used this mainly to outwit so-called 'free' porn sites, gaining lists of passwords created by those foolish enough to submit their credit card information "to verify their age" and selling the passwords in bulk for a few hundred creds per dozen. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the, shall we say, more zealous members of the black markets, and he soon found himself approached by ponies looking for a colt who can get them into a system undeterred...
Civilian Details: Lives out of his mother's apartment. Mom has a simple job as a cashier, and he claims to work as a freelance tech support helpdesk. Of course, he hasn't quit his real day-job: looking for backdoors into untrustworthy raunchy sites and making the services available for cheap.

Grit 2
Athletics 2
Hacking 5
Stealth 2
Murder 1
Acting 0
Mechwork 3
Perception 4
Adept Power 0

2500 Crd.
Due to a combination of naivete and staying in virtual crime, Sudo hasn't bought any weapons...yet.

Power Bursts left: 1
>> No. 446561
File 138162821120.gif - (492.90KB , 256x192 , Actually_.gif )
Not a request, a suggestion.
"Cyber security" would have been simply words, unless the GM changes his mind. (Doubtful.)

You can keep it if you wish, but it wouldn't do a thing for you. Except perhaps make you feel good.
>> No. 446572
File 138163364226.jpg - (22.17KB , 400x400 , 1324408769716.jpg )
I can make 40K look like a Charles Dickens novel!
>> No. 446575
I should probably post my email address so that I can get added to the Roll20 thingy.
Click on my nick and there ya go.
>> No. 446579
Its just a site.
Follow the link in the op or google it.

The campaign isn't up yet. Or at least no one I know of has been added.
>> No. 446580
I'm aware, but according to the site, the GM can't add specific people unless he has their email.
Besides, it's a reliable way to communicate.
>> No. 446598
File 138164316942.png - (168.94KB , 336x298 , flower.png )
Name: Sweet Dreams a.k.a. Summer Heat a.k.a. Hot Stuff
Race: Earth Pony
Age: Approximately 35

History: Everyone is familiar with the story of the runaway princess who escapes an arranged marriage by running away from home and becoming an adventurer. Summer's origins are much the same--she is a princess in her own right, and a runaway, and an adventurer.

Sweet Dreams was not born, but engineered: her true parents are a vial and a syringe. She wasn't even carried by the mare who would eventually be her "daughter;" an artificial alternative was safer and--crucially--more convenient. Her genetic code is meticulously designed to result in intellectual brilliance and striking beauty: the perfect heir to a megacorporation, or perhaps the secret weapon to propel an ordinary company to the top. All in all, Sweet Dreams was, and still is, a living work of art worth untold millions.

She was "adopted" by the couple who "commissioned" her, and she learned the truth of her birth as soon as her parents deemed her old enough to be able to understand. She grew up with the knowledge that she had been crafted for the express purpose of someday inheriting Joust Biotechnology. When she was a young adult, Joust Biotechnology struck a media nerve with its experiments in bio-augmentation, and began a period of growth that would become legendary. Equally legendary is the tragedy that led to the company's downfall. Five mares and two stallions in hospitals all around the world volunteered to recieve Joust Biotechnology heart transplants rather than standard artificial ventricles--and within the year all seven ponies died of horrific, fatal complications.

"Summer," as she would dub herself, began her criminal career by dealing the killing blow to her own company. With the help of an anonymous Operator, she stole what was left of Joust Biotechnology's assets, sold them, and disappeared into the shadows of the Sprawl. She gave her 'parents' no warning, and they have no way of contacting her, nor vice versa. Most everyone who knows Summer Heat assumes that she doesn't care.

The story of Joust Biotechnology and its fall is known to some, but the story of Sweet Dreams has been forgotten. She was created to be the perfect businessmare, and now she is the perfect criminal. She has destroyed the evidence that she was born, so as far as the system is concerned, she exists only when she chooses to.

Civilian Details: One of the first things that Sweet Dreams did after starting her new life was to create a new identity that's very nearly bulletproof. Anyone spying on her bank account or recent associates will identify her as Summer Heat, an expatriate of a distant land, with no living family and no interesting secrets.

She works as an exotic dancer in a notorious Operator hangout. The regular crowd know that she's one of their own. The new kids quickly learn.

She is sometimes affectionately called "Hot Stuff," and the nickname has stuck--she uses it when dealing with someone whom she wishes to stay aloof from. An anonymous employer, for example, or the schmuck who just walked in with a pocket full of tips and a head full of empty.

Grit 1
She is blessed with good health and unshakable willpower, but no particular ability to withstand getting shot.

Athletics 3
Hand-picked genes and meticulous self-care have given her a deceptively powerful body.

Hacking 0
She knows her way around social networking sites.

Stealth 4
She's also good at *not* being noticed.

Murder 2
Those who run in the shadows must speak the language of the shadows. She is no exception.

Acting 4
Mercenaries polish their guns; she watches her figure.

Mechwork -1
She disdains augmentation, and has an irrational dislike for any heavy machinery that reminds her of such offenses against nature.

Perception 5
The game that she plays is one part action and three parts reaction. She is almost supernaturally alert and focused, even when she doesn't seem to be.

Adept Power 1
She is canny and experienced, and leaves little to chance.

Carrying: Concealed LunaSea blade (1500), really nice clothing, bribe money
>> No. 446606
This is acceptable. Hop in, broski.

Tactical, I'm disappointed. If you're going to rip off a mass effect character, at least rip off a good one. I'll accept this, but ONLY if you let me put a pirate hat on her player token.
>> No. 446609

>> No. 446610
Alright, you good.

...Also, what's she look like? Kinda need to know that.
>> No. 446652

Hot pink. Brown-red mane. Secondary pony sex traits through the goddamn roof. I know for a fact having a cute plot is one, probably something about eyelashes, and I dunno what else.
>> No. 446653
Wears socks all the time?
>> No. 446678
File 138179644591.png - (147.10KB , 1189x1127 , spoiler.png )
Oh Tact. I missed your rampant sexuality.
It always makes me feel chaste and tasteful.
>> No. 446688
Alright, this seems far enough. Welcome aboard, Electra.
>> No. 446903
File 138216999083.png - (194.07KB , 200x200 , BE ADVISED.png )
Our dear, mutual friend Yuppie seems to have lost her internet connectivity and is communicating through me. She is currently working on remedying this, but for the moment you will all simply have to excuse her absence.

Thank you and good night.
>> No. 446971
File 138230341615.jpg - (237.63KB , 581x706 , 8032f7e0f660df477078e177c62db421eeac0461.jpg )
If confusion were a sport, I'd be in league for a gold medal right about now.
>> No. 446972
File 138230389809.jpg - (655.21KB , 595x842 , 51697d8c0848e7c5a94f46c651a9647a.jpg )
But yea, no, seriously, if anyone wants to do a thing in the chill thread, just hit me up or tell me here or something.
>> No. 447030
File 138239062600.jpg - (47.03KB , 800x600 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 447117

Oh what the fuck. If "lightning reflexes" is legit, then why not "woman's intuition/super-empathy"?
>> No. 447137
File 138250049107.png - (307.98KB , 896x481 , Childhood.png )

The hell do you want...hun?

Looking to get a faceful of lead?
>> No. 447143
File 138256169664.png - (55.05KB , 512x512 , bGY3las.png )
>> No. 447163
File 138258540557.jpg - (231.58KB , 945x945 , dude.jpg )
>> No. 447268
File 138265735160.png - (94.00KB , 287x402 , wah.png )

. . .

>> No. 447272
File 138266639788.jpg - (29.35KB , 460x459 , peanut butter.jpg )
>> No. 447358
File 138284073835.png - (125.78KB , 804x187 , Glance.png )

Go kill yourself.
>> No. 447389
File 138292898055.png - (158.78KB , 871x480 , 305687_379593095478980_675809444_n.png )
No u
>> No. 447396
File 138294401555.png - (243.57KB , 838x347 , buzzkill.png )

I asked you first.
>> No. 447406
File 138299817110.jpg - (69.64KB , 530x900 , 15128_588405727843902_1162786393_n.jpg )
Well that's just too fuckin bad
>> No. 447422
File 138300145596.png - (153.76KB , 806x202 , Get out of here.png )

You think you're so fucking clever don't you.
>> No. 447424
File 138300428957.jpg - (30.67KB , 600x479 , 6gydqb.jpg )
Yes. Yes I do.
>> No. 447425
File 138300699818.jpg - (62.29KB , 536x468 , 1423_13204%2520-%2520cute%2520fluttershy%2520painting%2520photoshop_jpg-610x0.jpg )
Oh hey, what's this?
>> No. 447426
File 138300707012.jpg - (78.42KB , 768x576 , Derail my shit will you.jpg )
You know exactly what it is, don't be a twat and post your sheet.
>> No. 447427
File 138300831973.png - (145.26KB , 1000x1000 , mlfw355_Fluttershy07-1.png )
>> No. 447428
File 138300879359.png - (143.38KB , 228x540 , I'm telling ya.png )

Well... you're not.

You're dumb, your boyfriend is dumb and your look is dumb.
>> No. 447441
File 138302198464.jpg - (238.69KB , 800x1040 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 447451
File 138307235358.png - (76.48KB , 544x133 , Whatever.png )

>> No. 447452
</3 ~~
>> No. 447456
File 138308223038.png - (480.60KB , 805x675 , Can't be with him.png )

You're weird.
>> No. 447582
File 138325733626.png - (200.83KB , 462x525 , Yessssss.png )

>Rages Internally
>> No. 447615
File 138326904015.png - (229.21KB , 280x393 , Defias Ringleader.png )
>> No. 447616
File 138326906559.png - (199.22KB , 307x465 , DefiasBandit.png )
>> No. 447627
File 138327744014.png - (90.17KB , 542x228 , okay.png )

You never called.
>> No. 447636
File 138329472219.jpg - (55.20KB , 524x468 , 1382060175381.jpg )
>> No. 447637
File 138329501369.png - (60.72KB , 333x203 , Don't care.png )

>> No. 447638
File 138329591282.gif - (958.98KB , 460x350 , Tasty.gif )
Wow, this turned into twating time station pretty quick.

So much for a 6A OoC. Should called it "Star & Tits"
>> No. 447639
File 138333565697.gif - (1.96MB , 508x286 , zLW1qpf.gif )
>> No. 447640
File 138334718026.png - (270.09KB , 804x294 , Execution.png )
>> No. 447667
File 138343240083.png - (157.86KB , 501x406 , fast.png )

But I missss youuu

why u gotta be lyke dis?

shoot me in face?
>> No. 447672
File 138343448534.png - (393.05KB , 805x472 , Being Thorough 2.png )

You never contacted me.

Now I'm heartbroken and angry.
>> No. 447681
File 138345752169.jpg - (10.13KB , 262x192 , Spider Thread.jpg )
>> No. 447682
File 138345808813.jpg - (138.44KB , 750x675 , A rightious Lust.jpg )
>> No. 447683
File 138345840671.png - (426.98KB , 933x700 , Nightmare Flank.png )
>> No. 447684
File 138345896096.png - (590.63KB , 1648x1688 , 137971785463.png )
>> No. 447685
File 138345906971.png - (473.28KB , 720x1080 , Stockings.png )
Heya Pup!
>> No. 447686
File 138345941503.jpg - (287.21KB , 857x860 , mail-mouth.jpg )
>Awww.... Puppy! Play with me!
>> No. 447687
File 138345982670.gif - (158.83KB , 270x178 , crying in the rain.gif )
....Puppy doesn't want to play....
>> No. 447688
File 138346035540.png - (2.14MB , 1920x1200 , SolarMare.png )
>> No. 447689
File 138346043442.png - (163.35KB , 550x400 , NightmareWoona.png )
Fighter of the Nightman!
Aaaa aa ah!
>> No. 447690
File 138346053983.jpg - (329.25KB , 688x387 , ToTheMoon.jpg )
Master of Karate
>> No. 447691
File 138346057730.jpg - (54.54KB , 750x563 , Celestialovesyou.jpg )
And friendship for everyone!
>> No. 447692
File 138346060524.png - (645.53KB , 717x717 , AWESOME!.png )
>> No. 447694
File 138346117338.png - (590.63KB , 1648x1688 , 137971785463.png )
>> No. 447695
File 138346144344.jpg - (284.86KB , 1000x800 , ShowOff.jpg )
You gunna play or just stare with Dom pics?
>> No. 447696
File 138346165402.jpg - (37.83KB , 640x657 , 4awxkNU.jpg )
>> No. 447697
File 138346174086.jpg - (136.69KB , 636x360 , This thread is delicious.jpg )
>> No. 447698
File 138346233209.jpg - (191.00KB , 640x508 , xk5EfHh.jpg )
>> No. 447699
File 138346239647.jpg - (149.83KB , 900x1190 , IndianApplejack.jpg )
>> No. 447700
File 138346255326.jpg - (82.99KB , 556x960 , iG9xMaD.jpg )
>> No. 447701
File 138346260927.png - (59.83KB , 945x945 , Actually.png )
>> No. 447702
File 138346268952.jpg - (39.22KB , 492x347 , 74a.jpg )
>> No. 447703
File 138346275135.jpg - (202.58KB , 800x847 , AJ+RD.jpg )
>> No. 447704
File 138346290211.gif - (1.80MB , 240x180 , yXrWOSw.gif )
>> No. 447705
File 138346296821.jpg - (121.20KB , 945x945 , Hi there.jpg )
>> No. 447706
File 138346300132.jpg - (76.97KB , 599x804 , fc8Asv4.jpg )
>> No. 447707
File 138346359520.jpg - (119.42KB , 720x960 , fire.jpg )

Ostensibly, being banned or otherwise barred from a canon is an undesirable turn After repeated and vigorous urgings from our dear friend and fellow 6A player Night Life has, I am now compelled to inform you that he has, by his own choice, temporarily resigned from regular posting within this canon.

FORTUNATELY, this is not a permanent decision on this part, and is subject to change at his earliest desire!

Until such a time arrives, however, we are to make a number of presumptions that suit him and his characters, in order to present a favorable return condition to him.

Concordant with the events of the November 2nd/3rd session, Mini Mare will be presumed out of commission with a bad ankle.

Killing Mini Mare during this time, as it was implied Frost may have planned to do, is strictly forbidden for reasons of common courtesy.

Yes, characters such as Jetstream are allowed to converse with her off-screen, so long as Night Life approves them OOC.

On the other hand, characters such as Frost and Carnage are NOT permitted to interact with her off-camera, unless explicit permission is granted in writing by Night Life. This is for reasons that should be obvious.

Until Night Life's return, Mini Mare's bank account and assets will be frozen and untouched. They may not be pilfered, fluffed, or otherwise interacted with.

Readily-available information and items of or pertaining to Mini Mare--her gadgets, address, financial information--are not to be shared with characters who do not know them, for any reason.

Since Mini Mare will not be able to partake in raids and other operations for the duration of Night Life's absence, she will be awarded a sum of money roughly equal to that appropriated by her partners upon his return, so as to preserve her status as a viable character.

Extreme canon-altering events such as assassinations or character deaths are to be relayed to Night Life via the OOC, if he is available and interested.

Last but not least, please remember that while Night Life is no longer part of this canon, this is ONLY a temporary decision on his part, and is in no way binding. As such, it might be a bad idea to wholly forsake any character growth that was dependent upon her.

Fine days and well-wishes upon you, Night Life!

Last edited at Sun, Nov 3rd, 2013 00:27

>> No. 447708
File 138346401800.jpg - (47.44KB , 460x345 , 1ed.jpg )
>> No. 447776
Civilian: Igneus
Aliases: Burn, Breaker. If he’s really crazy: Armageddon, Prometheus.

Race: Dragon - Sturdy

Age: 23

One of the new generation of drakes born in Equestria with the return of magic, Igneus has always found himself frustrated by the new breed’s inability to breathe fire. He’s named for it, after all, it’s only right that he should possess it.
This little gap, wearing away at him for years, has led to a bit of a disconnect with reality on his part, and an obsession with mastering fire and its associated destructive properties. He’s often got at least some firecrackers and a lighter on his person, and would rather watch the fires of an oil refinery than a movie. The damn directors seem to have no understanding of how fire works anyway.
So far, he’s managed to keep himself occupied with his day job, but sometimes he craves more. So he goes out, seeking to steal himself some fire from the gods.

Civilian Details:
Igneus works for New Horizons Inc., tearing down old buildings to replace them with newer, better ones. Of course, he’s far more interested in the demolition than the construction. Still, it’s enough to afford him a flat in a converted warehouse, just the sort of thing for a species more concerned with space than a working heating system.

Grit: 4
Athletics: 4
Hacking: 0
Stealth: 0
Murder: 3
Acting: 2
Mechwork: 3
Perception: 3
Adept Power: 1

Equipment: Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest, Utiliton Multi-Tool White Edition, Mk. VI
>> No. 447781
File 138368755177.gif - (682.36KB , 320x240 , yesyes.gif )

Yeah, I like this. I like this a lot.

Come on in, fella.
>> No. 447807
File 138379877082.png - (27.62KB , 900x650 , You may need to stop that.png )
Okay, guys. I'm bringing in another one of my OCs, and this time it's gonna be one who won't be just another hacker character.

Dawn Breeze
AKA "Mailman"

When people say "Going postal", they usually don't mean it literally. Dawn Breeze is one of the occasions where they did. A young pegasus with a bright mind and a history of mood swings, Breeze was a normal and productive member of society right for most of his life--right up until the layoffs of 54-6A, which promtply cost him his job, house, and the insurance he needed to keep his sickly sister's health from failing entirely. Fast forward to a year later: he's homeless, down one family, and on enough drugs to knock out Woodstock. Turns out, a year of depression, drug abuse, and starvation doesn't exactly make you sociable, clever, or sane. But shit on a biscuit, does it make you fast.

HP: 9
Endurance: 3
Athletics: 5
Murder: 4
Perception: 2
Deadly Dodging (specialty): 3
The specialty "Deadly Dodging" allows Dawn to redirect melee attacks made against him. All he has to do is declare that he is redirecting the attack and roll against his Deadly Dodging skill--if he makes the roll, he can choose one target adjacent to him to take the hit. Note that this can be an ally, and that Dawn has to pick a target; if the only ponies next to him are allies or civvies, so be it. Normal penalties apply, and if he fails the roll the attack hits him, whether it missed originally or not.
Dawn can only redirect [Deadly Dodging skill]/2 attacks per turn, rounded down. As he is right now, he can redirect one attack per turn.
>> No. 447808
Shit, I forgot equipment. Gimme a few minutes...
>> No. 447809
>Beesting Revolver
>Foil-Lined Duster Coat (not customized)
>> No. 447813
Alright, this seems fair enough. Welcome to the underworld.
>> No. 447909
File 138398092750.jpg - (130.95KB , 640x874 , I'm a cat bug5.jpg )
This thread is a faggot
>> No. 447910
File 138398098657.jpg - (65.99KB , 524x468 , [Bark].jpg )
Ur a faggot
>> No. 447911
File 138398110559.jpg - (500.19KB , 1500x1061 , SPEEEDOOOO.jpg )
>> No. 447912
File 138398236450.gif - (1.72MB , 500x281 , celestia UR A FAGET.gif )
>> No. 447926
File 138408135614.gif - (680.75KB , 500x281 , you are a faggot.gif )
>> No. 447937
File 138413283532.jpg - (116.31KB , 640x360 , AllFags.jpg )
>> No. 448645
1224: The new Magister has been chosen according to our interests. Now, moving along to the next matter. <OD> state 3333.
0|>4<13|)|>4(.0||: Active.
1224: State Wendigo 3333.
0|>4<13|)|>4(.0||: Tracking.
1224: State ETA.
0|>4<13|)|>4(.0||: Never.
>> No. 448802
Name: Dust Clears

Race: Unicorn

Age: 44

History: An unambitious and underpaid archaeologist/professor, Dust made his living mainly by swiping some of his team's findings and selling them on the black market for a fair sum more than they were worth. Recently he stumbled upon some kind of ancient manuscript, which with ample interpretation seems to describe a race of powerful beings that existed before ponydom. So powerful were they that their destructive power ended their civilization. Tired of his banal, middle aged existence just getting by in this awful world, he hopes to bring back these beings and their unspeakable power. Insane? Yes, but he just might be right! And more importantly, he might just convince a lot of ponies that he is! Still, to accomplish his goals he'll need more money, resources, and followers. A life of crime it is.

Civilian Details: Archaeologist and adjunct college professor.

Duster Coat
500 Creds


Grit: 1
Athletics: 1
Hacking: 1
Stealth: 2
Murder: 1
Acting: 5
Mechwork: 2
Perception: 2
Artifact proficiency (specialty): 2
Adept power: 0

Last edited at Wed, Nov 27th, 2013 21:04

>> No. 448804
File 138561065767.jpg - (14.96KB , 400x400 , 9.jpg )
Seems fair enough. Welcome in, I suppose.
>> No. 448805
Thank you!
>> No. 449487
Evry1 in tis rum is a big fagit. Cut urselfs
>> No. 449488
Evry1 in tis rum is a big fagit. Cut urselfs
>> No. 449513
File 138639960771.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
"We have a job we need you to do!"
"That job sounds dangerous, and you're not risking anything except my life with it."
"We're risking so much!"
"Such as?"
"Your life!"
"What if you paid me up front, so I know I'm worth more on this job than an expendable piece of meat? I'll even pay you back when it's done."
"Money?? You're trying to blackmail us! We're paying you in trust!"
"I don't want to be used, okay? You could just refuse and we'll both go our separate ways."
"Do it or we'll kill you."
"...Okay then, Ill do it."
"KILL HIM! *blam!*"

And then my character died. Best campaign ever.
>> No. 449514
I would direct you to this mans advice as you have now entered his rum
>> No. 449515
File 138640608212.jpg - (297.39KB , 2287x1738 , smile.jpg )
>> No. 449563
File 138648698624.jpg - (206.80KB , 800x600 , the_Alaskan Malamute.jpg )

Race: Malamute

Age: 6

Who is he? A wandering dog. Nosing for scraps, digging holes, watching passersby. Stoic, easily satisfied, quiet. Where did he come from? Who knows. There is no collar around his neck, and nor does he sit in the pound. What is his name? He has both none and many at the same time. A wanderer named by each person encountered, be it during quiet company waiting for the 5:00 train, or an hour, silently walking a child to school. He is without one title, and he goes his own way.

Civilian Details:


Good attitude

>> No. 449564
File 138649764407.jpg - (44.50KB , 512x384 , 2468002-do-you-even-praise-the-sun.jpg )
>> No. 449568
File 138651777067.jpg - (61.89KB , 452x380 , laughingponies.jpg )
>> No. 449569
File 138652016550.gif - (973.62KB , 400x231 , stare.gif )
>> No. 449592
File 138654033874.jpg - (36.40KB , 400x324 , malawhat.jpg )
>> No. 449595
File 138654232129.jpg - (39.68KB , 520x678 , [worried laughter].jpg )
>> No. 449599
File 138654405955.jpg - (30.58KB , 500x394 , Link.jpg )
>> No. 449601
File 138654424439.jpg - (11.87KB , 183x275 , spiderman meets obabo.jpg )
>> No. 449609
File 138654604272.jpg - (25.44KB , 622x352 , alaskan-malamute_04_lg.jpg )
>> No. 449610
File 138654639478.jpg - (85.57KB , 600x400 , puppies.jpg )
>> No. 449612
File 138654969799.jpg - (223.55KB , 816x979 , malamute.jpg )
>> No. 449613
File 138654984686.gif - (1.95MB , 320x225 , GOD.gif )
>> No. 449717
File 138658627937.jpg - (126.20KB , 900x806 , elderly-vietnamese-woman-wearing-a-conical-hat-jim-fitzpatrick.jpg )
>> No. 449728
File 138662300504.gif - (37.21KB , 150x197 , im so sorry aaaa.gif )
>> No. 449868
File 138674022083.png - (138.89KB , 707x1131 , Spy's druggin mah patients!.png )
Name: Aria Cross

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 30

History: Aria? Well what to say about Aria... Well let's start at the beginning I guess.

Aria didn't come from a wealthy family by any means, in fact she doesn't even know her family, given up for adoption at birth Aria's one of the many children of the modern ages foster care system, and boy did she thrive there. Though never adopted she found a family of her own with the other children in the orphanage, though short and by no mean's a power house when it comes to strength she was the one other kids came to when they were getting bullied. Because by god have you seen little mares when they're angry? They bite. It's scary. Anyway, Aria was quite happy in the orphanage system and like many she came out a fairly well balanced young mare - raised in better conditions than she would have been if she'd been kept by her mother.

It was from here she went to medical school - a gift in a way, an elderly couple had intended to adopt her when she was young. A kindly old pair who would visit her frequently in the orphanage, sadly their health began to fail them and they were in no state to raise her on their own, so they did what they could for her, fronting the bill for her schooling happily as long as the little mare promised to visit them whenever she could. Though she's no prodidgy she passed through medical school and soon found herself a job at New Canterlot's general hospital.

But the pay ain't as great as it used to be, and Aria's firey, and playfully cruel personality grows bored of the same day in day out cycle of 15 hour shifts and nights spent at home drinking whiskey and staring at the TV. She wants excitement...

Civilian details: Aria lives in an apartment in the upper middle class of Canterlot. On her own she doesn't have a particularly active social life thanks to her jobs hours, most of her friends are better called brothers as they're stallions she grew up with in the orphanage, aside from the occassional catch up at a bar with them, she's a rather solitary person. But lately she's been going to dive bar after dive bar in hunt of the excitement the lower end of New Canterlot provides.

(+2 Earth Pony)

Grit: 2

Athletics: 2

Stealth: 1

Murder: 3

Acting: 2

Perception: 4

Mechwork: 0

Specialty (First aid and surgery): 4

Adept power: 1


S&W Beesting revolver

Motorcycle helmet

Last edited at Tue, Dec 10th, 2013 22:37

>> No. 449970
>//Opensystem Criminal Files
>[[Accessing Database]]
>[[Database access granted]]
>//open file: ((Torque))
>[[Accessing File]]
>[[Access Granted - Display]]
>//Birthname: Gear Shift
>//Criminal Alias: Torque
>//Race: Equus Terrestrius (Earth Pony)
>//Sex: Male
>//Age: 25
>//History: Illegitimate son of one Mr. Axel Grinder and one Mrs. Rim Job, Gear Shift was born into the lower
>class. He lived in a small apartment with his father, residential block D, level 43. Reported to have worked
>on cars and other motor vehicles, showing an aptitude early on. Dropped out of school in ninth year.
>Arrested for the first time at age seventeen for street racing. Checked into hospital six months later with
>3rd degree burns. Treated with high grade sub dermal and epidermal augments, along with several synaptic
>and reactionary implants to remedy nerve damage. Arrested for first felony at age eighteen, for
>manslaughter due to reckless driving. Once released, evaded arrest on all sightings since. Has reportedly
>taken the name Torque, and is a rising name in underground racing circuits. Current place of residence
>unknown. Last sighting: on highway 95. Evaded arrest and caused 1.2 million
>credits in damages.
>//Civilian Details: Unknown
>// Suspect Characteristics: Suspect is highly visible, driving a distinctive dual wheeled vehicle. Heavily
>armed and armored. Suspect is equally dangerous on foot. Debriefings of officers involved with the suspect
>indicate that additional undocumented medical procedures have been performed. "Torque" has increased
>strength and stamina compared to most suspects of his race. Increases not congruent with mechanical
>replacements. Endocrine and hormonal stimulant implants suspected. Mr. Gearshift also displays
>remarkable endurance and resilience. Sub dermal implants allow subject to sustain punches, beatings,
>and low caliber projectile wounds without permanent damage. Skin highly resistant to cutting or abrasion.
>//Threat rating: 7.8/10
>//Recommended Actions: Shoot to maim. If suspect resists, Terminate with deadly force.
>//Shutdown System
>[[Logging Off]]

Last edited at Thu, Dec 12th, 2013 19:10

>> No. 449971
Note, the above criminal record is what I hope for Gear to achieve. It is not what he is.
Barebones stats and story:
Name: Gear Shift, AKA “Torque”

Race: Earth pony

Age: 25

History: Born illegitimate to a mechanic and a whore, he dropped out of high school for senior year and got into street racing. Was severely wounded in cash, father paid for expensive, but legitimate, augments to heal the damage. Went on with street races to make money, until his driving killed a bystander. Arrested, shot at, caught, jailed, let out 5 years later. Immediately got back into racing, but returned cops the same brutality they showed him. Now on most wanted list.

