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#Closed #Ask/invite #Planned #Canon: The Swirlies #Fresh start #Dark #Violence #Non-pony #Power Limit #Serious #Long-post #Character

Monsters in the closet? Pfft! We got this!


Welcome to The Swirlies! A place where your wildest dreams can come true!


Tales have been told for millennia, of monsters lurking around every dark alley, beneath beds, and in the backs of closets. They have always been thought of to be nothing more than stories, old wives tales of bad dreams that linger on after a child has woken screaming from underneath their covers. To most people that is simply what they are: mere stories and phantoms of a childs frightening imaginations gone mad. And yet night after night, thousands of children all over the globe go missing from their rooms, playgrounds, alleys, cars...any where that shadows seem to lurk, and adults forget to check. It has been going on for so long that no one seems to pay much mind to it any more. A missing child was no more unusual than an unfortunate death of some fool in a big city, and the authorities often waste little time attempting to recover them. Parents and families grieve for their lost ones for a brief time, and then carry on, content to put it in the past. After all, it was just another part of life; a part that many wished to simply sweep under the carpet. But not the children...

To the children, the monsters that lurked in their closets and under their beds were no less real than the teddy bears they clung to their chests, and growing up seems like a game of survival where the odds are always against you. While many choose to obey their parents and go about their daily routines of a simple childs life, where adventures never brave past the sandbox, some choose to live the life of a soldier, a protector of the night.

When all the good boys and girls have gone to bed, after all the lights have all been switched off for the night, these brave young worriers sneak from their beds and creep down stairs, across halls, and through windows. They have sworn an oath, took up a silent call to protect their brothers and sisters in arms, for they are the only ones who can, and for every monster slain, it means one less child being drug from their cozy dreamland and into a place of nightmares...

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File 138759680885.gif - (4.86KB , 125x125 , applebroom.gif )
>> No. 450237
File 138759690415.gif - (408.05KB , 160x180 , 100% done with this.gif )
Took you a week to reply to me? What am I? Chopped fucking liver?
>> No. 450238
File 138759700803.png - (50.74KB , 325x240 , I MAY NOT BE TELLING THE TRUTH.png )
Wow, great response time Ella. Barely took any time at all.
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File 138767345763.gif - (1.27MB , 300x168 , gone hog wild.gif )
Hey, have you been working 16 hour shifts and barely getting any sleep? Didn't think so.
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File 138837667767.gif - (963.01KB , 450x253 , 1386212168890.gif )
Why you disappear fwiend?
>> No. 450478
File 138837701887.gif - (739.87KB , 500x250 , a horrible decision really.gif )
I was in a wifi dead zone for a week.
>> No. 450480
Oh shit. Welp, I'ma have the thread up by tonight hopefully...heh, keyword 'hopefully'. You should jump in the chat with us
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File 138856635916.jpg - (537.38KB , 1024x801 , dancing.jpg )
>> No. 450617
File 138890016382.jpg - (53.69KB , 300x450 , cool kid.jpg )
Name: Marcus Townshend

Age: 10

Sex: Male

Weapon of Choice: A Winchester pocket knife []

Special Item: His Shades

Description: Marcus is that one kid that your parents told you to stay away from. He lived in the part of town where if you were walking through it, your mom would make you hold her hand, and she always gripped her purse a little tighter, but you never knew why.

Marcus was an enigmatic kid, he was usually pretty popular despite his antics and his grades, being usually a C or low B average student. He doesn't talk too much, but since he's in with the cool kids when he talks, people listen. I heard he even once got caught by the yard duties with a cigarette. Wasn't lit, of course, but he had one!

He always seemed to be anywhere but his house, too. Never had any birthday parties like other kids, but he'd sometimes show up with new stuff so he got presents from his parents.

Regarding the monsters, he never says anything, but he claims to have killed the monster under his bed. A tall claim, and likely false, but he swears up and down that he did it.

In appearance, Marcus is somewhat tall for his age, and athletic. He's Latino in appearance, though his mother is white. He has dark, spiky hair, and usually wears worn jeans and a leather jacket with a white shirt underneath.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 4th, 2014 22:40

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File 138890195648.jpg - (174.40KB , 500x550 , Days_of_Autumn_by_pyromaniac.jpg )
>> No. 450629
File 138890355581.gif - (711.53KB , 283x152 , Ain't having that sahit.gif )
Such a cool kid tryhard
>> No. 450631
File 138890385310.jpg - (182.41KB , 890x450 , helicopter owl.jpg )

That's literally his character concept so yes yes he is
>> No. 450658
File 138896904239.jpg - (19.60KB , 350x262 , 1386114059011.jpg )
I feel like if that owl could talk, he would be screaming OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT
>> No. 450684
File 138904401431.png - (288.32KB , 430x475 , 70df893b57570c4132fd155949a23821.png )
Name:Roth Bluefield
Special Item: A drawing pad that he carries around in his backpack
Weapon of choice: A hand made, very sturdy, wooden slingshot that his father helped him to build

Description: Roth is a scrawny caucasian boy that stands at about 4'5", has blue eyes and dark, some-what curly hair, and who likes to dress in heavy dark clothing such as scarfs and long trench coats. He's often not very picky about his clothes, but seeing as how he lives on the cold streets, warm garments are often his first choice from a dumpster dive around the local alleys.

