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#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

Welcome everyone; the new, the old, and everything in between! Welcome to an odd mansion! A place where nothing is predictable and everyone has a story to tell.

Now before I really get into anything, let me introduce you to the officers who help run this place.

Lt. Dashy
Berndem Bones
Rainbow Crash
Apple Bloom
Anana "Anna" Umbra
And me!

If you’re new here and you plan on doing anything in the rp thread, you’re gonna have to make a sheet for your character.
Just follow the guidelines we made up here:

Character name:
Special Talent and Cutie Mark:
Shipping Preferences:
Combat Level:

You’ll need two approvals from me or any of the officers I mentioned to get into the IC threads.
It’s recommended (but not required) that you post a picture of your character with your sheet and in the posts you’ll make in the IC threads so others will be encouraged to interact with your character.

And finally, here are some important links you can use.

Google Doc - RULES

Steam Community Group
Come and Join our [Mostly] Active Chat!

An Oblivious Story Wiki
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Hey. The last few posts in the /rp/ thread is me officially retiring Zoticus's character. He wasn't very well fleshed out to begin with, and I've kind of gotten all I can from him.

I might make a new sheet for a new character soon,but who knows?
>> No. 457147
File 141948764946.png - (145.81KB , 1280x949 , Fear me for I AM LARRY!.png )
Make the glorious master race, a Unicorn
>> No. 457148
File 141948773528.gif - (89.22KB , 350x263 , rave on.gif )

Hope to see you around soon Zot!

> Make a unicorn
>> No. 457149
Unicorn, back by popular demand. Or a Pegasus.
>> No. 457150
File 141948804190.png - (135.45KB , 851x938 , I am fancy.png )
Don't you dare soil this canon with that filth! Unicorn or death
>> No. 457151
File 141948859828.jpg - (648.73KB , 2160x2880 , I'm a good character again!.jpg )
>> No. 457152
Character name: Piano
Age: ?
Race: sentient Piano
Sex: stick your dick in me I dare you
History: An old piano that has been with the mansion since it's existed
Personality: Communicates through showtunes
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: It's songs can have a random effect on those who hear it
Shipping Preferences: UPS
Combat Level: F sharp
Others: [ /] Love me [/url]

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File 141948866929.png - (1.54MB , 1200x1300 , headshot_4_by_rainbowscreen-d85zun7.png )
>> No. 457154 are my approvals still valid even though I haven't been on this thread for a while?
>> No. 457155
File 141948892125.gif - (113.83KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mjhulc6Jn71r6syygo1_500.gif )
You mean your characters?
>> No. 457156
Character name:Tiny Spartan Hands
Sex:Only by doing that thing where you make a circle with your fingers and put your finger through it
History:The hands of a tiny spartan that once lived happily
Personality: They're pretty hands on when it comes to things
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Being tiny, & spartan hands
Shipping Preferences: UPS/AMAZON Prime
Combat Level: 2 3/8
>> No. 457157
File 141948905565.png - (22.73KB , 302x409 , How do I phone.png )
>> No. 457158
>> No. 457159
>> No. 457160
File 141948932824.png - (138.17KB , 900x967 , Am I kawaii senpai~.png )
I have no idea what I'm doing. :U
>> No. 457161
File 141948934257.png - (264.40KB , 500x333 , lq1x5y7pzh1qdz4aeo1_500.png )
Character name: Mac & Cheese
Age: Freshly made
Race: Some kinda cheese
Sex: It won't be like with that apple pie
History: Was taken out of the box like 5 minutes ago
Personality: Dangerously cheesy
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Being delicious
Shipping Preferences: Your mouth
Combat Level: C for cheesy
>> No. 457162
File 141948947299.gif - (504.00KB , 300x169 , 1369986716629.gif )
>> No. 457163
File 141948951136.gif - (1.55MB , 320x240 , 84a2bd5a61768250c2f1c9cbbcd3af70.gif )
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File 141948953548.gif - (142.91KB , 246x238 , 1372924964280.gif )
>> No. 457165
File 141948956170.gif - (63.48KB , 240x135 , 134164651539.gif )
>> No. 457166
File 141948962453.gif - (0.97MB , 315x245 , 1376280233992.gif )
>> No. 457167
File 141948968446.gif - (402.17KB , 350x291 , Flying+chair_1ceec7_3863218.gif )
>> No. 457168
File 141948982471.gif - (1.99MB , 318x241 , 1359366347353.gif )
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File 141948985576.gif - (497.23KB , 250x141 , 1374414027060.gif )
>> No. 457170
File 141948992559.gif - (296.24KB , 378x369 , LiuyH.gif )
>> No. 457171
File 141948998774.gif - (1.98MB , 380x240 , 1376859910947.gif )
>> No. 457172
File 141949011779.gif - (704.64KB , 480x360 , tumblr_m7lg3dqEwq1r4rzdc.gif )
>> No. 457173
File 141949020229.jpg - (177.71KB , 1312x1600 , 1386283832451.jpg )
>> No. 457174
Still haven't gotten an answer...
>> No. 457175
File 141949031451.gif - (922.67KB , 480x270 , LOK-gif-avatar-the-legend-of-korra-30979576-480-270.gif )
>> No. 457176
File 141949037502.gif - (701.91KB , 500x281 , tumblr_m4nled4nYl1r6de0to1_500.gif )
They probably are
>> No. 457177
File 141949039294.gif - (104.78KB , 500x281 , 137137242218.gif )
And your question? It's late, and I'm to lazy to scroll.
>> No. 457178
File 141949041828.jpg - (9.26KB , 286x204 , 10678729_702921759799255_480925081417910450_n.jpg )
>> No. 457179
Are my characters still approved even though I haven't been in a thread for a long time?
>> No. 457180
File 141949092586.jpg - (63.07KB , 716x525 , image.jpg )
>> No. 457181
File 141949097080.gif - (625.24KB , 600x338 , tumblr_mwok7h9WZS1s18jw9o6_1280.gif )
>> No. 457182
Just go for it. If someone stops you, the answer is no.
>> No. 457183
File 141949125967.png - (1.17MB , 5000x3481 , subway_sandwich_by_magicalmicrowaveoven-d6kbewk.png )
I'd prefer if you did reapply. It's been quite a while.