He’s brash, loud, not too bright, and very judgemental. However, he’s incredibly perceptive, unexpectedly charismatic, and generous. He commits crimes not for the money, fame, and power, but for the good fortune, thrill, and people that he meets. He’s likely to take just what he needs for his hobbies from any jobs, and dump the rest into the mail slot of a needy family. He’s a nice guy, unless you’re an authority figure. Police, SWAT, special agents, assassins on the side of the law… If you work for the government and he finds out about it, not only will he not trust you, he’s likely to get physical. He harbors deep grudges against legitimate authority, and will not speak to them at best. At worst, they’ll need new augments… or a tombstone. However, on the other side of his grudge, he finds himself fitting in best with the everyman, making friends even with those he just knocked flat in a barfight.

Horribly inept with programing with any sort, and can only be called graceful when driving a motorcycle. He's very straightforward, to the point, and tough. However, while he's physically intimidating, he's not as experienced in a brawl as others may be.

His after hours activities include:
Illegal street races.
Courier jobs.
Chauffeur for distinguished clients
Spending hours in his garage
Driving the getaway car
Punching good dudes
Punching bad dudes
Friendly get togethers
High speed chases with the feds
High speed chases with anyone that feels like it

Civilian Details: His special talent is racing and working on cars and other motor vehicles. If it has a gas-fed engine, he can probably get it to run. Currently, his souped up bike is his favorite means of transportation. He works at a repair shop, one of the last remaining bastions of independently owned, old fashioned family business. Naturally, this means it’s a dive establishment on the fringes of the city, and is barely staying afloat, often needing help doing so. He provides said help with the bundles of illegal cash he makes. All in all, he stays on the down low, only racing with a helmet on and his coat pulled up. The only things that police can identify him with are his fore hooves coat color. Not a lot to go on.

Skills: 20 points, +3 for deficiencies
Grit: 4“I’ve taken more than a few tumbles”
Athletics::3“Think you can run from me?”
Hacking: -1“Ummm… What’s a Jay-Pee-Gee?”...”Torque, that’s a JPEG… nevermind…”
Stealth: -1“Umm… You want me to be quiet… Uh….” *proceeds to cause a large mess.*
Murder:3“Ending lives ain’t so hard. Specially when they aint yours.”
Acting:-1“Wait, pretend to be not me? You calling me a liar?”
Mechwork:3“If I can’t fix it, it isn’t broken”
Perception:3“Your fly is down”
Specialty(Vroomvroom):4“Listen to that baby purr…” (applies to rolls to interact with vehicles that rely on fossil fuels. Either to break, fix, or operate.)
Adept power3“I don’t even know how I just did that…”

(I need to talk with the DM about these. They’re special orders.)

“Gear’s little gal”
-An extremely fast little number, this souped up and cared for low rider is what is giving Torque his name in the racing rings. Capable of nearly 150 mph, it’s not meant for much beyond speed. It doesn’t have much more purpose than that… It might give him a bonus to his swoon roll when attracting mares. In combat, doing the math, it could move as a character with an effective Athletics of 264, accounting for movement speed only… but I think the penalties of going 150 mph on anything but an uncrowded highway are going to be huge. You decide price, I think a fair one is 2000 maybe? I don't know.

“The pony with the iron hoof”
-It took him less than a day to whip up in his garage. It’s a heavy iron horseshoe that he can bash people with. You go ahead and stat it. Probably between knife and shiv.

Non Reinforced motorcycle helmet.
-Sometimes you have to skimp when funds are tight. This helmet hides identity, but isn’t the most structurally sound. Same as balaclava, though it may mitigate damage from headbutts/automobile accidents. Again, I don't know what you think on this.

“Young Skin” subdermal reinforcement
-After his crash and burn, he got this to grow new skin back, and took to it really well. Gear has really tough, thick hide. The best way to describe it would be that it’s a weak organic mix between a shield and armor. Basically, it would have two effects. It’s first would be to negate one point of damage, but give no armor bonus. It lessens all impacts, in essence. The second would be that it effectively raises his grit score by one point, purely for non-combat/non HP rolls. Roll grit to avoid being blinded by tear gas or somesuch. It won’t increase his HP, but it will make him a tad bit tougher target.

I know all the experimental equipment may be unbalanced or not in your view of the game. In that case, my "stock" Inventory would go like this:

Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest
S&W Wasp - For those pesky police

(All these are negotiable. I'm not as stubborn as before. I just figured a vehicle, a weapon, and a helmet were essential for a character like him. The implant is a story element for his own backstory, and is very important to his character. Maybe you could not let him have it starting out, but give it as a reward for the first job? I don’t know. Anyway, this is my entry. Hope you like it. Even more importantly, no hard feelings. My grudge has been gone for a long time, and if we can’t be friends I hope we can be friendly. Here’s hoping for positive feedback, -Blizz)

Last edited at Thu, Dec 12th, 2013 22:06

>> No. 449972
File 138690100327.png - (433.43KB , 967x789 , Vroom Vroom.png )
Almost forgot a picture
>> No. 449973
File 138690135195.gif - (220.91KB , 275x210 , tumblr_lxjm4n4umw1rn1xxfo1_400.gif )
>> No. 449975
How are you doing Canis?
>> No. 449976
File 138690438562.gif - (1.02MB , 190x167 , kingofpopcorn1.gif )
>> No. 449977
So, what have I missed? Reading through the thread, not much by the looks of it. Still the same old antics.

Last edited at Thu, Dec 12th, 2013 20:32

>> No. 449978
File 138690569492.gif - (343.17KB , 243x279 , jon-stewart-popcorn.gif )
Not much. I'm just waiting for the others to read your application.
>> No. 449979
I've noticed. It's all one application, it was just way too long to fit in one of Pchan's posts.
>> No. 449980
File 138690606805.gif - (471.17KB , 215x211 , Jaejoong_popcorn.gif )
I realize. I just want to hear what they think.
>> No. 449982
Quick question, how many popcorn gifs do you have? It's making me crack up. Anyway, thoughts/feelings of your own? It's been a fairly long time since I did a really serious App like 6A's
>> No. 449983
File 138690630505.gif - (220.41KB , 350x165 , 350x165px-0b464c89_tumblr_lvo2835OOi1qe3p9bo1_500.gif )
I'm googling a new one every post.
>> No. 449984
Why am I not surprised. Anyway, thanks for the enthusiasm. I think.
>> No. 449985
File 138690648242.gif - (722.56KB , 360x288 , gu4.gif )
Don't thank me.
>> No. 449986
I'm afraid to ask why
>> No. 449987
File 138690681094.gif - (552.81KB , 380x203 , 0027.gif )
I'm just looking forward to this - let me enjoy myself.
>> No. 449990
File 138690860290.jpg - (25.67KB , 500x281 , One Does Not Simply.jpg )
Okay... first of Blizzard.
H.T. Black is running this.
Star Fall is also in this.

You've been notified, warned, cautioned, and advised against it.
>> No. 449992
Your words are well received, but I'm sorta set in this. I hate having grudges and general unfriendly feelings directed at me, or directed at someone else because of, or by me. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and shame. I'm going to try and erase old conceptions, wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Thanks for the warning though. I think I can deal with just about anything at the moment.
>> No. 449993
File 138690921002.gif - (220.41KB , 350x165 , 350x165px-0b464c89_tumblr_lvo2835OOi1qe3p9bo1_500.gif )
>> No. 449995
File 138690948781.gif - (30.02KB , 100x100 , Just cleaning up around here.gif )
Then Allow me to be the first yo have a go at this.

Your numbers seem correct.
The gear is likely going to be shot down save the helmet and the horseshoe.
I believe there is an implant already in the game similar to that. Though it may not have been implemented.
Your story is decent.
Good even compared to some of your older characters

All in all, expect to be turn right down.
>> No. 449996
I fully expect to be blown to hell and back. But I'm going to offer a white flag when I do
>> No. 450002
Is that a tad better Night Life?
>> No. 450004
File 138691341977.gif - (343.17KB , 243x279 , jon-stewart-popcorn.gif )
He's awake.
>> No. 450005
File 138691357808.gif - (0.97MB , 500x273 , Francis.gif )
Its Viken, and prolly.

But I wouldn't hope to hard.
>> No. 450006
File 138691414590.jpg - (406.35KB , 1680x1080 , sniperRD.jpg )
This is also good but you already knew that.

Yo Blizz, long time no see, how's the wife and kids.

Alright, after careful observation, I can say that this character sheet definitely checks out, and the custom orders make sense. However, we'll need to talk about it more in earnest for several reasons--chief among those being that I'm actually planning on implementing vehicles properly within the crunchy parts of the game, and I'll need to work the fine details over before I can say I'm really happy with it.

If you could contact me on Skype, I'd like to talk about the item pricing with you; but until then, I'm happy to say this one is pretty good, and I think you'll be joining us in thread before long!
>> No. 450007
Hehe. Glad to see that I'm not as outcast as I thought. Anyway, let me find you on skype... might be a second, hold on.
>> No. 450012
File 138691634948.png - (1.47MB , 772x999 , IMG_0379.png )
How'd that go for you by the way Canis?
>> No. 450014
File 138691661584.jpg - (245.23KB , 552x667 , Xcngu4Y.jpg )
>> No. 450015
Alright. As we have discussed, you are approved with the stock gear; but the rest will have to come later, once you've lined your pockets sufficiently.
>> No. 450453
File 138820332281.png - (253.09KB , 1682x1740 , Looking down at hooves.png )
Bloody hell, its been forever since I last posted here
>> No. 450455
File 138820508116.jpg - (65.99KB , 524x468 , [Bark].jpg )
Why hello thar.
>> No. 450461
File 138829049347.jpg - (110.80KB , 239x369 , Sunbursthappy.jpg )
Name: Red Sunburst
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 30
She had been beautiful once. Truth be told, the beauty was still there. But it was muddied down. Buried underneath the monster. Tarnished by the large star shaped scar that lingered where her right eye had once been and dimished by the row of wolf like teeth that she had filed into razor sharp points.
A soldier of fortune, she enlisted in the Equestrian special forces. Part of her scheme to build up her public image. A mis calculation that saw her brutally scarred during her deployment. Her beauty tarnished, it forever drove a spike into her psyche and fractured her outlook. The pain she caused started as a neccessity, but soon the atrocities she visited upon her fellow pony earned her the nickname "The Mad Mare.". By the secession wars conclusion she had seen every strip of ponydom ripped from her blackened heart. Her transformation into a monster had been complete.
By the wars end, she found herslef unemployed. An all too common story of the homeless veteran. And so, she turned to two things she knew well. Hedonism and crime. Having a penchant for indulgence, with intimidation and brute force on her side. The world became her stage and she was armed with sadism, a dark sense of humor and a lust for power.
Her story starts after she's just been released from prison. A mere year for petty theft and possession of a controlled substance.

Civilian details:
She'd completely abandoned her upper world image. Having completely thrown herself into the dark seedy underbelly. Every dollar she makes is through some illegal activity or another. Whether she's selling drugs, pony trafficking, collecting intimidation money or even collecting money from brothel ponies.
She lives in the one thing of value she owns. An abandoned building that used to be a comedy/night club called "The Last Laugh". Acquired through questionable means, it was once a den of sin and villainy, but has fallen to disrepair and complete abandonment. Now that she's out of prison, she seeks to restore it to its former glory. To make it the cultural icon of vice and hedonism... her own personal palace of sin.
Grit: 5
>Rough and tumble, she's no stranger to pain and has been pushed to her limit several times over, and has the scars to prove it.
Athletics: 3
>She maintains her strict military regiment and her muscles are tightly corded.
Stealth: -1
>She's hates quiet.
Murder: 5
>She doesn't just excell at it, she nearly gets off on it.
Acting: 3
>She's a people pony. Solitude and silence are the enemies. Her tough demeanor and monsterous appearance make her quite intimidating as well.
Perception: 4
>Not just brawn, she can be quite sharp when she needs to be.
Meckwork -1
>Let the eggheads riddle this junk out.
Adept Power 0

>Peeping Tim Optical Enhancment
>Ouch-ease little helper
>ThunderBolt Munitions Hunting rifle

EDIT: Updated backstory to reflect involvement in the secession war.

Last edited at Sun, Dec 29th, 2013 00:06

>> No. 450466
File 138830086599.png - (121.22KB , 300x572 , thing.png )
>>450461 acceptable.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 450467
File 138830877132.jpg - (151.02KB , 945x945 , 132484837441.jpg )
>> No. 450470
Name: Tungsten
Race: Dragon, wingless
Age: 16

History: He was once part of a very wealthy family. Probably a big name in one of the mega-corps. Once isn't now, though. Years ago, he remembered being dropped off at a bus stop in the Low City, and then never seeing his parents again. Good riddance. Since then, Tungsten's been living off the street, taking what he could to live, and a little extra. He found his love for all things electrical when he found a Spyder Bot he lovingly named Snitch in a dumpster. After restoring Snitch the best he could, the two have been inseparable.

Civilian details: Tungsten's always been carefree. Taking everything in stride, letting nothing bother him. He's always seen with a naive smile on the street. Unless someone decides that messing with Snitch is a good idea. He's very protective of her. His life hasn't changed very much since he found out about Operators. He's still a little nobody, sometimes begging on the street corner, sometimes stealing a little food or a cred-stick. Just the way he likes it.

Grit: 1
Athletics: 2
Stealth: 4
Murder: -1
Acting: 2
Perception: 2
Mechwork: 5
Pickpocket (Specialty): 4
Adept Power: 0

>Custom Order: Spyder Bot

Last edited at Sun, Dec 29th, 2013 11:40

>> No. 450471
File 138834323926.png - (360.14KB , 1304x508 , ninja_pony_by_jaydencurtis-d4pc453.png )
After careful and exhaustive scrutiny, I can say that this checks out; and that the final price to make Snitch fully operational in the field will be approximately 5 grand. You should be able to afford her after your first job.

Welcome to the fold, operator.
>> No. 450472
File 138834390564.gif - (279.56KB , 125x104 , Ooooohhh!!!.gif )
I figured she'd be 5Kc. Grazie for the approval ^_^
Is the main thread live, or are we still working on it?
>> No. 450473
Find enclosed for your consideration:
>> No. 450476
File 138837032183.jpg - (9.56KB , 329x281 , 1312572522860.jpg )
"The news says she's dangerous, the locals say that she's angry, the authorities say she's an out of control, but everypony agrees that she IS Malice!"
>> No. 450479
File 138837714590.png - (107.99KB , 236x252 , 6317-top-lel.png )
>> No. 450483
File 138838848546.jpg - (145.47KB , 1164x687 , jinx.jpg )
I think we'll have a little fun right now; I think some people'd call it anarchy.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 450484
File 138838904357.png - (208.68KB , 377x499 , 133118720911.png )

Hey Electra
>> No. 450488
File 138839577006.gif - (185.81KB , 500x385 , tumblr_mgenbyGZKK1roy92vo1_500.gif )
I miss you Dan.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 30th, 2013 02:31

>> No. 450491
Picture coming soon, once I'm back from my dad's and have stable, non-restricted internet.

Name: Brutus, AKA Tiny
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 29
History: Brutus grew up on the streets, bouncing from one foster home to the next. No family had been able to keep him for more than a year before they'd drop him like a bad habit. He was big, mean, and his temper normally stayed somewhere between apathetic and pissed. At the age of 15, he was taken into a small gang of ponies who were living out of a dilapidated apartment building. They kept him as the muscle. He broke whatever (or whomever) needed to be broken, hauled the heavy things, and intimidated whoever they needed information out of. He picked up a job at the shipping docks to get some legitimate and steady credits.

He's big, not exactly the sharpest knife in the shed, and is known to have a short fuse. His loyalty is to the credits first, and his allies second. Give him a job and a drink, he'll sit there and shoot the shit with you. Piss him off, and you're likely to go through the nearest window or door. He's been in and out of jail to the point where the a few of the guards can recognize his face.

Civilian Details: Brutus works at the shipping docks, normally loading and unloading incoming ships and trains. It's been said that he's smuggled things in and out of Canterlot this way, but nothing's ever been pinned on him. He lives in a run-down, shithole apartment in the Low City. He keeps mostly to himself outside of his job and his night job, but it's not uncommon to see him in some hole in the wall bar, drinking his third glass of rotgut.

Grit: 4
Athletics: 4
Hacking: 0
Stealth: -1
Murder: 4
Acting: 2
Mechwork: 2
Perception: 3
Specialty: 0
Adept Power: 2


Weaponry: (I've got a custom order, I'm not sure how it'd be priced or what the stats would be. It's a set of four steel horseshoes, covered in small points, like a meat tenderizer. If not, then he'll just have a LunaSea SACK (Operator Spec).)
Clothing: Club Lucius Duster, Balaclava
Credits: 0
>> No. 450492
File 138843645777.gif - (1.05MB , 320x240 , thumbs up.gif )
>> No. 450506
File 138849205527.png - (27.61KB , 446x404 , pennypincher.png )
Name: Penny Pinch
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 24
A curmudgeon if ever there was one. A thouroughly unlikeable, but necessary evil. But it's not Pinch's job to be likeable, her sole motus operandi is one thing and one thing only. Profit. Profit. Profit. Not ambitious enough to be a CEO, for Pinch's skill set is far too focused and specialized; she finds her niche as an accountant and resource manager. She has a dragon like tendancy to horde treasures, with little desire to spend any of it. Begrudgingly paying just enough to survive, living as a pauper while her bits collect dust.
It was the perfect name for a thief, "Pinch" it was the family business after all. Her brothers and sisters sporting names such as 'Filch' 'Pilfer' and 'Hustle'. But the youngest of twelve was far too clumsy to inheret the family business. And a clumsy child in a house full of crafty impovershed thieves meant holding onto her own resources was an impossible task. Often leading her without anything and starving save for the rare moments of her parents intervention. It lead to a paranoid personality, one who no matter how much they could acquire it would never ever be enough.
So, when she was old enough she departed Marescrow and made her way to Equestria, the land of opportunity (and credits)
Civilian details:
During the day, she works as a clerk for a legal money lending operation. With little finesse, she evicts and reposesses. She sends the letters and monitors which homes are about to default. However, the paycheck just isn't attractive enough to keep her there for too long.
Grit: 2
Athletics: 1
Stealth: 3
Murder: 2
Acting: 0
Speciality: Anything involving numbers 5
Perception: 5
Meckwork -1

Adept Power 0

Mercury Messaging Comm System
>> No. 450534
This will do. The custom order will take time to acquire. Until then, take the knife.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.

Acceptable, but you've only got 19 skill points. May want to add one to something.
>> No. 450535
I shall add a single point into atheltics. Also I'd like to add a shiv as a free item.
>> No. 450537

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 451045
File 138957380435.png - (1.19MB , 778x1100 , Lunar Empire.png )
Birthname: Uplift
Alias: Rightside
Race: Pegasus (Augment-Impaired)
Type: Sturdy
Age: 24

Appearance: The green coats of fur and paint fail to match exactly, a difference of shade eased by their mutual lack of sheen. The border between them begins high at his left jawbone, metal spreading down that side of his neck and widening at the chest. To his left it encompasses the entirety of his ribs and much of his back but stops short of flank, to his right the steel progresses halfway to the other foreleg but narrows again as it runs down his stomach. A leg and a wing have both been claimed by the cause of artificial. The first is defined by a box jutting out at his ankle, the second by long metal feathers with more space between them than functional prosthetics may operate with. His perpetual smile is belied by the bags under his eyes. One hazel orb, though separate from the metal expanse, is upon inspection an imitation not fine enough to fool more than brief eye contact. His organic wing, soft with disuse, is the exception to an otherwise fit but tired body that flinches whenever one of his metal limbs absently touches it.


The Backstory: The Up and Up is a family-run garage in Downtown started by Jetstream and Featherfell, a pair of ex-runners trying to turn a new leaf for their newborn foal. It worked well enough as both a business and an escape from their old life that their cheery bundle of fluff and feathers was able to grow up without knowing of his parents’ disreputable past.

The Formative Years: Uplift got his cutie mark by lifting others' spirits, but took up the family trade as a means of paying the bills. His existence was marked mostly by contentment, with few strains that couldn’t be unwound from with a quiet flight alone.

The Turning Point: Pinned under an engine. Oil fire. Figure it out.

The Aftermath: The flames had eaten past coat and hide, turning much of the musculature on his left side into ruin. His foreleg and chest were as good as useless, the nerves on one side of his neck would never heal properly, his wing mostly charred bone. That he was alive at all was miraculous - and expensive. The hospital gave his family a quote for prosthetic cybernetics within minutes of his arrival. Because the staff knew they weren't wealthy, presented simultaneously was a life support cessation form.
Like any good crooks, they took a third option.

The Solution: The back of a modified van is no real ambulance, and a converted Xtown suite is no real surgery room, but then Hackjob is no real doctor so it worked out to even in her opinion. The years had only made her madder, but their old accomplice asked for no money down.

The Result: Uplift found steel where once flesh had shaped his leg, wing, torso, and eye. It was protested that his eye had been fine, but Hackjob questioned the point of making an unholy fusion of pony and plasteel if you aren’t going to give it a cybernetic eye. The components conferred some benefits, but at a drawback: the augmentation had critically disrupted his pegasus magic. Even with the best prosthetic wing, he would never fly again.
Hackjob grudgingly agreed not to charge for the eye, but as for the rest...

The Premise: Uplift has once again taken up a trade of his parents, adamant that he pay the cost himself. It helped that Hackjob was willing to offer a substantial discount in exchange for the ‘field testing’. A mixture of his talents and her augmentations make him a capable field support runner, though he hopes to leave all this behind as soon as he’s paid off the momentous debt he and his family have accrued.


Grit 3 - Being a mechanic makes you tough. Being partially metal helps.
Athletics 3 - Mechwork is not a sedentary career..
Mrd 0 - Uplift has literally never used a gun or knife to hurt someone in his life. That shouldn’t be strange.
Stl 0 - He wasn’t particularly sneaky before steel was bolted onto him.
Per 3 - Most trades require a keen eye.
Hacking 4 - Some modifications were made to his brain, with the side effect that coding is far more intuitive now.
Mechwork 4 - Mostly innate talent, actually.
Anatomy 4 - Remember those brain modifications? They taught him nothing new about medicine or disease, but gave him a firm grasp of where everything is supposed to go and why. By inverse reasoning, he also knows what to break.
Act 0 - Positive? Yes. Persuasive, deceiving, or coercive? No.
Adp -1 - More than flight was taken from him.


Club Lucius Duster Jacket: With two folds for his wings to poke through, though on runs he prefers to keep them tucked beneath and hidden with most of his other cybernetics. He neglected to get the ‘please identify me for the newsreel’ cutie mark emblazons. Cost: 500 Bits.

Hackjob’s Helping Hoof: A bulky, impossible-to-hide box attached to his replacement leg holds:

Electric Screwdriver and USB Stick: Hackjob appears to have directly taken these from a Multi-tool. Lawsuits pending,
Soldering/Cauterizing Iron: Useful for fusing wires or closing wounds, is in fact just a quick-heating piece of metal.
Mini-Roto-Saw: “It can cut through wires, hardcover novels, flesh, and whirs ominously!” Unsuitable for combat.
Socket Wrench: A custom inclusion of Hackjob’s with solely pragmatic function. Presumably an oversight on her part.

Cannot be removed without surgery. Cost:2000 Bits

Headsock: Balaclavas being the luxury item that they are, Uplift had to make do with cutting a couple eyeholes in a- what? Don’t ask him why he has a sock. It’s- look, why do you think he has a sock? He has a private life too and no he is not going to talk about it, it’s bad enough he has to wear this thing over his face in public where everyone can see like he’s some sort of pervert just because he can’t find a balaclava for less than the price of body ar- oh, that’s real mature. Yes, thank you. He hadn’t heard that one before. Good job. Cost: 0 bits, and every bit of dignity the GM will thoroughly enjoy stripping from him.
>> No. 451046

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 451078
File 138965596381.png - (97.20KB , 559x959 , Pomegranate curious.png )
Name: Pomegranate "The shadow mare"
Race: Earth-Pony
Age: 20
Pom never had any real friends. Thanks to being different, everypony treated her like she was the scum of Equestria, who didn't even deserve to breathe the same air as them.
Almost every day she left school bruised, and beaten half to death, and all she could do was sit and cry. She wished she would just keel over and die. Then one night a criminal broke into her house.
It was terrifying, this pony had killed hundreds of ponies before. Then she thought about it. If he was here... this was great! Nopony would treat her different!
There were screams as the little filly was picked up and taken, the criminal had taken a liking to the little one and pulled her away. She quickly grew to like the Colt who had taken her as if he was her father, the Coltnapper was the only pony who was her friend.
Growing up, she was taught everything he knew.
One morning, she found out he had died in a fire fight with some police. Enraged, she left the secluded basement, and hunted down the cops which killed her only friend.
Civilian details:
She disappeared into the shadows a long time before hand, everypony assuming she had died the night she had been filly-napped. The alias "shadow mare" was given to her after she killed the cops who killed the colt who took her. Afterwards, she has not shown her face, outside of stealing food from unsuspecting vendors.
Grit: 3
>Not overly used to pain, can easily be brought down, but she is no stranger to trying.
Athletics: 4
>She is fast from being slightly small, but when it comes to fighting, she is not very good at all, however when it comes to being nimble and able to wrap herself around you and suffocate, she is very good.
Stealth: 5
>Pom was taught by the best, and is master of hiding.
Murder: 3
>She is not very fond of it, but she will if she has too.
Acting: -1
>Pom cant act for the life of her, she tells everypony what she thinks strait up... but only if they can catch her first
Perception: 4
>Being as fast as she is, she needs to be able to catch things out of her eyes
Meckwork -1
>She never got to work with this kind of thing.
Adept Power 0

Just the earrings in her ears

Last edited at Mon, Jan 13th, 2014 19:06

>> No. 451079
File 138965645331.png - (246.01KB , 884x903 , 138928238164.png )
>probably did this wrong
>> No. 451084
How often would I have to post in order to join this? I don't have much time on my hands these days >_>

Last edited at Mon, Jan 13th, 2014 17:59

>> No. 451087
First question.