Roth began his first encounters with the monsters when he was five. Having caught his brother and sister sneaking down the stairs, he insisted on joining them or he would tell their parents. Reluctantly his siblings had agreed and took him on his first hunt. From his first night on the streets, Roth had proved to be more of a tactician than fighter. He always seemed to want to hang back and keep a lookout more than join in the brutal fun, and only ever picked up a weapon when their was no one else to watch his siblings backs.

When he was six, his older brother stopped joining them on their hunts, having turned the magical number thirteen, and when Roth was eight he lost his sister to one of the swirly monsters. He stayed at home for only a few months more before deciding to run away and fight his own battles. It wasn't too much longer after that that he began forming groups with other night prowling children, and his true talent began to show. With a calmness few children possess, and a keen eye for seeing the outcomes of certain situations, Roth began to gain rank as a group leader with hardly any effort at all. Infact, he often tried to decline the possition, but something about the way he carried himself seemed to attract the attention of others, and many naturally looked to him for guideance. He hadn't liked it at all at first, but after a while he grew accostumed to his role and now sees it as his duty to lead and protect whomever follows him, no matter what the cost.
>> No. 451197
File 138981297199.gif - (0.96MB , 245x163 , No.gif )
Bad character, denied ;33
>> No. 451228
File 138984610692.jpg - (238.61KB , 500x630 , Sugarbrain_pt_2_by_pyromaniac.jpg )
>> No. 451309
File 139005933250.gif - (69.93KB , 207x207 , doge.gif )
Wow such character

Wow such jumble

Much language
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>> No. 451520
Test Again
>> No. 451521
File 139064779751.png - (323.68KB , 443x523 , YES.png )
>> No. 451567
File 139069907805.jpg - (98.34KB , 430x550 , nothing_new_by_pyromaniac.jpg )
Forget your trip again?
>> No. 451601
File 139070373938.png - (32.49KB , 123x98 , AAHHH.png )
You know me so well, Drow.
>> No. 451606
File 139070403506.jpg - (416.81KB , 624x800 , T_H_E_Pairo_plushie_by_pyromaniac.jpg )
That picture frightens me a little...
>> No. 451617
File 139070578417.jpg - (8.33KB , 227x283 , 1459851_245058232323380_1781572644_n.jpg )
>> No. 451619
File 139070595895.jpg - (9.09KB , 255x198 , aaaahh neeece.jpg )
>> No. 451621
File 139070628865.png - (40.91KB , 118x131 , fuckjarek.png )
>> No. 451715
Dat's naaasty.
>> No. 451766
File 139088310349.png - (241.27KB , 336x266 , omgsocoolwow.png )
This is literally so coolest game.
>> No. 451767
>> No. 451783
File 139092618717.gif - (1.99MB , 316x320 , spoiler.gif )
>> No. 452819
Going to pay rent soon, then hopefully work won't be so crazy time consuming and I can make a post in a few days and spend some time working on this. Sorry it's been taking so long Pie, I haven't given up tho! ;~;
>> No. 453041 Oh god not for the squeamish.
>> No. 453076
File 139473998629.jpg - (64.33KB , 500x496 , classy cobra.jpg )

You call that an injury? Get your ass back out on the court soldier!
>> No. 453601
File 139629404765.jpg - (54.37KB , 250x250 , danger-zone.jpg )
>> No. 454143
File 139805790073.png - (364.50KB , 610x390 , Datreactionface.png )
Hey....heeeeeeeeeeeeey I need your skype, Skype wiped my contacts so I no longer have anyone. :<
>> No. 454147
File 139810894466.gif - (3.80MB , 600x274 , aaalmost gave a fuck.gif )
I'll give it to you if you make a post >D

I'm kidding.

>> No. 454470
File 139909363632.jpg - (85.60KB , 629x477 , AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.jpg )

May you return to us one day~
>> No. 454756
File 140045879545.jpg - (10.59KB , 261x180 , NiggaJangaNanga.jpg )
>> No. 454757
wat is even my tripcode
>> No. 454759
File 140046017411.gif - (1.40MB , 413x192 , an incredible fag a rediculous cunt.gif )
>> No. 455185
File 140317226173.jpg - (67.77KB , 800x800 , 131806223678.jpg )
How apposed would you be were I to submit an app for an adult?

