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#Non-canon #Chill #General #Character

Despite this, I am aware I am at least where I want to be. Much like knowing precisely where an impregnable cache containing gold bars and a baby signed by Willem Defoe is, but not having the knowledge of how to open the three dimensional, miniature, hockeyball tennisrugby lock that must be attempted by tongue alone.

In that way, correct thread or otherwise, here is an uncolored picture of my OC, Freka. It is also the only picture of my OC. I suppose I'm putting his current state up to the critique of the Brony community for the first time, so have at it.

A couple notes. He's a vagrant, the likes of which took the social habits from cites, towns and villages that he finds the most fun. Stigmata are to him as the plausibility of a hurricane is to the Sahara desert. Yeah, tbey probably exist, but I'm not going to worry about it just yet.

Deux. The cutie mark is wrong. It's supposed to be a microphone imposed over a scene of the Equestrian equivalent of pangaea. He is an impressionist and impersonator, if it isn't clear.

A vagabond voice actor, really. Who really really forgets that boundaries are a thing, especially if interest rubs it's tender nuptules over his innocent, wondering brain.

Here's hoping I can even find this post again.
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File 138569909574.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Heh, welcome to /rp/, or rather, the OOC for /rp/! Here, you'll find a sort of mock of of classic 'career day', from back in high school (With less gymnasium and people asking you to sell insurance as a summer job).

Here you'll find most of the canon's on the chan, and what they offer to you, the RPer. Most are sign up based, with a simple application needed to apply. Most will gladly help you with those, and many canons are very accepting of new players.

I'll happily answer any questions you have, and help you out in any way I can. Hope to see you around!
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