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Thank you for coming here to (hopefully) read through the rules! Everyone who's worked on creating this canon has agreed that we wanted to keep the rules as simple as possible. Thanks, again, for reading this and having an interest in the canon.

TECC Rules
The Emerald City Chronicles is a multiple thread style canon. Anyone can create a thread at any time and invite whomever they please. Please add the following to the top of any thread made...
Welcome to The Emerald City Chronicles canon! Everyone is welcome to create a thread, but please read the rules found at Thank you for your cooperation!

Please tag all new threads with, at least, the tags [#Canon: TECC] and [#FiM Only]

Please do not make or participate in a thread without an approved character sheet. Character sheets can be submitted to the canon's thread on /ooc/ or directly to [email protected] as well as right here to the website.

There can be only one instance of a character existing in the universe. For instance, if someone is playing Pinkie Pie as their male counter part, Bubble Berry, Pinkie Pie can only exist as Bubble Berry in this canon. Recolors of characters are okay as long as they have different personalities, back stories, and names.

Please respect canon walls. Anything that happens outside of any thread not tagged as [#TECC] has no affect on the canon.

Please try to keep things PG-13 at the worst. The Emerald City Chronicles wishes to keep the spirit of the show, so please, try to avoid any gruesome or dark themes/arcs.

Respect the city and it will respect you! Do not go around blowing things up, especially if it's someone else's nice things (Unless you have their permission, or it belongs to you.)

Do not god-mod or meta-game, this means not autohitting, taking control of another character that isn't yours, or using out of character knowledge to influence your in character actions. This just sucks the fun out of things.

Please try to use a dice-roll to determine the outcome of any skill based actions or posts, plus, or minus, any corresponding modifier using the character's character sheet. Please only use dice modifiers that are on your approved character sheet. If all participating parties agree to disregard a dice-rolls, they are not necessary. If you wish that everyone who joins your thread use dice, please tag your thread with [#Skillchecks]

Try to avoid creating too many random bars/pubs/clubs. If you wish to create a regular hangout, (Such as o'randoms in the D:E canon) just fill out the quick application to have it added to the locations page, otherwise, try and use already established locations rather than making up one off spots.

Remember, this is all supposed to be fun! If you start taking this so seriously that you are becoming upset, or angry, please do not take it out on anyone else, take a step back, and try to relax! Any concerns should be calmly taken to a canon mod or worked out among players in a civil environment. In the end, we're all people just trying to play pretend ponies, so let's all enjoy it.

Lemon Drop was setting up for the day ahead. She only had a few minutes left before opening time, and she used this time to its fullest by cleaning. It was a quiet Saturday morning, and there was a nip in the air. Fall had just arrived, and there was only a few months before she implemented her holiday stocks.

A few minutes passed, and Lemon Drop unlocked the door and began to wait.
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