Last edited at Thu, Jun 19th, 2014 03:04

>> No. 455210
I would say we can give it a shot. ;) we can talk more over skype but go ahead and submit the sheet if you have it. I didn't even think about someone wanting to play an adult. XD
>> No. 455231
File 140326025188.jpg - (159.98KB , 686x877 , chuck 2.jpg )
Name: Chuck
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Special Item: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu (

Description: Slim build, black hair, thick Brooklyn accent, often seen in simple denim jeans and a black leather jacket. Looks and acts the perfect image of a greaser.

History: Chuck was son four of seven; seven sons, no daughters. Needless to say, the house he grew up in was a rowdy, loud place. They attacked, joked, pranked, and horrified each other in increasingly imaginative ways. If they weren't razing Hell someplace they were playing or fighting with one another, much to their mother's chagrin, who faced the difficult challenge of rearing them all mostly by herself. Her husband, the breadwinner, worked hard to provide for them all, but this unfortunately left little time to spend with his kids, let alone individually. But this story was hardly unique. Many other Italian families that emigrated to the United States were large, like the Irish too. It was difficult, but they survived. If by nothing else, they managed to drive on with nothing but stubborn gumption and bellyfulls of pasta. They would never know wealth or fame - but they would, and did, survive. They would not, however, all turn out the same.

Chuck, as many children do, wanted an idol. Someone to aspire to. While his father was not unkind to him, his largely absent presence left his suitability lacking. But the pedestal was not left empty, for his oldest brother, Antonio, soon seemed to be the perfect candidate. He was reckless, rebellious, active, passionate, and delinquent. All traits that were undoubtly 'cool,' traits that just said without any subtlety 'I'm a badass dude, so step off.' Of course, Chuck couldn't know that behavior in Antonio started as just a cry for attention, feeling neglected in a house full of six other loud, rowdy boys, who in their own ways, all wanted the same thing. But that was largely irrelevant - Antonio was just fucking awesome in Chuck's opinion, and modeled his life as closely as he could to his eldest brother's.

Perhaps finding some measure of importance or dignity in this adoration, Antonio did nothing to discourage it. In fact, he did the opposite. His influence was both bad and good. As many times as he was encouraged to perform minor crimes like trespassing, tagging, stealing or speeding, he was likewise being educated on life's ecclectic lessons, on such things like honor, being kind, and defending family and friends in spite of whatever came his way.

He likewise imparted his love of cars on the younger, impressionable Chuck. Often times after school (or during), Chuck would be on his way to the auto-shop Antonio worked at, to watch, or help, whenever he could. It was the one thing the both of them shared, that no one else in the family seemed to care about. Their father was indifferent, and their mother was eternally frustrated at the grease on their clothes, but that was the extent of their involvement. To those two boys though, cars were their world. And Antonio relished teaching Chuck what he knew about the medium.

...It didn't come as a surprise, though, when Antonio's reckless behaviour took an unfortunate turn for the worse. Some bad times, some bad friends, some alcohol, and a sequential selection of bad decisions, his brother was killed in an accident, involving a dirt bike, a pickup truck, his helmet nowhere to be seen. It was in this grim way, that Chuck came into the posession of the Chevelle, his brother's pride and joy, and the young age of 20. It is, by far, Chuck's most prized and beloved possession. In a strange way, his brother lived inside it, and through it. When he cared for the car, waxing the finish, cleaning it meticuluously, he likewise maintained the memories that clung to it. A groundskeeper tending the gardens of a temple. A fucking radical, loud, awesome temple.

Seven years later, Chuck has since left family life largely behind. He visits often, but now forges his own way. Working at various car repair places and grease-monkey dens, he lives a life of capricious decisions, not really sure what to do with his future; but always certain it will somehow show up unannounced, and he'd know right then what to do.

Other notes: Chuck, as is his entire family save his father, are extremely supterstitious. Ghost stories told between brothers were laughed at, right up until it was bedtime - then they all slept with their eyes open, and their blankets close, like protective talismans, the fabric seeming better protection than their false brovado. Stories of seeing 'weird stuff' certain places around the city were often further investigated inperson, usually resulting in the lot of them running away in terror, from nothing, or something, but usually nothing. Chuck is older now, and does not subscribe to such things very much anymore - but you still wont see him fuck with a black cat. There is just something about denying the existence of the paranormal that makes you feel suddenly and intensly vulnerable - as if the spirits you claim to not exist may get offended by your hubris, and immediately descend upon you to prove you very, very wrong.
>> No. 455232
Ooh I like him. Lets talk more about maybe over skype or text? I'm going to be working all day but ill have my phone on me.
>> No. 455346
File 140342159413.jpg - (87.96KB , 800x550 , The_Art_of_Battle_by_pyromaniac.jpg )
And just for the purposes of making the ooc look pretty:

>> No. 455391
File 140368486914.png - (82.04KB , 269x400 , chibi_demon-2.png )
And now for something completely off the rails. Feel free to reject!

