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447847 No. 447847
#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

Welcome to Brand New Day
Where all characters are welcome and where the officers cry themselves to sleep every night with a box of gummi bears under their pillows.

Current Officers:
Pill Popper!ytAquaRius
Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY
Inferno(Wielder of the Box)
Suromit/Sound Mind

Welcome to Shade Valley home to many fine folks The cascading shadows from the sun and the hills cast a beautiful yet haunting shade across the small region of the world. Come partake in are various town square activities make a home for yourself,and settle down stranger. In a place where anything can happen.

1. Be respectful.
2. No OP characters please.
3. Post with reason, please don't just *pop out of no where and collapse the world in on itself*.
4. Try contacting the officers if you have a problem.

Battle system:
Players choose a combat rating based on their characters experience and lore.
Striking an enemy player requires a simple 1d20 roll.
A Hit will be 11-20 with 20 being a critical strike, effectively doubling the damage done from the final roll.
A Miss will be 1-10 with a 1 being a critical failure, effectively doing the damage to yourself from the final roll.
The following letters correspond to the amount of damage done on a successful hit.

SSS = 1d20
S= 1d12
A= 1d10
B= 1d8
C= 1d6
D= 1d4
F= 1d1

Example Combat

Pill Popper swings her mace of doom at an unsuspecting Ember. She would roll to hit and the corresponding damage roll to her rating, which is A Rank.

1d20 = 7

1d10 = 7

This will effectively be her turn in combat.

Character Sheet Model:




Combat rank:


Cutie mark/Talent:

Guild/Faction/Religion etc. Note: This is for later in game.




World Map:

Shade Valley Map:

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>> No. 447849
>> No. 447851
I forgot to add a few things about Sand Swiper. One is that while she can speak and understand languages, she cannot read very well if it's not the language her tribe uses. This might be a factor. Also I noticed on the wiki I forgot age and sexuality. She is for the most part heterosexual but she is curious. Her age is about 26.
>> No. 447853
File 138391027120.jpg - (116.41KB , 600x600 , 600px-SR-npc-Jarl_Balgruuf_the_Greater.jpg )
So... what's the point of this canon? I mean, will there be some kind of storyline going on for everyone to be part of? Or is just kind of a make it up as you go along thing?
>> No. 447854
File 138391095485.png - (143.68KB , 521x635 , pill popper by jervis.png )
It's a lil bit of both atm.

We have two arcs currently going on.

Heart of Ice,and Silent ponyville 2 going on in separate threads. So we dont disrupt those who wish to due more social RP's instead of mystery solving, Or exploring lore while the ever threat of combat lumes.

Every user is encouraged to due their own arcs with friends and stuff and occasionally we will have events in the main thread that anyone can actively join.

As of now the main threat in the canon is the illusive mare. Who has been currently putting smaller companies out of business.

I should also mention were not always serious here. On occasion we do have random silly things that happen on a whimsey.
>> No. 447855
File 138391129884.jpg - (202.72KB , 1024x740 , evVeQkh.jpg )
Hm, I see. How many people do you currently have posting in the canon?
>> No. 447856
File 138391151937.png - (13.59KB , 233x195 , pill lurk.png )
Between 25 and 30. Alot of us seem to converge on the holidays or breaks due to school and work,but on average 5-12 on weekdays. There is always someone on.

Also sometimes we get together and game..If I have to say one thing about us were like an odd happy dysfunctional family. We would also love for new people to be apart of that family.
>> No. 447857
File 138391171886.jpg - (60.03KB , 750x281 , feyybPS.jpg )
I see. So quick question about the combat rating. How is that decided for each character? Is that just up to the person making the character?
>> No. 447858
File 138391207064.png - (221.07KB , 426x459 , popperrddd.png )
Combat ranks are decided by the user the higher the rank the more history we will probably ask you to provide. Only rank that is restricted is triple S. Thats reserved for end arc bosses.

S- Spartan 117,Space marine,Possible Demigod.