What's a cat-pony? Like, I understand that she's one-of-a-kind, but how was she formed? Is she a mutant? A Genetic experiment? A practical joke born of a cruel god?
>> No. 451090
File 138966446706.gif - (1.00MB , 500x281 , 1366577614814.gif )
You did. You only used 17 points. Also with murder one I doubt she could hurt a fly.
>> No. 451091
Moderately often, by my count; it shouldn't require too much time, unless you go out of your way to write a novella with each post.
>> No. 451092
File 138966510068.png - (93.84KB , 886x502 , base__30_by_irdinahaiza-d66zwg7.png )
lol thanks for the input
im fixing now
>> No. 451093
File 138966527875.png - (265.25KB , 1024x1360 , Confused_Pony_Base.png )
>> No. 451094
File 138966537045.png - (114.06KB , 830x702 , Pomegranate Shrug.png )
its been fixed, and it is just a wierd birth trait
>> No. 451095
File 138966556048.png - (27.62KB , 900x650 , You may need to stop that.png )
So, it's a mutation?
>> No. 451096
File 138966566838.png - (87.52KB , 492x513 , Pomegranate unpleased.png )
Yeah, I guess you could call it that.
>> No. 451097
File 138966571386.png - (29.46KB , 900x650 , wut r u doin.png )

...I'll just get back to lurking now.
>> No. 451100
Ok..I might try it and see how it goes for a few weeks, cause I don't want to start too many rps and have to quit again cause I get busy with work, BUT, I am going to be able to pick a lot of my hours soon, hopefull within the next few weeks. So...would you say being able to get on like once a week be enough for this? Or would you guys want people who are on more frequently than that?
>> No. 451103
File 138966661347.png - (480.60KB , 805x675 , Can't be with him.png )
Who are all these people and why are they here?
>> No. 451104
File 138966684083.gif - (93.94KB , 501x412 , THATS ALL FOLKS .gif )
This is a character application thread deary, they're applying their characters. Directly to the forehead.
>> No. 451106

Oh Star Fall.
You should know I'll never leave you.
>> No. 451107
File 138966699957.png - (81.82KB , 336x246 , Rude.png )
I'm being sarcastic you dunce.

You keep disappearing tho ;~;
>> No. 451108

I'm like herpes.
You never know when I'll pop up, but there's no doubt I'm here.
>> No. 451109
File 138966714496.jpg - (28.71KB , 590x393 , jealousy.jpg )
>Jealousy intensifies
>> No. 451110
File 138966722013.png - (94.00KB , 287x402 , wah.png )
Are you trying to tell me you gave me internet herpes?

Cry me a river.
>> No. 451111
File 138966725759.png - (107.84KB , 590x596 , Pomegranate Forward unto tomorrow.png )
Aye! Star, how goes it! *sprink*
>> No. 451115
File 138966751445.jpg - (61.55KB , 600x688 , ella wut.jpg )
I'll cry you an ocean cause you stole my husbru and refused to even give me any bits for him. How am I supposed to get that damn fridge fixed now?!
>> No. 451116
File 138966763396.png - (133.42KB , 672x225 , Beer.png )
Try offering 5$ Blowjobs out on the street corner.

Not bad, yourself?
>> No. 451118
File 138966784657.png - (510.01KB , 1440x900 , DB pew pew.png )
But I'm an amateur, what if they charge me?
>> No. 451119
File 138966790745.png - (246.01KB , 884x903 , 138928238164.png )
goot goot
>> No. 451120
File 138966799860.png - (119.97KB , 241x460 , Huh.png )
>Being paid money to hire a prostitute.

What kind of dreamy wonderland do YOU live in and why haven't I heard of it before?

>> No. 451122
File 138966812407.png - (371.54KB , 1000x500 , ella end of time.png )
My mind, and because if the world really knew what went on in there, they would all kill themselves and I would be Death, Destroyer of worlds.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 13th, 2014 19:57

>> No. 451123
File 138966824138.png - (45.58KB , 676x112 , huh 3.png )
>People would kill themselves if they knew what went on in my mind.

You're adorable... you know that, right?
>> No. 451124
File 138966828800.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella happy face.png )
No u
>> No. 451125
File 138966836683.png - (74.93KB , 165x443 , Drinking 2.png )

I know exactly what I am and it involves being an unlikable cunt.
>> No. 451126
File 138966851905.gif - (124.08KB , 958x536 , eye lash wiggling intensifies.gif )
Ah, well then we have something in common at least.
>> No. 451129
File 138966871214.png - (118.87KB , 388x314 , Which side are you on.png )

Sadly no, you're simply too kawaii to be as hated as me.
>> No. 451130
Once a Actually, I think if you've already got that much pressure, you should just pass us by.

I see.

Well, now you only spent eighteen points; as an Earth Pony, she'd get twenty. Beyond that, though, I can't find anything particularly objectionable about this.

Does anyone else have any concerns?
>> No. 451131
File 138966880627.png - (555.49KB , 1200x1696 , ella stern stance.png )
Oh I wasn't talking about the hate part.

>> No. 451132
File 138966888095.png - (125.78KB , 804x187 , Glance.png )
The hell are you on about then?
>> No. 451133
File 138966900815.gif - (4.86KB , 125x125 , applebroom.gif )
ok. If I get more time than I think I'm going to have in the coming month or two, I'll give it a shot. One final question, are, more loner characters that come and go, a more possible option? I like playing those types of characters, on top of sometimes it provides a nice convenience if I do need to take a break for an extended time, I can have characters 'take a trip' so to say.
>> No. 451135
File 138966907908.gif - (1.27MB , 300x168 , gone hog wild.gif )
I don't know, I just had a redbull. You know how I get with caffeine
>> No. 451136
File 138966926249.png - (76.18KB , 497x155 , Godamn it.png )

Goddamnit Girl, get off that stuff already.
>> No. 451137
File 138966932567.jpg - (12.73KB , 245x206 , and so I go fast.jpg )
>> No. 451139
File 138966946080.png - (90.17KB , 542x228 , okay.png )
Mkay then.
>> No. 451172
File 138973474715.png - (31.05KB , 621x683 , Smiles6A.png )
Name: 'Smiles' H-T Hooveshkavich
Race: Zebra/Earth Pony mix
Age: Late twenties/early thirties


Born and raised in Marescow by the Birth Name 'Happy Thought' it didn't take long for him to go by 'H-T' instead. He was raised by his single mother, a secretary for an up-and-coming corporation. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work to earn enough money to survive in Marescow, let alone raise a kid, and more often than not H-T was home. Alone. All day. Every day.

But he never felt alone, far from it. He spent all of his free time playing his VR games and watching television. All but ignored by his mother, and mostly raised by video games and TV actors, it didn't take long for H-T to develop questionable morals. His games taught him it was OK to kill. The movies showed him that crime always payed. And no one was their to tell the poor boy otherwise. But his favorite entertainment was, by far, the spy and military movies and games.

Something about being a secret agent, a killer hero, appealed to his young mind. Of course he probably would have grown up mostly normal none-the-less. Every kid likes action movies, and wants to grow up to be a cowboy or something. However, a very strange and particular set of unfortunate circumstances shook this young colts world. You see, his mother died.

A complete cliché , but there was a catch. He was the one who killed her. Still a cliché I know. But I dare you to tell him that!

One night, when she got home late, he had been convinced she was a robber. Having just watched a movie, he decided it would be best to drop a bowling ball off a two story balcony unto her head.
Needless to say, it was hard for the authorities to call it an accident. Harder yet was deciding what to do with a prepubescent colt who had apparently killed his mother. It was hardest of all for the cleaning worker. Brain is hard to get off of concrete.

H-T had seen enough movies to know that murderers went to prison forever. He wasn't going to let that happen! And so, he ran away from Marescow. A memory that will always stick in his mind is his first night away from home. Shivering under a bus stop, crying, trying desperately to cut his mane with a sharp rock (succeeding only in scratching his scalp bloody). It didn't occur to his young mind to just wear a hat.

But he grew from the experience. He got better at his disguises, and even grew more comfortable with them. Boy or girl, old or young, by the time he was sixteen he could be anyone he wanted to be. Seemed that being androgynous had it's advantages sometimes. Years of sleeping on the street and moving from place to place had toughened his body and kept him in good shape. By seventeen he had stolen an ID and earned enough money to take a turbo-boat across the sea, to better lands. He could be anyone he wanted to be. But he knew exactly what he wanted to be.

It wasn't a week after he landed on shore that he joined the Equestrian Military. After a few years, he even earned a place in one of the most respected special forces squads, a squad destined to be famous for their actions in the secession war. And boy, did H-T love the military. How he passed their psyche tests seems like a mystery, until you realize he could have convinced those unmotivated army psychologists that he was a purple Hippogriff named Celestia 2.

War made an already sharp knife sharper. With little to no moral standing, killing by order didn't phase H-T. He had nerves of steel, and never got nervous under pressure. His only weakness was when he was ordered to wait. He hated waiting, it reminded him of commercials on TV. He just wanted to get to the good part!

His specialty was infiltration. He once earned a medal for seducing and then killing an enemy officer, proceeding to impersonate the officer and send an entire enemy squad into a trap. He then seduced his OWN commanding officer, just for kicks. His disguise ability borders on frightening.

Fellow squad-mates gave him the nick-name 'Smiles' due to the fact he always had a very slight but visible grin on his face, like he was in on some grand joke no one else could hear or understand. Then again, no one in his squad was exactly normal. They had the Mad Mare on their side after all!

To him, war was a game. Life was a game. He wasn't a mad dog killer, far from it---killing to him held little more moral weight than pressing a button, or, in his case, pulling a trigger. It was just harmless fun in his mind. He was the star of his own action movie! Boom! Blamo! Wappow! Headshot! MULTIKILL! Sadly, no movie lasts forever.

Like most soldiers in the war, he found himself booted to the street after the war without so much as a 'thank you'. It didn't take him long to fall into bad company.

Feeling right at home with one of his old squad-mates, it didn't take much convincing for Smiles to join Burst in her criminal ways. Of course it didn't take her long to get thrown in the slammer for petty theft.The rest of her 'gang' dispersed immediately. Being the only one who had served with her in the war, he had a tad bit more loyalty. Sadly, that loyalty was offset by heavy drinking, as he totally forgot about her release date.Drunk in an ally somewhere, probably vomiting on his own hooves, he awaits Burst's release without realizing she was already a free mare. But drunk or not, you couldn't delay destiny forever.

It was time for this movie's sequel to begin.
And it was going to be a blockbuster.

Civilian Details: A petty criminal, he is mostly unemployed. Without Bursts direction he was left unsure with what to do beyond 'exist', so that's what he's been doing. Sailing from bar to bar, leaving unpaid tabs, and sleeping anywhere warm. At the moment he has found it easier to survive under the guise of a young homeless mare. 'She' gets a warm meal and a bed every night thanks to his rehearsed sob story. Of course kind ponies are hard to find, but not every pony in the city was totally heartless. Some ponies 'she' would stay with for weeks, others for only hours.

Skills: 22 points.

Grit: 3
"I've been shot more than once."
Athletics: 3
"A few of our squad thought running was for cowards. They don't think much of anything anymore."
Hacking: -1
"Don't worry, I saw this in a movie. The password is 'password!'"
Stealth: 0
"Real Hero's don't sneak around."
Murder: 4
"Have you seen Rambo?"
Acting: 5
"But I am a kawaii schoolgirl!"
MechWork: -1
"What's an 'engine'?"
Adept Power: 0
Perception: 5
"How can I become someone else without knowing them better than themselves?"
Speciality: 0
"I'm super special."

-$2500 cash, for hiring employees. Why buy a gun when you can hire a gunman?

Smiles doesn't believe in augments. He's a purist, in some sense. He's seen enough movies to know putting robots in your body is a bad idea. Uh, Skynet?The Borg? HELLO!?
>> No. 451175
File 138975156537.png - (80.30KB , 836x955 , afternoon gents.png )
Name: Mercy Moonlight
Race: Pegasus
Age: 24
History: Since her foalhood, Mercy Moonlight has been a bit of an outcast. In her grade school years, the soft-spoken foal would often impress her teachers with her superior capacity to learn, as well as her interest in literature and the world around her. Even then she would frequently be placed in gifted programs and subjected to tests well above her grade level; it was due to this that she managed to graduate to middle school a year early, subjecting her to an environment carefully constructed by the adults of her life. But it was due to this apparent favoritism and secluded nature that she was subjected to bullying and ridicule at the behest of her classmates; to put things simply, Mercy did as many do, and began to withdraw from her peers. This came to a head when, soon after she graduated the sixth grade, she qualified for a home schooling program, all but sealing herself off from society as a whole until she graduated high school. She was a recluse, in every sense of the word. To this end she began to develop an interest in the world around her - naturally, this included the criminal underbelly of her residence, which she took a morbid fascination to not long before graduating the program.

Even up to this point, Mercy did not live in anything less than poverty; despite her early academic promise, she eventually had no choice but to go back to public schooling, as her parents began to run short on funds and patience for the filly's distinctively quirky nature. Thrust into the public, and with many years of social catchup to play, she quickly fell behind and lost interest in academic pursuits. In the end, she barely managed to pass her final year of High School, and pursued the lingering interest in criminal activity through a short employment with the Canterlot PD. She soon learned of their corruption and general uselessness, sustaining multiple assaults and sexual battery, from her own colleagues even more than the so-called criminals. Disgusted with both, she resigned in short order, battling depression up to the age of 23 while stringing her way through life, job after menial job, all finding no purchase in her heart. Finally, after being held up during her attempt at a career in night-clerking, and being insulted by the attending police officers, Mercy decided she had had enough. The police were useless, the simple criminals no more than scum - her last option was to distance herself from both, as an Operator.

Mercy prefers the usage of long-ranged weaponry and subtle tactics to get her jobs done; she has no qualms with putting criminals nor police out of commission for good, but prefers to keep her collateral damage to a minimum. As such, she has found assassinations to be her forte, and seeks to build a living on her marksmanship and intelligence, while eliminating the scum of Equestria at the same time if at all possible. In her eyes, all are guilty until proven innocent.

Despite this, Mercy could be easily noted as an otherwise cheerful mare, possessing a sharp wit and an unorthodox sense of humor, extending, of course, into the realm of black humor. Mercy also exhibits a less than easily controlled sexual appetite, but is well practiced at using this to her advantage. She does not fancy herself a paragon of virtue, but would also prefer not to be associated with the more vile criminals of the world, and thus holds onto her standards of morality - she refuses to prolong suffering needlessly, and would have some difficulty exploiting someone she sees as a respectable individual. When sniping a target, however, the usually outgoing and cheerful mare will slip into a trance-like calm, speaking only when absolutely necessary in terse, simple terms, and is not to be trifled with.

Civilian Details: Despite her utter dislike of the very concept of a daily grind, her position as a part-time maid in a high-rise hotel allows her a meager income consisting of tips, and a convenient view should she ever find "work" around the immediate area. No word on how she feels about the uniforms.

Thunderbolt Munitions Hunting Rifle: (1500$)
Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest (500$)
Suitcase [Sniper Rifle] (500$)

Cash: Donuts. Lots of donuts.

Grit: 1
"AGH! FUCK!…Sorry, stubbed my hoof."
Athletics: 3
"I *could* learn get to around by doing flips, cartwheels and rolls…oooor I could just fly over the damned thing."
Hacking: 0
"I confess; I'm just a script kiddie…"
Stealth: 3
"I'm gone~"
Murder: 4
"Chew on this..."
Acting: 2
"I like a dangerous man~"
Mechwork: 1
"What's this button do?"
Perception: 4
"How oft the sight of means to do ill deeds makes ill deeds done."
Adept Power: 0
"Push me! PUSH ME!"

Still deciding on the appearance. This being the only full folder of female pone I have, Dawn's gonna have to be a stunt double for now.
>> No. 451176
File 138975383780.png - (119.97KB , 241x460 , Huh.png )

Is that really you?
>> No. 451177
File 138975502157.png - (112.03KB , 1000x1131 , 134353972677.png )
>> No. 451178
File 138975543275.png - (3.00MB , 2312x1704 , ponyficiton.png )
>> No. 451179
File 138975559714.png - (451.55KB , 1558x926 , SBo_O.png )

Here it is! I knew it was in there somewhere. This image is showing its age, featuring a Sunburst with both eyes.
>> No. 451180
File 138975595693.jpg - (223.42KB , 750x720 , 1345141348772.jpg )
>Sunburst with both eyes.

Jeeeeez that's old.
>> No. 451181
File 138975604100.jpg - (336.28KB , 900x675 , pis_maresnightout.jpg )
Oh found another one.
>> No. 451182
I think thats all my tgtn/early PIS images.
>> No. 451183
File 138975687238.jpg - (64.34KB , 566x592 , 1345141476218.jpg )
Make me new images.
>> No. 451184
File 138975807329.jpg - (77.21KB , 484x404 , SB-video.jpg )
Aint nobody got time for that!
>> No. 451185
File 138975814142.jpg - (88.84KB , 1280x720 , Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - 02 - Large 12.jpg )
Bitch gimme my images!
>> No. 451186
File 138975824530.jpg - (395.54KB , 1470x1068 , PoniesinSpaceCrew.jpg )
The last image I have with Smiles in it
>> No. 451187
File 138975909767.png - (825.43KB , 1280x720 , vlc 2012-09-10 22-31-39-00.png )
Now we wait for the 6A version of that drawing.
>> No. 451188
Assuming Burst and her little gang survive!
>> No. 451189
File 138975939732.jpg - (313.46KB , 550x768 , Oriotorai_Makiko_full_824648.jpg )
I assume many things!
>> No. 451190
File 138976251147.jpg - (7.80KB , 235x214 , 1379487588858.jpg )
>> No. 451191
File 138976279770.jpg - (5.95KB , 259x194 , cant tell if.jpg )
Where's the fire? I remember there being fire
>> No. 451192
File 138976571295.png - (384.73KB , 627x885 , b146aca4e93fb2bdf4d493e57b115a54.png )

I put it out.
>> No. 451198
File 138982532612.jpg - (192.98KB , 520x853 , 1365035193736.jpg )

#include <iostream>

int main()
std::cout << "Hello Star!";
>> No. 451200
File 138982548593.jpg - (20.20KB , 307x352 , 1377239120567.jpg )

Wow I used to be TERRIBLE at Photoshop.
I am shame.
>> No. 451201
File 138982619635.png - (74.57KB , 895x892 , hugs.png )
So while we wait on answers, anyone wanna chat some?
>> No. 451202
File 138982850577.png - (439.75KB , 800x633 , 137791218190.png )


Ponies call me Smiles. I don't think we have met before. Should I call you Mercy? Moonlight? MM?

Anyway, it's nice to meet you MnM's. I liked your application and look forward to playing with you, assuming we are both accepted, of course.
>> No. 451203
File 138982866298.png - (58.93KB , 1024x722 , yeehaw.png )
Afternoon, Smiles! Most people here just call me Gray, but for some reason I also like MnM's. Pick your poison.

I liked your application too! It seems like it'd be a really cool thing to play. Especially since you mentioned he prefers hired guns, which describes Mercy to a T.
>> No. 451204
File 138982949036.png - (48.51KB , 190x200 , 1365035500557.png )

Well hey, my link to the story was that Smiles is in the Mad Mares gang, maybe your link could be that he hires you! Smiles as a character has always preferred to work through other people.
(Ask Star, Burst, Ardo, Dro....)

I only hope Smiles never ends up on the wrong end of that ThunderBolt rifle ;w; He has bad luck with everyone he hires trying to kill him.
>Glaring at Burst and Ardo intensifies

In any case, I'll definitely be calling you MnM's then. Has a nice ring to it.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 15th, 2014 16:45

>> No. 451205
File 138982972798.gif - (0.96MB , 500x337 , tumblr_mdbtbnWCZK1r1zv65o1_500.gif )
To be fair! Smiles WAS trying to end all life in the known galaxy. Even evil Burst has standards. There'd be nothing to laugh at in a black void!
>> No. 451206
File 138982975461.png - (57.43KB , 663x744 , squeee.png )
Hiring sounds good to me, and even better to Mercy as a character. I like a little action. >:3

Though to be fair, even if they do come to blows someday, it'd be one helluva job trying to ice someone who can look like anyone - at least, not without breaking Mercy's "no collateral damage" rule. I think they balance each other out nicely~

I like where this is goin'.
>> No. 451207
File 138983079651.jpg - (30.79KB , 500x370 , 137784067040.jpg )

And yet Burst is the one who released the Galaxy consuming super evil...
>> No. 451208
File 138983114602.jpg - (26.59KB , 212x503 , 1365032680529.jpg )

Yes, I think they would balance well. If the GM approves us both and our actions, I look forward to hiring you :p

Welcome to the team, agent 47.


Last edited at Wed, Jan 15th, 2014 17:13

>> No. 451209
Oh, hey, they actually are kinda like 47, together. with the disguising and whatnot.
Team 47!

I actually originally kinda wanted her to be more like the sociopathic, cold sniper, but then I figured that'd be kind of a flat character in comparison to the buncha crazies we've got. I still don't think she quite compares. xP
>> No. 451210
File 138983218626.png - (18.79KB , 663x744 , spoiler.png )

Every pony in this thread combined doesn't even hold a candle to how crazy Sunburst is.

But we can try.
Take my hoof. Together, we will insanity.
>> No. 451211
File 138983225233.png - (90.49KB , 882x906 , rapefaic.png )
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
>> No. 451212
File 138983304163.png - (66.20KB , 882x906 , smile.png )

T̵̡̨̫̯͎̝̣̏̍̒̈͊̾ͥ̀ͯh͉̰̳̩̭̔͛̈́͌͊̍̀ͥ̀e̐͊̾ͧ̏͏̧͖̠̗̯̕ ̡͕̫͖̤̱͎̭ͨ͒̈̽ͭ͝S̶̥͕̤̻͉̣͕̗̅ͪ́i͔̱̎ͥ̎̈́ͨ͆͘͜x̷̸̥̭̥̟ͫ͛͂̍̏̚ṱ̳̣̝̪̟̜̣̏̇̾h̩̲̜̰̻̳̩͔ͨ̎̍ ̼̺̲̹͐̔̎͘͡ͅA̬̐̌̆̂ͬͮ̈́̀͠g̥̝͔̩̻̿͋̌̎̈ͣ̐̕͡ę͈ͮ̽
̧͇͈͓̙̻͍͕ͧ͞Ẅ̶́̽ͨ̌ͯ͌̇̉̽͜҉̲̪̯̞̻̬̻̬͍i̵̧͚̗̟̰̫̤͋̍̄͗̂ͣ͜l̴̖̖͕̳̪͍̄̎ͥ́ͅl̵̢͈̰̫̠̬͓̲̒̓͛ ̱̳̱̇ͨ͛́͞͝S̢̞̣͈̰͇͉̍̉͑ͦ̓͛o̠̼͚ͭ͒o̹̫̼̘̫͔̩̹͈̿̓̂͡n̛͕̱̝͇͚̂ͪͯͮͨͅͅ ̔ͬ̂́͆̚͏̴̳͇̬̦E̡̖͈̠̣͖ͫ̃ͩ͌ͩ̋̚̚͞n̘̠͒̓ͩ̒̚͢d̸̷̯̰̜̞͉̙̖̟͓͒̓̕
̛̯̖̻̰̺̰̼͕͒̓̒̎̓͌̔̿T̮̥̲͇̑̚͟͠͝ͅh̞̹̞̲̞̻͒̃̈̑ͬ͟e̙͚̲̟͎̊̄͌͊̚͞ ̡̲̜͔͍̪̻̭̓̀̾́Ś̷̒̀ͤ͞҉̦̝̫̦̱͇̱̘ë̛̛̦͕́̇̑̃͡v͚̤͇̺̋̏̂̀̾̋ͤ͟͠e̦͔̺̹̩͋̿͛n̂̃̀̓͏̴͏̫̫̬̟̱̹t͛ͥ
̡͉̹̩̠̘̍͋͗͜h̪̬̲̹ͨͫ͌ͪ̂̚͘͜ ̥̟͍̐A͚̤̖͔͍͋̉ͨͪ̚͜͝͠g̍ͥ̍͒̒̊҉̴̝̺̹̺̞̺͓ḛ̲̗̱̿͌̾ͮ͌͂͐͢͡ ̹͖̟̝̙ͪ̅͆̑͡͝i̬͍͔̙̹͈ͫ̔͒͒͟͝s̴͍̬͈̦͕͊̿̆͒̄̊̄̿ͯ͘ ̗̱͔̼̘͈̪͉ͮ̾ͫ͌ͨͮc̵̸̥͖̟̮ͩ͛͞ơ̶̪̹̲͉̝̲͊̓m̮͕̯̜͑̕i̸̫̯̗̙̩̒͑̃̄͆̓ṉ̪̰̥̞̖̰̟̈́͐͛ͮ̈g͈̪ͣ͐̄͑͂͌
͚̖̜̯̜͎̱̃ͧ̄̀̓̚T̘͚ͪ͝h̦̣̻͙̜̬̽́̕ͅe͎̗̒̑̿̒ͣͤ̿̚͜ ̻͚̂͋͋̾̄̍ͯ̕ą̦͖̳̲̩͎̆̋ͥ́͟͟ͅg̢̝ͦͩ̇̓͒ͦ̋̀͟e̸͕̤͍̋̑ͯ̈́̽ ̢̨̠͇̟ͥ̏ͪ́͛̄̋ő̢̥ͬͬͥ͠f̩̠͙̤͊̓͂͒ͅͅ ̴͎̬͓̠̣̰̣̎̋͛̿͒̽̔̄͢ͅo̓͊͞҉̶̬̺͙̟͙ͅu̬̠͉̱͖̖͉̯͈̾ͪ̚r̸̛̺̰̺̱͔̩̱̈́̅̈̋̄̂ ̛͍͙̣͈̦̒̒͛͆͘L̛̛̗̻̱͖͎͖͗͒ͥͪ͊͗̀́o̩̬̭̯̓͑ͅŗ̶̲͖̹̣̪̯̺̟ͮ̅ͧ͑d̳̲̰͚̂͊͌̍̄̊̆ͦ͜ ̩͓̥͓ͬ̑͆͑̇̔A͌ͬ̀͏̻ǵ́͏̻̺̮͞e̙̘̮͔͍̫̜̗ͮͦ̂ͩ̀͜nͬͥ̃̆ͩͪ̓̋͏̵̥̲̯͙͇t̡͎̩ͮͫ͞ ͖̫̪̲͉͇̪͔̜ͩ̑̾ͪͣ̾ͧ͞͝4̡̼̫̐͌ͭ̽̃͗7̢ͤ̎͆͆̆̋̽̚҉̷͈͖̩͕̼̯̙̭

Sorry about messing with your images. I'm super bored.
>> No. 451213
File 138983366835.png - (73.98KB , 717x1113 , yes_right here_right now.png )
Hey, I can dig it. ;D
>> No. 451214
File 138983371314.png - (45.46KB , 684x693 , shadow 4.png )
Sorry about the wait, life got in the way. Moonlight, Smiles, you are both approved. Now go forth and raise hell, for the sake of the deed and not another goddamn reason.

Pomegranate, if you're still around, you are also approved.
>> No. 451215
File 138983374674.gif - (1.60MB , 350x197 , loss_for_words.gif )
>> No. 451216
File 138983388438.gif - (1.83MB , 200x200 , 10gvO.gif )

Any rules on where to start or anything?


