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Hi, so, I want to start RP'ing here. I read the OOC sticky and it answered basically all of my questions, but I just need to know one thing before creating a definitive OC, are there any real limitations? I would probably be creating my own canon, and I realize that as long as I am in someone else's canon my OC needs to abide by the rules of said canon, but if I'm creating my own canon, can I basically just do whatever I want for my OC? Ex. If I created my canon and I wanted my OC to be a programmer/coder, or to be born/live in a certain time-period despite it not actually being canon in the show, is it still allowed? I'm not totally sure if anything I just made sense to anyone but if it did, help would be appreciated :D
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There are absolutely no limitations whatsoever, especially if you're making your own canon. However, keep in mind that you will need to draw in other people to your canon by gaining their interest, and making very bad choices with your OC or your canon is a surefire way to deter people who are looking for fun. If you want good tips on OC/canon creation, that's a matter very much worth looking into. But as for your question of limitations, the answer is no limitations whatsoever.
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Don't make your OC like this. Also stay away from colors that are too bright and don't mix well.
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I would qualify (argue that it's right, but only under certain guidelines) this statement by saying that your OC is limited only by the canon. For example, if your canon will be, say, a haunted house, then it would be unwise to have an OC that can't be scared. Likewise, if your canon will be about a group of dashing heroes bravely facing danger, a scaredy-cat OC would be equally unwise.

tl;dr Your OC should fit the tone of the canon. Hope you have a good time on /rp/!
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This. Was that in AoS?
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Yis. An old post but it set the minimum for an OC. Basically, don't make that.
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I dunno. I've very briefly had a character named Death Darkfall McShortposter. But perhaps we were all so foolish in our early days of RP...
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The only limitations is the pg 13 setting of the site. You can get away with dancing the line, but sex scenes need to do a fade to black, and too much gore/blood/nasty pics and or descriptions will get you a warning to tone it down.

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As someone who has been on this cursed chan for two years, I cannot stress this enough. Your character should fit the setting, both from IC and OOC perspectives. Don't make an angsty, anti-social character in a canon meant for socialising and having fun. Same for the vice-versa.
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