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#Open #DiscussionOnly #Character #Can't stop the pain train #Only slow it down

So, considering how many settings Vausten and I have come up with just to fuck around in. We more like me because all Vausten does is eat cheetos and look at airplane porn thought it would be a good idea to list out all of the canons we made over the last 2 years or so, so we have a good list that people can pick from if they want to have a game in them/ so we don't forget what we're doing.

Next couple of posts will give information and how the games work.
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>Player vs player.
>Anyone can die.

Set during the early days of the One Year War when the space nation of Zeon invaded its former oppressors: The Earth Federation. The Earth Suicide follows both the EDF and their struggle against these new powerful and frightening war machines known as mobile suits and the endless armies of Zeon as they struggle with inner politics and constant attacks by desperate tank divisions and local guerrillas.

How many threads have been active in this roleplay?: 1
Current situation: Early, roughly one day into the actual ground war.
Player death chance: Its entirely dependent on actions, chance, and dice rolls. Players should not become too attached to their characters in chance that they will suddenly die.
Character reboot? : Players can make as many as they want but can only play one character at a time.
GM present? : Game masters will be present in main threads or on requests for sub threads.
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File 138212720925.jpg - (126.62KB , 600x837 , invincible_smash_by_snareser-d4clqge.jpg )
>Player vs player.
>Get whomped.
>Too many whomps

A sub-division of Destination: Equestria. Whomps revolves around player vs player combat and boss battles over the course of multiple threads. Unlike many other combat orientated Roleplays, Whomps focuses on player injury and fatigue rather than dialogue and power levels. Expect broken bones and inner bleedings or possibly even life threatening situations.

How many threads have been active in this roleplay?: Lost count
Current situation : Whatever is going on with your character.
Player death chance: Only up to the player, or if they think the story calls for it.
Character reboot : Not a problem.
GM present : Up to the players.
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File 138212739601.jpg - (263.26KB , 963x1320 , 1078404 - Crisis KV_2 Tank inanimate.jpg )
>airplane porn
Hah, jokes on you.

Anyway, there is the sci-fi setting I forgot the name for that is also up. Well it's There Is Usually War but I think E Man came up with a better name for it.
Currently, it is a blend of Warhammer 40k and Star Wars (set during the Clone Wars because Arc Troopers)

There is also the Fantasy Setting I've established

Which currently is also a mix of things, but will eventually include the Humans in Equestria universe Everything Man and I set up like two years ago and got lazy with. Well mostly me getting lazy.

I'm generally fairly lenient but I like to have a chance for all characters to get waxed at some point in my threads.
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File 138212765751.jpg - (32.20KB , 324x638 , 1327886808123.jpg )
>Player interaction.
>Cultural differences
In the year 2565, fifty years after the great galactic war between the Allied Terran Republic and the former Terran Empire. The ATR embarks on a ambitious project to spread their sphere of influence further across the galaxy, believing that they are the only sentient race in the galaxy.
When the Mighty Thor, the first of its kind is ambushed by pirates ,it is forced to flee through a wormhole that flings it across the universe, crash landing into a familiar planet with familiar inhabitants.

Alone and cut off, the human survivors begin a desperate struggle to survive on a new planet filled with creatures of mythology and talking miniature equines. With no way to understand one another, both humans and Ponies do their best to avoid violence as they trade, mingle, and attempt friendship with one another.
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File 138212817079.png - (621.99KB , 848x480 , vlcsnap-2013-04-01-21h05m41s134.png )
>Story driven

Created by Vausten, what started out as a simple murder thread now has its own lore and timeframes.
Set during the height of the Clone Wars, a planet on the Outer Rim is suddenly attacked by an unknown enemy, carrying neither the banners of the GAR, the CIS, or any other force that could thrive out there.
The story follows a band of clones including a ARC team cut off from the main army and a famous squad of Republic Commandos as they fight their new, brutal, human enemies, Implementing new strategies and brutality on the way to ensure their own survival and halt Imperium of Mans vicious expansion into a new galaxy.

This is only part one of a saga that will engulf the entire Star Wars Universe and change its history forever.
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File 138214599871.jpg - (72.42KB , 366x488 , 1380594952691.jpg )
I guess I should also post characters too from the few series I have up.
>> No. 446922
File 138222668035.jpg - (112.88KB , 500x511 , tumblr_mgfoqj00OM1qg8y8yo1_500.jpg )
Personally I'd be cool with RPing in these canons... If I'm going to get back into Pchan RP that is
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File 138233219298.png - (46.12KB , 500x438 , 1343640517337.png )
Whats stopping you, fagbutt?
>> No. 447002
File 138233532081.png - (256.46KB , 500x673 , tumblr_mqe49mUquS1qld2ajo1_500.png )
Other canons
Being a fagbutt
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File 138237154040.jpg - (157.53KB , 1440x810 , 1381664052788.jpg )
This is not the place to be a fagbutt. Though, what roleplays are you in?
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File 138239209870.jpg - (81.86KB , 630x420 , thumbs-up.jpg )
>> No. 447109
File 138247527057.jpg - (24.22KB , 560x400 , 1381730830008.jpg )
Do you display an interest for fightans?
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File 138248449851.gif - (469.62KB , 544x525 , 162833__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_one-bad-apple_reading_gif.gif )
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File 138251080311.png - (45.04KB , 160x160 , tumblr_lxji39OBhT1qd0gyko7_r1_250.png )
I'm currently in BLN, other than that, I'm in no other canons. I stop by AoS or Donut Bar to say hi though
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