Hopefully I'll see you around the thread :3
>> No. 451217
Well, from what I read on your character sheet, you'll probably be starting in a gutter somewhere.
>> No. 451218
File 138983422942.png - (60.69KB , 232x197 , 1365032721372.png )

>> No. 451222
File 138983466117.png - (58.93KB , 1024x722 , yeehaw.png )
Hyehahahah! []

I'm ready!
>> No. 451223
So I guess what'll happen is you'll be lying piss-drunk in an alleyway and then somebody else will come up and say "SMILES EES YOUR CUZZIN COME TAKE ME BOWLIN".
>> No. 451224
File 138983583253.png - (80.30KB , 836x955 , afternoon gents.png )
Hey Smiles, you got a Skype?
>> No. 451225
File 138984137741.png - (315.78KB , 722x692 , 1359516147309.png )
Whoops, that's a long post. :w:


I'll add you when we get in the group, but yes I do :O
>> No. 451226
File 138984340002.jpg - (882.39KB , 1000x1377 , Kirigiri_Kyouko_full_817751.jpg )
>> No. 451227
File 138984348231.jpg - (176.11KB , 1239x877 , did I get him?.jpg )
I dunno, I might just avoid the group call, since it keeps updating all the time for me and I barely checked it anyway.
>> No. 451229
File 138984688845.jpg - (75.29KB , 800x800 , ed1bbce849d90241ffa175b1991f8948.jpg )

Skype: billions-of-stars

I'll appear as 'Smiggles'
>> No. 451230
File 138985076586.gif - (948.58KB , 243x339 , 1378602087638.gif )

Last edited at Wed, Jan 15th, 2014 22:39

>> No. 451231
File 138985131839.png - (2.86MB , 2000x1800 , 131961586000.png )
Have some more memories of your past photoshop skills!
>> No. 451232
File 138985145549.jpg - (147.30KB , 425x282 , QualityTime.jpg )

I don't remember.

Who is that?

>> No. 451233
File 138985156876.gif - (1.50MB , 500x416 , 132449646604.gif )
Can't hide from the past!
>> No. 451234
File 138985224189.jpg - (373.16KB , 3508x4961 , 1380347966604.jpg )

God that is old.
Good times.
>> No. 451235
File 138985228410.jpg - (252.96KB , 620x350 , 249520-620x350.jpg )
Apologies for not being around to post, I just recently got into the Hearthstone beta. So yeah, I was doing that for a few days.

I'll post something soon.
>> No. 451261
File 138990544941.png - (97.66KB , 900x839 , yay.png )
Got a new trip.
>> No. 451267
Name: Pickup
Alias: Force Break
Race: Unicorn
Age: 22

Appearance: Pickup's coat is a pallid grey matted from lack of care and covered in nicks and bruises. His gait is stilted and fumbling, each step obviously a deliberate calculation. When at rest his posture is often ragdoll-esque, with awkward angles and limp limbs. His face is oddly expressive, though, as natural impulses pull it into whatever emotion he’s feeling at the time. This means it usually flickers between sullen and angry without apparent cause.
His cutie mark is a box surrounded by a magic field, but on missions it is covered by a stained painter’s uniform. On its hips he has drawn a what looks like a jagged triangle smashing a rectangle in half.

History: Pickup was born with an incomplete nervous system, resulting in a crippled sense of Kinesthetic awareness and proprioceptivity. In layponies' terms, his body was almost completely numb,
To say this made him 'clumsy' was an understatement. With so little feeling in his muscles he couldn't reliably stand up until adolescence, couldn't walk until his teens. Even now his gait is a wavering limp, and if distracted by something he's more likely to trip over his own hooves than successfully take a step forward.
He was put in support groups, and quickly learned to hate everyone there. They lied to themselves, pretended that being broken didn't make them less. Of course it did. He also hated his able-bodied classmates, who were more likely to taunt him than try to make friends with the spiteful young colt.
His sole natural gift was his talent with telekinesis. Far above that of other unicorns, and for obvious reasons well-practised, Pickup still felt some resentment towards this power. Whenever people told him it was given to him as compensation for his disability, he thought of some cruel gods inflicting this misery on him as a joke.
His general hatred became fuel for him to surpass his boundaries. Despite no innate talent for it, Pickup diligently practised teleportation. He would teleport everywhere, even when walking was preferable. He would teleport until he collapsed, and not move until he could teleport away. Every failure enraged him, increased his spite for the natural order, and gave him cause to try harder. By the time he reached adulthood, his skill at teleportation had exceeded even his 'super special talent'. This perversion of the natural order gave him satisfaction if not rest.
Perhaps the bitterest comedy fate has played on him is that his disability is only curable with augmentation so prevasive that it would disrupt his magical control. For this reason, the heavily-augmented are especially hated by him.
It’s no surprise that appearing to be weak and actually being a raging asshole have gotten him into plenty of scraps, most of which he’s won by being underestimated and having sheer contempt that his opponent is still standing. Some people become operators for fortune, others for delusions of grandeur, but when Pickup took the alias Force Break it was with high hopes of being able to bring as many ponies down to his broken level as possible.

Civilian Life: Pickup works as a warehouse labourer, moving boxes from one shipping container to another for barely enough to afford his apartment in a slightly worse part of town. It goes without saying, he hates it all.


Grit 3 A combination of rage and dulled pain reception make him more resilient than he should be
Athletics -1 Pickup’s body is mostly numb and unresponsive
Murder 0 The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak
Stealth -1 A natural result of his disability
Acting -1 The nerves around his face are preserved well enough for speech, but he still has trouble telling what expression he’s wearing.
Mechwork 0 Machines do not interest him
Hacking 0 Not particularly tech-literate
Perception 2 Ha ha… Seeing red
Adept Power 0 He’s used to surpassing limits, but not to storing energy
Telekinesis (Speciality): 4 His Special Talent
Teleportation (Speciality): 5 His favoured talent
Teleweaponry (Speciality): 5 Liftup’s actual hooves may be useless, but he can operate even complex weaponry with magic - so long as it’s within a few feet of him
Telepathy (Speciality): 0 But I know you were wondering


'Sever' - A Kapricorn Frontline Blade with the grip removed and the blade’s lower end sharpened into a stabbing point, transforming it into a length of sharp metal unusable by hoof. $1K

'Breach' - A Thunderbolt Munitions Hunting Rifle, again modified to spite others. Lacking stock or handle, it is possible but quite difficult for a non-unicorn to fire this weapon. $1.5K

Bag of Bottles - Pickup likes to collect glass bottles off the street and out of recycling bins, carrying them with him wherever he goes. $0

Cash - Nope.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 17th, 2014 18:45

>> No. 451268
That trip did not work as advertised.
>> No. 451269
Alright, this seems fair enough.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 451270
Hmmm, looks interesting... I might apply, when I have the time to make a sheet.

I take it I should follow this format?


...Or is it more liberal?
>> No. 451271
Apologies, just saw this.

Didn't have the thread expanded. Going to go read.
>> No. 451272
I know this trip...

>> No. 451273
I have many, many names, actually.

Where might you have seen me before?
>> No. 451274
I don't even know. But I know that trip. Run a few names by me?
>> No. 451275
...Well, names would be rather confusing, concerning I don't remember many, but here goes.

Stu -- Fallout: Equestria -- about a year ago

Riskquestria -- /mlp/ risk -- fairly recent

Orion -- Dr. Cuore and a couple others

Those are the three biggest I can think of right now.
>> No. 451276
Aha! There it is! I recognize that from /MLP/!

Alright, as you were.
>> No. 451277
Oh, you play risk on /mlp/? Nice. ...I do a few other things there, too, but that's the biggest.

Anyhow, going to go read the Gdoc. Be back in a bit.
>> No. 451278
Quiiiick question.

I'm thinking of dragging out one of the old ideas that's been in my head for awhile and polishing it so it best fits this canon. Now, said character would be an earth pony, but he would by no means be sturdy. So I still say he's part of the sturdy class, or is there something else I have to do?
>> No. 451280
Well, if he ain't a magician, just list him as "sturdy" and then keep his frailty to fluff, and possibly mechanical concerns.
>> No. 451281
...It says here I can make custom orders. Can I still do this?
>> No. 451282
Yep. Custom orders are actually a fairly important part of the game--it's how people wind up with grappling hooks or laser crossbows or whatever.
>> No. 451283
What if I were to order a blazer jacket -- it does the same thing as the duster, being able to conceal small things in public, but now it gives a +1 to acting. It looks good, and it isn't nearly as suspicious as a duster.

...It's not going to be able to hold as much as a duster, though. Only room for one or two objects inside before it looks suspicious.

Could I get this? If so, for how much?
>> No. 451284
Well, I am hesitant to give items that give increases to stats, for reasons that are probably obvious. But purely hypothetically, I'd say about 6 grand.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 16th, 2014 23:33

>> No. 451285
Understood. Back to the thinking box I go.
>> No. 451286
File 138994069519.jpg - (363.71KB , 956x740 , nightclub.jpg )
Have fun in there!
>> No. 451287
It's actually a nice place. It's always warm, it's cozy, and it has quite a few nice conversation pieces!
>> No. 451300
Wait, laser crossbows?! Grappling hooks? What about a laser crossbow with an underslung grappling hook? How much would one of those bad boys run me?
>> No. 451301
Two hundred grand.
>> No. 451302
...Do you take credit?
>> No. 451313
Name: 'Suave'.
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 45
History: Being the youngest and smallest of a family of five wasn't easy. He was so scrawny and so annoying, he was wailed on by his brothers and classmates often -- many times resulting in bruises, lumps on his head, or worse. He couldn't fight back, and could only beg for mercy. ...Until he grew up.

As he grew older, he took more intellectual pursuits. He took speech classes, as well as psychology and advanced Equestrian classes. He had his way with words, and eventually managed to neutralize, and in some cases, befriend most of his old enemies. Although he still got smacked here in there, it wasn't nearly as bad as before.

Though, he knew words alone wouldn't get him everything he wanted. Sometimes, you just have to take what you want -- and he did just that. For example...

His mother used to be a great baker, and would make homemade cookies often. The only problem for our little adventurer here was that you were only allowed to have one a day. Well, Suave didn't like having limits at all, to say the least, and took action. In the middle of the night, he sneaked outside of his bedroom, opened the porcelain cookie jar as carefully as he could, and took out as many cookies as he wanted. The next morning, he pinned it on his older brothers and walked away with a smile on his face and a stomach full of cookies. These skill stuck with him, and served him well as he grew older.
(Not going to go into deep specifics. After all, I want to leave something for you guys to discover on your own...)

Civilian Details: Works at the customer service desk in the large hardware store in southern Manehattan. Since his job is barely over minimum wage, he makes most of his money by either persuading others to give him tips or conning them out of their money in one way or another. He doesn't steal that often anymore, mostly due to his laziness and his unwillingness to put himself in danger. That could easily change if hes given the right opportunity.

Grit: 2
Athletics: 3
Murder: 3
Stealth: 4
Acting: 5
Mechwork: -1
Hacking: 0
Perception: 4
Adept Power: -1

I'll take the $1k combat knife, the kevlar vest, and the duster, leaving $500 in my pocket.

Last edited at Fri, May 9th, 2014 16:59

>> No. 451320
First of all, sorry about the wait, busy day.

As for the character sheet? Well, you're one point over your limit, and I dunno how he's going to be operating in Canterlot when he's based out of Manehattan, but otherwise this is just fine! Let's fix those up before you enter, though.
>> No. 451323
It's fine, I understand.

Sorry, missed the little tidbit about the 5th point. Let's bump mechwork down to a -1, since that'd only be fitting.

As for getting to Canterlot, I'd assume he'd take the train, unless something would be in the way of that. Bear with me here; although I'm not new to roleplay and character creation, I'm new to applications in general, so I feel like I'm walking in the dark.

Any objections? Comments?
>> No. 451324
With Athletics zero you'll only be able to move once space per turn, and then only by sacrificing your attack. Base movement range is your Ath, but you can spend your entire turn moving to double that (Normally you get one move-equivalent and one attack-equivalent action per turn). In the case of Ath0 that means you spend your entire turn to step to the side. .

Also, with Grt1 you'll be one-shotted by anything except the weakest weapons. I'd suggest either moving your points around a bit, or getting an Atlas PPV for some buffer (But keep in mind that some weapons *do* cut through Kevlar, so don't rely too much on it).

Last edited at Sun, Jan 19th, 2014 14:41

>> No. 451326
Alright, I'll do some re-shuffling.

...Although, I'll say I do want to keep my grit on the low end; it'll make things more interesting for me. Give me a while to think.
>> No. 451327
Grit: 2
Athletics: 3
Murder: 3
Stealth: 4
Acting: 5
Mechwork: -1
Hacking: 0
Perception: 4
Adept Power: -1

I'll take the $1k combat knife, the kevlar vest, and the duster, leaving $500 in my pocket.

Sound better?
>> No. 451328
File 139017178213.png - (2.75MB , 1900x1053 , Falling Up.png )
Definitely, looks like a pretty even distribution without being too spread out. Should work fine for a stealthy faceman.

Oh, and a bit of a heads up: There are two groups right now, both led by mares with dreams of grandeur...
>> No. 451329
File 139017195714.png - (145.51KB , 500x400 , Inq Rarity (DrYayberg).png )
G1 normally runs on the weekend, it's pretty evenly spread in terms of skillsets. Frost is in charge, with a personality to match the name, and she wants to own the city through political intrigue.
>> No. 451332
File 139017235234.png - (2.40MB , 1322x1775 , Poster; P_A_R_T_Y_.png )
Group Two, that's mine, is the weekday group. I'm not gonna lie, we're fucking psycopaths for the most part. We've got a master of disguise to do the talking, but the rest are all on the 'Combat' end of role spectrum and maybe one of us has something you'd call a 'moral core'. Star Burst is in charge, alias The Mad Mare, and she's basically a more hedonistic version of the Joker. She wants to turn the entire Superstructure into a den of vice, and has no issue with leveling the extant city in order to do it.
>> No. 451333
Looks like I have some decisions coming soon...

When do I start?
>> No. 451334
File 139017287238.jpg - (201.48KB , 1183x1600 , Battle.jpg )
As you can imagine, since both of these sides inhabit the same world there's not much room for negotiation. Though we haven't 'met' yet, nobody has any delusions of us becoming fast friends. Eventually the two will be pitted against one another, and we'll see whether Sickle Inc's meticulously crafted plans can best the sheer torrent of destruction that The Loons are quickly making their signature.
>> No. 451335
File 139017309015.png - (1.18MB , 1280x1302 , Pony revolution (n1de).png )
Way to break my flow, guy.

But whenever Harry is available to give you the official okay. If you've got a skype, we'll invite you to the chat.
>> No. 451336
File 139017365681.png - (80.80KB , 937x852 , pancakes.png )
Ironically, the one with the moral core works freelance by admission.
>> No. 451337

Anyways, I do have a skype. walt.lawson is my account name. You'll see a guy named 'Scotty', and a picture of Ulfric Stormcloak. That's me.

Sorry for the slow response. Got caught up in a TF2 game with a friend.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 19th, 2014 16:35

>> No. 451338
File 139017834000.png - (125.97KB , 900x600 , spoiler.png )
I'm sorry I abandoned you, pwease forgive me I am a terrible pony.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 19th, 2014 17:39

>> No. 451358
File 139023057313.jpg - (52.46KB , 1200x666 , gas_mask_by_crimsonstar6-dpf6cx.jpg )
Just a small change note: Changed Malice's physical descriptions. "White fur, Red Mane, Black Mask" That's all.
>> No. 451359
File 139023088269.jpg - (27.30KB , 476x349 , tumblr_ll80o5BYpG1qk82ivo1_500.jpg )
Also, accidentally deleted character sheet, meant to delete Electra's but forgot I still had Malice's marked for editing.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 20th, 2014 08:15

>> No. 451363
File 139026373202.jpg - (287.53KB , 1024x670 , Fox.jpg )
All the time in the world now.
And I only get to spend a small amount of it on my computer.
So much for
Relaxation and rehabilitation.

But to the point, am I even allowed to rejoin?
>> No. 451364
File 139027158312.jpg - (105.88KB , 1024x768 , Lesson.jpg )
Oh gods.

Harry, please say yes.

I need this.
>> No. 451365
File 139027249764.png - (350.94KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lwy2sjyigq1r98gxmo1_500.png )
Name: Malice is what they call her.

Race: An Earth Pony is what she was born as.

Age: And she is estimated to be in her early 20's.

History: No one pony can be sure how her story began, but it doesn't seem to matter much these days. Now the only thing anypony knows about Malice, is that she holds a burning hatred for the higher ups, the big cats, the top dogs, any rich bit fondling grease bag she sees. Be it for a revenge served cold, a hot passion for ideology or just a natural yearning for chaos and violence, her name has quickly climbed the latter of the Canterlot's most wanted list. Bank heists, destruction, murder, terrorism, the stories say she'll stop at nothing to melt down the piles of bits that the corporations have piled up to build their foundation of undisputed power upon. And burn away the corruption holding the entire city hostage. The news says she's dangerous, the locals say that she's angry, the authorities say she's out of control, but everypony agrees that she IS Malice!

Civvy Details: Much like her past, nothing is written in stone, Malice hides her identity well. Often being referred to by the locals as "Riot Mare" for her tendency of wearing a gas mask to hide her identity and bringing big trouble to whatever part of town she steps into.


Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest

Utiliton Multi-tool White Edition Mk. VI

Grit: 2
>Death can reach anyone.

Athletics: 3

Hacking: 0
>Computer Basics

Stealth: 3
>Like an urban chameleon.

Murder: 4
>A sacrifice for the cause.

Acting: -1
>Condemned to the truth.

Mechanical Expertise: 3

Perception: 0
>Hard to see out of a gas mask.

(Specialty) Explosives: 5
>Fire and Brimstone.

Adept Power: 0
>No second chances.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 20th, 2014 19:49

>> No. 451368
File 139027396309.jpg - (145.71KB , 764x1024 , Trying to sneak home after a beer 1.jpg )
Hmm, to be needed by The Duck of the Vacuum...

Sounds almost ominous.
Dirty even.
>> No. 451370
File 139027427241.png - (693.25KB , 955x964 , Muffin V Cupcake.png )
I don't usually go by that anymore. But Vizzy, there's been no conflict here. Everyone is resonable. I incapped two of my team mates when they were 'collecting' me, cut off one of them's ear, and threatened the other's life on at least three occassions. And they're being good sports.

If I don't get to bitch with somebody, I may well die.
>> No. 451373
Nope, seeya later.
>> No. 451375
Good gracious, reasonable people, what's a lad to do.

Anyway, looks like a no. GM is apparently still sore at me. You'll have to go at 'em alone I'm afraid lad.
>> No. 451376
File 139027551440.jpg - (179.16KB , 1280x719 , Don't Go.jpg )
>> No. 451377
'Fraid I have to old chum, GM say's go, and so I go.
>> No. 451378
File 139027600927.jpg - (2.73MB , 1125x7500 , Season 1.jpg )
Goodbye then, but know that no matter how black our history might be, it has a special place in my heart.
>> No. 451379
File 139027710338.png - (1.01MB , 4500x4821 , 1 S.png )
Well, seeing as Tiny died, time for my backup

Name: Somewhere in Griffon lands, there's a hard-copy birth certificate that reads "Sigmund" The last name has been lost with age
Alias: "Krieg"
Race: Griffon
Age: 36
History: Sigmund was raised by his parents, who were simple farmers. He learned from an early age how to raise and slaughter the livestock. He enlisted in the army at 17, and after one tour and an incident involving him, his platoon sergeant, and the latter getting a black eye from the former, he left. The life just wasn't for him, with its hierarchy and B.S. Using his skills the army taught him, he went into the private sector. He made a decent living off of it, until the Secession War.

During the Secession War, both sides were hiring mercenaries left and right. Krieg took this opportunity and signed on with Manehattan. Throughout the war, he made a name for himself both for his brutality towards his enemy as well as to his allies. There are stories of a Griffon who wounded or killed his own men if they retreated or showed compassion to the enemy. An unfortunate incident with an enemy's grenade cost him his right arm from the elbow down and shredded the right side of his face. Using the money he'd saved already, he was able to get his arm replaced with a cybernetic limb as well as get his face rebuilt, leaving him with nothing more than a scar on his beak.

After the war, he disappeared before they could try him for war crimes, taking all his money with him and dropping off the grid. He made due living off of his wartime pay and taking small less-than-legal jobs here and there. One one of his jobs, he saw a group of operators working and tailed them. He saw them get paid a substantial amount and decided this was the life for him. A life where he could put his skills to use and make good money for it.

Civilian Details: Krieg doesn't have a civilian job. He's a full-time operator. He lives in the Warren, where no one bothers him too much and he can come and go as he pleases.

Grit: 4
>"Tis but a scratch!"
Athletics: 3
>"Yeah, I work out."
Murder: 5
>"Killing is my business... And business is good!"
Stealth: 0
>"If I gotta hide, I will."
Acting: 1
>"Poker face? Never was too good at cards."
Mechwork: 2
>"I do my arm's maintenance."
Hacking: -1
>"Proxy? Firewall? Hell, I don't know a damn thing about these computers."
Perception: 2
>"Yeah, I see it."
Adept Power: 1
>"Adrenaline's a hell of a thing."

Atlas PPV ($500)
S&W Wasp-Sting Revolver ($2000)
>> No. 451391
Man, that is one ugly-ass griffon.

But this sheet checks out. Welcome to the fold, operator.
>> No. 451436

>> No. 451458
File 139046387386.jpg - (119.98KB , 864x925 , even_ponies_can_have_gas_masks__sketch__by_pananovich-d5s9ooq.jpg )
...And then everyone died or went to prison, the end.

Except for smiles who lived on to be a very successful Bank Manager.
>> No. 451459
File 139046535364.jpg - (373.21KB , 762x948 , 1377813804302.jpg )
>> No. 451465
File 139053518071.gif - (915.59KB , 400x300 , 6193-sad-batman.gif )
>Steal a Police car

>Get excited to loot it

>Realize I can't loot stuff outside of games

>> No. 451466
File 139053676580.png - (1.62MB , 900x1685 , Derp.png )
Name: Flip Back
Alias: Minmax The Unstoppable Warr- What’s an alias?
Race: Earth Pony
Appearance: Flip is typically covered head-to-hoof in rag wrappings to keep the biting cold of the Wastes at bay, exposing only her watchful green eyes and a tuft of unbound tail so laden with dirt its original colour is indeterminate. Beneath the rags her white coat has turned into a dirty brown, and her grass-green mane sports a dozen different colours from incidents you really don’t want to hear about. Both her mane and tail are crudely chopped short by Flip herself, which she likes to think gives her a ‘vagabond-chic’ look.

Vaulting poles don her flanks, though due to the nature of vaulting poles it sort of looks like her cutie mark is just a stick.

History: Some ponies are just born unlucky, and 100% of the foals born in Lowest City fall into this group. Flip’s parents were the closest you could come to ‘nomads’ in the desolate wastes, traveling between the scattered outposts therein to trade supplies and information. Such a life is no place for a young filly, so as soon as she could walk on her own Flip was left to the dubious communal care of Last Hope while they went on their adventures. They were not unkind ponies, but their wanderlust meant that Fip saw little of her parents for most of her early life.

Instead she grew up as one of the many urchins that ran Last Hope’s streets, watched over by adults who barely had enough time to ensure their own survival and older kids who barely had the sense to ensure their own survival. Many of the children there had mutations, and Flip was no exception; a set of telescopic eyes and a defective pair of vocal chords made her observant and quiet. Endorphin production faculties cranked way up bid her learn to overcome her disability with body language and, interestingly, eerily accurate sketches to communicate. She also took after the parents she saw a few times a year, taking every chance she could to journey outside of Last Hope’s walls. Often this meant time with the adults. Others… Not so much.

Growing up in the Lowest City is an understandably tough affair, and many of her dear friends are now named on headstones. Others left for bigger and better things, while some few managed to stay and survive. When Flip was fifteen her parents deemed her old enough to come with them on their journeys. All Last Hope knew of her for two years were infrequent stops where the family swapped supplies and stories of their exciting adventures. Then one day she returned alone, making no attempts to explain.

In the years since Flip has made Last Hope as much of a home as she’s ever had, though she seems no less interested in spending time outside of the town’s walls. She took on the role of reconnaissance, traversing the Waste surrounding Last Hope for intel and supplies that could be of use. She’s become quite promising in this regard, though she does have… Drawbacks. ‘You can use a Thunderbolt Munitions Hunting Rifle as a club’ was not, in the town’s opinion, worth wrecking a Thunderbolt Munitions Hunting Rifle to discover.


Grit: 4 When the going gets tough, the weak die of exposure.
Ath: 5 Flip probably would have been an acrobat in another life. In this one, she's really good at running away.
Murder: 4 Flip isn't violent by nature, which lends a great deal of credence to the 'nurture' argument.
Stealth: 4 On the rare occassions she couldn't run, hiding proved useful.
Perception: 4 Your options in Lowest City tend to be either 1) Spot trouble before it spots you, or 2) Make peace with your god.
Acting: 0 Aside from the speaking issue, she's not... She's just not all there, poor thing.
Mechwork: -1 To say she's never used real machinery in her life would only be a slight understatement.
Hacking: -1 It would not be an understatement for computers.
Adept Power: 0 Carpe Diem! Leave no power bursts to the morrow!


Supersight (Peeping Tims under a different name. $500

Longbow: Dam3, Rng 10, Silent, Maximum One Shot Per Attack. $1250

Retractipole: A spring-loaded vaulting pole that can extend up to ten feet or retract to as short as two with the press of a button. Increases the number of squares Flip can jump up or across without penalty by one. $750

Last edited at Sat, Jan 25th, 2014 11:47

>> No. 451469
This is acceptable. Welcome to the fold...

...You...unruly...vagrant-type person.
>> No. 451471
File 139053931842.png - (1.05MB , 724x1024 , Do What I Want (Science-Kid).png )
>> No. 451472
I've gotta say, this canon's piqued my intrest. A couple questions:

1: How often do fights happen? In other words, how frequently does the rp shift from Ponychan to Roll20?

2: How would you feel about a character that's been on both sides of the law (ex-police, etc.)?

3: If it turns out that this canon isn't quite my can of beans, could I just write myself out when an opportunity occurs?

4: How do stats?
>> No. 451478
In order.

Bout once every week and a half, we already have several so it'd be hypocritical to vetoe one now, yes, and this link:

>> No. 451698
Who are you?
>> No. 451699
File 139080121747.jpg - (86.41KB , 980x530 , flynn-rider.jpg )
It's okay. I'm greenlit to be here.
>> No. 451700
File 139080129866.png - (227.62KB , 438x720 , Devious Partier (Zraxi).png )
Oh ho ho... I believe I see.