A- Rank: Military,Mercenary,Combat master ect.

B- Skilled hunter,soldier,ect

C-Standard armed civilian rank knows there away around a gun,and is capable of personal defense.

D-Teen or foal knows how to swing wildly at something

F-Baby toddler or perhaps handicapped.
>> No. 447859
File 138391221552.jpg - (138.24KB , 750x645 , qOswVfk.jpg )
I see. And are there any race restrictions for this canon?
>> No. 447860
File 138391232986.png - (70.02KB , 500x627 , Pill Popper by Berndem Bones.png )
No not really. We haven't had a reason to restrict races.
>> No. 447861
File 138391256273.jpg - (61.35KB , 500x746 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo3_500.jpg )
Very well then. So how much story has gone by that is needed to be known for a new person looking into this canon?
>> No. 447862
File 138391306916.png - (535.30KB , 469x595 , pill popper presents.png )
nutshell: Zero hour which was a bit of a cluster fuck but it had its reason for being like that. We needed it to involve space time shenanigans so we could say there is some type of temporal time space distortion,and thats how some people from different times/dimensions end up here. It basically involved a pony made god going nuts over her losing her lover and becoming a pseudo god through odd events. Which left her alone with her thought ec ect she went mad and tried destroying everything,and ect ect someone sacrificed themselves and basically removed her from all of creation by sealing her away,and thus this caused an unnatural reset. Which leads to the slight tears that pop up from time to time.

Yes I know it sounds bad,but eh trying to make something Earthbound/Mother inspired work is sort of hard. Considering i was dming for 2 canons because it was a cross over event. It was like playing DND but with like 50 people and conflicting schedules,But eh it tested my limits as a dm I suppose.
>> No. 447863
File 138391329625.jpg - (61.45KB , 500x600 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo5_500.jpg )
Sounds wild and crazy. One last question, noting to do with the canon itself. But is the Ember Storm that posted this thread, the ember storm? I only ask because last I knew he wasn't a big fan of dark stuff.
>> No. 447864
File 138391341555.jpg - (318.75KB , 2000x2000 , pill scythe.jpg )
>FMA Brotherhood.

Were gonna be great friends I loved that show.

Umm no this ember storm is a portly mare thats a librarian. There played by a good friend of mine.
>> No. 447865
File 138391353975.jpg - (70.23KB , 440x679 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo1_500.jpg )
Brotherhood is best FMA.

I see. Well, I might just have to make a character for this. Though I'll have more questions about the world.
>> No. 447866
File 138391362430.png - (248.46KB , 267x472 , drunk pill.png )
Well me and the other officers are here for questions,and general player help.

>Pleas let your next pic be Envy.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 8th, 2013 05:28

>> No. 447867
File 138391377623.jpg - (87.69KB , 479x747 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo4_500.jpg )
>Your wish be granted.

Well good. So I guess I'll ask. What is the general theme of the world, tech and culture wise?
>> No. 447868
File 138391436620.png - (651.14KB , 1015x1024 , Pill Popper.png )
Well the Illusive mare who came out of no where has been jumping technology up to a high level. Like mass effect level tech,but because its from a different time the world has to slowly progress to well the stage of where it came from.

Basically she has shiny new toys from the future,and she's releasing them to the public,and the military. But yet the towns have a modern small town feel..Or at least shade valley does. No one has ventured out to the other regions as of yet.

Shade Valley,and Pumpkin Valley have a supernatural fall like theme.

>Envy is one of my fave characters.
>> No. 447869
File 138391456337.jpg - (41.59KB , 421x750 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo7_500.jpg )
I see. Sounds pretty neat. What about culture? Inspired by any earth ones? Or something new?

>Envy was cool, my number 2 of the sins just behind Wrath.
>> No. 447870
File 138391493636.jpg - (389.39KB , 853x1000 , D1_Etna_06_Bust.jpg )
Thats where we have a melting pot thanks to the cross over. Culture of the town itself is is they are very festive,and spiritual they respect the dead a lot in Shade Valley. There is a small night life with the bars,and everything. It's sort of like a quiet town but it has a really active night life. There are also many deities which some of officers play to give individuals quests,and we do have some vampire the masquerade stuff thats hidden in the canon. No one has done anything greatly evil or good or neutral to draw their attention though.