Name: Lilith
Age: From an world where time has no beginning or end! It all exist in one moment. One long fucking moment.
....That being said, she often appears to be around ten years old.
Sex: Female, by most accounts.
Race: Demon!

"Oh my god, your name is Lilith?" The question came with biting sarcasm.

"It's a common demon name. Like an american named John Smith, or Jane Doe." came the patient answer.

"And you can grant me whatever I wish?" The boy then pressed with pursed lips, opting to move on.

"Anything within my power." Answered a red skinned girl with pure white hair. She wore a fancy suit, and a top hat, it was almost an expected image she had to present now a days. Popular culture had depicted demons in suits who played fiddles. She couldn't play a fiddle yet, so, the suit had to do.

"I'm not giving you my soul or anything!" The boy quickly shot back.

"Didn't ask for it." She went on, inspecting her nails. "I scale the price based on the request. If you want to be good at knitting, that's a rather inexpensive purchase. Now if you want to be the president, then we start talking souls- and then some."

"I want.. I want to grow up and be a rockstar..!" He sputtered anxiously.

"The rockstar special? Something like that can be arranged." She smiled. This was an easy one. A little demon magic, give the boy natural talent for music and most of the time it became a self fulfilling prophecy.

"And.. what do I have to pay, to get it?" He went on, nervously.

"Nothing major... just a trifle, really." She answered, pulling out a length of paper. It was the easiest way to symbolize, and seal a deal with a human. A contract. "What I need.. is your compassion."

"...c-compassion? Like for others?"

"The very same. You won't need it, afterall. You'll be making millions, everyone will love you. And instead of using that money to help the poor, you'll use it to build a roller coaster in your backyard, or a huge indoor swimming poor. You won't even notice it's gone while jetting around the usa in your private airliner."

"So.. that means I won't be a nice guy."

"You'll be kind of a jerk, yeah. But a rich, happy jerk!" She grinned sliding the paper before him. "Do we have a deal?"

And after much deliberation. The paper was signed. More often than not, the paper was always signed. Very rarely was she summoned by someone not willing to give something up in order to attain some goal, or dream. The boys compassion belonged to her now, and so throughout the following time, she used it. Posing as a human child, when confronted by a slayer of demons, she used the boys compassion as a weapon that stayed the hunters hand, long enough for her to escape.

The boy grew up and forgot the demon, and her deal. All he knew was he played a mean guitar, and frankly the starving children in third world countries could fend for themselves. In the end, he died a miserly lonely death and a lifetime of having no compassion or love in his heart found his spirit in the clutches of the underworld. She hadn't asked for it, but still she got the poor boys soul.


Powers: She has some ability to fulfill desires. Depending on the severity of the desire. Anything she can achieve with her connections with other monsters/demons. Her specialty is intangible concepts. She can take emotions or states of being as bartering items and sometimes employ them to achieve her goals. A stolen voice may be used to trick others, or the concept of greed can be utilized to make someone steal something. Her magic however is limited to what is entailed on her contracts. She can't just make someone a wizard or wielder of magic if she wanted too, she has to make some kind of arrangement and trade for it.

Ultimately, she is a demon and to her- souls are the best currency. But, she's also more than happy to take things that would have otherwise made the world a better place. Kindness, Sincerity, a beautiful singing voice. But she also realizes she must be able to spend time around humans in order to get them. So, she has an almost ambivalent nature when dealing with humans and rarely- if ever- attacks them, like other demons might.

If she is killed, she is sent back to hell and there she will be trapped until summoned again.

If her true name is revealed, she can be enslaved by whomever speaks it out loud. More often then not, she's willing to make a deal to have the user forget her name. Most demons go by an alias. Hence 'Lilith' is a common one.

As with most monsters, she is forbidden from telling anyone another demons true name.

She is forbidden to intentionally lie, doing so will result in her immediate death. She must always tell the truth (As she knows it) when asked a question. That being said, she can be vague, choose not to answer, or lie by either omitting certain facts or by failing to correct a misconception. She can also compel others to outright lie for her.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 25th, 2014 03:15

>> No. 455399
File 140375675909.jpg - (27.84KB , 500x373 , 1403661240866.jpg )
And then Burst out of fucking nowhere! Hi :D

Well damn you drive a hard bargain. I like her a lot, but I don't think she would be very fitting in this world. Sorry, but this characters gona get a no from me. I'd be happy to look at any other ideas you might have though!
>> No. 456229
I hate not having Skype. Or pictures. Or Internet...

>> No. 456230
shooshpeppers, it'll be back soon. Ignore the fact that I am currently petting you.
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