Pleasure to see you, still.
>> No. 451701
File 139080154333.gif - (907.19KB , 307x465 , EX1_116_premium.gif )

Does anyone else see the similarities?
>> No. 451702
File 139080210603.gif - (1.01MB , 307x465 , CS2_088_premium.gif )
You know what, never mind, it don't even matter. Maybe Malice could make a new friend.
>> No. 451703
File 139080430510.jpg - (30.70KB , 500x596 , discord_really.jpg )
Are you Turtle enough for the Turtle Club?
>> No. 451704
File 139080447813.jpg - (99.19KB , 600x911 , CwsmXwz.jpg )
>> No. 451749
Well, seeing as the GM had a beef with my newest character, I have been booted from the canon. In the beginning, it was actually fun. But as time went on, it became less and less so. Honestly, I don't even fucking care that I'm gone now. So to all of you 6th Age players, see ya.
>> No. 451759
File 139087792112.jpg - (22.11KB , 235x272 , The magic ends with draven.jpg )
Name: Charles Barkloudly
Alias: Anti Mage
Race: Diamond Dog
Appearance: C.B is a tall and lankey Diamond Dog, taller than any that had come before, his fur is pure black, marred by his bright sparkly grin and his ever present bright purple gym shorts. His oddest trait though is what he has chosen to lay over the fur, bright purple tattoos cover his whole form, one tracing up his muzzle to meet at his temple with a long red mohawk, cut short to allow for maximum stylin without reducing his agility.
History: There once was a young Diamond dog Puppy who wanted something a little different, he had no longing for jewels and minerals, he did not see the point in brushing pretty ponies manes, no, from a young age Charles had only one fixation, a silly game some griphons showed his pack once when passing through, they called it b-ball. The moment Charles got that ball bouncing he knew it was his destiny to slam and dunk that ball, going to the jam in his head.

He would have led a peaceful life most likely, but no, that would make for a boring tale and if this were a boring tale I would not be telling it.

This is a story all about how his life got flipped-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how this little pup learned to get some air.

In west Diamondelphia born and raised, on the playground was where he spent most of my days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, and all diggin for jewels outside of the school. when a couple of griphs who were up to no good. Started making trouble in his neighborhood, he got in one little fight and his mom got scared, she said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Aqua Regia'
He begged and pleaded with her day after daym But she packed his suit case and sent him on his way, she gave him a kiss and then she gave him his ticket. He sniffed at the ground and said "might as well stick it", First class, yo this is bad, drinking toilet water out of a champagne glass, Is this what the people of Aqua Regia living like?
Hmmmmm this might be alright.

But wait he hears they're prissy, bourgeois, all around. Is this the type of place that they just send this cool hound?
I don't think so, you'll see when he gets there
I hope they're prepared for new alpha of Aqua Regia

Well, the plane landed and when he came out, There was a dude who looked like a cop standing there with his name out
He ain't trying to get put in pound just yet, he just got here, he sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappeared.

He whistled for a cab but none came near, the cop gave chase, Charles bounced over cars tryin to stay clear, a truck was coming, would the pup dare?
Yes he would, this is when, he got some air. He bounced up high, feet 7 or 8
And he yelled to the popo 'Yo homes smell ya butt later'
He grabbed a b-ball, looked at his pinion
He'd finally dared
To bounce way up high and get some air.

From there, the circuits were his home, slamming and Jamming every which way and that, but when he went to join the big leagues to get rich and fat, to earn that which he deserved from the sweat of his own brow
'No,' says the man in Ponyville, 'Diamond dogs are too weak.'
'No,' says the man in the Cloudsdale, 'Wingless can't jump.'
'No,' says the man in Canterlot, 'You smell like a sewer.'

He rejected those answers. Instead, he chose something different. he chose the impossible. he chose...

The Slam Jam

A place where the b-baller would not fear the ref,
where the games would not be bound by petty rules,
where the Slam Jam would not be constrained by foul magic.

And if you dare, like he, to get some air, I will say to you, come on and slam, now welcome, to the jam.

Then a unicorn killed his parents. Fuck magic.
Grit: 2 - Gotta be able to take a fall from time to time
Ath: 5 - Yo dog, you need bounce to get some air, and you need air to get into the slam jam
Murder: 1 - sometimes that ball can bounce off a guys noggin just a bit too hard
Stealth: 2 - C. Barkloudly learned the value of being evasive in the vaults of the NeighHighLords
Perception: -1 - perception? Sounds like foul magic
Acting: -1 - Acting? Thats something for foul magi
Mechwork: -1 - Mech work? You mean electric foul magic?
Hacking: - 1 - MAGIC!?
Adept Power: 1 - Come and grab the microphone, I'm in the zone
Specialty (Slamming): 5 - Come on and Slam!
Speciality (Jamming): 5- The fuck you wanna jam?

Gym shorts - $30
B-Ball - $30
Jams - Priceless
>> No. 451760


That's fuckng crzy ass nigga shit righ there. props
>> No. 451761
File 139088020180.png - (29.93KB , 150x125 , when_to_pick_anti_mage_by_chargermaster-d5k63fx.png )
Electric magic is still magic, it is as foul as every other kind of magic.
>> No. 451768
I have problems.

1d10 = 10
>> No. 451769

1d10 = 6
>> No. 451795
File 139096025863.png - (67.81KB , 504x520 , 6.png )
Name: Hayate (No operator name as of yet)
Race: Dragon (airborne)
History: Hatched from an illegitimate brood in the northern mountains, Hayate grew up with a very skewed view of a harsh life that shows in his demeanor. Like most dragons of this age decent gems are far out of his reach, in fact even crude gems are out of his reach, so like the rest of the poor dragons he found subsistence in the minerals in common rocks and metals. But even those can be enough to draw a larger hungry dragon, so Hayate learned to improvise. Using surprise and raw brutality he scratched out a meager life as he traveled south to Canterlot. Once in the city he found a home within the Warrens doing what he had always done, scratching out a meager living through violence. His attacks tend to be from hiding and are marked with the swift brutality that was common in the north.
Civilian Life: When not out finding or earning food Hayate spends most of his time simply existing like all the other dregs.
Grit: 4
Athletics: 4
Hacking: -1
Stealth: 4
Murder: 4
Acting: 0
Mechwork: 0
Perception: 3
Adept Power: 0

Finances: 1000

Kapricorn Blade
Atlas PPV
Power Bursts: 1
>> No. 451800

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 451801
Name: Dirk Gently
Race: Unicorn
Age: 26

History: Dirk's story is not particularly exiting. He grew up in a nuclear family in Detrot, got his degree in Canterlot State University (Forensic Investigations), and quickly found a job in the Canterlot Police Dept. For five years, he worked in ignorance. Then, he noticed something. One of the newer employees, Cass Ette, was in the break room, bragging about her payraise. "And I've only worked here for six months!"

Dirk had been working for five years, and had recieved two paycuts.

He began noticing other things: Getting passed up for all of the big cases, the way his bosses treated him, being moved to an office down the block to "make room for old case files." He was never boughr a birthday cake, he hadn't been invited to go out for drinks, they even kept the annual secret santa exchange a secret.

Now, he's just itching for a way to take back what was rightfully his. And with all the talk of criminal activity floating around, he might have found one...

Civ Details: Dirk works closely with the CPD, taking on odd jobs on the side. He works from a small office about two blocks from the actual Police HQ.

Inventory: Reversible M. Trotston coat (black and brown)
Black Fedora (not tacky, can pull the look off)
CPD Investigator's Badge
Small notepad and pencil
Colt .45 pistol
and his wits.

I can't access the GDoc at the moment, so can someone tell me what stats are supposed to add up to?
>> No. 451815
You shouldn't have posted before reading the G-Docs about equipment and stats.

Change the Colt 45 to a Wasp Sting Revolver and the reversible jacket to a Club Lucius Duster.

Stats add up to 20 for you, fifth rank costs two points.

President's Harry's call on the backstory of course, but I suspect that working both sides of the law simultaneously wasn't what he had in mind. Operators do crazy immoral thkngs sometimes.

Also, lying is an Acting check. Good luck not getting found out by one side or another.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 29th, 2014 13:16

>> No. 451816
Having some issues posting.
>> No. 451817
Nevermind, I got it:

Grit: 3
>I've been told that about five percent of my body is scar tissue.
Athletics: 3
>Working with the CPD has it's up-sides...
Murder: 1
>My gun is strictly for self-defense.
Stealth: 3
>You ever wonder why they call detectives Gumshoes?
Acting: 5
>If I tried, I could make you think that I was 7 years old and I lost my mommy.
Mechwork: -1
>Unless it pertains to my case, I stay away from anything with a motor.
Hacking: -1
>Firewalls? C++? Look man, I'm just trying to send an e-mail.
Perception: 5
>I see connections between things that, apparently, nobody else does.
Adept Power: 0
>I just give it my all, no questions asked.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 29th, 2014 15:12

>> No. 451818
Well, see, I did read the GDoc, but I couldn't access it when I was writing up the sheet. But now I can, so nevermind.

Also, those changes should be fine.

Last edited at Wed, Jan 29th, 2014 13:46

>> No. 451819
Sorry folks not gonna make it for tonight. Recent events prevents it.
>> No. 451820
Adds up. Keep in mind that Murder -1 means you couldn't shoot a prone, blindfolded, quadripalegic. I'd switch the gun with something you are physically capable of using.
>> No. 451821
Well, I assumed that meant he could shoot them without actually killing them, like Batman.

Or, y'know, whatever.
>> No. 451822
It's cool.
>> No. 451823
Batman would know how to use a gun if he held one. -1 would be checking if it was loaded by peering down the barrel and pulling the trigger.
>> No. 451824
Okay, I gotcha. Lemme just bang the stats with a hammer for a few minutes re-distribute the stats right quick...
>> No. 451832
1d10 = 7
>> No. 451876
File 139112793622.png - (1.22MB , 1800x1500 , 135706477898.png )
>> No. 451892
Lunacy? CUZZIN!

Well, this definitely seems...interesting. I'd like to talk to you more about it over skype if you have a moment, though.
>> No. 451893
File 139113607096.png - (184.85KB , 750x750 , 132621564486.png )
President Blowhard!

This is a mighty fine canon you've got here. I got a few questions, though. First off, when and how often do things actually happen in the IC thread, and how fast do they tend to go?
>> No. 451895
File 139113678402.gif - (1.21MB , 393x490 , forever wow.gif )
Fun fact about me, I actually don't have a skype. Is that going to be a dealbreaker?

Hey, Lunacy.
>> No. 451898
File 139113683733.gif - (215.67KB , 1440x1440 , 132621988546.gif )
Ohai Zoticus.
>> No. 451901
File 139113791652.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , 132623207536.png )
Huh, just noticed that my tripcode went for that post. Weird.
>> No. 451906
Skype is free.
And its where most information is passed along.

Things have been happening regularly.
Game games happen once every week and a half or so.
>> No. 451915
File 139114275456.png - (1.42MB , 1200x1200 , 1eb20e46ee1b65dcbc048c4db7baad63.png )
Alright, thank you for that.

I'll be back if I remember my other questions or if I finish making my character.
>> No. 451930
Whenever, all the time, and it varies from screaming-fast to crying-slow. Depends on the players.

Yeah. you should really get it. Shit's free.
>> No. 451931
File 139115854010.png - (369.78KB , 903x955 , 132623360876.png )
Hey, Blowhard, you still around?

Can I get your Skype? There's a thing or two I'd like to ask you.
>> No. 451932
File 139118967365.jpg - (421.28KB , 1200x600 , raider.jpg )
Yeah. You can find me at ht_black01.
>> No. 451936
File 139120428762.jpg - (105.16KB , 516x290 , ive got YOU in my sights.jpg )
Guys, we'll be moving along to a night job pretty soon, so try and do your thing within the next day or so. Time to get this ball rolling and see what we're made of.
>> No. 451945
File 139123444947.png - (122.00KB , 1027x1000 , Mallie.png )
Name: Kivuli. It’s unlikely she’ll disclose her name unless she trusts you, or you’re also of Zebra descent.
Alias: Malignant, but feel free to call her Mallie.
Race: Zebra
Age: 28
Born to a family of healers and shamans in a dying Zebra tribe, Kivuli was expected to take up the family tradition of healing and helping others selflessly, for the good of the tribe and for the good of all. Kivuli could hardly say she didn’t try her best, but everything she concucted ended up doing more harm than good.

It took a distressing incident with a simple cold being turned into something much, much worse for an elder of the tribe, thanks to Kivuli, for her to come to terms with the fact that she simply wasn’t any good at healing anyone. She tried to pursue her talents in poisons, but with nobody to teach her and a tribe that had no use of her, stresses and strains began to arise between her and the rest of the tribe.

Kivuli meant no ill will towards her family or anyone else in the tribe, but even she could see through their fake smiles and forged happiness for her to see the constant disappointment for both her, and themselves, for failing to raise her as someone useful for the tribe. She knew she was only taking up space and resources for a tribe that needed everything it could get. One fateful night, the currently sixteen-year-old Zebra took off from her family, determined to find a life in which her talents were properly utilized.

Two years of wandering and survival brought Kivuli to the fringes of Equestria. With nowhere else to go and not much to lose, Kivuli spent the next six years as a vagrant, traveling from town to town and taking opportunities and quick work wherever she could. She quickly picked up the language of the land, working her hardest despite mixed reactions to her lifestyle and immigrant status.

Kivuli was no naive soul, and wasn’t one to turn down work, even when it dipped below the moral guidelines. Never quite liking what she did, she was at least content in her natural abilities finding themselves of use, and through her time in Equestria, eventually became hardened to the rights and wrongs of pony life. Being on the straight and narrow was equally unappealing to her, and as the years flew by she found herself in the glorious city of Canterlot.

Coming up halfway through her twenty-eighth year in this world, Kivuli, taking on the alias of Mallie, finally decides to take the plunge in calling herself an Operator. Hardly the same zebra she was when she was with her family, Mallie works to secure a better tomorrow for herself, still harboring a will to prove herself successful to her family and herself.

Civilian Details:
Whenever Kivuli is awake, she can be found wandering Downtown and the Warren for work or a place to stay the night, never seeing the need of staying in one place for too long.

1 x Shiv
Essentially a sharpened rock fragment, it’s more a keepsake from her past than an effective weapon. Still, it’s never outlived its usefulness on delivering a poison here or there...

1 x Blowpipe
An uncommon weapon, even in Zebra lands. Useful for the tactical application of poisons from a distance. Not very good for much else.

Grit: 3
“Zebras aren’t known for being flimsy. I’m no exception.”
Athletics: 3
“It’s been years since my legs have felt the plains of my homeland, but they are no weaker from it.”
Hacking: -1
“Equestrians can meddle with their technology all they desire. I wish no part of it.”
Stealth: 0
“Zebras are uncommon. I'd be foolish to assume I wouldn't stick out.”
Murder: 3
“Taking a life is no small task, but is one that should always serve a purpose and never be regretted.”
Acting: 4
“You don’t always need to be yourself.”
Mechwork: 0
“Simple machines are ubiquitous, even in the Zebric lands, but the Equestrians have taken it to lengths I never dreamed of.”
Perception: 2
“It’s no challenge to make your eyes tell lies, but sometimes you have to trust them.”
Specialty: Poisons: 5
“One drop can turn the tables of life and death, one bottle can move mountains, all you need is the right target.”
Adept Power: 0
“Sometimes your all just isn’t enough.”

Well, I’ve got no idea how much a blowpipe would cost, it's stats, or if I can do it at all, but it's worth a shot!

Last edited at Sat, Feb 1st, 2014 18:30

>> No. 451953
Well, this all checks out. We'll talk more about the blowpipe over skype.

Welcome to the fold, operator.
>> No. 451963
File 139127270768.png - (227.62KB , 438x720 , Devious Partier (Zraxi).png )
>> No. 452006
1224: We're logging unauthorized access from WD. OD Cout Subjectname.
0|>4<13|)|>4(.0||: 3333
1324: Son of a BITCH. You said they'd be taken care of!
1224: They will be. Don't worry, they can't tell anyone. OD, Display status 3333.
0|>4<13|)|>4(.0||: ∞
2424: Disappointing. Fix it, Twelve.
1223: Already done.
>> No. 452150
File 139197723993.jpg - (111.78KB , 960x959 , Chrysipillar.jpg )
>> No. 452407
File 139253839744.png - (359.39KB , 453x700 , Raripillar.png )
>> No. 452410
File 139255563939.png - (751.39KB , 654x912 , loneliness_it_hurts__colored_by_sany123flora456-d5guqul.png )
sorry for the interuption but if you see yuppie online and posting can you have her message me on skype? I really need to talk to her badly.
>> No. 452459
File 139270039110.png - (100.59KB , 500x500 , ApplejackShrug.png )
So, I was wondering about Diamond dogs, are they allowed?
>> No. 452460
File 139270106545.gif - (970.31KB , 300x225 , You are now confused.gif )
>> No. 452461
File 139270119722.jpg - (86.96KB , 800x800 , Do you realize.jpg )
Awesome, I'll see about writing something up!
>> No. 452462
File 139270209800.jpg - (150.09KB , 480x615 , cats.jpg )
>> No. 452499
File 139287358927.jpg - (539.95KB , 1100x1263 , 1 Princess Saturn.jpg )
We have decided to join this canon as a crew. We have special requests and orders. They will be fulfilled.

Name: Princess Saturn
Alias: For the timid!
Type: Divine (Alicorn, +10)

Appearance: Saturn's black mane is worn long and tidy, but without useless ornamentation to consume her time. Her face is constantly set in a look of righteous determination which brooks no argument from her lessers. Her pure white coat can, as she wills, catch the light to make her appear as a shining beacon which the rest of the world may look to in awe. Her Cutie Mark is a sword with its hilt styled to look like a crown, which represents her mighty rule.

Backstory: When the Fifth Age descended and magic was wiped out, the princesses of Sun and Moon scampered away to whatever hole they hid out in. But alicorns of greater will remained, and continued to enforce their will even as the aristocracy collapsed. Saturn is descended from such a line, the third in her family to be born with the powers that the Sixth Age rightfully bestows upon her kind. Her mother is Princess Radiant, whose Revenantech Conglomerate is one of the Upper City's largest corporate entities.

Princess Saturn has descended to the Low City, where ponydom’s wretchedness is least concealed, their animal natures of predator or prey worn just beneath the coat. It is here she intends to prove herself, by a complete subjugation of the slums and crushing any dissenters underneath her hooves!


Grit 4 > She shall not falter!
Athletics 5 > She shall not break!
Murder 5 > She shall not hesitate!
Adept Power: 3 > She shall not regret!
Perception: 3 > She shall not be fooled!
Dominance (Speciality): 5 > She! Shall! Rule!

Dominance: It is only natural that the weak throw themselves before the strong in supplication. Princess Saturn may roll this against any pig that has Line Of Sight on her, which is challenged by a roll of their highest skill. When Saturn inevitably wins, the target becomes an employee, contact, or business owned by Princess Saturn (She will allow the GM to choose). Dominance may be rolled against multiple targets at the same time with a -1 penalty for each target above one.
Optional Rule: Dominance gains a +1 penalty for every ally of the Princess that is within the target's LOS, and a -1 penalty for each impudent adversary that is within the target's LOS.


Back and Gone
Dam 6, Pierce: Plasteel
What appears to be a Kapricorn Frontline Blade of fine craftsmanship reveals itself as a righteous weapon.

Ornamentation Of The Pure
Arm 0/15*, Immunity: Penetration
White-gold hoof bracelets and a crown enhance Princess Saturn's might. When unactivated for an entire mission, the Ornamentation grants her an additional Power Burst. If the Princess does not actively participate in the mission, she is instead granted two Power Bursts. When activated with a Power Burst, the Ornamentation becomes a powerful piece of armour that also grants a bonus equal to her Adept Power to all rolls made using a Power Burst.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 19th, 2014 22:20

>> No. 452502
File 139287387465.png - (798.11KB , 724x1024 , 2 Jaunty Girl.png )
My turn~

Name: Baton
Alias: Jaunty Girl
Type: Sturdy (Earth Pony)

Appearance: My coat is ruby red and my mane is pink, tied up in a little bun with sideburns that go down past my shoulders. I usually carry around a baton and wear a drum major's cap, but I've been seen in other outfits too! My cutie mark is a trumpet over a bass drum!

Background: Princess Saturn's best friend! We've known each other since we were fillies, and I've pledged to help her no matter what. I'm a people person sort of girl, so I'll let you know straight away: if you mess with me, I'll be conducting your screams :D


Grit: 1 } I'm not big on getting hit >.<
Ath: 2 } But I have a little flare!
Mur: -1 } How boorish :|
Stealth: 0 } Why hide?
Perception: 2 } I see you!
Act: 5 } I have a way with people~
Mechwork: 0 } Grease? Yeah, no :/
Hacking: 0 } Computers are for nerds XD
Adept Power: 0 } I'm awesome enough already :o
Medicine (Speciality): 4 } I'm smarter than I look :P
Maestro (Speciality): 5 } <(^o^)>

Maestro!: I roll this in place of whatever when music or performance is involved! Baton twirling, singing, and other little surprises >:)


Bass Cannon
DAM 2, RNG 10, Stun, Heavy, Blast

This lets me keep people right where we want them! Whenever someone's hit by this, they lose their next turn! Uses Maestro.

Super-Acoustic Jet

A hovercraft with twenty-seven speakers jutting out of it! The cockpit is filled with motion-detecting cameras which watch me conduct! They transfer the motion into sound, and the sound into controls for the jet! Thus I can maintain complete air superiority with jaunty cheer!
>> No. 452503
File 139287391567.jpg - (124.79KB , 900x636 , 3 Gimme Gore.jpg )



Perception: 0 JUSTICE IS BLIND!
Pain Barrier (Speciality): 4 PUNISH HIM MORE!
Retribution(Speciality): 5 TASTE JUSTICE!







>> No. 452504
File 139287414612.jpg - (205.23KB , 768x1024 , 4 Inundate.jpg )
After analysing the system, I have made an optimised character.

Name: Hack In
Alias: Inundate
Type: Sturdy (Ungifted Unicorn)

Appearance: Hack's coat is a pale blue-white, kept very neat. His mane and tail are a darker, but still quite light, mediterranean blue. The former is cut just above his chin (45cm), the latter short and neat (72cm). He is taller and thinner than most ponies, standing 144cm at the whithers and weighing only 331 kilograms. His cutie mark is a keyboard which uses, of course, the dvorak layout.

History: Hack In was once a delinquent coder, writing spyware and cracking databases for no reason beyond the challenge posed. Selling this information earned him sufficient credits to pay for a flat in Downtown, but everything came crashing down on him when he tried to access the account of a Revenantech executive. Princess Saturn herself was with the strike team, and offered him two paths: To join them as her personal information specialist, or to do hard time in a private correctional facility’s labour camps. It was not a decision what warranted careful analysis.


Grt 2
Ath 2
Hck 5
Pcp 5
Stl 5
Mch 0
Adp 0
Mur -1
Act -1


Combat Analysis Suite: A visor with onboard computation capabilities. The CAS allows its user to make a Perception check on any target within his LOS at a penalty equal to the target’s Ath - if successful, he may then make a Hacking check in place of a Murder check to attack the target on that turn. Alternatively, he may instead choose to use it defensively: if the target chooses to attack him in the next turn, he may oppose their Murder with a Hacking roll - if he wins, he dodges the attack. Both of these uses require he spend an attack action.

Camouflage Suite: A skintight suit that covers his body. By use of cameras and fiber-weave display screens, it enables him to become effectively invisible to the naked eye. Allows him to roll stealth to remain visually undetected at any range, with a stacking -1 penalty for each square he moves that turn.

Lunasea Combat Knife
>> No. 452505
File 139287422134.jpg - (9.34KB , 221x228 , 5 Ultrasense.jpg )
Name: Sane
Alias: Ultrasense
Type: Diamond Dog

Appearance: Ultrasense's got dark green fur and his eyes are covered by a blindfold thats been stitched into his skin. His ears and nose are always open, though. His body is a lean, mean, ass-kicking machine!

Background: Once he was an up-and-comer in the Detrot Bangers, leading the most feared leg of their operation in Downtown. But then Princess Saturn blew 'em all away like dry leaves, and even defeated Ultrasense himself in single combat! She made him realise that his talents were wasted in a two-bit operation like the Detrots, and offered him a chance to join her on her conquest of the whole Low City. How could he refuse?


Omnisenses (Speciality): 5 "There is no 'behind me'."
Athletics: 5 "I'm a natural athlete."
Murder: 5 "Let's see what you've got!"
Grit: 4 "I'm just getting started!"
Hacking/Mechwork: -1 "I got no time for that nerdy shit."
Everything Else: 0 "Don't care!"

Omnisenses: In one of the few fair fights he ever lost, Ultrasenserealised that he relied far too much on his eyes. After having a blindfold stitched permanently over his eyes, his other senses became incredibly powerful! Through hearing and smell, he can make out what's happening in a full 360° cone around him for three squares per rank, which means he detects everything within 20 squares of him in any direction.


He doesn't need any special orders!

Kevlar Vest
Kapricorn Frontline Blade
Beesting Revolver
>> No. 452506
You forgot something.
>> No. 452507
I'm not reposting. It would break the order.
>> No. 452508
You *can* edit posts afterwards.
>> No. 452509
File 139287443858.jpg - (24.90KB , 398x500 , SHIVA.jpg )
>> No. 452510
Not the Subject line.
>> No. 452511
File 139287461714.jpg - (23.09KB , 230x343 , kill la kill.jpg )
Well, ya know, I like to think I have a pretty good nose for satire. But honestly, this time, I'm stumped. You all get points for the Kill La Kill reference, but I have to know.

Are you all the same person, and are these applications in any way legitimate?
>> No. 452512
So where's the President of the Sewing Club? Doesn't he usually hang out with them?
>> No. 452513
Nobody likes Iori, Wire.
>> No. 452514
I do.
>> No. 452515
>I do. Iori san ha kawaii desu yo~!
>> No. 452516
File 139287488361.png - (2.60MB , 1500x1000 , 01 Princess Saturn.png )
We are the Council. And you shall not doubt our seriousness, for to doubt that is to doubt our determination! We have come to dominate this pathetic social club you call a canon through force!
>> No. 452517
File 139287503831.jpg - (950.64KB , 1920x1080 , ryuko matoi.jpg )
Hm. Pretty tough talk, from all the way up there. Why don't you come down here and face me, Princess?
>> No. 452518
OI! You can't just come in here, acting all haughty, like these people should make exceptions just to be in your god dammed presence!
>> No. 452519
File 139287512924.gif - (7.45KB , 220x250 , ninja.gif )
>> No. 452520
I like Iori, he's one of my favorite characters :c
>> No. 452521
File 139287522635.gif - (247.45KB , 320x320 , Daww.gif )
Woah woah woah woah.


Allow me.

>Takes those lovely Princess ears and gives them a good long loving scratch.
Shhh.... There now, no need to be uptight. You're in very good hands~
>> No. 452522
We'll see how tough you are. If you want to play this game, fine.

What's your highest stat? Infrastructure?

Who are you, and how do you intend to stop me, peon?
>> No. 452523
File 139287553728.png - (883.19KB , 1600x1000 , Kill La Fluttershy (MisterBrony).png )
Name: Riled Mare
Alias: Sentencer
Type: Pegasus

Appearance: Black Coat, Red Mane, Pissed off!

Backstory: This bitch came in, and now I’m pissed!


Grit 4
Ath 4
Murder 5
Perception 2
Hacking -1
Mechwork -1
Acting -1
Adept Power: 3


DAM 5, Pierce: Plasteel, Ignores Pierce Immunity

Blood Ornaments
Gives her a new powerburst whenever she knocks a pompous cunt on their ASS! Whenever she spends a powerburst, same as that other bitch’s thing!
>> No. 452524
I have 50 points in it, queen B!
>> No. 452526
File 139287611832.jpg - (105.57KB , 1280x720 , 6 Revelation.jpg )
Aaand that's as far as I got.
>> No. 452527
File 139287620678.png - (359.18KB , 700x700 , Like Chaomina or what ever the fuck her name was.png )
Found this one lacking
>> No. 452528
The idea was that she was supposed to be a passing player that made up something on the spot.