>Wrath gave me so many feels.
>> No. 447871
File 138391518340.jpg - (68.68KB , 458x742 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo2_500.jpg )
So when you say cross overs, does that mean non Fim races are allowed?

>I should change my list, Greed is number one, Envy two and Wrath three. Greed made me feel so hard.
>> No. 447872
File 138391538229.jpg - (369.15KB , 1200x750 , 871_max.jpg )
Yep exactly what I mean.

>I liked lust in the first anime they gave her a bigger part in it. Which made me feel bad for her. Where the manga and brotherhood just well didn't put much thought into her.

>Envy,Wrath,Lust,Greed for me.
>> No. 447873
File 138391553247.jpg - (70.89KB , 500x716 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo6_500.jpg )
Neato. This does expand the ideas a bout.

>Ahh, poor Lust. She was neat in the first one though.
>> No. 447874
>Indeed she was.

Also if you want to be added to our skype group. My name on skype is marshmellow117
>> No. 447875
File 138391680273.jpg - (188.39KB , 500x695 , are-what-you-eat.jpg )
I don't use Skype much honestly. But I'll keep it in mind.
>> No. 447878
File 138392740212.png - (37.54KB , 309x293 , huh.png )
I actually like dark rp quite a bit.
>> No. 447881
Jonathan "Jon Bladen" Bladenson


Alignment: Neutral

Combat record:B-C

Cutie mark/Skills: A shuriken with a Flame behind it. Ninjitsu and a master swordcolt.

History:Jon was raised in the orphanage till 10 when master Richard takes him in and train him with master Matsaki, a Ninja master loyal to the emperor.The two train him in ninjitsu for ten years. When he reached 21 he has become a ninja master,he decided to have his skills for hired.He’s been in the field for seven years gaining a high rank among mercenaries as a colt who can get the job done at any cost.His loyalty is unmatch to any pony in the mercenary ranks.but he’s more loyal to he’s friends or ponies who he called family than the payer.

Personality: very quiet and looks scary.However if you get to know him, He’s very friendly and chill. He doesn't yell to much and he likes to listen more often than to talk.He also very loyal to his friends and close companions. Has a very short fuse and is very understandable. If you give him anything alcoholic or sugary he goes crazy and does pranks.He likes to have fun then and there.But when it comes to business, he will be serious, as long as he's getting paid
>> No. 447885
Approved as a B
>> No. 447888
>> No. 447914
You know when I looked at the wiki there seems to be a few characters with special equipment. What are the rules on that?
>> No. 447918
You find you keep it, till it breaks or gets lost.
>> No. 447920
Okay. Like if Sand were to have a potion bag with +3 effectiveness on potions that would be alright? With respect that a potion would be equivalent to a damage roll

Last edited at Sat, Nov 9th, 2013 12:44

>> No. 447928
File 138410851312.png - (2.02MB , 1600x1200 , Metal gear popper.png )
new thread
>> No. 447929
File 138411441668.png - (40.74KB , 451x530 , Enachantress.png )
>> No. 447951
File 138414628541.png - (31.07KB , 200x290 , spoiler.png )
Name: Yumi Seishin

Alignment :chaotic good
Age: over three hundred but who's counting?

History : Yumi was once a fluffy friendly household pet cat until her human master a little girl died of a sickness. Yumi left heart broken escaped into the mountains becoming a bakeneko cat demon on countless occasions she had helped ponies instead of eating them. Her image is said to bring good luck and wealth. To this day she is often seen trying to protect small children

Personality : always acting with good intentions. Often. Comes off being a smartass. Though she has the ability to speak she often stays quiet.

