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#Poster-limit #Canon: Angelic Days #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Crazy

In a land that was once peaceful and somber. A kingdom was born on the region known as Terminus. They had a strong monarchy ruled by a strong queen,but one day due to a necromancer seeking power the world was casted into perpetual twilight. The sun and moon now hang in the sky day,and night now intertwined like twisted fates. The world now covered in a dense fog,and the water which was once a brilliant blue. Now runs a scarlet purple. Monster the undead,and ghoulish fiends,and ghats have taken the land. The Gods,and Queen are no where to be found,and the capital Ashlock has been under heavy attack,and now the only way for anyone to get safe water is by using a magic distillery to cleans the contaminated water.

How will you survive,and what will be your tale in this forsaken lands.


Welcome to Ashlock the capital of Terminus. A steampunk like town with modern marvels,and magic.

Combat,and Systems

Core Stat System

Stat based system with everything based of six core stats. Everyone starts with a ten in every stat. Only items increase these stats. Every non-damaging roll is a 1d20

+(Correct Modifier).

How it Works

Essentially for every two points past ten you get a +1 to your rolls. Only gear increases these stats and everyone starts with 10 on everything.

0 = -5
2 = -4
4 = -3
6 = -2
8 = -1
10 = +0
12 = +1
14 = +2
16 = +3
18 = +4
20 = +5

The Core Stats

Climb, Jump, Swim, Breaking Things, Wrestling, Melee Damage Increase, Bullrushing, Overpowering, Throwing, etc.

*Fortitude Saves, Concentration, Resisting Posion, Hit Point Increases, Avoiding Drunkenness

*Reflex Saves, Increases Rating, Avoiding Area Attacks, Balance, Escape Artist, Move Silently, Stealth, Ride, Open Lock, Pick Pocket, Use Rope, Tumble.

*Will Saves, Heal, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Professions.

Number of Languages, Appraise, Craft, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Forgery, Knowledge, Search, Spellcraft, Smart Stuff, Reading, etc.

Bluff Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, Use Magical Device, Influence Others.

Were running if a simple 3.5 dnd system. you will be given 16 points to spend.


Can be anything from 3.5 or homebrew if approved.

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File 138741351136.png - (535.30KB , 469x595 , pill popper presents.png )


This is the basic sheet set up. I forgot to mention in the opening post that you can take stat points out but be noted it might gimp you in that field.

Each stats starts at 10.

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Might write a sheet later, am,not home atm.
>> No. 450224
I'm in. Need to think up a character. Also, what's so contaminated about the water?
>> No. 450235
If you drink it. It corrupts you,and starts making you go mad ,and it gives you alienist characteristics that might not make you acceptable in most towns.
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