Also, I'm tired.
>> No. 452529
File 139287694682.jpg - (331.77KB , 1341x1470 , Kill La Kill 159.jpg )
It's alright, was good!
>> No. 452530
File 139287765587.png - (1.51MB , 1024x1303 , Coco Pommel (zorbitas).png )

I vaguely recognise your name, so considering how out of touch I am with the community, that probably means I should be very pleased to be praised by you.

Pretend that's what happened.
>> No. 452531
File 139287885868.jpg - (250.43KB , 700x600 , Kill La Kill 131.jpg )
Suuuure, even though I only post in one thread and have done that for the past three years.
>> No. 452532
File 139288086506.gif - (0.99MB , 500x265 , tumblr_mu92pt5GnI1raufd2o1_500.gif )
Name: Nudisuto Bichi

Alias: Circulator

Type: Earth Pony

Appearance: When working his day job, Nudisuto is as boring as they come, dressing in a plain white shirt, aviator glasses and a black tie he's in every way the average, boring, simple, clothes salesmen


Simply by taking off his sunglasses and running a hoof through his mane, he seems to transform, where once were limp wrists and tiny biceps are *GUNS* guns of muscle, not metal, that'd be very confusing, unnatural, painful and weird. Where once was a round timid face is one of sharp angles, clever smirks and devilishly sparkling eyes.

Also his hair changes color somehow, but that's neither here nor their but it's definitely hair.

Suffice to say, slipping out of his disguise as a boring salesmen instantly elevates Nudisuto Bichi to the levels only before seen in the great Andrew Sexbomb Swiftwing!

Background: Raised on the distant shores of Nipon, he was brought up to believe in the power of community, of ponyanity, of your own two hooves, taught to despise equipment and the defiling it brought to the great pony body, he absconds it whenever possible, coming to Canterlot he has found the once great city destroyed and defiled into naught but a haven for the bastard equipment, now managing to replace limbs, organs, even minds, it's gone too far. And it's up to him to stop it. His greatest foe is Saturn, using her insidious wrist bands to take control of the hearts and minds of other ponies. She must fall.

Grit: 1 - Willing to take a hit for the cause, he's back up on his feet and headbutting cars in seconds
Ath: 1 - Speed is a necessity fighting against dolts using guns
Murder: -1 - Many of his friends have been lost to murderers, he will never sink so low
Perception: 1 - You must always see damned apparel coming, especially in the city - you might accidentally enter a tailors shop
Hacking: 2 - Well learned in manipulating the damned equipment against itself
Mechwork: 2 - And just as adept at destroying it
Acting: 5 - A master of disguise, able to play any role with only a pair of aviators
Adept Power: -1
Ping Pong hoof (Speciality) : 2 - A secret combat style of Nipon, able to turn any projectile back against his foes
Agressive undressing (Speciality): 3- Tearing off your own clothing is an attack of its own, when you can stun your opponents with your incredibly sparkly crotch, and lull them into awe with your marvellous posturing
Exultant howls: 3 - Yelling a battlecry at the top of your lungs, breathing deep and screaming loud, is there any truer show of ponyanity, with a scream of "WATEE WATA!" Nudisuto can lull mares into a lustful craze and men into stupefied awe

Aviator glasses - $25
Dress shirt - $200
A sparkly crotch - Priceless

Last edited at Thu, Feb 20th, 2014 00:27

>> No. 452533
File 139289448649.jpg - (27.48KB , 300x400 , kermit.jpg )

To you I say, Marcus, if we look past the huge fuck-up with the file names...
Made me laugh. I think I enjoyed the precise, dull prose of Inundate the most.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 20th, 2014 04:15

>> No. 452534
File 139290789371.png - (507.64KB , 900x834 , Flutterbat Hiss (Haydee).png )
Which huge fuck up with the file names?

They were supposed to be numbered.
>> No. 452536
File 139293049042.jpg - (92.79KB , 500x446 , cat.jpg )

I'm just saying it made it easier than it shoulda and coulda been.
Now please put away the flutterbat.
>> No. 452574
File 139294174786.png - (713.94KB , 600x722 , flutterbat_by_toodles3702-d704rdk.png )
Why? It doesn't disturb you, does it?
>> No. 452609
File 139300745944.gif - (37.21KB , 150x197 , im so sorry aaaa.gif )

What a preposterous hypothesis. I... love... flutterbat as much as the next guy it's just that her teeth are so sharp her eyes so cold and thirsting for blood.
Just put away the god damn bat ok jesus christ
>> No. 452612
File 139303131314.png - (82.14KB , 400x313 , flutterbat_eqg_by_brohoofsunited-d704ibb.png )
Aww, but Flutterbat's never done anything to you.
>> No. 452798
File 139373609487.png - (1.29MB , 1280x1656 , AnthroAirDressbyCinders.png )
Name: Air Clip AKA That Androgynous Pegasus or TAP
(as in, I'd TAP that)

Race: Pegasus

Age—21 Years

History—Air spent most of his childhood wishing he could become something else whenever he wanted to, utterly bored of waking up each morning with the same gender. He's long since accepted the fact that he cannot physically become something he's not, but growing up with no distractions lead him to spending lots and lots of time pretending to be something he isn't, to the point where he began experimenting with making himself appear like something he wasn't. Naturally, this lead to him getting quite good at fooling those around him.

Air detests getting his hooves or any other part of himself dirty, thus violence isn't something he partakes in unless he feels it necessary for his own survival. He doesn't protest against violence and killing, but he generally tries to find 'less messy' ways of getting what he wants.

Civilian Details—Air works at a maid cafe by day, as one of the maids naturally. He doesn't live in a particularly nice apartment, but it's far better than pissholes with no indoor plumbing.


Has a high pain tolerance and fit body, but certainly isn't a tank.

Again, physically fit, but certainly not a marathon flier

He knows how to use a search engine, that's about it though.

He's good at hiding himself, as well as hiding things in his dresses and other outfits.

Ew no, too messy! Plus it'd totally ruin his outfit!

The mask of deception he wears is practically one with his real face. He can be anything that you want him to be, and everything you never saw coming. You will never see him cry real tears, but you will believe they're genuine when you see them.
He doesn't consider it lying, he just considers it the closest thing he can accomplish to truly being something else.

He knows how to replace batteries and lightbulbs, not much more than that though.

He's got his eyes open, but he won't necessarily notice every last little detail.

No Specialty
No additional power bursts
>> No. 452799
Alright, this is a bit anemic, but I suppose it'll do.

Welcome to the fold, operator.
>> No. 452801
File 139374358646.png - (15.64KB , 194x182 , Air8.png )
I'll have you know that there is nothing 'weak' about being able to be the one on the inside, moving like just another little automaton but while mapping out everything for the rest of the crew. No surprises, just a nice little roadmap to navigate step after step, smooth like butter.
Knowing is half the battle after all.
>> No. 452805
File 139379574063.jpg - (326.50KB , 1280x720 , guacameme.jpg )
Name: Fudge.
Alias: The Pounder (He's very insistent about having his full name pronounced.)
Age: 23
Appearance: Very large Earth Pony, freakishly muscular, with a brown-yellow coat and a slick black mane that shimmers in any lighting condition. Facial features are hard to see under the constant Lucha mask, a tattered neon green thing that Fudge refuses to remove. His cutie mark is the same mask, minus the affects of time and use.

Fudge is, what some ponies might call, "that guy." You know the one. The one that hung around in a corner by himself, mumbling to no one, lost in a world only he could see. That guy. Under the care and isolation of his overbearing parents, he was able to stutter and ramble and barely maintain himself all throughout school.
What set him apart from the other "that guy"s was his size. Fudge was huge. He towered at least two heads above his classmates at all times. Were it because of diet, a genetic mishap or perhaps just fate, he could never tell. He never wondered much as to why, more concerned with the the open stares from his classmates and teachers. Their fear set him ill at ease, and whenever he'd launch excitedly into a topic, they all seemed to shrink away. It was a somewhat puzzling and disheartening experience, and he quickly reached the conclusion that ponies were in general very puzzling and disheartening creatures.
He tried hanging around the other weird kids, but found himself quickly an outsider to them too. Computers and games held little interest to Fudge, he lacked the patience and, honestly, the brain power to compete.
It was in the sports team where he found his home. He found that his body naturally lended itself to movement, and the adrenaline that came with an intense workout was far better than any dice or mice. Sure, the other ponies in the group barely tolerated his eccentricity, but they were hard pressed to deny that Fudge was an excellent athlete.

But something was missing, that little extra. A purpose. His true calling in life came in the form of a late night show on TV. The EWW, Equestrian Wrestle World, the premiere wrestle show with the best of the best from around the country. Fudge was enthralled by the show. The lights, the drama, the action and the cheering crowd! It was like his mother's soaps, but actually good. It had betrayal, revenge and ponies hitting each other with chairs. How exciting that life looked, he thought. He knew he had to become like one of them.
Where other children eventually grew away from their dreams of being rockstars or firemen, he stubbornly clung to his early fantasy all throughout his teens.He trained every day in preparation, out in the sports team and at home.

Time passed, and Fudge was now 18. He tried to sign up for a junior wrestling league, but found himself rejected over and over. As he quickly found out, wrestling wasn't as much about fighting as it was business. The people in the arena weren't combatants, they hadn't been selected for their fighting prowess, but their ability to talk. Fudge had been training for the wrong thing his entire life. And the whole talking thing? That was not much his forte.
But still he tried, year after year.

Now on his fifth denial, the reality of the situation was sinking in. Would he ever be a proper luchadore? All he needed was a foot in the door, some credibility. He needed a name, and some more proper respect.
But how?

Civillian Details:
Works his days in a sheet metal factory, where he spends his days banging hammers against steel. An extraordinary dull job, and one who's culture he hasn't really been able to acclimatise to. Lives in a decent flat alone in Low Town. Regularly speaks to his two parents, who often check in on him to see how he's doing. He's lost almost all contact with his sister, who's now a high-level CEO up way above in High City.
When not working, he records videos of the latest wrestle matches and intensely studies the story and techniques presented.

GRIT : 5 "Hehe, yeah I can take those punches for sure!
ATHLETICS : 5 "And I was like *nyooom* and went flying and then I swung myself and went like *krrr* and it was cool."
MURDER : 5 "I am the luchadore!"
STEALTH : 0 "I'm all about the spectacle, b-baby."
HACKING : 0 "I hack my enemies to shred, cower before my might! Yadadadada! Hah!"
MECHWORK : 0 "????????"
ACTING : -1 "Wrestling is not about acting, ok, it's about heart and soul that comes from the TRUE wrestle spirit."
PERCEPTION : 0 "Per--- Perke-- Why are you using hard words that's really dumb!"
POWER BURSTS : 3 "When it's time to throw down, I'm ready with my hoe down, show down!"

Last edited at Sun, Mar 2nd, 2014 14:34

>> No. 452818
File 139383871319.jpg - (85.84KB , 900x559 , Abandoned_City__Matte_Painting_by_MarcoBucci.jpg )
Life in the city is strange.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 452847
File 139396878287.png - (538.06KB , 1280x844 , the remnant.png )
Backup character.

Name: ходячие мертвецы, "Haytsiba Norton" (Known best as "The Mongrel of Manehattan," his title during his time spent boxing.)
Race: Pegasus
Age: 63

History: When the RSNM declared independence, few were struck so savagely as the recently-immigrated Norton family - by the time the battle had come to pass, the young colt had been living off his mother's continued labor in the doomed city, frequently having to forgo school even before the facilities closed in order to assist in putting food on their table. The evacuation of the city prior to the assault was panicked and disorderly; with the brunt of the enemy's strength bearing down on them, many failed to escape in time, and the trains departed without them.

Haytsiba was among those left behind, separated from his mother by a thorough stampede of civilians. The child was left alone, and with the train lines filled to the brim with supplies and ammunition, most of the other remnants of Manehattan were deprived of a way out, and quickly folded into military service in one form or another on threat of being executed for resistance.

All but Haytsiba. Being the youngest among them and barely old or strong enough to be of much use, the officers were forced to decide between feeding and sheltering him with their dangerously low supplies, shooting him, or leaving the youth to fend for himself. In the end, the officer decided to compromise - the child would be given a day's worth of rations and sent on his way to make haste for the closest friendly territory.

Alone and terrified, the foal dashed off, clutching the rations to his chest. The scale of the city vexed him time and again, and though he roamed the doomed city for the entire day, he continued to find his way blocked or turned in the wrong direction. Trapped in his home, the youth saw no choice but to settle in to weather the oncoming storm, surviving on scraps and rats.

The attack came the very next day, and for over five bitter, bloody months, Haytsiba was subjected to witness the revolution that would forever change Equestrian history from the sewers, darkened alleys, and on more than one occasion, huddled within the gutted bodies of the dead. Battle cries, screams, explosions and the screech of raging fires were his lullabies and stories, and he evaded death and capture by the thinnest edge of his teeth. Of course, he had to eat and stay warm through the winter that broke the Equestrian advance - he learned to steal in the dead of night, and kill those in his way, all in the name of survival, donning the gas mask of a dead soldier, and the furs of slain officers. By the end of the third month, both military factions whispered tales of the Mongrel of Manehattan, tongues dripping with dread and fear that they would be next to be caught off guard by the starving, desperate colt.

As frightened as they were of him, Haytsiba had more fear for each of the soldiers on either side than all of them felt for him. Terror and uncertainty slowly stripped him of his stability, for at the end of the day, he was but a foal, surviving not on strength or plentiful supply, but pure, childlike cunning. By the end of the horrendous battle, he was but a husk of everything a foal should be.

After the smoke cleared, Haytsiba underwent years of rehabilitation, taken from his mother's care after critically wounding her during one of his then-common bouts of PTSD. Because the RSNM was still rebuilding a medical system approaching decency, and the impromptu asylums or gulags naturally aggravated his condition, the child ended up being shipped to a new life in an orphanage located just South of Canterlot to be treated.

By 13-6A, Haytsiba had been handled well enough by his caretakers, and regained a tangential semblance of awareness and normalcy. However, his experiences had been too thoroughly engraved in his psyche to eradicate the lingering memories. He was unhinged, aggressive, quick to spook, prone to night terrors, and suffering a severe mental age regression. Although kept under control by medications and mental exercises, Haytsiba could not continue to survive without an income. His job opportunities were limited by his condition and foreign descent, but in the end, he took up a career in professional boxing.

This offered a way for Haytsiba to vent his frustrations and aggression, which were put to brutally effective use in the ring. His natural strength and forcibly learned sense of combat and misdirection allowed him to crush his opponents to a pulp with ease. Were it not for the serious injuries he inflicted on his opponents, including one case wherein he managed to break every rib in his opponent's body in the second round, the Mongrel of Manehattan would have easily gone down in history as a reigning middleweight boxing champion. The title, however, meant very little to him - the fighting was his way of coping, finally being able to overwhelm others without the fear or remorse he experienced in the RSNM. Although multiple serious injuries dealt to his opponents eventually led to the Pegasus having his boxing license revoked, he continued to live off his mastery of close range combat by competing in underground fighting clubs, raising a small fortune with his winnings.

But as he grew older, slower, and more fragile with age, Haytsiba realized how truly afraid he still was of his own demise. One day he would die, not by being shot nor broken, but by his own body giving out on him. By 40-6A, the middle-aged Pegasus had sunk every credit he'd earned in his jobs into the rising augmentation industry, searching desperately for a way, any way to stave off age and sickness.

It was fate that brought him to find the answer in his own homeland, in the form of a radical and wholly unethical treatment to replace nearly every living cell he had with synthesized replacements. These artificial cells were vastly shorter-lived than natural biology, only able to survive without assistance for just over a month at best - but their unique makeup allowed them to draw the vital functions from other samples of pure DNA. To put it in layman's terms, Haytsiba had given up his own remaining longevity in exchange for constant renewal in the form of vast quantities of blood and flesh. He would need to kill to survive.

Naturally, he was right at home with such conditions.

The treatment robbed him of every credit he had, and for fifteen years he sustained the long, arduous process of total replacement and biological augmentation. The time and torturous surgeries only aggravated his already explosive nature, undoing years of therapy to reduce Haytsiba to a simmering, unpredictable, ruthless creature both more and less than pony.

Civilian Detail: Haytsiba recently returned to Canterlot as an immigrant, his citizenship and status as a known athlete all but erased from the public eye. Without a credit to his name, nor a notable social hoof print, he lives alone in a scrapyard within the Low City, occasionally venturing out to "renew" himself.

(Continued because post is too long.)
>> No. 452848
File 139396895203.jpg - (633.73KB , 831x876 , remnant unmasked.jpg )

Grit: 4
A veteran of war, famine, poverty, and relentlessly brutal bouts both in and out of the ring, the Mongrel of Manehattan was incontestably among the most resilient pegasi in the world in his prime. It is only his advanced age that has blunted the stallion's constitution even slightly.
"Let pain be my payment and reward..."
Athletics: 5
In Manehattan, you were quick, or you were a smear. Outpacing artillery, snipers, armored vehicles and even simple falling rubble has stuck with Haystiba all his life. As such, strength, speed, and reflexes are among his sharpest traits, allowing him to outpace those far younger than himself with ease.
"Not one step back..."
Stealth: 2
The darkness and concealment during the winter that broke the RSNM siege allowed Haytsiba to work on his skills with avoiding being seen. Unfortunately, there were usually explosions and screaming to cover the noises he made while doing so, something he has slight problems with compensating for.
"Hide the act and show the wrath..."
Murder: 5
It goes without saying that, as a man who learned to kill before he learned basic mathematics, Haytsiba treats murder as a second nature. He is an unforgivingly skilled and destructive boxer, capable of shattering bones and rupturing organs with singular strikes, but his preference rests with blades and close-ranged implements.
Acting: -1
As a direct result of physical as well as mental trauma, Haytsiba is dismissive if even aware of emotional appeals and bluffing. Rather than bother with convincing someone, he tends to find it much more useful and time-saving to gut them.
"Mine is not the face of mercy."
Perception: 1
As a result of advanced age and multiple sustained blows to the head, Haytsiba has been afflicted with a case of near-sightedness. It doesn't help that the pegasus insists on wearing his (now outdated and nonfunctional) gas mask as frequently as possible to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.
Mech work: -1
Haytsiba is a machine, or at least in his eyes. Having only received the barest of educations, he has no concept of basic machinery nor technology.
"Break it..."
Hacking: -1
See above.
"Question the machine that hides..."
Adept: 0
Although Haytsiba is typically capable enough on his own, he is well aware that conserving energy is only for the best of situations.
"...But to do or die..."
Clashing: 2
A renowned boxer and underground fighter, Haytsiba's blue collar upbringing, experiences in the revolution, and deep sense of passion for a good fight have molded him into a relentless force of nature up close.
(Allows Haytsiba to ignore murder/athletics penalties on a successful roll, OR add 2 to his dice result on a successful clash, OR subtract two from an opponent's successful clash roll against him - but of course, only one per clash.)

Kapricorn Frontline Blade ($1k)
Atlas PPV ($500)
Duster Coat ($500)
M-006 Riot Mask (Counts as Balaclava for gameplay purposes, $500)

Last edited at Tue, Mar 4th, 2014 14:36

>> No. 452863
File 139403794812.png - (843B , 241x230 , 4-2.png )
Selective Service.
>> No. 452871
File 139419073398.png - (203.05KB , 1094x1200 , gabe pony.png )
Name: Gaben Steampony

Race: Earth

Age: 51 Years

History: Gaben Steampony is a prolific software developer, tremendous businessman, and shrewd diplomat. After starting his own company nearly two decades ago, Gaben Steampony is a force to be reckoned with in the digital world. Money, influence, and online popularity have granted him unique protections against his enemies - enemies who are plentiful, but very, very quiet.

Gaben knows that to stay ahead, he needs to use every asset available - and that does not stop with the use of criminal activity. With great cunning, he uses the weapons of his enemies upon themselves, and has only grown in power for it.

There is something of a small adage floating around certain bars in the seedy underbelly of the crime world - to anger Gaben, is to be steamrolled.

Civilian Details: By dar, Gaben manages his gaming and software company. His presence is not often immediately required for day-to-day activities, however, which lends him time to perform other things free of responsibilities.


Grit: 4

A tremendous tenacity belays his girth. To overlook his strength is to invite doom.

Athletics: 3

While quite fat, Gaben remains considerably strong.

Hacking: 5
If there is a system he cannot hack, he has access to thousands of loyal fans who would be more than happy to assist him.

Stealth: -1
Being as large, distinctive, and popular as he is, hiding is not in Gaben's repertoire of skills. One cannot be good at everything.

Murder: -1
While powerful and ambitious, Gaben is above killing. No amount of money or success is worth blood. It grinds against the very nature of society he wishes to help create.

Acting: 0
Despite his dual lives, Gaben is an earnest sort, and prefers straightforwardness and honesty to lying and subterfuge.

Mechwork: 4
His various machines and devices, while often useful on the field, can often be seen in department stores and online, electronic retailers.

Perception: 1
While attentive and observant, his perception is hampered with poor eyesight, and prefers to study things meticulously rather than with a swift, cursory glance.

Powerburst: 1
Beware the steamroller.
>> No. 452872
I know that trip. Why do I know that trip?
>> No. 452882
File 139425958576.png - (329.70KB , 1600x2452 , derpy_hooves___vector_by_regolithx-d4n58g0.png )
>> No. 452897
Tell me your secrets, tripfag!
>> No. 452901
File 139426254065.png - (112.48KB , 683x900 , 136080373513.png )
>> No. 452902
File 139426262419.png - (202.04KB , 500x500 , come here, little boy~.png )
>> No. 452903
File 139426295158.png - (114.92KB , 900x831 , 133954763757.png )
>> No. 452904
File 139426451230.png - (559.92KB , 900x563 , Burn with me.png )
I totally know who it is
>> No. 452905
File 139426468265.png - (89.79KB , 650x706 , 133367850884.png )
>> No. 452906
File 139426477417.png - (770.08KB , 1200x1045 , Yup not at all.png )
You know what you did. You know.
>> No. 453024
File 139465795768.gif - (13.39KB , 300x200 , Plot.gif )
>> No. 453185
File 139508896521.gif - (364.69KB , 500x324 , Promotes.gif )
1d10 = 10
>> No. 453186
File 139508902444.gif - (127.88KB , 500x300 , Wat.gif )
1d10 = 3
>> No. 453187
File 139509332368.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
d10 = 4
>> No. 453188
File 139510679170.gif - (365.59KB , 125x125 , bunnyhugging animated.gif )
For my special little Bun Bun
1d10 = 1
>> No. 453195
File 139516959670.jpg - (19.08KB , 300x300 , willy-wonka-wilder.jpg )
Something unclear? Have a particular question?
>> No. 453592

A-L-W 420-133.3r*3-(N=50/5) (8*2) 2-3
>> No. 453709
File 139640662611.jpg - (327.75KB , 1280x1280 , if (combat) then punch(1) else look(badass).jpg )
Name: Lunacy
Race: Flightless bird Pegasus - Sturdy
Extensive physiological augmentation has caused the natural pegasus magic to leave him, rendering him unable to fly or walk on clouds. At least, that's his theory. He does not enjoy the competing theory that "all the goddamn metal has made him too bloody heavy to lift himself off the ground."
Age: 24
History: Lunacy was always the odd sort, just a bit more out of tune with reality than everyone else he's ever met. I'll spare you the childhood details, but it should be known (or better yet, obvious) that this blue pegasus was very much interested in augmentation and computers, and on the very day he turned eighteen, he went and bought his very first augment for himself.

Well, bought his first augment legally.

From then on out it was all downhill from there. Or uphill, depending on how you looked at it. Get a job as some shitty no-name underachieving programmer in some shitty no-name programming company to produce some shitty no-name office suite or something. It didn't matter. Not to him, or anyone. It was just a means to an end. Augment here, augment there. Nanoinjection to boost muscle resilliance by 20%? Sure! On second thought, could do much better if you were rid with the muscles in the first place. Sod it, off with the whole arm! Robotics are far more reliable, anyway.

You've heard of the scare stories of ponies who augmented themselves to the point of insanity. Lunacy is a living (arguably), breathing (inarguably - those cyber-lungs are expensive) testament to the shards of truth in these stories.

Not like he cares.

Now he's out and even more bored of the piss-poor pay and monotony granted by his job, and he's out on the streets, looking for a reason to use his augments. What's the point of being perfect if you're passing up all the opportunities to show your perfection to the world?

Civillian Details: Down in the 'Contributing Programmers' list of some no-name program by some no-name company.
Not literally.yet...

Grit: 4
By replacing anything he can with anything that seems useful, Lunacy's body is far more resiliant than a regular pony, by virtue of being more metal than flesh.
"Guy offered to replace my ribcage with sheet metal. I think he was surprised when I took him up on that."
Athletics: 3
Even with superior robotic arms, they still have to bear the weight of all the extra bits in his body, and his ego.
"Ah, shut up. I'll buy better legs later."
Hacking: 5
Lunacy was, in all regards, a world-class hacker even before the neural implanting started.
"Sudo make me a sandwich."
Steath: -1
It's a bit hard to be stealthy when you're constantly emitting a quiet whrrrring sound.
"I'm sorry I can't turn my heart off to be a bit quieter!"
Murder: 4
He'd be a pretty piss-poor shot if he didn't have all the targeting software downloaded directly to his brain stem.
"Can't ban me for aimbotting in real life, can'ya?"
Acting: -1
Lunacy just doesn't give enough of a fuck to try and swindle people.
"Yes, because we all know I'm a Neigehrian Prince."
Mechwork: 3
He might be crazy, but at least he knows what he's putting in himself. Mostly.
"But this one has a hundred more horsepower than the ones I've got!"
Perception: 4
Most people would find having a HUD overlaid on your vision, highlighting anything of note annoying. Most people.
"Mate, my desk job is finding the needle in the digital haystack."
Adept Power: 0
Lunacy's still flesh and blood enough to be able to give 110%, for now.
"Work through the pain, because I haven't figured out how to turn that off yet."

Last edited at Wed, Apr 2nd, 2014 05:24

>> No. 453715
File 139641594510.jpg - (368.19KB , 738x930 , af39fe4c66ed564fae3794839f5915d9.jpg )
Alright now to seriously consider joining this.
>> No. 453716
File 139641605393.jpg - (507.73KB , 600x800 , a494fcb3f50118a82c147bf7f5aee586.jpg )
Haha April fools, haha, fggts.

>> No. 453717
File 139641606849.png - (109.17KB , 364x330 , do it filly.png )
>> No. 453718
File 139641608924.png - (321.82KB , 296x365 , accept.png )
>> No. 453719
File 139641612360.jpg - (207.48KB , 850x690 , 2.jpg )
Get shitted on.

No but really. Why not.
>> No. 453720
File 139641647278.png - (92.12KB , 660x1799 , my_little_pony_oc_front_c__by_rogerlink-d63k1d1.png )
>> No. 453792
File 139656484611.png - (27.65KB , 365x414 , Marble Wall first draft.png )
Name: Marble Wall
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony (sturdy)
Age: 30 years old

Physical description:
Gray-coated, golden-eyed mare with short-cropped straw blonde mane and tail and a rock-looking irregular shield cutie mark. Marble is one of those mares that could look quite beautiful if they ever put an effort for it - even with her stocky physique. She doesn't.