Combat: c

Talent: shapeshifting and bringing good luck

Religion : Shinto

((Yes she stands up like a meowth but has a forked tail and calico print fur))
>> No. 447982
>> No. 447983
>> No. 447984
File 138414968014.png - (769.68KB , 1200x800 , Happy time!.png )
>> No. 448045
You know I just noticed on the wiki there also isn't any descriptions of the locations in Shade Valley. Maybe someone should add descriptions of the places for references when people go to those areas. That's just something I noticed.
>> No. 448047

New thead
>> No. 448048
File 138433568372.png - (98.98KB , 495x461 , Garren.png )
Name: Garren

Age: 16

Alignment: Good

Species: Hippogryph

History: She was found as an egg outside Canterlot and raised by scientists, but was "treated" like a normal kid. She was very sheltered and hasn't met anyone else. When she was of age she was let free and is now out to fend for herself.

Combat rank: C, She's stronger than a normal pony but horrible with hoof to paw combat.

Personality: She's a sweet little kitten, but throws a fuss when she truly can't get her way

Cutie mark/Talent: Hunting

Guild/Faction/Religion etc.: None

Others: She "could" fly. but she's never tried it before, she's definitely not a Rainbow Dash

Last edited at Wed, Nov 13th, 2013 02:42

>> No. 448049
>> No. 448071
File 138440817696.jpg - (69.27KB , 638x463 , image.jpg )
I don't know if anyone saw this
>> No. 448072

>> No. 448073
Mmm... i'd like that but there's no way we'd get all the info from all the characters.. hmm.. maybe we can slowly update the map
>> No. 448074
That's what I was thinking because places like the Transcontinental and the city seemed to have been described enough to make descriptions of them
>> No. 448075
File 138443966596.png - (52.04KB , 403x321 , 132943203980.png )
what map
>> No. 448139
>World Map:

Shade Valley Map:
>> No. 448143
File 138456823336.gif - (1.51MB , 415x233 , Hue hue hue.gif )
>Shade Dicks
>> No. 448150
File 138457720865.png - (40.74KB , 451x530 , Enachantress.png )
>> No. 448154
File 138457924710.png - (199.38KB , 610x533 , Victoria3.png )
Name: Victoria the Victoryful

Age: 26

Alignment: Lawful Good (but not particularly smart)

History: This mare is a hero from old Equestria, just a couple hundred years after the banishment of the rebellious princess of the night. She is a champion of combat, having led the weakened nation's armies against the opportunistic rivals such as the griffon empire. She wields one of Equestria's treasures, a holy halberd, in battle, and her cutie mark symbolizes nothing short of Victory. It is said that she never loses a fair fight, but she despises those who would fight dirty (because she never sees it coming). In the future, a statue of her waving the flag of battle would be erected in the Canterlot gardens.

Combat rank: A

Personality: Cocky and headstrong, she sees duels as the most fitting way to settle any dispute. Not necessarily combat, she'll take on anyone in practically any fortitude based challenge (next to combat, her favorite is drinking). She is fiercely loyal to Celestia.