Please do not attempt to provide answers for questions directed to an officer/the officer team.
>> No. 457184
I guess we shall see once I get some sleep
>> No. 457185
File 141949160884.jpg - (62.30KB , 386x573 , image.jpg )
Advice =/= answers. Sorry if that wasn't clear :3
>> No. 457187
File 141949177594.png - (1.85MB , 1507x1531 , AOS OOC pic.png )
NEW OOC!!!!!
>> No. 457188
File 141949177626.png - (732.43KB , 822x1024 , product_zps92f0474d.png )
How about in the future, just don't 'advise' people go ahead with their ideas, instead of waiting for the proper channels to answer.
>> No. 457190
Okay. I'll dig up the old files and put them up once I wake up
>> No. 457192
Just be sure to post them to the proper thread.
>> No. 457539
File 142151160707.png - (122.42KB , 777x1028 , rainbow_dash_worried_by_myardius-d610b7b.png )
Considering coming back, though it's been a long time could be looking at a reset since I can't remember what zany activities everypony was doing last.
>> No. 457558
Character name:Gearwheel Hackwrench
Age: ? (Idk for now)
Race: Unicorn
Sex: Male
I came to Equestria from Yellowmount -- a little city very far from here. There I made my first inventions, such as discovering Energenium -- the element that has contains a lot of consumable energy inside. But after a jetpack was made, the government of Yellowmount thought I was guilty in pretending to be an Alicorn, so I escaped with most of my researches and inventions and came there to start it all again.

Personality: Shy, has very little experience of communication.
Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Talented scientist. Cutie mark: two gears, higher-left one is slower.
Shipping Preferences: Straight. Please.
Combat Level: C (trained in his lab before)
Others: I am new to /rp/, so I still need some help for now. I promise to be polite.
>> No. 457654
File 142211814019.gif - (1.99MB , 400x225 , cY5bHxY.gif )
>> No. 458059
File 142415869979.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )
Name: Cherri Pai though official documents call her Fuyuko Bolt
Age: 23
Race: Earthpony
History: born in a time when the ponies of earth have migrated to space and have been that way for about 558 years the countries of the pony earth formed groups of colonies neo japan being the colony group Cherri is from. cherri grew up in neo Kyoto with a raw talent with machines she toiled away on old robots putting them together again. fueled by a thrust for more she joined the Space corps eventually getting ranked enough to take out a frigate out under her command though trying a time warp was risky she wanted to know if it could be done for science's sake she went fast enough working around a star to launch herself 1000 years in the past dangerous but she went for it. you could chalk it up to her adventurous lineage. the trip though space time was rough her dilithum which depleted making faster then light travel nearly impossible for her fortunately she was near earth at the point she came to this time.

talent: Engineering/Robotics

Personality: Eccentric at first but sweet and nerdy once you get to know her. she is quiet but when she gets excited you can't shut her up.

languages: Japanese as a first language Equestrian as a second

Shipping preferences:Lesbian

Combat level: B with her tech c without.

Equipment: the Yamamoto class frigate and mobile suit launch ship the HMS Ryujo battlements include photon torpedoes and energy beam cannons. weaponry only used for defensive purposes
measures 850 feet from bow to stern though escalating to 875 feet when mobile suit catapult is unfolded.

a mobile suit of cherry's design that she affectionately calls the Sakura Gundam
measuring about 15 meters high is well rounded for melee and ranged attacks weapons include a beam sabre, two rocket launchers one in each shoulder, eight laser beam funnels (only works in space combat due to gravity and drag...see Quebly moblesuit models for reference.) and a particle beam cannon.

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