Born and raised in the ghetto of The Underside, Marble had to grow up hard and fast. While there certainly were worse places to be, like the dreaded Pit, Marble had a fatal flaw - she wanted to protect others and got into a lot of trouble doing so. With her father being an unknown drunken fling and her mother dying in an accident when she was still very young, Marble was brought up by her grandfather - an honest stallion past his prime, who was a great influence and moral compass for her thoughout her young life. It was because of him she enrolled into the Canterlot PD ranks. He passed away when she was 22.

After that, her job was Marble's whole life. Her dream and calling was always to protect and serve those too weak to fight for themselves - and being a policemare was a means to fulfill that. Marble went the extra mile whenever she could, bringing a semblance of law, order and peace into the Underside as much as she was able to. Often she couldn't do much, more often than once she could do less than she wanted to - and she voiced her displeasures. Perhaps that's why she never went up the ranks.

Perhaps that's why when a corruption scandal blew out in the CPD, Marble became the scapegoat. Dishonorably discharged, the hard but fulfilling life she had was taken away from her, just like that. For nothing.

Marble scrounged by, taking odd jobs, bouncing at seedy bars, engaging in an occassional pit fight - anything to gather enough bits to live by. She grew bitter and cynical. And eventually, she decided that she was on the wrong side of the law all this time... If she wanted to truly help the common folk, the weak...

...Then she had to tear this whole social order down, Robin Hoof style.

Civillian Details:
Marble Wall lives in her grandfather's house - a small cabin breaking apart, really - and has no steady job. She gets by through gigs at moving heavy shit around, bouncing at a local go-go bar and occassional illegal fights - anything she can put her strength, grit and brawling skills to use.

Grit: 5
Marble is build like a brick shithouse.
Athletics: 4
Even though her cigarette addiction doesn't help it, Marble can run most ponies to the ground wit relative ease.
Hacking: -1
It's a miracle she can even use a computer as a typing machine.
Steath: 2
Marble is surprisingly graceful for her bulk. She's no mouse under a broom, but she gets by when she needs to.
Murder: 4
Between the police force obligatory combat training, private study and growing up in The Underside, she's a skilled fighter.
Acting: 2
Try surviving teenage years in Underside without ability to lie at least a little.
Mechwork: 0
She can use what she has and not break it. Most of the times.
Perception: 3
Marble's observant enough to get by comfortably.
Adept Power: 0
Dumb luck is not something Marble counts on, but she can push herself when she needs to.

Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest ($500)
ARM: 5, Kevlar
S&W Beesting Revolver ($1K)
CAP: 4| DAM: 4| RNG: 8
Kapricorn Frontline Blade ($1k)
CAP: INF|DAM:3| RNG: 1, The Kapricorn Frontline Blade rolls for lethal damage in clashes.
>> No. 453793
File 139656514751.png - (15.16KB , 188x189 , Air2.png )
Seems cool to me, but I'm no GM. I think it'll have to be either Harry or Gray who can officially approve you.

Also, is the scandal ever going to have details to it, or is that to be revealed later?
>> No. 453794
File 139656532154.png - (320.01KB , 622x720 , Marble Wall cutiemark.png )
Yes. ;P

Waiting for Harry's approval right now.
>> No. 453795
File 139656751950.png - (286.66KB , 1280x1614 , I like trains.png )
Name: Dom (Dominic)
Alias:The Bear
Race: Earthpony-Sturdy
Age: 22

History: Dom's life was kinda shitty, of course. Living in the low part of town tittering towards the lowest with his parents in poverty until he was of age to take care of himself, getting kicked out and left to fend for him self, once getting a small hang of these and getting a job as a delivery boy.

He got his one room apartment where hardly any light was let in eating noodles and watching hentai every day for years. Until one too many Styrofoam cups hit the pile of trash in his room and he decided to change how things were. He was a no body, someone that could die and not a one would shed a tear. It was time to use that to his advantage to make life a bit easier on himself.

Civilian Details: Lives in a shitty apartment in between some crack heads and a family of 7. Job being a pizza delivery boy/making pizza when his boss feels nice enough to let him get extra work in.

Combat Knife.

Grit: 4
Large stallion, can lift heavy things and run with them if needed.

Athletics: 3
He won't be doing any sort of free running, but he sure can sprint a good speed.

I mean he could use it without it com busting into flames...for the most part...

For a big guy he could sneak past things and with stuff pretty well! Long as there isn't any tight spots.

Murder: 3
Homeless people trying to steal his delivery of pizza has taught Dom how to fend for himself.

Acting: 2
He can try bullshitting his way out of stuff if the time comes.

What's this stuff do-Oh now it's broken. Thanks.

Perception: 2
He can see enough to know that the next step will be a large hole or not.

Specialty: Transporter:3
Dom could transport items, depending on the size of course, with ease.

He endure a tad if the cards are dealt as so.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 3rd, 2014 16:29

>> No. 453796
File 139656767790.png - (152.01KB , 1102x1162 , Kitty face.png )
ALso that would be teh LunaSea Survival and Combat Knife mk1 knife.

Lets hope I didn't muff anything up.
>> No. 453797
This all checks out. It's a shame, to see how the system can put someone through the wringer.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.

All this checks out. And in this instance, transporter shall be defined as a skill that lets you ignore any number of penalties, so long as their sum total is equal to or less than your transporter skill.

Welcome to the fold, operator.
>> No. 453801
File 139659485783.png - (142.47KB , 1138x1304 , _Don Karnage.png )
Name: Dazzle Valentine
Alias: Don Karnage
Species: Earth Pony- Sturdy (Also a Leo, it’s important!!! Rawr~)
Age: 29

History: The bastard son of an illegal immigrant who had taken a job working at a strip-club, Dazzle Valentine as he was affectionately named by the girls there was raised by all of them together, always surrounded by female influence and often being left for hours at a time to amuse himself by learning how to dance like the girls, playing amidst their dresses and costumes, or eventually, tiring himself out and falling asleep to the loud, flamboyant music that played in the club so the stallion would feel less awkward about not talking to the girls. The only male influence he ever had in his line other than a string of dead-beat boyfriends his mother’s and “aunts” would go through, were the customers who came to gawk at his mother, and the manager and bouncer. Needless to say, he grew up both with a great respect and affection for women as they were the whole of his family, yet at the same time, became accustomed to being fawned over by them or seeing them treated as merchandise and sex-symbols and them seemingly being okay with this, leading this so a slightly skewed and something contradictory womanizing streak within him. Atop this, he was always told he was going to be something special when he grew up, and he took this to heart, determined to make something of himself.

Always excelling at artistic endeavors, he attempted a career as a musician, singer, and actor, only making an anemic career most of the times and mediocre at his most glorious moments. Though not untalented, having both a flair in his performance and stage-act, he just never could quite catch a break and what money he did make that could help him always ended up beign bled and squandered away either on his vices such as gambling or women, or…well even more vices such as his appearance. Yes, he grew up…not the manliest of men with so many mares in his-life, always placing a premium on his looks that only heightened as his career failed to take off, drifting from lounge to lounge, wanting to seem successful to his family who by now had grown out of being able to be strippers. The luckier ones settling in away from that life or becoming showgirls, others working at a slightly upscale brothel they created together, his mother included.

To pay off his gambling debts or try and send money to his family to help them in their situation, he soon took his talent for art and attention to detail to forgery, discovering he had a true knack for it. Still, it was a losing battle, always barely one payment ahead of the goons about to smash in his skull to collect their debt to him, his family aging to where they would no longer be able to stick to their jobs for too much longer, and his own 30th birthday approaching, he was both having a midlife crisis and knowing that even at this young age his life wasn’t amouting to much. He knew the only way forward was to roll the dice, draw the cards, and other assorted gambling related metaphors for risking it all into a dangerous world of crime.

Civilian Details: He is a singer at the Blue Fairy, a smokey Cuban music lounge acting as a front for all manner of illegal activities from gambling and prostitution, to narcotics and the smuggling of both goods and ponies. He lives in a tiny brickstone apartment nearby that acts as a studio for his counterfeiting work, always keeping it well locked and secured.

Reputation: Calling himself Don Karnage and styling himself as a modern day pirate, he’s known for being quite flamboyant and full of himself. Always seemingly chasing some vice or another, wether it’s the rush of a gambling, a stiff drink, or a tail, not always that of a mare’s either. His position at the club leads him to always seeming to know a man who knows a man who deals in some manner of activity, seeing it all coming in and going under the beats of a spicy latin beat. In his own personal endeavors, he is one of the best forgers in the business, though despite his laughably inaccurate name, he is also known to never get his hooves dirty, leaving violence or murder to the ruffians he begins to have to associate himself more and more with. For those that can tolerate his…uniquely eccentric style however, he is a man that can force and act his way through most hurdles, and cause severe damage within, leaving opening for his more…aggressively minded accomplices.

Inventory: A Cuban cigar, a condom, a second condom, a rose, a deck of playing cards, some dice, a makeup kit with a hidden section for the basic needs of tinkering or sabotaging mechanics…and a small pair of pliers that double as PERFECT for the colt needing a hooficure on the go, a third condom with a hole in it this time for that bitch you just kind of hate but still are attracted to, a handkerchief, and a cellphone packed with music and a handy-dandy camera.


Grit 2
Not the sturdiest of stallions by a longshot, but he learned to take a pounding or two decently well

Athletics 2
While able to cut a damn good jig on the dancefloor, when it comes to sprinting and climbing he can handle his own moderately well most of the time but he’s not going to be competing with a true athlete or pulling any stunts of agility.

Hacking 3
One day, he pirated a song from the internet and learned he could get all manner of things for free this way. His skills grew until he was a full on cyber-criminal when the need arose…Pirating, not even once. Music companies were right all along…

Stealth -1
A lot of words can be used to describe Valentine. Handsome, flamboyant, confident, douchenozzle, schlargleblargle, but quiet and subdued is not one of them. He prefer to hide in the open with a smile and a forged ID

Murder 0
Don Karnage will steal a lot of things, someone’s money, their house, their wife, their identity, their daughter, maybe even their dog just for the kick of it, but one redeeming quality (arguably) within him is that he detests the idea of stealing someone’s life and thus has little practice in combat or murder.

Acting 3
Years of working at an actor or simply schmoozing by have taught him how to play ponies fairly well

Mechwork 3
Never had much so need forced him to learn to provise…and petty spite forced him to learn how to wreck other people’s stuff

Perception 3
An eye for detail wether it comes to fashion or ponies behavior has always helped him stay one step ahead of the rest…and by rest I mean jealous husbands with shotguns

Specialty: Forgery 4
One of the best in the business, only the most secure and complicated of artworks or ID’s really have a chance of daunting him

Adept 1
Dazzle Valentine always knew he had a destiny, just hadn’t realized it was a tiny one
>> No. 453802
While I had to reread it several times and smack myself over the head once or twice just to make sure, I ultimately determined that this character sheet does, in fact, check out.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 453954
File 139719394423.jpg - (20.72KB , 400x400 , lurking!.jpg )
>This about sums up my reaction to the new listing in the operators manual.

>> No. 453976
File 139737881159.jpg - (195.73KB , 700x767 , ahahahaha fuck.jpg )
>> No. 454114
Name: Summer Heat, formerly Sweet Dreams, alias Hot Stuff
Race: Unicorn
Age: Approximately 35

History: Everyone is familiar with the story of the runaway princess who escapes an arranged marriage by running away from home and becoming an adventurer. Summer's origins are much the same--she is a princess in her own right, and a runaway, and an adventurer.

Sweet Dreams' true parents are a vial and a syringe. Her genetic code was meticulously designed to result in intellectual brilliance and striking beauty: she is a living work of art worth untold millions. She was "adopted" by the couple who "commissioned" her, and she learned the truth of her birth as soon as her parents deemed her old enough to be able to understand. She grew up with the knowledge that she had been crafted from scratch for the express purpose of someday inheriting Joust Biotechnology.

When she was a young adult, Joust Biotechnology struck a media nerve with its experiments in bio-augmentation, and began a period of growth that would become legendary. Equally legendary is the tragedy that led to the company's downfall. Five mares and two stallions in hospitals all around the world volunteered to recieve Joust Biotechnology heart transplants rather than standard artificial ventricles--and within the year all seven ponies died of horrific complications.

"Summer," as she would dub herself, began her criminal career by dealing the killing blow to her own company. With the help of an anonymous Operator, she stole what was left of Joust Biotechnology's assets, sold them, and disappeared into the shadows of the Sprawl.

The story of Joust Biotechnology and its fall is known to some, but the story of Sweet Dreams has been carefully erased from the records. She was created to be the perfect businessmare, and now she is the perfect Operator.

Civilian Details: One of the first things that Sweet Dreams did after starting her new life was to create a new identity that's very nearly bulletproof. Anyone spying on her bank account or recent associates will identify her as Summer Heat, an immigrant with no living family and no interesting secrets.

She works as an exotic dancer in Club Lucius. The regular crowd know that she's one of their own. The new kids quickly learn.

Grit 0
>She is blessed with good health, but not a high pain tolerance.
Athletics 2
>Dancing is better exercise than you might think.
Hacking 0
>She knows every feature of every social networking service.
Stealth 4
>The art of not being noticed came just as easily.
Murder -1
>Turns out even looks like hers can't kill.
Acting 4
>Mercenaries oil their guns; she watches her figure.
Mechwork -1
>She disdains augmentation, and has an irrational dislike for heavy machinery.
Perception 5
>Information is everything for an Operator. And Summer is the perfect Operator.
Spellcasting 4
>Even without formal training, she quickly learned some powerful uses for magic.
Adept Power 0
>She is canny and jaded, and leaves little to chance.

Power Voice

Last edited at Sat, Apr 19th, 2014 11:40

>> No. 454250
File 139830695649.jpg - (921.92KB , 1280x1024 , Cirno4.jpg )
For both the sake of both a backup and for the convenience of our continued story.

Name: Chillwind

Race: Unicorn

Appearance: White coat, dark blue mane and tail and aqua blue eyes. Snowflake cutie mark.


Born to an family of recent immigrants from Stalliongrad, her early years in the RSNM were plagued by a near constant struggle with her health. Everything from epilepsy and asthma to muscular dystrophy kept her in the hospital for a majority of her childhood, and insured her family would be perpetually strained trying to front the bill. A burden that was by no means lost to the unusually empathetic filly, it was a combination of seeing this stress first hand, coupled with the necessity of keeping herself from despair that taught her the importance of keeping as cheerful and carefree an outlook as was possible for her at the time. These traits would form the core of her personality as time went on, and her health improved little by little. Growing up into a bookish, sickly, and often times clumsy mare, she was none the less found to be naturally gifted in the arcane arts, with an ability that could be described as prodigious in a world where magic was fast losing its relevance. Given life by a love of reading, another carryover from her many days spent bored and sick and bed, her innate magical talent would grow considerably over the years, honed by personal practice, study, and professional mentorship by those few who have chosen to make magic a way of living. Lacking the drive and ambition of her sister, her approach to life could be considered leisurely, finding pleasure in friends, books, down to earth experiences and a fresh cup of tea that will likely be left forgotten on the kitchen counter for a day and a half. Rare among those living in Manehatten, or anywhere else for that matter, is that she is, for the time being, happy with what little she has, finding little want for much of anything, save perhaps the return of an overbearing older sibling whom she holds very dear….

Civilian details:

Living in a cheap studio, she is currently apprenticing herself out to a local arcane technician while also hiring herself out as a tutor to local students in the area. She volunteers with the local Neo-Harmonians, mostly as a way to meet new ponies as opposed to any real religious commitment. She often visits her parents when she has the time, otherwise she tends to stay in her apartment where she reads, watches movies or sleeps both day and night away.


Rocks and prayers.

Various prescription pills

Grit: 2. Her early years of bad health have left her in a very fragile state

Athletics: 2. Tiring easily and unable to take strain of hard labor, she has the athletic ability of an old shower loofah, though physical therapy has led to some improvement.

Hacking: 0. She knows how to boot up a computer, but that is about the extent of her knowledge.

Stealth: -1. Her clumsy and uncoordinated nature insures that most of her attempts at stealth usually end in her falling into piles of pans or tripping a fire alarm.

Murder: 2. She can hardly bring herself to kill a spider, much less another pony.

Acting: 0. She considers herself a budding and prolific rap artist, citing such examples as WhinE-pop as a major inspiration. Her songs are just about as good.

Mechwork: -1. She had broken both the stove, microwave, and the dishwasher in a single bumbling action. Her mechanical ability extends to wanton destruction and little of anything else.

Perception: 2. Her eyesight is poor and attention to detail leaves much to be desired.

Spell casting: 5. Armed with both an keen academic understanding of the subject and an extraordinary natural ability, spell casting does not just come easy to her. It is also her special talent, with a particular affinity for cryomagic.

Adept power: 5. She is more than capable of pushing herself above and beyond, as both a trait of character and a byproduct of her magical aptitude.


Icy Burst - $1000
RNG: 5 | MP: 2
Designate a square within range. This square, and every square adjacent to it, is covered in a layer of ice that lasts as long as the spell is maintained. Every time an enemy moves onto an icy square, including from another icy square, they must make an Athletics roll at -1 to stay upright. If they fail, they fall over, their movement is halted, and they lose any remaining actions. Additionally, the Shove spell always works as if the target has made two move actions if cast on someone standing on an icy square. At the beginning of your turn, you may maintain this spell at the cost of 1 magic point, without a roll.

Frozen Wall - $1500
RNG: 4 | MP: 3
Designate three adjacent squares on the map. A wall of ice forms in these three squares. It is completely solid, blocking movement and LOS. The wall also does not need to be maintained, but will melt on its own in 4 turns. The wall has an effective 1 HP, and will therefore be destroyed if hit by any successful attack.

A special thanks to Lunacy for designing the spells~

Last edited at Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 19:48

>> No. 454258
Mother necessity is often cruel to her children. Welcome to the fold, Operator.

This is incredibly lame, but this will do.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 454327
Name: Jeffrey Destrey

Alias: Jeff The Killer

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance: A gangly, skinny colt, looking only to be just now nearing his early twenties. Initially when one approaches Jeff it appears as if he's covered in stark white fur, but upon getting closer one realises that he has not a hair of fur on most of his face or neck, yet the skin is still a pure bleach white, his lips scarred into a permanent smile and his eyes dark underneath a head of spiky black hair

History: Raised as quite a normal, happy child in the streets of middle canterlot. Jeff's life was nothing special until his 16th year, he got word that his little brother was being brutally bullied, and followed him on his walk to school, the bullies showed up, they pulled a knuckle duster. Jeff pulled a knife. That day Jeffs brother had none of his usual problems getting to school. And Jeff thought that little scare would be the end of it, but when the pair where at a little cousins birthday party, the bullies returned, hopping fences, knives and worst of all guns in hand. They didn't like being embarassed, and today Jeff was going to die. Or at least that was their plan, but that was not quite how it went for them. Jeff proved to be quite a horrifyingly capable adversary, grabbing the knife his mother was using to cut the cake he fled into the house, a long fight of shadows ensued. Jeff always ducking in and out of sight to avoid getting shot by his better armed adversaries as he picked the teens off one by one. Finally only two remained, adn they herded Jeff towards the bathroom, by now Lone Star was nearing the residence so they had to be quick, the first entered after Jeff. He lost his gun when Jeffs knife scored across his knuckles. He grabbed the first thing at hand, a bottle of bleach the owner of the house had been cleaning the bathroom with. Jeff screamed at the top of his lungs as the awful fluid burned at his face. But that was nothing like the agony that followed as the bastard lit a cigarette, took a drag and tossed it onto the flammable fluids.

When Jeff woke up in hospital, he was ruined, physically and mentally, face scarred and bleached white, eye lids burned away...

They said he was fit for release months later.

His mother always did her best to smile, to make her son feel like he wasn't a mosnter, but it became so hard, so hard not to cry. And Jeff had the same problem... So he fixed it, cutting his lips so he would always smile. Then he fixed her. His brother woke up crying to her screams, so jeff comforted him. Told him to go to sleep. Then he left, left and never returned so that he may punish the world for what it had done to him. Punish those bastards.

Civilian life: Let the bodies hit the floor, so on so on. He doesn't have one.

A hoodie
A kitchen knife

Grit: 4 - Whilst he doesn't look like it should be. Jeff is an unnaturally difficult person to put down, always laughing giddily no matter what the wound
Athletics: 4 - Once Jeff has decided you are to go to sleep, nothing will be able to stop him
Murder: 5 - and everything will fall under his hooves
Stealth: 4 - but you'll never hear him coming
Hacking: -1
Mechwork: -1
Acting: -1
Perception: 2 - Damaged eyes, Jeff primarily relies on his ears more than anything, no longer able to read with the state of his eyes
Powerbursts: 3
>> No. 454336
File 139860747592.jpg - (44.75KB , 320x240 , crappypasta.jpg )
>> No. 454337
File 139860766866.jpg - (22.53KB , 306x227 , 319047856_dbf1ef3e92.jpg )
Come on, man. At least pick a good creepypasta to knockoff, would ya?

Have some standards.
>> No. 454338
:C Bye then
>> No. 454815
File 140093043598.gif - (43B , 1x1 , pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif )
>> No. 454817

>> No. 454828
File 140103934960.png - (35.34KB , 205x205 , Hoofthing.png )
Name: Hoofthing
Apperance: Unicorn, blue coat, sand-colored mane, characterized by perpetual bags under eyes and an nondescript air of bedraggledness. He takes great pains to hide his horn beneath his mane for fear of being branded one of the magical Bourgeoisie. Cutie mark is a single pictogram from a dead language; which historians agree basically means "you are not hearing of the subject of this sentence". His special talent seems to be writing long walls of text, most of which are completely indecipherable to anyone without his esoteric knowledge set. This would make him well-suited to a position as a journalist or a historian, if both of those careers weren't dying a slow and miserable death.

Background: Born into a fairly average middle-city family, Hoofthing--born under his real name, [REDACTED]--spent seventeen years of his life aspiring to comfortable mediocrity, with a pronounced fondness for animoo games. He received his call to action in a fairly inaspicious fashion: when the Kickstarter for the new entry in his pet franchise--the allegedly-real Discordant Systems series--flopped, he knew that he needed to come up with five hundred thousand credits, and fast. It just so happens, unicorns with a talent for magic and fast talking fetch quite a pretty penny in this town. With his waifu on the line, Hoofthing will stop at nothing to break the bank--or die trying.

Grit: 2--He shields himself behind detached irony. This is only marginally effective against bullets.
Athletics: 1--He's more of the bookish type, really.
Murder: 4--Has been known to hold grudges for years. Spends most of that time sharpening knives.
Hacking: 0--More of a theory guy.
Mechwork: 0--Says he "picked it up". He should put it back.
Perception: 4--20/20 vision; just a pair of empty frames.
Acting: 3--Not exactly detestible, but just a little awkward.
Spellcasting: 4--Skilled in a way that only years of sitting around and browsing kickstarter can make you.

Last edited at Sun, May 25th, 2014 10:38

>> No. 454868
File 140153051217.png - (50.14KB , 1484x247 , Infinite_Shame.png )
>> No. 454869
File 140153124074.gif - (2.51MB , 320x225 , cry cat.gif )

Why would you do this to me.
>> No. 455392
File 140369935304.png - (113.19KB , 560x489 , Sparkplug.png )
Appearance: A pint-sized Diamond Dog with a filthy mouth and ego five times his size - which doesn't amount to that much for a guy who's short enough to bite you in the dick while standing upright.

Background: Sparkplug is working as a mechanic in a dinky chop shop in Lower Canterlot. Constantly in conflict with his boss, Sparky stays employed there mainly because he's the best mechanic there and isn't high half the time.

Grit: 3
Nothing to write home about. Average guy - can take a hit, but is no powerhouse.

Athletics: 4
Maybe because he's so damn small, Sparkplug has enough power in his body to get him by comfortably. Plus, working with cars and running away from trouble took their toll.

Murder: 3
He'd been in a few fights, he won about a half of them.

Stealth: 4
That damn Diamond Dog can move like a shadow when he puts his mind to it.

Hacking: -1
Sparkplug had a severe lack of computers in his life so far, and he can't make odds nor ends of them.

Mechwork: 4
An accomplished mechanic, tinkerer, lockpicker, safecracker et cetera.

Perception: 4
You gotta be attentive in this line of work!

Acting: -1

Adept Power: 0
Nothing above average.

Shiv, rock, Atlas vest, Utilitron White.
>> No. 455402
Suppose it takes all types in this business--and this one's just as good as any other.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 455852
File 140629659805.gif - (912.03KB , 1280x720 , bubble bubble.gif )
>> No. 456071
File 140763487004.png - (2.61MB , 2106x2676 , big axe axe__aren't I creative_.png )
Hello. I heard about this canon from a few players in it, and I was looking to join. I was wondering a few things, however, and wasn't sure how to ask about gear that isn't listed on the pricing sheets. (Or if it is, I just missed it multiple times.)
>> No. 456097
Customarily, if you wish to place a custom order, you can contact me over Skype, Steam, or one of the irrelevant IM services people never use. But, posting it in the thread is just fine too, and gives us a handy bump.
>> No. 456100
Okie dokes! Any chance I can speak to you on skype or steam? Whichever is better for you. I had some lore questions as well.
>> No. 456102
File 140764090919.png - (42.33KB , 800x800 , warehouse floor 2.png )
Of course. You can contact me at ht_black01 on Skype, at your earliest convenience.
>> No. 456110
File 140764928377.jpg - (480.04KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Name: Umami "Umi" Stale

Race: Pegasus (Airborn)

Age: 23

History: In the Eastern forests of Equestria, there is rumor of barbarian tribes. Tribes of ponies that tower above even alicorns, supposed descendants of the ancient Clydesdale clans, and shun modern technology for cold steel and colder traditions. A few of the rumors are over exagerated. Yes, the inhabitants are tall, but nowhere near an alicorn. However, their traditions and beliefs have been, essentially, nailed dead on.

In this land, the law of steel rules, and the old traditions remain strong. Headsmen are still used to deal the clan leader's justice to those that violate the rules and regulations of the land. Ponies cloaked in a mask, a cold pair of eyes seeing only a spot on the back of the accused's neck, where their blade must fall. Among them, many favor heavy blades, two handed swords, halberds, and axes play favorites, while it's rumored a select few in one clan simply use a large warhammer.

In one of the clans, there is one headsmen who stands out in his own way, Umami Stale. Smaller then most, though still intimidating, he boasts a pair of wings, rare among the earth heavy communities. Walking to the stage, clad in leather pauldrons and a dyed executioners mask, a double edged axe rests across his back, as much a part of him as his own foreleg. Some make a show of their executions, and some give their victim a fighting chance. However, this one does not. A glimmer of razor sharp steel, a quiet 'shnk' and the deed is done, the stallion returning to his home to clean his weapon and await the next time he is needed.

With a steady job, and an easy life, it might be asked what would drive an executioner to leave all they know, and strike out into a world unknown to most in their clan. Simply put? Boredom. In the clans, glory is earned in conquests, and trinkets and goods are taken, and paid for with cold steel. To most, that is enough to be happy, however, Umi found himself growing bored. Perhaps it was his younger age, or a simple case of wanderlust. Either way, the stallion found himself striking out into the world, to seek adventure and a lifestyle that offered more then simply separating a criminal's head from his body. After a short search, he found his answer in becoming an Operator.