Cutie mark/Talent: Victory

Guild/Faction/Religion etc: Equestria, Celestia

Notes: I have no idea what counts as OP in this canon, so if I'm asking too much feel free to tell me. Her weapon is unique and she won't replace it, how does +5 damage sound? Her Victory talent could just be for show, or could possibly serve as a small bonus in fair challenges.
>> No. 448156
>> No. 448158
File 138457948270.png - (2.60MB , 680x766 , 182.png )
Sure. Approved.
>> No. 448159
File 138457954873.jpg - (39.82KB , 640x400 , Victoria2.jpg )
That was fast, thanks! I'm still up for suggestions or questions if you have any.
>> No. 448173
So I have another question. What if someone were to train their combat skills? Would they eventually be able to increase their combat rankings or is it always fixed to that one set combat rank?
>> No. 448174
File 138464318812.gif - (478.04KB , 800x450 , 18274__artist;fantasyblade Pinkamena Diane Pie.gif )
Yes they would be able to, but it would be up to us officers to decide if the training was sufficient enough to do it, only because we don't want people saying. "I trained! I get a higher combat rank!" Doing that, won't fly very well.
>> No. 448175
Okay. Just wondering about that. Might add in a new character soon, too. Depends on if stuff at home and school allow me time to play two characters. Also how would someone go around getting special equipment? Just buy it or something like that? Or does an officer need to approve some of use of something like that?
>> No. 448176
File 138464368720.jpg - (63.15KB , 640x360 , Pinkamena Smile1.jpg )
Some can be bought but the most you can add to it would be a +2 or +1, usually they'd be only on stat, like Damage or Hit, and a maximum of 10 HP, but you can't go gung ho and purchase an ungodly amount of items and put them all on to get like a +20 to everything. Could you imagine someone walking around looking like a walking junk heap? It's be stupid. Hilarious, but stupid.
Back on topic, the best things you can get are from bosses or monsters the officers usually DM, as only the officers can give out or approve any item +3 in any stat ((Or both) Or a high HP value) or higher.
>> No. 448179
So if I were to give Sand Swiper a potion bag that allowed her +2 potion effectiveness with rolls involving potions so it would look like
>Sand Swiper uses a health potion to restore some health
1d20 = 7
1d4+2 = 3

Would that be okay?
>> No. 448180
File 138464410731.png - (265.64KB , 600x695 , Pinkamena sweater uhh.png )
Yes, it would be okay, but it would be a temporary effect, most likely a 2 turn thing, not something that would be permanent. Again, unless such an item is approved by an officer, or given out by an officer to be a permanent thing.
Hint: That's something we won't allow as it would allow someone to become too OP and be able to curb stomp anyone, and make it less fun.
>> No. 448181
Actually this brings up a point I was going to ask because even though Sand is not good with actual combat, she is a very skilled potion crafter. Could her potion effectiveness be different from her combat rank or are those two things intertwined?
>> No. 448182
File 138464435078.png - (167.15KB , 594x706 , Pinkamena oh okay.png )
Well if it doesn't do damage, a simple 1d20 for effectiveness, like healing for example. For damaging, you'd have to roll the 1d20 for hit, then your combat rank
>> No. 448183
Okay. I can understand that. What about things like a poison effect? Like say if someone were to be poisoned with damage over time equal to the 1d20 and then the damage roll?
>> No. 448184
File 138464462260.png - (301.00KB , 760x826 , Applebloom Airbending tornadeo.png )
I believe that would be a 1d2 for a damage, a 1d20 to see if it hit, or worked, and then a 1d5 for how many turns it lasts.
>> No. 448185
Okay. And with potions that give damage boost would last only one or two turns, right? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. The way I see Sand is more like a support and healing character in combat which makes rules seem a little different than just hit and damage rolls.
>> No. 448186
File 138464525325.png - (64.91KB , 213x228 , Applebloom pleased.png )
No no , it's okay, keep asking, clarity is good. Well no one has actually made a support character before, but we do have rules for them, and yes a damage boost would only last for 1 or 2 turns. But for a support, and using in battle. Like, out of battle, just a 1d20 for effectiveness. And in combat, 1d20 to hit, and your combat rank, keeps the playing field fair if you're ever fighting other people.
>> No. 448187
Okay then. I think that's all I needed
>> No. 448188
File 138464572632.jpg - (352.50KB , 2184x1984 , Flutterpringles colored.jpg )
I hope it helped!
>> No. 448189
It help out a lot.
>> No. 448231
File 138470663614.png - (292.90KB , 720x720 , 339.png )
I got a report asking for someone to help edit the OP to change the current officers. Can anybody tell me what they're supposed to be changed to?
>> No. 448232

Names needed to be added to the officer list:

Solemn[Æther Knight]!IZSpArkLeY

Inferno(Wielder of the Box)!W/KiGzyLwk


>> No. 448233
File 138470688386.png - (179.15KB , 520x520 , aj 3-8 (214).png )
Additions only? Nobody needs to be removed from the list?
>> No. 448234
yes just additions
>> No. 448235
File 138470706974.png - (213.89KB , 392x536 , AJ67.png )
Done and done.
>> No. 448236
>> No. 448240
RIP in peace BND.
>> No. 448241
File 138472003457.gif - (1.93MB , 185x171 , Smile Spectrum.gif )
>Rest in peace in peace
>> No. 448243
File 138472263876.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
The OP got my tripcode wrong...
>> No. 448257
File 138473391820.gif - (439.94KB , 250x183 , no fucks given for iphones.gif )
>> No. 448259
File 138473397186.gif - (798.96KB , 250x183 , no fucks given for coffee.gif )
>> No. 448270
Goodbye BND. It's been fun but now the fun ends here and so I am leaving.
>> No. 448274
File 138475523771.jpg - (104.96KB , 500x700 , image.jpg )
I think there needs to be more Slade Wilson to balance out the Wade Wilson
>> No. 448297

Due to a change in circumstances, I am not leaving after all.
>> No. 448298
File 138482929500.png - (510.62KB , 800x700 , Celestia Gendo stare.png )
>> No. 448332
File 138485860978.png - (351.91KB , 1182x821 , pinkie chips.png )
Still assistance needed?
>> No. 448334
File 138487223722.png - (122.05KB , 500x656 , like a sir.png )
I suggest you talk with one of the new officers, we've redone some things. But here's the brand new officer list.

Pill Popper!ytAquaRius




Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY

Inferno(Wielder of the Box)

Suromit/Sound Mind



I'm sure the officers would appreciate the change.

Last edited at Tue, Nov 19th, 2013 07:45

>> No. 448335
File 138487256639.png - (91.75KB , 600x467 , Colt Pally.png )
Also, I apologize for not having everyone's tripcode. I don't make it a habit to memorize tripcodes, so the ones that are missing I couldn't find in recent threads. The proper ones anyway, some people use multiple tripcodes.
>> No. 448338
File 138487942039.jpg - (420.42KB , 3000x2357 , spoiler.jpg )
Bogey in sight, locking in on it's position... And.... BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.
>> No. 448340
File 138488244272.png - (192.84KB , 849x600 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 448341
File 138488252802.gif - (250.65KB , 400x273 , Lolol.gif )
>> No. 448342
File 138488293511.png - (485.64KB , 1920x1080 , 1377461354936.png )
good 4u
>> No. 448343
File 138488399259.jpg - (39.87KB , 480x264 , getvotes.jpg )
>> No. 448347
File 138489013758.png - (150.14KB , 350x310 , aj 3-11 (26).png )
I've changed the list, !!Pinkers had already left when you responded probably.
>> No. 448352
File 138489518887.jpg - (9.02KB , 199x190 , Heh heh___.jpg )
Thank ya kindly, unfortunately it seems that they decided to make a new thread... One that has the updated officer list...

So I guess this really didn't need to be done, but thank you anyway! It's nice to know that the mods are there for ya!
>> No. 448429
File 138521663774.png - (137.01KB , 482x385 , i'll eat you.png )
>> No. 448614
File 138535812919.jpg - (2.20MB , 3920x2204 , DSC_0104.jpg )
Hey Ember! I heard it waa your birthday! Happy Birthday!
>> No. 454117
>> No. 457483
File 142119619608.png - (147.04KB , 900x846 , a_changeling_by_sofunnyguy-d5i63rm.png )
Rainbow Dash all the way you stupid fuckboy!
>> No. 457508
File 142139399298.png - (132.30KB , 500x281 , 1420577712464.png )
hhaha what the FUCK
>> No. 458514
File 142854650126.jpg - (20.54KB , 461x492 , PRIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg )
HAHA GODDAMN my nigga y'all weak as FUCK my nigga you don't even smoke c'mon you pussy ass bitch
>> No. 458517
File 142856645882.jpg - (425.31KB , 2048x1975 , 1402454721560.jpg )




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