His MO is simple. Explore, gain funds, and see all he can see. The world that most know is new and strange to him, and he intends to change that, in his travels.

His personality is fitting of somepony with his former occupation. When the hood goes on, it's time to work. On the job, he's quiet, attentive, and tends to resort to old habits, and loot corpses. When not on the job, the silence seems to remain with him. Perhaps he just doesn't have anything to say, or maybe he just prefers watching and listening to being given attention. Once he befriends somepony however, he will remain loyal to them to the end, or until they betray the trust he has given them.

Civilian Details: "Seems like everypony in this town lives in low city. Might as well join them, right?" Words Umi would learn to regret. Work was found in a butcher's shop, chopping questionable meat for questionable ponies, and in return, gaining use of the small apartment above the shop. It's one room, the ceiling leaks, and the bed is nothing more then a mattress on the floor. However, to Umi, it's home. Plus, how many ponies can reach out of the shower in the morning, and tend to their breakfast on the stove? As far as an alias? Well, most just call him 'that tall blue butcher' or 'meat slinger'.

Executioner's Axe ($1000)
CAP: INF|DAM:3| RNG: 1 | Short
Old, worn, and still able to turn one pony into two.

Leather Pauldrons ($500)
ARM: 5 | Kevlar | Armor
Like the axe, old, worn, but still do their job. An upgrade would be nice though.

Executioner's Mask ($500)
"They can't identify you by your eyes alone, right?..Right?"

CorpTechs Saddlebags—($500)
"How many pockets does this have?"
Total: $2500

"What? I come from a tough family."
"Hacking's what happens when you miss the killing blow, right? Why do I need that?"
*Sneak sneak crash*
"It's kind of what I know."
"Alas, poor Yogurt."
"All these shinny things annoy me..."
"I've found waldo a few times."
"Nothing to see here folks."
"Don't call it a 'dunk'."
>> No. 456114
File 140765123747.png - (6.29KB , 510x510 , Agent whicker.png )
I suppose there's as much work in this business for butchers as there is for anyone else.

Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 456115
File 140765166244.png - (369.74KB , 571x859 , Classy wale.png )
>> No. 456224
Grit: 5
Ath: 4
Hack: -1
Stealth: 0
Murder: 5
Acting: -1
Mech: -1
Perc: 4
Adept: 1

Posting updated stats, at Lunacy's request.
>> No. 456225
Sams current stats and gear, for self and Lunacy reference.

Max HP: 12
Max ARM: 5
Max SHD: 4
Max Power-Bursts: 7

Operators Helm - Allows you to ignore one Crit per mission + Scary
Tin-Foil Club Lucius Special - Beats Metal Detectors + Conceals all non-heavy weapons
Atlas Personal Protection Vest - ARM: 5 | KEVLAR
Bronze Medallion - Allows you to add your adept score to any stat (that is 0 or higher) at the price of a powerburst
Atlas Outfitting Speed-Oriented Combat Kicking Suit - You may reduce your opponents clash results against you by 1, and reduce clash damage against you by half as long as the weapon used cannot pierce ceramic or plasteel

Operators Pistol - CAP: 10 | DAM: 4 | RNG: 8 | SHORT | UNDETECTABLE | SUPPRESSED
Kapricorn Longsword (With Underslung Shotgun) - CAP: INF | DAM: 6 | RNG: 1 | LONG | PRC: KEVLAR + CERAMITE / CAP: 1 | DAM: 3 | RNG: 5 | LU: 2 | SATANEIGH INSTANT DELIVERY
Pattern Zeus Stunsticks - CAP: INF | DAM: 4 | RNG: 1 | SHORT | COMPACT | NON-LETHAL
Explosive Tomahawk - CAP: 1 | DAM: 5 | RNG: 10 | COMPACT | BLAST 1

Featherfall Ankles - Allows you to make safe falls from fifteen feet as long as you jumped
OuchEaze little helpers - Allows you to Heal one over current max
Mercury messaging Comm System - Allows team to communicate over long distances
Bushido Pattern-Shielding Unit - once per encounter you may use it at no action cost. Until the end of that combat round, whenever you take damage from a targeted attack, you may roll athletics to negate all damage done to you, with a -1 penalty being employed for every five bullets that are deflected.
Peeping Tim Optical Enhancement - extends your line of sight by two squares and allows you too focus on anything two squares away clearly.
Featherfall Contact Parachute - Allows you to negate all fall damage once per mission. If the speed at which you are falling is terminal velocity, instead take 1d3 damage.
Corpstech Strongman 3 Muscular Enhancement Unit - Increases your unarmed damage by 1 and increases your clash results by 1
Corpstech Hexagon 2 Personal Shielding Unit - SHD: 4
OuchEaze Emergency Cardio Stabilizer - Instantly stabilizes you upon being incapacitated. Once per encounter it can be overclocked to instantly revive you with one third of your HP upon a successful grit roll at a -2 penalty. After overclocking it cannot be used to stabilize you and you may not heal over this amount until the end of the session
Apogee Sataneigh Instant-Armor: Applied to KAPRICORN LONGSWORD, brings it to you in X turns where X is 1 plus 1 for every twenty squares between you and the item. Unless braced for arrival, you take 1d3 damage.

Grit 4
Ath 4
Hack -1
Mech -1
Stealth 0
Murder 5
Acting 0
Perc 1
Adept 5
>> No. 456226

Max HP: 12
Max ARM: 6
Max SHD: 4
Max Power-Bursts: 7

Operators Helm - ARM: 1 | NIGHT-VISION | THERMAL-VISION | DEAD-GIVEAWAY | NOTORIOUS Note: This allows you to ignore one crit per mission
Tin-Foil Club Lucius Special - Beats Metal Detectors + Conceals all non-heavy weapons
Atlas Personal Protection Vest - ARM: 5 | KEVLAR
Bronze Medallion - Allows you to add your adept score to any stat (that is 0 or higher) at the price of a powerburst
Atlas Outfitting Speed-Oriented Combat Kicking Suit - You may reduce your opponents clash results against you by 1, and reduce clash damage against you by half as long as the weapon used cannot pierce ceramic or plasteel

Operators Pistol - CAP: 10 | DAM: 4 | RNG: 8 | SHORT | UNDETECTABLE | SUPPRESSED
Kapricorn Longsword (With Underslung Shotgun) - CAP: INF | DAM: 6 | RNG: 1 | LONG | PRC: KEVLAR + CERAMITE / CAP: 1 | DAM: 3 | RNG: 5 | LU: 2 | SATANEIGH INSTANT DELIVERY
Pattern Zeus Stunsticks - CAP: INF | DAM: 4 | RNG: 1 | COMPACT | NON-LETHAL
Explosive Tomahawk - CAP: 1 | DAM: 5 | RNG: 10 | COMPACT | BLAST 1 | LIMITED USE 4

Featherfall Ankles - Allows you to make safe falls from fifteen feet as long as you jumped
OuchEaze little helpers - Allows you to Heal one over current max
Mercury messaging Comm System - Allows team to communicate over long distances
Bushido Pattern-Shielding Unit - once per encounter you may use it at no action cost. Until the end of that combat round, whenever you take damage from a targeted attack, you may roll athletics to negate all damage done to you, with a -1 penalty being employed for every five bullets that are deflected.
Peeping Tim Optical Enhancement - extends your line of sight by two squares and allows you too focus on anything two squares away clearly.
Featherfall Contact Parachute - Allows you to negate all fall damage once per mission. If the speed at which you are falling is terminal velocity, instead take 1d3 damage.
Corpstech Strongman 3 Muscular Enhancement Unit - Increases your unarmed damage by 1 and increases your clash results by 1
Corpstech Hexagon 2 Personal Shielding Unit - SHD: 4
OuchEaze Emergency Cardio Stabilizer - Instantly stabilizes you upon being incapacitated. Once per encounter it can be overclocked to instantly revive you with one third of your HP upon a successful grit roll at a -2 penalty. After overclocking it cannot be used to stabilize you and you may not heal over this amount until the end of the session
Apogee Sataneigh Instant-Armor: Applied to KAPRICORN LONGSWORD, brings it to you in X turns where X is 1 plus 1 for every twenty squares between you and the item. Unless braced for arrival, you take 1d3 damage.

Duffel Bag x4 - Lets you carry shit.

Grit 4
Ath 4
Hack -1
Mech -1
Stealth 0
Murder 5
Acting 0
Perc 2
Adept 5
>> No. 456227
Fixed again, sorry cant delete posts for retarded reasons

Max HP: 12
Max ARM: 6
Max SHD: 4
Max Power-Bursts: 7

Operators Helm - ARM: 1 | NIGHT-VISION | THERMAL-VISION | DEAD-GIVEAWAY | NOTORIOUS Note: This allows you to ignore one crit per mission
Tin-Foil Club Lucius Special - Beats Metal Detectors + Conceals all non-heavy weapons
Atlas Personal Protection Vest - ARM: 5 | KEVLAR
Bronze Medallion - Allows you to add your adept score to any stat (that is 0 or higher) at the price of a powerburst
Atlas Outfitting Speed-Oriented Combat Kicking Suit - You may reduce your opponents clash results against you by 1, and reduce clash damage against you by half as long as the weapon used cannot pierce ceramic or plasteel

Operators Pistol - CAP: 10 | DAM: 4 | RNG: 8 | SHORT | UNDETECTABLE | SUPPRESSED
Kapricorn Longsword (With Underslung Shotgun) - CAP: INF | DAM: 6 | RNG: 1 | LONG | PRC: KEVLAR + CERAMITE / CAP: 1 | DAM: 3 | RNG: 5 | LU: 2 | SATANEIGH INSTANT DELIVERY
Pattern Zeus Stunsticks - CAP: INF | DAM: 4 | RNG: 1 | COMPACT | NON-LETHAL
Explosive Tomahawk - CAP: 1 | DAM: 5 | RNG: 10 | COMPACT | BLAST 1 | LIMITED USE 4

Featherfall Ankles - Allows you to make safe falls from fifteen feet as long as you jumped
OuchEaze little helpers - Allows you to Heal one over current max
Mercury messaging Comm System - Allows team to communicate over long distances
Bushido Pattern-Shielding Unit - once per encounter you may use it at no action cost. Until the end of that combat round, whenever you take damage from a targeted attack, you may roll athletics to negate all damage done to you, with a -1 penalty being employed for every five bullets that are deflected.
Peeping Tim Optical Enhancement - extends your line of sight by two squares and allows you too focus on anything two squares away clearly.
Featherfall Contact Parachute - Allows you to negate all fall damage once per mission. If the speed at which you are falling is terminal velocity, instead take 1d3 damage.
Corpstech Strongman 3 Muscular Enhancement Unit - Increases your unarmed damage by 1 and increases your clash results by 1
Corpstech Hexagon 2 Personal Shielding Unit - SHD: 4
OuchEaze Emergency Cardio Stabilizer - Instantly stabilizes you upon being incapacitated. Once per encounter it can be overclocked to instantly revive you with one third of your HP upon a successful grit roll at a -2 penalty. After overclocking it cannot be used to stabilize you and you may not heal over this amount until the end of the session
Apogee Sataneigh Instant-Armor: Applied to KAPRICORN LONGSWORD, brings it to you in X turns where X is 1 plus 1 for every twenty squares between you and the item. Unless braced for arrival, you take 1d3 damage.

Duffel Bag x4 - Lets you carry shit.

Grit 4
Ath 4
Hack -1
Mech -1
Stealth 0
Murder 5
Acting 0
Perc 2
Adept 4
>> No. 456281
File 140898265737.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
*suddenly pony in marshmallow box*
>> No. 456282
File 140898493141.gif - (80.42KB , 256x192 , More explaining.gif )

Why are you in a marshmallow box.
>> No. 456283
File 140898527266.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
because its adorable
>> No. 456284
File 140898542259.jpg - (9.76KB , 200x303 , doubt'.jpg )

Why are you being adorable?
>> No. 456285
File 140898555154.png - (73.88KB , 900x861 , ItsASecretToEverybody.png )
Because I can :P
>> No. 456286
File 140898566339.png - (159.24KB , 356x360 , what did you just say.png )
>> No. 456287
File 140898578756.png - (44.90KB , 320x426 , ItsKindaCute.png )
in all reality i popped over here cuz this place has Dom, Starfall, and Yuppie :P three people I know very well
>> No. 456288
File 140898596943.png - (102.15KB , 549x636 , tumblr_mq24s4ATDq1rg6zkao1_1280.png )
Ah, they're good folk. You looking to join, or just taking a look?
>> No. 456289
File 140898606800.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
at the moment just popping in, I might sign up later, but not right now plus my pony sells shampoo :P shes not exactly a criminal type
>> No. 456291
File 140898655555.png - (64.48KB , 900x629 , Kawaii.png )
nooooooope :P no more new ponies, im done makin new ponies. The most crime this pony is gonna cause is being so cute that people die from heart attacks
>> No. 456292
File 140898661543.gif - (166.31KB , 400x400 , kyubey u know what time it is.gif )
>> No. 456293
File 140898668610.png - (76.09KB , 847x594 , ANiceStretch.png )
diabetes from adorabru :P
>> No. 456296
Name: Eight Ounces/ Black Tar
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 21
Sob Story: Eight Ounces was named after the amount of drugs his mother traded him for when he was born. At first, the dealers thought they had made a bad deal; the colt was an addict, like his mother, as well as severely mentally damaged due to heavy drug use during pregnancy. After he hit puberty, however, their opinion changed. Eight hit like a tank, and was a savant in the art of killing. He could barely string four words together, but DAMN, if you needed someone dead, he was your pony. But he wasn't subtle. And he sure wasn't indistinguishable. So they tricked him into overdosing, and dumped his body out in the ghetto. He survived because of the built-up resistance to the drugs and his ungodly endurance. After a few years of wandering around the town, desperate for drugs that were far out of his reach, he managed to get through the withdrawal and kick the addiction. He still resents drug dealers, though. Not surprising; they took his life, then threw him away when he was no longer useful.
Civilian Detatils: Eight, now under the name Eight Ball, works as a bouncer for a nightclub. He doesn't have to speak much, and he uses his skillset in the way it was meant to be used: thrashing unfortunate drunks.
Grit 5
Murder 5
Athletics 4
Perception 4
Hacking -1
Adept Power1

Lunasea ComSurv Knife, OpEd
Club Lucius Special: Duster (Standard, Cutie Mark over left flank)
And I'll get to appearance when I'm not at work!

Last edited at Mon, Aug 25th, 2014 18:38

>> No. 456299
With that -1 in Hacking, you still have a point left over. I'd recommend Adept Power.
>> No. 456300
Oh. I must have miscounted, thanks! What do you think of it flavor-wise? I like opinions.
>> No. 456301
Story's a little silly, but you know that and how it works out depends on how you play it, of course. We do have a bit of a surplus of muderhorses, but the statline definitely works.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 25th, 2014 18:41

>> No. 456302
Oh, I plan on having so much fun with this guy. He's not gonna be a murder horse.

He's going to be a dancer.
Okay, yeah, no. Murder horse. Probably. So unoriginal. QQ.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 25th, 2014 19:03

>> No. 456303
Your character *shrug*. You use Skype? It's our primary communications platform.
>> No. 456304
Yeah. I use Skype. I communicate, and stuff.
>> No. 456305
File 140901954489.png - (520.42KB , 2357x2880 , All my want.png )
I nominate this pony in the world of crime.
>> No. 456307
File 140902019603.jpg - (28.45KB , 740x416 , 24662_normal.jpg )
You know, maybe this is just me being sentimental, but I always did love a good sob story. Welcome to the fold, Operator.

You can reach me at ht_black01 on Skype, and we'll get you fixed right up.
>> No. 456313
Name: Deep Throat (laugh at it if you want, because my sides are orbiting Sirius right now)
Race: Unicorn, Non-Magic (She never relied much on telekinesis.)
Age: 23
History: One of the few ponies in modern Equestria who make a living without actually committing any crimes, she has been a journalist since she was old enough to drink. Covering any and all crimes, Deep Throat has seen a lot
of things, and now she wants to see the world of the Operator in person. Her goal? Go from journalism to book-writing.
Civilian Details: Works at the Daily Saddle during the day, churning out reports on crimes she may well have committed the other night. Goes by "Watergate", her given name, when not Operating. Lives in a low-class flat.
Grit: 3 (She's been in a couple fights.)
Athletics: 3 (She's run from a couple more.)
Hacking: 0 (She can use a word processor.)
Stealth: 4 (She's written down dozens of fights that she never got into.)
Murder: 0 (Like I said, she's been in a couple fights.)
Acting: 3 (She hasn't told her boss everything. Her boss thinks he knows everything.)
Mechwork: 0 (What's an "allen wrench"?)
Perception: 5 (What part of "journalist" did you not understand?)
Adept Power: 0 (She's not the main character of this story.)
Finances: 500C
Rep: None that she knows of yet; Deep Throat is unknown to the criminal world.
S&W Mayfly
Atlas Outfitting PPV
Club Lucius Duster Coat

I'm back. And I brought a pony.
>> No. 456314
File 140912605041.jpg - (7.37KB , 160x160 , 1376203951787.jpg )
>> No. 456315
File 140912711149.gif - (138.05KB , 125x125 , 133532420058.gif )
Hello again!
>> No. 456319
File 140928361777.gif - (1.00MB , 268x255 , YtPTVoz.gif )
Oh hey... It's Onjage. c: Hi Onjage.
>> No. 456324
Those stats line up to 19 points. If you're a Sturdy character, that's one too little, and if you're not, that's one too many.
>> No. 456327
File 140932991144.jpg - (73.43KB , 633x900 , winter goodbye.jpg )
Well guys, I'm leaving, for realsies. And I realize that making a big ol' post is just the worst sort of attention whoring about it, but it gives it a certain authenticity, ya feel?

Anyway, my reasons for leaving are quite a few. It ranges from scheduling issues to an increasing dislike of the game itself, to some more selfish and personal reasons. But I do want to make a few shoutouts and apologies, if it'll change anything.
- Love ya David and Yuppie, we did some great work, I think. Perhaps misguided work, but the labour put in is undeniable.
- Hell, I love you all in some way. Even you, Canis. I think you've improved greatly the past few months, as a person and as a writer.
- I'm sorry for alienating the rest of the group with long posting, and actively avoiding the purpose of 6A. I can only say that it was incorrect of me, and that I am sorry.
- I'm sorry for being disrespectful and rude towards Harry and his careful work.

But here's to more 6A, for those who are still willing and able! This has been great, and I only mildly regret all the time I've spent. And, shit, I'll still be on Steam and Skype and all that jazz, so it's not like I'm going away into the vacuum of space. Friendships count for a lot, even over a horse game.
>> No. 456330
File 140942120852.jpg - (71.00KB , 600x600 , 131260730743.jpg )
>> No. 456331
File 140944030907.jpg - (452.20KB , 1440x900 , Black_Lagoon_full_944030.jpg )
See ya on the flipside loser.

We'll be here if ever want to try again at playing horsegame.

If anything I'm sad to see you go but hey, hopefully we'll do something else together at some point.
>> No. 456588
File 141180839976.jpg - (80.32KB , 975x819 , Gren.jpg )
Name: Gren
Race: Griffon (Sturdy)
History: Growing up a somewhat normal life Gren was an adventurous child. She would fiddle with random bits and bobs she found around and made some small toys and gizmos. Around the age of 8 she was in an accident where one of her gizmos caused quite the explosion and a few rather large rocks came falling down on her crushing her wing, grounding her for life. This is where gren learned she was a natural at getting out of rather harsh situations with people. Her quick silver tongue did all the work to not get her in trouble and she simply told her parents she was out playing and fell over a cliff she didn't see and when attempting to fly she bashed her wing and fell a long way down. The inability to fly didn't stop her love of inventing new gadgets and thinking of interesting things.
Civilians Details: Low city canterlot is where she lives. A Repair center is where she works fixing things people bring in. She is called Gimpy by regulars of the repair center due to the inability to fly and unusable wing.

Adept Power:2

Inventory: Mercury Messaging Comm System. Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest.
>> No. 456589
Hm. You's seems like a rat.

But I'll letcha in. Just this once. Welcome to the fold, Operator.
>> No. 456697
Can you be killed in this roleplay?
>> No. 456698
File 141270773726.png - (130.64KB , 600x458 , partied out.png )
If your health is reduced to 0 and you aren't stabilized before bleeding out: yes.
>> No. 456699
Sounds interesting.
Name: Summer Eclipse (known in the field as Eclipse)
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: dark purple with yellow and orange mane and tail, green eyes.
History: She was born in the middle of summer during a solar eclipse, hence where she got her name. She grew up alone, having to work hard for everything. She worked as an officer for the police force for a short time, before deciding that she would live by her own rules, using what she knew to go off the grid and become a criminal. She became an expert at lock picking and stealing, and has quite a light touch, making her a great pick pocket. She's good at changing her appearance, which is why no one has caught her yet.
Civilian Details- She's never tied down in one place for long, usually moving around. However, she has a house in uptown Canterlot. By day, she's a journalist/reporter, keeping up to date on current events and such, and it allows her to get into places other people might not be able to. She uses the alias Autumn Sun during the day, and does most of her "Eclipse" activities at night.
Reputation- She's actually pretty new to the criminal world, not many people have heard of her...which is fine by her. The less people know, the better.
Kapricorn Frontline Blade ($1000)
Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest ($500)
LunaSea Survival and Combat Knife mk1 ($1000)
Athletics- 2
Hacking- 0
Stealth- 4
Murder- 1
Acting 5
Mechwork- 0

Last edited at Thu, Oct 9th, 2014 17:41

>> No. 456700
File 141272181818.jpg - (16.74KB , 300x300 , redhead ambusher.jpg )
Hm. Interesting. Very interesting.

If you have the time, please contact me over Skype at ht_black01.
>> No. 456701
Is there some other way I can contact you? There seems to be something wrong when I try to get into Skype, no matter what account or device I use.
>> No. 456702

This is my steam profile. Please contact me here if you cannot reach me over Skype.
>> No. 456846
C'mon, traffic, daddy needs a new set of grunts!
>> No. 456848
File 141440149052.jpg - (426.61KB , 2736x2042 , Amos Character Design.jpg )
> Attempt #2!

Name: Amos

Race: Earth Pony (Sturdy)

Age: 32

History and Civilian Details: Amos was always a stallion of few words, but always seemed happy despite the way things looked, it seemed. During his years in high school, he would find himself supporting his mother and two sisters after his father divorced his mom. He worked out in a steel mill, working hard after school and all throughout the summers and would soon get very strong from all the manual labor. It only took him two months of this work to decide he would go to college, and never work a job like that again. After his mother was able to bring in a stable income to their family he decided to go to college, and would end up getting a job working in the office of a car company.
By this time, he would have lost a lot of the strength he had from all the manual labor he endured, but was still hardened and disciplined.
Throughout his time, working in the office, he would start to grow more tired and irritated with the position he was in. Amos started to realize that all he's been doing was helping the company cover up any evidence in faulty vehicles that were sold to the public. It was a hard thought to stomach for him, but he was making money and he wouldn't want to risk getting fired over something he probably couldn't help to begin with.
The reports he would get would start to get to him. He started to act more and more angry and distrustful around his boss, and he wasn't too fond on this either. His boss would start singling him out, taking more notice in all his mistakes, and would even yell at him in his office for missing deadlines.
One day came when his boss was standing around his office, talking to another employee. Amos would call him over to check something out on his computer. When he walked over to look, he would see WordPad opened, with the message "I will kill you". He would look around to see that no one else was around to see this. When he looked back at the screen, he would see that Amos closed out of the window already. Feeling a little bit threatened, he would walk out of the room, quickly heading back into his office.
Similar scenarios would occur after this. The boss would swear he's even seen Amos staring at him from outside his window at home. No one ever caught on though. Amos always seemed like that cheerful guy who kept to himself for the most part. He even tried calling the cops on him, but this wouldn't help him at all seeing as they had no evidence of him bringing any threat.
The boss would start to feel an immense amount of pressure, feeling helpless to this stallion who he'd find almost everywhere. He wasn't sure if he really saw him sometimes or if it was just his imagination.
He's only be able to prove that he was being stalked after his neighbors called the cops, only for them to find Amos with the blood of his boss on his hooves while standing in his home.
Amos was sent to prison for ten years. Was he insane? Or did he just want to look that way? One thing is certain: he wanted his boss to be afraid for as long as he could before dying.
After he was allowed out of prison, he was allowed a job in a grocery store. He went on with this job up unto this day.
Amos doesn't have that happy appearance as much as he used to, but is still rather quiet.


S&W Wasp-Sting Revolver ($2000)
CAP:4/ DAM: 4/ RNG: 8/ Short

Leather Suit (Reskinned Atlas Outfitting Personal Protection Vest) ($500)
ARM: 5/ Kevlar/ Armor


Grit: 4

Ath: 2

Hack: 3

Stealth: 4

Murder: 4

Acting: 3

Mech: 0

Perception: 0

Adept Power: 0

Specialty: 0

Last edited at Mon, Oct 27th, 2014 02:20

>> No. 456849
File 141440404651.png - (700.59KB , 757x1024 , Andrew by Sam Miller (Famosity).png )
Name: Andrew
Race: Pegasus, airborne
Age: 19
History: Most of Andrew’s childhood was spent being raised, partly through his own desire, to be like his mother who was a CQC war vet. He had no full interest in school, as his plan from a young age was to go into the same kind of forces or a branch of spec. ops he could get himself into. Most of his days were spent exercising and being strengthened through various workouts that he uses to this day, which his own mother used around his own age. His MO is to help out whoever he may find to be in trouble or just in any need of assistance, branding his crest of a cutie mark. Probably more easily described as a mercenary, but more for the excitement and rush of action rather than the payment of using his skills, though that’s never a bad thing…

Personality wise, it could be said Andrew never made it the most apparent or the biggest effort to be a social bug. No silver tongue, no real advanced social skills, he also has the capacity to have a short fuse, and big explosion of anger if pushed. He’s not the brightest either. Most of what he knows is combat, and breathing… most… but not completely.
Civilian Details: Most of Andrew’s day-by-day operations are rather static and repetitive. He’ll train, by running or sparring, polish up his weapons while living on a not-so populated area outside of Canterlot. Making his way through the city he’ll see what the local action is and if there’s anyone he can help.
Inventory: LunaSea Survival and Combat Knife mk1 ($1000) strapped in a harness over front of his chest

Grit: 4
Athletics: 3
Hacking: -1
Stealth: 3
Murder: 4
Acting: -1
Mechwork: -1
Perception: 2
Adept Power: 2
Specialty- Crit Stun: 3

Last edited at Tue, Oct 28th, 2014 19:54

>> No. 456850
File 141441257135.png - (73.50KB , 400x424 , Deathstroke.png )
Well, nobody ever said a vigilante was out of the picture.

Welcome to the fold, operator.

Seras, this is the exact same thing you posted last time. Promise me you'll learn how to use tenses, and we'll consider this one accepted.
>> No. 456851
File 141444233550.gif - (251.63KB , 500x252 , tumblr_ljtfyfSyoV1qit92oo1_500.gif )
Well, I tried to clean it up a little, but I guess I'm really missing what you're looking for here.

Is it the words I used? Cause my vocabulary isn't the best, although I do tend to cover that up when I rp, if that helps assure anything.
>> No. 456866
File 141465540723.gif - (4.00MB , 480x270 , Step up your game, Anna!.gif )
> Umi vs Andrew